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2007-02-09, 04:46 AM
Thy pyro ignites bringing a special FRIDAY NIGHT MAYHEM to the airwaves.

Joey: On a night where we will either see the return of the artists formerly known as Degeneration NeXt, currently known as Better Than You, ?The HeartBrend Kid? Sean O?Con and ?The Game? Erik Summers, or their professional demise, we come to you live from a sold out Xcel Energy Center, in the Game?s very hometown, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Flec: How appropriate, the end of BTU right here in the horrible city that spawned the Game!

Commissioner Reilly saunters to the ring as the pyrotechnics begin to die away. The owner of the Archive Wrestling Federation looks particularly smug in a black Armani suit, white shirt and gold patterned tie. He picks up a microphone to address the audience and is met with a chant of ?ASSHOLE? before he can begin.

CR: ?Now, now? let?s be civil about this? remember, I can just as easily say ?show?s over?, and get the lights turned out??

A chorus of boos rises up to meet this response.

CR: ?Now? I am aware that there was a title tournament scheduled for the AWF Heavyweight Championship. However? in light of fact that various travel problems, family difficulties, expired contracts, etc, etc? many participants ended up dropping out of the running.?

The crowd is still unhappy with the AWF commissioner, and are quite vocal in their disapproval.

JS: ?Where is he going with this??
F: ?What am I, a telepath? Shut up and listen??

CR: ?In lieu of this fact, I decided that the tournament be cancelled and replaced with the Rumble match you will see at Edge of Survival?. (There is a mixed reaction to this announcement). Any superstars who happen to have advanced in this tournament, therefore, get a couple of ticks in the wins column? and nothing more. They may garner some consideration in title contendership, but as far as the AWF Heavyweight Championship goes? they get squat??

* There is a sudden disturbance in proceedings as the lights go out. The crowd are whooping and cheering, but the only images can be scene by the vague light of camera flash bulbs. Suddenly, ?Touch Of Evil? can be heard over the Archivetron, and the arena is light by flames from the stage ramp as Wolfang walks to the ring in his black leather jacket and wrestling attire. As he steps into the ring, there is an explosion of flame and the lights come back on? to show Reilly looking more than slightly unsettled, as Wolfang takes a microphone from one of the production technicians. *

CR (agitated): ?Wolfang? how? pleasant? to see you here??

[The crowd boos]

W (snarling): ?I wish I could say the same??

CR: ?Now, erm? (gulps)? you must have something on your mind??

W (advances a couple of steps to stand face-to-face): ?Really? you think so??

CR: ?What? exactly? do you want, cretin??

W: ?You know? if I was staring directly at somebody who I thought would consider killing me where I stood, I?d be just a tad more polite? but as you asked, I?ll tell you. You may recall that? following certain events? I asked for some stiffer competition? [Crowd cheers], and I didn?t get it.
I got put into your, now voided, AWF Heavyweight Championship tournament? and was still facing nobodies. And now? after I actually made some progress? you decided that it was for nothing. [Pauses to listen to the crowd reaction- which is quite mixed]. That doesn?t cut it??

Wolfang drops the mic and hits Reilly with the Crimson Twilight, to a chorus of cheering from the crowd. He gets up, and picks up the mic again. He stands over Reilly as the commissioner cringes in pain.

W: ?Now that I have your attention? bitch-boy [crowd pops]? let me explain my intentions: first, I?m going to beat the hell out of anybody I feel like backstage [crowd pops again, as Reilly?s eyes widen]? and then, when I?ve had my fill of that [Wolfang moves in closer to Reilly]? I?m coming to find you??

*Wolfang exits the ring, taking the mic with him as Reilly struggles upright. As Reilly finally gets up to watch Wolfang leave, Wolfang turns back to stare straight at him. The two bore holes in each other as the crowd applauds. After about fifteen seconds, Wolfang raises the mic to his mouth.*

W: ?And say your prayers? you WILL be needing them??

The crowd cheers as Wolfang throws the mic to a nearby tech and storms backstage, leaving Reilly to ponder his fate.

*Commercial Break*

Cloudstrifer v TC

RA:"This match is schedualed for one fall! Coming to the ring first, From the land of the Vikings in Norway, Cloudstrifer!"

"We Fight until we die" by Manowar starts to play and the big man from Norway appears at the top of the ramp way and begins to slowly walk to the ring, almost oblivious to the chorus of boos that are coming down on top of him.

Joey:" This match should be another good one, except for the fact that it was supposed to be in a long line of matches leading up to the winner of the AWF title."
Reflector: "Almost makes me want to come back! You know?except it wouldn?t matter anymore!"

RA:"And his opponent, From Chicago, Illinois! Former AWF Champion, Thundercracker!"

Slayer's "Disciple" starts and the crowd begins to cheer for the former champion!

Joey: "Here's one Rumble participant who have tasted AWF gold before!"
Reflector: "Been a long time though, you can bet he's eager to get back to the winning ways!"

Thundercracker poses on the corners and struts around the ring before the match begins. Cloudstrifer moves slowly corner to corner as Thundercracker just waits with a big grin on his face. Thundercracker, quickly goes off the ropes behind him and approaches Cloud. Cloud gets ready to counter but Thundercracker comes to a stop and back peddles to the corner, hopping up on the apron, taunting the large norseman. The crowd starts to heckle Cloudstrifer who reacts by lashing his arm out violently at the crowd yelling norse obscenities at them. Thundercracker takes the advantage and delivers a strong clothes line knocking the larger man out of the ring and too the floor.

Joey:"Thundercracker looking to get off to a strong start here, he definitely can't let Cloudstrifer get any momentum."
Reflector:"Yeah, we all know what happens when someone gets momentum. The eventually end up in bed with Joey's mom."
Joey:"My mom is dead."
Refelctor:"Leave it to Cloudstrifer to like Necrophilia."

