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2007-02-15, 04:53 AM

Once one of Cybertron's greatest city-states, Megatron's home city was scourged in the war with Vos that heralded the Decepticon tyrant's rise to power. Now little more than a ruined graveyard, it is shunned by Autobot and Decepticon alike.

But it isn't shunned by everyone.

Old Spaceport

"This is what passes for a clear, flat strip of land in this benighted wasteland?"

"So it would seem."

It was a strange sight...or it would have been, had anyone been around to see it. Two Inquisitors hovering in the midst of a badly-broken spaceport, one carrying a datapad and the other wringing his tentacles furiously.

"You're certain this is the only safe landing zone in the city?"

"It would be something of a waste otherwise, wouldn't it? Of course I'm sure. The road is mined, the outskirts are strewn with pieces of debris the size of office towers, and Victory Square is rather...inaccessible at the moment."

"Then our little surprise is installed and ready to go?"

"It is. Well camouflaged, of course. These Transformers may be inferior, but their cunning is not to be underestimated. If they even suspected what we had in store for them, they wouldn't dare show their faces."

"And the traps?"

"The roadways and buildings have been rigged."

"Good. Maelstrom and his men?"

"On station in the square, with the rest of our surprise."

"The garrison commander doesn't know?"

"Of course not. He thinks he and his paltry outpost are all that stand between Tarn and the Transformers. He'll fight to the death."

"That won't take long."

"Probably not, no. Shall we retire?"

"Indeed. To Victory Square?"

"But of course."

"Lead on."

2007-02-18, 12:17 AM
Tarn Outskirts, old spaceport

Metroplex circled Tarn before engaging his repulsor thrusters and initiated the landing maneuver above the old city spaceport.

" LANDING PROCEDURE INITIATED, PREPARING TRANSFORMATION INTO BATTLE STATION ", Metroplex deep voice rumbled through the speakers. On the bridge, Scamper turned to look at Grimlock, rising his head.

" Sir, Metroplex is going to land on the only availible landing zone, Tarn's old spaceport, in one breem. "


Metroplex, landing bay

The Aerialbots entered the bay - refuelled and reloaded after the space battle-, and ignoring the commotion caused by Insecticons and Constructicons, transformed into their jet modes, ready to perform their role as the battleforce's main air support.

2007-02-18, 04:58 AM
Metroplex landing pad

Hook looked down at Scavenger then looked back up to Mixmaster and said''Looks like the Medical staff isn't going to make it.We have to get him to a CR chamber now!Long Haul transform!''Long Haul did what Hook ordered.Then Mixmaster and Bonecrusher carfully picked up Scavenger and gently lowered him into the back of the dump truck.

Hook then ordered''Long Haul get to the Medical bay as fast as you can,the staff there should be able to help''

Scrapper turned and looked at Hook and said''Im going to to report to Grimlock,Hook your in charge''

Hook-''Yes sir''

2007-02-18, 01:51 PM
Landing Bay

Landfill looked at his two companions

"looks like its time to put the pedal to the metal."

2007-02-18, 04:50 PM
Predaking waited for Metroplex to allow the troops to unload. The massive gestalt's sensors already ticking ready to find suitable prey.

Aero Blade
2007-02-18, 06:46 PM
Wing Saber finally arrived at the destination to check on what the explosion had been that Grimlock send him to investigate. After taken stock of the condition of the area, he turned to the first forms that became apparent to him to question.

"What in Primus has been going on in here?!" Wing Saber questioned towards the Constructions.

2007-02-18, 07:12 PM
Metroplex landing pad

Bonecrusher noticing Wing Saber walked up to him asking''What brings you down here''

2007-02-18, 08:14 PM
Quintesson Outpost

Major Travix stared out the main viewport at the descending Autobot city, an glower firmly fixed on his face.

"Sir, it seems that they're moving to land."

"Of course they are," Travix replied contemptuously to his subordinate. "I hardly expected them to make the trip out here, take one look at us, and then leave."

"Uh...of course, sir. I only meant...well, maybe we should try to stop them?" The younger Quintesson finished his statement lamely.

Travix sighed. "I suppose we should, at that." Turning to face the rest of the command centre, he barked, "Artillery, start shelling Metroplex."

"Aye, sir."

A few seconds later, the resounding boom of the base's main defence cannons filled the room as they tossed heavy ballistic shells toward the landing Autobot city.

2007-02-18, 09:49 PM
Bridge, Metroplex:

Grimlock: "Good. Start targeting defenseive placements, open fire!" -activates intraship communications- "All hands, this Grimlock! Get ready! We about to land!"

Landing Bay, Metroplex:

Leozak: -scowls- "Looks like we're about to land. I hope that idiot's not going to tell us how to fight."

Leozak, Gaihawk, and Hellbat: -head back towards the rest of their team-

2007-02-18, 10:04 PM
Tarn Old Spaceport

Some of the Quintesson field artillery shots impacted on Metroplex shields, being absorved by the citybot's defensive capabilities. With his omni-directional receiving and transmitting antenna, Metroplex scanned the area searching for the enemy base flak cannons.

At Grimlock's orders the laser lances turrets, mortar cannons, the missile launchers and twin disrupter rays started to fire on the detected Quintessons weapons. Meanwhile, the landing procedurefinished and Metroplex opened his Landing bays blast doors.


Slammer and Six - Gun stayed on the main ramp with his guns prepared, ready to cover the deployment of the warriors.


Metroplex landing bay

" Take off, Aerialbots! " ordered Silverbolt.

The five Autobot flyers - in their alt modes- took off and left the bay, flying around Metroplex ready to intercept any Quintesson hostile vessel.

2007-02-19, 05:33 AM
Quintesson Outpost

The outpost tower rocked slightly as Metroplex's shots slammed into it's armour.

"Sir, they're targeting our weapons arrays."

"Of course they are," Travix said, his voice almost a sigh. "Continue firing. Our cannons are well-armoured." Seeing new blips appear on the radar as the Aerialbots launched, he shrugged. "Anti-air batteries, open fire on the enemy fliers. And release the Sharkticon legion. I'm sure their ground troops will be out soon enough."

The boom of the anti-air guns opening up on the Aerialbots was loud enough to drown out Travix's resigned sigh.

We're all going to die.


Hordes of Sharkticons started to stream out of the outpost entrances, chomping at the air and generally making a nuisance out of themselves as they headed in the general direction of Metroplex.

2007-02-19, 07:11 AM
Bridge, Metroplex:

Grimlock: -stands, drawing rocket launcher and energo sword- "Metroplex, not get killed. Me still have stuff aboard." -activates intraship comm- "IT TIME TO MUNCH METAL! GET OUT THERE AND KILL THEM!!!"

Ramp, Metroplex:

Leozak, Gaihawk, Hellbat, Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison: -charging down the ramp, transforming to vehicle modes, and charging forwards-

2007-02-19, 07:36 AM

More then ready to begin the battle, the Stunticons headed for the ramp. They weren't planning on being the first ones off, nor the last.

2007-02-19, 06:37 PM

The trio of land-based Technobots, ready for battle, exited the ramp and looked worriedly for their two missing comrades.

"Now what happened, in Pit's name?" - Afterburner swore. - "Do we need to fight alone?

"Why hurry?" - Nosecone answered lazily. - "No targets yet, no need to run. "

"I just can't bear sitting here doing nothing!"

"Well, actually you're standing - it's me who sit", - Nosecone answered, having finding himself a comfortable chunk of plasti-steel and sitting on it.

"It's allright", - Lightspeed intervened into the talk. "I've contacted Scattershot and Strafe. They hadn't got the Insecticons who escaped - I didn't get how, though - and shall be here in a few nanobreems."

"It seems they won't be the first ones to get here. Look!" - and Nosecone pointed over his shoulder at the ranks of Sharcticons swarming toward Metroplex. - "Get your guns ready."

The trio of Technobots took out their laser pistols, but hadn't fired yet, waiting for the enemies to get in range.

2007-02-19, 08:45 PM
Bridge, Metroplex:

Before Grimlock could charge into battle he was stoped by Scrapper who said''Grimlock wait,I have to report that the Insecticons have deserted and one of my bots is in very bad shape.''

Aero Blade
2007-02-20, 02:51 AM
As Bonecrusher adressed Wing Saber, Grimlock's message came over the PA, causing him to frown.

"It seems it will have to wait now, there are more pressing matters!" The dreaded moment finally having come, Wing Saber transformed and launched himself out of the landing bay, heading into battle.

2007-02-20, 03:37 AM
Predaking bore out of Metroplex and opened fire with his X-Ray cannon.

"Quint slime, you will suffer so says Predaking!" He giant Predacon combiner roared ready to fight.

