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2007-02-08, 01:14 PM
In the old Debris base, once home to the Wreckers, there is a Soldier. Made for command, he strides the retro fitted Hallways confidently, his red battle armour glinting in the adequate lighting.
He, like so many of his ilk, was a product copied from the Quintessons rebel enemies, the Transformers. The Soldier often wondered whether the end of the Quintesson empire would not come ultimately because their lack of innovation: nearly all their creations recently had been copies of one thing or another.
The hallway, windowless, was empty besides the soldier. He came to the end of it where there was a large door, un adorned but radiating importance.
The Quintessons have become Stagnant, he pondered as he paused in front of the door, In little time, expansion will cease completely, and then complacency, then death.
The Soldier broadcast a signal to the Door controls, and made no emotional sign as they slid open, to reveal the Reclaimed Streets of Kalis.
It is inevitable: The Transformers will fight each other and anyone else till they all die, or their is just one of their number the corpse pyre of the Universe, while Quintessa marches toward it's dead end.
The Soldier, Land Quake, stepped out of Debris, now Quintesson City: Kalis (his own choice of name), and listened to the doors Clang shut behind him. he turned, to marvel at how the City was still Concealed, just as it had been when it was Debris. Only his inner circle knew the codes to enter, or the more easier secret ways to get in.
Land Quake grimaced, knowing he would have to check in with the inner circle soon. He raised communication with his two seniors.
"Hopper, Slant: report."

(OOC Landquake can be viewed here: http://tfu.info/2001/Autobot/UltraM...ultramagnus.htm)

2007-02-11, 06:43 PM
(OOC: Just realized our Kalis map never got posted. Enjoy!)

2007-02-11, 08:21 PM
The Road from Tyrest:

The steady CLANG-CLANG! of feet marching in cadence almost covered the sound of the engine.

With a weary sigh, the source of the engine sound checked his mirrors again. The Sharkticons were still there. Which, given the fact that there weren't a lot of Sharkticons in the area, was probably a good thing.

Then there'd been that boom way off in the distance not too long ago. He had to wonder what had caused that. It would be something that he would check on eventually.

And, he had to admit, as the light gleamed off of his black enamel and grey appliques, getting used to driving was a new thing. He remembered a few brief moments of activation long ago, followed by a long period of deactivation. Now he was active again. All he had to do was prove himself. The best way to do that, naturally, would be to kill his counterpart, if he ever found him.

The massive armored truck picked up speed a little, activating his commlink. "Landquake, it's Black Rodimus. Anything happening out here?"

(OOC: If you're wondering what he looks like, think Rodimus Prime in this colorscheme: http://tfu.info/2001/Autobot/HotRodBlack/hotrod.htm)

2007-02-12, 11:50 AM
Landquake sighed. He hated Black Rodimus; then again, he didn't like anyone very much. But the nature of Landquakes inception lead him to hate Rodimus more than most.
"It's all quiet here." He replied curtly. The reports from Slant had been beamed over, the lack of any communication indicative that the Student/Warrior was in a sulk. Hopper had called in, mostly uttering expletives against barbie, but also confirming that there were no reports saying they should be worried.
"Rodimus," Landquake said with a grin, "do you need any assistance?"
Landquake knew just how to get Rodimus riled up; there were three products of his design that he would assign to 'help' no matter what they were doing.

2007-02-13, 02:15 AM
Black Rodimus kept right on rolling. "I'm good, 'Quake. All I'm doing is herding a bunch of Sharkticons to the garrison. It's not like I'm fighting Great War Three or anything." He paused for a moment. "Did the seizmic sensors pick anything up maybe a minute ago?"

2007-02-13, 01:37 PM
Landquake replied quickly.
"Slant sent something about it, but I'm gonna have to call him, these numbers mean nothing to me. Hopper and Barbie are at the garrison, but I'll send Cavalier, Mug and Haze over to help. Over and out." He ended the call curtly, smiling at the idea of Black Rodimus meeting his creations.
He raised Slant on the comms.
"Slant, can you hear me?"
"Slant, I need you to tell me what these readings mean. There are diagrams and pretty pictures..."
"Sumth'ng hit the planet."
Slant groaned over the comm, as if it was self expanatory, and said with a slightly teary voice;
"Some, thing, HIT, the PLAH-NET."

2007-02-15, 03:31 AM
Approaching Kalis garrison:

Black Rodimus sighed. "Look, 'Quake, it's not that I don't appreciate the.... offer?" The garrison commander's voice trailed off as the battered garrison hove into view on the horizon. "Frack...... I changed my mind, 'Quake. We're gonna need all the help we can get. And make sure they bring tools." He grunted as he drove over the main gates, suspension creaking dangerously, the underside of his front endscraping against the doors, mentally cringing as his trailer section scraped and ground over it until the rear wheels hit, then bumped down on the other side of the doors. "Tell 'em to bring another set of main gates." Wondering how much stranger today would get, he switched frequencies. "Hopper, Barbie, give me a status report. I just drove over the main gates, and I'm still a quarter of a mile away from the garrison. How much of it can we salvage?"

2007-02-15, 01:17 PM
Kalis Garrison
Barbie, an Olive green femme bot, was working the monitors when Black Rodimus's call came through:
"Oh, RO-dimus, how glad am I to hear you? The Garrisons in a poor state I'm afraid: Landquake insisted we complete the construction on his pet project first, so nothings really gotten any better: but I'm sure you can help..."
As she said this, Barbie was holding a small black product called Manual tightly around the throat casually in her free hand.
Hopper walked in, and seeing Manuals face as the pressure increased, the scarlet triple changer chuckled.

Quintesson City: kalis
Landquake clenched his fists in anger:
"Slant, find out what the hell it was that hit us! You find out now!"
Switching frequencies-
"Cavalier, you and your mates Mug and Haze got to the Garrison and help Black rodimus. he's gotta find somewhere to store the Sharkticon clones he's brought."

2007-02-15, 04:49 PM
Approaching the Kalis garrison:

Black Rodimus, had he been in robot mode, would have twitched. He wasn't a big fan of the unexpected. "Pet project? What pet project?"

2007-02-16, 04:48 AM
Kalis Airspace

"But of course," Buzzsaw replied to Cosmos. "It would be my honour."

The cassetticon picked up his pace a bit, drawing even with the two Autobots and eventually overtaking them. As he moved out in front of the other two fliers, he double-checked his mortar launchers. Thankfully, both of them reported back as loaded and fully functional.

Good. That would have been something of a fiasco, wouldn't it?

Aero Blade
2007-02-16, 05:04 AM
Dirge still didn't seem pleased with the situation, but the mission was more important than his own irritation with the cassetticon, so kept his peace as Buzzsaw took the lead. Dirge just held his possition nearby to Cosmos, keeping a optic out for any approaching enemies.

2007-02-16, 01:48 PM
Sentry Tower One
Sentry tower one was the only building left standing on the outskirts of the Demolished Urban Area, near the Baird Beaming Transmitter.
It was manned by two of Landquakes lowest creations, Blues and Cragleaper.
"Blues, we're getting reports of an assault in the atmosphere: you wanna check out the scannners, make sure theres nothing about?" asked the little mauve product Cragleaper.
"You do it." replied blues, his jet balck and yellow body work glinting as he put his feet up.
"Blues, come on: could you at least try and do something?" Cragleaper said as he slid his chair over to the scanners.
"I am. I'm relaxing."

Kalis Airspace:
Cosmos watched as Buzzsaw took the lead:
"Guys," he said, addressing both the casseticon and Dirge: "this place is a mess! Theres only a few installations standing, and they look like garrisons and such: Buzzsaw, you take the lead: I'll begin scanning the area."
Cosmos opened all his eyes, Thermographics, Electromagnetic field detectors, Motion sensors and Uv thru IF fields.

Hopper took the comm link from Barbie.
"Don't blow a gasket Rodimus: you'll find out when you get here."
Hopper hung up on the incoming superior with a chuckle. Barbie had focused her full attention on Manual, pinning him to the floor with her foot and interspersly applying pressure and then relieving it.
"Ack... Uck... Why?" gurgled the small black biker bot.

Qunitesson City: kalis
Landquake transformed to his Truck and Trailer mode and roared off to the ruined Labs, knowing that would be where he would find Slant.

Approaching the garriosn.
Two Sports cars and a Pick Up truck drove leisurely to the Garrison from Tagan Hieghts.
Mug, the Pick up truck, pulled slightly ahead.
"You boys better behave. Especially you Cavalier: I know how you can get."
Cavalier, a Lime green sportscar with Purple wings, rear ended Mug visciously. "You don't talk to me that way! You don't!"
Haze, the Orange sleek machine at the back sighed, as his partners continued squabbling.

2007-02-16, 10:44 PM
Aproaching Kalis Airspace

Dogfight moved through some smoke clouds and flew towards the partially ruined city of Kalis.

He was flying as fast as he could, and quickly he detected three moving objects, some miles ahead and below.

He descended towards Dirge and Cosmos, but he was still far.

2007-02-17, 04:46 AM
Kalis Airspace

As he moved out ahead of the two Autobots, Buzzsaw focused his ridiculously precise optics on the ground below them.

"One of those structures is a sentry tower," he told Cosmos. "It looks like there's been activity around there recently, but I can't see any windows so I couldn't tell you if it's occupied or not."

Movement along one of the city's main roadways caught his eye. Refocusing his optics for optimum magnification at his current range, the artistic Decepticon couldn't help but bark out a laugh.

"Oh, this is precious," he said. "I'm sending you two an image of a convoy that's moving into the city. Looks like the Quints are resorting to defending themselves with knockoffs. And garishly miscoloured ones, at that. Oh, how the mighty have fallen..."

2007-02-17, 06:01 AM
Kalis Garrison:

Black Rodimus rolled through the ruined hole the gates had once been in and stopped, Sharkticons streaming in around him like a flood of confused and possibly lost children, transforming to robot mode, his 'trailer' section vanishing into subspace, activating his commlink. "All right, Hopper, what's this pet project?"

2007-02-18, 01:10 PM
Hopper looked out of the window at Rodimus after his communication, and grinned. He lept out, and transformed into his helicopter mode, hovering over to meet his senior, before transforming again and landing.
''Oh, Landquake has all kinds of things going on. Us being remoldeled on his inspirations ex buds, The Wreckers old base, and all the things he's got slant working on in the Lab remains. He won't tell us anymore than he thinks we need to know. It's almost like he doesn't trust us or something!'' he said with a grin.

Kalis airspace:
Cosmos focused on the Tower:
''Buzzsaw, there seems to be two guys in there from my thermographics: you get as close as you like, me and Dirge should stay out as sight as long as we can.''
Cosmos emitted a small radar dish which began to track the sky from his left side.
''Dirge, I'm gonna start pulsing info back to Dai Atlas: it should be discreet, but this is where we are likely to get shot at.''

(OOC where the heck are Dai atlas, Omega supreme and aaaallll the rest?!)

2007-02-18, 02:45 PM
Kalis airspace

Dogfight arrived at Cosmos and Dirge position, and circled his two comrades.

" Hey, I've arrived! Any problems? " asked the triggerbot, glad to join his teammates at last.

Aero Blade
2007-02-18, 06:31 PM
Dirge was listening to Buzzsaw's reports, but otherwise didn't respond to the cassetticon in order to keep himself in check with his mood. As Cosmos noted what he was about to do, and Dogfight arrived just after, Dirge finished formulating his own choice of actions.

"No problems yet, but we may soon have them," Dirge responded to Dogfight, then turned his attention Cosmos. "Go ahead with your transmittions, I and Dogfight can try to cover you as best we can if we are detected," he told the minibot. The others would be able to do a better scanning job than he, so it was best to stick to his better area, fighting off whatever might soon be coming after them.

2007-02-18, 08:15 PM
Kalis Airspace

"What say I go see if I can't pluck out their optics?" Buzzsaw wasn't really all that eager to engage the two Quintesson soldiers in the guard tower, but he knew he was the only one who could get close enough to engage them and he'd be slagged before he gave an Autobot and a traitor a reason to call him a coward. Besides, if he could take out the guards (or, preferably, disable their tower's sensors without being detected) the rest of the assault force would be able to get the jump on Kalis' defenders.

The buzzard swooped low to the ground, low enough so that (he hoped) the guard tower's sensors wouldn't be able to detect him as he approached. The spy wasn't sure how he'd get inside or what he'd do when he got there, but he certainly wasn't going to tell Cosmos or Dirge that.

2007-02-18, 09:42 PM
Kalis, Garrison:

Black Rodimus: -cringing slightly, covering his face with one hand like he'd just had a stabbing pain lance through his optics- "It's not that I don't appreciate 'Quake's efforts, but the garrison's got more holes in it than Deliberata's logic center! I hate to jump to conclusions, but that noise I heard a few minutes ago might mean something is headed our way, and I for one want us to be able to mount some kind of defense. And I don't know about you guys, but as effective as the Sharkticons can be, they're no good at all at building or repairing walls."

Kalis, Airspace:

Omega Supreme: -hull starting to glow red as he dives deeper into Cybertron's atmosphere-

Hot Rod: -activates commlink, scrambled security channel- "Cosmos! How's it look?"

2007-02-18, 10:44 PM
Kalis airspace

" Roger, Dirge " replied Dogfgiht, moving towards Cosmos and ready to protect the minibot if the Quints decided to finally appear.


Omega Supreme

Override opened his security belt and triggered his weapons. He stepped towards the crew room doors, ready to exit Omega when Hot Rod declared the order.

" I'm eager to enter in battle again. And this time without humans in the middle. I hate worrying about them... especially when their clumsy manners attemmpt to ruin my finish! " thought the triggerbot.

2007-02-19, 07:42 AM
Omega Surpreme

Seeing that they were almost at Kalis, Carnivac put all thoughts of medics out of his mind and started focusing on the soon to be battle. The Decepticon pretender took his anti-thernal cannon out of subspace and waited for Hot Rod's order.

2007-02-19, 09:14 AM
OOC : greetings all, and congratulations on creating such groovy reading, 'tis indeed an honor to be along for the ride :)

kalis airspace

in a small but cosy observatory on board omega supreme an autobot sits back and puts his feet up. had he been aware of the fact, he might have been amused to discover that before the assault had started his thoughts had not been unlike those of a soldier stepping out of kalis, thousands of miles below him on the surface, but now he hums tunelessly to himself as his attention wanders merrily between assessing the various tactical feeds from the transformers' armada and analysing the intriguing electromagnetic radiation signature emitting from the dust cloud that was once unicron (the largest disembodied head in the known universe).

anticipation niggles at the back of his mind as he thinks back to the interesting phenomena that had surrounded buglys' demise, but unfortunately any in-depth study would have to wait until he could have access to the warworlds' more advanced sensors' logs and the recovery of anything that might be left of such a unique specimen.

but alas, duty calls, and reluctantly he turns his thoughts back to the present as he re-synchronises with omegas' sensor arrays and sweeps the upcoming ruins of kalis as buzzsaws' and cosmos' reports continue coming in. he casts a casual glance across the demolition explosives and the cumbersome form of what humans oddly call a minigun layed out on the table beside his feet... it would certainly be more effective against endless, brainless hordes than his concussion rifle... perceptor grins a sardonic grin.

2007-02-20, 06:56 AM
Sentry Tower One

Buzzsaw made his approach to the base of the sentry tower without encountering any resistance, which naturally raised the spy's suspicions.

Either their security is in a shambles or this is some sort of incredibly devious deathtrap. Only one way to find out, though...

Examining the tower's lone entry, Buzzsaw quickly determined that the door was controlled by a keypad. He could easily bypass the circuitry, or possibly hack the entry code, but either choice would risk setting off an alarm.

Of course, there is the other option.

The cassetticon's beak hung open in a grin as he examined the mail slot near the middle of the door.

You'd really think they'd know better, wouldn't you?

Buzzsaw took a few steps back from the door, then leaped into the air and thrusted forward. He transformed into cassette mode, slid neatly through the slot, then transformed back to buzzard mode once he was through. Landing lightly on the bottom floor of the tower, the spy took a moment to preen.

Sometimes I amaze even myself.

2007-02-20, 08:26 PM
Kalis Airspace:
Cosmos broadcast nack to Hotrod:
"Pretty good actually: whatevers going on down there, they don't have a clue as to our presence yet: and there's a whole patch of ruined buildings to the east you guys could land in comfortably."

Sentry tower one:
Cragleaper looked up from the screens with worry:
"Blues, reports are coming in from the fleet: there's a full scale assault aginst us, and the shields been breached!" a distantTunk is heard.
"You call Sentry Tower Two and see what they can see: I'll get the mail."
As the small green minibot got up to go down to the front door, Blues got on the radio:
"This is Blues, to Sentry Tower Two: Blues to Sentry Tower Two. Any Transformer Shenanigans in your area?"

2007-02-21, 04:11 AM
Sentry Tower One

Buzzsaw's amusement ended quickly when he heard someone coming down the stairs toward the first-floor entrance. The spy allowed himself a moment to sulk over how his plans were being ruined, then quickly snapped out of it.

It's time for an ambush, I would say. Lets just hope the Quints haven't given their jarheads a dossier on me...

Refraining from letting out the dramatic sigh that was building inside him, Buzzsaw transformed back into cassette mode and waited for whomever was coming to find him and investigate.

(OOC: Please don't squash him. :))

2007-02-21, 12:51 PM
Sentry tower two:
Honeybee got up from the floor, and answered Blues hail
"Nothing here yet big guy, alls well."
A smaller, black motorcycle approached the desk and opened a comm line to Blues:
"This is Spikey here: Have any of you guys seen Manual? He was supposed to check back with me a 20 breems ago."

Kalis garrison
Hopper restrained himself from giving a nasty laugh at Rodimus's protestations.
"I don't think any of us are! If somethings coming, we can leave this pile of junk and the Sharkticons with it, fall back to Debris: Landquakes done most of his work there."
With that, Hopper drew his sword, and began Swacking at Sharkticons, herding them toward the Stables with gusto.

Behind Rodimus, the three man convoy had arrived. Mug pulled in first, transforming smoothly as he stepped over the shattered gates. Cavalier shunted him in the heels before transforming as well, then stopping still as he saw the imposing jetblack form in front of him. Haze, already in robot mode, slinked behind cavalier and made a low whistle.
"My my: doesn't he look familiar? I mean, sure, he's Bigger, He's Stronger, and almost vertainly Smarter: but there is a family resemblence." The speedster then raised his arm and his voice to attract Rodimus's attention.
"Coo-ee! Where do you want us?"

2007-02-22, 07:47 AM
Kalis Garrison:

Black Rodimus: -turns as the three come in, begins to get the impression that Kalis is going to give him a horrible headache- "Do what you can to shore up the walls and get that gate back up. I think something's coming, and odds are good it's not friendly."

Omega Supreme:

Hot Rod: -into commlink- "Copy that, Cosmos. We're looking at the Old Council chambers for our beachhead. The building's still largely intact, and should be easily defendable if need be."

2007-02-22, 08:09 AM
(at last, rubi’s debut!)

Omega Supreme

It’s just the claim before the storm. From here, you can hear it the loudest

In the med bay, which for the moment seemed to be enveloped in deafening silence, Ratchet absorbed himself in menial tasks throughout the med-bay in an attempt to keep his feelings of apprehension at bay.

He hunched over a sterile, wrap-around counter top that hung just below where various medical supplies and diagnostic equipment was shelved. He was adjusting and readjusting the settings on a laser scalpel, most likely for the fourth or fifth time within the last few hours, when at that moment, the med-bay door slid open and Perceptor sauntered in and smiled in Ratchet’s direction.

2007-02-22, 08:12 AM
Omega Supreme

it starts... at first just a tiny pin-prick somewhere in your stomach... then speading like a cancer throughout your entire being, right the very core of your spark. Invincible thorns inexorably consume your being as they choke and stifle all that is weak... it blooms... perceptor knows this feeling all too well. He has felt it every time he has been on the eve of battle, and every time it has been the same : a silent primal scream of pain and joy, as deafening as silence, as blinding as rage. Everyone who had survived long enough in the war knows it, for it is what keeps you alive.

but it is the calm before the storm. the beast yawns.

perceptor rises. sub-spacing the sachel of explosives and hefting the minigun off the table, he sets off down the main corridors to med-bay. The door slides open, and greeting ratchet with a cheerful smile he walks over to a nearby terminal.

"i wanted to share this with you" he said over his shoulder.
"human music. richard wagner. I find it particularly appropriate for times like this. you might appreciate it..." with a smirk he hit a final key and closed his optics as the opening bars of the ride of the valkyries rang out at high volume and echoed through the vast corridors of omega supreme. "fascinating ! is it not ?" he laughs over the din.

(OOC : sharky don't surf ! yay rubi !)

2007-02-22, 04:55 PM
Omega Supreme: Med-bay

As the melody of “Ride of the Valkyries” began it’s dramatic climax, Perceptor, grinning rather fiendishly, looked to Ratchet for a response.

Ratchet initially responded with a raised a brow before breaking into laughter by the shear randomness of Perceptor’s gesture.

“Heh, heh, heh,” Ratchet chuckled, “Right, Perceptor. That’s real ‘soothing’! But thank you, the sound of humming and beeping equipment can be a bit grating after a while!”

With his attention now diverted, Ratchet opened a nearby drawer at his workstation, placed the medical device that he was tinkering with inside and gently shut it. “It’s a bit dramatic. but it does seem awfully appropriate for the given circumstances!”

Ratchet then reached over to the monitor that Perceptor was standing by and gently tapped on its keyboard a few times to lower the volume level a few notches.

“Heh, heh, but I don’t think my patients, let alone certain members of the crew, would share in your enthusiasm,” Ratchet smiled.

The medic then leaned against the stainless steel counter top of the workstation, crossed his arms and continued, “Soooo…human entertainment aside, what can I do for you, friend?”

2007-02-23, 01:54 PM
Sentry tower one
Cragleaper reached the front door, bent over and picked up the cassette that had dropped through the mailbox: he stood up, scratched his head, and yelled back up to Blues.
"Have you been ordering from those Music Groups again? the first three may be free, but they jack up the prices after that you know..."

Blues wasn't listening: the lazy product had been working hard for once, and the sophisticated tracking equipment at his fingertips had borne fruit:
On the main screen, there were three figures: a green UFO, a red fighter jet, and a way off, a smaller blue fighter jet: all of them bearing Autobot symbols.
He hit the Big Red Button, and set off the city wide Klaxon:
His voice echoed from speakers around the city as he announced:
"Alert! Alert! There are enemies in the skies! Full Alert!"

2007-02-23, 05:56 PM
Kalis, Garrison:

Black Rodimus: -starts hearing the klaxons going off- "Well. Isn't that wonderful." -looks up, goggles lowering over his optics- "All right, where are they......." -sees the Autobot recon team, and the bigger threat behind it- "Oh, slag....." -activates his commlink- "Black Rodimus to all Kalis units! Dropship inbound!" -looks at Mug, Haze, Cavelier, and Hopper- "Forget whatever it was you were doing before and get ready to dig in." -activates commlink again- "Blues, any idea where they're coming down? I need a projected landing point!"

Omega Supreme:

Hot Rod: -smirking as he hears 'Ride of the Valkyries'- "I love the smell of napalm in the morning....."

2007-02-24, 05:01 AM
Sentry Tower One

Buzzsaw felt himself being lifted off the ground by one of the enemy guards. If he hadn't been in cassette mode at the moment, he might have allowed himself a self-satisfied smirk.

They always have to pick up the mysterious package, don't they?

With the enemy hopefully off his guard, Buzzsaw took the opportunity to transform back to beast mode. He was so close to the enemy that he barely even registered his familiar design. But since Cragleaper had been so kind as to bring him within easy striking distance, Buzzsaw obliged him by slashing out at the soldier's neck with his diamond-hard, micro-serrated beak. He knew the chances of missing at this distance were minimal, but he concentrated on the strike all the same. If he got it right, the mauve Transformer's head would soon be landing on the ground where Buzzsaw himself had been only moments ago.

2007-02-24, 05:03 AM
Omega Supreme : med bay

(The opera is in full swing)

perceptor picked up a suitably sized piece of machinery lying on a nearby table and started to play with it absent-mindedly as he talked. "oh. nothing really. I just wanted to clear my thoughts before we strike kalis. It's all about focus. The eye of the mind being free of dust. One blink and you're gone. yes. no distractions. It wouldn't do to go daydreaming into battle now would it ?"

he took a deep breath. exhaled, and rotated his shoulders.