The crowd howls with laughter as Cloudstrifer springs quickly back to his feet. He hops up onto the apron and he is met with lefts and right from the savvy Thundercracker. After a few of these blows, Thundercracker knees him in the stomach and delivers a quick suplex to get him back into the ring. Thundercracker smartly goes for the quick pin, but Cloudstrifer kicks out with raw power, shoving Thundercracker off of him. Thundercracker quickly got up and grabs hold of Strifers head as he gets to his feet and begins to deliver punches to the head that the crowd counts along with until the referee intervenes.

Reflector:"You know, I am a big fan of both these men. Why do they have to fight. Can't we all just get along?"
Joey:"If there is one thing the guys in this locker-room won't be nice to each other over it is a even a sniff of that AWF World Title."
Reflector:"I almost won that, you know!"
Joey:"Back when dinosaurs roamed. Thundercracker better be careful here. He's taking the chance to gloat at Cloudstrifer, but he has a size-disadvantage. He better not give him to much time."
Reflector:"Hey, I resent that. Auntie Slag didn't come 'till after I retired!"

Strifer shook the cob-webs quickly out of his head and get back to his feet. Thundercracker goes for another quick strike but this time Strifer is ready and the two of them lock up in the middle of the ring. Strifer quickly pulls Thundercracker's arm around in an armbar but Thundercracker flips over and reverses the move, applying pressure to the elbow of Cloudstrifer. He moves his body forward and tries to throw Cloudstrifer into the ropes, but Strifer uses his size and reverses it, tossing Thundercracker into the ropes. As Thundercracker bounces back he ducks under the large clothes line and as he bounces back again he delivers a standing drop-kick to the back man knocking him down to large cheers from the crowd. Thundercracker moves to Strifer and pulls him back to his feet. TC gets ready to set up for a northern lights suplex, but Cloudstrifer blocked it and smartly reversed it. Cloudstrifer slowly got back to his feet, and delivered a head-butt to keep Thundercracker from regaining the momentum he had built up in the early goings of the match. He pulled TC up and hit a sidewalk slam and then drops a knee to the side of the head of the one-time AWF Champion.

Joey:"This is what I was talking about! Thundercracker is looking beleaguered now and he has to get it going."
Reflector:"You were talking?!"

Cloudstrifer hauled Thundercracker up by the hair and then forcefully tossesThundercracker into the corner and then follows it up with an avalanche in the corner, slumping him over in the corne. Strifer begins to drive his leg into the stomach area of Thundercracker, dropping him down more. Strifer is eventually driving his leg into the head of the dazed Thundercracker. Cloudstrifer backs away for a moment, long enough to taunt Thundercracker before charging back in and hitting a running knee to the head. Cloudstrifer pulls Thundercracker from the corner and then sets up for a powerbomb, but Thundercracker uses all of the strength he has available to turn it into a back body drop. Thundercracker drops to his knee and takes a moment to regain his breath but Cloudstrifer doesn't give him a chance to regain any momentum and is quickly back up and pulling Thundercracker back to a verticle position. He begins to deliver heavy handed strikes to the TC, finishing off with a throat-strike that drops TC back to the mat. Strifer drops down on top and goes for a pin but only gets a two-count before TC kicks out. Cloudstrifer glares at the referee to show his disagreement with the call.

Joey:"Cloudstrifer going for a pin and that's only a two-count."
Reflector:"Barely a two-count. He's not facing Joe-Shmoe. That's the Whole F-ing Show."
Joey:"I agree. Cloudstrifer taking his time with the referee and Thundercracker is back at a vertical base here and they meet up in the middle of the ring."
Reflector:"I've faced both these guys and you know, this has been

Thundercracker and Cloudstrifer begin trading blows in the middle of the ring, Cloudstrifer getting the upperhand until TC ducks under a big swing by the large Strifer and uses the momentum to deliver a drop toe-hold landing Strifer face first on the ropes. Strifer bounces back up off the ropes and right into Thundercracker who is ready for him and delivers a northern-lights suplex, rolling ove rand delivering another and then another. After the third one he releases and lifts the leg but only gets a two count for his efforts.

Reflector:"You can really tell the difference between a world champion and a... not-a-world champion."
Joey:"Yeah, the latter ends up announcing. Thundercracker with a close pin-fall there. He's turned the tables again."
Reflector:"Hey, I almost won it!"
Joey:"And I almost had sex with Claudia Schiffer."
Reflector:"Before or after she got all homely."

Not one to waste time TC quickly goes back to work hauling the northern giant to his feet and whipping him into the ropes, as Strifer comes back TC goes to hit the Chimaira but Cloudstrifer simply shoves TC away and follows him up with a strong clothes line that knocks Thundercracker hard to the mat. Strifer drops to his knees overtop of Thundercracker and reaches down beginning to choke the life out of the former champion who pulls at the massive hands of the big man.

Reflector:"It looks like Cloudstrifer really wants your dead mom."
Joey:"Is that really necessary? Although in a roundabout way, you are right. Cloudstrifer is beginning to take control here."
Reflector:"I know I'm right. Cloudstrifer really wants that zombie poontang pie."
Joey:"No, you're right about Cloudstrifer beginning to get control here."
Reflector:"I never said anything about that."
Joey:"You're hopeless. Cloudstrifer with an irish whip into the corner here and Oooh. He follows up with an avalanche."
Reflector:"I think TC is in trouble."
Joey:"You are amazing for understatements, you know that?"

