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2007-02-05, 11:57 PM
As the battle in space rages oblivious to the eyes on the ground, things in Polyhex have recently been peaceful since marshall law under the command of governor Legatus has sent the resistance back into hiding.


Castle Darkmount

At his office in what had once been Megatron's throne room, Legatus continued to study paperwork: field reports, budget analyses, the occasional incident blotter. Nothing too demanding. His guards left him alone, standing vigilantly outside his chamber while the Guardians stalked about the courtyard and beyond the castle walls constantly searching for any sign of Transformer activity...

2007-02-15, 11:13 PM
Scorponok: Brig

Gigatron paused to give Bulletbike a peculiar glance, unsure if he was making the right decision. But he hadn't time to consider - Scorponok was surely in the upper atmosphere by now. Without another word to his freed prisoners, Gigatron turned, transformed into car mode, and raced back to the launch bay.

"Scorponok," he radioed as he drove, "what is our ETA?"

"One breem to the first drop point," Scorponok answered gruffly. "Hatch will be open in half that time."

Gigatron was satisfied with that. He'd be there in time. He switched his frequency to answer Skystalker.

"Stay with Overlord, Skystalker. He will need backup."

In hardly a moment, Gigatron found himself back at the launch bay, and he transformed again to robot mode to address the troops while the ramp lowered behind him, revealing the Polyhex skyline soaring beneath.

"Drop team, you have your orders. Cyclonus, Octane has not returned, but your mission is the same. Cryotek, Prowl, Quake, Rosdos, Airwave, and--" he pointed at Nautilus, "--you, we deploy now. The rest of you will drop when Scorponok reaches your destination. I will be in contact. Good luck, and for the glory of Cybertron, fight with all your valor!"

Scorponok slowed over the target - a Sharkticon facility amid the city's industrial suburbs - and hovered, his cannons trading shots with the Quintesson anti-aircraft turrets. Gigatron dove into the dark sky and transformed to his jet mode, quickly descending on the complex and taking a first strafing run on the deploying Sharkticons.

2007-02-16, 02:52 AM
Cryotek smiled ran and jumped out of the ship.

"Well no better way of messing with our enemies than by putting the fear of me into them!" He yelled transforming into dragon mode and letting out a horrible scream as he opened fire with his ice beams following behind Gigatron.

2007-02-16, 02:56 PM
outer darkmount - jail

A Quintesson guard moved his fingers over the padlock of a rusty cell. The door slid open.
“execution time has come Loadrun” exclaimed the guard.
A figure emerged from the cramped cell. “nice you still know my name after all this time you left me here to wither” the decepticon spat back. ”so my time has finally come?” he muttered still eyeing the guards, looking for any way of escape. There was none. not now at least....

2007-02-17, 04:18 PM
Rosdos walked down from the ramp then he saw the two Decepticons started attacking the enemies. "Oh I won't let them take all the deeds." He said then tranformed into vehicle mode and start heating up his artrillery guns.

2007-02-18, 01:29 PM
Sorponok Launch Bay
Nautilus was still looking at Gigatron with abject terror. He felt uncomfortable with his unfamiliar weaponry: he had armed himself with Two small machine guns, and assault rifle and four frag grenades he had found in the war closet called Halo 2 ripoff-Human.
Airwave came up behind him, and noticing the large drop and the lack of propulsion on the fella: he transformed into his Jet mode, mass shifting as he did, and nudged Nautilus.
''Need a lift?''
Nautilus stared for just a momentm before getting on Airwaves back. Airwave grunted:
''Heavy. You keep them off my back and we'll be fine, ok?''
With that, the pair followed Gigatron out into the open sky...

Guzzle watched the fliers as they left, and nudged Camshaft: ''When are we gonna get in to the action then?''

2007-02-18, 02:08 PM
Polyhex Bunker

Squawktalk tuned the receiver part of the communications equipment

"i'm picking up increased levels of traffic on Transformer frequencies, somethings happening out there and its big i mean real big huge .Let me try something as i thought theres no traffic on any of the traditional Quint space fleet frequencies, no stores indents, gossip , reports nothing either they're on a manoeuvre or......"

2007-02-18, 04:49 PM

Roadblock nodded to Squaktalk's report.

"Excellent work, try to get a feed and broadcast it here if you can."

2007-02-18, 05:36 PM

Squawktalk fiddled with the controls

"i'm geting a carrier wave i've tuned it into a Decepticon operational frequency, do you want me to attempt a transmission."

2007-02-18, 06:42 PM
(OOC: Gonna assume everybody in Gigs' crew is out.)

The Grease Pits

The shots echoing on the armored roof of the factory shook the plant manager, an old Gatekeeper and Lieutenant named Challus. He responded with casual and efficient grace, having patiently gone over the scenario he'd waited for time and time again in his head through the mundane activities of overseeing his facility.

"Stop the lines!" Challus cried as he ran out from his office to the catwalk overlooking the cavernous troop factory. "Stop the lines, I say! We are under attack! Shut down the fuel supply! All security troops, mobilize and defend the factory!"

Nearly a hundred workers, Allicons and sentries, responded with slow panicked confusion, scattering to find weapons and filing out the factory's enormous doors to repel the Transformer raiders. On the elevated manufacturing lines above the floor, dozens of Sharkticons, Overcharges, Allicons, and Gatekeepers came to life, some only half-completed in their construction, and stumbled about getting accustomed to the bright new world around them and trying to figure a way off their lines to fill the orders they didn't quite understand.


Gigatron rocketed for another strafe over the industrial rooftops of the Grease Pits' main factory, focusing his lasers on the anti-aircraft weapons that were scattered about the urban landscape. The first few valiant warriors to emerge from the factory attempted to fire on him as well, and he answered with a missile that vaporized a half dozen Sharkticons on impact.

"Destroy the factory!" Gigatron cried. "Cyclonus, lead Brainstorm and Sixshot to the energon facility and begin your phase of the mission. Remain in contact."


Scorponok: Launch Bay

While the fighting had begun at the Grease Pits, Scorponok had lumbered off through the dark sky toward the Town Square at the center of Polyhex, his shields shrugging off the ground turrets' feeble attempts to bring the city down.

In the launch bay, the city commander joined the remaining troops with his ever-present scowl addressing them. Scorponok watched the city pass beneath them and stop while, in the bridge, Fast-Track directed the ship to stop.

"This is our destination," Scorponok growled with less gusto than Gigatron bothered with. "Guzzle, Camshaft, Bulletbike, Staxx, Krok, we are to destroy that facility," he intoned, pointing with a claw at a Sharkticon barracks dominating the square and already disgorging a line of Sharkticons at having been warned of the ship's arrival.

There was no offer of answering questions, no further discussion. Scorponok simply walked to the edge of the ramp and jumped, landing with a crushing thud that shattered the metal pavement (and the few unfortunate Sharkticons beneath him) and immediately tearing through the surrounding legions with his claws.

2007-02-19, 01:59 AM
"Just a few second more....Finally!" Rosdos finished heated up his guns then he started the bombardment focusing his firepower on the turrets and and bunkers to clear path for Cyclonus's team.

2007-02-19, 03:48 AM
Roadblock simply nodded to the Decepticon communicator.

2007-02-19, 09:17 AM
scorponok launch bay

Bulletbike and Staxx dived forward. Bulletbike drew his 2 blasterguns and started shooting the moment one foot was over the ledge. He didn’t really aim or at least not visibly. But he managed to hit a turret and a few guards further down on the ground. Staxx transformed and thundered of the ledge shouting “Mwoooaaarrrghhhh!”.

Krok looked at Staxx and bulletbike plummeting down, then to Camshaft and guzzle and then back again to the decepticons on the ground. Staxx had just crushed a sharkticon while bulletbike was speeding after scorponok and blasting sharkticons all around. Then Krok looked back to Camshaft and guzzle. “sigh… anyone wants to go first?”

2007-02-19, 09:37 AM
Polyhex Bunker

Squawktalk pressed transmit.

"hello unknown Decepticon forces this is the local decepticon resistance cell over , are you receiving me over , who do i have the pleasure of communicating with. We may be able to fill you in on tactical details of the current situation over ."

2007-02-19, 09:56 AM
outer darkmount

Loadrun was pushed before a path ending in a small ledge over smelting pool. the pool was a smaller one then the ones in the center of darkmount "but would surely prove to be as effective as those", Loadrun tought with a grim smile.
a sharkticon pushed him further down the ledge...

(if anyone wants to rescue this guy make your move)

2007-02-20, 03:20 AM
(OOC: I'll put in a fuller post tomorrow.)

Gigatron took a moment to swoop up after he'd demolished another AA turret to get away from the cacophony of battle and better hear the fuzzy transmission he was unexpectedly receiving. He played back the message twice to make sure it wasn't a Quintesson hoax. It seemed legitimate.

"Decepticon rebel," he answered Squawktalk in his most commanding voice, "identify yourself. This is Gigatron, Decepticon Commander. Report all relevant tactical information at once."



Legatus sat in the throne that had traditionally belonged to judges, tapping his fingers on the newly-constructed armrest and gazing about anxiously. He didn't much care for the drama of justice, but the prisoners needed to be disposed of somehow, especially after the trouble they'd caused when the Imperial Magistrate was killed.

"My liege," his assistant muttered into his ear, startling Legatus. "We have a problem."

Legatus took a moment to listen to the report of the war going on on the city's outskirts, his expression not changing much. He wasn't terribly surprised or bothered. It was nice to have a distraction from the humdrum that governorship of a military state had become, though.

"All Quintesson forces!" Legatus cried with booming grandeur, standing at the pinnacle of the arena surrounding the Smelting Pools. "Transformer raiders have invaded Polyhex! The castle must be defended against their onslaught! All troops, proceed to defensive stations at once!"

The arena lit with a hum while the many Sharkticons and Allicons about scattered to make their way to sniping holes in the castle's outer walls. Even the Bailiff who had been prodding Loadrun ran off, leaving the Decepticon prisoner standing unguarded at the edge of fate...

2007-02-20, 03:34 AM

Roadblock listened in as Squaktalk finally got in touch with the Transformer forces.

He then spoke up for the Decepticon communicator.

"Gigatron, this is Roadblock commander of the Polyhex resistance cell. I am joined by a number of fellow Decepticons and another fighter named Breaker. Respond." He said waiting for a reply.

2007-02-20, 07:36 AM
Squawktalk hopped excitedly from foot to foot

"Communications tech Squawktalk reporting for duty, ready willing and able, just say the word Sir , transmitting all the information we have available on the leader of Quintesson forces in this area Sir one Legatus. I'm also transmitting information we have gathered on other prominent Quintessons. Also an update on their latest tech as far as we've been able to find out , its incomplete but may be useful it includes detailed studies of Sharkticon, Alllicon and Gatekeepers and there weak spots."

Squawktalk plugged a wire from his chest to the console and sent the files zipping through the ether.

He turned to his comrades

"any one else got any files they think might be useful."

2007-02-21, 01:18 PM
The skies above Polyhex...
I miss my base! Airwave thought desperately as he banked away from Gigatrons lead: he descended sharply, till he was running a strafing run along one of the city streets: he and Nautilus, still astride him, fired there guns maniacally at the ground level troops and drones, cutting them down like wheat before rising into the sky again.
Nautilus pointed back at the ramp:
"Drop me next to that guy!!" he bellowed, pointing wildly at Rosdos.
"Roger That!" Airwave screamed in return, and made as sharp a turn as he could...

Sharkticon barracks Destruction
Guzzle grinned, and transformed into his still arctic white tank mode:
"Follow me boys!" he said, indicating Krok and camshaft: he roared down the launch bay, firing salvos or shell fire at the surronding enemy troops, still in dissarray.

2007-02-21, 04:22 PM
Krok watched guzzle dive into the fray. "Well, I'm not going to be the last one up here" he jumped of the ledge and while dropping spotted Loadrun on the ledge above the smeltpool.

while falling Krok started his internal gyro's untill they almost overloaded to produce a kick. As soon as he hit the ground there was a small concussion blast knocking 2 of the smaller groundturrets aside.

"ok" he smiled "I didn't think it would work,but it seems my kicking also works when dropping" but shouldn't try this to many times he tought, he felt his head spinning...
with that he kicked one of the remains of the turret up in the air, in the direction of 2 sharkticons scrambling towards him.

2007-02-22, 03:04 AM
Town Square

Scorponok found that his battle tactic was working sufficiently well; the Sharkticons weren't smart enough to do much than rush at him, giving him plenty of targets to smash with his mighty claws without receiving much damage. A few had managed to get in a good bite though, and he was getting tired. Scorponok transformed to scorpion mode and slowly scuttled backward, his tail and claws tearing up the Sharkticons in front of him while his blasters covered his back.

"Keep at them! Don't get surrounded! And whatever happens, fight till you die!"


The Grease Pits

Gigatron pulled back to answer Squawktalk and Roadblock. He was pleased with the information they'd sent him.

"Very good, Decepticons. Your help now will be best used in joining the war effort directly. My force is assaulting the main factory in the Grease Pits. Scorponok is leading an assault on the Town Square Sharkticon barracks. His city should be arriving shortly at the western military base to demolish it and make his way to Darkmount. Meet the battle force nearest you and report to the commanding officer for instruction."

Gigatron paused and noticed that there were laser bolts zipping over his wings. He scanned back to find the Quintesson army had deployed Overcharges to deal with the aero fighters such as himself. He chuckled and rocketed forward, pulling back in a loop and firing precise blasts to destroy the squadron leader and his wingman before shooting over the fighters' heads. The remaining Overcharges slowly banked to try and keep pace with the slippery Decepticon commander.

2007-02-22, 03:43 AM
Roadblock nodded then looked to his comrades.

"So where is the nearest location to here?" He asked.

Aero Blade
2007-02-22, 04:26 AM
"It all depends on what tunnels you take."

Breaker had reappeared from where-ever he had gone at the back of the bunker, causing Bombshock's mood to drop off even more than usual. With the extended silence, he'd been hoping Breaker had slipped off to go elsewhere, but it was now apparent he'd just been lurking again.

"Since the forces up top are now distracted with your returning allies, we can move quite quickly through the tunnels. It is just a matter of where you wish to go..." Breaker said to Roadblock. "I personaly may have some interest in assaulting Darkmount again. I should like to re-enforce the message that I sent to the Quintesson heirarchy earlier when I killed those leaders that came for the executions... However, should your interests lie in attacking another front, then I shall deliver you there and then continue to pursue my own ends."

2007-02-22, 05:04 AM
Roadblock actually was begining to enjoy fighting beside Breaker.

"I think I am game for attacking Darkmount again." He said looking to the rest of his group.

"Yourselves?" He asked.

2007-02-22, 09:48 AM
Bulletbike was not far behind scorponok. He had already obliterated 3 sharkticons and maimed another. He transformed in robot mode and started to shoot at the turrets “This is awesome, finally destruction!” Staxx came thundering in “move out Bulletbike” he screamed “I’m going to show them real destruction!” as if to press the point he rammed an alligatorcon, which sent them both crashing to a nearby wall.

Meanwhile Krok had steadied himself after the impact. Maybe I could better go and help that guy above the melting pool.he's not to far from here and we could use another decepticon.

But he realised he wasn’t near enough, and he couldn’t battle two dozen of quint guards on the ground. Maybe if an airborne transformer could take him to the melting pit? he scanned the skies for any friendly signs.

2007-02-22, 08:50 PM
*OOC opps I forgot!*

Quake let out a hoot and jumped out of Scorpnok transforming in midair with Tiptop and Heater landing in their respective places on the upper part of his turret.

He landed and raced in opening fire at anything that moved and was not on his side.

"Now this is what I am talkin about!" He yelled slagging several Sharkticons that didn't know the logic of cover.

2007-02-22, 11:19 PM
Sharkticon Barracks

Camshaft followed Guzzle into the fray of combat, firing his gun and missiles towards the big concentrations of Sharkticons trying to surround the Sparkabot tank alt mode.

" Guzzle, we're going to be surrounded by Sharkticns! Can you use your... er... sparker? "

2007-02-22, 11:30 PM

Beastbox chattered

"we mess up Quints good yes, we thump them again."

Squawktalk was uncharacteristically silent lost in thought

Decepticons meant Soundwave and enforced captivity.

2007-02-25, 10:56 PM
Town Square

"If you're looking to run from the battle," Scorponok shouted at Krok over the mayhem, "I'll destroy you myself!"

His claws hurled one Sharkticon at another while he scuttled back toward the Autobots.

"All of you, seek high ground! They're not smart enough to use adaptive battle tactics. Funnel them toward your and destroy them one at a time!"


The Grease Pits

Gigatron had made short work of his Overcharge pursuers before swooping to the industrial streets and transforming to racer mode, plowing through the Quintesson soldiers in his way. Things were going well, but they were uncontrolled.

"Quake, Rosdos, you," he shouted (indicating Nautilus) while screeching around a corner near them to avoid pursuing laser fire. "Trap the enemy inside the factory. Collapse the roof over the doorways! Airwave, Cryotek, and I will cover you!"

Rocketing between the troops and the factory, Gigatron transformed to his rarely-used elephant mode and pounded down the streets, crushing the enemies before him and ignoring the laser fire ricocheting on his hide.

2007-02-26, 01:25 AM
Quake was having a blast firing at the large group of Sharkticons.

"So many targets so little time!" He yelled as he was given his orders by Gigatron.

Not wanting to stop but realising making the Decepticon leader mad could be a good idea he started to roll away towards the building as the mass of Sharkticons trambled over their fallen comrades in pursuit of him.


Cryotek was swooping and diving freezing targets and watching them shatter.

"Bring down the building we can do that." He said waiting for a moment to strike with his airmates.

2007-02-26, 09:42 AM
Sharkticon barracks

“Sir”, Krok Shouted at scorponok . “I would never do that! But there is a decepticon prisoner over their at the smelting pools”. “If we could rescue him we would have an extra guy on the job”. “Gigatrons group is closer but I can’t reach him.”