2007-02-20, 07:45 AM
Landfill swung himself off the ladder and onto the observation platform on top of Metroplex's tower

He crawled across to the edge and looked down across the ruined landscape.

beside him his two partners transformed into one weapon a twin barreled rifle capable of normal usage but also able to generate stress in metal objects.

Landfill aimed at the lead Sharkticon and depressed the firing stud.

Twin holes appeared in the Sharkticons armoured carpace and he fell over.

"one "

He aimed at the next Sharkticon and repeated the action.

2007-02-20, 11:39 PM
Tarn, old spaceport

" Evasive maneuvers! " ordered Silverbolt as the Quintesson AA batteries fired at his Aerialbots.

The five fliers dodged the enemy fire successfully, but Silverbolt decided not to take any chances.

" Aerialbots, follow me! " he radioed, descending to ground level and flying between the buildings, trying to put his team out of the AA guns fire arc.

Meanwhile, the Aerialbots started to drop their bombs on the Sharkticons filling the streets.



A rain of shots impacted on Metroplex, scoring some hits. Ignoring the damage, he finished his transformation into rolling battle station. With a huge roar, Metroplex started to move - at a very slowly pace - out of the Spaceport. His guns continued to fire at the Quintesson Outpost.


2007-02-20, 11:47 PM

Landfill intoned


Then he heard Metroplex's announcement. As Metroplex rumbled past a ruined building Landfill jumped from the observation platform landing on the roof below rolling as he landed.

2007-02-21, 01:14 AM
Metroplex ramp

After Hook heard Metroplex's message he ordered''We have to get out , will have to wait for the other Constructicon's out side of Metroplex,lets move!''After giving his commands Hook charged down the ramp and out of Metroplex closely followed by Mixmaster and Bonecrusher.

Metroplex med bay

Long Haul had just put Scavenger into the CR chamber when Metroplex order everyone out of him.He screamed''NOOO Metroplex!I will be crushed,I can't leave Scavenger here by himself!''

2007-02-21, 04:25 AM

Artillery shells arced through the air. Bombs dropped on disposable enemy troops. Fires broke out from shots that missed their mark. Powerful beams of energy streaked out from Metroplex to pound away at the enemy tower in the distance. Smoke filled the air, enemy carcasses piled up all around him, and Snarl was in heaven.

A trio of Sharkticons leaped at the Dinobot. Without even breaking stride, Snarl threw his sword into the first, pinning it to the tarmac. The second ran into the Dinobot's right fist as it arced toward him, then stopped dead in it's tracks as the fist tore through its skull and crushed its brain module. Snarl grabbed the third by the arms as it tried to jump on him. Lifting the creature up to optic level, he headbutted it in the mouth. As broken Sharkticon teeth clattered to the ground, he drew his laser rifle from subspace, shoved it down the enemy's throat and pulled the trigger.

As he retrieved his sword from the first dead enemy, he couldn't help but smile.

This is more like it.

(OOC: That's right. Snarl's here. No one saw him on the way in because he was brooding. :))

Quintesson Outpost

Travix watched the slaughter with an impassive expression on his face.

Well, it's not as if we didn't know this was going to happen eventually...

2007-02-21, 04:49 PM
Spaceport - besides Metroplex:

The battle raged on...

"There's too much of them!!! Get back! Get off me, dammit!" - Afterburner punched a Sharkticon in the face, breaking his teeth. The return blow of his enemy's tail knocked him over. - "Help!"

"On my way, you looser. Just wait a bit", - Nosecone, alredy in tank mode, drilled his way through the next Sharkticon in line, turned, crushing two enemies under his treads, and rushed towards Afterburner.

Meanwhile, Lightspeed was busy shooting at Sharkticons' optics with his light-burst gun. Blinded drones were fighting against each other and with those who pushed from behind, not able to see where their real enemies were. But nevertheless, the enemy onrush was getting closer to Lightspeed with each nanobreem.

And to transform and retreat is not an option. Seems they're everywhere... Primus, what would I give to be able to fly over them - like those Aerialbots do or... Wait a bit... Here they are!!!

"Look, guys", - he turned to Afterburner and Nosecone - "Scattershot and Strafe are here!"

"Great, now I got to watch my back from that triggerhappy sniper", - Nosecone grumbled, but it was seen easily he's really glad that his friends are here.

"Get down, everybody!" - Scattershot signalled, and in the next moment a hail of cannon-fire - both from him and from Strafe - had literally swept the Sharkticons from the square.

"Technobots, merge!!! Form..." - Scattershot ordered, transforming in mid-air.

"... COMPUTRON" - the gestalt finished, standing in the centre of the square, strewn by Sharkticons' bodies.



As gestalts' slow, albeit superior, processors and logic circuits argued about the best solution, a small part of his processing capability was divided on self-defence. The acid-pellet scatter gun had appeared in Computron's hand and started to sow destruction in the Sharkticons' ranks.

2007-02-22, 03:48 AM
Predaking watched as a horde of Quint Shark and Alligatorcons ran towards him.

"Fools, you will be the first to fall to the might of Predaking!" The mighty warrior shouted before unleashing an onslaught of violence. He jumped towards a group of Sharkticons and they were sliced by a swift slash from his energy blade as their body parts fell to the ground still twitching and raining sparks and energy the massive warrior landed with a thunderous boom.

As soon as he landed he fired a blast from his shoulder cannons reducing a group of Alligatorcons to charred steel. He then slashed a Quint troop carrier in half as it exploded taking out a few troops unlucky enough to run away from the carrier in time.

The remaining troops realized discretion was the better part of valor and attempted to run from the mighty gestalt. Predaking said nothing and vaporized them with his x-ray laser.

Somehow I hope there is better prey than this. He giant warrior thought to himself. As he stood in a pile of deactivated Quint troops.

2007-02-22, 07:35 PM


And, executing his own plan, Computron moved forward through the crowd of Sharkticons swarming around him. Squashing the Sharkticons he stepped on, he get to the nearest doorway from Sharkticons' barracks and poured a stream of acid tellets there. Soon, a tangle of broken bodies made a barricade through which no Sharkticon could pass. For good measure, Computron weighted it down in the doorway with a chunk of nearby wall.


And Computron went to the next doorway, in the same time expecting that some other gestalt would appear and help him with the job.

2007-02-22, 08:46 PM
Predaking heard Computron's assesment of the situation and almost laughed.

He instead opened fire on the building hoping to bring it down on the Sharkticons heads.

2007-02-22, 10:10 PM
Metroplex, Medbay

An intercom beeped near Long Haul.

" Long Haul, here Scamper. Don't worry and get out of Metroplex; your comrade will be safe inside the CR chamber when Metroplex transforms into robot mode. Also, the drones will take care of him. But you need to exit him right now, ok? "


Spaceport, outside

Metroplex continued his slow pace towards the Quintesson's outpost. Scratchs and dents, smoking holes and damaged weapon emplacements adorned his steel skin, but the citybot's enhanced regenerative capabilities were restoring the damage.

" COMPUTRON, TAKE COVER " he warned.

The pair of anti-matter projector rolled, aiming at the tower. With his weapons fully charged Metroplex fired towards the tower, supporting these shots with the twin disrupter rays and laser lances firepower.

On the ground, Six-Gun and Slammer were flanking Metroplex, protecting his wheels from the nearby Sharkticons and Alligatorcons to brave - or to dumb - to apoach the rolling citybot.


Tarn, streets

The five Aerialbots continued to flew over the streets, low enough to be out of the tower's flak guns, firing with their wing-mounted laser cannons on the Sharkticon legion.

2007-02-22, 10:20 PM



Computron started to move back from the outpost tower which was the target of Metroplex's main weapons, but too late. The force of the blast bore him away, throwing into a nearby building, which promptly fell down under his bulk.


2007-02-22, 11:37 PM
Landfill knelt against the parapet of a building flicking a switch on his weapon to enable the metal stressing function.

He aimed at the nearest AA position and fired hoping to twist the gun barrels out of allignment.

2007-02-23, 12:08 AM
Metroplex, Medbay

''Ok Im getting out,don't worry Scavenger you'll be back online in no time!''Long Haul transformed and went full speed to get out of Metroplex.

Spaceport, outside

In a few minutes Long Haul was at the Metroplex's ramp.He hit the ramp full speed causing him to be shot into the air,he transformed into robot as he fell down.Now he needed to find his fellow Constructicons,It didn't take to long they were behind a concrete block in front of the back door exit of the Sharkticon Deployment building fighting off swarms off Sharkticons. He raced over to them.

''Hi guys, Im back''

''Good grab that rifle and help us out.''Hook said while on one knee firing his lasor pistol over block at the enemy.Long Haul grabed the rifle that was leaning against the block beside Bonecrusher who was the only one standing up and firing what looked like a futuristic lasor tommy gun.Long Haul knelt down beside mixmaster and started to fire on the Sharkticons.

