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2007-01-26, 05:26 AM
The battle for Cybertron has begun. Arriving in the shadow of Unicron's head, the Decepticon Warworld is preparing to disgorge the warships, transports and citybots that carry within them the combined might of the Autobot-Decepticon alliance. The Quintesson fleet, as yet unaware of the danger, is patrolling their territory as usual.

Quintesson spiral ship Lex Causae

"Captain? Captain, we've detected an...odd sensor reading near Unicron's head."

"Hmmm?" Antares turned away from the report he was reading, waving a tentacle diffidently at his science officer. "What is it, Hypotheon?"

"I...have no idea, sir," the scientist admitted with disappointment evident in his voice; he never liked to admit ignorance. "It would appear as if the head has suddenly doubled in mass, but of course that's impossible."

"Then why are you wasting my time with it?" the Inquisitor captain asked bluntly.

"Well, sir," Hypotheon said with just a hint of impatience, "it seems something that should be investigated further."

Antares sighed. "Lieutenant, this ship is over two hundred years old. Half of her systems are held together by the collective hope of our engineering department. They have a running pool at fleet command headquarters over when she will simply disintegrate in the middle of a patrol. If what you are seeing is impossible, your equipment is likely to blame."

"Yes, sir," Hypotheon admitted. "But be that as it may, can I suggest we dispatch a probe to the area? Just to be sure." The science officer didn't mention the possibility of moving Lex Causae there; Antares would never agree to move his ship that close to an unknown threat. Many of the crew believed the captain cowardly, but Hypotheon knew the truth. Commanding a rustbucket like Lex Causae wasn't a task for the bold; only a captain who calculated every risk before taking action would be able to bring it home in one piece.

"Very well," Antares told him, turning away. "Send the probe. And do let me know if it finds anything interesting."

"Of course, sir," Hypotheon agreed as he launched the probe.

2007-01-26, 05:52 AM
Countdown Assembly Area.

Hatemonger waited long enough for everyone to arrive.

"All Transformers in the Vector Sigma battleforce the meeting will be starting in a few moments." He barked and waited for the last few straglers to stroll in.

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2007-01-26, 06:26 AM
Omega Supreme bay:

Hot Rod: -looking around- "All right, everybody, get aboard. This is where the fun begins." -gets aboard Omega Supreme-

Omega Supreme: -begins the start-up cycle for his engines, the low rumble adding a slight vibration to his frame- "Weapons: Charged. Engines: Online. Omega: Ready."

Metroplex, Bridge:

Grimlock: -stands- "You heard dumb 'Con, Metroplex. Bring engines online, power weapons batteries. It time to munch metal!" -hits general comm button- "All members of Tarn team. If not aboard now, not coming with us. Get tails in gear!"

Bridge, Trypticon:

Trypticon muttered to himself, the sounds of dissatisfaction rumbling over the bridge speakers. No matter how arrogant Leozak and the others were, they would have at least left the bridge manned. It wasn't that they actually needed to be there, or needed to leave the bridge occupied. But it did get lonely.

Displays lit up on the helm and navigation consoles, as well as the astrogator set between them. The tactical ops station lit up with a silhouette of Trypticon's current mode, shield status indicators showing both forcefields and deflector shields on standby, ready for 100% usage, as well as a long list of all of the weapons systems, all of the infinite repeater batteries, ion cannons, and hellbores reading full power, all missile launchers and countermeasure systems at the ready. Deep in engineering, his reactor rumbling to full capacity, the power plants generating millions of gigajoules of energy to the massive citycon's systems.

Trypticon, Corridor:

Prime: -over commlink- "We have the go signal, Shockwave. Assemble your team now."

Trypticon, briefing room:

Thundercracker: -picking up a pointer and indicating a section of wall- "Unless they've done a total rebuild of the defensive grid, there's a power conduit running near the surface of the wall here. Jetwave's cannons should be able to breach the wall and destroy the conduit, knocking out the defensive systems facing our landing point. Sunstorm, I want you to hit this here-" -indicating an antenna array- "This antenna is for the tracking systems for the artillery defensive systems, so they don't pound us with shells on the way in. After that, we simply cause havoc. If the ground forces haven't breached the doors by the time we're done, Jetwave, I want you to hit the doors with everything you've got. Sunstorm and I will keep them off you back while you do." -sets the pointer down- "And if you're wondering what I'll be doing, I'll be showing any flyers they've got why I've got my name."

2007-01-26, 07:42 AM
Bridge Tyrant

Weirdwolf padded over to the main viewscreen

"like looks have time not to strengths find so assign you i will to secondary weapons console will i one controls the shields does."

He turned to the rest of the bridge crew and opened the intercom

"initiating engines start, weapons online bring , planet scan immediate threats for, engage measures defensive , go we into history ,and don't want we to be out done by autobots bunch of."

Aboard Sky lynx

Overdrive turned to Powerglide

"right then your with me our main missions are weapons supression and support for the main force. Crossblades is going in early to scope things out . So we can work from his intel."

2007-01-26, 12:56 PM
Thunderwing cocked his head at Admiral Astrotrains announcement, and smiled a little wistfully.
"Prime, obviously I can't be long now: I just wanted to say that... You can depend on me. And, I won't let you down."

2007-01-26, 02:54 PM
Sky lynx

After Powerglide got his orders he went t the back to restock on ammo.

2007-01-26, 04:21 PM
Trypticon briefing room:

Jetwave was flattered by Sunstorm's acknowledge of his firepower.

"Sure thing. Still, your laser fire and wave emissions surely have their uses too..."

(In fact, Jetwave felt himself handicapped a bit with his projectile-only weapons, slow to reload and to shoot, with limited projectile speed. Still, he wasn't about to give those up, for what he lacked in weapon's speed was compensated by firepower of said weapons.)

Cutting the diplomacy, he put his attention to Thundercracker's instructions.

Walls and doors. Must be easy - large, non-moving targets. Still, it can get messy if there'll be much more enemy fliers than us. Better be careful not to get in trouble, for it'd be stupid to expect support from Decepticons.

"Affirmative", - was all he responded.

* * *

Metroplex citybay:

The Technobots were too absorbed by watching the race to notice Grimlock's announce. In fact, Scattershot did registered it, but decided not to pay attention - his team was here, all gathered and ready... at least would be when the race would be over.

Meanwhile, Lightspeed (Technobot) had a tough time. Motorvator's maneuvre hadn't got him unprepared, but still his Nissan scraped the barrier and started to spin.

"Damn!!! Now he'd bought it!" - Afterburner exclaimed.

"I've found a pair of fine names here", - Nosecone, who took the book and started to study it, commented sarcastically.

"No! Look! He's gaining!" - Strafe said, looking as his comrade's car had straightened out and sped forward in hot pursuit.

But now, when Technobot's Nissan got behind, he was met with another challenge. Motorvator's Mini Cooper was intentionally blocking his way forward. Twice already Nissan's bumper pushed his rival's car from behind, but still to no awail.

Meanwhile, the second lap of the race was over - a half of the distance behind them. Still, it was too early to decide who'll be the winner, yet.

* * *

In the far corner of the citybay, the Insecticon trio - Bombshell, Kickback and Shrapnel - had heard the announcement too. But, unlike Decepticon and Autobot warriors around, they were far from happy by prospects of battle - so far that Kickback had to encourage his team:

"Calm down. There's a lot of big 'bots and 'cons around, so the enemy won't be too concentrated on us."

"We can't-can't be sure of that-that", - Shrapnel answered, still unconvinced.

* * *

Inside Sky Garry - Sky Lynx's bay:

Trapped inside the crazed CR chamber, Red Alert felt himself far from good. The device was sending massive waves of electromagnetic energy through his whole body, trying to repair his - reported as damaged - systems.

Red was unable to move a hand... even a finger. His optics, though blurred by interference, still was recognising Flattop's outline, emerging from his CR chamber which obviously worked properly. He had to signal, to get attention!.. But how?

Frustrated, Red tried to activate his commlink once again, and this time (oh wonder!) it worked! But, when he attempted to speak, reporting his situation, all he was able to manage was meaningless "beep". His voice systems were obviously overloaded by interference too...

Still, Red wasn't about to give up. Remembering his commlink was still on Ultra Magnus's frequency, he resolved to a lowest form of communication:

bip bip bip beeep beeep beeep bip bip bip... - the signal went.

2007-01-26, 04:49 PM
Scorponok: Bridge

The city commander felt the heavy vibrations of return to normal space, and when Astrotrain's call came through, he was ready to take the initiative. He communicated with the Warworld's automated systems to slowly open the gargantuan hangar door, and the huge ship's thrusters pushed it off the hangar floor and carefully out into empty space.

"Scorponok to Astrotrain. We are airborne and in position."


Scorponok: Corridors

The drones escorting Nautilus paused for a moment while the ship shook, but their brakes kept them from sliding too far. In the moment, one took the time to send a message to Gigatron, who answered that he wanted to see the prisoner. The drones buzzed and began again prodding Nautilus toward the launch bay.


Scorponok: Launch Bay

Gigatron grasped a handlebar running along the wall while his free hand pulled a sword from its holster over his shoulder.

"The time of our redemption is at hand! Brave yourselves, warriors - the ride will be turbulent!"


Warworld: Bridge

The turbolift door whisked open one more time to produce Iguanus in his Pretender shell and pretending he hadn't been thoroughly shaken on the ride. For a moment he froze up, staring confoundedly at the image on the main screen. He said nothing, allowing a volunteer to explain the situation for him and certainly assign him to some task.


Tyrant: Bridge

Spyglass appeared jogging through the bridge door and threw himself over the back of the gunnery chair. This was what he'd been waiting for.

"Weapons systems online," he reported.

"Communications online," Spectro followed.

"Sensors online," Viewfinder finished, having wandered to the appropriate station.

2007-01-26, 07:04 PM
Steelhaven, bridge

Runabout walked up to Backstreet and Fizzle as they were talking ''Fine all help you lame Outobots out,so stop all your worring about using drones.So were do want me.''

2007-01-26, 08:59 PM
Sunstorm bowed slightly to Jetwave, "Yes, most of my weapons are more suited to destroying infantry, save my missles." He turned back to Thundercracker, "Take out antenna array, cover Jetwave. Got it, sir."


Deathsaurus found the correct battery pack, and plugged it into his rifle, grabbing a few more just in case, when the War World entered normal space, nearly throwing him to the floor, and oddly enough, he felt a little stronger.

Aero Blade
2007-01-26, 09:09 PM
Bridge, Metroplex

Wing Saber looked about the bridge as Grimlock made the announcement. He seemed relatively neutral in his mood right now, but there was a slight frown on his face.

"I can't say that I am eager for the fighting to begin, but I am glad that this waiting is nearly over..."

Omega Supreme Bay

Dirge didn't spare Buzzsaw as he came over towards his direction, in fact readying himself to swat the bird if it tried to land on him.

"I wear it for the meaning behind it, not it's color," Dirge answered in an edge tone at Buzzsaw. "Save your small talk for someone who cares to hear it."

Aero Blade meanwhile was following Hot Rod onboard, uncomfortable with separating from Dirge, one of the few bots he wasn't aprehensive about, but also unsettled with their impending mission.

"I hope you know, I'm not exactly one for a fighting posstion.." Aero started to say to Hot Rod.

Bridge, Warworld

Soundwave seeming to have decided to ignore him, Tracer returned his attention to his own station, choosing to ignore the communication's officer as well. He still planned to stay alert for any signs of treachery, though, and intended to be ready to respond, not having forgot about the earlier incident on the Tyrant.

2007-01-26, 10:07 PM

Counterpunch was going to reply at Monzo's comment when the bridge speakers exploded with the general alarm.

" See! I told you! They have discovered you and they are coming for us! Run, run, run...!"

The double agent, conscient about the true nature of the call, nodded at Weirdwolf's orders and quietly occupied the secondary weapons station. He quickly tapped some buttons, running diagnostics and checking the weapons status.

" All systems clear and ready. Weapons charged and fully operational, captain " Counterpunch calmly informed .

" The fleshling... he knows. He knows everything! Kill him, kill him slagged Autobot... it's easy, just walk on him and then clean our feet! "



Backstreet jumped, startled by Runabout's apparition.

" Huh, eh... welcome aboard. Er... you can ocuppy the comm station I think, what do you say captain Fizzle? " said nerviously Backstreet, seated on the tactical sation. Afterall, a decepticon was on their bridge. " Thanks ", he added.


Sky Garry

Ultra Magnus entered inside Sky Garry, wondering Red Alert's whereabouts.

" Red! Red! Where are you? " yelled the city commander. " Damn, not now! We have just emerged from the warp and... "

Suddenly Magnus remembered about his comlink, and discovered a low frequence beeping on his wrist.

" What the slag? " he said, understanding the message behind the primitive communication. Stridding, the City Commander quickly moved towards the Med Bay.

2007-01-26, 11:09 PM
Tyrant Bridge

Weirdwolf snicked his claws in and out

"wait while we have any you of game human heard called chess?"

Monzo lounged indolently

"yeah chum back home its all hover skimmers, ground cars are so Skrankavanian ."


Chainclaw growled softly as he slipped out of his shell and took a seat in the briefing room.

He patted the shell

"soon , very soon boy."


Landfill prepared for battle , Landfill the jovial easygoing mech becoming Landfill the cold calculating sniper.

He polished a telescopic sight before slipping it onto Silencers back in weapon mode

Squinting an optic he peered down the twin barrels using the trio of Insecticons in the corner to zero in the range, tweaking the sight slightly. Pressing a stud on Silencer caused a spot of red light to appear on the bulkhead by the Insecticons.

Sky Lynx

Quickmix peered absent mindedly at Sandstorm

"ok for ammo for the um Sandblaster Sandstorm , am cooking up a new batch a little something i've been working on a few tweaks here and there you know a bit of tinkering.


Ricochet peered at Skar

"Well monsieur Souri Volant what planet do you come from."

2007-01-27, 12:38 AM
Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain clicked onto Scorponok's com channel and replied, "Acknowledged. Good luck."

Although an officer in his position would say such banalities with regularity, this time the admiral actually meant it. Although he didn't particularly like the titanic Headmaster, he appreciated his presence. Scorponok was intelligent, competent and reasonably loyal, all rare and highly valuable traits in the Decepticon army.

Speaking of which...

Rising from his seat, the admiral took a half-dozen steps toward Soundwave. "Tell me," he said, "do you have any of your ubiquitous pets on hand, or are they all out doing some mischief?"

"The only mischief they are committing is that ordered by Gigatron," Soundwave replied flatly. The communications officer roundly ignored the veiled insult to his cassetticon companions...or perhaps he just didn't care. Astrotrain didn't know which and wasn't particularly interested in finding out. "I am carrying Rumble and Frenzy at present."

"Deploy them," Astrotrain said curtly. "I'd prefer to have real Decepticons manning my bridge in a battle situation rather than drones."

"By your command," Soundwave replied in his usual monotone. "Rumble, Frenzy: eject. Operation: bridge crew." He tapped the switch on his left shoulder, allowing his cassette deck to pop open.

Astrotrain turned away, fixing Iguanus with a firm glare. "Do you have business here, or are you volunteering for bridge duty?"

Omega Supreme Bay

Buzzsaw clicked his beak disdainfully, then began to slowly circle Dirge like a vulture would circle a particularly delicious-looking carcass before swooping in for a feast. He'd expected a reply much along those lines, but nevertheless such rudeness put his beak out of joint.

"I see the Autobots haven't seen fit to teach you proper manners yet," he said offhandedly. "No surprise there; we never had much luck at it."

Not waiting for a response, the cassetticon broke off and flew in the general direction of the rest of the air team.

Command Deck, Fort Max

Chase watched the sensor boards with admiration. "If nothing else, the Decepticons know how to plot a hyperspace jump," he said. "A quarter of a percentage point of error in any direction would have either let the Quints detect us, or smashed us into the Head, but they nailed it dead-on."

"Then no one will be able to detect us?" Hubcap asked.

"Well...not exactly." Chase shrugged. "The Warworld's big. They could detect it visually if one of their ships got close enough. And even with the Head in the way, the jig will be up as soon as the 'Cons fire up that thing's main engines. Not a bad improvisation, though, I've got to say."

Crosshairs frowned; temporary ceasefire or not, he didn't like hearing one of his fellow Autobots praising the enemy so readily.

2007-01-27, 04:28 PM
Sky Lynx

"Nice" Sandstorm nodded with a smirk as he moved next to the chemist, pulling a spare sandblaster gun out of sub-space and holding it out to Quickmix "You wanna borrow this to help you finish cooking up the new ammo?"

* * * * *

Scorponok: Briefing Room

Spending the battle-plan debriefing sitting by the door, still in his wolf mode as if on guard duty, Sixshot watched the Decepticon leader leave, then he got to his feet, turned and followed Gigatron out of the room, towards the launching bay.

* * * * *


Quickly striding to the assembly area, Devcon entered the room, glancing at Hatemonger with a neutral expression and opened his mouth as if to say something, then shook his head before falling silent and moved to take a seat, crossing his legs and folding his arms across his chest, waiting for the debriefing.

* * * * *

Omega Supreme Bay

Having spent the time making sure Bluestreak didn't bolt off the rocket, Astra glanced up as two more Autobots boarded Omega, then she smirked, feeling mischieviously bored.

The red and black femme idly wandered over to Hot Rod and Aero Blade, throwing her arm around Aero's shoulders in a friendly manner with a "Hiya, Aero, isn't it, how are you doing?"

2007-01-27, 05:58 PM
Trypticon bay:

With a roar of mighty engines, Trypticon moved out into space, his deflectors and forcefields covering him in multiple layers of defensive energy.

Fort Max bridge:

Fortress: "I'm glad it's working. We're going to need every advantage we can get." -engines lighting up, flies out of the bay, forcefields coming online-

Omega Supreme bay:
(OOC: If you're supposed to be there and aren't, we'll just assume you are.)

Omega: -closing his boarding hatch after everybody is aboard- "Seat Belt Sign: Lit. No: Smoking."

Hot Rod: -chuckles- "Finally got a sense of humor, huh, big guy?"

Omega: "Hot Rod: Bad Influence." -brings engines online, rockets out of the bay-

Metroplex, bridge:

Grimlock: -looks over at Wing Saber- "Me suggest you start wanting to fight. Part of Cybertron we get, we be lucky to survive. Combiner Elimination Squad apparently designed to eliminate most of this battleforce. On up side, have to hope them bright enough to fight them."

Aero Blade
2007-01-27, 06:16 PM
Omega Supreme

Dirge had finally grown irritated enough to swat at Buzzsaw, but by that time the bird was already flying off and Dirge consequently missed. It suited him just fine, though, as that meant perhaps it'd leave him alone now.

Dirge made his way over to the rest of the group, still having a bit of a foul mood from the incident, but trying to cool himself off

Having been ignored by Hot Rod, Aero Blade gave a bit of a sigh, wondering now if he'd been stuck under the command of one of those gun-ho over-zealous fighters. Not that he didn't see enough of that with the Wreckers, but them he was used to, Hot Rod he'd not seen before now, which made him uncomfortable.

The feeling only grew even more as Aero suddenly found someone else's arm around him.

"Uh...hi...." Aero started to say, his mind otherwise blank as he got a look at Astra. Did he know this person? Not that hew as able to remember at the moment, but she seemed pretty friendly for a stranger... Aero probably would've tried to walk away, but completely taken off-guard and out of his element, he found his feet planted to the floor.

Over on the shoulder opposite from Astra, Stratus looked at the arm that had been placed around Aero, eventually leading him to giving Astra a critical look, as though sizing her up as to her being a threat or not.

2007-01-27, 07:11 PM
(OOC: Guess I'll auto the squirt for now...)

Countdown: Cockpit

With the order given and everyone aboard, it was only a few moments for Countdown to bring his advanced shuttle's engines online and ready to fire. He tapped the intercom button on his console.

"Prepare for launch procedures on my mark. Four, three, two, one, mark!"

The rocket blasted off from the hangar floor instantly and with minimal disturbance of its passengers, and it moved out into space toward the other ships.


Warworld Orbit

Scorponok could see from his bridge the other ships disgorging from the mammoth battlestation, and his own craft activated its thrusters to move into formation with the group. It seemed only Sky Lynx, Steelhaven, and the Tyrant were missing. In a few short moments, the war would begin...


Tyrant: Bridge

Spyglass glanced at Counterpunch next to him with a smirk. He liked having this guy watching his back on weapons control - an urban sabotage expert, Counterpunch knew how to make a bang.

"Ready to kick some tailgate?" Spyglass asked a bit too ecstatically.

"I'm familiar with chess," Spectro offered Weirdwolf. "Humans like to equate it to war, don't they? Seems a little primitive for a war game..."

"Scanning two Quintesson starships in proximity of Cybertron orbit," Viewfinder reported. "Faint blips across the horizon. Don't think they've noticed us yet. The ship's ready for blastoff, captain."


Warworld: Bridge

Iguanus hissed his laugh while moving closer toward the consoles.

"We're all Decccepticonss here," he answered Astrotrain. "We know volunteering iss never voluntary. Shock trooper Iguanusss reporting. Where do you need my ssskillss?"


Quintesson spiral ship Testimony

Truthfully, it had been boring for some time working this gig. There was rarely any action - once and a while a smuggler would need to be apprehended or, better yet, shot down. But those instances were rare with the Quintessons' legend of brutality known throughout the galaxy, and there had otherwise been little to ruffle the ship's feathers since Cybertron was reclaimed.

So it was with arguably excessive excitement that the Executioner in the captain's chair received the news.

"Captain," one of his radar watchers reported. "I have a launch from the Lex Causae. Looks like a probe on course for Unicron's remains, sir. We're out of range to detect what they have."

Malix raised a brow at that. Most captains would punish the watcher for bringing up something so useless, but Malix had come to prestige by being observant and not letting opportunities slip by. Moreover, he couldn't have other captains knowing something he didn't. That's how you become obsolete.

"Give me a line to the ship," he barked. "Lex Causae, this is the Testimony. I read you have a probe launch. We'll need your information should there be a threat we'll need to repel."

2007-01-27, 07:46 PM
Tyrant Bridge

Weirdwolf grinned showing his fangs.

"about all its strategy , opponent outhinking , ahead moves staying. Using processor is al about .

He paused thinking

"bring online engines , once from Warworld away , orbit match with Unicron field debris , engines cut, running silent and Quints start targetting. Initial fight bigger prey bring will we hole in the ace will be yes. Free us it will leave to trrop carriers cover needed if, long range weapons can threats them to pick off yes. See you if can com traffic read Quint yes also."

He scanned his crew

"wait while we think i have we time for game a of chess yes."

2007-01-27, 09:01 PM
Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain smiled frostily at Iguanus; something about the reptilian Pretender made his exostructure crawl. "Man weapons control station #2," he said flatly. "Assume control of the missile batteries."

Bridge, Fort Max

Crosshairs' frown grew a bit deeper as he watched the starship's progress through the forward viewport. He felt like reminding Fortress that it hadn't worked yet, but decided it would be better not to. He didn't want to undermine the crew's morale, after all.

Chase watched his console attentively, despite the fact that everything he saw was being fed straight into the captain's brain module. "We've got two Quintesson spiral ships in the vicinity," he reported calmly. "No sign so far that they've detected us, but I'll keep watching them."

"Nothing on the Quintesson command and control frequencies," Hubcap reported smartly. "All I'm reading is routine chatter on low-priority channels. I think, anyway. I haven't been able to break all of their scrambler codes just yet."

Truth be told he hadn't broken any of them, but the rest of the crew didn't need to know that.

Quintesson spiral ship Lex Causae

"Incoming communication from the Testimony, captain."

Antares frowned. "What does that backstabbing fool Malix want now?" he grumbled just loudly enough for his crew to hear. "Put it through." Flailing his tentacles with irritation, he listened to the transmission. "Nnnn."

Does the ambitious commoner know something that I don't? He wouldn't involve himself unless he had some reason to think he could gain prestige somehow. Antares didn't particularly care one way or the other, but if there was something dangerous in the offing it only made sense to have disposable backup around.

"Lieutenant Audos," he told his communications officer, "put me through to the Testimony." When the soldier indicated that he had done so, Antares assumed his most eager tone of voice (which, in actual fact, still sounded more than a little bored). "Captain Malix, we are investigating some strange activities emanating from the target region. We've launched the probe to confirm the questionable sensor readings we've received. If anything of consequence arises, I'll keep you up to date."

If anything of consequence arises, he amended silently, it only makes sense to make sure that Malix and his brood are first into the fray. No reason to put our tentacles on the line when we have intrepid young fools like him to do the dirty work.

2007-01-27, 09:22 PM

Before Fizzle could reply Runabout started laughing ''Do you Outobots always get so sacred and startled when you see a decepticon?''.After a few more seconds of laughing Runabout pulled him self togeather and asked ''So whats my job at the comm station?And Whats Steelhaven's mission?And why haven't we taken off yet, almost all the others are gone.Were going to be the last ones to the battle!''

2007-01-28, 12:19 AM
Omega Supreme

Override seated himself in one of Omega's seats and cheked his security belt. He was eager to engage the Quints in battle, but was a little worried because he had forgotten his pulish kit on Metroplex's medbay.


Dai Atlas

Dogfight, pleased with Buzzaw out of scene, moved towards Dirge.

" Heya Dirge! " greeted the triggerbot. " Finally we're gonna to fly together, aren't we? " he said. After a nanobreem, Dogfight sighed.

" Do you remember now? We flew together over the Ravine, some time ago, just before the Decepticon last attack on Autobase. "



Counterpunch smiled, looking towards Spyglass.

" Yeah, we are going to crush them " replied the double agent, happy with Spyglass' excitement.

" See? You are starting to like the propsect of a good slaughter... You are trully a decepticon. Accept it, it will be easier for you and for me. "


Sky Garry

Ultra Magnus entered inside the med bay, discovering Red Alert trapped inside a CR chamber. Without a doubt, Magnus teared off the chamber door.

" Red, are you ok? " asked the City Commander, throwing the usefull door away and offering his help to the loyal Security Director.



" I'm on my way, I'm on my way! " said nervously Backstreet at Runabout's piercing questions. " You just sits in the comm station and control the communications, ok? "

Backstreet quickly moved towards the nav station and engaged the Steelhaven's engines.

" I hope the drones had done a good work... " muttered the triggerbot.

2007-01-28, 01:56 AM
Omega Supreme:

Hot Rod: "Les'see, here....." -checking the charges in his arm lasers, his photon pistols, his photon eliminator, his laser sword, some part of him beginning to wonder at what point he'd taken on Roadbuster's "I need more guns than a platoon of 'Cons would carry" mentality, seeing that all of his weapons are charged, subspaces them(except for his arm lasers... which, upon further reflection, were the only of his weapons that got continual use), calls back to Aero- "Stay back with Astra and Ratchet. Might even want to break out the energon chips. From the reports we've got, all Kalis has is Sharkticons and maybe a couple of officers. It should be a cakewalk." -thinks for a moment- "You need a gun, Aero?"

Sky Lynx bay:

Sky Lynx: -activates commlink- "Are we ready to launch, Ultra Magnus?"

Trypticon, corridors:

Prime: "I was hoping you would say that, Thunderwing. Despite our differences, right now we all share a common goal."

Bridge, Fort Max:

Fortress: "Keep at it, Hubcap. If we can access their command frequencies, maybe we can start transmitting false orders, get their orbital defense net confused."

2007-01-28, 02:23 AM

After getting his order's Runabout walked over to the comm station and sat down and grumbled''I don't know first thing about communications but I gess I'll give it a shot'' then Runabout looked down at all the controlls and pressed a few buttons and managed to contact Sky Lynx''Come in Sky Lynx,this is Runabout of Steelhaven,were about to take off,are you planing on coming with us or staying here and leave latter? Over''

2007-01-28, 04:11 AM

Hatemonger looked at the group assembled and nodded as he stood up and had images of Cybertron flash up on a vid-screen.

"Well, most of you are here the rest will be addressed by vid-cast of this assembly." He said waking in front of the board.

"You all know our task, to retake Vector Sigma from the hands of the Quints." He said as he eyed the entire group.

"This means off of us fight as one. This may be an Autobot landmark but us Decepticons as Cybertronians will fight beside you to retake what is rightfully yours." At that point footage from the probe began to flash up.

"Our mission will be simple when we land Greatshot, Snapdragon, Roughstuff, Thrust and Ramjet if available will offer air support when we land. After which we have two goals to wipe out any Quint presance in the area and link up with any resistance forces we may find." He said pointing to footage of Transformers fighting the Quints.

"Devcon, I trust with your ablities you would be best suited to tracking down the resistance forces so that will be your task after we land." He said looking at the Autobot then continuing.

"After maying contact with the resistance forces we will need to find and secure Vector Sigma. So in a way our mission lies on meeting the Resistance forces if not we secure VS on our own." He explained pausing.

"Any questions?" He asked the group.

2007-01-28, 05:21 AM
Countdown's briefing room:

Nightbeat, Siren, Minerva, Hosehead, and Fangry: -trying to raise their hands to ask something, but, as they aren't sized to micromaster proportions(and the room being a little crowded) are kind of stuck-

Chromedome: -still standing towards the back, starts waving Fixit back and forth in the air over his head again-

Fixit: -seeing a bell housing pass his head very close- "Careful, Ch-KLONG!!!!!!!" -knocked insensate-

Chromedome: "Hatemonger, what are we supposed to be doing?"

Minerva: -wincing in sympathy- "That sounded painful...."

Fixit: -dazedly- "Bu' I don' wan'na pet th' doggie, mom'mee......"

2007-01-28, 05:47 AM
Omega Surpreme

While Carnivac hated to admit it, so far his time with the Autobots had been amusing. So the question became, should he continue to watch the events around him or start a conversation. Both choices had its pros and cons.

On the outside the Stunticons gave no indocation that they heard the Autobots' insults and continued to watch the race. On the inside, however, it was a different story.

"Our driving? Is that the slagging best they can do? How pathetic!" Dragstrip grumbled to his gestalt mates over a private comm link.

"I've heard H-HUMENS give better insults a-and one of them was a burn-out." Breakdown added in agreement.

"They're Autobots, what the frell where you expectin'? Poetry?" Motormaster almost sneered over the comm link.

"Personally, I find the whole 'asking what we did' to be more insulting" Deadend said "not to mention very predictable."

"Only 'cause we usually are at fault" Wildrider said while thinking of those times.

2007-01-28, 04:56 PM
Quintesson flagship Jurisprudence

Orbiting Cybertron's equatorial orbit, a massive spyral ship called Jurisprudence was performing a routine perimeter scann. She was the biggest ship on the Quintesson's Navy, and her size and armament were without rival, at least in the Quintesson's fleet.