Aero Blade
2007-02-26, 03:34 PM
"Then if our plan of action is decided, then we should start on our way as soon as all of you are read," Breaker answered, heading towards the back of the bunker again. "We would do best to strike when their focus is on those who are returning to attack the surface, and away from the tunnels we will be using."

2007-02-26, 08:06 PM
Following Gigatron and Cryotek
Oh man, I REALLY miss my base!
Airwave followed the same maneuvers he had used in space, barrel rolling around Cryotek and firing Missiles at targets that looked to be moving coherently: his rockets, not too strong, were maiming the enemies as opposed to killing them, but his precise moves were drawing fire...

Following Quake
Nautilus saw the mass of Sharkticons following Quake and unleashed a barrage of SMG fire at them, tearing them to shreds: More replaced everyone he felled though, and soon the barrels of his two guns were beginning to overheat-

Sharkticon Barracks
Guzzle would have nodded at Camshaft, were he able to. He rotated his chasis away from the Sharkticon masses whilst keeping his cannon trained on them: once in a position, he let loose a gout of sparks.
"Find some of that high ground Scorponoks chatting about will you?!"

2007-02-27, 02:18 AM
Roadblock nodded.

"Then lets move out." Was all the Decepticon Pretender said as he started to exit the bunker.

2007-03-01, 10:14 PM
Breakers Bunker

Beastbox snarled

"we gonna crush em good."

Squawktalk nodded strangely subdued.

2007-03-02, 02:34 AM
Town Square

Scorponok scuttled back until he felt his tail brush against a high-rise behind him. As much as his vigor had been sustained, so had the line of Sharkticons. It seemed endless... Scorponok flailed his claws wildly before him, causing the Sharkticons to pause and giving him time to transform into robot mode.

"He'll have to fend for himself!" he shouted over to Krok. "If he's still alive when we reach Darkmount, we'll launch a rescue mission! Until then, stick to the plan!"

Scorponok dug a claw into the side of the tower and began climbing, one claw over another. The Sharkticons gathering at the base utilized a common program tactic: they began piling on top of each other, the mass slowly creeping up the wall. It was unclear whether they or Scorponok would reach the top first, but they apparently did not realize how potent a target they made...


The Grease Pits

Nautilus' cry was drowned in a moment by thundering footfalls, and suddenly the encroaching Sharkticons stopped to look back an instant before they were plowed away. Gigatron raised his elephant head and trumpeted ferally, planting a heavy foot firmly on an unfortunate Sharkticon before transforming to his dual-headed dragon mode.

"Be more cautious!" one head snapped while the other sprayed a wide plume of flame to keep the Sharkticons at bay. "Prowl! Give me a tactical update!"


Military Base

It was an unfortunate day for the Quintessons stationed at the western military annex. Though they had gathered arms and mobilized quickly at the sight of the battle in space, there was truly little they could do against the might of their foe: Scorponok city. The enormous fortress transformed to scorpion mode, crushing barracks with its legs and tearing bunkers from the ground with its powerful claws. The return fire was thick and enormous but ultimately not enough to stop the city's assault. On the bridge, Fast-Track grinned with malicious glee while the enormous tail laser vaporized a wing of incoming Overcharges.

2007-03-02, 08:28 AM
Rosdos focusing his power on anything that looked like a factory entrance. "Heh heh.... Bring the sky crashing down upon them."

2007-03-02, 10:43 AM
town square
Krok turned away and followed scorponok. Anyway, he didn’t know the decepticon and he wasn’t worth risking scorponok’s wrath. He ordered his companion to transform into his gator-mode and attack the nearby sharkticons.

Staxx and bulletbike were enjoying the chaos. Although Staxx had already 2 wounds on his flank he continued to ram through the oncoming troops.

Bulletbike had once again transformed in to robot mode and started blasting the sharkticons that were flanking scorponok. His aim was much better then would be expected from a raving lunatic and one by one the sharkticons came crashing down.

smelting pool

Loadrun had run of the ledge into an alcove. “damn if only I could find a gun or get these shackles from my wrists” he searched the chaos for any weapons on the floor.

2007-03-02, 11:20 PM
Town square

Camshaft retreated towards a nearby building, while firing to the Sharkticon's aproaching Guzzle and himself.

The omnibot touched the building's wall, and finded a stair towards the roof.

" Guzze, we can climb to the roof! Come on, I'll cover you! " he said, while firing on the Sharkticons surrounding the sparkabot.

But the omnibot didn't see a pair of battle hardened Sharkticons hiding in the roof...


The Grease Pits

Prowl was leaning behind a ruined wall, firing his acid pellet gun on a pair of armed Sharkticons behind a factory's corner. When the strategist's wrist communicator beeped, Prowl stopped his attack and ducked behind his cover.

" I read you Lord Gigatron " replied the strategist with his usuall emotionless voice. " For the flux of incoming data and comms from the other groups, it seems like Scorponock's team has encountered heavy resitance in the Sharkticon's barracks. On the Military base, Fast Track's attack is going well... "

A shot impacted on the wall, just behind Prowl's head was hidden.

" ... and for things here " he continued, " the Sharkticons numbers are increasing, and the logical conclusion is that they could overhelm us only by number. For now, the attack on the factory's entrance will slow their numbers, but we need a more permanent solution. "

2007-03-02, 11:25 PM
Quake heard Nautilus' cry for help as he quickly turned his guns to assist the Decepticon.

2007-03-03, 05:08 AM
Northern Industrial District

(OOC: Babysitting while Zarak's out)

Most of the returning Transformers were happy to be back on Cybertron. Most of them were exalting in the mere chance to return, fight and possibly die for their homeworld. Most of them were distracted, unable to give their full attention to the battle before them.

But Cyclonus wasn't most Transformers.

The fearsome Decepticon flier appreciated the fact that his species' home would soon be cleansed of the vile Quintesson scum that had been spat out across the surface, but only in a detached, objective way. Unlike his comrades, Cybertron wasn't his home. Not really. Forged in the fires of Unicron, he didn't have a home.

Well that wasn't true. Not exactly. He had a home. But it wasn't a physical location.

Home is wherever Galvatron is.

The mere thought of his beloved leader's name raised a spectre of fear in Cyclonus' spark, but he refused to acknowledge its existence. Galvatron would be fine. He had to be. He had survived worse than the Quintessons, five-faced scum of the nebula that they were, could toss at him. He was alive, he would lead them again, and the disagreeable Gigatron would be firmly put in his place.

Cyclonus wasn't sure whether it was reasonable belief or blind faith that made him think that. Nor did he care. It was true. That's all he needed to know.

Leading his squadron closer to the energon plant that was their target, the Decepticon flier forced himself to focus on the mission. With Octane out of commission things would be more difficult. Difficult and impossible were different things, though. He would have the plant and it's resources, and if he couldn't he would burn it to the ground and ram the ashes down the throat of whatever Quintesson vermin commanded this city.

"Brainstorm and Sixshot, watch your scopes. We're approaching the plant. Anti-air fire is expected."

Perhaps a half-dozen seconds after he said that, twenty or more streams of energy darts started to spray from ground emplacements, tracking toward the three Transformers.

"There we go." His usually-cold voice got even frostier. "Break and engage. The guns have to be eliminated before we can move on to the second phase of our operation. Once they are, you'll get further orders."

Laser blasts started to emit from the sleek purple jet's fuselage-mounted cannons before he was done talking.

2007-03-03, 07:07 PM
The Grease Pits

One of Gigatron's dragon heads bit a captive Sharkticon in half (he needed to give his flamethrower a break) while the other barked a reply to Prowl.

"Then perhaps, as the Autobots' best strategist, you might suggest something!"


Town Square

Scorponok planted his last clawhold on the roof of the high-rise and hoisted himself onto it. He took a moment to look down on the carnage below from his windy vantage point - the Sharkticons continued to climb, but it seemed Bulletbike and Staxx were doing an adequate job picking them off without being too badly maimed. Sharkticons were simple creatures. They liked to focus singularly on large targets, and Scorponok recognized his capacity in that regard.

"You wouldn't have any fusion bombs on you," Scorponok mused dismally to Krok, looking down on the barracks roof far below and taking a moment to recuperate while the pile of Sharkticons slowly struggled to catch up.

2007-03-04, 12:24 AM
The Grease Pits

Prowl left his cover with a quick movement. His logic center calculated the most probable Sharkticon's reactions, and the startegist dodged effectvely the fire from the two enemies covered behind the factory corner.

With precise shots Prowl destroyed both Sharkticons.

" I've calculated all possibilities, Lord Gigatron " replied Prowl via his commlink, unnafected by the decepticon's complaint and moving to the building. The strategist aimed his missile launchers and fired two incendiary missiles towards the factory gates.

The blast destroyed some of the upper wall, but the autobot's firepower wasn't enough to destroy the gates.

" Lord Gigatron, I suggest the following course of action. There are some tankers one cybermile east, and they are stationed in a corner of the Grease Pits' periemter. I suggest a general retreat to that direction, and let the Sharkticons follow us. Then we retreat quickly via airborne evac, firing back at the tankers - there are 97'87% chances of being filled with high flammable and volatile fuel-. "

Prowl dodged incoming fire from a new pair of Sharkticons, appearing from the factory's semi-ruined gates.

" Lord Gigatron, the ensuing explosion will decimate the Sharkticon's numbers. Their logic program is nearly inexistent, and they won't be able to adapt quickly at the new situation. "

Prowl rolled behind another ruined wall, and fired back to the factory.

" And if we act quickly, our losses will be minimal " concluded the strategist.

2007-03-04, 09:21 PM
Northern Industrial District:

Brainstorm: -dodging the incoming AA fire, lasers returning fire-

2007-03-04, 11:38 PM
The Grease Pits

Gigatron grumbled while transforming to hand mode, forming a fist, and smashing a handful of Sharkticons (pun perhaps intended) into the pavement.

"A good start," Gigatron replied to Prowl, "but it won't solve all our problems. I propose an addendum - take Cryotek and figure out a way to bring the tankers or their contents here. We'll use them to destroy the factory itself. I will lead the other troops in diverting the enemy from following you."

Gigatron transformed to robot mode and raised a hand above his head to wave his soldiers toward him.

"All soldiers!" he bellowed. "Fall back!"

Gigatron attached his sword hilts to his wrists and began backpedalling toward the west, firing potent energy blasts at the pursuing Quintessons.

2007-03-05, 12:18 AM
The Grease Pits

" Understood, Lord Gigatron " replied Prowl.

The strategist transformed into police car and moved as fas as he could towards the east, dodging the enemy fire.

" Cryotek " he radioed, " meet me in the tankers on the Grease Pits east corner! "

2007-03-05, 04:58 AM
Northern Industrial District

Cyclonus tore through the skies, spinning on his central axis to disrupt enemy targeting software as he returned fire. One of the turrets firing on Brainstorm blossomed into a ball of fire as the result of his efforts.

Before the weapons could get a bead on him, the sleek purple starfighter dove down nearly to ground level, below the turrets' lines of fire. He pressed the assault from there, blowing up another pair of enemy guns before they even realized where he had gone.

2007-03-05, 10:30 AM
town square

Krok had joined bulletbike and staxx in their barrage to hold the coming sharkticons. But it was like throwing pebbles into the tides of the sea. About a dozen sharkticon corpses were scattered across the floor. But they kept coming….

Staxx was now taking the most of the beating. He had once again rammed a few sharkticons circling the trio but now their claws were beginning to dig deeper into the decepticon truck.
Staxx was still roaring like a madman. “hold still!” Krok shouted. It was only when Staxx thundered into a small pillar that Krok was able to blast the 2 sharkticons into oblivion.

Although staxx seemed bruised and almost broken he transformed and shouted “you will all die!” to no one in particular, and then continued shooting at the sharkticons

2007-03-05, 01:36 PM
Cryotek heard his new order.

"You got it." He said snapping back and diving towards Prowl.

"So what are we up too?" He asked the Autobot police car.

2007-03-06, 01:39 AM
Town Square

From his high vantage, Scorponok could witness the carnage with the perspective he needed. The Sharkticons were stupidly focused on climbing the tower to chase him and Camshaft, as he'd predicted. The few that were directly engaged provided little damage, as Staxx should have been devoured by now with such tactics. Still, they were outnumbered, and it would take stemming the flow to solve the problem. Scorponok's optics narrowed grimly.

"Camshaft, Guzzle!" he shouted down the tower while blasting the closest Sharkticons with his shoulder cannons. "Make your way to the roof and snipe the Sharkticons! Most of all, keep them distracted! Bulletbike, Staxx, continue strafing tactics! Krok, you're in charge until I return! And whatever you do, don't follow me!"

He didn't have time to consider the possibility that he wouldn't. Scorponok backed up as far as he could to the dark opposite edge of the roof. With a deep sigh, he charged forward as swiftly as his enormous bulk could move and dove off the roof, his many cannons firing bluntly at the confused pile of Sharkticons consuming the tower while he fell. When he neared the ground, he curled into a cannonball, and there was a booming echo when his frame disappeared through the sidewalk, shattering the roof of the Sharkticon bunker.

After that, it was relative silence. No outside perspective could know what was happening within.

2007-03-06, 09:29 AM
town square

“Staxx, Bulletbike, take cover behind the rubble!” Krok shouted. He could see that although Staxx and bulletbike were dishing out enough punishment to keep the sharkticons at bay. But now with scorponok, their primary target gone the sharkticons turned to the decepticon trio. Staxx had already trouble keeping himself upright. A liquid was slowly dripping out of a ghastly tear in his armor. Still he was firing at the closing enemy. But he wouldn’t be able to keep it up for long. Whatever scorponok was planning he’d better do it fast.

"Camshaft, Guzzle !" Krok shouted again “keep firing down when you’re climbing up”. He hoped their barrage would confuse or distract the sharkticons to give him some breathing room.
But he doubted it…

melting pit

Loadrun had fled to one of the alcoves. He had gotten hold of a sharkticon corrosive-type gun and pressed it against his shackles. He pressed the fire button. The energy absorbing-shackles flew in all directions. “Payback time!” he muttered.

2007-03-06, 10:56 PM
The Grease Pits, fuel tankers

" We are going to use the fuel tankers ahead to destroy the factory " replied Prowl to Cryotek, aproaching to the east corner of the complex.


Town square

" Hurry Guzzle! I'm covering you! " said Camshaft, firing and climbing the tower at the same time.

On the tower's roof, the pair of hidden Sharkticons continued watching the Omnibot's ascent.

Aero Blade
2007-03-09, 05:32 AM
Dropshot and Growl noted Squawktalk's odd behavior, but preoccupied with their own preparations, they didn't pay it much mind. Bombshock's mood was as foul as ever, but he kept his peace for now, focusing his attention on monitoring Breaker, who seemed to have decided to set a fast pace this time in the darkness of the tunnels. As such, he made sure to keep possition close to Roadblock, less this was infact a set-up by the tunnel stalker.

2007-03-12, 04:22 AM
Northern Industrial District

Another gun turret exploded, this one hit dead-on by an incendiary bomb launched from one of Cyclonus' internal racks.

"Brainstorm, Sixshot, we have a clear corridor to the energon plant. Form up on my wing and follow me in. Carefully."

The sleek purple and silver jet dropped almost to the ground, following an intricate path through the smaller buildings that surrounded the plant.

2007-03-12, 10:10 PM
The Grease Pits, fuel tankers

Prowl reached the tankers, and transformed into robot mode.

" There aren't Sharkticons here " thought the strategist, looking around. " The plan is working ".

Prowl stepped towards the first tanker and examined the base.

" Lord Gigatron " radioed Prowl, " the Sharkticons are following you, and I've reached the tankers. As soon as my companion arrive, we'll start the operation. "

The strategist swichted off, and continuing with his analysis, waiting for Cryotek.

" I wonder if my acid pellet gun can cut throught the tankers base... " thought Prowl, using his sophisticated logic center to calculate the best way to move the tankers to the factory.

2007-03-12, 11:54 PM
Brainstorm: -forming up on Cyclonus' wing, optics narrowing as he checks the damage display- "C'mon, hold together..... After I get through this, I'm overhauling my transector."

2007-03-13, 03:26 AM
Cryotek landed near Prowl's location.

"Hmm, I wonder if I could freeze the base and if your missiles could shatter the ice?" The Decepticon Dragon thought outloud.

2007-03-13, 03:18 PM
The Grease Pits

Gigatron continued leading the slow retreat toward the west, firing his wrist cannons on any Sharkticon that dared come too close while backpedaling just quick enough to keep them at bay. They hadn't noticed yet, but the path was somewhat circular; Gigatron didn't want to be too far from the factory when the real mission was completed.

"I read you, Prowl," he radioed back. "Inform me of your success."


Darkmount: Outer Walls

A city can be a daunting foe to face.

The snipers in the walls of the castle had opened fire as soon as they saw Scorponok City some miles away, but they had been unable to slow its advance. The city had finally reached the walls, and raised a heavy claw to pound into the wall with a force that killed all the warriors within but did not crumble the defenses. The fire continued to rain on it while it repeated, determined to break an entry.


Town Square

Things had remained quiet after Scorponok's disappearance. His troops should naturally have grown to be concerned about him - he'd been missing for some time, and the flow of Sharkticons hadn't stemmed. They didn't know that was part of the plan.

A mighty roar accompanied another heavy punch that pierced straight through a Sharkticon's round body. Deep in the barracks, Scorponok staggered forward slowly and furiously, tearing through all that came in his path. He hadn't done so without consequence - many teeth and claw marks dotted his frame, and a Sharkticon jaw was even stuck in his shoulder. But he soldiered on, unperturbed from reaching his destination.

This is it. I hope.

Scorponok blasted a hole in a thin wall and used his claws to tear open a suitable entry. Inside was dim, but he knew what he was looking for - along the back wall of the small hot room was a series of pipes running from the floor to the ceiling. He examined for a moment while the Sharkticons tailing him tried to figure their way over the rubble of a ceiling he'd collapsed.

That's the one. May I survive...