Strifer holds TC in the corner delivering headbutts to keep him from making any sort of escape. He props TC on the top rope and slowly climbs up and begins to deliver punches to the top of the head of TC. He lets out a loud bellow to the air and then hits a snap suplex while standing on the second rope that leaves Thundercracker writhing on the mat and holding his back in pain. Cloudstrifer takes a moment to get back to a verticle base but he quickly goes back to work on TC, landing heavy club-like blows to the head and shoulder area of Thundercracker, keeping him from gaining any sort of orientation.

Joey:"Well Cloudstrifer is definitely holding all the cards right now. Cloudstrifer is saying something in Nordic to Thundercracker now."
Reflector:"Sweet nothings. Maybe he wants your dad."
Joey:"You're really twisted."
Reflector:"Not as twisted as Cloudstrifer, thank god."

CS hauls Thundercracker up again after the devastating belly-to-back suplex and begins working over the shoulder again, softening it up for Heimdall's Stand. TC tries to fight back but is simply over-powered by Strifer who delivers another belly-to-back suplex, standing up with another howl of passion. He drops down overtop of Thundercracker and only gets a two count. He howls again and delivers a flurry of angry blows to the head of Thundercracker.

Joey:"Cloudstrifer is absolutely dominating now. If you remember earlier this is what I said Thundercracker had to avoid."
Reflector:"Well he was a bit like a deer in head-lights and now he's getting smoked."
Joey:"Cloudstrifer pulling Thundercracker back to his feet, and Ooh, a standing clothes line! That could have taken his head clean off!"
Reflector:"I'd be worried if I was a fan of Thundercracker right now! It looks like the former champ may be out of this tournament soon!"
Joey:"You said it 'Flec! Uh oh, Strifer setting up for a power-bomb here. Up TC goes!"
Reflector:"Say goodnight, Gracie."
Joey:"No! Thundercracker fighting back! Punches to the head! Strifer is losing balance!"
Reflector:"Not for long! Down... HOW'D HE DO THAT?!"
Joey:"He reversed it! TC reversed that power bomb into a mat slam and both men are down and I think Cloudstrifer's nose may be broken!"
Reflector:"That's amazing! I remember when I could do stuff like that!"
Joey:"Well however he did it he may have just changed the tide of this match!"

The referee starts a standing ten count but only gets too three before Cloudstrifer struggles back to his feet, obviously unhappy. He takes long, lumbering strides over to Thundercracker and hauls him up to his feet, but is met by a hay-maker from Thundercracker. Cloudstrifer doesn't bother playing around and just clubs Thundercracker back to the mat.

Reflector:"I don't think he's changed the tide, I think he just got hit by another wave."
Joey:"It would certainly seem that way. Cloudstrifer is a juggernaut right now. It doesn't matter what he hits him with, he won't stay down long enough for Thundercracker to get a breath in."

Cloudstrifer pulls him back to his feet again and scoops him up, hitting a basic body slam on Thundercracker and then hitting a standing leg drop across the neck. Cloudstrifer goes for the pin but only manages a two count. He gets back to his feet and grabs Thundercracker by the hair and hauls him to his feet, delivering a kick to the stomach and this time connecting with the power bomb leaving Thundercracker barely conscious. He backs off as the referee moves over to Thundercracker, to tend to him. Cloudstrifer gloats to the crowd with loud howls of victory before getting down into a three point stance in the opposite corner from Thundercracker.

Joey:"And things just went from bad to worst."
Reflector:"Someone in that ring is about to get impaled and It isn't the referee and it isn't Cloudstrifer, so you get one guess who it is."
Joey:"Well Thundercracker is almost at a vertical base, but he is using the ropes and I don't think he knows what's coming."
Reflector:"Maybe he'll just, not turn around?"
Joey:"Oh I don't think so. Thundercracker has stumbled away from the corner... he's turning and.. Leap frog! The referee! Cloudstrifer just speared the referee! You even managed to get that one wrong 'Flec!"
Reflector:"What the ****?!"
Joey:"Cloudstrifer getting up and he can't believe it! He's pissed and he's turning to go after Thundercracker! Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Gradunza!!"
Joey:"Thundercracker just hit his Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Gradunza!"
Reflector:"He calls it what?!"

Thundercracker goes for the pin but there is no referee to count. He gets up and checks the referee who is out like a light and then grins. He pulls Cloudstrifer up and whips him hard into the corner. He follows it up with a running elbow to the head and then delivers multiple shoulder thrusts into the chest of the big man, knocking him to a seated position. He then slides out of the ring and shoves the time-keeper off of his chair and folds it up and throws it into the ring. By this time Cloudstrifer has struggled back to his feet and the referee is giving people a reason not to call the morgue.

Joey:"Thundercracker out here with us now and he's.... uh-oh he's gotten an size equalizer!"
Reflector:"Ohoohohooooh that type of 'size' hahaha! I was thinking something else!"
Joey:"That's gross. Thundercracker sliding back in the ring now, chair in hand. Here he goes He... threw it too Cloudstrifer? Lifetime Enlightenment! Thundercracker just hit Lifetime Enlightenment and Cloudstrifer is slumped in the corner... with the chair and... oh no!"
Reflector: Oh yes! The Ender!"
Joey:"Thundercracker is signaling for the Ender! Cloudstrifer isn't moving and I don't think he knows this is coming!"
Reflector:"He'll be moving even less in a second!"
Joey:"Thundercracker slowly ascending the ropes. He better move quickly that referee is almost alive. He's definitely moving a lot more."
Reflector:"If anyone else alive prays to the Norse gods, start praying for your countryman!"
Joey:"Here he goes! Thundercracker is away and... Oh My God!"
Reflector:"That missile must have had a US Military guidance system, cause it done missed!"
Joey:"I don't know how, but some how Cloudstrifer got out of the way and it looks like Thundercracker just broke his leg on that ring post!"
Reflector:"This match has been more back and forth than your sexuality in college!"
Joey:"Or yours at the gay bar."
Reflector:"I.... am not gay."
Joey:"Not what he said, anyways. This looks back. Strifer has that chair and he is raising it above his head and there's another loud yell! His nose is definitely broken now if it wasn't before. He is bleeding profusely after the lifetime enlightenment! And... The referee is up."

