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2007-02-14, 01:14 PM
Vector sigma, a small suburban city state with a high number of Temples to the Light God Primus.
That is prior to the Invasion: Now, most of the Protorphanages are ruined, and the homesteads levelled. Mutants roam the streets, driven from Subterrenea by the rise in technorganic populace in the tunnels.
To the North East, the Mercury River Semaht.
To the North, a sparlsely populated Quintesson garrison (compliment of 50 units), mostly a token gesture made prior to the discovery of the Super Computers existence.
To the East, a small nest of varied technorganics (7).
To the Southwest, the largest tribe of Mutants (nearly 20), Banded under the one Banner they could find: as such, they called Primus's Children.
And to the Far south... The Main Tunnel entrance to the Super Computer, Vector Sigma itself.

Hidden within Labrynthine tunnels, The Chamber within the Hidden Temple. The golden orb that is Vector Sigma, enigmatic and misunderstood. Around it, the chamber is littered with the Corpses of Overcharge units, resistance fighters, and massive damage from a titanic battle.
And directly before it, warming in its rays, is the Largest Technorganic from the Tunnels. She is Shelob: a hulking, cracked ball hefted aloft by a mass of limbs, each ending in a tool of destruction or death. She is shelob, and she came here for a reason.
She shudders, and a dark, moist metal egg hits the floor with the noise of rotten peach hitting concrete. It is ushered to one side, along with many, many others...

(OOC: VS doesn't do maps. Unless any one out there wants to give it a shot, and submits the article to a mod... :) )

2007-02-16, 02:20 AM
Rendezvous Point

Genome watched Eiramnna and Tunnel Rat move to lead the crew the remaining short distance to the supercomputer's chamber with satisfaction. He gave Ghyrik a passing neutral nod, and his circle of protection slowly lumbered forward to follow their pointmen on the last leg of the trek.


Showboat's Theater

Derby glanced back and forth among the arguing as tensions grew, and finally he watched Ginrai storm out with a torn expression on his face. But he stifled it quickly - better to have too many courses of action than none, he rationalized. Derby forced a smile and sheathed his blaster, deciding to lighten the mood.

"So, uh... who needs a quick tune-up before we go win the war, fellas?"


Sonic Canyons

Countdown's speedy shuttle rocketed over the Semaht as it came down within a few kilometers of the ground. The Quintesson station located along the river's west bank had been put on alert and were prepared with anti-aircraft weapons for Countdown's arrival, but their fire wasn't quick enough to keep pace. The shuttle deployed its side cannons and took a few potshots as it soared past, demolishing one of the turrets and vaporizing a Sharkticon barrack. In hardly another moment, the shuttle was reoriented and touched down in a clearing in the depths of the Sonic Canyons, just north of the main entrance to the Vector Sigma tunnel system.

"We have touchdown," Countdown yelled back into the cabin. He stood and climbed down out of the cockpit, working a control console at the base of the ladder to open the main hatch and deploy his launchpad. "Hatch is open, ramp is down. Ready to deploy at your command, Hatemonger. My command center will be equipped to keep reinforcements off your back. I think I hit that Quint garrison pretty hard."

2007-02-16, 02:26 AM

"Very good Countdown cover us as best as you can." Hatemonger said standing up and almost running to the ramp.

"Alliance Forces, let's go retake our home. Flyers keep the area clear. Devcon try to find the resistance forces or at least some better intel on the tunnels around here." He said waiting for the rest of his men to get to the ramp.


Showboat Theatre

Blackstar listened to Ginrai and almost laughed.

"I don't exactly care about this so called power you have as a "Godmaster"." The Decepticon starfighter said looking at the Autobot his own optics burning.

"You need all of us to retake VS and I know your an Autobot so you won't be stupid enough to blow your most scared landmark sky high. Then again I could be wrong and given your temper I may very well be." The targetmaster growled. He then continued his optics staring into Ginrai's.

"So go ahead and drive go fight use this power of yours to try to send as many Quints to the pit as you can. But considering how Cybertron still fell even with you here tells me you need all of our help one last time. If you want to go and fight then go ahead but do it with the rest of us were we might have a chance of retaking our home!" Blackstar yelled letting his own emotions follow through.

redman prime
2007-02-16, 04:26 AM

Greatshot and Roughstuff scrambled to the foot of Countdown's landing gear, then sprung to the sky, low to evade AA fire but high enough to still put some covering fire ahead of their position and enough to make sure no sharkticons in the area could flank the landing force's position.


Snapdragon stepped to the edge just behind his fellow flyers, but hesitated and looked to Hatemonger, "hey boss, you want me up or leading this shindig south to the tunnels?"

2007-02-16, 04:37 AM
Showboat's Theatre

"There are enough of us."

Spinister stepped from concealment directly behind Doublecross, allowing the tip of his laser rifle to brush against the back of the Monsterbot's neck as he moved.

"One Mayhem is a terrifying force to be reckoned with." Although the Targetmaster didn't serve on active duty with the Decepticons' elite commando squad anymore, he was justifiably proud of it. After all, they had been his command once, before he moved on to greater things and left the squad in Bludgeon's ultra-capable hands.

With a shrug, he added, "And your Wreckers are rather formidable as well. You should count yourself lucky to have even one. But as it happens, you have three of each."

Rendezvous Point

Ghyrik returned Genome's nod, but couldn't quite hold in a hostile growl. Thankfully, it faded into the background before anyone could hear it.

"Pick up the pace," the general barked.

2007-02-16, 06:05 AM
Showboat's theater:

Roadbuster: -shrugs- "The odds are good that we'll catch up with him anyway."

Bludgeon: "Agreed." -head tilts slightly- "The forces deployed to this sector have arrived. Please sig-" -stops, for a moment looking stunned- "Bugly is dead."

Roadbuster: "For the sake of keeping the peace, I won't jump for joy." -looking at the assembled resistance forces- "All right, guys, you heard Derby. Anybody need repairs or ammo before we go?"

Sonic Canyons:

Nightbeat: -sticks his head out of the shuttle, wincing at the noise- "Lovely place." -walks down the ramp-

Siren: -coming down the ramp behind him- "Oh, yeah. It's homecoming time for me."

Nightbeat: "That explains a lot...."

Hosehead, Minerva, and Fixit: -come down the ramp, loaded down with medical supplies-

Chromedome and Fangry: -look out of the hatch-

Fangry: "Oh, great. Lots of wind and noise. This is gonna be so much fun...."

Chromedome: -bounds down the ramp- "You know it!"

2007-02-16, 10:08 AM
Showboat's theatre

Cross turned to face Spinster as he menaced Double with his rifle

"carelesssss you'd need to use both your weapons to really put ussss out of comissssion , look i'm jus a line of sssssupply troop that managed to sssurvive on witsss and cunning i'm quite happy to have sssome proper warriorsss to help usss out."

Double glanced and Derby

|"who needs rearming or topping up with ammo, we've got um some more exotic kinds of weaponry sstashed here and there we could definitly give you all a bow mace or two."

Pounce jumped from the catwalk above the stage and transforming mid air landing lightly in puma mode

He glanced at Showboats remains

"quality work ."

He surveyed the gathered crowd.

"Vector Sigma all very well but why aren't we targetting something of real importance a sector command hub or a power station instead of going for a propaganda victory we've bothe survived without is since we were kicked off this rustball, i say take out there power supply and everything else falls into our paws."

2007-02-16, 01:32 PM
Vector Sigma
Shelob wasn't as well as she had planned to be: the fight with the Fiery Red one had wounded her greatly... and the green giants that had followed had been more than a distraction.
Around her, still twitching remains of the Proto Guardians were strewn: above her, stapped to the ceiling with her Steel/Glue web, was one left alive and undamaged, except for the missing arms: food for her babies, once they hatched...

Showboats Theatre
(Haras continues to lie there, on the floor, hoping someone will notice him... anyone? :) )

Eiramnna looked to his compatriot as they led the small troop down the dark tunnel.
"Tunnel Rat, have you been here before? You seem familiar with the tunnels network."
He also picked up the pace, on order from his General.

2007-02-16, 01:55 PM

Tunnel Rat glanced around

"yup this here is mutant territory and it looks like they been round here recently."

He pointed to a smudged footptint on the oily tunnel floor at their feet

God Jinrai
2007-02-16, 04:14 PM
as ginrai roared through the lower levels of the access-pathway, his thoughts began to wander... grow muddled. the rage in blackstar's voice sickened him. what did he know of loss? truly? his homeworld was still here to be reclaimed... HIS cybertron had been destroyed by a megalomaniacal abomination that was known as galvatron... a monster fueled by rage, devoid of true logic, willing to sacrifice his entire army for his victory. and sacrifice, he had. Cybertron istelf had paid the price.

Ginrai's weaponry began to whir, bringing itself to a forward pointing position... and on his infrared, his sensors saw the sillouette of what may well be quintesson warriors.

"Company. Wonderful."

kicking his throttle into high-gear, the godmaster began to roar down the tunnel access-way, planning to blow through the group... if he could at least reach the core chamber.... but what of that techno-organic he'd been unable to finish off?

2007-02-16, 07:27 PM
The Tribe had gone on the move: they had been scared when the fist signs of the great space battle had shown themselves, and fearing the worst, they had run into the Tunnels that were once their home, preferring to face the unknown than the certain destruction of further war.
Jackhammer lead the 8 strong group, alongside Slayride. The pair of them, as well as Smeltdown, had found the refugees after their gang had been decimated by an unknown transformer. The three of them had found them cowering in the remains of a protorphange: they had taken them to safe ground, nurtured them. Then they started “Training,” where who ever couldn’t prove to be even half worthy of staying in the gang had been killed and recycled.
Smeltdown called in from behind: he and the others were in Garbage, the only one of them who could transform, and who was transporting the least able of the group.
Jackhammer, Wreckage says he can ‘Read’ an approaching transformer: some one powerful.”
Jackhammer turned to the rest of the group and ordered them to fan out, some staying with him and slay ride, the others flanking into the shadows of the tunnel: Garbage was some distance behind, so reinforcements were a way off. They prepared to meet the oncoming storm, unaware of just whom they would face.

2007-02-16, 10:55 PM
Sonic Canyons

Skids, loaded with datapads, exited Countdown and moved to Hatemonger's side. He approved the deployment of the flyers, and looked towards the Decepticon General.

" Sir, Siren will probably be our best scout for the ground forces. I suggest he take the lead to guide us to the best entrance to the inner tunnels - from a mine entrance, for example -. Then ", he looked at Snapdragon " the more suited close combat warriors could take the lead. "

2007-02-17, 12:03 AM
Sonic Canyons

Chainclaw once more back in his shell padded out of Countdown and surveyed the territory h emoved up behind Hosehead growling softly.

redman prime
2007-02-17, 12:14 AM
"Say when and point the way" Snapdragon proclaimed, Energon filling his system in a manner that tingled, yet brought all his nerves to a point of concentration.

Finally! I've been waiting for this!


Greatshot continued to arc around the landing zone, extending his circles ever so slightly and continuing to scan the surrounding countryside. Nothing was to be seen, yet......

2007-02-17, 02:14 AM
Hatemonger transformed into his tank mode and roared along.

"No I take point." He said wanting to cover his men.

"Snapdragon, and Fangry, beside me. Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Nightbeat, Hosehead and Skids watch the sides. Siren and Devcon keep an optic out for anything that maybe helpful too us. Roughstuff, Greatshot, Ramjet and Thrust, keep us covered from the skies." Hatemonger said rolling slowly his systems scanning for anything that was not transformer.

2007-02-17, 04:56 AM
Showboat's Theatre

Although he knew better than to say anything, Spinister couldn't help but share Roadbuster's sentiment. Bugly had always been more trouble than he had been worth, and he for one wouldn't shed a tear at the mystic's demise.

"If I wanted to put you out of commission," he told Doublecross flatly, "I would have shot you in both heads before you knew I was here."

Paying the supply officer no more mind, he took a few steps into the room before catching sight of Haras. He resisted the urge to shoot the Quintesson soldier on sight, instead asking, "Shall I assume you have a good reason for keeping one of the enemy in good eavesdropping range?"


Ghyrik began to grow impatient. He very much wanted their journey to be over so that he could attend to the business that had brought him here.

At that thought, his eyes tracked over to watch Genome's progress. For a millisecond, unveiled malice gleamed in his eyes.

2007-02-17, 07:04 PM

Genome and his entourage trudged along steadily, the scientist regularly checking his electromap and largely oblivious to the machinations going on about him. He was solely focused on the task he needed to soon undertake.


Showboat's Theater

Jazz stepped to the front of the stage and hopped off into the aisles.

"If the Quints can do with Sigma what we can," he answered Pounce, "then we gotta get 'er back."

Derby's optics turned toward Spinister somewhat timidly. He was used to the dark and brooding sort by now, but this guy just plain creeped him out.

"He's a prisoner," Derby replied. "We picked him up after the battle at Vector Sigma and brought him back here for repairs."

Derby walked over to Haras and kneeled, doing the best he could to check the Quintesson's unfamiliar vitals and see about reviving him. He really wanted to figure out what had happened to him before they went off to save the world...

2007-02-18, 12:45 AM
Sonic Canyons

Skids frowned when Hatemonger rejected his tactical suggestion, but he didn't say anything. Instead, he occupied his position on the General's right flank.

Then Skids started to distract himself, once again.

" I don't agree with his tactical deployment, but he's the General. Maybe my suggestion wasn't a good one; let's check my files...

Accesing Tactical File TG1 S2: Squads Tactics: The Squad Column or File.

The column is the basic movement formation for military units.

The column or file involves getting all personnel in a formation in the situation of following behind the man ahead of him in the formation.

This is accomplished very simply by giving the command "Right Face" while the squad is in the facing-to-the-front squad rank formation.

All facing commands are two-part commands. That is, there is a preparatory command alerting the formation, to which direction it will be turning, then a command of execution telling the formation to execute the command.

For the movement Right Face, the preparatory command is "Right....", followed by the execution command "Face."

Upon hearing the preparatory command "Right....", the soldier prepares to pivot on his right heel and left toes by slightly lifting his right toes and left heel.

At the execution command "Face", the soldier swivels on his right heel and left toes, through a 90-degree (right) angle to his right. Immediately upon achieving this quarter-circle movement, the soldier brings his left heel up level with and in contact with his right heel in a smart that is smart, movement.

The former rank, with all soldiers facing to the front, has been converted into a column or file, with all soldiers in line behind their formation precedents. The column or columns may now be given the "Forward March" command, putting the formation into motion.

... "

Skids shaked his head.

" Naaa, wrong file " he muttered, loading a new tactic file.

2007-02-18, 05:52 AM
Showboat's Theatre

Repairing one's enemies seemed counterintuitive, but Spinister decided to assume that the Resistance knew what it was doing. Although, naturally, he was more than prepared to kill the Quintesson prisoner if the need arose.

"I suggest you secure him," the Targetmaster told Derby.

Striding away, he addressed Pounce. "The Autobot is right. If the Quintessons learn how to access the more...exotic functions of Vector Sigma, they could create an army of troops more than capable of destroying us."

Spinister didn't add that the new troops would most likely turn on their masters afterwords. Poetic justice though it would be, he and the rest of the Transformers would have been far too dead to appreciate it.

2007-02-18, 06:48 AM
Hatemonger rolled carefully his systems scanning for anything that could be an enemy.

"Siren and Devcon, take the lead and see if you can spot anything. Fangry, Snapdragon and myself will cover you. Everyone else stay behind us and be ready watch the flanks and the rear." Hatemonger said in his com to each of the warriors com-links.

redman prime
2007-02-18, 08:05 AM
Snapdragon moved forward in his reptilian form, side by side with his commander Hatemonger and his fellow front man Fangry.

"Anything on your scans, boss? Ready to get nasty over here"


Greatshot and Roughtstuff continued to arc, scaning and coming up empty on their optical limits, but still at a very high tension point.

2007-02-18, 01:20 PM
Eiaramnna threw his hand up in a clench to warn the rest of the party to pause: he signalled Tunnel Rat to be quiet and follow, as they had reached the entrance to the Main Entrance to Vector Sigma.
Eiramnna stepped forward cautiously and made his way through the wreckage...

Shelob had finished laying her eggs, and was inspecting the captured Proto Guardian snared in the webbing on the ceiling. It would make good fodder for her children.

... Eiramnna turned back to Tunnel rat from seeing this, and shook his head with wide eyes. He made the sign saying they should get back.

Showboats theatre.
Haras stirred fro Derbys attempts, and eventually woke. He sat up cautiously and looked around the room slowly, his eyes taking everyone in.
''What happens now?'' he said slowly.

2007-02-18, 02:00 PM
Sonic Cannon's

Chainclaw padded up besides Skids deciding he wa smore approachable than the decepticon leader.

"Where do you want me ?"

Vector Sigma

Tunnel Rat retreated down the tunnel reading Eiaramnna 's body language.

What had the technoorganic done.

Showboats theatre.

Pounce nodded

"still a direct assault on the place seem a bit wasteful , why don't we wait for the Quints to destroy the techno organic even if they get anihilated it swings the odds in our favour.

2007-02-18, 02:35 PM
Sonic Canyons

" Huh? " said Skids, turning his head to look at Chainclaw. The Tactician Director was still distracted in his thoughts about tactics, daydreaming even in the dawn of battle.

" Sorry, Chainclaw " smiled Skids. " You can stay at my side, following Hatemonger's vanguard. I'm watching the rearguard's right flank, and you can watch the rear. "

2007-02-18, 04:47 PM
Hatemonger rolled slowly his turrets following any horizon lines he could see.

"Things could get nasty though I almost suspect we will see more resistance in the tunnels." He said to Snapdragon.

"Keep your optics open." He said.

He then got onto his com-link.

"Chainclaw keep an eye open for any baddies." Hatemonger said figuring the paranoid Autobot would be decent at finding any enemy forces that were around.

2007-02-18, 05:42 PM
Chainclaw slipped out of his shell giving him twice the number of optics to scan the surrounding landscape.

"I'm on it Sir " Chainclaw transmitted back to Hatemonger.

Chainclaw turned to SKids

"I think i'll watch your back too keep you safe while your planning strategies to keep us out of trouble."

2007-02-18, 06:52 PM
Vector Sigma

Genome regarded Eiramnna's and Tunnel Rat's reactions with some contempt.

"What is the problem?" he asked callously, not concerned that there may be a reason the others were being quiet. "Is Shelob not there?"


Showboat's Theater

Jazz shrugged at Pounce.

"They mighta a'ready. Ain't gonna know till we get there an' have a look."

Derby was pleased that Spinister had turned his attention to someone else, but he found himself distracted again when Haras spoke. It was still an unnerving experience - he sounded much more cognizant now than he had over the radio.

"We're going to reclaim Vector Sigma," Derby told the Quintesson softly, extending a hand to help him up. He didn't mention that he wasn't sure how they would do it. With the Wreckers behind them, it seemed a foregone fact. He decided to change the subject and asked with genuine interest, "How are you feeling?"