Scorponok reached forward and clamped his claw on one of the pipes, tearing it open easily. His tail cannon leveled on the pipe, and he turned his head before firing.


Outside, in the Town Square, there was a light tremor in the ground before a cloud of flame shot into the sky like a geiser from the hole where Scorponok had entered, followed by one from the barracks' main entry. A sonic boom followed, and the ground shook harder with a second explosion that caused the street to collapse in on the barracks.

After, all was quiet. No more Sharkticons emerged from the barracks' collapsed door. The few who remained outside seemed unbothered, still attacking their targets mercilessly.

2007-03-15, 10:54 AM
Outside, in the Town Square, Krok was still giving orders to Bulletbike and Staxx when the explosion shattered the barracks.

Staxx was little more than a shell of his former self. He hung dizzily over the carcass of a fallen sharkticon firing at the remaining quint troops, when the explosion came he tumbled onto the ground half conscious.

Krok had ordered his gun to transform into his gator mode. Although he had less firepower that way he had one more bot to stop the stream of sharkticons. Krok had also become badly wounded after Staxx was put out of the fight. A sharkticon had taken a bite out of his chest before he had blasted the damn thing. A gaping wound was now to be seen.

When the explosion came Krok also stumbled to one knee. “what the…” he exclaimed. Rapidly he realised the situation. “everyone, take out those remaining sharkticons! If we finish with them no more will come.” He studied the destruction of the barracks. “Scorponok!” He realised suddenly…

2007-03-15, 10:02 PM
The Grease Pits, tankers

Prowl frowned, looking to Cryotek.

" Negative " replied the strategist. " The blast could ignite the fuel inside the tankers. "

Prowl take a deeper look at the decepticon's dragon mode.

" Perhaps you could use your beast mode's strenght to destroy the ice " the Autobot added.

" And once we have the tankers on the ground, can your ice ' create ' a track to help us to guide the tankers towards the factory? " asked Prowl to Cryotek.

2007-03-15, 11:50 PM
Cryotek nodded.

"If I use my ice beam to create a path I think thats a probable idea with a high success rate." The Decepticon said transforming into his dragon form and unleashing a horrible roar.

"Well then let's get his on the road!" He said firing an ice blast at the tanks he froze a wall and then took to the air to keep himself from being dosed in the fuel he wanted to spread the then smashed the ice with his tail repeatedly hoping the wall would break.

2007-03-16, 04:26 AM
Northern Industrial District

Swiftly bearing down on the energon plant's gates, Cyclonus fired a barrage of lasers at a team of guards assembled at the doors. He didn't hit any of them, but then, he wasn't trying to. He was trying to scatter them, though, and that he accomplished more than adequately. Allicons and Sharkticons fled, leaving only a pair of Gatekeepers between him and his objective.

And they won't be there for long...

The Decepticon aimed his nosecone straight at the nearest foe and accelerated for all he was worth. The Gatekeeper didn't so much as budge. Milliseconds before they would have collided, Cyclonus transformed. He hit the Gatekeeper feet-first in the face, snapping the enemy's neck.

Landing in a skid on his right leg, the Decepticon pulled Nightstick and his oxidizing laser out of subspace and opened fire on the second enemy. A beam of black light blinded the enemy, and a barrage of oxidizing beams rusted clear through the second Gatekeeper's right thigh. He fell to the ground and impaled himself on his own bowmace.

Skidding to a halt with his right foot half a centimetre away from the facility's wall, he threw himself up into a standing position and awaited Brainstorm.

"Do you think you can hotwire their tanker units and slave-rig their controls to your transector, Autobot?"

2007-03-18, 07:59 PM
The Grease Pits

Prowl rised his arms, trying to attract Cryotek's attention.

" STOP! Stop! Don't broke the tankers! We don't want the fuel spread to the factory, we want the tankers free from their subjections to roll them - the tankers - towards the factory using your ice path! " he tried to explain.

2007-03-18, 11:10 PM
Cryotek shook his head quickly making an iceburg to hold of the tanker.

He then fired ice around where he was trying to smash and then made a group or rails on the ground to guide the tanks.

"Thats what you mean then?" He growled to Prowl.

2007-03-19, 10:27 PM
The Grease Pits

Prowl watched as Cryotek showed again his mastery with the ice.

" Yes Cryotek " nodded the strategist in approval, " that's exactly what I mean. Good job. "

Prowl moved between two ice rails and behind one of the ground tankers. He transformed into car mode and trying not to skid - the ice rails were slippery -, he slowly started to roll towards the factory, pushing the tanker with his bumper.

The tanker started to roll swiftly - but slowly - towards the factory.

" Hmph... it's quite heavy Cryotek " Prowl explained, pushing the tanker " but I think I can move it to the factory by myself... I guess your dragon mode is able to guide the other tanker towards our target, is my assumption correct? " asked Prowl to Cryotek with his professional, all-business modulation of voice.

2007-03-20, 04:12 AM
Cryotek was getting slightly annoyed by the Autobot's chatter and rather than speak he pushed the tanker down with his tail then pressed his head and shoulders behind it and began to roll it to it's target.

2007-03-21, 07:59 PM
The Grease Pits

Prowl drove his tanker towards the factory. When he was near, he pushed the brakes and the tanker rolled over Cryotek's ice rails towards the Factory gates.

The Autobot tactician transformed back into robot mode and loaded his incediary missiles.

" Lord Gigatron " he radioed, " one of the tankers in position. I'm ready to open fire at your command " he said, waiting for Cryotek.

2007-03-22, 03:21 AM
Cryotek flew up and did a roll and hovered near Prowl.

"Alright let's make some boomage." He said waiting.


Quake kept rolling along firing at anything that moved that was not a Transformer.

"Maybe we should try to regroup with the battle group." Tiptip said as Quake turned almost in agreement.

"Yeah, I guess." He said rolling back to the main force.

2007-03-22, 08:29 PM
The Grease Pits

Gigatron recognized Prowl's signal, transformed to bat mode, and hovered over the battlefield.

"All troops!" he cried while blasting at the approaching sharkticons with his cutter beam. "Fall back on the double!"

While flapping away from the facility, Gigatron opened a frequency to answer Prowl. "Do it!"


Town Square

In the relative silence, the sound of pieces of metal shrapnel rattling against each other was like a cyclone, but it nary lasted an instant. Those near could see that, at the source of the disturbance, a charred pink claw had emerged. A few moments later, another did. They snapped down on what remained of the sidewalk and slowly, methodically, and furiously hoisted their cargo from the underworld.

Scorponok pushed himself to his feet with much more anguish than he let on. His entire body was blackened, much of the front melted and the loosely-attached parts (like his cannons and scorpion legs) completely blasted off. His opticband had shattered, the left side giving way to reveal his murderous red optic beneath. He glared out over his troops and the remnants of the skirmish and began hobbling toward the survivors.

"Krok," he shouted hoarsely, speculating he'd fried his radio, "Status report."

2007-03-22, 10:51 PM
The Grease Pits, Factory

As Cryotek's tanker rolled and joined the first one on the factory's gates, Prowl fired two incendiary missiles towards the tankers.

" Take cover! " warned the strategist to Cryotek, jumping to the ground and behind a ruined wall.

When the missiles hit the tankers, a terrible explosion shaked the ground, sending shockwaves and flames several kliks away, destroying the Factory's gates and the adjacent walls. The building roof collapsed, and the falling rocks caused a series of devastating secondary explosions, ravaging the ruined Factory and sending debris and dust towards all the Grease Pits' corners.

When the explosions finished, Prowl rised his head. Covered in dust and debris, he left his cover and watched the devastation that covered the place where the Factory - just a few astroseconds before - was standing.

" Lord Gigatron " he radioed, coughing, " the Factory has been destroyed. "

2007-03-23, 04:38 AM
Cryotek quickly swooped down into a hiding place between two buildings and watched the fireworks.

2007-03-24, 07:02 PM
The Grease Pits

Gigatron watched the explosion from the air with satisfaction. He wasn't entirely sure all his troops had survived, but he wasn't bothered either.

"All troops!" he bellowed. "Finish up the last troops and regroup at the highway ramp at the south end of the factory's remains!"

Gigatron flapped off, firing cutter beams at errant Sharkticons while making his way to the rendezvous point.


He was displeased. He knew it had been coming - they were not outnumbered, but they were outgunned. The Transformers had a plan, and there was no military backup coming from the castle. He'd known well enough to sneak out through a tunnel under the factory when he'd heard the Transformers breaking off, and now he had to watch the factory destroyed.

But he had a chance for revenge.

With skillful stealth he'd had plenty of practice with during his time on the front lines leading outer world raids, he moved up behind his prey with bloody-minded eyes. He kept the bayonetted pistol in his left hand low at his side and near his back. Finally close enough that he feared he may be heard (especially with the echoes of the explosion subsiding), he lunged and threw his right arm around Prowl's neck while the other brought the knife up near the Autobot's optic.

"Where's the leader?" Challus growled in Prowl's audio receptor, eyeing Cryotek defensively.

2007-03-25, 12:14 AM
Cryotek watched as Challus gripped the Autobot.

"Come on, you think he is going to tell you squat?" He Decepticon dragon snarled standing to his full height in dragon mode.

"And what makes you think I won't turn you to a Quinticle before you even have a chance and stabbing the Autobot?" He growled getting ready to do something if the Quint even tried to attack Prowl.

"Way see is it is you can stop this and see our commander now and live. Or I take you apart here and now. Either way I am happy." He said.

2007-03-25, 09:01 PM
The Grease Pits

Prowl tried to struggle with Challus's vicious grip, but the Quintesson lackey was too strong.

" I'm not going to tell you anything " said Prowl, " that would be illogical. "

2007-03-25, 10:55 PM
Town square, The High Ground
Guzzle had been keeping his suppresive fire on the Sharkticons tight: grunting in exasperation, he took a deliberate and obvious stance and laid a wide spray of flame down against the oncoming Sharticon veterans: this left him a good target, but he knew about math in war. He wanted anyone else nearby to have the best chance of getting out of here, so that he could get covering fire when he made a run for it.

Polyhex skies
Airwave, who had been doing his best just not to get shot out of the sky by the remaining air worthy opponents, saw Scorponok returning from his mission: Airwave began a strafing run against the remaining enemy troops that were near the tower, firing missiles and peppering the ground and the troops with bullets.

Re-heally close to Gigatron
Hoping he could pass off his actions as supportive, Nautilus had been firing more precise shots from his assault rifle at the allicons and sharkticons that the giant leader had missed, when the order to run had been given: he had fallen behind, and was soon lost in a billowing dust cloud and falling debris from the destroyed factory...

2007-03-27, 04:29 AM
(OOC: FAO verytired et al - Scorp's back. Check my post from the 22nd above.)

The Grease Pits: Highway Ramp

Gigatron fluttered above the empty and quiet interchange waiting impatiently. None of his troops had shown up yet. They must have been taking their time... But he couldn't take time to hold stragglers' hands. That was for Autobots.

"Quake," he radioed while transforming to robot mode and landing on the edge of the highway. "Scour the ruins of the factory for Transformer survivors before you proceed to the rendezvous point."


The Grease Pits: Factory

Challus ducked behind Prowl, revealing only an eye so as to keep Cryotek in his sight.

"You'll kill him before you'll kill me," Challus barked. "I'm no fool. I'm a soldier. Now take me to the leader. March, construct."

Challus kicked Prowl's ankle so as to set him in motion and began pushing his unwilling shield toward wherever Cryotek was going to lead him.

2007-03-27, 07:03 AM
Another artrillery shell was fired for Rosdos gun destroying last remaining turrets then he heading to the RV point.

2007-03-27, 01:00 PM
Quake listened to the command.

Me find survivors? he thought to himself then kept on rolling.

"Will do!" He radioed to Gigatron.

"Keep an eye out for me." He told Tiptop and Heater as he keep looking about the ruins himself.


"Gigatron, we have a problem. Prowl is currently in the hands of a Quint soilder. He demands to see you. Myself I think he should meet you just so you can put his head on a pike. What should I do?" Cryotek asked the commander on a low special frequency.

2007-03-30, 12:08 AM
The Grease Pits: Highway Ramp

Gigatron frowned. Part of him considered that this may be a perfect opportunity to rid the Autobots of one of their brightest and most dangerous minds and be absolved of responsibility, but he thought better of it. He could still be needed once they reached Darkmount.

"Bring him here," Gigatron answered Cryotek. "I will deal with any foe."


Town Square

Scorponok surveyed the damage his troops had inflicted with some satisfaction, though he didn't show it. His usual grim visage was amplified after the atrocity he had so narrowly survived.

"Transformers!" he bellowed, waving a claw in the air. "Regroup on my location! We march to Darkmount!"

Without waiting for his party, Scorponok turned and began trundling along the highway toward the looming castle in the distance.


Darkmount: Throne Room

Legatus watched the reports with an easy interest. He wasn't particularly surprised by anything he was seeing. It was all standard raiding party tactics. They didn't have the manpower to take over the entire planet by seige, not without tearing it apart from space with their new moon. They were scared. They didn't know what their next move would be. And they would very soon find themselves outnumbered, outgunned, and outmaneuvered.

Scorponok's city had been making efforts to beat down the walls of the castle, but they were routinely interrupted by Dark Guardians that Legatus had carefully dispatched one at a time. He knew they had no chance of stopping Scorponok individually, but they were unwaveringly loyal in the face of termination, and eventually they'd break him down. In any case, he wanted to keep his hand close to his chest, and he wouldn't allow the inevitable backup forces to find out what was waiting for them. He wanted them to think each Guardian he sent was the last.

He was patient.

2007-03-30, 12:49 AM
Cryotek almost smiled at Gigatron's command.

"Ok warrior. Lord Gigatron wishes to see you." He told Challus.

"Let's go."

2007-04-01, 01:57 AM
Northern Industrial District:

Brainstorm: -working on slaving the tankers together- "I hope this works."

Aero Blade
2007-04-01, 02:16 AM
Breaker continued to set a fast pace as he led RoadBlock, Sqwaktalk, and the others on their way through the underground passages of Polyhex towards their destination, back to Darkmount. As they began to approach an area that seemed familiar, Breaker began to slow down significantly, paying more attention to the area they were in, a sign they were getting close to where their tunnels became dangerous as they'd transition into areas that could potentially flood with molten metal. After the condition they'd left the palce in after their last raid, anything could happen.

2007-04-01, 03:15 AM
Northern Industrial District

Cyclonus didn't even look away from the trio of Gatekeepers he was fighting to reply to Brainstorm. "It will," he said as a bowmace swung at his head. He grabbed the weapon with one hand, tugged it toward him, and drove his prominent horns into the optic sensors of the Gatekeeper that wielded it. The foe crumpled to the ground, joining a collection of dead Quintessons that was quickly climbing into the high double digits.

"But be quick about it, please. Even I can only deal with so many enemies."

If that was true, though, Cyclonus gave no signs of showing it. Using his pilfered bowmace, the Decepticon smashed in the head of the nearest Gatekeeper, then shot an energon arrow into the face of the last one.

Their bodies hadn't yet hit the ground when a wave of Sharkticons started to stream out a nearby door toward them.

2007-04-01, 06:42 PM
The Grease Pits: Factory Remains

Challus showed no enjoyment behind Prowl's back. He knew what he'd do when he saw the leader, but he wasn't happy about it. He knew he'd die today one way or another. Still, he pushed Prowl along, following Cryotek closely but not too closely.


The Grease Pits: Highway Ramp

In the distance, Gigatron could see Cryotek and Prowl approaching slowly. His optics zoomed to notice that Prowl seemed to be walking a bit apprehensively, though he couldn't make out the nature of the situation yet. He dropped his swords on the ground, expecting the Quintesson would demand he disarm first, and waited patiently.

2007-04-01, 10:25 PM
The Grease Pits: Factory remains

Prowl, trapped in Challus'arms, was disturbed. On any other situation, a subject with an hostage would dispose of a great number of chances to make a favourable deal, usually for his life.

But not with Gigatron.

" And probably the Quintesson knows " he thought. " Therefore I computate two possibilities: first, the Quintesson loves his live more than his masters' will or he is trying to get too close to Gigatron, perhaps to kill him. "

Frowning, the strategist slighty turned his head towards Challus.

" You know that you are going to talk with the Decepticon who defeated Megatron, that is correct? " Prowl asked, trying to understand - or guess - Challus' motivations.

2007-04-02, 09:46 AM
town square

Krok was watching the onslaught laid out before him. The enemy was defeated. Staxx and bulletbike were severely scrapped. They had given out as good as they could. A severed sharkticon arm was even sticking out of staxx’s abdomen. Staxx was the worst of the two. Bulletbike was clinging on a rifle gazing at the destruction. Suddenly Krok’s short range radio flared “.. tus report”. he only heard a fragment, but the voice was definitely scorponok's . “Sir?” he tried to speak in the radio. He only heard static. “Sir, Staxx and bulletbike are severely wounded. I don’t know if we can transport Staxx. The sharkticons have been eliminated” He himself was also badly injured but he didn’t want to sound pathetic to his leader. “what are your orders?”

From behind one of the destroyed turret a figure loomed. “decepticons” Loadrun sighed. He grasped his gun more tightly. Why had no one come to rescue him?

2007-04-03, 01:58 AM
Homing in on Scorponok
Airwave found Guzzle trying to hold back what seemed like a small flood of sharkticons with a flame thrower and a gutter mouth: he strafed the front line with the last fo his missiles, and as the explosions died down, he transformed and landed next to the sparkler.
"Get to Scorponok: you don't want to irriatate him, do you?" he asked slyly, and taking to the air again before Guzzle could reply.
Guzzle as left shaking his fist, but then saw the Micromaster was giving him effective cover fire with his machine guns:
Guzzle took this oppurtunity, transformed, and firing his cannon back at the enemy he hightailed it to Scorponok.
Airwave was frinning the way jets do: he was glad to be regrouping, as that was the best chance of him getting his base back!