The referee takes a quick look at Thundercracker down and in pain and then at Cloudstrifer acting triumphant with the chair and then quickly jumps up and grabs it away from Cloudstrifer and begins to ask why he shouldn't disqualify him.

Reflector:"Hahaha! The referee thinks Strifer used the chair!"
Joey:"Strifer can't believe it. He can barely stand after what happened with the referee out and the referee doesn't buy it!"
Reflector:"I think someone prayed to Loki by accident!"
Joey:"Strifer is pleading his case as best he can, I think he finally has the referee on his side! What a way to lose that would have been!"
Reflector:"Funny as he--"
Joey:"CHIMAIRA! CHIMAIRA! Thundercracker hit the Chimaira! There's the pin! 1...2...3! Thundercracker won it! Strifer turned to go after Thundercracker and he was up and waiting! I can't believe it!"

Slayer's "Disciple" hits as the crowd erupts in cheers and RA announces TC the winner!

Joey: Big win for TC over a top-flight opponent! TC should have HUGE momentum heading into the Rumble!

*Commercial Break*

Career Match: ?Better Than You? Erik Summers & Sean O?Con v ???

Joey: Well, here it is folks?the main event and with the remainder of our TV time, we should be in for a colossal battle! We don?t know what kind of match it is?we just know that the most ominous structure in wrestling, The Cell, hovers above the ring.
Flec: Isn?t it obvious you mook? It?s a Hell in a Cell match! Or?maybe?an Iron Gauntlet? Errr?
Joey: Why don?t you shut up and listen to Mr. Reilly?
Reilly nervously enters the ring, still looking out for Wolfang.
Reilly: All right?shut up!
The crowd begins to jeer Mr. Reilly mercilessly!
Reilly: It is high time I settle things with those two little degenerates?tonight, the D-NeXt, Better Than You, waste of oxygen, drunkards finally get eliminated from the AWF. And here?s how?you?ve seen the War Games before?you know how they work. Five men on a team, those two teams battle it out until one member of either team submits, surrenders or can?t answer the call of the referee. Well, tonight?in this very ring?the War Games returns!
*The crowd explodes*
Reilly: Except?for one, little detail. See, Team Reilly will have the usually five members?but Team Better Than You?well, they will have just two. The two little menaces who have tried so hard to make my life miserable! Tonight?it will be Team Reilly v Team BTU?War Games!
The cage begins to lower
Reilly: Now, in order to make sure that law and order is maintained, let me introduce, the special guest referee who will be in the ring?please welcome The KING!
King makes his way out in a referee shirt, full of smiles as he struts his way to the ring area.
Joey: Oh?hired assassins, this is a damn set up!
King and Reilly exchange a warm handshake before King enters the cage and leans into the corner.
Reilly: And now?the first two members of Team Reilly!
Glass Shatters
Joey: WHAT?!?
Reilly is shown laughing hysterically as StoneCold looks furious.
Reilly: Member Number One of Team Reilly?former AWF Champion?and if he wanted an entry in the Royal Rumble to get another shot at again becoming that Champion he had to participate in this match?not to mention if he wanted to get paid?StoneCold Skywarp!
The fans are stunned into virtual silence, unable to believe what they see. StoneCold coerced into a match he wants no part of?but he has no choice?StoneCold gives Reilly the finger before entering the ring and giving King the same welcome.
Reilly: (looking irritated) And the second member of Team Reilly?
An unfamiliar song begins to play over the PA system and Mikal Ashoka makes his way out the ring, making StoneCold even more annoyed. Reilly gives his partner and general manager a pat on the back. Ashoka seems reluctant to enter the ring.
Superstar by Saliva begins to play over the PA and the crowd unleashes a huge pop! Sixy resumes her role as ring announcer for this main event match.
Sixy: And their opponent, the first member of Team Better Than You: From Southampton, England?he is the most decorated man in AWF history, former AWF Champion, the HeartBrend Kid, Sean O?Con!
Erik Summers appears with Sean O?Con, neither man shows much expression outside of focus. The two exchange handshakes before Sean O?Con makes his way down the ramp. Several security team members step between him and Summers, directing Summers backstage. The two give each other a nod. HBK finishes his trek alone and enters the cage.
HBK takes a glance in StoneCold?s direction, then immediately begins to hammer on Ashoka. StoneCold for his part reacts with passive indifference!
Flec: What is he doing? HELP HIM!
Joey: Reilly never said what StoneCold had to do, just that he had to be in the match!
Flec: Oh?this SUCKS!
From the outside, it can be heard that Reilly is shouting directions at StoneCold who responds with a double finger?then suddenly it is heard.
Reilly: If you don?t get involved?RIGHT NOW?you are not only out of the Rumble, but I will FIRE you!
Joey: HBK absolutely hammering Ashoka?I don?t know if this is punishment for him for something, but he is already busted open by the fist of Sean O?Con! StoneCold now, forced to get involved, pulls HBK off.
Flec: YES!
Joey: You WOULD take pleasure in this. HBK reacting immediately landing a stiff punch to the side of StoneCold?s face. Who responds in kind. Two legends?two ICONS now slugging it out. HBK ducking under a punch, spinning behind for a quick release German suplex.
Flec: And he?s right back to poor Mr. Ashoka!
Joey: I wonder why?
Flec: Sarcasm right? I know sarcasm when I hear it!
Joey: Yes, I?m sure you heard plenty of it with every woman you have ever asked out. HBK pulling the larger Mr. Ashoka up to his feet, then a boot to the gut, followed up with a nasty Hotstuff! Ashoka driven face first down into the mat. HBK follows that up with a guillotine leg drop across Ashoka?s throat. HBK now rising to his feet, only to be met with a massive lunging clothesline by StoneCold!
Flec: I dare say this is the first and only time that I can recall actually liking this guy.
Joey: StoneCold now pulling HBK up and GETS A LOW BLOW FOR HIS EFFORTS! StoneCold with a grimace of pain on his face. King warning O?Con, and HBK basically spitting in the hired gun referee?s face.
Flec: He can?t do that!
Joey: What?s King going to do? He can?t disqualify him!
Flec: No, but he can do that!
Joey: WHAT?!? NO! King with a vicious clothesline, nearly taking the head off HBK! StoneCold up, shoving King out of the way StoneCold delivering his patented stomp to HBK?s ribs. Now, bouncing off the ropes, driving his elbow into the forehead of Sean O?Con?Mr. Reilly signaling that he is ready for his next team member?
Like This, Like That begins to play, again shocking the crowd?Sixswitch makes his way out, showing the same irritation StoneCold had earlier showed. No Chance takes over and Chris Back makes his way out as well. The two enter the cage glaring at each other.