On the ship bridge, a bored Quintesson captain was cheking the scann results.

" Is this the only data our sensors had detected? " asked irritated, pointing with one of his pulished tentacles towards his chair monitor. " Why do you bother me with this pathetic and irrelevant results?"

A three-faced Quintesson ensign manning the comm station rotated his head to look at his captain.

" Aye, Captain Scarix. I'm sorry, but there's nothing unusual in the perimeter. B-but, as Admiral Armadius ordered... " said the ensign, trying to defend himself and avoid punishment.

" I perfectly know what the Admiral had ordered, outdated wreck, and... " replied dangerously Scarix, but a comm call cut off the captain's speech.

" Captain Scarix, tell me why one of the perimeter ships had dispatched a probe to Unicron's head. "

Scarix stopped, half afraid and half angry by the Admiral Armadius interruption.

" Greetings, Admiral " replied Scarix using his personal communicator. " Er... we still don't know. The probe was dispatched from the Lex Causae, so I'm sure this is only another malfunction of captain Antares... "

"Shut up Scarix. I'm going to the bridge, AND keep track of the Lex Causae and the probe", interrupted the cold voice of the admiral.

Scaris secondary tentacles shuddered and trembled, half fear, half rage. He rotated his multiple-faced head, sending furious glances towards all the crewmans manning the bridge.

" Ensign Thyceo " he ordered, " focus prow sensors on the Lex Causae, I want to know everything about her. And for the rest of you, be ready: the Admiral will arrive soon."


Sky Garry

Ultra Magnus, checking Red Alert's status, rised his wrist commlink.

" Sky Lynx, here Magnus. I'll be there in a moment. Start the take-off procedures and be ready to depart as soon as I board you. "



Skids trembled when Countdown engaged his thrusters and took-off. Once recovered, he stayed at Hatemonger's side ready to help the General in his answers.

redman prime
2007-01-28, 04:59 PM
Snapdragon chortled as he heard the news that now he might be in the air.

"Boss," he began, fixing his optics on Hatemonger, "as much as you know and I don't, I wanna be on the ground causing as much damage as possible."

Seeing the crowd of nerdy Autobot Headmasters with them, he figured someone was gonna need to kick some butts on the ground.

2007-01-28, 05:46 PM
Warworld: Bridge

Iguanus gave Astrotrain no visible or verbal reply, preferring instead to stomp over to his designated station and slink into the seat at it. His shell was a bit big for the chair, and it was uncomfortable trying to fit his tail in there, but he wouldn't dream of operating without it. The Pretender quickly went through the initial login and boot stages for the console and scanned readouts on the missile systems' preparedness.


Tyrant: Bridge

Spectro glanced at Viewfinder with visible excitement, and the latter nodded him back toward the captain's chair.

"I'll play you, captain," Spectro answered while he approached Weirdwolf. "Do you have a board, or are we going to sim?"

Viewfinder looked down the row of seats with his usual business demeanor.

"Spyglass, take over for Spectro till he's done. Counterpunch can handle getting the weapons systems ready."

Spyglass stood from his station and nodded at Counterpunch before walking away.

"We sure are, brother. I'll be back before the fireworks start - I'm not lettin' you have all the fun!" With a chuckle, Spyglass turned and headed for the empty comm station.


Quintesson spiral ship Testimony

Malix grinned maliciously at the report. It was vague and noncommital, but any chance of action was better than none.

"Copy that, Captain Antares. We'll stand by on this line for further information."

Malix muted the communicator for a moment.

"Activate thrusters to bearing 106, 041, 338. Prepare engines to fire at 40 khalons at my signal. Gunnery, train main cannons abow. Prepare to raise forward shields at my mark. Sensors, keep your eyes open for whatever Antares has."

The bridge crew instantly bustled, the bridge filling with the low grumble of dissatisfied sailors preparing to answer what would surely be yet another false alarm.

2007-01-28, 06:56 PM
ooc- Sorry about that but that post came out far better than I thought :) Was just a bit drunk when I made that post so sorry about that! Anyway continuing on.

Hatemonger nodded as the group asked questions then answered them.

"Nightbeat, I think you would be most helpful with Devcon to find the resistance forces. Siren, Hosehead, Chainclaw, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Chromedome, Clench and Fangry you will remain on the ground until we establish a link to the reistance and destroy any Quint forces we encounter. I will lead the front line forces with Skids at my side. Minerva you will be support if any of us are wounded in combat with Fixit lay back and offer support. I will warn all of you that when we begin the tunnel fighting it will be rough all air support will be assisting us on the ground then as flying the in tunnels will not be an option. But I assure you that we will succeed. Failure is not part of our mission." The General said to the group.

Hatemonger looked at Snapdragon. "You will get to slag Quints. However, you have the rare ablitity to fight or fly. During our initial landing I want you to be a member of Airsupport. After we begin ground combat I will have you fight along side us as infantry." He said knowing the Headmaster would want to fight as much as possible but knowing he needed the Headmaster's air combat skills as well.

"Greatshot, for the initial air support I would like you to lead our aerial group of Snapdragon, Thrust, Ramjet and Roughstuff are you up to that?" He asked willing to pass that task on to another if needed.

Hatemonger waited for more questions.



The Predacons waited as Razorclaw sat in a rafter the other Predacons were getting ready for battle. Rampage was pacing back and forth ready to fight. Divebomb was sighting in his laser rifles. Headstrong was psyching himself up for the battle and Tantrum was readying himself in his mind to tear anything on the battlefield limb from limb.



Cryotek arrived at the Luanching bay and saw the rest of the group there.

"So when do I get to take back my lab?" He asked jokingly but partly serious at the same time.

Quake also arrived with Tiptop and Heater.

"Aww yeah, give me a target and I will turn it to rubble!" The duel targetmaster cheered more than ready to fight at the drop of a dime.

2007-01-28, 07:48 PM

"Thanks Sandstorm old boy just got to make a few tweaks ,punch up the vicosity etc. "

Bridge Tyrant

Weirdwolf grinned wolfishly

"we first must into position get yes then chess will we play , full vigilance scanners on yessss."

He turned to Spectro

"Have I board real a , it technology holographic uses , has it mini representations forces our of on one side and Autobots also , they interact yes."

He produced the board and switched it on and the holographic pieces sprang into life.

2007-01-28, 08:59 PM
Sky Lynx

Cliffjumper and Gears entered Sky Lynx's Bridge taking to each other:

Gears-''Trust me Cliffjumper in a few days there won't be enough of us left to fill a match box.This plan will never work.''

Cliffjumper-''It will work!You just let me at them and and I'll kill every Quint on Cybertron!''

Gears-''And as soon you do the Decepticons will shoot you in the back''

Cliffjumper-''You might be right about that Gears!''

After having good laugh about the Decepticons Cliffjumper and Gears sat down and waited for take off.

2007-01-29, 05:30 AM
Bridge, Fort Max

"Sure thing, skipper," Hubcap told Fortress. "I'll get right on it."

Tapping a series of commands into his console, the communications officer started to run a series of textbook filters on the Quint comm channels. It wasn't likely to work, but it would make it seem like he was doing something while he tried to think of a better idea.

Quintesson spiral ship Lex Causae

Seconds after Malix's reply, Antares saw his science officer beaconing for his attention. The captain muted the comm connection with Testimony, then said, "What is it, Hypotheon?"

"Testimony is manoeuvring, sir. I think she's powered weapons as well."

Antares was about to ask what he meant by 'I think', but thought better of it. He'd just get another litany of complaints about outdated equipment if he did. "Too bold," he said softly. "One of these days Malix is going to get himself killed." Raising his voice slightly, he asked, "What is the status of the probe?"

"It should be arriving in sensor range in seventy seconds," Hypotheon told him.

"Good. Keep me informed."

2007-01-29, 06:41 AM
Outside of Sky Garry Megaplex ran inside after hearing Magnus's transmission.

"What’s going on? What are you doing inside of Sky Garry? If he is malfunctioning because of that over-reacting twit, i swear I'm going to kill him!"

Lord Zarak
2007-01-29, 02:19 PM
Catilla. Reflector, Deathsanrus, Slicer, Nightracer, Warpath, and Fastlane report to me in Hangar Bay 1.

He opened up another comm link to Overlord.

"Transform into your base mode. We need transportation to Cybertron, and it is you that we shall use."

"Affirmative" replied Overlord, who at once made his way towards an airlock.

Shockwave opened a third comm chanel, this time to Skystalker:

"Skystalker, you are to rendesvouz with Overlord outside of Trypticon. Whilst we are descending to Cybertron, you shall provide planetside bombing alongside Overlord. Is this understood?"

"Crystal clear, Shockwave" replied the Micromaster.

Cyclonus had had enough of being inactive. He opened up a line to Gigatron and asked:

"This is Cyclonus. Where do you want me to be?"

2007-01-29, 02:32 PM
Inside Trypticon:

"Permission to get ready for deployment", - Jetwave asked Thundercracker. "I believe we shall launch before Trypticon lands. We don't want to be late, don't we?"

* * *

Inside Sky Garry:

"Beep-bee-been b-better", - Red Alert responded finally to Ultra Magnus, getting his vocal circuits under control. "Must be some flaw in this unit. Thanks for getting me out. Shall we get b-back aboard Sky Lynx now, Commander?"

Then he'd heard Megaplex's accusations and immediately grew suspicious. He switched to an intercomm:
"It could've been a diversion! By the way", - he motioned towards Flattop, - "that Decepticon, obviously, had done nothing to help me, though he saw my problems! This all could be arranged by them..."

* * *

Metroplex citybay:
The virtual race between two Lightspeeds was close to its completion, and not a moment too soon. A breem or two, and Metroplex shall be met with enemies' fire. But now...

"Go on, 'speed, give it to him!" - Strafe was shouting enthusiastically.

"Or do you wish to be called Slowpoke from now on?" - Nosecone hinted, still sifling through the tome of names. - "No, wait, there's a better one - Backfire!"

"You can't be serious! There's no such names, you're inventing them on the spot!" - Afterburner bent over laughing.

"If you don't believe me, see for yourself!" - and the bore-wielding Technobot pushed the book into his comrade's hands.

That did Afterburner a final blow and he collapsed on the floor, laughing. - "B-Backfire!.. Rearblast!.. Tailpower!.. Ohh, I can't take it!.."

"Stop it!.. Behave your...", - Scattershot started, but than collapsed too, giggling histerically.

All this commotion hadn't helped Lightspeed (the Technobot). The Motorvator's car still had the first place, preventing any of his attempts to get forward. Moreso, his adversary was obviously skilled enough in dirty roadfighting, so any pokes in his rear bumper that Nissan made weren't to shake him from his course to victory.

So be it. Drastic circumstances call for drastic measures - the Technobot decided and let loose the virtual throttle, his car slowing down and then stopping completely. This action took everybody by surprise, obviously.

Motorvator Lightspeed's car, meanwhile, had continued his rush forward, having less than half of a lap to go...

2007-01-29, 03:31 PM
Megaplex Rushed into the medi-bay and observed what was happening.

"Damnit its the failsafe, Sky Garry, Shut down power to the med bay!"

Megaplex turned to Magnus

"Don't worry, We were each installed with a failsafe, its to make sure we aren't re-programmed or rebuilt by anyone."

2007-01-29, 08:33 PM
Trypticon: Briefing Room

While his team went about occupying themselves, some with the thought of battle and some avoiding it, Hammer waited impatiently. Finally the call came in, and he went to his circle of troops to interrupt their wait.

"Call's in. We're moving. Transform and move it."

The group of Micromasters transformed and combined, and Sledge took the lead toward Hangar Bay 1 while Hammer fed him the directions.

"Hammer calling Shockwave," the dump truck radioed. "Reflector has been reassigned. The Constructor Squad will be taking their place on the mission to confiscate the Sharkticon facility. Will be arriving at Hangar Bay 1 within the breem. Hammer out."


Scorponok: Launch Bay

Gigatron answered Cyclonus' call with a bit of irritation present in his voice.

"You are to be at the launch bay on the double, Cyclonus. Your team is here and will require your leadership to the energy facility once we launch."

The Decepticon leader turned to Cryotek with a smirk.

"Patience, doctor. First we must expel the vermin infesting our mutual home."


Tyrant: Bridge

Spectro averted his optics sheepishly and embarrassed.

"Moving into formation," Viewfinder reported. "...Now. Looks like there's still a ship or two missing."

"Nothing on scanners yet," Spyglass reported. "Wait... Got a bogey coming toward the Warworld. Moving fast. We won't be in position to intercept."

"They wouldn't fire a single missile," Viewfinder concluded. "Must be a scanner. If we can see it, the Warworld can. They'll shoot it down if they're inclined."

Since it seemed they had a moment, Spectro turned again toward Weirdwolf's station. He admired the board - it was a neat gadget.

"I suppose you'll want me to be the Autobots, won't you?"

2007-01-29, 08:41 PM
Deathsaurus left the armory as soon as he got Shockwave's call. "Shockwave, I'll be a few minutes getting there, I'm halfway across Trypticon."

2007-01-29, 10:01 PM
Trypticon Briefing Room

Wingspan turned to Hammer

"I b-b-better c-come w-with y-you r-right?"

Tyrants Bridge

Weirdwolf adressed Viewfinder

"me know let , when are we position in in field debris. Once position are silent routine engage."

Weirdwolf grinned

"side play i is of no importance, must remember you , do let not contempt enemies for you let underestimate them."

(ooc resists temptation to add young jedi to that last sentence.)

2007-01-29, 11:33 PM
Steelhaven, bridge

" All decks secured, engine power at ... er... 100% " read Backstreet on his monitor screen. " Drones reporting from engineering and weapons stations. "

The triggerbot, manning the nav station, engaged the ship main thrusters and, scratching the ship's prow on one of the Warworld's bay docking claws, flew the Steelhaven out of the decepticon's huge battleship main hangar.

" Er, sorry about that. Runabout, call Admiral Astrotrain and tell him we're going to join the fleet.

On the bridge main screen, a sea of shinning stars appeared, being suddenly interrupted by the damaged Unicon's head.

" Huh, it surelly could be worst... " muttered Backsrteet sending a glance to the Chaos Bringer remains. Setting a course towards the rest of the Transformer Alliance Retake Fleet, the Steelhaven's thrusters flashed and the silver ship moved with a graceful manner across the void.


Sky Lynx bay

After hearing the Security Director's suspicions, Ultra Magnus smiled in relief. Red Alert was ok.

" Let's go Red, now it's time to board Sky Lynx. And for you Megaplex, come with us. "

The City Commander strided again, and moved quickly inside Sky Lynx.

" The time has come soldiers, now it's time to fight. Sky Lynx, prepare to take-off inmediatly and join the fleet. "

2007-01-29, 11:52 PM
Steelhaven, bridge

''Ok''replyed Runabout to Backsrteet.Runabout grummbled to himself ''How do this again?Oh yes I remember'' he pressed a few buttons and switches and called Astrotrain ''Come in Admiral Astrotrain Come in,this is Runabout of the Steelhaven. We are ready to join the main fleet''

redman prime
2007-01-30, 01:07 AM

Satisfied with the prospect of tormenting multiple sets of Quintesson forces, Snapdragon backed up half a step.

"Ok, boss, you got it. Killing wigglers ain't gonna be an issue from up top or down below." He paused and looked around at the rest of the warriors. "But get outta the way when I get into the tunnels, cause I'm going to the front!"

Aero Blade
2007-01-30, 01:56 AM
As Aero Blade debated about what to do with Astra clinging to him, he looked up briefly as Hot Rod spoke to him.

"Yeah, I have a gun," Aero answered in his unsettled tone, looking back at Astra. "I don't think that's what I'm really in need of at the moment though..."

Brave Maximus
2007-01-30, 09:10 AM
Dai Atlas closed the hatch, and his voice, deep with the readiness for battle, came across the internal comm

"Everyone be ready. I'd say strap in, but you'll need to be ready to bail when I get you close to positions. This is not going to be an easy flight, so hold on."

With that, the white and black shuttle's main engines roared to life and it exited into black space above their planet of origin.

"Hot Rod." He called over his comm. "I'll commence my run on your command."

2007-01-30, 04:14 PM
Sky Lynx's bay:

"Strange..." - Red Alert muttered. - "The CR chamber Flattop was testing was OK, though..."

He urged Flattop to follow Ultra Magnus aboard Sky Lynx, while pausing for a moment beside damadged CR chamber to scratch OUT OF ORDER on its surface. Though it was obvious that chamber was non-functional without a lid, the Autobot Security Director wasn't taking any chances.

Running, he exited Sky Garry and entered Sky Lynx just a nanobreem before the hatch was sealed. His sensors were scanning the surroundings...

"Ready to takeoff, Commander Ultra Magnus. All personnel present and accoun... Wait a nanobreem!"

Registering the presence of Cliffjumper, Gears and Powerglide, he turned to Ultra Magnus.

"It's good to have reinforcements, even better when they consist of trustworthy old 'bots... but were they assigned to battle teams, Commander?
It's sensible that Cliffjumper should join the main assault force and Powerglide be assigned to aerial group... But what about Gears? Should he be sent together with Arcee, Hound and Spike on diversion work or better join the main group? What is your orders for him?"

2007-01-30, 04:40 PM
Sky Lynx's bay

Before Ultra Magnus could answer,Gears added in saying ''Ultra Magnus sir I would prefer to do diversion work then be with main assault force.''

2007-01-30, 08:48 PM
Onboard Sky Lynx:

"Gears does have a point, Commander", - Red Alert commented. "The diversion group lacks punch in close combat, and he can surely compensate that."

2007-01-30, 10:08 PM
Sky Lynx

Ultra Magnus lowered his head and looked at Red Alert.

" Yes Red, I assigned Cliffjumper and Gears to the Assault team under my command, and Powerglide in the Aerial team. I did this when they reported for duty, some time ago. "

The City Commander turned to look at Gears.

" So you want to join the Diversion team, soldier? " asked Magnus. " Well, I think we've enough troopers on the Assault team. Make it so, Red. "



" UNDERSTOOD " replied Metroplex to Grimlock with his deep voice via the bridge speakers.

The Autobot Citybot engaged his engines and powered his weapons. With soft and slow movements, Metroplex left the Warwold and moved through the cold void to join the rest of the Transformer fleet.

2007-01-30, 10:29 PM
Bridge Tyrant

Weirdwolf looked pensive

"Breakdown most to date up me give Spyglass ships of in Quint fleet round Cybertron ."

He checked a screen

"Counterpunch check double that space mines have all IFF codes for fleet ship autobots included and them prep for laying."

2007-01-31, 04:08 AM

Hearing Shockwave's message over her comm-link, Nightracer quickly made her way to hanger bay 1. It wasn't long before the Decepticon sniper entered the hanger.

While continueing to watch the race, the Stunticons over heared the two Technobots read some of the names in the tome (and chuckled at some of the names).

" What's the Autobot doin' now?" Wildrider whispered to Deadend when the Technobot stopped racing.

"Maybe he finally realized how pointless this is" Deadend whispered back.

" S-since when is m-making sure you d-don't spend the rest of your existence as Rearblast pointless?" Breakdown asked, also whispering.

2007-01-31, 05:25 AM
OOC- Who is controlling Countdown or is it ok to get him moving.

Hatemonger looked at the assembled Aubobots and Decepticons.

"Well if there are no more questions. We will be joining the rest of the armada soon then proceeding to our mission areas. Good luck and happy hunting. I will be around to answer any questions you may have. I have also sent to you all the various intel and maps of the area. View them and memorize them." He said as he got up and exited the stage.

"Skids, make sure everyone is ready for battle." He told the Autobot.

2007-01-31, 12:41 PM
Onboard Sky Lynx:

"Sorry, Commander. I've been busy with that Unicron-damned CR unit, so I hadn't noticed them coming", - Red Alert answered, looking a bit confused. But as he turned toward Gears, his confusion gave way to standard air of busy efficiency.

"Well, soldier, it is decided that you shall be assisting the diversion team. As of now, it consists of Arcee, Hound and Spike... and you, of course. You shall be deployed aside from the main spearhead of assault. Make as much noise and confusion as possible, to distract more Qiuntesson forces. Hound's holograms shall be useful to provide both distraction and cover for you if you'll be spotted by enemy.
Remember, do not engage in combat with large enemy groups! Your duty is to make them divert more forces in your direction, not to slay entire Sharkticon army yourself! Is that clear?"

* * *

Metroplex citybay:

As his comrades and other Transformers interested in the race were perplexed by Technobot Lightspeed's actions, Lightspeed himself was busy calculating. His processor worked furiously, taking a multitude of parameters into account: enemy vehicle speed, ever-growing distance, maximal acceleration factor of his virtual car... and a lot of other things, most of which were based on his knowledge of internal mechanics of the simulation process implemented in the console. He had made a number of guesses, and if any of these was wrong he'd lose. But there was no time to ponder on that.

The equation which he computed had been solved finally, and the results were diminishing with each nanobreem. He had to act in the moment when the result reaches zero - not a nanoreem before, nor after. But Primus, how hard it was to sit idly, doing nothing and being outwardly calm, listening to comrades' jokes and puns!.. Still, Lightspeed was determined to succeed. He decided that he knew how this race was going to end, and that was the best possible outcome both for him and for his adversary.

As the bulk of Metroplex moved from the confines of Warworld, Lightspeed's fingers moved too, pressing a button hard. The wheels of his car spinned fiercely, and, stalling for a nanobreem, the red Nissan launched forward, after its virtual opponent...

2007-01-31, 01:27 PM

Landfill wandered up behind the Stunticons one optic on the race .

"Alright good buddies you know anything about this 'ere combiner elimination squad ,"

2007-01-31, 03:21 PM
Onboard Sky Lynx

''Yes I understand'' answered Gears.After getting his orders Gears went back to his set beside Cliffjumper. As soon as he sat down Cliffjumper asked ''So why did you want to join the diversion team?''

Gears-''There are 2 resons for that Cliffjumper.1 They really need my help.2 Theres alot less of a chance of me being slaged if Im with them.''

Cliffjumper-''no here's the real reson for being on the diversion team.Your a coward.You don't have a brave circuit in whole your body!''

''Im not a coward''answered Gears but as he said that he thought to him self ''Maybe I am a coward''

*(p.s How do I use the bold feature?)

2007-01-31, 05:37 PM

" Yes, General " nodded Skids. He memorized the new data Hatemonger had given him and moved towards the rest of the transformers gathered in Countdown.

ooc: Oscar, I have pm you :)

2007-01-31, 10:26 PM
Sky Lynx bay:

Sky Lynx: -engines roaring to life- "Fear not, fellows, for you are within the aerially superior form of myself!" -flies out of the bay-

Omega Supreme:

Hot Rod: -into commlink- "I read you, Dai." -puts comm on hold, looks back at Aero- "You sure? I got a crowbar around here somehwere if you really need it."

2007-01-31, 11:25 PM
(OOC: I'm playing Countdown, Rav [unless someone else wants him. I'm happy to hand him off.] I did a post last page with him blasting off and joining the fleet in formation.)

Trypticon: Briefing Room

"Sure thing, buddy," the rear half of the orange dump truck answered Wingspan. "Meet you there."

Hammer thought of offering the Clone a ride, but that would have been a waste of precious time. The ship was in motion; the landing would be soon. The other two trucks thundered out after the dump truck en route to Hangar Bay 1.


Tyrant: Bridge

Spectro shook his head at Weirdwolf with a grin.

"Nah, you can be the Decepticons. You're the captain."

Spyglass worked the console before him efficiently but not very enthusiastically. He wasn't blowing anything up.

"Recon is a little sketchy. We have about a half dozen spiral ships on patrol at regular intervals in orbit, about a thousand miles out. Can't make out any tags from this distance, but I figure we should be able to once we get close to the planet."

Spyglass glanced at the forward screen and noticed Sky Lynx approaching. He picked up the console radio.

"Tyrant calling Warworld Command. All ships are in formation. Ready to begin assault on your lead."

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-02-01, 12:01 AM
Sunstreaker grunted at Hatemonger's orders. "So we land on our planet to stand around and wait? This is the master plan?" He shooke his head "Lets give them time to get ready, see if tehy can't get everything ready."

Sideswipe slapped Sunstreaker on the back and grinned "Well, atleast it will be a challenge!"

2007-02-01, 12:13 AM
Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain tapped the communications button on his command chair. "Acknowledged, Runabout," the admiral said, vaguely wondering how one of the Battlechargers had ended up on the Autobot starship's bridge. "Tell your captain to proceed to his preassigned position in the fleet and await further orders. Warworld out."

Switching to another frequency, he answered Spyglass. "Acknowledged. Prep-" he broke off as he saw Soundwave walking toward him. "Stand by, Spyglass."

As soon as he cut the channel, Soundwave addressed him, "Admiral," he said in a tone so textbook-precise that the Triplechanger thought it was a sign of contempt, "a small object is entering sensor range. It appears to be an obsolete probe of Quintesson design."

Astrotrain considered that momentarily; destroying the probe immediately would alert the Quintessons to the fleet's presence; allowing it to get closer would give them a few more minutes before they were discovered, but would give the enemy a view of the Transformer fleet as it departed. Either way, they would be robbed of some of the element of surprise.

"Iguanus," he addressed the Pretender, "compute a firing solution for the probe Soundwave has detected and shoot it down with a missile."

Hesitating only a second, the Triplechanger activated a fleet-wide comm channel. "All ships, this is the admiral. We have been detected. All ships are to immediately prepare for combat operations. We will drive toward Cybertron on my signal. Astrotrain out."

As soon as he shut down the comm channel, he addressed his own crew. "Helm, warm up the sublight drives. Tactical, run up all shield generators and weapons batteries to full power." He smiled slightly. "Once the main pulse cannons are charged, draw a bead on Unicron's head and open fire. If the Quintessons know we're here, we might as well show them just what this ship can do."

Dai Atlas

Buzzsaw trotted across the deck, hopped up onto a seat, and dug his talons in so he wouldn't loose his perch when the shuttle banked. "But of course," he said, feeling a little odd talking to the Transformer that was transporting him; when the cassettes were inside Soundwave, the other Decepticon didn't acknowledge their existence. "We wouldn't dream of doing anything else."

It was pointless blather, of course, and Buzzsaw knew it. He was nervous, though, and when he was nervous he got chatty.

2007-02-01, 12:40 AM
Deathsaurus arrived in the hangar bay and stood against the wall, "So, Shockwave, what do we do once we've entered Iacon?"


Sunstorm sent a comm-message to the entire Iacon attack force, "Good luck, comrades. It is the will of Primus that we regain our home, may all of you live to see it."

2007-02-01, 01:42 AM
Metroplex, Bridge

''Hay,Dino dork.Constructicons reporting for duty''said Scrapper to Grimlock ''Where do you want us?''

Steelhaven, bridge

Runabout turn his head and looked at Backstreet ''Astrotrain has ordered to immediately prepare for combat operations.What are your orders?''

*(p.s Im using red becuse the my bold isn't working)

2007-02-01, 07:15 AM

Wingspan transformed and flapped into the air pacing the micromasters he flew onwards towards the hangar bay.

Tyrant Bridge

Weirdwolf nodded

he pressed a button and the Decepticon side of the Board shimmered into life

"move first Autobots goes to."

Aboard Sky Lynx

Overdrive turned and addressed the flyers

"I want you to pair off and work out a leader Wingman System , that way someone will always be watching your back and you can give each other mutual support."

2007-02-01, 01:24 PM
Trypticon: Briefing Room

Getting the summons over his comm-link, Catilla got to his feet and padded out of the briefing room, heading straight for Hangar Bay 1 as he sent a reply transmission to Shockwave "On my way"

* * * * *

Sky Lynx

"Welcome" Sandstorm grinned, handing Quickmix the gun, then the Wrecker backed off, folding his arms over his chest and watching the chemist at work "Anything to prepare for the upcoming action"

* * * * *


"Alright, Decepticon" Devcon replied quietly with a nod, keeping his arms folded and his legs crossed with a neutral expression on his face. Looks like his skills as a bounty hunter preceeded him.

* * * * *

Omega Supreme Bay

Shrugging it off as Aero failed to recognise her as a medic, Astra had actually let go of the other Autobot and wandered off, taking a seat in a corner and pulling her field med-kit out of sub-space to check her supplies, glancing at Hot Rod before nodding at Bluestreak and inquiring "What about Mr Jitters?"

Aero Blade
2007-02-01, 03:52 PM
Indeed, Aero Blade hadn't recalled Astra as a medic, mostly as he had successfully forgotten the earlier incident with her. Stratus, however, did remember, and he'd been about to remind Aero of it, if not for the fact that Astra finally began to head off on her own.

Aero was left standing there, feeling confused and disoriented as he tried to decide what had just happened. The moment the med-kit came out, though, the missing picture was filled in, and the tech now moved very quickly. Now a fair distance away from the medic, Aero had also made sure that Hot Rod was now possitioned between himself and the medic.

Lord Zarak
2007-02-01, 04:46 PM
"I shall await everyone's arrival before I begin the mission brief" replied Shockwave to Deathsaurus.

Outside of Trypticon, Skystalker was bearing round when he saw a sight that terrified even him: yards away from Trypticon, Overlord was shifting, changing from his robot form into his waepon-laden base mode that dwarfed even Skystalker's transformed shuttle.

Where ever the light caught it, it looked a menacing, forboding sight, that would serve well as a shield as Shockwave's team descended to the surface of Cybertron, aided by Skystalker providing a support role.


"On my way" replied Cyclonus to Gigatron as he ran towards his destination.

2007-02-01, 11:40 PM

( Taking care of Verytired's Fizzle... )

Backstreet nodded to Runabout, then the triggerbot turned to Fizzle.

" Well captain " said Backstreet, " it seems we're gonna to test this beauty ".

Fizzle, seated on the Captain's chair, looked mischievously to Backstreeet. He was controlling the tactical station from the chair's controls.

" Yes, and I'm eager to see what is capable to do this repaired ship", grinned Fizzle. " Shields up, weapons on-line " he infromed. " Backs, be ready to move the ship at half-impulse at Astrotrain's command. Runabout, I want a full-arc sensor sweep. I don't want to miss anything, understood? "

2007-02-02, 12:22 AM
Warworld: Bridge

Iguanus went about his work quickly but with a resentment embodied in a quiet hiss. Calculating was not his favorite pastime. But he was excited to have bragging rights over firing the first shot in the war to retake Cybertron, so he trudged through the menial vector projections until he had a target lock. A somewhat unsatisfying final tap at his console sent a missile cruising from the Warworld's mammoth bulk, and in a moment the probe was swallowed by a short but glamorous flash of fire.