In the rubble
Nautilus shook his head wearily. This was the second time he'd been awoken rudely. Why wouldn't they let him get some rest?
He came to his sense quickly enough though. he was partially buried in the ruins of the Factory that they'd just blown up. Over eager, that's what he'd been. Simple combat, it had been so intoxicating. There was the enemy, shoot...
Nautilus thought to shout for help, then stopped: he didn't have a clue who'd be out there, friend or foe...

2007-04-03, 05:36 PM
Town Square: On the Warpath

Scorponok continued to march on toward Castle Darkmount, knowing that his troops were behind him but that they'd catch up. In his mangled state, Scorponok was especially slow. He cringed when Krok's half-garbled transmission came squealing into his head.

"If Staxx isn't dead, get him here. I don't care how."

Scorponok only glanced over his shoulder at the sound of Guzzle's noisy engine approaching. Seeing that it wasn't a Quintesson, he turned back to his march, not happy that an Autobot was showing up his troops on punctuality.


The Grease Pits: Highway Ramp

A little bit of Challus died when Prowl informed him of the identity of his date. He'd expected the mission leader to be some mid-level lieutenant like himself, not what he could only presume would be the Decepticon leader. He put aside the improbability that he would defeat his quarry and thought of how the opportunity could bring him great glory.

"Good," Challus rasped. "I want to kill someone big."

In the distance, Gigatron could now easily see Prowl approaching. His optics narrowed and he set his hands on his hips to clearly indicate he was disarmed.

When Challus was close enough to Gigatron that he trusted his aim, he pulled Prowl to a stop and peeked over the strategist's shoulder.

"Decepticon leader!" Challus shouted. "Put down your weapons and present yourself in plain siIIIH!"

Gigatron remained motionless, only his forehead steaming from where a powerful cutter beam had lanced out and pierced Challus' visible eye. Challus staggered back, trying to keep Prowl between himself and the enemy, but he inadvertently turned to reveal his side. Gigatron capitalized, effortlessly grabbing the hilt of a sword from the ground with his foot and flicking it across the few hundred yard span.

There was no sound when the blade impaled the Gatekeeper's side, and he collapsed to the ground dead.

Gigatron efficiently scooped up his other sword and walked over toward Prowl to retrieve his weapon from Challus' corpse.

"Not injured, I presume," he asked Prowl with a cold scientific interest.

2007-04-03, 09:41 PM
Town Square

On the roof of a building, Camshaft watched as Scorponock moved away.

At the building base, the omnibot saw Guzzle making his way following the decepticon city commnader, so Camshaft decided to follow his buddy.

The Omnibot moved towards the building stairs when the pair of Sharkticons hidding in the shadows of the roof attacked. Camshaft turned, firing on the mess of jaws and claws infront of him. The Omnibot heard a Sharkticon cry, but a powerfull bite teared off his gun - and the hand holding it -.

With a yell of pain and surprise, Camshaft moved backwards, but he was over the roof edge. Losing his balance, the Omnibot fall, crushing on the Towmn Swuare ground.

" Guz-z-zle... " his vocal proccessor cracked. Camshaft tried to rise again, but the impact disabled his leg servos. On the ground, he saw several shadows moving towards him.

Surrounding him, five Sharkticons throwed towards Camshaft, jaws open, claws lacerating. In a matter of seconds, the Omnibot called Camshaft ceased to exist.

( ooc: rest in peace, Camshaft. )


The Grease Pits: Highway Ramp

When Challus was dispatched, Prowl looked at Gigatron rising one of his eyebrows.

" Impressive, commander. And no, I'm not injured " said the startegist. Trying to regain some of his lost dignity, Prowl looked towards the remains of the factory.

" Target destroyed, sir. Enemy commander terminated and Sharkticons legions depleted. What are your orders now? " Prowl asked politely in his usuall all-business manner.

2007-04-04, 01:21 AM
Town Square
Something cold passed over Guzzle: he had picked up on something but he didn't know what. Something was wrong.
"Camshaft?" he spoke into his communicator, as he rolled behind Scorponok, a lull in the battle around him.
"Camshaft?" he tried again, a hint of desperation coming in to his voice. His friends communicator was offline: there was only static.
"Camshaft?" he asked for a third time, his voice cracking slightly.

2007-04-04, 02:43 AM
Cryotek followed after watching the show.

"Sorry about leading him here but I figured if he had a deathwish who was I to deny it?" He laughed slightly.

2007-04-04, 03:19 AM
Rosdos arrived at the scence and transformed beside Challus's souless body. "This one looked different." Feeling uncomfortable to talk to the Con's leader so he turned his head to Prowl.
"We might connected his head to the monitor you know....he might know something."

2007-04-04, 04:26 AM
Cryotek growled.

"I was just going to say that." The blue dragon said lying sure but it made him sound good.

"In fact if I run the wires right I can run it through my wrist viewer may not be the largest screen but should do the trick."

2007-04-04, 06:38 AM
"Let's try." Rosdos carefully pulled Challus's head off not to damage the head the gave it to Cryotek. "I hope there's no password in this."

2007-04-05, 03:08 AM
The Grease Pits: Highway Ramp

Gigatron attached his sword hilts to his wrists and withdrew the blades, not even so much as glancing at Prowl now that he knew the strategist wasn't hurt. He'd known so much already, of course.

"Once Quake and the other return, we march on Darkmount," he answered Prowl. He walked over toward Cryotek and Rosdos and folded his arms. "See what information you can get - Quintesson radio codes, safe paths into the castle, troop figures, anything of use. But be quick about it. They'll know we're coming."

Gigatron relished the thought.

2007-04-05, 08:06 AM
Krok glared down at his communicator. That was the problem with being a decepticon. Everything lower in command then you was cannon fodder. It seemed scorponok held the same opinion. And he was in command. But Krok didn’t want command. He was there when megatron was apparently destroyed and bludgeon had fallen from grace, to be destroyed by a new born leader. Others would come and others would go.

He glanced at his troops. Bulletbike was slowly recovering. At least he didn’t need intensive medical care. But Staxx was out. His systems were still on line driven by who nows what. “how to transport you…?” he spoke out in the hope a solution would present himself.

“Maybe I can help you?” a voice said standing a few meters away. Krok spun on his heels, cursing himself to think danger was gone. His gun was pointing at the figure in a second. Luckily for the intruder the first thing he saw was the decepticon symbol. “my name is Loadrun” the figure said. “I was captive by the Quints but when all hell broke loose I was able to escape.” “I saw scorponok land here and decided to join you. Well… better you then those autobot idiots.”

Bulletbike lifted himself from where he was crouching. “greetings decepticon warrior” he mused to himself without Krok and Loadrun hearing him.

Krok glanced at the newcomer and bulletbike had also come closer. “Do you have any way of transporting our comrade here? We need to get to scorponok quickly” Krok wasn’t directly trusting this bot but it wasn’t as they had a choice.

Loadrun only smiled and started to transform. His robot form shifted to change into a heavy dump truck. the voice from the front side of the truck said “you can put your wounded friend on my roof, I can strap him and maybe even help him a bit. I’ve gotten hold of a medical kit. It’s only for repairing labour droids and very basic but maybe It’ll do some good?”

“Ok let’s move out then” Krok ordered his troops. The didn’t take long to cath up with Scorponok. Loadrun could keep up with the group even with Staxx strapped to his back. Krok noticed he had taken a serious beating in the explosion. Maybe he wasn’t as uncompassionate as Krok was thinking before.

“here we are, sir… we have found another decepticon” Krok spoke to scorponok .

2007-04-05, 06:01 PM
The Grease Pits: highway ramp

Prowl nodded as Gigatron exposed his inmediate plans. The strategist's logic center started to work on the incoming assault, meanwhile he aproached Rosdos and Cryotek.

" Do you need assistance? " he asked.

2007-04-06, 02:11 AM
Cryotek smiled.

"I don't need much." He said carefully wiring part of the Quints head to his wrist. "I think I can go live with thing in a few moments." He said working quickly.


Quake kept on rolling.

"Anyone out here? Anyone?" He said eying for anything he could put holes into.

2007-04-06, 07:47 AM

Squawktalk flapped through the tunnel

"so what's the plane when we get to our destination? quick in and out commando raid, theres not enough of us for anything else. Do you think there will be much securty? Maybe we need some kind of diversion, something to distract the guards keep them busy, whatcha think is it a good idea, i think we need to hit fast and hard , not that im and expert coms is my game , but you know you pick up a thing or two dontcha know."

2007-04-06, 10:56 PM
Amidst the Rubble
Nautilus was still trying to get himself out from beneath the remains of the factory he was buried in, when he heard Quakes voice.
"Hey! Over here, Nautilus sounding off -koff koff- Over here!"

Behind Scorponok, Town Square
Airwave, No out of missiles and running spectacularly low on bullets, had flown back to Scorponok and landed behind Guzzle.
"Hey," he said, transforming and running, "The battle aint over son! Keep firing!"
Guzzles charred white tank form continued to trundle at pace behind Scorponok. "He's dead." Guzzle intoned.
"What? Yeah, probably. That said, you want to shoot at the enemy or somethin', 'cos I don't think they care..."
Guzzle transformed and turned to the Micromaster.
"You heartless 'Con! Don't you get it?!"
Airwave ran closer to the giant Scorpion they were following, and raised his hands in surrender.
"I get it, your friends dead, it's very sad; Now, can you mourn him later and shoot at he guys that killed him?!"

2007-04-06, 11:59 PM

Roadblock rolled among carefully his humanoid shell watching his flank as his tank mode rolled carefully forward.

"Transformers, report." He said wanting to make sure his men were ok.


Quake heard Nautilus.

"Oh hey, you ok?" He asked rolling towards the rubble.

2007-04-07, 07:32 AM

Beasbox growled softly


Squawktalk however was not so reticent

"A ok commander, all systems are go , ready willing and able."

Aero Blade
2007-04-07, 06:43 PM
"Still here, for the moment," Bombshock answered to Roadblock, his tone mildly suspicious as though he didn't expect it to last for whatever reason.

"Are we there yet?" Growl asked in a bored tone.

"I'm worried about when we do get there," Dropshot added. They'd all managed to stir things up pretty well when they'd left, the Quintessons were bound to be more prepared this time, unless the attention of their forces had been diverted by the other attacks.

"You can be assured, it will not be easy," Breaker answered to the rest of the group he was guiding. "With the other leaders dead, Legatus took over, and you can be assured that he is not as complacent as they were. There will be far better guards than those simplistic Sharkticons..."

Breaker then turned his head slightly in the direction of Squawktalk and Beastbox. "Presenting yourselves as distractions will do about as much as offering yourselves up as sacrifices. However, some descrete reconesence might be of more use..."

2007-04-08, 12:15 AM
Nautilus kept his toungue in check: the energon equvalent of adrenaline had actually made him able to think before he spoke for once.
"Doing better now I see you Quake! You, uh, got time to get me out here?"

2007-04-08, 01:11 AM
Roadblock nodded as his men reported.

"Good, the sooner we can smash the Quints the better. I don't care what they throw at us." He said.


Quake rode over to Nautilus.

"Yeah I can get you out of there." He said transforming into robot mode and starting to toss rubble aside.

2007-04-08, 06:09 PM
Leaving Town Square

Scorponok continued to march toward the ominous castle in the distance, paying little attention to the noise his troops were making.

"Enough squabbling," Scorponok growled at Airwave and Guzzle. "Well done, Krok. He'll replace our lost number. Let me speak with him."

While he waited for Loadrun to present himself, Scorponok marched on and radioed Gigatron.


The Grease Pits: Highway Ramp

Gigatron listened to Scorponok's report with satisfaction. While he watched Cryotek and Rosdos work on the Quintesson's body, he switched channels.

"Cyclonus, this is Gigatron. Missions at the Grease Pits and the Town Square are complete. We are proceeding to Darkmount. Report mission status."

2007-04-08, 11:44 PM
Leaving the Town Square
Guzzle fell silent, and marched behind Scorponok, his flamethrower in hand and a sad, empty look in his eye.
Airwave followed by runnig as fast as his legs could carry him, and dreamed of getting to his base soon.

Nautilus helped as best he could, and soon he was tanding next to Quake, a little dented and dustier than he'd ever been, but still functional.
"Thanks man," he said calmly, checking his weapons for functionality, "What are we doing now then?"

2007-04-09, 03:28 AM
Cryotek finished patching wires together and pressed at button on his forearm computer.

"Well lets see what happens." He said to the group.


Quake spoke up as he started to roll forward.

"We reassemble with Gigatron then continue onward." The triggerhappy double targetmaster explained starting back towards the group.

2007-04-09, 11:41 PM
The Grease Pits: Highway Ramp

Cryotek would find Challus' databanks revealed plenty of information, much of it mundane operation logs and productivity charts. However, one particularly juicy nugget was a map of outer Darkmount, showing a number of newly-constructed routes into the castle. Among them was a poorly-guarded commercial dock where the governor's legions received supplies from the outlying factories; this, coupled with information of emergency protocol also found in Challus' memory, would present an interesting opportunity for potential raiders.

"Anything, Cryotek?" Gigatron asked.

2007-04-10, 04:00 AM
Cryotek smiled.

"Oh yeah I believe jackpot is the word we want. Beaming the data to you and Prowl now." He said sending the data about Darkmount to the two Transformers along with a new dock route and the emergency and security protocols from Challus.

2007-04-10, 08:36 AM
Leaving Town Square

Loadrun stared at scorponok . That much time in outer space left him a bit uncomfortable around decepticon leaders. And he new scorponok from reputation.

“greetings sir, my name is Loadrun. I was assigned to a small outpost in the Kiwi system. there I was captured by the quints. There were 3 ships so I had no hope of escaping.” loadrun added to be sure scorponok wouldn’t doubt his abbilities “My small outpost was destroyed. I was sentenced to be thrown in the smelting pool just when the decepticon troops arrived. With all the chaos I was able to escape”. Loadrun glanced at the other decepticons before continuing.

“Since I have no present assignment it would be an honor to be included in your army. I have to admit I’m not a superb fighter, although I can hold my own, but I have a reasonable tech background.”

Lord Zarak
2007-04-10, 01:40 PM
Gigatron, this is Cyclonus. I am pleased to report that the mission is going as planned. I have almost single handedly wiped out the Quintesson "Defense" Force here, and am awaiting Brainstorm to arrive with your fuel. However, the other troops assigned to my command have failed to report back in. One must assume that they have fallen, heroically, in battle.

Once Brainstorm has brought the fuel to my current position, we will deliver the fuel to you.

Do you have any other instructions?"

2007-04-11, 05:11 AM
The Grease Pits: Highway Ramp

"Negative, Cyclonus," Gigatron replied. "Continue with the mission parameters. When you've secured fuel supplies for transit, meet us at Darkmount. Gigatron out."

The Decepticon leader turned and spotted Quake and Nautilus approaching before reading Cryotek's report.

"Excellent work, Cryotek. Transformers," he began while turning to address the group, "it is time to drive the Quintessons from their last remaining hiding spot. Transform and move out!"

Gigatron himself led the way by transforming to racer mode and cruising up the highway ramp, not going too fast so his troops could keep up.


On the Warpath

Scorponok didn't look at Loadrun while he spoke. In fact, he seemed entirely oblivious. It would surprise most observers that he could even hear anything over the creaking in his hip as he walked. His optics were focused on the image forming in the distance: his city was at the outer wall, and there was a thick plume of smoke rising from a center of not much motion.

"Touching," Scorponok growled. "Now convince me you're not a Quintesson spy and I'll let you live to fight with us."

2007-04-11, 07:35 AM
On the Warpath

Loadrun glared at scorponok. That was one of the reasons he didn’t like to mingle with decepticon leaders.

“I’m sorry sir but I’ve just escaped the melting pools. If you wish proof hand me a few quintesson leaders so I can shoot them trough one of their heads to avenge the shame of being captured. Or if you have the time you can always contact ratbat or robot man-X about order G-32 I was sent on. I have always been loyal to the decepticon cause.”

2007-04-11, 08:22 PM
The Grease Pits: Highway ramp

Prowl nodded as Gigatron's oredered the march. Transforming into prowler mode, the startegist moved to the decepticon leader side, while studying the data discovered by Cryotek and Rosdos.

2007-04-11, 11:30 PM
On the warpath

Scorponok didn't bother looking down at Loadrun to catch his contempt. It was up for debate whether he would have cared anyway. Although it wasn't visible on his face, the mention of Ratbat cheered him up considerably - the thought of how he couldn't ask the loathesome rodent anything anymore was a welcome one in the middle of a seige, and it lifted his spirits enough to overlook Loadrun's not-entirely-convincing answer.

"Well enough," he grumbled. "If you betray us, I'll gun you down myself."

The march had come nearly to its end as Castle Darkmount's looming walls hovered just ahead. Scorponok could see now that his base had finally succumbed to the onslaught of Guardians, but not without a fight: amid the smoking wreckage of giant claws and scorpion legs laid a field of disembodied Guardian limbs and heads, surrounded by great battle scars in the ground and errant blast marks in every direction. The remains of Scorponok City laid in the center of a great gap in the outer wall, where a line of Allicons stood in emergency defending formation waiting for the combat engineers to show up.

"Transformers!" Scorponok bellowed, raising a claw over his head to wave forward. "Charge the castle!"

Scorponok had never been one for subtlety.

He began into a slow and mighty run; with most of his ranged weapons blasted off, melted, or malfunctioning, he was left only to shatter his foes at close range. The fire of the Allicons and the few remaining snipers in the wall fell all about him as he rushed toward them...

2007-04-12, 08:52 AM
On the warpath

Krok immediately followed his leader, gun blazing at the snipers and making sure to provide cover fire for scorponok . Krok was aware now of the state of his leader, probably the pain he was in and the need to support him. He ordered his gun to transform to gator and threw it at his left towards two allicons.”Damn charger, I could use your flamethrower right now!”

