View Full Version : New Masterpiece Megatron prototype pics from Japanese magazines

2006-12-22, 06:09 PM

Man. That thing is ridiculously oversized.

2006-12-22, 06:21 PM
Porototypes, turansoform.

Nice artwork.

2006-12-22, 06:57 PM
Here's to hoping that they decide to stick with the correct coloring scheme and not some stupid neon pink junk. I still haven't forgiven them for what they did to Starscream (peace upon his memory).

2006-12-22, 08:14 PM
Is it me or does the scope seem oversized even when in when in gun mode? It would be nice if they reduced its size, as it looks out of proportion for both modes.

2006-12-22, 08:21 PM
Wow - I'm loving this figure more and more!

Certainly is gonna be the perfect companion to MP-01 / MP-04 Convoy!

The design sketches look to be great - looks extremely well thought out, with great articulation possibilities - but then I'd expect little else, having played around with my MP-04 for the last four days (and my MPB-01 for the last 9 months).

And, yeah, that is nice artwork. Show's just how perfect the blend of cartoon and figure is (provided they go with the colours in the art).

Roll on Megatron!


2006-12-22, 09:27 PM
Looks like a winner to me...

2006-12-22, 10:38 PM
The artwork is fantastic, and if the headsculpt manages to look that good in colour, then it's a winner for sure.

Robot mode body looks unecessarily bulky, with skinny limbs though. Nice gun mode, with the trigger area large and seemingly solid enough to withstand juggling and twirling by yours trully.

2006-12-23, 01:24 AM
i dunno what the fuss is about the arm cannon.. it looks fine to me and others, and it is to proportion to the alt mode also. just these things happen when u put a scope on a pistol.

2006-12-23, 01:56 AM
It just occurred to me that I haven't seen a picture of this guy from behind--does anyone know if the MP-05 Megatron looks like a pile of hinges and whatnot on the backside, or does he look roughly the way he did in the cartoon models? I ask this because I was generally impressed with how both MP-04 and MP-01 looked from behind as well as from the front.

Sir Auros
2006-12-23, 06:30 AM
Interesting that Kremzeek appears to be one of the accessories.

Binal Convoy
2006-12-23, 07:42 AM
I bet there will be MP-0X Megatron Perfect edition one day.

2006-12-23, 05:53 PM
I'm not really sure how you're gonna attach the stock to that one anyway.

Personally, I'm just gonna wait for the custom silencer&stock to appear.

2007-05-20, 09:56 PM
Originally posted by Gremlin
Classic Megatron,not too much to say

Thanks for saying it, though.

2007-05-20, 10:00 PM
The movie toys I can understand -- they aren't out yet. There's a whole forum for toys that have been released, though.

Time to update that sticky.