"Target dessstroyed," Iguanus reported to Astrotrain with greatly increased pleasure.


Trypticon: Hangar Bay 1

The orange dump truck was followed only momentarily by a purple backhoe and a yellow crane truck. In a moment, the three transformed into the Constructor Squad, and Hammer delived Shockwave a ceremonious salute while his troops assumed a V formation behind him as he'd instructed them to do on the ride (to the dismay of most).

"Technical Director Hammer and the Constructor Squad reporting for duty, sir."


Tyrant: Bridge

Spyglass put Astrotrain's communique on the bridge loudspeaker so Weirdwolf and the rest of the crew could hear.

"Your game's gonna have to wait, Spectro," Spyglass barked while hopping up and returning to the gunnery station. "How are the shields looking, Counterpunch?"

Spectro frowned. He moved the king's bishop's pawn (a solid-light hologram shaped as the Autobot scout Tailgate) forward two spaces before running back to his station at comm and sensors.

Viewfinder checked the engines one last time. If they were going to fail, he prayed it wouldn't be now.


Countdown: Cockpit

Countdown listened to the Warworld's message twice, then turned to half-look back into the shuttle's cabin.

"Our fleet's been spotted, sir!" he yelled back to Hatemonger. "We'll be moving out in a moment. May need to take evasive maneuvers - everyone be ready for turbulence!"

2007-02-02, 12:55 AM

After getting his orders Runabout pressed a few buttons and said to captain Fizzle ''Sensor sweep online now sir we will get the results soon,any other orders captain?''

Aboard Sky Lynx

Powerguild stood in front of the flyers and said ''Who wants to partner?''

2007-02-02, 04:12 AM
Omega Surpreme

" So; is it femme shy, the fact that she's a medic, or just an embarressing event?" Carnivac asked Aero, after watching the nervous Autobot for a few moments. Perhaps it was a bit blunt, but hopefull it would turn into a conversation.
Trypticon, Hanger Bay 1

Watching and waiting as her 'team mates' entered the hanger bay, Nightracer sized them up.

2007-02-02, 05:00 AM

"Very well. Do as you must and get us to the surface asap. All hands prepare for evasive tactics." The General said to all the alliance forces onboard.

Aero Blade
2007-02-02, 05:01 AM
"Medic," Aero Blade answered to Carnivac without hesitation, his tone sounding weary as he spoke. He didn't speak anything further, as though the one word said it all.

Brave Maximus
2007-02-02, 07:06 AM
Dai Atlas conducted a quick scan of the orbit of Cybertron and compared it to the inteligence reports from Warworld. Dai Atlas wasn't too familar with Cybertron's geography, only what he studied from historical text. But, judging by the fleet lay out, he ploted the best course. But it wasn't going to be pleasent.

He charged his personal shields, giving him the extra layer of protection in shuttle mode. PDL's were on auto-fire, as were the micro-missle launchers and AA guns. Dai Atlas' main cannon hummed to life - he made sure that enough power was directed to it, and it was fully charged. He'd get 4 shots at full power before he had to recharge - not a promising thought.

"I've ploted a course - it'll be direct and we'll make it - but, well, lets just say my internal inertial dampeners weren't ment to handle the strain. Hold on, and be ready to go when I say. Once you're out, I'll make sure the Quintessons in orbit pay attention to me and not you. If you get in trouble, call for help, I'll be there as soon as I can."

Out side of War World

A mid-sized Autobot shuttle launched from one of the side bays, and took up a position near the fleet. Inside, Skyfall, Speeder, Daniel (in combat armour) and the Minicons prepaired themselves for the assault and their part in it.

2007-02-02, 07:18 AM
Quintesson spiral ship Lex Causae

"We're getting some readings back, Captain," Hypotheon reported.

"Good, good. Put them up on screen." The inquisitor turned to face the bridge's main viewer. As the image came up, he frowned; it looked as if something was streaking directly toward the probe's visual sensor. Suddenly, the feed dissolved into a cascade of static. "What the-"

"Missile of some sort," Hypotheon told him. "Fired from very close to Unicron's head, by my estimates." He frowned down at his board. "Captain, I'm reading power signatures coming from the same area. Very strong and still growing. Something big is powering up out there."

"Nnnn." Antares' scowl grew deeper. "Stream our data to the Testimony and the Jurisprudence," he said. "Better Malix or Armadius decide what to do than we go charging in on our own."

"Aye, sir," Hypotheon said, sending the appropriate data to the other two ships.

Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain smiled tightly. "Good work, Iguanus."

Half-turning, the admiral asked, "Tactical, what's your status?"

"We're good to go, boss," one of the cassetticons answered. Astrotrain wasn't sure whether it was Rumble or Frenzy; he'd never particularly cared enough to ask which was which. Sometimes he wondered if even Soundwave was sure.

"Good. Open fire, then."

"You got it."

The Warworld rocked as it's main cannons opened up, firing titanic bolts of charged particles into the ruined mass of Unicron's head. There wasn't any particular reason to do so, truth be told; Astrotrain merely felt like flexing his ship's muscles and putting the fear of Primus into the Quintessons. It took nearly forty seconds of bombardment to crack the moon-sized head into pieces, and another half-minute before those pieces had been shattered enough that the space ahead of the Warworld was passable.

Opening a fleet-wide channel, Astrotrain said, "Consider that your signal. All ships, match speed with the Warworld and move out." Closing the channel, he glanced toward Tracer. "Steer us into Cybertron orbit. Keep to one-half sublight power until we clear the debris field, then accelerate to full power."

Bridge, Fort Max

Chase gaped. "Sweet zombie Primus," the Throttlebot said. "They can't do that!"

Crosshairs was more calm. "You try telling them that." The Targetmaster shrugged. "Besides, it's not the first time. I had a front-row seat when they blew up Phobos."

Chase shook his head absently, for once at a loss for words. "Yeah, but...it's..."

"I know," Crosshairs told him. "Trust me. I know. For now, let's just be happy it's pointed at our enemies."

"And when it's not?"

"We'll worry about it when it happens," Crosshairs said firmly. "We have more important things to worry about."

"We sure do," Hubcap interjected. "The Quints saw Astrotrain's little display, of course. I still haven't cracked their encryptions, but their subspace and radio channels are going crazy. We're going to have company real soon."

2007-02-02, 07:36 AM
Trypticon Hangar Bay 1

Wingspan landed behind the constructors and transformed

"D-d-data processor W-ingspan reporting in S-sir"

Tyrant Bridge

Weirdwolf nodded

"The game delayed have to will be."

"all hands to silent running , ship bring round into field debris close to planet , find us lets some prey."

2007-02-02, 06:03 PM

Before Fizzle could answer,A red light on Runabout's control panel started flashing.Runabout quickly pressed a few buttons and then turned his head to look at Fizzle again '' Astrotrain has given us the single to match speed with the Warworld and to move out,what our your orders sir?''

2007-02-02, 10:08 PM

Counterpunch had been busy re-aligning the ship's mines launchers and sending the id codes to the orthers fleet ships.

" Job done, captain Weridwolf ", informed the double agent.

" Oh yesss... carnage, slaughter, massacre... you'll enjoy it, you'll see..."

Counterpunch slightly shuddered, but instantly recovered his nerves. Then, he turned to look at Spyglass.

" Shields? " he asked, while turning on his seat and looking the tactical screen. " Shields on-line, front shield at 100%, rear shield at 99% - small enegy fluctuations, it seems -. We are ready buddy, but better prepare ourselves for a little shake if we pass the debris cloud that was Unicron's head... "



" Uh-oh! " exclamed Skids, falling to the ground when Countdown started to perform evasive maneuvers.


Quintesson fleet flagship, Jurisprudence

The Admiral Armadius slipped inside the bridge, and nodded coldly to his captain, Scarix.

" So? Why they have fired a probe, Scarix? " asked again the Admiral, seating himself in the Captain's chair.

" I believe that... the reason is " started Scarix, choosing carefully his words. But his speech was suddenly cutted by the helmsman.

" Sir, Admiral! We have detected a explosion in the Lex Causae quadrant, It seems like his probe have been destroyed.

" Destroyed? " repeated Armadius. " Perhaps pirates? Again? "

A signal beeped on the helmsman console.

" Sir, we are receiving incoing data from captain Armadius, apparently they have read big energy levels near Unicron's head. "

Scarix, moved quickly to the helm console and, after separating the unlucky helmsman, looked at the screen.

" This by-product is correct, Admiral " constated the captain, nodding towards the helmsman. " The energy levels detected are-"

But Scarix was unable to finish his sentence - again-. Unicron's head exploded into a massive debris cloud. The bridge crew looked to the main screen, rotated some of their faces and looked to each other. Armadius coughed, one of his tentacles moved towards his frontal face brow and rotated his faces again. He send a cold glance towards the comm officer.

" Open a general channel to all ships of the fleet " he ordered, coldly.

The comm officer opened a comm channel for Malix's ship, the Lex Causae and the rest of the fleet.

" Captains, I'm the Admiral Armadius. Red Alert, Red Alert! We're under attack from an unknown foe! Move all your ships to Cybertron's orbit and forme a line between the planet and the remains of Unicon's head. Proceed fastly! "

After his first orders, Armadius seated, more relaxed. He was ordering a conventional fleet deployment, because he wasn't sure about the nature of his enemy. Afterall, a power capable of destroying Unicron's head was something at least ' dangerous '. He looked at Scarix.

" Prepare the Jurisprudence for combat, Captain! Focus all sensor to Unicron's moon! I want to know anything about those incoming banits!"



Fizzle looked at Runabout.

" We're going to speed up and follow the Warworld ", he replied. " Backstreet, move this beauty. "

The triggerbot nodded, a little depressed by the Warworld's destruction show. He powered the Steelhaven's engines, accelerating to one-half sublight power. " Done, Fizzle " informed the triggerbot, with a sad vocal modulation.

" Yes I know " said Fizzle, sending a glanc towards Backstreet. " It remember's me of Phobos, and Crosshairs and Jetfire disappearence. " The Sparkabot sighed, but his most savage strategic part of his spark grinned at the incredible weaponary displayed by the decepticon's ship.

" Runabout " he ordered, " scann the area for rogue debris. I don't want any chunk of old'unicron's ugly face to smash our nose! " he ordered, powering the frontal batteries and ready to intercept debris.

redman prime
2007-02-03, 12:52 AM
Snapdragon dug his claws a little tighter into the floor and stretched a short arm over to a bracing, hoping that the evasive tactics meant action soon.

"come on, just let us out so we can start shooting those miserable wiggling bastards!"

2007-02-03, 02:31 AM
Trypticon, bridge:

(OOC: Babysitting Thunderwing for verytired)

Prime, Ironhide, and Thunderwing: -walks onto Trypticon's bridge in time to watch the destruction of Unicron's head-

Ironhide: "Gotta admit it. That was pretty impressive."

Prime: "And it did remove that eyesore."

Trypticon: -engines already alight, the battle fortress moving towards Cybertron- "Enemy ships in range."

Thunderwing crossed his arms, a mild look of displeasure on his regal features. "Yet you haven't opened fire?"

Trypticon: -voice rumbling over internal speakers- "Despite your new found freedom, traitor, you have no say here."

Prime: -optics narowing as he takes the command chair- "Now is not the time for arguing. Trypticon, target one of their ships, and open fire."

Trypticon: "By your command."

Ironhide: -watching the tactical display, the targeting brackets locking onto the nearest Quint ship, information scrolling across the display as it showed the Quint ship from various angles, telltales showing probable weak points in shielding-

Trypticon: -targeting the Lex Cause, his main gun roaring, fire a beam of pure anti-proton at the Quint ship-

Omega Supreme:

Hot Rod: -watching the rubble from Unicron head spread slowly through space, then blinking and almost flinching back when the vast bulk of Trypticon roars by- "I think we have a go signal, people." -activates commlink- "Get 'em down there, Dai. We'll be following you."

Omega Supreme: -rocket engines roaring up to full power, heading towards Cybertron-

Sky Lynx:

Sky Lynx: -engines roaring, flying towards Cybertron-

Quintession ship Caveat:

Priatus scowled. The down side to his job of anti-piracy and smuggling was not being near home when something went down.

Say, for example, a bunch of slaves showing up with a fleet of ships to try to attack Cybetron. "Kel!"

The helmsman sighed. "Want us to go in there, right?"

"Yes. Pick us a nice big target."

"Well, there's the big thing over there. I think it blew up Unicron's head."

"That'll do nicely."

2007-02-03, 02:50 AM

After getting his orders Runabout looked down at one of his screen's and then shouted to Fizzle ''Sir Im picking up enemy ship readings!Trypticon has opened fired on the enemy!''

Aero Blade
2007-02-03, 04:05 AM
"I hear ya, loud and clear," Tracer responded to Astrotrain's orders. He immediately set to work intering in the new coordinates on the computer, and preparing to initiate the upcoming manuver. Finally, it was about time for action...

2007-02-03, 04:45 AM
Omega Surpreme

Yet for a Decepticon that one word explained a lot and considering some of the medics Carnivac had the displeasure of meetiing, Aero Blade's nervousness was perfectly understandable. While Autobot medics probably didn't have the 'hobbies' that some of the Decepticon medics had, it did not mean everthing was fine.

" An old memory of a past medic or just her?" Carnivac asked Aero Blade.

2007-02-03, 04:50 AM
Quintesson spiral ship Lex Causae

"Incoming fire, sir," Hypotheon reported.

"What?" Antares scowled. "From where?"

"From..." Hypotheon checked his board. "From the vicinity of what used to be Unicron's head, sir."

Antares flailed his tentacles, but no one was sure whether it was the attack or the destruction of Unicron's head that had flustered him. "They do realize we're horribly out of range, don't they?"

"Shall I hail them and ask?" Audos piped up sarcastically.

"If you feel like being shot for stupidity, then feel free," Antares snapped. "Helm, evasive manoeuvres. Then get us moving toward Cybertron orbit. Slowly. I don't want to be the first ship into the fray."

"Aye, sir."

Bridge, Warworld

Soundwave glanced down at the sensor board. "Incoming fire," he announced without inflection. A few seconds later he added, "Impact. No appreciable damage. Shields holding at 100%."

"Of course they are," Astrotrain said. "Their starships don't pose a serious threat to us individually."

Standing, the admiral took a few steps forward and stood at the bridge's holographic situation board. It showed the relative position of the Warworld, every allied vessel, and every Quintesson vessel in sensor range.

"They're forming a line between us and the planet," Astrotrain mused. "A simplistic tactic, but one that could prove effective." Smiling, he added, "Not against us, of course. Iguanus, open fire with all forward arc missile batteries. We're too far away to target individual enemy ships, so don't bother. Just fire into their midst. Any shots that miss will just burn up in the atmosphere anyway. Secondary energy batteries, do likewise. Primaries, hold fire until we're in optimum range. Tracer, hold your course. If they don't move, we're going to crash straight through them."

Rumble and Frenzy both made agreeable noises and did as they were told. The space between the Warworld and the massing Quintesson fleet was suddenly filled with bright green medium-calibre energy beams.

2007-02-03, 05:10 AM
Metroplex, Bridge:

Grimlock: -narrows optic band- "Keep giving lip, Me eject whole of your group intospace, let you get there on own. Get down to launch bay with rest of combiners."

Warworld, bridge:

Ravage: -grooming himself, stops, watching the main viewscreen- "What would you like me to do, Astrotrain?"

2007-02-03, 05:25 PM
Metroplex citybay:

Engrossed with the race, both Technobots and Motorvators were oblivious to the display of power in nearby space (namely, destruction of Unicron's head). Their optics were transfixed on the screen where the red Nissan was racing after the blue Mini Cooper, driving towards finish line.

In the split moment when Motorvator's car was about to cross the line, it was literally torpedoed from behind by Technobot's Nissan, driving at the impossible speed of about 300 mph. Both cars shuddered from impact, blue Mini Cooper raising its front end and starting to roll over, red Nissan spinning around violently and turning on his side. And in that chaos of dust, sparks, tearing metal and screeching tyres a signal sounded. The finish line had been crossed, and the race was over.

But which of the Lightspeeds was the winner? Which car had crossed the line first? Both groups - Motorvators and Technobots - stood alert, waiting for machine's decision...

* * *

Onboard Sky Lynx:

Red Alert wanted to have a look at what was Unicron's head, but felt this against his dignity. So, he took several steps forward and sat himself side-by-side with Gears and Cliffjumper.

"I've been overhearing your talk, soldiers", - he started, - "and I want to say that such opinions mustn't be expressed amongst fellow Autobots. They can hinder the performance of individual units.

You," - he pointed at Cliffjumper, - "aren't to accuse your fellow Autobot of covardice. The mission Gears had volunteered on is rather dangerous, not in the less because of the limited numbere of forces there. While in the main assault force you can expect to be helped by other squad members, on the diversionary mission it can happen that every 'bot will fight for himself. I am sure that Gears had understood this perfectly clear before asking to be assigned there, and his decision was influenced by his willingness to utilise his infiltration and diversion skills rather than by lack of courage.

Am I right, soldier?" - and he glared on Gears inquisitively.

* * *

Onboard Trypticon:

Jetwave stood transfixed near the viewport, looking at the cloud of space debris which was Unicron's head not long ago.

What could that be if not a sign of divine providence? A ghostly symbol, an ancient relic of deadly enemy turned to space debris so efficiently and so magnificently!..

"This sure heralds our swift and sure victory over the desecrators of the Sacred Flesh", - he said aloud, not realising - and not caring, really - whether there was anybody near him to hear those words or not.

But from that point, his thoughts had gained a new direction.

But after the victory, if such power would rest in Decepticons' hands - can it be expected it wouldn't be directed on Autobots? The truce cannot hold forever, and sooner or later it shall be broken, bringing Decepticons' wrath on us, Autobots. What could be done about that?

I don't know yet. But what I do know is that something must be done... no matter the cost.

2007-02-03, 06:11 PM

After getting there orders the Constructicons left the Bridge and started on there way to launch bay.While walking Hook turned his head and said to the rest of the Constructicons ''Who put that dino boob in charge?He can barley speak, yet he commands such important ship?''

Long Haul-''Who decided that!''

Scavenger-''who ever did decide that is a bigger fool then he is''

Mixmaster-''He will screw up the whole operation!He will kill us all because of his stupidity!''

Bonecrusher-''So it seems my friends for the good of Operation and for the good of Cybertron we have only one option....'' Bonecrusher grabbed his laser pistol and thrusted it in the sky above him and shouted''Mutiny!!!What do you say Constructicons''

Long Haul-''Devastator is more then a match for Grimlock and his crew.Im in''

Scavenger-''Im sure lots of bots will support us once we get going.For the good of Cybertron Im in!''

Hook-''We are the only one's worthy enough to command this ship!Im in to''

Mixmaster-''Yes...Yes its the only way!''

Bonecrusher-''What about you Scrapper you haven't said a word?''

Scrapper-''Your all forgetting something''The Constructicons all look at each other confused and then looked back to Scrapper ''Prime!He supports Grimlock and all the autobots support Prime and Decepticons are allys to the autobots right now.So every one will be against us!

Bonecrusher-''What are you you saying Scrapper?''

Scrapper-''I say we buy our time and wait and become good friends with the bots on this ship.And then say an unfortunate accident should happen to Grimlock prehaps when were doing repairs to the ship, who will be chosen as there new leader why everybodys best friend the Constructicons!

Sky Lynx

''Ya thats right''Replyed Gears to Red Alert .But Gears still thought to him self Im I a coward will I run as soon as I see the enemy?

2007-02-03, 06:39 PM
Warworld: Bridge

Iguanus complied with Astrotrain's order silently, and the field of energy beams lancing from the Warworld found a partner in a stream of missiles rocketing from various points on the ship.


Space: Near the Warworld

With the giant fortress in motion, Scorponok, Countdown, and the Tyrant moved into gear behind the tremendous ship, passing through the remains of Unicron's head before picking up speed to approach the planet.


Tyrant: Bridge

"We're on course, captain," Viewfinder reported.

"No targets available yet," Spectro added. "Got some on radar. We'll have them when the Warworld gets out of our way."

"Guns trained on targets, primed, ready to fire on visual," Spyglass finished, turning a sadistic grin toward Counterpunch while waiting for his opportunity to open fire with the Tyrant's legendary missile barrage.


Testimony: Bridge

Malix' impatience had been grating when the threat was unknown, but with Armadius' orders given, he stood and screamed his orders, gesticulating angrily as he did. It was made no better when the Warworld began opening fire.

"Helm, move us into position on the double! I want Testimony at the center of the line! All power to starboard shields, linear yaw shift as we get into position! Secondary cannons, return fire!"

The spiral ship floated into position valiantly between Cybertron and the Warworld, the few shots that came its ways deflecting on the energy shield and being answered by scattered cannon fire.

Across the planet, the Chains of Justice moved to join Testimony, though it was still even beyond the Warworld's untrained guns.

2007-02-03, 07:33 PM
Tyrant Bridge

Weirdwolf studied the plot

"must we vary course our if just we Warworld follow easy make it will we for enemy plotters yes, speed also need we to vary. Spectro scan keep going yes optic open keep for launches Planet from and out of system from. Spyglass possibilities plot of mines laying across course enemy fleet of."

Brave Maximus
2007-02-03, 08:14 PM
"Understood Hot Rod, beginning my run."

The white and black shuttle ingaged it's main drives, accellerating with the force of nearly 20 gravities. For such a large ship, the main thrusters, and the Energon\Zone hybrid that powered them could move it very fast.

Dai Atlas headed strait for the drop zone at full speed, seeming not to notice, or care, about the Quintesson ships in his path - specifically a frigate dead ahead, a few thousand Kilometers and closing fast.

Aero Blade
2007-02-03, 08:46 PM
Bridge, Warworld

"Understood," Tracer acknolwedged to Astrotrain, maintaining his course while also preparing for any sudden change in manuvers that Astrotrain might order abruptly.

He was becoming a big eager, now that the fighting was begining to start, but in all reality he realized he'd probably be stuck on the bridge for the most of it, no actually combat participation aside from whatever other large ships they had to engage, which wasn't nearly the same as being out there on the frontlines yourself. However, there was bound to be a few Sharkticons or maybe even some Quints abandoned on the surface whenever they finally took back over, so he'd at least get some fighting in during clean up. Now it was the matter of how long it'd take before they'd get to that, if they could...

Omega Supreme

As Carnivac spoke his next question, Aero Blade returned him a mildly annoyed, yet flat expression, as though he'd just asked a question that wasn't worth answering. He didn't discuss the matter with most Autobots, he wasn't about to go talking to a Decepticon about it.

"That's none of your business," Aero answered, managing to keep his tone polite for the time being.

2007-02-03, 08:55 PM
Sunstorm overheard Jetwave, and walked over beside the Autobot, "Indeed it does, with such power on our side, how can we lose? Best of luck in the coming battle, my friend."

2007-02-04, 04:04 AM
Omega Supreme:

Hot Rod: -into commlink- "Good luck, Dai." -deactivates commlink- "ETA to planetfall, Omega?"

Omega Supreme: "Landing: 6 breems."

Hot Rod: -turns, looking back at the crew compartment, watching Aero's plight- "Better do something about this...." -unbuckles, heads back, stopping next to Aero- "Okay, guys. We land in 6 breems. Make sure you're ready. Aero, you come with me. I need you to keep an eye on Omega's infragonkulator framawhatzitz. It's been acting up."

Bridge, Trypticon:

Trypticon: -engines at full, charging towards the Lex Casue-


Priatus scowled(which, to be honest, was something he did a lot). "KEL!!!!"

He heard his second in command sigh somewhere behind him. "Yes, sir?"

"Contact the Jurisprudence. I want orders."

"But, sir.... I should think they woule be fairly obvious......"

"I don't CARE what you think! I'm in command here! I do the thinking! Now contact the Admiral!"

Kel sighed inwardly, wondering if it was too late to blackmail somebody back at HQ for a transfer.......

2007-02-04, 05:00 AM
Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain glanced down to Ravage. "Go collect your new toy, then report back here." The admiral frowned. "With any luck, you'll be able to make the round trip before the battle is over. The Warworld is...rather large."

Quintesson spiral ship Lex Causae

Antares involuntarily let his tentacles coil around the armrests of his command chair as the Warworld started firing. The elderly spiral ship rocked slightly as a half-dozen unaimed shots from the battlemoon clipped the edge of its shields.

"Sir," Hypotheon piped up, "one of the enemy cities is charging us."

"Brilliant," Antares said dryly. "Tactical, open fire on the enemy. Pick one spot on its shields and let loose with everything you've got."

"Uh, sir..." The Lex Causae's weapons officer turned to face him. "It's Trypticon. He'll destroy us."

"They keep saying that, but we're still here," the captain told him. "You handle the guns. I'll worry about keeping us alive."

"Aye, sir," the weapons officer said. Milliseconds later, energy beams and concussion missiles streaked out toward a point in space just in front of Trypticon's nose.

"Helm, give us continuous axial rotation. I want fresh shields and fully-charged guns between us and that...thing at all times. Understood?"

"Aye, sir." The helmsman complied, and the image on the bridge viewport started to spin.

"Good." Antares nodded slightly. "Keep us moving forward. Once we reach the rest of the fleet, I want you to put a half-dozen other ships between us and Trypticon."

2007-02-04, 05:53 AM
Bridge, Warworld:

Ravage: -nods- "I don't want to miss too many of the explosions." -turns, bounds off the bridge-


Trypticon kept charging forward, shields flaring under the impact of the Lex Cause's guns, main gun roaring again, firing another beam of pure anti-proton at the Quint vessel, adding in fire from his missile batteries, infinate repeaters, and hellbores. "Run, little Quints. Run in fear."

Bridge, Trypticon:

Prime: -looks back at Ironhide- "Any ideas?"

Ironhide: "Uh...." -shrugs- "Ah got a feelin' prayer mahght work....."

2007-02-04, 06:17 AM

As the Micromaster ship began to engage the fire from Quint forces Hatemonger realised something.

"I've never been one to take getting shot at lightly." He growled.

"Countdown, what do you have for offensive weapons we can man and Counterattack?" He asked.

2007-02-04, 07:20 AM
Omega Surpreme

Getting the hint that this wasn't something he would get an answer to without starting a fight, Carnivac descided to let it go. Thus; he didn't mention that if it was just her, then it could become Carnivac's buisness if she had to repair him. It was also the reason Carnivac gave Hot Rod a look that said ' I know what your trying to do and I'll allow it', then looked back at Aero Blade.

" I guess you better go check on the 'infragonkulator framawhatizitz' then" Carnivac said to Aero (while trying not to sound amused at the so called excuse), before turning to Hot Rod and more seriously adding " I'll be ready."

redman prime
2007-02-04, 08:53 AM
Countdown rocking ever so slightly, Snapdragon was positively bristling at the idea of getting into space and sending Quints to the same space as Unicron's head right abour now.

"Greatshot how long are we gonna sit here before we get out there and kick some Quint ass?"

And with that, Snapdragon scuttled closer to the door and made sure he was going to be the first one into the doorway when the order came. which couldn't happen soon enough..........

2007-02-04, 11:41 AM

The Admiral Armadius observed the holographic tactical display on the Jurisprudence's bridge. The green light-points that represented the Quintessons ships were forming a nearly-perfect battle line around his flagship, but some of the perimeter ships hadn't arrived yet.

But the battle had began, and some scattered missiles from the salvos shot from enemy moon-sized battleship hit the Quintesson's formation.

" Shields still at 100%, turrets destroying incoming missiles ", informed captain Scarix. " Minimal damage across the fleet, sir. "

Armadius nodded, rotating his faces, while moving his tentacles around. He was watching a small green light on the display.

" Comm officer " he snapped, " open a channel with the Lex Causae, and told Captain Antares to move faster. I want him in the battle line ASAP. "

The comm officer nodded, while performing his duties.

Armadius turned to look again at the holo-display.

" Tactical " he ordered, " bring cover fire for the Lex Causae. Train all frontal long-range heavy disruptor batteries on Trypticon and open fire. Fire all missile batteries towards that moon-sized ship - the Warworld -. Comm, order the Chains of Justice and the Testimony to train their frontal batteries on Trypticon and fire when in range. Also tell them to fire their missile towards the moon-sized ship. Proceed with delay."

" Aye, sir " replied the comm-officer, sending messages.

Orbiting Cybertron, the oversized spiral ship, the Jurisprudence and her escort ships, started to return fire.

Aero Blade
2007-02-04, 05:03 PM
For a moment Aero Blade stared at Hot Rod as though he'd spontaneously grown a second head, then gave a mild sigh as he slightly shook his head, seemingly to himself. Either Hot Rod was trying to invent a way to separate him and Carnivac, in which case he just made up up a ficticious part, or he was so inept at technical work that he wasn't even able to pronounce the name of the part in question, which in that case Aero was worried that there was more than just the one device that might be in need of attention...

He really had no interest in associating with Decepticons, so ploy or no, he turned towards Hot Rod. "Alright, where is this thing?"

2007-02-04, 06:31 PM
Tyrant: Bridge

There came an odd silence over the bridge while all three of the Reflector trio went about their orders. It was something of a task for them to concentrate on what they were doing while ignoring the crossinput they were getting from each other, but they worked efficiently.

"No launches from planetside, captain," Spectro answered Weirdwolf. "Just weaponsfire from the Quint ships in orbit."

"I have a clear route around a possible minefield," Spyglass reported. "It'll bring us into a flanking position near the edge of the Quint fleet. Probably draw lots of enemy fire, but we're fast."

"Shall I plot a course, captain?" Viewfinder asked.


Countdown: Cockpit

With the remains of Unicron out of the way, Countdown punched his ship's throttle up a few notches to fall into line behind Trypticon. He wanted to be ready to make his move when the path was clear.

"She's built for speed," Countdown yelled back at Hatemonger. "Not much for a starfight, but there are a couple cannons on the starboard side in this mode."

Countdown tapped a few buttons near the edge of his command console to eject the cannons from the side of the ship and activate the gunnery station in the cabin.


Quintesson ship Testimony

"You heard the Admiral!" Malix shrieked. "Tactical, assume targets and fire at will! Helm, hold position! We're not letting those damn Transformers through this fleet, do you hear?"

The secondary gunner glared at Malix for a moment before turning back to his station. "He's gonna get us all killed," he muttered to the gunner next to him.

"You're gonna get us all killed if he hears you," was the reply.

