View Full Version : The War Within: The Age of Wrath [Comic Guide]

2006-12-23, 08:10 PM

Just noticed that this page (http://tfarchive.com/comics/dreamwave/guide/?s=war_within_vol_3) is a bit off.

The first issue looks like all the other reviews, but then it gets all weird and scary; the Issue numbers are no longer in the yellow banners, which, incidentally, are a shadow of their former selves, and the text is as blue as the proverbial Meanie. :)

Still, the content is excellent -- just like all of the comic reviews. :up:

2006-12-24, 01:51 AM
You're using Internet Explorer, aren't you?

Yeah, couple of broken tags -- </a -- which both of the other browsers I'm using autocorrect to a certain extent.

Cheers, have fixed.

2006-12-24, 02:07 AM
Indeed I am. *Dodges the angry, computer-savvy mob's tomatoes*

I tried Firefox once, but it was all weird and scary. ;)

Nice work. :)