"Actually, the prospect of action is, for once, a welcome one. I'm looking forward to seeing if the quintessons have made any progress" he said as he strolled idly aound the room. "I fear this may be the last chance we'll have of studying them. we are looking at genocide here, m'/ D34r d0xx0r. a shame really. They were such a interesting race."

If perceptor had had glasses, he would have looked over them as he said "that is, if it isn't our own extinction awaiting us below..."

He held up the piece of machinery he had been playing with. "...you still use these old mark twelve distributors ?"

2007-02-24, 11:29 AM
Omega Supreme

Still leaning against the metal counter top of his workstation, Ratchet remained silent while Perceptor paced about the med lab, all the while listening attentively as he spoke. “Ride of the Valkyries” was still playing quietly in the background, adding a peculiar level of ambiance to their discussion.

It wasn't out of the norm that Ratchet would be approached in this manner. He was known to be an unofficial counselor or confidant of sorts to the soldiers and other crew members from time to time, offering advice or a place for open dialogue to the war-worn. However, he was slightly taken aback by Perceptor’s frankness towards the current state of affairs.

Ratchet's eyes followed Perceptor's hand when he held up the small medical contrivance that he was earlier fidgeting with.

“You still use these mach twelve distributors?"

“Oh, hush. You know I use up-to date equipment for the sake of my patients,” Ratchet dismissively wave. “Some tools aren’t obsolete just because they’re outdated, you know. Seems terribly wasteful. Besides, I’m comfortable with those.”

Ratchet paused for a moment, as the two stared at each other in comfortable, yet unresolved, silence. Ratchet was still wrestling with what Perceptor had just said, thinking of an appropriate way to resume the prior vein of discussion. Ratchet then lowered his head, his expression crumpled from its generally warm demeanor to genuinely concerned.

“I…” Ratchet began. "I never thought of you as a solider? Let alone ever finding the prospect of war exhilarating.”

Then, as if suddenly being roused from a daze, Ratchet slowly raised his head and readjusted his expression back to the warm, endearing and familiar Ratchet. He then continued, “My, such strange times we function in, huh?”

Ratchet then put one hand up to his chin while resting his elbow in the other. His hand rubbed pensively at his jaw while he cocked his head to one side and glanced up towards the ceiling of the med-lab. The sound of metal lightly scraping against metal was faint as he stroked musingly at his chin.

“Still,” Ratchet continued, “As you stated, or at least seemed
to be alluding to, one can’t help but wonder if our alliance has been nothing more than a diversion or sorts. We unite due to being on the brink of extinction, and yet…”

Ratchet paused for a moment, realizing the gravity of what he was about to say. He closed his eyes, sighed, and then continued, “We were doing a fine job of that ourselves. well before this conflict even begun. Slag, we’ve even had the audacity to bring other species into our affairs. Don’t get me wrong, the Quintessons have committed the equivalent through their own conquests, and more recently, the re-annexation of Cybertron but, as much as we try to justify our need to commit, as you so bluntly called ‘genocide’, will we be able to live with ourselves? ”

2007-02-24, 05:11 PM
Sentry Tower One
Crag Leaper heard a familiar sound from the package he had picked up, and as he turned...
... a sound like sheet metal tearing...
He found himself looking up at his own body as oil gushed from his neck stump: he went to shout to Blues, but his vocal unit had been slashed in the attack.
Damn it...

2007-02-25, 02:07 AM
Omega Supreme : Med-Bay

"ratchet, one of these vorns that conscience of yours will put you on this table along with your patients" perceptor chuckled wryly. "Nine hundred and eighteen billion four hundred and forty one thousand two hundred and twenty seven species in the known universe. not one of them is exempt from evolutionary theory. fight or die. people like us may not agree. but see ours is just a different battlefield. Wars don't always need guns."

with a reassuring smile he looked at ratchet. but the smile faded as he rested a hand on the enormous weapon he had brought with him.

"...this is not who I am, my friend." he whispered as there was a lull in the music. "I must forget in order to survive. So I find a reason to forget. You and I may not be warriors, but we are fighters."

[translated from 1337]

2007-02-25, 04:50 AM
Sentry Tower One

Buzzsaw took a second to gloat as Cragleaper's head separated from his neck.

One down, one to go. Always good to see a plan working this well.

The cassetticon fluttered up the staircase, doing his best not to make any noise as he moved. As he flew, he double-checked his mortar launchers and prepared to fire them as soon as he ran into the tower's second occupant.

2007-02-26, 09:41 AM
Omega Supreme

For a moment, Ratchet was unable to find any words and yet, he felt that there was something that he needed to say – something, anything – but was unable to articulate it. He then looked down at the large weapon that Perceptor was toting along side him, paused and then raised his head to resume eye contact.

Ratchet quietly chuckled, “This is what our national project is all about, eh? A really big gun? Heh, heh, heh.”

Ratchet smiled at Perceptor, straightened himself up and slowly walked away from his work station and the science officer. “You're right,” Ratchet sighed, “Given the circumstances, I suppose pacifism never had any bearings here. It’s a time for the elite to legitimize their position as the elite. Yes, I understand its necessity to a measure. But in reality, it is self-preservation on a nationalistic scale...Yeah, yeah, I’m just as much of an accomplice here too, I’m a big slaggin’ hypocrite! I just hope no one expects me justify our war as something that it clearly is not.”

2007-02-26, 12:58 PM
Hopper was about to point at Rodimus and mutter something about him not being the boss of him, when he saw the drop ships in the sky.
Knowing his place, he transformed to his helicopter mode and rose to the sky, and sent the Emergency signal to Blastwave, in the Comms room of the garrison.
Haze put his hands on his hips and whistled:
"Well, I never! So pretty yet so bossy!"
Cavalier was still in a state of shock at seeing Black rodimus, so it took Mug to slap them both upside the heads.
"Get that gate up: i'll find something to shore it with. Do we know who's outside the city?"

Abandoned Labs
Landquake had just navigated his way through the Imperial laboratories fractured hallways when Blues's Klaxon filled the air.
He ran into the one lab left, and found Slant, as well as Tireiron, Clasp and Galerunner.
"Whatever you three are doing, it'll have to wait: we have to get back to the Garrison now!"
Slant snorted out air at the prospect of being interrupted.
"But, Sir, we're nearly done here, and, and it could really help out the battle-"
"Enough of your snivelling you little freak! When I say go somewhere, you either go, or I punch a hole in your face! Now MOVE!"

Sentry Tower One:
Blues was replying to Rodimus:
"There are three craft heading in over the ruins way in front of the drop ship: one looks like it's gathering intel on us, you can't miss it- Whats that noise?"
Blues drew his flamethrower from subspace and stood from his desk, panicked:
"Who the hells there!?" he shouted.

Kalis airspace:
Cosmos broadcast to Dirge and Dogfight:
"They've spotted us: Alarms and a massive increase in activity. We should make one long sweep of the city then get back to the drop point."
I hope Buzzsaw is alright, the green minibot found himself thinking...

Aero Blade
2007-02-26, 03:29 PM
Had he been in robot mod, Dirge probably would have given a grim frown as Cosmos made his report, but since he was in jet mode he instead altered his possition a bit away from Cosmos, in preparation for any enemy fighters that would likely be arriving soon.

"Then let's hurry up and get the run over and get out of here," Dirge responded. "There's no telling what they'll be sending our way, or how many of it."

2007-02-27, 04:31 AM
Omega Surpreme

Carnivac's ears moved as he heard what he assumed was some kind of Earth song. While it was pleasent compaired to some of the other Earth songs the Decepticon had heard in the past, it was still what Carnivac would call unneeded noise.

2007-02-27, 04:50 PM
Kalis, Garrison:

Black Rodimus: "I hate to point it out, Blues, but most of Kalis is in ruins....." -hearing Blue's cry over the commlink- "Damnit! Haze, get over there! Sentry Tower 1. GO!!!!"

Omega Supreme:

Omega Supreme: -thundering down towards the Old Council chambers-

2007-02-27, 07:57 PM
Sentry Tower One

Detected! Bah!

Buzzsaw almost spat out a curse, but at the last moment he realized that that would only serve to tip off his remaining enemy to his location. Instead, he continued to flutter up the stairwell. Reaching the landing that lead into the control room, he moved as close as he could to the room's right-hand wall and edged his way toward the door. Once he was a metre or so away, he pushed off from the wall with his talons and fired his mortar launchers into the small room as soon as he had a clear line of fire.

2007-02-28, 09:12 AM
Omega Supreme : Med-Bay

Perceptor gave ratchet a sideways look. "hypocrite ? my d3ar d0xx0r, what you speak of is probably all that is left of what differentiates us from the decepticons. you are correct in that there is little to justify in this struggle for supremacy. One may argue that we will free the weak from the threat of quintessa..."

"... But I for one do not agree. Their war with us seems more to me like a feud for domination. now a vendetta. Like Arathae Conrictumatus, the males fight other males to the death on sight, for they perceive competition and danger in equality. The choice between symbiosis and conflict has been made for us i believe."

"very much an epic, don't you agree ?" he added. With more than a hint of sarcasm.

[translated from 1337]

2007-03-01, 06:00 AM
Old Council chambers:

Omega Supreme: -pivoting as he descends, lowering on a pillar of fire as he lands in the center of the ruined building's grand chamber, the gantry and tank track deploying, smashing throughthe gallery seats and some offices, scattering hordes of turbofoxes and glitch mice, hatch opening- "Landing: Accomplished. GO: TEAM!"

Hot Rod: -charging down the ramp, photonic eliminator rifle in his hands, coughing his way through the dust, gets to a window, peers out- "Looks good, guys." -activates commlink- "Cosmos, they coming towards us yet?"

Kalis Garrison:

Black Rodimus: -watching Omega Supreme land- "The council chambers. Huh." -looks around- "Cavelier, Mug, with me. I want to get a look at who just landed." -transforms to vehicle mode, engine roaring as he heads out the gates-

2007-03-01, 09:53 AM
Omega Surpreme

Carnivac smiled as he headed for the exit. The Decepticon pretender was glad that this show could finally get on the road.

2007-03-01, 12:49 PM
Medbay, Omega Supreme

The perfunctory voice of Omega Supreme bellowed over the intercom in the med-lab, interrupting the last bit of Perceptor and Ratchet’s discussion, causing the medic to jerk his head toward the front of the ship.

Omega suddenly came to life with activity with the sound of soldiers running down the mighty Autobot's corridors and the “click, clack” of their weaponry.

Ratchet turned his head back to Perceptor.“Well…do what you got to do. Just don’t do anything stupid, okay?....Get going. ”

2007-03-01, 02:07 PM
(OOC For Brave maximus, and because we can't really hold off anymore)
Dai Atlas pulled in sharply behind Omega Supreme and landed amidst debris and wreckage with as much proffesionalism as he could muster: his doors snapped open, and the troops aboard him disembarked with fervour, including Sizzle, his M16 with Grenade launcher ready in his hands and a smile on his face.
"Yee hah! wheres the party?"

Kalis Airspace
Cosmos made a quick reply to Hot Rod:
"The acitvities seems more preparotory of a larger assault: there are some coming your way from the north west, most likely scouts."
He zoomed in on Black Rodimus:
"BIG scouts though."
Cosmos began to pick up speed, and brought himself into a deep dive towards the Old Laboratories, leading Dogfight and Dirge:
"We get one shot guys, one!"

"Oh! 'Xciting!" quipped Haze, as he drew his electrolaser and ran to the nearest wall: at the speed he was running, a jump and a quick scramble and he was over it with ease.

Mug looked to Rodimus with Disdain.
"Who put you in charge? We take orders from landquake, not this idiots big brother!" he said, clipping Cavalier around the ear.

In the Comms room of the Garrison, Blastwave had recieved Hoppers signal. He turned from his station briefly, looking to the giant orange laser turret he'd requested and recently fitted to the top of his office with glee.
"Rhino and Irontooth, you go out and play: Hyde and Creature, start scanning and blocking enemie frequencies."
Blastwaves subordinates chittered as they went about their tasks...

Sentry Tower One:
Blues heard the Mortars launch with the hieghtened senses that fear can give fou, and tried to duck to the far point of the room:


As the damage faded, and Blues saw the room come back into vision, he noted how he was going to miss his legs: they had been shattered in the blast, and he was now laying motionless on the floor...

2007-03-01, 02:22 PM
Omega Supreme : Med-Bay

"I'll see you at the top of the food chain" perceptor said as he lifted the minigun and disappeared through the hatchway. whistling abstractly as he made his way to the main hatch.

exiting Omega Supreme into the Old Council Chambers

the dust and smoke was still thick as he emerged. falling wreckage from the upper floors reverberated as they crashed, unseen, disturbed by the Autobots' arrival. the building hadn't been designed to be used as a spaceport.

Perceptor had stopped whistling. He was almost unrecognisable as his face now bore no trace of emotion, all of them locked safely deep inside his spark, protected. He may have seemed to be somehow in a state of alert boredom, but those who saw him recognised the infamous 'dead optics' of war veterans. He gave a nod to those assembled and said "I will attempt to use the cover our arrival has provided us with to get into position in the tower south-west of our location. anyone care to join me ?" Without waiting for an answer he began to pick his way slowly through the wreckage towards the south-west exit.

(ooc - sorry, change of direction, i'm heading south-west, not south-east. it leaves open the option of getting to the baird transmitter)

2007-03-01, 04:42 PM
Kalis Garrison:

Black Rodimus: -slams on the brakes, tires squealing as he slides to a stop, his cargo area opening, the double barrelled maser cannon on his deck rising up, aiming at Mug and Cavelier- "Because I'll kill you two if you don't follow my orders! We've been invaded! We're not going to go fight them, we're going to see what they are first!"

Council Ruins:

Hot Rod: -over commlink to Cosmos- "How big?"

2007-03-02, 05:59 AM
Sentry Tower One

Buzzsaw's beak twisted in a fair approximation of a sneer when he saw the damage his random attack had wrought on Blues. He didn't gloat too much, though; there might only be half of an enemy left, but it was the top half. He could still do some damage if Buzzsaw wasn't careful.

"You sit there and be a good boy, and I won't have to finish the job." The cassetticon felt a fresh set of mortar rounds click into place in his launchers. He fired again...not aiming at the downed soldier, but at the sensor and control boards that filled the room. Once they were gone, the sentry tower was little more than an expensive and not particularly pretty decoration.

Consider their eyes plucked, he thought with no small amount of satisfaction.

Council Ruins

Smokescreen sidled up to Hot Rod, a determined expression on his face. Although he was obviously paying attention to the cavalier, his optics flickered around the room, taking in every structure, every chunk of debris, every possible ambush point or hiding place.

"Do you want me to arrange something for them, or should we deal with them directly?"

Aero Blade
2007-03-02, 03:39 PM
Kalis Airspace

"Then let's make this the best shot we've got," Dirge replied to Cosmos, following suit in flight pattern.

Council Ruins

Their landing had managed to distract Aero Blade from his previous technical work, though it was not too difficult to do since there was little need for him to investigate - everything seemed in order onboard. Now that they were landed, however, there was more pressing concerns, and Aero Blade quickly joined the group, coming up behind Hot Rod and Smokescreen. He really wasn't sure what to expect, but he hoped he'd be able to handle it...

2007-03-02, 10:29 PM
Council ruins

Override moved outside Omega, and with his guns ready, the triggerbot took cover behind a ruined wall, waiting for Hot Rod's orders.


Kalis, airspace

" Roger, green buddy " replied Dogfight to Cosmos, turning softly and down, following the little UFO towards the Old Labs.

2007-03-03, 10:03 AM
Old Council Chambers : Main Entrance

It was a nice day outside. The eery calm made for an almost peaceful setting. A cool breeze was singing softly through the deserted streets, an echo of the great citys' past pleasance. Not much of its' glory was left now though, mere hints and clues : a gleam of glittering gold amongst the rust, a crumbling pedestal of a bygone statue : Jigsaw pieces of a magnificent painting. Its' abandoned towers pierced the sky like a gigantic skeleton. Kalis had been a city full of grace, and it was graceful even in decay...

Perceptors' cover was gradually being blown away as he moved from refuge to refuge, pausing only to scan for signs of movement from the south. The streets were deserted, but by no means empty. they were littered with husks of vehicles and chunks of fallen debris, there was even a carcass of an ancient transformer such had the city been forsaken. A road had obviously been cleared recently and any larger obstacles destroyed but there was still a reasonable amount of cover for a single traveller.

Tower Block : south-west of the Council Chambers

He made it to the shelter of the tower as the last of the dust in the street was swept away. It had been more of a token gift as most of it had stayed confined within the Council Chambers, but it had been better than nothing. There was no power to the complex but it didn't really matter, for the doors had been torn open. The place had been gutted, computers and machinery had been ripped from their emplacements and taken. After making sure the coast was clear, he made his way inside.

2007-03-04, 10:28 PM
Council Ruins:

Hot Rod: "Set some stuff up, Smokescreen. The fact that they aren't here yet is worrying me a little."

2007-03-05, 04:50 AM
Council Ruins

"Consider it done," Smokescreen told Hot Rod. "Aero, I'm going to need your help. Everyone else, get under cover where the enemy can't see you." He smiled. "Except for Omega, of course."

The diversionary tactician didn't really need help for this, but an extra set of hands couldn't hurt and he knew how out of place Aero Blade sometimes felt in combat.

Aero Blade
2007-03-06, 07:50 PM
Aero Blade was grateful for the presence of someone he was familiar with, and immediately came over as Smokescreen beconed him.

"What do you need me to do?"

2007-03-06, 10:38 PM
Council ruins

Override nodded at Smokescreen suggestion and hid himself better behind the wall he was using as cover, leaning on the floor carefully.

" I hope those rocks didn't scratch my finish... " he said to himself.

The small size of the triggerbot was of great help in this kind of situations.

" Ergh! " he thought when his hands touched something sticky on the base of the wall, " spider's web! "

2007-03-07, 05:37 AM
Council Ruins

Smokescreen gave Aero Blade a friendly smile. "Take these," he said, producing three small devices the size of the palm of his hand from subspace. With his free hand he pointed toward a cluster of rather dilapidated pillars not too far away. "Find three of those that look especially feeble and stick one of these on about a third of the way up the base."

At the same time, the diversionary tactician started tinkering with a bizarre device that looked like a portable holoprojector and a proximity trigger welded together.

"Be careful, with them, though," he said, giving Aero a conspiratorial glance. "I raided all this stuff from Wheeljack's lab when no one was looking."

2007-03-07, 05:29 PM
Tower Block : south-west of the Council Chambers

The damage was less extensive the further perceptor penetrated into the tower. Apparently, the looters hadn't gone any further than the ground floor of the complex. Whoever they were, they hadn't bothered thinking about opening doors, they had just blasted or torn their way in... strange, considering how simple it was to power the doors locally by interfacing your own generators to the mechanism.

vietnam in venice. perceptor found himself thinking as he closed the third set of doors behind him.

Aero Blade
2007-03-08, 06:26 AM
Aero Blade gave the impression of a frown upon hearing Smokescreen's instructions, the devices being presented somewhat resembling detonators to him. Destruction wasn't high on his list of choice activities, but then this place didn't seem like it was going to last too much longer on its own anyways.

Taking the devices from Smokescreen, Aero Blade got to work at analyzing the columns in the area, deciding which would be the best ones for the plan. He took a moment to give the devices a critical look, though, wondering if he shouldn't examine one of them first before trying to set them up. Given what he'd seen of Wheeljack's previous inventions, though, just trying to open the casing would probably set it off, so he thought better of it and simply just set about doing his task.

2007-03-09, 05:55 AM
Council Ruins

Smokescreen smiled as Aero Blade started to do what he'd asked.

He's a good kid. I only wish he was a bit more friendly with the rest of the Autobots. The diversionary tactician could certainly understand why he wasn't, though, and this wasn't the time for psychoanalysis anyway.

Setting down his bizarre-looking device roughly in the middle of the cluster of columns, he started to manipulate the controls built into the device's face.

Sentry Tower One

Buzzsaw quickly cut a triangular hole in a viewport with his beak, then dove out into the open air.

"The first sentry tower is blind," he reported back to the rest of the taskforce over the comm. "Where do you want me now?"

2007-03-10, 05:22 AM
Council Chamber Ruins:

Hot Rod: -into commlink- "Do a flyby of the garrison, Buzzsaw. I want an idea of what we're facing here."

2007-03-12, 04:00 AM
Sentry Tower One: Outside

"Consider it done, Colonel," Buzzsaw said, using Hot Rod's rank so that any Quintessons who were listening in didn't get any useful info from the exchange. The fact that it would almost certainly annoy the hell out of the young Autobot was a plus, too.

After swooping around the tower once to get the lay of the land, Buzzsaw dove close to the ground and moved in the general direction of the garrison proper.

2007-03-13, 12:04 AM
Council Ruins:

Hot Rod: -scowling at the fact he's been called Colonel, binoc visor lowering over his optics, catching a glimpse of something startlingly familiar- "What.... I gotta be seeing thing...." -activates commlink- "Buzzsaw, what's at the garrison's entrance?"

2007-03-13, 04:10 AM
In the air

Buzzsaw's sensitive optics zoomed in on the area that Hot Rod had indicated. Moments later, he let out a harsh squawk that was his version of a laugh.

"Ah, yes. Them. You're not seeing things. It would appear that they've filled the city with poor knockoffs of some of your most famous Autobots. I took the liberty of murdering two of them in the guard tower."

Aero Blade
2007-03-13, 04:11 AM
Once he was finished placing the device that had been given to him, Aero Blade returned to Smokescreen. "So what now?"

While Aero had been busy, however, Stratus had found his partner's task less interesting than the device Smokescreen had been playing with, and the minicon had come over to investigate. He didn't seem worried about setting it off or touching it, despite having come from Wheeljack's lab, and was giving it a thorough examination.

2007-03-14, 04:06 AM
Council Ruins

Smokescreen finished fiddling with the device he had been setting up; he could have done the job quicker, but he'd held up just a bit so that Stratus could follow what he was doing. He unclipped a small object from the top of the device, then stepped back.

"Now," he told Aero Blade, "we wait. Come on, lets get to cover."

As he walked away, he tapped a button on the tiny remote control that he'd grabbed. The holo-emitter on the odd device of his suddenly leapt to life, and solid-light versions of Optimus Prime and a half-dozen other prominent Autobots appeared to be using the cluster of columns for cover.

2007-03-14, 05:02 PM
Tower Block : south-west of the Council Chambers

Ideal. Perceptor thought. There was a dull thud as he placed a lasertrip bomb on to the metallic wall at the far end of the corridor...

...This place had jumped out of the screen when he had studied the Kalis schematics aboard Omega Supreme : A large, open office space on the second floor overlooking the main entrance of the Council Chambers. Its' only entrance was at the end of a long corridor was easily defendable and a small balcony allowed for a speedy air-lifted retreat. It was doubtful that the architect had had that in mind when he had drawn out the holoprints however... but it was uncanny how it suited its' new rather more sinister purpose.

Setting down the minigun, he used his shoulder canon on low power to cut out a small section of the north-facing window. Carefully putting it to one side, he aimed through the third window from the left on the first storey, through a small hole in the floor dislodged by the landing, and projected a brief message onto the sleek grey side of Omega Supremes' rocket mode :

in position.

(ooc : where is that garrison, is it in the center ?[/clueless]

2007-03-15, 03:43 AM
Council Ruins:

Hot Rod: "Great. cheap knockoffs......" -trails off, zooming in more at one of the figures at the gate- "Buzzsaw, that black one at the gate.... am I seeing things? I see the green clone of me, but that black one.... tht can't be what I think it is..... can it?"

(OOC: There's a map at the beginning of the thread, slarti)

2007-03-15, 03:55 AM
Council Ruins

Knockoffs? Carnivac thought as he caught some of Hotrod's mummerings. He didn't really know or care what the Autobot ment by that, thought he could guess. He was sure the Seekers could say the same thing all the time.