In a moment, Testimony's main cannons opened fire on the rapidly-encroaching Trypticon while her missiles streaked toward the mammoth Warworld.


Quintesson ship Chains of Justice

Dilletus looked through the bridge viewport with mixed feelings. The situation looked bad - the fleet wouldn't hold up long against that thing. At the same time, this could be the opportunity he needed to prove his ability to the Admiral. The other captains still looked down on him, being a Judge in a place he didn't belong. He'd change that.

"Ghatrix," Dilletus shouted down to his helmsman, "get us into position faster. Nox, charge main batteries and open fire at the target. Sylon, divert power to shields."

The ragtag crew did as ordered, and the space between Chains of Justice and the Transformers ships filled with yet more fire.

2007-02-04, 07:54 PM
Bridge Tyrant

"Tweak course us to bring from in quadrant rear so as minimise to weapon fire yes."

Weirdwolf studied the plot

"Viewfinder so it make."

2007-02-04, 09:00 PM
Countdown, cockpit

Skids entered the cockpit, and looking through the main viewport, stayed silent watching the remains of Unicron's head disintegrating on Cybertron's orbit.

Realizing that he was going to start daydreaming again and lose focus, he shaked his head.

" And what about the defensive capabilities? " asked to Countdown, wondering how much damage the micromaster transport could hold up.


Sky Lynx, cockpit

Utlra Magnus, seated on one of the cabin's seats, watched the fleet movements.

" Sky Lynx, follow Countdown's course. He's just behind Trypticon, and the decepticon citybot is moving faster towards Cybertron. "


Tyrant, bridge

Counterpunch turned to look at Spyglass, and sent towards the reflectorcon another evil and sadistic smile.

" I'm eager to see what the Tyrant can do with the Quint's clumsy spiral-things, hehe " laughed the double agent.

Still grinning, he turned on his station and continued to monitoring the shields.

" Well done Punch, I couldn't have said it better! "


Steelhaven, bridge

" Maintain course, Backs " said Fizzle. " Accelerate and move the 'heaven on a parallel course with the Warworld . "

" 'kay, Fizzle " said Backstreet, nodding.


Metroplex, bridge

" Sir, Grimlock " said Scamper from the tactical station. " Metroplex has a firing solution on one of the Quint's ships targeting Trytpicon. He asks for permission to start firing. "

2007-02-05, 12:49 AM

''Fizzle, in coming enemy fire!What are your orders sir?I suggest we return fire on those fools!Ha ha ha''Runabout was finely happy to be back in combat after weeks of doing nothing.

Sky Lynx, cockpit

Powerguild entered the cockpit and looked at one of the screens and saw the battle raging and the enemy fleet he turned and spoke to Utlra Magnus ''Dose Sky Lynx have good sheilds?Because a think were going to need them''


Constructicons entered the launch bay and Scrapper shouted''Who is in charge arounld here!''

2007-02-05, 03:20 AM

Hatemonger nodded.

"Very well, let's just cut through the Quint forces and get topside asap." He said looking at the radar and scanners for the area.

"I am plotting a course through the Quint line. They have alot of ships but are being sloppy. Can you increase your shield power, use the firepower you have and make a break through?" Hatemonger asked the transport.


Greatshot looked at Snapdragon.

"As soon as we land we are the air support. We will cover our comrades with our sparks." The Autobot six-changer told the Decepticon Headmaster.

redman prime
2007-02-05, 04:13 AM

"Nah, we'll be covering our comrades with the ash of our enemies corpses in a few minutes. "

And with that, Snapdragon was ready to roll out and, if neccesary, deploy to attack a spiral ship if the need were to arise.

2007-02-05, 05:38 AM
Quintesson spiral ship Lex Causae

Antares didn't immediately answer the instructions from Jurisprudence. Truth be told, he was too busy making sure he wasn't tossed from his command chair as Trypticon's antiproton beam clipped the old warship's shields. The spiral ship rocked, but nothing on the bridge exploded, which he took as a good sign. As other Quintesson ships began to fire on the pursuing citycon, the captain relaxed his grip on the armrests somewhat.

"Bring us into formation near the rear of the line," he told the helmsman.

"Aye, sir."

"Lieutenant Audos," the captain signalled his communications officer, "open a reply channel to the Jurisprudence."

"Done, sir."

Antares nodded, then assumed his most professional tone of voice. "Admiral Armadius, this is Captain Antares on the Lex Causae. Sir, the enemy forces have firepower that vastly exceeds our ability to repel. I respectfully suggest you order the carrier ships to launch all fighters."

Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain smiled tightly as more concerted incoming missile barrages from the Quintesson armada started to impact against his flagship's shields. A mile ahead of his vantage point, the Warworld's shields flared as they absorbed the enemy fire.

"Shield status report," he demanded.

"Holding at 100%," Soundwave reported flatly.

"Good." Astrotrain nodded. "How long until we reach optimum range for the main cannons?"

"Approximately one quarter of a breem," Soundwave replied.

"Inform me when we do."

2007-02-05, 07:46 AM
Bridge, Trypticon:

Ironhide: -watching the tactical display- "Shields an' deflectors're holdin' at 100%.... Hey.... Trypticon, whut're ya doin'?"

Trypticon: "Reinforcing my forward shields." -switching to internal ship's comm- "All hands, brace for impact. Collision imminent."

Prime: -optics widen- "You're not seriously planning...."

Trypticon: -voice taking on an almost gleeful note- "Oh, I am, Optimus Prime. I most certainly am."

Prime and Ironhide: -brace themselves as best they can-


Thundercracker: -looks at Jetwave and Sunstorm- "Hang on, guys." -grabs onto a support strut-


Engines roaring, main gun and all forward weapons batteries blasting away at the Quint ships in general(and Lex Causue in particular), sublight engines kicking up to 120% of potential, seeming to scream through space at full ramming speed.

Bridge, Metroplex:

Grimlock: -nods- "Yes. Give all supporting fire to Trypticon. Better follow him in."

2007-02-05, 03:00 PM
Hatemonger saw Trypticon getting ready to ram through the Quint ships.

"Well nevermind Countdown. I think we found our battering ram in front of us. Stay close and give him any fire support you can."

2007-02-05, 06:04 PM

Watching from the windows Charger and Krok admired the speedy approach on their home planet.
“Great…“ shouted charger “it seems we’re in for a bumpy ride”

Meanwhile Krok scanned the area to have a tactical overlay of the ships and to see if there was anything they could do.

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-02-05, 09:13 PM
Countdown's Shuttle
Sunstreaker watched as the shuttle's weapon system unfolded thanks to Countdown and gave a small grin.

"I call it." He said with an almost excited tone as he began to move towards it.

Sideswipe groaned "Hey no fair, I wasn't looking!"


Inside Mirage
"Hey, Mirage!" Blaster saod over the internal comm, tryiung to get the spy's attention. "Give me an eta here."

2007-02-05, 10:15 PM

The Citybot accelerated, following Trypticon towards Cybertron. With his shields up, he trained his high-energy maser cannons, laser lances, and his anti-matter projectors and fired a deadly volley of titanic firepower towards the Quintesson fleet.



" Focus yourself on getting in formation, Antares " replied coldly Armadius, while ordering his comm officer to cut the transmission with a tentacle nodd.

" Captain Scarix " the Admiral ordered, rotating his faces to look at his subordinate. " Order a massive deploy of the Overcharges wings. And concentrate all firepower on that damned Citycon - Trypticon-! " he yelled, poniting with a tentacle.

Scarix nodded, opening a comm-link to all the Quintesson ships.

" To all ships, launch all Overcharges squadrons, I repeat; launch all Overcharges squadrons! Concentrate fire on Trypticon, I repeat, concentrate fire on Trypticon! "

On Jurisprudence's belly, the hangar bay opened and expulsed a swarm of Overcharges in their starfighter mode. The vessels pointed - at the same time- their noses towards the incoming Transformer fleet, arming their weapons and ready for attack. Blue flashes from the ship's main batteries firing towards the incoming Trytpicon enlightened the scene, bringing an unusual beauty on the coarse forms of the Overcharges.



" ATTENTION, ATTENTION: ENEMY FIGHTERS LAUNCHED. TO ALL FLYERS, PREPARE TO INTERCEPT ", informed Metroplex's voice through the internal speakers.

Silverbolt and his Aerialbots listened the news, and following their commander, they moved towards a nearby docking hatch.

" Yeah, things are getting better and better! " grinned Air Raid.

" Starfighter combat is deadly different from the air combat, " warned Skydive, but his companions just ignored him.

Silverbolt arrived at the hatch, and rising his wrist he opened a channel to the bridge.

" Grimlock, here Silverbolt. We're going to exit Metroplex and intercept the enemy fighters, but we'll need back up. "

And with that the Aerialbots moved inside the docking bay, closied the inner doors and the pressure emptied, the five Autobot jumped towards the cold void of space, transfoming into their jet modes and engaging their thrusters, ready to intercept the Overcharges.

2007-02-05, 10:17 PM
Bridge Tyrant

Weirdwolf paced he stopped and adressed his crew

"jamming Quint frequencies attempt , chance have we they have not ground forces informed yes help it will ground forces our , the longer our invasion secret a is."

2007-02-05, 11:35 PM
Quintesson fleet line

The Chains of Justice finally pulled into position and came to a halt not far from the center of the line and the Testimony. With Armadius' orders reaching both captains, the missile barrage halted for a moment before commencing again with their focus on Trypticon. At the same time, hatches on both ships opened to launch a swarm of Overcharges that dove, transformed to jet mode, and buzzed out toward the approaching Transformers armada.


Trypticon: Hangar Bay 1

In spite of their regiment, the Constructors scattered at Trypticon's warning, finding things to hold on to and high ground to avoid being crushed by potentially falling larger Decepticons. Shockwave seemed especially heavy...


Tyrant: Bridge

"Aye sir," Viewfinder answered while steering the ship to its set course.

"Scanning for jamming frequencies," Spectro reported. His computer buzzed for a moment, but it was cut off when he turned his chair to face Weirdwolf. "The spiral ships are deploying starfighters, captain. Focusing their main guns on Trypticon."

"All right, some action!" Spyglass shouted, popping out his control stick to open fire on the encroaching Overcharges without waiting for Weirdwolf's command...


Scorponok: Bridge

It was of little surprise that the scowl always gracing Scorponok's face was only deepening by the moment.

"Gigatron," he radioed back to his commander, deliberately exempting the 'Lord' many Decepticons chose to add, "starfighters incoming."

Scorponok piloted the ship to emerge along the Warworld's opposite flank and opened fire on the Quintesson ships with it full fury, trying to draw their fire from Trypticon. He obviously had something planned, and he'd need help getting it done.


Scorponok: Launch Bay

Gigatron pressed his hand to his head for a moment while a transmission from the bridge came through. He turned to his troops and shouted while the hangar door slowly opened.

"We have Quintesson starfighters on course! All spaceworthy warriors, disembark and intercept! The rest of you, stay here to repel boarders!"

With the door open, Gigatron dove into the laser-filled void of space and transformed to his jet mode, rocketing off to lead the others to battle against the Overcharges.

Near the back of the launch bay, Octane frowned and looked down at Airwave.

"Hey, I'm no space fighter," he rationalized. "I'm built for atmospheres. What about you?"


Countdown: Cockpit

Countdown did as ordered, the ship rocking somewhat more heavily as they came into the field of combat and were dealing with incoming enemy fire.

"She's never let me down yet," he told Skids confidently. It wasn't entirely true; there had been a time the shields had given up in the middle of a reentry, but he had that problem fixed. He hoped.

"Hatemonger!" Countdown called back into the cabin. "Quintesson ships are disgorging fighters! I recommend you send an interceptor squad!"

2007-02-05, 11:52 PM
Tyrant Bridge

Weirdwolf nodded

"fire open on fightercraft . Viewfinder calculate if mines use can , possible is it them to deploy in path of fighters. If not steer course so most station weapons bear can."

He turned to Counterpunch

"boost on shields ship targetted side, deploy flares and chaff."

He paused

"Hands all to action stations , ship secure for possible Theta 7 manoueuvre, if fighter craft approach close too will we ship flip and use power of engines on them, shields their force full of space drive will stand not yess."

2007-02-06, 02:07 AM

Hatemonger listened to Countdown and got onto Countdown's com-link.

"All space and aerospace worthy transformers scramble and attack the incoming Quint fighters." He said hoping they would scramble pretty much ASAP.


Greatshot looked over at Snapdragon.

"Looks like you get your chance. Ramjet, Thrust, Roughstuff, Snapdragon get to the launch bay. As soon as they open go! Take out any threats to Countdown first. Then assist the other fliers." He said running to the launch doors.


Roughstuff arrived and his truck bed transformed into it's fighter mode.

"Hmm, never tried 0 Grav fighting before this should be fun." He said getting ready for combat.

redman prime
2007-02-06, 02:47 AM

"Hell yeah!" was all that Snapdragon could think to say before dashing over to the airlock.

"any of you other guys feel like killing come Quints? I can't wait forever here!"

2007-02-06, 05:53 AM
Mecha Assembly bay, Warworld:

Ravage padded into the room, sticking to the shadows, wondering where his new body was.

Then, with a dull whirring of waldoes, his new body was lowered to the floor in front of him.

Lips quirked up at the corners, he padded around his new body, the lights in the bay glinting off of the chrome, nodding at the one detail he'd added as a vanity. He took a closer look at it. It was a chromed image of himself, in mid leap, complete with the proton bombs. He padded around to the back, nodding at the words Jaguar XKR-R, then padded over to the driver's side, and jumped, transforming in mid air to cassette mode and slotting into the, admittedly anachronistic, tape deck concealed in the dash console.

The Jaguar XKR-R's engine roared to life, a full throaty roar that soon lowered to an almost contented purr. He shut his engine down and transformed to robot mode, stretching. He liked the redesigned HUD, and the fact that now he actually had pulse lasers in addition to the bombs. "This new body will work nicely, I think...." He transformed back to vehicle mode and roared out of the bay, heading back towards the bridge.

Bridge, Trypticon:

Prime: "What's our shield status?"

Ironhide: -involuntarialy gripping the tactical console- "Still holdin'. Hope th' rest'a th' invasion fleet's keepin' up."

Bridge, Metroplex:

Grimlock: "Me hear you, Silverbolt. Get out there, keep fighters busy. Any other flyers down there, take with you."


Leozak: -stands- "Gaihawk, Hellbat, with me. Let's see what we're up against."

Leozak, Gaihawk, and Hellbat: -follow the Aerialbots-

2007-02-06, 06:05 AM
Trypticon, Hanger Bay 1

Upon hearing Trypticon's message, Nightracer quickly looked around the hanger. Once she found something to hold on to, the Decepticon sniper headed over to it and did her best to brace for impact.

2007-02-06, 07:48 AM
Quintesson spiral ship Lex Causae

(OOC: You don't get to blow up the ship until you can spell it right, Hein. ;))

Antares scowled at Armadius' caustic reply, but the incoming fire from the Decepticon city had his full attention.

"Status report!"

"Aft shields down to 52%," Hypotheon replied, shouting to make sure he was heard over the bridge noise. "Forward shields holding at 98%."

"Engineering, run more power to the aft generators!" Antares snapped. "I want them back up to full power!"

"Aye, sir," the junior officer at the engineering station said with just a hint of nervousness in his voice. "It should only take a few seconds."

"Good," Antares told him. A second later, he jerked slightly as if something just jumped to mind. "Oh, Lieutenant Audos, you can tell our compliment of Overcharges to launch. Tell them to keep close to the fleet and provide a screen against any Transformer fighters that make it this far."

"Aye, sir."

Bridge, Warworld

"Reading fighter launches from the enemy fleet," Soundwave reported. "Multiple contacts. At least three wings worth."

"Wonderful," Astrotrain said dryly. "I would order our other ships to launch their own fighters, but it would seem my captains are actually paying attention today."

The admiral glanced at the tactical holo-display, then shook his head. "Of course, if they were left to their own devices all they'd accomplish would be to throw their fliers' lives away."

Soundwave watched the Triplechanger mutely, waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop. He needn't have waited long, as it happened.

"Thankfully, this wasn't an unexpected contingency." Tapping the communication stud on the side of the tactical board, Astrotrain said quickly, "Bugly: go."

Hangar Bay, Warworld

Roadgrabber shook his head. Tell me again how I got myself into this...

"You volunteered."

"Don't do that!" The Pretender whirled around to glare at his mission commander. "Don't you have the slightest concept of privacy?"

"Of course not," Bugly told him flatly. The other Pretender glanced over his shoulder to check on the launch operations. "Now is hardly the time for recriminations. We have a job to do. Transform and launch as soon as the approach is clear."

"Aye, sir," Roadgrabber said. His tone was sarcastic, but he knew he wouldn't be able to hide his deep fear from the mystic. Reluctantly subspacing his vehicular shell and transforming to his jet mode, he fired up his engines and blasted out of the hangar with his squad leader right on his tail.

As soon as he cleared the battlemoon's shield sphere, he found himself in the middle of the biggest fighter group he'd ever seen. Squadrons of seekers and sweeps launched from the Warworld streaked toward the enemy fighters, weapons charged and missiles loaded.

It would almost be impressive, Roadgrabber thought caustically, if the Quintessons didn't outnumber us ten to one...

(OOC: I don't really expect the generic 'Con fliers to actually do anything, but I figured having them around would add to the atmosphere. Feel free to have 'em blow up as much or as little as you'd like. :))

Bridge, Warworld

Soundwave nodded with grudging respect as Astrotrain's fighter wing spewed forth from the Warworld's hangars.

Impressive, he thought before turning his attention back to his station.

Astrotrain, for his part, was still watching the tactical board. "Tracer," he said calmly, "hand helm control over to one of the drones, then take over the point-defence gunnery systems and shoot down any enemy fighters that come in range."

Lord Zarak
2007-02-06, 09:46 AM
ooc- by the looks of things, still waiting on Warpath and Fastlane. They may get left behind. Or can I just asume that they are here?


Shockwave was caught unawares by the sudden increase in Trypticon's speed, and toppled over in the direction of the assembled troops, crashing into a couple (ooc- take yer pick).

I should have seen that one coming he thought to himself. Logical, if reckless.

Outside, Skystalker spoke to Overlord:

"Lets get moving! Trypticon is making a path!"

"Do you think", began Overlord, "That I hadn't thought of that myself? Whereever Trypticon goes, we go until we pick up Shockwave's 'motley' crew."

They both powered up their engines and weapons and began following in Trypticon's wake.

Seeing his oportunity, Cyclonus entered space, transformed and began revelling in the opportunity of space-flight again. He saw Gigatron and flew in formation behind him.

"Would now be a good time to lead some troops?" he asked in his deep, evil, voice

2007-02-06, 03:44 PM
Inside Trypticon:

Jetwave was literally entranced with a powerplay of mighty spaceships against citybots, so he payed no attention to his surroundings. Only Thundercracker's warning seemed to get him out of this self-induced trance.

"Hold on? Mustn't we get out and lend some aerospace support against enemy fighters and ships?" - he asked angrily.

That was when Trypticon's sudden lurch made him took several steps backward until he walked straight into the wall, smashing a sensor panel.

"OK, you have a point there", - he admitted, grabbing a rail with such strength that metal had bent under his fingers. - "Still I think we should make ourselves useful, not simply sit here. Look, other fighters have already joined the fun!" - and he pointed at the viewscreen, where squadron after squadron of Quintesson fighters were met by Seekers and Aerialbots.

* * *

Metroplex citybay:

Around the race screen, Technobots and Motorvators were growing impatient. There were other things happening around, like Grimlock's order for all aerospace units to engage the enemy, but they simply had to know how the race had ended! But the pair of consoles simply refused to come to a single conclusion, calculating and recalculating, checking and rechecking their results.

Finally, the screen had lighted again, but instead of the word WINNER there was an appaling thing written in capital letters:


Race again?_

"What???" - Afterburner, Scattershot and Strafe asked simultaneously. Nosecone had only chuckled dryly.

"Simple. Look, this is the best possible outcome", - Technobot Lightspeed stood up and offered a hand to his Motorvator opponent. - "It is not fair to compete in virtual cyberspace where I know all subtleties of modelling and calculations. But I had to do this, to show that I don't wish to humiliate you."

He looked at - visibly shocked - Motorvator Lightspeed.


Scattershot had regained his composure first.

"Great. Well, at least you don't end with some obscene name that we'll have a hard time memorising. Now!.." - he took Strafe by his shoulder, - "let's get out and make some Quint omelettes!"

And two spaceworthy Technobots followed the trail of their Aerialbot comrades.

"And what do we do here?" - Afterburner asked, irritated by the fact he couldn't join into the fray.

* * *

Inside Sky Lynx:

Red Alert watched the battle between Quintessons' and Transformers' aerial forces.

It seems that some of Autobot fliers were reluctant to join the battle, Scattershot and Strafe in particular. That must be investigated...

And why hadn't we deployed every spaceworthy fighter to counter enemy small crafts? It seems to be a tactical mistake, if not overall defeatism, from our leaders' side...

"Commander Ultra Magnus," - he asked dryly, - "shouldn't our spaceworthy fighters from the aerial wing be deployed too?

And shouldn't we advise Sky Garry to keep his station and destroy any possible treat to us? His weapons have greater range than Sky Lynx's, after all."

2007-02-07, 12:56 AM
Near Metroplex

" Turn on my mark, Fireflight. You have two bandits on your tail ", said Silverbolt through the internal Aerialbot channel. " Mark! "

" Aye sir! " said nervously Fireflight. The younger Aerialbot moved sharply to left and downwards, dodging the fire from a pair of tailing Overcharges. Silvebolt moved to the fray from above, and fired towards the enemy fighters, destroying them in a huge cloud of fire.

The Aerialbot leader moved towards Fireflight's side.

" Follow me Fireflight, and stay close! " ordered Silverbolt, increasing speed and flying back towards Metroplex.

Nearby, Air Raid, Sky Dive and Slingshot were flying directly towards a swarm of Overcharges aproaching Metroplex from below.

" Attack pattern V-Sigma 2 " ordered Skydive. " I want a volley directly on the center of their formation. "

" Understood, Skydive " replied Air Raid.

" 'Key " snapped Slingshot.

" Well. Fire at will! " said Skydive, firing his missiles and lascannons towards the Overcharges.

The Aerialbots wings shuddered as the missiles were fired, and the three flyers increased their speed and moved directly through the Overcharges formation. Ahead, some explosions illuminated the Aerialbots cockpits as they closed with the eney fighters.

" Whahaaa!! " exclamed Air Raid, exultant.

" Multiple hits confirmed " informed Slingshot.

" Well done boys; now pass trhough them and break their formation! Break their formation! " ordered Skydive, with Slingshot and Air Raid acting as his wingmen and piercing through the remaining Overcharges formation, spitting lasers.


Sky Lynx, cockpit

" They are relying on me, they're looking at me as his leader, to tell them what to do, to choose the correct decision. But I'm only a soldier and I'm not worthy of being their leader. I had once the chance and the Matrix but... "

Ultra Magnus turned his face to look at Red Alert, who was talking to him.

" Huh? " he said, turnig to look at the cockpit tactical display and discovering a suddenly starfighter battle, with Overcharges, sweeps ans Seekers battling all around them. Damning himself for his insecurity, Magnus frowned and sent a grave glance towards his Security Director.

" You're right, but we must be prudent. We have only a few flyers capableof space travel " said Ultra Magnus.

The city Commander left his seat and moved through the cockpit's narrow door. Once outside, he stopped and looked at his troops, ready to send of them again to the battle.

" Any of you capable of space flying, exit Sky Lynx and protect him from the Overcharges " he ordered with a serious voice modulation.



Counterpunch reinforced the shields and activated the Tyrant counter-mesures.

" Free me, free me, free me... "



A flight of Overcharges filled with extra weapon load in attack formation headed straight for Trypticon, wihle three more flights moved to intercept a squadron of sweeps. After the dogfight, the entire sweep squadron was wiped out, and only three Overcharges remainded intact, but they were terminated by a pair of lucky green seekers that sneaked behind them without being noticed by the Overcharges. Rolling high and diving, the two sekkers moved away, heading towards another group of Overcharges.

Nearby, an Overcharge bomber flight moved towards Metroplex, while some of their fighters escorts breaked away to intercept Silverbolt and Fireflight and he rest moved towards the Breastforce .


Dai Atlas

" Open the hatch, open the hatch! " said Dogfight to Dai. " They need me in the outside! "

2007-02-07, 01:13 AM
Deathsaurus caught Shockwave as he fell, helping him back into an upright position, "Commander Shockwave, are you alright?"


"I must agree with Jetwave, brother. We doth need to make ourselves of more use to the Cybertronian cause," the creamsicle seeker told Thundercracker.

Aero Blade
2007-02-07, 01:20 AM
"Gladly," Tracer answered to Astrotrain, his voice showing signs of enthusiasm for the first time sinc the tripple changer had joined him on the bridge.

As soon as he was able to transfer control to a drone, Tracer immediately moved to the weapon controls for his new assigned post, more than eager to finally get in something resembling some fighting action. It was still no match for being out in the action himself, but this was far preferable to being behind a navigation consol...

2007-02-07, 03:50 AM
Sky Lynx

After Ultra Magnus gave the orders to the flyers, Powerguild walked up to Ultra Magnus saluted and made his way to the door,but before he could exit Cliffjumper stop him and told him''Good luck out there buddy.'' ''Luck who needs luck when you got amazing flying talents like me!'' Powerguild said back to Cliffjumper.Then Powerguild opened the door and jumped out transforming as he did so.It wasn't long before a Overcharge attack group appeared. Powerguild charged right in to them firing his thermal beam and lasers destorying all but one, who managed to get behind him and fire a few shots at his left wing, Powerguild managed to do a aerial loop and get behind the Overcharge and shoot it down.

2007-02-07, 05:17 AM
Space Battle

Roadgrabber dodged incoming missile fire from a pair of Overcharges on his tail, abject terror giving him the agility he needed to evade their attacks.

Dammitdammitdammitdammit! Why did I go for this gig? I'm naked, no shell, enemies everywhere! They're gonna blast pieces off me, burn off my hull, rip off my-

"Try having some composure," Bugly's voice crackled over their comm link. "You can deal with them."

Roadgrabber was too terrified to remember that he should be outraged at the mystic reading his thoughts. "Bugly! Help me! Please!"

"No." Bugly's voice carried just a hint of contempt. "You are more than capable of helping yourself. I have my own concerns."

"But-" Roadgrabber's protest stopped short when Bugly closed the comm line. Fine. I'll show him. Firing his thrust boosters, the gunner shot forward. Once he'd put a safe distance between himself and his enemies, Roadgrabber flipped nose-for-stern and fired a barrage of heat beams at the pair of Quintesson fighters. His momentum carrying him forward through the vacuum, he sprayed weapons fire indiscriminately until the two Overcharges erupted into fiery balls of debris.

"I knew you had it in you," Bugly's mocking voice came over the comm.

"Go to the Pit," Roadgrabber snapped.

Flipping over again, the Pretender throttled up and shot toward the nearest group of unengaged enemies. All around him, sweeps, tetrajets, Earth-mode seekers and enemy Overcharges swooped, fired, dodged, fought and died. More powerful energy blasts leaped between the two fleets, aimed at other capital ships but perfectly capable of vapourizing a starfighter with even a glancing hit. Debris, undetonated ordnance and vented fuel floated between the combatants, presenting almost as much of a danger as the enemy fire.

Roadgrabber put it all out of his mind as he closed with the enemies.

Concentrate on the fight. If they're gonna kill me, it's not going to be because I was too busy daydreaming to see the missiles coming.

Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain watched the starfighter battle progress on the tactical display, his expression grim.

We'll take out their fighters, but the cost will be more than we can afford to pay.

Still, there was nothing to be done about it. The enemy fighter squadrons (which, he noticed, bore a disturbing likeness to his traitorous brother Blitzwing) had to be stopped. If the price for that was most of the fleet's fighter wing, they would simply have to adjust invasion tactics later.

Crossing his arms, the admiral continued to observe the fight.

2007-02-07, 07:24 AM
Sky Lynx

Overdrive watched the battle wishing that he was capable of Space Flight.

"They look very similar to Blitzwing if they are a related design then their weak points could be similar has any one got Blitzwings specsif we could work out the weak points then our fliers could target them.

2007-02-07, 01:05 PM
Fizzle had finished analysing the situation at hand.
"Pilots, move the 'haven to the lower right flank of the batlle: Gun commanders, I want all Port side weaponry to be commanded manually. Backstreet, broadcast our co ords to the Warworld bridge, Runabout, man the Tractor beam: target the nearest and largest Quintesson vessel, but do not fire till I say so."
Fizzle grinned: after all the waiting on this ship, now he was in his element!

Warworld Bridge
Frenzy looked up from his screens and shouted a report at Astrotrain: "All Starfighters sent from the Spiral ships are engaged sir, but the Warworlds weaponry is having trouble compensating: the fighters are just too fast, they can't lock on."

Rumble added his two cents from his station: "All shields are holding, and propulsion is unimpeded. We are still green."

The pair were both sweating and cursing: neither were truly built for these tasks, and they were both fighting the urg to down tools and go hit something.

Scorponok Launch bay
Airwave looked up at Octane blankly, then grinned.
"Lets face it: we don't have much of a chance anywhere do we?Come on. I'll watch your back, you watch mine."
With that, Airwave transformed, mass shifting as he did to the size of a fighter jet as he did.
"COME ON MAN!" he shouted over the roar of his jets, a change coming over him: the deal was put to one side, and now there was a war to win. He may be the weakest fighter, but he'd be damned if he'd wait as the slaughter passed him by.

Scorponok, Holding bay
Nautilus had been treated unkindly by the Drones, having been placed in the cell quite unceremoniously. As rough as the tour had been though, the suspected felon had something to be grateful for.
Scorponoks Cells weren't built half as well as the ones on the Warworld.

Quintesson Half Spiral Ship Conviction.
Doron watched as the last of the Overcharge Units left his ships launch bays and joined the massive space battle outside. Doron was soon lost in thought, and his junior Jhuram looked up from his nav console with a sickened grimace.
Melancholic Fool! he thought venomusly, rubbing his battle arm subconsciously.
Doron seemed to have heard this, and looked his junior in the eye: his battered white armour and faded blue cape seemed gone for a second, and for the briefest moment, the product once the equal of ghyrik himself was there. But only a moment.
"First Pilot Bong," Doron started, indicating the Alligatorcon sitting directly in front of him, "lock course for that ship with the fantastic coat of paint in front of us."
The Pilot took note of this and began course corrections, bringing the Convivction around to meet the Tyrant. .
"Gun Commander Shield," indicating a burly Gatekeeper behind him, "Keep all fire from you and your assistants to minimum and aim for their weaponry and shield generators. We will attempt a boarding action."