2007-02-18, 07:56 PM
Showboats Theatre

Scoop joined the conversation

"Why don't we send Pounce in first to find out as he's so anxious to find out and he's best suited for the operation."

Pounce looked over at the Targetmaster

"Not a bad idea for an....Autobot."

2007-02-18, 08:16 PM
Showboat's Theatre

"An excellent idea," Spinister agreed with Scoop. "If the Quintessons and techno-organics are both still there, they will be preoccupied with each other. He might be able to get the drop on both."

Without turning, he addressed Roadbuster. "We seem to be ready."

Vector Sigma

Ghyrik gave Genome a disgusted look. "Of course it is there. His reaction makes it obvious." Turning to address Eiramnna, he said, "We will proceed forward. If the scientist's wizardry fails us, I'll kill the creature myself. Lead us on."

2007-02-18, 09:59 PM
Sonic Canyons:

Fangry: -looking around- "Nothing yet."

Siren: -on point-

Nightbeat: "I'd say it's too quiet, but the wind's too loud...."

Showboat's Theater:

Roadbuster: "Then let's go kill some Quints." -heads to the door, kicks it open-

Bludgeon: "Not very subtle....."

2007-02-18, 10:36 PM
Sonic Canyons

Skids smiled, and nodded in agreement.

" Thanks Chainclaw, but I promise I'll focus on the flank's vigilance; right now it's the best tactic to keep us out of trouble. "

God Jinrai
2007-02-19, 12:52 AM
Ginrai's semi-rig mode came roaring down the tunnle-way at the mutants... and with an obvious disghust with what he saw, he made his intent known..

"Out of my way! I don't have time to waste on you miscreants!"

Ginrai's dorsal mounted cannons whirred, as did the side cannon mounts, drawing in energy to open fire

2007-02-19, 03:52 AM
Hatemonger continued to roll along.

"Again, just be careful." He said his fusion cannons armed and ready to vaporize any Quint that he saw.

"Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, report." The General said realising he had not heard from the two Autobots in some time.

2007-02-19, 05:27 AM
Showboat's Theatre

"Don't complain," Spinister told Bludgeon as he moved to follow Roadbuster. "They'll shoot him first."

As he walked, he separated his twin Targetmaster weapons into individual weapons and checked their ammo status.

2007-02-20, 08:20 PM
Vector Sigma
Eiramnna looked at his commanding officers with cold eyes. He turned to Tunnel Rat:
"Here: Last time I fought this thing, I had to use my whit phosphorous grenades to blind it. If I can distract it the same way, you take these," he handed Tunnelrat a belt of Frag Grenades from his dispensor, "And follow up with a barrage. Then these guys follow." He finished the comment by indicating the scores of Overcharge units and Genomes homour guard.
He tried desperately to stealthily move forward into the chamber...

Shelob was busy: the Protoguardian she had captured was dividing into portions well. She was biting off small chunks of the guardian, and spitting them in the direction of her eggs.
Shelob was having to take too much time: the Fiery one, Ginrai, had damged her eyes badly. His punch to her face had been all too effectively, and she was stuck needing to work fast and needing to be accurate. She was too distracted then, too hear much of anything.

Showboats Theatre.
Haras looked at Derby. He seemed to digest what he had been told many times over.
"You will have a hard time of it." Was all he could say, as he stood shakily.

Tunnels... Smackdown!
Jackhammer saw Ginrais truck form approach, and steadied himself against the ground, his head lowered, ready to spring just as the truck made contact:
Slayride hovered over to the left, and ordered the team:
"Trash, Remain: get ready to fire once he's in range:
Junk, you get ready with yours and Wastes Fastball special:
Discard, Rubble and Surplus; fall back a bit, fall in if it gets close quarters. Debris, you're with me."
The Truck of Doom, Guns Glinting, came into clearer view...

2007-02-20, 08:26 PM
Vector Sigma

Tunnel Rats optics glitter

"grenadesss they will be most efficent."

He slung them across his chest.

Showboat's Theatre

Pounce prowls after Roadbuster weapons mounted on his back teeth glinting in the light.

Doublecross stretched his necks

Double looked around

"so no takers on a few extra ssssupplies."

2007-02-21, 01:35 AM
Vector Sigma

Genome watched Eiramnna and Tunnel Rat slink into the main chamber with irritation evident on his face. There was little logic in their maneuvers, and truly they were just wasting time. But Genome decided to let them - it may make Shelob more approachable if she was busy devouring the two escorts. Genome pulled his EMP generator from his pacification kit and waited while his guards parted and prepared for battle...


Showboat's Theater

"Naw, don' worry 'bout it, Jack," Jazz answered Doublecross and following Roadbuster back out into the tunnels. "We come prepared."

Derby transformed cautiously into his truck mode, though it honestly hadn't hurt nearly as much as before. His repair systems had been exponentially faster since they'd had time to regenerate themselves. Once again he dropped his tailgate and backed up toward Haras.

"Maybe, but if anybody can do it, it's the Wreckers. Hop in."

2007-02-21, 04:35 AM
Vector Sigma

Ghyrik watched as Genome prepared his toolkit, then quietly drew his pilfered needle out of his wrist storage slot. The general quietly sidled toward the scientist, moving slowly enough so as not to attract any attention.

redman prime
2007-02-21, 07:39 AM
Greatshot and Roughstuff continued their arcs, not yet sensing anything that could be construed as a sharkticon.

Snapdragon was positively chomping at the bit at the mere prospect of being able to munch metal.. "As soon as we can see em, can I strike? or are you gonna take the first shot? should be you, but still..."I could do it, I would love to bleed out a few quints, too......

2007-02-22, 10:54 PM
Sonic Canyons

Skids turned, overseeing the troop deployment ordered by Hatemonger.

" Let's see, Chainclaw and his shell are at my side, covering the rear. Snapdragon, the General and Fangry are covering Siren and Devcon. "

The Tactician Director looked upwards.

" There goes Greatshot and Roughstuff, watching the skies. Nightbeat is following Hatemonger... but the rest of the troops hadn't reported yet... "

Skids opened an encrypted channel for Hatemonger.

" General, is the landing zone properly secured? I mean, perhapsCountdown require some protection, We still don't know from where the Quintesson forces will appear. "

2007-02-22, 11:59 PM
Hatemonger stopped for a moment.

"Countdown what are your defensive arrays?" The General asked thinking of leaving behind those that had not reported yet.

2007-02-23, 01:49 PM
Showboats theatre
Haras nodded, looking as if that was all the explanation one might want. He stepped into Derbys trailer.
As he sat down, he thought. It was a strange sensation: only now did he realise that what he thought was thinking before wasn't anything close to the fact. He thoght of his brother, Eiramnna.
"Derby, am i still considered a prisoner?"

Vector Sigma
Shelob was still working on the remains of the protoguardian, foisted wet chunks to her dark, glistening eggs by the wall.
Eiramnna pump was working overtime, the rush of oil audible in his head.
He looked to Tunnel rat, and smiled wryly.
This could be the end.
Eiramnna stood, and shouted at the top of his voice, a string of gibberish and guttural slurs. As the giant spider turned, he slung his belt of White phosphorous grenades at her face, the grenades glinting in the light of vector sigma:
Shelob was taken by surprise most effectively. She had begun to charge the small, insignificant individual when the belt hit her face and erupted in a blinding flash of White light and liquid fire. She squealed, and continued her bull charge at the stormtrooper...

2007-02-23, 01:52 PM
Vector Sigma

Tunnel Rat primed his belt of grenades and whirling them round his head let fly aiming straight for the creatures gaping maw.

He dived out of the way of its charge he reached out in an attempt to pull Eiramma out of its way as he fell.

2007-02-25, 10:12 PM
Sonic Canyons

Countdown's launch pad had just finished transforming to its command center mode when he received Hatemonger's query.

"Dual de-kineto blasters and eight laser cannon emplacements, as well as my own personal blasters," he answered. "I can hold my own if I need to, sir."

(OOC: If you're still waiting on anybody, Rav, you may as well get moving. They can catch up if they want, or they can chill with Countdown.)


Showboat's Theater

Derby closed his hatch behind Haras and switched into gear to lag behind the others.

"Well, that depends," the speakers in his bed answered the Quintesson while he rolled. He didn't want them hearing. "I don't think the others trust you yet, but we need all the help we can get taking out that thing. If you help us kill it - or at least try - I think we can call it even."

Derby paused to think on the prospect. He wasn't sure even he trusted Haras yet, but the sincerity in the newfound Quintesson's voice was more real than anything he'd heard from an enemy since Cybertron had been taken.

"So what happened back there?" Derby's speakers asked. "When Ginrai fixed you, I mean. You really had me scared."

Ahead, Jazz cruised along not far behind Roadbuster, suppressing his nervousness about the coming battle. He kept reminding himself he'd killed bigger monsters than this, but it was hard to be sure not having seen the prey yet...


Vector Sigma

"Enough of this," Genome snapped.

With practiced precision, the scientist's honor guard flanked to come into the edges of the chamber's opening and fired pitifully on the massive Shelob. Between them, Genome pulled his EMP generator from his pacification kit, aimed it vaguely and courageously in the transorganic's direction, and activated it. He knew Shelob well - an EMP would shut down her mechanical appendages and render her immobile for a short time. He cared not that Tunnel Rat may have been in his way enough to feel the effects of the EMP as well.

2007-02-25, 11:17 PM
Sonic Canyons

Chainclaw padded down the canyon optics scanning for any sense of danger.

His shell scanned his blind spots givinghim the maximmum possible coverage.

Showboats Theatre

Doublecross flapped along heads trying to keep level with Derby's tailgate.

Double looked at Haras

"Tell us about yourself , your not the normal Quint cannonfodder."

Cross nodded in agreement

"yesss they go in for mindlessss dronesss , dissposable typesss."


Pounce padded along trying to stay level with Jazz

"what do you know about techno organics Autobot."


Scoop trundled along towards the rear both his weapons swivelled to cover their backs in case of unpleasant suprises.

2007-02-26, 01:18 AM
Hatemonger nodded as Countdown gave his report.

"Excellent, well all of us that are here move out. Straglers can stay with Countdown or try to catch up." He said starting to roll forwards.

"Autobots and Decepticons move out!"

God Jinrai
2007-02-26, 01:25 AM
"You've been warned."

The cannons whirred to life, and energy roared forth, spiraling down the short distance in the tunnel between ginrai and the mutants.

Punching his throttle, his wheels began to spin, and with one full lurch, he was moving again.. barreling headlong into the hoard of mutants.

2007-02-26, 04:28 AM
Showboat's Theatre

Spinister hovered above the rest of the team, his rotor blades whirling silently. As the other, lesser members of the team nattered amongst themselves, the Targetmaster took the opportunity to check the charge on his particle beam cannons. Finding them at 100%, he did the same for his fusion bomb launchers. They were likewise fully functional, but he hoped he wouldn't have to use them. Deploying nuclear weapons in the confined space of Vector Sigma would certainly kill the techno-organic monster that awaited them, but it would also vapourize most of their team.

If it needs to be done, it needs to be done, he told himself. If we do our jobs, it won't come to that.

Vector Sigma

Ghyrik's path brought him within striking distance of Genome as the scientist was fiddling with his toys, but had the presence of mind to wait until the EMP was triggered before he did anything.

"Goodbye, Genome," he said with quiet malice. "The rest of your science directorate will join you in death very soon now."

Ghyrik took a step forward, pressed his pilfered needle against the scientist's back, and pushed the activator button at the telescoping weapon's base.

2007-02-26, 08:07 AM
Heading towards Vector Sigma:

Roadbuster: -rolling along in vehicle mode, his pindle mounted linear blaster cannon traversing left and right, looking for targets- "Keep it tight, people."

Bludgeon: -striding along behind Jazz, his feet making not a sound-

Sonic Canyons:

Siren, Nightbeat, Hosehead, Minerva, Fixit, Chromedome, and Fangry: -move out, following Hatemonger-

2007-02-26, 01:21 PM
Sonic canyons
The Vector Sigma Garrison had seen the enemies approach from the skys long before they had landed: they were an outpost almost forgotten, and denied action or purpose for too long. Their commanders, Onom and Roloc Executioners, had ignored the chain of authority, and mustered their eager soldiers to war.
The Canyons were well known to them by now, and they had been stealthy in the extreme. They had made their way to the arrogant tranformers, and now lay in wait, waiting for one word from either commander.

Onom raised his communication device to his lips, and with a tremor of excitment, almost whispered:
"Now. "

The Quintesson forces erupted from their hiding places: avenues and tunnels in the canyons, shelves and lips concealing them from view: they gave no roar of attack, merely moving with the barely contained zeal.

Onoms 12 man team raced to Hatemongers group, supported by two tanks with guards:

On high shelves, two mobile attack platforms began firing at Countdowns command centre, whilst the last two tanks with guards moved toward it from the rear.

In the skys, 4 3 man teams of jet bikes roared into life, zeroing in on the airborne Greatshot and Roughstuff

Roloc mean while, held his 12 man team in reserve, waiting for the command for support, biting his leap hard enough to draw oil. He could see a second group, but waited for the order to attack from his brother.

(OOC I will be posting the army list in Discussions tonight, so this shouldn't get confusing... I hope...)

Vector Sigma Tunnels
Trash and Remain, perhaps the best soldiers of the gang, were atomised by the blasts coming from Ginrai:
Jackhammer had accelerated forward , head lowered... and his last thought was simply Wow! as his high armoured cranium collided with the grill of Ginrais truck; the leader of the gang found himself being dragged / pushed forward, with his lower body and Tank tread getting caught under Ginrais wheels.
Waste, giggling and chittering like a hyena, sailed through the air aimed at the roof of Ginrais cab, having been slung with full force by Junk.

Slayride looked to his compatriots that were still with him, and got on the blower fast:
"Smeltdown, have garbage put the pedal to the metal: you guys are needed Bad!"

Vector Sigma:
Shelob felt the Grenades from Tunnel rat land in her mouth, and actually staggered as they went off: her charge was interrupted, and she smashed into the wall by the two enemies before her now.
As the White phosphorous faded and the smoke from the frags cleared, she raised herself, barely damaged, up on her many hind legs, head extended and fore legs whirring into action with a hundredd tools of death... when Genomes EMP blast caught her.
Organs struggled with non working meachanics: engines were flooded with bloodoil as pistons refused to work.
She fell down, a second time, a red haze across her vision...

Showboats theatre... leaving?
Haras shuddered. The memory of the moment were all too fresh.
"I- I don't know," he replied to Derby: "It's like. It's like, when you feel your hand go from being numb from the cold to feeling again. Except it was the whole of me. And, i hadn't felt cold till after Ginrai had- done what he'd done.
He mentioned something about Sparks when I was shrieking. He said i had been connected to my spark. Whats a spark?"

(OOC I'm really sorry if there's some poor typing or playing here: let me know, and I'll amend as necessary.)

2007-02-26, 01:38 PM
Sonic Canyons

"it quiet too quiet" muttered Chainclaw suddenly with a roar the Quintesson forces revealed themselves.

Suddenly all Chainclaws worries vanished a red mist descended across his optics and he let out a terrible roar.

Chainclaw working in unison with his shell shoulder to shoulder he bounded keeping low his claws and jaws snapping as he raked them down aiming to obliterate the first pair of troopers. Meanwhile his rear mounted cannon targetted the leading tank and fired.

2007-02-26, 07:33 PM

Jazz rolled down his driver-side window, and his Pretender shell leaned out with a shrug.

"Nothin' much," it answered Pounce. "I been all over th'inside a' Cybertron, but I never run into 'em often. All I know's they big 'n' ugly suckas."

Behind, Derby listened to Haras testimony with serious interest. He really was trying to be a better medic, and understanding the nature of life itself was one of the greatest hurdles he'd encountered.

"Gosh, it's hard to say exactly," Derby's speakers replied. "It's like - it's the thing that makes you you, y'know? No, I guess you wouldn't... Sorry, I didn't mean it like that."

Derby paused to try again.

"A spark is like what separates us from droids. It's what makes us conscious and aware and able to rationalize and make our own decisions. That's why there are Autobots and Decepticons - we all have the same fundamental programming, but we're different because of how we choose to react to it."

He was no mystic, but he felt that was the best he could manage, given his limited knowledge.


Vector Sigma

There was no time for last words. Genome hadn't heard Ghyrik's dramatic forewarning over Shelob's titanic bellowing, though his hidden face had caught a glimpse of the charge over his collar just before the needle pierced his back and emerged from his chest. His metal tentacles stopped flicking at once, his hoverbeam died out, and the scientist collapsed on his shocked face, dead.

Genome's honor guard instantly sprang into action, ceasing fire on Shelob and instead surrounding their fallen chief. None knew the least thing about medicine though (though Genome had been a brilliant doctor, he hadn't shared his secrets), and all they could do was follow their programming: those facing Ghyrik opened fire wildly, mostly to keep the enemy at bay rather than to harm him.


Sonic Canyons

Countdown had only managed to climb his squat command tower to the commander's station when fire began raining down on him from mesas in the canyon.

"Slag!" he shouted, slapping the laser cannons on auto before diving from the tower to find better cover. "Slaggit! Hatemonger, it's an ambush!"

Countdown threw himself into the main turret at the front of the station and rotated it to fire its dekineto cannons at the encroaching tanks while the laser cannons opened an inaccurate but intense volley toward the platforms.

2007-02-27, 02:10 AM
Hatemonger heard "Ambush!" and reacted with a speed from eons of being a soilder and warrior.

His scanners quickly tracked for enemy targets as he fired a few blasts from his fusion cannons to try to scatter the enemy.

"Transformers, evasive manuvers. Fangry, Chainclaw, Sunstreaker work on snuffing the remaining warriors out of their hiding places. Skids, Siren, Nightbeat, Hosehead, Chromedome, Sideswipe take cover and return fire." Hatemonger said transforming back into his robot mode and bringing his firepower levels to bare onto the Quint forces.

He then continued to give orders.

"Roughstuff, Greatshot, Thrust and Ramjet, you have company up there be careful and take them out. Countdown what is the range on your weapons?" He asked "Can you help to cover us if Devcon or Siren were to give you a bead on the enemy?" He asked wondering if he could use the Autobot base as artilary support.

Finally he reported to Snapdragon.

"Well Snapdragon you got your wish. Destroy the enemy." He said figuring that should be enough to get the Decepticon Headmaster riled up.

redman prime
2007-02-27, 03:28 AM
Snapdragon raised himself up on his back legs and flashed his Carbon-tipped claws straight through two of Onom's squad, howling madly with glee and barely contained rage.

"This is it, boys, let's start the slaughter!"

He trudged towards another group of bots, eager to dish more Death.


Roughstuff and Greatshot arced into the sun overhead to distract the jet bikes view of their silhouttes, then split between a squad, lancing laser blasts at the jet bikes as the were blinded following them into the Sun.

They roared lower than they might've wished after such a hard dive and gave the cliffs a fly-by that could've shown decals to members on top of it.

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-02-27, 08:10 AM
"Cover? We're in a canyon and they're shooting down and coming face on. What, do you want us to make little huts?" Sideswipe asked Hatemonger sarcastically while raising his flare gun and aiming at the targetting platforms up above firing up a flare to scatter their sensors. He then dropped to a kneed and rolled behind a large peice of scrap.