Even as he used some of the ruins as a place to hide (and cover), the Decepticon pretender kept watch as best he could. It wouldn't do for one of the...knockoffs to ambush them.

2007-03-15, 01:05 PM
(OOC back in kalis... It's smells of victory)
Cavalier looked at the larger version of himself threaten him and his comrades and smiled in a sickened way.
"Black rodimus is right: Mug, we can leave the guard here to sort out a defensive effort, we're best suited to scouting."
Mug almost baulked at the youngster telling him what to do, but his logic was unassailable. The pair tore down the make shift shore work that had been done on the fallen gate and made it clear for them to leave.

As they did this, Rhino and Iron tooth had arrived from one of the side entrances of the swiss cheese garrison. They were two of Blastwaves four "little brothers": Iron tooth was Purple, lithe looking and with a feral face, where as Rhino was a bulky, Blank looking Green bot. Both could transform into Standard Attack Cycles used in the Quintesson army. They wordlessly fell in with Black Rodimus, expecting orders.

Hopper looked down from his observation point, and desperately began to formulate a decent defensive plan.

Sentry Tower Two
Honey Bee and Spikey were desperately manning the outdated controls at their consoles. Spikey looked up with terror in his face.
"Honey bee, Tower One is no longer broadcasting. I think they're gone."
Honey bee looked thoughtful, and wondered what he should do next: kill Spikey and run, or save him for use as a shield? Whatever he chose, he was gonna leave this place on automatic and hightail it back to the garrison.

Leaving the Labs
Landquake lead his small posse of four Knock offs out of the labs: they were silent, which was a blessing as far as the Soldier was concerned. Slants whining was just about to push him past the point where he remembered how useful the scientist was. The Exited the Ruined building, and transformed, Slant turning into a gun installation once he had moored himself to Landquakes Trailer.

Kalis Airspace.
Cosmos lead Dirge and Dogfight in a low arc, and accelerated toward the Ruined Laboratories, his Optics on all spectrums and feeding information back to Hot rod, Omega and Dai as soon as he got it.

2007-03-15, 09:53 PM
Kalis Airspace

Dogfight followed Cosmos' course, flying at Dirge's side.

" Moving it " said the triggerbot to his two companions.

2007-03-16, 02:29 AM
Tower Block : south-west of the Council Chambers
Perceptor had removed a section of the south-facing window and transformed into canon mode. A small parabolic antenna popped out of his side and cast a signal back to Hot rod in the Council Chamber.

south bound visual. multiple targets confirmed. setting up the shot.

He locked his sights on to the rotor hub of hoppers' helicopter mode. Waiting patiently for a moment of inattention.

(edit ooc : oops, sorry heinrad. I didn't make myself clear enough. I meant that I wanted to be sure that the garrison was n3 - Quintesson main HQ. Otherwise I'm looking totally the wrong way ! hopper is in helicopter mode, right verytired ?)

2007-03-16, 03:12 AM

Stepback walked out of Dai and turned on his commlink and asked''Who is in charge and what are my orders?''

2007-03-16, 04:00 AM
In the air

Buzzsaw chuckled. "If you're seeing an ersatz Rodimus Prime, then your optic sensors are functioning perfectly, Hot Rod. Don't worry. If his henchmen are any indication he's little more than a paper tiger."

Aero Blade
2007-03-16, 04:14 AM
Council Ruins

Once the device was activated and they were able to see it's purpose, Stratus didn't seem too interested anymore, probaby having suspected it did something else. Aero Blade, however, was a bit facinated with the hologram technology, reminded of Hound, which left him momentarily distracted as he recalled the friend he hadn't seen since before the latest trouble started.

After a moment, though, Aero snapped back to reality and remembered that Smokescreen had wanted him to follow, and quickly caught up to the other Autobot. Stratus soon followed momentarily, flying up to a chosen perch to hide out at and monitor the rest of the bots in the area.

Kalis Airspace

As much as Dirge liked flying, he wanted to get out of the open as soon as possible, worried why they weren't getting too much opposition. Hopefully it was just because they were occupied elsewhere, not waiting for the right moment to attack.

Making sure to stay close but not as close as to intefear with the flight patterns of Cosmos and Dogfight, Dirge poured on as much speed as his engines could muster.

2007-03-16, 04:20 AM
Council Ruins:

Hot Rod: -shaking head- "I was hoping I was seeing things......" -scowls-


Black Rodimus retracted his mazer cannon into his trailer section and shifted into gear. "Then come on, you two. Let's see what we're facing. Rhino, go check Sentry tower One. Haze might need backup." With that, he drove away, knowing that Cavelier and Mug would follow him.

2007-03-16, 01:11 PM
(OOC @ slarti: yep, hoppers still just hoverin'.)

At the ruins of Sentry Tower One:
Haze had arrived at the Tower in shock: there was smoke pouring out of the the two impressive holes in its side. He transformed back to his robot mode and activated his comm link to Black Rodimus.
"Coo-Eee! Sentry Towers Ones a bust sir, and I don't think the two luv's we put in there are alive. There's no sign of any perpetrators about though."

Garrison, Courtyard.
Mug, Cavalier and Iron tooth fell behind Black Rodimus as the convoy left the gates: Mug started to grumble about not being sure who to take orders from.

Garrison, Comms
Blastwave continued to work the commsdesk.
"Hyde, get a voice mail out to Lurk and his team outside the city limits, tell them to get back here. Jeckyl, you set up some of those airborne datvirus's we used on the Rebel cell a month back."
He slid his chair over to a HUGE switch, with jammer written underneath, as well as several warning signs.
"When I pull this switch, anything operating on a non quintesson frequency will be disrupted beyond use. As long as our broadcast mast stays undamaged."

Leaving the Labs...
As Landquake made his way up the highway, his passenger pipped up.
"Sir, there are four flying craft making there way in our general direction."
Barely hearing him, landquake pulled to a stop and turned his cab slightly so as he could see too.
"You're right: Everyone transform and get to cover."

Old Council Ruins
Sizzle pointed to Hot rod with the butt of his rifle, and replied to Stepback:
"That's the guy in charge, and we're supposed to "dig in", get ready for an assault."

2007-03-16, 11:48 PM
Garrison, Kalis:

Black Rodimus: "Cavelier, take point. Use your speed to try to find a good vantage point. I think they're in the ruins of the council chambers. I need an idea of numbers. Mug, stay back and use cover. See if you can figure out where they have their pickets set up. I'm going to be the decoy. ANy questions?"

Council Ruins:

Hot Rod: -narrows optics into binocs- "They're moving."

2007-03-17, 12:06 AM
Old Council Ruins

Stepback nodded to Sizzle and walked over to Hot rod and said''Stepback Reporting sir.What are my orders?''

2007-03-17, 04:05 AM
Council Ruins

Smokescreen deftly dropped into a crack between two half-crumbled walls, all but disappearing from sight. The diversionary tactician drew his electro-disruptor rifle, rested the muzzle on a chunk of debris to steady his aim, and waited for the enemies to arrive.

In the air

"No such luck," Buzzsaw told Hot Rod. "He's a 100% genuine fake Rodimus, I'm afraid."

The buzzard's optics zoomed in a bit closer on the three gathered enemies. "They'll probably break up. Either they'll leave someone behind as a rear guard or they'll send in a scout. Do you want me to take apart any stragglers?"

2007-03-18, 01:23 AM
Council Ruins:

Hot Rod: -binoc lenses retracting and the assembly sliding back up into his helmet- "What do you have for weapons, Stepback?"

2007-03-18, 02:48 AM
Council Ruins

''Well sir I have 2 lasor rifles attached onto my arms,a rack of missles and my trusty lasor sword.''stepback said back to Hot rod.

2007-03-18, 03:14 AM
(ooc : sorry everyone, I just couldn't pass up a chance like this ! he's a sitting duck.)

edit : you can find info on Perceptors' weapon here (http://www.tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?s=&threadid=38404)

Tower Block : south-west of the Council Chambers
The enemy had stopped and it seemed that [landquake] was issuing orders. Although wary, his troops had to divide their attention...


he squeezed off a shot at Hoppers' rotor assembly.

2007-03-20, 02:39 AM
Council Ruins:

Hot Rod: "Hope you've got good aim, Stepback. Take my place up here. I'm going to move to a different spot. Keep an optic on them, and let me know if they start getting closer." -activates commlink at he stands, starts moving down towards the entrance- "Buzzsaw, if you think the rearguard's seen you, take 'em out. Otherwise leave him alone for the moment. I'll take out their forward scout."

Aero Blade
2007-03-20, 02:52 AM
Aero Blade didn't seem to do much with preparing his weapons (mostly because they were pretty much ready all the time being mounted on his arms) but he stuck close to Smokescreen, making sure to keep himself hidden as well. Stratus at this point had all but dissapeared, having found a good hiding place for his small size, apparently.

2007-03-20, 11:12 PM
Council Ruins

"Yes sir!Wait who Im I keepimg an optic on?''Stepback asked Hot Rod.

2007-03-22, 03:25 AM
Council Ruins:

Hot Rod: "The garrison's over that way. You've got a clear line of sight. If you see anything coming, like a Sharkticon horde, or a bunch of badly painted clones, give a holler."

2007-03-22, 04:18 AM
Council Ruins

''Yes sir!''answered stepback to hot rod.

2007-03-23, 03:23 AM
Council Ruins

Hmmm...Do I really want to ask? ...And more important, do I really want an answer? Carnivac thought as he continued to watch the actions of the knockoffs from his hiding place. The Decepticon pretender briefly went through a pro and cons list of asking for orders from an Autobot. When he was done, Carnivac sighed and opened up a commlink.

" And what would you like me to do?" Carnivac said over the commlink to Hotrod.

2007-03-24, 01:55 AM
Council Ruins:

Hot Rod: -checking the charges in his arm blasters again, over commlink to Carnivac- "Think you can get into their base and cause some chaos without getting eaten alive?"

2007-03-24, 05:16 PM
Kalis Airspace
Cosmos lead his charges in as low a sweep as he could afford, when he saw the convoy being lead by Lanquake transforming and getting ready to..
"Attack! Dirge, Dogfight! We're under attack!" he yelled as desperately tried to execute a turn-

Kalis Roadways
Landquake watched as the three ships came in, and as he saw the lead wobble off course, he knew theyd been made.
"FIRE!" he yelled, and his comrades did just that: wild bursts of laser came from Tireiron and Gale runner, whilst Clasp fired rockets from his hand replacement launcher. Slant had transformed back to his gun installation mode, and was peppering the sky with mortar shells, whilst Landquake himslef fell to one knee and took very, careful, aim...

Following Black Rodimus
Mug grumbled some more, as he fell back with Iron tooth and Rhino, moving West to see what they could.
Cavalier muttered sarcastically "look after yourself," as he roared ahead, and entered the back alleys between the buildings.

Hopper was about to broadcast some final observations when a beam of solid light came from the North, and punctured his rear rotars.
"Damn it!" he cried, as he transformed calculatingly back to robot mode with a face of pure fury. His rotars still smoldering, he roared to the sky
"I'll Personally Gut Who Ever Did That, Mark My Words, Your Dead!"

2007-03-25, 03:21 AM
In the air

"You got it, Colonel," Buzzsaw told Hot Rod. Holding his fire for the moment, he followed a good distance behind Mug and the rest of the rear guard. Using his sensitive optics to track the Quintesson minions, he primed his mortar cannons and prepared to shell the enemies as soon as it became necessary.

Or as soon as I get bored. Whichever comes first.

2007-03-25, 09:21 PM
Kalis, Airspace

" Incoming fire! " warned Dogfgiht. The sleek flier triggerbot performed some evasive maneuvers, dodging the shots fired from Landquake's grunts with ease.

Dogfigth dived pointing his nosecone towards Slant and Clasp, and fired a pair of air-to-earth missiles to them. He turned back, flying between Cosmos and the ground, trying to cover the minibot.

" I think is time to regroup with the others! " proposed Dogfight to Dirge and Cosmos.

2007-03-26, 05:38 AM
Council Ruins:

Hot Rod: -moving out into the alleyways behind the building, hearing Cavelier's engine- "Wow. If I sound that loud, I need a tune up." -stepping out into the alley, aiming his arm lasers at the approaching clone, opens fire-

Aero Blade
2007-03-26, 09:29 PM
As the danger approached, Dirge pulled out ahead of Cosmos to cover him, letting the ominous roar of his engines work their magic as he engaged Landquake's troops for a quick strafing run, hoping to take some attention off of Cosmos and Dogfight.

"There's too many for us to put up a fight, we'd best retreat from here," Dirge responded to his two comrads.

2007-03-27, 01:38 AM
Council Ruins
Sizzle watched as the soldiers all moved in precision, then jumped as he heard Hotrods arm lasers fired into the distance-

Under fire
Cavalier had pulled out from one of the alleyways when Hot rods lasers blasts zinged into the ground and ricocheted off his bonnet: Cavalier instinctively transformed and used his momentum to push himself forward into some wreckage, to use as cover-

Hearing the laser fire, Irontooth and Rhino growled, champing at the relative bit to join the fray, till Mug revved his engine in an exclamatory manner:
Their positioned in the old council ruins. Me and the boys will 'keep looking for picket lines' and circle round the back.

Leaving the ruins of Sentry tower One
Haze transformed into his sleek race car mode: there were numerous sounds of battle around, and he wasn't gonna be left out! He raced toward the sector with his two partners signals eminating from it.

Kalis Roadways
Dogfights rockets tore the roadway to shreds, and sent Slant (in instalation form still) and Clasp flying, whilst Tireiron and Galerunner took moderate shrapnel damage from the debris: Dirges engine song paralysed Clasp further in fear, and had Clasp moored to the floor in terror, a peach of a target for the seekers strafing run, bullets tearing into his backplates. Tireiron fired rockets from his shoulders mounted launchers at the oncoming jets..,

Landquake squeezed his rifles trigger, the chaos around him dissapearing in a moment of pure clarity as the beam of light punched its way through the sky...

Kalis Airspace
Cosmos was about to reply to his escorts in the affirmative when Landquakes laser fire cut through his left engine: peacefully at first, like a needle through cloth, then the metal tore away as the fuel lines exploded and his rear was engulfed in flame.

2007-03-27, 04:16 AM
Council Ruins

Smokescreen frowned as Hot Rod's blaster shots rang out.

Our commander needs to learn a little bit about patience, he thought. No use worrying about that now, though.

The tactician poked his head out of the crevasse he was hiding in, aimed his remote at the device he'd left hidden in the pillars, and pressed a small button inset into its side.

All of a sudden, the holographic Autobots that were hiding in the pillars leaped out and started to fire in the general direction of Black Rodimus. None of the holographic shots landed, of course; they weren't supposed to, since they wouldn't have done any actual damage.

In The Air

After hearing the shots ring out, Buzzsaw divebombed out of the sky, firing mortars down at Mug, Iron Tooth and Rhino as quickly as his launchers could cycle.

2007-03-27, 08:47 PM
Occ-Dose stepback have a line of sight on the attackers?

2007-03-27, 09:22 PM
Council ruins

Override left his cover and followed Sizzle into the fray.



Dogfgiht launched his tail flares, and Tireiron's missiles missed the triggerbot.

" Cosmos! " he radioed, diving hard and following the minibot's descent. " Dirge, Cosmos is hit! I'm gonna catch him. Try to distract those knock-offs on the roadways! "

2007-03-28, 05:14 AM
Council Ruins

There are so many ways I could answer that and not all of them polite, Carnivac thought as he stayed silent and set about following Hot Rod's orders. The Decepticon pretender kept his optics and ears alert for any sign he had been seen as he made his way towards the base. While useing the ruins as cover.

2007-03-29, 02:59 AM

Hot Rod: -scowling at his arm lasers- "I've really got to get these amped up." -shudders- "Great. Now I'm starting to think like Roadbuster, too." -pulls his photonic eliminator rifle from subspace, aims at the spot he's pretty sure Cavelier dove behind, braces the butt of the rifle against a solid piece of building- "Look. Just come out. Make this easier on both of us."


Black Rodimus, had he been in robot mode, would have scowled and dove for cover. Instead, he brought his deck mounted maser cannon online, the sides of the combat deck falling open, the cannon rising on it's mount, the cannon returning fore as he roared for cover, activating his commlink. "All Sharkticons and units in the garrison. Attack the Council chambers!"

With a steady, if unhurried. CLANG-CLANG, the Sharkticons started their charge out of the garrison.

(OOC: Stepback's got plenty of targets now. :D )

2007-03-29, 03:19 AM
Council Ruins

''Here they come boys!!''Stepback shouted as he started shooting from his lasor rifles at the charging Sharkticons.

Aero Blade
2007-03-29, 07:56 PM
Dirge had to barrel roll out of the way of Tireiron missles, narrowly missing a head-on strike, but he still got knocked around by the exploding projectiles. It wasn't enough to knock him out of the air, but he was forced to break of his strafing run to recover his flight status. Then Cosmos was hit, and Dogfight's transimition came through.

"Do what you can for him, I'll handle the knockoffs," Dirge responded, going in for another strafing run to try to clear the emergency landing area, targetting Clasp, Tireiron, and Galerunner in particular for a heavy dose of weapons fire.

2007-03-30, 02:04 AM
Hopper watched as the Sharkticon hordes poured there way through the gate way like a tide of metal and teeth, with lasers blasts piercing through them and around them...

"Barbie," he shouted as he drew his sword and rifle, a green across his evil face, "it's action time!"
Hopper joined the horde of sharkticons, roaring with them in eagerness to get at the enemy.

Garrison Command deck
Barbie picked up Manual and leered at him with sadists eyes.
"Lets make ourselves useful. We better check what security measures we have left before we join the battle."
Manual grinned pitifully as he was set down, and the pair got to work at the various command stations.

Garriosn Comms Room.
Blast Wave pets Hyde and Creature chittered and giggled around him, showing that they had done their alloted tasks.
"Good Business: With Lurk and his team on the way back, those rebels won't have a slagging clue what hit them!"
Blastwave slid his chair over to the massive switch with
Jammer written below it, grinned, and yanked it down with both hands...

Coming from the South East
Honeybee and Spikey were tearing up the remains of the tarmac as theyraced back to the Garrison, unaware that the Transformers had made base in the ruins not far in front of them...

Approaching the South of the Council Ruins:
Buzzsaws Mortar shells fell among the three man team with devestating affect, with Mug beffeted forward, and in an attempt to regain his balance, transforming to robot mode with weapon drawn, returing fire-
Irontooth desperately accelerating in bikeform to get away only to be tipped over in the blast wake-
and Rhino transforming to stand his ground and getting a direct hit on his impressive armour for his reward-

Hiding in terror
Cavalier grinned as he heard Hotrod try to negotiate:
"Are you kidding?!" he screamed back, charging his arm lasers and photon to rifle past the safety levels, "there's no other way this is gonna end man!"
With that, he leaped out from the cover, firing manically with the already red hot weaponry at his disposal-

To the west of the Council ruins:
Haze had been accelerating at the ruins all the while, and had found one of those covenient areas of road that had been destroyed, but was left in such a state which made it a serviiceable ramp. Haze armed his electrolaser, and as he approached the ramp at highest speed, looked for asuitable target.

2007-03-30, 02:44 AM

Hot Rod: "Slag!" -ducks back, blasts singing his paint and narrowly missing him, the rubble behind him fragmenting- "Oh, I know exactly how this is going to end, Clone-Boy!" -transforming to vehicle mode, photonic eliminator rifle appearing in his engine hardpoint, locking his brakes as the last of his cover is blasted away, returns fire, the recoil from the rifle's massive blast sending him skidding back down the alley, leaving a trail of burned rubber-

2007-03-30, 04:13 AM
In the air

Buzzsaw let loose a fuel-curdling caw as his shots wreaked havoc among the Quintesson rearguard, counting on his airspeed to avoid Mug's fire as he continued to dive. He wasn't entirely successful; a handful of shots grazed the edges of his wings, and one just barely missed blasting through the side of his head. The cassetticon didn't try to dodge, though, as all his attention was focused on trying to build up his airspeed.

When he finally levelled out, swooped by Mug and slashed out at the knockoff's head with his diamond-hard beak, he was close to breaking the sound barrier.

Council Ruins

Smokescreen shrugged, then took aim at the oncoming Sharkticons and opened fire. If the seeming ineffectualness of his trap bothered the diversionary tactician, it didn't show.

2007-03-30, 05:04 AM
Shooting gallery:

Black Rodimus continued firing, sighting in on the holograms, sending a blast through the head of the holographic Optimus Prime.


The Sharkticons picked up speed.

(Feel free to mow 'em down, guys. Munch all you want, we'll make more.)

2007-03-30, 08:26 PM
Council Ruins

Stepback aimed and fired from his rifles at a new target Hopper.

2007-03-31, 03:37 PM
Cavalier was dismayed when his over charged weaponry did alittle against his assailant, then as he landed clumsily in the detritus of the street, he saw Hot rod, in car form, with one fo the larger guns that he had ever seen strapped to his bonnet.
"SLa-" he managed, before his makers inspiration fired, and tried to evade the anti-photon beam heralding at him;
The blast went between his legs, but the explosion in the wall behind him as it impacted was such that it sent him sailing the air like a rag doll-

South of the Council Ruins:
Mug oh so narrowly avoided Buzzsaws approaching beak, but the wake of the falcons flight caught him well enough and he was sent to the ground:
Rhino, his back smouldering, let loose a salvo of rockets from his hip mounted launchers at the scout:
Iron tooth transformed slowly, an pulled himself from the ground with visible pain:

Amidst the Sharkticon Horde
Hopper had been making his way to the front when Stepbacks blast rang out: it caught him on the shoulder, making him pause as he was pushed back by the force of the blow: his armour was dented.
He looked up from his wound at the Autobot:
"It was you wasn't it?!" He roared, and he transformed into his sportscar mode, engine revving;

2007-03-31, 04:29 PM
Council Ruins

Stepback continued shooting at Hopper.

2007-03-31, 06:00 PM

Hot Rod: -subspacing the rifle as he transforms back to robot mode, charging back up the alley, firing his arm lasers at airborne Cavelier- "Nothing personal, Clone-boy. I just think there's only enough room in the universe for one of me!"

2007-03-31, 10:30 PM
Kalis Roadway
The Group continued to operate poorly as Dirges engines played havoc with their calibrations: the bullets and missiles tore into their targets astoundingly well: machine gun fire nearly tore Clasp in two from groin to shoulder, oil and sparks flying everywhere. Gale runner was desperately trying to return fire with his magnetic bullets when a stream of projeciles tore his arm off at the shoulder. Tire iron narrowly escaped major damage, tranforming back into sportscar mode and moving off the road.

Slant, meanwhile, had transformed back to warrior mode, and was targeting irge with his (now shoulder mounted) Mortar cannon as he continued his fligt arc.

Landquake, amazingly undamaged, was calmly targetting Dogfight as he pursued Cosmos...

Kalis Airpace
Cosmos's vision was red: first he thought it was the pain, but his Infra red was on the fritz from the damage.
He saw Dogfight match telemetries and start a catch maneuver: he transformed to help, but was dismayed when he saw chunks of him fly off as he did so. His left arm was a wreck below the elbow, and his rear was aflame.
"Primus Damn it!"

Aero Blade
2007-04-01, 02:21 AM
As the enemy troops approached, Aero Blade seemed mildly confused, having never seen a Sharkticon himself and not sure what the things were. Given that Smokescreen had openned fire on them made it clear what was to be done about them - he'd have to figure out what they were later. Choosing a vantage point from behind some rubble, Aero Blade began to follow suit and open fire on the strange beings that were Sharkticons.

2007-04-01, 03:05 AM
Tower Block : south-west of the Council Chambers






Perceptor fired twice in quick succession. one aiming for Landquake's rifle, the other for slants' fragile shoulder canon. Wthout even waiting to see if his shots had found their mark he was up, transforming into his robot mode as he made his way towards the corridor back into the tower, pausing only to disarm and re-arm the laser mine he had set there as he headed to the opposite side of the tower.

He wondered if he had been spotted.

edited to rephrase a smidge.

2007-04-01, 03:29 AM
South of the Council Ruins

Buzzsaw spat out a curse as he missed decapitating Mug, but had little time to dwell on it. One of Rhino's rockets detonated close enough to his wings that the buzzard was sent spiralling toward the ground. Transforming to cassette mode to minimize the damage of the inevitable crash, he landed amidst a pile of debris and virtually disappeared into it.