(OOC I hate being out of the loop!)

2007-02-07, 02:53 PM

"Ok Countdown open our launch bays. It's time we counter attack." Hatemonger said.

"Aerial attack group. Your targets are the fighters. We will engage the large ships wipe out their escorts. Hatemonger out." He said fairly certain his fighter wing could hold their own.

2007-02-07, 04:18 PM

Jetwave watched the scene of space battle carnage, his hand gripping the rail tightly, bending in out of shape...

We cannot sit here doing nothing... Why doesn't Thundercracker commands us to engage? What does he wait for?

Doesn't matter. Even if it would be a mistake, I cannot simply wait and watch when my felow Autobots are already fighting for the sake of our home planet. I must join them, and to Pit with that cowardly Seeker!

Making up his mind, he turned to Sunstorm:

"I'm going out. Join me if you wish."

It had to be seen whether the orange Seeker could be an ally in the battle to come or a masked enemy... But there was but one way to find out.

Jetwave ran into the lock chamber and engaged the lock mechanism. Several nanobreems later he was in free flight side-by-side with massive bulk of Trypticon.

Transform! Shuttle mode! - he ordered himself, and for the first time in his new body he felt a familiar shifting, extending and transformation sequence taking place.

Launchers... Switch to homing missiles!

He waited for the homing systems of the missiles to lock on two nearby Overcharges then fired both simultaneously. Mechanisms whirred, and another pair of missiles was loaded into the launchers immediately.

"Sweet Primus... Seems I'm gonna like this new body", - Jetwave told himself, seeing as his first targets exploded in two balls of flame...

* * *

Space Battle - near Metroplex:

"Come on, Strafe! Let's show those Space Eggheads what real fighters are made of!" - Scattershot shouted through the intercomm. Here, in a midst of a battle, he was in his element.

"Yea, right..." - Strafe answered, hypnotised by a multitude of targets before him. A whole wing of Overcharge bombers was approaching, with only him and Scattershot between them and Metroplex. "Am engaging", - he transmitted before starting blasting.

Multiple traces of his shells went from him past Scattershot, to the approaching Overcharges.

"Hey! Wait! I'm here, in the middle of your fire, you rustbucket dumphead! Stop firing, damn you to the Pit!.." - Scattershot shouted, moving here and there to avoid being hit by friendly fire. At last, he transformed back to robot mode and colided head-on with Strafe, gripping his wing to get out of the line of fire.

"I'm gonna send you to CR chamber for that, you..." - he hadn't finished, looking as one after another of Overcharge bombers exploded, riddled with cannon fire.

"All right. This time I'll let it pass. But from now on you fly aside of me, not after me! Right?"

"Right, Squadron Leader", - Strafe answered before turning on his tail and blasting another Overdrive fighter which approached them from behind to pieces. - "I had my sights recalibrated by Lightspeed, that's all", - he added, as if to explain the nature of his unusual shooting accuracy. "That's another two of them!"

"No, you dumphead! That's Silverbolt and Fireflight!!!" - Scattershot shouted and pushed Strafe to get his line of fire out of the approaching Aerialbots.

"Sorry... I just kinda reacted..." - Strafe hadn't finished, ashamed of himself.

"Oh, cut it out. In some matters you'll always be the same - shoot first, than shoot again and not look what you shoot at all", - Scattershot answered with a sigh. "Follow astern and shoot only the targets in front of you, I'll cover your tail!"

Then Scattershot activated his commlink.

"Take care, Silverbolt buddy, for our famous sniper is with me! Perhaps you'd move from this side of Metroplex to the other and let us have the fun here, eh?"

2007-02-07, 04:29 PM
"We go to battle, Thundercracker, I hope you shall join us soon," Sunstorm said as he followed Jetwave into space,
he flew to the side of the large shuttle, "I thought you might want a wingman my friend," he said, firing a missle at an oncoming Overcharge.

2007-02-07, 05:50 PM
Space battle - beside Trypticon:

"Perhaps I do..." - Jetwave replied to Sunstorm slowly, looking how his next two would-be targets turned in mid-flight and blasted his missiles with laser fire, then started to advance towards him.

"No, disregard perhaps - i sure do!!!" - he shouted as the pair of Overcharges fired at him, two missiles each.

Without any kind of rapid-fire weapons or point defence system I am just a sitting Autoduck in a barrel here! I need to get out of this missiles!

Jetwave engaged his trusters. It was pointless to try to outmaneuver the missiles, but he tried to do all he could - put up some speed to buy time.

"Shoot 'em off my tail, will you?" - he signalled Sunstorm.

Now I shall see whether I can trust that Decepticon - at least in this battle - or not at all - he thought, watching as missiles got closer to him with each nanobreem.

That's why I hate dogfight - an unwanted thought surfaced.

Brave Maximus
2007-02-07, 06:12 PM
Dai Atlas closed the distance between himself and the corvette-class ship infront of him. His main cannon charged with black and orange energy, aiming right for the mid-section of the ship.

"SIT DOWN!" the Powered Master growled over the comm, at Dogfight. "You have a job to do, and that won't start until we get behind enemy lines. If I let you out now, you die!"

The main cannon fired, with such force that the lights in the cabin dimmed a little before coming back to full power. Ahead, the quintesson corvette took the hit broad-side, the energy ripping through the hull and out the other side. In an instant, the ships reactor breached and the explosion sent massive of plasma flames and shockwaves - into the heart of which, Dai Atlas flew at full speed!

(OOC: Verytired, Cosmos and Dirge are on Dai Atlas, not Omega Supreme)

2007-02-07, 06:29 PM
Sky Lynx

Quickmix was absorbed in his task muttering to himself

"just a little tweak here up the vicosity change the bore , there you go ."

He looked up at Sandstorm

"The modification should improve your weapons effectiveness by between 5.45- 9.23%

2007-02-07, 06:36 PM
Countdown: Cockpit

"You've got it," Countdown answered Hatemonger while throwing a switch.

In an instant, the airlock hatch blasted open, allowing the warriors to dive out into the action.

The few guns along the shuttle's hull continued to pick off a few Overcharges, but Countdown was relying mostly on evasive tactics to survive the day. The guns weren't very accurate on autopilot, with Countdown's attention on his flight path.

"I don't suppose--" Countdown paused while an exploding Overcharge disintegrated loudly and violently against the forward shields. "I don't suppose you could handle a gun emplacement," he asked, taking a moment to look back and up at Skids.


Tyrant: Bridge

A broad sneer were continually present on Spyglass' face as his trigger fingers repeatedly depressed the actuators, firing blast after blast of lancing energy toward the enemy fighters. They were quick, but the Tyrant's cannons were mighty, and a single well-placed blast could take down four of them at once.

"Plotting a trajectory," Viewfinder reported to Weirdwolf while swinging the ship around.

"Captain," Spectro interjected before Viewfinder could finish. "We've got a spiral ship bearing down on us from starboard. Closing fast."


Scorponok: Launch Bay

Octane frowned with thick ambivalence. He knew he was going to get himself killed, but he knew from experience that being dead wasn't half as bad as letting a Micromaster outfight you. With a heavy sigh, Octane charged forward, leapt, and transformed into his jumo jet mode to blast into space.

"A'right, let's waste 'em!" Octane shouted with nervous glee while trying to keep up with Airwave and opening fire with his wing lasers at some distant Overcharges.


Space Battle

"It is indeed!" Gigatron radioed back to Cyclonus. "Our valiance will clear the path to Cybertron, but be conservative with fuel! This is only the first stage!"

Gigatron barrel-rolled to allow a pair of green lasers to zip past him before firing his cannons and pulling up to narrowly avoid the explosion of the Overcharge ahead of him.

2007-02-07, 06:48 PM
Bridge Tyrant

Weirdwolf nodded slowly

"pawns have they sacrificed now their knight approaches, weapons main new target on lock, secondary weapons engage fighter craft quintesson . Shields boost approach vector their on. Ship round swing bring to as many weapons as possible bear to yes."

2007-02-07, 07:03 PM
Sunstorm pulled into a loop, coming up behind the missles and blasting them before they got very close to Jetwave, "Got them."

2007-02-07, 07:10 PM
Trypticon: Hangar Bay 1

Entering the hangar bay, Catilla wobbled to one side as their ride sped up, then moved fast, darting from side to side to avoid falling objects in a cat-like fashion until he was front of Shockwave, commenting with a gruff "Reporting in"

* * * * *

Omega Supreme Bay

Astra scowled as she got a total lack of response to her question, then she got to her feet and strode over to Hot Rod, resting a hand on his shoulder and trying to spin him around to face her "HEY! I asked you a question, do not just ignore me, mister"

* * * * *

Bridge, Trypticon

Staggering into the bridge as the Decepticon cityformer picked up speed, Wheeljack wobbled over to Prime and saluted, chirping almost happily at the possible future prospect of tinkering with something "Reportin' for duty in case of damage after the impact"

* * * * *


Devcon got to his feet on hearing Hatemonger's transmission, transforming to his space-fighter mode and heading off to the nearest hangar-bay, taking off into space as soon as he got there and opened fire. (ooc: can someone else help me out here please? I suck at playing out fight scenes with myself)

* * * * *

Sky Lynx

"Just in time for the battle" Sandstorm grinned, shifting unhappily as he heard Hatemonger's call to arms and wishing helicopters could fly in space, then he glanced at Quickmix as he stuck his main gun in sub-space and moved closer to the chemist, intending to use the modified gun for the fight to come "Can I have the gun back now or haven't you finished yet?"

2007-02-07, 10:01 PM
Space Battle - near Trypticon:

"Thanks", - Jetwave signalled Sunstorm, accelerating still further. He blasted through space, coming almost head-on with the pair of Overcharges. They've opened at him with their lasers, but - to Jetwave's satisfaction - his armor was able to withstand the blows.

"Next time pick somebody your own size!" - he shouted angrily, firing two missiles at point blank. "Pity - seems you wouldn't have a next time", - he added with a chuckle, seeing the two explosions blooming where a nanobreem before two Quintesson fighters were.

Checking the rear view, Jetwave was pleasantly surprised seeing Sunstorm on his tail. But, before he could compliment the orange Seeker about his good flight performance, he saw four more objects closing from behind, and they weren't Seekers nor missiles...

"Four Quints on your tail, Sunstorm!!! Evade!!!" - he manadged to shout the instant before the four Overchargers opened fire with their laser batteries at the single Seeker.

Jetwave pulled up, trying to head back, but his speed and inertion were just too much. He couldn't get there in time. Still, he did what he could - fired two missiles without lock-on, switching to direct radio guidance to control them on their course to intercept the targets. Unfortunately, this mode consumed almost all his processing capabilities, so he almost lost control of his own flight.

That's why I need a crew at the consoles... and several rapid-fire turrets won't hurt, too

2007-02-07, 10:21 PM
Sunstorm went into a barrel roll, but not before a few laser blasts injured his wing, that made Sunstorm angry, he transformed, "YOU WOULD DARE STRIKE THE SON OF PRIMUS?" he screamed, glowing orange as he blasted the Overcharges with lightning, leaving them nothing more than radioactive husks, not noticing in his anger that Jetwave had already fired missles.

2007-02-07, 10:32 PM
Space battle

After Dai Atlas destroyed the Quintesson escort, a flight of six Overcharges rolled right and dived towards Dai, ready to intercept the transport.

Inside the shuttle, another battle was raging.

" What are you talking about!? " spitted incredulously Dogfight at Dai Atlas speaker. " Your precious mission on Cybertron will be ash and smoke if you persist in your obstinacy and don't open that blasted hatch! Don't you see it? You need me on the outside to clear our path of enemy fighters! "



Skids looked at Countdown's weapons console as if the controls were alive, and nodded towards the aproaching Sunstreaker.

" I think he asked for this first ", said Skids.



Counterpunch reinforced the shields, as the Tyrant changed his course to engage the aproaching Spiral ship. He switched off some secondary systems to redirect the energy to the shields and weapons systems. He turned to Spyglass.

" Come on boy, blow that damned Egg-faces from the space! " he said to the reflectorcon. Counterpunch's optics shinned with joy.


Around Metroplex

" Roger Scattershot ", replied Silverbolt, using an internal comm channel. " You and your triggerhappy sniper could defend Metroplex's perimeter. But first..."

And with that said, Silverbolt and Fireflight increased their speed and moved to intercept four Overcharges bombers that were starting a bomb run on the citybot.

A pair of Fireflight's missiles and a burst from Silverbolt's nosecone bolts destroyed the Overcharges. Moving through the debris cloud of the destroyed fighters, the two Aerialbots rolled hard left and moved away from Metroplex.

" Good shooting, Fireflight " said the Aerialbot leader. " Follow me, we're gonna join Skydive and the others. "

2007-02-07, 10:34 PM

'Yes sir,Ha ha ha ha.This going to be fun''replyed Runabout to Fizzle's orders.Runabout ran over to the Tractor beam control table and sat down.He pressed a few buttons and aimed the crosshairs at the Quintesson ship Lex Causae then Runabout shouted back to Fizzle's''Tactor beam aimed and ready for your command.Ha ha ha''


Powerguild spoted a lone Overcharge,and gave chase.The Overcharge was good, it swerved and curved and dodged all of Powerguild's shots, it was leading Powerguild farer and farer form the battle.Finley Powerguild scored a shot on its right wing casuing it to lose control and crash in to a asteroid.''Know one ever escapes old Powerguild.''Just after saying that a missle shot by Powerguilds nose he looked behind him and saw 5 Overcharge attack groups behind him numbering 50 ships in all.He fled as fast as he could to get back to the main battle as he did so hundreds of Overcharge Shots were cliping him.He new he needed help right away or he was done for.He sent a message on his commlink ''Somebody help me! I have a whole bunch of Overcharges on my tail!help!''

[P.s Can I Tactor beam Lex Causae or should I target a different ship?]

[p.s How can help you MirageHoundFan?]

2007-02-07, 11:27 PM
Sky Lynx

Quickmix looked up

"there you are old boy get lost in the work don't ya know."

He fitted one last part into place.

"It's all yours old boy give them Quint's hell with it."

2007-02-07, 11:52 PM
Space Battle

Skydive, Air Raid and Slingshot breaked the Overcharges formation, and started a bloody dogfgiht with the survivors.

" Nice shot, Slingshot " said Skydive when his comrade tailed and destroyed a retreating Overcharge.

Air Raid was pursuing a pair of Overcharges when he received Powerglide's transmission. After dispatching the Overcharges with a pair of missiles, the Aerialbot rolled and dived towards Skydive.

" Hey second-boss, I've picked a distress signal from Powerglide. It seems like he has bitten more than he can chew ", informed Air Raid.

Skydive turned hard right and headed towards the space battle perimeter, from where Powerglide was returning closely followed by a huge amount of triggerhappy Overcharges.

" Stay here with Slingshot and wait for Silverbolt, Air Raid " ordered Skydive as he moved away. " Powerglide, I'm Skydive. Hold on, I'm on my way! " he said, changing to the flyer internal frequency.

Luckily for Powerglide, a small squadron of tetra-jets an Seekers intercepted the Overcharges, engaging them in a deadly dogfight. Althought the transformers fighters were vastly outnumbered, the distraction allowed Skydive to quickly reach Powerglide.

" Come on buddy " said Skydive turning back and accelerating to where his felow Aerialbots were waiting, " you can join us, if you will. "

2007-02-08, 12:03 AM
Omega Supreme:

Hot Rod: -pointedly ignoring Astra for the moment- "It's over there, Aero. On the bulkhead, under that display screen." -shrugs Astra's hand off, spins to face her, poking his finger at her nose- "The last think I need right now is some medic with a glitch in her ducting getting on my back and messing with everybody else. The kid's nervous enough as it is, and the last thing he needs is you glomming onto him like a Sharkticon to a slow moving meal. Bluestreak is going to be guarding you. You guys will stay at the rear. All nice and safe. If you've got a problem, too bad. Now get back there and make sure your gear is in order, medic."

Cybertronian space:

Thundercracker: -having followed Sunstorm and Jetwave out, transforming to fighter mode-


Leozak: -kicking his afterburners in, arcs towards the Overcharge bomber wing, missiles and energy bursts flying from his weapons hardpoints-

Gaihawk and Hellbat: -looping around and screaming in on their six, blasting away at the Overcharge's engines-


Brainstorm: -in the cockpit of his transector, locked in a dogfight with a couple of Quint fighters-


Trypticon continued to barrell forward, the Quint ships trying to form up in front of him smashed, riddled with weapons fire, or blown out of space completely as he continued towards Cybertron.

Bridge, Trypticon:

Prime: "Ah, good. Wheeljack-"

Trypticon: -powering up his intruder defenses, but keeping them on standby- "Keep him away from my systems."

2007-02-08, 12:31 AM
Space Battle

''Alright I will join you guys''Powerglide said as he followed close to Skydive's tail.

2007-02-08, 01:46 AM

Hatemonger nodded.

"Excellent Countodown. Aerial fighters go!" He said into the com-link.

He then walked to an air lock and transformed into his tank mode and opened fire outside of the airlock at the incoming Overcharges "I don't need a weapon my turrets are my weapons."


Greatshot transformed into his star fighter mode.

"Ok boys lets do this! Here we go into the...." he paused for a second "Black umm blue yonder!" He said tearing out of Countdown.

"Countdown Aerial Group with me. Stay in formation until we find our targets then break apart and wipe them out!"


Roughstuff droppd out and got behind Greatshot.

"Well let's do this!"

2007-02-08, 04:02 AM
Omega Surpreme

Witnessing the convertation before him, Carnivac descided that the answer to the question he asked Aero Blade might have more to do with 'just her' then the 'past'. The Decepticon pretender made a note to do his best not to end up as her patient. Given her behavior, who knew what kind of malfunction she had.

With the race ended, the Stunticons had different reactions. Dragstrip just stared at the now blank screen as if looking at alien artifact. Deadend mummered about this proving how pointless the race was. Breakdown continued to try to be not noticed. While Wildrider and Motormaster clearly wished they could be out fighting instead of waiting.

When Shockwave went down, Nightracer was glad she had chosen a spot out of the way.

redman prime
2007-02-08, 04:43 AM
Snapdragon fell rather unceremoniously out of Countdown as his airlock opened.

"well, isn't this magical.." he muttered as he transformed into his starfighter mode.

He jumped on the throttle and fell in formation on the wing of Greatshot and Roughtstuff.

"hey Devcon, wanna watch a wing and smash some Overcharges?"

I can't believe i just asked an Autobot to watch my back....

2007-02-08, 07:06 AM
Bridge, Warworld:

Ravage: -pads onto the bridge, walks over to Astrotrain, sits next to him, watching the viewscreen- "My thanks, Admiral. This body is everything I'd hoped it would be."

2007-02-08, 07:22 AM
(OOC: Lex Causae has fallen into the back of the Quint fleet, so I'm not sure you'd be able to get a tractor beam lock on it right now.)

Bridge, Warworld

"Leave the fighters to Tracer," Astrotrain told Frenzy. "Concentrate your fire on the nearby capital ships."

A quick glance at the tactical display told the admiral that several enemy ships had already fallen to the Transformer advance, casualties of the shoddy manufacturing and poorly-trained crews that were all too common in the viciously capitalistic Quintesson military.

"Hopefully it will serve you well," Astrotrain nodded vaguely at Ravage as the spy joined him beside the tactical display. "Do you have any insights into our enemy's tactics, by any chance?"

Space Battle

Bugly cartwheeled through the carnage of the starfighter engagement, photon cannons blazing. His actions seemed to be those of a madman, until one realized that his insane manoeuvres never put him in an enemy line of fire, and that none of his seemingly-random shots missed it's mark.

The mystic Pretender's erratic flight path never kept him moving in the same direction for more than a half-dozen seconds at a time, but he unerringly moved farther and farther from the relative safety of the Warworld's shadow, closer and closer to the massed force of the Quintesson fleet.

Roadgrabber, for his part, stayed close to the Warworld, working with a ragtag group of tetrajets and sweeps to fight off a wing of Overcharges that had begun to fire off a barrage of missiles at the battlemoon.

Dai Atlas

Buzzsaw watched Dogfight with interest as the Autobot flier demanded to be let out to join the dogfight. For his part, the cassetticon wasn't particularly eager to dive in. His low-quality deep-space propulsion systems would make him an easy target for any Quintesson gunners in range, and he was smart enough to prefer not to put himself into that situation.

2007-02-08, 01:45 PM
Space battle - near Trypticon:

"Whoa, that's incredible!.." - Jetwave gasped as Sunstorm destroyed for Overcharges with a single lightning. "Seems it's dangerous to get close to you - for the enemy, I mean..."

His missiles, left without targets to lock on, continued their flight. Then their systems locked on a new target, sending Jetwave a confirmation signal.

"Sunstorm, there's one more far behind you, near Trypticon's lock chamber!.. How did he got there, I wonder?.."

But then Jetwave recognised the familiar Seeker's outlines and figured that his missiles had homed on Thundercracker.

"Oh, that's not Quint - that's our commander had finally decided to join the fight!" - he commented sarcastically. "Must greet him with a little salute if he doesn't wish to be met with my missiles!" -and Jetwave detonated his two missiles remotely before they could reach Thundercracker.

"Damn it - where do those Overcharges go when you need them?" - he cursed because of inability to redirect his missiles on some useful targets.

* * *

Space battle - near Metroplex:

"Good. We'll cover the near approaches to the Big Metro", - Scattershot replied to Silverbolt, then switched back to communication with Strafe.

"Take your position on the left of me. Follow my command and don't fire at anything if it's not in front of you - understood?"

"Yes, Squadron Leader", - Strafe replied weakly, still ashamed of his inability to discern friend from foe.

"Then go! There's a bandit in front of you - get him!" - Scattershot ordered, making a sharp turn and blasting another Overcharge who attempted to approach them from behind.

"Done" - Strafe answered, firing a volley at the Overcharge he was targetting. But the enemy fighter sidestepped nimbly and fired two missiles at the Technobot sniper.

"What, in Pit's name?" - Strafe wondered, shooting first one of the missiles out of the sky, than another. Finishing with the missiles, he started to look for the Overcharge, but it was nowhere to be seen.

Strange. Perhaps I got him with one of my volleys aimed at the missiles? Yes, perhaps it was - he decided and followed Scattershot, who was slowly making his sweep around the bulk of Metroplex.

Behind him, the lost Overcharge rose slowly from the patch of shadow on Metroplex's surface and crept at the lowest speed after the pair of Technobots...

* * *

Onboard Sky Lynx:

Red Alert, as most of Crystal City assault group, felt himself useless being inside the shulle during the space battle. Unfortunately, he understood perfectly that he was unable to do anything to turn the tide of battle.

Or was he?

Suddenly, an idea crept to his mind.

"Hound, Spike - listen to me, soldiers!" - he commanded. "Would it be possible to record several images of these enemy fighters for later use as decoy holograms on the surface? And, more urgent - can you project a large hologram, say a copy of Metroplex or Trypticon, to divert some enemies' attention towards it?"

2007-02-08, 04:14 PM
space battle – near scorponok

Charger left the airdock with a thrusterpack safely stripped onto his back. he urgently needed something or someone to take his anger out on. he wasn't really thinking rationally but it wasn't the first time he went into a real fit of rage and forgot about the rest. he hadn't even informed Krok about him joining the fight. meanwhile Firebeast had transformed to his flamethrower mode.

An overcharge came in his direction guns blazing as soon as charger was out of the airlock.
Suddenly Charger realised that having a jetpack (with average speed) and a short range weapon (like his flamethrower) wasn’t the ideal combination for space combat . And didn’t scorponok order him to follow them on cybertron...

“Well I’ll see about that later, plenty of time to get back to the airlock before I smash some Quints” he grumbled to himself before he headed straight for overcharge.
Expecting the drone to sweep to any side to avoid him charger threw Firebeast and shouted “transform!”. Firebeast flew (well, you could call it thrown actually…) and crashed horn first into overcharge’s cockpit. Charger responded by slashing at the dazed drone (who tried to transform) as soon as firebeast dashed to one side. The drone’s left arm was badly wounded and his chest was scrapped which made Charger grin and go into his battle frenzy once more.


Krok watched as he saw Charger joining the fray. “guess I’ll have to go seek myself another partner” he muttered to himself...

2007-02-08, 07:46 PM
(OOC: Testimony and Chains of Justice are at the front of the line and would make fine tractor beams targets, oscar.)


Seeing Trypticon making his run for the planet, Scorponok blasted forward as well, ignoring the smaller Autobot ships in Trypticon's wake and tearing through the hole in the fleet line Trypticon had torn.


Countdown: Cockpit

Countdown turned his body fully to look back into the cabin at Sunstreaker.

"Ah, good. Didn't hear you back there. Sorry about the small accomodations, soldier. Hope you can make due."

Countdown turned back to look through the viewport again and immediately realized his folly. He cranked the control stick back to narrowly avoid colliding with the Testimony, but their weaponsfire was not quick enough for his shuttle. Having regained his bearings, Countdown steered the ship to follow Trypticon's lead and make a break toward the planet.


Tyrant: Bridge

Viewfinder cranked his control stick in a contrived notion to send the Tyrant skidding sideways through space. Its main thrusters wouldn't give it any power in that orientation, but it was the best way to get the main guns trained on the ship.

"Now you're talking!" Spyglass shouted with glee, taking aim and blasting away at the Conviction. "Why don't you put some missiles down their throats, Counterpunch?"

2007-02-08, 10:58 PM

Before Fizzle could give the command to fire Runabout noticed a flashing light on the console he quickly pressed the some buttons and then reset the crosshairs for a new target the Testimony.


''All right boys, grab your rifles and report to me.ON THE DOUBLE!''shouted OCL 18-13.The bots jumped from there seats and ran to the ammo locker.The first bot get there was there comm man Chew, he quickly opened up the locker and handed out the laser rifles to the bots and then grabbed one for him self and ran to OCL 18-13.The first bot to get to OCL 18-13 was Bite,he snaped his feet together satuled and said ''Bite reporting for duty, sir!''

''At ease Bite''OCL 18-13 said back.Bite then then spread his feet apart and put his rifle down.

The next bot did the same routine as Bite and said ''Chomp
reporting ,sir''

''At ease''18-13 said back.

The next 2 bots came at the same time and did the routine.

''Munch reporting,sir''

''Chew reporting''

''At ease boys''OCL 18-13 said.Then he took a step back and shouted''Attention!''the Sharkticons all at once snaped there feet together.Then OCL 18-13 shouted''Shoulder arms!''and the bots quickly Shoulder them.OCL 18-13 then inspected the team and said to them ''Start getting your gear together becasue were about to board an enemy vessel!''all the bots inclueding OCL 18-13, faces lit up with gaint smiles becasue it has been along time since they were in battle.

''I don't have much info now, but when I do you boys will be the first to know.Understaned!''

Marines shouted 'YES SIR!''

OCL 18-13 replyed''I CAN'T HEAR YOU''

Marines-''YES SIR!''


Group dimissed.OCL 18-13 grabbed Chew and brought him to the side.

Chew-''What is it sir?''

OCL 18-13-''You didn't say sir to me when you reported in.DROP DOWN AND GIVE ME 55 FIVE SOLDIER!!''

2007-02-09, 12:20 AM

Armadius faces grimaced as he watched Trypticon's advance towards Cybertron and through his fleet. He quickly moved to the comm station and without looking at the terrifyed crewman manning the console the Admiral opened a general call to all Quint ships.

" To all ships, keep formation, keep formation! We must hold the line! I said previously to concentrate all fire on Trypticon! "

As Armadius ordered, all the Jurisprudence's weapons continued to fire on Trypticon.


Space battle

" Follow me Powerglide " said Skydive, leading his fellow Autobot to the rest of the Aerialbots.

Air Raid and Slingshot joined them.

" How are you, buddy? " asked Air Raid.

Then, Silverbolt and Fireflight reached Powerglñide and the Aerialbots.

" Powerglide ", said Silverbolt. " You can stay with us if you wish. Aerialbots, adopt diamond formation, Fireflight in the center. Roll left downwards: there's an enemy wing aproaching the fleet from below. "

And with that said, Silverbolt rolled down and increased the speed, moving towards the aproaching Overcharges.



" Oh, but it was fun. I gained the control. Ok, only for two nanobreems, but you felt right, didn't you? "

Punch's optics flashed a last time, then the double agent recovered their usual light.

" Missiles armed and fired, Spyglass " informed Punch. " It's good to use the shipboard weapons systems, it was boring to only reroute energy and control the shields... " laughed maliciously Punch, looking at the missile barrage fired towards the Conviction.

" Aaagh, you're no fun. But you will fall, my brother, you know. Then I'll rise. And believe me, I'll make you pay for my forced captivity. "

Brave Maximus
2007-02-09, 12:55 AM
After Dai Atlas exited the debris of the picket ship, he threw open his side access hatch:

"Dogfight, you want out, then leave, now."

Aero Blade
2007-02-09, 02:02 AM
Bridge, Warworld

Tracer listened to the conversation of Astrotrain and Ravage, as well as the others, but he didn't participate, as he was concentraiting on dealing with all the enemy fighters. He knew it was impossible to keep track of all of them, but he was determined to eliminate as many as the annoying small crafts before they could do much damage.

Dai Atlas

As they waited to arrive at the area where they'd be dropped off for their mission, Dirge seemed to be inbetween annoyed and brooding. He was mostly lost in his own thoughts, but occasionally he'd look up, as though keeping tabs on Buzzsaw's location. He did not want the bird to come anywhere near him, and he wanting to be ready to respond if necessary to an intrusion into his personal space...

Omega Supreme

Aero Blade headed over to the area pointed out by Hot Rod, investigating what he was directed to, but he looked up briefly as he began to chew out Astra. He was grateful to see that Hot Rod seemed to be sending the medic away, but he was also a bit taken aback at the sudden change of mood. Knowing that he could be so volitle made the tech a bit uneasy again.

Deciding it best to keep out of things for the moment, Aero turned his attention back to his tasks, trying to look for any of the problems Hot Rod had meantioned might be there.

2007-02-09, 03:07 AM
Omega Supreme:

Hot Rod: -walks over to Aero, smirking, talking quietly with a conspiritorial air- "There. That should keep 'em off your back for a while" -raises voice- "Okay, the fronkulator's flarn processing circuit is out of whack, meaning that the whimmywhammy frognosticator doohickey is.... well... on the fritz. Just try to keep it stabilized, if you can."

