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2006-12-19, 06:30 AM
The time: 300 years after the end of the Last Great War

The Place: Cybertron, the Maximal High Council Chambers,
Plenipotentiary Session, One Megacycle following the
disappearance of the Axalon

The Maximal Elders looked at each other, their shadowed, ancient faces barely visible, the only light coming from their blue optics, all of them staring at the tall, proud.... and altogether odd looking Maximal standing in the spotlight.

One of them inclined his head, as if amused, and asked, "Why have you made those modifications to your exostructure?"

The tall figure shrugged, light glinting off of the gold plating on the tail hanging from his left shoulder and the massive, squared off lion's head on his right, mouth open in a permanent snarl. "There is an axiom that states 'To know the enemy, become the enemy', sir."

Another elder spoke up. "It's a sound theory, LioConvoy. But that's all it is. A theory."

LioConvoy shrugged. "Perhaps so, ma'am. But it has proved effective ever since I was appointed to this position."

The first voice spoke again. "And yet you didn't forsee Megatron's theft of the Golden Disks."

LioConvoy's optics narrowed. "None of us are Primus, sir."

The first voice chuckled. "Very true, very true." He shuffled some disks, finally finding the one he was looking for. "Here", he said, tossing it to the Maximal Covert Security director. "Your new assignment. Just be careful. This guy's nuttier than Galvatron."

LioConvoy cocked an eyebrow. "I didn't think that was possible, sir."

The Maximal elder shrugged, light briefly gleaming off of the tips of the chrome pipes on his forearm. "I didn't think Galvatron was possible. These things happen."

2006-12-19, 08:00 AM
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He sat in the gallery, hidden in the darkest shadows, arms crossed.

There really was no need for the precautions. He was one of perhaps a dozen Maximals with security clearance high enough to sit in on what was, ostensibly, a sealed council session. Out of that auspicious group, he was the only one curious enough (or perhaps paranoid enough) to attend this particular sitting. Still, as the humans said, old habits die hard.

He was young, as far as his species went. And yet, at the same time, he was remarkably old. Professed athiest that he was, he struggled with the idea constantly, but it was true all the same. He'd never spoken to anyone about it, but a small handful had sensed something...off about him. Certainly the Keeper who'd overseen his emergence as a protoform had known. The name he'd chosen for the freshly-spawned Maximal illustrated that, if nothing else. He'd resented it at first, but as he'd grown older he'd come to accept that, yes, he was eerily similar to his renowned namesake. Eventually he'd embraced it, even going so far as to choose a vehicle mode similar to the 'original' him. After all, in his line of work it sometimes paid to be able to pass as a legend. Whether he actually was or not...well, if he was honest to himself the Maximal wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer to that question. In the end, it didn't matter if he was that Prowl. He was the only one they had, and that would have to be good enough.

Once the council had given LioConvoy his orders, he rose from his seat, quietly slid out of the observation gallery, and waited patiently just outside the council chamber's main exit. The Maximals' Covert Security director had made use of his services before, and given the assignment he'd just been handed, it was only logical that he might need them again.

OOC: My Prowl's based on the TM2 version (http://tfu.info/1999/Maximal/Prowl/prowl.htm) of the character. For obvious reasons he doesn't look like a giant deformed owl just yet, so I've rather arbitrarily picked this Prowl design (http://tfu.info/2002/Autobot/SuperProwl/prowl.htm) to use as a reference for his body while he's on Cybertron. Without the giant Autobot symbols, naturally. :)

And, yeah, Hein, I know I told you I wasn't going to use him, but I changed my mind. :D

Brave Maximus
2006-12-19, 12:37 PM
Cybertron: Crystal City - Maximal Park area

It was a quiet time of the cycle - Dusk, as the humans would call it. Groups of Maximals, Predicons and even the occasional Autobot walked around the park, coming and going from the various buildings. Most were heading back to their quarters for rest and relaxation cycles and more than a few were enjoying a walk through the crystal park - something that had painstakingly been restored since the end of the Great War.

No one saw it coming, most didn't believe it when it happened. One of the mid-sized residential towers exploded. First the windows of one floor, about a third of the way up blew out, followed by a ring explosion that ripped through several towers near-by. Next a pillar of flame continued up, ripping through the floors before bursting through the top of the building in mock-effigy to a volcano.

The Cybertronians in the park stood, staring in dis-belief. It wasn't until the first pieces of rubble started to rain down, did the panic set in. The first chunck, the size of a fist, struck a young intern in the head, sending his neural circuitry out of alignment, rendering him unconcious. The femme to his side stared at the fluid running from the wound on his head and screamed. This started a chain reaction and soon Cybertronians were running every way for their lives.

The femme bent down to check on her friend, when a massive chunk of crystal fell mere inches from them. She looked up and terror crawled across her face. Her mouth opened to scream, but only a small clicking sound came out - fear had overloaded her neural circuitry.

"Predicons! Ravage the area - take out anything that moves! Lay low those who cower in a false peace and security!"

Magmatron stood ontop of the cleaved crystal spiral - a black knight out of legend.

A silver dragon scale shield and black dragon bone sword, with bits of crystal still falling from it's blade. He was adorned in ancient style armour of dragon scales and fur. His legs were black lions fur, claws still attached and the other set around his ribs. His upper body was silver dragon scales and metal armour while his head was adorned with an ancient battle helmet. Beside his face was the dorment head of the silver dragon, his chest mounted a robotic rams head while his right shoulder mounted the still snarling face of a red lion.

Before the terror could fully sink in, Magmatron lept over her head, sword at the ready, and she watched as he cleaved a bi-stander in two, from head to gullet. Without a moments hesitation, he drew the sword out from his victim and spun it around, severing another arm and leg from two more victims. If he laughed, or made any sound at all, perhaps it would have been less to his victims. But he uttered no sound - he was violence and death personified and it was grim work.

The femme laid her head on the chest of her friend, pretending to be dead or unconcious, and did the only thing she could:

She prayed.

(OOC: Ummmmm, so I need a predicon or two. I have an idea for this - so once you get the ok from the bosses, please send me a line :D)

2006-12-19, 09:08 PM
Crystal City

High above the chaos, Dead End floated in his flying saucer mode. The grizzled Predacon soldier had never had much of a taste for the senseless murder that his new employer seemed to relish, so he'd been more than happy to volunteer for spotter duty on this mission. If nothing else, it meant he was probably going to be the first Predacon to engage the Maximal security forces when they came. And come they would, he was sure. He'd seen that fairly obvious flaw in the plan from day one, but couldn't be bothered to tell his teammates. If they'd known what they were getting into, most of them would have bolted, and Dead End wouldn't have gotten a chance to beat the hell out of a team of Maximal guards.

Activating his comlink, he hailed the troops on the ground. "No sign of response teams yet," he told them.

Council Chambers, Iacon

As he waited, Prowl's communicator buzzed for attention. The Maximal quickly checked to make sure no one was looking in his direction, then pulled it out. There were two lines of text showing on the screen.

Terrorist attack in Crystal City. Magmatron sighted.

Media control protocols now in effect.

Prowl switched off the device, put it away, and crossed his arms again.

That will change the game significantly, he thought gravely.

Brave Maximus
2006-12-20, 09:17 PM
Blade spinning through the air, drops of mech-fluid flying off, Magmatron opened a secure Comm channel to Dead End:

"Of course there's no reseponse. The Maximal Security is lax, we have at least 4 clicks until we can expect the beginnings of a response. Remember the mission though - and that it is your job to keep their attention."

2006-12-21, 04:27 AM
Corridor, Outside Maximal Elders chamber:

LioConvoy strode out, the disc already in a reader, optics narrowed slightly. "What kind of a name is Magmatron, anyway?" He stopped, the glittering chromed steel of the lions head snarling at Prowl. "I take it our target's shown himself?"

2006-12-22, 07:05 AM
Council Chambers, Iacon

Prowl nodded curtly as he fell into step beside LioConvoy. "I would say that mass murder qualifies as 'showing himself', yes."

He handed the larger Maximal a datapad full of early news and intelligence reports on the Crystal City incident (all of which was summarized in a single file at the top of the list, automatically collated by one of Prowl's intelligence-sifting algorithms).

"Security forces have cordoned off a ten-block radius around the attack, but I ordered them to hold back. Checkpoint was furious, but the Maximals under his command were trained as police, not soldiers. Magmatron's force would tear them to pieces and kill countless civilians in the process."

Crystal City

"Naturally," Dead End told Magmatron. As he hovered in place, the Predacon flying saucer began to spin. The edges of his vehicle mode were serrated and sharp, turning him into nothing less than a flying saw blade. "They will pay as much attention as they can manage, what with me killing them as soon as they show up."