The spy sat there, silently cursing his enemies as his systems began to assess the damage that he'd suffered.

2007-04-01, 12:29 PM
Council Ruins

Override covered behind a ruin near Smokescreen, and aimed towards the Sharkticon horde.

" Haha! " you cannot beat a true warrior like me! " he yelled, firing shot after shot from his armor piercing particle beam guns, destroying Skarkticons with speed.



" Hold on Cosmos! " roared Dogfight, passing the green minibot and transfroming into robot mode infront of him - just between Cosmos and the ground -.

The triggerbot's foot thrusters were at maximum power, slowing Dogfight's momentum, and opening the arms he readied himself to catch Cosmos.

2007-04-03, 01:31 AM
Cosmos saw Dogfight below him, and tried to ready himself for the catch-
-Cosmos's body slammed in Dogfights arms, flaming wreckage and parts cascading off from the impact-
-Cosmos looked gratefully at Dogfight, and tried to give some Autobot attitude to the situation:
"I'd watch that one pal, he's not the worst shot here!"

South of the Council Ruins
Mug watched from his prone position as Buzzsaw dissapered in to the detritus: seeing Rhino shaking with glee and shock, he levered his crappy body up to shout an order at Irontooth.
"Find him!"
With that, the lionesque robot moved purposefully, his hands flexing in eagerness and his nose sniffing the air.

Kalis Roadway
Slant was about to fire his cannon again at the airbound Dirge, when a beam of light dame from no where, and found it's way down his mortar cannons barrel-
The explosion was terrific, taking off Slants left arm and head in the fireball of the mortar shell igniting in the barrel. Slants body was buffeted, but remained standing.
Landquake was about to take a shot at Dogfight when Perceptors shot took the rifle out of his hand. A split second after however, and the unshaken commander fired one of his shoulder rockets at the triggerbot instead, then turned his attention to the tower where the attack had come from.

"It seems we agree on something!" Cavalier shouted as plasma charges and laser blasts made dents and took wrents out of his armour, exposing circuitry and hydraulics: he landed unfomortably, but ignoring the pain as best he could, he returned fire with his own overcharge weaponry, revelling in the recoil as he punded at Hot rods position-

At the front of the horde, a post away from getting to the Council ruins
Hopper had made good use of the best cover around: he had been barreling under neath and smashing his way past sharkticons joyfully, laughing as the took Stepbacks blasts in his place.

Council Ruins
Sizzle rushed to Stepbacks side, and grinning his most wolfish grin, joined his fire against the oncoming horde of Sharkticons-

To the west of the Council ruins
Haze had reached terminal velocity, and hit the makeshift ramp as fast as possible: he took the air like a rocket, and transformed once he was clear of any obstructions: still airborne, Haze found he had a peach of a shot at Smokescreen and some assorted transformers, and began firing indiscriminately.

2007-04-03, 02:16 AM

Hot Rod: -diving, feeling blasts scour across his wing and the back of his legs, pulling his photon blasters- "C'mon, Clone-boy! Think about it! Look at your colors. They're awful! I'm doing you a favor here!" -pops up off to the side, opens fire, photon blasters and arm lasers spewing their firepower at Cavelier-

2007-04-03, 09:58 PM
Airspace/ Highway surroundings

" Don't worry pal " said Dogfight to Cosmos, " we'll patch you. "

The triggerbot was going to land when his sensors detected a missile lock on him.

" Hold on!! " he warned.

Dogfight overpowered his foot thrusters, burning them in the process, and looped, jinked and dodged, dropping his last flares and chaff and finally evaded Landquake's misisle.

Landing behind a big rock near the highway - and far away from the Council ruins-, the triggerbot placed Cosmos carefully on the ground, and radioed Dirge.

" Dirge! Cosmos and I are trapped near the highway! I cannot fly again! "


Council ruins

" Smokescreen, beware! " warned Override as Haze's shots rained around them.

The triggerbot frowned, and fired his guns towards Haze.

" If you ruin my paintjob I swear I'll tear off your optics with my bare hands! " exclamed Override.

2007-04-04, 01:41 AM
Hiding with Dogfight, Highway surrondings
Cosmos shuddered a little, and not just from the landing.
"Not making much of a warrior am I?"
He tried to make it sound jovial, but the waver in his voice was strong: the pain was immense, and his self repair systems were doing waht they could to keep him running at all.

Kalis Roadway
Landquake was still moving calmly: he didn't stop to assuage the damage of his first missile, instead opting o fire his second at the lowest visible point of the tower from which he had been shot at (by Perceptor, but he didn't know that).
He called in a level tone to the troops behind him:
"Sound off! Who's alive and who's not?!"

Streets / Alleys
Cavalier laughed as Hot rod made his case.
"At least I'm original! Flame colours in a flame pattern, how long did that take to think up? Oof!"
A shot knicked his leg as he tried to keep strafeing: noticeably angered, cavalier transformed, and roared forward at Hot rod-

2007-04-04, 03:18 AM
Council Ruins

Smokescreen dropped to one side and twisted around to face Haze almost before Override's warning registered with him. The tactician's shoulder-mounted rocket launchers fired as his torso swung into line with the Quintesson soldier, aimed precisely to take into account the enemy's airspeed and arc.

South of the Council Ruins

Buzzsaw waited silently, his internal sensors detecting the sound of Irontooth's approach. When the enemy soldier got close enough to the debris pile that hid him, the spy figured, he could transform and shoot him in the face with mortars.

2007-04-04, 03:26 AM

Hot Rod: "You're neon green! I'm doing you a favor!" -subspacing his guns, pulling his lightsaber and charging at the oncoming Cavelier, stabbing at the center of the clone's bonnet-

Aero Blade
2007-04-04, 02:31 PM

Things were not going well, not at all, but Dirge was keeping his witts about him for the time being. Breaking off his strafing run, Drige jetted over to Cosmos and Dogfight, transforming and landing between their hiding place and the oncoming troops and continuing to fire on them to keep them back as much as he could.

Meanwhile, Dirge openned up a com to the rest of their unit. "Dirge to Hot Rod, we're in trouble over here! Cosmos and Dogfight have taken some hits and can't fly - we're pinned down at the highway, we can't make it back to your location!"

Council Ruins

Between Haze's battle should and Override's warning, Aero Blade had a slight chance to get out of the way of the shots, but not by muchand his armor was grazed by quite a few of them as he tried to avoid them. After a moment to recover, he returned the favor and joined Smokescreen in openning fire at Haze, making use of his rapid-fire weapon.

2007-04-04, 03:45 PM
Highway's surroundings

" Don't worry Cosmos " said Dogfigth, loading his mini-missile shoulder-mounted launcher. " Each Autobot has a function to perform. Look at Ratchet, he's not the greatest warrior, but he's vital for us. "

The triggerbot rised behind the rock, and joined Dirge into firing against the Highway's knock-offs.

" Besides, I'm abominable in reconnaissance & communications! " shouted Dogfight, firing his gatling gun and mini-missiles.

2007-04-04, 08:26 PM
Council Ruins

''Sizzle I say we both concentrate are attacks on him!''Stepsaid said as he pointed to Hopper.

2007-04-05, 10:46 PM
Council Ruins
Sizzle looked at Stepback quickly before resuming his firing in the horde of Sharkticons-
"That's your job! If I don't keep those things back, we'll have bigger problems than a bright red knock off!"

As Sizzle spoke, Hopper cleared the distance in his car form, taking more blasts from Stepback as he did: at this range, they were cracking his armour in places, but this did not slow him. He transformed and fired his laser gun at Stepback wildly, bloodlust in his eyes.

Highways surrondings
Cosmos tried to grin in as Dogfight made light, but the pain was immense. His left hand had stopped leaking oil, but his back was still a wreck: walking would be an effort, let alone flying.

Kalis Roadway
Landquake gave ground, falling back whilst returning fire at Dirge and Dogfight with his recovered rifle.
His troops around him joined him as they could. Clasp lay on the broken steelmac road, twitching but useless. Gale runner had recovered his magnetic pistol, and was firing with his remaining had. Tireiron had found a servicable barricade in the form of an old shop window, and was laying cover fire as the troops returned.
And, amidst the wreckage, Slant, sans head, shoulder cannon, right arm and a lot of torso, stood up. Jerkily, unsteady, he still stood.
Landquake registered this as he walked backwards.
"Primus, was this what you were working on?!"

Descending on the ruins
Haze watched as the rockets approached with alaring speed from Smokescreen: losing his outward cool for a moment, Haze stopped from firing for a moment as he adjusted, shifted, and basically, lighly stepped onto the first missile to jump over the second.
Such things were possible for Haze for short bursts at good intervals. Sadly, as the green knock off started to pat himself on the back, Aeroblades rapid fire weapon scored a classic hit on his now exposed back.
"Ooooh, you Tart!" he cried, as he neared touching down on the ground.

Cavalier baulked: he tipped up on one side, so as only two wheels were touching the ground, meaning his side and Hot rods sword arm collided clumsily.
"Oof! It's racing green!" He lied, as they collided.

South of the Council Ruins
Iron tooth was snuffling as he sifted through the ruins with his clawed hands: behind him, Mug had his weapon trained on him, knowing where this was probably going. Rhino, however, was clearing the distance at a steady pace, now his back was under control.

2007-04-06, 01:28 AM

Hot Rod: -lightsaber sent spinning away, firing his arm blasters at Cavelier's undercarriage- "Racing green my foot! If that's an official racing color, I'm a Quint Magistrate!"

Council Ruins:

Omega Supreme: -over commlink to Dirge- "Message: Recieved. Help: Coming." -launches with a mighty roar of engines, heading for Dirge's location-

2007-04-06, 02:08 AM
Council Ruins

Hopper's shots smacked against nearby walls missing his target.Stepback opened his chest an fired a volley of rockets at Hopper.

2007-04-06, 03:59 AM
Council Ruins

Smokescreen watched Haze's impressive evasive manoeuvres with detached appreciation, but before the enemy had cleared the path of his second missile the diversionary tactician had brought up his electrodisruptor rifle. Setting the weapon to fire a wide-angle beam, he aimed at where he judged the Quintesson soldier would land, counted off the seconds, and squeezed the trigger.

South of the Council Ruins

His sensors alerting him that Irontooth was closing in on his position, Buzzsaw transformed to buzzard mode, fired a pair of mortars in the other Transformer's general direction, then leaped into the sky in an attempt to avoid the multitude of shots that he knew were going to be headed his way any second.

2007-04-06, 04:59 AM
Omega Supreme

As Omega Supreme began to gain velocity by the propulsion from his engines, slight tremors shook his inner chambers.

Ratchet, no longer fidgeting with his medical equipment in the med-lab, was dashing down the main corridor toward the front of the ship, stopping only to gather his equilibrium with each tremor. The shrill and pulsating sound of the alarm call echoed down the passage way, along side the “clunk, clunk” of Ratchet's boot steps against the iron flooring.

“Omega!” Ratchet shouted out towards the ceiling, still sprinting towards front of the ship, “What’s the situation?”

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2007-04-06, 09:43 AM
Kalis Comms room
Blastwave put the final touches to the Communications Blackout that he jammer had initiated: nothing communicating outside of secure Quintesson frequencies would be succesful from here on in. He grinned, and turned to his grinning, giggling and chittering familiars, Hyde and Creature.
"I'm gonna take a spell in the Gun tower," he said pointing to the platform above the glass ceiling of the comms room, "You two go and see if you can be of any use. Report to Barbie."
The identical twins left the room, rictus grins intact, making their non sensical noises.

Garrison Command deck.
Barbie was putting the last of the automatic defences into place and recalling the last remains of the meager standing force back to he Garrison when Manual piped up.
"Barbie," he simpered, "Honeybee and Spikey are enroute from Sentry tower one: seems they abandoned the place soon after the attack on Sentry Tower two."
Out of habit, Barbie muttered an expletive at the jet bike biker bot.
"Make sure they're aware that the security measures we have are in full effect. And that they help what ever troops are out there get here asap."

2007-04-06, 02:10 PM
Highway's surroundings

Dogfgiht bended, trying to avoid Landquaque's attack, but one of the shots impacted on one of his wings, leaving a smoking hole. The triggerbot sweared, and engaged his internal comms to send a message to the main force when a high pitched sound pierced through his audioreceptors.

" Eeek! " he yelled, touching his audioreceptors with a grimace of pain. " Cosmos, Dirge! Communications are jammed! " Dogfight warned.

The triggerbot joined the minibot behind the rock, and leaning, he fired another burst of bullets from his gatling towards Galerunner.


Council ruins

Override, trully amazed by Haze's agility, continued to fired his guns towards the speedy knock-off.

2007-04-07, 01:27 AM
Dropping towards the Highway, approaching the embattled recon team:

Omega: "Recon team: Needs support. Casualities: Probable." -dropping down, flying close to the ground- "Transformation: Imminent. Brace: For Combat Drop."

2007-04-07, 04:06 AM
Tower Block : south-west of the Council Chambers

He wondered if he had been spotted... the thought had barely had enough time to cross perceptors' processor before he was thrown to the ground by the deafening twin detonation of Landquakes' missile and his own explosive.

There was a terrifying split-second of intense silence as he felt the air being sucked back past him ...

With a roar, the windows of the entire eastern section on the second floor exploded. Erupting flame as the blast sent glittering shards of glass raining down on the street below. Inside, the fireball hurtled through the corridors of the complex, engulfing the prone scientist. For an instant, he was surrounded in flame as the wave of fire swept past him. Then it was gone as quickly as it had come...

... Shaking his head to regain his bearings, his bodywork hissing and steaming as it shed the excess heat, Perceptor got back to his feet... "urgh, it is apparent my pre-emptive tactical analysis of quintesson engagement strategy is erroneous" He muttered to himself as he continued along the popping and crackling corridors towards the nearest turbolift. It is surmissable however that [Hopper] was their exclusive airborne potential. Altitude constitutes our primary tactical advantage. Interfacing his own power supply to the lift he was propulsed at high speed towards the delicately tapered summit of the spire-like tower. He could feel his energon levels rapidly draining away as the floors flew past. He wasn't going to be able to do many trips like this... as homo sapiens would put it : 'double or nothing'.

Mere nanobreems later, he brought the turbolift to a halt on the forty-first floor, a third of the towers' height shy of its' tip. At one time this had been an observation and recreation area. A large, open gallery lined with various statues of illustrious figures of Kalis' past. Perceptor was probably the first transformer to walk these deserted halls in countless millenia as he slid open one of the dusty bay doors and stepped out onto the windswept balcony high above the streets of the city. Here the wind howled, bringing the noise of battle far below into it's song. He looked over the parapet just as Omega Supreme soared overhead in rocket mode, and following the projected trajectory he spotted dogfight and the wounded cosmos.

He flinched as a familiar form caught his attention. His jaw dropped in amazement as he saw the maimed body of slant, still functional despite the absence of his upper torso...

"...sweet zombie primus..."


Aero Blade
2007-04-07, 06:19 PM
Council Ruins

Aero Blade barely registered that Haze was snapping at him, simply continuing to open fire on the enemy knock-off. He made sure to keep his distance, though, trying to be prepared to react for anything else.

Stratus for the moment was staying out of the battle, there not being too mcuh the little minicon could do at the moment, but he was keeping a sharp eye on activity to see wher he might be of most use.


Dirge was becoming a bit flustered, trying to decide what should be done. Should they keep fighting off the ever approaching enemies, or would it have been better for him and Dogfight to grab Cosmos and get out of there?

However, the decision didn't have to be made, as soon enough he was able to spot Omega approaching their location. With the giant autobot's assistance, things could very quickly change.

"Hold your ground," Dirge said firmly but with concern to Dogfight, continuing to fire on the knockoffs. "Help's almost here."

2007-04-07, 11:45 PM
Highway's surroundings

Dogfight smiled and nodded to Dirge.

" Excellent news, Dirge! " the triggerbot shouted, firing another mini-missile towards Tireiron. " You heard that, green buddy? " Dogfight asked Cosmos, moving between the wounded minibot and the knock-offs, " help is coming! "

2007-04-08, 12:54 AM
Kalis roadway
Landquake was dismayed. His troops were falling apart. (Well, to his credit, that wasn't keeping Slant down...)
He had made it to the abandoned shop Tireiron was hiding in, and joined him in cover fire whilst the rest tried to reach them.
Galerunner proved luck was important in a battle when his ran out: a stream of enemy fire from both
Dirge and Dogfight took off his other arm, and then his head. He fell to the ground, pumping oil astoundingly fast.
Slant, through methods unknown, managed to make it over the shop window, and crouched into a corner to start and load a pistol. The sight of this actually unsettled Landquake a bit.
Missiles smacked into the shop, sending Tireiron onto his rear from the impact. This left Landquake as the Only soldier firiing on the enemy! He looked to the sky, and in the distance caught sight of what was either an ICBM, or transport. In either case, trouble.

Highway's surroundings
Cosmos felt lightheaded. He watched Dirge and Dogfight move around and fire on the enemy. They were leaving pretty blurs in their wake. Very pretty.

Council Ruins
Haze, glaring daggers at Aeroblade, was about to return fire when Smokescreens widespray electrodisruption blast caught him unawares: Staggered, both Aero's and Overrides attacks hit home, and sent him to the ground, smoking wounds in his chest.

Hopper, meanwhile, had initiated his own rocket assisted jump to sail over the rockets that Stepback had fired at him, and continued to fire at him and Sizzle as he clered the pair of them. The Sparkler bot tried to ignore him, instead concentrating on the swiftly oncoming horde of enemy Sharkticons.
"Stepback, deal with this guy! I can't let up in these things!"

Cavalier almost cheered when his gambit succeded and Hot rods light sabre was sent crashing away: this cheer was cut off when the photon charge hit his undercarriage square on.
He crashed rather poorly into a near wall, and transformed out of refle, still in a heap.
"Damn it..."

South of the Council Ruins
Buzzsaws ascent caught Irontooth by surprise, and he fired his pellet guns instinctivley, with little aim.
Mug however, ducked expertly, allowing the mortars to crash into his comrade Rhino, and fired his Musket at the Recon bird with as much percision as he could. Rhino fell backward, the mortars having blown a hole in his chest the size of his head, his shattered feral mind thinking no more.

2007-04-08, 02:22 AM
Streets Near Base

Almost there, Carnivac thought as he scanned the base for an enterance. Carnivac didn't want to admit it; but it had taken longer to follow the Autobot's order then he had thought. Mostly due to the fact that the pretender had ran into some Sharkticons on the way up. Not wanting to given away his position with his weapons fire, Carnivac had mostly used his claws, teeth, and the element of surprise to take them out. Sure some of the more lucky Sharkticons had caused him some minor injuries, but nothing that his shell couldn't handle on it's own.

Now the question was how to get inside the base or failing that, cause as much damage to the outside as he could.

2007-04-08, 02:49 AM
''Very well''Stepback said as he drew his lasor saber.Stepback charged forward firing his rifle at Hopper.

2007-04-08, 04:12 AM
Tower Block : south-west of the Council Chambers

Incredible ! Living proof of Kalis theory !

Perceptor was extatic. the mere suggestion that quintessa have succeeded in duplicating flames' studies is simply astounding ! He zoomed in on slant, following his mutilated clones' movements with feverish excitement until he had stumbled out of view into a nearby building ...

... reluctantly he drew his attention back to the streets below. The tide of battle seemed to be swaying in his team-mates' favor, and since emptying his energon reserves on sharkticon drones was somewhat pointless he turned to the south, seeking the source of the the arriving forces. It wasn't hard. Dozens of quintesson warriors were marching in a straight line towards the battle from a gaping doorway in the ruins. But as he watched, the ruins themselves suddenly came alive. Moving, sliding, rotating as hidden hatches opened, telescopic towers rose and whole sections of wall unfurled, revealing an bristling arsenal of heavy assault weaponry. It was reminiscent of autobot city, almost as if he had designed it himself...

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2007-04-08, 04:22 AM
Council Ruins

Smokescreen leaped clear of his cover as soon as he saw Haze fall to the ground, cranking his electro-disruptor rifle back to a tight-beam setting. He took a few steps toward the downed enemy before shouldering his rifle and opening fire, hoping to ensure that the knockoff would stay down.

South of the Council Ruins

Buzzsaw cawed as he saw Rhino blown apart, but his triumphant noises turned to a shriek of pain when Mug's musket shot tore off the trailing edge of his left wing. The Decepticon arced north as best he could, hoping to make his way toward the rest of the invasion force before the enemies could take advantage of his wound.

2007-04-08, 10:57 PM
South of the Council Ruins
Mug fell to one knee, reloading his musket as afst as new-old hands would allow. Iron tooth continued to pepper the sky with pellets, desperately trying to hit the wounded Buzzsaw whilst roaring in anger.

Council Ruins
Hazes defence systems had already begun as he fell: rerouting all power to reactions and his upper body, once Smokescreen was in view, the Orange speedster spun himself to the left as fast as his now pin wheeling arms would allow, his numb legs flailing in the air as he chaotically crashed away...

At the barrier, Hopper grinned as Stepback approached him with his sword drawn and laser blasting. Hopper mimicked the move perfectly, wincing to himslef as laser fire smacked home on his shoulder armour.
Sizzle, meanwhile, watched as the Sharkticon horde drew closer, despite his best efforts.
@Anyone wanna give me a hand, they're more than welcome!"

2007-04-09, 02:14 PM
Council Ruins

Stepback stoped in his place,opened his chest and fired another volley of rockets at Hopper.

2007-04-10, 03:36 AM
Council Ruins

Smokescreen took a few steps forward, tried to lead the wildly-flailing Haze's movements, and fired another blast at the clone.

South of the Council Ruins

Buzzsaw squawked as a few of Mug's pellets perforated his rear end, but none of the hits caused anything more than cosmetic damage. He pushed his wings back slightly, accelerating and diving as he approached the ruins.

2007-04-10, 05:09 AM

Hot Rod: -shuddering involuntarialy as he stares at his hideously colored mirror image- "Trust me. You don't want to be me." -charging his arm blasters again- "Hell, there's days when I don't want to be me." -aims at Cavelier, fires-

Bridge, over Dirge's position:

Omega Supreme: -opening his hatch as he cuts speed- "RATCHET: JUMP!!!!"

2007-04-10, 08:35 AM
Omega Supreme: Bridge, over Dirge's position

As the hatch-way opened, sounds of battle and Omega’s rocket engines blustered into the ship like an angry wind. Suddenly, the reality of the events unfurled right before Ratchet’s receptors, in the form of a charred, grey panorama that spread out to infinity under his feet.

“Take it easy Ratchet, ol’ boy,” He muttered to himself, struggling to keep his emotions at bay, “I gotta job to do.”

With a flick of a finger, Ratchet quickly tapped his left audio receiver to initiate a voice-automated command. “Increase magnification,” Ratchet called out in a rather uncharacteristically mechanical tone.

With the action placed, the capacity of Ratchet's optic sensors became enhanced, allowing him to make a proper visual assessment of the situation below. He immediately espied Dirge and Dogfight’s position, only several hundred feet below Omega’s point of descent, guarding a wounded Cosmos.

“Hmm. Cosmos doesn’t look too good - his condition appears to be at critical,” Ratchet quickly assessed. “We showed up just in the nick of time.”

At that moment, Omega (ooc: repeating the events from the above post) signaled Ratchet to “JUMP”.

“I'm going, I'm going,” Ratchet said towards the ‘com speakers.

He quickly tugged a couple times on the line leading to a nearby lowering apparatus, double checking if it was fastened securely, then stepped towards the edge of the opened hatch-way.

“See you at ground zero, big guy!” He shouted over the wind and Omega’s engines. Ratchet then jumped from the hatchway, down towards the recon team waiting below - now becoming a part of the fray.

2007-04-11, 03:50 AM

Omega Supreme: -transforms, the massive guardian robot's feet slamming down onto the bridge surface, aiming his plasma cannon at the recolors- "Destruction: Imminent. Surrender: Advisable."

2007-04-11, 04:42 AM

(OOC: MHF hasn't played in two months, so I'm poaching Bluestreak.)