Bridge, Warworld:

Ravage: -shrugs, ears twitching- "It won't be long before they realize that Trypticon's decoying them. We'd do well to massively diminish their numbers as much as we can now."

Aero Blade
2007-02-09, 04:46 AM
As Hot Rod came up to Aero Blade, the tech gave him pretty much the same look as before, though by now he was begining to develop a possible reasoning for the other bot's odd actions.

"You've been electricuted while doing technical work before, haven't you?"

2007-02-09, 05:13 AM
(OOC @ Elcor: I don't think Scout's going to be back any time soon, so Red shouldn't be relying on Hound too much.)

Space Battle

Having drawn within weapons range of the Quintesson fleet, Bugly curled close to the hull of the nearest enemy ship (the Chains of Justice, as it happened) and began to strafe the vessel's shields. He didn't particularly expect to damage them, but he hoped to irritate them enough that they tried to shoot him down.

If they open fire at a target inside their own formation, they hit their own ships before they get me. And knowing Quintessons...

Had the mystic been in robot mode, he might have smiled in anticipation.

Roadgrabber twirled around between the debris of two destroyed Overcharges, shot forward and fired a barrage of heat beams into a third enemy fighter. The Quintesson soldier's main drives exploded in a flurry of sparks. Roadgrabber considered finishing him off, but instead decided to leave the helpless Overcharge to die a slow death in the cold vacuum of space. The Pretender searched the skies for another target, but the dozen or so nearest enemies were all dead.

"Whoever's manning the guns on the Warworld," he said over the comm, "keep up the good work!"

Dai Atlas

Buzzsaw waited until Dirge was looking away, then hopped off the seat he was clinging to and took up residence on the doorframe above the exit hatch. He knew such petty trickery was beneath him, but he also knew he might get a bit of amusement out of the traitorous Seeker's response.

Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain nodded. "Naturally," he told Ravage. "Although to be honest, I'm more concerned with scattering their ships than I am with outright destroying them. If the spiral ships aren't in position to provide each other with fire support, our cities and warships will be able to pick them off one by one." He smiled slightly. "And if Trypticon disrupts their lines as throughly as he can, we should be able to do just that."

Quintesson spiral ship Lex Causae

Antares relaxed his grip on the armrests of his captain's chair as his venerable warship slid into position at the rear of the Quintesson fleet.

No one will be able to hit us here, he thought with satisfaction. Disaster averted yet again.

2007-02-09, 01:11 PM
Conviction Bridge:

Doron swivelled his chair to face his Guns commander, Shield: "Report!" he cried, as missiles streamed from the Tyrant and approached at alarming speeds:
Castle kept silent, as he co-ordinated his response with his assistants Watch and Shield: laser fire streamed out from the three main battle cannon on the outer spirals of the ship, and short range scatter blasts peppered them at short range.

Most of the missiles were repelled or evaded, but two took out the last outer spiral of the ship, detaching the end with its Docking claws.

A report came in from the front of the ship, the engine room: Chief Engineer Bahs voced scrackled over the comm link.
"Captain, the Grav Pull engine is un-stable, she cannae take the pressure!"
Doron floundered, feeling his world fall away: Lietenant Jhuram took the oppurtunity, and issued commands with reptilian ease.
"Bah, continue assisting Bong and Weep with boarding maneauver with the enemy ship: OCL 18-13, the end spiral was ripped off, you'd best move your men to Outer Spiral 4, now!"

Steelhaven Bridge:
Fizzle nearly squealed with glee alongside Runabout, caught in a frenzy of his own.
"Keep the field tight and target a weak point, I want that Quint ship RIPPED IN HALF!"

Airwave synchronised his movements with
Octane as best he could, firing rockets in a wide pattern close to the edge of the Overcharge units they were gunning down: some were cut down by the jumbo jets wing lasers, whilst those that tried to evade had been blown up by Airwaves rockets.

2007-02-09, 02:16 PM

After receiving his orders OCL 18-13 yelled to his men as he stood in front of the door''Alright men,we orders to move to Outer Spiral 4.Lets go!''.The men quickly grabbed there gear ran out the door,all except Chew who said to OCL 18-13 ''25....26...27 can I stop doing push ups now?''OCL 18-13 looked down at Chew and said''Very well,Lets go!''

Steelhaven Bridge

Runabout smiled at Fizzle's order ''Yes sir!This is going to be fun''Runabout aimed the beam at one of the weak plances of the hull and fired at Testimony

2007-02-09, 08:37 PM
Quintesson ship Testimony

Malix' orders to reposition the ship and intensify fire on Trypticon had only begun to take place when the entire ship shook. Malix stumbled forward and grasped the railing to regain his balance.

"What was that!" he demanded.

"Tractor beam, captain!" his senior engineer shouted back. "Transformer ship on starboard flank has us pinned!"

"Shields at 73% and draining, sir!" someone else chimed in.

Malix squinted venomously.

"Break off assault on Trypticon! Direct all firepower on that ship! Maximum shields to starboard! Helm, reposition us to bear main cannons on the ship!"

In a second, the Testimony launched a barrage of missiles toward the Steelhaven while its thrusters struggled against the pull of the tractor beam to reposition it in better firing trajectory.


Quintesson ship Chains of Justice

Dilletus' peculiar leadership style kept operations decentralized, allowing each skilled member of his team to operate at his peak efficiency. A zealous Allicon gunner caught sight of Bugly swooping by and smirked at the opportunity of an easy kill. He twisted his gun battery to follow the Pretender, but his quarry proved too fast, and the gunner realized his folly when a few misguided shots lanced toward the Jurisprudence instead.


Tyrant Bridge

Spyglass answered the Conviction's laser blasts in kind, increasing the pressure as the spiral ship continued barreling down on them.

"They aren't averting course, captain," Spectro noted. "I think they're trying to ram us!"


Space Battle

Gigatron rocketed not far overhead from Roadgrabber, picking off an Overcharge that had been sneaking up on the Pretender with a precise blast through the cockpit. It wasn't flashy, but it was a quick and silent death that left the jet to continue careening on through space without laser fire. Gigatron assumed the moment to assess the scene: it was relatively tranquil, with most of the Overcharges destroyed and most of the spiral ships occupied from their defense. Now was their chance.

"All Scorponok spacefighters," he commed to his crew, "pick off the remaining Quintessons you can and return to Scorponok! We must make haste to Cybertron before the enemy army can mobilize!"

Gigatron pulled back into a full arc and set course for Scorponok, weaving through the space debris and taking out errant Overcharges as he went.


Octane felt a bit cumbersome being so limited in his mobility; he partially resented Airwave's nimble moves, but he couldn't complain. They were keeping him alive.

"Aw," Octane muttered when the transmission came through. "Just when it was gettin' fun."

Octane fired another precise blast to clip a passing Overcharge's tail fin before pulling up into a slow bank back toward Scorponok. However, he hadn't made it far when another Overcharge that had been following the last had identified the threat and taken a potshot at Octane, blasting his fragile tail in a firey but brief explosion.

"AAAH!" Octane screamed over the radio. "I'm hit! Oh slag, I'm hit!"

Octane's killswitch engaged to keep his fuel stores from catching fire, and he floated helplessly without his engines in a panic and a slow spiral toward Cybertron, half-conscious and in anguished shock.

2007-02-09, 10:07 PM
Space Battle

" At last! " exclamed Dogfgiht, jumping through Dai Atlas's side hatch.

" Man, I truly understand Hot Rod's feelings with that guy " thought the triggerbot while transforming into his jet mode.

Dogfgiht increased his speed and circled the cloud of debris of the former Quintesson picket ship, detecting some Overcharges who were defending the Quintesson's fleet perimeter.

" We're so close " thought Dogfgiht, watching behind the enemy fleet the sphere of his bellowed Cybertron. Tuning hard left, the triggerbot dodged some fire from the Overcharges, and locking on them, he fired a salvo of his minimissiles.



" We're under fire! We're under fire! " shouted Backstreet, seated on the nav station. " I'm starting evasive maneuvers, but I hope the shields will hold, Fizzle! "



Armadius tentacles shuddered with rage. The transformers had arrived at the fleet's perimeter, and one of their citycon was piercing directly through his battleline. If he divided the fleet to be able of pursuing Trypticon and at the same time keeping the line, they will be all destroyed.

So it wasn't an option.

Rotating his faces again, the Quintesson Admiral moved towards his command chair again. It was a fact that he cannot prevent a grund invasion. And that fact pierced through the Admiral's core as an energon sword.

" Comm " he ordered coldly. The comm crewman quickly returned to his post. " Open a channel to the rest of the ships. "

" Done, sir " replied the crewman after some seconds, and Armadius nodded.

" Conviction, Testimony continue the attack on your current tragets. To the rest of Quintesson ships, ignore the enemy Citybots, Citycons, starships and armoured shuttles. Concentrate your fire on the Warworld INMEDIATLY! "

When the communication was cutted, Scarix aproached to his Admiral.

" B-but is that wise, mylord? " deared to ask Scarix. " The enemy troop transports will have their path cleared!"

Armadius coldy looked at him, but he repressed his rage towards his inferior. He needed to justify himself.

" Loose fool, we cannot stop their invasion force. But our ground troops will deal with them. " Armadius looked to the main screen, from where the vision was changing from Trypticon to the Warwolrd. " But if we now loose the chance to destroy that moon-sized ship, we could never beat the Transformer Armada. Never! "

When the Jurisprudence slowly started the attack on the Warwolrd, Armadius smiled. But it was a smile filled with despair...

2007-02-09, 10:24 PM
Tyrant Bridge

Weirdwolf nodded

"hatchways and bulkheads armoured all close preparation for hull breech possible, shields boost on vector approach of."

He looked at the view screen, he looked across at Viewfinder

"Pilot us under enemy bring us."

Then turned to Counterpunch and Spyglass

"Guns turret dorsal prepare also barrage missiles fire."

He looked at Spectro

Coms music earthen play over their coms channels, a little warfare psychological appropriate something pick , also find can you a hologram decepticon of biggest , meanest , nastiest one available and open hailing frequencies with captain their.

Brave Maximus
2007-02-10, 12:14 AM
"Hot Rod, this is Dai Atlas." The Powered Master called over the Comm. "Dogfight has abandoned the mission to persue.... personal gains. I am continuing on with the mission. 2 clicks until drop point."

The hatch closed again and Dai Atlas' PDL and side cannons set up a barrage against the fighters. Several shots hit his hull, scortching the surface. He did not divated from his course though - plunging strait through to the drop point, ignoring the damage he was reciving.

At the same time, he opened the internal comm:

"Alright, mission drop point aproching. When I get there, I'm going to hit the thrusters and do a hard 180 and fire my main cannon. Hopefully that will distract the Quintessons and keep their attention on me. When that cannon fires - the hatch will open and that will be your cue to go. Once you're out - I'll plunge back in and make sure the space forces are focused on me, and not you. You'll just have to worry about ground sensors.

"Cosmos, remember, this is just scouting. We're depending on you to give us intel on our landing site. Dirge, Buzzsaw - with Dogfight out of the way - it's up to you two to cover him and make sure he acomplishes his mission. I'll stay in low orbit to wait for Omega Supreme and the others - if you get into trouble - call, I will come as soon as I can."

The shuttle rocked, not only with cannon fire, but also the beginnings of Cybertronian Atmosphere.

"Prepare to disembark."

2007-02-10, 02:06 AM

Hatemonger continued to fire on some Overscharges that flow by then transformed and looked around.

"Hmm looks like they are letting up." He said quietly.

"Countdown Fliers, sorry for the quick run but back to base! We have our chance to get planetside." He said turning his attention to Countdown.

"Countdown, can you find us a path planetside now that the shooting is dying down?" He asked.

2007-02-10, 02:33 AM
Space battle:

"Only the big ones left", - Jetwave noted, scanning the surroundings. Trypticon was already through the main line of Quintesson defence fleet, and all Overchargers which were near him had either been destroyed or retreated back. All the targets around were Autobot and Decepticon space fighters, some of whom was already retreating back to their bases.

"Wait a nanobreem", - he murmured, his sights locked at one of the friendly targets, which appeared to be freefalling towards Cybertron's surface, out of control apparently.

"Target: disabled Transformer near Scorponok. Initiating rescue mission! Sunstorm or Thundercracker, I need your asistance to guide him into my airlock!" - he signalled and accelerated towards falling Octane.

* * *

Space Battle - near Metroplex:

On the surface of Metroplex, near the airlock, three Insecticons were arguing amongst themselves.

"You tell-tell me, what are we doing here-here?" - Shrapnel shouted at Kickback.

"Steady. Let Bombshell do what he does best", - the Insecticon leader answered patiently, the third or fourth time already.

"Quiet! I've got one! Going right here!" - Bombshell hissed on them, his muzzle tracking a spacefighter which was coming closer to them...

Meanwhile, oblivious to danger, Scattershot and Strafe continued their patrol.
"Where did they all go? Perhaps Aerialbots had already dispatched them all, leaving nothing for us?" - Strafe asked, disappointed by lack of targets.

"They'll come. They always do", - Scattershot answered, sure in his best expectations. As a precaution, he decided to scan their rear - and was shocked detecting an enemy right behind them!!! "Strafe, roll and fire!" - he shouted, starting a roll himself and understanding that it was too late already, that missiles or laser fire would blast them both any nanobreem now...

But - oh wonder - nothing at all had happened! Some kind of small projectile, launched from the surface of Metroplex, hit the Overcharge right into his belly - and, instead of firing, the Quintesson fighter stopped in mid-flight.

"Don't worry, we watch your backs" - a signal came from the surface.

"What? How? Who?" - Strafe stammered.

"It looks like Insecticons have decided to make themselves useful... Unbelievable, but true", - Scattershot answered. - "Well, it must be admitted that even the pests have their use too sometimes."

"They wouldn't believe us if we tell them!"

"Oh, they wouldn't believe we let a mindless drone to creep on our backs. So keep it quiet and watch for another one."

And so, the two spaceborne Technobots continued to patrol the near approaches to Metroplex... while behind them, an Overcharge unit was descending slowly towards the landing pad, unable to control any of his systems. It was someone other who was in command of him now...

2007-02-10, 04:35 AM
Sunstorm signalled back to Jetwave, "I've got you covered," the seeker said, also diving towards Octane.

2007-02-10, 05:03 AM
Space Battle

Bugly wheeled and swooped through the void surrounding the Chains of Justice, pride swelling up in his spark as a gunner on the Quintesson ship rose to the bait that he had dangled in front of their snouts. So far none of the enemy's shots had managed to hit him, although one had come close enough that he had had to tap into his well of dark energies and bend it away from him. The effort required had been far more than he expected, and the Pretender doubted he could divert more than one or two more shots without succumbing to exhaustion.

But they're not good enough to force the issue, the mystic thought cockily. And when their allies realize they're being shot at by one of their own ships, my playmate will have bigger things to worry about.

Roadgrabber wagged his wings in salute as Gigatron made his flyby.

"Thanks for the assist, my lord," he said. The Pretender was honoured that his leader had thought his life worth saving, although he half-suspected that it hadn't even entered into the hexchanger's calculations.

Pulling up in a tight loop, the gunner fired a tightly-grouped burst of heat beams into the lead ship in an approaching flight of Overcharges...the only group that still showed up on his short-range sensors. The fighter exploded in a satisfactorily spectacular manner. The three jets following it broke off in panic as they saw their leader die.

Quintesson spiral ship Lex Causae

Antares scowled as Armadius' orders came through.

He's a madman, the captain thought objectively. He'll get us all killed. He mentally shrugged. Nothing to be done about it, though. Simply hope that he dies before we do so we can flee.

"Helm, bring us about 90 degrees to port. Weapons, take aim on the Warworld and open fire with all you've got." Antares held up a tentacle to ward off the gunners' easily-predictable complaints. "Don't tell me we're too far away for the targeting computers to work. Aim visually. The accursed thing is the size of a moon."

Seconds later, the Lex Causae's energy cannons and missile batteries opened up a full spread barrage aimed at the Warworld's bow.

Bridge, Warworld

"It would seem we are now the Quintessons' target of choice," Soundwave reported, deadpan.

"So I notice." Astrotrain gripped the edge of the tactical display board with one hand to steady himself as the battlemoon rocked under a sustained enemy bombardment. "And about time, too."

Turning to face the weapons control stations, he said, "Frenzy, it's time to change tactics. We're close enough to the enemy now that we can do better than suppression fire. Pick one target at the front of the Quintesson line, take aim, and blow it out of space. And then do it again."

Lord Zarak
2007-02-10, 03:53 PM
ooc - moving off Trypticon now. Can I please asume that everyone is here and moving to Overlord?


"Indeed" repleid Shockwave to Deathsaurus. "My thanks to you"
He then looked at his troops and began a small brief of the mission:

"We are to land on Cybertron. Our primary objective is to enter and secure the main Sharkticon production facility. Once there, we are to either reprogramme or destroy the facility.

"Our second objective is to provide support to the Resistance Movement on Cybertron. As you are aware, the Movement has it's own strategic objectives. We are not to interfere unless both our goals and their goals coincide. Distractions at any stage of this operation could prove fatal to the liberation of Cybertron.

"To achieve our primary objective, we are to be transported to the surface of Cybertron by Overlord, who by now is awaiting our arrival - he is transformed into his base. As we descend we will be bombarding that landing area to remove any traces of the Quintessons. We will be aided by Skystalker, who will also be joining us for the descent. The combined firepower of Overlord and Skystalker should prove sufficient to allow us to land.

"Once we have landed, depending on the strength of the Quintesson forces, we will proceed with our primary objective.

"Are there any questions or suggestions?" asked Shockwave of his troops.

2007-02-10, 11:49 PM

Metroplex advanced towards Cybertron and through the Quint's fleet, following Scorponock and Trypticon. He was firing huge volleys from his weapons to the nearby spiral ships.



" Oh, I can't believe it! " thought Dogfight, watching Dai Atlas's moving through Cybetron's atmosphere. " And now he's leaving me behind!"

The blue triggerbot dispatched the fleet periemeter Overcharges and turned back to the allied fleet. He flew towards Omega Supreme.

" Hey bigbot! " radioed Dogfight, flying at Omega's side. " Can you pick me? "

2007-02-11, 12:15 AM
Space Battle:

Jetwave had maneuvered towards Octane and opened his boarding ramp.

"Transform and get inside, if you can!" - he ordered.

Near Metroplex:

Scattershot and Strafe had eadily dispatched a single Overcharge (perhaps damaged, judging by its erroneous flight) and were looking around for new targets... and failing to find any.

"Is that all?" - Strafe asked, disappointed.

"Wait and watch. We are to guard this citybot until we're called back, and we'll do it", - Scattershot replied firmly.

Meanwhile, on Metroplex's landing pad, the Insecticons trio were busy inspecting the captured Overcharge.

"It's in perfect condition. Splendid. You've done well, Bombshell."

"But you still hadn't told me what we need it for!"

"Patience, my friend. I shall... in time."

2007-02-11, 02:08 AM
Omega Supreme:

Omega Supreme: -opens hatch- "Landing: Cleared."


Hot Rod: -staring at the comm grille in his arm, a dumbfounded expression on his face- "How..... why..... Who....." -shakes head wearily-

Omega Supreme: -voice echoing over internal speakers- "Dogfight: Alongside. Requests: Landing."

Hot Rod: -nodding- "Yeah. Get him aboard. I want to know what Dai thinks he's doing."

Bridge, Trypticon:

Ironhide: "They're pullin' back. Look lahke they're goin' towards th' Warworld."

Prime: "Good. Trypticon, what's our ETA?"

Trypticon: "ETA 5 minutes. I'm reducing speed to pick up our flyers, and to allow Overlord's launch."

Prime: -stands- "Soon. Soon, we can retake our homeworld. Then we can finally bring this destructive war to an end."


Brainstorm: -fuselage showing scortch marks and burn holes, not to mention a few holes in his canopy, breathing a sigh of relief- "Good thing I don't need air...." -flying back towards Scorponok-


Leozak, Gaihawk, and Hellbat: -flying back towards Metroplex-


Thundercracker: -chasing a few retreating Overcharges, activates commlink- "Jetwave, Sunstorm, you catch up with Octane yet?"

2007-02-11, 05:31 AM

Even thought she got the mission back in the briefing room, Nightracer still recorded Shockwave's orders (just in case). Nightracer then waited to hear what ever questions conserning the mission that there might be.

redman prime
2007-02-11, 06:02 AM
Greatshot navigated a field of overcharge debris due in large part to the carnage achieved by the combined might of both factoins of transformers.

"Alright boys, back to Countdown and onward to Cybertron and it's liberation!"

With Roughstuff and Snapdragon in tow, Greatshot sped back towards Countdown and the impending reclamation project they were working on.

"Hey, Devcon back to the ship, we got a planet to retake!" Snapdragon quipped at the Autobot.

2007-02-11, 11:02 AM
Space battle:

"Not yet, trying to establish commlink contact ", - Jetwave replied to Thundercracker's question. - "Octane won't fit inside my bay if he won't transform!" - he added, irritated.

2007-02-11, 01:54 PM
Omega Supreme

Once the pressure was re-established, Dogfight exited Omega's docking bay and stepped towards the crew room. Before entering inside, the triggerbot touched Omega's inner hull with respect.

" Thanks to pick me, bigbot " smiled Dogfight, but an unusual red light flashed inside his optics. He openend the door an moved inside the room.

" Hey Dogfight! " greeted Override from his seat, moving his hand. " What are you doing here? You're supposed to be with Cosmos in Dai Atlas. "

Dogfight nodded to Override, but instead of aproaching to his fellow, the flier triggerbot stepped resolute towards Hot Rod.

" Dogfight reporting for duty, sir. Again " he said, looking at his superior.



Silverbolt watched the battle situation, and turned towards Metroplex.

" Aerialbots, the dogfight is over, which it means it's time to return base. Skydive, take the lead position. "

" Roger, Silverbolt " replied Skydive, accelerating to lead position.

" Aw, the fun is over... " groaned Air Raid.

While the rest of Aerialbots formed and moved to return to Metroplex, Silvebrolt turned back and flew towards Powerglide's side.

" You did a good job with the Overcharges Powerglide. Perhaps a little risky, though " said Silverbolt. " Well, it's time for us to return to our transport, I suggest you to do the same. "


Sky Lynx

" Ok Sky Lynx, follow the citybots. They are ready to open a hole on the planetary shield, and we'll need your legendary flying skills to move through it " said Ultra Magnus, watching the battle from Sky Lynx's cockpit. " And open your rear hatch to recover our escort. "

Then Magnus rised his wrist, engaging his comm link.

" Powerglide, here Magnus. Return to Sky Lynx, we're moving to Cybertron. "

2007-02-11, 04:23 PM

''I will see you guys later!''Powerglide shouted to the Aerialbots as they flew away.Then he turned and flew back to Sky Lynx.With in a minute he was there.He transformed in to robot mode as he entered Sky Lynx.Cliffjumper was standing by the door as Powerglide entered.

''Look at you, your mess.''Cliffjumper said refuring to the dozens of blast holes on Powerglide's body.

Powerglide completely ignored Cliffjumper's comment and walk up to Ultra Magnus saluted and said''Reporting for duty sir.''

2007-02-11, 05:20 PM
Sky Lynx

"Thanks" Sandstorm nodded, taking the gun before magnetically attaching it to his waist, then moving to take a seat in a corner, bracing himself and preparing for the forth-coming crash-landing.

* * * * *


"Roger that" Devcon's voice crackled over Snapdragon's comm-link, the bounty hunter sounding slightly displeased about listening to a Decepticon's advice, then he moved to follow the other flier back to the ship.

* * * * *

Trypticon: Hangar Bay 1 (Repost)

Entering the hangar bay, Catilla wobbled to one side as their ride sped up, then moved fast, darting from side to side to avoid falling objects in a cat-like fashion until he was front of Shockwave, commenting with a gruff "Reporting in"

* * * * *

Bridge, Trypticon

"Yes, Prime" Wheeljack nodded, moving to take a seat, his 'ears' flashing as he heard Trypticon's request and shrugged, a tool-kit appearing in his lap as he waited for the crash-landing, whistling merrily to himself and eying the console that he was sitting in front of eagerly.

* * * * *

Omega Supreme Bay

"I don't take orders from you, you're not my superior" Astra shot back, moving to follow Hot Rod, an examination tool appearing in one hand as she added "My gears are perfectly fine, but it seems your hearing circuitry, and your manners, needs a check-up, mister"

In a flash, Bluestreak was between them, throwing a 'back off' look at the medic, then turning and yelling at the fiery Autobot "And as for you, Hot Rod, apologise to the lady....NOW, that was uncalled for considering you rudely ignored her in the first place, buddy or I will do something about it"

2007-02-11, 06:30 PM
Omega Supreme:

Hot Rod: "So good to see you've thrown off you catatonia, Bluestreak. Now, listen up you two. I AM the one in charge of this particular group. We're going to land in a situation that we have limited intel on. To the best of our knowledge, this is going to be a piece of oil-cake, but the odds are against it. The last thing I need is a medic glomming onto somebody who's nervous enough as it is. I've already got part of our intel team aboard Omega because Dai left him on his own out there." -scowls- "I only hope you can show as much spirit when we land, Bluestreak, otherwise Astra and Ratchet'll wind up paying the price." -looks over at Dogfight- "Heya. What happened?"

Bridge, Trypticon:

Trypticon: -locks out the console that Wheeljack is sitting at, voice rumbling over bridge speakers- "There is a shield up."

Prime: "Around the planet?"

Ironhide: -checking the tactical console- "That's a new one. Think we c'n contact Roadbuster?"

Prime: "Doubtful. And I don't want to warn anybody who might be listening."

Trypticon: "The shield is weak. It isn't designed to take heavy amounts of firepower." -targeting solutions appearing on the main viewscreen- "Firing main gun."


Trypticon's main gun roared, the massive anti-proton stream impacting the shield, the shield buckling as the stream breaks through, vaporizing a techno-organic that had happened to wander into the wrong place at the wrong time.

2007-02-11, 06:30 PM
Quintesson ship Chains of Justice

Dilletus' tentacles gripped his control console tightly until Armadius' new order came through. Thankfully, he hadn't been chewed out for the misfire.

"You heard the admiral's orders!" Dilletus shouted down his crew, rotating to his death face. "Take down that ship!"

Still unperturbed from its position on the holding line, Chains of Justice rotated slightly to train its weapons on the Warworld and opened fire with unaimed energy lances at the distant behemoth.


Quintesson ship Testimony

"I said get us in position, helm! NOW!" Malix barked.

"I'm trying, captain!" the helmsman called back. "The tractor beam is too strong!"

Malix considered shooting the helmsman right then, but decided it would be better to wait until later. He became preoccupied when the ship's missile barrage puttered out.

"What is that? WHAT is that?!"

"We have a jam in firing control, captain," the senior engineer answered meekly. "We never did test the new systems."

Malix would have popped a good number of blood vessels if he had any.

"Get down there and fix it, you peon! We're sitting shuloids!"


Trypticon: Hangar Bay 1

"No questions, sir," Hammer answered Shockwave eagerly (although Knockout had had a question but didn't have time to ask). "We're ready to launch. Constructor Squad, transform!"

The Micromasters did so, Sledge and Stonecruncher revving their engines at each other and ready to tear off to board Overlord.


Scorponok: Launch Bay

Gigatron slowed and transformed to robot mode for the last few feet of his approach to Scorponok, landing gracefully among his ground-based soldiers still in the launch bay.

"Provide cover fire for our returning starfighters!" he shouted to the assembled.


Countdown: Cockpit

Countdown yanked back the throttle and opened his main hatch again to give the fighters a chance to return.

"There's nothing she does better, sir," Countdown answered Hatemonger with a grin.


Tyrant: Bridge

"I'm doing my best, captain," Viewfinder answered Weirdwolf while engaging the ship's thrusters to try to bring the ship under the approaching Conviction.

Next to him, Spyglass reached over his control stick to the computer console, switching gun control from the wing cannons to charge up the dorsal cannon. He couldn't wait for his shot to come into line, but it would be a few seconds until the gun was ready...

"I have just the thing," Spectro grinned, and he worked to patch through Dragonforce's Through the Fire and Flames to the bridge of the Conviction.



Octane floated on helplessly, the sound of distant voices echoing in the back of his head. All he knew was pain, the terrible anguish of being rocked with laser fire. Bumping into the wrecked debris of a destroyed Overcharge brought him back to reality, and he realized that a few friendly jets were chasing him down.

"Auuuutobot," he moaned, spotting Jetwave's tag. "F-Figures..."

With more courage than he had mustered in most of his existence, Octane struggled to transform into his robot mode. (It was awfully painful, but he recalled being vaporized by Galvatron was worse.) He continued to float on in his robot state, his chest and shoulders severely mangled.

2007-02-11, 07:13 PM

" Damned Autobot! Do it now! Fire at the enemy ship's bridge and kill them all!"

Punch finished reloading the Tyrant's missile batteries and open fire on the Conviction, trying to hit the bridge or other vital systems. But it was a difficult shot, anyway.

" Weirdwolf, missile salvo fired! " informed Punch.


Omega Supreme

Dogfight doubted to told Hot Rod more bad news, but he still was annoyed by Dai's incident.

" Well sir " he said, " when the Quintessons launched their starfighter wings I asked Dai to open his side hatch. I'm a space capable fighter, so I thought the fleet would need my help. But he rejected my petition, so I tried again. Finally, some common sense seemed to appear in Dai's cerebrocircuits, and he opened the hatch. "

Dogfight sighed before continuing the tale.

" Then Dai somehow pierced through the planetary shield and left me behind, while all the other transports and citybots were recovering their starfighters. So is for that reason I asked Omega to open his landing bay... and here I am. "

2007-02-11, 08:21 PM
Omega Supreme

Bluestreak didn't seem to have heard the speech as he pointed a finger at Hot Rod, waving it under the other Autobot's nose, his eyes narrowing, babbling with an angry tone "This isn't about me, so stop twisting it so it is. I said you own someone an apology, so apologise to her, Hot Rod. Leaders who are rude to their soldiers without a good reason or treat them like dirt then act like said followers were in the wrong like you just did can have those under their command walk out of them, I've seen it happen before during the war"

2007-02-11, 08:55 PM
Omega Supreme:

Hot Rod: -keeping his temper in check- "It's not about you, Bluestreak. I'm not saying it is. The closest it comes to being about you is the fact that she called you 'Mr Jitters', and you're going to be defending our medical staff. I'm so sorry that it's not about you. It is, however, about her." -turns to Astra- "I'm so sorry that you have to deal with my sarcastic tone when you're making somebody uncomfortable. Please forgive me for having the safety of those under my command in mind over your feelings, which are, quite obviously, so much more important." -takes a deep breath, lets it out- "There. I know I feel better. Now make sure you're ready. Please?" -turns back to Dogfight- "As soon as we hit atmosphere, if you'd like, you can launch from Omega and hook up with Cosmos and the others."

redman prime
2007-02-11, 11:56 PM
Near Countdown

The Spacefighters from Countdown wheeled and jetted in the open hatch.