2006-12-24, 12:59 AM
Council Chambers, Iacon:

LioConvoy nodded. "Call in the troops. I'll go in first, see if I can draw their attention. I want snipers if you can find any. If nothing else, we can show any other Preds who feel like empire building are going to have to deal with." He looked at his hands, clenching them in anger. "Times like this I really hate the Pax Cybertronia.... it's hard getting good help." With that, he transformed, the tracked turbo ATV engines spooling up, treads digging in as he took off, waiting until he was outside to kick in the jet turbines, mechafangs bared as he roared towards Crystal City.

2006-12-31, 07:58 AM
Council Chambers, Iacon

Prowl watched LioConvoy roar off, a bemused expression on his face.

Far too eager for battle, that one. He's going to get himself killed one day.

Activating his comlink, he sent out a coded transmission on a secret Maximal frequency.

"Prowl to all available Covert Security operatives. Assemble on my beacon and prepare for battle. A more detailed briefing will be given as we're enroute to the target. Prowl out."

2006-12-31, 04:36 PM
CatSCAN bounded from rubble to wreckage, his own body armour dented and cracked beyond easy recognition: his sensore were scanning the area as fast as he could push them, looking for survivors.
CatSCAN had been on his way to report to his new medical corps leader when the attack had come: his unfamiliarity with the city seemed almost a blessing as the populace had panicked with Magmatrons attack. Whilst the civilians had tried to escape through the usual methods, he had been forced to evaluate the situation.
A noise to his right caught his attention, barely audible over the attack: he raced over to the pile of detritus twice his hieght:
"Hello? Sound off if your in there! I'm a medic, can you-"
Before he could finish the sentence, an Enegon line blew up nearby and sent the world white, and shaking the building shockingly.

Brave Maximus
2007-01-03, 01:55 AM
Were he any other Con, Magmatron would have smiled as chain explosions rocked around the city. His operatives had done their job well in placing the explosives - the City was in chaos and the meager city constabulary had been thrown into such dis-array that they offered no resistance.

But Magmatron was not a normal Con, the pleasure would only be allowed later - the mission was still on and soon, he hoped, the real resistance would come....

Maximal Concil Representation Building: Crystal City, Floor 37, hexagon 3.8 - Communication Records

Gore oozed off the beak of her right hand. Today she had earned her name once again, but the Maximal Security posted here had proved no match.

Killerpunch began syphoning through the tera-bytes of recorded information that the Maximals maintained. The attack had been precise, while security was knocked out - communications was left intact. a Cyber-diving Visor slid down over her face as she started her true mission.

2007-01-03, 01:56 PM
Apelynq had transformed to his hover car mode and was tearing down the skyways of Crystal City to the rendevous point: his research into ways of tracking down Magmatron could prove obselete, and he had left the open lab in a state of disarray.
He carrened and slalomed around corners and debris, before he had to use his flight abilities to leave the shattered bridge altogether and take a more direct route to Prowl...

2007-01-04, 02:55 AM
Closing rapidly on Crystal City:

LioConvoy's turbines keened through the night as he linked to one of the orbiting satellites over Crystal City, seeing the carnage, tail lashing in displeasure. "I don't care what the elder said. Galvatron couldn't have been this bad." A plan already forming, he activated his commlink. "Prowl, I want a total datafeed blackout covering Crystal City. Nobody outside of the government knows about us, and I want to keep it that way. If you can, jam all incoming and outgoing transmissions as well."

2007-01-06, 05:29 AM
Rendezvous point, outside Crystal City

Prowl clicked his comlink over to a scrambled frequency to reply to LioConvoy. "My agents in the city are already arranging it as we speak," he told the other Maximal. "Full-spectrum media blackouts are standard procedure whenever there's a terrorist incident like this. The last thing we want is for the population to find out what's actually going on before the government can set it to rights." There was a trace of irony in the strategist's voice, but only those who knew him very well would hear it. As happened all too often in this business, expedience won out over righteousness in this situation.

"If you can find Checkpoint or one of his security officers," he added, "they should be able to give you a sitrep when you get on-scene. I'm only reading one signal inbound to my position so far, so it might be a while before any backup gets to you."

2007-01-06, 02:09 PM
CatSCAN rubbed his optics as his vison returned: the flash of the igniting Energon feeds had temporarily blinded him. He had been blown out of the building he was in, but he had recived minimal damage.
He got up purposefully, and surveyed his drastically changing surrondings. There were sounds of battle to the East; his confused brain relied on his medical corps training, and transformed (to his minimally armoured ambulance mode) and drove at high speed toward ground zero: that was where there would be most likely the need for his skills.

2007-01-08, 04:11 AM
Rapidly approaching Magmatron's location, Crystal City:

LioConvoy sighed, registering the damage to the city as he sped forward. "Do what you can, Prowl. I'll try to keep the lunatic busy until the sniper teams get here." Deactivating his commlink, he hit a piece of debris, shooting up it like a ramp, flying through the air, transforming mid-flight, and landing in a crouch behind Magmatron, the bulky side panels on his forearms opening, his particle cannons locking into position on the sides of his arms. "This ends NOW!" Aiming at the center of the larger Predacon's back, he opened fire.

Brave Maximus
2007-01-10, 01:38 AM
Early warning was always a must for these operations and Magmatron had plenty of warning that this particlar Convoy was on his way. The fact that he heard Lio Convoy launch himself in the air and land, yet did not turn around - should have said quite a bit to the Maximal commander. What Magmatron did do (though not easily seen) was dig his foot talons and heels into the ground and braced his body.

When the two shots hit, they burned the outer layer of his armour and left two circular burns in the subsequent armour beneath. But, through sheer force of will and solid titanum bearnings, Magmatron didn't move, nor did a sound escape him, other than the sizzling of armour.

After a nano-click, Magmatron turned and looked at Lio Convoy in the face, smoke rising from his back, wafting around his hear armour:

"No, Maximal Lackey, it has only begun!"

With lightning reflexs and skill, Magmatron snapped the guard of his sword up at Lio Convoy's arm cannons, attempting to force them up and out of the way. At the same time, his left arm came forward, attempting to grab his opponent by the neck.

Comm Records

Killerpunch knew the Maximals were on to her, she could see their security systems snapping into place. But, she had the head start and was dancing around them, keeping just one step ahead. The problem was, she was forcing the neuro-net connection to stay open and she knew the maxies would be able to trace it. She didn't have the time to cover her tracks, nor did she think their lax security would leave this alone.

She opened a secured Sub-neural link to all the members of the assault team:

I've got a line on the Information we're after - but, it's going to take me 2 or 3 clicks to secure it. Keep those Maxies off my back until then!

2007-01-10, 06:27 AM
Crystal City:

LioConvoy backflipped away, blades flipping out from the undersides of his forearms and locking into position, and landed in a crouch. "Not if I have anything to say about it, you maniac." He opened fire again, aiming at Magmatron's face this time.


Halfshell, sitting off to the side in tank mode, activated his commlink. "Not like there's a lot of targets out here, Killerpunch. Which, I'd only complain about if I was gettin' paid by the body. Take yer time, it's Magmatron's money. And only one Maximal's shown up here."

Brave Maximus
2007-01-10, 07:02 PM
Magmatron kicked to the right, and moved his head, allowing the blast to go between his shoulder and head armour. He pulled his shield from sub-space and attached it to his arm. As both feet hit the ground from, he kicked off and into the air.

"There is your problem, Maximal. For some reason, you think you have a say in the matter. Allow me to educate you: You don't!"

The mouth of his Goat head opened up and released a shower of razor sharp Ice crystals, each as hard and sharp as those of the famed city they were in.


Comm Records

Only part of her mind was on the "real world", the rest was wandering through Cyberspace.

That's the problem with Maxies, Killerpunch responded via the previous comm. They're like rats, where there's one, there's thousands

2007-01-10, 10:05 PM
Crystal City:

LioConvoy turned, the mane of the robotic lion head on his shoulder seeming to flip open, then started to spin, forming a vortex of wind, blowing the shards back at Magmatron as two sections in the front of the mane popped open, twin particle cannons blazing at the enraged Predacon. "Pathetic. You should have been lobotomized years ago." He activated his internal nonvocal commlink. "Apelinq, this is LioConvoy. There's a Pred in the air. Swat it down, if you can." Then he switched frequencies. "Prowl, any sign of the sniper teams yet?"


Halfshell just continued watching, not really caring which of them won. As long as he got paid, that was all that mattered.