Sunstreaker's optics locked in on one of the tunnels that a Quintesson hopped out of. "Fangry, Chainclaw, follow me and give me some fire support. I am going to sneak around and start closing up whatever holes these scum bags are crawling out of." Sunstreaker launched a electron pulse at one of the approaching Allicons before transforming.

2007-02-27, 07:56 PM

Spinister scoffed at Derby's explanation. Lowering himself so that he was hovering a metre or so above the Autobot, he said, "Metaphysical nonsense. Sparks are nothing more than a fantasy created by religious fanatics to explain things they don't understand. Ginrai deactivated certain behavioural locks in the Quintesson's programming, nothing more."

Vector Sigma

Ghyrik snarled as Genome's guards opened fire on him. None of the wild shots found their mark, although a few came close enough to worry him.

"You fools!" the general shouted. "Attack the monster, not me! It's the one that killed your master!"

Ghyrik didn't particularly care if his lie bore fruit or not; as soon as Shelob was back on her feet the honour guard would have little choice but to turn their attention in that direction. And as soon as they did, Ghyrik himself would vacate the premises. He had important business to attend to back in Iacon.

2007-02-27, 11:51 PM
Sonic Canyons

The Quintesson ambush bringed Skids out of his tactical files downloads, and realizing the battle hads begun, he moved towards one of the canyon's inner wall.

" At least the rocks will cover my back " said Skids, leaning his back on the wall and firing a missile towards one of the Allicons.

2007-02-28, 12:16 AM
Sonic Canyons

Chainclaw back in his shell now shook his head oil spurting from the leg clamped firmly in his jaws.

"mphhh in a minute Sunstreaker i've got a few problems of my own here, someone please do something about those tanks......"

2007-02-28, 02:50 PM
Hatemonger debated briefly friendly fire on Sideswipe but decided the Autobot could be useful.

"Above, good idea Sideswipe. Use your jet pack and assist the fliers." The general told the Autobot while firing at any targets that presented themselves.

2007-03-01, 02:14 PM
Vector Sigma
Shelobs systems were slowly pulling themselves online, but their momentary outage had caused long term damage to her fleshy organs. Her legs twitched and she began to flail, like a spider dying...

Eiramnna pulled himself from underneath Tunnel rat, and was about to make a sarcastic remark, when he accidently stood on one of Shelobs eggs.
"Oh my programme, thats disgusting..."

2007-03-01, 05:10 PM
Sonic Canyons:

Chromedome: -optics narrowed, laser rifles spitting fire at the entrenched Sharkticons above them-

Nightbeat: -ducking back as return fire pits the ground around him- "Great. Chromedome's in hero mode again."

Siren: "Hero mode?"

Nightbeat: "He's standing out in the open, shooting up. He should be getting hit. But he's not."

Hosehead: "Don't be so sure, Nightbeat...."

Chromedome: -dives under the overhang, rips and gouges in his armor fairly obvious-

Nightbeat: "You've got to stop hanging around Roadbuster....."

Chromedome: -scowling- "Then what do you propose we do?"

Nightbeat: -pointing at the approaching tanks- "Concentrate your fire. We blow one of them up, we may be able to hinder their advance."

Minerva and Fixit: -cowering t the back-

Minerva: "Anybody bring a panzerfaust?"

Fixit: "Oh, yeah. I've got one in my back pocket....."

Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, and Chromedome: -concentrate their fire on the lead tank-


Fangry: -growling noncommittally, following Sunstreaker-

2007-03-01, 07:33 PM
Vector Sigma

Genome's estranged guards were thoroughly confounded by Ghyrik's ploy - on one hand, their mission was to protect the scientist and to thwart any threat to his safety. On the other, their secondary programming commanded them to obey the orders of a superior outside the caste they were guarding when one of theirs was not available to deliver orders.

It seemed Shelob was ready to make the decision for them when she began convulsing again. One of the Allicons near the front of the circle around Genome's body instinctively fired on the beast with its laser pistol, and the others followed suit as their simplistic group mentality dictated.



Derby's engine roared when Spinister began speaking, having been startled and popping his transmission into neutral by the silent helicopter's eerie appearance.

"That might be possible too," Derby conceded after a long moment to regain his composure. He lowered the volume on his bed's speakers in the hope the creepy Decepticon would have more difficulty eavesdropping. "I gotta be honest, I'm not really sure how it all works. There are a lot of different theories..."

Derby imagined Spinister's playing Unicron's Advocate had confused Haras greatly, so he decided to change the subject.

"Say, do you have a name?"

Ahead, Jazz rolled along pacifically, listening to the echoes of combat from not far ahead...

Maximus Prime3
2007-03-01, 10:20 PM
highbrow:now we are hopelessly lost Browning
Browning:don't worry, we will find them
Sonic Canyons:

Thrust:wait Chromedome, i need your help

redman prime
2007-03-02, 01:08 AM
Roughstuff and Greatshot rose away from the cliffs, scattering the jet bikers in their wake.

They angled their flight to strafe the sharkticons on the towers, lasers terrorizing the canyon face.

"I think I nailed a few on the top, Roughstuff, how about you?" Greatshot directed at his wingman.

"Nnnn.. I think I wasted a can of ammo on nothing with them bikes still behind us."


Snapdragon followed the lead of his fellow Headmasters, albeit of the Autobot persuasion, and tareted his Gyro-disrupting guns at the lead tank, slightly upsetting it's balance to expose the bottom ever so briefly.

2007-03-02, 07:24 AM
Sonic Canyon

Chainclaw pounced a Quintesson trooper his weight knocking the Quint to the floor he stood on his chest staring into its optics his claws raked the length of its torso like a machete through birthday cake.

"Prepare to become Sushi Sharkticon."

2007-03-02, 04:41 PM
"Greatshot, Roughstuff try to get the jetbikes out of the way. Thrust and Ramjet try to strafe their tanks and turret encampments." Hatemonger yelled carefully sighting in at the group of incoming Quint fighters and opening fire.

Maximus Prime3
2007-03-02, 05:58 PM
thrust:read you loud and clear
and he fired at the targets

Maximus Prime3
2007-03-02, 10:28 PM
hun-grr:terrorcons form abominus

abominus:"die quint die" smashing 50 quints with his fists

redman prime
2007-03-03, 04:02 AM
"Aye Aye, captain."

That was all Greatshot had to say to get Roughtstuff to realize they were channeling all their energies on the Jet Bikes.

The pair of Decepticon Flyers cut hard to their right and ambushed a group of Bikers broadside, mutilating a squadron of them with well placed laser blasts and blazing away, sure to miss any fire angled their way.

"I dunno, I kinda wish that I could really be on the ground laying down missles on the entrenched positions." Roughstuff offered, having taken a few Bikes out on the flanking maneuver.

"Nah, this works for me."

2007-03-03, 04:47 AM
Vector Sigma

Ghyrik smiled triumphantly to himself as Genome's guards turned away to attack Shelob.

Foolish drones.

The general immediately headed back toward the tunnel from which he had come.


Spinister seemed to be satisfied by Derby's reply. Or perhaps he was just amused by the delightful way in which the Autobot had been startled by his interruption. With him, it wasn't always easy to tell. Nevertheless, he regained some of his former altitude and didn't interject any more blasphemy.

Sonic Canyons

"You got it, boss."

Ramjet bristled at being ordered around by Hatemonger, but given the history between the general and the Seeker's usual superior that wasn't too much of a surprise. The chance to kill things was more than enough to trump his personal feelings, though.

He leaped into the air, transforming and blasting away from the ground almost before the general had finished giving his orders. The conehead corkscrewed through the sky, firing laser blasts indiscriminately in the general direction of the nearest Quintesson tank. That lasted for about five seconds, when he levelled out and fired a pair of cluster bombs directly at his target.

2007-03-03, 08:31 AM

Pounce sniffed

"Quintessons have been this way recently, including one with a similar scent to the little morsel we're dragging round with us for some unknown reason yesss , give him to me and i could save you a lot of wear and tear on your suspension Autobot,"

He glanced at Derby.

2007-03-03, 06:48 PM

Derby scanned over at Pounce suspiciously. He'd never met the 'Con before, but he was thoroughly unnerved by him. Part of him wondered what the legendary likes of Jazz and Roadbuster were doing hanging out with a bunch of creeps like these guys...

"I'm doing fine," he answered, reserved. "I'm built for carrying cargo like this."

Ahead, Jazz transformed to robot mode and fell into step next to Roadbuster. He wanted to take a moment while they traversed the last stretch of the tunnels to check his photon rifle, flamethrower, and electromagnetizer rifle, but he also wanted to be able to sneak up on the Quints. From the sound of things, though, that wouldn't be difficult...

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-03-03, 11:21 PM
Sonic Canyons

Sideswipe nodded to Hatemonger, "Probably safer up there too." Sideswipe lept into the air, his rocket pack kicked in as he zoned in on one of the jetbikers, opening fire on the right side of the bike, speeding towards it.

Sunstreaker shrugged at Chainclaw's reluctanct to come right over and put his gun against the covered opening of the tunnel and opened fire with the air-compression canon, crushing the hatch and anything directly on the otherside.

2007-03-04, 01:33 AM
"Excellent work everyone! Pour it on!" The General yelled rallying his troops forward.

Hatemonger suddenly had an idea.

He quickly took aim to the canyon edge that one of the hover tanks was near and opened fire at the canyon below it.

"If I can't blow it up I will bring it down." He growled.

2007-03-04, 11:23 AM
Sonic Canyons

Skids reloaded his missile launcher, and retreated towards Chromedome, Nightbeat and Hosehead.

" We're trapped here! " he said, while adding his firepower to the transectors, firing towards the lead tank.

2007-03-04, 10:19 PM
Sonic Canyons:

Nightbeat: "I don't do trapped."

Chromedome: "I'm open to suggestions!"

Nightbeat: -holsters his plasma blaster, pulls his Cyclone Cannon out of subspace- "Chromedome! Brace me!"

Chromedome: "Oh, boy...." -braces himself against Nightbeat-

Nightbeat: -turns the power selector up to full, aims at the lead tank, pulls the trigger-

Cyclone Cannon: -roaring loud enough to be heard over the sound of the winds howling through the canyons, pushing Nightbeat and Chromedome back as it fires a blast, aiming the concentrated power of a force 20 hurricane at the glacis plate of the lead tank-


Roadbuster: -breaking into a sprint- "C'mon, everybody. We're missing all the fun!" -charging towards the sounds of battle-

2007-03-04, 10:45 PM
Sonic Canyons

" Oh no, not again! " said Skids, bracing himself when Nightbeat fired the Cyclone Cannon.

2007-03-04, 11:27 PM
Sonic Canyons

Countdown realized the folly of his policy when the tank team he'd stalled began its slow charge again. Simultaneously, he hadn't done much damage to the platforms; they hadn't done much to him either, but if they got close enough, they would. Countdown radioed a command to his station, and the laser cannons rotated to take targets on the two encroaching Overcharge teams. Meanwhile, Countdown turned his turret to fire on the battle platforms, in the hope he could knock them out of the sky and cause them to self-destruct.


Vector Sigma

Jazz charged alongside Roadbuster until he reached the battle-scarred passage to the supercomputer's ancient chamber. He pressed his body against the wall outside the opening and peered in slowly, his jaw dropping at the sight.

By the time the Wreckers had arrived, it was too late for Genome's honor guard. Shelob had made short work of them, and the few who remained in sizeable chunks were suspended from the ceiling in the transorganic's messy webbing. Genome's body laid undisturbed near the edge of the chamber, poisoned and probably not very tasty.

Jazz drew back with a grimace and glanced across the opening at Roadbuster.

"You got a plan fer that thing, or we just goin' all Wreck An' Rule on its keister?"

2007-03-04, 11:58 PM
Tunnel Rat cowered behind a processing bank thankful that the Technoorganic attention had turned elsewhere the guards had kept it busy then it had been occupied in digesting them.


Pounce padded up behind the two Autobots

"looks like the Quints got here first, didn't do them any good though did it ."


Doublecross flapped along behind Derby

Cross looked at the other Autobot

"wassn't this where we came in ."

Sonic canyons

Chainclaw looked up from the body of a Sharkticon as a noise caught his attention.

"oh Slagggg."

The backdraft from the cyclone canyon picked him off his feet and knocked him into the canyon wall. Hitting the wall he extended all his claws sticking them into the rock , he hung on to the vertical face waiting for the buffeting to stop.

2007-03-05, 05:30 AM
Vector Sigma

Spinister followed the two Autobots into the room, still in vehicle mode. The Targetmaster held his fire, rising upwards until he disappeared into the disgusting, web-encrusted mess that Shelob had made of the chamber's ceiling.

Despicable, he thought as he transformed and dropped down on a reasonably-clean support beam. Combining his twin Targetmaster rifles to maximize the output of his laser rifle, he dropped into a crouch. But excellent cover nonetheless. Now if the creature would be kind enough to try and eat my colleagues, we'll see how it deals with sniper fire.


Ghyrik made his way back toward the abandoned Leviathan, the sounds of Shelob eating the honour guard quickly fading away into the background.

Sonic Canyons

Ramjet arced up into the air, then twisted end-for-end and came around for another pass.

Maximus Prime3
2007-03-05, 05:54 PM
Thrust: (turns on commlink) Hatemonger, targets destroyed, waiting further orders. (turn off commlink)
Hey Ramjet, aren't you gald we finally get to see some action
Abominus:General Hatemonger, have you seen where the arialbots and technobots are?

2007-03-06, 01:17 AM
Hatemonger waited to see what damage had beed done by his allies latest barrage on the Quint forces.

"Everyone get ready to release another barrage. We need to take these guys down now." The General said eyeing for the commander of the group bringing his energon saber online.

2007-03-06, 05:18 AM
Sonic Canyons

Ramjet strafed the ground again, his laser blasts chewing into the planet's metallic surface all around the tank he was targeting.

"I dunno, Thrust." The conehead twisted his wings from side to side slightly, giving the appearance of having shrugged. "Not sure I'd call this 'action' just yet. At least the 'Bots put up a fight when we shoot at 'em..."

2007-03-06, 05:51 AM
Vector Sigma:

Roadbuster: "That answer should be obvious, Jazz. Think you can distract it with a sound and light show?"

2007-03-06, 09:07 PM
Vector Sigma

Jazz figured he'd say that.

"I'll tell ya in a sec," he chuckled fearlessly over at Roadbuster. "If I get ate, make sure Blaster gets my record collection!"

Jazz spun around the cover of his wall and into the chamber proper, stopping only a few meters from the door to stabilize himself against the sonic pressure he was about to exert.

"Hey, man!" he yelled up at Shelob. "How 'bout some tunes?"

Subwoofers emerged from behind Jazz' hips and and began pumping 180 decibels of sonic dissonance while the EMR beacon in his headlights strobed to dazzle the menacing beast.

Still dazed and not entirely recovered from Tunnel Rat's grenades, Shelob staggered back with a terrible wail, struggling to shield herself from the sensory attack.

2007-03-07, 05:23 AM
Vector Sigma

Spinister smiled grimly behind his faceplate as Jazz stood up to the massive abomination.

He's a brave one, the Targetmaster admitted grudgingly, quickly activating his own audio and visual filters to counter the leakage from Jazz's little display.

As Shelob stumbled back, Spinister took careful aim with his laser rifle, focused his sights on the beast's optical cluster, and squeezed the trigger.


Arriving at the Leviathan, Ghyrik clambered up a side-mounted ladder and onto the roof. Mounting his hovercycle, the general fired it up and roared off back toward the surface.

So many enemies to kill, so little time...

(OOC: And off he goes to the Iacon thread)

Maximus Prime3
2007-03-07, 05:51 PM
Ramjet!, thrust screamed in shocked. You a decepticon, destruction is what we love, and you said yourself you wanted to kill them painfully, don't you dare go soft on me

redman prime
2007-03-08, 01:25 AM
Snapdragon laid open another shock trooper, fluids staining the rocks. He flipped his claws menacingly, oil droplets scattering on the ground in front of the massive lizard.

"Hatemonger finish these bastards off!"

2007-03-09, 03:42 AM
Vector Sigma chamber:

Roadbuster: "I'll do that, Jazz." -subspacing his assualt rifle, he pulled his laser rifle, aiming the laser rifle, his linear blaster cannon, and his shrapnel cannon at a point halfway up Shelob's body- "All right, you drokking piece of stomm, let's see what you're made of." -opens fire-

Bludgeon: -flings a ball of crackling electricity at Shelob's head-

2007-03-09, 05:07 AM
Sonic Canyons

Ramjet took a moment to fire a laser blast into the wall of the canyon, dropping a ton of debris down toward one of the enemy tanks before he answered Thrust.

"Ah, calm down, wouldja?" He corkscrewed through the air and strafed another enemy position. "We're soldiers, not a demolition team. Can ya blame me for wantin' a challenge?"

2007-03-09, 07:37 AM
Scoop opens fire with both his Targetmasters His twin laser-guided ion blaster and dual compression cannon aimed firmly atr the the creatures midsection.

Maximus Prime3
2007-03-09, 05:59 PM
Ramjet, i know we aren't a demolition team, but lately my circuts have been buggy so that is why i went crazy, Thrust said while blowing up a target while doing a barrel roll.

God Jinrai
2007-03-13, 01:08 AM
Ginrai's rig mode roared over the tank treads that were a part of a certain mutant.. but half-way over, he separated from his trailer, transforming on the fly, his cannons sent flying from the roof of the trailer, godbomber separating to join him in the fray.

"You were warned! Now I'm just going to have to KILL you all to get to
Vector Sigma!"

Ginrai's twin blasters roared to life, and Godbomber came rushing in close, ready to beat down the surviving mutants

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-03-13, 06:52 PM
By now Sunstreaker had dropped into the hole that he had blown open, looking around the dark corridor. He frowned slightly at the site of no Quintessons and quickly jumped out of the hole only to be blind sided by at Quintesson shock-trooper. Sunstreaker smashed against a peice of debris in the canyon and shook his head to get his bearings. The shock trooper took another swing, but Sunstreaker caught his hand this time and twisted it around, flipping the shock trooper onto his back. Sunstreaker placed the air-compressor canon against the Quintesson's chest and fired, flattening it in a messy crush of air.

Sideswipe by now was airborne, but not happy with his lack of mobility in comparison. " 'Take to the air' he says." Sideswipe grumbled as two Quint jet bikes circled him like sharks would their prey. Sideswipe smiled at their poor-judgment and lifted his flare-gun hitting one of the riders with a flare-blast and then quickly commandeering his bike, blasting the other one aswell. "A hover bike! It's what I always wanted for Christmas on earth!"

Maximus Prime3
2007-03-15, 11:03 PM
Commander Hatemonger, I am finished over here, what are your next orders

2007-03-15, 11:54 PM
Time to fight :)

Hatemonger looked and saw what he figured was the ranking Quint in the group.