"Yeah, what Omega said!" Bluestreak leaped from the hatch milliseconds after Ratchet, landing on a piece of flat pavement Omega Supreme's legs. Using the guardrail for shelter, he carefully took aim with his beam rifle, his sights focused dead centre on Landquake's chest.

"Seriously, the big guy usually knows what he's on about. If you've got any sense in your head, you'll do what he says. Otherwise things'll get real ugly real fast, understand?"

2007-04-11, 04:46 AM

Ratchet landed on the bridge safely, moments before Omega Supreme came crashing down after him. Quickly tossing aside his lowering cable, he ran and took cover from the small shockwave caused from Omega’s landing.

A cloud of small particles and dust briefly engulfed the white and red Autobot, before he stood back up.

“I strongly recommend you do what he tells you!” Ratchet called out, joining in with Bluestreak's bravado aimed towards the approaching clone force.

For a brief moment, Ratchet’s cocky display shocked even himself, "Where did that come from?" he thought to himself. "Must be our gigantic friend here."

With the situation appearing to be well under control, Ratchet refocused his attention on the the battle-worn recon team – Cosmos, Dirge and Dogfight.

“Good,” Ratchet assuredly said to himself, “The knock-offs are distracted.”

With Omega and Bluestreak now preoccupied with the Quintessa, he dashed to assist the nearby recon team.

2007-04-11, 08:30 PM
Near the bridge

Watching Omega Supreme's impressive landing, Dogfight laughed in relief.

" Dirge, Cosmos, look at him! We're saved! " he said, pointing to the ancient Guardian and the incoming Ratchet. " Hey 'Doc, over here! "

Bending, the triggerbot carefully clapped Cosmos' less damaged shoulder.

" You see pal? Old Ratchet is coming! "


Council ruins

With Haze's menace controled by Smokescreen, Override left his position and moved towards Sizzle.

" Don't worry sparky, I'm here! " he said. grinning. Leaning behind a ruin at Sizzle's left, the triggerbot fired shot after shot towards the incoming Sharkticon horde.

2007-04-12, 12:49 AM
Kalis Roadway
Tireiron had picked himself up, and joined his commander at the window. Landquake wasn't firing anymore, and Tireiron could see why. There was a monster, Omega, standing amidst the Transformers they had prior been on an even keel with.
Lnadquake did nothing to acknowledge his presence, merely started speaking.
"We aren't surrendering. Not to those malfunctioning freaks."
As he said this, they were joined by the remains of Slant. Tireiron shuddered. Landquake continued.
"They might not be expecting you to be air worthy. And I could prove faster than they think me to be. But we need a plan, not chances."
Slant raised his hand eagerly, almost dancing from foot to foot.
Tireiron shuddered again.
"Seriously, Slant? Super gross. But whats your idea?"

Near the bridge
Cosmos waved t the reassuring whie-ish blob that came into his field of vision. His head lolled as he made the effort.

Council Ruins
Hopper, a Transformer detached from his own sanity, made a half hearted effort to evade Stepbacks missiles: he leaned to the left, lettig two of them fly past. the third connected with his chest, but using his mighty leg suspensions, Hopper did not falter, and through the smoke of the blast, swung his sword in a wide arc at Stepbacks mid riff-

Sizzle tried his best to concentrate on the Sharkticon horde, tried to ignore the sound of a fight just a few feet from him.
"Sparky huh? I like it! Should we call you paintjob from now on?!" He shouted to his recently joined comrade Override.

Aero Blade
2007-04-12, 01:54 AM
Dirge was relieved when Omega Supreme finally arrived, as well as unexpectedly with the medic Ratchet. Maybe he could get Cosmos repaired enough for all of them to escape...

Leaving Dogfight to keep watch over them, Dirge kept his attention focused on the knockoffs, alternating between firing at Tireiron, Landquake, and Slant, not intending on giving them any peace to make any plans

2007-04-12, 02:27 AM
Stepback quickly countered hopper's swing with his lasor sword while he fire aonther blast from his free arm.

2007-04-12, 03:10 AM
Near the Bridge

Reaching the niche where the recon team had taken cover, Ratchet quickly greeted Dirge and Dogfight as he brushed past them, moving to where Cosmos rested.

“I am grateful to see that you two are okay, but with all due respect, we’ll have to skip the formalities.” Ratchet looked over his shoulder at Dogfight and Dirge. “But Cosmos must take precedence.”

Reverting his attention back to Cosmos, Ratchet knelt at his side, gently placing his hand on the green Autobot's shoulder. As he carefully looked over Cosmos’ condition, Ratchet periodically smiled reassuringly to him while he examined the damage.

“You’re going to be okay,” he said comfortingly. “You got a bit scraped up, but hang in there, okay? I’ll get you patched up.”

Looking away from Cosmos for a moment, Ratchet then tapped a finger to his left audio receiver, once again to initiate a voice command. “Subspace: open field medical equipment cache - Retrieve kits 1 and 3.”

Following his command, two medium sized metal, containers appeared to materialize from the subspace pocket where they were stored.

“Ah, Doc Ratchet’s survival kit.” the medic said candidly. “Never leave home without it.” Opening one of the containers first, he reached in and retrieved what looked like a handful of small, disk-like, devices.

“First things first, though," Ratchet then held out his hand, "Heh, a little invention some tech-heads made for me awhile back. Allows field medics to do their jobs.”

He said looked Dirge and Dogfight. With his extended hand, Ratchet held out four of these contrivances, his palm wide open as if urging Dogfight or Dirge to snatch them away. “Now, one of you, take these proximity disks and set them around our position. They'll generate an electric dome, which should provide us some extra cover while I work. Though, I must confess, the energy field is a bit weak, but it will have to do. So stay alert.”

2007-04-12, 01:07 PM
South of the Ruins
Mug finished loading his musket and brought it to bear on the dissapearing Buzzsaw: his enemy had gotten beyond the confirmed kill range though, so Mug stood down.
Looking with little concen at the smoking corpse of Rhino, Mug called through the the Communications tower.
"Blastwave, we've made contact with the enemy. Are there any orders to follow? Because if there aint, then we're going to pursue."

Garrison, Comms tower
Blastwave had just settled himself into his seat in the big orange gun tower when the call from Mug came through. he sighed exasperatedly, and retorted.
"Neither of the guys in charge have caled anything in: Do what you want man."
With that, Blastwave then continued to take deliberate aim at the Coucil ruins, magnifying his scope and readiying his weapon...

2007-04-12, 07:15 PM

Bluestreak had been holding his fire in the vague hope that there could be a peaceful resolution to the situation, but Dirge's continued fire at the enemy disabused him of that notion.

Well, it's not like we should expect anything different from the guy. Once a Decepticon, always a Decepticon, whatever badge he decides to pin on his wings.

With a resounding sigh of disgust, he made sure his beam rifle was well-aimed before firing a powerful arc of lightning at Landquake. Or, rather, in Landquake's general direction; Bluestreak was a good gunner, but his rifle's accuracy left a bit to be desired.

Council Ruins

Buzzsaw showed up on the scene with a caw, half-landing, half-crashing in the first empty spot of land he could find. Despite his undignified arrival, he still managed to squawk out, "Step it up, you guys! If I can kill three of them, you can do better than this!"

2007-04-13, 02:01 AM
Garrison Commad deck
Hyde and Creature sauntered in to the command deck, chittering and giggling nonsensically. Manual gave a little shriek of shock, where as Barbie simply sighed.
Landquakes had some good ideas for this place, but he's sure had some bad ones too.
Barbie finished bringing the automatic defences for the place on line: not imaginative, instead they werte thorough, mostly consisting of Autoguns of various calibres and payload in criss crossing awareness patterns and IFF.

Outside the Garrison
Honeybee and Spikey pulled up alongside the wall, transforming into their diminutive forms as they did so.
"Damn." Spikey squeeked. "The defences are up. Doors are shut."
Honey bee nearly kicked him, and instead restrained himself to saying "Come on: lets get in."
The Pair began to make their way around the building...

Alleys / Streets
"No you Idiot-" was all cavalier managed. Hot rods Photon charge punched through his weak under armour, tore through his overheated photon stores, and opened his energon chamber.
The resultant explosion was strangley noisless, but the blue smoke cloud wit electrical energy spouting out of it expanded at a horrific rate, engulfing the two soldiers entirely.

2007-04-13, 08:58 PM
Near the bridge

" I'll help you " offered Dogfgiht, and stepped towards Ratchet.

The triggerbot picked up the Doctor's discs and placed the devices around their position.

" You can engage those things now, 'Doc! " Dogfight said.


Council Ruins

" Oh, you're clever, aren't you? " mocked Override, grinning. " It seems you don't have your brain module consumed by the sparks explused by your exhaust port... " he said to Sizzle, joking.

The triggebrot continued firing his weapons towards the Sharkies, trying to look as though as a Dinobot, just to impress his fellow Sparkabot.

2007-04-14, 12:14 AM
As Slant finished outlining his plan, a blue bolt of lightning came scorching from the enemy and caught Landquake on the chest: he pulled himself up from the floor with murder in his eyes.
"After we get out of here," he grunted through gritted teeth, "I am getting the biggest cannon available, and I'm gonna shove it in that guys exhaust port. I will make time for that!"
With that, They trio put the plan into operation...

Council Ruins
Hopper leaped lightly over Stepbacks gun arm, evading the blast, and as he sailed over the Autobots head, he aimed his own gun down-

Haze, meanwhile, found himself under fire again from Smokescreen: his speed returned but running out, he barely kept the attacks from connecting, then with a playful grin, he charged from an athletes starters position straight at the diversionist-

Sizzle grined back at his comrade, glad for the levity.
"Hey, Overide: i think we got these guys on the run!" the sparkabot said with a grin, lowering his over heated weaon to take a clearer look of the battle, shielding his eyes ith a free hand.

Garrison Communications Deck
Blastwave had charged the Gun Tower to full power, and found a suitable target. He grinned as he lined up his sights, and with shaking hands, fired.

The end of the Tower's barrel changed colour as it heated quickly: Sparks flew from it moments before something caught, and a fiery coloured beam of pure heat launched itself through the air like a phoenix, roaring like a bull. It left a haze in it's wake, and the smell of burnt air.

Council Ruins
"Hey, what's-" Sizzle started.
The heat beam seemed to just occupy the same space for a moment; it wasn't there, then there was a clear firey lance of light encompassing most of Sizzles upper torso.
Then it was gone. Sizzles hips and legs tottered, whilst his arms and head fell to the ground. Immediatly behind Stepback and Hopper, there was a melted trench where the beam had hit the ground and burned it's way through.
Sizzles head lay in the dirt, still wearing the same face of curiosity and exhaustion.

( :( )

2007-04-14, 01:23 AM

Hot Rod: -caught up in the noiseless electrical storm, staggering, feeling his systems start to malfunction as he makes a break for it, stumbling, lurching away, finally collapsing in the street-

Black Rodimus, having tired of playing with the holograms, transformed to robot mode when his sensors detected the heat cannon's beam and the bright cloud of crackling blue energy. He moved himself into cover, then smirked when he saw a sickeningly familiar figure stagger out of the blue and collapse. "Gee, maybe I sould kill that little clone. Last thing I need... is....." Then he started to chuckle. "Oh, ho. This is my lucky day." Striding out of his cover, he walked forward, breaking into a run.

Hot Rod: -dazed, his systems still in flux, shaking his head, catches a glimpse of something big and black moving towards him at speed, realization starting to dawn- "Aw, sh-"

Black Rodimus reached Hot Rod, hardly breaking stride as he slammed a powerful kick into the smaller Autobot's midsection, sending Hot Rod crashing into a building. "I've been waiting for this, Rodimus Prime!"

Hot Rod: -wincing, coughing as he tries to get up- "I.... I'm not....."

Black Rodimus pulled his photonic disruptor rifle out of subspace, aimed it at the battered Autobot. "Hey, it's not every day you can kill your progenitor. I had what I was going to say first all figured out long ago. Die, you pathetic punk!" He pulled the trigger.

Hot Rod: -lurching to the side, feeling the blast sizzle across his side as it blew a hole in the wall, pulling his photon pistols and firing back-


Omega Supreme: -sees the tower gun fire it's heat beam, optics narrowing- "Priority target: Changed. Switching: Targets." -pivoting, he aimed his massive plasma cannon at the tower, and opened fire-

2007-04-14, 01:30 AM
Stepback seeing Sizzles fate decided to retreat.He jumped into the air transformering into jet mode as he did.As Stepback flew away he droped a few bombs on Hopper.

2007-04-14, 01:33 AM

Despite feeling like this was to easy, Carnivac chose his point of entry and then entered the enemy's base. Finding no resistence did little to make his uneasy feelings go away. So Carnivac took a brief look around. Finding nothing, the Decepticon pretender walked over to the door that would hopefully lead to his second mission ejective: causeing chaos.

2007-04-14, 04:13 AM
Near the Bridge

As soon as Dogfight notified Ratchet that he had finished setting up the proximity disks around their position, the medic momentarily looked up from Cosmos, “Thank you, Dogfight,” Ratchet nodded.

Still knelling by Cosmos, he twisted to face one of the disks that Dogfight had placed around them, pointed his arm and pressed on a very tiny remote device that he held between his thumb and index finger. The tops of four disks then lit up with a luminous, faint-purple light, then following in sequence, a shaft of purple-hued energy emanated from one of the disks. The reaction resulted in a lavender hued dome of transparent energy, which completely surrounded the small party. “Well, that was a lovely light show,” Ratchet said wryly as he rolled his eyes. “But, at least it worked.”

Ratchet then opened the second container, pulled out a few random medical devices and materials, including a gun-like apparatus and a few small cylinder cartridges containing some metallic substance, and placed each item on the opened lid of the container. Then, with a flick, a slender, pen-like device ejected from a small compartment under Ratchet’s wrist, which neatly slid into his hand. With his thumb he switched the device on, its tip almost instantly heating up.

“I need to close off these open wounds.” Ratchet said to the nearly-unconscious Cosmos. "Hang in there, alright."


Moments later

Concentrating his efforts on the areas that suffered the most traumas, particularly Cosmos’ severely damaged arm, Ratchet expertly, and rather quickly, welded off, and reconnected, the severed lines that hung exposed around the large hole.

Periodically, Ratchet would have to stop and cut from one of the spindles of cylindrical material, or make use of some other type of filament or mechanical part that he had set up at his little workstation, to replace the damaged arteries, cybernetic nerves, circuitry, endo-structuring and fuel lines.

...More moments pass

After effectively repairing the critical internal damage, in effort to stabilize Cosmos’ condition, Ratchet then reached for the gun-shaped syringe, that he earlier placed on the lid of the equipment kit, and held it just below his chin. He cocked his head to one side, grinning almost mischievously at Cosmos.

“Alright, I managed to repair most of the internal damage,” Ratchet announced. “Though, your arm will require more extensive repairs - not here, of course - we just don’t have the time, I'm afraid.”

Ratchet paused for a moment, then continued, “Buuuut, before I continue, I need to take some of the strain off your automated repair systems. They’re exerting far too much of your energy - energy that you just don’t have. It’s far too dangerous for you to go into stasis lock out here.”

Ratchet then reached for one of the small cylindrical cartridges and loaded it into the top of the syringe gun (ooc: what are those things called anyway?).

“But fear not,” Ratchet placed his free hand on the top of syringe and patted it a few times. “What I have here is a current advancement in Cybertronian medicine. Best of the best, and I should know, I helped develop it!"

"We need a speedy recovery – this will help.” He then gently placed the tip of plunger to Cosmos’ arm, and squeezed the trigger, injecting the substance into Cosmos’ internal systems. “Cybernetic nanomachines,” Ratchet explained. “Certainly they won’t repair all your injuries, but it will assist your own automated repair systems and in your recovery.”

2007-04-14, 04:29 AM
Council Ruins

(OOC: Try to keep the Datsuns straight, vt. ;))

Smokescreen knew he couldn't dodge Haze, so he didn't even try. What he did do was swing the butt-end of his rifle up toward the onrushing clone, hoping to slam it into the Quintesson soldier's chin. The heat and light from the blast that killed Sizzle registered in the corner of his optics, but he didn't have the time to worry about that now.

There will be time to mourn later, he thought stoically.


Bluestreak felt nothing but a slight swell of grim satisfaction as his shot found its mark.

One day, he thought. One day, I won't have to do this anymore. But not today.

Still watching warily for enemies, the gunner prepared to cut down the first Quintesson or knockoff that moved.

Aero Blade
2007-04-14, 05:01 AM
Dirge's attention had been on the enemies, and by the time he registered Ratchet's request, Dogfight had already responded. This was fine with Dirge, though, as he wasn't sure he had too much confidence in the little devices, not after what the doctor had said about them.

"Whatever you're gonna do, you best get it done quick then," Dirge called back to the others.

2007-04-14, 11:35 PM
Garrison command deck
One of the screens in front of Barbie flashed up an alert sign: a video feed of the perimeter came in, showing Carnivac getting into the laughably poor defences of the HQ with little trouble.
"Damn it! Creature, Hyde; you two make yourselves useful, and go get out unwanted guest out of here. Manual: redirect Honeybee, Spikey and all the other staff here."

The two kin of Blastwave went to the nearest window. Creature opened it, and Hyde stepped through, falling for a breif moment before turining into a Small range fighter jet. he was shortly joined by his brother, and the pair flew out, then circled around, honing in on Carnivacs position.

(OOC there was to be hella more here tonight fells, but one of my boys keeps waking up from nightmares. I'll be back soon, and everything will get covered, promise.)

2007-04-15, 04:16 AM
Black Rodimus dove behinda crumbling building corner as blasts from Hot Rod's photon pistols hissed by him, blowing chunks out of the cornice. "That the best you can do? You're disappointing me!"

Hot Rod: -scowling, subspaces his photon pistols, pulls his photonic eliminator rifle, braces himself- "Don't worry. I already killed one clone of me today. Another won't make a difference." -fires, the recoil flinging him into the building behind him-

Black Rodimus was already moving as the blast tore through the building he'd been using for cover, debris pinging off of his back and wing. "Not good enough, Hot Rod. But then, you never were, were you."

Hot Rod: -lurching to his feet, trying to aim where the voice is coming from- "Shut up, Clone boy!"

"Why, Rodimus? But then, you don't like being called that, do you. It reminds you of the fact that you're a failure."

Hot Rod: -scowl deepening, his anger a radiant thing- "Shut the hell up, you piece of slag!"

Black Rodimus' chuckle echoed around him. "Pathetic. All you had to do was lead the Autobots. Yes, the Decepticons were being lead by a whack job, and were a shadow of their former selves. A cakewalk. But you couldn't take it, could you. They bring that tin plated tyrant Optimus Prime back from the dead as a half-dead zombie and you eagerly give him the Matrix back." With a stealthiness that belied his size, he silently moved up behind Hot Rod, spun him around, and slammed a mighty right hook into the smaller Autobots face. "You aren't even worth my time."

Hot Rod: -staggers-

Black Rodimus kept close, hammering Hot Rod with blow after blow, not giving the young Autobot a chance to even think about fighting back, finally smashing a powerful kick into Hot Rod's chest, sending him smashing through a building.

Hot Rod: -crashes down in the alley where he'd been fighting Cavelier, skidding to a halt on his side, energon and lubricants running down the side of his face, his torso dented and battered, his optics dazed, his photonic eliminator rifle gone, trying to clear his head, sees his lightsaber- "No way I'm gonna be done in by a clone....." -grabs the lightsaber, gets to his feet, pulling his shield- "That the best you can do?"

2007-04-15, 06:01 AM
Near the Bridge

Moments pass

Ratchet soon completed the necessary repairs to Cosmos’ inner workings - that being his fuel lines, circuitry, and servomechanisms, as well the joint and armature workings to his arm.

Though not perfect, the arm was made functional once again, but would require further attention at a later time. Ratchet also managed to repair what was salvageable of Cosmos’ engines, given the time restraints, caused by the explosion of his fuel lines.

He quickly moved on to the exterior patch work, feeling confident in the nanomachines that he implanted into Cosmos would kick in and repair any remaining ailments. With his laser scalpel, Ratchet cut geometrical shapes from small, thin sheets of some metal alloy that sat in a small stack inside one the containers that stored his equipment.

Much like a puzzle, he attentively assigned each piece of the shaped metal to any exposed area that had just been repaired, then with his pen-shaped welder, fastened each section with precision and care. The beam that emitted from the welder was quite thin, leaving behind barely noticeable soldering marks around each patch. Well enough in fact that the silver and charcoal grey patches blended nicely with Cosmos’ green armored-skin, that it almost resembled green-mesh camouflage!


Moments later

As small bursts of blue and yellow sparks flew from Ratchet’s welder, the light that it produced bounced off of Cosmos’ body, making him glow and flash with each strobe-lighted motion.

Finally, with his thumb, Ratchet switched the power off on his welding device, placed it back into the narrow slot bellow his wrist and then let out a long sigh of relief.

“That should do it,” Ratchet pressed a tiny switch inside the small compartment on Cosmos’ chest, then gently shut it.

“Rise in shine Cosmos. How do you feel?” Ratchet gently nudged him.

2007-04-15, 06:51 PM
Council Ruins

" OUCH! " exclamed Override when the tower gun shot impacted on Sizzle. The triggerbot's optics only registered the intense light of the impact, and Sizzle's shadow.

But the powerfull beam also blinded the triggerbot.

" Oh no! Sizzle, buddie, I can't see! " Override said, a note of panic in his voice. The triggerbot falled to his knees, crawling and trying to touch his fellow sparkabot's body, just to call his attention. After a pair of desperate nanoseconds, Override's left hand touched one of Sizzle's remains, his foot.

" Ah, you're here! " smiled override. " Hey buddie, help me! " Just point my weapons in the correct direction, willya? "

Override hands moved upwards, touching Sizzle's feet, then his boot, then his knee and then... nothing but air.

" Sizzle?..."

2007-04-15, 10:58 PM
Garrison Gun Tower
As Blastwave gave a saitisfied "Woot at seeing the demise of a specific enemy, he took a piece of chalk he had secreted away for the occasion, and scratched a lline down the clear canopy of his gun tower command bubble.
The, Balstwaves world was shaken to it's moorings; his command bubble had come under the attack of the enemys behemoth, Omega Supreme: Magnetically accelerated Plasma smacked against the heat shielded installation causing damage and, most alarmingly, cracking some of the high stress plexi glass that surrounded the Comms master for the base. Realising his tactical error in not going for the titan first, Blastwae swung the damaged turret around till he wad brought th eweapon to bear on the massive Autobot.

Garrison Command Deck
The whole base had been affected by Omegas blast: it shook immensly, and sparks flew from several terminals in a star trek manner.
"What the hell was that?!" screamed manual, desperately trying to get some sense from his computer screen.
"Never mind that, look what that cocky idiot has done with his power play: The Sarkticons are as terrified as the Transformers!"
Barbie was pointing to a view screen in earnest: the Wave of attackers that were pressing Override and Sizzles position had halted as one, and were now scattering as well as if they had been routed.
"Manual, get them back here! Get them here now, before the Transformers get here! Do it!"

Entering the Garriosn through a side entrance...
Spikey and Honey bee were entering the garrison through a side entrance when they heard the powerful exchange of shots: the Heat Blast and the Pasma cannon shots firing through the air.
Spikey looked up at Honeybee.
"Barbie wants us to join her at the command deck."
Honeybee lokked down at his midnight black partner.
"Escape shuttle?"
"Escape shuttle."

Near the bridge
Cosmos's vision cleared intantaneously: the Medics reputation was well earned, he was at 100% again! He then looked at his left hand, and felt his back...
well, say about 75%, still better than dead!
"I'm feeling a lot better." the green minibot thanked Ratchet. "Thanks," he added sheepishly, "is everyone else ok?"

With that, there was a small but definite poom from the shop the trio of Knock Offs had hidden in.
Something had been launched from the shop window. Something big: it was propelled by dirt orange smoke and fire, and as it got closer, it became cleared.
It was Landquake. Landquakes Silvery-blue, red body was being propelled at their position by a pair of gaudy solid fuel rocket boosters...
Meanwhil, slants body was standing up right and stock still, it's one remaining arm pointing it's gun in a vague fasholn at the Tranaformers Dirge and Dogfight, and holding the trigger down, giving out rapid cover fire...

