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2006-12-19, 08:46 AM
The continuing rpg as the Autobots and Decepticons combine forces in a desperate attempt to drive the Quintessons from their home world of Cybertron.

2006-12-19, 11:38 AM
Inside Sky Lynx:

Red's optics bulged literally as he saw Spike doing his trick.

"Well I'll be... But that's perfect! Spike, now you shall be even more useful to our cause than before! Excellent!"

The Autobot Security Director motioned to Hound soothingly:

"It's all right, really - I just wanted Spike to accompany you and Arcee in your diversionary raid! I guess he's going anyway", - Red Alert smiled.

"Well, that's good. No disciplinary measures shall be taken, as your delay had been explained with perfect reason, I'm glad to say.

So, the diversionary team list is complete. It will consist of Arcee, Hound and Spike. Any objections?" - and he smiled again, sure that nobody would object in fact.

Brave Maximus
2006-12-19, 12:03 PM
Dai Atlas looked around at Skyfall then Speeder:

"Air Support?" he asked with Cocked eyebrow.

Speeder shrugged his shoulders:

"We're not exactly in their good graces right now, what did you expect?"

A puzzled look crept across the Powered Master's face:

"Why are we in the bad books?"

Speeder sighed:

"Well, there'll be time for that later. You go check your orders - and remember, you're not the Supreme Commander here - so go easy on Hot Rod, even if he's a little less than friendly. We'll wait here and see if we get marching orders."

Dai Atlas nodded and walked out of Medbay - not exactly looking convinced.

When he left, Skyfall turned to Speeder:

"We may not get any orders, you know....."

The other Micro Master cocked an eyebrow:

"Well, none of us are exactly on the official roster...." Skyfall continued. "We might be left to our own devices during the assault. And I doubt we're just going to lounge around here while our fellow Autobots get blown to bits."

"Heh," was the first comment Speeder made. "Well then, youngster - perhaps we should plan our actions?"

2006-12-19, 01:03 PM
Sky Lynx

Overdrive turned to Red Alert

"so Sky Garry's going to be in my command? Can never have too much top cover.

Tracks i've got a job for you once we've done the initial recee."

2006-12-19, 03:45 PM
Inside Sky Lynx:

Red eyed Overdrive sceptically.

"You think so? Well, I don't mind it myself, but, if anything comes wrong with assault group, you should expect Ultra Magnus to call for Sky Garry's assistance. We have no gestalts or citybots except him in our force, after all."

2006-12-19, 08:34 PM
Overdrive looked at Red

"don't see that as a problem we'll be supporting the ground forces all the way in. I'll make sure if Magnuus calls he#ll be available."

2006-12-20, 12:02 AM
Inside Sky Lynx

Ultra magnus finished the takeoff procedures, and let Sky Lynx waiting for the order to leave.

The city commander left the cockpit and aproached Red Alert and Overdrive.

He stopped when Quickmix asked him.

" It seems one of the teams - the distraction team, actually- is now complete " Magnus replied. " With the new arrivals, I think it's time for a revision of the main battleplan. Go ahead with the revision" he said, turning to look at Red Alert and Overdrive. " Any thoughts? "



Camshaft sent a glance towards Octane, telling him how bad idea was to mess with an Omnibot. Then he turned his head, and saw a quiet Prowl entering the citybot. Glad to see an Autobot command officer, Camshaft waved him.

" Hey, Prowl ! " said Camshaft.


Countdown's bay

" I'm not totally sure " Skids told Hatemonger. " I don't have enough data about them yet. "

" Greatshot seems a six-changer, much as your ninja Sixshot. And Clench ( Skids sighed ), it looks like somekind of heavy duty grunt. "

Skids smiled. " Greatshot will be perfectly adaptable in any battlefield situation, while Clench will be perfect in the tunnel-fight along with Snapdragon and the others. "

Aero Blade
2006-12-20, 01:17 AM
"Medical training nothing," Stratus pipped at Ratchet. "I've seen Aero injured so many times, I'm able to recognize afflictions by his behaviors, and attempts to cover such behaviors there of..."

As the two larger bots began to leave for their new location, Ratchet would soon find Stratus ontop of his head. "Just remember, pal, I'm watching you. If you find anything odd while you're looking around in my bot's head, keep it to yourself," Stratus said, his tone low enough that only the doctor would hear him and not Smokescreen. "He'll tell you about it later if he feels like it."

Having said his piece, Stratus then too off, taking up residence on Smokescreen's shoulder for the time being now. He did spare a moment to give Ratchet another warning gesture, before turning back to his typical mood.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-12-20, 05:13 AM
Sunstreaker shook his head at Patch and hauled Sideswipe up to his feet. Sideswipe jerked his arm away and glared at his black painted mold brother.

Sunstreaker grinned and turned to the door. "Good to see he still couldn't figure out what is wrong with your logic chips." Sideswipe merely groaned, "You got lucky." Sideswipe was happy Sunstreaker was back, it had to be him. Nevermind the fact he was trying to work with the Decepticons he was back now.

"Seems like they need us." Sideswipe said and Sunstreaker merely shrugged. "Make 'em wait. I have a few things to do before I go running about and getting shot at."

Sideswipe started following Sunstreaker and gave him a quizzical look. "Oh yeah? Like what?"

"I haven't had a good wax in ages." Sunstreaker replied coldly as he got in a lift and turned to face Sideswipe.

"You're serious?!" Sideswipe asked as he sped up to get on the same lift.

"Deadly." Sunstreaker gave a small, impish grin.

"And you said I had a brain problem!" Sideswipe groaned again.


Sunstreaker, glistening new wax job and all, and Sideswipe finally made their way up towards Countdown.


Blaster stood up from his chair and turned to face Mirage "So.. you ready?"

2006-12-20, 07:37 AM
Sky Lynx
''No objections Red.'' Hound echoed resolutely. He was relieved that Spike had been so easily accepted by the security director, but at the same time felt a touch of unease creep over him.

Inferno folded his arms and leaned back in his launch chair, doing a very slight bit of pouting. It didn't last long. He smirked at the 'no disciplinary measures' comment and over Hound's internal radio commented, ''lucky he never got to see the boulder in the hall, isn't it.''

Hound settled back in the chair and flashed a weak grin to the firefighter while Spike reverted back. ''Yah. Thanks for the help.''

''Anytime.'' The big autobot paused and then his eyes brightened. Still talking between themselves on the internal comm, he asked, ''say - can you conjure up Metroplex and drop him straight on top of Gigatron?''

''No, doesn't work like that. Unfortunately...'' Hound replied with a light chuckle. ''Takes a huge amount of energy. I think I understand now how Trailbreaker feels.''

Spike leaned over. ''Hey Ricochet, what're you guys going to be doing?''
''Hello there Camshaft.'' Prowl gave a quick smile over, also pleased to see the other autobot. Then he nodded to Octane, pretending he was unaware of the developing escalation between the two, yet giving a tactful opportunity for complaints.

''Are you adequately prepared? Is all well?''
Ratchet sighed as Stratus perched on top of his head and tried to ignore the defiant minicon who was grating on his nerves. He likened it to having to listen to Huffer the many times large repairs needed to be done in the medbay.

Smokescreen smiled easily as they headed to and arrived at the room and opened the door.
He motioned as Ratchet entered and set his supply box down on the room's desk.
''All right Aero Blade, Ratchet came to help in here.''

The doctor nodded patiently. ''You need to let me work with you. This is the last chance I have to help you. I won't hurt you.''
Mirage nodded to Blaster. ''All set.'' Then the spy waited for the large Autobot to transform to tapedeck mode.

Brave Maximus
2006-12-20, 10:21 AM
Dia Atlas folded his way through the door-way to the Command and Control section:

"I'm here, Hot Rod."

2006-12-20, 12:19 PM
Inside Sky Lynx
Doubledealer and Skar stared at Megaplex something akin to shock: the similarities were staggering, and the fact he claimed not to have noticed them made them very nervous.

Flattop, meanwhile, was looking out a window at Sky Garry.
"Damn man, look at the size of that guy!" he said to no one in particular...

Countdowns shuttle
Roughstuff made himself comfortable in one of the available seats and awaited orders...

Metroplex City bays
Gripper watched as Lightspeed sat down and tried to behave himself. He gave Flame a discreet signal to keep an eye on him, and left to talk to Scattershot and Silverbolt.
"Hey there! Any idea when this shindig starts?" he said broadly as he approached the pair of Team Leaders.

Cell #101
Nautilus continued to review his memory banks in the minutest detail. When this was exhausted, he pulled out a transformer scale PSP and began playing a version of GTA set in Iacon, where he was the Decepticon Swindle trying to make a name for himself...

2006-12-20, 05:58 PM
Metroplex City bays:

"Not a slightest idea pal", - Scattershot answered to Gripper with a broad grin. "But don't you worry, they won't start without us."

Inside Sky Lynx:

Red Alert pondered Magnus's question for a while.

"With two large transport units as Sky Garry and Sky Lynx, it seems we've lost all potential for stealthy approach we've had. So, I recommend to engage fast and not to detach a recon group at all. Only Crossblades must be deployed earlier from the transport and make a cloaked run, then return and report his results.

Then, when the main force had landed, me and Karrion shall start the missile bombardment. I decline putting Inferno and Hoist into the cover team - they wish to fight, and must be allowed to do so.

Overdrive shall lead the aerial team - Crossblades and Flattop will cover the skies, while Tracks will provide both missile fire and spotting for missile bombardment. Sky Garry and Sky Lynx will provide the close support from the skies for the main battleforce.

Arcee, Hound and Spike will detach and make a diversionary attack from other direction.

This leaves you, Magnus, with a following force - Quickmix, Sandstorm, Hardhead, Stepper, Inferno, Hoist, Megaplex, Gnaw. A numerous, though not extremely powerful, force, but you always can call for Sky Garry's and Sky Lynx's support.

Objections, corrections?"

2006-12-20, 10:51 PM
Inside Sky Lynx

Overdrive responded

"I think we need to keep Hoist and Inferno back they will give us greater missile coverage and form a reserve force. The benefit of their artillery capacity far outways the benefit of them charging in as wheelsoldiers. Missile saturation of the fixed defences is essential and for that we need reconnaisance.

What if we keep the transports in the high orbitals the Quints will know were there but not our final destination and send the recee force down with Sandstorm and Crossblades.

What about sending Sky Garry with the diversion unit that might make it more believable."

2006-12-21, 12:27 AM
Sky Garry (who was still kneeling at the entrance) smiled at Flattop's comment

"You over estimate me, I actually prefer not fighting."

Megaplex looked at Sky Garry.

"Despite the fact you're damn near invulnerable, heck when we re-activated you, you nearly blew up the lab and..."

Megaplex noticed Doubledealer and Skar staring at him, his optics darkened and he lurched forward at the waist attempting to scare them.

(Sky Garry)

"Yes I remember, Ultra Magnus, I have no problem with your plans."

Aero Blade
2006-12-21, 01:10 AM
Aero Blade's Quarters, Fort Max

Aero had been laying down, trying to get some reset while waiting for his inevitable fate. For lack of anything else to do, and uncomfortable with the previous silence in the room, Dirge had started to tell the tech about what all had happened to him since their last meeting. Aero probably could have done just as well with the silence, but it sounded to him like it was something Dirge needed to get off his chest, so he let the seeker carry on his story.

When the door to the room openned, thoughthe story stopped as Dirge looked over to see who it was. As Aero sat up to get a better view, he shuddered involuntarily as Ratchet came in. Despite having known that was who Smokescreen was going to get, he still didn't feel prepared for it at all, shrinking back a bit even though he tried to keep himself where he was. Already his processor was replaying the previous incident, and Aero did his best to fight off the urge to escape.

Once their group had arrived, Stratus left Smokescreen's shoulder in favor of perching himself on a shelf in the room overhanging the desk, as though to put himself in a good position to keep an eye on Ratchet, given his previous warning.

Bridge, Fort Max

Wing Saber accepted the datapad from Prime with a nod, briefly glancing at the information before he answered.

"Originally I was sent to Nebulos to investigate the odd happenings there, to see if it didn't have anything to do with having lost contact with the Ark. If nothing came of it, I was to report back and then continue the search, though I am long since overdue," Wing Saber gave a half frown. "I suppose by now they've assumed I've come to a similar fate, if they're still around..."

Wing Saber still seemed mildly unsettled and disheartened, as though still coming to grips with the amount of time he'd been offline, but he forced a weak smile, attempting to put himself in a better mood. "I guess then that means I am jobless for the time being. I don't suppose you might have a possition that needs filling."

2006-12-21, 05:49 AM
Omega Supreme bay:

Omega Supreme: -checking data files, activates commlink- "Crystal City plans: Present. Reliability: Uncertain."

Hot Rod: "Good of you to join us, Dai Atlas. Maybe this time you'll stick around."

Sky Lynx:

Tracks: -holds hand up- "I can provide particle cannon fire, but not missile fire, Red. The heat from the rocket engines of the missiles was terrible on my finish." (OOC: Actually, I just used what the cartoon did for him, replaced rockets with lasers.....)

Bridge, Fort Max:

Prime: "Right now, Wing Saber, our priority is retaking our home planet from the Quintessions. We can see about finding something for you to do after we've retaken Cybertron. I need to get back to my launch point. Trailbreaker can escort you to Grimlock's staging area." -turns, starts to head off the bridge- "And Grimlock might sound like he's stupid, but trust me, he's not. And he hates to be patronized."

2006-12-21, 12:08 PM
Inside Sky Lynx:

"But that's useless, Overdrive - can't you see?" - Red Alert answered, a bit angrily. "The missiles wich Hoist is equipped with are short-ranged, less than 5 miles at all. They probably won't reach most of the targets.

And, Inferno" - he turned to the red bot, - "I presume your missiles to be of similar batch.

So, it is only proper that you two should be in the main assault force, providing close support fire, while me and Karrion will execute the bombardment in its strategical sense.

And I decline leaving the transports in orbit or sending such valuable unit as Sky Garry to distraction mission. It's not proper to take bots from the assault team while our forces are limited in the first place! Am I right, Magnus?"

Hearing Tracks, Red sweared to himself.

What a damned fop! We have a war here, not a Cybertronian fashion show!..

"What can I say? Sorry to hear that!.."

2006-12-21, 04:21 PM
Trypticon: Medbay

Stonecruncher glanced over his shoulder at Slicer as he stalked down the corridor of CR chambers and made haste to get into one away from the former Action Master. This was embarrassing enough, but to have someone watching was too much to stand...


Scorponok: Briefing Room

Octane didn't answer any of the Autobots. He was tempted to jump on Guzzle, but he knew Scorponok had let him off easy. He wouldn't take his chances. It was difficult to sit still and absorb their taunts, but he knew he'd get them back. It was a matter of time until they needed fuel...

Across the room, Gigatron had finished a brief conversation with Scorponok and stepped away from the Headmaster, next approaching Prowl. He positioned himself between the strategist and the soldiers he was addressing to keep their talk secret.

"You have a battle plan prepared for the strike, I wager," he muttered.

2006-12-21, 10:14 PM

" Yes Prowl " replied with enthusiasm Camshaft. " Guzzle and myself are ready and willi... "

Then Gigatron appeared and moved between Prowl and Camshaft.

" Umph... " muttered Camshaft, looking at Guzzle and nodding towards the decepticon leader. " Big boss talk ", he said to the sparkabot.



Silverbolt smiled at Gripper. " Yes, as Scattershot says, once Grimlock arrives he will explain the battleplan to us. "


Inside Sky Lynx

Ultra Magnus listened silently at Overdrive's and Red Alert's discussion about the composition of the different battlegroups of his force. Looking at his tactical advisors, Magnus nodded.

" I agree with Red Alert's decision, Overdrive " the city commander explained. " Hound is capable to holo-simulate an army of transformers if necessary, so Sky Garry's prescence in the diversion team is unnecesary. I prefer to deploy this huge flyer warrior under your direct command in the aerial support team. Once we engage in combat, Karrion and Red could join me in the assault team, while you continue to back up the ground forces with your air strikes. "

Magnus turned back, looking at the transformers who were waiting in the shuttle's main compartment.

" If you both agree, I think it's time to explain the plan to our troops ", he said at Red Alert and Overdrive.

2006-12-21, 10:53 PM
Inside Sky Lynx:

"Can't agree more, commander", - Red Alert replied to Ultra Magnus.

But he hadn't started giving orders, waiting for Overdrive's responce.

2006-12-21, 11:02 PM
Aero Blade's Quarters, Fort Max

Ratchet moved over and settled easily beside Aero Blade. ''If you remain still, I'll be able to finish in a couple of clicks.'' Laying a steady hand on the tech's shoulder, Ratchet prepared to begin working.

Smokescreen looked at Stratus who seemed to be watching intently.
Intense. This minicon is far from neutral in his partnership aspect. Interesting.


Inside Sky Lynx
Hound listened silently to the discussion. Inferno looked hopefully back and forth as the speakers exchanged ideas. He was willing to do whatever job was needed, but silently was hoping to get into direct combat.
He nodded in answer to the question.
''Yeah, My missiles are in the same level.''

Bridge, Fort Max:
Trailbreaker smiled in greeting. ''Right this way Wing Saber.''

He paused and then got a mischievious grin. ''Grimlock's bite is worse than his bark though, so be careful.''


Prowl immediately directed his entire attention to Gigatron as the leader approached. His expression changed from a smile to an instant business one.
''I do. I also have 306,684 alternative plans to call on as situations change. Which would you like explicit details for?''

2006-12-21, 11:20 PM
Inside Sky Lynx

"ok Magnus makes that Makes sense so we have Red and Karrion on Strategic artillery support, with Crossblades and Tracks on close in defense supression his black light gun might be useful in that role.

Sky Garry, Sky Lynx and Flat Top as heavy aerial Support and the rest of the aerial force me including me providing the top cover.

Magnus' ground force with Quickmix and Hardhead eliminating any obstacles and Hoist and Inferno providing close in tactical artillery if necessary . And Hound's force keeping them confused from the opposite direction.

We send in Crossblades for a detailed reccee and then we drop the 2 shuttles of troops down for the assault. A couple of things how is Hound's force getting into position , i suggest Sandstorm drop them off before joining the main force.

Also do we want to split our force amongst the two Shuttlecraft in case of casualties coming in we wouldnt want to risk all our energon cubes in one storage facility.

We might want to set up a contingency plan for a shuttle run up to the Warworld if it takes longer than expected and we need to top up on ammo.

Hoist and Inferno can act as field medics in case we need them and we should maybe assign Sandstorm the contingency role of Med Evac in case of serious injuries.

2006-12-21, 11:38 PM
Inside Sky Lynx

Ultra Magnus nodded to Overdrive.

" Good point, Overdrive. I see: we can split our force in two groups, each one boarding one of the shuttles. Or we can just travel to Cybertron in Sky Lynx, and use Sky Garry as a support gunship. "

" I prefer the second option, all inside Sky Lynx. With Crossblades being sent to gather as much data as posible before we arrive, the chances of an ambush are minimal. Besides, If a last hour changes of plans are required, is better if we are all together in the same transport. Comms can be intercepted or jammed. "

Magnus turned to look at Sky Garry's huge figure, standing on the bay, near Sky Lynx.

" Sky Garry, what weaponary do you have in your shuttle mode? " Magnus asked.

2006-12-22, 12:30 AM
Sky Garry shook his head.

"Proton cannons, a Particle cannon, 2 batteries of heat seeking missiles, and two prototype weapons one that is susposto give all units in the immediate area a Energon overload and the other that is susposto send them to a random point in the universe. Both untested and unstable."

2006-12-22, 01:32 AM
Sky Lynx:

Stepper: -blinks a couple of times upon hearing Sky Garry's last two weapons-

Nebulon: -gives a low whistle-

Sky Lynx: -voice coming from internal speakers- "All I ask is that you not fire them near me, Sky Garry. Skilled as an avaitor I may be, but even I have no wish to make a long trip from elsewhere in the universe back to here."

Tracks: "Depending on the Quints aerial assets, we might not have to worry too much."


Prime: -walks onto the bridge, stops, optics widening- "It's... very....."

Ironhide: -still staring at the ops/tactical display- "Overdone?"

Trypticon: "I believe the look was described as Imperial."