2007-02-23, 02:16 AM
After the destruction of the Quint base Predaking decided to move forward smashing, cutting or blasting anything else that seemed remotely like prey.

"Give me a real target!" The giant growled.

2007-02-23, 03:43 AM
Having the Stunticons merged into Menasor to follow Computron's plan, the Decepticon gestalt looked around for his next target.

This... might be overkill.

Since when do we mind overkilling?

Well, excuse me for finding it more fun the other way.


2007-02-23, 05:43 AM
(OOC: No one said the Quintesson base was destroyed, Rav. At least, not yet. :))

Quintesson Outpost

Metroplex's antimatter rounds slammed into the tower a quarter of the way up from the base. For a moment Travix thought the base's armour had withstood the blast...until the tower started to pitch to one side.

This won't be pleasant, the Quintesson thought. However, he made no effort to run away. It would be futile; if he managed to get outside before the tower finished collapsing, he'd just get shot by the Transformers.


Snarl had built up a substantial wall of dead Sharkticons between himself and the base, but it wasn't quite tall enough to block out his view of the building...which was now leaning precariously over in their direction.

It's going to fall on the Sharkticons, he realized. Too bad. I was just starting to have fun.

Without warning, an explosion erupted from the foundations of the building that Computron had crashed into.

2007-02-23, 02:58 PM
"DATUM..." - started Computron, but was unable to finish. The explosion from inside of the building flung him up again, breaking apart.

"Damn!!! They've set trap for us here!!!" - Afterburner screamed, falling straight into the jaws of two waiting Gatorcons.

"Nonsence - how could they know?" - Lightspeed replied sensibly, landing on the infortunate Sharkticon and driving a fist into his optics.

"Aaaah!!! They're everywhere!!!" Strafe screamed, his rifle already in his hands and spreading fire around.

"Watch where you shoot, you punk!" - Nosecone grumbled, two of Strafe's shots ricochetting from his armour.

"Let's make this fight a close and personal thing for these bastards! Like this!" - Scattershot drove his elbow into the closest Gatorcon's chest, sending him back. "And this!" - he kicked the Sharkticon who was about to munch on his leg. "And..." - his battle cries became muffled as he was buried under the pile of enemies.

Damn, we've got a problem here... - Lightspeed thought, seeing his comrades overpowered by numerous Sharkticons and Gatorcons, and feeling his own tires and armour punctured in several places by enemies' teeth.

"This is Technobots!!! We need backup!!! Grimlock, Metroplex, anybody - help!!!" - he sent a call for help through his intercomm.

2007-02-23, 09:46 PM
Tarn, streets

Skydive received Lightspeed's call for back up. The startegist flew to Silverbolt's side.

" The technobots need help! Computron is down! " he informed.

The Aerialbot leader changed course towards the origin of the transmission and discovered a swarm of Gatorcons and Sharkticons attacking the surrounded Technos.

" Aerialbots, transform! " he ordered, transforming into robot mode and landing behind a group of Gatorcons attacking Scattorshot. He aimed carefully and satrted to fire on the enemy.

Flanking their leader, Skydive, Fireflight and Air Raid transformed into robot mode and fired towards the rearguard of the Shark/Gatorcon swarm.

On the air, Slingshot - who was the most maneurable and skilled shooter among the Aerialbots - was firing on the ruined building's depths, trying to stop the enemy's flow.

" Scatter! Scatter! Do you read me? " asked Silverbolt.


Spaceport, outskirts

With Scavenger out and Loung Haul firmly secured in a CR chamber, Metroplex continued his pace towards the damaged Quintesson tower.

The Autobot's anti-matter projectors started their slow reloading cicle, so he continued to fire on the Quints Outpost with his laser lances and the disrupters rays.

Also, the citybot started his transformation into robot mode.

2007-02-24, 12:06 AM
Scattershot, buried under the pile of Gatorcons and Sharkticons, was too busy to reply Silverbolt, even though he did get his transmission. His processor was focused on the task of transforming to cannon mode, to blast the enemies with sufficient firepower; unfortunately, the sheer weight of the enemy prevented him from doing so.

Instead, Lightspeed responded to Aerialbots' leader's call.

"Silverbolt, it's pointless to attack them separately - you'd get stomped over! Form Superion, then you'd be better equipped to deal with them! They can't swarm a gestalt!.. Aaaah!.."

Responding, he hadn't noticed two Gatorcons stalking him from behind, and was borne down with their simultaneous assault.

Afterburner, too, was having a fistfight with the Sharkticons. Losing his weapon, he grabbed a severed enemy's tail and used it as a maul, until he was in turn mauled himself by three such mauls at the same time.

Of all five Technobots, only Nosecone and Strafe still held their ground against the enemies. The first was pounding Sharkticons with his drill and running them over with his treads, the second firing a volley after another around himself, where a barricade of broken bodies soon formed a circle around him. Strafe's weapon barrel glowed red-hot from continuous fire.

Meanwhile, Aerialbots' attack did get some responce from the swarm. Several rear ranks of Sharkticons and Gatorcons, who were pushing forward to join the fight, turned around, being fired at from behind... And rushed towards the newfound enemies.

2007-02-24, 12:17 AM
Streets, Tarn:

Killbison: -tank mode, his PPC's blazing away at the Sharkticons as they approach, laughing maniacially-

Jalgar: -vehicle mode, rocket launchers firing salvo after salvo into the approaching Sharkticon horde- "Drillhorn! This is insane! We're gonna get killed!"

Drillhorn: -robot mode, scowling, firing his particle chain gun o'doom at the advancing Sharkticons- "It's my plan! It'll work!"

Jalgar: "Your plan SUCKS SLAG!!!!!!"

Sharkticons: -getting closer, despite horrible casualities-

Drillhorn: -into commlink- "Leozak! NOW!!!!!"

Leozak, Gaihawk, and Hellbat: -screaming down the street behind the others, ripping by them at well over mach 2, weapons already thundering away, missiles impacting, plasma bolts hitting, laser cannons gouging great holes in the Sharkticon ranks-

Drillhorn: -having hit the deck when Leozak, Gaihawk, and Hellbat came bombing by, raises his head, smiling as he sees the greatly reduced number of Sharkticons still coming down the street, but not nearly as confident as they had been- "Told you it'd work!"

Jalgar: -upside down, having been bowled over by the jetwash, wheels spinning- "I still say the plan sucked cold slag through a silly straw!"


Grimlock: -dino mode, covering the distance between himself and the Technobots by literally leaps and bounds, rising to the last arc on the jet boosters in his legs, once again thanking Ratchet(well, a different Ratchet, really) for adding these refinements when he ressurected him with Pretender technology(though nobody knew about the shell, thank Primus), transforming to robot mode and landing hard on a Sharkticon, slicing a large chunk out of another one with his energo sword while blasting a third with his rocket launcher- "Something wrong! Sharkticons not big threat. Where heavy hitters?"

2007-02-24, 12:29 AM
"One Sharkticon sure isn't - but there's too much of those blighters!" - Afterburner replied, saved by Grimlock's intrusion from being torn apart. He kicked the last standing Sharkticon, sending him reeling back, and pointed at the large heap nearby:

"Scattershot's there!"

His sidearm lost, he transformed into his bike mode and fired his plasma cannon into the heap, incinerating a number of Shark-beasts.

2007-02-24, 12:33 AM
Predaking noted the base was somehow still partly intact.

The Predacon warrior said nothing but fired a few mortar rounds at the buildings remains hoping to finish it off.

2007-02-24, 03:45 AM
Spaceport, outside

Waves and waves of Sharkticons were poring out of the base back door as it was being shelled by Predaking''Theres to many of them,we have to fall back.''Hook ordered."What noway, I say we stand fight!Ahhh''Bonecrusher yelled as he fired another blast form his tommy gun.

''Scrapper put me In charge so I say fall back!''Hook ordered.

''Never!Long haul your with me right?''Bonecrusher ask as he contuied to fire on the enemy.

''Yes Im with you Bonecrusher lets hold are ground!''

''Well im with Hook,Hook,Hook!''Mixmaster said as he fired a shot from his lasor pistol.

''Fall back!Im in charge!''

''NEVER!STAND AND FIGHT BOYS!''Bonecrusher cryed out.


''STAND AN-''Bonecrusher could finish Scrapper appeared from behind and ordered''Im back,Hook you are relieved from command.We will not fall back we will hold.But we need help''He said into his commlink This is Scrapper,we need help we are being over run we can't hold on much longer!

2007-02-24, 05:17 AM

Sharkticons weren't the smartest creatures in the universe, but even they could see that Snarl was a mech possessed. They fled before him, stragglers getting cut to pieces as the Dinobot caught up to them.