"Onom, you die here." The General snarled his energon saber ready and a buzzing emitting from one of his fusion cannons. He raised his weapons challenging the Quint commander to fight.

Maximus Prime3
2007-03-16, 01:06 AM
Ramjet, land here, if our commander is to lose this fight, i need some backup to take out the quint commander. Since he will be warn out, we will be able to take him out easily

2007-03-16, 04:12 AM
Sonic Canyons

"Ya know, I don't see that happening..." Ramjet told Thrust. "Enemies ta kill, and all that."

The conehead accelerated, blowing past Sideswipe and his commandeered hoverbike by the slimmest of margins before blasting another enemy bike out of the sky with a barrage of lasers.

Maximus Prime3
2007-03-16, 01:08 PM
Thurst:well, go to hell, i will take all credit if the comander is in trouble,Ramjet

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-03-16, 11:40 PM
"Hey watch out!" Sideswipe cried as he pulled the bike around so he was looking at Ramjet's tail-end. Sideswipe scowled and accelerated the bike to keep up with the conehead, intent on paying him back for his buzz. "The air 's almost clear. I hate how I get to these parties late." He said half to Ramjet and half to himself as he clothes-lined another biker off of his ride almost non-chalantly with a quickly extended arm.

2007-03-17, 03:43 AM
Sonic Canyons

"The general's not gonna lose, Thrust. That's why he's a general."

Ramjet crashed head-on into another biker, his nosecone tearing through the unlucky Quint's chest and ripping him from his hoverbike. The conehead reversed his thrusters quickly, cutting his airspeed in half. The ruined corpse, not decelerating, shot free of his nosecone and crashed to the ground.

"Ya didn't miss much," he told Sideswipe, not quite sure why he was bantering with an Autobot. "These guys don't put up much of a fight..."

2007-03-17, 01:33 PM
Jackhammers mangled body parts clinked and splashed amid the rubble and pools of oil in the tunnel, and his over armoured head, undamaged but now seperate from any other part of his body, watched Ginrais assault on his gang continue...

Waste, who had been in the air when Ginrai had transformed and seperated, used his barbs and claws on one arm to latch himself to Godbomber: he used his other to start to slash at the armour plating.
Seeing this, Slayride shouted to the Mutant with the jet pack, Debris:
"Go and support Waste! Take that thing out!"

Meanwhile, Junk, the large wrestler of the team, either through bravery or ignorance, had leapt to confront the titan bearing down on them... and had the full blast of Ginrais cannons cut through him like butter, leaving him in two halves. The others, who were still rather stunned by Remains and Trash's demise, were taken by surprise as the beams cut through a third comrade, and scattered with little discipline: all except for Discard, a Mutant who bore a similarity to Frenzy: he ducked behind the wreckage of Remain, and began operating the complicated console on his chest.

Vector Sigma
Shelob stepped back in shock: she was exhausted from the battles she had suffered, more used to taking a few prey back to feed once every few days, prolonged combat and the exposure to the EMP weapon had left her in a severly disabled state: the light show from jazz she was filtering out as well as she had the flares from the first battle, but the assault on her hearing was nothing short of amazing.
In an attempt to gain an upper hand, she raised herself on her hindmost legs, raised all her remaining limbs with saws and cutters activated, and gave an almighty Bellow, hoping to give fright to her enemies and gain a pause in the assault.

Eiramnna, dazed, confused and his need for revenge dulled by terror, was standing amidst the beasts eggs next to Tunnel rat still, when Jazz's assault and Shelobs retort caused the room to shake: he fell to his knees and clutched his Audio receptors, trying desperately to shut them down.

2007-03-17, 03:04 PM
Vector Sigma

Jazz was no coward, but he knew better than to be stupid with his life. Shelob's display of fury had sufficiently shown that she could land on him in an instant at his current vantage. He decided he'd do best to distract her while the main guns got into position, and so he used his new leg boosters to hop gracefully up to the rafters across the chamber from Spinister's position. Jazz fired his photon rifle down on the beast while moonwalking the beam to keep mobile.

Outside, Derby finally rolled up and transformed to robot mode, dropping Haras as carefully as he could.

"Listen, I'm gonna be blunt," he said while checking his pistol. "These guys might be Wreckers, but that thing is a terror. We need all the help we can get. If you fight with us, I'll convince the brass to give you your freedom. Please?"

Derby turned his pistol and held it out by the barrel, looking at Haras hopefully.

redman prime
2007-03-17, 06:33 PM
Snapdragon flexed up behind his General, waiting to watch one of the greatest in the Decepticon army dispatched this quint.


Greatshot cirlced the devastation, Roughstuff on his wing, and merely grinned.

"Well, them ole seekers show up and finish off the rest of these rats and leave us with nothing but strafing runs on the cliffs to do. Might as well get on with the maiming!"

Spiraling down on the cliffside, they laid a thick stream of fire down just beyond Thrust and destroying a quint or two still on the cliff.

2007-03-18, 01:06 AM
Vector Sigma:

Roadbuster: "Stomm!!! We need to blow this thing open!" -holsters laser rifle, pulling grenade launcher from his leg holster, adding a salvo of plasma grenades to the steady fire from his linear blaster cannon and his shrapnel cannon, trying to target one point on the techno-organic's hide-

Bludgeon: -drawing katana- "Perhaps we should be more subtle." moves in, attempting to slash a hole in Shelob's hide-

2007-03-18, 03:21 AM
Vector Sigma

Spinister winced at Shelob's roar, but the Targetmaster was beyond fright at such amateurish tricks. Lining up his sights on the monster's right hind leg, he took aim at the knee and fired off a dual-linked laser blast.

2007-03-19, 01:03 PM
Vector Sigma
Shelob was designed to descend on prey in a swift attack: as such, her underbelly was well armoured, and only chipped with Bludgeons sword swing and Roadbusters assault: Spinisters sniper shot was far more effective, finding the joints in her leg well enoungh. She stumbled, and was caught off balance. Roadbusters barrage sent her tumbling, and she fell on to her back, her legs curling over instinctively into a ball-

Haras looked at the gun dumble for a second, and then took it slowly for Derbys hand.
"It is an enemy of us all. Lets keep it simple." he said calmly, and made to join the Wreckers and Mayhems in the fray-

Eiramnna looked up, now deaf from closing down his audio receptors, to see the behemoth spider fall. His thermal pistols in his hands, he made to fall back whilst firing when he stopped.
His brother had returned! Eiramnna saw him clear the entrance with a weapon drawn-

2007-03-20, 02:48 AM
Vector Sigma:

Roadbuster: -optic band narrowing- "What's this drokking thing made out of, anyway? Cast-hardened endurachrome?" -holdtering the grenade launcher, pulling his rapid fire assualt rifle from subspace, opening fire with it, adding armor piercing high explosive rounds into the blasts from his linear blaster cannon and his shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon, focusing on one point of Shelob's hide-

Bludgeon: "It is a challenge. But then, all life is." -raises his left arm, his arm mounted electropulse cannon roaring, adding it's fire to the point that Roadbuster is aiming at-

2007-03-20, 07:26 AM
Pounce fired his twin rocket launchers aiming for the creatures head.

"eat case hardened aluminium alloy."


Scoop kneeled and steadying himslef started methodically aiming at the creatures legs ,targetting the knee joints.



emitted two plumes of flam from the entranceway aiming at the creature.

Cross eyed Haras sceptically from the corner of his optic

"Letss hope you know what your doindg Derby."

2007-03-21, 03:44 AM
Vector Sigma

Spinister watched calmly as Shelob balled up. Roadbuster and Bludgeon's rather wild assault didn't seem to be having as much of an effect as the two would have liked, so he didn't join them in firing on a random section of the beast's hide.

I would expect such futility from the Autobot, but Bludgeon should know better.

The Targetmaster carefully took aim at another of the monster's joints and slowly squeezed the trigger.

2007-03-22, 08:32 PM
Vector Sigma

Derby dodged into the chamber, glancing at Cross while drawing the Gatekeeper bowmace he'd made off with in the last battle.

"You and me both, buddy!"

Derby turned the weapon at Shelob and tried to figure out how to coax an energy blast out of it.

Maximus Prime3
2007-03-23, 11:32 PM
come on boss, thrust said, kick his quint a** back to the last mullinium

2007-03-24, 05:04 PM
Sonic Canyons
Onom saw the Transformer general raise his weapons to him, beckoning him to fight. he would normally have made some comment, perhaps give an order or command: but it had been too long for him, stuck in this back water, silent wasteland, p[opulated only by Mutants that ran, and Technorganics that hid: the fury and blood red glory of battle was too much for him, like water to a dehydrated man. He raised his weapons in return, and stormed through his fellow soldiers, bellowing intelligible remarks at Hatemonger.
Onoms guard were not gripped in half as red haze as their commander was: one was even wise enough to call the rear guard general, Roloc, with a report.

Vector Sigma
The point of armour at which Roadbuster and Bludgeon were aiming their fire was heating, buckling and cracking: Shelob turned wildly on to her front, so her rear was facing her enemies, the sniper fire from Spinister and Scoop going wild as she did so.
She was wounded, and unable to run. Her eggs were fresh hatched, and would not survive without her. She could neither fight well enough against this barrage of enemy fire, nor could she abandon her kin.
A last ditch effort against her cuning and skilled enemies, she opened soe of her rear carapace, and fired her moist webbing in as wide a spray as possible:

Haras had charged into the chamber, firing the pistol he had been given as rapidly as he could at the monster before him, his face a picture of worry:

Eiramnna was confused, looking at his brother fight alongside there sworn enemy. He turned to Tunnel rat:

2007-03-25, 12:04 AM
Hatemonger smiled if there was nothing more in the heat of a battle that he truely loved it was calling out the one fighter that he thought was worth.

Be it an Autobot like: Grimlock, Optimus Prime or countless others or even one of his own that he would stand face to face too like Blitzwing or Teratron this was what he loved. Facing a foe one-on-one and truely feeling their power and they would feel his.

Without a word he dashed at Omon tearing one unlucky Quint solider in two with his blade and blasting a massive hole in another as he ran to his target energon saber blazing. When he neared Omon he swung at the Quint squad commander to start the duel and to fight to the death.

God Jinrai
2007-03-25, 04:52 AM
Godbomber's armor was starting to give out in spots, when he finally lashed out, sending his assailant flying.

Ginrai looked to him, and seeing the damage he'd taken, decided it was time to end things.. and swiftly.


With that single word, Ginrai leapt back to his trailer... interfacing with it, and forming his super-mode.... and seconds later, in armor-mode, Godbomber fused as well.

"No more games."

Igniting his wing boosters, God Ginrai took to the air, streaking down the corridor, hoping to simply bypass the remaining mutant, and reach vector sigma's main chamber... as, from the sound of it... hell was being let loose within.

redman prime
2007-03-29, 03:18 AM
(OOC: Anyone out there?)

Snapdragon tore into one of the few guards left standing remotely near Onom, turning his gaze back to the battle between the two squad leaders.

2007-03-30, 12:51 AM
OOC- Just keeping things interesting.

"Come now warrior. We all most face death sometime. Yours is now." Hatemonger said eying his foe watching his optics and his body posture ready to strike.

2007-03-30, 06:25 AM
Tunnel Rats optics glowed red at the sight of so many of the hated enemy.

He crawled through the wreckage keping a low profile till he reached a floor hatch which he prised open . lying down next to it he watched the battle develop.

2007-03-30, 11:40 PM
Sonic Canyons
Roloc recieved the report from Onoms guards-men, grunting with dissapointment.
He addressed his own detachment of guards like a caeser:
"We will be engagin the enemy post haste, my soldiers: the rogue products are doing far better than first visualised. We will be supporting Onoms unit, or what remains of them. Go forth!"
With that, the detachment made their way through the canyons, marching with empty precision...

In the air
Most of the Jetbike squadron had been decimated by the superior fire power and skills of the Transformer forces, but the airborne transformers Roughstuff, Greatshot, Ramjet and Sideswipe were not alone in the skies.

The sounds of battle had drawn the attention of the denizens of the nest home to 7 fuzor technorganics, horrific mishmashes of creatures, who's only bond was insanity and hunger: as if timed, when the last sky biker fell to his doom, three fying technorganics cam over the horizon and attacked.
A Cheetle, Carapace open and wings buzzing, came up behind Sideswipe, spots glinting in the sun and fangs bared-
Roughstuff and Greatshot were targetted by a Wulturf, Mettalic feathered wings flapping with strength above the Lupine body as it descended from above-
And lastly, a Hawrillak, a gorrila with Hawk wings for arms and a hawk head, screeched and roared, divebombing at Thrust, as he watched the battle below him.

In the Canyons:
All hell was breaking loose, as the tanks battalions tried to gain an upper hand: Gatkeepers had fell around them, and the base Countdowns command centre was still so far away: One of the Gun platforms had been destroyed by the aerial forces, meaning that the remaining one wasn't drawing enough fire from them.

Meanwhile, Onoms troopers tried to ignore the carnage that Snapdragon had wrought, and were concentrating there fire on him whilst their commander engaged the enemy general.
Onom had gotten to Hatemonger, and instead of observing the noceties of battle, swung his hand blades with as much force in unison from left to right, hoping to cleave the enemy in three-

2007-03-31, 12:09 AM
Hatemonger quickly parred one swing, then quickly the next but had to drop backwards to narrowly avoid the third as the blade cut off a piece of his shoulder armour.

"Impressive." The General said as he swung around faking going for a saber strike and instead brought one of his fusion cannons online and fired at the Quint General hoping to catch him off gaurd.

2007-03-31, 05:06 AM
Sonic Canyons

Ramjet caught sight of the creature flying toward Sideswipe. Not quite sure why, he called out, "Heads up, Autobrat! Beastie incomin' from your aft!"

The conehead didn't actually make any move to help the Autobot, though. Alliance or no alliance, he had his limits.

2007-03-31, 03:25 PM
Vector Sigma Tunnels
Slayride watched in awe as Ginrai combined with his various parts and his jets ignited: As he tore down the tunnels, battering Debrie out of the air with ease. He saw Discard working in the shoulders, and waved his hand at him.
"Stand down: let him go."
We couldn't have stopped him anyway: Four of us down in barely a minute. It's a wonder he stopped at all...
Slayride called the rest of the gang over.
"Strip the bodies for parts; we'll wait here for the rest to catch up. I think things are changing on this planet again."

God Jinrai
2007-04-02, 12:52 AM
Rocketing down the halls, ginrai's infrared picked up the battle in the main chamber...


his eyes glowed blue, his body slowly starting to glow red and orange, Ginrai barelled out of the tunnel at a rapid pace, fist drawn back, and ready to resume his fight with the techno-organic

2007-04-03, 01:33 AM
Sonic Canyons
Onom was too eager in getting to Hatemongers saber, and took the Fusion blast full power to his midfiff: he was sent rolling back, a smoking ball of anger: he tried to slow himslef, whilst retracting his blades and firing a wide volley of shuriken at his opponent-

2007-04-03, 01:51 AM
Hatemonger snarled as Onom's blades hit his heavy external armour he walked towards his foe. He left the blades in instead as they looked like spikes coming out of his shoulder and chest and chraged the fallen warrior and tried to cut his foe in half.

2007-04-04, 12:24 AM
Onom, dismayed, rolled as Hatemongers blade zinged past his head, narrowly avoiding the cut, and tried to deliver a ham string blow with a swiftly extracted blade to Hatemongers leg-

2007-04-04, 02:41 AM
Onom's strike caught the General in the leg causing him to bucket and fall backwards not without the general firing another barrage at the Quint as he rolled and tried to find his footing again.

2007-04-05, 09:51 PM
The Fusion Blast from Hatemonger tore buffeted and cracked the arm Onom had used to bring the general down: as his enemy hit the floor, Onom rolled clumsily away, the Chainsaw blades on his back whirring intensely...

redman prime
2007-04-05, 11:09 PM
Roughstuff felt, rather than saw, the techno-organic beast descend behind them before deciding it would be better for his own small form to be a bit farther away. After all, he was relatively small for the hulking sky-terror, might as well let him have the big bots.

Greatshot, however, was the big bot.

"Roughstuff, you midget coward, I oughta.."

Pulling off hard right, he climbed rapidly, muttering about small cons and tastier bites then the big bots.


Snapdragon merely looked bemused at the assault concentrating fire on him, until he looked down.

dozens of small, steaming craters littered his chest, arms and legs. Yet, he felt fine, waiting to feel more oils on on his claws.

"Hey, get your butts out here, it's obvious they aren't worried about you, prove 'em wrong." Addressing the Headmasters all around him.

2007-04-06, 02:13 AM
Hatemonger grunted as he quickly jumped backwards to avoid being tore up by the blades on the back of the Quint warrior as they bit into his heavy armour on his chest sparks rained the ground as they left marks all over his armour.

He then quickly swung his energon saber at his foe trying to sever him into two.

2007-04-06, 10:40 PM
Sonic Canyons, the Air
The Wulturf, a mixture of Hunter and Scavenger, was borderline schizophrenic, and didn't take to new ituations well: it had followed the Cheetle and the Hawrillak to this feeding ground eagerly, hoping to make a rich picking.
Seeing his targets split, he followed instinct, and ignored Greatshot, him being the greater threat, and tore off at top speed, wings beating the air ferociously at Roughstuff, making his Howl-Squawk as he did with all his might.

Meanwhile, the remaining Allicons on Jetbikes had lost what remained of their formation. The remaining leader, and unfortunate Allicon by the name of Cuph, tried to rally them into assembling lower down, but his voice was cried out by the threats around him.

On the Ground
Onom had tried to jump back as the sword swept around toward him, but wasn't fast enough: the sword cut into his front, gouging a tear into his front armour, and sendig the co-commander spinning away from Hatemonger.

Roloc, meanwhile, had centered the fray with his fresh and eager warriors, runing to join the battle alongside Onoms beleaguered survivors, who were doubling their efforts in taking down Snapdragon.

2007-04-07, 12:08 AM
Hatemonger glazed with satisfaction as Onom fell away. As he wiped a bit of energon from his lips he eyed the warrior. He then carefully brought his Fusion cannon level to his foe and fired again trying to hit the damaged front armour.

2007-04-07, 05:15 AM
Vector Sigma chamber:

Roadbuster: -growling, struggling with the webbing that Shelob shot out, still firing at the opening in the techno organic's carapace with his shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon, trying hard to ignore Bludgeon:

Bludgeon: -katana in hand, aiming his arm mounted electropulse cannon at the opening in Shelob's armor, firing, surrounded by a circle of clear space in a sea of web goo-

Sonic Canyons:

Nightbeat, Hosehead, Siren, and Chromedome: -firing at Quint targets of opportunity-

Minerva: -keeping her head down- "I really get the feeling we're not gaining any ground here....."

2007-04-07, 05:52 AM
Vector Sigma

Spinister, up in the chamber's rafters, had managed to escape the web-slinging relatively unscathed. However, the same could not be said for his sight lines. The Targetmaster was carefully picking his way along the steel beams that supported the chamber's ceiling, trying to find a new vantage point from which to attack.