Ironhide: "Ah cawl it too smart fer anybody's good." -tapping controls- "Lessee... Ah think this is th' shield control-" -taps a final indicator, only to be met with a flashing red light and a panel lighting up informing him that, while the ship is in the docking bay, the main gun may not be fired- "Uh...."

Trypticon: "Breastforce comes from a Decepticon colony world. Writing and language diverged between there and Cybertron."

Thundercracker: "If we're going to be able to operate you with any effectiveness at all, we'll have to be able to read the control indicators."

Trypticon: -calmly- "That is the point. You do not need to 'operate' me. I and my drones are quite capable of operating ourselves. You are here to retake Iacon. To that end, I suggest you assemble our crew and start making plans. Unless you wish to simply blow Iacon off of the planet's surface, that is."

Prime: -activates commlink- "All member of the Iacon group are to report to Trypticon's briefing room at once."

Aero Blade
2006-12-22, 02:05 AM
Bridge, Fort Max

Wing Saber gave a mild frown to Prime as he spoke. "If you mean the tone of his voice and his method of speaking, I have heard much odder than that before, and it is hardly of concern to me. I pay attention to the meaning behind it, and he already showed me not too long ago that he is quite level headed," Wing Saber finished, his frown deepening as he recalled that incident with Hot Rod.

As Trailbreaker greeted him, Wing Saber returned a smile towards him. "Very well, let us be off," He said, then turned briefly back towards Prime. "I hope we all make it out of this incident, so that we might have much better circumstances to properly discuss matters."

That said, he turned his attention back to Trailbreaker, nodding to indicate that he was ready to go.

Aero Blade's Quarters, Fort Max

As Ratchet's hand touched Aero's shoulder, he'd be able to feel the tech tense up reflexively. After a couple of moments he slowly began to settle down a bit, laying back down a bit but not actually in the sense of relaxing. Aero still seemed to be stirred up, but less by fear and more by what seemed to be remourse.

"...I'm....sorry...." Aero whispered, his tone almost barely audible.

2006-12-22, 02:55 AM
Hatemonger nodded.

"Excellent. Greatshot sounds like a great warrior. Clench we shall see." He said standing up and walking and getting ready to walk around Countdown.

"We will go over plans in route to Cybertron. Until then I should get to meet some of the troops." He said exiting to walk around Countdown for a time.

2006-12-22, 03:25 AM
Deathsaurus and Sunstorm got up and headed towards the Breifing Room.

Sunstorm turned; "Almost time to destroy those blasphemous cretins and take our rightful home back!"

Deathsaurus sighed, "Why do you always go into pseudo-messiah mode when you get excited?"

2006-12-22, 03:27 PM
Inside Trypticon:

Jetwave, whose conversation with Crosscut had come to an end, listened to Prime's announcement.

It'll be crowded in the briefing room for sure - with such numerous force. Better head there fast and take a nice place...

Standing up and starting to walk, he couldn't help overhearing two Decepticons' conversation.

Yet another sign, no doubt!..

Twice already I am being reminded about my true purpose. This could only mean I am on the right path, wherever it may lead me. Perhaps I should speak to this Decepticon - to learn something from him?

With several large strides, he caught up with Deathsaurus and Sunstorm.

"Some may see it as messiah mode, but I agree wholeheartedly with what you've just said!" - he spoke loudly to Sunstorm.

Inside Sky Lynx:

"Well, it is set, then", - Red Alert replied to Magnus and Overdrive. - "I shall instruct Crosscut about the reconnaissanse raid and Karrion about his bombardment duty. So,..

WHAT???" - he interrupted himself as he'd heard about Sky Garry's experimental weaponry. He turned rapidly in the direction of exit.

"These weapons mustn't be used under all circumstances!!!" - he stated loudly. "One of them cannot discern friend from foe, and the other, even if used on enemies, will only let them escape from beind destroyed! No, they're dangerous and useless! Lock their activation modules at once!"

Thus expressing his opinion (but not pushing it too much - after all, Ultra Magnus was in overall command, not him), the Autobot Security Director continued with his duties. First, he approached Inferno and spoke to him quietly:

"Well, don't worry, soldier - you'll get your fight all right!" - thinking it's better to let them get what they want than punish for disobedience afterwards... and, after all, it's for the common good.

Then he started instructing Crossblades:

"Listen to me! You've been assigned to a very important mission. Let me explain the specifics to you:

You shall be released from the ship before all others, on the approach. Using your cloaking device, you are to perform a stealth flight over the Crystal City, reporting all enemy positions, fortifications and so on. Every piece of information you'll bring is vital to us! The most important data will be the location of enemy headquarters, of course. But we need to know the whereabouts of Sharkticon barracks, heavy enemy units, mobile and stationary artillery emplacements, fortified positions - everything!

When you've gathered the data you are to return onboard Sky Lynx and report to me, Magnus and Overdrive. To lessen the chance of enemy detection, you are to maintain comm silence until return. But, if you feel that you've been spotted, call for backup and get back immediately! Do not attempt to engage the enemy yourself! You'll have your share of the fight later on, but now your mission is to provide the intelligence. Understood?"

Red was about to finish his instruction when another thought came into his processor:

I believe his cabin is too small for me to fit in. But I can send Spike there - he's small enough, and two spotters will report more than one...

"And, by the way - could you carry a passenger aboard in your mission? Perhaps not a normal Transformer-sized, but what about a cassette-sized one? Together you could perform more detailed spotting..."

2006-12-22, 07:12 PM
Sustorm turned to the new arrival and smiled, "Thank you, you shall be blessed when you enter the Allspark."

Deathsaurus clenched his fists, Why do they have to encourage his ramblings? He too, turned to Jetwave, "And you are?"

2006-12-22, 08:43 PM
Inside Trypticon:

"And all shall be one", - Jetwave answered to Sunstorm, hoping this would be the right thing to say.

Then he turned to Deathsaurus and eyed the large Decepticon from head to toe. His adversary wasn't as tall as Jetwave, but his body was more massive. In combat, he'd be a deadly opponent. In a conversation? Only one way to find out...

"Jetwave Ultra. We haven't met before", - it was a statement.

2006-12-22, 11:43 PM

Crosscut followed Jetwave Ultra towards the meeting room, but when the big autobot started to talk with Deathsaurus and Sunstorm, the ambassador waved to Jetwave and continued towards the room.

Once inside, he chosed a seat of the first line and waited for Prime and the rest of the troops.


Sky Lynx

Ultra Magnus let Red Alert instruct Crossblades in his recon duty. For his part, the city commander aproached Sky Garry.

" Sky Garry, you have an impressive array of deadly weaponary. For this mission you will escort Sky Lynx and his passengers during the travel to Cybertron's surface. You'll act as a support gunship, flying on the vanguard and attacking the enemy positions previously detected by Crossblades. Once Sky Lynx had deployed the troops, you will join him in the aerial support team, under Overdrive's command. Understood, soldier? "



" Yes sir ", replied Skids at Hatemonger. When the decepticon general left Countdown, Skids aproached to Greatshot and Clench.

" Pardon me, but I need some data about your skills, habilities and weaponary to be able to correctly incorporate both of you in the battleplan. "

2006-12-23, 02:58 AM
Deathsaurus glared at Jetwave, "I've met very few people since the scrapheap, Vector Prime, sent me here. I'm guessing you'll be air support for the mission, correct?"

2006-12-23, 12:57 PM
Near Sky Lynx
Blitwing sat quietly in his jet form, watching the comings and goings of the preparations. Unaware of the reason for leaving Earth and uncomfortable with the appearance of the Decepticons who had so recently attacked, the triple changer contented himself with sitting on the sidelines and trying to make heads or tails of the developments.

Inside Sky Lynx
Hound nodded once to the spoken plans. The scout was watching the commanders carefully and recalling the lay of the terrain they were referencing.

Inferno's expression did a 180 and he flashed Red Alert a beaming grin. The promise of action cheered him immensely.

Fort Max: Bridge
''Hey no sweat.'' Trailbreaker responded with a friendly smile. ''We're fighting Quints after all. Bet the medics will be bored stiff when we're all done, well... unless we take much longer in which case Grims might have us taken apart piece by piece.''

Aero Blade's Quarters, Fort Max
Ratchet paused in working and then softened his expression into a thin smile. ''Don't worry about it. We've ll been through much worse, which is why Wheeljack's lab isn't bordering medbay anymore. Just relax- nearly done now.''

Smokescreen glanced around the room casually and nonchallantly. He was monitoring the movements and hums that reverberated through the giant citybot. He wouldn't hurry the medical work, but if he felt the bay doors begin to open, he would need to leave the group and explain Ratchet's absence after he reported. Thus far, it seemed time was still in their favor.

2006-12-23, 01:30 PM
Inside Sky Lynx

Ricochet replied to Spike

"I do not know yet Monsieur i imagine we will form part of the ground forces."


Landfill approached Gripper

"pleased to meet ya Good buddy names Landfil, don't remember seeing ya around , any idea what the plan is."


Chainclaw paced

"it's gonna be fine gonna be fine , no problem nothing gonna happen nothing going to go wrong ."

He ran an inventory of his medical packs that he wore saddlebag fashion.

"wound sealant, extra oil , reinvigorator , emergency kit no 1, 2 and 17, metal binding strip , vaccine kit , medi kit , laser scalpels, steriliser."

He glanced at Roughdtuff "think i've forgotten anything."

2006-12-23, 08:53 PM
Inside Trypticon:

Jetwave hardly noticed Crosscut gone - he was engaged in conversation with Deathsaurus (more like a verbal battle to him).

His replies doesn't feel too hostile. But he had insulted Vector Prime - was it personally against me or just informal talk? Can't say for sure...

His eyes converged to little slits, mouth stretched in a thin line, he made his reply:

"Air support? Guess I won't be the only one in that role. But I can be a fast armed transport, or fight on the surface as a shock trooper.

And how does it concern you? Will you be in air support too? One or both of you?" - he motioned with his hand toward Deathsaurus and Sunstorm together.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-12-23, 11:26 PM
Blaster nodded to Mirage and transformed into tape-deck mode.

"Let's rock this joint."

2006-12-24, 04:49 AM
Hatemonger walked around Countdown hoping to mingle with his troops.


Cryotek awaited meeting Brainstorm.

He better be as impressive as they say for making me wait. he thought to himself.


The five Predacons waited for liftoff. More waiting to fight than anything else. Slag they could be close to Cybertron by now if they took a small shuttle. But they waited knowing how important the upcoming battles would be.

2006-12-26, 05:25 AM
Deathsaurus started to reply to Jetwave when Sunstorm shoved him out of the way, "Ah, then you and I shall be partners in the attack! You should consider yourself lucky! Not many people get to battle alongside a god, especially one of the inferior Autobots!"

2006-12-26, 12:11 PM
Inside Trypticon:

"God?" - Jetwave, who started to like (kind of) the orange Seeker, changed his mind suddenly. "What do you mean by that!? There is no God but the Creator and the Destroyer, and the latter is a false God!

And how can you call us Autobots inferior if we both had been spawned from one sacred flesh? You are deeply mistaken, even if you know more about Primus than anyone I've met here before."

Still, Jetwave wasn't overtly hostile in his reply. After all, this could be a clever test from Sunstorm's part. But if not... well, he wasn't about to start a fight, but there were some things that could not be tolerated.

2006-12-26, 12:41 PM
ooc: Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Mirage picked up Blaster with an amiable ''Let's hit them hard!'' and turned on his invisibility shield. He headed over toward the entry doors with a smooth pace and waited just beside it for the door to slide open.

2006-12-26, 08:00 PM
Trypticon, Briefing Room

Having recieved Prime's message while still in the hallway, Nightracer quickly walked to the briefing room and entered. She kept to the back and waited for the mission briefing to begin.

While Deadend would have liked to have continued his conversation with Fireflight, he knew that a good conversation wasn't worth the problems it could cause. It didn't matter that there was a truce now, Deadend knew that the war was far from over. He already knew it wouldn't be over in his life time.
Omega Surpreme

Carnivac did his best to stay out of his mission team's way.

Aero Blade
2006-12-27, 01:23 AM
Aero Blade's Quarters, Fort Max

Ratchet recieved no resistance from Aero during the repairs, but that mostly seemed due to pure self-restraint, not because he had actually calmed down. However, once Wheeljack had been meantioned that gave Aero something else to think about, not the medic messing with his head.

"Why would that be- oh wait..." Aero trailed off, recalling his first meeting with Wheeljack, and his atom smasher... luckily that had been outside, but that was one of many inventions, and considering what he'd seen, probably alot of those inventions never made it out of the lab. "I guess I can see that, though I don't understand how he can have so many problems with so many devices.."

"This coming from a guy who's never made a single faulty connection in his life," Stratus answered from where he had perched. He didn't seem to be concerned with Ratchet anymore, but was just keeping an eye on things all the same. "I've been waiting forever to see something finally go wrong. I had an imager all set up back home to go off when an explosion happens."

Aero Blade would have shot Stratus a look, but he didn't dare turn his head while Ratchet was working, but the doctor would be able to see it his expression still as Aero decided what to do about Stratus. After a moment, Aero just sighed though, mutely settling down. "Just keep waiting, that's never happening..."

While Ratchet worked on Aero with Stratus's "input" on the conversation, Dirge was leaning against the wall, more or less seeming to be spacing out more than paying attention to what was going on.

Having had a few moments to himself since Ratchet arrived, Dirge found himself thinking about when he ran into Aero earlier, as well as when he first met him. There was something just not adding up, but he couldn't figure out why or what, or why it even bothered him to begin with. Maybe it was just his own residual unease with the medics.

Halls, Fort Max

"Yes, that's the important thing, the Quintessons," Wing Saber responded to Trailbreaker. "I don't understand how it would be able for them to take over Cybertron and force everyone to retreat," He said, glancing back at the other Autobot. "Was I really asleep that long? The way others talk, it sounds like a recient occurence..."

2006-12-27, 03:22 PM

Getting Prime's transmission, Wheeljack headed up to the briefing room without a moment's pause, chuckling and shaking his head fondly "Almost like old times"

Having found a quiet corner for some quiet time, Catilla sighed, then got to his feet and moved to attend what sounded like a pre-mission meeting.

* * * * *

Sky Lynx

Sandstorm frowned, then spoke up quietly and coldly "Oh no, you're not assigning me to that job, I'm a scouting unit not a medical transport, and I'm sure as heck not playing Doctor while others are fighting these guys, I wanna be somewhere where I can actually do something I'd like to do"

2006-12-27, 07:50 PM
Deathsaurus stepped between Jetwave and Sunstorm, "Look, Jetwave, Sunstorm's a delusional maniac, he believes himself the son of Primus. I assume these Decepticon's here keep him around because he's deadly in a fight. Now I suggest we get to the briefing room before all this religious nonsense gives me a headache."

redman prime
2006-12-28, 03:46 AM
Snapdragon snapped to attention when he saw Hatemonger come out to mill among the troops.

"Sir, how long 'till we get to hammer us some quints?"

Feeling rather sheepish about blatantly kissing ass, he stood up straighter all the same and tried to look menacing. As menacing as a massive purple and off-white dinosaur can look.

Which can be menacing.

2006-12-28, 05:39 AM
Hatemonger nodded as Snapdragon spoke to him quite happy to see energy in some of his warriors.

"As soon as possible I should hope." He said looking at the Headmaster. "The sooner we retake our homeworld from these scum the better." He added.

2006-12-28, 02:32 PM
Inside Sky Lynx:

Red Alert had been waiting for Crossblades to answer and thinking to himself:

The overall level of Autobots' discipline is appaling. Granted, it's all right to want battle, but to question the orders given??? This is intolerable! Even Decepticons are acting as more disciplined force!..

* * *
Inside Trypticon:

Jetwave was puzzled by Decepticon's words.

"OK, you're right, let's go", - and he followed Deathsaurus to the briefing room, - "but what do you mean by saying these Decepticons here? Aren't you a part of Decepticon forces on Earth yourself?

And, by the way," - he looked back at Sunstorm, - "he's right in one thing. He is a child of Primus. Just like you or me. And this is no nonsense."

redman prime
2006-12-29, 04:41 AM

Too enthusiastic, dumbass..

"well, i mean, right? you two know what I'm talking about? right?"

Snapdragon fumbled in speaking with Hatemonger, while gesturing towards the two closest figures he saw, Roughstuff and Chainclaw.

Inside Snapdragon, a Nebulon named Krunk tried not to laugh at the bumbling ass that was his transport.

2006-12-29, 08:35 AM
Aero Blade's Quarters
Ratchet smiled once as he finished rebalancing Aero Blade's gyro-motor and repairing some damaged wiring. ''Wheeljack is an inventor as well as an engineer. He tries to construct outside the known functional realm and works with chemicals as well as wiring. We've been saved more than once by guesswork, ingenuity and a few... accidental discoveries.''

Ratchet couldn't help a slight cringe as he recalled the dinobot project, but quickly refocused on his work as he carefully finished the last soldering point and gently resealed the small access panel.

''All finished Aero Blade. Walk to the door and see how the balance feels.''

Smokescreen couldn't help a smirk while listening to Stratus. The small neutral was far from being neutral. Loyal for a minicon and spunky too. These two have quite a strong partnership- wonder why.

En Route to Metroplex's Bay
''It was.'' Trailbreaker replied with a frown to Wing Saber as they headed out of Max to go to Metroplex as directed.
''Cybertron was attacked by Unicron - you know the one from legend I'm sure. We allied with the Decepticons in order to beat him - and we did. But then something strange happened. A second matrix came into our dimension along with some transformers from a different time. I don't understand it all- but a Decepticon named Thunderwing got hold of the second matrix - which we called the chaos matrix - because that's what it caused - complete chaos.

The transformers that were brought through the time gap were convinced that Optimus was evil and the Autobot ranks divided - some following Optimus and some following an Autobot from the other time. Similarly, the Decepticons were also split. Having been weakened from fighting Unicron and then fighting within our own ranks after - we didn't stand a chance.

The Quintessons must have been watching - waiting for a moment to strike. We destroyed the chaos matrix, and then both we and Decepticons were just starting to get ourselves together again- but then a hate plague was released on Cybertron. Having sustained so many losses and with the stability of the factions so weakened, Gigatron and Optimus agreed to call for us to evacuate Cybertron- and we all went to Earth. We've been trying to recoup and regroup there since. But I guess we need to get back to Cybertron now asap, before the Quintessons establish a complete lock on our homeworld. I think that's why we're combining forces now.''

2006-12-29, 06:28 PM
Greatshot looked at Skids

"Well, I myself am what you call, a jack of all trades but master of none, I'm similar to Sixshot as he said, and as for him he...well..."



2006-12-29, 11:03 PM
Sky Lynx's main hatch

Ultra Magnus was looking at Sky Garry, waiting for the bigbot's reply.

" So, do you understand your orders Sky Garry? " the city commander asked.


Inside Countdown

" Huh, yeah, right " said Skids, looking at Clench. " I guess you can join with Snapdragon's group. And for you, " said Skids turning to Greatshot, " you'll be a member of the aerial support team, but be always ready to deploy as back up in any other theatre. Your skills will be highly valuable in any battle situation we may face on Vector Sigma. "

2006-12-29, 11:29 PM
Inside Sky Lynx:

From dull anger, Red Alert's mood changed to apprehension.

What if there's no problems with discipline but an evil intent behind all that? Only my intrusion prevented Inferno from disobeying orders, and now Sandstorm protests against his assigned role too. And in both cases the role was imposed on them by Overdrive... Let's see...

He turned to aerial force commander:

"Excuse me - but why does it seem to me that you are intent on not letting the good fighters fight?

In case you forgot, I can remind you that Magnus ordered Sandstorm to be on the spearhead of assault, his sand blasts as a weapon against walls and fortifications, I presume. Inferno is a good warrior too, so there's no need to assign him to Hoist's cover only. Hoist could do the job himself, and any other medical evacuation would be performed by whoever's close enough to the wounded."

His eyes shifted to slits dangerously:

"If you're saying all this because you wish more battle glory to your team and less to Magnus's, this is a manner of thinking that could lead you to the brig!"