Joey: Didn?t Chris Back quit?
Flec: Knowing Mr. Reilly, he had one final match clause or something like that?he?s always on top of things like this.
Joey: Yeah?cause I?m sure either StoneCold or Sixswitch will want to team with Back.
Flec: It doesn?t matter what they want, it is about achieving a noble goal!
Joey: I think you?ve just summed up why that jealous sicko Chris Back is out here?it is now 4 on 1?though Ashoka is a little worse for wear out there. Back like an opportunist that he is, immediately begins to punch away. Pulling HBK up, Back sends him head first through the ropes all the way out to the floor, face first into the cage! StoneCold and Sixswitch now glaring at each other?talking trash?Reilly screaming at them both. Back to the outside with HBK, scooping him up and delivering a snake-eyes into the stairs. HBK writhing now in pain from the blow, Sixswitch going up to the top now, high cross body down onto both HBK and Chris Back, Sixswitch also feeling the blow?StoneCold in the ring laughing. Ashoka pulling himself up, StoneCold?
Flec: NO!
Joey: Stunner! StoneCold with a Stunner to Ashoka, driving him back down into the mat. Now StoneCold rolling out of the ring, sorting through the mess, pulling HBK out, and driving him face first into the ring post. SS staggering up, but SCSW shoves him out of the way.
Are You Ready?
The crowd suddenly picks up the intensity.
We Fall, We Fall takes over as the Game charges to the ring. He immediately heads under the ring though?pulling out?
Joey: Oh?my?God!
Flec: That is SO not allowed!
Joey: The great equalizer?sure, it is 4 on 2, but that just may even the odds a little. Summers greeted by the referee for the evening who immediately takes the sledge hammer away from the Game!
Flec: Yes! Law and order?that?s why the King is out here!
Joey: Sure it is?Chris Back staggering back into the ring, I don?t think he?s going to like the reception?SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Summers hits Sweet Chin Music and Back falls out of the ring to the outside!
Flec: Now this is something I want to see!
Joey: StoneCold in the ring?The Game in the ring?shades of the first Archivemania all over again!
Flec: Not quite?Sixswitch!
Joey: Sixswitch from the top rope, flying drop kick into the Game?s back! Stone Cold not looking pleased at all?I?m sure he wouldn?t have minded testing his skills once again against his old nemesis. StoneCold now in Sixswitch?s face, SS not backing down and inch, these two superstars screaming at each other!
Flec: This isn?t part of the plan!
Joey: And the first punch is thrown by Stone Cold! Sixswitch retaliates, Reilly on the outside is livid?ordering a confused to King to intervene?Summers now pulling his sledge back in the ring, HBK also climbing back in?Summers from behind, drilling King! King crashes hard to the outside?
Flec: This so isn?t how this is supposed to go!
Joey: Kind of like your last marriage!
Flec: That was really uncalled for!
Joey: But true?
Flec: I never argued that!
Joey: StoneCold and Sixswitch taking their brawl to the outside. StoneCold grabbing the Welsh Wonder and sending him with such velocity into the cage door that the door springs open. SCSW and SS now slugging it out on the outside of the cage?Reilly screaming at them. The two superstars pausing for a moment to stair at the owner?
Flec: This is so bad?
Joey: STUNNER! StoneCold with a Stunner to the owner! SIXSHOOTER! Sixswitch follows suit by delivering the Sixshooter! Mr. Reilly is down?StoneCold resumes his brawl with Sixswitch?who retaliates?SS not known for his brawling, but his doing fine here?security on their way out, meanwhile in the ring, the referee, King is out, Ashoka is out, bleeding badly on the floor?Chris Back has staggered back into the ring.
Flec: So not the place he wants to be?
Joey: Not at all, BTU is up, united and their prospects for employment have increased tenfold thanks to the increasingly intensified feud between StoneCold and Sixswitch.
Flec: Doesn?t Mr. Reilly have one more team member coming out here still?
Joey: He does?and he should be out here shortly!
The timer expires?but not AWF Superstar comes out?
Flec: Where the hell is number 5?
Suddenly Divebomb makes his way out to the ring?Summers and O?Con pause from their plans to pummel Chris Back. Divebomb enters the ring and goes to stand beside Chris Back?Back allows this unguarded, assuming DB is his new partner for the night.
Flec: Now this is going to get interesting!
Joey: You got that right!
As if on cue, without any warning at all Divebomb delivers The End to Chris Back. Rushing from the back, P? joins his longtime partner. The two proceed to grab Chris Back and drag him to the outside. Summers and O?Con stand in the ring laughing?
Flec: Did?did those two plan this?
Joey: Would it surprise you? Summers now smiling even more as he looks to the outside to see the bloodied and dizzied Ashoka trying to get into the ring.
Flec: Where are DB & P? taking Back?
Joey: I have no idea, Ashoka is starting to come around and BTU is waiting on him like a pair of hungry dogs waiting on a prime steak. Ashoka now realizing he?s in trouble, pleading?Summers answering those pleas with a sledge shot to the rib cage. HBK nodding to the outside?Summers heads out there, retrieving a table. HBK meanwhile pulling Ashoka up and delivering the stun gun! Summers setting the table up in the ring, and tossing Ashoka on top of the table. HBK meanwhile has made his way up to the top rope?looking down intensely?moonsault down into Ashoka who is sent crashing through the table. HBK rolls off in pain. Summers pulls Ashoka into a pedigree!
Flec: Enough is enough?seriously! Where is the referee?
Joey: He got hit in the back of the head with a sledge hammer, remember?
Summers slides outside after checking on his partner?reaching under the ring, he pulls out a large, black sack.
Flec: What is that?
Summers begins to dump hundreds of small, shiny objects onto the mat?
Joey: Thumbtacks?they?ve got thumbtacks in the ring?this is not going to end well?
Summers pulls the badly beaten Ashoka up, only to deliver the Game Over into the tacks!
Joey: OH MY GOD! Ashoka driven into those tacks?his back exposed and as he rolls around in them, hundreds of tacks embedded in human flesh! He MUST be in agony.
With no hesitation, Summers slaps the End Game on, right in the tacks, Ashoka laying stomach down in them. HBK soon adds the Texas Clover Leaf to increase the torture?with in moments, Ashoka has passed out from the pain?
Joey: Ashoka clearly cannot take it?he?s out. A referee running out from the back, checking in?checking with Ashoka?Mr. Reilly clawing his way in the ring to protest?too late, the ref calling for the bell?BTU wins! Wait?I hear we?yes?cutting quickly to backstage.