"Bah! Stand and fight, cowards!" The Dinobot didn't expect them to heed his words, of course. He was just taunting them for the fun of it before killing them all.

As it would happen, though, he never got the chance to kill the rest of them. Without warning, the entire enemy legion vanished in an explosion so bright that the Dinobot had to shield his optics. When he could see again, there was nothing left of the group he'd been chasing but a few scattered limbs.

"Guys, this is Snarl. Be careful. The damn Quints mined the streets."

Quintesson Outpost

What's going on? We didn't mine the streets!

Travix was confused by the explosions he could see outside the base, but he wasn't really concerned by them. The way the outpost's foundations were creaking, combined with the ever-more-precarious angle it was leaning on, told him that the facility would collapse on the battlefield any minute now.

2007-02-24, 09:34 AM
Landfill manoeuvred his way across the roofscape until he had a clear line of fiire on the Sharkticons swarming the Technobots.

Cooly and calculatedly he kneeled next to a roof mounted air vent

He aimed at a Sharkticon and fired a shot from the twin barreled rifle went through each of the Sharkticons optics and it fellback towards the ground.


He targetted a Gatorcon and drilled it through the back sending in it tumbling to the ground.

He spotted a flash of red in the rubble of the building

Aiming carefully he targeted one of the Gatorcons pinning Lightspeed and fired

2007-02-25, 10:28 PM
Tarn, streets

Silverbolt jumped backwards, dodging a sharkticon bite for inches.

" Lightspeed is right! Aerialbots, combine and form Superion! " he ordered, transforming into jet mode and flying upwards.

The rest of the ground based Aerialbots transformed into their jet modes and joined their leader. Slingshot, after emptying his mortar magazine onto the sharkticons swarm, turned back and joined his teammates.

The five Autobot jets merged into Superion, and the mighty gestalt landed on a dozen sharkticons, smashing them.

" SUPERION, DESTROY ENEMIES! " were the only words he said, while kicking the sharkticons around him.

2007-02-26, 07:46 AM
Spaceport, outside:

Leozak: -over commlink- "Heads up, Constructicons. We're coming through on a strafing run!" -deactivates commlink-

Gaihawk: "You sound all 'Yay team' all of a sudden."

Hellbat: "Why shouldn't he? We've been out of the 'Con spotlight for too long."

Leozak: "Cut the chatter. Beginning run now."

Leozak, Gaihawk, and Hellbat: -sweeping down towards the beleagured Constructicons, firing missiles and laser blasts at the Sharkticons-

Aero Blade
2007-02-26, 03:24 PM
Wing Saber, having in effect been hybernating for so long up until reciently, was unfamiliar with the Sharkticons they were fighting, and decided it best if he kept as much clear of them as he could until he was sure what they were capable of. To that regard, he decided to keep to the air, picking off as many of the creatures as he could with high-speed strafing runs, only getting as close as he dared to his comrads without taking the chance of hitting them by mistake.

"There's no end to their numbers," Wing Saber commented over the com to Grimlock and Superion. "Though not exactly the brightest of beings. What are they?"

2007-02-26, 05:16 PM
Reinforced by Grimlock's and Superion's appearance, as well as by timely help from other combatants, the Technobots were almost up to the task of combining once more into Computron...

* * *

Lightspeed had now only one Gatorcon to fight, as Landfill's sniper shot had dealt with the other. It wasn't the easiest thing to do either - the stupid creature held fast with his teeth and refused to let go. "Open, dammit! Open!" - Lightspeed swore, repeating the historical words of Ultra Magnus while beating with his hands on the jaws which clenched his leg. Finally, one of the blows had punctured the armor and got to the jaws control centre obviously, as the creature opened his jaws as wide as they got and frose in this awkward position.

"What was it he saw, I wonder?" - Afterburner asked jokingly, wheeling slowly towards Lightspeed. He was unable to go faster, his tires were munched in shreds, but at least in his bike mode he had the plasma pulse cannon which he fired repeatedly at the heap of the enemies. Lightspeed mounted him, taking a Sharkticon's tail maul in his hand like a close combat weapon.

* * *

Strafe finally lost his sidearm too, the barrel exploded in his hands from overheating. He decided to take into the air, but was stopped by Nosecone's intrusion:

"Wait! Transform and land on top of me, we'll make a battletank!"

This was indeed the fortunate idea, Sharkticons were now falling prey not only to Nosecone's treads and drill, but also to Strafe's twin cannons, firing from the top. The impovised vehicle rushed towards the heap of Sharkticons and Gatorcons where Scattershot was fighting for his dear life.

* * *

The fact that Technobots had paired together had increased their battle efficiency greatly. But would it be enough to save their Squadron Leader before he'd be eaten by battle-crased Sharkticons?..

2007-02-26, 06:05 PM
Spaceport, outside

Leozak, Gaihawk, and Hellbat attack managed to wiped out all the Sharkticons.

''Alright I think the Technobots need some help,lets go!''Scrapper order.The Constructicons transformed into vehical mode and made there way to the Spaceport square.

Once they got there they saw a gaint heap of Sharkticons.

''Lets take down that mountain!Transform!''Scrapper commanded.The Constructicons transformed into robot and fired into the heap.

2007-02-26, 07:20 PM
Constructicons' fire was the final straw that broke the courage of Sharkticons which were heaped on top of Scattershot... and wiped out most of them, by the way.

"Hold it! Don't shoot there anymore!!!" - Lightspeed shouted at Constructicons, worried that any more shots could penetrate inside the heap and reach Scattershot. Contrary to that, Afterburner fired from under him with his plasma pulse cannon, and Strafe added some fire from the other side with his cannons. All shots hit into the heap, scattering it even more.

Then the heap erupted from the inside, Sharkticons and their various body parts flying here and there. Scattershot - his armour torn and shredded, his mech fluids flowing from dents and cracks, stood defiant in the centre of it.

"T-technobots!.." - he croaked. - "Merge! Form..."

"COMPUTRON" - the gestalt finished, made whole once more. Remembering the situation that preceded his splitting, he continued his present speech:



To bolster his words, Computron targetted the outpost, combining his fire with Predaking's. From his left forehand missile launcher six missiles flew at the tower, and his acid pellet gun was firing there too.

2007-02-26, 07:51 PM

''Come on lets go''Scrapper order.The Constructicons once again transformed and fellowed Scrapper.Before long the The Constructicons came upon piles of dead Sharkticons.They fellowed the piles down a street and eventually found snarl standing in the middle of the road.

"Hay Snarl need a hand?''Scrapper asked.

2007-02-27, 02:21 AM
Predking heard the giant Autobot combiner speak and debated telling him the hunter needed no help but decided against it.

"Yes, let us destroy our prey." He said firing his X-ray laser and shoulder blasters into the Sharkticon forces.

2007-02-27, 04:21 AM
Do we really have to be so carefull about not steppin' on the Autobots?

You know no one would believe it was on accident.

Menasor growled as he continued to step on the Sharkticons and made sure he didn't 'accidently' step on any one he wasn't suppose too.

2007-02-27, 05:38 PM

Leozak: -swooping down- "Liokaiser, Merge!!!!"

Leozak, Gaihawk, Hellbat, Jalgar, Killbison, and Drillhorn: -merge-

Liokaiser: -optics flaring, bo staff appearing in his hands, twirling it-

Sharkticons: -looking up in mute shock-

Liokaiser: -smoothly dripping to one knee, sweeping the bo staff, smashing the Sharkticons into the ground- "Enough of this piddling prey! Where is the CES?"


Maelstrom, Pyre, Mercykiller and Cenotaph: -watching the monitors-

Cenotaph: "Well, well. Looks who's back."

Pyre: -chuckling, gobbets of flame dripping from his mouth, his voice a dread burbling of molten metal- "The one who ran away. The only one who escaped us."

Maelstrom: "And now we can stamp this one out. And all of the ones he brought with him. Mercykiller, get the others. If our glorious leaders don't spring the trap soon, I might do it for them."

Mercykiller: -nods, goes to gather the rest of the squad-

2007-02-27, 08:04 PM

Snarl didn't turn to look at the Constructicons as they approached. He was too busy pummelling another group of Sharkticons. This time, he'd picked up one of their number by the tail and was using him to beat the others to death.

"I'm good," he told the Decepticons.

After clubbing another Sharkticon, the Dinobot frowned. "You guys are techs, right? You got anything that can help us find out where the Quint mines are? It'd be nice to get out of here without blowing up..."

Quintesson Outpost

The building's foundations gave one last, ominous creak. Then it began to fall forward in earnest, half crumbling and half tipping as it crashed to the ground. Thousands of Sharkticons still in the tower's shadow looked up in panic, then tried to scramble out of the way as it came crashing down on their heads.

Most of them didn't make it.

