View Full Version : Buy/Sell Thread???

2006-12-08, 08:56 PM
Do you have such a thread where I can try to SELL my Pretenders collection?! :confused:

Dead Man Wade
2006-12-08, 09:17 PM

Use of the board to trade and the soliciting of sales or purchases is prohibited because we cannot offer any safeguard on reliability. Please use a reputable auction or sale service such as eBay to hawk your wares—if you wish, auctions or trade lists may be advertised via links in your signature to external pages.

2006-12-08, 10:02 PM
It's worth noting that there are all sorts of ways round this... a thread asking what the market value of something you've got is might result in interested people contacting you by PM, for example.

Just don't write it as a "for sale" post.