Snapdragon was the first to speak as they arrived. "well, nothing like flying around wasting some fuel to not do anything. Thanks Greatshot."

2007-02-12, 12:06 AM
Sunstorm transformed and delicately grabbed Octane's battered form, and slowly pushed the triple-changer towards Jetwave's open doorway. "I've got you, comrade. If Primus allows, you will live."

2007-02-12, 02:45 AM

Hatemonger nodded as he listened to the Micromaster Pilot.

"Excellent, as soon as everyone is back on board we make our run." He said watching for his fliers and ready to offer any support for any unwanted guests.

2007-02-12, 12:07 PM
More missiles and laser blasts smacked their way through the Convictions shields and into the hull: gouts of flame sputtered in the vacumn of space, and the ship seemed to shudder.
Jhurum yelled at the top of his high pitched voice:
"Now you idiots! Do it now!"
The pilots Bong and weep strined on the controls: The Conviction, headed toward the Tyrant, pulled up sharply and alongside the enemy ship: the spirals tip brushed against the Tyrants shields, allowing the Gravometric field to warp and break the shield along the line: the Conviction continued its arc, so that the tip now slightly faced away from the Tyrant, and the Fourth Spiral smashed its way through the enemys hull: Grapnel lines fired out from the spirals edges, mooring the two ships together at a 15 degree angle, joined right at the middle of the Tyrant.
"Boarding a SUCCESS!" Jhuram shrieked. He opened a communication to OCL 18-13: "You are free to board, Gamma Sixty team is free to board!"
Doron stared at his junior with loathing and horror.
"Reports from the engine room show Bong, Bah and Nini are dead. Without the engineering team, we are stuck."
Jhurums ecstatis face was moored in place as securely as the ships, but his eyes showed horror.

2007-02-12, 01:48 PM
Bridge Tyrant

A Klaxon started to scream

proximity warning impact in 30 seconds

Shield Breech

impact in 15 seconds

10 seconds

The bridge shook with the impact

Weirdwolf steadied himself claws gouging the metal of the deck plating

he checked a schematic of the ship before activating an external camera

"Grapnels boarding they must want to." He tapped a control

"bulkheads and doors sealed already were , cutting gravity from affected section am."

He turned to his crew

"computer access from that section cut, door overides disengage will you."

He scanned an image of the Quint ships exterior and smiled.

"2 of you with me come the rest you of man defenses automatic , officers target them without Quint soldiers useless are. "

He slaved bridge monitors to show all possible exit points from the effected area.

"drones send in needs be if decoys use." (e.g decoys made to look like actual mechs )

He strode towards the bridge exit

"volunteers 2 i need , counterboarding try we will."

2007-02-12, 02:22 PM
Space battle:

"If Primus allows, sure", - Jetwave commented Sunstorm's words, accepting Octane inside his bay and closing the hatch, - "I'd rather say if the medic will happen to be a good one!"

He made a slow roll and headed back towards Trypticon.

"Thundercracker," - he signalled, - "now we've got Octane. Should I bring him onboard Trypticon, seems he needs medical attention?"

Waiting for the reply, Jetwave looked with ave and jealousy at Trypticon's display of power which broke the planetary shield.

Damn it, I'd never be able to muster such firepower!.. Still, it doesn't hurt to try, either. But to be able to do so, I must forget the conventional charges of my ammo and switch to some new explosive materials...

Where could I obtain some nuclear charges for my ammo, or some antimatter ones, I wonder? There must be an answer to that... And I can bet that my friend Lightspeed have that answer.

* * *

Near Metroplex:

"Hello guys", - Scattershot greeeted the returning Aerialbots, - "was it tough for ya? You've scared them all out of here, a pair of wounded ones is all we've bagged."

"And..." - Strafe started to add.

"And there's nothing more to talk about, really!" - Scattershot cut him, not wanting to talk of how they were caught unprepared by stupid drone and - even more humiliating - rescued by Insecticons, of all things!..

The spaceborne Technobots entered the lock chamber and transformed to robot mode.

Meanwhile, the Insecticons trio still were outside, on Metroplex's landing pad, gloating over their prise.

"Wait till they all get inside", - Kickback told their comrades. - "Then we'll act."

2007-02-12, 06:26 PM
Tyrant: Bridge

Spyglass delivered a loud warcry, excited that he'd finally get to feel the heat of weaponsfire on his hands. He gave Counterpunch's shoulder a friendly punch and grinned while jumping out of his seat.

"Count me in, captain! C'mon Counterpunch, let's show these slimeballs what Decepticons look like!"

Spyglass grabbed his rifle from the weapon rack mounted in the side wall while joining Weirdwolf at the door. At the same time, Spectro switched his systems to bring up the internal defenses while Viewfinder struggled with the thrusters to shake the Conviction loose.


Space: Jetwave Hold

Octane moaned loudly. Being shot and probably dying was bad enough, but being saved by an Autobot was worse! He didn't want to think about what would happen when Gigatron found out he'd be out of the mission. That made his current dillemma seem fun...

2007-02-12, 07:29 PM
Bridge Tyrant

Weirdwolf addresses Spyglass and Counterpunch

"in the attack enemy our created has an opportunity , plan simple is board will we enemy ship kill the crew , then attack will we boarding party behind from. If ship capture do we important inteeligence and codes have will we."

2007-02-12, 09:59 PM

''Yes sir,will do''OCL 18-13 replied to Jhuram.OCL 18-13 examined his troops each them had a lasor rifle,crossbelts of ammo, a belt with grenades,and some were wearing backpacks with more gear inside them.He said to them ''Its time''There was a loud cheer from the troops then OCL 18-13 and his men charged into the Tyrant.

When they entered OCL 18-13 looked from side to side,the hallway they entered was completely empty.

''All right men to the Bridge!''OCL 18-13 ordered.


Scavenger walked out on to Metroplex's landing pad to give Energon to the returning flyers.When he over heard Kickback talking to his fellow Insecticons.Scavenger drew his laser pistol and pointed it at the Kickback and said ''What exactly will you be acting on Kickback?

2007-02-12, 10:27 PM
Omega Supreme

" Ok sir, " agreed Dogfight at Hot Rod's suggestion. " I want to be with Cosmos and Dirge. I'm worried about them. "

The triggerbot nodded and moved back to Omega's hangar bay, waving at Override when he moved out of the troop room .

" B-but? Where are you going now? " yelled Override from his seat, perplex with his friend's appearance/disappearance.



Punch nodded, and leaving the secondary tactical station he moved towards the door, following Spyglass.

" Yeah, yeah! The prospect of slaughter overloads our sensors, right brother? I can feel the smell of poured hidraulic fluids... Hey, you can use me in this, can't you? I mean, you know I'm better killing than you... I promise to be good, I promise you will be back soon, you will regain control... "

Punch shaked his head, but remainded cold and focused, following the reflectorcon and nodding at Weirdwolf's orders. He sub-spaced his photon cannon in his right hand.

" Well, I see. You're not gonna to change your mind, hehe. Oh, and by the way, remember to switch on 'kill' our photon cannon... "

Punch optics flashed in alarm, but he cunningly changed the power selection on his gun.

" Oh Punch, what would you do without me? "



Silverbolt transformed into robot mode, and smiled to Scattershot.

" Thanks for the compliment, Scatter' " said Silverbolt, " Sorry for taking out some of the fun, but my boys were quite anxious to fight... "

Nearby, Six Gun - who tried to watch over the Insecticons while performing his duites in Metroplex - spyed on the strange meeting between Kickback and Scavenger.

2007-02-13, 03:49 AM
Omega Surpreme

As the Autobot conversation played out before him, Carnivac wondered if he should voice his opinion of it all ( which included Bluestreak having hearing problems, how the slag for processor medic should be the one asking for forgiveness, and how Hot Rod was their superior-at least for this mission). On one hand, the Decepticon pretender was always up for a conversation and annoying mis-clocks should be put in their places ( he had to give Hot Rod some points). Yet, Carnivac didn't want to be the one to destroy the 'alliance', expecaully since there was a lack of back up around this Autobot guardian.

2007-02-13, 08:22 AM
Quintesson spiral ship Lex Causae

Hypotheon almost fell out of his chair. "Uh, captain..."

"What is it?" Antares' voice betrayed small amounts of fear and annoyance.

"The Transformers have pierced the planetary shield."

"Nnnn." Antares shook his head (which, as an Inquisitor, meant more or less his whole body). "Nothing we can do about that. Continue to fire on the Warworld."

Bridge, Warworld

"Forward shields down to 97%," Soundwave reported calmly. "Trypticon has breached the planetary defence grid." His voice hitched for a second. "And it would appear that the Tyrant is being boarded."

"That's not good," Astrotrain said gravely. "At the first sign that hostile forces have control of the ship, target it with our ion cannons and disable it. We have her shield frequencies, so we should be able to do it with a minimum of fuss."

"Aye, sir."

The Warworld rocked as another volley of incoming fire impacted against their shields.

"Nnnn." Astrotrain turned to Soundwave. "Give me a channel to whoever's in charge of our remaining fighter screen."

Space Battle

Roadgrabber jerked upwards as he comlink beeped, almost crashing into the tetrajet flying in formation above him.

"Uh...yeah? Roadgrabber here."

"Pilot Officer Roadgrabber?" The voice coming over the link was easily identifiable as Astrotrain's despite the crackling and interference. "You're in command of our fighter screen?"

"News to me," Roadgrabber said with a growing feeling of unease. "But Bugly decided to take on the entire Quintesson fleet singlehandedly, so I guess I am at that. What do you need?"

"My sensors show the enemy fighters have been routed."

"Near as I can tell, yeah." Roadgrabber definitely didn't like where this was leading.

"Then Bugly has the right idea. Take the rest of the seekers and sweeps into the enemy fleet and engage them at close range."

"You got it, boss." Roadgrabber couldn't help but shudder, which in a starfighter was odd to say the least.

Why, sweet Primus why did I sign up for this gig?

Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain frowned as he closed the channel with Roadgrabber.

He might not be the best the Decepticon starfighter force has to offer...

Putting that out of mind, he looked back at Soundwave. "Good. Now give me a fleet-wide channel."

"Channel open."

"All ships, this is the admiral. Trypticon has broken through the planetary shield. If you are assigned to a planetary target, follow his course down into the atmosphere. All starships not assigned to planetary targets, continue to engage the Quintesson fleet. Good luck to you all. Astrotrain out."

Bridge, Fort Max

"I've got it!" Hubcap's voice filled the room for a second. Realizing how surprised he sounded, the Minibot paused, collected his nerves, and continued. "I've cracked one of their command frequencies, Fortress."

2007-02-13, 09:51 AM
Tyrant Bridge

Weirwolf paused about to leave the bridge as a thought struck him.

"see if any weapons secondary bear can , if yes ship Quint blow away , let you will we know if board Quint ship do to accidents prevent yes. Also see if can you our fighters call up Quint ship is duck sitting as squishies say would even incompetent most couldn't it miss."

2007-02-13, 12:16 PM
Inside Trypticon:

Jetwave had landed inside the airlock chamber.

"Sunstorm, thanks for the help, but do you mind taking Octane outside of my hold? I don't want him squeesed while I transform", - he said with what he believed was a good humor.

Who would help him, I wonder?

"Trypticon, this is Jetwave. Are there any repair facilities or medical personnel aboard? I've brought Octane here, and he's in rather bad shape."

* * *

Metroplex landing pad:

Kickback, caught off-guard by Scavenger, turned around to face the Constructicon.

"Acting? Errr..."

Think, dammit, think! You're supposed to be a genius, don't you? That's just a silly Constructicon, you must be able to fool him easily!..

"Nothing special, really... It's... It's just an enemy fighter..."

And now what? What purpose could be plausible and safe enough at the same time?..

"We... We were hoping to use it for spare parts, here and there, you know..."

"WHAT???" - Bombshell intruded, enraged in his best feelings. - "I've captured this fighter and you're gonna make it a pile of scrap? Well, forget it!"

In a single leap he jumped towards an Overcharge, transforming as he went. At the same time, the Overcharge itself transformed from fighter into tank, with Bombshell safely inside.

"This will be my battle chariot - much better than going to battle unarmored! I control it, and you won't take it from me, you hear that?" - with that words he rotated the turret, aiming the cannon at Scavenger.

Oh no... Now that fool had ruined everything... - Kickback thought.

2007-02-13, 01:31 PM
Dai Atlas:
Cosmos gulped nervously, and ran to Dai Atals's hatch. He turned to make sure Dirge was following him, then opened the hatch and leaped out, transforming as soon as the pressure changed.
Sizzle watched him leap out, knowing how scared the green minibot was.
Most make you braver when you still do your job and your that terrified...

Warworld Bridge
Rumble looked to his readouts tried to force more power to the Forward shields, gritting his teeth as the screens showed impact after impact on the Warworlds defences.
Frenzy had been alligning the missile batteries on the Jurispedence: with all 20 locked on, he pressed the Big Red Fire button, and watched as 60 missiles arced their way to the Quintesson capital ship.

Trypticon bridge:
Thunderwing had stayed behind on the bridge: silent, he was bringing himself back up to speed. Not being in control of his own body for so long, he didn't want to rush into battle haphazardly.
But now, he felt he might be needed. His mission could wait: he needed to gain some real trust of these people.
"Prime: I will go and clear a path for Trypticon by distracting whatever airborne forces may present themselves."
He stated this coldly, as if the act was below him, but he did pause, waiting for a few volunteers if there were any.

Fizzle watched as the lights flickered with each blast from the Quintesson ship:testimony.
He turned to Backstreet with fire in his eyes:
"Keep the maneuvers up; Take all power off from weapons and internal gravity, route it to the shield section facing That ship, and to Runabouts Tractor beam. Everyone," he raised his voice, "buckle up!"

Scorponok: unbeknownst to all...
Nautilus had been working hard: the cells in Scorponoks holding bay were badly designed, but they were still effective.
The Door clanged to the floor in fron of him, and Nautilus sighed contentedly. His smile fell a little as he limped out- he had sacrificed some of the magnetic couplings from his left knee to break the lock.
All I have to do know, he thought grimly, Is avoid any defences or guards, find some one in charge, let them give me a gun and fight for my home world.
He sighed.
What a life.

Scorponok Hangar bay
Airwave had returned to Scorponok with the original order, leaving Octane to his fate: his only regret was that the deal with hammer may be off if he couldn't find a courier.

Aero Blade
2007-02-13, 01:55 PM
Dai Atlas

Dirge folloed along behind Cosmos, but at a much less concerned pace, and his mood still stern from having to deal with Buzzsaw. Once they were able to exit, Dirge immediately transformed and took off to begin their mission, glad to no longer have to be couped up in a confined space with the cassetticon lurking around.

"Let's get on with this," Dirge called to Cosmos over the com, his voice having taken an almost menacing tone for the moment.

Bridge, Warworld

Tracer half wondered as he did his task if the small fighters that they were contending with were surplus, or if the Quintessons had decided to not look at their budget for once and just decided to throw everything they had at them. Either way, Tracer was supplied with enough to keep him busy for awhile, enough for him to develop a rhythm to dealing with the small ships, which mean it was getting mildly monotonous. However, he knew things might get far more difficult sooner or later, so he might as well just enjoy things as they currently were.

Omega Supreme

With Hot Rod attending to the rest of the crew, that left Aero Blade to his own devices, time which he spent checking out the computers and equipment for any possible problems.

He figured that Hot Rod might have set this up so that he could be undisturbed, but since it was both the environment and the people, including Hot Rod himself, that he was unsettled with, he knew the gesture was futile for the time being. That was, if that was what he was intending. For as little as knew about any of them, there could have been an alterior motive for getting him separated from the others...

Why was I programed with so much paranoia? Aero Blade asked himself, then sullenly reminded himself that most of it had been developed, not that he was started with it... However, some degree of paranoia was probably good for him to have, when it came to doing his technical work - it kept pushing him to keep looking for hidden problems even if they weren't yet apparent, and he was able to catch more than a few things early. Too bad I can't just turn it on and off according to when I need it.

Bridge, Metroplex

Wing Saber continued to stand by, waiting for the time which he was needed orGrimlock decided to have him aid someone. He was not enthused about the impending battles, but what would have to be done would have to be done, wether he enjoyed the process or not.

2007-02-13, 05:11 PM
(OOC: For the sake of time, I'm going to assume that anybody who hasn't posted reboarding the drop ships yet will have made it aboard before they get to the surface.)



With Trypticon's lead, Scorponok lumbered forward through the hole in the scattered Quintesson fleet and into Cybertron's atmosphere, his shields dealing adequately with the spiral ships' fire and his own weapons taking occasional but unfocused potshots in return.

Not far away, Countdown sped forward, nimbly weaving through the debris field and dodging as much incoming fire as his swift thrusters would allow.


Trypticon: Jetwave Hold

Octane had passed out from the pain and laid motionless with his mouth hanging open.


Scorponok: Brig

Gigatron's mind raced as fast as his feet through the ship's corridors. A number of his troops had not returned on his order, including Charger and Octane. They were not answering his hails. He'd been shortstaffed for this mission to beging with, but with those few more presumably killed in action, he needed more troops. He hated to do this, but he had little choice.

The door to the brig whisked open, and before he could locate those he sought, he found himself face-to-face (or chest-to-face, more accurately) with Nautilus.

"What is the meaning of this?" Gigatron asked of the unknown, his optics narrowing.


Tyrant: Bridge

"I'll do what I can, captain," Viewfinder answered Weirdwolf. "Good luck out there."

Spyglass cheered, cocked his rifle, and rushed off the bridge.


Tyrant: Outer Corridors

With cold and inhuman precision, an autogun in the corner of the hall whisked to life when it spotted the first motion of the Sharkticon Marines far down the hall. It was inaccurate at such a distance, but the gatling cannon trained on them and opened fire anyway, spraying laser fire at 1000 rounds per minute.


Quintesson ship Testimony

"Shields at 46%, captain," the junior engineer reported nervously. "Hull integrity is destabilizing. They're trying to tear us apart!"

Malix' eyes narrowed. He didn't like what he needed to do to his beautiful new ship, but he had no choice.

"Ram it," Malix ordered calmly.

"What?" the helmsman cried.

"Ram it, I said!" Malix barked. "If they want us close, they'll get us close!"

The helmsman glanced over at the senior sensor watcher, a Gatekeeper who shook his head slowly and dreadfully at the former. The helmsman sighed and did as told, and the Testimony's engines flashed to send the ship barreling toward the Steelhaven.

2007-02-13, 08:21 PM
Tyrant Bridge

Weirdwolf nodded to Viewfinder

"know I best you'll do good luck also."

He moved out into the corridor



Wingspan followed the Constructors inside.


Sky Lynx

Overdrive looked out of Sky Lynx's cockpt window

He turned to Magnus

"Did we lose anyone in the space battle , any serious injuries."

2007-02-13, 09:40 PM
Dai Atlas

Buzzsaw dove out of the hatch behind Cosmos and Dirge, his wings fluttering weakly in the thin atmosphere.

Something tells me those two aren't very fond of me...

2007-02-13, 09:42 PM
Tyrant: Outer Corridors

''What!''OCL 18-13 shouted as shots started to rain in on them.All the Marines drop to the floor to avoid incoming the shots, accept OCL 18-13 who transformed into his tank mode and shouted to his Sharkticons''Get behind me,you'll be safe there.''The marines darted behind the overcharge.The lasor shots were boncing off 18-13 armor protecting the Sharkticons hiding behind.Then he aimed his turret and fired at shell at the auto gun.

Metroplex landing pad

Before Bombshell could fire Scavenger swiftly jumped on to the turret of the overcharge and opened the top hatch.Being a Constructicon Scavenger always carrys a few sticks of dynamite with him were ever he gose,So he quickly tied a few together and lit the 10 second fuse and though it down the overcharge's top hatch and jumped off the tank.

2007-02-13, 10:20 PM

" Aye, Fizzle " replied Backstreet, rerouting all availible power to the thrusters. The triggerbot looked at the bridge main screen, and watched the Testimony accelerating towards the Steelhaven, ready to ram the Autobot ship.

" Fizzleeeeee! " he warned.


Sky Lynx

Ultra Magnus nodded to Overdrive, then he looked to the crew room.

" I think Powerglide was our only space capable fighter launched, Overdrive. Let's see if he's ok."

The City Commander left his seat and exited Sky Lynx's cockpit. He stepped towards Powerglide.

" Are you ok, soldier? " he asked, looking down at the minibot.



Punch rised his photon cannon when he heard the sentry autogun firing, and watched for Weirdwolf's orders.

Punch frowned when he heard a explosion, then the autogun shots stopped.



Metroplex followed Scorponock and Trypticon towards Cybertron's surface.

2007-02-13, 11:04 PM
Tyrant Corridor

Weirdwolf looked over at Punch

"worry you not the intruders need to through many bulkheads get and Spyglass should off be switching gravity second any."

2007-02-13, 11:33 PM
Tyrant Corridor

''Ha got it,alright boys hop on.''said 18-13,The marines did what he ordered and jumped on to the tank.

''To the bridge boys!''18-13 shouted as he start to drive down the hallway.

Sky Lynx

''Just a few bumpes and bruises,nothing serious.Why?''Powerglide said back to Ultra Magnus


Before Fizzle could give his orders Runabout shouted ''I say we blast them to bits!Lets put all the ships power into the main guns and give them a massive volley!Hahahahaha!''

2007-02-14, 01:08 AM
Sunstorm nodded at Jetwave and stepped inside and grabbed the unconcious Octane, "Jetwave, it appears Octane has fallen onconcious, he needs attention soon."

2007-02-14, 12:17 PM
Inside Trypticon:

"Damn it to Slagging Pit!.. Well, get gim out of me and let's go find him some medic or CR chamber or something. I've asked Trypticon, but he hadn't responded - perhaps his processor is too busy with flight control right now so he can't spare a circuit or two to talk with me", - Jetwave answered Sunstorm, irritated and sarcastic at the same time.

* * *

Metroplex landing pad:

Inside Overgharge's turret, Bombshell nimbly catched the dynamite charge and snipped off the fuse with his claws. Wondering why Scavenger did choose such unfortunate means of attack and whether it was an attack at all, he pocketed the sticks into his personal subspace pocket.

I'll put them to use later. He wants to play games? Let's play, then! It'd be baseball... With me as the batter!

He swinged the turret, trying to bat Scavenger with the gun barrel.

"Stop it! Stop it, both of you!!!" - Kickback screamed, back on his element of commanding a rebellious lot. "We're supposed to fight Quintessons, and this wehicle should be of better use there!!!"

So much with my ingenious plans - he thought at the same time. Well, perhaps it's for the better - the whole idea of getting away inside this Overcharge unnoticed was hardly a perfect one in the first place.

"If we'd fight against each other Gigatron wouldn't be happy! He'll punish us all!" - he found, as he thought, a perfect argument.

Shrapnel, who was ready to jump at Scavenger, stopped at these words.

"I don't-don't want to be punished", - he said smartly.

2007-02-14, 01:08 PM
Metroplex landing pad

Scavenger thought for a moment about what Kickback said and then told him ''Gigatron will reward me for uncovering your secert plot to overthrow him.''Then Scavenger turned and fired at Shrapnel who was sneaking up behind him.

2007-02-14, 01:48 PM
Steelhaven Bridge;
"Runabout, if their ramming us, then they can take our missiles and lasers no problem!"
Fizzles mind raced, his eyes flasing with scenarios.
"Backstreet, Move all power to the shields facing the Testimony and to our rear: Keep propulsion at it's current speed.
Runabout, I'm gonna dump half our remaining fuel from the stores: if I pull a barrel roll and pull back so we're facing away from the enemy ship, it should sail right in front of them. I'm gonna need you to fire the rear torpedos at them, before they hit the enemies shields, OK? BEFORE."

Rapidly approaching the shield hole...
Cosmos lead Dirge and Buzzsaw through the upper atmosphere and to the expanding fracture hole that Trypticon had blown in the shields. He broadcast to the pair of them:
"Ok, I'm gonna skirt the lower atmosphere till we reach Kalis: then, uh, I'll take the pictures till they spot us, and, uh, I guess we figure it out from there?"

(OOC someone just talk to Guzzle or Slicer when they're needed? Cheers.)

2007-02-14, 03:41 PM
Metroplex landing pad:

"Plot? Overthrow? Your processor must be shortcircuited!!!" - Kickback screamed, jumping behind the Overcharge to get at least minimal protection.

"Scre-e-e-e-e!!!" - Shrapnel cried, hit straight into his chest. He lost his footing and fell from the platform, but manadged to hold on its edge not to be lost in space.

"How dare you!.." - Bombshell snarled inside the turret and commanded the Overcharge (through the mindlink) to move forvard and crush the insolent Constructicon under its treads. The tank rushed forward, impacting into Scavenger.

* * *

Onboard Sky Lynx:

"Get ready, Crossblades", - Red Alert said, looking at the screen where one after another Citybots were entering the breach in the planetary shield. - "As soon as we enter the breach, we'll open the airlock and you shall be on your way to scout for enemy defences. I suppose you'll find your way to Crystal City.

Don't forget to use cloak... and take Spike onboard, we'll need information from both of you."

* * *

-OOC: I intend to NPC Hound, Spike and Arcee until they could be sent on their distraction mission. If anybody objects, just say so.

And, by the way, I've got no idea how to carry on with Karrion (pun intended).

2007-02-14, 05:04 PM
Metroplex landing pad:

Before Scavenger was run over by Bombshell he manged to transform into his vehicle mode.He able to resist the impact of Bombshell's charge and manged to swing his crane arounld and grab the rear of the tank and with all his force he started to pull up to try and flip the tank over.

Steelhaven Bridge

''I Understand .Loading rear torpedos now sir.Hahahaha this is going to be fun ha ha!''

2007-02-14, 05:33 PM
Metroplex landing pad:

"Oh no you don't, you rustbucket", - Bombshell sweared inside tank's turret, feeling that the rear end of his wehicle had been lifted up. Swinging the turret, the Overcharge aimed its cannon right at Scavenger... and fired.

"Help-help me!.." - Sharapnel was screaming, hanging to his dear life on the edge of the platform.

"Somebody do something!!! This Constructicon had had a processor malfunction!!! He's attacking us!!!" - Kickback screamed and signalled on all frequencies, trying to capture attention of any Transformers who happen to be nearby.

If they come for help now, we'll have an advantage - three our voices against the voice of a single Constructicon. He has no proof of anything we could've been scheming, of that I am sure.

Still, it's a pity he had ruined such a perfect combination.

2007-02-14, 06:00 PM
Metroplex, bay

Six-Gun entered the bay, annoyed by the noisy Insecticons.

" What's going on? " he asked to the Insecticons and Scavenger. The drone frowned when he looked towards Kickback.


Sky Lynx

" Just checking your status, son " replied Magnus to Powerglide.

The City Commander moved then towards Red Alert, and nodded towards his Security Director and Crossblades.

Facing the rest of the troops, Ultra Magnus looked at them.

" In brief moments we'll pierce the planetary shield's hole and enter in Cybertron. Then we'll land near Crystal City, so we need to be ready for the disembark. Crystal City soldiers, join your team leaders - Red Alert, Overdrive and myself -. "



Backstreet manned the nav station, doing Fizzle's orders the best way he could.

" Done, Fizzle! " the triggerbot announced with a nervous high-pitched voice

2007-02-14, 06:43 PM
Quintesson ship Testimony

"One hundred astroseconds to impact!" the junior sensor watcher shouted back toward the captain's chair.

Malix tapped his armrest anxiously. He wanted to be shouting orders, but there was nothing to be said. Only waiting.

"He's gonna kill us," the senior sensor watcher muttered to the helmsman. "Turn us around while we still have a chance."

"He'll kill me if I do!" the helmsman answered, keeping his eyes on his duty so as not to draw Malix' attention. "I have no choice!"

The senior sensor watcher glared at the helmsman, glanced up to the captain's chair to make sure Malix was otherwise occupied, and slowly drew a pistol from a compartment under his console...


Tyrant: Corridors

Spyglass stopped and pressed himself against a wall at hearing an gunfire, an explosion, and shouting echoing in the ship's vast halls. He raised his rifle to his side and glanced at Weirdwolf for direction forward.

At the Marines' position, Viewfinder's work finally went into effect, and the artificial gravity in the outer corridor shut down, while secondary blast doors slammed shut behind the already enforced bulkheads.


Scorponok: Brig

"It's of no concern," Gigatron decided. There was no time to waste. He pointed Nautilus toward the door and stomped past him. "Find a weapon and join the others at the launch bay."

IN a few moments Gigatron found himself in the brig's maximum security corridor. It was dark and silent, more like a tomb than a prison. Only his optics and the electron bars lit the chamber. Gigatron walked to a panel and operated it, inputting security codes to relieve the stasis the two prisoners had been forced into.

"Staxx, Bulletbike, arise. This is your commander Gigatron. You have earned parole. Serve me well in the destruction of the Quintessons and the liberation of Polyhex and Cybertron, and you will have your freedom. Fail me and you will be melted down for building materials. Is this understood?"

The bars deenergized, and Gigatron stared down his two outlaws grimly.



Scorponok's frame shuddered slightly as it entered Cybertron's light atmosphere and rocketed toward its destination of Polyhex.

(OOC: Let's move the Scorponok crew over to the Polyhex thread from here, eh?)

2007-02-14, 08:20 PM
scorponok jail

Staxx and bulletbike stepped closer to gigatron, their eyescanners adjusting to the light.

"Yes parole! you won't regret this sir" hissed staxx "I'll even pound unicron with my bare fists if you want."
"I'll bring you every head of every Quint I meet if you want, I'll ram them into oblivion"

Bulletbike just stared at the figure of gigatron looming in front of him and grinned "yes..." he said staring blankly. some could even call it a mad man's glare.
he just stood there, gazing at gigatron...

2007-02-14, 09:14 PM
Metroplex landing pad

Kickback's signaling and screaming worked to grab the attention of the other Constructicons in the lanch bay.''Lets go see whats going on out there.''Scrapper said to his fellow Constructicons.