The other troops followed except for Staxx who lay clenched over a pile of junk. He was conscious but that was it, and even tried to join the battle slowly limping, one hand clenched a cudgel he had found in the the pile of junk for balance. He could provide cover fire if any enemy was stupid enough to come into his firing range but that was it. Even with the first aid from loadrun he still leaked energon and it was clear he soon would stop functioning.

Meanwhile Bulletbike had transformed into cycle mode and his guns were blazing, although only patched up a bit by loadrun, his rage had returned. His 2 guns fired at the remaining allicons, although one of the guns was damaged and hissed wildly and sparks erupted like a volcano waiting to explode. Bulletbike didn’t even notice.

Loadrun was the slowest of the lot. He didn’t want to transform into vehicule mode because he would be to vulnerable to gunfire. The gun he had acquired was only short range and of medium quality “just like anything else in the quints army” he grumbled. He continued firing at the allicons closest to scorponok to open a clear path for their leader.

2007-04-13, 01:27 AM
On the warpath
Guzzle returned to his Arctic white Tank mode, and roared into action alongside the Decepticons around him: he fired his cannon on synch with Kroks shots, either taking out indiviual soldiers in spectacular blasts, or hitting the walls with impact enough to unbalance them and send them to their doom.

Airwave transformed as well, and took to the skies at high speed: with barely any ammunition left, he was little more than a good target on the ground. In the air, he was a tough target!

The Grease Pits: Highway ramp
Nautilus limped aboard the ramp and tried to keep up with the rest of the army as best he could on foot. It was at times like these that he regretted having a Squid as an alt form.
"Quake," he started, looking sheepishly at his rescuer, "Don't suppose I could hitch a lift? You are faster than me as a tank."

Blasting out of one of the ruined buildings, dismembered quintessons falling apart around him as he fell, a Decepticon beserker landed with a heavy THUMP on the highway, before joining the convoy. His Rhino form was pitted and cracked by the attacks of numerous enemy, but Stranglehold was still standing strong, defiant and reckless as ever!

2007-04-14, 12:14 AM
Quake waited.

"Hop on and be ready to gun stuff down." He said waiting to roll out.

2007-04-14, 10:43 PM
Nautilus leaped on board the tank-target master: he settled on the main turret, one hand behind him to steady himself with the other holding his Halo 2 Assault Rifle.
"All ready Quake, lets kick some tail!"

2007-04-15, 10:37 PM
Darkmount: Outer Wall

The fire that fell on Scorponok's frame from the Allicons ahead (as well as some from his troops behind) drew only a deeper and more enraged grimace from the charging titan. By the time the Allicons realized they should scatter, it was too late - Scorponok bowled into one, careening it into the pavement. He lashed out with his claws to both sides to grasp a pair of the slower ones by their throats, hoisting them to absorb the fire from their comrades. Scorponok hurled them against each other and punted the last cowering defender into the wall for good measure.

Though laser fire continued to rain around him from the snipers in the walls and from defenders farther in the castle, it became readily apparent that this was too easy. They were letting them in... but not without a fight. Scorponok stood on the shattered remains of his fortress and looked into the castle courtyard - Gatekeepers, Overcharges, Allicons, Sharkticons, and Executioners in legion, some hundred or more in formation and charging to meet their attackers now that the first line had fallen.

Scorponok turned back to the outside and waved to his troops fearlessly.

"Let the slaughter begin!" he wailed to the Transformers following him while charging into the incoming fire fearlessly.


Darkmount: Dock

Before getting too close to the castle's edge, Gigatron transformed to robot mode and surveyed the scene. It was precisely as Challus' data had described - an unguarded dock with only a few troops available. Gigatron could hear the battle raging over the castle wall; he assume Scorponok had busied the defenders.

"Transformers!" he called back. "Advance with caution."

Gigatron pulled his swords from his back and proceeded hastily but carefully into the dock, his optics dancing around looking for trouble.


Darkmount: Legatus' Chamber

He watched all readily. The Transformer city had fallen. Scorponok's troops were dealing rather effectively with the snipers and were battling with the contingents in the courtyard. And Gigatron had arrived at the dock. Planting the factory managers' memories with false information had proven useful. Soon there would be fewer to deal with - then those in the courtyard would be crushed by Legatus' real threat.

2007-04-16, 09:56 AM
Darkmount Outer Wall and coming in!

Krok followed his leader. He saw the overwhelming odds and the legion spreading out before him when he entered. “gatorraider transform” he threw his gun to the nearest overcharge. The drone was not quick enough to react and gatorraiders jaw snapped shut on his head ripping it from his torso. Meanwhile Krok ran to the nearest allicon and diverted all energy to his leg.

With one mighty kick he hurled the allicon to the army of drones. The unfortunate drone came crashing down and toppled at least 8 others. At least 3 drones were destroyed. It was an impressive show of power and everyone had seen it. But few noticed the energy drain it took on Krok.
Krok realised the need for this display. The faced a far to numerous foe. They needed something to get them and rally everyone against the quints. He would keep on kicking until he dropped or was shred to pieces. He headed for the next allicon.

Bulletbike and loadrun followed guns blazing. Loadrun gasped when he saw the drone army. If bulletbike felt anything he didn’t let it show. He literally drove into a dozen drones when transforming. At a certain moment his gun drove through the mouth of an overcharge before he fired. The lifeless drone fell to the ground, head gone.
But sharkticons were swarming over bulletbike now. One took a bite out of his tire. Another raked his arm.

Loadrun saw everyone giving their maximum. This was it. One way or another. He saw there were to many enemies to battle. But hey were decepticons and wouldn’t back down. He ran after the others taking out drones with strategic gunfire.

2007-04-16, 01:22 PM
Darkmount: Outer Wall
Guzzle stayed in his scorched arctic white tank mode, and continued to fire shell after shell at all the viable targets that came before him.
He noticed Bulletbike being swarmed by Sharkticons, and grief fuellled his rage even further: he gunned his engines, and churned up metal and sparks beneath his treads as he charged his fallen comrade, eager to give aide where he couldn't have before.
"I'M COMING!" He shouted.

Airwave, meanwhile, evaded as much of the incoming fire s he could and gritted his teeth when some came too close, till he finally came in to land by Scorponoks wrecked transector city scorpion... He transformed, and jumped into an available exposed corridor, running in trying to find his way through the now twisted remains of the BattleHQ.

Darkmount: Dock
Stranglehold slowed and then stopped alongside Gigatron: he gave an all too audible sigh, as he transformed and had his shell envelop him simultaneously. He swung his Morning star impatiently as he followed their leader...

2007-04-17, 03:38 AM
Darkmount: Courtyard

Scorponok charged on with unrelenting determination. Having torn apart an Overcharge with his claws, he mounted the turret to the exposed firing controls on his shoulder and blasted shells into the crowd of drones before him. He carried the fallen trooper's remains in front of him, both as a shield and to fetch its rounds for ammunition. He showed the extreme shock the foreign circuity gave him each time he fired only through his menacing grimace, deeper and more entrenched than ever.

"Press on! No survivors! No surrender!"


Darkmount: Dock

Gigatron crept into the quiet broad corridor the dock exposed, his vigilant optics scanning all directions cautiously. They spotted just a hint of motion in the corner of the room but an instant before the gate slammed shut behind the Transformers and a squad of Overcharges raised from their hiding places to level fire on the intruders.

"It's an ambush!" Gigatron cried back while running for cover behind a crate. "Take cover! Return fire!"

Gigatron popped up long enough to fire a missile, sending a few Overcharges scattering before it exploded a crate full of accounting records.


Darkmount: Legatus' Chamber

It was all folding out according to plan. The trap had been sprung. The courtyard platoon was taking attrition and dealing it in kind. Legatus was confident he could play his final card and seal the deal. No sense wasting good fodder, after all.

"Watchtower, deploy your men to the courtyard and eradicate all threats."

There was no response.

"Watchtower, answer!"


"21-E!" Legatus bellowed into his intercom. "Where is Watchtower?!"

"Roster says he's in the barracks as you ordered, Governor. I'm not getting a response."

Legatus growled. "Send Spitz in his place! And get a messenger to the barracks to investigate!"

"Spitz has been recalled to the Imperial Palace for maintenance, Governor. He is not answering hails."

Legatus punched his desk furiously.

"Dispatch all troops to the courtyard at once!"

2007-04-17, 06:14 AM
Squawktalk nodded

"definetly falls in our line of work a bit of recon some snooping can do oh yes."

Beastbox grunted an affirmative

2007-04-17, 07:58 AM
Darkmount: Outer Wall

Bulletbike had his hands around the throat of an allicon but at least 3 other drones crushed directly on top of him. He tried not to succumb under the weight. A claw dug into his arm. A sharkticon bit into his back.
He loosened one arm and tried grasping his blaster, but he succumbed under the 3 others and was half crushed beneath their bodies unable to aim the blaster. He heard someone scream but it any meaning was lost in the ruckus of battle.

Krok had kicked two more allicons and loadrun kept firing while gatorraider kept their enemies at bay. But the odds were overwhelming.

Staxx was coming closer to the wall more death then alive. Then he noticed airwave.
His mind barely conscious he continued further to the wall his gun ready.

2007-04-17, 09:59 AM
Darkmount: Outer Wall
Guzzle came roaring through and over the enemies in his wake, transforming into robot mode and dlivering kicks and punches with startling rapidity. Allicons that weren't felled by his initial atack were driven back by his Flamethrower, now running on fumes.
He reached Bulletbikes position, and shouted encouragement; "Hang on little buddy, helps a comin'!"

Heedless tof anything that ws happening behind him, Airwave made his way through the ruins of coridors and hallways as fast as he could, looking for the hangar bay...

Darkmount: Dock
Strangleholds face twisted in joy as the Overcharges appeared: accouting records falling about him in flames, he fired his concussion blaster one handed a little desperately at Quintesson troopers all around-

Aero Blade
2007-04-18, 03:59 AM
"Well then, since we have or plan of attack, it is best that we now impliment it..." Breaker said to the others. He was working on openning the connection between the subterranian tunnels and Darkmount's pipe system that would allow them access.

"Stay close, things have likely changed, and it will be more troublesome to navigate without having had a chance to study the if the pattern of molten metal has changed," Breaker warned back towards Roadblock, Squawktalk, Beastbox, and the others. With the connection finally openned all the way, Breaker proceeded in first, staying alert as he began the navigations to take them upwards and into the depths of the castle.

2007-04-18, 04:40 PM
Darkmount Docks

Prowl, in his robot, take cover behind a cargo container. Leaning, he observed the situation. Almost instantaneously, his logic center calculated the optimal course of action.

"Stranglehold " he radioed, " shot at the Overcharges standing in the left corner of the docks, behind the brown crates."

"Cryotek " he continued, " attack the pair of Overcharges in tank mode aproaching from the left flank."

"Nautilus " he added, " cover Cryotek."

The strategist then fired his incendiary missiles towards a group of Overcharges covered behind some supplies crates.

2007-04-18, 06:03 PM
The casettes followed into the pipework keeping well back in case of a sudden onrushing of molten metal

Squawtalk nodded

"lead on after you , we'll show them what for ."

2007-04-19, 03:57 AM
----------Darkmount Docks----------
Wondered why he hadn't took a blaster when he had a chance
his artrillery guns weren't made for close range now Rosdos have to fight with his bare hands. He was walking beside one of a crate when the ambush started. An Overcharge exposed itself from behide that crate Rosdos quickly grab it gun and another hand punched it face.

Lord Zarak
2007-04-19, 12:56 PM
Cyclonus thought it would be time to check in with the Brainstorm. After all, he was an Autobot and therefore inherantly untrustworthy.

"Brainstorm , how is the procurement of the fuel progressing? I'm sure you would dearly like to return to safety." He didnt add that he was an Autobot coward.

2007-04-20, 01:21 PM
Quake rolled to the battle opening fire with his Targetmasters and Plasma cannon raining a volley of ammo at his foes.

"Now this is what I am talking about!" He yelled rolling towards the battle.


Cryotek nodded not exactly caring to have been ordered by an Autobot but he flew in his Dragon mode and fired an ice blast at the Overcharge tanks.

2007-04-21, 11:04 PM
Darkmount: Courtyard

Scorponok continued firing on the drone army with his acquired arm cannon. He'd done an admirable job beating them back, and his unwilling shield had absorbed most of their fire (though its composition was becoming questionable), but a second wave was emerging through the gates around the courtyard. Scorponok glanced over his shoulder and derived a likely corridor by which they could escape to safer ground, to meet the enemy on their own terms.

"All troops, follow me! We regroup at the Smelting Pools for the last stand!"

Scorponok began backing toward an exit near the edge of the courtyard, firing shells into the crowd of Sharkticons pursuing him and his team.


Darkmount: Docks

Gigatron had relocated to cover behind another crate in the corner of the dock under heavy fire. He glanced out to fire another missile when he noticed something - the enemy was all of Transformer design. Gigatron smirked broadly before transforming to bat mode and hovering up to the top of a storage crate.

"Quintessons!" he shrieked while turning his hypnotic powers toward the enemy. "I do not care for your suffering. All I ask is that you die quickly!"

The Overcharges that had turned their attention toward Gigatron suddenly fell entranced and immobile, providing the Transformers an opportunity to strike.

2007-04-22, 12:42 AM
Darkmount: Outer Wall
Guzzle heard Scorponoks order, and ignored it.
He had sub spaced the empty flame thrower ("Cheap fuel guzzling Decepticon rubbish") and was now battling the last few Allicons hand to hand: the initial chaos of his charge had warn off though, and he was in dire straits: two allicons were holding him back from Bulletbike and his attackers.

Airwave, a little confused and irate from finding his way in the dark and falling over a lot, had found what he was looking for:
Transport Bay.
The door only opened margianlly when he broadcast his code, but it was enough for a Micromaster to get through. He was soon running through the room, past empty and filled bays , till he came to...
My baby!
There she stood: in mobile combat deck mode, Airwaves Command Centre. He punched the air with joy, and climbed aboard...

Nautilus jumped from Quake, and ran to cover, shouting at prowl with disgust.
"I shoot at who i like, Autobot!"
Despite this protestation, Nautilus was actually firing exactly where Prowl wanted him to.
Strangle hold was also following orders, in his own interpretation. He left his shell, and in Rhino form, fired his back mounted Brawn blaster at the Overcharges: his shell, armed with Morning Star and Concusion Blaster, ran at the enemy with his gun blazing.

2007-04-22, 09:15 AM

According to his logic center calculations, Prowl decided that the attack was going well.

Watching Gigatron distracting the Overcharges forces, the strategist left his cover and fired on the confused Quintesson's triplechangers.

" Quake, Rosdos, Cryotek, Nautilus, Stranglehold... fire at will! "

2007-04-24, 01:23 PM

Bulletbike was able to glance up to guzzle “thanks autobot, I...” the rest of his sentence was garbled as a sharticon snapped his jaws on bulletbikes head! While bulletbike’s body began to shiver he loosened a few shots with his blaster and one of them hit the allicon in the head who was holding guzzle.the allicons body snapped backwards. Then bulletbike’s body went limp and tumbled down like a rag doll, his head lying a few meters further, his gaze empty…

Krok was still shooting at the horde, barely aware of Bulletbike’s death. He tried to follow scorponoks lead but the drones were swarming them. Loadrun was at his side, having taken up one of the heavier plasma blasters and using it against 2 allicons in beast mode.

Meanwhile Staxx had reached the compound. If he was aware of his surroundings he didn’t show it. He transformed and at the same time an overcharge came diving towards him. He engaged full speed and headed for the nearest lot of drones, the overcharge started firing but it only raked staxx. Staxx sensors swept over the enemies to find the best target to hit as he identified Bulletbike’s corpse. “goodbye friend. what a fight it was!” With a giant explosion Staxx thundered into the drones closest to the ragtag band of transformers. In a matter of seconds his engines went to overload due to the stress of the last few hours. An explosion rocked the outer wall of the complex as half a dozen drones were incinerated in the blast.

But it would give the rest the time they needed to regroup.

Aero Blade
2007-04-25, 11:27 PM
The group so far had explored the depths of the castle's pipe systems without incident, but every so often Breaker would pause, as though his sensors picking up the activity above and around them. Things seemed a tad noiser this time around, more than just the sound of increased troops moving around. Something else was going on up there.

"It would seem as though the distraction has already presented itself," Breaker commented, glancing towards Squawktalk and Beastbox. "This should make your jobs easier..."

He then turned his attention towards Roadblock and the other troops. "From here we can go to anywhere in the castle. It is now a matter of where that will be..."

2007-04-26, 01:17 AM
Darkmount: Outer Wall
Guzzle screamed as more blows rained on him and brought him to his knees, he flailed at his enemies whilsttrying to keep Bulletbike in his sight, Not another, he thought with rage-

Below, there were muffled explosion and the sound of gears grinding: the hull of scorponok warped, ballooned outward, and then broke apart as Airwave roared through on his Mobile Gun Platform: Madness of joy in his eye, he immediatly began pelting the walls with missile after misslie, body parts of his enemies littering the sky...

2007-04-26, 05:27 PM
Darkmount: Courtyard

Scorponok paused in his cannonfire when he spotted Staxx' explosion amid the crowd of enemies, followed moments later by Airwave's eruption from the remains of his fortress. Not taking the time to reflect on the carnage, Scorponok bellowed toward his troops, firing an explosive shell in the air as a beacon.

"Regroup on my position! To the Smelting Pools!"


(OOC: Er, it's been almost a week. Let's see what we can do...)

Darkmount: Docks

Gigatron transformed back to his robot mode and charged toward a distracted Overcharge with his sword drawn, effortlessly decapitating it. He turned to another, but before continuing the rampage, he noticed the blank look in the surviving Overcharges' optics - without realizing it, Gigatron's hypnosis had interfered with the OCL's leadership programming, leaving the group immobile and without orders. The group of Overcharges stood at attention, waiting for a command that would never come.

"Transformers," Gigatron said, eyeing the eerie situation skeptically. "The battle here is won. We must push on to the Smelting Pools. Be on your guard for further ambushers."