Council Ruins
The Sharkticons, as observed by barbie and Manual, were indeed panicked by the Heatbeams wake of destruction.

Haze took Smokescreens rifle butt to the face, but the sheer momentum behind the Knock off meant that he still slammeed in to the Diversionist-

Hopper evaded Stepbacks bombs, and aimed his laser rifle at his dissapering enemies undercarriage, howling for blood-

To the South of the Ruins, Mug and his silent, feral comrade had just driven up to part of the Councils walls that were, for the most part, still standing. They transformed and hid against it, weighing their options.
Well, Mug weighed the options. Irontooth just bared his teeth.

2007-04-15, 11:51 PM
Near the Bridge

After Ratchet finished packing up his gear, he snapped his fingers to place it back into subspace.

Standing back up, he took in his surroundings, noticing Dirge and Dogfight standing at the edge of the four Autobot’s position, which was still covered by the faint energy field.

As he looked closer, he could feel the air around them suddenly becoming thick with uneasiness. Some thing was approaching. Big. Fiery. Fast. Ratchet looked to Cosmos, still nearby, his eyes showing great concern.

“We’re under attack.”

Aero Blade
2007-04-16, 03:17 AM
Council Ruins

As Haze came in towards Smokescreen, Aero Blade was forced to stop firing, less he wound up hitting his comrad by mistake. When the crash occured, the tech gave a startled gasp before rushing towards the scene.

Near the Bridge

The shield was holding off Slant's shots for the moment, but as Landquake came rocketing towards them, Dirge began to look concerned.

"I don't think the shield's going to hold agains that!" the seeker warned in Dogfight's direction, preparing himself for retaliating against the approaching knockoff.

2007-04-16, 03:48 AM
Council Ruins

Smokescreen was knocked to the ground by the collision with Haze, but he fell with every bit of subtle grace he could muster. His left arm lashed out, pushing off against the ground and twisting him out from under the falling knockoff. He rolled up into a kneeling position, peripherally noticing that one of his doors had been torn off by the maneuver.

"Take him down!" he shouted to Aero Blade and any others who happened to be nearby.


Bluestreak froze momentarily as he saw Landquake rushing forward and Slant firing on his allies, unsure which target took a higher priority.

2007-04-16, 03:31 PM

Omega Supreme: -staggers back a step at the heat cannon beam slams into his chest, feeling his armor start to heat up, keeping his plasma cannon aimed at the Command Bubble- "EAT: PLAMSA!!!" -fires again-


Black Rodimus merely smirked at Hot Rod's comment. "Sounds like we're more alike than you want to admit, Roddy." He strode around the corner, taking in the crumpled remains of Cavalier, shrugging. "The last thing the universe needs is three of me running around. With that one gone, it's down to you and me." He pulled his own lightsaber and shield, the crackling red beam an angry contrast to the blue beam of Hot Rod's lightsaber, the shields identical(save for coloring).

Hot Rod: -snorts- "Your masters never had an original idea in their lives. All you are is a clone, just like him." -points at Cavalier's corpse-

The larger Quint creation simply smiled. "That's where we're different, Roddy boy. He was a clone of what you are. I'm a clone of your full potential."

Hot Rod: "Full evil potential, maybe."

"Whatever it is, it means I will kill you." With that the Quint creation leapt, slashing with his lightsaber.

2007-04-16, 08:23 PM
Stepback easly doged hoppers shots he turned around and fired hundreds of shots from his lasors at hopper.

2007-04-16, 09:21 PM
Near the bridge

" Oh for Primus sake! " exclamed Dogfight, warned by Dirge's call and watching Landquake aproaching fast.

The triggerbot stood between the Ultra Magnus' knock off and Ratchet and Cosmos, and emptied his micro-missile launcher's magazine and gatling gun on the aproaching enemy.

" Ugly incoming! " he warned the medic and the minibot.

2007-04-17, 12:37 AM
Fast Approaching The Bridge
Landquakes red body was clearing the ground between the shop and the Transformers with alarming speed: Dogfights Micro missiles and bullets impacted on the his chest, arms and head, knocking the Massive Knock off around like a ragdoll:

Meanwhile, Tireiron burst through the side door of he shop, and got back on the road, hightailing it back to the Garrison. he was joined by a large Blue COE Truck cab, matching him for speed and agility.

Council Ruins
Haze had rolled and tumbled after the collision with much less grace that Smokescreen had managed: his speed boost was nearly drained, and that blow to his face had hurt! He slowly stopped, and in what seemed like an eternity, tried to ge up-

Omega's plasma charge flowed around the heatbeam being spewed forth by Blastwave, and collided with the Gun Towers Glass Bubble at an angle, shearing off it's top like a Tin cans lid!
Blastwave had ducked down instinctively, the main bulk of super heated hydrogen punch it's way through the glass canopy above him: his back melted and several joints suffering from lack of lubrication, he sat up in shock, trying to bring the Weapon to bear on Omega once more when-

Tower Block : south-west of the Council Chambers
Perceptor, unable to ignore the one tactical advantage the enemy had, had been watching the gun tower in earnest through his snipers scope. When Omega's retaliation had wrought such impressive damage, he nearly whooped with joy!
Then, he had seen the pilot struggling up, ready to continue the assault. With a scientists detachment, he recited his mantra and brought the cope around-
clarity, focus, precision, timing, knowle- wait!
Perceptor had pulled the trigger, and watched as the scalpel like beam cut it's way through Blastwaves head, leaving him with a dull, blank expression as he slumoed forward on the controls.
Perceptor dropped his rifle, stared dumble across the distance at the copy of one of his friends, dead by his hand.

2007-04-17, 04:06 AM

Bluestreak watched as Landquake's body charged at his friends, unmoving, frozen with indecision. He wasn't distracted enough to miss the sight of the knockoff's cab racing out of the side of the building with Tireiron in tow, though.

Well, someone's gotta catch those guys before they get up to whatever they're going to get up to. And unless I miss my guess, I'm the only one who can swing it right now. So...have at it, I guess.

Taking a firm grip on the bridge's guardrail, the gunner leaped over the edge. He hit the ground awkwardly, feeling something pop in his right leg but not stopping to ask exactly what. Transforming to vehicle mode, he tore off after the two fleeing enemies with all his not-inconsiderable speed.

Council Ruins

Smokescreen only shrugged when none of the nearby Autobots heeded his call. Raising his rifle just a bit unsteadily, he took aim at Haze and fired one more time.

Aero Blade
2007-04-17, 04:22 AM
Council Ruins

Aero Blade had been coming to Smokescreen's aid, but as Haze was slow to rise, the tech didn't retaliate against him. He was not much of a fighter, and unless his enemy was actually on the attack, Aero wasn't one to initiate agression.

As Aero hesitated, he was taken a bit off guard as Smokescreen chose to open fire. He was only mildly suprized at the action, since they were on the battle field and such as that was far from uncommon or new to him, but he'd not pictured the other Autobot as one to keep pressing a fight. Aero spared only a slight glance at Smokescreen as he took up possition near him, then turned his attention back to Haze.

Near the Bridge

His attention having beeon the knock-offs, Dirge almost didn't notice as Bluestreak abruptly took off on his own. He caught sight of the awkward landing, but more notably realized that the one Autobot was chasing after two other bots, which Dirge worried would not end well if they decided to stop fleeing and isntead turn on their pursuer.

"I'm going after Bluestreak, whatever he thinks he's up to!" Dirge called to Dogfight in warning before transforming and taking off. Between he and Omega, and Cosmos looking back up to par with Ratchet's help, they ought to be able to handle things.

((ooc: Whoops. My appologies zigzagger, inserted the wrong name. Fixed now ;) ))

2007-04-17, 05:54 AM

Omega Supreme: -seeing the cannon droop at the operator dies, lowers his aim, firing at the garrison itself-

2007-04-17, 10:02 AM
Near the bride
Landquakes body erupted a few short feet from the Transformers, a fireball of energon, rocket fuels and concussion charge spreading out after a mighty shockwave.

2007-04-17, 10:39 AM
Near the Bridge

As the three remaining Transformers could do nothing more than watch, the force from the shockwave proceeding Landquake's demise smacked hard against the the energy dome that Dogfight had earlier set up for Ratchet.
The protective field flickered as the shockwave brushed over their position, absorbing most of the blunt.

Eventually however, one of the proximity disks gave in under the strain and exploded, causing the dome of energy to shatter and fade away. All Ratchet could was shield his face with his arms as the gust of debris and dust blustered past him, waiting for it pass.

Once it had, the medic looked to Dogfight and Cosmos. Off in the distance Ratchet could make out Dirge, now nothing more than a glimmer in the sky as he pursued Bluestreak.

"Is everyone alright?" Ratchet finally said to the small party

2007-04-20, 03:11 AM

Hot Rod staggered , barely managing to get his shield up in time as Black Rodimus' lightsaber slashed at him, swinging back with an equally powerful blow. The one thing he lacked in this confrontation was one thing his opponent was using as best as he could: mass. There was only one thing for him to do. Cheat. But first he needed an opening, which his opponent was doing his level best not to give him. Behind his shield(which was strapped to his left forearm), his left hand retracted and his energo-saw slid out and spun up to full speed.

Black Rodimus managed to block the blow with less problem than his smaller counterpart, and chuckled as he hear the whine of the saw. "What's the matter, Roddy? Can't take me with just the blade?"

Hot Rod shrugged. "You're bigger than me. Got to offset your advantage somehow."

Black Rodimus snorted. "You'll need more than that." He surged forward again-

-only to be met with a savage kick to the knee, barely managing to block the slashing sword with his own, grunting as the saw slashes across his chest as he leaps back. "Not bad, ki-UNFF!!!"

Hot Rod slammed into him, his shield hammering into Black Rodimus' chest, butt stroking his larger copy across the face with the hilt of his lightsaber. With a roar, Black Rodimus slammed his fist into the side of Hot Rod's head, sending the smaller Autobot tumbling to the side, following him slashing again and again, growling as Hot Rod managed to block each blow, adding more and more fury with each strike, finally slamming his shield into Hot Rod's face, following it up with a strike to his midsection with his fist, sending him flying.

Hot Rod crashed to the ground, skidding a few feet, and fell back, wheezing, the saw still spinning, the edge halfway out under the shield.

"Don't feel so bad about it, Roddy." Black Rodimus walked over to him, stopping just out of range of the saw arm. "It's just that I was built based on your Matrix specs. If you still had it, we'd be an even match..... assuming you could overcome your self doubt."

Hot Rod simply groaned, his dazed optics seeming not to focus on his larger opponent. He brought his left arm up, as if slashing at Black Rodimus' legs, the arm weaving unsteadily through the air.

Black Rodimus smirked. "Good to see there's still some fight in you. Pity I'm still going to kill you, though." Then he noticed the arm had stopped weaving.

Hot Rod fired the arm blasters on his left arm, the tri-barrelled photon burst slamming into Black Rodimus' face, blinding him.

Roaring in a combination of anger and agony, Black Rodimus fired his arm blasters at the spot where Hot Rod had been laying, already able to tell from the sound that he'd missed his wild fusilade, vision starting to clear-

- then pain, feeling the lightsaber being driven through his torso, being ripped savagely out the side, feeling his systems screaming in agony as the energy blade burns them, then hearing a low voice, hissing in his ear. "You don't know jack about me." He heard the whistling hum of a lightsaber blade swinging-


Hot Rod: -stepping back, watching the larger body of Black Rodimus fall, the head bouncing across the alleyway- "I hope that's the last clone of me here....." -sagging slightly, deactivating and subspacing the lightsaber and shield, saw retracting and hand deploying, stumbles into the building he remembers flying through and retrieving his rifle, activating his commlink- "Smokescreen, Anybody, give me a status report."

2007-04-20, 07:00 PM
Council Ruins

"Going good," Smokescreen replied to Hot Rod in between shots at Haze. "We're holding our own and taking apart the enemy's troops. We've suffered casualties, though."

Heading for the Garrison

Over the roar of his high-revving engine, it took a while for Bluestreak to hear the telltale ominous drone of Dirge following him. His first instinct, honed by decades of fighting the doleful Decepticon on Earth, was to transform and shoot him out of the sky. Thankfully, his time on Earth had made the gunner a bit less high-strung, so instead of attacking he just addressed the ex-Decepticon with open hostility.

He doesn't deserve politeness, not after all he's done. No matter how much he pretends to be reformed.

"Hit the road in front of them," he told the seeker in a decidedly unfriendly tone. "Try to slow them down. If they get to their base, we might never get them out again."

2007-04-22, 01:59 AM
Near the bridge: the ruined bridge
Cosmos stood up, still shaky from surgery. There was a strange ringing in his ears from where the balst had really messed with his audio receptors.
A little loudly, he said "Yeah! I'm OK! What the slag was that!?"

Highway pursuit
Tireiron checked his rearview mirror and saw Bluestreak and Dirge in pursuit.
"Some of them got out Slant." He radioes to his travel buddies.
The Blue cab, pulling in front of the engineer, had a Black Box with a thick cable from each side resting on the drivers seat. A light flashed as it replied.
"Well, it was a long shot. Didn't see you come up with anything better, did I?"
"Quiet." Landquake, the blue cab, intoned. "We must get to the Garrison, and summon reinforcements. Either that, or use the shuttles to get to Iacon and trigger the bombs around Kalis."
Tireiron spluttered; "How Paranoid are you Landquake!?"
"Oh, paranoid enough. Now, accelerate: I don't have time for them now."

Council Ruins
Haze, as if to punctuate Smokescreens point, was spun by one shot, doubled over by a third, sent to his back by a third. A fourth shot went through his weakened chest plate, and pierced his CPU, ending the threat the speedster had posed.

Garrison Command centre
Barbie finished a line of expletives as the building finished shaking.
"That thing," she said, pointing at a view screen of Omega Supreme, "Is going to Kill us!"
Manual, oil running down his face in fear, continued working as best he could.
"I'm redirecting all defensive weaponry from the walls at him: It should keep him busy, and away from here. The dozen or so Allicons that made it back are in the Courtyard, and the Sharkticons are responding to the nero prods: they should stop milling around in panic and get back to their pens through lack of orders."
"Good." Barbie got from her seat, and went to one of the lockers that lined the wall: opening it, she brought out one of the more oversized pieces of weaponry the Quintessons had.
She answered Manuals unspoken question without looking at him.
"It's a Shuriken cannon: Onom leant it to me, after we had that date in Yuss. Good times."

2007-04-22, 04:42 AM
Highway Pursuit

Bluestreak saw his quarry start to accelerate, trying to lose him, but the gunner was having none of it. He simply wouldn't allow a pair of Quintesson-built simulacrums of his friends to escape from his grasp.

The gleaming silver Datsun edged closer to the fleeing knockoffs, his engine revving loud enough to shake the glass in nearby windows.

Council Ruins

Smokescreen prodded Haze's corpse with his foot to make sure the knockoff wasn't just playing dead, then looked around for other nearby threats to his fellow Autobots.

2007-04-22, 07:21 AM
Ruined Bridge

“I believe, Cosmos,”Ratchet replied. “That explosion was caused by the enemy - or rather, was the enemy - thanks to Dogfight here.”

Turning his attention back to the immediate area, Ratchet, via voice command, activated his optical scanners and conducted a quick data sweep of the surrounding vicinity. Each item instantly identified itself as his gaze passed over the remains of the fallen, in tiny text in the lower right corner of his vision.

“Okay, let’s see here…Identity: unidentified Quintesson; status...unit terminated.” He continued to scan the area, determining the level of threat, as well as taking tally of the causalities along the way, “Identity...okay, another unidentified Quintesson - status also terminated.”

He gave a sigh in relief once he realized that Hot Rod, Aero Blade, Stratus, Smokescreen, Override, Stepback and Omega Supreme, registered as operational. Dirge, Bluestreak, Carnivac, Buzzsaw, and Perceptor remained out of the medical officer's visual range.

These results also indicated something more obvious to him; the Quintessons have suffered considerable casualties thus far. Finally, Ratchet’s scan abruptly came to a halt when he found the remains of one of the party’s first casualties. “Identity: Autobot,” Ratchet paused, closed his eyes for a moment, and then reopened them, “Identified as Sizzle…unit... terminated.”

At that moment, Ratchet received Hot Rod’s transmission. He waited a few moments before answering, shook his head, then tapped his audio receiver to respond, “Ratchet here,” He said rather monotoned, “Everything is clear over here. Dogfight is present, Cosmos will be fine and Dirge has left our position to offer support to Bluestreak."

2007-04-22, 09:02 AM
Near the bridge

Dogfight reloaded his mini-missiles launcher and stepped to Ratchet and Cosmos.

" Good to se you online again, Cosmos " the triggerbot chuckled. " Oh, Doc " he said, turning to Ratchet, " I burned my thrusters when I tryed to catch Cosmos " the triggerbot explained, pointing at his boots.

" Can you fix me? You know, I'm an airborne mech... "


Council Ruins

" Oh, no... Sizzle. "

Override continued blind, crawling along the place when Sizzle had perished. Trying to focus again, Override opened a commlink.

" Smokescreen? " he radioed. " Where're you? I need help, I'm blind! "

2007-04-22, 11:48 AM
Ruined Bridge

After closing transmission with Hot Rod, Ratchet continued to survey the layout, searching for any signs left behind by comrades he was unable to locate.

“Hiding, are we? ” he quietly mused, “Where are you? I know you’re out there. What are you up to, you mad scientist, you?"

At that moment, Dogfight had stirred the war medic from his trace, requesting his services. “Hm?” Ratchet dazedly responded before snapping out of it, “Oh, yes, Dogfight! I almost forgot about you.”

Ratchet then crouched down, resting one hand to his knee, a small diagnostic apparatus sprung out from a compartment under his wrist, sliding neatly into his other hand. “Alright, let’s have a look here.”

Ratchet then guided the thin beam of light that emanated from the small remote-like device down Dogfight’s left boot, and then the right. The results, which were remotely fed back to Ratchet, flashed before his optics in esoteric figures and shapes. After completing his assessment of the damage, he returned his tool back to its secret compartment and let out a soft chuckle.

“Well, Dogfight,” he smiled, “It’s not as bad as you might think. You scorched some circuitry, localized to the booster/propulsion areas only, particularly the lines that connect to its chargers/generators, which caused a reflexive short-out. You’re flight systems purposefully crashed to prevent further electrical damage. Simple job, really. Replace or solder a few filaments here, add a couple of new fuses there. Heh, lucky for you, I always subspace spare fuses! ”

(ooc: In case you couldn't tell, I am bull****ting my way through the mechanical jargon ;))

Aero Blade
2007-04-22, 11:49 PM

Dirge detected the edge in Bluestreak's tone, but he didn't pay it any mind. He knew there were still Autobots that didn't care for him; as unprovoked as it was, that wasn't his concern right now. He figured he should return the tone with some nasty comments of his own, but that would have to wait until after the knockoffs had been dealt with.

"You just be ready to get at them when they crash!" Dirge responded sharply to Bluestreak as he gunned his engines to catch up to the fleeing Tireiron and Landquake. Once he was angled right, he openned fire on the road just infront of them, tearing it up with strafing as to make it completely undrivable on, and continuing the destruction much further up on ahead. He was hoping to cause them to crash with the abrupt change to driving over rubble, but if not then at least they'd be slowed down with having to go back to being on foot, which would make for much better targets for Dirge fromt he air...

Council Ruins

The threat Haze had presented now seemed to be gone, but now Aero Blade seemed to be a bit standoffish to Smokescreen. Aero had not at all pictured him to be quite that agressive, and it was yet another reminder to him of how little he actually knew of things around here.

Now no-longer paying any attention to Haze's corpse, Aero Blade came in closer to Smokescreen, but stil kept a bit of distance that he hadn't before. "So what now?" he asked, looking around to see if he couldn't spot anything else as well.

2007-04-24, 01:36 AM

Omega Supreme: -pushed back a step by the incoming fire, fires back, plasma cannon roaring as he fires, still aiming at the base of the tower-


Hot Rod: -transforming to vehicle mode, over commlink to Smokescreen- "What? Nobody needs my help? Saves wear on the tires, I guess. I'm heading for their garrison. Don't want to let Chainclaw have all the fun."

2007-04-25, 01:31 AM
Council Ruins

(ooc:confirmation of location:Stepback and Hoppers battle has taken them a short distance away from the point of Sizzles demise, leaving Override the closest, with Aeroblade and Smokescreen a little further away. This sheepish retcon brought to you by VT)

Hopper braved the shots sent down on him by Stepback, and utilising the skill that marked him as a copy of the Wreckers Greatest leader, shot his Rifles Wind Tunnel effect at his enemy, hoping to bring him down: not standing to see the results, he transformer into his sportscar alt mode, and started to drive at speed to whence he came...

Amidst the ruins in the South, Mug watched as Hopper ran, and Haze fell to Aeroblade and Smokescreens combined efforts. His attempts at hailing Blastwave were frutiless as well, and as the enemy were also communicating with each other well enough, he guessed both the black out and the comms officer were dead.
This isn't good. The Transformers will no doubt begin to assault to Garrison, once they'd got their heads together.
Then, over the sounds of the Garrisons automated firepower, there came the familar noise of superheated plasma being launched through the air-

Barbie fell to the floor as the whole command structure shook.
"Omega seems to have disabled the comm jamming rig that Blastwave set up," Manual stammered his way through a report, "No reply still from lurk and the others, and the Sharkticons are in the Courtyard with Honey bee and Spikey."
Barbie picked herself andthe oversized weapon up.
"FINE!" She grunted.
"Make sure everyones on their way back here. Have some one prep the shuttles, and get the drones to hold back those things. we're geting out of here!"

Meanwhile, their nerves shot to hell from the incoming attacks, Hyde and Creature finally spotted Carnivac: in their small sci fi je fighter forms, they swooped in the Wolf infiltrator, firing plasma charges down on him in a strafing run.

Tireiron saw the road tear up in fron of him, but was going too fast: he hit a shard of Steelcrete at top speed and flipped into the air, turning cartwheels and smashing along the road...
Landquake had guessed they would do soemthing not dissimilar to this, and had transformed, igniting the booster rockets in the base of his cab allowing him to perform an acrobatic flip: Rifle in hand, he was sending returing fire at Bluestreak and Dirge whislt in the air and as he hit the ground...

Ruined Bridge
Cosmos, hearing slowly returning, tapped Ratchet on the shoulder.
"What did you say about Sizzle?"

2007-04-25, 04:12 AM
Council Ruins

Smokescreen would have grinned at Hot Rod had the other been there to see it, but since he wasn't he didn't bother with what would have been a patently inappropriate expression. "Give 'em hell, boss."

Turning to Aero Blade, he caught the disapproval in the technician's optics. He wished he hadn't had to disillusion the shy Autobot, but he knew that Haze had been a threat that needed to be dealt with quickly before he could harm any other Autobots. "Override needs help," he told the other Autobot. "I don't know what we can do, but we've got to try."

Striding away from the dead Quintesson trooper, he approached the downed Triggerbot slowly. "Override? It's Smokescreen." He gently brought his hand down on the other Autobot's shoulder. "You say you're blind? What happened?"


Bluestreak transformed as soon as he saw Landquake do the same, bringing his weapons out of subspace before his feet hit the ground. "End of the road, clonies! Get ready to join your slimy five-faced makers in the Pit!"

As he spoke, he triggered a fusillade of shots from his beam rifle at Tireiron. Landquake's rifle shots hit him in the right shoulder and calf, melting part of his door and shattering a window. In response, Bluestreak fired both of his shoulder-mounted rocket launchers at the clone. Each warhead split into four smaller projectiles in mid-flight, curling around to approach the knockoff from eight different directions.

2007-04-25, 05:54 AM
Ruined Bridge

After Ratchet had retrieved his equipment from sub-space, he began to repair the damage done to Dogfight’s twin rockets, located in the Triggerbot’s lower legs.

Once Ratchet had exposed the inner workings of Dogfight’s boosters, each situated in small compartments in the calves of Dogfight’s boots, he immediately began to solder, cut, and replace the damaged cybernetic tissue.