2006-12-30, 12:12 AM
Overdrive looked resignedly over at Red Alert

"i was the one that suggested he be part of the spearhead to begin with remember. It's all about contingency planning for example if Hoist is taken out ,we'll need Inferno's experience, i'd rather another medic but we have to exploit what we have to the maximum advantage. We might not need Sandstorm as Med-evac but if we do need med -evac his configuration makes him the logical choice. His primary role remains , i'm just trying to anticipate the possibilities. No plan survives contact with the enemy ." He shook his head.

"only fools crave glory, what i want is a smooth operation with minimum casualties that achieves its objectives and so as to achieve that i need to look at all the angles and plan for every eventuality. which reminds me we need to designate a second in command or appropriate procedure in case one of us is taken out in the battle we need a clear chain of command not 4 mechs giving orders because no one knows who is in charge of the section ."

Aero Blade
2006-12-30, 12:38 AM
Aero Blade's Quarters, Fort Max

Aero Blade had been anxious the entire time Ratchet had been working on him, but as things had gone along and with everyone present, it had calmed him to just anxiety, not a will to flee the area once Ratchet urged him to stand. Aero began to teset out the worked on stablizer as he made his way around the room towards the door, not drifting too far from anything he could use as a hand hold in the event it failed on him. However, he madehis way to the door with no problem, and gave a brief sigh of relief.

Once he was sure his partner was back in good condition, Stratus left his previous perch, flying past Smokescreen and taking up his typical residence on Aero's shoulder before glancing briefly in another direction. "Maybe we should work on him next," Stratus noted, referring to a still spaced-out Dirge who didn't even seem aware that the repairs had finished.

En Route to Metroplex's Bay

"A very disturbing story," Wing Saber answered to Trailbreaker. "It sounds much like the circumstances under which the Quintessons nearly took Cybertron when they first reappeared, though this time it was far more effective..."

"It's going to be far more troublesome to take it back from them, even if they are still off-balanced from the take over. I doubt such prideful beings will allow themselves to loose their prized planet a second time to the likes of us if they can prevent it..."

2006-12-30, 11:26 AM
Deathsaurus turned to Jetwave, "I didn't mean like that, he believes himself to be a direct decendant of Primus, a messiah, not just a Cybertronian. And, believe whatever you want, but personally I think all of this religious talk is complete nonsense, I ruled over the largest Destron empire in millenia in my own universe with no help from any "greater beings" at all."

2006-12-30, 03:04 PM
Inside Sky Lynx

Ultra Magnus, who was waiting for Sky Garry's reply, turned his head towards Red Alert and Overdrive. Sighing, the city commander aproached his two advisors.

" This isn't going to end well... " he thought, stopping at their side.

" Well soldiers " he said to the security director and the Omnibot commander - he used a soft tone of voice, just to prevent the other transformers to overheard their conversation -, " it seems to me that we need to put a little order here. Red, take it easy. You know I highly apreciate your suggestions and decisions, but I need you and your sharp sensors focused on the mission, not turned against our own warriors. They're not the enemy. As a commander, I'll overwatch the moral and loyalty of the troops. Leave that job to me. "

Magnus smiled, showing to his advisors that he wasn't holding hard feelings against them.

" Overdrive, as you have surely discovered by now, you and Red are my chosen second in command for this mission. If a proper chain of command is needed, then you will be my first officer and the aerial commnader, wich leaves to you the tactical decisions concerning the aerial units, and the global command if I die during the battle. "

" Red, you will be my second officer, main tactical advisor and commander of the support team. I expect from you to say all you believe it's worth saying - 'cause I always hear at your jugdement -. "

Magnus paused, letting his last words to be assimilated by his comrades.

" Well, we'll follow Red Alert's plan - four teams, the aerial support, the diversion group, the main assault force and the long-range bombardement unit - " he said, nodding to Red Alert in recognition. Then, he turned to Overdrive.

" Overdrive, you'll decide if any secondary role is needed, like for example Sandstorm's med-evac role. Remember, that's only a contigency plan though, but I agree with you to be ready for anything. "

The city commander looked at Red Alert's and Overdive's optics.

" Any questions? "

2006-12-30, 04:57 PM
Overdrive looked up at Magnus

"i was just discussing with Red who should take over our subsections if one of us was incapacitated , i was considering Sky Lynx for that position in my own team what do you think Sir."

2006-12-30, 05:33 PM
Inside Sky Lynx

Ultra Magnus nodded.

" I agree. I'll trust your judgement into that, Overdrive. But we're discussing different things. If you are incapacitated then Sky Lynx will take your place, that's correct. But if I'm incapacitated, then you must take control of the assault team and the entire battleforce. Then again, Sky Lynx's will take charge of the air support team. "

" If both of us are incapacitated, then Red Alert will join and lead the assault team and take command of the entire battleforce. "

" The other subsection, the distraction team, is too small and independent to need a properly chain of command. With Hound at command will be enough. "

2006-12-30, 11:22 PM
Inside Sky Lynx:

"Well then", - the Autobot Security Director responded, clearly unconvinced that friendly troops should be given less disciplinary consideration than enemy, but confirming to superior's suggestion. "I think that all mechs taking part in a mission must be reminded, then, about keeping proper discipline. This is a military operation, and proper obedience of orders is imperative."

He looked at Magnus and Overdrive:

"I sure hope, though, that there would be no need for me to take overall command..."

Inside Trypticon:

Jetwave looked at Deathsaurus with strange expression in his optics. In fact, he was wondering whether the Decepticon tries to fool him, for the words I ruled over the largest Destron empire in millenia in my own universe sounded a pure gibberish for him, even more than Sunstorm's pretense of being no less than son of the Creator.

"Whatever", - was all he'd manadged to answer. "Excuse me", - and he moved to the other end of briefing room.

A most weird pair of Decepticons, no doubt - he thought.

Brave Maximus
2006-12-31, 12:02 AM
Dai Atlas cocked an eyebrow at the last comment, but gritted his teeth and clenched his fists, not visibly of course (he hoped).

"I'm..... not sure what you're talking about. But, I will, as always, continue to do my duty to the Autobot cause. Now, I hear we are re-taking Cybertron......"

Wandering around

The minicons had retired to the Omega Shuttle - they had an experiment they were in the middle of, and wanted to get to work on it.

Skyfall and Speeder were wandering around, when they heard Prime's message:

"Iacon...." Skyfall said with far-away voice

"Well, the briefing might give us an idea of the overall plan for Cybertron and where we might be able to lend our skills to do the most damage, or lend the most help."

"I suppose so. Iacon has always been the turning points of the wars..."

The grey Micro Master touched the symbol on his shoulder, that matched the golden symbols on his wings, as the two of them headed for Fortress Maximus' bridge.

2006-12-31, 03:38 AM
Trypticon Briefing Room

Nightracer smiled under her face mask, almost amused by the Autobot's move. She wasn't surprised, since Sunstorm's insanity had been know to have that kind of effect on Cybertronians. Maybe this Jetwave was a little more sane then his Decepticon counterpart.

2006-12-31, 04:05 AM
Hatemonger nodded as Snapdragon spoke.

"I am sure all of our comrades are in agreement over what must be done to retake our homeworld." He said calmly.

He looked at the others in Countdown to see if anyone else had anything to say.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-12-31, 05:14 AM
Blaster landed gently in Mirage's chest and then turned on some loud music but kept the volume low.

"Some travelin' music." was all he said over the internal communicators.


Sideswipe and Sunstreaker both entered the conference room with Ultra Magnus late and look around, Sideswipe giving a sheepish grin.

"What'd we miss?" Sunstreaker asked with very little fan-fair acting as though they were perfectly on time and not at all late.

2006-12-31, 04:48 PM
(OOC If anyone could PM me and give me a hand with my characters, I'd highly appreciate it: Airwave, Cosmos, Fizzle, Guzzle, Sizzle, Slicer and Thunderwing; if theres anything I should defo be aware of, please let me know. Otherwise, I'll just play it fresh.)

2006-12-31, 06:31 PM
Sky Garry replied to Magnus's questions.

"Yes Magnus, I understand."

He then moved his optics to Red.

"Heh you over estimate me, my two proto-weapons, like I said, are untested. Perhaps, I could fly in in front of Sky Lynx and fire the energo-build up poles before we send in troops?"

2006-12-31, 07:39 PM
Inside Sky Lynx

Ultra Magnus turned his face to look at Sky Garry.

" Very well soldier " he said smiling at the big transformer, " check your systems and energon levels and wait for Overdrive's instructions ". Then, he turned towards Red Alert, glad to hear a joke from his security director, or at least something nearly humorous.

" Yes my friend, that's my hope too. "

Then he heard someone entering the shuttle and saw Sideswipe and Sunstreaker joining his team. He let Red Alert to reply at Sky Garry and moved towards the new arrivals.

" Greetings to you both, but I have not been informed about your transfer into the Crystal City battleforce " he asked to the twins, ignoring Sunstreaker's acting. " According to the troop roster, you must report to Countdown's bay, under Hatemonger's command. "



Camshaft looked at Guzzle and nodded cunningly towards Octane.

" What a bigmouth, huh? " he muttered, grinning behind his faceplate.

2006-12-31, 08:33 PM
Sky Lynx

Overdrive nodded

"yes lets hope thats a problem we won't have to worry about. "

He turned to Sky Garry

"tell me more about your abilities , so i can best assign you."

Maximus Prime3
2006-12-31, 10:17 PM
*sorry i haven't posted in a while, i have been busy*
inside sky lynx

browning asked ultra magnus, "when are we going to take off, i'm bored"? Highbrow asked ultra magnus,"that is a good question, when are we going to take off"?
Countdown bay

ramjet asked thrust, "when are we going to take off because i am and i want to kill some quints. thrust replied, "Hopefully soon, but let's just wait"
metroplex bay

Hun-grrr walked up to silverbolt and asked, "when are we going to take off, the other terrorcons are just laying around here not doing anything and i can't get them to work"?

2007-01-01, 04:15 PM
Omega Supremes Bay
Cosmos waved back at Hot rod uneasily, not sure how to reply: he didn't want to get any body else down, but the whole situation stunk to him: even getting off the Warworld wouldn't help his nerves, as he'd be fighting Quintessons with the Decepticon army all around him...
Sizzle looked at Cosmos with concern: he didn't know the green minibot that well, but he could tell something was bothering him. He wondered who he could tell to support him, as he didn't really feel comfortable doing it himself...

Airwave continued to wait impatiently, and his thoughts fell back to the deal he had struck with Roughstuff: he needed someone to get the goods from his suppliers.
Octane caught his eye, with his "friendly banter" with the Autobots. Maybe he'd be willing to earn some money...?
Guzzle grinned back at Camshaft, amd said not too quietly "Yeah, some guys here don't when to start fighting and when to cool it huh?" indicating Octane over his shoulder with his thumb.
Air wave had gotten out of his seat and made his way to the triple changer...

In the Medical Room, Slicer stepped out of the CR Chamber hi had used to recuperate the injuries sustained from his rough and tumble with Stonecruncher: for a micromaster, he had done a pretty good number on him. He looked around the medbay for his sparring partner before leaving for the briefing...

Approaching Trypticon
Thunderwing nodded at Skyquake.
"All is understood: I will see you and your master after the battle." He said this matter of factly to inspire confidence, but the aristocrat was unsure: he had spent too long giving these kind of orders, not really carrying them out. How he was going to achieve this he had no idea, and resolved to play it by audio receptor as best he could.

Returning to the Steelhaven
Fizzle had exited Metroplex, leaving the finished Guardians locked securely in the lockers. He radioed Backstreet: "I'm on my way back: how are the repairs going?"

2007-01-01, 09:23 PM
Inside Sky Lynx

Sandstorm scowled, then stormed off into a corner before sitting down to polish, not looking happy about being stuck with an assignment that he didn't want to touch with a 10 foot barge pole while throwing an angry glance at the higher-ranking Autobots and muttering to himself "Feel free to use anyone you want for med-evac but me. I am not going to play medic, got it"

2007-01-01, 10:26 PM

Backstreet , watching the drnes finishing the repairs, rised his wrist engaged his commlink.

" Hi Fizzle. Well, I think we'll be finished right on scedule: before arriving at Cybetron. "


Inside Sky Lynx

Ultra Magnus looked at Browning and Highbrow.

" We are awaiting for the order to depart. "



Silverbolt stepped unwitting backwards as Hun-Grr aproached him. He looked at Scattershot.

" We are waiting for Grimlcok. Once here he'll tell us the plan. "

2007-01-03, 12:21 AM
Scorponok: Briefing Room

Octane stared at the floor, squinting his optics and trying to think about something other than the Autobots' taunts. They'd regret crossing him when they found themselves low on fuel... Octane welcomed Airwave's approach. In normal circumstances he'd gladly pick on one so much smaller than himself, but at present he appreciated anything purple.

"What's new, pal? Ain't too keen on these accomodations, lemme tell you."

At the front of the room, Gigatron glanced at Prowl with suppressed approval. He hadn't expected his mission strategist to be quite so thorough.

"The most plausible," Gigatron answered while moving toward the podium. "We will deal with contingencies when they arise. Detail it to our battalion at your discretion." He stepped past the podium and nodded Prowl toward the microphone on it.


Trypticon: Medbay

Stonecruncher stepped out of his CR chamber a moment after Slicer and followed with muted steps. He was back in fighting shape, but he wasn't going to gloat until he was well away from medbay...


Trypticon: Briefing Room

Having received Prime's call, Hammer and Knockout filed into their seats with the three other present Constructors and waited. Hammer was unhappy that he'd been given so little time to work...



The Reflector trio went about their work preparing the ship efficiently and with some enthusiasm. Morale was high - the vessel they were crewing was one of the most fearsome in the history of the Decepticon armada, and they were thrilled waiting to use it on the Quintessons.

2007-01-03, 12:42 AM
Trypticon briefing room

Wingspan slunk in after the Constructors

He tapped his foot nervously waiting for a reply from Trypticon aware that the Battlestation would be busy and preoccupied. He also delved into his databanks for any useful info he could find on their destination.

2007-01-03, 04:28 AM
Nightracer continued to wait and watch her 'mission team mates' from where she was. As she watched, Nightracer went through all she had in her data banks about the members on her team.

Cunning Ravage
2007-01-03, 06:51 AM
OOC: sorry for the delay the holidays snuck up on me and ground me into a fine mush of stess but am back.

Inside Sky Lynx

"Right Red Alert sir! Get info on the quit to help open a attack on enemy weak points! right sir? Great plan but well given the mechs in charge that a given"Crossblades saluted Red Alert and squared his shoulders.

2007-01-03, 08:49 PM
Deathsaurus turned to Sunstorm, "We hardly need to fight, we could just send you out to talk to the Quintessons."

Sunstorm growled back at the Destron, "Be glad that thou doth not taste the fury of my wrath, serpent!" he growled, bolts of lightning coming off his hands.

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-01-04, 06:58 AM
Sunstreaker gave a side-ways glance to Sideswipe "I was following you." He groaned and turned around walking out of the command room before Sideswipe could even reply. He merely grinned at the error and spun around moving out towards the opposite landing bay an Countdown's shuttle.

2007-01-04, 02:29 PM

Flame and Lightspeed joined their leader, Gripper, who had momentarily bowed out of the conversation with the other team leaders.
"Whats the scoop?" asked Lightspeed, trying to focus on the mission and not on his Namesakes competitor.
"We're waiting for Grimlock. Till then, we're socialising with people we normally shoot at." Gripper looked uneasily at the Stunticons as ha said this: he had been trying to kill their Holo duplicates not so long ago, now he was expected to join them. It felt wrong.
He was distracted by his troubleshooter Flame. The scientist was fiddling with some piece of equipment.
"Oh, commander," he blurted as he noticed Gripper staring at the piece of kit he had been working on idly, "this isn't important."
"What is it, Flame?" Gripper asked doggedly.
"Just something to help the Lightspeeds." Flame answered sheepishly.
He offered the tech to Gripper, and Lightspeeds eyes lit up.

Inside Sky Lynx

Karrion and Skar had just calmed down from Megaplexs scare tactic. Unusually flustered, Karrion pitched his curiosity at the new arrival.
"You never answered Red Alerts question satisfactorily: why do you look like Megatron? Where did you come from?"

Flattop sat back and watched the interchange: Sky Garry seemed civil enough, but he couldn't think of what else to say.


Roughstuff listened to everyones assignment half heartedly, thinking more on the deal he'd struck Hammer and wondering if Airwave had made any progress in getting transport.

2007-01-04, 03:47 PM
(ooc: I'm back, my sis still has mano, so if her players need to be used, I'll try and move them appropriately)

Megaplex looked at Karrion slightly annoyed about the continues questions about this Megatron fellow

"Again, I have no idea who Megatron is, second, I cone from one of Jupiter’s moon's called Io, along with the team I came with, and a human. My origins are better explained by my creator."

2007-01-04, 06:52 PM
Inside Sky Lynx:

"That's good to hear, Crossblades! But I'd like you to answer one more question - could you carry a human inside your cabin during reconnaissance?" - Red Alert shot a quick glance at Spike.

Changing his tone to more solemn one and not looking directly at Sandstorm, he added:

"I'll repeat this only once - any chance of disobedience of orders, and I shall personally see that your case is stated before Prime's judgement!!!" - then turned instantly to Sandstorm and peered into his optics: "So, what do you say, soldier - dare to spend all this mission in a brig or will you do what you've been told? Answer now, for time is short."

Trypticon briefing room:

Jetwave looked at two angry Decepticons from (presumably) safe distance and wondered, how in all eternity could they hope to be working together. Still, his sympathy went to Sunstorm's side... but not enough to make him interfere.

"If they're going to have a brawl, let it won't be me who must stop them", - he muttered to himself, but loud enough to be heard by anybody in the vicinity.

Metroplex city bay:

Technobots gathered in a tight group and started to discuss something, obviously quite important to them.

"Are you sure this is a mistake?"

"Damn sure! I'd like to get there first and wreack some havoc, then let'em try to catch me while the others came in to strike!"

"Tempting... but no can do. They'll swarm you over with their shark-clones and we'll be short of one team member, that's all."

"It's not the sharks what I think of, there's no shark I won't make a hole in with my drill. But what if they got something bigger?"

"Then we'll let Strafe at that something - perhaps then he won't miss!!!"

"But I wouldn't! Really!"

"Oh, don't we all know that", - Nosecone finished sarcastically.

"We'd merge into the Big Compy and then we'd know what to do."

"I know already! We'll catch those Insecticons and put them inside Sharkticons! When they'll eat them from inside, like real bugs do, we'd have our own army of clones, ha-ha-ha!!!"

"That sounds really insane to me..."

"Yea, that's insane all right. Insane so much... that it might just work", - Scattershot finished and looked appraisingly to the corner where the Insecticon trio had their own private meeting...

2007-01-04, 08:32 PM
Deathsaurus rolled his eyes at the seeker, "Sunstorm, calm down. Save your anger for the Quintessons."

Sunstorm appeared to calm down a bit, though still visibly upset, "I am tired of your mockery of my father and I, just because you find it hard to wrap your simple mind around the complexities of Creation."

"I have know such difficulty, I just have no cause to believe you. You show me proof of a grand creator, and I will believe you." the former emperor replied calmly, "Oh, and Jetwave, if you want a "brawl", then I'm sure Sunstorm would be happy to accomodate."

2007-01-05, 09:53 AM
Not amused by the event happening in the same room she was in, Nightracer narrowed her eyes. This only help prove to her that her team mates were unstable and if they got into a brawl...Then she would only make sure she was out of the way.

2007-01-05, 12:57 PM
Approaching Steelhaven, not long now, maybe
Fizzle gave a satisfied "Huh." at Backstreets report.
"No trouble from the drones fixing up the ship then?" he asked as he exited yet another Turbo lift.
This place is a MAZE.

Airwave chuckled at Octanes comment.
"Yeah, our roomies aren't too much to be proud of eh? Listen, can I talk to you for a breem over here?"
Airwave wished he could have thought of something more subtle, but he needed to sort out a courier now.

2007-01-05, 01:21 PM
Sky Lynx
Skar looked at Megaplex more calmly now, and had the look of piqued interest.
"And who was your creator?" he asked calmly, his partner Karrion looking on approvingly.

Gripper held Flames project in his hands.
"Flame," he began slowly, "These look suspisciously like Transformer scale Nintendo DS's circa 2006. Tell me this isn't what i'm looking at?"
Lightspeed butted in: he had seen Flames solution before his commander:
"Gripper, with these me and the pretender can settle who's Lightspeed before we invade without losing time! It's genius!"