The Constructicons got on to the landing pad same time that Bombshell fired.The blast was so powerful at pointblank range it casued Scavenger to transform into robot mode and it shot him to the edge of the pad.Scrapper gave out his orders ''Long Haul transform and ram Bombshell,push him of the pad!''

''Yes sir''Long Haul answered.He quickly transformed into vehicle mode and charged at the tank.

''Hook and Mixmaster go cheack on Scavenger,See if if he is still online.''

Hook and Mixmaster ran over to Scavenger.Hook quickly examined Scavenger and said to Mixmaster''It dosn't look good,He took a lot of damage''

Mixmaster-''What about stais lock.He'd just go into that?right ,right,right''

Hook-''No!He is beyond that!He needs more help then I can offer.I have to send a message to the Bridge for help.''Hook turned on his commlink and sent a message to the Bridge ''All Medical staff needed on landing pad now!''

Meanwhile Scrapper contuied to give orders.''Bonecrusher go deal with Sharapnel,I will deal with Kickback''

Bonecrusher walked up to Sharapnel who was hanging on the edge of the platform asking for help.Bonecrusher drew his lasor pistol and pointed it at Sharapnel and said ''Help...Ha.You attempt to over throw Gigatron and now you ask for mercy.You should be happy that Gigatron isn't the one who has to deal with you''he fired.

Scrapper drew his gun and aimed it at Kickback and said ''Don't move or I will blast you.'' Then he said to Six-Gun who was watching everthing''The Insecticons where planning on superpowering this overcharge and using it to kill Gigatron!''

Tyrant: Corridors

OCL 18-13 tracks started to lift off the floor''What the?They turned off the gravity!Nice trick but it wont save you.Hold on tight,boys!.''OCL 18-13 transformed into jet mode and continued intill they reached the blast doors.''Bite think you can blast threw them?''

Bite look the doors over and said''No problem!''.He floated over to the door and took some explosives out of his backpack.Then he stuck them to the door and set the timer.''Ok lets get out of here!''he shouted.The marines quickly floated around a corner and waited.


Lord Zarak
2007-02-14, 09:53 PM
"In that case, we move out."

With that, Shockwave moved to the rear of the column, to be the last to board Overlord

Skystalker, from his vantage point saw the small figures begin to exit Trypticon and head to Overlord.

"Skystalker to Gigatron, Shockwave's troops are transfering to OVerlord. It looks like they are going to make their move soon. Shockwave has asked me to provide cover, but if you need me I'm here"

2007-02-15, 02:10 AM

Hatemonger waited for Countdown to make his move.

Soon Cybertron would the Transformers once again or at least he hoped.

2007-02-15, 04:31 AM
Space Battle

Bugly felt a warning twinge in the back of his mind and broke off his strafing run on the Chains of Justice. He'd only barely gotten out of the way when a fusillade of fighter-calibre energy darts slammed into the enemy ship's hull.

"Nnnn..." Flipping around, he found himself face to face with Roadgrabber and a ragtag squadron of a dozen or more seemingly-random Decepticons. "Some warning would have been appreciated," the mystic said. "I barely got out of the way in time."

"Maybe we missed," Roadgrabber replied darkly. "Stop bitching and get in formation. Solo heroics aren't going to get the enemy's attention, let alone hurt them."

"And you think you can?" Bugly's haughty voice hid a trace of suspicion that the other Pretender really had tried to kill him. "I doubt it."

"What did they tell you about doubt in mystic school?" Roadgrabber's reply was just as arrogant. "Trust me. It's high time we introduced these five-faced bags of protoplasm to old-fashioned mass fire drills."

Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain allowed himself a small smile as his crew went about their duties. The slow-moving moon-sized warship was bearing steadily down on the Quintesson fleet, now less than one Warworld-length away.

Once this is all over, the admiral chuckled to himself, I'll have to see about getting that instated as an official unit of measure...

Upper Atmosphere

Buzzsaw flapped his wings a bit more vigorously in an attempt to keep up with Cosmos and Dirge.

"I might be able to get closer than you two," he told them. "After all, I don't generate any thruster exhaust. Their sensors might not be able to pick me up at a distance."

Just another example of my brilliance, he thought. Pity that it's going to end up putting me in harm's way again. I have simply got to stop being so damned perfect all the time...

(OOC: um...off to the Kalis thread, then?)

2007-02-15, 06:48 AM
Trypticon, landing bay:

-a couple of drones walk up to Jetwave and Sunstrom-

Trypticon: "Give him to them. They will take him to the repair bay."

Thundercracker: -slightly scortched, but otherwise fine- "Trypticon, how much longer until atmosphere?"

Tryption: "Entering atmosphere now."

Thundercracker: "All right. Reload, refuel, and rearm. We're going out again."

Omega Supreme:

Omega Supreme: -shuddering slightly as he enters the atmosphere- "Atmospheric Entry: Achieved."

Hot Rod: -turns to his crew- "All right, guys, this is it. "Dogfight, get out there and join your team. the rest of you, we're going in."

Bridge, Trypticon:

Prime: "No, Thunderwing. We're going to need your firepower during the assualt."

Ironhide: -checking shield status- "Deflectors're at 67% an' regeneratin', forcefields took th' worst of it, though. Down ta 22%. Got 'em regeneratin' now, but they ain't regeneratin' as fast as th' deflectors."

Trypticon: "It is caused by atmospheric friction. My shielding is not as effective in atmosphere."

Ironhide: "Great. Anythin' else they didn't tell us?"

Trypticon: "Not at the moment."

Countdown's ship:

Nightbeat: "Well, are we ready?"

Minerva: -nods worriedly-

Siren: "Yup."

Hosehead: "Yeah."

Chromedome: "Yes, sir!"

Fixit: -wearily- "As I'll ever be."

Fangry: -growls-

Sky Lynx:

Stepper: -checking his ammo, mags, and coolant levels-

Tracks: -running diagnostics on his particle cannons- "Let me know when you want me to go out, guys."

Hardhead: -waiting patiently-

Sky Lynx: "Fear not, Tracks. I will cover your launch!"


Leozak, Gaihawk, and Hellbat: -already half way back to the rest of their team, stop when they hear the explosion, turn, start running back towards the landing pad-


Grimlock: -looks over at Wing Saber- "Go see what cause explosion!"

2007-02-15, 12:11 PM

"Whoa. Somebody really cared for him", - Jetwave said, glad to be rid of Octane's body. He wasn't a medic, after all, and was unable to give the wounded Decepticon a proper treatment... even if he wanted to.

"Affirmative", - he responded to Thundercracker's command, then figured he's got no idea where could the armoury be in this citybot. But this problem was easy to solve...

"Sunstorm, could I accompany you? I'd like to pick up some missiles in the armoury, I've spent a number of mine on the way", - he said and followed the orange Seeker.

* * *

Metroplex landing pad:

Total carnage ruled at the landing platform.

The Overcharge Bombshell was in was rammed by Long Haul and thrown from the platform down into space. Shrapnel, who held by his dear life on the edge, had foreseen Bonecrusher's shot and let go of the edge, falling into space too.

Only Kickback remained on the platform, shivering under the sight of Scrapper's gun.

"We... we did nothing of this sort! We were helping in the battle in the best way we could, and the Overcharge..."

He hadn't time to finish. The Overcharge in question appeared above the edge of the platform, already in spacefighter mode again.

"Cut it out and let's go!" - Bombshell's voice, amplified by Overcharger's speakers, sounded deafeningly and meaningly.

Kickback decided that it wasn't the best time to explain now (though he wondered why in Pit's name the Constructicons had decided to pick on them) and springed up, towards the Overcharge. At the same moment Bombshell fired Overcharge's laser guns at Scrapper, to prevent him from doing the same to Kickback.

Soaring over the platform with Kickback holding on its wing, the Overcharge fired two missiles and shot into space...

Meanwhile, Scattershot and Strafe were running back to the platform side-by-side with the Breastforce. They've manadged to see only the soaring Overcharge.

"There's the enemy!" - Strafe screamed promptly and reached for his gun.

"No, you triggerhappy fool - can't you see there's an Insecticon there? It's on our side, then", - Scattershot replied.

It was the exact moment when one of the missiles impacted between them and the Breastforce, scattering both groups.

"What the?.." - was all that Scattershot had time to say.

* * *

-OOC: Oscar, please don't put so many actions in one post. To prevent this having an undesired effect on my characters, I'm forced to do the same, and this prevents other players from entering their characters into the scene too.

By the way, I apologise to other players for so many actions in this post - but I really didn't wanted Insecticons to be shot on the charge of treason...

2007-02-15, 01:46 PM
kalis airspace;
"Um, yeah, you should take the lead Buzzsaw: we'll have to follow you quite close though, we don't have too much time!"

(OOC To the Kalis thread indeed...)

Warworld Brig
Nautilus, scared rigid at Gigatrons appearence, gratefully ran out of the jail and bolted through the hallways, following the oh so convenient signs pointing to the Armoury.
Sweet Primus, I thought I was Dead!

Steelhaven Bridge
Fizzles hands worked furiously as he maneuvered the 'Haven in a far more shallow arc than she was designed for: Soon, they were facing directly away from the Testimony: and the Energon Fuel Tanks that had been jettisoned were floating toward the oncoming Quintesson ship.
Fizzle counted breathlessly, then stood sharply and shouted:
"Runabout, FIRE NOW!"

Jhuram sat into his chair, his pump broken with despair. "What do we do, Captain?"
Doron grinned like a cheshire cat, Now, was the time for him to show everyone what he was capable of!
"Everyone grab a weapon, and Grah: radio the marines: we're gonna join them on the enemy ship!"

2007-02-15, 02:49 PM

"Hurry if we corridor this to leads hull breech counterboard will we and crew slaughter counter attack expecting will they not."

Weirdwolf picked up the pace loping easily along the corridor.

He opened a com link to Viewfinder

"Soldier marines progress on updated keep me , and monitoring keep the breech in hull in case concealed sentries have they left."

2007-02-15, 09:41 PM
Steelhaven Bridge

''Good bye Testimony.Hahahaha!''Runabout said as he pushed the fire button.

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2007-02-15, 09:48 PM
Metroplex, troubled landing bay

Six- Gun runned towards the Constructicons and the Insecticons, stopping between the two groups.

" S-T-O-P blasting my bay! " he said, rising his guns.


Metroplex Bridge

Scamper rised his head from the nav station and looked at Grimlock.

" Sir, we've entered Cybertron upper atmosphere " informed the drone.


Omega Supreme

Dogfight left Omega nad, with a trail of fire from his fusion blasters flew at maximum speed towards Kalis.

2007-02-15, 10:49 PM

Razorclaw looked at the rest of his fellow Predacons as they were milling about while in transit.

"Predacons" he started transforming into robot mode as he fell gracefully onto the ground.

"Lets merge into Predaking now and be among the first to slag our foes on Cybertron." He said as the other Predacons roared their agreement.

With that the five mighty warriors merged into Predaking.

"We await the command to destroy." The massive gestalt said waiting for the ship to land and the destruction to start.

2007-02-15, 11:33 PM
Countdown: Cockpit

With the first line of danger behind them and the spiral ships' fire drawn on the Warworld, Countdown withdrew his shuttle's cannon just as the nose of the ship lit up with reentry flame.

"We're entering the atmosphere!" Countdown shouted back into the cabin. "We'll be on the ground in less than a breem! Brace for turbulence!"

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Tyrant: Corridors

Spyglass crept along after Weirdwolf, keeping low as they approached the hull breach so as to avoid detection.


The blast had successfully drilled a hole in the bulkhead, small, but enough for the Marines to pass through single-file. In the next section of hall, a pair of autoguns on the ceiling waited for the weightless prey to show themselves...


Quintesson ship Testimony

Malix' teeth began inadvertently showing themselves as the moment of impact came closer. Everything was calm in the eye of the storm, but in a flash all chaos would return.

"Got a bogey!" the junior sensor watcher reported. "It's weak. Is it-- Transformer ship's evading, captain. She--"

He hadn't time to realize the torpedos had been launched before they ignited Steelhaven's dumped fuel and rocked Testimony mightily, draining the ship's power on the remainder of the shields and causing a momentary blackout on the bridge.

"Shields have failed, captain!" an engineer wailed. "Shields are down! We're flying naked! Engineering reports missile systems are back online, but repeat, shields are DOWN!"

Malix stood as tall as he could, holding an arm above his head and shouting at the top of his voice to be heard over the panic.

"Helm, get us into position to fire main cannon, NOW! Gunnery, all missiles on that ship! Engineering, get me my shields back!"

"We'll need at least eight astrominutes, captain!" the engineer replied.

"We can't wait that long," the senior sensor watcher butted in. "They'll take us apart! We have to draw back and seek repairs!"

"Coward!" Malix glared at the senior sensor watcher, who turned in his chair and glared back. "You heard Admiral Armadius' orders!" Malix continued. "We are to destroy that ship!"

"We can't, captain!" the senior sensor watcher answered, standing to approach the captain's chair and carefully hiding his blaster behind his back.

"Stand down, ensign," Malix replied coldly.

You could almost hear the snap.

"I HAVE A NAME!" The senior sensor watcher drew the pistol wildly and fired twice. The first went wide, but the second pierced Malix' throat, leaving a smoking hole and a dazed expression on the captain's face before his body collapsed to the floor.

For a moment, the sensor watcher didn't seem to realize what he'd done, and the entire bridge went quiet while all eyes turned to him. His tense hand dropped to his side, and he heaved with something like adrenaline while walking up to the captain's chair. His footfalls were all that could be heard.

"I have a name," he repeated, kicking Malix' body out of his way. "It's Ghorox."

From the top of the bridge, Ghorox realized everyone was staring at him. He didn't know how to be a captain. But he'd learn.

"Helm, 180 degrees port, all power to thrusters. Gunnery, provide cover fire to aid our escape. Comm, tell the Admiral that we're checking in for repairs. And don't tell him what's happened here."

Ghorox' comrades looked at each other for a moment, unsure what they should do. But they knew he couldn't be worse to follow than Malix (and some truly liked Ghorox), and so they went about his orders quickly and efficiently, turning the ship on its axis and firing on the Steelhaven while preparing to escape.

2007-02-16, 12:18 AM
Steelhaven Bridge

After the explosion Runabout turned and looked at Fizzle''There Shields are down!Lets finish them off!''

Tyrant: Corridors

The Marines made there way to the breach. But before they could enter OCL 18-13 stoped them and said ''Wait lets throw a grenade in.''Chomp grabbed a grenade from his belt and tossed it threw the breach.

2007-02-16, 12:48 AM
Sunstorm nodded at Jetwave, "Oh, yes, I would enjoy some company."


Deathsaurus stepped into Overlord and moved out of the way to allow the rest to enter.

Aero Blade
2007-02-16, 05:01 AM
"Immediately!" Wing Saber responded to Grimlock, needing no encouragement to be worried of the explosion. Exiting the bridge, Wing Saber broken into a run, heading in what he hoped he remembered to be the right way, having only had the chance to study layout diagrams, not actually explore the vessel yet.

2007-02-16, 05:27 AM
Omega Supreme:

Omega Supreme: "Altering: Heading. Approaching: Kalis."

Hot Rod: -calling up the Kalis map on the display- "All right. Until we get a reading from the recon team, I don't want to pick a firm landing spot. If it looks good, Land in the Old Council Chambers. The building's a wreck anyway, and it'll give us a defendable LZ."

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Bridge, Trypticon:

Trypticon: -altering course, heading towards Iacon-

Prime: "Not much longer now....."

Ironhide: "Yeah. 'Bout tahme, too."

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Metroplex landing pad:

Leozak: -shaking his head as he gets to his feet- "What happened?"

2007-02-16, 05:38 AM
Space Battle

Although he was flying through a maze of energy darts, missile contrails, warships and dead Overcharges, Bugly didn't seem particularly put out by it. Stretching out with his dark powers, he managed to predict and avoid any danger before it even arrived. The rest of the squad, Roadgrabber included, jerkily imitated his movements.

Under Bugly's guidance, the squadron had moved deeper into the enemy formation. Away from the elite ships at the front of the line, they'd had more success. Although they hadn't managed to do any significant damage, the Decepticon squadron had spread chaos and dismay wherever they went.

Until they were here.

At the far end of the Quintesson formation, the least-skilled or most cowardly captains hid, hoping in vain that distance would protect them from death.

More fools they.

Stretching out toward the captains of the nearby vessels, the mystic searched their auras, looking for someone with just the right traits for his next victim.

Ah. That one will do.

"Follow me."

With Bugly in the lead, the Decepticon squadron wheeled about and moved in for an attack run on the Lex Causae.

Quintesson spiral ship Lex Causae

"Incoming enemy fighters, captain. Vector one-four-five by two-six."

"Nnnn." Antares scowled, not at Hypotheon in specific but at life in general. "Dispatch a squad of Overcharges to intercept."

"All the Overcharges are dead, sir."

"Then hijack some from another ship."

"No, sir," Hypotheon shook his head. "I mean all the Overcharges are dead."

"Ah. Well, that changes things." Swivelling his chair to face the weapons officers, Antares had a pensive expression on his face. "Alright, here's what we're going to do..."

Space Battle

Bugly had only a millisecond's warning, but it was enough.

The fire that erupted from the Lex Causae was tightly patterned, aimed by well-trained gunners and coordinated by a brilliant captain. The Pretender didn't even have time to reflect on how badly he'd misjudged the ship's apparently-cowardly captain; it was all he could do to avoid the incoming enemy fire.

The ships in his squadron weren't so lucky. Virtually none of them were quick enough to avoid being hit, several of them critically. Even Roadgrabber was hit at least once; his pathetic scream crackled over the squadron's comm channel. Bugly saw at least three of the squad transmogrified into roiling balls of fire before his optic sensors, but didn't have time to worry about that.

Another warning flickered through his mind, giving the mystic just enough time to dodge out of the way of an incoming missile barrage from the Quintesson ship...

...and absolutely no time at all to avoid the fusillade of heat beams that tore into him from behind.

Roadgrabber watched with detached malice as his fire stitched through Bugly's port side. The other Pretender's left engine exploded into a fiery blaze. Eerie purple-black lightning crawled across the wounded area, doing Primus-knows-what.

"What! The! Pit! Do you think you're doing?" Despite his obvious wounds, Bugly's voice had only increased in malice. "This doesn't strike me as a brilliant time to try and usurp your commander!"

"Usurp what?" The two Decepticons had made it out of the gauntlet of Quintesson fire for the moment, so Roadbuster could concentrate on taunting his foe. "Look around, oh great lord of Circuit-Su! There's no one left to command! Your mad scheme killed them all!" His voice was suddenly as cold as the vacuum around them. "When I send you to the Pit, they'll tell you all about it."

"Rah!" Bugly flipped around, his manoeuvring jets spinning him around on his central axis even as he continued to scream forward. The mystic's photon cannons glowed, signalling an imminent and likely fatal barrage aimed at his assailant.

But Roadgrabber was faster. His heat beams lashed out again. With the precise aim of the expert gunner that he was, he surgically sliced Bugly's weapons clean off.

Tendrils of purple energy bled out from Bugly's body, reaching out to the severed weapons and trying to draw them back toward the mystic.

"Normally I'd draw this out, Bug Boy, but you and I both know you'd make me pay dearly. And unlike you, my arrogance isn't suicidal. Now burn!"

His heat beams spat fire for a third time. And a fourth. And a fifth. Bugly's single engine flared, but it wasn't equal to the task of dragging his ruined frame out of Roadgrabber's line of fire. Ripped open by the repeated attacks, Bugly broke into three separate pieces on the final volley.

Purple-black clouds of energy stretched out from the broken shards of the dead Pretender, but all the dark power in Unicron's spark couldn't have put Bugly back together again without a team of trained medics on call to help. The energy glowed brighter for a second, then faded away.

For a second, Roadgrabber thought he heard a hate-filled voice screaming in his audio sensors, but he knew that was impossible. He shivered anyway.

Quickly regaining his usual bravado, the gunner quipped, "Didn't forsee that, didja?"

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2007-02-16, 11:01 AM
Onboard Trypticon:

"In Primus's name!.." - Jetwave was astounded by the stacks of ammunition boxes, crates and containers in Trypticon's armoury. It was bigger then Metroplex's and Fort Max's armories... together.

"Here... Fire-and-forget anti-aircraft missiles... I'm taking that", - he pocketed a crate into his subspace pocket, to be unpacked and loaded into the loading mechanism automatically. "Air-to-surface guided missiles... Gonna need'em too... And that... And - oh, torpedoes!!! Great, just great..."

A crate after another were wanishing into Jetwave's seemingly limitless personal subspace. He forgot about Sunstorm and the mission which awaited him, feasting on this incredible multitude of ammunition.

"And artillery shells too!!! Eight inches - no, too small. Twelve inches - where did they've got these? Still too small. Sixteen inches... Damn... Where's... OH YESSSSS!"

He almost felled the stack of the boxes over as he grabbed the largest of the crates.

"EIGHTEEN INCHES!!! Armour Piercing and High Explosive!!! It just can't be better!..

Or can it?.." - he added, looking wistfully at the next crate with a special mark on it - not a Decepticon insignia, but a black circle with three yellow petals inside. Radiation.

"Low-radiation 1 Megaton proton bombs", - he read quietly aloud.

* * *

Metroplex landing pad:

Scattershot, shaken by the explosion, stood up slowly.
"Beats me", - he answered Leozak, puzzled. - "Perhaps the Insecticons had lost the control of their Overcharge... Or they decided to betray us and disrupt our mission... Nah, unlikely. With a single Overcharge and only three of them they wouldn't do something like that. I think it was some misunderstanding."

But when the Technobots Squadron Leader said the words "to betray us and disrupt our mission", that was more than enough for his triggerhappy comrade.

"Traitors!!! I'll kill you all!!!" - Strafe shouted and transformed into his jet mode, intent to pursue the fleeing Overcharge.

"No! Stop! We've already entered the atmosphere, there's no time for that!.." - Scattershot shouted. - "Ah, damn", - he added as Strafe engaged his engines and blasted from the platform. - "You're too slow, you'll never catch them!!!" - and, seeing his words have no effect on Strafe, Scattershot transformed and soared after him.

* * *

In space - escaping from Metroplex:

"Catch me!!! Help me!!! Get me in!!!" - Kickback wailed, hanging on the Overcharge's wing.

Bombshell sighed inside the fighter's control seat. He was already regretting his decision to pick the smartass Insecticon up from the platform where he'd inevitably been shot othervise.

"Shrapnel, bring that crying fool in", - he commanded. "I'm busy, I'm controlling the flight", - he added, full of pride. After all, it was he who saved the day, and did it with this wehicle, captured by him because of his abilities.

Shrapnel obeyed, transforming into his beetle mode and crawling by the wing towards Kickback. Half a breem later they've entered the cabin together.

"What do you intend to do?" - was the first thing which Kckback asked after transforming back.

"Dunno. Now I'm getting up, not to be sucked in by Cybertron's gravity. When we'll get to the orbit, I'll decide what to do next."

"But what if we'll be followed by fighters from Metroplex? Or assaulted by the ships that are still in orbit?"

"I'll think about it when it happens, then, and decide what to do. Simple as that", - Bombshell turned from his seat and pointed a finger at Kickback's chest. - "But remember: from now on it will be ME who decides, not you."

2007-02-16, 11:34 AM
Metroplex landing

The Overcharges lasors hit right in front of Scrapper casusing him to fly backwords and crash face down.Long haul ran over and help'd Scrapper to his feet and said''I shall destory those traiters!''and Scrapper said back''No,something else is going on.I don't think they were traiters,But they were planing something,I wonder what?''

2007-02-16, 01:54 PM
Steelhaven Bridge
"Fire Runabout! Torpedoes, full spread, fire!"
Fizzles voice was hoarse, and his eyes glowing.
"Backstreet! Bring all power back to normal levels, and mann some guns! I'll bring us about."
Fizzle turned to the controls, and brought the wheel over to his right... Nothing happened.
Fizzle flicks switches, pushes buttons. Lights flash at him, and klaxons come on line.
What the hells wrong now?

2007-02-16, 09:07 PM
Steelhaven Bridge

''Firing now sir.hahaha''Runabout said with great pleasure.

2007-02-16, 10:36 PM

The Autobot citybot moved to Tarn.

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Quint Capital ship Jurisprudence

Armadius eyes flashed with a mix of fear, fustration and anger.

" Sir, the Testimony retreats! Enemy citybots are landing on the planet surface! Our starfighters had been destroyed...! " was yelling a crewman.

Captain Scarix aproached the admiral, seated on the command chair.

" Eh...sir, our fleet is falling to pieces, We must retre- "... started the captain. But Armadius turned his head and looked coldly at him.

" Retreat, captain? " Armadius shaked his heads. " No, we must stay, and fight. Perhaps the Transformers will land their troops on Cybertron, but we're going to win in the skies. "

The Admiral turned toward the scared crew officer.

" Ensign, open a channel to all ships... "



Punch tried to focus himself on the incoming battle, but Counterpunch's bloodthirstness beated on his audioreceptors. The Autobt double agent grabbed strongly his photon cannon and moved behind Spyglass.

" I'll cover you, pal " he muttered to the reflectorcon.

" And who will cover you, weak autobot? If you let me to gain control of our body, I'll watch for both of us... better. "

2007-02-17, 05:07 AM
Bridge, Warworld

"Our fighters are gone."

Soundwave said the words so flatly that it took a second for them to sink in.

"What?" Astrotrain wasn't happy to hear that. "All of them?"

"All but one," Soundwave reported. "Roadgrabber, according to his IFF tag. The remaining seekers and sweeps seem to have been destroyed by the Quintesson cruiser that Trypticon was harrying."

"And Bugly?" As much as Astrotrain loathed the mystic, he found it hard to imagine him falling to the Quintessons.

"If my sensor logs are accurate, he was destroyed by Roadgrabber."

"I see." Astrotrain's voice seemed to lower the temperature on the bridge by a dozen degrees. "Make a note in the log: if Roadgrabber survives the battle, he's to be arrested on charges of mutiny."

"Aye, sir," Soundwave's voice carried a note of what might have been disapproval, but the day Astrotrain started caring what the traitorous communications officer thought about command matters would be the day he resigned.

2007-02-17, 04:06 PM
----------Sky Lynx----------
"Whoa...." Hoist shocked for a moment at Powerglide's wounds ,so he ran back and a minute later he came back with a patching equipment. "I know I know it won't take long." He said and start treating the minibot wounds.

Edit:Just mispelling

2007-02-17, 06:54 PM
Quintesson ship Testimony

Ghorox gripped the rail over the captain's chair when the ship rumbled, nearly falling on Malix' body. If he hadn't been busy, Ghorox may have noticed Malix was still barely alive and glaring at him with glazed eyes...

"We have impact!" the sensor watcher reported. "Torpedo on the port fourth spiral!"

"Isolating the damage!" the engineer reported.

"Evasive maneuvers!" Ghorox shouted.

The ship managed to narrowly avoid the remaining barrage of torpedos, and there was a moment of quiet on the bridge.

"The enemy ship isn't pursuing!" the sensor watcher reported, a bit confused.

"Patheon, full power to thrusters!" Ghorox yelled, unwilling to the chance. The ship bolted away through the space debris, juking and weaving as it went to hopefully avoid Steelhaven's weaponsfire.


Tyrant: Corridors

Spyglass turned back to Counterpunch with a smirk, still inching his way along the corridor behind Weirdwolf. He could see the entry point up ahead...


Chomp's grenade fell short to damage the autoguns significantly, but a hunk of shrapnel managed to get lodged in one of the barrels of one. The confused mechanism went into an aimless tizzy, firing randomly into the empty corridor while the other autogun waited for its targets to show themselves.

2007-02-17, 07:12 PM
Tyrant Corridors

Weirdwolf moved towards the entry point . there was a snick as the covers on his shoulder mounted missile launchers slid back.

"ok troops going to fire am i missiles salvo of then charge the entry. My back cover , go in lets guns all blazin'. them lets hell give."

2007-02-17, 08:24 PM
Steelhaven Bridge

Runabout saw Testimony escaping and turned and shouted at Fizzel"Why are you letting them get AWAY!!

Tyrant Corridors

After the grenade went off OCL 18-13 pointed at Chew and ordered''You go in first.''Chew nodded his head and went though the gap in the door.Just as he got to the other side a shot zip by his head it,Chew frantically seached the room and saw a damaged autogun shooting wildly,he aim his rifle and fired at the gun.

2007-02-18, 01:09 AM
Quint's capital ship, Jurisprudence

" Armadius to all Quintesson ships, prepare to disengage and change course towards Cybertron's moon, I repeat; disengage and move towards the moon! She will cover our retreat! "

On Jurisprudence's bridge, Scarix sighed in relief, while the crewmans plotted a new course towards Cybertron's remaining moon. The over sized spiral ship changed his course and moved away from the Warworld.

But in Armadius optics a cunning shine flashed with malice.

2007-02-18, 01:45 PM
Steelhaven Bridge
''I DON'T KNOW!'' Fizzle shrieked at Runabout.
He tinkered with the computer in front of him, and oil poured down his face in terror.
''My constant realligning of the power has slagged the systems: auto repairs and the Drones karrion left with us are doing their best to fix it, three astrominutes at best.''
Damn it Fizzle, how's anyone gonna respect you after THIS?

Conviction boarding area.
Doron lead his six man crew to the fourth spiral arm of their ship.
He and Jhuram were Executioners, and were aways armed. Castle, Shield and Watch were Gatekeepers, and had their maces with them: aside from that, the gatekeepers and the Allicons were armed with a Standard Side Arm laser pistol each.
''Bong, Grah and Weep: you take point. Jhuram, you go with them. Me and the gatekeepers will follow.''
Jhuram grumbled as he lead the three smaller crew members into the enemy ship.

Warworld bridge
Frenzy laughed when he heard of Buglys demise.
''Hah! serves the wizard right, know it all scrap head! Hah!''
Rumble clipped him around the ear.
''Astrotrain, Soundwave, The enemy fleet is in retreat: Jurispedience and the Testimony are heavily damaged. Should we pursue?''

2007-02-18, 06:17 PM
Tyrant: Corridors

Spyglass had a difficult time restraining the urge to raise a battlecry at the thought of giving hell. But he convinced himself to save it, and he pressed against the wall opposite the opening, training his rifle down the corridor and ready for anything.


Chew's shot impacted efficiently, causing the autogun to explode glamorously. However, his presence had raised the ire of the partner gun, which managed to direct its aim more precisely being undamaged and having a visible target. The autogun coldly turned and leveled a stream of fire on Chew.