Moments later…

As Ratchet put the final touches to Dogfight’s engines, Cosmos, who had heard the medic speaking to himself earlier during his scan of the layout, came up behind Ratchet while he was crouched in front of Dogfight’s standing legs, and tapped on his shoulder* (ooc: * read very tired’s post for this bit).

Following Cosmos' question, Ratchet shut off his pen-shaped welder with his thumb and pausing while he lowered his head down towards Dogfight’s feet.

He then looked back up - in Dogfight’s direction first. “You’re all done, Dogfight.” He said softly, his voice tinged with grief.

He lightly shut the compartments on Dogfight’s lower legs, then (still crouching), re-positioned himself to face Cosmos. At that moment, The medical chief's eyes revealed a glint of anguish as he looked up towards the green-clad Autobot, who awaited for his answer. Eyes telling of a numbing sadness - the familiarity of sights that many Transformers alive could never fathom. Then, in a flash, it was gone as Ratchet's expression re-shaped itself into a nearly impenetrable facade, yet still maintaining its gentle and kindly aura.

“Sizzle is…we lost him,” Ratchet began, his tone was almost comforting, “Found out during my scan of the area…I'm so sorry...Sigh, there was high level thermal radiation around the body…The blast had to have come from the Garrison gun tower.…He died instantly.”

2007-04-25, 01:03 PM
Council Ruins

Stepback Crashed into the ground from Hopper's wind tunnel.Stepback transformed and fired another volley of rockets at Hopper.

Aero Blade
2007-04-25, 11:39 PM

Dirge had been expecting retaliation from the knockoffs, but the quick response from Landquake almost caught him off guard, several of the shots impacting him before he was able to barrelroll out of the way. It forced him to stop his strafing run, but having destroyed so much of the highway already it would be awhile before he needed to do anymore.

After a quick moment to recover, Dirge circled back towards the knockoffs, coming in at an angle that he could again strafe Landquake and Tireiron without putting Bluestreak in the line of fire.

Council Ruins

With Smokescreen making meantion of their fallen comrad, the previous incident with Haze was forgotten momentarily as Aero Blade quickly came over to join him.

"Is there anything we can do?" Aero Blade asked, going around to Override's other side, ready to support him if need be.

2007-04-27, 12:58 AM
Landquake, betraying no emotion as yet, fired in as wide a spray at posible at the oncoming warheads sent his way by Bluestreak: almost voctorious, two missiles made it through his fire to impact on his back with a whoomph.
Tireiron, gathering his sense in amidst the road detritus around him, took a surprising beam blast to the chest, sending him skidding back along the road: Dirges follow up attack caught him along his legs, making the engineer scream in pain.
Tireiron returned volley with the last of his own rockets, an array of magnetic inducer, shrapnel-needle, and gyro-inhibitor shells belching forth from his shoulder launchers at the Autobot Seeker.
Landquake meanwhile, eyes blood red with rage, ran at Bluestreak with his laser blaster on reapid fire, hoping the clear the distance in as little time as possible-

Ruined Bridge
Cosmos was quiet. Ratchets words sank in like rocks amidst wet sand.
He wasn't sure what to feel. he'd never really got along with Sizzle, he'd merely gotten to know him because of the other sparklers. And now he was dead.
The sounds of battle brought him back, if a little emptily.
"Omega may want a hand with the Garrison; we should move."

fast retreating from the Council Ruins to the Garrison
Hopper had cleared some astounding ground when he heard the all too familiar sound of Stepbacks missiles igniting.
For the love of Primacon, I'm going to enjoy gutting that little... he thought in earnest, as the rockets exploded around him and on his rear armour, causing more damage, but not enough to stop his escape.

(OOC um... yeah, Tire iron actually thinks he is wheeljack at times, i just corrected the post to avoid confusion. sure as hell wasn't an error on my part, no sirree! :)

2007-04-27, 01:28 AM
Heading towards the Garrison:

Hot Rod: -engine roaring, tires squealing as he comes around a corner, activating his weapons hardpoint, his photonic eliminator rifle locking into the spot, charging it as he heads towards one of the walls at top speed-


Omega Supreme: -firing again at the garrison-

2007-04-27, 06:16 AM

Bluestreak let out a pained grunt as several of Landquake's shots bit into his torso. The gunner dove forward to avoid the knockoff's fire, transforming to his decidedly worse-for-wear vehicle mode and accelerating toward his foe's legs and nattering like a five year old.

"Oh, you think you're a big mech, don't you? You think running around with a big gun and a fake Ultra Magnus trailer makes you important? And you couldn't even keep that intact, never mind! Pah! You're not even as good as a Decepticon!"

2007-04-27, 06:28 AM
OOC: Sorry for not answering sooner, I was having computer problems.



Even thought Carnivac had been alert for enemies, Hyde and Creature's fire managed to hit him on the back before he could completely move out of the way. With part of his shell's back burned and cracked; Carnivac turned, then fired his optic beams at Hyde and Creature.

2007-04-27, 08:44 PM
Council ruins

Override face turned to look with dead optics at Smokescreen, then at Aero Blade. His face a pale shadow of his former boldness.

" I-I was at Sizzle's side, when a powerfull light engulfed him. I think the brightness has melted my optics, because I can't see anything... and... I tried to reach Sizzle " the triggerbot shaked his head. " He's dead, right? "


Ruined Bridge

Dogfight checked Ratchet's repairs, and shaked his head in sorrow as the doctor explained Sizzle's death.

" War " he muttered. " Anyway, thank you 'doc " he said, turning his red face to look at Ratchet and nodding in thanks.

The triggerbot stteped from the medic and aproached Cosmos.

" Be carefull buddy " said Dogfight, smiling. Then he transformed into jet mode and ignited his newly repaired thrusters, leaving a trail of fire behind him as he took of.

Heading towards the highway, the triggerbot opened a channel.

" Dirge? Where're you? " he radioed.

2007-04-28, 03:13 AM
Council Ruins

Smokescreen weighed his reply carefully. Override was in bad shape, and the tactician didn't want to add extra weight to his shoulders by telling him that his friend was dead. But on the other hand, the Triggerbot was one of the toughest Autobots on the team, and if Smokescreen tried to shield him from the truth he would end up taking it as an insult.

"Yes," he said softly. "Yes, he's dead. I'm sorry, Override."

Without turning away, he sent a silent transmission to Aero Blade. "Contact Ratchet and let him know we need him here when he's done with his current patients, please."

2007-04-28, 10:52 PM
Council Ruins

Override grimaced as he heard Smokescreen's words. The triggerbot didn't said nothing, though. He tried to get rid of from the diversionary tactician hold, but he stumbled with a piece of junk and fell to the ground.

Gritting his teeth, Override loocked towards where he thought Smokescreen was standing.

" Just-point-my-weapons-in-the-right-direction... " he spitted.

2007-04-29, 03:32 AM
Council Ruins

Smokescreen let go of Override's shoulder, then dropped to one knee beside the crippled Autobot.

"There's no one left to shoot," he said softly. "Not here. We got all of them."

2007-04-29, 07:24 PM
Tower Block : south-west of the Council Chambers

Blaster ? ...

flashback ~~ Perceptor thinks back, millions of years, back to the very beginning of the war. Back to his closest friend, the one who stopped him from joining the decepticon ranks. The first transformer he ever killed. Stormseeker... He sees the look of surprise frozen on his collegues' face as he lay lifeless on the floor. Victim of Perceptors' ambition... (ooc : I'm not sure where to develop this, any ideas ?)~~

He opened a com channel : to all airborne units. Requesting airlift to Baird transmission station.

2007-04-29, 10:28 PM
Garriosn Defence Systems
Primary focus: Omega Suprme.
The Autobot defenders shots continued to damage the defence systems of the installation:
The Wall itself threw up directional force shields at apprpriate points, with varying effectiveness, keeping most of he damage tothe wall minimal: any shots that cleared the wall and hit the garrison towers was having a much more profitable effect, proving the Landquakes love of variety was having it's downfall. In trying to plan for everything, no single attack was wholly defended against.
Sub-programs operating outside the main were tracking the encroaching Hot rod, and were bartering with the main for use of defensive weaponsry after a certain distance covered-

Garrison command deck
Barbie stood as the room shook again and larger pieces of ceiling began to fall o the ground.
"Come on Manual, lets get out of here," she said almost congenially.
Manual, buoyed by a conversation with his partner that hadn't resulted in him getting kicked, eagerly followed her down th halway and into a turbo lift.
As the doors slid shut, the Garrisons defence systems took control of the controls and granted remote access to the three ranking defenders; Barbie, Hopper and Landquake.

Garrison: Interior, beyond the wall
Carnivacs eye beams missed Hyde, and scored a hit on Creatures left propulsion unit, causing a wobble in his flight plan. As Creature transformed and free fell to te ground before his enemy, his brother creature continued to fire Plasma charges at the infiltrator.

Council Ruins
Mug watched as the Attackers rallied around their dead and their wounded. He and Irontooth weren't a match for them even with the element of surprise.
Knowing that they must be close by now, Mug tried opening a communication with the expedition force they had been trying to contact since the beginning;
"Lurk? Lurk, can you hear me?"

"Prattling fool," was all Landquake added when the Gunner Bluestreak transformed and accelerated toward him: he continued firing at the Autobot till he jumped slightly, and tried to land both his feet through the windscreen of his enemy.

2007-04-30, 12:24 AM

Omega Supreme: -leaning into the incoming fire, fires again at the garrison-

Roaring towards the Garrison:

Hot Rod: "This is gonna hurt like hell....." -engine still roaring, fires the photonic eliminator rifle, the recoil pushing him back, rear tires screaming and exploding against the ground as the recoil stops him dead, flinging a massive blast at the garrison wall(a bare flicker compared to Omega's plasma cannon, but hopefully enough to breach a saturated defense system), his transmission reduced to scrap, transforms to robot mode, rolls behind some cover- "OW, Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!"

2007-04-30, 02:57 AM

Dodging both Hyde's fire and some of the biger pieces of the garrison at once was almost impossible, but Carnivac did the best he could. Even as more of his pretender shell became blacked and cracked, Carnivac felt that part of his shell's back give way. It let some of the phasma through and started to melt his armour. Carnivac fired his optic beams at Hyde while trying to use his claws on Creature.

2007-04-30, 04:00 AM

"Prattle this, buddy boy!" Bluestreak transformed as he approached Landquake, sliding feet-first toward the Magnus knockoff. Beam rifle in hand, he fired a steady stream of ionic lightning at his enemy. He slid part-way under the jumping Transformer, firing one last lightning bolt at his foe's hips before Landquake came back down to the ground, landing heavily on Bluestreak's chest.

The beam rifle clattered to the ground as the gunner let out a high-pitched shriek.

Aero Blade
2007-04-30, 05:12 AM

Dirge tried to shoot down th various weaponry that had been fired at him by Tireiron, but enevitably he was forced to try to avoid it, and was still struck by some of it in the process. A gyro inhibitor caught him squarely in the wing, sending him off in an uncontrolable barrelroll for a short while, but eventually he was able to compensate enough to regain control of his flight pattern.

As he was preparing to retaliate, Dogfight's transmittion came through, making him hold off a bit longer as he answered the triggebot. "We're further up the highway fighting a couple stubborn knockoffs. They can't get away right now without being slowed down by the damaged road, but they're still giving us a few problems. Get over here if you can."

Council Ruins

Aero Blade nodded as Smokescreen's silent transmittion coming through, not for a moment phased by the meantion of the doctor as he began to prepare to send out a transmittion.

It might have seemed odd to anyone who knew of his incidents with the medical staff, but it was hardly anything to Aero - he was calling in someone to come look at an ailing ally - there was little reason for him to be concerned on his own part. It wasn't as if the medics would be checking him out, they'd have Override to be concerned with.

Taking the cue from Smokescreen, Aero sent out a silent transmittion once he'd gotten the right frequency. "Ratchet, we've got a pretty badly messed up guy back in the Council Ruins, seems to have some pretty extensive optics damage. Smokescreen wants you to get down here whenever you're done with business in your area."

2007-04-30, 08:20 AM
Ruined Bridge

Dogfight left the remaining two Autobots in a fiery blaze to rendezvous with Dirge and Bluestreak, who at that moment, were in hot pursuit of Landquake and Tireiron along the highway.

Ratchet watched Dogfight disappear into the horizon, making certain that the repairs on the blue Triggerbot’s propulsion system were operating properly, then looked back to Cosmos in response to his earlier suggestion.

Ratchet nodded his head in accord to the green-clad Autobot’s proposal in aiding Omega Supreme, but before the two Autobot’s could put any plan into action, Ratchet received a silent transmission from Aero Blade.

“Oh, um, hold on one moment, Cosmos,” Ratchet said politely, then tapped his audio receptor to receive the transmission. He listened attentively, nodding thoughtfully as Aero Blade relayed his message. “Uh-huh ….hmmm…..Alright….Be right there.”

Once he ended the transmission, Ratchet returned eye contact back to Cosmos. “Change of plans,” he said. “I’m needed back at the Council Ruins. Of course - you’re more than welcome to accompany me.”

With a new course set, Ratchet quickly transformed into what appeared to be a rescue-type all-terrain vehicle; white from hood to rear, with various red decals and stripes through out the body, a grey mesh-brushguard along the grill, as well as the signature rectangular siren-light sitting just above the windshield.
(occ: think of it as being similar to Movie Ratchet’s design, only not being an ugly green firetruck-thing, but more like a small rescue Hummer that’s white and red.)

The vehicular design was recent upgrade. Though similar in some respects to his previous vehicular mode, that being an ambulance, this newer design was better equipped to handle a broader range of environments - as an Autobot in Ratchet’s field ought to be.

His engines rumbled as he idled for a moment, and then, as loose debris was kicked into the air by the spinning of his rear wheels, Ratchet accelerated, then sped away to rendezvous with Override, Smokescreen, and the others at the Council Ruins.

(ooc: More out of curiosity, why does Aero Blade (the character)have issues with medics, or Ratchet for that matter? I read up a little about that in older posts, but it wasn’t made entirely clear. Good thing to know :) )

2007-05-06, 10:22 PM
Council Ruins, hidden in the south
Mug was fretting. he held his musket tight to his chest, and purposefully worried.
The Transformers are regrouping, but taking their time. The Garrisons under heavy attack. Landquake isn't about. What the heck do i do...
With this, Mug felt something in the lower bandwidth of the Quinteson Comm relays. he tuned in...
"This is Lurk, calling in: Blastwave, do you copy? We can see the assault, where should we land? This is Lurk..."
Mug would have grinned, if he wasn't petrified.
"Lurk, this is Mug: The Transformers have returned, and have staged reclamation. I think they're regrouping here in the Old Council Ruins though, so here's something like a plan. The Comms are out in the Garrison, so I'll have my buddy here get the message to them.
While they are getting themselves together, you wait: if we can get the Garrison forces to stage a second assault, then you lot and I can get the enemy in the rear. If the Transformers start moving before we get the message to the Garrison, then you do a standard air drop, get your guys in the middle."
There was a pause whilst the voice on the other end considered...

Garrison, walls
The Auto defences, concentrating all too hard on Omega, were taken unawares by Hot Rod: his attack took a large chunk out of the plas steel alloy that had made it up: wires sputtered and oil leaked in gouts.

Creature danced back as Carnivac began his distratced attack, and fired his Plasma gun in retaliation: his brother Hyde fared worse, and took Carnivacs eyebeams to his undercarriage, sparks flying as he plummeted to the ground-

Barbie and Manual arrived in the Courtyard, and saw Hopper standing head and shoulder above the Sharkticon survivors that had managed their way back.
"What took you so long?" Barbie asked as she cleared the distance.
"I got into a scrap with some idiot that didn't know when to stay hit is all. I'll settle the score, don't you worry."
Barbie grinned. "I know you will. So, whats the plan red? Do we dig in, or march out?"

Tireiron guffawed as his barrage had an effect on Dirge: seeing the seeker with the red badge try to rectify his course, he raised his laser rifle:
"Here, let me help!" he shouted as he fired rapidly at his enemy.

Landquake gritted his teeth and clasped his left hand to his chest: the close range ionic attack was causing him immense pain, and his balance was shot from the parting attack on his hips.
He stepped carefully off Bluestreaks chest, admiring the damage he had wrought on the proffesional fool.
He cocked his head as he looked down at his enemy, and then knelt by his head.
"I think you, may be, of some use, idiot." He spat, as he started to open his chest plate...

2007-05-07, 04:53 AM

Hot Rod: -peering up from cover, smiling, pulling his lightsaber and he springs from cover and charges towards the gaping rent in the wall, intent on making the hole big enough to get through-


Omega Supreme: -starts forward, striding towards the garrison, still firing his plasma cannon at the Garrison-

Aero Blade
2007-05-08, 02:03 AM

Having been distracted with the transmittion from Dogfight, Dirge took several hits from Tireiron before he could gun his engines and get out of the way. Yet even more burn marks peppering the painjob on his wings, as well as a couple of sizable but not yet critical holes, Dirge knew he wouldn't be able to take much more of this. He had to keep focused.

Letting the noise of his engines work to its fullest effect, Dirge resumed firing on Tireiron, but made sure to keep enough distance this time to hopefully avoid any further retaliation from the knock-off.

2007-05-08, 11:19 AM
Highway, near (Destroyed) Quintesson Main HQ/Lab Facility, approaching Old Council Ruins

As Ratchet sped down the old highway – his current destination: the ruined Council Chambers where Overide and Smokescreen awaited - he was able to make a visual of the remains of the old Quintesson HQ, resting imminently along his plotted route.

As he drew closer to the abandoned region, the damage that had been inflicted upon these grand edifices became all the more apparent. "Sigh, it’s like grave site. Completely war-worn." Ratchet thought as he took in the forthcoming layout. "Inhabitable, to say the least, but should hopefully make for good cover."

With that thought, Ratchet enacted a diagnostic read-out of the area, to assure that his trip to the ruins went by uneventfully. “Better tune radio-input frequency at the highest level of sensitivity. Should hopefully detect even the faintest signal out here,” he reminded himself before he initiated a system command, “Oh, and computer? Apply radar read-out to navigational systems,as well. I’ll need a clear – and maneuverable – map through the old HQ.”

Once Ratchet had reached the center of the ruins, his large tires, aided by a rather precise hydraulic system, climbed easily over the large chucks of rubble and debris that lay scattered though out the once great halls of the structure.

As the data received from his sensory and navigational systems were instantly fed back to his mainframe in its usual esoteric figures, Ratchet was able to make out nearby life readings from his comrades, as well as the enemy's.

“Hmmm, I don’t like this.” The chief medical officer slightly fretted as he continued to cautiously drive through the wreckage. “Better keep moving. The sooner I reach the Council Chambers, and out of this gigantic mausoleum, the better.”

2007-05-09, 04:19 AM

"Yeah, like k-killing you, m-maybe..."

Bluestreak swiped ineffectually at Landquake as the other Transformer moved off of him, but the damaged Autobot could barely move, let alone fight.

Council Ruins

Smokescreen caught sight of the oncoming Ratchet and waved him over silently. The tactician felt a sharp pain in his damaged side as he did so, but forced his expression to remain neutral; he wanted the doctor's full attention focused on Override, not on his relatively minor damage.

In fact, I should probably get out of here entirely. Hot Rod is probably leading a valiant charge on the garrison by now.

"Aero, can you take care of these two? I have a feeling the rest of the team might need my help before this is over." He cast a glance over at Buzzsaw and his mangled wings. "If things get desperate, you can throw the tinfoil turkey at them."

"I'll have you know I am the epitome of Decepticon espionage technology, Autobot," Buzzsaw replied haughtily. "And I have personally dispatched three of these...bootleg troopers we are facing. Tinfoil turkey, indeed." The bird's optics narrowed and the click of mortar shells sliding into his launchers filled the room. "Go. I'll make sure no harm comes to your friends."

Satisfied that he'd tweaked the Decepticon's pride enough that he would be willing to put aside his indignation and being damaged and fight, Smokescreen transformed and headed for the main garrison building.

2007-05-09, 08:10 AM

Having his front end join his backside in being burned wasn't Carnivac's idea of fun. Still the pretender grinned and shot his optic beams at Creature.

2007-05-12, 12:01 AM
Tireiron felt Dirges engines do their work on his innards, skewing his view and attitude, throwing his aim as he tried to fight through the despair: he fired on, but his attacks were not as effective as they had been...

Landquake looked down at Bluestreak with naked contempt. The swipe conected ineffectually with his leg, and he kicked he arm away with disgust. His hand came from his chest plate holding what was left of Slant: a Black box alittle larger than Landquakes hand, with a battered and broken cable coming from each surface.
"Slant," he said, whilst still staring at the fallen Gunner with naked aggresion, "See what you can do with this."
With that, he placed Slant on Bluestreaks chest, and grinned as the cables flopped to life and look for openings through the cracked and damaged armour...
Hmmm, so soon... Slant thought.

Cosmos stared up at Omega Supreme, who was seemingly dealing with the Garrisons titanic defences solo: still numb from the news of Sizzles demise, he transformed into his Spacemode, and took to the sky, aiming to get over the Garrison and report to his comrrades what was happening.

Honeybee and Spikey had been running around the outer lanes of the Garrison looking for an abandones shuttle of some type when they came across Hotrod. Well, the situation was more they almost collided as the three met in the same point... Spikey found himself slamming into the cavaliers legs, and Honeybee was skidding to an end close behind him:
"Oh for the love of... Barbie, they're in the base!" he radioed...

Meanwhile, not too far away, Hyde was standing up shakily from his crash: minor damage in total, but flight capabilities compromised reported his HUD, as he watched Creature take Carnivacs eye beams to the sde, whilst still firing his Plasma gun with abandon. With a chitter and a giggle, Hyde brought his own plasma pistol to bear, and charged the Pretender Infiltrator...

Also meanwhile...
Garrison defences weakening... the computer chimed to itself. Omega Supremes attacks were having greater and greater affect. Landquakes protocols for the situation were clear: Power down and prime the Final Defence. The refractor fields were powered down, and all hostile defences were muted save for a token gesture from the remaining Auto Lasers, all targetting Omega and unable to cope with the encroaching Smokescreen and Buzzsaw.

2007-05-13, 12:24 AM

Hot Rod: -trips over Spikey, tumbling headlong to the ground, lightsaber skittering from his grasp- "What the...." -sees Spikey and Honey Bee- "For the love of Primus. MORE clones?!?!?!?!? Don't the Quints have any original ideas?" -bringing his arms up, his wrist blasters firing at Spikey and Honey Bee-


Omega Supreme: -taking quite a battering from the garrison defense guns, plasma cannon roaring again in response, wondering when they'll take the garrison-

2007-05-14, 04:46 AM

Bluestreak wasn't sure what the object Landquake had attached to him was, but the Autobot was fairly sure he didn't want it digging into his armour like it was. The gunner swatted at it, ineffectually trying to dislodge it.

2007-05-14, 07:49 AM
Council Ruins

As Ratchet approached the position that Aero Blade had disclosed, which was marked by a small blinking icon upon the simulated map of his navigational systems, his sensors caught Smokescreen racing off towards the garrison.

“Where the blazes is he….Sigh, oh well, what can you do?” he sighed, then re-directed his attention back to the rendezvous point. “Now, let’s see here….”

As the red/white all-terrain vehicle that was Ratchet’s secondary mode entered the block that is now the Council Ruins, he spotted Aero Blade and Override. Ratchet reduced his speed as he drew near them, then came to grinding halt as his wheels crushed and sprayed the gravel and debris beneath him. The brawny rescue-type vehicle stood idle for a moment in front of the two Autobots before Ratchet’s alternate mode reverted back to its standard humanoid form.

“Greetings Override - Aero Blade,” he announced rather pleasantly as he approached. “Pleased to see that you are both functioning.”

Ratchet first looked to Aero Blade, assessed his condition, smiled, and then quickly turned his head towards Override. “Now, let’s have a look here…” Ratchet knelt in front of him, gently cupping Override's chin with his hand and very gently tilted his head upwards.

“Hmmmm,” the combat medic assessed as looked over the damage done to Override’s optics, via magnifying the scope of his own optic sensors. “Okay…protective corneal screens look seared and…uhhh….fair amount of retinal lens damage…should have replacements on hand,” Ratchet quietly mused out loud to as his built-in diagnostics fed the data back to him, “….optic tract fibers scorched….hmmm…should be able to solder the severed ones…ummm….also should outfit a replacement visor…yeah, I know I’ve got plenty of those....”