2007-01-05, 01:28 PM
Trypticon briefing room:

Jetwave understood that Deathsaurus clearly wasn't intent on letting him go so easily.

"It won't be me who starts the brawl, whether you want it or not", - he answered Deathsaurus. - "I have no wish to disrupt the truce agreement when we've gathered together against the common foe.

And, by the way, I believe we won't fight with Sunstorm anyway. Even if he's mistaken about his uniqueness, he cannot argue with the simple fact that the liberation of Cybertron is more important than petty arguments about who's superior or inferior. Do you agree, Sunstorm?" - he finished, hoping that the orange Seeker will stand on his side of the argument.

Cunning Ravage
2007-01-07, 06:56 AM
Inside Sky Lynx

Crossblades shifted back and froth as he watched the tension mount between Red Alert and Sandstorm.

“Um,” His optics went to his feet. “Well sir if I can speak now, anyway wouldn’t want to say anything if it was inappropriate sir, that’s just not me you know? So if I have a go ahead, you know on the whole taking thing sir... then yes carrying a human is completely doable sir, you’d just have to give the word and I’d be off with a human on board, smooth flying I ranked very well in flying at the academy you know.”

2007-01-07, 07:31 AM
"Oh, I never intended to fight you, Jetwave, I despise pointless scuffles, but if you care as much for this truce as you say, you would have gladly stepped in before the fight got out of control, you Autobots are just as hypocritical as any Decepticon. Yet, you look down on them as if they were garbage, beings operating on a lower moral plane, a violent, war-mongering race. No war can last millions of years if one side doesn't want to fight just as much the other, think of that, when you're listening to your "peace talks," Deathsaurus replied, the tiniest hint of mocking in his voice.

Sustorm had calmed down by then, and turned to Jetwave, "I doth agree with thee, Jetwave. We shall discuss much before the battle starts, friend."

2007-01-07, 09:21 PM

" Nope Fizzle " replied Backstreet, " the drones are doing well, perhaps slowly, but well. Hey, and the Guardians? Are they finished? "


Omega Supreme

Override and Dogfight were talking to each other, talking and laughing about the incoming battle.


Sky Lynx

Ultra Magnus watched Sideswipe and Sunstreaker departure. Once the twins had gone, and with his second and third in command finishing their duties, the city commander aproached Spike and sit at his side.

" How do you feel, entering in battle with the Autobots again Spike? " asked Magnus with a soft smile.



Skids, on Countdown's bay, sighed waiting for Sunstreaker and Sideswipe. The tactician saw the twins exiting Sky Lynx's bay and waved towards them.

" Hey! " said Skids, moving his hand and nodding towards Countdown's entrance. " What were you pair doing in Sky Lynx? Come on, Hatemonger is waiting... "

2007-01-08, 03:15 AM
Trypticon,Briefing Room

Fighting the part of her that wanted to shot certain 'team members', it was lucky for them that Nightracer was patient. Patience was a usefull tool for a sniper. Still, Nightracer kept waiting for the rest of the team to show up so that they could get this briefing over and done with. Hanging around with the insane wasn't something she wanted to do for long.

2007-01-08, 04:56 AM
Omega Supreme bay:

Hot Rod: "C'mon, Cosmos. It can't be that bad. They're sending us to Cybertron's armpit, after all. From the intel report, Kalis is quiet. If our intel can be trusted, anyway."

Trypticon, Briefing Room:

Prime, Ironhide, and Thundercracker: -walk in-

Thundercracker: -leans against a wall-

Prime: -activates commlink so any relevant personel will hear him, on the off chance they have yet to arrive- "All right. As you know, our group is assigned to liberate Iacon. Thundercracker, Starblade, Jetwave, and Sunstorm, you'll provide our air cover and maintain air superiority once we're on the ground. If needed, Thunderwing will assist. Trypticon will use his guns to make us a safe zone around him, but once we're in the city proper, it'll just be us. When we get inside, we'll break into two groups. Shockwave will lead one, I will lead the other. Catilla, you will go with Shockwave, as will Reflector, Deathsanrus, Slicer, Nightracer, Warpath, and Fastlane. The rest will come with me." -stops, look at the crowd- "Any questions so far?"


Breastforce: -wandering the ship-


Grimlock: -storms onto the bridge- "Hope we launch soon. Me hungry for Sharkticon."

2007-01-08, 12:42 PM
Inside Sky Lynx:

"That's perfect, soldier!!!" - Red Alert turned to Crossblades. - "That's what I call discipline!!!

Well, then - it is agreed that we'll send Spike on reconnaissance in your cabin. Bring back as much data as you can."

He paused.

"Pity we haven't got Decepticon spy camera with us. But, you must be content with what you've got... Wait a nanobreem!!!"

Sudden idea crossing his mind, he turned to Magnus:

"Commander - I know how we can provide some sort of medical assistance to our wounded without having a medic in our team!!! We'd have to salvage several CR bays from Metroplex or Fort Max - they've got to have spares - and mount them aboard Sky Garry!!!

It could still be done, if we all act swiftly!!!"

Trypticon briefing room:

"Perhaps we should", - Jetwave responded to Sunstorm quietly, Prime's arrival and speech disrupting him from answering Deathsaurus harshly.

When Prime asked about questions, Jetwave put his hand up.

"Yes, sir! Can I ask who will command the aerial support group?"

2007-01-08, 01:25 PM
Inside Sky Lynx

Overdrive nodded

"that might work it might save some of our troops if we could get them quick medical attention and it would free up Sandstorm for his assault role Sky Garry could go straight in , although the med evac for him was only a contingency , i'm sure he'll be glad to not have to have extra worries and get really stuck into the Sharkicons."

Bridge, Tyrant

Weirdwolf growled

"a list all of Quint ships up bring Spectro. Will study we weaknesses their together."

2007-01-08, 05:18 PM
scorponoks briefing room

Krok was joined by charger.
"we'll finally see some action" replied charger

Krok only nodded.

2007-01-08, 09:41 PM
Trypticon briefing room

" Understood Prime ", nodded Crosscut at Optimus' briefing.


Metroplex's bay

" Well, I think it's time to go inside " said Silverbolt to Scattershot and Hun-grr, nodding towards Metroplex main entrance and starting towards there.

The rest of the Aerialbots quickly followed their leader.


Sky Lynx

Ultra Magnus, waiting for Spike's reply, turned his head towards his efficient security director, Red Alert.

" Excellent idea Red! " exclamed the city commander, glad to hear a new way to improve the security of his troops. " Quick, ask Sky Garry if he agrees and we can mount the CRs aboard him. Overdrive " he asked, turning his head to look at the Omnibot Commander, " call Fort Max and ask Fortress if we can count with some of his free stock of CR chambers. For my part, I'll deal with Metroplex. "

Ultra Magnus lowered his face, sending a new smile to Spike.

" Wait a nanosec, Spike " he asked, rising his wrist and engaging his com-link.

" Scamper, here Magnus. See if there are availible stock of CR chambers and send them to Sky Lynx's bay. Order the drones to install them aboard Sky Garry, hurry. "


Metroplex, Main bridge

" Well, we'll launch Metroplex when Gigatron and Prime send the order, right? " asked Scamper at Grimlock.

Suddenly, the main comm station blipped and Scamper, hoping for the launch signal, stepped towards the station, ready to man it.

" Scamper, here Magnus. See if there are availible stock of CR chambers and send them to Sky Lynx's bay. Order the drones to install them aboard Sky Garry, hurry".

" Copy, sir " replied the drone. After switching off the comm controls, Scamper looked at Grimlock.

" Sir, if you pardon me, I'll go to check some Metroplex's supplies for Ultra Magnus' group " informed Scamper, moving towards the doors.

2007-01-09, 04:58 AM
Bridge, Metroplex:

Grimlock: -nods- "Make sure supplies get there, Scamper."

Scorponok's bay:

Brainstorm: -studying Scorponok's design, looks over at Cryotek- "I got here a while ago. Facinating ship, truly it is.. Does this one have a spear?"

2007-01-09, 06:27 AM
Cryotek listened as Brainstorm asked him a question about Scorponok that he was not actually sure of the correct answer.

The blue Decepticon rubbed his chin a bit.

"To be honest I have not seen alot of Scorponok's offensive powers. I would think yes but I am not sure." He replied.

2007-01-09, 08:09 AM
Trypticon, Briefing Room

Glad that the mission briefing had started, Nightracer paid attention as the plan was given out. She made sure to note that when the 'team' split, that she was suppose to be on Shockwave's team.

Having already made it aboard the Citybot, the Stunticons were mostly hoping that the wait was almost over since their 'team's' mission leader had showed up.
Omega Surpreme

Carnivac still kept out of the way while he waited.

2007-01-09, 02:39 PM
Inside Sky Lynx:

"Affirmative, Commander!" - Red Alert replied to Ultra Magnus and went out to speak to Sky Garry.

A discipline problem within our ranks could lay deeper than it seems - he was thinking along the way. - For example, Sandstorm declined to be assigned a med-evac job, even if it could mean putting the lives of our comrades in danger... Such matter could not be inforced by the stricktest of orders, however tempting this way is - no, it requires a lengthy explanation why every duty must be executed flawlessly and without complain, whatever it is.

He made a mental note in his shedule planner:

Log 2200, entry 14: Speak with Sandstorm about duties and responsibility

Then, a looming figure of Sky Garry was near him.

"Listen, soldier", - Red started in his usual formal manner, - "we want to install several CR chambers in your inner space compartments. It's for the treatment of wounded, if such a thing would happen", - he paused. - "It is imperative, and I wouldn't like to hear objections. In fact, the chambers are being brought here right now."

2007-01-09, 04:33 PM
Sky Garry smiled as he hered Red give orders.

"Then why did you bother asking? I Have plenty of cargo space for the chambers, plus I have my own "Sick bay" but it can only repair one at a time."

2007-01-09, 05:26 PM
Outside Sky Lynx:

"Well ain't it perfect!" - Red answered enthusiastically to Sky Garry. - "Prepare yourself for the installation of spare CR bays now. Perhaps you'd better switch into your base mode, then - it'd give us time to get accustomed to it."

2007-01-09, 10:31 PM
Metroplex, med-bay warehouse

Scamper finished a quick inventory of Metroplex 's Med-bay spare CR chambers.

" Only two. Not too well... ", thought the drone.

With the help of a squad of 4 metro-drones, Scamper packaged the two CR chambers and sent them towards Sky Lynx's bay. Using his internal comm, Scamper contacted with Magnus.

" Ultra Magnus, sir, I've already sent four drones with the two spare CR chambers avalible. Sorry, with all the recent Med-bay trouble and the citybot's repairs, we have been unable to replicate more."


Sky Lynx

Ultra Magnus, at Spike's side, heard Scamper's message.

" Understodd Scamper, those will be enough. Thanks and well done, Magnus out. "

Wishing a little more luck for Overdrive, Magnus rised his wrist with the com-link again and opened a personal and encrypted channel for Red Alert.

" Red, two CR chambers and four drones are on the way. Sky Garry agrees the installation aboard him of the chambers? " the city commander asked. " If he does, the drones will be able to install the chambers but once they have finished, don't send them back to Metroplex. We can maintain them aboard Sky Garry to help him during the mission. "

2007-01-09, 10:46 PM
Overdrive opened a com link to Fort Max

"This is Overdrive we're looking to borrow some of your CR chambers for our mission to give us some immediate medical back up."

Brave Maximus
2007-01-10, 01:11 AM
Skyfall and Speeder leaned back, standing outside the breifing, but still close enough to hear:

"Sounds like a decent plan so far" Speeder commented

"Looks pretty at the top, I'll give them that. Trypticon should be able to clear them a landing zone pretty easily - sharkticons won't be much of a threat. Iacon isn't an easy nut to crack though. The Autobots managed to keep it from the Cons for a few million years - I'll be curious how they fair on an assult." Skyfall commented to himself mostly. He had memories (ones that hadn't happened yet) of Iacon and defending it's walls

"True that, and we don't know what their objectives are once they're even in the city. But, it is Prime's old turf - he knows the ins and outs better than anyone, so they'll stand a good chance." the Micro Master Sniper continued

Skyfall nodded and then looked at his new companion:

"So, once again, we're left with out a mission."

Speeded smiled a wry grin:

"You've been in enough fights to know: When you actually engage the enemy, there's always extra work to go around. Now, lets get a drink while we still can. I want to get some Energon Reserves while I have the chance."

Skyfall nodded, knowing that energon wouldn't be an issue with the Omega - but still, better to have some back-ups, just in case.

The two Micro Masters started walking towards the Rec-area

2007-01-10, 03:23 AM
Sky Garry nodded

"It will take me a couple minutes to transform into the fortress, but I'll guide you through if you need it."

Sky Garry starts shifting into his base mode.

2007-01-10, 02:34 PM
Near Sky Lynx:

"Yes, do it", - Red Alert responded to Sky Garry. - "It'd give us a chance to see your altmode at last."

Then he activated his commlink to respond Ultra Magnus.

"This is Red Alert. Sky Garry understands the importance of his task. He will be ready to receive the drones with CR chambers in half a breem - it takes him some time to transform, because of his size. Also, he had reported that he has a single-person med chamber in his own standard equipment. This makes three CR units so far.

Understood and agreed about drones, sir. Red Alert out."

2007-01-10, 06:44 PM
Scorponok: Briefing Room

Noramlly Octane wouldn't have been caught deactivated associating with a diminutive twerp like Airwave, but with so much red in the room, he was willing to take what he could get.

"Sure, 'Con. What's up?"


Trypticon: Briefing Room

With his wounds repaired and a safe distance secured from medbay, Stonecruncher strode into the briefing room with his chest puffed out and sat next to Excavator.

"Where were you?" Hammer snapped.

"Just gettin' ta know the place, chief," Stonecruncher lied.


Tyrant: Bridge

"Aye, sir," Spectro replied dutifully to Weirdwolf. He took a seat at the comm station and began compiling the relevant information, sending it along to the captain's console as it came in.

"Negative," Spyglass answered Prime's comm briefing. "Reflector has been reassigned to the Tyrant."

"Sir," Viewfinder added, glaring at Spyglass to deflect his self-loathing.

2007-01-11, 02:44 PM
Steelhaven Bay
Fizzle gave a tired "Whoop." as he pulled into the bay. He replied to Backstreet over comms.
"Rosdos has done a sterling job on the Guardian Units: I've stored them in the secure lockers in Metroplexes Manufactorie lab till we get a better idea of what to do with them. I'm coming aboard now... I can see what you meant by slow."
He said this last bit as he witnessed the drones working on the ship finishing up: they were frustratingly meticulous over every aspect of their task, like samurai following their mandate to the bitter end.

Omega Supreme Bay
Cosmos sighed at Hotrods comment over trustworthy intel. Out of character, he said in a huff: "They should have sent me: I'd have got reliable surveliance of the whole planet."
Sizzle looked at Hot rod also, adding his own grim tone: "Last time I was in Kalis, there weren't many Transformers about, but it was far from quiet."

Trypticons Briefing room
Thunderwing arrived shortly after Prime had handed out there assignments.
He stood some distance from the doorway, his arms folded and head raised, though looking at no one in particular. He was waiting for a reaction: he hadn't much of an idea as to what his reception would be, his memories during the "Occupation" of Mindwipe and Vorath being warped by his own nightmares and Isolation in his own mind. So he stood there and waited.

Slicer came in shortly after, having lost Stonecruncher on the way there from the med room. He looked momentarily at Thunderwing, and sat down, his simple brain thinking the following
1) whats he doing here?
2) Sounds like I'm in for some real action at last
3) Prime would look good with some flame decals: maybe I should speak to him...

Airwave lead Octane to a quieter part of the room.
"I need some parts delivered from Cybertrons second moon: there are some scavengers there who know me, and definetly have what I need: You up for it?"

Guzzle watched the pair as they dissapered out of earshot:
"What're they talking about?" he nudged Camshaft in the chest and nodded at the pair.

2007-01-12, 08:27 PM
(ooc: I'm back)

*Arcee looked at Magnus.*

"So what do you think about the team?"

2007-01-13, 05:04 AM
Trypricon briefing room:

Prime: -narrows his optics at Reflector's transmission- "Very well. The Constructors will go with Shockwave. Thunderwing will join my group."

Ironhide: -obviously not happy about that, but keeping quiet-

Prime: -looks over at Jetwave- "As to your question, Jetwave..... Thundercracker will lead our aerospace defense team."

Thundercracker: -having lost interest in the briefing after hearing that he was going to be part of the air defense team, does a double take- "Whazawha?"

Prime: -looking around the room- "Any further questions?"


Trypticon: -activates a display next to Wingspan- "While Flame's plan was a good idea, in this instance, Wingspan..... Depending on how things are laid out in or near Iacon, we might be able to utilize this." -a largish machine appeared on the screen- "It is a Sharkticon manufacturing unit. If we could capture one, we might be able to reprogram the Sharkticons it creates, and discover their command frequencies."

Omega Supreme Bay:

Hot Rod: -shrugs- "How's this, Cosmos. When we get to Cybertron's orbit, get through the blockade as fast as you can, get down over Kalis, and get us as much of an update as you can. Sizzle's got a point, and who knows what's going on there now. I'd hate to drop us into the middle of an assualt squadron."

2007-01-13, 05:30 AM
Trypticon, Briefing Room

Still listening, Nightracer added the changes to her data circuits.
Omega Surpreme

As he stayed out of the way, Carnivac reviewed what information he had on Kalis. Most of the data he had was of the city before the war. Back when he had a case that ended up leading him to Kalis. While the Decepticon knew that the map he had was very out of date and parts of it was probably lost to ruins ( created by time and the war), it might give him an idea were to start.

2007-01-13, 05:55 AM
Sunstorm looked up a Thundercracker, "Congratulations for earning the honor of leading the air assault on the capitol of our home, brother!"

Deathsaurus raised his arm, "Prime, sir, If I'm a flyer, why am I assigned to infantry duty?" he asked politely.

2007-01-13, 11:07 AM
Wingspan nodded

"t-time is of the essence and perhaps if we can recreate Flames plan it w-would be beter to keep it secret from our Autobot allies, i just need to go f-fetch someone , s-show them this. Hold on
T-t-trypticon ."

He turned and hurried across to find The Constructors

"Trypticons h-had an idea to h-help us with the Assault

He looked up realising that he had interupted the briefing rooms silence .

"um P-p-p-prime S-s-sir ahhh i um i m-m-mean T-t-trypticon has h-h-ad a suggestion um t-t-that m-might h-help our a-a-assault."

2007-01-13, 01:26 PM
Metroplex bay, following the aerial bots
Gripper walked slowly whilst still looking at the portable consoles incredulously.
"Flame," he started, not shifting his gaze from the equipment, "this will resolve the dispute quicker?"
The troubleshooter replied slowly, "Ye-e-e-s, probably."
Gripper sighed, and looked at Lightspeed, walking by his side.
"Flame will show you and the Technobot how to use these things. You will then race, and end this tiring scrap once and for all."
Lightspeed nodded eagerly, and grabbed Flames arm, yanking him in the direction of Lightspeed, Technobot.

Sky Lynx.
Doubledealer and Skar waited for a reply from Megaplex, piqued by interest in who would make a facsimile of Megatron (circa 1984 - 1990 earth years.)
Flattop was getting fidgety.
Ultra Magnus, are we just gonna sit here? I know we can't launch yet, but there's no point us doin' nuthin' till we do."

Roughstuff was fidgeting, wanting to call Airwave and ask him if all was going well, but knowing he couldn't do that here.

Prison cell #101

2007-01-13, 05:52 PM
Trypticon's briefing room:

Despite being displeased by Prime's orders (being led by a Decepticon wasn't to his liking), Jetwave hadn't voiced his displeasure. It could be seen on his face, though.

Metroplex citybay:

"Oh, here's your fan club again, Lightspeed", - Afterburner commented, seeing the trio of Motorvators.

"Or rather - a fan club of your name, eh?" - Strafe added cheerfully.

"Oh, shut up already", - Lightspeed answered. His mood dropped for worse.

By the Slaggin' Pit - what do they want now? Another argument about my name?

