View Full Version : A new Kingdom rises.

Karl Baller
2007-02-01, 11:40 PM
OOC: Here is a quick smacktalk.

*The cameraman turns on the camera to a picture of a castle. It is a very strange thing to be locked on in, but it is indeed the picture of a large castle. The cameraman moves back a bit to let our viewers actually see the surroundings of this pictures location. Turns out, they are in a museum...although no one else is there. Matter fact, every other part of the room is pitch black.*

*About a couple of seconds later, footsteps are heard. The cameraman swings his trusty sidekick (the camera) towards the direction of the sound, but still nothing is seen. The steps get closer and closer until we see the man, the myth, the....God. Immidiately, an extreme chorus of boo's are heard as the heel Casus "Crimson" Crevious's face is seen. The 0-2 winless wrestler looks into the camera angrily as he speaks.*

CCC: "Nice portrait, don't you infadels think so? It is something you foolish mortals refer to as another big old...'house'. This right here, it represents power to its highest authority. This 'house' is inhabited by the most powerful person in their residence...it is what everyone wants and what the one lucky man gets..it is known as a castle. Kings sit in their thrown and bask in the glory given by their annoying followers, kind of like what I do with the thousands of...what is the term...ah yes thousands of 'groupies' like yourselves when you chant my glorious name."

*Oh they are chanting the "Crimson One's" name alright. Except its not how he would want it to be chanted. Anyway, he assumes its what he wants and continues on.*

CCC: "Alright now, enough!! Now, as I was saying, a castle is one of the very essences of power, power which I will showcase that I have here in the AWF's 'rebuilding process'. There is only one being that can be proclaimed the best...and you are all looking at him. I will claim the throne as the undisputed King of the AWF. To begin my ascent to the top, I will have to rid the world of this other false 'King'."

CCC: "In the last show, I was defeated by none other than a former AWF champion in King. Well, i've decided to begin forming my kingdom by taking out the trash...King is first in line. Listen here you 'queerish prince', I have my eyes set on you, the one who gave me this bloody face. I care not if you are the number 1 contender for the hardcore title here, I will bathe in your own blood. For finally, a true Kingdom...shall rise!!"

*CCC pulls his scythe and slashes the picture, then walks off with a maniacall laugh with an evil smirk.*