Ratchet then removed his hand from under Override’s chin for a moment, to retrieve one of the usual pen-shaped instruments from the compartment under his wrist - which ejected out of its small hidden slot, and slid into the medic’s palm.

Once Ratchet activated the device, a thin red beam of light emitted from it. The combat medic placed his hand back underneath Override’s chin, repositioning his head, then pointed the beam into one of his patient’s eyes.

“Try to relax Override, okay,” he said gently, yet remained focused as he held the small rod unwaveringly in its position. “This is a very delicate procedure, and we can’t afford to sedate you out here, so please, try not to move too much. This shouldn’t take too long.”

2007-05-14, 11:09 AM
Council Ruins

" Very well, doc " replied Override to Ratchet. " Just try to not ruin my paintjob...ouch! "



Dogfight joined Dirge as his starboard wingbot, and pointing his nosecone towrads Tireiron's position, the triggerbot fired a pair of missiles towards Wheeljack's knock-off.

Aero Blade
2007-05-15, 03:23 AM

With Dogfight arriving on the scene, Dirge was awarded a bit of relief, but it quickly faded away as he spotted something else to be concerned with. He wasn't sure what was going on with Bluestreak and Landquake, but he was quite sure he didn't like the look of that box thing between them.

"Dogfight, keep that knockoff busy, I'm going to help Bluestreak," Dirge called before swiftly changing course towards his new objective. Momentarily he remembered Bluestreak's harsh words to him earlier, but he quickly pushed the thoughts aside. Now was not the time to think about whatever grudge the Autobot had against him.

Whatever was occuring, he probably needed to stop it fast, and that left Dirge with only one option, unfortunately. The only way he'd be able to get a shot at the box without potentially hitting Bluestreak was to swoop dangerously low to the ground. With no time to consider any other potential options, the seeker did just that, pushing out thoughts of crashing and focusing on getting the right angle, then opening fire on Landquake and Slant's remains while trying to avoid having Bluestreak in the line of fire.

Council Ruins

As Ratchet appeared, Aero Blade's voice failed him, leaving him only able to glance at the doctor to acknowledge his presence. The tech tensed up as Ratchet continued to look at him, trying to keep himself from shuddering or moving away - he could tell he was being evaluated... Once Ratchet's gaze was averted from him, Aero Blade relaxed again, though not quite as much as before. Reminding himself that the doctor was there to see Override, not himself.

As Ratchet started examining the fallen Autobot, Aero Blade averted his attention to elsewhere, as though keeping watch for enemies. It was mostly so he didn't have to watch the procedure, but if he was going to be looking away, at least he could try to get his mind on something more useful than just standing there.

2007-05-15, 09:06 AM
Landquake grinned as Dirge changed course and attacked himself: the attack had affect of course, blasting holes in his chest armour and right arm, but his plan to get out of here was working...
On Bluestreaks chest, the assault pinged off the high density armour that comprised Slants core form, but the cables fared less well: two were severed by the attack, causing them to arc and spray the silver grey mulch that comprised the control oil Slant was trying to feed into Bluestreaks body: four cables remained though...
Landquake ge an almost cheery wave to his attackers, and transformed into his cab mode.
Tireiron, disorientated from Dirges attack, was wide open to Dogfights: the missiles impacted on his back, sending him forward at speed...

Aero Blade
2007-05-15, 09:01 PM

The few shots that Dirge got off were all he was able to manage before he and the ground inevitably met and Dirge was sent tumbling from the impact. He managed to transform to reduce some of the damage his already battered frame had taken, but it was hardly an improvement. Now he was on the ground a short distance away, and Bluestreak was still in the same situation as before...

Struggling back onto his feet - ignoring his spinning head, the oil leaking down his frame from various places, and the fact that he was missing the majority of his left wing - Dirge made as best a charge has he could towards Landquake, trying to ram the knock-off aside while making a grab for Slant's core to try to rip it off of Bluestreak.

2007-05-16, 03:12 AM
Council Ruins

Ratchet continued to meticulously toil over Override’s damaged optics, his field of diagnostic vision was at high intensification in order to repair the minuscule fibers of Override’s optic tracts, with an equally minuscule laser shaft.


Once Ratchet had finished mending the tiny filaments, as well as removed the seared retinal and corneal tissue and any other neighboring part that required Ratchet’s undivided attention, he switched off the laser on his surgical instrument, placing it back into its hidden compartment under his wrist.

"Whew!" Ratchet exhaled. “That was the hard part. We’re just about finished now!”


Moments pass

After Ratchet retrieved the appropriate kit form sub-space, he opened it and produced two tiny vials; one containing retinal lenses, the other contained cybernetic corneal 'membranes'. He also produced yet another thin pen-like apparatus, which had some variety of a magnetic or suctional device at its tip, and a quartz-like visor. Each item he produced, he placed - in no particular order - upon the opened lid of the medical kit. He then twisted off the lids of the two vials, dabbed the suction device into one of the vials, and pulled out a tiny bowl shaped lens, which sat firmly upon the small rod.

He raised the lens to Override’s left optic first, pressed a tiny switch on the rod, and in a quick, piston-like, motion, it fastened the lens over the optical sensor. Shhhunct! Ratchet repeated the same process over the right optic before he moved to the protective corneal screens, which involved a similar process.

Once the protective membranes were fastened over the exposed optical circuitry, Ratchet attached the visor, which he earlier placed on the nearby kit, over Override’s optics.

Once he made the appropriate adjustments to the visors settings to interface with Override’s visual and targeting systems, Ratchet pressed a few random switches in a small compartment that rested over Override’s crown, and gently shut it. The visor almost instantly lit-up and glowed in a faint, silvery-blue light with Ratchet’s action.

“And then,” Ratchet cheerfully proclaimed. "There was light!”

He then raised a hand in front of Override’s field of vision and held out four fingers, “So…how many fingers am I holding ?” He smiled.

2007-05-16, 06:52 AM

Getting more then a little sick of the slaggers, Carnivac lost more pieces of his shell to the plasma fire. Knowing that the fire was starting to melt parts of his armour, Carnivac did his best to dodge Creature's fire while fireing at the charging Hyde.

2007-05-16, 03:19 PM
Council ruins

Override frowned, looking at Ratchet's four extended fingers.

" Four " he said, after the blurr onn his vision camp faded away. Override looked around, trying to focus again in the battle that surrounded him. He saw Sizzle's remains.

" Thanks " he sighed, turning his head slowly from the sparkabot's remains. Then he checked his guns and stepped straight towards the sounds of gunfire.



Dogfight chuckled, and moved again pointing his nosecone towards Tireiron. He fired a rain of bullets from his gatling gun towards Wheeljack's knock off, trying to finish him.

2007-05-16, 05:05 PM
Council Ruins

“Errr, umm, of course, no problem,” Ratchet apprehensively replied to Override’s somewhat solemn response.

Ratchet suddenly realized what may have provoked such a reaction - though Override was known to be rather stoic in nature, Sizzle’s remains still rested nearby where the three Autobots were situated.

Whether out of morbid curiosity, or clinging tenaciously to some shred of hope, Ratchet stood up from knelling and slowly walked to where Sizzle lay. As he drew closer, Ratchet’s hope diminished with each boot-step, making Sizzle’s passing all the more real.

The ground beneath him was scorched, still warm from the heat beam’s assault on it. Near Ratchet’s feet lay Sizzle’s arms and lower section...and nearby, his head.

“No….no mid-section,” Ratchet whispered dismally to himself. “Which means, no spark casing…no spark.”

As he moved reluctantly to where the head lay, Ratchet caught glimpse of the frozen expression upon his fallen comrade’s face, which caused him to immediately drop to his knees. It took an effort, on his part, to return his gaze upon Sizzle’s frozen expression. It wasn’t an expression of horror, rather, it was bewilderment – with a trace of innocence. Hesitantly, Ratchet cautiously placed his hand to top of Sizzle’s head, and began to gently stroke it, as if to comfort Sizzle, though he knew perfectly well that was futile.

“I am so sorry, my friend.” He whispered, “I am so sorry that I couldn't have saved you.”

Aero Blade
2007-05-16, 09:35 PM
Once work had been finished on Override, Aero Blade turned back towards the activity, looking to see that the Autobot was doing alright now, or at least as well as he could be given the situation. As Override began to leave, Aero's attention was drawn to Ratchet, seeming almost puzzled at what the doctor was doing.

It was not something he was used to seeing. At least, not with a medic... All of the ones he'd experienced in the past had been cold and harsh to him - though why shouldn't they have been otherwise under those circumstances - but now, seeing Ratchet as he were... in his mind it refused to make sense, as though a crucial part of the equation was missing that he could not find. There was the medics that had been cruel to him, and then there were the ones that knocked him out with sedation just to not have to deal with him; he had not thought there were any other kinds, not before his experiences with Ratchet...

As time progressed, Aero Blade just stayed as he was, watching Ratchet with very little emotion as his mind tried to process what he was seeing.

2007-05-17, 03:57 AM

Bluestreak broke off his ineffectual attempt at dislodging Slant's core when he saw Dirge charging in his direction. His cognitive systems seriously scrambled both by the damage he'd taken and the diabolical alchemy of the fluid Slant was pumping into him, he could only see the Autobot symbols on the seeker's wings. He knew wasn't strong enough to stand, but he used his arms to try and scrabble out of reach of the defector. However, his vision was too badly garbled for him to tell if he'd actually moved.

"Stay back! They'll get you too!" he shouted in warning. Or rather, he tried to shout it; what actually came out of his mouth was so heavily slurred that it would be a bit difficult to understand, even to himself.

Or maybe that could be put down to the increasing distortion his audio systems were picking up. He just wasn't sure anymore.


Smokescreen roared up to the base at full speed, vaguely surprised that the facility's auto-defences hadn't swatted him down yet.

Looks like they're a bit preoccupied with Omega right now. Maybe I should try to help the big guy out a bit...

Transforming to robot mode, he smiled slightly as a fresh set of ECM missiles settled into his shoulder launchers. Taking aim at what looked like a pair of sensor arrays, he fired one missile at each.

Buzzsaw's not the only one on this team who knows how to pluck out an enemy's optics, he thought with a crooked grin; he'd rather grown to like the wordy Decepticon spy.

2007-05-18, 12:12 AM
In the skies... all alone in the skies...
Cosmos soared into the air and took an over view of the battle: Omega Supreme, doing enough damage alone for the auto defences, was distracting it from other assaults: the Quintessons were in dissarray in the Courtyard, and there didn't seem to be any reinforcements unaccounted for...
But there was something on the lower bandwidth that was buggin him: it felt like a radio conversation, but it was distorted: professionally. Cosmos went about unscrambling it...

Hopper threw his sword to thr ground in anger where it stuck, quivering.
"I don't know what to do, OK?! I'm not a commander, I kill things!"
Barbies communicator then spat out two transmissions.
"Oh for the love of... Barbie, they're in the base!"
Barbie, this is Lurk on the Emergency Broadcast Channel: Mug says you could use some help?
Barbie was confused by the mixture of good and bad news. she replied to Lurk:
"Barbie here Lurk, glad to hear from you: whats your ETA?"
"Two short breems girl, but we can't land at the Pad: the firfight between the Autodefences and the Transformers Giant is cutting us off. Mug says if you advance, he and we can help you in a Pincer movement? Action approved?"
Hopper nearly tore Barbies arm off yanking it over to him so as he could reply:
"Action appoved alright! lets get these suckers!"

Hyde let out an over high pitched chitter as Carnivacs eye blast tore into his shoulder and sent him to the floor:
Creature, grinning still, leaped at the wolf with his arms outstretched, abandoning his weapon...

Also, elsewhere...
The Comedy duo did their best to evade Hot rods attack: Spikey, being the smaller, fared better, and suffered glancing blows across his shoulders and the perspex dome that covered his head in order to get close to Hotrod and fire his wrist concussion blasters at the cavaliers mid riff:
Honeybee was staggered as the attack caught his torso and right thigh:

Landquake watched as Dirge tried to capture him and save his ally.
"It's one or the other Transformer Scum!" he roared alongside his engie as he tore off along the wreckage of the road...

Aero Blade
2007-05-18, 12:22 AM

Dirge was irritated at the escape attempt, but he was hardly about to stop, pursuing Landquake on foot and continuing to fire at Slant's remains as his head began to clear, determined to cut it loose from Bluestreak.

Dirge had torn up the highway earlier for this specific situation - he had no doubts he'd be able to catch up to the retreating knock-off. Being in robot mode now gave him the advantage of some agility over the disrupted terrain. It'd only be a matter of time before he closed the distance or Landquake took a spill over a particularly bad piece of rubble, and the seeker would be ready to pounce on him...

All the same, it was best not to leave things to chance, and he activated his com. "Dogfight! One of the knock-offs is trying to make off with Bluestreak, and he's got something odd hooked up to him. We need to get it off quick before it does anything serious!"

2007-05-20, 11:47 AM
Landquake, seeing the indecision in his enemies actions, left Bluestreak where he was with Slant attached, and tore up along the highway as fast as he could (not beeing too fast, what with the thing still mostly rubble...)

2007-05-20, 12:53 PM

Override transformed into bike mode, and revving, he rolled fast towards the Garrison, wishing to find enemies to avenge Sizzle's death.



" Roger, Dirge! " replied Dogfight.

Assuming that Tireiron was finished, the triggerbot powered up his thrusters, leaving a trail of fire behind. He pointed his nosecone towards the Highway were the pair of enemies were fleeing and fired a pair of micro-missiles.

" I'm too far, I know, but I need to so something! " he thought, aproaching Landquake and Slant.

Aero Blade
2007-05-21, 03:19 PM

Dirge's concern in the whole situation had been for Bluestreak, so when Landquake made the decision to drop his prisoner, Dirge lost all interest in the fleeing knock-off. Catching up to Bluestreak, without hesitation Dirge grabbed hold of Slant's remains and ripped it off of Bluestreak and throwing the detestable object as far as he could manage before he bent down to check on the downed Autobot.

"Are you alright?" Dirge asked to Bluestreak, trying to figure out just what all had happened to him.

2007-05-22, 02:15 AM

Hot Rod: -wincing as Spikey's blasts scour his armor, keeping his fire up at the comedy duo-

2007-05-22, 04:09 AM

With the hateful creature removed, Bluestreak's vision was starting to clear enough that he could make out the Autobot that had saved him...and he found to his surprise that it wasn't an Autobot at all.

"D...Dirge?" He shook his head, trying to will away the defector's image from his sight, but when he looked again he was still there. "T...thanks," he said weakly. "I'll l-live."

He canted his head over to one side, catching sight of where Slant's remains had landed. His optics narrowed dangerously and his voice suddenly grew cold. "Where's my rifle?"

Aero Blade
2007-05-22, 02:32 PM

Dirge was relieved to see Bluestreak was alright, but then was a bit puzzled at the abrupt request. "Riffle?" He looked around a moment, seeing no trace of the weapon, but then they had travelled quite far from the original spot with chasing Landquake. He couldn't even see the missing piece of his own wing anymore...

Dirge began to get back up to go have a look around, but as he started to rise he began to realize perhaps it wasn't the distance that was the problem but his vision instead. His visuals were getting a bit fuzzy and he was starting to feel light-headed. Dirge managed to sit down without too much stumbling, but it was only a slight improvement. Since he was no longer focused on chasing down the knock-off, his systems had been given a chance to catch up and he was starting to experience the effects of the crash and his loss of fluids.

"I think I better stay here for a bit...Your riffle's probably back there," Dirge answered to Bluestreak, gesturing towards where the chase had initially started, his vocal tones wavering noticably as his injuries began to set in. Almost as an afterthought, he turned on his com once more to Dogfight's signal. "You probably should come back here...Bluestreak can't find his riffle..and I don't think I can help him look..."

2007-05-22, 08:20 PM

Bluestreak balled his right hand into a fist, then pushed it against the ground and straightened his arm, levering himself up into a sitting position. He could feel internal componants grinding and sparking as he did, and knew that meant he would need a complete rebuild when the medics finally caught up with him.

No point worrying about that now...

The gunner managed to struggle to his feet, then stood there wavering from side to side for a few seconds. He managed not to fall flat on his face, though, which he took as a good sign. Taking his first good look at Dirge, he saw that the other Transformer was almost as badly damaged as he was.

"Don't worry about it," he said weakly, dropping a friendly hand onto the sitting conehead's shoulder.

2007-05-22, 09:28 PM
Above it all...
Cosmos watched as the remaining soldiers inside the Garrison milled around aimlessly, except for those that were joinednin battle with Carnivac and Hot rod. With his fellow soldiers making their way to attacking the base, things seemed almost won.
His radar pinged and drew a screen up on his HUD: something was coming from the East...

Hopper, Barbie and Manual were standing at the fore of what was left of the outpost: some 10 odd service drones with basic offensive capabilities, perhaps twice that number in Sharktcons and Allicons. The trio were sharing a resigned smile, as if they knew all would be over soon...

Council Ruins, Southern section:
Mug and Rhino readied themselves with armed weapons and gritted teeth...

Above it all...
Cosmos watched as a shuttle, a twisted parody to the ones that were posted at Autobot City: Earth all those years ago, roared into view. It ignored him, and banked under him and over the Council Ruins, it's engine flare lighting the sky and showin all the brave Trasformers beneath it.

The ship was called The T'jajj'mi, an alien dialect for desolation. On board it were Eight very angry Knock offs.
The commander, Lurk, stared at the quartet that were hanging at the back of the ship.
"Do your job."
The ship hadn't slowed, and Lurk and three of his comrades were standing by the floor hatch: it snapped open, and buffeted by air currents, Lurk lead his team through the hatch and into the wildly rushing space below... He and his comrades, Steelskin, Wrench and Brain each hel a grav chute in one hand to aide their descent.
They had leaped from a midway point between the garrison and the council ruins. Lurk and Brain guided themselves to the Garrison, Lurk firing two rockets from his shoulder mounted launchers at Buzzsaw and Smokescreen. meanwhile, Wrench and Steelskin aimed themselves at the Ruins, firing their las-handguns at Aeroblade and Ratchet.
(Wrench could be heard to say, "Hey! that one looks like me!").

The ship, on automatic pilot, arced over the garrison and sped at the titanic Omega Supreme, who had made short work of the Garrisons automatic defences.

Council Ruins:
With this, Mug and Rhino also charged into the fray, Mug firing his Musket from behind and over Rhino as they ran to meet Ratchet and Aeroblade also...

Watching the ship pass over them, Hopper, Barbie ad manual transformed into their vehicle modes: a pair of drones yanked the barricade of the gate back, and the trio charged to meet the enemy, Bluestreak and Override, whooping and hollering like a pack of devils, with the last of their army behind them...

In the Garriosn itself, Carnivacstill faced Creatures attack after downing Hyde...

Hotrods balsts at closer quarers were harder to dodge, and Spikey watched in horror as they punched a hole though his arm above the elbow, and sent him to the ground confused-
Meanwhile, Honeybee had dived for Hot rods dropped Lightsabre, hot rods attack tearing ans cutting his legs as he did so...

Having navigated the ruin of the road and gotten a fair distance from his pursuers, landquake took stock of the situation.
No matter how mny of these clones I made, their originals made short work of them.
He drove on, bitterness radiating from him as he entered the alleyways...
The Quintessons decadence and descent into monotony has been their downfall: so what of me?

Way back, The disabled Tireiron feebly tried to raise his arm and aim his weapon at the skybound Dogfight... But with the shot fired, it was obvious something was wrong: his targetting systems were wrecked or something, for the shot had been wide, too wide by far...

Above it all
Cosmos watched the reinforcements come in, and broadcast a signal to all the

2007-05-22, 10:50 PM

" Blast! " exclamed Dogfight. " I've lost them! ", he spitted, oddily losing Landquake's trail.

Flying back towards Dirge and Bluestreak, the angry triggerbot saw Tireiron's attempt to attack him.

Losing his temper, Dogfight aproached Tireiron's position at high speed, transformed into robot mode before touching the ground and, skidding, he charged towards the knock-off, firing his pair of fusion-blasters.

" I thought you were dead! Don't worry, I'll fix that!"


Near the Garrison

" Damn it! " sweared Override when Hopper and Barbie attacked him.

Rolling at high speed, it was easy for the skilled triggerbot to dodge almsot all the knock-off's attacks, and the shots that hit him were deflected by his reinforced windshield.

" Die scum! " he roared, rolling straight towards Hopper, firing his twin, side-mounted, armor-piercing, particle beam cannons at full auto.

2007-05-22, 11:08 PM
Council Ruins


After allowing himself a few moments of silence, Ratchet stood back up from knelling and composed himself. He made a parting gesture to Sizzle’s remains, then turned himself back towards where Aero Blade sat, as well as Buzzsaw, who the combat medic initially failed to notice earlier, or at least forgot that he was present given that the Decepticon had not spoken a word since Ratchet had arrived to the Ruins.

“Ah, yes…Buzzsaw,” Ratchet said civilly to the Decepticon spy. “I apologize for neglecting you; Override’s condition demanded immediate attention." He paused for a moment, as if embarrassed by his own thoughtlessness before continuing. "Though, I must confess, I almost forgot that you were here!”

As Ratchet approached, he averted from Buzzsaw’s face, which also reduced any awkwardness that he was feeling at that moment, and focused on the Decepticon’s damaged wings.

After retrieving the small diagnostic device from the usual compartment, Ratchet quickly scanned the damaged areas of Buzzsaw's wings. Once he had finished, Ratchet then pulled out the appropriate materials from subspace, most of which were the same materials that he used earlier to patch-up Cosmos. “Alright, let’s see what we can do about patching these up,” he amiably sighed. “I’ll have you air-bound in a few nano-cliques!”



As Ratchet expertly finished soldering on the final sheets of metal platting on Buzzsaw’s wings, Ratchet caught Cosmos’ transmission moments before he spotted the approaching menace from above, as well as moving on foot, drawing dangerously near their position.

“Slag!” Ratchet's voice no longer in its usual temperate pitch, it was militant yet protective. “Buzzsaw! Take flight! NOW!”

Leaving no room to invite argument from the Decepticon spy, Ratchet quickly tapped his left audio receptor to open a com-link. “Transmit on an encrypted channel - Override, anyone - We urgently require your assistance. We’re under atta-”

Ratchet suddenly choked mid-way through his transmission when he caught sight of the two approaching knock-offs; Steelskin, and his accomplice Wrench. He immediately recognized the uncanny resemblance to which the knock-offs were modeled after, but he especially took notice of Wrench. “What in Prime’s name…?”

Aero Blade
2007-05-23, 04:17 PM

Dirge looked a bit disoriented as he looked up, as though not recognizing at first that it was Bluestreak making contact with him. The light headedness was making him a bit hazy, and though the seeker considered that he felt as though he needed to nap, he decided it probably wasn't a good idea if he went offline with his condition.

"Thanks," Dirge managed to mumble to Bluestreak, his vocal tones still showing his disorientation.

Council Ruins

While Aero Blade had been off in his thoughts, Stratus had been keeping an eye on things in the area, but even he was a bit suprized at the abrupt appearance of more knock-offs. By the time he sent out a warning to his partner, Aero Blade only had the time to look up as the laser blasts struck his side and opposite shoulder.

The blasts were only grazes, but as Aero wasn't well built for combat they still did quite a bit of damage, though not enough to render him inoperable. Reeling momentarily, Aero swung himself around to face the new danger, firing on Steelskin and Wrench without hesitation, reacting more so that he was taking note of their appearances.

2007-05-24, 03:31 AM

Hot Rod: -ignoring Spikey for a moment, spins towards Honey Bee, firing at the minibot clone that was going for his lightsaber with both sets of arm blasters-

Approaching the Garrison:

Omega Supreme: -switching his target from the now silent garrison defenses towards the diving ship, aims at it with his plasma cannon opens fire, head spinning 180, fire from the cannon on the back of his head adding to the plasma cannon's fire-

2007-05-24, 07:52 AM

Confirming one of the pest was down and still getting burned, Carnivac turned his full attention to the other. Trying to ignore the parts of his armour that was melting and damaging the circuits below it, the pretender fired his optic blast at Creature.