2007-01-13, 07:35 PM
Trypticon Briefing Room:

Thundercracker: -still looking stunned- "Er.... okay. Yeah. Uh...." -looks over at Prime, realizations dawning- "We're decoys as well, aren't we."

Prime: -looks squarely at Thundercracker- "Yes. From what information we have, Iacon is still heavily fortified. I'll need the three of you to cause as much chaos as you can in the air. Keep them distracted as long as you can." -he turned to Deathsaurus- "Because, Deathsaurus, I want as much force on the ground as I can get." -looks over at Wingspan- "What is the idea, Wingspan?"

2007-01-13, 11:00 PM
Trypticons Briefing room

Wingspan turned to Prime nervously

"W-w-w-well P-prime S-sir T-t-trypticon says if w-w-we l-locate a S-shartikon m-manufacturing m-machine w-we may be able t-to hack t-their c-command f-frequencies and c-control them."

2007-01-14, 12:24 AM

" Well Guzzle, they are plotting something about contraband " replied Camshaft, using his advanced espionage systems to hear Airwave's and Octane's conversation. " Slagged opportunists " said the Omnibot, loud enough to be heard by the pair of decepticons.


Sky Lynx

Four drones towing a repulsor lift with a pair of packed CR chambers entered Sky Lynx's bay, and headed towards Sky Garry and Red Alert. The drones were ready to start installing the medical equipment into the big transformer.

Meanwhile inside the shuttle, Ultra Magnus was asked by Arcee.

" It's a good team, Arcee. We'll do what we could, and we'll win " replied the city commander. " And you, how do you feel about he incoming battle? "

Waiting for the fembot reply, Magnus turned and lowered his face to look at Flattop.

" I admire your pro-activity soldier. If you're eager to help, you could help Red Alert in the installation of the CR chambers aboard Sky Garry. "

2007-01-14, 12:44 AM
Scorponok: Briefing Room

Octane frowned slightly at Airwave's proposal. He figured it would be as much, but he'd been so bored lately he'd take even a garbage run to Junk.

"What sorta time frame are we talking here? Gigatron'll have my hull if I ditch on the battle. Anyway, I don't do charity. You'll really have to make it worth my while."

Octane spun at hearing Camshaft's jibe directed at him. He knew better than to pounce on the Autobot like he wanted to, especially after his near-miss with death previously, but he instead fixed the Omnibot with a cold glare and threw him an unpleasant hand gesture.


Trypticon: Briefing Room

The instant he saw Optimus addressing Wingspan, Hammer jumped from his seat and ran to the Clone's side.

"It's technically feasible too, sir." There wasn't as much spite in his voice as one would expect. Hammer dealt with the situation easily, as it was perscribed by the Decepticon cause. He thumbed over his shoulder toward Knockout. "I have one of the best hackers on Cybertron."

At his seat, Knockout looked shocked and turned to Sledge. "I'm not a hacker!" he whispered.

"You learn quick," Sledge muttered back.

Stonecruncher came and stood by Hammer's side with folded arms. He didn't like Prime talking to his boss without some muscle.


Tyrant: Bridge

Spectro tapped a key on his console with finality and spun toward Weirdwolf.

"Data compilation complete, skipper. It should be at your console ready for access."

Viewfinder walked over toward the captain's chair and glanced over Weirdwolf's shoulder to see the information. Spyglass was off in the belly of the ship, doing what he loved: preparing arms.


Warworld: Prison Block

It had been silent for some time, with the others gone to various parts of the ship. Even the ward's lights seemed to have forgotten the lonely prisoner left without regard. The dust grew bored. So it seemed to be with particular thunder that the door at the end of the row of cells rolled open, and the slow footsteps that followed were like the voice of the gods.

Iguanus clinked the blunt side of his saw against the deactivated energobars as he passed with deliberate care. The trebly tinkling of metal on metal reverberated through the corridor in a steady period nearly on beat with his heavy reptilian footfalls. It almost seemed that he was only on patrol. In a way he wanted it to seem that way. He finally stopped in front of cell 101 and glared in at Nautilus while magnetizing his buzzsaw on his belt.

2007-01-14, 01:00 AM
*Arcee stammered a little in her reply.*

" I have no doubt that we'll succeed but, Gnaw and Megaton make me feel slightly nervous, we don’t know anything about them.*


*Ragnorok stood outside the briefing room, Just the feeling of returning to Cybertron was making him nervous.*

"Slag... I hope this is over fast.
*An image of Unicron's head appears in Ragnorok's optics.* "NO!!" *Punches the wall.*

2007-01-14, 06:28 PM
Trypticon's briefing room.

Wingspan blinked but decided to go along with Hammer's lead

"H-he's v-very good, a extremely c-competent t-t-team all in a-all."

Silently he opened an encrypted com link to Hammer

"We haven't got enough time for the original plan w-w-w'ere best k-keeping it as an Ace up our sleeve and once w-w'ere in a suitable facility who k-knows what w-we might c-cobble t-together.

2007-01-14, 07:52 PM
Sky Lynx

" You don't need to worry about that, Arcee " replied Ultra Magnus, a serious look appearing on his face.

" Gnaw and Megaplex - he corrected - are decepticons and they will do what Gigatron commands. Once the battle for Cybetron will be finished, well, we'll see what happens then " said Magnus, sending a light glance towards the decepticons.



" Pfft " said Camshaft, staring at Octane and his bad manners. " You see Guzzle? We are ready for the important task of retaking our home from the Quints tentacles, and these pair are just planning to take some profit from the war, like a pair of Rigel IV renegade smugglers. "

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-01-14, 11:33 PM
Sunstreaker shrugged as he moved towards Skids "So? Let him wait." Sunstreaker moved briskly past the theortician with out giving him a second glance.

Sideswipe nodded, "Sorry we're late, but I don't particilarily care if I make a Decepticon wait, even if we are all on the same side."

2007-01-15, 12:37 AM
OOC: I would have posted for most of my other characters (excluding Sandy), but I'm lost and going though a roleplayer's block stage, can I ask for help snapping out of it or not?

Trypticon: Briefing Room

Catilla had remained silent as Prime asked if there were any questions, having nothing to ask about as he smirked, thinking about the forthcoming battle and drew his claws across the floor with a squealing noise.

2007-01-15, 04:04 AM

Hatemonger happened to walk in when Sideswipe said his line.

"Then maybe if Sharkticons are gnawing at your circuits I will "wait" to assist you." He growled coldly at the two Autobots.

"I've heard you are both decent warriors." He said rather unimpressed with the two Autobots for arriving late then insulting him.

"But that means nothing now that you are fighting alongside me. I have seen far better than either of you. Wish to prove me wrong then do so on the battlefield. Meet the rest of the assualt force in the meeting area now." He said and before the two Autobots could reply he walked off letting the sliding doors shut behind him.

2007-01-15, 04:20 AM
Medbay, Warworld

"That took longer than expected."

Astrotrain frowned as he hauled himself out of the CR chamber and caught sight of the room's chronometer. Flagging down the first medic he saw, the Decepticon administrator demanded, "And why exactly did a simple repair cycle take several weeks?"

The medic, an elderly unit that went by the name Spotweld, caught sight of him, but seemed confused for a few seconds. "Who--ah, Admiral Astrotrain," it said. "My apologies, but the equipment...it is all very new. Untested. There was a...malfunction."

"A malfunction?" The temperature in the room seemed to drop by a half-dozen degrees. "How so?"

"The CR chamber," Spotweld said. "It...we programmed it to repair all the latent injuries that you'd sustained over the last few battles you'd been in, but for some reason..." He shook his head. "We don't know why, but it started on a complete system refurbishment. Damage repair, systems upgrades and, uh..." the medic winced, "alternate mode updates as well. We tried to cancel it, but the upgrade cycle had already started so we really had no choice but to let things take their course. Again, my apologies."

"Save it," Astrotrain said testily. "Do you have my new system specs?"

"Of course, sir," Spotweld nodded as professionally as he could. "I'll transmit them to you right now."

"Hmmm..." Astrotrain mulled over the designs for a moment, then nodded. "It'll do," he said at last. "A shame about the colour scheme, though."

"I could call for a team of drones and a paint unit," Spotweld offered.

"I'll get used to it," the Triplechanger shrugged. "Return to your duties. I expect any and all malfunctioning equipment to be fully up to spec by the time we engage the Quintesson fleet."

With that said, he strode confidently out of the room. As he walked, he pulled a datapad from subspace and began to read through the battlestation's most recent status reports.

Brave Maximus
2007-01-15, 04:24 AM
Skyfall walked into the bar-like are, followed closely by Speeder - who almost ran into the other Micro Master when Skyfall stopped dead in his tracks:

"There's a human in here!"

Peering around his companions wings, Speeder added:

"With a really big gun!"

Skyfall walked up to the bar, and hit his thrusters, flying up to beside the human, in an area that was obviously designed for human\micro\master sized beings.

"Excuse me," Skyfall said, raither quietly "But, why are you...."

Before he could continue, Speeder shouted from the stairs:

"Where did you get a Heavy Sonic Rifle!!!? They're impossible to find on Zone!"

(OOC: Ummm, Hey Warcry, you know this is the G1 RPG, right? ;) )

2007-01-15, 04:56 AM
(OOC: If I was trying to make that post in the BW game, then I must be even more confused than you thought! :D)

Command Deck, Fort Max

(OOC: Apparently my punishment for showing up late is bridge duty... ;))

Crosshairs sat at the citybot's weapons console, drumming his fingers on the currently-inactive targeting array. Pinpointer was pacing from one end of the operations station to the other, an action that would have caused no end of catastrophic system failures if the citybot's controls hadn't been routed through Fortress's giant head mode at the moment.

"Is this really the best use of our time?" the Nebulan asked rhetorically.

"Buck up," a cheerful voice called from the sciences panel. "You've got people to talk to and no one's shooting at you yet. Things could be a lot worse."

"'Buck up'?" Pinpointer couldn't help but scoff at that. "That's really the best you could come up with, Freeway?"

"I'm Chase. Freeway's the blue one. Glad to see I've made such a good impression on your guys last time." The red Throttlebot grinned. "And I suppose my rustic cliche database could use an upgrade."

Pinpointer frowned. "Wait, 'last time'? Have we even met before? You Throttlebots all look the same to me."

"Damned if I know," Chase said shamelessly. "You Nebulans all look the same to me."

For a few seconds it looked like Pinpointer wasn't sure how to respond to that. Then he barked out a laugh. "You got me there."

Cracking his knuckles, Chase glanced over his shoulder at Fortress. "Little guy's got a point, though. Got any idea when's the fun's going to start?" He glanced over his shoulder. "And where did Hubcap get to, anyway? I thought I saw his name on the duty roster for comms."

Cargo Bay Six, Fort Max

Hubcap walked carefully between the rows of stacked crates, carefully checking off items as he saw them.

I've really got to stop getting transferred, he thought. It's getting to be murder transferring my inventory from place to place.

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-01-15, 05:23 AM
Sideswipe jumped slightly at Hatemonger's voice but Sunstreaker sneered.

"If I wanted to impress something as ugly as you I'd dent my fenders and scratch my paintjob and try harder to look like a piece of slag." Sunstreaker snipped as he gave Hatemonger the same attitude he gave Skids. "I'll do my job, just make sure you don't forget who you're trying to kill."

2007-01-15, 06:23 AM
Trypticon briefing room:

Trypticon: -quietly to Catilla- "Please do not damage my decking."

Prime: -nodding- "Very well. Shockwave, that will be the goal of your group. Secure a Sharkticon manufactory and take it over."

Bridge, Fort Max:

Fortress: "You'll know when I do, guys." -linked to the command dais- "Scanning.... Got him." -activates commlink- "Hubcap, this is Fortress. Do you require directions to the bridge?"

2007-01-15, 10:43 PM
Countdown's bay

Skids was going to reply at Sideswipe when Hatemonger made his speech. Once the decepticon general stepped towards the meeting point, Skids sighed.

" Well boys, if you want to follow me to the meeting room... " he said to Sideswipe and Sunstreaker.

When Skids started towards the meeting room, he turned his face to Sideswipe.

" In other circumstances " he replied Sideswipe's last comment, " I'll not care too, but this is so important 'Swipe. The retake of Cybertron is not a joke or a game ".

Skids smiled though, showing that his comment wasn't a criticism or a row to Sidesipe.



" These are great news Fizzle " said Backstreet from the bridge comm station. " If we never return to Earth, and the Decepticons broke the current truce - a sure bet, I fear- , we surelly will have a lot of chances of using them on battle. "

redman prime
2007-01-16, 03:46 AM
Snapdragon merely watched and sniggered at the unfolding exchange in front of him.

Well, I guess I might as well follow the cavalcade

And with that he trudged off in the direction everyone else had followed, shaking his head and dripping fluids

2007-01-16, 04:36 AM
Hatemonger heard the line from one of the two Autobots behind him through the door but didn't exactly care. He was going to say something of how the Autobot may want to watch out for his treads but thought better of it. Besides, anger can make slagging the enemy so much more fun.

2007-01-16, 04:41 AM
Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain strode out of the turbolift, ostensibly reading the report in his hands but actually listening to the clang of his feet as he walked across the deck. It was...different, a lower timbre than his old body had made.

There'll be time for that later. Focus.

Snapping his head up, he caught sight of Tracer. Turning toward the other Decepticon, he asked, "What's our status?"

Cargo Bay Six, Fort Max

Hubcap jumped as Fortress's voice boomed from the comm speaker overhead. The Minibot clanged his head painfully against one of his neatly-stacked crates.

"Don't do that!" he barked. Regaining his composure, the Minibot rubbed his sore head. His voice took on a more jokey tone. "Turn down your speaker volume and play a callbeep before you send a transmission, please. We've got communications protocols for a reason...so spearcarriers like me don't get scared to death whenever the intercom goes off." Standing up straight, he added, "Don't worry 'bout me, I'll find my way. I just had to secure some, uh...top secret cargo that got transferred over from Metroplex. You know how it is, right?"

The smallish Autobot headed for the door, still gingerly rubbing his sore head.

Aero Blade
2007-01-16, 05:36 AM
Tracer hardly responded as Astrotrain came onto the bridge. He was sitting slouched in a chair as though relaxed, but his body language was more agitated.

"What's there to report?" Tracer asked. Left to his own devices for an extended time on the bridge, Tracer had grown bored, and being bored for an extended time with no way to aleviate it had made him grow cynical. "We're giving aid and comfort to the enemy, tollerating their presence, even as far as working with the Autobots, the Quints still run Cybertron, and not much of an effort has been launched yet to do anything about it."

Not quite done with venting yet, but well aware a proper report needed to be given, Tracer kicked the nearby consol which gave a short protest before putting a far more official and detailed report up on the screen, written up by Tracer a while ago before his mood began to deteriorate.

That done, Tracer began to settle down a bit, though he still gave the impression of brooding.

2007-01-16, 06:35 AM
Trypticon, Briefing Room

As the mission briefing continued, Nightracer ran through the pros and cons of sniping in a factory. Then there was fact that said factory made sharkticons. That ment that Nightracer would be more alert then usual. If only to make sure she wasn't swarmed by the Cybertronian eatting drones.

2007-01-16, 07:30 AM
Tyrant bridge

Weirdwolf adjusted the controls

"have we here a Vengeance type Battlecruiser. Now would you where say its weak are spots."


Chainclaw padded over towards Roughstuff

"ready for the fighting?"


Landfill leaned against a pillar and watched the others assemble.

2007-01-16, 01:28 PM
Cell # 101
Nautilus turned his head slowly: he was still lying on the cot, (the only furniture in the cell) trying to affect a relaxed posture, when Iguanus stopped outside the bars.
"And what can i do for you?" he asked, getting up slowly as an old man would.

Sky Lynx
Flattop grunted in agreement, not able to see any reason why he shouldn't help. He jumped off his seat and jogged out of the lieutenant transport, and hopped over to Red alert and Sky Garry:
"Boss said you might be needing help: anything I can do?"

Flame baulked at the Technobots rude greeting: it was Lightspeed they had a problem with, but they had obviously tarred them all with the same brush. Ah well...
Addressing Scattershot Flame made his proposal.
"Our Lightspeed and your Lightspeed have agreed to race it out over who gets to keep their name: I assume that yours would like it over with as quick as ours, but with time constraints and all, even a race in the holodeck might not be feasible.
So, I had Metroplexes scematic database download the designs for these."
Flame presented the two Transformer scale Nintendo DS Lites with Wi Fi connection, and a copy of Gran Turismo 30.
"The pair of them can have a quick race, and the loser gets the consolation prize." Flame pulls out of sub space the Bumper Book of Fresh Formatted Cybertronian Names Datapad.

Roughstuff grunted as Chainclaw came near.
"Ready as I'll ever be: thought I'd be happy to get back home, but I realised we'd be blowing huge chunks out of it in over the next few days."

2007-01-16, 04:09 PM
Metroplex citybay:

"What kind of Pit-forsaken junk is this?" - Afterburner continued his fun, pointing at the devices presented by Flame.

"Hush. I know what these are, and I agree", - Lightspeed (the Technobot) interrupted.

"Agree - but to what?" - Scattershot hadn't grasped the whole situation.

"Doesn't matter. Anyway, it only concerns me and the fellow we share a name with", - Lightspeed answered firmly. "Give me the pad, please. And", - he looked around for a wall console - "we'll be broadcasting our race on the main viewscreen!"

The group of Technobots gaped in wonder.

"Why is he so sure?" - Afterburner asked Strafe worriedly.

"Dunno... But had you forgot that Lightspeed is our information specialist?" - Strafe answered with a wink.

Near Sky Lynx:

"Well... You have a right to be useful, that's true", - Red Alert accepted reluctantly, looking at Flattop. "You can direct this pair of droids with their CR unit, and watch they don't misconnect the cables. After the unit is installed, its work should be checked too."

"Bring it here!" - he motioned to the pair of service droids who had been carrying the platform with another CR unit. "Follow me", - and he proceeded inside the battlestation which was Sky Garry's alt mode.

2007-01-16, 05:05 PM
scorponok bay

"hey guzzle" charger said. "i've heard you like fire? do you want me to show you what a real flamethrower can do in battle? i'll give you some lessons when I'll burn some Quints.you can watch and keep my score".

Krok stared at charger and his small one-horned partner.
charger was known for his hot temper, but with all these halls filled with autobots and decepticons ready for action he didn't know if he should distance himself or not before things got really hot. on the other hand there were enough high ranking decepticons to keep chargers's temper in check.
that is, at least untill they reached the surface...

2007-01-17, 01:46 AM
Trypticon: Briefing Room

Hammer nodded up to Optimus before turning toward Wingspan. The monumental height difference between himself and the Autobot leader gave him ample privacy.

"Right. And with official authorization and Shockwave's guard covering us, we'll have plenty of security to work."

Hammer noticed Stonecruncher still standing in front of him, glaring up at Prime.

"Will you sit down?" Hammer snapped. "You're embarrassing yourself."

Stonecruncher shrugged callously and turned to return to the others. "Just watchin' yer back, chief."


Tyrant: Bridge

Viewfinder pondered a moment before pointing at a spot on the image.

"These carry a heavy payload of starbombs, which are meant to be shielded from outside weaponsfire. The dumb thing about the design is that they hide the bombay behind their old-style fission engines - here, see? The hull plating is thick, but if you can get through the armor, you can get an explosive round into the fuel line and take down the whole thing from the inside."

Viewfinder leaned back and folded his arms over his chest, impressed with his own knowledge. He truly was the best recon agent the Empire had.


Warworld: Prison Block

Iguanus took his time sitting down on the guard's stool across the hall from cell 101. He glanced both ways to make sure the coast was clear, then casually pulled a pack of energon cigarettes from inside his shell's tunic. He plucked one of the cylinder's and ignited it between his reptillian lips before answering.

"Patrol bringsss me here," the Pretender answered Nautilus slowly. "I heard we had an Autobot. Ssso, what'sss your crime?"

2007-01-17, 05:53 AM
Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain strode toward the captain's chair, pondered for a moment, and then sat. He glanced at the report that Tracer had called up, but didn't pay too much attention to it. Like the other Decepticon had said, not much was happening.

Aside from the other Decepticon's attitude, that is.