Sonic Canyons

Ramjet continued to patrol the skies above the battle, occasionally taking potshots and unsuspecting Quints, when he saw a wave of new enemy troops joining the fray. The seeker peppered the ground around them with laser blasts, then transformed, dropped to the ground and took a swing at the guy who looked like he was in charge (as it happens, he chose Roloc).

"Ya know, I've had just about enough of you guys..."

2007-04-07, 07:38 AM
Vector Sigma

Pounce slashed at the webbing with both his bayonets hacking at it.


Tunnel Rat laughed softly

"now what do we have here "

Crouching behind a computer station.

He aimed his missile launcher at Roadbuster and fired

"come into my parlour Autobots and Decepticons , your chassis are soaked in the oil of innocents and for that you must pay."

2007-04-08, 12:12 AM
Vector Sigma
Haras had been thrown back to the wall of the chamber, pinned by the glue-steel webbing that Shelob had launched from her carapace: his pistol still in hand, he tried firing it at the the silk that imprisoned him, but was only rewarded with the heating of his own hand. He cursed, and watched the drama before him unfold.

Eiramnna, pleased to see Tunnel Rat fring at will at the Transformers, used the devestation caused as cover fire, as he hightailed it over to his imprisoned brother, his thermal pistols in his hands, and a confused, desperate expression on his face.

Shelob, by now, seeing her webbing have less than perfect results, was fast realising that this may be the end: when the shrapnel cannon shell from Roadbuster and Bludgeons Electro-charge smacked ito her exposed innards, sending her forward into a crumpled heap, her realisations were more than proved. She hefted her fram up on injured legs, and opened her maw, to send the data-gasses to her eggs, so that her children may stand a fighting chance.
As she turned to face the intruders one last time, an all too familiar figure came roaring from the dark, and called her to battle: the painful one, Ginrai, had returned.
Shelob screamed, and the one clear thought in her mind was one last time.

Sonic Canyons.

The One remaining Gun Turret on the canfon walls was concentrating it's fire still on Countdowns base, as well as the remaining tank divisions.

Onoms men were divided between the Headmasters, who seemed to have whittled their number down through sheer skill and bloody mindedness. The soldiers gave the most desperate and ragged of cheers when Rolocs fresh faced and eager men cleared the distance, and helped surrond Snapdragon completely, as well as raining fire fown on Nightbeat, Minerva, Hosehead, Siren, and Chromedome.

Onom, dizzy and wounded, attempted to evade Hatemongers precise Fusion blast, but through lack of speed and skill, his damaged arm was left in its wake: the result was cracking like glass above the elbow, and a near stripping of all materials below, save the base parts of his catapult. Onom roared, and lunged with his remaining Blade.

Roloc found himslef under the unwelcome attention of Ramjet: retorting swiftly in word and deed, he evaded the strike, and commented "We are swiftly getting tired of you products also!" Roloc retaliated with Ion Blasts from his Optics.

2007-04-08, 01:08 AM
Hatemonger brought his saber up and caught his foe's blade with his not without getting a large cut on his check as some energon leaked out the General smiled.

"You do realise your doing to die here?" He said trying to get into the head of Onom.

2007-04-08, 03:40 AM
Sonic Canyons

Roloc's ion blasts slammed dead-on into Ramjet's chest, but the masochistic seeker only smiled.

"That's all you got, Quint scum?"

Still grinning like a lunatic, he struck out at the enemy commander's face in a vicious headbutt.

"Here, eat some cone. Maybe it'll help ya come up with some better comebacks!"

redman prime
2007-04-08, 07:30 AM
Well, Crap.

Roughtsuff dove lower, sacrifing altitude for air speed and cut hard left, trying to shake the mechanoid-ish monster from his rear.

Greatshot, however, took full advantage of his relative freedom from enemy attention and circled from his sharp turn onto the tail of the Wulturf, attempting to guide a steady stream of laser fire into the beast's shoulders, hoping to cripple it.


Wait, how the hell did this happen?

Snapdragon pondered, eyeing up the fresh troops encircling him and pouring more fire in his direction. His armor openly smoking and fluids starting to pour rather liberally from more than a few wounds, he realized that, without a bit of luck and some help, he might be boned.

"Well, might as well make a good tail for the rest of 'em to tell." and with that, he hurtled in the direction of the closest soldiers, fresh to the battle, hoping to pile corpses around him if, indeed, this was his time.

2007-04-08, 03:06 PM
Sonic Canyons

Skids rised form the ground, covered in dust.

" Nice cyclone cannon, Nightbeat " the tactician grumbled. Skids joined the detective, Chromedome and Minerva and fired against Onom's men.

2007-04-08, 05:49 PM
Vector Sigma

Jazz' vision of the enemy had also been obscured by Shelob's webbing, and he continued slinking along the rafters in another direction. He found an open spot from which he could look down on the enemy; he trained his photon rifle and waited. She'd proven tough, and there was no sense wasting ammo if it wasn't her weak spot.

On the floor, Derby had stuck close to Haras throughout the fight, and so the web had equally caught him and stuck him to the wall. He struggled to wiggle his wrist in the hope his bowmace would be able to cut through the caging. Before he could find purchase, he spotted Eiramnna approaching...


Sonic Canyons

Countdown's command center had taken a pounding from the encroaching Quintesson forces, but he was not broken. He sat stoically in the base's main turret, focusing his de-kineto cannon on the remaining tank division while the base's auto laser cannons traded potshots with the last turret.

2007-04-08, 11:29 PM
Sonic Canyons
Executioners flew into the air like ragdolls as the kinetic charge smacked into their ranks: the Overcharge tanks that were directly beneath Countdowns assault faltered, whilst the rest continued to encroach on the base, firing shells with rapidity.
The Void shells on the Gun turret flickered in a purple haze as laser fire was absorbed into it, and the tri-barreled installation continued to pound at it's enemy.

In the air, the Wultirf shrieked like a banshee as it matched it's target for speed and maneuvers: it fired it's precision sonic boomers at Roughstuff, then felt a lance of pain as Greatshots laser fire tore into it's shoulder, sending sinew and wire falling to the ground.

Back on the ground, and the men that had surronded Snapdragon were divided: those closest to he oncoming Autobot headmasters and Skids were returning fire as best they could, sustaining casualties as the precise beam fire cut into their ranks: those shileded by the others and by the hulking great, wounded dragon transformer were concentrating a truly terrible barrage on it, heedless of their fallen brehtren by the beasts frenzied counter assaults.

Onom was beyond any form of conversation. Between his bloodlust, ad the shock of the losing most of his left arm, he was single minded and focused on hatemonger: seeing he had drawn energon, he redoubled his attack, swinging his blade with skill-less abandon, and firing the remains of his shuriken catapult at his enemies legs.

Roloc was sent backwards by Ramjets heavily armoured but aerodynamic head: incredulous at the apparent ineffectiveness of his Ion blasts, he focused his hand lasers on his enemy, merely retorting "Cretin!" as he did so.

God Jinrai
2007-04-08, 11:46 PM
The giant burning form rushed headlong at Shelob, rocket launcher lobbing its warhead, right arm cocked, ready to lash out at the abomination's skull, his left drawing one of his cannons from subspace...

" Clear out, and give me room! Dela with any other immedieate threats! Ugly here is MINE!"

2007-04-09, 03:27 AM
Hatemonger could see his foe was starting to become annoyed as he began to attack with less aim.

Hatemonger paried the wild sword strikes with his own saber but was not paying attention to the Quint's shuriken cannon as one ripped through one of his knees acuators.

His repair systems begin to work on the joint but he fell over rather than firing a blast from one of his fusion cannons he activated his forearm blaster and fired at his Quint foe.

2007-04-09, 03:55 AM
Sonic Canyons

Ramjet charged forward, taking Roloc's laser blasts on his upper arms. They marred his crisp white finish with black carbon scoring, but, as the conehead often reminded people, he was tough. His wounds hurt, of course. They hurt quite a bit. But pain was nothing to him.

"Looks like I was wrong. Your comebacks are getting even worse."

The seeker took a wild swing at the Quintesson's head with his right arm, then fired his left laser rifle down at the enemy's feet.

2007-04-10, 03:18 AM
Vector Sigma chamber:

Roadbuster: -snarling, rips himself free of the webbing, looks over at Bludgeon- "I don't want to know why the webbing didn't touch you, do I."

Bludgeon: "Doubtful."

Roadbuster: -muttering- "Skull-faced freak and his mystic mumbo-jumbo......" -shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon pivoting in response to movement, turning to watch the running Eiramnna, raising his linear blaster cannon, firing a warning shot across the Quint troopers path- "HOLD IT, QUINT!"

Bludgeon: -sprinting over to Haras and Derby- "Were I somebody else, I would make a comment about hanging around. As I am not, I will not." -raises katana, preparing to cut through the webbing-

Sonic Canyons:

Nightbeat: "It's better than nothing, Skids." -subspaces cyclone cannon, pulls plasma blaster, firing at the Quints-

Chromedome: -firing both blasters at the approaching Quints-

Siren and Hosehead: -reloading-

Minerva: -adding fire from her stun blaster-

redman prime
2007-04-10, 05:32 AM
With both the bodies and the bulletholes piling up quick, Snapdragon contemplated doing something that was, in his mind, a very Autobotish thing to do. He only thought for a second, then acted. Springing into the air, the lizard transformed into his fighter mode, streaking away and leaving naught but a trail of smoke and seared armor platings.

I can't believe i just did that..... I should fly into a cliff.
But that would've been slightly less of a shock to his system as was slamming into the Wultirf. "What th-?" was all he could manage as his luck went from crappy to downright horrible.

2007-04-10, 06:22 AM
Tunnel Rat glanced up

well, well what have we here

He aimed his missilelauncher at one of the roof beams and fired hoping to knock Jazz off his perch.

2007-04-10, 11:20 PM
Vector Sigma
Ginrais rocket impacted on Shelobs abdomen, causing the creature blinding pain, as the wounds from Bludgeon and Roadbuster were still fresh there: weeping oil, blood and tears, the behemoth steadied her rear leags against the wall behind her, and swung her fore legs in a whirling pattern of blades and saws, to ensnare her oncoming enemy...

Haras looked up in astonishment as his brother ran to him with pistols bared: Eiramnna was halted in his tracks by Roadbusters warning, and as Bludgeon readied to free Haras and his comrade Derby, he cried out in warning "DON"T SHOOT!"

Mean while, the largest of the blackened, rotten eggs shook and cracked: a single, hairy mucus covered leg poked out into the air...

Sonic Canyons
The Wulturf, shocked with pain from Greatshots weaponry, was also greatly surprised to see Snapdragon at the last minute: insult to injury, the horrorcon had collided straight onto his fresh wound, causing the wing to all but tear off!
The Wulturf scrabbled at his collidee, hoping for purchase...

Roloc fired instinctively at Ramjets approaching fist with his eye-ion blasters, forgetting that this weapon was a nill impact one: the fist cut through the beam, regardless of any damage it took, and connecting beautifully with Rolocs face, causing the Quintesson to fall backwards fast enough that his feet cleared the laser blasts aimed at them.

Onom, meanwhile, was whooping with joy akin to a gorilla when hatemongers unexpected weapon took chunk out of the cntre of his already wounded chest: Onom was left speechless, looking down at a hole he could have put his hand in...

Their troops were becoming less divided: some tried to follow up fire on the now dissapered Horrorcon, but nearly all made a kamikaze charge at the Headmasters, Nightbeat and co., their pistols and rifles bursting charges at them as they ran.

God Jinrai
2007-04-11, 03:27 AM
Ginrai made a vain attempt to bat the spinning legs away, but found them shearing into his armor all the same... that's when he noticed the eggs....

"aw SLAG! Somebody make omletes of those things and fast! Otherwise we're in for some SERIOUS trouble!"

2007-04-11, 04:27 AM
Sonic Canyons

Ramjet barely paused to take note as Roloc's optic lasers fused his right fist. Flexing his mechanical 'muscles', he forced the hand to open. Slivers of melted armour flew in every possible direction and fused actuators were forcibly unfused. A lesser mech would have roared in agony, but Ramjet only grunted.

"See, now I've gotta kill you twice..."

That done, he strode forward in the hopes of planting a foot on the Quintesson's chest and pinning him to the ground.

2007-04-11, 05:20 AM
Almost in slow motion the ages of war and fighting took over in Hatemonger's mind as he saw his wounded enemy standing the smoking wound in his chest. The Decepticon General reacted and tried to reach forward to tear the warriors fuel pump out.

2007-04-11, 05:22 AM
Sonic Canyons

Countdown had never been a fan of seige warfare.

The turret's fire had succeeded in stuttering and finally shorting two of the base's autolasers, leaving only a few returning fire. Meanwhile, Countdown's dekineto cannon had unexpectedly jammed. He looked down for a moment to inspect the problem; when he looked up again, he noticed a tank's barrel lighting up and pointing at him.

"Oh no oh no oh no oh--"

Countdown had begun to climb out and jumped from the turret seat when the shell hit the cannon, exploding it fantastically in a cloud of flame. The blast sent Countdown soaring through the air and landed him on his back on the deck of his base. He forced himself up quickly and dashed toward his secondary gunnery station, firing at the tanks from his arm blasters while he ran.


Vector Sigma

Over the battle, Jazz' acute sensors picked up the characteristic sound of a missile approaching.

"What the..."

He looked down to spot the projectile just in time to jump, and Tunnel Rat's missile obliterated the beam Jazz had been standing on. Jazz flailed through the air with his free hand, luckily catching hold of another beam and dangling precariously above the battle below. He wasted no time in aiming his photon rifle down at Tunnel Rat and returning fire.

"Cut it out, man! You gonna cave in the place!"

2007-04-11, 07:43 AM
Sonic Canyons

Chainclaw dragged himself from under some rubble that had fallen on him.

He fired on the Quints advancing on Skids position growling and bounding towards them.


Tunnel Rat glared up at Jazz rolling for cover as the photon rifle scored his back armour

"an excellent idea autobot , maybe you will all die or maybe you will be trapped alone in the darkness like i was at Yuss surrounded by my dead comrades abandoned by the Autobots and decimated by the Decepticons a pawn in their war sacrificed for something in which we wanted no part, no one who wasn't there can really know what it was like Autobot. I have sworn to avenge my dead comrades . Prepare to become no 29 Autobot."

Tunnel Rat fired again at the roof beams.

2007-04-11, 11:42 PM
Vector Sigma

Jazz knew well enough to listen to Tunnel Rat's tirade while finding himself safer ground. He wanted to get inside the enemy's head while also getting away from him. Down wasn't an option - he hung directly over a massive web that would surely spell his end. Jazz held the beam with his free hand and acrobatically hoisted his legs overhead, planting them on the side of the beam he grasped. His leaping modification finally came in handy. Jazz pushed off the same moment that he let go, sending himself into a spinning cannonball while the missile destroyed the beam he'd been on. He straightened out and landed on another gracefully.

"Chill out, bro! I wasn't there - none a' us were! You gonna kill yerself for revenge against somebody who never did nothin' ta you?"

Jazz wasn't banking on psychology alone. He extended his subwoofers from his side and his flamethrower over his shoulder, directing a sound and light show at Tunnel Rat while spraying flame at the webbing below him.

Overhead, the ancient ceiling began to creak.

2007-04-11, 11:46 PM
Sonic Canyons
A ragged cheer erupted from the remains of the Tank division as the orange fireball erupted from Countdowns base: they were few now, but with their brother on the canyon wall, they may be able to take this thing down yet!
The division commander, OCL 20-11, roared at his men: all the Gatekkepers dead now, it was just him andthree Overcharge units:
"Charge! Take their Base!"

In the main of the battle, things were getting dense and condense, with the two forces forming coincidental units opposing each other, and the Quintesson commanders engaged in fights on the periphery.
Roloc, not a little desperate, pushed himself away furious whilst on his back, firing his lasers at full strength at the oncoming Ramjet:
Meanwhile, gripped in the same hieghtened awareness as his enemy, Onom tried stepping away from the oncoming hand, shuriken catapult firing the last of it's ammunition before giving the ghost and sputtering to a halt...

Vector Sigma
Shelob grinned as the incandescent Ginrai fell into her blades, and used the strength she had stored by straining her legs against the wall, she catapulted herself at her enemy!

2007-04-12, 09:06 AM
(ooc http://tfwiki.net/wiki/The_Magnificent_Six!
background to Yuss)

Vector Sigma

"I blame all of you for this Autobot for starting this senseless war , you and the decepticons us neutrals were just collateral damage caught in the crossfire . i've killed before and i will kill again , the first Aftershock well he was an impulse thing but then it became so easy arrogant decepticons complacent Autobots, Spincycle never knew what hit him the monofilament wire cut through his skin like a knife through butter, then there was the Seekers a whole 3 of them too busy gunning down neutrals and empties to cover there back Vector, Delta and Canard so confident too confident, then there were the Autobots Dashboard, Roadstripe, Crashbarrier, Crossroads explosives do a terribe thing it rained bits of Autobot for Breems... your light and sound won't help you Autobot."

Tunnel Rat fired another missile

"The roof is'nt moving anywhere just got keep firing at it."

2007-04-12, 07:14 PM
Vector Sigma

Spinister heard the creak from overhead quite clearly, and frowned.

That lunatic is going to be the end of us all, he thought. Although the Targetmaster wouldn't be particularly upset to see Vector Sigma and all the mystical, pseudo-religious nonsense it inspired buried under a thousand tonnes of rubble, he really preferred that he and his comrades not be buried with it.

Although his vantage point on the battle wasn't ideal, the Targetmaster carefully took aim on Tunnel Rat's centre of mass with his laser rifle and squeezed the trigger.

Sonic Canyons

Ramjet let out a growl as Roloc's lasers cut through his cockpit and filled the air with the smell of burning upholstery as his pilot's couch ignited, but he didn't stop advancing.

"Stay put!"

The conehead punctuated his demand with laser blasts of his own, trying to burn through to the Quintesson's knees and slow his retreat.

2007-04-13, 12:36 AM
(OOC: Bah, one of two stories I haven't read... Er, chalk it up to repressed memories.)

Vector Sigma

When Tunnel Rat turned to rambling about his victims, Jazz could see he wasn't to be reasoned with, a lunatic who wouldn't be happy until he was destroyed. Jazz also could see the ancient roof couldn't take too much more beating. Having cleared himself a path through the webs with his flamethrower, Jazz dove to the floor. His Pretender shell leapt from his shoulder while he fell through the webs in the hope Tunnel Rat wouldn't recognize it as part of him.

Jazz landed in a strafing run, firing his electromagnetizer repeatedly at Tunnel Rat while trying to find some cover.


Sonic Canyons

Countdown fired at OCL 20-11 twice more from his wrist cannons while dashing down his runway before he reached the base's engineering bunker and slid down into its protection. He diverted the main laser to manual fire on the Overcharges, the remaining smaller blasters still plugging away at the distant wall turret.