(OOC: Duck. ;))

2007-02-27, 10:31 PM

''Oh,yes Snarl we have the greatest technology out there for this kind thing!''bonecrusher said sarcasticly as he picked up a dead Sharkticon and threw it in the middle of one of the streets.The Sharkticon blew up.''Ok that street is mined .Are you fellowing me Snarl or do I have to slow down for you..Hahaha!'' bonecrusher said .Then he picked up another Sharkticon and tossed it down the other street ,nothing happened when it smashed against the grounld.''Ok thats the street we go down.Do you Understand Snarl?''

2007-02-27, 11:32 PM
Tarn, streets

After an incredible and slow amount of turns, folds and extensions, Metroplex finally transformed into robot mode.

With his anti-matter projectors fully charged on his hands and the ion-pulse rifles mounted on his shoulders, the citybot stood inmobile, like an ancient and mighty battle titan in the dawn of ages.

Metroplex looked the Quintesson Outpost's destruction, and silently berated himself for not having performed better in it's destruction.


Tarn, streets

" THEY ARE ENEMIES " Superion simply replied to Wing Saber's question.

Then the gestalt moved towards the tower's ruins, finishing off the Sharkticons he found in his way.

2007-02-28, 05:19 AM
Victory Square

The two Inquisitors, now safely ensconced in the deepest chambers of their command centre, glanced at each other.

"They've discovered the safe route out of the spaceport," the first one said.

"Good, good," said the second. "Then they'll be here soon. I'll tell our friends." Activating his comlink, he said, "Maelstrom, stand ready. Our prey is incoming."


Idiot, Snarl thought as he listened to Bonecrusher. Gamely resisting the urge to murder the Constructicon, he just nodded. "Got it."

Still busily smashing the remaining Sharkticons, the Dinobot flipped his comlink out and called Grimlock. "Quints mined the streets, boss. Bonecrusher says he found one that looks safe. Probably a Quint trap, but what the hell. I'm sending you the info."

2007-02-28, 07:27 AM
Roof top

Landfill lined up a shot on a Sharkticon and pulled the trigger.

thirty seven

He rolled from his position and crawled to the edge of the building. THe jump was too far to the next building so he scanned the landscape looking for another option.

2007-02-28, 02:56 PM
Predaking heard Liokaisers's comment on the CES and nodded.

"Yes bring out something worthy of facing the might of Predaking." He roared sword ready.

2007-02-28, 05:39 PM
Computron's mind was divided between data incoming from different sources.

There was a matter of CES which Predaking and Liokaiser spoke of...

and the thought about mined streets...

and the matter of Quintesson outpost tower which was falling into his direction right now!!!



The gestalt scooped the Dinobot leader from the ground and with large strides moved to the street which was tested and proved to be safe. Passing Landfill's position, Computron put his other hand up, ready to catch him from jump.


2007-02-28, 06:35 PM
Landfill looked from his position to the fallling building he looked down at the ground noting the distance between the buildings then he looked back at the height of the toppling out post

oh slag

He saw Computron approach him and extend a hand

looks like my lucks in

He scrambled from his position and jumped towards Computron's hand.

2007-02-28, 08:14 PM

''Are you sure you got it snarl becasue and can tell it to you again!hahah ha!''Bonecrusher said to the dinobot.

''Bonecrusher shut up!Lets just go!''Scrapper ordered as he started to walk down the mine free street.The other Constructicons fellowed.

2007-03-01, 05:21 AM

Snarl made good on his namesake as the Constructicons walked off, letting out a low, hostile noise from the back of his throat.

They all look the same, he thought darkly. No one will notice if I kill one of them...

The Dinobot gravitated toward Computron, wanting a private word with Grimlock when the Technobot combiner put the boss down.

2007-03-01, 06:09 AM
Computron's hand:

Grimlock: -optic band narrowing- "Computron, Me say put me down there!" -points at the coordinates that Snarl sent, activates commlink- "EVERYBODY MEET ME THERE!!!" -sends coordinates to the rest of his team-

2007-03-01, 10:10 AM

After making sure he wasn't in the path of the falling outpost, Menasor heard Grimlock's message.

Oh look, the slagger is trying to give us orders.

Oh look, we're planning on following the slagger's orders.

Grimlock's....Motormaster's...ain't really seein' a difference here...

Isn't that the truth!

Face it, we are all doomed


Menasor narrowed his optics and headed towards where the sent coordinates lead.

2007-03-01, 02:04 PM
Computron, having two passengers to think about - Grimlock was riding in his right hand and Landfill in left - was glad to get rid of at least one. He moved where the Dinobot commander pointed and placed him down gently.


Computron looked at Landfill, resting in his left hand.


* * *

-OOC: I was approved by staff to NPC Sludge and Swoop.

Two more Dinobots joined their commander and Snarl, a looming form of brontosaurus and a pterodactyl flying over his head.

"Me, Sludge, no like Shark-things! Swarm under feet, they!"

"Rawwwk!!! Me, Swoop, can fly and you don't, me no step on them, me fire on them!"

During the landing, the two got behind at the spaceport with its multitude of buildings and other distractions (namely, Sharkticons and Gatorcons to tear, smash and shoot). Now, with most of the enemies dispatched, they were ready for the new battle.

"Me, Swoop, fly and look for more things to smash! Rawwk!"

"No! We do what him, Grimlock, says!"

2007-03-01, 10:16 PM
Predaking just nodded to Grimlock's orders and flew started to fly to the location.

2007-03-01, 10:25 PM
Computron's Hand

Landfill nodded slowly

"10-4 good buddy sounds like a deal and i'll keep my optics peeled for anything threating while your a thinkin'."

Landfill hopped up onto the shoulder and got settled in.

2007-03-01, 10:32 PM
Tarn, streets

Superion grunted, turning back and striding towards the position marked by Grimlock.

Near, Metroplex slowly started to walk towards the same position, his footsteps causing small tremors on the streets and ruined buildings.

Aero Blade
2007-03-02, 03:29 PM
Wing Saber took one more strafing run of the Sharkticons he'd been clearing out, then corrected his course, heading to the coordinates supplied by Grimlock to join up with the others.

2007-03-03, 04:07 AM

After Computron set his commander back down in the streets, Snarl moved up beside the newly-grounded Grimlock with all the subtle grace of a gut-shot moose.

"Seems a bit too easy, doesn't it, boss?" He gestured with his chin up the street. "There's going to be some fun for us up ahead."

2007-03-03, 12:59 PM
"Me, Sludge, not think it easy. Too many Shark-things around, me don't know whom to step on first!" - Sludge replied to Snarl's boasting.

"Squaawk! They no run, you step on them all!" - Swoop added from above. - "Now no more of them!"

2007-03-04, 01:38 AM
Predaking landed and heard the Dinobots chatter.

"Bah they are saving the true prey." The combiner said.

"That Predaking cannot wait for."

2007-03-04, 04:38 AM

Snarl shot Sludge a cockeyed grin. "You're outta practice. We gotta fix that."

Looking up to meet Predaking's optics, he snorted, "Wouldn't get too cocky, if I was you. You couldn't beat me, remember?"

Had the Dinobot stopped to think, he probably would have realized that antagonizing a much larger ally in the middle of a battle wasn't a very good idea, but he was too busy eagerly anticipating the next phase of the battle to do much of anything else.

2007-03-04, 04:44 AM
Predaking snarled and debating just crushing the Autobot underneath his foot but decided againist it.

"I remember melting the side of your head down fairly well." The giant growled.

"But let's save our anger for the prey."

2007-03-04, 12:37 PM
"Me, Sludge, no likes practice. Me likes oil baths and catching cyberfish", - Sludge replied lazily. - "Me know Snarl likes cyberfish too. Are Shark-things cyberfish?"

"Squaawwk! Me, Swoop, bored! No bigger prey, no smaller prey, no prey at all! Grimlock no say where prey is, Swoop fly and see, yes?

* * *

Meanwhile, Computron was allowing Landfill to scan the surroundings for remaining Sharkticons from a vantage point on his shoulder, while gestalt's circuits were busy with the next problem to come.



2007-03-04, 09:52 PM

Grimlock: "Me think they cyber-fish of some kind, Sludge. Me also know these fish bite back." -looks over at Snarl- "So it trap. What you want to do? Stay here, wait for them to attack us? Want plate of energon goodies? Maybe fembot to fluff pillow for feet?" -starts down the street- "We Dinobots. We here to kill anything that not us. Or stupid 'Con combiners."

Slag: -scowling- "Stop yapping! Let's go kill something!" -growling his way after Grimlock-


Leozak, Gaihawk, Hellbat, Jalgar, Drillhorn, and Killbison: -merge into Liokaiser-

Liokaiser: -pulling his bo staff out of subspace, twirling it a few times experimentally, turning the two halves to deploy the spike rings on the end, looks over at Computron- "They're bigger than we are, hard to damage, and ate Bruticus alive. What else do you need to know?"