"You left friends behind on Cybertron." It wasn't a question; they'd all left friends behind. "You want to free them from the Quintessons. You want to avenge them if they're dead. I understand that. You don't like the Autobots, and I understand that, too. But Spinister made you an officer during your mission to Nebulos, and officers don't have the luxury of brooding. Like it or not, your fellow Decepticons are going to be looking to you for guidance. Just pointing out problems isn't good enough; you're one of the people who have to come up with solutions now."

The Triplechanger sat back a bit in his chair, idly wondering whether Tracer would begin to do something constructive or just vent some more.

2007-01-17, 03:25 PM
Guzzle, distracted from Airwave and Octane, turned to Charger with a grimace*:
"Hah: the time a cripple like you can out-flame me is a dark day indeed. You'd best stay behind me and take lessons."
Guzzle was being meaner than usual; the alliance was sitting very badly with him, especially after his recent training holo deck sequence where he was blowing them up.

Meanwhile, Airwave was taking Octanes questions into consideration:
"We mightn't have to abandon the battle: the invasion may have lull points, or turn into an occupation. Either way, I can give you the co-ords and you can get the goods at your leisure. I wouldn't want to detract from the retaking of Cybertron for a cycle."
Or once that Omibot has gotten out of earshot, we can organise something a little easier: like Octane going MIA, him getting the goods and sneaking them back with Pounces help. Once we got the goods, we can "find" Octane some distance from the field of battle.

Trypticon Briefing Room
Thunderwing kept a steady posture; he betrayed no emotion, as he thought on his dark purpose, and waited the inevitable questions.
His curiosity was piqued though: why did Prime assign him to his team? Did he feel that he needed to keep Thunderwing in check personally? When the briefing was over, he'd make a point of asking him.

Aero Blade
2007-01-18, 01:47 AM
"I left no friends behind, just a unit," Tracer responded to Astrotrain, his tone and mood seeming to have returned to normal now that he had vented his pent up energies. "A unit so dysfunctional that we couldn't even decide a leader, and Galvatron eventually grew so tired of it that he exiled all of us far away from eachother. Why I was chosen out of the others to remain with his main troops I may never know.

"I've considered our current situation for a long time, and my solution is to act, to make a move. Be it stealth or bold, or any other means, so long as something is done. I've always been a front line soldier; sitting behind a desk or consol is not something I have had to endure before now. It is an incredible adjustment..." Tracer said calmly. From the tone behind his words, he was uncomfortable with the waiting for others to act, he wanted to go out and make an active difference. He was getting cabin fever having to wait things out, but at least he was attempting to keep himself in check for his new possition while he made the adjustment.

2007-01-18, 03:02 AM
Scorponok: Briefing Room

Gigatron checked his wrist chronometer again. The arrival would be soon. He couldn't wait any longer: he needed to have his troops ready to fight. With bravado, he stepped to his podium while Scorponok stood over his shoulder with arms folded.

"Decepticons... Autobots..." The room quieted.

(In the back, Octane nodded to Airwave's cryptic answer.

"Sure, ok-- oh, slag!" his voice dropped to a whisper while he shuffled into a nearby seat. "Speech is on!")

"I will save the motivational factors in why our mission is so important. That we all know. However, our particular facet of the conquest is simple."

Gigatron fiddled with the podium controls to bring up a rotating aerial hologram of Polyhex.

"It is our mission to soften the defenses around Polyhex and keep the Quintessons from enabling stronger shields until reinforcements from around the planet can arrive to bolster our fighting force and retake the city. You have been chosen because you are among the best siege warriors Cybertron has ever known. Your heroism in this battle will be duly rewarded... or remembered."

Gigatron clicked, and the map zoomed in.

"Intelligence shows that the Quintesson government in Polyhex is centralized where we expected it to be - around the refortified Castle Darkmount. Naturally, an immediate assault on the castle will be foolish, as we will be boxed in. We must cripple the Quintessons' reserve stations before they can be deployed."

Another zoom, and green dots on the map depicted two large warehouse-type structures at opposite edges of the city's outskirts while a red line indicated a corridor along a dark boulevard.

"In order to be effective, we must eliminate both facilities at once. I will take a strike force to this location. My force will include Cryotek, Prowl, Quake, Rosdos, and Airwave. Scorponok will lead the other force - manned by Camshaft, Ragnarok, Guzzle, Charger, and Krok - here. Meanwhile, Scorponok's drones will direct his city to egress through this path toward the castle, drawing the attention of potential reinforcements that may be deployed from within."

Over Gigatron's shoulder, Scorponok scowled. The map moved slightly, and a yellow dot appeared in the northern sector of the city.

"Since this will be a grueling battle, fuel will be an important factor. This facility is a primary Quintesson fueling point. Claiming it will severely damage the Quintessons' fighting capabilities while bolstering our own reserves throughout the battle. Cyclonus will lead Brainstorm, Sixshot, and Octane there. You will eliminate the guards - which will be minimal, as some will be deployed to intercept Scorponok on his route - and capture the facility. You will then split up to simultaneously guard the depot from recapture and escort Octane in running energon to the battle points. Anti-aircraft weaponry is not unfeasible on this route."

Octane gulped.

"With the barracks disabled, we will proceed to mount our assault on the castle. All units will rendezvous at this point. The outer walls are thick, and there are many sniping positions, but Scorponok's assault will have softened this point for us. It may require the assistance of backup firepower to make entry into the castle. In whatever case, it is critical to know that Darkmount is designed as a maze, with the outer wall being not its only defense."

Gigatron paused, bemused that he would have to let Autobots see his castle. He pondered that he may need to find a way to keep them from leaving once it was his again.

"Scorponok will lead the cavalry to the Smelting Pools, which will make easy holding ground to draw in and eliminate the largely unintelligent Quintesson hordes. Simultaneously, Cryotek, Cyclonus, and I will proceed into the depths of the castle. We will locate the throne room and eliminate the standing governor. Without leadership, the remaining forces will make simple fodder.

"If you have any lingering injuries or energy deficiencies, you are ordered to have them seen to now. We will be arriving in Cybertron orbit shortly and launching immediately afterward. I will now accept questions."

With his part done, Scorponok turned and exited to make his way to the bridge.

2007-01-18, 07:26 AM
Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain nodded sagely. "Not everyone adjusts well to the burdens of command," he conceded. "What it asks of you is different than what is asked of a field agent or soldier, but sometimes it can be much more difficult. Waiting...waiting can be the hardest part of the job," he told Tracer. "Unfortunately, you never really get used to it. Or at least I haven't."

The Triplechanger paused for a moment, steepling his fingers and leaning back in his chair. "Thankfully, the time for waiting is almost over. We should be dropping out of hyperspace within the hour, and when we get to Cybertron there's going to be action enough for all of us." Astrotrain smiled slightly. "Hopefully all the time we've spent behind desks hasn't made us forget how to fire a ship's main guns."

2007-01-18, 01:08 PM
Charger turning to guzzle whispered: “it seems we will have a chance to prove who can teach who a few pointers...”. Actually his hot temper wasn’t really directed at the autobots for once. He was rather eager to start blasting the quintessons wich at this point he hated more then the autobots since they were depriving him of the comfort of home.

Meanwhile Krok continued to watch the screen wondering what to expect at the facility. He felt rather confident following a great leader like scorponok . And he was sure he could count on charger to watch his back, or at least cleave a path before him. But he was also sure the quintessons were expecting a counterstrike and would have something up their sleeve or in this case tentacle.

2007-01-18, 01:18 PM
Guzzle shook his head: his attack force consisted of one other autobot, Camshaft: he'd better see if he could get Charger focused on the Quintessons.
"There will be plenty of oppurtunity, I'm sure. Whats your specialty?"

2007-01-18, 02:01 PM

charger looked puzzled at the autobot. "well... mainly melting things. my partner firebeast has a rather hot sting. I'm really getting sick of being cramped up this place but even getting sicker of knowing that the quints are rampaging on our home planet. at this point i'm hating them even more then your lot." still looking at the autobot he replied "maybe we can frag some of them together?"

firebeast scampered around guzzle and looked up as to await an answer.

2007-01-18, 10:42 PM

As Gigatron explained the plan, Camshaft's anxiety growed exponientally.

" Huh, Guzzle and myself, all alone and surrounded by ' cons. I need to check again my counter-espionage sensory system... I'll need it! "

The Omnibot turned, staring at Guzzle with a pesimistic expression glowing in his optics.


Sky Lynx's bay

The drones, aided by Red Alert and Flattop, finished the installation of the CR chambers aboard Sky Garry.

Meanwhile, Ultra Magnus checked his wrist chrono and left his seat, moving towards the cockpit again. Infront of the cockpit door, he turned to face his troops - the Crystal City battleforce- and he prepared himself for the burden of the command task once again.

" Soldiers " he started, " in an hour we'll be out of hyperspace and the invasion will start. "

" Red Alert, Overdrive and myself have developed a plan for our part in the invasion: Crystal City retake. We'll split into four separate task forces: the Aerial Support, under Overdrive's command and formed by Sky Garry, Sky Lynx, Highbrow, Tracks, Crossblades and Flattop. "

" Arcee and Hound will form the Distraction team, and their mission will be to confuse the Quintessons with a fake aproach from the opposite direction. Karrion and Red Alert will form the Heavy Support team: using their long-range missiles they will start a bombardement on the Quints to soften their positions. "

" And for the rest of us, we'll form the main Assault team: we'll be the lance of our force with the mission of storming into the city. One inside, we'll split into different groups and take the enemy's HQ and vital positions, while finishing the occupation garrison. "

" It's possible we need to change some of our roles during the battle, so be ready for anything. "

" Crossblades " said Magnus, " you have a special mission before the attack starts. Be ready for that, Red will help you if you need it. "

" Well, any questions? " he asked at his troops.

(ooc: Elcor, Optimusskids; if I've forgotten anything about the troops disposition, tell me and I'll edit the post, ok? :) )

2007-01-19, 03:29 AM

" Don't even think about it" Motormaster hissed at Dragstrip.

" But it's a challenge" Dragstrip said, not paying much attention to his fellow Stunticons. He was focused more on the prospect of the race.

" What it is, is pointless" Deadend said.

" And the prize ain't that great " Wildrider added, hoping to get his two cents in.

Breakdown said nothing. With so many Decepticons and Autobots around, he didn't want to do anything that would attract their attention.

Aero Blade
2007-01-19, 03:42 AM
"It's still an hour of waiting," Tracer replied to Astrotrain, but his mood seemed to be improving now that he didn't hve to endure things alone. He leaned on the nearby consol, resting the side of his head on a propped up fist.

"Once we finally get rid of the Quints and things to back to normal, I think I'll ask for some leave to go track down a couple of Autobots I've been meaning to kill..." Tracer seemed to muse, as though considering the methods he'd be using to do it.

2007-01-19, 05:32 AM
Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain half-smiled at Tracer's future plans.

"Just promise you won't be too obvious about it," the Triplechanger said. "We might want to keep up a cease-fire until we can get back on war footing after the Quintessons are defeated. Of course, nothing says we can't kill off our enemies in secret while we're rebuilding..."

Unfortunately, Astrotrain didn't think he'd have much time for personal agendas after they'd regained control of their homeworld; he'd be too busy dealing with paperwork. Although if he did...

"If I get a chance," he said wistfully, "I'm taking Octane with me, finding Blitzwing, and beating the tar out of him. Triplechanging brother or not, someone needs to straighten him out once and for all."

2007-01-19, 08:02 AM
Trypticon briefing room:

Ironhide: "Ah got a question. Whahle we got flyers up in th' air keepin' an' 'bout half'a us're takin' over a Quint trooper makin' facility, whut're we gonna be doin'?"

Prime: -tapping a few keys on Trypticon's briefing room table- "The Quintessions have been using Iacon as their main command area. Our task..... is to remove them."

2007-01-19, 01:20 PM
Omega Supreme Bay
Cosmos considered what he had gotten himself into;
"Okay Hot Rod, if you think it's best." he said simply.

Sizzle came over and clapped a hand on the green Minibots back: "Hotrod, should this be a solo mission? Cosmos is good at his job, but if he gets shot at he's kind of slagged. Do we have any other fliers in the team?"

Fizzle had boarded the craft and met with Backstreet in the Bridge.
"I agree: the Guardians would be useful in the upcoming battle: though part of me hopes we won't need them. I have a feeling this truce will last as long as any other, and the Humans will soon be in danger again."

Slicer cautiously raised his hand:
"Prime, what will Shockwaves teams primary target be?"

2007-01-19, 11:43 PM
Bridge Tyrant

Weirdwolf growled in approval

"have you optic an these things for, what about Monitor Anguish class weaknesses what are."

2007-01-19, 11:50 PM
Omega Supreme bay

Dogfight stepped towards Override, who was leaning on a wall, with his arms crossed infront of his chest and admiring his finish.

" Hey Dogfight! " Override exclamed. " You're blue again. "

The flying triggerbot had his fuselage painted blue again. He stoped infront of Override and extended his arms.

" Yep. Since the Antartica mission, I was wearing that snow-camo paintjob. It looked good, but I growed tired of it" explained Dogfgiht, smiling behind his faceplate. " So I made a visit on the repair bay and...YOu see, I'm blue again! "

Laughing, Dogfight overheard Sizzle's last line. He hurried towards the sparkabot, who was standing near Cosmos and Hot Rod, the mission leader. Override, just for curiosity, followed his teamamte.

" Hey you! I'm a flyer! " said Dogfigth to Sizzle, moving towards him.



" Yes... " said Backstreet with a sad grimace on his face. " War will return to Earth. "

Shaking his head, the triggerbot looked at Fizzle. " Hey boss, I've something you will like it: the drones had repaired the battleship weapons. Look! " he exclamed, pointing towards a nearby screen.

" You're happy, aren't you? "

2007-01-20, 04:29 AM
Trypticon briefing room:

Prime: "The main goal of Shockwave's team is securing that manufactory, Slicer. Reprogram the Sharkticons, or failing that, crank the unit up to full power and make sure that all of the new Sharkticons coming out go after anything that's not Autobot or Decepticon. It should cause confusion in their ranks either way."

Omega Supreme bay:

Hot Rod: "He's got a point, Cosmos. You could use some backup out there. Omega's pretty fast, but he's going to have to blast his way through stuff that you can dodge. If Dogfight can keep up with you, want him to tag along?"

Brave Maximus
2007-01-20, 04:51 AM
Dai Atlas stepped forward:

"I can follow them out and keep any heavies from locking onto them. If the Anti-aircraft fire becomes too much, I can block for them and take most of the heat."

2007-01-20, 06:44 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max

As Hubcap strode onto the bridge, Chase shot him a suspicious glance.

"And just where have you been?"

"Cargo transfer," the Minibot said, his expression inscrutable. "You know how it is, Searchlight."

"Nnnn." Chase shook his head. "I'm-"

"Chase," Hubcap finished. "Yeah, I know. I'm just bugging you." Sliding into place behind the communications console, he smiled mischievously. "You know, I could give you a good deal on a set of name tags for the whole team..."

Chase gave him a cockeyed glance, his voice jovial. "You do realize people mistake you for Bumblebee, Cliffjumper or Bumper more often than they mistake me for another Throttlebot, right?"

Hubcap's grin widened. "Where do you think the name tags came from?"

2007-01-20, 01:55 PM
Nautilus smiled at Iguanuses question.
"Acting Suspiscious and Annoying Tracer: they appear to be capital offences now."
Nautilus stood, and stepped slowly to bars to face Iguanus closer.
"Are you here to let me out big guy, or are you just here?"

2007-01-20, 03:53 PM

Hatemonger walked around and got onto his com-link.

"All members of the Countdown Strike Force assemble at the main conferance center in Countdown within the next ten Earth minutes." He said already arriving in the center he got onto the stage and began to look at information about Vector Sigma as he waited for the group to arrive.


Cryotek nodded as Gigatron explained his plans.


"What a bunch of tools." Rampage said looking at the other warrior assigned for the heavy fighting on Cybertron.

"Could you all stop trying to pick a fight with our allies." Razorclaw said not exactly sounding like he cared as he stood up a in rafter looking down.

"Aww." Rampage said as he sat back down.

2007-01-20, 08:07 PM
Warworld: Prison Block

Iguanus listened to Nautilus' short tale with detached interest while puffing on his cigarette. He pondered for a moment how dull things were that this had become fun...

"Neither exxxactly," he hissed and stamped out his cigarette under his foot. His hand moved to operate the cell control panel near him while the other pulled his blaster. "Prissoner transsfer. Gigatron doessn't like Autobotsss on hiss ship while he'sss away."

The energy feeding the bars deactivated, and the metal cylinders slid into the floor. A panel opened in the wall, ejecting a robotic arm that attached transform-damping shackles to Nautilus' wrists and ankles. In the hall of cells, Iguanus waved Nautilus toward the turbolift at the end of the row with his blaster, never letting its aim stray far from the Autobot.


Tyrant: Bridge

Viewfinder took a moment to recall his logs in observing the ship class of Weirdwolf's interest during the Second Golden Age, while the other Decepticons were stationed on Charr. Galvatron had had a particular interest in keeping his tabs on his then-allies...

"They're fast, built as a first-strike destroyer to get in and cause some havoc while the slower ships move in. They also draw a lot of fire that way, so they have thick armor, but only in spots. The seam on this vane - " Viewfinder pointed at the image, " - is lightly armored, and it connects to the intakes that work the ventilation system. Hit it there, and it'll cut off the airflow to the main bridge. The crew will need to relocate to the secondary bridge - here - which is easy to destroy with a cluster rocket. Saw it happen once by accident in combat with the Guu'hokaxems."

2007-01-20, 08:37 PM
Omega Supreme's bay:

Hot Rod: -narrows optics- "That's part of the problem, Dai Atlas. The bigger ships are going to have to draw fire for, and provide fire support for, the smaller ones. If Dirge gets here, I can have him act as another wingman to cover Cosmos' recon run, while the rest of us batter our way through. We need to make sure the Quints see us as the main threat, not a few small fightercraft. You and Omega have the shielding and the armor to take a few hits. They don't."


Fixit: -stretched out and relaxed-

Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, and Chromedome: -feeling like they're flying supersaver economy class, only less comfortable-

Fangry: -in creature mode, lying on his back, snoring, drooling, tounge hanging out, arms and legs in the air, right leg twitching occasionally-

Nightbeat: "Doesn't look like the announcement woke him up."

Siren: -sarcastically- "Isn't that too bad."

Nightbeat: -shrugs- "Any idea where the briefing room is, Fixit?"

Fixit: -gets up, stretching- "Yeah. Come on." -starts out, stops, turns- "What about Fangry?"

Fangry: "I'm awake, you idiots." -stretches, stands, yawning-


Breastforce: -checking their ammo levels and hand-to-hand weapons-

Grimlock: -over the ship's comm- "Okay. Plan simple. We land, smash Quints. Any questions?"

Sky Lynx:

Stepper: "So what'll we be doing during all of this?"

Brave Maximus
2007-01-20, 09:24 PM
Had Dai Atlas a tongue he would have bit it hard. He was known for patients with his subordinates. But it was obvious that Hot Rod had no respect for him, and worse, the roles were reversed. Still, the chain of command had to be obsereved and preserved - for as long as it didn't prove hazardous to the team.

Gathering himself mentally, Dai tried to keep his tone even and moderate:

"We need reliable intel on the area to which we intend to insert. That point is key to our survival. Cosmos is one of the best Intel operatives we have - but he cannot survive more than a glancing blow from the heavy weapons the Quintessons have in orbit, let alone the massive anti-aircraft fire they are sure to have on the ground.

"More than that, the main ground troops need drop support and it is up to the heavily armoured troops to make holes to allow the drops to happen. Then.... Commander.... I have a suggestion."

Dai Atlas extended his hand and activated a small blue hologram of Cyberton:

"That Cosmos and Dogfight board me as I launch. I can use my main cannon to make myself a hole, as well as draw some quintesson attention. If the quints ignore me for the rest of you, all the better, at the moment. And if they turn to follow me, well, they just gave the big guns their backs. Once I'm into a lower orbit. Cosmos and Dogfight bail out. They'll still have to deal with smaller fighters and ground fire - but at least they'll be through the heavy stuff - and get the intel that we need. When we break through - we'll meet up with them and continue from there.

"Besides that, once they disembark, I can turn my attention back to the Orbital Quinesson Forces - and we can hit them from both sides."