2007-01-11, 04:54 AM
Rendezvous point, outside Crystal City

Prowl shook his head, although of course LioConvoy couldn't see him. "If the sniper teams were here, you wouldn't have to ask me." The Maximal checked his chronometer. "I'm coming into the city to give you support. Checkpoint's security unit can point any stragglers in our direction."

Crystal City

Dead End watched from above as his new employer fought with the large Maximal that had arrived. The soldier couldn't be bothered to intevene in the fight, though; if his previous commanders were any indication, all he would get for his troubles was a good dressing-down.

At some point, there's got to be backup coming for that guy. I can kill them.

2007-01-11, 02:13 PM
CatSCAN continued to drive into the nexus of the battle to find the Collosal Magmatron and Lioconvoy battling: he slowed to ahalt, still dizzy from the explosion earlier, and awestruck by the devastation and power before him.

Brave Maximus
2007-01-12, 12:11 AM
The Predicon split with a mental command, separating around the ice crystals that were sent back at him. A Wyvery type dragon hovered above Lio Convoy while a Lion and Big horned Goat flanked his left and right respectivly, each landing with an earth shattering thud.

"Foolish Maximal. All tal..." The Dragon snarled at Lio Convoy, lightning crackling in it's wings

"....k and no skill. Now you shall weep befo...." the Goat grumbled, frost streaming from it's nostrals

"....re TRUE POWER!" The crimson lion growled as it lept at the Maximal commander, all claws and fire.

(OOC1: Had to go back and edit which head the ice attack came from. It was the goat not the dragon. Still the one over the left shoulder. Damn Cybertron modes...

OOC2: Think I'll irritate people talking like for extended periods of time? ;) )

2007-01-12, 02:16 PM
Apelunqs flying car mode soared over head, circled back and slowed down, before transforming in to the security officer and landing with a dramatic pose. He called after Prowl, who seemed to be about to leave:
"Whats happening sir?!"

(OOC: Apelynqs cybertron mode closely resmebles G1 Tracks, with elements of Apelynqs face and such.)

2007-01-13, 03:23 AM
Crystal City:

Halfshell, still sitting off to the side, occasionally blasting a building or harrying a group of people running from a building he'd just blasted, watched Magmatron's transformation with, if not a lack of shock and surprise, then simply a sense of weariness. He activated his commlink. "Scylla?"

"Yeah, Captain?"

"Did we remember to include the annoying speech pattern clause in our contract with this whack job?"

"Uh....." He could hear the sound of his second in command clicking through screens on the contract padd. "No. You said we probably wouldn't need it. Figured he couldn't be as bad as those Junkions we worked for. Why?"

"Slag", Halfshell muttered under his breath. "Turns out I was wrong, Syl. He's got the potential of being worse."

"You mean he talks in, what, bad old Earth soap opera references or something?"

"No. He splits into three different.... I dunno, they look like critters of some kind."

"How's that bad?"

"Remember the commercials that Junkion we hauled around for a while kept showing us? The one with the frogs?"

He heard her sharp intake of breath. "He talks like that?"

"In vehicle mode.... or whatever ya call it, yeah."

"We could try to edit it in......."

Halfshell thought for a moment. "Nah. Long as we're not cooped up on a ship with him, we're probably fine." He chuckled. "It's not like we're stranded on a primitive planet with him or anything."


LioConvoy said nothing, feinting towards the crimson lion before jumping to the side, slashing at it's flank as it went by with one of his blades, firing the mane cannons and his other arm cannon at the goat and dragon. "Turning into a regular menagerie around here. Let me guess, you hired the Seacons to clean up after your beast modes?"

2007-01-13, 05:22 AM
Crystal City

Prowl didn't stop walking, but he did turn his head and look back at the new arrival.

"Ah. Apelinq, is it? Good." He waved one hand, indicating that the other Maximal should travel alongside him. "Magmatron and a horde of Predacons have launched a terrorist attack on the city," he said without preamble. "The death toll is already in the thousands and it's up to us to make sure it doesn't get any higher. As per usual, LioConvoy has charged in to mount a heroic solo assault on the enemy. We'll have to deal with whomever isn't engaged in trying to kill him until more backup can arrive."

Several rank-and-file Maximal security officers fell into step behind Prowl as the duo walked.

Brave Maximus
2007-01-13, 07:17 PM
"You ta..." the lion roared while taking the claw strike hit his right flank, striking against the armour causing massive sparks to fly. He hit the ground and turned his head, unleashing a plasma flame blast at the side of Lio Convoy.

"..lk too..." The dragon continued, flapping away from the plasma blast and diving low, claws extended for a raking strike across Lio Convoy's face.

"...MUCH!" Frost streaming from the Goat's nose and mouth as it rears up, the maximal commander's blast hitting just infront of his rear feet, right through where it's head would have been. It pushed with it's back legs, head coming down for a massive head-butt to Lio Convoy's hip area.

2007-01-15, 05:25 AM
Crystal City:

LioConvoy leaped back, landing in a crouch, firing is arm cannons at Magnatron's dragon and goat bodies.

2007-01-16, 01:44 PM
Apelynq gritted his teeth, and brought his weapons to the ready:
"Do we know who he's brought, or how many?" he asked of prowl, as he began checking his Linear Blast pistols charge levels.

2007-01-17, 04:50 AM
Crystal City

Prowl shook his head. "Our information is sketchy at best," the strategist told Apelinq. "Witness statements indicate at least a dozen Predacons may be involved, but no one has gotten out of the area since the first few minutes of the attack. Expect the unexpected and watch your back."

2007-01-17, 03:08 PM
CatSCAN watched as Magmatron continued his three tiered assault on Lioconvoy: transforming once more to his Ambulance mode, he revved his engine, and took aim at the Goat mode; he tore forward, and braced for impact...

Brave Maximus
2007-01-17, 05:36 PM
The good thing about being in 3 places at once, was that it gave you an exceptional view of the battle field. What one saw, all saw.

The lion dodged to the side, plasma cannon fire coming uncomfortably close as it crouched low, circling, seeming to seek a better position to launch another attack.

The Goat fired off a stream of super-cooled breath-weapon - which evaporated instantly into a wall of steam when it hit the plasma of Lio Convoy's attack. It blindly dodged to the side, barely seeing the medical vehical lurching at it (it has been spotted by the Dragon).

All three smiled as the Medical Vehical went through the space that the Goat had inhabited, and right for Lio Convoy.

2007-01-18, 06:41 PM
Crystal City:

LioConvoy's optics narrowed slightly as the goat dodged the approaching CatSCAN, pushing forward and jumping, landing on CatSCAN's roof and jumping again, coming down towards the dragon, vortex shield first.


Halfshell, still with little to do(and causing all this havoc was getting a little dull), activated his commlink. "Umibozu, how's it going?"

"It's going okay, boss. We've managed to get round the security at the docks."

"Get us a good ship yet?"

"Well, we're looking at the docking bay hatches now. Coley's positive he can get us into a top-of-the-line frigate. Says he was here when they put the locks in, and knows all of the access codes."



"The one who was positive that he knew the way into the energon bank of Iacon because he was there when they laid the foundation."


"The same one who, after getting us lost in the sewers trying to get into the bank, said that those underdwelling monsters were harmless, because he remembered playing with them as a child?"

"Uh.... yeah."

"Do you see where I'm going with this?"

-in the background of the transmission, he can hear a faint "Coley, WAIT-", followed by a muffled explosion, and the abortive wail of an alert siren, quickly silenced-

"Umi-chan, just blow the slagging doors and steal the ship. There's enough going on, we'll just say we reposessed it."

"Gotcha, boss."

Halfshell deactivated his commlink, pivoting turret to track LioConvoy and Magmatron's battle, as Scylla hummed to a stop beside him, the wheels on the ends of her legs folding out into feet. "Why do we keep that relic around again?"

Scylla chuckled. "Because he pays well."

"Not Magmatron. Coley."

At that, the tachikoma-styled tank managed a shrug. "Because he might actually know something useful?"

Brave Maximus
2007-01-20, 09:29 PM
The dragon just smiled and flapped it's wings, lighting charging across them as it did so. It's mouth opened and it fired a flurry of electricity, blue and arcing, directly at Lio Convoy's spinning shield. The Lion circled around and aimed at the spot where Lio Convoy would land.

The Goat, on the other hand, turned his attention to CATscan, drumming his hooves and snorting frost, waiting for the medic to move one way or another.

2007-01-22, 07:27 AM
Crystal City:

LioConvoy winced as electricity crackled across his shield, knocking him slightly off course, dropping him towards the Magmatron lion. "Nice try." Transforming in mid-air to vehicle mode, he kicked his turbos to full power, redlining them and using the thrust to alter his trajectory, landing hard on his treads a little ways away and transforming back to robot mode, firing his particle cannons at the lion.