2007-03-04, 11:44 PM
Landfill drew a bead on the nearest group of Sharkticons he fired 3 times in sucession.

twenty two, twenty three, twenty four.

He looked across at Computron's head

"Look Good Buddy they were obviously expecting us right , so they're going to have a plan , we need to do the unexpected, make them come to us pick the battlefield not walk into a prepared trap. Go underground or something if they're big that limits where they can go , you lot on the other hand can split up."

2007-03-05, 12:48 AM
"Me, Sludge, no like cyberfish who bite back. My back bitten make me, Sludge, angry! Me, Sludge, stomp bad cyberfish!" - the gigantosaurus Dinobot decided and followed Grimlock and Slag down the street. The thought of ambush or other enemy treachery hadn't crossed his mind (if there was anything to cross, anyway).

"Rawwwk! Grimlock wants me, Swoop, fly forward and see prey or not?" - the pterosaur intervened, offended by lack of attention.

* * *

Computron followed Grimlock, his processors busy analysing the incoming data from Landfill, Grimlock and Liokaiser simultaneously.




The process of datum accumulation was taking place. It was too early to calculate a battle plan yet... but the early outlines of one were starting to appear in Computron's logic already.

2007-03-05, 03:14 AM
Also On The Streets

Standing off to the side and slightly behind a ruin building, Menasor kept watch as he listened in on his 'team mates' conversation. He saw no point in pointing out that beating Bruticus wasn't all that difficult if one knew how.

By the pit, they fell apart just by us fallin' on them once.

If I remember correctly, we didn't exactually win when they got us back for that insult.

We lived!

Yes, by the metal of our armour and not with all our parts intact.

Yeah, that time was fun!*laughter*

Only for YOU, Wildrider!

2007-03-05, 05:12 AM

"Not exactly my style, boss. I'm not into the whole crown and throne scene. That was always more your thing than mine." Snarl shrugged, not at all concerned that he might have irritated Grimlock with his joking. "We might wanna see what sort of trap we're marchin' into, though," he said with a glance up at Swoop.

2007-03-05, 05:09 PM

Grimlock: "Swoop, fly ahead. See what up there." -looks over at Snarl- "Me like wearing hat once in while. Got problem with that?"


LioKaiser: "They aren't a combiner team. There's six members, each one slightly larger than Omega Supreme. They all appear to be built around individual weapons systems. Pray they don't have the ability to combine. That's the last thing we need."

2007-03-05, 09:56 PM

Metroplex had reached Grimlock, Computron, Predaking, Menasor and the others with a few steps.


Nearby, a silent superion moved behind his combiner companions. He didn't know what to said to them.

Maximus Prime3
2007-03-05, 10:00 PM
Abominus:Wait, the terrorcon gestal said. i finally found yall. What is the plan

2007-03-06, 01:20 AM
(OOC: Babysitting another for a while. I gotta start charging for this gig...)


With all the thunderous footsteps abounding around, one could hardly make out the sound of an engine struggling to keep up at the back of the formation. But when the group stopped to let Swoop scout ahead, he finally had his chance to catch up.

"Sorry I'm late, chief," Trailbreaker shrugged while transforming to robot mode at Grimlock's flank. "Never got the snow tires taken off."

2007-03-06, 05:29 AM

"Nah, boss. Ain't nothing wrong with having an interest in fashion." Snarl tried to repress a grin as he needled Grimlock further. "But making Sludge do your dental work was a bit much."

He glanced over at Trailbreaker. "Keep 'em," he advised. "The studs'll make it easier to drive through dead Quints."

The Dinobot looked away quickly, hoping no one caught the wistful expression that crossed his face as he remembered the good old days when he'd had a proper vehicle mode.

2007-03-06, 07:26 AM

Landfill waved down to Trailbreaker

"good to see you , was felling a bit outnumbered by the big guns."

He turned to Computron

"what if we all go underground good buddy Omega sized units shouldn't be able to follow . We can reach our target then with minimum exposure."

2007-03-06, 10:28 AM
Computron pondered Landfill's suggestion for a while.


The inevitable had happened. Computron's logic attempted to process two alternatives... and stalled, as it often did.

The gestalt stopped in mid-steps, his five minds arguing over what would be the perfect solution - divide forces or join them?

* * *

Snarl's irony wasn't lost by Sludge... Though he responded in his own slow-witted kind.

"Me, Sludge, no do dentals - me do dents!" - and the gigantosaurus wagged his tail, trying to hit Snarl over his head(and not minding the other Transformers who were around him at the moment)...

* * *

Swoop was happy to be doing something useful. He soared over the streets forward, towards the large complex of buildings (the long-ago ruined energon processor plant, though he didn't know that). Making a circle over the ruins, looking at the rusty boiling chambers, pots and distillation towers, he started to head back.

2007-03-07, 05:14 AM

Snarl ducked quickly, just barely avoiding having his head knocked off by his over-enthusiastic fellow Dinobot. "There's the Sludge I remember!" he said with a grin. The expression quickly faded, though, as if the usually-unhappy Dinobot wasn't quite sure what to do with it.

Victory Square

The two Inquisitors watched from an extremely high vantage point as the far-off, tiny figure of Swoop made a loop in the distance, near the energon plant.

"He won't see us?" the first one asked.

"If he could see us, the whole ruse would be for nothing," the second replied.

"But of course. We did a good job camouflaging the prototype, didn't we?"

"We did." The second Inquisitor shrugged his tentacles. "Shall we adjourn to the control room? The enemy will be here soon, and we may need to intervene to make sure the prototype does its job when the time comes."


2007-03-07, 07:23 AM
Landfill aimed as a Sharkticon appeared near the Dinobots running towards them.

He fired and the Sharkticon tombled forward sparks flying from where it hit the ground . It slid to a stop by Sludges feet.

2007-03-07, 10:49 AM
"More bad cyberfish!" - Sludge grumbled, stepping on Sharkticon's body on his way (the body broke apart properly). - "Me, Sludge, wonder where do they come from! Me want go there and stomp them all!"

Swoop, finishing his run over the ruined plant, turned to move back.
"Rawwk, Grimlock! Me, Swoop, see no prey here! Where me, Swoop, fly next?"

Meanwhile, Computron still stood at the middle of the street, being too engrossed in computation process to move.

2007-03-07, 08:26 PM

Trailbreaker grinned at Snarl broadly, but before he could develop a clever follow-up, he heard his name from behind him and spun to face Computron's foot. His optics tracked up, and he smiled widely.

"Heeey, Landfill!" he called with a wave. "Keep on truckin', pal! And the good aim!"

Although he seemed jovial as ever, Trailbreaker was watching everything from the corners of his optics - something smelled fishy. But he couldn't pin it, and he decided he was just being apprehensive.

2007-03-08, 12:28 AM
Metroplex, Medbay

The CR camber beeped Transformer Scavenger repaired! .Scavenger slowly opened his eyes and looked around.Were Im I.Last thing I remeber is being shot by Bombshell.Did we lose the battle,Im I in some crazy Insecticon experiment.I got to to get out of here!!he thought to himself.

"Help me!Someone let me out of here!Help!!''Scavenger screamed.

Maximus Prime3
2007-03-08, 08:41 PM
Abominus:Grimlock wait, the terrorcon gestal shouted and then discombinded.
Hun-grr: we finally found yall, so what is our orders

2007-03-08, 10:10 PM

Metroplex slowly realized that, inside him, Scavenger was still in the Med Bay.

And the CR Chamber where the constructicon was lying finished it's repair cicle.

And the Constructicon was on-line. And frightened.

With a mental order, some drones moved through the Citybot labyrinth of transformed corridors, reaching the Med Bay.

The drones moved Scavenger's CR Chamber towards an exit point near Metroplex's shoulder.

The Citybot picked up the CR Chamber and, carefully, emptied the chamber on the roof of the nearby building.

" SCAVENGER, YOU CAN NOW JOIN YOUR TEAMATES ", said Metroplex, storing again the CR Chamber inside him.

2007-03-09, 02:42 AM

''Thank you Metroplex!''Scavenger yelled as he ran to catch up with his team.

The other constructicons were following close behind the Dinobots.It didn't take long for Scavenger to catch up to them.

''Good your back.Lets form Devastator!''Scrapper ordered.In a moment Devastator was formed.

''When will we attack them Grimlock?''Devastator asked the dinobot.

2007-03-09, 03:35 AM

Grimlock: "Plan simple. Find them. Kill them. Me not like this. It too quiet."

Liokaiser: "You do have a point. The CES weren't very subtle last time."


Malestrom: -looking at the monitor- "Well, well, well..... Looks like our lucky day, guys."