2007-01-21, 03:38 AM
Razorclaws ears perked up as Grimlock gave his simple orders.

"I like his style." He said as the rest of the group sat there.

"Grimlock, you want us in gestalt form or tear the slagging pieces of space junk apart in whatever way we see fit?" He asked the Dinobot leader.

2007-01-21, 03:46 AM
Omega Supreme bay:

Hot Rod: -crosses his arms, scowling up at Dai Atlas- "It's a good plan, I'll grant you that." -snorts- "You want me to come right out and say it? Fine. I will. How the slag can I trust you? You abandoned us all on Nebulos, and when you took off, it wasn't nearly as hot there as what we're going into." -points his finger at Dai- "Any idea how many of us came back from that little party you left us, you abandoned us, at? I'll tell you. Three. Me, Tracks, and Bluestreak. Everybody else vanished, and we don't know why. The only reason we got out of there is the 'Cons got distracted by the other little thing we brought home, and we were able to capture their ship." -recrosses arms- "And now you show up again, and we're all supposed to be happy and forgiving?" -spreads arms- "Not only that, but now I, and everybody else here in this strikeforce has to count on you for aerial support? So answer me. How can I trust you?"


Grimlock: -over commlink- "Probably better to use Predaking. We taking on Combiner Elimination Squad, if intel corrrect."

Brave Maximus
2007-01-21, 03:59 AM
If Dai Atlas had of followed his his instincts, he would have grabbed the Autobot Cavileer by the chest plate and put him against the wall, at eye level, and then continued the conversation from there. But, confusion stayed his hand.

The Powered Master's mouth opened, closed and opened again. In those few seconds, the anger he felt, left him.

"I.... I have n.... no idea what you're talking about Hot Rod. I've never heard of a planet called Nebulos. The last thing I remember was an attack on Autobase, fighting Monstructor and then waking up in Metroplex's Medbay in a blasted CR chamber. I assumed the damage caused to my internal ciruitry by Monstructor's nega-field and that it took longer than expected."

Looking at the enraged young Autobot, Dai Atlas was genuinly concerned:

"What are you talking about Hot Rod?"

2007-01-21, 05:30 AM
Omega Supreme bay:

Hot Rod: -having expected denial, violent reprisal, or a combination of both, stares incredulously at Dai Atlas- "What am I talking about? What am I talking about?!? Chromia? Pincher? Sureshot? These names ringing any bells? The call from Nebulos about the temple they found with ancient Cybertronian writing on it?"

Brave Maximus
2007-01-21, 05:40 AM
"I....." Dai Atlas' optics actually darkened a few shades at the strain in which he was pushing his systems to try and bring up memories, any memories of what Hot Rod was talking about - and it was coming back with nothing.

"I really don't know what you're talking about Hot Rod. I cannot imagine any situation where I would have left troops - ever. But I don't know of any mission to Nebulos, and I've never worked with any of those you're talking about!

"but...." the Powered Master Sighed heavily and his shoulders settled low "... your eyes and tone more than accuse me of their dissappearence or worse. I cannot defend against the accusations - and if what you say is true - then perhaps....."

2007-01-21, 07:17 PM
Sky Lynx

Cliffjumper walked up to Ultra Magnus and said''Cliffjumper reporting for duty sir" after that he Shouldered his rifle and said ''were do you want me''

Aero Blade
2007-01-21, 07:30 PM
"I thought they already did a traitor raid," Tracer responded to Astrotrain's meantion of Blitzwing. "Never pegged him for much of a traitor until now. Heard they didn't find Dirge in that raid though, probably hiding out someplace. I say the Autobots can have 'em."

2007-01-21, 11:03 PM
Sky Lynx

Ultra Magnus was going to reply at Stepper's question when Cliffjumper arrived and reported for duty.

" Welcome aboard, soldier " said Ultra Magnus, nodding towards Cliffjumper. " You can join my group, the Main Assault force. You will be fighting alongside Stepper, Hardhead, Inferno, Quickmix, Megaplex and other mechs. Our mission will be storming through Cristal City's main gates and take the Quintesson's quarters, while the other task forces - the Aerial Support and the Heavy Support team- cover our advance. "

2007-01-22, 01:48 AM
Trypticon: Briefing Room

Ignoring the Deception cityformer, Catilla stretched in a cat-like fashion as he glanced at Shockwave, then shrugged and nodded on hearing the assignment with a quiet "Gladly"

2007-01-22, 02:05 AM
Sky Lynx

''Oh yeah I just remembered I came with Gears and Powerglide do you want them with us or with a different group?"said cliffjumper as he pointed at them while walked in.

2007-01-22, 03:54 AM

After hearing Grimlock's brief orders, Deadend mummered about how the mission was doomed. On the other hand, the other Stunticons were okay with that order.
Omega Surpreme, Bay

After reviewing what data he had of Kalis, Carnivac descided that he might as well stop keeping out of the way and get his mission orders. The Decepticon pretender got up and headed towards Omega's bay.

When Carnivac walked into the bay, he couldn't help but overhear Hotrod's and Dai's conversation. It didn't escape the pretender's notice that even he seemed to know more about the Nebulos mission then the big Autobot did and Carnivac had spent most of the mission 'hunting' (and hanging out in the woods after being mostly ignored by another big Autobot).

Then again, for all he knew the big Autobot could be a good actor and was lieing his aft off. Even if that would be a miss-clock idea.

2007-01-22, 06:53 AM
Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain shrugged slightly, although his new shoulder armour made the gesture more grand than it needed to be.

"Allowing traitors to live only encourages more betrayals," he said a bit more hotly than he'd meant to. The mention of Dirge brought up almost as many unpleasant feelings as Blitzwing did; he hadn't been as close to the conehead, but Dirge's betrayal had been twofold. "We'll have to-"

He broke off as the control board built into the arm of his chair started to beep. "Hmmm. Ah." He looked back up at Tracer. "It seems our estimated ETA was off somewhat."

The Triplechanger pressed the intercom button, opening a shipwide channel that would also be piped into the smaller vessels sitting in the Warworld's hangar bays.

"Attention all hands. This is the Admiral speaking. We will be dropping out of hyperspace in five minutes. Transport and starship launches will begin immediately thereafter." He paused for a moment before adding, "Our homeworld awaits. Good luck...to all of you. Astrotrain out."

Command Deck, Fort Max

Crosshairs frowned slightly as he listened to the announcement, but made sure the fear he felt inside didn't show in his expression. They'd slapped a major's rank insignia on him after he returned from the Steelhaven mission, and he knew it would undermine morale if the rest of the bridge crew realized that the de facto first officer was scared. He'd just have to soldier on and make sure that the rest of the team got home in one piece.

Hubcap didn't have time to be afraid; he was too busy counting the profits he'd make once the Quintessons had been run off Cybertron. And even if he'd had the time, he wouldn't have been scared. After all, he was aboard the Maximus, the most powerful mobile battle station the Autobots had ever built. What was there to be afraid of?

Chase knew the risks, but he wasn't one to dwell on reasons not to do something. The Throttlebot was eager for the battle to start, even though odds were he wouldn't have much of a hand in it. Smiling, he glanced over his shoulder at the rest of the crew. "Once more unto the breach, dear friends?"

Crosshairs smiled back weakly, but a small voice in the back of his mind couldn't help but finish the quote.

Once more; or close the wall up with our Autobot dead?

Shaking his head, the Targetmaster told himself, That's it. No more human literature before battles.

2007-01-22, 07:52 AM
Omega Supreme bay:

Hot Rod: -opens his mouth to reply as Astrotrain's announcement comes over the speakers, scowls- "All right. You're either a good actor or you really don't know, and right now, I don't have the time to find out. Cosmos, Dogfight, and Dirge if he ever gets here will board Dai Atlas, who will then batter his way through and let them do atmospheric area recon. Omega and the rest of us won't be far behind you, so make the time count." -points at Dai- "And I'm putting you on warning right now. You take off during this, I will personally hunt you down. No matter where you run, no matter where you hide, even if I have to come back from the dead to do it. Understand?"

Metroplex bridge:

Grimlock: -sitting in command chair(and finding it less comfortable than the one aboard the Maximus, but also realizing that Magnus is bulkier than he is), activates commlink- "Last boarding call for Tarn group."

Fort Max bridge:

Fortress: -head mode, linked into the control dais- "We're as ready as we'll ever be." -scowls slightly- "Though I'd feel far more confident if there was somebody down in engineering to keep an optic on the reactor who knew more about it. Cog's good, but he's no engineering wiz."

Trypticon briefing room:

Prime: -looking around the room- "Good. If there are no further questions, we'll prepare for launch. Everyone make sure you've fully charged and replenished your ammo."

Countdown briefing room:

Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, Fixit, Chromedome, and Fangry: -make their way, with varying degrees of difficulty, to the briefing room-

2007-01-22, 10:49 AM
"But a precious few moments til we destroy the heathens," Sunstorm said as he turned towards Jetwave.

Deathsaurus pulled out his rifle to check the charge level, Dead, I must have forgotten to recharge it since Nebulos. "I've got to go to the armory Sunstorm, I'll try to get back with you before we deploy," he said as he walked away.

Brave Maximus
2007-01-22, 11:05 AM
Dai Atlas took to two very hard steps forward, metal clanging on metal. He lowered himself, his face mere inches away from Hot Rods. His voice lowered to a harsh whisper.

"If I do, I will let you...."

He turned and strode away, transforming into shuttle mode a few feet from Omega Supreme's doors.

2007-01-22, 12:52 PM
(Flec, No ones accused Nautilus of being an Autobot yet, 'member? :( )
Nautilus dragged himself along the dark hallway to the turbo lift doors, feeling ever more slow about the current situation.
"Iguanus, I hope you aren't lumping me in with the bunch of weak mechanoids we've been fighting for millenia?" he said as calmly as a man strung up can.

Metroplex, city bay:
As the tinny start up music started from the speakers, Lightspeed took his pad, went as close as he could get to the screen and sat down cross legged. he cycled through dravers and cars till he got his preferences just right, and then decided to pretend to be civil.
"Lightspeed, what course do you want? Doesn't matter to me, I'll win either way." he said smugly.

Flattop listened to Ultra Magnus assign them their positions: he wondered how his aircraft carrier mode would best support them in the assault...

Karrion, mean while, decided to take an interest in the assignments as well: "Commander, what pay loads will myself and Red Alert be expected to use?" he enquired, raising a wing.

2007-01-22, 01:37 PM

Charger, still glancing at Guzzle and firebeast turned to Krok. "Well what do you think of our mission Krok? should be a piece of cake"
"I've been in a lot of battles before, but i think we'll have a big one ahead this time."
at the meantime Krok studied ragnarok. he didn't know a lot about the decepticon and he was interessed in anyone who would be on their team.

2007-01-22, 01:38 PM
Sky Lynx

Overdrive studied a map of Crystal city , he traced a finger along a line that almost bisected it.

"anyone know how wide and deep this rust river is?"

2007-01-22, 03:03 PM

Hatemonger waited as images of Vector Sigma started to flash on large holo board in the front of the room bringing up data and even some footage of the area that the Cybertron probe was able to obtain.

He waited as his saw the Headmasters enter the room.

"All Vector Sigma combat group memebers, to the meeting area now!" He said slightly miffed that the remained of his men hadn't arrived yet. Slag if anything the Autobots should have been there first as it one of the Autobots great structures.


Razorclaw nodded.

"Will do Grimlock, we will destroy the CES." He said smiling figuring his group would like the challenge.

2007-01-22, 03:35 PM
Great Shot and Clench walked into the meeting area. Great Shot in one of the seats surrounding the Holo-map, Clench sat near the back of the room being to large to fit any where else.

Great Shot nodded to Hatemonger

"So what’s the situation?"

2007-01-22, 05:09 PM
Metroplex city bay:

"Oh, it's up to you to decide", - Lightspeed answered absent-mindedly to his Motorvator counterpart. He took his time viewing the cars and studying their capabilities.

"Ready when you are" - he said, finally settling on a red sports car which resembled his outward appearance the most.

But, as the intro music changed to track theme, a tiny <clanng> sounded from Technobot's console, and a word "Professional" appeared on his screen (not on the big monitor, though).

"Told you?" - Strafe told Afterburner in a low voice.

2007-01-22, 05:31 PM
Hatemonger looked up at Greatshot.

"As soon as the rest of the forces arrive we shall begin our plans. Skids, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Snapdragon, Chromedome, Ramjet, Thrust, Roughstuff, Fixit, Chainclaw, Devcon and Double Dealer report to the assembly area now." This time his low voice booming. The time for planning was over now was the final countdown to retake the planet that is still rightfully theirs.

OOC- If someone is there and I missed it just smack me :)

2007-01-22, 06:49 PM
Scorponok: Briefing Room

Gigatron paused to listen to Astrotrain's announcement over Scorponok's PA.

"Good. The time has come! Cryotek, Prowl, Quake, Rosdos, Airwave, Cyclonus, Octane, Brainstorm, Sixshot, with me to the launching bay. We will be dropped first. The rest of you follow and prepare to drop shortly after. To victory and the glory of--"

He was so used to saying something about the Empire.


Gigatron hopped from the podium and charged through the rows of soldiers, making way toward the launch bay.

At the back of the room, Octane pulled his flamethrower and locked it while he got up to follow.

"Guess we're up first," he sneered at Airwave while walking toward the exit. "Bets on who lives?"


Scorponok: Bridge

With the word given, the city commander expertly went through the pre-flight procedures, warming the engines and testing the combat systems. Shields especially; they'd be critical in surviving to [i]reach[/b] Polyhex...


(OOC: That'll teach me to pay attention...)

Warworld: Prison Block

Iguanus poked Nautilus in the back with his blaster and a hissing laugh. He was satisfied that he'd properly goaded the captive.

"My sssenssse of humor essscapesss you," he chortled while pressing a button on the turbolift panel to bring them to Scorponok's hangar bay. "Of courssse, sssome would debate which is worssse."

In nearly an instant the lift dropped them in the gargantuan bay, where the Decepticon city was preparing for takeoff. Iguanus radioed the bridge that there was still one coming aboard while prodding Nautilus to proceed toward the main ramp.

2007-01-22, 09:16 PM
Countdown Assembly Area

Chainclaw padded into the assembly area his dorsal gun primed and ready his saddlebags bulging with extra ammo and medical supplies.

His optics glowed red he was ready for battle his doubts were fading away , to be replaced by the red mist of combat, he snicked his claws out checking their sharpness.


He growled in a low tone


Landfill ran through some last checks on his partners readiness.

Bridge Tyrant

"Status weapons of is what yes ? ready railguns? Lasers ? Bombay? Missile Launchers?"

Weirdwolf grinned showing his teeth

"mission our is to keep vessel Quints away from the others yes , from troop transports, to do that have we survive to as long as it takes. What is the
status of the holographic array, chaff , flares, shielding?"

He looked thoughtfully at a screen

"open channel commanders ships others co ordinate moves we need will.

He turned to his crew

"Today is a good day to die yes Quints for , Survive will we , ration extra of energon from stores ships every for Quint ship destroyed is, double rations for Ship Capitals. Us Let our names whispered in fear be , something that Quints will tell stories of on cold dark nights when fear is in the air , today we go into history."

2007-01-22, 10:37 PM
Countdown, assembly area

Skids moved inside the meeting room, and moved towards Hatemonger. The Autobot Director stopped at the decepticon's general side and offered him a datapad.

" Sir, in this datapad are the last intel update we have about VS and the Quints forces " muttered Skids. " Not much, I fear. "


Sky Lynx

Ultra Magnus looked at Karrion.

" Red Alert normally uses standard projectiles for his rocket launcher, but I think some Ultra-Termite missiles could be usefull to pierce through the city Main Dome. Also, some Fragmentation missiles will be vital to neutralise huge amounts of
enemy troopers. "

Then, the city commander turned to look at Cliffjumper.

" Well, the take-off is inminent, so there is no time for Gears and Powerglide to join another group " explained Magnus, looking towards the minibots pair. " Powerglide, join Overdrive in the Aerial Support team and Gears, you will join me in the Assault team. "



Silverbolt and his Aerialbots were on the armoury, checking his weapons and loading new ordenance.

" Boy, this is exciting! " smiled Fireflight.

" Yeah, I'm eager to engage the Quints in battle! I bet I'll destry more aerial targets than anyone else! " proclamed Air Raid. " I like Grimlock's plan! "

" Aw, you're kidding " replied Slingshot. " Everybody knows that I'm the best Aerialbot, so in consequence I'll obtain the best record in the next battle. Also, it's obvious you likes Grimlocks plan... is as plain as yourself!"

" Slingshot, I told you " mockered Air Raid, " you're the nicest comrade a mech could ever have... "

Some meters behind, Skydive and Silverbolt were ultimating and planning the different tactics the Aerialbots will use during the assault.

2007-01-23, 01:06 AM
Sky Lynx

After geting his orders Powerglide walked to Overdrive and asked ''So whats our job Overdrive?''

Cliffjumper-''Gears lets go get some extra ammo I think were going to need it''

Gears-''Ya were going to need it''

2007-01-23, 05:09 AM

Cryotek cracked his hands and transformed into dragon mode and hovered to the launchpad ready to go.

"Yes let's retake what is ours." He growled.


Hatemonger nodded to Skids.

"We will have to be careful but I feel there should be a large number of resistance forces their due to the value of Vector Sigma to the Autobots. So I sense we will have allies there." He said to his tactical officer. "However I knew we probably would have the most dirty offensive if you will as well. Luckly we have several of the most "dirty" fighters in our group." He added.

2007-01-23, 05:18 AM
Trypticon, Corridors:

Prime and Ironhide: -heading for the bridge-

Thundercracker: -comes jogging up behind them- "Why?"

Prime: -stops, looks at the Seeker- "Why, what?"

Thundercracker: "Why me? Why am I in charge?"

Prime: -sighs- "Simply put, Thundercracker...... you may be many things, but a zealot isn't one of them. I want somebody with a clear head coordinating our air support. And, given the number of aerial assualts on Iacon you've been involved in, you likely have the best knowledge of the weak points in the defenses."

Thundercracker: "And because I generally worked with 'Screamer and Skywarp, you figure I'll work better with a small air team."

Prime: -nods- "Exactly."

Thundercracker: "I was afraid you were going to say that....." -turns, walks back towards the briefing room- "Maybe I should tell them I'm a member of the church of Bob......"

Omega Supreme bay:

Hot Rod: -simply nods- "Count on it." -mood seeming to lighten- "All right, everybody. Cosmos, Dogfight, make sure you've got all your fuel and ammo you'll need and get aboard Dai Atlas. Everybody else, into Omega Supreme. It's time we take back our homeworld!"


Leozak: "Don't be so overconfident, Razorclaw. To date, only one combiner team has faced them and gotten away alive."

Gaihawk: -crossing his arms across his chest- "Namely, us."

Drillhorn: -nods- "And, given the numbers of us, versus the numbers of them, I have a plan that will give us victory."

Jalgar: "This should be a doozy. What's the plan?"

Drillhorn: "We crush them utterly."

Killbison: -chuckles, snorts- "Simple plan. I like it."

Countdown's briefing room:

Chromedome: -standing at the back, with Fixit on his foot, lifts the micromaster medic up over his head-

Fixit: "Wha.... HEY!"

Chromedome: -waving Fixit back and forth like a football pennant- "We're back here!"

Trypticon briefing room:

Thundercracker: -walks up to Sunstorm and Jetwave, calling up a holodisplay of Iacon's exterior- "Okay, which of you can blow the biggest hole in something?"


Brainstorm: "Uh..... okay?" -follows Gigatron out, wondering how much of a dogfight this will turn out to be.....-

2007-01-23, 09:59 AM
Sunstorm turned to Thundercracker, "Ah, brother, 'tis good to see thee. It is probably me thee wants, as I have the most powerful weapons."


Deathsaurus arrived in the armory and began searching for a battery pack for his weapon.

2007-01-23, 12:53 PM
Trypticon briefing room:

Though Jetwave had felt a certain feeling towards Sunstorm for his knowledge of Primus, he wasn't about to give it up when there was talk about fire supremacy. He took a large step toward Thundercracker, so now he was towering over both Seekers, and raised his hand. After a whirring sound, an enormous rifled bore extended itself from a weapon pod on his forearm.