2007-01-22, 01:05 PM
CatSCAN transformed groggily: he was a medic, not a fighter: what the hell was he thinking?!

He could see the Demonic Goat Form grinding it's hooves, readying to charge... He brought his only weapon, his plasma torch to bear, and readied himself.

(Like all medic corps, CatSCAN ustilises medical tools retro fitted for combat: the pasma torch is an extreme upgrade on his amputation tool: he does not have his blades yet, but may use other medical tools if possible: - VT)

2007-01-22, 10:17 PM
Deathsaurus saw Prowl and the other Maximals coming, and bounded off of the rooftop he was standing on, shifting into dragon* mode as he did, flying over to Ape-Linq, "Peek-a-boo, Maximal," he taunted, before transforming into jet mode and flying towards the battle site.

(OOC- *This one (http://www.tfu.info/2001/Decepticon/Galvatron/beastmode4.jpg))

2007-01-24, 02:03 PM
"Son of a - " Apelynq cried when he got buzzed by Deathsaurus: as the Predacon flew on, he transformed to his ant grave car, flipped out the wings and flew after him after him.

OOC another Deathsaurus? Don't you get confused? :)

2007-01-24, 08:13 PM
Good, he fell for it, the multi-changer thought, Now, I just have to get behind him.

Deathsaurus weaved between buildings, trying to out-manuever Ape-Linq, and avoid the explosions ripping through the city at the same time.

(OOC- It's insurance. Now it doesn't matter if I click on the wrong RPG;) )

Brave Maximus
2007-01-25, 02:15 AM
The dragon flapped higher into the air, and began to charge another shot "Stu..." crackled around the lightning

The lion kicked off as soon as Lio Convoy transformed, leaping into the air, launching himself across the park, four claws latching onto a large crystal and scorching the field with a blast of plasma.
"....pid...." roared out with the flame.

"... Maximals!" The goat snorted. He fired a shot of ice at CATscan's plasma cutter, and then rammed strait ahead at him.

Comm Centre

Killerpunches' visor popped up and she smiled to herself, pulling her jack out of the comm pannel.

GOT IT! she called across the neural comm Time to pull out!

2007-01-25, 04:19 AM
Crystal City

Prowl ducked instinctively as Deathsaurus buzzed his group, then scowled at Apelinq as the other Maximal shot off in pursuit.

Absolutely no military discipline, these secret agents...

Pulling his fireball cannons from subspace, the logical Maximal moved to run off after them...then hit the deck when a fusillade of energy bolts hit the ground around him. Several of the Maximal police officers surrounding him were wounded by the attack.

Prowl fired a burst of fireballs up into the air, but couldn't quite hit the agile flying saucer that had attacked him.

That would be Dead End, he thought. Magmatron seems to have acquired some proper soldiers. That's all we needed.

2007-01-25, 12:38 PM
Apelynq had fallen for one of his personality flaws of acting without thinking, and had realised it: as he heard the plasma land on the troops he had left, he tried to assess what the slag he was doing: he fired at Deathsaurus, but the linear blasters fire was impacting on the buildings they were weaving between.

2007-01-25, 08:20 PM
In a further attempt to throw off Apelynq, Deathsaurus dropped straight down, shifting again into transport mode as he fell, before landing on the ground and racing off.

Magmatron, this is Deathsaurus, I've arrived at the site.

2007-01-26, 12:36 PM
CatSCAN fired his Plasma torch at the same moment the ICE blast hammered towards him: it was one of those brilliant moments you couldn't plan, the Plasma and Ice colliding and neutralising each other. The still dizzy CatSCAN smiled like a child at the light show, then his draw dropped as Magmatrons Goat came crashing through it and into his chest with an almighty Bang!

2007-01-26, 05:42 PM
Crystal City:

LioConvoy swung around, bringing his arm cannons up and aiming at the crackling dragon. "This from a demented, failed triple changer?" He fired both particle cannons at Magmatron's dragon body.


Halfshell and Scylla watched the battle, with Scylla's right manipulator arm scratching the area next to her scanner eye. "Didn't we get a withdraw order?"

"From the one paying our fee? No. From the one who was looking for information? Yes."

Scylla walked forward a little, then turned around, her tachikoma-styled body bobbing a little. "So what do we do?"

Halfshell thought for a moment. "Get back to the others, make sure they didn't wreck the ship. I'll go see what Maggie wants to do." With that, he dropped into gear, his tank treads grinding into the metal surface as he ground forward, pivoting his turret and elevating his twin PPCs to target Apelinq's flying form, the cannons roaring as they fired twin streams of destructive energy at the flying Maximal as he activated his commlink. "Magmatron, this is Halfshell. You ready to pull out of here?"

Orbital docks, Iacon, Maximal light crusier Tiger's Claw:

Umibozu burst onto the bridge, startling the skeleton crew(all two of them) and blasting them both with his guns. Picking his way past their charred bodies, he walked over to the ship's status terminal and typed in a few commands. "Whaddaya know.... we guessed right!"

Terrormander stalked onto the bridge. "What?"

Umibozu chuckled. "This thing's got teleporters!"

Brave Maximus
2007-01-30, 08:55 AM
The Goat continued to run forward, strait underneath the dragon.

The Dragon, charging it's weapon such, could not avoid Lio Convoy's shots, both of them hitting both wing dead on. Strangly though, the Electro-magnetic charge that the Dragon was building in it's wings, provided a shield of sorts, preventing any real damage to it's frame. The shots knocked the dragon out of the sky, though and knocked out it's EM weapon.

The Goat caught the dragon, resting it on it's back, as the lion launched itself off of the crystal and within moments, the three forms were connecting. Not into a robot this time, but a gargantuan creature of legend:

Before Lio Convoy stood a Chimera, all fury and thunder.

"Acknowledged Killer Punch. Begin data transfer." Magmatron sent out over his comm.

Then the Chimera opened all it's comm systems, as well as bellowed with it's three heads:

"Predicons! There are to be no Maximal witnesses! Finish your targets, and converge on my location. We will scour them from the planet - and let their bodies tell the tale!"

Let the fools think of that, what they will

Comm Records

Killer Punch grumbled to herself, none audiably, she feared for her own spark too much.

Through the neuro-translink, she began to transmit the data to Magmatron. At the same time, she reloaded her skull launcher and prepaired to make good her escape.

2007-01-30, 10:29 PM
Deathsaurus shifted into robot mode and drew his swords, cutting down some of the straggling civilians as he opened up a comm-channel, "Killer Punch, did everything proceed according to plan?"

2007-01-31, 05:00 AM
Crystal City

Prowl followed Dead End as the Predacon continued to bombard the city from the air, but found himself utterly unable to do anything about it.

The Maximal, more than a little disturbed by his relative uselessness, found himself drawn toward a quieter section of the city. A few uninjured security troopers followed along behind him, too scared by the graveyard that Crystal City had become to complain that they were headed away from the fight.

As they passed the Comm Records building, Prowl held up his hand. The procession stopped. Prowl's sensitive audio sensors had picked up something out of place.

"Movement," he said. "Handcuff and Intercept, come with me. We're going in. The rest of you watch the exits. Shoot anything that looks suspicious."

"What if there are civilians in there?" Handcuff asked.

"Then it would be in their best interest not to look suspicious," Prowl said flatly. After making sure his fireball cannons were powered up, the strategist led the duo of security agents into the building.

2007-01-31, 10:52 AM
Deathsaurus saw Prowl and the other officers enter the building, Now, he thought spearing a cowering civilian, some real fun. The decachanger flew into a second story window, so not to alert the Maximals, unknowingly knocking a piece of rubble out the window.

2007-01-31, 10:37 PM
Crystal City:

Halfshell stopped, looking at the chimeric form of Magmatron in the near distance, and wondered, yet again, if he shouldn't have doubled his fee when the wingnut contacted him. He continued tracking Apelinq through the sky, twin PPCs blazing streams of energy at the flying Maximal. "I'll take that as a yes, then, Magmatron. Hope you've got your money ready."


LioConvoy stared at the large, glowing thing. "Am I suposed to fear you? If I am, pick something more menacing." He opened fire at Magmatron, targeting the link point between the dragon and the goat.

Brave Maximus
2007-02-02, 07:54 AM
With the power-cores combined again, and the spark's united, Magmatron just laughed at Lio Convoy. The wing of the Chimera flexed around, shielding the joint, batting the plasma bolts away (the impacted on a collection of the first crystals used to grown the garden, shattering them for ever).