Pyre: -his voice a gurgle of molten metal- "How so?"

Maelstrom: -smirking- They're back. All those lovely combiners that got away."

Cenotaph: -flexing his legs- "Good. I hate having unfinished business."

2007-03-09, 05:12 AM

"That's the best idea I've heard in three years," Snarl told Grimlock. He didn't worry too much about the 'finding them' part; that's what thinkers like Trailbreaker were for. He and the rest of the Dinobots were there to cut the enemy into little pieces after they found them.

Aero Blade
2007-03-09, 05:23 AM
"Indeed," Wing Saber responded to Grimlock's comments, looking about the area himself for anything out of place. "I know little of the enemy we currently face, but there is something that does not feel quite right about the current situation..."

2007-03-09, 05:46 PM
Finding an appropriate solution, Computron resumed his actions, starting to move again.






Maximus Prime3
2007-03-09, 05:54 PM
the terrorcons combinded
abominus:then, quints, it is time to die

2007-03-10, 05:48 AM

Menasor briefly focused his attention on Devastator and Abominus when they showed up, before going back to looking around. Menasor really didn't like how quiet it was and this time, it had nothing to do with Wildrider being a part of him.

2007-03-12, 10:20 AM


He put up his hand, so Landfill could get down from his position at gestalt's shoulder.


Maximus Prime3
2007-03-15, 11:01 PM
Abominus:Abominus crush quintessions, he shouted out bashing into everything near him.
Grimlock, let's go, i am ready, i am getting impaitient

2007-03-16, 12:22 AM
Ladfill looked up at the Gesalt

"Sure thing good buddy but won't i have a better firing position up here."

2007-03-16, 02:45 AM

Grimlock: -already partway up the street, narrows optic band as he looks back- "What you guys waiting for? It obvious this trap. Might as well spring it."

Aero Blade
2007-03-16, 04:15 AM
"Interesting logic, but I suppose there isn't much other options," Wing Saber replied to Grimlock's comments, moving to catch up with him. "Hopefully we'll be ready to deal with whatever they do spring on us..."

Maximus Prime3
2007-03-16, 01:10 PM
abominus: okay Grimlock. quints, it is time to die. and he started destroying everything in his path

2007-03-17, 03:54 AM

Snarl shook his head in bemusement as Abominus started to rampage.

"He couldn't save it for when there's actually enemies around?"

Sticking close to Grimlock and his fellow Dinobots, he advanced up the street toward what was surely a Quintesson trap.

2007-03-17, 03:06 PM

Trailbreaker marched alongside Grimlock, panning his view over the surroundings cautiously. He wanted to be the first one to get hit with whatever was coming, because he figured he could best handle it - and because he'd be the least significant casualty of the team.

2007-03-18, 01:45 AM
Grimlock: "They send us here because we best to handle this. Dinobots virtually indestructable, combiners in large numbers hopefully enough to deal with combiner emlin....eleva.... kill team."

Slag: "Who cares. We'll make them burn!"

Liokaiser: -cocks eyebrow- "Maybe we should have you guys take the point, then."

2007-03-19, 05:50 PM
"Me, Sludge, no like Liokai... err... Lio-con! Me, Sludge, say Lio-con is afraid! Me say look at Grimlock, Grimlock not afraid!" - and the gigantosaurus rushed forward, following Dinobot leader.

Computron took his time assessing Landfill's suggestion.



2007-03-19, 10:42 PM

With a few steps, Metroplex reached Grimlock.


Near, Scamper, Slammer and Sixgun were guarding Metroplex's flanks.

For his part, Superion was annoyed by Abominus' mindless destruction, and engaging his foot-thrusters started to fly over his comrades.

Aero Blade
2007-03-20, 02:43 AM
Wing Saber listened to all the conversation going back and forth, but he didn't feel much like participating, just taking in what was said and keeping an eye on their surroundings. He seemed a bit uneased, which might have been unusual for someone about the same size as Skyfire, as aside from the brute strength of the dinobots he was probably among the best suited there for dealing with the enemies that might show up. However, his size also made him far more easily sighted, and he worried that he might draw attention to his comrads with his presence.

"Perhaps I should scout ahead," Wing Saber offered aloud. He really didn't believe it'd be helpful, but at least he'd be sure he wasn't drawing attention to the rest of the group. As much trouble as he'd been told he was on Nebulos, he didn't want to be the fault of harm to his companions again.

2007-03-20, 03:15 AM
Liokaiser: -scowling at Sludge- "Scared? Look, you mental midget, out of everyone here, I'm the only one to face these guys before. We're being herded into something, and I don't think there's anything we can do about it. Our best bet is to keep on the way we are. You Dinobots might be mentally stunted throwbacks, but you are awfully tough. And you guys are hopefully bright enough to get out of the way. Unless you guys really are as dumb as the Dino Assualt Squad, in which case you'll keep them occupied long enough for us to finish them off." -chuckles- "I'm betting on the latter option, myself."

Grimlock: -scowls- "Shut up, dumb 'Con."

2007-03-20, 04:10 AM
Predaking flew silently above the ground. Optics darting from side to side scanning for anything out of place to react to destroy.

He listened to the banter between the group but did not speak. He knew what his mission now was: to hunt, to find prey, to destroy and to kill.

For Predaking this was all that mattered as his weapons were charged and his sword at the ready. He continued along ready to kill.

2007-03-20, 07:32 AM
"Sure thing good buddy let's go give those Quints some grief."

Landfill paused aimed and fired nailing a Shartickon trying to sneak up on Trailbreaker clutching a piece of rubble.

2007-03-21, 03:27 AM
Victory Square

Snarl walked alongside Grimlock as the taskforce moved into the edges of the old town square. Centuries-old debris littered the place, with crumbling buildings, broken glass, carbon scoring and half-melted bodies apparently the decor of choice.

"Looks like the Quints didn't clean the place up," the Dinobot shrugged. He glanced up at Predaking and shrugged. "I gotta admit, you 'Cons know how to throw a party. This must have been one hell of a war..."

Nearby, in hiding

"Shall we activate the trap now?" the first Inquisitor asked.

"Not yet," said the second. "No, not yet. Let them get deeper into the square first. The CES will cry if we crush most of their quarry."

"And that wouldn't be a very good field test for the prototype, either."

"There is that, yes."

"Very well. I'll set the timers for a third of a breem."

"Do that."

(OOC: I can't wait until it's time for these guys to die :glance: )

2007-03-21, 02:13 PM
"It was." The massive gestalt replied to Snarl.

"There was much prey here." He said flying carefully his optics still scanning for anything that seemed out of place. "Something seems odd about this area though." The warrior warned trying to find something.

2007-03-21, 07:39 PM

Metroplex sighed.


Above, Superion continued to hover over the rest of the Tarn force, flying silently near Predaking.

2007-03-22, 04:04 AM
Victory Square:

Grimlock: -looking around, scowling- "Not make sense." -looks up at Metroplex- "Go ahead, Metroplex. Take point."

-voice echoing all around them- "So good of you all to come. Time to die."

CES: -burst from the ruins surrounding the square-

Grimlock: -optic band widening, taking in the 6 monolithic forms in front of him- "Oof."

Maelstrom: -chuckling- "Pick your targets, boys. The one who takes the longest to kill the one they pick buys the energon cubes."

Deathbringer: "I call the ugly one." -Hellbores on his back dropping down, pivoting as he targets Predaking, his back mounted Hellbores and his arm mounted Hellbores aiming at the Predacon combiner- "S'long, sucker." -opens fire, all of his cannons spewing out destructive energy, damage ratio measuring at 500 megatons per second-

Cenotaph: -points at Computron- "He looks like fun." -charges, breaking through the sound barrier as he speeds towards the Autobot gestalt-

Mercykiller: -blades extending, charges Menasor-

Pyre: -giggling madly, gobbests of molten metal spewing from his mouth, fires sprays of molten metal at Devastator-

Terminus: "...." -cannons deploying from his arms, opens fire at Abominus-

Maelstrom: -looking at Liokaiser- "So you were afraid to face us again on your own? Had to bring some friends, a citybot, and some...." -looks down at the Dinobots- "What are you, anyway?"

Grimlock: -raising double barrelled rocket launcher, aiming at Maelstrom's face- "Me, Grimlock. BADASS!!!!!" -fires-

Maelstorm: -still smiling as the smoke clears, his face scuffed, but otherwsie undamaged- "I've always wanted a pet....." -looks back at Liokaiser- "First you. Then them."

Liokaiser: -twirling bo staff, optics narrowed- "Bring it."

2007-03-22, 04:17 AM
Victory Square

Snarl shrugged up at Predaking as the ominous words echoed through the square. "What tipped you off, your keen instincts?" Turning to Grimlock, he shrugged, "Guess we can kill stuff now, huh? I'll bring you back a piece of Hellbore Boy."