The camera cuts backstage to show P? and Divebomb with Chris Back still in tow?

P?: Kiss your AWF career good bye sucka!

Suddenly the camera pans over to see Viewfind holding a dumpster open.

Viewfind: Ah yeah?pay back?s a bizzich, ain?t it Reilly?

Divebomb: Oh hell yeah?

P? grabs Back and delivers The Mark onto the concrete. Viewfind follows suit with a Philly Pimp Drop.

Joey: After two devastating moves, Divebomb hoisting Chris Back up and tosses him face first into the dumpster! Viewfind slams the lid shut and the GPA members walk away chuckling.

Flec: Poor Chris Back?

Joey: Meanwhile back in the ring, Mr. Reilly finds himself at the mercy of BTU?Mr. Reilly pleading?not likely to do much good. HBK outside, grabbing two chairs?tossing one to Summers?combination chair shot! Reilly falls to the mat in a heap?

Sinner begins to play as Better Than You begins to celebrate in the ring after spitting on Mr. Reilly. King has started to stagger out of the cage, badly favoring the base of his head.

Joey: Mr. Reilly has been destroyed?Mr. Ashoka has been destroyed?Sixswitch and StoneCold Skywarp brawled all the way out of the arena?.Chris Back has been thrown out with the trash?and Better Than You are officially back and there isn?t a damn thing Mr. Reilly can do about it! We will see you folks in two weeks at the Rumble!
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2007-02-09, 09:37 AM
OOC: Short but sweet. I like. :)

2007-02-09, 05:09 PM
OCC: Another loss. Thanks for that.

I think I will switch characters cause appearently I am out of the rumble and it appears that there isn't any room on the PPV for Cloud. A perfect time, but still I would like to have gone with a win.

2007-02-09, 06:39 PM
Finally, the Double S is back on form. Reilly thinks he can mess with the big boys. Reilly thinks he can mess with the Welsh Wonder? Reilly got what was coming to him tonight.

But more importantly... Slightly Tepid Skywarp. The big bad Northerner. The man who likes a good fight. The Double S got your good fight right here. This one's just gettin' started folks, and no one can do anything about that. So, Stone Cold. You want to go one on one with the Welsh Wonder... Bring it on. Any time, any place, any how. The Double S is ready. But you are not ready for the Double S.

OOC: OK, it sucks... But I've been out of this game a while. Good to be back though!

StoneCold Skywarp
2007-02-09, 09:07 PM
Slightly Tepid? Jeeeeesus, that's almost up there with 'Stoned Old' on the list of lame-ass names that people have tried to apply to me.

Matter of fact is this 'double S'. I'm prepared to go through you, y3b, ghostal, bombshell, king, o'con, summers, hell even Reilly and any other stupid SOB that gets in my way of the AWF gold. You can consider youself first on the StoneCold list of people that are gonna get the ass-kickin' of a lifetime.

And THAT'S the bottom line, cos Skywarp said so!

AWF Productions
2007-02-09, 11:54 PM
Originally posted by CloudStrifer
OCC: Another loss. Thanks for that.

I think I will switch characters cause appearently I am out of the rumble and it appears that there isn't any room on the PPV for Cloud. A perfect time, but still I would like to have gone with a win.

Since when are you out of the Rumble? Everyone is in...it was just a match and you lost in a good match to a main eventer...no reason to hang your head.
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2007-02-10, 04:18 AM
We find ourselves in the cafeteria once again, and who do we find there?