2007-04-13, 09:51 PM
Vector Sigma

Tunnel Rat staggered back as Spinsters shot took him in the chest the shot burned a hole in his Alt modes shovel where it was folded onto his chest. scorching and twisting melting his armour

Staggering backward from the impact he twisted and threw himself backwards ,or more accurately half fell and half rolled into cover of some rubble. Rolling onto his front he primed a slab of mining explosives and lofted it up into the air in Jazz's direction. He ducked as Jazz's first shots started filling the air spanging off the rubble.

"A pretender heh , i had a shell like that mine transformed experimental advanced Decepticon design you know what still got all the control circuitry, lets see how well yours is protected.

The air filled with invisible waves as Tunnel Rat with the desperation and sheer cunnig leant to the trully insane struggled in an attempt to gain control of the Autobots shell.

There was a large BANG and shreds of rubber flew everywhere as one of Jazz's shots punctured the tyre on his right shoulder.

2007-04-14, 12:13 AM
Hatemonger growled as the shuriken drove in the side of his arm as he quickly changed directions and tried to smash Onom with a powerful backhand instead.

Blackstar took to the skies to patrol the airspace after Ginrai left. After flying for some time he saw the battle taking place.

"Oh don't mind if I do." The Decepticon targetmaster yelled opening fire with Shatterstar at the large Quint monsters in the air taking aim at the Techno-Organics.

2007-04-14, 10:41 PM
Vector Sigma
Whilst their Mother and the God-monster Ginrai fought a bloody battle, Shelobs children were breaking out of their rank and rotten eggs with increasing rapidity.
They were legion: the first ones, weakened by a voracious hunger, were set upon by the late comers, then those, bloated and over content, were killed and devoured by their younger and hungrier brethren.
It was a feeding frenzy; normally the small creatures would have had a feast ready for them, and here it would have been the remains of the Quintesson raiding force and the protoguardians stuck to the walls and ceiling. Needs must though, and soon, there they were. Shelobs children. A vast array of differing variations on the themes of their mother, Spiders of all types and some of none.
Thousands of eyes glittered in the battle-light, as they saw living prey ahead of them; They swept forward, like a wave of metal-chitn, toward Haras, Eiramna, Derby, Bludgeon and Roadbuster.

Sonic Canyons
Onom took the back handed swipe from Hatemonger to his chin, and he staggered backwards, disorientated.
For the first time in his simple, violent life, Onom was feeling fear.

Roloc, on his back and struggling backwards, took oe of
Ramjets blasts through the shin: he roared, more in the fashoin a child does when it feels something very unfair is happening.
"You stay put!" he cried, as oil leaked through his leg, he fired a concusion grenade at Ramjet from one of his grenade launchers: he hadn't cleared quite the required distance...

Chainclaws attack failed to hit any of the Quintessons that he had targetted, but they were noticable unsettled by the bounding ton of bear coming at them teeth bared and ferocioty unleashed.

OCL 20-11, too wrapped up in the glory of ordering commands, took Countdowns attack full on to the front of his Tank form; armour compromised, he transformed from Tank to jet, and oversaw his three comrades continued shelling of the base from the air.
The Turret which was pummeling the base was undamaged, it's high power void shield taking the full brunt of the attack better than it;s brother had, The same could nt be said for the cliff face: cracks appeared with every impact, and shards of steel were cascading to the ground.

In the air, Blasckstar had drawn the attention of both the Hawrillak and the Cheetle, both of whom had been havin gless than fun with thrust and Sideswipe for the last few minutes...

God Jinrai
2007-04-15, 12:10 AM
In a moment of clarity, ginrai saw what it would take to deal with the problem facing him... and those present.

the massive techno organic was lurching through the air at him... though in this case, his reaction was obvious. dropping into a crouch, he lurched forward, raising his fist to collide with the abomination's lower jaw... and as he did so, began to expand his aura of flame.

2007-04-15, 12:13 AM
Blackstar quickly turned and did a wide strafe on both the Hawrillak and the Cheetle arming his missiles and getting ready to give the two Techno-Organics one heck of a fight.


After watching Onom fall backwards Hatemonger pulled the shurikens from his armour and brought his saber back online and charged his enemy hoping to go for one last fatal swing.

2007-04-15, 04:34 AM
Sonic Canyons

Roloc's grenade detonated against the right side of Ramjet's torso before the conehead could even begin to dodge. Of course, even if he could have he probably wouldn't.

The explosion lifted him off his feet and deposited him on the ground a fair distance away. The armour on the right side of his body was covered in carbon scoring, shot through with cracks and fissures and riddled with shrapnel. His face, set into an even deeper scowl than usual, turned to look at Roloc.

"You die now," he said as he half sat up and fired a barrage of lasers from the cannon on his left arm.

Vector Sigma

Spinister, carefully watching all of the developments in the chamber, quickly took aim and squeezed off another shot at Tunnel Rat.

2007-04-15, 04:53 AM
Vector Sigma:

Roadbuster: "I'm the one with the gun, Quint-" -stops as the eggs crack open- "Is it so much to ask for a Decepticon or two to smash?" -opens fire on the baby spiders-

Bludgeon: -slashing Haras and Derby free- "Perhaps when the current battle has ended." -pivoting, electropulse cannon roaring as he fires at the spiders, electricity crackling around his hands-

Sonic Canyons:

Nightbeat: -ducking as more round sizzle in- "We've got to get out of here. Somehow."

Chromedome: "I'm open to suggestions, Captian."

Minerva: -checking the charge in her stun blaster- "Better come up with something fast. We're all starting to look like swiss cheese here!"

2007-04-15, 06:58 PM
Sonic Canyons

" We need someone thought and mobile " said Skids to Nightbeat, " and sent it straight ahead across the Canyons to break the enemy circle. We just can follow his and use him as cover, while covering him with our weapons. Any idea about who will be this battering ram?"

redman prime
2007-04-16, 09:53 PM
Reeling from his collision, Snapdragon tumbled through the sky. Luckily for him, he hadn't gotten high enough for the fall to be fatal, but it did succeed in knocking his systems offline for the time being atop the cliff.

Roughstuff saw it happening, but decided it would be a better idea for him to evade and possibly fall in behind this Blackstar fella, seeme like he wasn't taking any crap.

2007-04-17, 12:59 AM
Vector Sigma
Shelobs charge was cut short by the thunderous blow she recieved to her mandibles: their exo armour cracked and broke, leaving the glistening wet muscle underneath exposed.
She landed on her thorax, but still tried to press the assault by swiping as many of her arms across Ginrai as she could, hoping to at least push him back if not cut him two-

As he dealt damage to the swarm, one of Shelobs little darlings leaped through the ir aimed at Roadbusters face, legs outstretched ready to clamp on. Several others were trying toi surround Bludgeon, and smother him through sheer weight of numbers.

Haras found himself firing over his brothers shoulder at the oncoming horde of monsters.
"Eiramnna, forget all this and and shoot!" he cried, before realising that these were the first words that Eiramnna had heard him utter in months. Eiramnna stared open mouthed and shocked at his brother. Something was wrong...
He turned, and began pelting the spiderlings with his thermal pistols, confusion drowning out coherent thought.

Sonic Canyons
The Cheetle and the Hawrillak turned from their respective partners, and flew up to meet their new attacker Blackstar: the Cheetles membraneous wings buzzed heavily, and he fired mortar shells from his cheetahs maw at Blackstar: the Hawrillak meanwhile, flew with great speed at Roughstuff, flexing it's clawed hands and it's steel feathers glimmering in the light.

The Wutlurf, less lucky than Napdragon, crashed to the ground with a thump, a few meters from Minerva, broken, and nearly dead.

Roloc, charred and battered from his own grenade, watched with despair as ramjets lasers pierced the msoke: he rolled clumsily, and taking minimal damge to his sides as he did so, he fired a wide spray of Ion Blasts and laser fire at the eeker.

Onom watched as Hatemonger brought his saber to pay again. he rose to one knee, and roaring desperate defiance, brought his blade to parry the blade: Hatemonger saber was diverted to a different direction, leaving Onom unharmed; but he was left staring at the ruins of his sword on his remaining arm.
He looked at Hatemonger in what might be mistaken for innocent incomprehension.

2007-04-17, 03:00 AM
Vector Sigma

Derby stumbled out of the webbing trap and immediately fell in line with Haras, Bludgeon and the others in attacking the approaching spiders with his acquired bowmace.

Across the chamber, Jazz saw Tunnel Rat's bomb flying toward him in time to toss his electromagnetizer to the ground, slapping a switch as he did to transform it into turboard mode.

"Heck! Not my day!"

Jazz withdrew his left hand and ejected his grappling hook, throwing it to catch the far wall while juming onto his skateboard. He squatted and reeled in as fast as he could, narrowly avoiding the explosion behind him but not missing a spray of shrapnel in his back. (His windows' solar panels did score a boost, though.) While slingshotting toward the wall and past Tunnel Rat's hiding spot, Jazz leveled his photon rifle against his forearm and squeezed another blast.

Amid the chaos, Jazz' shell froze, twitching spastically due to conflicting commands.


Sonic Canyons

Countdown ducked into his command bunker and pressed his back against the wall while the shelling continued just behind him.

Can't take much more of this...

Countdown literally looked for an opening. Up was the easiest way to see, and there he spotted OCl 20-11 circling. While the base's remaining cannons continued to peck away at the approaching Overcharges, Countdown took aim at OCL 20-11 with his wrist blaster and fired on full power.

2007-04-17, 03:05 AM
Hatemonger watched as Onom looked up at him and rather than showing mercy quickly swung with his free arm a mightly blow trying to smash the Quint's head into the ground.


Blackstar quickly took to evasive manuvers as Cheetles mortars exploded around him pockmarking his armour.

"Come on I've took on Autobot starships with more firepower than that!" The Decepticon starcraft mocked being to realise whatever he was fighting probably didn't understand his mockery anyway.

He continued to fire his laser cannon and launch several missiles at his new foe.

2007-04-17, 03:42 AM
Sonic Canyons

Ramjet was hit by several of Roloc's wild shots as he dragged himself to his feet. A tingling, creeping numbness started to spread up his right arm, but the conehead wasn't sure whether it was due to the latest hits, the shrapnel he'd taken, or something else entirely. Although, to be perfectly honest, it was debatable whether he even noticed.

Advancing with all the subtle grace of an avalanche, the tough seeker continued to fire laser blasts at the Quintesson.

"I! Said! Die!"

2007-04-17, 06:28 AM
Spinsters shot seared across Tunnel Rat's back .

He lifted his arm and fired a missile up at the Decepticon..

Jazz's fire hit Tunnel Rat in the leg partially slagging his foot.

Tunnel Rat fired his own grappling hook at the Skateboarding Autobot


Pounce stood by Bludgeon his weapons alternately firing and slashing as he fought off the spider-creatures.


Double Cross fired gouts of flame at the approaching spiders hoping to sear them.


Scoop kept firing at Shelob bot h weapons firing at the monstruous creature

Sonic Canyons

Chainclaw continued in his beserk path of destruction towards Nightbeat and co.

He plunged into the Quintesson forces jaws snapping and tearing , razor sharp heated claws swiping and slashing and his gun firing whenever it could find a target which as he go in among the Quintesson troops was almost continuously.

2007-04-18, 03:28 AM
Vector Sigma

Jazz ollied to keep Tunnel Rat's hook from snaring his leg, but instead it caught the skateboard and yanked it from him in midair. Having watched enough Tony Hawk how-to-skate videos to know how to take a fall, Jazz landed in a roll and came up on one knee. His switched out his own grappling hook for his hand and leveled his photon rifle to fire squarely on Tunnel Rat again.

"Knew I shoulda wore my kneepads!"

2007-04-18, 04:40 AM
Vector Sigma:

Roadbuster: -turing towards Tunnel Rat in the distance, bringing linear blaster cannon up, aiming at the derranged Cybertronian, shrapnel cannon tracking the airborne spiderling- "Die." -shrapnel cannon roaring, firing into the spiderling's underside, linear blaster cannon roaring, firing at Tunnel Rat-

Bludgeon: -leaping, electropulse cannon roaring at the spiders as he flips over them-

Sonic Canyons:

Minerva: -looks over at the Wutlurf as it crashes down next to her, seeing it's still alive- "Hosehead, c'mon!"

Hosehead: "But it's one of the Quint's creatures!"

Minerva: "It's a life form, isn't it? I can't sit by and let it die. Besides, we can gain information from it. These things are all over the place. Might give us an idea how to disable them."

Hosehead: -sighs- "All right."

Minerva and Hosehead: -move over to the Wutlurf-

Minerva: -starts running a medscanner over the creature-

Nightbeat: -looking for targets, seeing the approaching Chainclaw, starts firing at the Quints that are closer to him-

Chromedome and Siren: -join in-

2007-04-19, 03:30 PM
Vector Sigma

one of the shots or maybe more hit Tunnel Rat severing his elbow the shock activated the spooling mechanism of the grappling hook and it spooled along the wire racing up into the air towards Jazz's skateboard

wires and circuitboard shung from the shattered stump.

2007-04-20, 07:02 PM
Vector Sigma

Spinister vaulted from his perch in the rafters, narrowly avoiding being blown to bits by Tunnel Rat's shot. Transforming to helicopter mode half-way to the ground, he used his flamethrower to burn his way through the webbing that blocked the path between him and his foe. His lasers and particle beams, meanwhile, strobed red-hot death in Tunnel Rat's direction. Even though most of the shots were absorbed by Shelob's web, those that made it through would no doubt distract the traitorous mech's attention from the Autobot that he was trying to kill.

Spinister wondered idly for a moment why he was trying so hard to help Jazz, but dismissed the question as irrellevant and went back to work.

2007-04-21, 10:53 PM
Vector Sigma

Jazz remained on his one knee with his photon rifle trained on Tunnel Rat. He knew better than to approach him even though the threat seemed minimal - it could be a trap. Jazz glanced up when Spinister began his descent, somewhat relieved that the odds may dissuade their unexpected enemy from continuing his assault.

"Let's call it a day, mack," Jazz shouted over at Tunnel Rat. "Ain't gonna kill nobody I don't gotta."

2007-04-22, 12:05 AM
Vector Sigma:

Roadbuster: -sweeping his shoulder cannon across more of the baby spiders, keeping his linear blaster cannon aimed at Tunnel Rat- "Unlike Jazz, I've got no qualms about killing you, creep. Try anything else and I'll blow a hole in you so big even Primus'll flinch."

2007-04-22, 01:31 AM
Sonic Canyons

OCL 20-11 took Countdowns over charged wrist blaster shot to the right wing: cursing his fate, he sent an order to his three charges to hold grounf and continue pelting the base whilst he angled his fall so that he'd kamikaze straight into the base-

In the Air, the Cheetle saw it's weaponry fail to dent it's enemy, and tried to use it's speed and erratic flying skills to get close to Blackstar, very close...

In the Canyon, The Wulturf was thrashing around in pain, and saw an enemy try take advantage of his weakness: seeing Minerva trying to scan it, it lashed oit with it's hind legs.

The last thing to go through Onoms mind was Hatemongers fist. The back of his skull shatered and a mess of circuitry escaped as his body was brought to the ground before Hatemongers feet. Onom was no more.

And the army knew it. All the troops had kept one eye on their champions battle with the general, and with his demise, the morale was broken. Broken like stressed sheet metal, the soldiers flew in different directions, all away form the enemies around them, Chainclaw, Chromedome, Nightbeat and Siren.

Roloc watched in absoloute despair as his army disintegrated. Ramjet was still firing on him, and had cleared the smoke of his last Grenade.
Feeling a grenade slot into place to replace the last, Roloc continued to fire on the seeker, and tried to run backwards into the caverns of the canyon...

2007-04-22, 02:25 AM
Hatemonger smiled with a sense of satisfaction at his fallen foe before returning to business.

"Transformer's, regroup and destroy their forces! Do not relent now is our chance to destroy what remains." He General yelled opening fire at several of the escaping Quints.



Blackstar swore as he saw the Cheetle getting closer to him.

"Slag." The targetmaster yelled trying to climb and get away from his aerial foe.

2007-04-22, 04:02 AM
Sonic Canyons

Ramjet inadvertently detonated Roloc's latest grenade when it crossed through the stream of laser fire he was directing at the fleeing Quintesson. He was whowered by debris yet again, but the conehead barely seemed to notice as it bit into his metallic hide. Instead, he trudged along after his enemy, continuing to fire even though he couldn't match the Quintesson's speed in his damaged state.

2007-04-22, 09:10 AM
Sonic Canyons

" Understood sir " replied Skids at Hatemonger's command.

The Autobot tactician opened fired on the fleeing Quintessons.

2007-04-22, 10:53 AM
Tunnel Rat collapsed as Spinster's shots pounded and spattered his armour falling to his knees instinctively he put out his hand to save him but it was no longer there, he fell flat on his face , He rolled carefully on to his side and looked up at Jazz.

"Why should i trust you won't just kill me anyway us neutrals have only been collateral damage to you , slaves or resources to be exploited , you turned our home into a festering war zone , ruined our art treasures looted our businesses. Any who survived that fell to the depridations of the Quintessons. Now once again the pitiful remains of our once great planet are being fought over , and once you have defeated the Quintessons will you live in harmony or squabble over the carcass of Cybertron like two turbo foxes over a circuitboard. Even if you live in peace so much is gone forever where are the great writers, artists, musicians of our civilisation, are there any in your forces , and if there are do they still practice or have there talents been corrupted , perverted to serve the god of war."


Chainclaw let out a howl as he bounded after a fleeing Quintesson trooper and pounced on him binging him to the ground , his Jaws clamped over the unfortunates neck and with one, two quick shakes of his head he terminated the quintesson snapping his spine.

God Jinrai
2007-04-23, 12:59 AM
The godmaster leapt directly up, and just shy of touching the shaky roof of the chamber, ignited his boosters, redirecting his motion... he'd managed to avoid getting carved up... and his armor was slowly regenerating from the gashes the techno-organic had left.. but if he didn't bring this thing down quickly, it wasn't going to matter very much how many times he avoided her. sooner or later, he'd get caught off guard, or worse, fatigued.

Diving down, his boosters adding momentum, he cut the thrust, rolling in mid air, bringing both his feet down at an angle in an attempt to stomp the tech-org on the top of its head.

redman prime
2007-04-25, 04:21 AM
Inside Snapdragon's cockpit, a small Nebulonian figure stirred and awoke. Krunk was not happy, strung upside down by his harness.

He unclasped himself and fell unceremoniously to the roof, which was floorside. Righting himself and swearing continually, he started on the nobs and indicators that were only part of his link to the massive war machine he was binary bonded to.

Get up you fat, greasy, lazy piece of scrap! I'm in no mood to be eaten by a techno-organic, so wake up and let's kill em all!

And with that, Snapdragon's optics flickered and his systems began scanning themselves, making ready to move.


Roughstuff had fallen well behind and astray of the larger Blackstar, which proved disastrous when he saw the Hawrillak approaching.

He attempted to airbrake and fling himself hard right, but broadsided imself to the behemoth within reach of it's claws.


Greatshot, still reveling from being the main reason one of the largest foes was out of the equation, received Hatemongers communique and immediately dove towards the fleeing Quints on the canyon floor, raining fire on their diminished ranks as they scurried from the Transformer foot-soldiers.