"Fear? Maximal, you do not know the meaning of the word. Soon you will though. Do not fear me, fear the hopelessness that comes from knowing that you can't stop me. Every time you turn around, I will be taking another piece of Cybertron. I will wrest it's control from your hands until you are alone and helpless. Adrift in the dark - and there, I will leave you."

Magmatron's three heads spat these words in an unholy corus at Lio Convoy. But they were neither a boast nor a threat. They had the sting of the words that came from someone who knew them as utter truth.

The Behemoth of a Predicon snarled and fire lept from the lion's mouth, scortching a path of melted crystal, a path strait for Lio Convoy
Comm History

Killer Punch smiled as she saw Deathsaurus.

"Things have gone well."

On a seperate channel from the data package she was sending to Magmatron, she sent a pulse Comm packat to Deathsaurus.

2007-02-03, 03:52 AM
Deathsaurus smiled as he received the data from Killer Punch, Excellent. "There's a few Maximal officers down stairs, so get ready to fight."

2007-02-03, 05:05 AM
Comm Records, Crystal City

Prowl and his two backup units moved slowly up a staircase to the second floor, carefully sweeping their weapons across every millimetre of building as they did so.

Outside the building, one of the security officers was crushed by a falling chunk of debris.

"What the-" Checkpoint happened to be looking in that direction as it happened, and almost jumped out of his exostructure. "What the Pit?"

Firing up his comlink, he put a signal through to Prowl. "Watch your back, chief. You've got trouble on the second floor."

"I read you," Prowl replied. "Take Blowback and Smartbomb with you and come up the back stairway. We'll keep going the way we came. With any luck, we'll catch them in a pincer."

As he spoke, Handcuff started to carefully make his way into the second-floor hallway, leading with his plasma rifle. "Come out, come out, wherever you are..."

2007-02-03, 09:25 AM
Crystal City

Bazooka watched from his position of concealment in the building across the street.

He sent a com to Killer Punch

A'hve counted 3 Maximals going up the front entrance and now we've got another 3 moving towards the back of the building. A'hm ready to commence extraction protocols on your signal.

Maximal Council Representation Building: Crystal City, Floor 35, hexagon 3.4 - Office of Canard Deputy Assitant Sector Chief Department of Sanitation

A few Breems before the attack

CrazyBolt :" Thank You for making the Appointment with me Sector Chief names Rocksteady i'm the chief of an independent survey crew, and I need access to this piece of land only problem is the only access is through one of your pumping stations.

Crazybolt taps a spot on the map he has in one hand.

"why do i need access umm well we're surveying sites for some property development, don't tell anyone but there are plans afoot for a major new development in that area and that is the last parcel of land they need to obtain , its owned by this recluse Stratos. So.. can we have access.....


Crazybolt was alone in the office Canard having fled after the first explosions . he peered out of a window cautiously

"What in Primus is going in round here all that planning out the window. I had the mark in my grasp."

He spotted the security forces at the base of the building

"Slag, slag slag."

Running out of the room he started up the stairs towards the roof.

2007-02-03, 05:47 PM
Deathsaurus grimaced as Killer Punch received the comm, "Bazooka, this is Deathsaurus, that's a negative on extraction, we're more than capable of handling ourselves."

(OOC @ Optimusskids: sending you a pm about Killer Punch
edit: or not, your inbox is full.)

2007-02-03, 06:06 PM
(ooc so is yours i've made some space )

Bazooka sent a reply

"Ah'll keep a watching brief let me know if ya need a distraction."

Brave Maximus
2007-02-03, 08:10 PM
Killer Punch drew her massive blade from subspace, and checked her shield\rocket.

"Speak for yourself big guy." She said over her comm "I'd like to make it out of here in one piece, and if anyone wants to help me out, more the merrier."

2007-02-04, 04:35 AM
Comm Records, Crystal City

Prowl walked slowly down the hall, his fireball cannons held at the ready. In front of him, Handcuff and Intercept moved through the corridor, kicking in doors and firing energy beams in to discourage any occupants from taking up arms against them.

At the other end of the hall, Checkpoint led his team out of the stairwell. Blowback and Smartbomb moved out in front of their chief and began to sweep the rooms on their end of the floor.

2007-02-04, 04:39 PM
Crystal City

Bazooka commed Killer Punch

"A'hm initialising extraction protocols now ."

Bazooka transformed and tracks crunching over what used to be office furniture charged the wall nearest his target.

His bow mounted ram sent chunks of debris everywhere as he plowed through the wall. Hi turret tracked round and he opened fire on the cluster of Maximals at the base of the Maximal Council Representation Building.



Crazybolt ran past floor 36 and as he reached floor 37 saw that his progress further upwards was stopped by a locked door. He swerved changing direction and ran out into a corrridor on floor 37.

2007-02-04, 07:06 PM
Deathsaurus counted silently to himself, Three, two, one., "Time to go, Killer Punch," Deathsaurus said, bursting through the door and into the hallway, "Hey, Prowl, if only you had caught me all those years ago, after I killed your friend, none of this would be happening now." He then sent a silent message to Halfshell counting on the Maximals to be somewhat off-balance;

Halfshell, this is Deathsaurus, is that over-blown psuedo-gestalt about ready to pull back?

2007-02-05, 06:01 AM
Comm Records, Crystal City

Handcuff was so surprised by Deathsaurus's appearance that he only just managed to keep from jumping out the window in panic. Intercept was more dignified, raising his rifle to cover the notorious Predacon.

Prowl raised his fireball cannons, his expression stony; he hadn't needed the Predacon's reminder to remember what the multichanging butcher had done to Speedbreaker. "Who ever said I was trying to catch you, Deathsaurus? I was trying to put you in the ground."

Behind the large Predacon, Checkpoint, Blowback and Smartbomb raised their weapons and took aim at the Predacon.

"If I were you, I'd stand down," Prowl told his enemy. "If you try to fight your way out, I will finish the job I started the last time we met."


The half-dozen security officers milling around outside the building were scattered by Bazooka's incoming fire. Padlock and Clocker ducked into the entrance alcove, returning fire as best they can. The rest merely dove for cover and tried to assess the situation.

2007-02-05, 07:29 AM

Bazooka stitched his cannon across the face of the building windows imploding under the weapons impact.

37th Floor

Crazybolt trotted down the corridor and came to a screeching halt as he head voices, raised voices , he peered cautiously round the corner.

Slag they came up the other stairwell, guess they've got bigger things to worry aboout than me. Hows a working stiff supposed to do a dishonest cycle's work around here.

2007-02-05, 11:05 AM
"If you couldn't even find me with an entire squad of SWAT officers, how can you hope to defeat me with six security officers?" Deathsaurus smirked, "Especially when you've got bufoons that nearly leap out a window when the door opens," he said, aiming his gun at Handcuff and firing.

2007-02-06, 07:56 AM
Comm Records, Crystal City

Handcuff's hair-trigger reflexes served him well this time; the security officer dropped to the ground, returning fire as Deathsaurus' shots chewed into the wall behind him.

"That's that, then," Prowl said grimly; he was in no mood for bantering with his terrorist enemy. "Maximals, take him down!"

Handcuff's plasma rifle was soon joined by Prowl's fireball cannons and the sidearms of the other five security officers, firing streams of deadly energy at the multi-changing Predacon warrior.


Padlock and Clocker continued to fire on Bazooka's position, becoming more coordinated and accurate as they took stock of their situation. Intermittent laser fire from the other four security officers started as well, but it wasn't hitting anything close to the Predacon.

2007-02-06, 11:09 AM
Slag, my attack plan hinged on killing that one. Deathsaurus formed his swords into a battle staff, spinning it around to deflect the shots coming at his main body. He took a few hits to the wings as he backed into the room Killer Punch was standing in, "I'm so dreadfully sorry, Killer Punch, but you've outlived your usefulness. Ta-ta," the villian said as he dove out the window, shifting into dragon mode as he fell

2007-02-06, 12:44 PM
CatSCAN lay concussed on the ground where Magmatron had left him before turining into the Chimera. Oil leaked from his cracked chest, and sparks of electricity jutted from his left shoulder joint.
"Physician, heal thyself," he said wearily, as his self repair systems kicked into place and he propped himself up on his left elbow. He retrieved his third stage damage kit from subspace and worked on his shoulder whilst reviewing the battle. Lio Convoy was still battling magamtron admirably.

2007-02-06, 01:36 PM
Com records

Crazybolt ducked out of the corridor and into a room to one side seeking cover only to find himself confronted with Killer Punch . He watched in amazement as the mechs compatriot dived out of the window and heard the approach of the Maximal Fuzz. He went to turn on his heel and leave.


Bazooka shifted position as shots started to clang off his armour he ground backwards crushing rubble under his treads as he retreated back into the building. He stopped as soon as he was in cover with only what was strictly necessary exposed.