Well the Gigantic Tub of Lard himself, Baxter.

To be ready for
Rumble Match, My Training is
An All Carb Diet

Sure enough there is a huge plate of Linguini in front of the engorged one.

As well as 2 dozen doughnuts, a chocolate cake, 3 lemon merainge pies, and a banana.

My Tag Partner is
Also training with me and
That's his banana

I keep telling him
That he needs to put on more
Weight to win the match

When the Rumble Match
Arrives, I'll be so big that
No One can move me!

2007-02-12, 04:08 AM
It's been a long time coming, but frankly, all that means is that I've got more rage building up inside. And looking back on history proves that I've never done all that well at the Rumble...well, aside from toasting Jinrai that one time. Boy, was that great. Little prick deserved it.

Anyways, as I said, going into the Rumble been a long time coming. But now that the furnace of rage has been stoked, a roarin' fire's threatening to tear the AWF a new one.

And frankly, since he was so kind to mention it, I might as well start with Stoned Old. I mean, Jerkass just said he was going to try and beat me down. So guess what?

*camera pans back to showcase Arcee painting a giant bullseye on the back of Bombers' leather jacket. She backs away as Bombshell thrusts a thumb at it.*

There's your target, buddy. Come and hit it...if you can.

OOC: God, you'd never think I'd stop doing this. Great to be back. :D

2007-02-12, 08:22 PM
Ugh, i got Chris Back all over my gear!
i hope da got a big enough toilet to flush that piece of s***!

2007-02-12, 10:02 PM
Hey Shell. Get yourself in line buster. Stone Cold and the Double S have some unfinished business to attend to. You want a piece of Skywarp, you need to wait your turn.

You want to go through me Stone Cold? You think you got what it takes to go through the Double S? Well think again. At Mayhem I matched you hit for hit, punch for punch, but when the Welsh Wonder flies, you're out of your league, and you know it. All this time away has made me stop and think... And you know what? I've still got the urge, still got the style, and I've still got the skills to go all the way to the top. And there's nothing you, or anyone else can do about that.

2007-02-12, 10:15 PM
Summers: "Awwwww...you know, if I wasn't so busy drinking and not caring, I'd have to feel bad that poor Mr. Reilly's fiendishly stupid plot backfired on him. I understand the logic...get a bunch of guys together who either hate us, or have fought us well previously, or both...throw them on a team with a couple bootlickers and VOILA! No more BTU...it's just a damn shame that those elements didn't work out for him. I'll really have to shed a tear or two!

So now it is Rumble time...hell, why not just have me and HBK go one on one for the title...we're the only ones who have any shot at winning the damn thing."

Amarant Odinson
2007-02-13, 06:01 AM
So it's all come down to this. A Rumble match to see who is the best in this business. A Rumble match to determine who has the right to wear that AWF World Title, the right to call themselves AWF World Heavyweight Champion. And all I have to do is beat the holy living hell out of each and every single "enterainer" in this company.

No more waiting to be involved in some joke of a tournament, no more #1 contendership matches. The time has come for me to take what is rightfully mine and assume my natural position at the top of this industry. And make no mistake, I will pin, toss out and make them all TAP OUT if I have to. I will take the AWF World Heavyweight Title and finally become champion and there's not a damn thing anyone can do to stop me.

I hear some you spout off some nonsense about getting a decent number, or being a lard ass that no one can toss out, having some build up rage to help them out. Some of you think just being who you are or who you friends are and a little luck will be all you need to win that Rumble match.

Well guess what? I don't believe in luck. I believe in hard work. Once you step inside that ring, inside MY RING, all you have to count on is yourself. No partners, No alliences, just yourself. Nothing is going to stop the BEST DAMN TECHNICAL WRESTLER from taking that entire locker room to school, putting on a match the likes of which these fans have never seen, taking that belt and putting it around my waist.

No matter how badly you want it, no matter how tough you think you are, it won't make any difference when you step into the ring with a man you has nothing to lose and the undenible will to win. No one is better than me, I am PERFECTION compared to anyone else here. I am the god damn measuring stick in this business. And at Edge of Survival it won't be about who can prove me wrong. It's about that AWF World title and what it represents.

I am going to Edge of Survival, I'm going to that Rumble match and I'm going to become Wrold Champion because no one wants it more than me. No one deserves it more than me and no one....And I mean NO ONE....IS HUNGIER THAN ME!!!

2007-02-13, 10:36 AM

After the show...days after the show, we see a very dark and unlight locker room. Even though the scene was pitch black, we could hear a loud rumbling type of snoring for a couple of seconds. After a while, the door slowly opens and a janitor with his items enter the locker room to open the lights. Once the lights open, we see D-Extreme lying on the ground with a beer can beside his open right hand. The contents of the beer spilled about 2-3 feet away from him and he slowly lets out a groan before he spoke.

D-Ex: "Uurrrgghhh...where issshhh I?"

The Janitor eyes the tall drunken slouch for a few moments before he answers.

Janitor: "Uh sir, your here at the Xcel Energy Center..and what are YOU doing here? You need help?"

D-Ex: "Nah. I just need to nap for a few more minutes buddy. Ysshhee..I gotsshh me a..AWF tapin to attend to."

D-Ex slowly rolls onto one side and stretches on the floor before he goes into a fetal position and falls asleep. However, the janitor approaches him and uses his broom stick to poke him. D-Ex mutters a few profane laced words as he slowly opened his eyes.

D-Ex: "AY! I ssshhaid I'mma take a nap!"

Janitor: "I got bad news sir. The AWF tapings is already over."

D-Ex: "I told ya, I aint up y....wh...WHAT?!"