2007-04-26, 01:12 AM
Vector Sigma
Shelob, desperation lednignher a little speed, had brought her fore arms up in front of her head to try and stop the oncoming Ginrai: they cracked and splintered, but held pitfully, leaving her face to face with this cursed thing that wanted her dead!

She stared at the enemy with venomous eyes, and armed with little more than her blind hatred, tried to push her head through the mess of her own limbs and sever him with a collosal bite-

The Spider babies meanwhile, had focused on their atacks on Roadbuster and Bludgeon, the dozen or so left leaping through the air and squealing with undiluted hunger...

Eiramnna took the lull in battle as the spiders moved to their two chosen prey, to assess his brother and Derby.
"What the slag is going on? You can talk, you fight with this things?" he asked despondently of his brother.
Haras, perhaps out of habit, remained mute.

2007-04-26, 05:17 PM
Sonic Canyons

Countdown smirked for a moment, but his projectile simulation programming quickly turned that to a frown when he realized OCL 20-11's trajectory. Countdown frantically programmed the main cannon to shoot down the target before scaling the barrier of his command bunker and running down the runway toward safety.

"Slag slag slAGH!"

Careless, Countdown dodged straight into a blast from one of the remaining Overcharges. His tiny frame was tough enough to survive it, but the momentum sent him soaring off the runway, and he landed on his back on the unforgiving canyon floor beyond his defenseless base, stunned.


Vector Sigma

Derby glared at Eiramnna. He didn't like being called a thing.

"We saved his life!" he snapped at the Quintesson. "Quit bickering or we'll have to save yours too!"

With a cavalier spirit of unknown origin, Derby rushed past the Quintesson brothers into the fray, swinging his procured bowmace at the spiderlings encroaching on Roadbuster's back.


Jazz continued to stare down Tunnel Rat through the scope of his photon rifle, but it took all his will not to be indignant.

"Don't tell me we gave up on culture, man! That was the 'Cons - anything that ain't for war, they scrapped! Yeah we fight, but only 'cause we gotta, to make Cybertron rock again! Ya can't put us all in the same boat! If we lose, ain't nobody in the galaxy gonna have culture no more!"

God Jinrai
2007-04-26, 11:53 PM
as the massive jaws lurched forward at him, ginrai could think of but one thing...

"Lunchtime, ugly!" loosing his rocket-launcher, the warhead shot forward... with any luck, right into the abomination's gullet... as ginrai managed to break back from the beast....

2007-04-27, 12:33 AM
Hatemonger watched with satisfaction as his warriors faught back after the death of Onom. He transformed back into his tank mode and charged forward firing his fusion cannons and rolled to assist Countdown.

"Looks like you could use a hand or a gun." The General yelled firing blasts at the tanks assailing the Autobot base.

2007-04-27, 01:16 AM
Sonic canyons
The Overcharge team registered the death of their leader with the same pasionless hthought processes that reacted to the encroching Hatemonger. As the Generals shells exploded amongst them, they signalled to the Turret team ot support them: they remaneuvered to counter the new threat, whils the cliff bound turret team focused on Countdowns now abandoned automated base.

The rest of the army had shown far less discipline than the Overcharges in the wake of the death of Onom: They ran in panic and terror, falling over one another to return to the maze canyon hallways that had hid them before their attack. They were under attack from the air and from the ground, but in their haste they defended themselves poorly or not at all, leaving them easy targets.
Roloc saw his enemy Ramjet slowing, and took this as an oppurtunity. He turned tail and fled, though not without purpose: he called Cuph, the last sky-biker left from the Quint forces down to meet him...

In the Air...
The Cheetle tried to shriek in eagenress, but it made more of a mucous filled gurgle, as it buzzed lose enough to Blackstar to lash out with its front claws wildly-

The Hawrillak, tried to warap it's Simian limb hind legs around Roughstuff as he drew near-

Vector Sigma
Eiramnna made to shout at Derby, even rasing his gun hand at the fleeing transformer to prove a point: Haras dove at his gun arm fearing the worst, but before ought else could be said-

Shelobs perceptions were hieghtened as she saw the Rocket flames ignite in Ginrais launcher: she saw it loose itself from her enemy, and crack it's way through what was left of her legs:
She seemed to be moving through glue, nothing was as fast as it should have been. She couldn't even shut her mouth in time, and she felt the rocket fly down her throat with guided accuracy.
The last thing she saw was her enemy fly to safety as the rockets warhead caught something in her gullet, and her thorax expnded rapidly, too rapidly, gases inside her ignited it, and the Spider Monster Technorganic roared one last roar of defiance as she exploded, covering all and sundry with body parts and fluids amidst the fiery chain reaction of ignited gasses.
Her head sailed close but past Ginrai, her eyes now dead and empty, at peace...

2007-04-27, 01:32 AM
Hatemonger got onto his com-link.

"Any air support that can take out some of those turrets shelling Countdown now." Hatemonger called rolling quickly and trying to evade the new attackers.


Blackstar tried to tilt one way but the Cheetle's claw dug him in the back. He held back letting out a howl as he cut his engines flipping almost backward in mid-air and opened fire on the techno-organic.

2007-04-27, 02:16 AM
Vector Sigma:

Roadbuster: -pivots, linear blaster cannon, shrapnel cannon, and rapid fire assualt rifle targeting and firing at the incoming baby spiders-

Bludgeon: -katana flashing through the air, slashing at the incoming baby spiders-

Sonic Canyons:

Minerva: -knocked backwards by the Wulturf's feet, scanner skitteirng away- "HEY!"

Hosehead: -aiming his rifle at the Wulturf- "Don't move! We're trying to help."


Nightbeat: "They're leaving......"

Siren: "Thank Primus for that. I'm almost out of ammo."

redman prime
2007-04-28, 12:21 AM
Snapdragon lurched to his knees, systems working overtime to patch him together. Withdrawing his gyro-destroying rifle from subspace, he made ready to target the foe a short distance from him. "Hosehead, get her away from that damn thing, I'm gonna kill it."


"aye aye, sir!" was all Greatshot could muster, shifting his direction up out of the maze of tunnels and over towards the turret emplacement, strafing their position with an assortment of laser blasts.


Roughstuff tried to avoif the Hawrillak, but there was no where to go when those arms stretched out for him.

2007-04-30, 01:25 AM
Sonic Canyons:

Nightbeat: -looks over towards the commotion- "What the-?"

Minerva: -scrabbling backwards-

2007-05-03, 04:26 AM
Sonic Canyons

Ramjet gave up the chase as Roloc disappeared from his sight, not entirely aware of his surroundings. Nevertheless, he quickly busied himself attacking the first Quintesson troopers he saw.

Vector Sigma

Clear of the spiderweb that had obstructed his path, Spinister transformed to robot mode and fell to the ground almost elegantly. He kept his attention focused on Tunnel Rat, but still spared the time to fire a few laser blasts at the spider hatchlings that were harassing Bludgeon and Roadbuster.

Under different circumstances the Targetmaster would have rebutted Jazz's one-sided nationalistic propaganda, but debating the Autobot right now would only make it harder to pacify their insane foe.

redman prime
2007-05-06, 06:32 AM
Snapdragon put his gyro rifle up to the head of the Wulturf, ready to destroy the beast.


Greatshot's lasers pierced several of the quint soldiers advancing on Countdowns position, hoping that they would scatter them in disarray.

2007-05-06, 08:33 PM
Vector Sigma

Derby shielded his face when the chamber shook to protect himself from Shelob's burnt plasmic goo. A large flying blob knocked him off his feet, but when he forced himself up, a wide smile crossed his face.

"Yeah Ginrai!" he cried, heaving his bowmace in the air.

Across the chamber, Jazz allowed a bit of technorganic goop to splash on his back, keeping his aim trained on Tunnel Rat and awaiting an answer.


Sonic Canyons

Having quickled roused himself, Countdown crawled behind the cover of a metal crag to inspect his wounds.

"Thanks for the assist, Hatemonger," he called over his barricade hoarsely while diagnosing himself. He didn't intend to be down long...

God Jinrai
2007-05-06, 09:33 PM
The godmaster had stood silent for some time... the chaos around him seemingly non-existent to him. In his entire life... killing was one of the things he enjoyed least... enemy or not. And in the end, despite his attempts at justification, that it was either the techno-organic, or he and his fellow warriors, it just didn't sit right.

" Let's wrap this up, people."

ginrai whirred on toe and heel, to face the remaining quintesson troops, as well as the others who had fought with him... and raised his voice so all would hear above the carnage...

"I'm going to say this only once. anyone here to stop the reclaiming of cybertron... STAND DOWN NOW or PREPARE FOR DESTRUCTION."

ginrai's tone was cold as ice, and even as soundwave's monotone drone.Hopefully, intimidation would stop this carnage... but he feared he'd again have to take a life

2007-05-06, 10:23 PM
Vector Sigma

"So Autobot tell me then , which of our great artists did you save, which of musicians our authors did you snatch from the jaws of death ? How many neutrals have you rescued ? and where are they now?

Tunnel Rat glared at Jazz

2007-05-06, 11:12 PM
Vector Sigma
Where as Ginrai was scaring him to the base of his body, Eiramnna had to wonder who he was talking to; Tunnel rat was effectively captured, and both he and his brother were caught up with the enemy in fighting off the Spider hatchlings.
He was in a bizarre postion, with him and his brother having been caught in a squabble amidst the battle.
Haras shook his head sadly, and made his way to join Derby in finishing off the spiderbabies that were focused on Bludgeon and Roadbuster.

Sonic Canyons
Cuph pulled down and landed alongside Roloc.
"Commander, we are lost! What are your ord- hey, what the-"
Roloc had kicked Cuph cleanly off the sky back and mounted it in one swift move: wishing he had the hands to give a parting gesture, Roloc settled for a wink, and took to the air, leving Ramjet and all the other transformers behind him, he hoped...

Still in great pain and desperate to live, the Wulturf lashed out again, this time at Snapdragon, it's eyes now leaking oil in desperation...

Greatshots strafing run took out the last piece of resistance from the over stretched shields, and the haze dissapered from the turret and it's crew: they desperatly tried to fire on the attacker...

In the air...
The Cheetle moved as well as it could, the fact it had moored to self to Blackstar hindering it badly: the blast seared into it, taking off some of the exoskeleton that adorned its body. it screamed in pain, and attempted to disengage-

The Hawrillak collided and clampoed itself around Roughstuff and hi flying machine, it wings flapping manically, and its nightmarish face, a contortion of Hawk and Gorrila, snapped at the driver voraciously-

God Jinrai
2007-05-07, 12:50 AM
Ginrai's optics wavered for a moment... realizing that in fact, the horde of quints he'd expected had already been dealt with. Instead, a group of shelob's hatchlings still remained...

"Ah to the abyss with it..." he sighed, bringing his foot mounted cannons online, firing the dual cannons at two spiderlings creeping toward the exit-way

2007-05-07, 09:11 PM
Vector Sigma

Jazz pushed himself to his feet and slowly walked over to Tunnel Rat, keeping his rifle trained on him.

"We don't ask folks' occupation before we save 'em," he answered more gruffly than usual. "Even creeps like you. Let's go, mack."

Jazz reached down with his free hand to grab Tunnel Rat under the shoulder and pull him to his feet. Having a prisoner would make things tougher, but he sure couldn't leave him there.

Across the chamber, Derby grinned at Haras while splattering a spiderling crawling toward Bludgeon. He took a moment to reflect on what an odd world it had become...

2007-05-07, 10:51 PM
Vector Sigma

Tunnel Rat snorted

"I take that as a no then Autobot"

2007-05-08, 01:32 PM
Blackstar grunted as the Cheetle disengaged taking chucks of his armour and flesh with it.

"Oh your going down one way or another big and gruesome." He said as he flipped back and fired Shatterstar at the monster.

"Great ready to disengage." Blackstar told Shatterstar.

"What?" His targetmaster companion asked.

"Just trust me at least one of us is making it out of this alive." The Decepticon starfighter said some anger in his voice.


Hatemonger nodded to Countdown.

"No problem Autobot. Transformers keep up the pressure the Quints are starting to fall!" The ground commander said aiming at the tanks that were firing on him.

"Any chance your batteries and support a blitz on these remaining tanks?" He asked.

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-05-09, 03:48 AM
Sideswipe had ditched the bike, opting for the ground where he continued to lay fire into the Quintessons as they retreated.

"What happens after all the slime-balls run away? Hatemonger?"

2007-05-10, 12:24 PM
Vector Sigma
The chamber was covered on the remains of Shelobs webbing attack and her scorched, gruesome body parts. Her head lay on its side in the corner, watching the end with dead eyes...

Ten of her babies were left: Four were leaping at Roadbuster with glorious fangs bared, and two were keeping their distance from Bludgeons sword while a third tried to circle around him. The power emanatiing from Ginrai had blinded the last three with hunger, and they were scuttling at the Godmaster at full pelt.

Haras returned the smile to Derby, as he was thinking the same thing. With the enemy routed, they were left with an enemy, that he was once a part of. he fired a shot at one of the spider babies in front of bludgeon, but the blast impacted a short foot away from the target.
Eiramnna saw this and knew that Haras's mind wasn't on the job. He also knew that this may be his last chance to escape, with most of the enemy concentrating on the spiders or on Tunnel Rat.:
He readied some Photon Flare grenades from the dispenser on his back, and moved backwards quietly to the main entrance...

redman prime
2007-05-10, 04:18 PM
the Hawrillak was snapping at Roughtstuff, his primal features magnified by his proximity to the small Con.
"Boy, you stink.. aarrgh!" as the beast latched onto his arm.


Snapdragon tried to step back from the desperate assault, but he was still pretty weak from his previous encounters and not as nimble as he led himself to believe. As the Wulturf sliced into his arm, he pulled the trigger of his weapon aimed at the techno's head.


Greatshot transformed and landed near Countdown's platform, laying some covering fire down. "Hatemonger, sir, where do you want me?"

God Jinrai
2007-05-10, 07:53 PM
Ginrai looked down at the oncomming spiderling, and would have chuckled had the situation not been as it was. Activating his foot lasers again, they opened up at the oncomming spiderlings.. but as they fired, ginrai raised his hand cannons, expecting the insects to leap at him.

"Let's wrap this up then, folks. I need a briefing on what the slag is going on topside, as soon as anyone's able."

2007-05-10, 11:36 PM
Sonic Canyons
The Last fo the Quintesson soldiers escaped into the network of caverns, canyons and mazes that littlered the area, and most were out of sight save for few stragglers.

Roloc couldn't beleve his good luck when he sailed off into the air on his commandeered jet bike...

The Wulturf shireked in pain as Snapdragons blast, put off by its own blow, took off the left side of its head past f its left eye: now blinded in apin and rage and pain, it began thrashing as if it was gripped by a grand mal seizure.

The turret crew, surprised that their attacker had abandoned the assault, rewarded his forgetfulness with a series of shots against both he, Greatshot and his commander, Hatemonger.

The Overcharge Unit, down to two in number andleft in dissaray after their commanders sacrifice, continued to assault Countdowns base, and whethered the inevitable assault as best they could...

In the air...
The Hawrillak felt the micromasters arm between it's teeth, and with little though to where they were headed, pulled back and tried to take the limb off Roughstuff in one strong pull...

The Cheetle took Greatstars shotto the chest, and with oil and blood cascading down onto the ground, decided on the better part of valour, and with claws freed from Blackstar, attempted to fly from the battle.

redman prime
2007-05-10, 11:46 PM
Snapdragon was thrown form his feet as the wulturf went into his seizure, but it appeared that he had put the coup de grace on the beast.

Roughstuff couldn't even let out a shriek as he watched the
Hawrillak merely shrug away with his arm in his mouth. It didn't take long for him to find his voice once the oil starting spurting generously from the socket where his arm was.


Greatshot ducked behind some of Countdown's outriggers, but couldn't shake the thought that he needed to be in the air.
I just wish Hatemonger would let me know what he wants, i hate this ground assault stuff. why'd I land anyway?

2007-05-15, 03:28 PM
Vector Sigma chamber:

Roadbuster: -standing his ground, linear blaster cannon firing at one of the spiderlings, rapid fire assualt rifle firing at another one, shoulder moutned shrapnel cannon firing a wide swath at the other two that were coming towards him-

Bludgeon: -left arm snapping up, electropulse cannon firing at the spiderlings in front of him, ready to deal with the one coming up behind him when it strikes-

Sonic Canyons:

Minerva: -pulls herself to her feet-

Nightbeat and Chromedome: -heading towards Countdown's base-

2007-05-17, 11:19 PM
Vector Sigma:
The three spiderbabies adavncing on Ginrai were vapourised by the firepower sent their way, the only trace of them being a fine red mist... Like wise three of the four that had atacked Roadbuster met the same fate, with a fourth making its way through the attack and landing on the Autobots shoulder by sheer luck... The two in front of Bludgeon popped like overripe fruit, and the third leaping for the samurais calf...

Eiramnna had made his way to the exit, and with his grenades in oil/sweaty palms, he gingerly stepped through into the dark...

Sonic Canyons
The Wulturf continued to spasm and shriek in it's death throes, oil spraying all who are near it...

In the air...
The Hawrillak eyes lit with glee as it pulled away with Roughstuffs arm: it released it's grip on the Jet fighter he was piloting, and took to the air...

2007-05-18, 06:21 AM
Vector Sigma

Doublecross sent twin tongues of flame licking towards the spiders.


Pounce shot at the Spiders with his rocket launchers.


Scoop opticed Tunnel Rat suspiciously.

redman prime
2007-05-19, 12:53 PM
Roughstuff tried to maintain control over his jet trailer, but he was fighting a losing battle. Having one arm to attempt to steer with the amount of damage the Hawrillak had managed to inflict, the odds simply weren't in his favor.

Snapdragon again tried to regain his footing, but found that the cliff top was awash in oil from the downed Techno-organic, making footing treacherous.

Ah, but the smell of that dying beast makes me want more death!

2007-05-21, 12:06 AM
Hatemonger rolled behind cover as the turrets continued to pound on the area around him nearly missing him as sharpnel bounced and ripped into his heavy armour.

He transformed back into robot mode and aimed his fusion cannons and opened fire hoping being in robot mode would steady his aim.


Blackstar saw the Cheetle trying to fly away.

"Oh no you don't." He said leaking energon from the claw wounds.

"Your falling here." He said as he disengaged Shatterstar and the targetmaster fell to the ground engaging his thrusters at the last minute to avoid crushing himself on the ground.

"What are you doing!?" Shatterstar yelled as Blackstar tore at the Cheetle firing madly and planning on crashing into the aerial techno-organic.

2007-05-22, 10:05 AM
Vector Sigma:
(OOC: the spider babies all lie dead before you, burned, blown up, destroyed. There are no more enemies in the room, save those captured or working alongside the Autobot/Decepticon alliance.
The Battle is over: Vector Sigma is won.)