He spun his turret to aim at the supports holding up a roof/awning over the buildings entrance and fired.

2007-02-07, 04:49 AM
Comm Records, Crystal City

"Dammit!" Prowl punched a hole in a wall as Deathsaurus made good his escape. Immediately ashamed by his emotional outburst, the strategist turned away and stalked off down the building's hall.

Checkpoint watched his commander wander off, shaking his head.

He can't keep letting that Predacon get him so wound up.

Clearing that from his mind, he called out, "Handcuff, Intercept, stay with Prowl. The rest of you, with me."

"Gotcha," Handcuff said. Intercept didn't say anything.

"Intercept? What's your status."

"He's dead, chief." It was Handcuff's voice. He was standing over his partner, who's left optic had been neatly pierced by one of the shots deflected by Deathsaurus' energy staff.

"Damn." Checkpoint shook his head. "Alright, then. Smartbomb, stay with Handcuff. Blowback, with me."

That said, the Maximal security officer strode confidently into the room that Deathsaurus had emerged from. He held his energy rifle up in a threatening pose, covering both Killer Punch and Crazybolt. Blowback did likewise.

"If I were you," Checkpoint told them, "I'd reach for the sky."


"Ah, hell."

Clocker and Padlock dove backwards, barrelling through the building's doors just as the awning came crashing down where they had been standing. The debris managed to seal them inside as well as any barricade could.

"That was a debacle," Padlock said ruefully.

Meanwhile, the four remaining Maximals began to fire a coordinated burst of energy beams not at Bazooka, but at the load-bearing walls of the building he occupied.

2007-02-07, 05:20 AM
Deathsaurus landed on top of a large building, surveying the ruins of the formerly magnificent city, If we accomplished this much with mere soldiers, imagine what I can do once I find my fortress. I just need to stay with that egotistical fool for a little while longer.

The murderer opened up a comm-channel; "Prowl, one day, my friend, we will finish this, of that, you have my word."
The lieutenant chuckled a bit before noticing movement on ground level, the dragon leaped off the roof, landing sword first into a yellow helicopter, killing the excassette instantly.

(OOC- explains why Ravage recognized Destron Buzzy;) )

2007-02-07, 07:36 AM

Bazooka notice bits of debris from the building start to fall on him as the building started to shake

revving his engine he charged out heading straight for the remaining maximals at full speed hoping to ram them.

2007-02-08, 05:55 AM
Comm Records, Crystal City

Prowl didn't reply to Deathsaurus's taunt. Even had he wanted to, he couldn't; the Maximal was too furious to reply. A lesser mech would be visibly shaking with rage, but Prowl's training and inborn iciness let him cover all but a little of his embarrassingly intense emotional response.

He realized that one of his men had been killed, but the part of him that would have been upset by that had died long ago, some time during his years-long pursuit of Deathsaurus. Looking down at Intercept's corpse only brought a dull, numbing ache, not the searing agony that a dead friend should bring.

No, what infuriated him was that the murdering terrorist had gotten away yet again. For the better part of a vorn the Maximals had chased him, but all they seemed to get were the corpses he left in his wake.

No more, Prowl vowed. Deathsaurus is the truly dangerous one, not Magmatron. I'll stop him if it's the last thing I do.


The four Maximals scattered, wildly firing energy beams at Bazooka as he charged them. One of the security officers was a hair too slow, and the Predacon tank crushed his leg under his treads.

2007-02-09, 12:59 AM
Deathsaurus shifted into dragon mode and began circling the area where Magmatron and Lio Convoy were battling, and noticed the wounded Catscan also watching the fight. If Magmatron's good at anything, it's combat, the Predacon grudging admitted as he began to look over the information that Killer-Punch gave him.

2007-02-11, 01:28 AM
Crystal City:

LioConvoy's optics narrowed as he dodged to his left, the particle cannons concealed in his mane blasting away at Magmatron. "I'd be more worried about your threats if you weren't such a blowhard!"

Halfshell, while secretly agreeing with LioConvoy's assesment of his boss, texted back to Deathsaurus, I can hope. But he's found a Maximal who isn't impressed by him. Not so bad, though. I'm on Golden Time now.

2007-02-11, 05:43 PM
Com Records

Crazybolt held up his hands palm upwards towards the maximals

"Thank Primus you made it they were holding me hostage , as you can see i was about to make a dash for freedom while she was distracted , but you arrived thank the stars , she'd probably have shot me in the back don't ya know.

I'm Rocksteady , Survey Chief , guess i was in the wrong place at the wrong time, bad timing dont'cha know , but now you're hear i'm safe.

I'd cuff if i was you she looks dangerous, stone cold killer i'd warrant got a certain glint in her optic , kill ya as soon as look at ya i'd warrant, dangerous definitely very dangerous.

Not that i've known any killers but you see it all the time on the tri-vee , terrible terrible times , no ones safe crimes running rife, um not that i'm criticising you lads you do the best job ya can , lack of resources i'd warrant, hamstrung by politicians , penny pinching bureaucrats out of touch with the reality faced by the mech on the beat..."


Bazooka transformed and pulled the injured patrol officer to his feet arm wrapped round his neck

"Well looks like we're in a standoff friends , as not all my comrades have emerged from the building behind me , a'hll bet that you've captured prisoners. Now how about an exchange. A'hll let you friend go if you let my friends out of that building , a'hm a mech of my word as any of you who recognise me will know."

2007-02-11, 10:13 PM
Deathsaurus sent a message back to Halfshell
Good, I'm ready to leave this "Gleaming example of the lasting peace between the two factions." I'm assuming your teammates have procured a ship, correct?

2007-02-12, 11:37 AM
CatSCAN noticed the Dragon flying in circles above the fight between the two faction leaders: having regaines some sense and some mobility, he knew he would be better suited doing something other than attacking Magmatron: with no survivors nearby, he resolved to attempt something against this other predacon terrorist: (Deathsaurus:).

He checked over his available resources, and brought out his Power assist wrench and his cryo gun: they would only suffice as surprise weapons at best, and there was the issue of how to get to the terrorist.

He looked to a nearby, semi damaged building, smiled, and entered...

2007-02-12, 08:58 PM
Deathsaurus watched CatSCAN retreat into the building, That one's a cowardly bastard, isn't he.

(OOC-Quick Deathy mode breakdown; transport (http://www.tfu.info/2001/Decepticon/Galvatron/vehiclemode.jpg), jet (http://www.tfu.info/2001/Decepticon/Galvatron/vehiclemode2.jpg), hydra (http://www.tfu.info/2001/Decepticon/Galvatron/beastmode.jpg) (yeah, I know, two heads.), bat (http://www.tfu.info/2001/Decepticon/Galvatron/beastmode2.jpg), hydrofoil (http://www.tfu.info/2001/Decepticon/Galvatron/vehiclemode3.jpg), elephant (http://www.tfu.info/2001/Decepticon/Galvatron/beastmode3.jpg), dragon (http://www.tfu.info/2001/Decepticon/Galvatron/beastmode4.jpg), griffin (http://www.tfu.info/2001/Decepticon/Galvatron/beastmode5.jpg), hand (http://www.tfu.info/2001/Decepticon/Galvatron/handmode.jpg), except, you know in Deathsaurus colors)

2007-02-13, 02:56 AM
Crystal City:

Halfshell text'd back to Deathsanrus: They have. Maybe if the ego trip will end soon, we can all beam out of here.

2007-02-13, 07:13 AM
Comm Records, Crystal City

Checkpoint frowned at Crazybolt.

This guy's either a very bad actor or a bystander who got caught up in this while he was up to some other sort of mischief, the security officer decided. Thankfully, that's not for me to worry about.

"Blowback, get out your stun cuffs."

"Sure thing, boss." The other security officer pulled out his cuffs and headed towards Killer Punch, but didn't make it two steps before Checkpoint stopped him.

"No," the senior officer said. "Toss them over to Mr. Rocksteady. He can cuff her."

"You got it." Blowback threw his cuffs. They landed a few inches in front of Crazybolt's feet. "You heard the boss," he said. "Cuff her for us."


The wounded officer tried to struggle out of Bazooka's grasp.

One of the other officers raised his rifle, taking aim at the duo. "Not a chance," he said angrily. "We don't negotiate with terrorists. Surrender right now or I'll kill both of you."

"What are you doing, Smoke?" One of the two other officers gaped at the one who had spoken. "That's Alarm you're talking about! You can't just-"

"Shut up, Cordon," Smoke snapped without looking away from the Predacon. "I'm handling this. Now what's it gonna be, Pred scum?"