Gigatron transformed to racer mode and accelerated toward the gate at the end of the dock that would lead to the castle proper.

2007-04-27, 12:36 AM
Quake watched as the Overcharges just stood there and opened fire on the group. Mowing down a great number of them for fun.

"Pieces of slag." He yelled as they fell into piles of bodies and fuel.


Cryotek returned to the group in Dragon form and flew overhead watching Gigatron.


Roadblock rolled carefully.

"So where can we cause the most damage?" He asked not knowing a ton about the castle.

Aero Blade
2007-04-27, 12:50 AM
"I imagine most of the popular spots have already been taken," Breaker replied idly to Roadblock, looking up as though he could see the source of the various sounds, but mostly he just appeared to be listening and thinking.

"It follows my own interests and purposes, but perhaps we should go see if Legatus is busy..."

2007-04-27, 01:36 AM
Not exactly caring who needed to be took out Roadblock replied.

"Sounds good as long as we can slag him."

2007-04-27, 01:53 AM
Darkmount: Docks
Nautilus looked up from his position at the immobile Overcharges.
He shuddered. Creepy.
He followed the rest of he dissapering troopers, alongside Stranglehold, who was shaking slightly. Not shaking good, shaking some real damage might have been done shaking.

Darkmount: Courtyard
Guzzle clawed his way out from the press of bodies that was on him, his lapse in concentration having given his enemies too much oppurtunity.
Below him, he heard a voice that was getting a little familiar, albeit this time coming over a tannoy announcer.
"Hey, Guzzle! Krok! Anyone that needs a lift, jump down!"
It was Airwave, tearing through the courtyard below in his Mobile Attack platform, trying to find a way up the wall. Guzzle gave the allicons around him a few parting shots, then he leaped off the wall down to the platform, enjoying the free fll for a few seconds till he hit the hull.
"Careful Sparkler bot, I only just got her back!"

2007-04-27, 06:17 AM

Squawktalk nodded

"indeed looks like some one's having fun so let's rock and roll and join the party."

2007-04-27, 08:47 PM

Prowl observed the inmobile Overcharges and raised an eyebrow.

" This is beyond logic " he thought, uneased by Gigatron's show of his most esoteric habilities.

Sighing, the strategist transformed again into a police prowler and followed Gigatron towards their goal.

2007-04-28, 03:22 AM
----------Darkmount Dock----------
Rosdos was lowering his gun when a black out OC fell down on him from behind. "Saved by Con. Never think of that before." Then he transformed and followed the group.

Aero Blade
2007-04-30, 05:21 AM
"Well then, now that it's decided, let us see if we can't dig out the five-faced worm," Breaker answered to Squawktalk and Roadblock, starting to take them through the pipes again.

At the back of the group, Bombshock was in the same mood as ever, having his own suspicions of what Breaker was actually leading them to, but as his words had gone unheeded so far, there was little need to mak them known. Growl and Dropshot just continued on as before, following after their boss and associates and keeping alert for any suprizes that might be waiting for them.

2007-04-30, 07:59 AM

krok shouted to airwave "can you take me and loadrun on that thing? will it hold?"

2007-05-01, 05:35 PM
Brainstorm: -finishes with the controls- "We've got the fuel, Cyclonus. I haven't had this much fun since I helped blow up Scorponok's crusier." -checking the status of his battered transector's repair status, wondering why he's acting as backup for one of Galvatron's inept lackeys-

2007-05-01, 10:11 PM
Darkmount: Courtyard

Now that his troops were beginning to mobilize, Scorponok fired one more shell into the crowd of drones before retreating into the tunnel that would lead to the Smelting Pools. He hurled the remains of his battered Overcharge shield to deter the attackers, assured he'd be able to easily find another...


Darkmount: The Smelting Pools

Gigatron knew that the area would be well-fortified well before he arrived, so he'd made no effort at being stealthy on his approach. As he reached the end of the last stretch of tunnel, he stomped the accelerator, causing a Sharkticon in the light to just begin to turn around before being shattered on the futuristic racer's sharp frontal spikes. In the clear on the outskirts of the Smelting Pools, Gigatron leapt through a transformation and landed in robot mode.

"Destroy them all!" he shouted to his followers. "No prisoners!"

His swords effortlessly slashed through the first wave that had struggled to mobilize; they were waiting for Scorponok's team to arrive from the courtyard and had not been prepared for a sneak attack.


Darkmount: Legatus' Chamber

The Quintesson governor looked out from his high window on the scene unfolding at the Smelting Pools below. He could see clearly - they were making too much progress. He cursed Watchtower's failure. Perhaps he would soon need to intervene personally...

2007-05-06, 10:30 PM
Darkmount pipes system

Beastbox knuckled along the pipe system

Squawktalk flapped silently along the corridor or at least the passage of his body made no sound his beak was another matter entirely .

"i wonder how the invasions coming along i wonder who's on the invasion force maybe they'll be some mechs i know like Ravage , wouldn't that be cool , ravage is ok a bit serious but much better than a lot of the casettes, and you know Soundwave well ya know not really the life and soul of the party right."

2007-05-06, 10:31 PM
Darkmount: Courtyard
Airave called back to Krok over his megaphone:
"You're gettig picky? Now?! Come on, get down here!"

Darkmount: The Smelting Pools (I'm presuming that because you're shouting at us we must be there?)

Stranglehold charged in behind his leader Gigatron, his morning star swinging into the heads of unsuspecting Ahrkticon drones whilst firing his concusion blaster into their chests: he was still shaking in an od fashion, and sparks were erupting from his shell at odd points.
Nautilus followed close behind him, yelling back at Quake: "Come on man, lets get into them!"

2007-05-07, 08:29 AM

Krok jumped together with loadrun on airwave's ship. loadrun glanced around. better then roughstuff's ship.
Krok glared back at where he left the corpses of Staxx and bulletbike. his mood was somber.

Lord Zarak
2007-05-07, 09:57 AM
Cyclonus allowed himself a wry chuckle at Brainstorm .

"I'm sure you can have much more fun liberating your planet. Now get a move on," he said in his customary gravelly voice. "One of the greast Generals of Cybertronian history needs that fuel to help defeat the Quintessons' once and for all!"

2007-05-07, 09:20 PM
Darkmount: The Smelting Pools

In the chaos, the army of Sharkticons had turned their attention toward Stranglehold and the other members of Gigatron's crew in a frantic effort not to be demolished. But they were unprepared for the two-pronged assault, and their ability to mobilize toward the unexpected attackers was impaired by their stupidity.

Across the open chamber, a line of Overcharges guarding the entrance they'd been assigned flew in every direction as Scorponok plowed through them, taking one by the throat to be his new shield. He pounded on the Sharkticons with his overheating tank turret, blasting many into the enormous superheated vats at the center of the arena while making his way toward his leader.

"We're suffering casualties, sir!" Scorponok shouted over the madness. "Fuel might buy us some time, but my men can't hold out much longer!"

Gigatron impaled one Sharkticon while bisecting another. "Without leadership, they will succumb!" Gigatron looked far up at the window that was traditionally the throne room of the Decepticon leader. "And I know where to find it! Keep the others organized here!"

With that, Gigatron transformed to dragon mode and flapped into the air, spewing flames down at the Sharkticons from both mouths to deter their blasts following him.

"Regroup behind the pools!" Scorponok shouted to the surviving Transformers. "Draw them into the vats!"

Aero Blade
2007-05-08, 02:16 AM
Darkmount, Pipe system

After further traversing of the tunnels, Breaker finally brought the group to a stop again, in what seemed to be a relatively quiet area. If there were any troops about, they were staying quiet, but most likely the majority of them were already off dealing with the other intruders elsewhere in the complex.

"This is as far as I can take this group towards where Legatus is most likely to have set up shop," Breaker explained, turning to face Roadblock, Squawktalk, Beastbox, and the Military Patrol Team. "I doubt he will be as kind to invite us in, so I believe all of us know what has to be done..."

As Breaker trailed off in speaking, he turned to face one of the walls in their narrow corridor, readying his riffle and aiming it as though to blast an openning for them to get out, seeing as how there was no apparent exits visible. "If anyone has any concerns, best speak now..." Breaker warned in a tone as though humored.

Bombshock, of course, was quick to respond, due to his paranoia over all of Breaker's antics. "How do you know that wall isn't blast-reinforced!? You could blow us all to pieces, yourself included!!"

2007-05-08, 03:13 AM
----------Smelting Pool----------

Knowing that his artrillery guns aren't made for close range but he must take a risk. Rosdos started heating up his guns while firing his blaster at the enemies and stabbing them with a stolen gladius.

2007-05-08, 01:28 PM
Tunnels Darkmount

Roadblock smiled.

"Wait, I can fire some rust bombs at the wall first. That should weaken the wall nicely before we let ourselves in."


Smelting Pits

Cryotek soared through the air avoiding laser fire and freezing his enemies below when a blast caught him in the wing. Letting out a horrible scream he dove to the ground and landed on his feet snapping the head off a sharkticon warrior with his fangs and smashing another with his tail.


Quake opened fire with all of his weapons mowing down any target he could find. Which luckly for him were plenty.

"Don't worry I am already here!" The double targetmaster shouted ripping into the Quint ranks.

2007-05-08, 07:55 PM
Residential District: Transformers Collaborators
Dark Mount Tunnels

There was carnage and signs of battle everywhere. The residental distrect of the transformer collaborators had seen some battle. Vindicator didn't have time to look at the area. Enough of his time had been wasted being held in the Slave Barracks by the Quintessons. He had to find his way to Castle DarkMount. But to go chargine in from the front would have spelled death. The defenses there were to heavy and he was still weakened from his escape. As he marched along he Found an entrance to one of the undergrond tunnels. It looked as though it was heading for the back area of the Darkmount. Hopefully some other decepticon forces were on the other side. As he traveled through the tunnel it looked like there had been a bit of a battle inside. He new he was on the right track.

2007-05-10, 12:17 PM
Followinge way behind Scorponok
Airwave wayched as Krok and Loadrun anded on his atack base, and with Guzzle in tank form blasting at any Quintesson that were getting close, he pulled the craft in line with Scorponoks wake of destruction and folowed, sending a Barrage of attacks against all the enemy that were near...

Smeting Pool
Strangleholds head bufeted back as a blast from an Allicons lucky swipe, and his viscious return blow with his morningstar sent the quintesson flying: sparks eschewed from the neckline, and his moustachioed face gurned in anguish:
Stasis Lock for Shell form initiated
The shell opened and Strangleholds true transformer body was spat to the ground, and his shell entered his subspace folder. Dizzied, he barely had time to turn into his Cyber Rhino form before a wave of Sharkticons came at him...
Nautilus drew close to Quake, and tried to lay suppressing fire with his Assault rifle.
"Quake, you're best suited to making a "door" through their ranks and gettin us to the pools, go for it!"

2007-05-10, 12:59 PM
Smelting pools

Watching Gigatron's departure, Prowl followed Scorponock's command.

The startegist ran towards the pools, firing his acid pelled gun towards the nearest Sharkticon squad.

" A good valuation of the situation, Stranglehold " confirmed Prowl, stopping at the pretender's side. Then the strategist continued firing towards the Sharkticons, starting to create the ' door ' in their ranks.

" Quake! We need your firepower! " shouted Prowl.

2007-05-10, 01:02 PM
Quake smiled.

"With pleasure." The double targetmaster said unleashing a firestorm at the array of Quints near him and Stranglehold.

Aero Blade
2007-05-15, 03:27 AM
"You've got 30 seconds," Breaker responded to Roadblock with unmasked humor, still waiting ready with his riffle to open fire.

These two are going to be the end of us... Bombshock considered grimly, making sure to stand away with his troops to avoid whatever shrapnel might occur when Breaker did fire.

2007-05-15, 05:58 AM

Squawktalk edged backwards outr of the way of any possible shrapnel.

2007-05-17, 11:05 PM
Stranglehol merely growled at Prowl, and joined his cover fire of Quake as the target master plowed his way through the dissarayed Sharkticon ranks.

Nautilus charged in after quake, now using his pair of Small Machine Guns in unison due to the close quarters, shredding sharkticons in half and taking off heads with skill.
"Not to make anyone worried, but their getting organised!" he shouted back to the rest as he saw some of the horde get clued enough to rally...

2007-05-18, 03:21 PM
Quake hardly cared. Organized foes ment easier to mow down. As he continued to rain firepower at the Sharkticon ranks.


Roadblock's tank carefully aimed and fired two rust bombs at the doors before taking cover with his humanoid shell behind a large piece of rubble.

2007-05-19, 07:49 AM
----------Smelting Pool----------

Rosdos fired his artrillery guns blasted several sharkticons and allicons in front of him. The explosion burned his armour and the recoil push him few stepped back, unlucky enough he tripped on an enemy corpse made him land on his back.


A short and loud shout made clear what he need from the others.

2007-05-20, 01:02 PM
Smelting pools

Prowl's logic center analysed the situation around him: with Quake, Nautilus and Stranglehold fighting the sharkticons - organised or not -, the transformers could win that battle. Perhaps with casualties, but they will won. 87% chances.

Then strategist heard Rosdos' petition, and Prowl quickly moved towards his fallen Autobot comrade.

Prowl's acid pellet gun dispatched the Sharkticons surrounding Rosdos, and the strategist helped the Autobot to raise again.

" Are you ok? " he asked, with his non-emotional, all-business manner.

2007-05-21, 12:15 AM
Smelting Pools

As Vindicator emerged from the tunnels he could see he was at the smelting pools. His travels through the tunnels had given him time to restore energy to his systems. As he looked around he could see sharkticons everywhere. He new this was going to turn ugly if he stayed on his own. He looked over an saw Prowl, Quake ,Nautilus Stranglehold and Rosdos.
He moved over to them as fast as he could while Fireing bursts from his twin linked chain gun into the Sharkticons.

When he made it over to the group of bots he asked.

"Who is in charge here?"

Aero Blade
2007-05-21, 03:11 PM
Tunnels/Corridors, Darkmount

((ooc: There was no door, just a wall. That's why they had to make an openning ;) ))

Just after Roadblock fired his rust bombs, Breaker openned fire, shattering the weakened wall with his riffle. As the rubble flew in all directions, Breaker strode past Roadblock, Squawktalk, and the Military Patrol Team's hiding places, not at all concerned with the threat of shrapnel as he headed out into the light of the castle corridors.

Breaker wasted no time standing about - if there were any available troops still left, they'd be there soon after hearing that shot, no doubt - so it was time to get straight into work. Just a short ways down one end of the corridor was a pair of heavy doors - the entrance to Legatus's chambers. If anything was going to be blast re-enforced, it was probably those, and Breaker kept his distance thusly as he leveled his riffle again.

"Let's knock and see if he's awake," Breaker called out playfully to his companions, openning fire on the heavy doors.

2007-05-22, 10:12 AM
Stranglehold laughed bitterly as he cotniued to fire his weapons at the enemy, dangerously frequently. He replied to Vindicator:
"The White 'bot thinks he's in charge. Basically," he paused as he ducked to let a maserisation blast go over his head, "follow the Tank: we is trying to get to the pools!"
With that, Stranglehold doubled his assault, and internally belaboured the loss of his shell...

Nautilus watched as Quake, a veriatable engine of destruction in his own right, got them closer and closer to the smelting pools:
"More to shhot at," he muttered, "More to get shot at by!"
As if to punctuate his own point, a Sharkticon had evaded his attacks and gottent close enoght o swing his mace at Nautiluses elbow, fracturing it and sending one of his SMG's flying into the fray.
"Argh! Oh no you DIDN'T!"

2007-05-23, 10:44 AM
Smelting Pools

Prowl, still at Rosdos's side, heard Stranglehold's comments to a newcomer and unidentified transformer - Vindicator -.

Ignoring Stranglehold's sarcasm, the startegist turned his head towards Vindicator, demmanding an explanation.

" Until Gigatron returns, the City Commander Scorponock is in charge of the Alliance forces attacking Darkmount, decepticon " explained Prowl. " Who are you? "

2007-05-23, 02:46 PM
Roadblock agreed firing his plasma cannons at the door.

"Knock knock!" He yelled.


Quake continued his rampage firing into Sharkticons and those he could not blow apart he ran over.

2007-05-23, 07:57 PM
Smelting Pools

Vindicator looked at the group of bots to his surprise the supposed leader of the group was an Autobot.

" Hear me now Autobot for I will only say this once." Vindicator said with much hate to the White Autobot. " My Name is Vindicator. I was captured by the Quintessons and placed in a Slave Barracks. Who are you?"

Vindicator Quickly turned an fired bursts from his chain gun in to the crowd of on comming sharkticons. With so many targets it was hard to miss.

2007-05-23, 09:44 PM
Smelting Pools

Emotionless, Prowl rised an eyebrow as Vindicator made his speech.

" My name is Prowl, and I'm the tactical advisor of Gigatron's task force. Gigatron is the current decepticon leader, and we are now - Decepticons and Autobots alike - fighting together against our common enemy, the Quintessons, to free our homeworld. "

The strategist fired his gun towards the Sharkticon horde, then turned his face again to look at Vindicator.

" In the name of logic I advise you to put your feelings aside and just fight, because right now your firepower is really needed here! "

2007-05-24, 04:01 PM
(OOC: Hate to move things too quick, but we gotta wrap this up.)

Darkmount: Legatus' Chamber

Just as Breaker and Roadblock opened fire, an engine could be heard at the end of the hall. In a moment, it revealed a black racer that transformed into Gigatron, who glared at the rebels around him with the satisfaction that they were Decepticon. He hoped they'd have the loyalty to understand he'd be killing the governor...

Perhaps to the intruders' surprise, the door gave easily, its lock disengaged. Within, Legatus sat in his throne, staring gravely out the window at the situation unfolding below. The Sharkticons were failing. Watchtower had been mysteriously deactivated. Iacon was out of contact. The fleet had fallen.

They were lost.