Sonic canyons:
The Turrets, Void shield long lost and left exposed, blew up spectacularly when the Fusion blast caught it on it's left antigrave stabiliser: the burning wreckage was sent tumbling down to the ground, crew along with it, all on fire from the ignited fuel and smashed to pieces when gravity finished it's work with them.

The Hawrilak kept pace with Roughstuff's descent, flapping it' wings leisurely whilst it's arms held the captured limb so as it could eat it all the easier.

The Cheetle, wounded and slow, took Balckstars attack to it's back and wings with a pathetic inevitability, and as it fell to the ground, it prepared it's claws for the ensuing crash...

On the Ground, The Wulturf died much in the way it had lived: gripped by madness, but this due to pain than due to a fault in manufacture.

2007-05-22, 11:05 AM
Vector Sigma

As Jazz grabbed him Tunnel Rat moved the hand on the opposite side to Jazz surreptitiously

Tunnel Rat slipped a mining charge out of his subspace compartment and armed it . He threw it at the largest concentration of the enemy

Moving quickly He activated his buzzsaw and slashed at Jazz's rifle with it.

2007-05-22, 08:21 PM
Vector Sigma

Spinister moved quickly as Tunnel Rat attacked, side-stepping outside the range of the mining charge and firing a laser blast at the insane Transformer.

Jazz tried to deal with the lunatic the Autobot way and it didn't take. Fine by me. Now he'll see how the Decepticons deal with his kind.

2007-05-23, 03:30 AM
Hatemonger watched the burning turret and it's crew with a sadistic smile.

"Burn slime." Was all he said as the transformed back into his tank mode and went to check on Countdown.


Blackstar's systems were telling him to pull up but there was no way he could. He knew he was going down fast and hard.

The targetmaster would have probably reflected more except for the fact that the ground was fast approaching. He continued his barrage at the Cheetle and was ready to crash land into the ground and hopefully into the Cheetle.

2007-05-24, 03:42 PM
Sonic Canyons

Countdown remained slouched against his rock cover, which had served surprisingly well. He could hear the sounds of battle fading in the background, and he smiled to know they were winning in spite of the gaping wound leaking fluids in his torso. His optimism was short-lived, however, as the continued onslaught of the remaining pair of Overcharges finally toppled the tower of his command center, and he groaned.

"I'm fine, sir," he half-lied when he saw Hatemonger approaching. "Thanks for the help. It sounds like we did it somehow."


Vector Sigma

Jazz was already ducking back to drop Tunnel Rat and intercept the mine when the buzzsaw came toward his chest, bisecting his photon rifle. He was already in Porsche mode before he could care; all his thoughts were on that bomb!

Jazz burned out and charged forward with only an instant to operate. He swerved to ramp over a pile of debris from the roof and used his spoiler to glide and carefully catch the charge on his roof. He hit the ground driving, dodging spiderling remains to careen out into the tunnels beyond and bring the mine away from his teammates.

Those within could catch the flash of the blast and a cracking boom from the edge of the tunnel. Then it was quiet.

2007-05-24, 10:01 PM
Vector Sigma

Tunnel Rat ran for the nearest entrance weaving from side to side. Spinsters shot caught him right between the shoulder blades. The impact throwing him half out of the exit. He landed draped across a pile of rubble.

redman prime
2007-05-24, 11:00 PM
Greatshot rose from beyond the outriggers of Countdown's base, peering from around the edges to see if there were any Overcharges left. There weren't.

"Hatemonger ,sir, what are your directions as to what we do now?"
Roughtsuff landed very unceremoniously on the cliffs opposite Snapdragon and the carcass of the Wulturf, skidding to a halt and pumping oil from the empty socket where his arm had been attached.

Snapdragon approached the stinking heap of the
Wulturf, flashing his claws out and making one quick slice through the beast's neck, severing his head.
"let all that stand in the way of our retaking of our homeland sufer the same fate. Now where do we go?" he asked to no one in particular.

2007-05-25, 12:47 AM
(OOC: there were two Overcharge units left, but to be honest: I am trying to wrap this thread up, so...)

The two Overcharge units, armour cracked and smoking, transofmed into their fighter jet modes and took off into the air, heading at top speed for the distant horizon: despite their continued success on the assault of Countdowns base, discretion suceeded as the better part of valour...

On the Cliffs opposite final death of the Wulturf bySnapdragons hands, the hawrillak finished gobbling Roughstuffs arm down it's throat and descended on the crashed minibot...

2007-05-25, 01:16 AM
Blackstar smiled inwardly right as the ground approached.

Too bad I will not see see all of Cybertron won. He thought as he activated his explosives to make sure he finished the job. Oh well he thought. Better to die with honor than live a coward. Those were his last thoughts as he tore into the Cheetle he detonated his remaining explosives on impact making a rather large and impressive explosion as he hit the ground and his target. All that remained was a large burning crater filled with slagged debris that was formally Blackstar and what Blackstar hoped in his effort would be the smoking remains of the Cheetle as well.

Shatterstar looked on from a diastance holding back his disbelief that his targetmaster owner did that.

"Fool." He sighed as he quickly ran to rejoin the other transformers.


Hatemonger opened fire on the remaining two Overcharge units.

"Transformers, this battle is ours!" He yelled pausing after the din of the explosion caused by Blackstar.

"Ramjet, Greatshot, Sideswipe assist Snapdragon and destroy the Hawrillak. Autobot Headmasters, Skids, Chainclaw and Sunstreaker. Assist me and let us send the remaining Overcharges to the inferno." He said as he continued to barrage the two remaining units attacking Countdown.

God Jinrai
2007-05-25, 02:55 AM
Ginrai's optics were wide in horror... in a matter of seconds, it seemed, the autobots' top spec ops man was lost.. under HIS WATCH.

The massive godmaster slowly stalked toward the downed form of TunneRat, bringing up one of his rifles.

" I should finish what Spinister just started. Just because you were caught in the middle of a war doesn't give you an excuse now to kill the very people trying to save this world..."

Ginrai's voice was as cold as a cryo-stasis pod

" So help me Primus... I am going to go down that corridor... and if I find Jazz is critcally damaged, repairable or otherwise... you WILL wish Spinister would've KILLED you, instead of simply dropping you."

Turning his attention away, his optics burning an icy blue, he glared toward bludgeon and roadbuster.

"I assume the two of you will fill me in on things when I get back. And see that our ... guest... gets no chance to injure anyone else in the meantime."

and with that, the godmaster separated from his armor and trailer, and slowly made his way down the tunnel, toward the point of detonation.

2007-05-26, 02:06 AM
Vector Sigma:

Roadbuster: -optic band simply narrowing-

Bludgeon: -flicking the excess spiderling entrails off of his katana blade- "You seem calm. One of your men may be dead."

Roadbuster: -turning towards Tunnel Rat, advancing on the insane mechanism with a steady, implacable stride- "Jazz is a Wrecker. He'll be fine. If he's not, that overpowered motorhead won't have to deal with this slug." -activating his commlink- "Jazz, this is Roadbuster. Do you read me?" -raising his linear blaster cannon, aiming it at Tunnel Rat's head-

Bludgeon: -sheathing the katana- "That's not the Autobot way."

Roadbuster: "So?"

Sonic Canyons:

Nightbeat: -looking around- "I think they're gone, Hatemonger."

Chromedome: "So how do we get down to Vector Sigma?"

Minerva: -scraping Wulfturf ichor off of her legs- "Yuck."

Wheeljack: -over commlink- "Optimus Prime's been severely injured. Any medical assistance that can be given, please send to the following coordinates." -sends coordinates to his old lab in Iacon-

2007-05-26, 03:48 AM
Vector Sigma

The measured, hollow clack, clack of Spinister's footsteps as he approached Tunnel Rat had a certain ominous ring to them, although a casual observer wouldn't have been quite sure why. Only someone who was familiar enough with the Targetmaster to realize that his footsteps usually couldn't be heard would realize how utterly, ragingly furious he was. His optics fixed on the prisoner as he walked by, promising death as the price for the insane Transformer's latest actions.

But not just yet.

Walking right past the prisoner, he followed Ginrai out in the hall to see what remained of Jazz. Alive or dead, the Autobot had shown enough of a warrior's heart that he deserved at least that.

Sonic Canyons

"Eh?" Ramjet shambled in the direction that Hatemonger had indicated, charging his remaining functional laser as he looked around for the indicated beast.

2007-05-27, 04:09 AM
OOC- Assume Wheeljack's call for help was sent to all TF's in battle.

Hatemonger listened.

"Minvera, go with Greatshot if anyone else wishes to assist her go. But we do have our mission here." He said continuing his barrage on the remaining units.

redman prime
2007-05-27, 03:21 PM
Greatshot faltered a half step, sensing he was being sent on a mission that was bigger than liberating Vector Sigma.

"Minerva, let's scoot, we gotta move!"

Roughstuff, however, wasn't on any mission other than trying to stay alive. "hey, anybody out there? I could use some hel- NOOOO!"
his terror echoed through the canyon as the Hawrillak's shadow blotted out the sun as it descended in front of him.
Snapdragon flicked his claws and scattered blood over the carcass in front of him, raising the beasts head up when Hatemonger's transmission came across. A second later, he heard Roughstuff howl in fright. "well, let's keep on killin!"

He started forward, but was pretty banged up from all the Oversharge blasts he had sustained earlier, not to mention his collision with his fallen enemy.

2007-05-27, 03:58 PM
Sonic Canyons

Chainclaw flexed his claws and bounded towards the Hawrillak's position. Letting out a oil curdling howl

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-05-27, 07:29 PM
"Hawr-wha?" Sideswipe asked. He looked up and let out a knowing sigh. "Oh, that. Yeah no problem." Sideswipe took a running start and lept into the air, his jetpack kicking in as he flew towards the bird, weapon drawn.

Sunstreaker had a much easier time identifying his target, quickly transforming and speeding towards the Overcharges attacking Countdown. His back trunk opened up and a large four barreled missile launcher extended out.

2007-05-28, 10:42 PM
(OOC: last post from me had the last two Overcharge Units taking to the air and leaving. so, all attacks on them? Null and Void.)

The Hawrillak, a greedy and desperate beast at the best of times, became a little focused on its target and not on its surrondings- it wrapped it's wings around the exposed cockpit of Roughstuffs jet, and extended it's head and mighty jaws to meet the Micromasters, salivating in prepration...

2007-05-29, 12:56 AM
Sonic Canyons:

Minerva: -transforms as she lands in the driver's seat, engine revving as she slams her transector into gear, roaring forward, pulling her helmet off with one hand as she heads towards Iacon- "Scoot? Who says 'scoot' anymore?"


Nightbeat: "So.... how do we actually get down to this Vector Sigma thing?"

2007-06-01, 12:03 AM
Vector Sigma

Those entering the hall would find that, once the smoke cleared, the only things to offset the black scorch marks streaking along the walls and ceiling were a burning wheel and Jazz' disembodied left hand.

God Jinrai
2007-06-01, 12:19 AM
Ginrai's spark seemed to want to wink out. a hand and a tire... that was all that was left...

" after all this... You won't be able to see home taken back... "

ginrai's voice shook as he spoke... there was an unsteady warble to it

"Let your spark rest with the greatest... of cybertron..."

Ginrai bowed his head in silence... and dropped to his knees. Prime was hurt... Jazz was now dead... All these sacrifices....

2007-06-01, 03:40 AM
Vector Sigma:

Bludgeon: -striding quietly after Spinister, already knowing the answer, but part of him(a small part, to be sure) hoping he was wrong, scowl deepening as he stops to look-

Roadbuster: -linear blaster cannon still aimed at Tunnel Rat's head- "Well?"

Bludgeon: -staying silent-

Roadbuster: "That's that, then." -pulls trigger on his linear blaster cannon-

2007-06-01, 03:48 AM
Vector Sigma

Spinister stopped one pace behind Ginrai, only taking in the smoky scene of Jazz's demise for a half-second before turning on his heel and stalking back into the main chamber. A part of him wanted to protest as Roadbuster pulled the trigger, knowing that the terrorist's memory tracts might contain useful data. That cold, calculating aspect was silenced, however, by that part that was outraged by the wasteful, pointless death of an Autobot who had proved himself to be a true warrior.

He gave the Wrecker leader a curt, approving nod.

2007-06-01, 06:14 AM
Tunnel Rats hand moved close to his body as he turned to look over his shoulder as the sound of quiet footsteps approaching him.

"Yuss will be aveng..."

Tunnel Rat jerked as the shot took of the side of his head. As the life drained from his frame he shuddered. As he slumped it triggered the dead mechs switch. Tunnel Rats body blew out in a spray of shrapnel. His mining charges and magazine of missiles detonating in sympathy as the switch overloaded his main power core.

* * *

Chainclaw leapt into the air aiming to come down on the Hawrillak claws out and scything through the air.

redman prime
2007-06-01, 07:09 AM
Greatshot flew low to Minerva's position, seeking to try to be of some use through this mission.
"think you'd wanna hop in, maybe get there a half breem quicker?"
after all, speed was what mattered here, right?
Once the monster of the Hawrillak had descended on him, Roughstuff knew he would be very fortunate to see Cybertron liberated, but he tried to fight on gamely. Unfortunately for him, the Techno was upon him and the impact of Chainclaw's bulk only hindered his plans. the force of his weight suffered to drive its talons farther into his smallish fuel reserves, dousing not only his miniature frame, but also the entirety of his cockpit and a good bit of the Hawrillak as well.
Snapdragon looked in the direction of Nightbeat.
"Well aren't you the resident sleuth? lead on, show us the way to whodunnit-land."

Krunk rolled his eyes in Snapdragon's cockpit. Seeing his binary-bonded partner make an ass of himself was getting pretty frequent.

2007-06-01, 01:53 PM
Hatemonger rolled and was ready to assail the Hawrillak after seeing Roughstuff's possible demise. The General opened fire on the beast trying to avoid Chainclaw.

"Everyone, attack the Hawrillak." He barked.

God Jinrai
2007-06-01, 11:48 PM
The explosion caught ginrai off guard... he should've expected such a move from a piece of slime like tunnel rat...

Spinning, he called to his trailer and Godbomber, racing down the tunnel, praying... praying he wasn't about to lose any more allies... or friends.

2007-06-02, 01:32 AM
Chainclaw had landed on the Hawrillak, effectivly mooring it into Roghstuffs jet by driving its claws into the fuel tanks: the Hawrillak was Gacking under a torrent of oil, thrashing it's head around the cockpit in frenzied confusion...


Over the Communications line of the Alliance frequencies, almost certainly heard by Everyone,:
"The is Commander Fizzle of the Steelhaven, making a descent into Cybertronian Airspace, requesting a Sit Rep from all forces who are able to do so, Over."

2007-06-02, 03:58 AM
Heading for Iacon:

Minerva: "The faster we get there, the better, Greatshot."

Vector Sigma:

Roadbuster: -staggers as he's enveloped by the explosion, flung across the chamber, visor spiderwebbing completely, servo/targeting controls for his shoulder mounted cannon going offline, armor blackened and scored and scoured, linear blaster cannon flying from his hand to skid across the chamber floor, slams into the wall hard, slides to the ground, optic band flickering as he shakes his head- "Yuss, huh...... Damn idiots."

Sonic Canyons:

Nightbeat: "I'm a detective, you idiot, not a wilderness survival type-"

-ground rumbles as Tunnel Rat explodes-

Nightbeat: "However, we can go that way." -points to a formerly well hidden doorway, now slightly ajar- "To get back to my earlier point, I usually figure out what caused the explosion, not where hidden doors are."

Chromedome, Siren, and Hosehead: -aim at the Hawrilliak-

Chromedome: "What about Chainclaw? We might hit him."

2007-06-02, 05:52 AM
Vector Sigma

Spinister dove away from Tunnel Rat's display of self-immolation, rolling behind a chunk of indistinct, organic debris that may have been part of Shelob at some point. The Targetmaster had no interest in examining the fleshy chunk any further to find out for sure, though. That proved to be for the best, because the chunk was flash-fried by the explosion.

Spinister pushed himself up, a disgusted expression visible on his face despite his best efforts to hide it. Greasy blobs of flesh now clung to his right side, defying his every effort to remove them.

"Wonderful," he grumbled sourly.

2007-06-02, 06:57 AM
Vector Sigma

Pounce crashes backwards bowled over by the shockwave , bouncing off a support pillar and ending up sprawled over a computer console. One of his weapons spun out of his hand and ended quivering ,vibrating bayonet stuck in the ground. His paneling scorched and armour cratered a 6 inch sliver of shrapnel protruding from his chest.

Scoop dived across Derby's and Doublecross position attempting to put himself and his hardened shovel between them and the explosion.

bits of Tunnel Rat patter to the ground as they lose velocity having described a parobolic arc through the air 2 data cubes roll across the floor. the remains of his head lands near Roadbuster. One smoking wheel spins slowly before falling to the floor.


Chainclaw opens his jaw and lunges at the Hawrilliak hoping to tear out its throat.

2007-06-03, 02:01 AM
Vector Sigma:

Roadbuster: -grunting, lurches to his feet, right arm hanging limply at his side, fluids leaking down his arm, limps forward, crushing Tunnel Rat's head beneath his foot, heading for the datacubes-

Bludgeon: -rising from his crouch, brushing fragments of Tunnel Rat off of his armor, moving towards Pounce-

Sonic Canyons:

Nightbeat: -pushes the door open, starts downward-

redman prime
2007-06-03, 06:16 AM
Once Chainclaw's efforts to sink his teeth into the Hawrillak bore fruit, Roughstuff was doomed.

The massive techno was securely latched into place with a healthy bit of fuel now pooled about his feet, with the manic motions it was making smacking him upside the head and rendering him unconcious, which was most likely for the better.
Snapdragon trudged along after Nightbeat into the tunnel.


Greatshot slowed enough to allow Minerva the opportunity to make the leap into his cockpit, thus allowing them to hurry along to assist in the greater goal, the liberation of Cybertron!

2007-06-04, 04:45 AM
Minerva: -pulling her helmet back on, transforms back to robot mode, leaping into Greatshot's cockpit- "Is now a bad time to tell you that any time I've been in a shuttle, it's crashed?"

2007-06-04, 05:18 PM
Vector Sigma

Derby struggled to run, but his feet caught and slipped in a mess of organic goo smudged across the floor. His misfortune was relieved, however, by Scoop's heroism, protecting him from the explosion. When the shock had passed and the echoes had faded, Derby kneeled next to the Targetmaster with wide optics.

"Sweet Primus, are you hurt?"

Before he could get an answer, his fuel pump dropped at the sound of footsteps approaching from behind. Having lost his weapon in the chaos, he discretely picked up a bit of charred protoplasm with which to blind his assailant and spun with his arm drawn back like a pitcher. But he didn't throw it.


The special ops agent staggered toward the group. His right hand clutched the frayed socket of his left shoulder; the armor on his left leg and side was shattered; the side of his head was scorched, and part of his opticband splintered. Relentlessly brave, Jazz forced the biggest smile he could muster in spite of the lingering concern his wounds may yet prove fatal.

"Guess ya got the sucka, huh?" Jazz coughed.