2007-02-13, 07:36 AM
Coms Records, Crystal City

Crazybolt looked down

"ummm well ok its not as if i'm a trained at this i guess they're simple enough , keep her covered don't want her keeping me hostage or anything , had enough of that already."

He bent to pick up the cuffs.



"well a'h never ,your not prepared to break your rule book but you are prepared to sacrifice your colleague, a strange attitude a'h do declare."

halfway through his speech in a quicksilver motion he raised his weapon and fired at Smoke's rifle.

2007-02-13, 01:49 PM
Damaged sky scraper
CatSCAN ran through the buildings foyer and into the elevator: once it was rising, he stood rather selfconsciously, as Muzak was piped through the speakers. Some singer from earth had made an attempt the sing the iacon national anthem for better relations. CatSCAN wondered why it hadn't started a war...

2007-02-14, 05:08 AM
Comm Records, Crystal City

Checkpoint kept his weapon focused on Killer Punch as Crazybolt knelt to get the cuffs. "Don't worry about her. If she acts up, she dies."


Smoke tossed his rifle to the ground as Bazooka's shot hit its power pack. The security officer kicked it away, then drew his service pistol from subspace at took aim with it. "You've got ten seconds to let him go, Pred. Then we start shooting. And we won't stop until you're dead."

As if to punctuate his words, the damaged rifle exploded in a hail of shrapnel. If Smoke noticed, he didn't let on.

Cordon's weapon wavered slightly, but his partner, a grizzled veteran named Blockade, simply sighed and took aim with his own weapon. "Smoke's right, guys. If we let the Pred go, Prowl will have our badges."

Alarm struggled in Bazooka's grasp, trying to drive his elbow into the Predacon's gut. The Maximal was desperate now, and not quite sure whether he was in more danger from his own teammates than the Predacon.

2007-02-14, 07:31 AM

"Do a'h have this right if i don't let him go you shoot me dead , and a'hm kinda sensin that if i do let him go i get the same deal do a'h have this right , a'h don't seem to have much of a choice.
What ab'aht this fellas i sign you all up as predacons as ya seem to be displayin ' signs of fitting raight in , especially if ya shoot your cahmrade. What's this Prowl gahna say when you tell him ya lost a mech cos ya shot one of ya own daihd.

Bazooka gripped Alarm tighter

"stop trying to injure yourself on m'ah armour plating it won't help you any."

2007-02-14, 01:21 PM
CatSCAN rocketed out of the lift when it reached his floor, and transformed into ambulance mode: he raced through the hallways at break neck speed, till he found what he was looking for:
The office with the over ornate window that had a clear view of Deathsaurus.
He revved his engines, and tore the carpetting the shreds as he approached at high speed: he transformed once more, and with his weapon-tools in his hands, he smashed through the window and landed on his chosen enemy.
Holy Matrix, he thought prior to landing: This guys a lot bigger than I thought!

(OOC Power move with permish from Thukanuva.)

2007-02-14, 08:09 PM
The impact of CatSCAN surprised Deathsaurus, who, while he'd paid attention, didn't expect an attack from above. The medic's sneak attack dropped the dragon a few meters, but luckily he had enough self control to keep from plummeting to the ground. "What the Pit do you think you're doing? Trying to get us both killed?"

(OOC- Go ahead Verytired :) .)

2007-02-15, 05:12 AM

"If that's the way we've got to play it, that's the way we'll play it," Smoke said resolutely.


"Shut up, Blockade. I'm in charge here."

"No. You're not." The older Maximal took a step to the side so that both Smoke and Bazooka were both firmly in his field of fire. "Here's what's going to happen. You," he gestured with his rifle at Bazooka, "are going to let our comrade go. When you do, we're going to let you go." Before Smoke could protest, Blockade fixed him with a glare. "And you're going to cooperate."

"Or what?"

"If one of us is going to die today, it's not going to be Alarm," Blockade said menacingly.

Smoke sighed. "Fine. We'll try it your way. What do you say, Pred scum?"

2007-02-15, 07:35 AM

Bazooka nodded

"A'hhh think that sounds laihke the best deal a'hm gonna get. A'hm a mech of mah word so lets do it "

He gestured with his head toward Blockade

"shall we shake on the deal."

2007-02-15, 08:14 PM
Had he been a seasoned, or at least trained combatant, CatSCAN would have secured his grip on the enemy: instead, ignoring Deathsauruses warning, swung his Powered Wrench at one wing and fired his Cryo-gun at the other.

2007-02-15, 08:40 PM
Luckily, CatSCAN's attack was out of time with his wing flaps so the attacks just grazed his wings, causing him some mild pain. Deathsaurus just grunted and shifted to robot mode, the transformation launching the medic off his back, rather than letting him plummet, Deathsaurus grabbed CatSCAN by the neck, and hoisted him up, "Now, normally I'd let you drop. But someone brave as you are would be quite useful to our little group. So, what will it be, join or die?"

2007-02-16, 05:51 AM

Blockade scoffed at Bazooka's suggestion, then shook his head. "Not a chance. I'm not stupid."

2007-02-16, 07:38 AM
Bazooka shook his head sadly

"Sah you impugn my honour but a'hm a reasonable mech if ya don't want to shake i'll take ya word of hahnor instead."

2007-02-16, 01:21 PM
CatSCAN face was going redder from the pressure on his neck: his limbs flailed uselessly as he strained against Deathsauruses grip.
Just think, I could pretend to join? Maybe these guys aren't that bad...
CatSCAN tried to look down at the ground, so far below. He saw the destruction around, and thought of all the dead innocents because of this creep and his cronies.
He feebly tried to swing his wrench again, the angle being quite poor and his chances of a succesful strike minimal, whilst firing his cryo gun wildly at Deathsauruses feet.

2007-02-17, 04:32 AM

"Then you have it," Blockade said gruffly. Of course, that didn't mean that the Maximal lowered his rifle. He might have been a mech of his word, but he wasn't crazy.

2007-02-17, 09:10 AM

Bazooka unwound his arm from around Alarm and helped him to sit down to rest his wounded leg.

He moved away from him and weapon still at the ready looked across at Blockade

"there you go a'hh have fufilled my end of our deal."

2007-02-19, 05:07 AM

Blockade waved the Predacon away. "Get the Pit out of here before we change our minds," the security officer told Bazooka.

2007-02-20, 12:43 AM
Deathsaurus grimaced as CatSCAN refused his generous offer, and loosed his grip on the medic, dropping him above Lio Convoy.

2007-02-28, 04:42 AM
(OOC: OK, I'm gonna get this part going and Hein's gonna take care of Magmatron.)

Comm Records, Crystal City

Killer Punch meekly held out her hands for Crazybolt to cuff. The intelligence officer wasn't defeated, not by a long shot. She hadn't gotten where she was today by taking stupid risks, though, and a gunfight with a Maximal security team without any backup would definitely qualify.

"I'll be back on the streets in a cycle," she told Checkpoint. "You wait and see."

"In your dreams," the security officer replied. "You haven't heard how Prowl works, have you? The bleeding-spark liberal judges know you've been captured until we're finished with you."

Truth be told, Checkpoint himself wasn't sure what Prowl did to his prisoners. He'd heard a lot of nasty rumours about his old friend, but he didn't believe them. Well, mostly.

As he said it, Prowl strode back into the room. "Hurry it up," he told Crazybolt. "And don't try to run off. We'll have to take you in for questioning, to find out if you overheard anything useful from your captors."

2007-03-01, 01:31 PM
CatSCANs world went to slowmotion as he plummeted, and he found himself taking in details that he might never have seen: the glint of the starlight on Deathsaurus's wings, the feeling of air rushing past him...

He fell, bound for Lio Convoy...

2007-03-02, 10:26 PM
Crystal City:

Magmatron: -practically frothing at the mouth- "EVERYTHING WILL DIE!!!! DIE!!!!"

LioConvoy: "Shut. Up." -smashes his fist into the larger Predacon's chin, slamming his other fist into Magmatron's midsection-

Magmatron: -grunts, backhanding the smaller Maximal commander- "I'll-"

LioConvoy: -transforming to vehicle mode, catches Magmatron in the chest with a volley from all four of his particle cannons-

Magmatron: -staggers backwards, practically tripping over Halfshell-

LioConvoy: -transforms, seeing the falling CatSCAN, catches him-

Magmatron: -lurching to his feet-

Halfshell- activates commlink- "Got a lock on us?"

Scylla: -over commlink- "Aye, Captain."

Halfshell: "Two to beam up." -grabs Magmatron- "I'm adding another 20 grand to the fee. Extraction rates."