Within a second, D-Extreme jumped up to a vertical base and scratches himself in the nether regions. He looks at the Janitor and has his eyes opened wide.

D-Ex: "THE TAPING..is...OVER?!"

The janitor nods his head as D-Ex just shakes his head in shame.

D-Ex: "Oh crap..."

The scene fades...as D-Ex just stands there and sniffs the hand he used to scracth his scrotum area.

Karl Baller
2007-02-13, 11:27 AM
*CCC walks out of the shadows with that usual angry look upon that ugly mug of his. With flashbacks of The King and Bombshell beating him senseless in that hardcore fatal four-way, his destination is simply one of the two responsible...and since King won't answer him, he looks for Bombshell. As he turns a corner, he spots Bombshell standing infront of an AWF crewman, cutting a promo about someone called Stone Old...but anyway the Crimson One smirks at his prey. His eyes light up with rage and fury, both hands forming the hardest clutching fist that could break a boulder if punched hard enough (I wish...).*

*Not caring who or what the hell Bombshell is addressing, CCC walks in on his air time. The camera man filming Bombshell raises in eyebrow in suprise, but shrugs and sets the camera to see both men. CCC stands next to Bombshell, inhaling and exhaling as if he were ready to sing infront of millions. He finally speaks.*

CCC: "Look here you damned BB gun pellet, I care not of your queerish gurds for 'Stoned Old Skywarp' or whatever the hell his name is, I want my revenge! It was my destiny to begin my legacy here in the AWF by grabbing the AWF 'hardcore' championship, but thanks to the beatdown by Prince and yourself that won't be happening. Now what can I do to relax myself and bring justice to a crime wronged and never corrected...make your life a living hell."

CCC: "I don't care if it is in the rumble, in a cafateria when your eating the crumbs off of the floor thanks to your currency problems, or anywhere else. Your day of recokoning is closer to you than I am standing right now. You need not worry of Skywarp, the Crimson One will be the cause of your demise."

2007-02-13, 02:00 PM
[insert stuff about me being Teh Awesome here]

2007-02-13, 03:43 PM
*watches as CCC makes his way down the hallway, a confused look on his face*

Who the f*ck is does that guy think he is? Hey, buddy! I don't know who you are, but it looks like you're a newb around here. And newbs just don't go around saying stuff like that without having to pay for it.

2007-02-13, 06:26 PM

Hello! My name is Otaku and this is a Black Dress Saber from Fate/Stay Night. She is pretty rare but thats beside the point.

The Point was that I have come here on a quest. Yes, the quest to earn money so I can buy even more Manga, Anime, Anime Figures and other Otaku stuff like this Love Hina Manga Collection I have. Very cool isn't it?

What is my goal? To make money simply. Maybe if I win a belt or something like that I can use it to buy more Otaku stuff. Hmm, I do have my eye on the Nurse Rin figure for some time.

You guys ain't never seen anybody like me. I am a fast moving, punching, kicking and overall destorying machine. If you like to be a bulldozer, that fine but when your up agianst me then be warned! My high flying, dassling moves, my submission moves and my over all apearance will stun you. Of course if that doesn't work, a swift kick to the mid section always seems to work.

Anyway...Oh my! Isn't Osaka so Kawaii!..Ahem...Anyway, I am here, I am Otaku and I will be seeing you later! Now Otaku away to the comic book store for more Manga!

StoneCold Skywarp
2007-02-13, 07:08 PM
"Blah blah blah, stoned old, blah blah blah"

Dear sweet, merciful God in heaven, there's all the bitchin' an' whinin' crap I was talkin' about! 5 years in the AWF and NONE of you chumps have come up with any even bordering on the vaguely original!

Bombshell, I've kicked your ass from pillar to post and back again, you're old news so when you least expect it, WHAT?!, StoneCold's gonna whup your sorry little EMO ass, WHAT?!, leave you to contemplate the beating you got in your little puddle of EMO tears, WHAT?!, then you can log onto Youtube, WHAT?!, or MySpace WHAT?!, or whatever crap you're into and bitch n' whine about it to your 'friends' who don't really like you, WHAT?!, just think you're pathetic enough to make them not feel so bad about their own lives.

Sixswitch, hell, you're damn right, you matched me punch for punch, you went toe-to-toe with the TOUGHEST DAMN SOB IN THE AWF and in terms of 'flying high' you've certainly got me beat. Simple matter of fact son is this; what goes up comes down, hard.

2007-02-14, 11:16 AM
Yawns. You know it's great tuning in week after week to see the same jobbers in the ring over and over again.

But at least I can count on TC getting the job done.

You see, this show needs something, something big, something sexy, something cool.

You know what that is?

No, no not Shaq you rejected fast food worker. Me, BDR.

So at the Rumble I don't care if I win. I just care about how many other people I get to have a very bad day.

See you in my house.

Lord Zarak
2007-02-14, 08:40 PM
No, I'm not doing a comedy Jimmy Saville impersonation.

I am, in fact, doing reality.

The simple reality is this:

You ALL want to be like me.

Handsome, funny, a great drinker, the best European wrestler this feder...HELL NO, THE WORLD has ever seen.

But most of all, you all wanna be Mancunian. I am the sole representative of the fair city of Manchester, and I'm doin' a damn good job of it. I have the red blood of Manchester flowing through my veins each and every day, and when I wake up in a morning, the thing I do first is take a deep breath of the air.

But there is one thing tainting it. One litlle, tiny, insignifcant thing that takes away some of it's sweetness.

And it is this.

I've never won the Rumble. And this will change. And when I do, you are all going to have to admit, that Manchester is the City of Champions.

Do not get in my way, or the Mancunian Mercenary is going to sell your ass down the river.

You've been warned.