"Eighteen-inch mortar - I've got two of those. Fires explosive or armour-piercing shells. I believe this beats your ordnance, Sunstorm."

* * *

Inside Sky Garry:
Red Alert finished supervising drones' work and opened a comm channel to Ultra Magnus:
"Commander, this is Red Alert. Finished installation of one CR unit, Flattop is about to finish with the other. Will check how the chamber works and return to Sky Lynx. Over."

* * *

Metroplex city bay:

While Grimlock was giving orders and overall preparations were finishing, a group of Motorvators and Technobots had gathered around a large viewscreen. Split in the middle, it was showing the progress of race between the two Lightspeeds - Technobot's car in the upper half, Motorvator's in the lower.

The lights on the viewscreen flashed, changing from red to yellow and then to green.


With mighty roar of engines, virtual cars lunged forward, going exactly side-by-side.

2007-01-23, 05:41 PM
Razorclaw smiled as he over heard Leozak.

"Then why don't you tell us about our prey then?" He asked.


Hatemonger beamed a file to Skids.

"That contains a filter of any information gathered on Vector Sigma by the Cybertronian Probe." He told the Autobot "look over it quickly and see if you notice anyting of substaince."

2007-01-24, 05:04 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max

Hubcap half-stood. "Well, I could-"

"Sit down," Crosshairs told him. "He wants someone who can make sure the reactor doesn't blow up, not someone who's going to make off with the magnetic constrictors when the drones aren't looking."

Hubcap's jaw hung open for a second as if he was about to protest, but the Minibot just shrugged and sat back down. "Yeah, you're probably right," he said with an easy smile.

Aero Blade
2007-01-24, 05:09 AM
((ooc: Sorry Scout, but we gotta get the guys moving, almost time for everyone to be on their way))

Omega Supreme bay

It had taken much longer than expected, but now that Aero Blade's systems had been put back in order, he, Dirge, and Smokescreen were finally able to get down to the meeting point.

Once there, Dirge began looking about to see who the were suppoed to report to. Aero himself seemed a bit out of it, still a bit shaken from having to be with Ratchet. As nice as he had been, Aero was still uncomfortable with medics.

Metroplex Bridge

Wing Saber and Trailbreaker had arrived just as Grimlock was giving the final boarding call, and after briefly thanking his escort, Wing Saber headed off to the bridge.

"Wing Saber reporting," he said once he caught sight of Grimlock. "Are there any duties for me at the moment to attend to?"

2007-01-24, 06:02 AM

Since the Stunticons were already on Metroplex, they ignored the last boarding call and watched the race. While they greatly prefered their own demolition derbies and races, it was something to do.
Omega Surpreme

Carnivac had to give Hotrod a few points for his threat, but the mission leader probably should have had some medic look at Dai before letting him go off. If it wasn't an act, then the big Autobot had lost his memories of the mission and that was no normal. For some reason, that gave Carnivac a sense of deja vu, as if he was the one who forgot something.

2007-01-24, 06:31 AM
Omega Supreme bay:

Hot Rod: "I was wondering where you guys got to. Dirge, get aboard Dai Atlas. You're going to join Dogfight and Cosmos on aerial recon."

Metroplex, bridge:

Grimlock: -looking at Wing Saber- "Make sure you ready for battle. Where we going, gonna need all guns we got."


Leozak: "They all seems to be build around different weapons systems. One's built around massive energy cannons, another is built around bladed weapons."

Hellbat: "Another around flame weapons."

Jalgar: "The important thing to remember.... well... how best to describe them? Think Omega Supreme. Now think bigger, faster, and meaner."

Warworld, bridge:

Ravage: -walks onto the bridge, carrying a large data disc in his mouth, spends a few moments taking in the view, then pads over to Astrotrain, dropping the disc at his feet- "I have a request, Astrotrain." -sitting, he raised his head, looking up at the admiral- "Would it be possible to build the body on this disc to the specifications I laid out?"

2007-01-24, 06:46 AM
Razorclaw smiled.

"Sounds fun, should we talk any strategy or just try to send them back to the Inferno in pieces?" He asked.

2007-01-24, 02:13 PM
Metroplex city bay:
Lightspeed changed demeanour immediatly as soon as the race started: he hunched up, stuck out his toungue in concentration and began to mutter under his breath:
"Wow... Damn!... Oh for... Come on!"
Lightspeeds car was a 2005 Mini Cooper with alterations, bright blue in colour to contrast his opponent. It had kept pace with Lightspeeds car for some distance, but on the straights it began to lose ground badly.

Sky Lynx / Sky Garry
Flattop perspired oil as he shouted order after contradictory order at the drones: he was fighting himself, and when the CR Chamber finally slotted into place and the screws whirrred in, he nearly fell back in exhaustion.
"Red Alert, the chambers in. I might need it after all that!"
He had said this far too comradely: in the involvement of his work, he had forgotten about badges and allegience.

Doubledealer mean while, had barely heard Ultra Magnuses reply: the calls on his internal intercom to attend *** were getting more frequent and persistent. Skar replied in his stead:
"We have those in high stock: for enemy troop dispersment, may i recomend Acid warheads? Detonated in the air, they might help make a channel for the 'Lance' to pierce through?"

Nautilus stopped momentarily on one of the ramps into the City-bot:
"Iguanus, are you just taking me to another cell? Is it too much to ask that I join the assault to retake Cybertron?"

Roughstuff sighed, as he opened his communicator and called Airwave: he gave Chainclaw an simple "Sorry, I just have to make this call." before turning away.

2007-01-24, 05:50 PM

Nodding to Hatemonger, Skids picked the datapad and started to study the probe data.


Omega Supreme

Dogfight, happy with Hot Rod's orders clapped Cosmos's shoulder.

" Heya! That's a really promising mission! " he exclamed, starting towards Dai Atlas.

Override sighed and moved towards Omega Supreme.

Sky Lynx

Ultra Magnus listened at Red Alert's message.

" Understood Red, and well done. Come, we have three new recruits. "

Turnig to face Skar, the City Commander nodded. " Yes Skar, an excellent idea. Have you enough of those to share with Red Alert? "

2007-01-24, 07:03 PM
Tyrant: Bridge

Weirdwolf's speech drew a surprisingly loud cheer from the small crew, who threw up their hands in unison and support of their captain.

At gunnery, Spyglass joined in the cheer after hearing the speech over the PA. He moved quicker to get the shells loaded - he was earning those extra rations.

When the spectacle had died down a bit, Viewfinder pointed again at the display before Weirdwolf.

"They have a couple laser batteries and a railgun under the nose, but there's really not much to them offensively. They're there to soften things up, scatter and frighten the enemy with their imposing appearance. Paper tiger, as the humans say."


Scorponok: Ramp

Iguanus hissed his chuckle again. Nautilus seemed quite the opportunist.

"I am jussst a foot sssoldier. Your fate iss for Gigatron to decccide."

A pair of Scorponok's drones rolled up to flank Nautilus, and Iguanus left it to them to lead him the rest of the way. The Pretender turned and stomped back out of the ship and toward the hangar's turbolift.

2007-01-24, 08:19 PM
Omega Supreme
Cosmos nearly jumped when Dogfight had clapped him on the back: he had been lost in his own thoughts on the mission. He approached Dirge:
"How are we gonna do this then?"

Airwave nodded at Octane: he was getting a call from Roughstuff, but wanted to stick near the Trip. He activated his Thumb-comm, and answered, whilst keeping pace.
"Hi Roughstuff, whaddya want?"


Guzzle watched the Actionmasters. He tried to get Kroks attention:
"You're a little confident, just like your buddy here. Make sure you keep your mind on the job, yeah?" he said gruffly.


Fizzle grinned as the weapons display lit up before him and Backstreet:
"Happy? partner, I'm ecstatic. This ships something to be proud of again! All we need is a crew."

Slicer Grinned as he dreamed of assaulting and taking control of the Sharkticon factory, getting lost in the details of crushing Quintessons...

Thunderwing, content that no one was going to approach him, walked quickly to catch up with Prime.
"Optimus." he said coldly. "Might I speak with you?"

2007-01-24, 10:04 PM
Tyrant Bridge

Weirdwolf nodded

"unit which their fleet of most dangerous is, need we list targets of priority in , when finished are send copy to Warworld.. "

He paused

"Autobot ships also."

2007-01-24, 11:07 PM
Steelhaven, bridge

Backstreet seated himself on the comm station's chair.

" Yep, you're right " he said to Fizzle. " But there aren't a lot of free mechs around here these days. I fear we'll need to use the drones as regular crewmans. "

Backstreet shivered at his own idea.

" Better we found some real crewman... " the triggerbot said, checking the troop roster sent a while ago by the command officers.

2007-01-25, 01:33 AM
Trypticon, Corridors:

Ironhide: -starting to move to interpose himself between Prime and Thunderwing-

Prime: -holds out his hand, stopping the old Autobot for the moment- "What is it, Thunderwing?"

Aero Blade
2007-01-25, 03:00 AM
Dirge frowned as Hotrod gave the orders. They just got there and now this was sprung on him. He'd barely had much of a chance to chat with his friends, and now it was off to another mission. That just seemed to be the way war went...

As Cosmos approached him, Dirge's frown remained. "I'm not sure," Dirge answered, barely having had time to process the orders, not come up with any plans.

Seeing Dirge unhappy, the mood passed slightly to Aero, but he turned his attention to the unfamiliar Autobot, Hotrod, since he seemed in charge. "What about the rest of us?"

redman prime
2007-01-25, 03:51 AM

Snapdragon lingered at the back of the room until he heard Hatemonger talking to Skids about the dirtiest fighters around.

"That's me allright!"

He growled and heaved his bulk forward, sloshing oil all over the floor in his wake.

2007-01-25, 05:07 AM
Omega Supreme Bay

Swooping effortlessly through the throng of Autobots and Decepticons that surrounded the large Autobot shuttle, a gold and black buzzard circled Hot Rod once before alighting on the young Autobot's spoiler.

"Hold on there, young mech," Buzzsaw cawed. "I have it on good authority that you and yours could use extra air power. Could you find a place for an exemplary flier like myself?"

Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain plucked up the datacard and plugged it into a jack on the arm of his command chair. After taking only a cursory glance at the design, he nodded vaguely. The Warworld could spare the resources to build a thousand such bodies, and Ravage was a trusted follower of Megatron from the old days. "Something of an outdated vehicle mode, don't you think?"

After pressing a few buttons on the chair's control panel, he added, "The tech drones are working on it as we speak. Fabrication will take about six breems, so if you want to pick it up as soon as it's done you'll be stuck on the Warworld for the duration."

As soon as they were finished speaking, the bridge doors opened with a swish, admitting Soundwave. The admiral resisted the urge to shoot his now-notoriously treacherous communications officer on sight, instead merely greeting him with an impassive nod. "Take your station."

Soundwave inclined his head slightly in assent, but otherwise didn't acknowledge the existence of anyone else in the room.

Aero Blade
2007-01-25, 05:25 AM
Tracer listened silently but humored at the conversation Ravage and Astrotrain were having, but otherwised didn't participate in it. It seemed like all of the small bots were getting size upgrades, himself included, though that was quite a while ago.

As Soundwave entered, though, his humor ceased immediately, putting his attention towards the known traitor. As he would pass by his station, Tracer leveled Soundwave a mildy irritated glare, as though to silently communicate that he'd be watching him closely for the duration of the time they were in the same area.

2007-01-25, 06:06 AM
Bridge, Warworld:

Ravage: -shrugs as well as a cat can- "Perhaps. But I feel a certain kinship with it."

Omega Supreme bay:

Hot Rod: -looks over at Aero Blade- "The rest of us are going to take Omega Supreme down to the planet's surface, while Dirge and the others do a recon sweep of Kalis using Dai as a dropship. He'll drop them off, then come back to us....." -looks over his shoulder at the Buzzsaw perched on his spoiler- "You go with Cosmos, Dogfight, and Dirge. You guys can split into two groups and still cover each other."

2007-01-25, 07:05 AM
Omega Surpreme

Assumeing that he counted as one of 'the rest of us', Carnivac briefly nodded that he understood the plan. Then while still keeping an ear on the conversation (just in cause Hotrod added any more orders), the pretender recalled his outdated map of Kalis up.

Lord Zarak
2007-01-25, 11:03 AM
Shockwave opened a comm link to Optimus Prime:

Prime, this is Shockwave. When would you like me to assemble my team for the assault on Cybertron?"

He closed the channel of and awaited the reply.

2007-01-25, 11:34 AM
Metroplex city bay:

Contrasting to Motorvator Lightspeed's driving behaviour, the Technobot was driving his virtual car with care and precision, maintaining the air of complete indifference. In fact, his processor was so absorbed with calculations of game mechanics that facial control features were disabled, together with speech.

2 nanoclicks turbocharger on...
Steer left 2 degrees...
Steady for 7 nanoclicks...
Steer right 20 degrees, deccelerate to 220...

On straight distances Technobot's Nissan 350Z used supercharger option, which gave it a significant power superiority over Motorvator's Mini Cooper, more maneuverable but less powerful. Still, Technobot was far from believing it'd be an easy race, sure that his opponent does have a pair of aces up his subspace (so to speak).

One lap was over, three more to go. Everything could change yet.

Meanwhile, the other Technobots had noticed Stunticons, interested in the race too.

"What? Can't drive good enough so you decided to take a few lessons?" - Afterburner was the first to speak, not the first to think.

"Oh bot... You ought to insult them, didn't you?" - Strafe commented sadly. - "They won't like it, you know..."

"Quit it, both of you!" - Scattershot ordered. - "Stop picking at everyone around, After'! Soon you'll have real enemies enough for you! And you, Strafe, remember that while the truce is valid, no hostilities shall be allowed both from Autobots and Decepticons!"

* * *

Inside Sky Garry:

"Good", - Red Alert replied coldly to Flattop. "Now I shall test my unit and you test yours", - and, not waiting for Decepticon's answer, he pushed a button on the CR chamber. The lid hissed open, Red Alert got inside and allowed the chamber to close.

Green lights flashed on the chamber panel, indicating that all systems were in normal status. Suddenly, one of them changed to ember, then another, and soon a battery of alarms was flashing on the chamber panel, indicating that the subject was having serious internal systems malfunction, sensory disbalance, reactor instability and core memory loss all at once!..

Obviously, this was a chamber fault, but from inside it Red was powerless to correct it. He attempted to activate the commlink, but even that function was blocked. Immobilised, he could only watch and wait...

2007-01-25, 12:10 PM

Krok turned to stare at guzzle. "maybe we should discuss the attack instead of trivia. I for one plan to get out of there alive"

"what do you think to expect once we get there? or do we leave the details to scorponok" or am I the only one who has a bad feeling about all this Krok tougth to himself.

"Ha" replied charger. "we crush the Quints like the vermin they are and take back what's ours".

2007-01-25, 01:07 PM
Sky lynx
Flattop watched in shock as Red Alert cooly stepped into the chamber, as if in totoal control and trusting the installation completely.
Flattop looked to his Chamber, with no such feeling. He flicked it open, (using the standard Micromaster controls i guess), and cautiously stepped inside, as if expecting the thing to explode.
The Lights went on... and nothing happened.

Karrion continued to say nothing, so Skar flapped his wings experimentally:
"I believe it's a payload we're limited on, but we wouldn't need that many: too much acid would cause irrevocable structual damage, and hinder our assault. Should I talk to Red Alert?"
Skars voice rose in pitch as he talked, and he dug his claws in Firmly into Karrions leg, to wake him up.
"Yes," Karrion said cooly, trying not to miss a beat, "we do need to be able to walk through the area as well, don't we?"

The second lap of the race continued, and Lightspeed was getting tense: Lightspeed was ahead of him, and there didn't seem to be a reasonable way he could catch up.
I can't lose! I'm Lightspeed! he thought desperately.
He slowly rose on his feet, his hands working the controller furiously. His Car had made it neck and neck with the Nissan 350Z, when he tried to push it into the barrier on a tight corner...

Meanwhile, Gripper had lost interest, and had walked beside Strafe:
"These boys starting trouble?" he asked simply, pointing a thumb at the Stunticons.

2007-01-25, 08:06 PM
Sunstorm gazed, almost in awe at the massive cannon jutting out of the Jetwave's arm. "Yes, comrade, I would say that beats my cluster missles."

2007-01-25, 10:34 PM

" They all know who you are. You're doomed. "

Counterpunch, ignoring his thoughts, entered inside Tyrant's bridge. He stepped towards Weirdwolf.

" Counterpunch reporting for duty sir. I'm eager to start killing Quints ", the double agent said.

" Nobody trusts you, all of them know the truth. Run, run now while you still can. "

Counterpunch waited for Weirdwolf's reply, and continued to control the paranoid thoughts his hyperactive mind was continuously processing.

" They all know. "


Sky Lynx

" Mmm... Red ALert hasn't replied yet. That's not him " muttered Magnus.

Concerend by this situation, Magnus slighty turned to Skar and barely nodded at the bird-bot's suggestion and totally missing Karrion's behaviour.

" Ok, good Skar " said Magnus absent minded.

The City Commander exited Sky Lynx's and quickly moved to Sky Garry.

2007-01-25, 10:45 PM
Bridge Tyrant

Monzo shot Counterpunch a dirty glare

"look where you're going chump."

as the new arrival came too close

Weirdwolf padded softly over towards the newly arrived Decepticon .

"aboard welcome, served with you have i not what is name is Weirdwolf am I. Me tell specialities your and assign will I a post you to."

2007-01-25, 11:02 PM

" I have some experience with starship's systems Weridwolf ", explained Counterunch with a confident voice modulation. " Back on the day, I usually manned the comm station but - he looked at the Reflector team - maybe you have that covered. Sometimes I was transferred to tactical . "

" Bad, bad choice. Nobody believes you. Nobody trusts you. They'll discover you, oh dear, of course they will. They will kill you, and I'll be free at last. "

2007-01-25, 11:21 PM
Bridge Tyrant

Weirdwolf prowled ever closer

" Have mechs for intelligence , coms and weaponry. Piloting skills have you or engineering knowledge? "

Monzo leaned against a console

"so chum you turn into an automobile not something i've seen much of "

2007-01-26, 05:25 AM
Omega Supreme bay

"As you wish," Buzzsaw told Hot Rod. "Although it seems a shame to waste my skills on such duty."

The Decepticon cassette leapt off of the Autobot's spoiler and fluttered over to Dirge's side. You're looking well," he told the defector. "I can't say I agree with those garish red decorations you've slapped on your wings, though. They clash with your colour scheme. Purple worked so much better on you."

Bridge, Warworld

Soundwave noticed Tracer's attention, but paid the other Decepticon little heed. Like every Transformer of either faction that he came in contact with, he had scanned the other Decepticon's mind ages ago and found him to be a being of little consequence.

The communications officer was far too arrogant to wonder whether that was an opinion in need of revision.

"Indeed you would," Astrotrain admitted to Ravage, a note of amusement in his voice. "And I expect it will serve you well."

As he spoke, the admiral's optics tracked to the timer on his armrest. "Five seconds until we revert to real space," he told his bridge crew. "Brace yourselves. This may be a bit...rough."

As it turned out, 'rough' was an understatement. The entire Warworld was rocked from bow to stern as they dropped out of hyperspace, strong enough that it almost tossed Astrotrain from his chair. The admiral managed to maintain his position (and his dignity) by tightly gripping his armrests, then looked up at the main viewscreen. Had he not known what to expect, he might have panicked.

In front of the Warworld, less than a ship's-length away, loomed Unicron's head. The severed cranium had definitely seen better days; in the time since their invasion, it seemed the Quintessons had made a concerted effort to blow it up. Thankfully, the task had proved to be beyond their skill; although it was blasted and pulverized in many places, the bulk of the moon-sized head was intact.

And for the time being it will shield us from prying optic sensors. We'll be able to launch our smaller sister-vessels in peace.

Pressing the intercom key, he announced, "All hands, this is the admiral. We have arrived at Cybertron. All transports, starships and cities are to launch at will. Once you are in clear space, form up behind the Warworld. Once all ships are in formation, we will begin moving to the target." After a short pause, he added, "Our home awaits our return, my friends. Don't let it down. Astrotrain out."

(OOC: And so it begins...

Continued here (http://tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?s=&threadid=37858)...)