Gigatron stomped through the open door and looked at the oblivious governor, whose best warning was the sound of Gigatron's swords unsheathing. Legatus pushed himself up wearily and turned to discover Breaker among the raiders with as much surprise as he could be bothered to muster.

Gigatron assumed a fighting stance and slinked toward Legatus, but the latter did not provide the resistance expected. Rather, he sauntered morosely onto his balcony and glanced back at Breaker once he reached the railing.

"May you rust with the dissatisfaction that you never could destroy your maker, construct!"

Gigatron's optics narrowed and he rushed forward, but it was too late. Legatus vaulted the railing, flailing instinctively as he fell the long and brutal drop into the Smelting Pool far below.

Gigatron looked down on the scene in the courtyard and decided to capitalize.

"Quintessons, hear me! This is Gigatron, Leader of the Decepticons and ruler of Polyhex! The Quintesson charlatain is dead! Cybertron belongs to the Transformers! Surrender now and your deaths will be painless!"

The remaining Sharkticons, already frail in number and easily prone to suggestion without the guidance of a smarter Quintesson, complied.

Aero Blade
2007-05-24, 05:52 PM
(ooc Hey, so long as the Quints are out of power, my boy Breaker will be happy either way ;) )

As the events unfolded - Gigatron's arival, Legatus's self-inflicted demise - Breaker didn't seemed phased at any of it, though nothing ever seemed to, not to the ancient unit.

"The fact I was not able to reach my creator to see his death myself has never been of concern. All Quintessons are the same, only some more arrogant than others; each death is no more valuable than the other," Breaker called. He seemed as though he was still talking to Legatus, despite the Quintesson's departure.

After a moment he turned his attention to Gigatron to adress him. "Though it seems you were the means to the confrontation with him, my ends have still been met. I had my thoughts that he was associated with the execution of the ones who created my model line; this has served to confirm my suspicions. Despite what the fool thinks, I have been robbed of nothing, aside from perhaps a bit of my free time..."

As Breaker trailed off, he looked back towars Roadblock, Squawktalk, and the Military Patrol team, as though he had been referring to them.

2007-05-24, 10:06 PM
Squawktalk flapped across the room

"Hail the powerful decepticon leader , it is a marvellous victory for the decepticon cause."

Beastbox grunted

"unfair wanted to play with him interrogate him slowly."

2007-05-25, 12:51 AM
Nautilus looked up in shock as the enemy around him stopped all of a sudden and stood staring at their new master Gigatron.
"Like to see Prime manage somehting like that!" he said in awe, holding his wounded elbow in an unarmed hand.
Stranglehold moved over to him and grinned: "Yeah, the Autobots don't got nothing on him. Legend."

2007-05-25, 12:57 AM
Quake laughed and just started to gun down the now standing Sharkticons. Cheering sadistially.


Cryotek tore the head off one Sharkticon while rendering another with his claws. He stopped when they stopped and looked up.


Roadblock simply nodded to Gigatron and spoke.

"Welcome home."

2007-05-25, 09:00 PM
Smelting pools

Prowl looked with disgust the carnage around him - Quake and Cryotek slaughtering the inmobile and confused Sharkticons.

The Sharkticons were drones, not real sentient beings, but the carnage was intolerable. He decided to intervene.

" Quake, Cryotek! Hold your fire! The battle is over! " he yelled, stepping away from Vindicator's and Rosdos's side and closing with the pair of warmongering decepticons.

2007-05-25, 09:15 PM
Cryotek snapped at the Autobot.

"I already stopped there is no gain in destroying these toys." He growled to the strategist.

Quake on the other hand kept firing in his own gleeful state when suddenly Cryotek's tail snapped into his side and he stopped and transformed.

"Why did you do that!?" the targetmaster yelled.

"We won stop slaughtering the drones. Maybe we can use them for our own purposes." Cryotek explained.

2007-05-26, 10:03 PM
Smelting Pools

Vindicator looked around at the sharticons. Shooting at them would just be a waste of ammo.

"Cryotek what possible use could such weak Drones have other then being good for target practice?" asked Vindicator

2007-05-27, 04:12 AM
"Mobile shields." Was the only answer that Cryotek really needed to give to the other Decepticon.

2007-05-28, 09:54 PM
Smelting pools

Prowl turned back, and let the pair of decepticons - Vindicator and Cryotek - to continue their decepticon talk.

The strategist, awaiting for Gigatron's return and Scorponock new orders, analysed the situation. Deciding that the best course of action was to prepare the pools for Gigatron return, Prowl opened a general comm.

" Guzzle, Stranglehold, watch the main acces to the castle. Despite the lose of their leader, some Quintesson could try to counter-attack us. Quake, cover them. "

Prowl aproached to Rosdos again. The wounded Autobot was still on the ground.

" Cryotek, can you take a look on Rosdos? " Prowl asked politely. " Vindicator, Nautilus, lead the sharkticons towards one of the pools corners. "

2007-05-28, 10:47 PM
Guzzle leaped from Airwaves mobile missile platform down to the ground, and strode to Quake and Stranglehold. He was the picture of misery, the wieght of those lost around him on his shoulders almost as visible were it a physical one. He clutched his Flamethrower like grim death, and joined the Decepticons silently.

Airwave had left the control station of his platform and was waving down to the Autobot strategist.
"Hey, Prowl? What should I be doing?"

Nautilus shrugged, as he turned in a 360 degree circle and took in the vast number of drones around him.
"Um, Atten-hut? Activate? Hello? Prowl, they aint moving..."
As he said this, Nautilus gave a playful kick to the rear of the nearmost drone.

2007-05-29, 12:54 AM
Quake rolled to a stop and started to look for a new target. Anything heck if he could blow up a moving enemy he was covering his allies wasn't he? He thought to himself.


Cryotek walked over to Rosdos.

"Alright talk. Whats wrong with you?" He asked transforming back into robot mode thinking a large dragon walking over to assist might fry the Autobot's circuits.

2007-05-29, 01:11 AM
Smelting Pools

"Nautilus I don't think these drones are smart enough to take orders from you." Said Vindicator And with that he grabbed two of them and started drag them into the corners.

2007-05-29, 07:49 AM
Smelting Pools

Krok and Loadrun had also jumped down from airwave's carrier. "thanks for the lift" loadrun grinned. he gazed around at the situation and stared back at loadrun. then for the first time he became aware of the death of both Staxx and bulletbike. also Charger was lost as far as he knew.

2007-05-29, 01:53 PM
----------Smelting Pool----------

"I'm fine I'm fine. Take it easy I'm just sitting here." Rosdos replied
and pulled his gladius from the drone's corpse. He then stand up
walked toward Prowl. "Sorry for keep you waiting. What's your order?"

2007-06-01, 12:11 AM
Darkmount: The Smelting Pools

Scorponok watched Vindicator's work with satisfaction. This one would do well. He folded his arms over his chest and supervised, not letting on how dead tired he was.

"Vindicator, Nautilus, escort the Sharkticons into the Smelting Pools. Airwave, scout the area for survivors and report their locations. Once you've covered the castle, recon the rest of the city. The rest of you, follow Prowl's orders and be on stand-by to hunt down the remaining Quintessons."


Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron turned and moved back into the old throne room proper now that things at the Smelting Pools seemed to be in hand. He nodded to Roadblock with satisfaction, pleased one of his more competent lieutenants had survived the occupation.

"Your arrival was unexpected. I presume you entered the castle from some underground tunnel. Your intelligence may prove valuable. Report anything of worth you've learned since the Quintesson invasion."

2007-06-02, 01:00 AM
Nautilus shrugged his shoulders, and began shoving Sharkticon after Sharkticon to the same corner as Vindicators:
"So good to feel part of the team," he grumbled to himself...

Airwave snapped off a salute at Scorponok, and promptly transformed into his Jet fighter mode, taking to the air shakily, leaving his Command centre on standby...

2007-06-03, 12:58 PM
Smelting pools

Prowl nodded hearing Scorponock's commands, and then he looked down at Rosdos.

" For the moment, be in stand by, but be ready if we are atacked. "

The strategist stepped away from the main group, and opening a private and codified channel, he tried to contact with Optimus Prime .

" Optimus Prime, here Prowl reporting. Darkmount is ours. Prime, do you copy? "

2007-06-03, 01:46 PM
Roadblock nodded.

"I am sending you the skimatics from the tunnels Breaker led us through." The large Pretender said.

"Plus prior to striking here we were able to get a broadcast out to the Transformers of Cybertron thanks to Squaktalk and Beastbox. We tried to get the Transformers on the same page to strike back on the Quints. Seems to be working plus with your arrival maybe we can get this scum off our planet." He finished what he was saying and just stood at attention.


Cryotek just nodded to the Autobot. Debating briefly trying to snap his head off for snapping at him when he assisted the warrior.

He walked around and scanned the remains of the battlefield for any information that might be of use.

Aero Blade
2007-06-04, 02:31 AM
"You are welcome to whatever information you may have garnered on our excursions, but I would caution you against using it..." Breaker called to Roadblock and Gigatron, a hint of a menacing tone begining to creep into his voice.

"The battle is won, and the Quintessons shall soon be gone. You have your surface again, I have my tunnels; let us strive to keep it that way? I doubt any of us want any new altercations so soon..."

2007-06-04, 02:49 AM
Roadblock nodded to Gigatron after Breaker addressed the group.

"Myself I think you deserve more than being in the tunnels." The pretender said.

"After what you have done here you deserve far more. If Gigatron would allow it I am willing to give you my post." The warrior stated calmly.

"I have seen few warriors other than what stand in this room fight odds more dangerous than what is currently on Cybertron and I have seen few survive where most would cut and run. That is worthy of my respect as a Decepticon and as a warrior. Enough so that I will ask for you to join us." He said and waited.

2007-06-04, 05:05 PM
Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron regarded Breaker suspiciously, tempering it with a reluctant but acceding glance to Roadblock.

"Polyhex is Decepticon domain. If you wish to frequent some part of it, I recommend you accept Roadblock's offer. I give his opinion much credit."

2007-06-04, 07:46 PM
Smelting Pools

Vindicator finally finished dragging the last of the Quintesson forces into the corner of the smelting pools. He then turned and approached Scorponok "The last of the Quintesson forces have been pushed into the smelting pools. What is our next mission?" Vindicator asked.

2007-06-05, 09:09 AM
In the skies...
Airwave soared through the air, still nervous as all hell from the battle that had been won. He hadn't any real scanning equipment, so was doing the most cursory of sweeps to keep his commander happy.
"Gigaron, Prowl: this is Airwave. There are no signs of activity in the north sector: I am moving to the South..."

Smelting Pools
Nautilus huffed as he pushed the last of his Sharkticons alongside Vindicators in to the Smelting pool.
"Damn, but this is glorious victoy," he muttered.

Guzzle was still syanding silently, watching the horizon with dead eyes, contemtplating what had been lost.

2007-06-05, 02:02 PM
Smelting Pools

Instead of Optimus Prime reply, Prowl received Airwave's comm.

" Airwave, proceed with caution " replied the strategist.

2007-06-06, 03:15 AM
The Smelting Pools

Scorponok continued to survey the troops movements woozily, his focus failing him frequently. One could never tell looking at him; his looked as menacing and furious as ever, perhaps moreso with the scars of war. But he decided he needed to correct his medical situation in short order.

"Cryotek, take Loadrun, Krok, and Vindicator into the castle proper to secure the main repair bay and communications station. Kill any Quintesson survivors on sight. Inform me when functionality is restored."

Scorponok turned his body to stomp closer to the pools, his gaze watching Prowl for a moment to caution him to keep to his own business. He head turned to follow his gait, and he approached Nautilus menacingly. He did not speak until he was within a yard of the mysterious warrior.

"You seem dissatisfied with your assignment, soldier," he growled quietly. That was all. Cryptic questions yielded the most revealing answers.

Aero Blade
2007-06-06, 10:48 AM
"You speak as though it was something I was forced into..."

Breaker returned Roadblock a cold, prederatory stare. "I was not forced into the tunnels, I took them from the Quintessons, and defended them from your kind. It is my domain, and you were invited into it. Now that your own domain has been returned, mine is no longer welcome to you. Just as Bombshock had warned so many times and you have chosen to ignore, I am not an ally of your kind..."

Breaker turned from Roadblock and Gigatron as though to head away, but his pace slowed momentarily. "...However...for the short time for which I had use of you, the challange of keeping safe a set of liabilities, it was...entertaining.... Perhaps if you can produce another suitable challange in the future, I might be tempted back to the surface to attend to it..."

With that said, Breaker now began to leave, to head back to his tunnels.

2007-06-07, 12:48 AM
Nautilus looked up at Scorponok with exhausted, and what he hoped were respectful eyes.
"Not dissatisfied as such, no sir. But I need to see the enemy dead at my feet for a battle to end as victory. Pushing Pawns into a smelter is hardly that conclusion. I suppose I may be dissapointed that the Quintessons army is stocked with the likes of these drones."
He finished the sentence indicating the Sharkticon that he had pushed into the molten metal, it's armour running and resembling putty from the extreme heat, rather than the steel it was. It did leave him less than happy to see it.

2007-06-07, 09:34 AM
Loadrun and Krok had moved to cryotek .
Loadrun had patched up Krok's heavy wounds with whatever he could find, even a part of a sharkticon shell. Krok was feeling somewhat better now but still hesitant to take on an enemy when he was less then 100 percent.

Krok adressed cryotek "sir, we are ready for your command"

2007-06-07, 08:31 PM
At the sound of the new orders Vindicator walked over to where Cryotek was and begn checking his weapons. He didn't think they would encounter too much resistance but he didn't want to chance that. " Sir I am ready to move out and cleanse this place of any remaining Quintesson forces." he said to Cryotek

2007-06-08, 04:14 AM
Message from Iacon:

Ironhide: -over commlink- "Prowl? This' Ironhide. Prahme's down. Thunderwing trahed ta kill us."

2007-06-08, 04:49 AM
Cryotek nodded as the group assembled quickly.

"Yes sir. Everyone follow me." He said transforming to his dragon mode once more as took off into the castle.


Roadblock briefly considering trying to slag Breaker for his insult but decided the ammo would be better saved for another time.

"Then so be it." He said. "Remember though this is our planet not yours so those tunnels are not yours. Next time I see you it will be as an enemy." He said paying no more attention to the leaving robot.

2007-06-08, 05:25 PM
Darkmount: The Smelting Pools

Scorponok glanced over his shoulder and determined that Prowl was a bit too close to earshot. He didn't want to be saying anything about how soon anxious soldiers would have someone to kill... He decided to change the subject with a grunt.

"My ship's logs informed me that you were the subject of a prisoner transfer shortly before our launch." His optics narrowed at Nautilus. "For what crimes?"


Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron watched Breaker out with a scowl. He made a note to revamp Darkmount security.

"Roadblock, marshall a task force to secure the perimeter of the castle. Reestablish protocol at the security station and assure all systems are online."

Gigatron marched toward the desk Legatus had used. (It had once been his own, but the distinctive edges of the Decepticon logo it had once resembled were filled in by the Quintesson occupiers. He made note to have that repaired.) He kneeled next to it to hotwire the communications circuits back to Decepticon frequencies.

"Astrotrain, Hatemonger, Shockwave, this is Gigatron. Polyhex has been reclaimed, and security procedures are underway. Report mission status."

2007-06-08, 08:40 PM
Smelting Pools

Prowl, unaware about Scorponock suspicious looks, frowned his eyebrows, stunned by Ironhide's words.

" What did you say? " the strategist replied, still using a codified frequency, " Thunderwing acted alone or is a decepticon conspiracy? "

Waiting for Ironhide's reply, Prowl reloaded his missiles and his acid pellet gun clip.

2007-06-08, 11:02 PM
Nautilus was focused on Scorponoks really, really big claws when he was fielded the question. Looking slowly up at the Headmaster, he decided that Scorponok would appreciate the truth, and he didn't want to make the guy...Un-appreciative.
"Tracer apprehended me retrieving materials from the Tyrant enroute to the Warworld. In lieu of any decent time frame, Spinister consigned me to the brig till an investigation could be brought forth."

Guzzle was getting a little depressed.
"Quake, Stranglehold: do we know who we lost? Who's dead?" he asked with a hollow tone.
Stranglehold shrugged his shoulders, and looked at the Sparkler disinterestedly: his face saying quite loudly, Why do you care?, as if he were some kind of freak.

In the Air:
Airwave flew on into the Southern sector.
"Airwave, proceed with Caution," he repeated in a mocking imitation of Prowls voice off the comm channel. Again he looked as best he could around the surrondings, and was dismayed a little further at how poor he was at this.

2007-06-09, 03:54 AM
Quake looked at the Autobot and just grunted.

"No idea but as long as we are still kicking is important." Was all he said.


Roadblock nodded and looked at the Military Squad, Beastbox and Squaktalk.

"We have a job lets go." He said.

2007-06-09, 04:25 AM
Astrotrain's reply crackled over the airwaves to Gigatron's office. What he heard wouldn't make the Decepticon leader happy.

"The Quintesson fleet has been defeated, but the Warworld is lost to us." There was a pause. "We managed to repulse a traitorous Autobot sabotage party, but neglected to look for betrayal from within. It would appear that the chief engineer that the Technical branch assigned to the Warworld project was a spy for our Imperial cousins. He smuggled several teams of his brethren aboard and hijacked the ship. Soundwave has taken steps to deny the vessel to them, but we don't have the manpower to retake the ship. We're abandoning ship."

2007-06-09, 08:16 PM
Darkmount: The Smelting Pools

Scorponok allowed a low growl to escape. He despised thieves. But then, he despised most things.

"And you have nothing to say in your defense?" he barked at Nautilus.


Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron sat in the pedestrian chair at the pedestrian desk, already thinking of how he'd have the chamber remodeled while Hatemonger's report came in. He leaned forward slowly, noting his fatigue, and tapped the communicator to respond.