Halfshell and Magmatron: -transmatted away-

2007-03-04, 04:20 AM
Deathsaurus watched as the two Predacon's vanished, and sent out a comm, "We have what we came for, All Predacons in the area, get ready to be transmatted out of here."

2007-03-04, 04:43 AM
Crystal City

Dead End stopped firing on the local scenery and waited for extraction.

Comm Records

Killer Punch heard Deathsaurus' message, but she held out little hope that her fellow Predacons would rescue her. The records building was heavily shielded, far too much to safely teleport through.

2007-03-04, 09:01 AM
Crystal City

Crazybolt moved towards Killerpunch cuffs in his hand . He opened a com ink to her.

"what's the plan i was thinking of going out that window "


Bazooka had moved away from the Com records building and the security officers.

He acknowledged thew tranmission.

"a'hm reading you loud and clear."

2007-03-05, 09:40 PM
Deathsaurus transfomered and landed on a building, "Scylla," he said over comm, "I don't know if they're all outdoors, but as soon as you have a lock on the troops, get us out of here."

2007-03-13, 02:53 PM
CatSCAN looks up at Lio Convoy with relief: true, his back smarted like nothing else from where the commander had caight him, but it was still better than actually hitting the ground.
"Thanks: I think I bit off more than I could chew with that one!" He said, pointing to Deathsaurus.

2007-03-21, 03:59 AM
(OOC: I guess Brave isn't back after all. Carry on, then... *sigh*)

Comm Records

Killer Punch gave a microscopic shake of her head. "Let them take us in," she said over her comlink with Crazybolt. "I want to find out what they know about the project. We've got an...asset in their security service to spring us when the time is right."

Captured Ship

(OOC: All the other Preds, just kinda...assume you've been beamed up here, OK? It's easier that way...)

Dead End materialized on the bridge of the captured Maximal warship, looked around, then nodded in satisfaction.

"This will do nicely," he told the pirates (he couldn't be bothered to learn the scurvy mercenaries' names) who occupied the bridge. "Once we're all aboard, transwarp us back to Tripredacus Station. Secret-like."

The veteran Predacon soldier crossed his arms and hoped against hope that an actual leader would show up soon, so he could stop caring again.

2007-03-21, 04:16 AM
Deathsaurus materialized on the ship, and strode over to the bridge, "Dead-End, run a diagnostic scan on the ship, make sure everything's functional. Half-Shell, get Magmatron to the medbay. Scylla, get us to the Tripredacus station as soon as Dead-End's finished. Any questions?"

2007-03-21, 04:30 AM
Captured Ship

Thank Primus...

Grateful to see someone who actually knew what he was doing, Dead End nodded curtly to Deathsaurus. "You got it, chief."

Sidestepping over to an unoccupied operations station, the soldier called up a ship's status display. "It'll take a while to pull out a full report, but it looks like the ship's in good shape. Should make the jump safely, and we're not putting out any trackers that I can see."

2007-03-24, 02:19 AM
Tiger's Claw:

Halfshell nodded. "Hope you guys have access to actual money. We have a lot of overhead, you know."

Scylla checked the comm panel. "All stations report ready, Cap'n Halfshell, sir."

Terrormander and Umibozu, working at the helm and nav consoles, brought the light crusier around. "Setting course for Tripredacus Council station."

Halfshell nodded. "Engage."

With a hum of power, the crusier leapt into transwarp space.

Crystal City:

LioConvoy: -sets CatSCAN down- "This isn't going to be the cakewalk I'd hoped for. You may nore be the only one who bit off more than he can chew today."

2007-03-24, 02:32 AM
Deathsaurus nodded at Halfshell, "Do not worry about your payment. I have more than enough money to fund this entire operation. You just worry about your job."

"Good work in the city, men. We got exactly what we came for, and suffered no casulties. Plus, we made one Hell of an entrance."

Well, Magmatron seems to have gathered a capable crew at least.

2007-03-24, 09:59 AM
Bazooka materialised on the Bridge deck

"well a'h must say this is anice bit of kit someones procured for us."

He strolled over towards the front of the bridge.

2007-03-24, 04:42 PM
CatSCAN nodded sadly as he saw the last of Deathsauruses image fade away.
He turned to the battle damaged Lio Convoy, and in lieu of anything smart, asked the obvious question:
"What now?"

2007-03-26, 10:15 PM
Tiger's Claw

"I am rather disappointed, however," Deathsaurus said, adding onto his earlier speech, "that, nobody assisted Lord Magmatron in his battle. He is your leader, and I expect more from you."

Honestly, the fool can't even defeat a single Maximal, and yet talks as if he's power incarnate. The sooner I get my fortress, and dispose of that ovezealous, Duo-Con wannabe, the better off Cybertron will be.

2007-04-01, 02:45 AM
Bridge, Tiger's Claw:

Halfshell lounged in the captain's chair, cocking an eyebrow at Deathsaurus. "Our leader? Maggie?" The massive pirate's frame rumbled with ill-surpressed laughter. "We're mercenaries, pally. Pirates. Not Predacons."

Umibozu started to raise one hand. "But, cap'n-"

"Shut up, Sea Phantom." Halfshell scowled for a moment. "Why do you want us to call you Umibozu, anyway?"

Sea Phantom shrugged. "I read the name once, thought it was neat."

"Ah. As I was saying, we're pirates. Not Preds."

Crystal City:

LioConvoy shrugged. "Back to base, CatSCAN. We'll have enough trouble not explaining our existance as it is." Transforming wearily to his vehicle mode, he started his turbines. "There's an old saying for those in our line of work. Any day you're not in the news is a good one. Today was probably not a good day."

2007-04-03, 01:05 AM
CatSCAN transformed alongside Lioconvoy and followed him off into the distance: he was too weary to ask him what he was talking about, staying out of the news, or what "his" line of work was. That was something that could wait till later.
Right now, it was time for to bang out the dents, replace the wires, and enjoy a long oil bath.

2007-04-05, 10:25 PM

Bazooka strolled across the bridge

"did Killerpunch make it ah'm afraid that a'h couldn't extract before i was bounced here , there was just too many maximals out there. A'h was hoping someone managed to pick her up.

2007-04-06, 12:32 AM
Deathsaurus glared at Halfshell, "I understand that you're mercenaries. But I also understand that you're on my payroll as of now, and that Magmatron dying, would be a very bad thing." right now.

The lieutenant then turned to Bazooka, "It is... unfortunate that Killer Punch had to be left behind. However, we could not risk staying any longer in order to retrieve her."

2007-04-06, 04:22 AM
Bridge, Tiger's Claw

Dead End watched with vague disapproval as Deathsaurus argued with the pirates, but couldn't be bothered to say anything about it.

Crystal City

(OOC @ opskids: You still running Crazybolt, dude? You haven't posted with him in ages and we need to get these guys moving.)

Prowl stood at the main entry of the communications building, watching with an unreadable expression on his face as the medivac teams carried Intercept's dead body into a waiting ambulance. Not far away, Checkpoint was busily hustling the two prisoners toward a transport, while the rest of his team stood around trying to look authoritative, as security officers are wont to do.

Activating his comlink, he called LioConvoy. "I have a present for you," he said dryly. "Two of them, actually, but one claims to be a civilian. I'm sending them back to base for interrogation."

2007-04-06, 07:53 AM
Crystal City

(ooc still playing him)

Crazybolt shook his head

"a fine mess i've got myself into, hey.\"

He called to the peace officers

"i need to call my lawyer when do i get my one com link."

2007-04-09, 04:40 AM
Crystal City

For a moment, it looked like Cordon was going to try to smack Crazybolt upside the head with his stun baton, but the frosty look Checkpoint gave him seemed to convince the security officer that it would be a bad idea.

"All in good time," he said in what couldn't possibly be mistaken for a friendly tone. "All in good time. Once we've taken you to the base and processed you, we'll let you call your fuelsucker."

2007-04-09, 08:53 AM
Crazybolt nodded

"thank you officer the sooner we clear up this unfortunate misunderstanding the better, i've got a rent to pay and i cant risk another survey crew jumping in . "

Would the cover stand up to inspecttion it hadn't been designed for peace officer inspection, but Sliderule was one of the best Forger's out there no worries there, there was the cheap appartmet over in sector 18 for the second part of the Con, maybe just maybe i can pull this off.

C-could i see a medic please its all been a terrible shock, i mean being a terrorist hostage , and its all thanks to you wonderful officers that i'm allive, i must make it up to you somehow, maybe a donation to your benevolent fund."

2007-04-19, 03:24 AM
Indefinite hiatus time. You can find some more details in this thread (http://tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?s=&threadid=38712).

Wish it hadn't come to this, guys. :(