"Well done, Hatemonger. If the area is secure, regroup your forces and return to Polyhex for repairs. Gigatron ou--"

Astrotrain's report interrupted him, and he listened with intensity that quickly turned to outrage. The Warworld lost! He could hardly imagine a greater incompetence! But Astrotrain was not one to point fingers; if he had been at fault, he would have accepted the torture due him. Therefore, he understood the problem was with an idiot Technical Director for assigning an unreliable engineer to such an important project, and with an imbecile Intelligence Director for allowing a spy to infiltrate their ranks. Gigatron slapped the console furiously.

"Hammer!" A piercing shriek answered him. "Reflector!" Only static. This was intolerable.

"Secure all Decepticons' escape from the Warworld! I don't want them to have anyone to interrogate! Have Soundwave remotely access the ship's protocols and reset them continuously. Report to my chamber in Darkmount immediately. I demand a full account."

Gigatron sat back in his chair, fuming at the opposite wall.

Those near the Smelting Pools may have heard a mighty lamenting bellow emerge from the balcony high on the castle wall.

2007-06-09, 09:16 PM
Smelting Pools

"Looks lahke Thunderwing was actin' alone. Either that're th' Con's're better actors'n we thought. "

Prowl nodded as he received Ironhide's reply.

" Then we better inform Magnus and Fortress. Prowl over. "

The strategist opened a new codified comm channel.

" Rosdos, Guzzle, report status ", he asked.

2007-06-09, 10:46 PM
Nautilus tried to stay calm as Scorponok terrorised him.
"I was retrieving my cargo, sir. It wouldn't have been good for it to have fallen into anyones hands but my own. Tracer and Spinister gave me little chance to explain myself, from a public accusation to mildly disguised threats. I thought it better to wait patiently and rest in the brig till as such a time when I could make a better peace with them all."
Nautilus took a step forward.
"The Cargo was... secreted, and perhaps I could have explained myself better. But this was a short time after my revivial, and the entire ship had treated me with naught but suspiscion. Any truth may have landed me with an immediate execution."

Guzzle repied to Prowl.
Quiet as a... Grave, sir. No trouble here.
Guzzle then turned to Quake.
"That's all that matters eh? As long as we've won, and we're alive, it's a victory?" he asked with hollow tones.
Stranglehold made a show of rolling his eyes as the sparkler talked.

2007-06-10, 05:05 AM
Astrotrain's reply was short and to the point.

"As you command, Lord Gigatron."

2007-06-10, 07:00 PM
Smelting Pools

Prowl stteped towards Guzzle, while opening a new codified comm channel.

"Fortress, Optimus Prime is down. I suggest starting the regroup of the Autobot forces on Iacon. What is your status?"

2007-06-11, 05:22 AM
"Prowl, this is Fortress Maximus. My citybot was destroyed in orbit, but I've retrieved one of my spare transectors. I'm on the northern border of the Tagan Heights with Crosshairs and Hubcap, but I can be in Iacon in less than a breem."

"If you could contact our troops and have them begin regrouping, I'll head to the city, assume command and get the technical staff busy repairing the injured."

2007-06-11, 12:57 PM
----------Smelting Pool----------

At another corner of an excution ground a beeped rang from Rosdos right wrist. "All good Prowl. no sign of trouble."
Rosdos then continuing patrol around the pool.

Aero Blade
2007-06-13, 03:12 AM
The Military Patrol team nodded to Roadblock, following after him for their next duty.

Even after Breaker now being gone, Bombshock however didn't look to have settled down much, if at all. He was still just as agitated and unsettled as before.

"We had the chance to nail that murderer and he was let go. When the next time comes, he will not be so kind to us. We should have dealt with him right then and there..."

2007-06-13, 03:21 AM
Over commlink:

Bludgeon: "Gigatron, this is Bludgeon. We have secured Vector Sigma."

2007-06-13, 01:55 PM
Smelting Pools

Prowl agreed with Fortress orders. Opening an Autobot frequency, the startegist send a message to all the Autobots.

" To all Autobots, here Prowl. Once your battlezones had been secured, regroup in Iacon. I repeat, regroup in Icaon. "

Prowl turned to Guzzle and Rosdos.

" Come on, we're going to Iacon to regroup with the rest of the Autobot armies " the strategist said, stepping towards Scorponock.

2007-06-13, 10:34 PM
Guzzle turned from Stranglehold and Quake eagerly, stepping in line with Prowl:
"Prowl," he asked slowly, "Do we have any... confirmation of Transformers lost in this assault?"

2007-06-14, 03:07 AM
Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron's fury with the Warworld situation was still evident in his voice when he answered Bludgeon's call. Though he was pleased with the news, his frustration mounted further at the thought that he couldn't keep the Mayhems there to secure the Autobots' sacred supercomputer; he needed all Decepticons regrouped and ready to defend the capital as soon as possible in case the Imperials cracked Soundwave's codes and turned the Warworld against Cybertron.

"Return to Polyhex and see to your repairs at once," he snapped, shutting off the channel hardly after he'd finished speaking.


Darkmount: The Smelting Pools

Scorponok regarded Nautilus suspiciously.

"A true Decepticon would have accepted his fate," he grumbled. "But in light of your valiance today, your execution can be delayed. Give me a copy of your datatags. You're on probation."

Scorponok held out a patient claw toward Nautilus while he glanced over his shoulder at Prowl and the other Autobots approaching him. If the Autobot had something to say, he could say it first.

2007-06-14, 03:37 AM
"Prowl, this is Smokescreen. I copy, but our transport is gone, we've got several Autobots in need of medical attention, and Ratchet is down. We won't be able to make it to Iacon without pickup."

Landing Strip, Darmount

Astrotrain dropped down on a steep approach vector, transforming to bullet train mode a few seconds before he made contact with the ground. As he charged along toward the gates, his rear hatch dropped open to let Ravage exit.

As he approached the gates, the admiral transformed to robot mode, pushed aside the door and headed for the nearest turbolift.

2007-06-14, 09:54 PM
Smelting Pools

" We don't know yet, Guzzle " Prowl lied, continuing walking towards Scorponock.

Prowl replied to Smokescreen before reaching Scorponock.
" Roger, Smokescreen " the strategist radioed, " wait for pick up. Prowl over. "

When he arrived at Scorponock's side, Prowl rised his head to look at the huge decepticon's optics.

" We are departing, City Commander " the strategist informed.

2007-06-16, 12:21 AM
Nautilus's Decepticon badge slid out and open slightly, and a datatag copy slid gently from the top. Nautilus handed this to Scorponok carefully: his hand looked very, very small and chrushable the closer it was to his commanders pincer.
"Thank you sir," he said simply and blankly. He looked to Prowl as he apprached, and after he made his announcement, he smiled slightly.
"Aw, too bad: and here I was thinking we could have been buddies," he said in heavy sarcastic tones, "You suuuuure you can't stay?"

2007-06-16, 02:02 AM
Roadblock rolled along outside the castle.

"Been some time since I've been here, does anyone know what the castle had for security systems?" He asked his companions.


Cryotek flew towards the castle with his group in tow and fired an ice beam at the door.

"Vindicator, blow that down down." He yelled to his fellow Decepticon.

2007-06-16, 06:05 AM
Throne Room, Darkmount

Simply making his way to the throne room had been something of an adventure; Astrotrain had collected even more battle scars slaughtering a band of intransigent Quintesson survivors than he had in the battle for the Warworld. In retrospect, though, he decided that was a good thing; the more battle damage he had, the more likely it was that Gigatron would believe he had fought his hardest to keep the Warworld.

He didn't bother to knock; the throne room entrance that he'd found his way to only had half of a door hanging loosely from one badly damaged hinge. He just ducked underneath it, strode toward Gigatron's desk, and saluted with all the crisp military precision he could muster.

"Reporting as ordered, sir."

2007-06-16, 06:16 AM
Beastbox knuckled after Roadblock and Squawktalk flapped after him.
Squawktalk was still uncharacteristically quiet. Fretting as he was about Soundwave and his return to being subspaced at will and treated as a pet.

2007-06-16, 02:47 PM
Vindicator heard Cryotek's order . He stoped moving and brought and his twinlinked lasercannons up. With a loud bang the cannons blew the door open.

"Cryotek,Loadrun, Krok The doors are open lets clear this place out."

With that Vindicator put his cannons back into stand by and brought his chain gun up and prepared to move in.

2007-06-16, 03:09 PM
----------Smelting Pool----------

Rosdos smiled behind his mouthplate after what Nautilus said before aboard Scorponk. Feeling really tired and sleepy he then looked at a sign that lead him to the recharge chamber and follow the signs "This way I hope.".

2007-06-16, 09:21 PM
Darkmount: The Smelting Pools

Scorponok glared down at Nautilus with a contempt only half as strong as it looked. He wanted to present himself as scorning the sarcasm, but he actually appreciated it. His scowl turned to Prowl in turn.

"And?" he snapped. Scorponok wasn't much of a politician now that his Nebulan was dead. After a moment, he decided he should retain diplomacy until instructed otherwise. "I'll make sure you have safe passage out of the city. Go north from the castle through Helix, the town square, and the commercial sector. At the northern wall you'll find the toll gate. Feel free to destroy it if you need to get through. We'll be rebuilding it anyway... If you come across any Quintessons in the city, call Airwave for aerial support."

Scorponok buzzed a message to Airwave to instruct him to watch the Autobots on their passage.


Darkmount: Throne Room

Astrotrain would find the door not the only damaged property. In venting his frustration during his lone time, Gigatron had torn Legatus' desk from its bolts and hurled it into the wall. The room's armored walls were undamaged, but the desk was a shattered wreck on the floor. He was feeling much better, in any case.

Gigatron sat in Legatus' tiny bureaucratic throne, staring across the balcony at the dark clear sky over Kaon. He'd need to send a company to secure it. He'd need to send many companies... This distraction cost him severely.

"Everything," he growled before spinning to face Astrotrain. "Now."

2007-06-17, 12:30 AM
Airwave half suspected and half hoped the Scorponoks order-mail was a joke. If the autobots did fall into trouble, he'd be as much assistance as a banged up, ammo less jet could be, even if his heart was in it. With the Quintessons lost however, his efforts would be half hearted at best.
He mailed Scorponok back a plain affirmative, hoping that there wouldn't be cause to find out.

Aero Blade
2007-06-17, 02:01 AM
"You're one up on us then, we've never been in here, aside from the Quints dumping us in that prison," Bombshock answered to Roadblock, he and his troops following along behind. "Rather be on the battle field than in one of these stuffy over-glorified office buildings..."

2007-06-17, 01:25 PM
Smelting Pools

" Very well, thanks " Prowl replied to Scorponock, ignoring Nautilus comments.

The strategist moved away, transforming into police car. He engaged his comm gear.

" Ultra Magnus, here Prowl. Smokescreen's group needs transport to Iacon. Please, pick his team up while you return aboard Sky Lynx. "

" Rosdos, Guzzle; transform and follow me " Prowl said, revving and rolling towards the Smelting Pools exit.

2007-06-17, 11:49 PM
Nautilus waved in an over enthusiastic manner as Prowl and co. transformed and began to make their way.
"Don't be strangers! Missing you already!"

Meanwhilee, Guzzle transformed and followed Prowl in line quietly, thinking of the dead, and what cost they might have on the living.

2007-06-18, 05:23 AM
Throne Room, Darkmount

Astrotrain wasn't quite sure where to start...so he just started at the beginning.

"I wasn't quite sure how Afterburner got assigned to the Warworld. I'm still not, to be honest. But in retrospect, it's obvious he manipulated the process somehow to get himself assigned to the post. As soon as he got there, he began making changes from the schematics you gave the construction crew." He shrugged slightly in Gigatron's direction. "I was suspicious when I discovered that, of course, but I'm no engineer and neither was anyone on my team. We had no way to know the depth of the changes he'd made." The Triplechanger's optics grew dark. "Starscream could have told us what was going on, but during his extremely unauthorized visit he proved to be more interested in threatening us than in making himself useful. And his assault on a member of my crew naturally turned my suspicions outward threats rather than inward ones. At any rate, Afterburner didn't show any signs of immediate betrayal, so we let him be."

The admiral paused, gauged Gigatron's reactions, then continued.

"During the battle with the Quintesson fleet, my troops were forced to fend off an Autobot attack on the Warworld. I can only assume they were a sabotage team sent to murder us under flag of truce. We repulsed them easily, but enough of my men were damaged that I couldn't respond with due force when the engineer's betrayal was laid bare. Deciding that living soldiers would be more useful to you than martyrs, I evacuated as many of the Warworld crew as I could." He shrugged fractionally. "Luckily, none of our people were left alive for the enemy to interrogate. If they manage to subvert Soundwave's self-destruct protocol, they would make off nothing more than a severely damaged and possibly irreparable Warworld."

Astrotrain sighed, a sound of utter, complete, spark-crushing weariness. He was getting tired of these sorts of betrayals.

2007-06-19, 04:19 AM
Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron listened to Astrotrain's tale with an almost eerie calm. Addressing nidividual psychology was the greatest asset to morale - he knew Astrotrain's respect laid with Gigatron's ability to make rational, productive decisions, unlike the many Decepticons who responded only to intimidation.

"I've attempted to question Hammer and Knockout about the engineer," he grumbled finally after Astrotrain had finished. "Their radios are unresponsive. I assume they were deactivated... I am relieved to hear the Warworld will be of little use to them. We will retrieve it when we are able; losing our finest ship is still a tremendous embarrassment. Tell me, where is the rest of your crew?"

He made a mental note to commission an investigation into the matter once he had a full headcount of the war's survivors.


Darkmount: The Smelting Pools

Scorponok watched Prowl exit with narrow optics. He looked forward to killing that one... Not relieved by the Autobots' departure, Scorponok turned to Nautilus with his eternal scowl and snatched the datatags.

"You and I are going to secure the command center," he stated. It was a fact.

Scorponok tromped off toward the castle's inner wall and the broad arch that would lead inside. The mission was partly a smokescreen: he still didn't trust Nautilus by himself, and there was no better way to find his true intentions than to let him walk behind a badly injured ranking officer with a loaded weapon.

2007-06-20, 01:07 AM
Darkmount: The Smelting Pools
Nautilus fell in line behind Scorponok, his remaining SMG held to attention across his chest by both hands: he was immensly grateful that he hadn't been asked about what the cargo was.
Nautilus strained to think of something to say, but eventually felt that silence was best here: Scorponok, like anyone of a decent rank in the Decepticon army, wouldn't trust him, and the less offered meant less for him to mistrust him about.

2007-06-21, 04:09 AM
Throne Room, Darkmount

"The Tyrant is recovering their escape pods in orbit," Astrotrain replied to Gigatron's query. "All except for Ravage, who accompanied me down to the city. He should be somewhere in the lower levels of the fortress. The rest of them should be arriving as soon as the situation in orbit has been rectified."

Astrotrain straightened as much as his fatigue and injuries would let him.

"Is there anything else you require of me, sir?"

2007-06-22, 12:36 AM
Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron grumbled softly. He didn't want to wait to interrogate the survivors.

"No," he answered Astrotrain. "If Cryotek has secured the repair bay, see to your injuries. Otherwise, spend the free time directing the others in reestablishing Decepticon order in Polyhex."


Darkmount: Corridors

Scorponok stomped along the dark halls in silence. In part he didn't want Nautilus to know he was still interrogating him; in part he was just dead tired from the battle. He considered how easily he could get away with murdering the thief just to be safe, but it wouldn't be much fun without someone there to watch. In any case, Gigatron may want his services for some reason...

Finally at the destination, Scorponok stopped to examine the situation. The emergency lighting revealed that the door to the command center had been torn open. Scorponok turned and waved Nautilus to check it out first. He wasn't confident he'd handle a potential ambush well in his current state.


Polyhex: Outskirts

Excavator marched along dilligently, having formulated the plan he'd enact once he got back to a working lab. He also hadn't noticed his guardian Wingspan flying overhead. He had no reason to look up - his objective was ahead of him. He kept the same steady pace as the jagged spires of Castle Darkmount appeared in the distance, signalling the home stretch of his journey. Soon he could get to work.

2007-06-22, 01:35 AM
Darkmount, quarters:

Ravage: -pads into his quarters, wrinkling his nose as the scent of Quintession- "Hmmf." -padding over to his recharge bed, jumps up on it, stretches, and lays down, stretched out- "I shall have to have the place fumigated......"

2007-06-22, 03:33 AM
Cryotek walked around the castle.

"This is rather boring." He said to the group as most of the Quint forces seemed to have surrendered or died.


Roadblock nodded.

"Very well then lets go." He said figuring the wall fortifications would be a good place to start.

2007-06-22, 04:02 AM
Throne Room, Darkmount

Astrotrain saluted crisply, then turned on his heel and walked away from Gigatron.

If the scientist hasn't made it to the medical wing yet, I'll secure it myself.

2007-06-22, 07:08 PM
Squawktalk swooped down on something that lay glittering half buried in debris.

"what have we here what do we see, i think there is a data crystal before me. Yes i think it is true. Nothing much else glitters and is blue. The question is now what shall we do. This question Roadblock I ask of you."

Beastbox knuckled closer to his compatriot.

"me think he finally gone mad yes."

2007-06-23, 05:33 AM

The RPG staff have decided to start a new roll call thread (http://tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?s=&threadid=39428) to go along with the new storyline we'll be starting soon. Please go there and post your character rosters.

And please don't try to steal anyone else's characters. Everyone has at least until the new storyline kicks off to re-register their claims on the guys they're running now.

2007-06-25, 12:41 PM
In the distance, illuminating the skies like nothing that had done so before, the Plasma Energy Chambers energies rose up like a dome, swallowing the Tagaan hieghts and spreading ever outward, Streamer like tendrils questing outward for all Transformer life, searching to end it all.

(OOC: Translation: you can all see it, but it aint here yet. See iacon for details.)

2007-06-25, 03:47 PM
Vindicator could see The bright light domination the horizon. Something about this Light brought great unease. He quickly opened a comlink to Scorponok "Sir what is that ?? Whats happening over there?"