The Dinobot charged off toward Deathbringer, firing rockets and laser blasts at the titan.

The first Inquisitor just shook his head as he heard the proclamation. "Couldn't we find a team leader who was a bit less melodramatic?"

"It would seem not," the second told him. "Ah, well. No use worrying about it now. Is the prototype ready to go?"

"I am," a deep voice boomed from the control console in front of them. "Please stop talking about me like I'm not here. And I have a name. F-"

"Yes, yes, we apologize," the first Inquisitor said. "Please lock your sensors on that Autobot city and be ready to go as soon as he's in range."

"As you wish," the prototype said grudgingly.

"And activate the countermeasures," the second Inquisitor said. "We don't want anyone escaping, do we?"

Explosions started to ripple outward from the far edge of the square, buildings crumbling and collapsing. At first it seemed random, but within a few seconds it became clear that it was nothing of the sort; the buildings were falling precisely where they needed to, to block off the Transformers' retreat. Within fifteen seconds, there were no open roads out of the square.

Meanwhile, a series of gun ports opened on the rooftops of the still-standing buildings. Railguns actuated toward Superion, drawing a bead and firing on the aerial Autobot. At the same time, a half-dozen tractor beams lashed out at him, trying to pull the Aerialbot combiner out of the sky.

One lone building sat dead centre in the square, its rusting, crumbling facade belying the deadly force that hid within.

As Metroplex moved deeper into the square the building's foundations started to rumble. The facade quickly turned to dust, falling to hit the cracked pavement. The newly-revealed walls were new, bright red and infinite black.

The 'building' started to rumble forward, parts shifting into a different configuration as it moved toward Metroplex. As it took on a humanoid form, dozens of smaller weapons emplacements became visible on its skin. Once the transformation was complete, huge energy weapons slid into place on the city-sized robot's wrists.

"Metroplex," the giant said dolefully as he approached his counterpart, "it's nice to meet another city, but I'm going to have to kill you."

With that the Quintesson citybot prototype named Fortress X charged, his huge nova cannon and plasma beams roaring, his lesser weapons joining in more quietly.

(OOC: He's an old Diaclone design. :) http://www.toyarchive.com/Diaclone/FortressX.html)

2007-03-22, 07:38 AM
Victory Square

Landfill watched the trap unfold he settled himself into a sniping position on COmputron's shoulder.

He brang his weapons up

Landfill calmly adjusted his aim and targeting Centopaths optics with Silencer he fired at them and kept firing the rifle.

meanwhile he aimed Flintlock targeting the stress pistol at the charging behemoth's neck joint. He fired and kept calmly firing.

"looks like we're in a whole heap of trouble good buddy."

2007-03-22, 03:27 PM
Computron registered the changes in the surroundings, and took his time to react. As Cenotaph sprung at him, though, there was no more time to waste for thinking.


Computron wasted a few hundred nanobreems more to get Landfill down from his shoulder, giving the enemy a chance to approach even closer. And, just as Cenotaph leaped at the gestalt to deal him his (patented) fatal blow, Computron split apart, simply and effortlessly. Five Technobots (and Landfill) scattered around the spot where Computron stood a nanobreem before... and where the ground was covered with a multitude of tiny green pellets. All the ammo for Scattershot's acid gun was spent on this little trap.

In the air over the square, Swoop watched the appearing enemy gun positions with vary eye:
"Rawwwk! They fear me, bring so many guns to hunt me!"
But, as the weapons opened fire at Superion, he felt neglected.
"Rrahh-squaawk!!! I'll show them!!!"
He divebombed the nearest railgun position, firing his missiles at it.

Sludge turned his little head here and there, trying to decide between the number of bigger enemies. But when Grimlock attacked one, Sludge knew what to do. He lumbered forward, then turned around and swept his tail at Maelstrom's legs with all his might.

2007-03-22, 08:36 PM
Victory Square

Trailbreaker braced himself while the giants emerged. He hadn't really been surprised - he knew it'd been a trap. When the dust settled, he glanced around and jogged around the deadly circle to try to find some cover.

"They got us penned in, Grimlock!" he shouted while firing potshots from his wrist blaster. "I reckon my forcefield is gonna be useful - just lemme know where you want it pointed!"

2007-03-22, 08:52 PM
Victory Square

Pyre's blast just missed hitting Devastator. Devastator turned and fired 2 shots from his solar energy rifle at Pyre .

2007-03-22, 10:36 PM
Victory Square

As the CES emerged and the first explosions of the trap started, Superion inmediatly increased his speed, circling above the battlefield and trying to decide wich enemy attack when the railguns opened fire on him.

His superior aerial skill helped him to dodge most of the flak fire, but some of the shots drilled his chest and Air Raid's body on his right arm.

Superion growled, lowering his gun towards the armed buildings but suddenly he was hit, held and pushed to the ground by half a dozen invisible and powerfull beams - tractor-beams, in fact - and the mighty gestalt fall to the ground, crashing on a still-standing building - there were a pair of railguns on the roof -, smashing the building and creating a hughe pile of ruins and debris.

In the center of Victory Square, Metroplex was surprised by Fortress X appearence, but he reacted quickly. Afterall, he was waiting for a trap.

As Fortress X stated to fire upon him, Metroplex covered his face with his left forearm, while moving to the right side, trying to dodge some of the shots. He rotated his shoulder-mounted twin high-energy maser cannons and fired them on the Quintesson City, while rising his right arm and firing one of his anti-matter projector towards his enemy.

The evasive maneuvers worked bad, because Fortress X nova cannon's shot impacted on Metroplex's left forearm, metling it and damaging his inner servos. Althought the regenerative armour started to heal the wound itself almost instantly, the inner mechanisms of the arm remained damaged or melted.

One of the plasma shots missed Metroplex's body for inches but the other one impacted on his chest, scorching his city-mode ramp. The rest of Fortress X's smaller guns missed or impacted Metroplex, but at this stage of the battle these kind of guns were still to weak to cause major damage to the Autobot City.

On the ground, Scamper, Six-shot and Slammer were firing like madmens towards the incoming Quintesson City, trying to destroy - or even damage - the enemy protoype. Poor fools.

2007-03-22, 10:46 PM
Landfill squeezed off a shot something caught his peripheral vision it was Computron's hand.

"Time i got off this ride hay, good buddy that sounds like a good ide......."

Landfill sailed through the air in a parabolic arc he landed chest down with a thump near Trailbreakers position.

Aero Blade
2007-03-23, 03:01 AM
Deciding on what seemed to be the best course of action for him to take, Wing Saber decided their best bet was to get Superion back into the air, since the Quintessons seemed to have invested quite a bit into getting him out of sky. Regretably, he had only one thing that could do that in a hurry, and he'd hoped he'd not need use them, but there was little choice in the matter.

Targetting the largest concentrations of tractor beams and rail guns, Wing Saber let loose two of his antimatter missles and hoped none of his allies moved close enough to get caught in the blasts that would occur. Once the missles were fired, he immediately started targetting the rest of the rail guns with his plasma cannons that Swoop wasn't focused on.

2007-03-23, 03:06 AM
As the enemy charged towards him with it's blades out, Menasor simply brought out his cyclone gun from subspace and shot it towards Mercykiller. If that had no effect, the gestalt would see if he had gotten any faster at summoning his sword.

2007-03-23, 04:34 AM
Predaking really had no choice in how to react so he did what was best.

A fury of fire erupted around the hunter as the area around him turned to fire and vapor.

But he still stood fast and then jumped to the side taking over around a building.

"That was almost impressive." He growled some of his armour warped by the sheer heat of Deathbringer strike.

"But now you fall." He said jumping torwards the CES member and swinging a massive strike at the warrior wanting to keep the battle in close where the CES member could not bring his firepower to bear.

2007-03-23, 05:06 AM
Victory Square

(OOC: Er, I think I got everyone. Throw something at me if I missed replying to one of your characters. :))

As Swoop swooped down on the gun emplacement, smaller gun ports opened up alongside the rail guns. Smaller barrels slid out into open air and fired a burst of shells at the flying Dinobot. The shells themselves exploded a scant few millimetres past the end of the flak cannons' barrels, shattering into shards of metal no larger than iron filings.

The small projectiles weren't particularly dangerous on their own, but en masse (and travelling at several times the speed of sound) they shredded though the missiles the Dinobot had launched and continued on unabated toward Swoop's chest.

The rail guns that had previously targetted Superion swung away from the grounded combiner and opened fire on the next-largest aerial enemy: Wing Sabre. Several of the tractor beams refocussed as well, trying to drag the large Autobot out of the sky.

The Autobot's antimatter missiles evaporated one of the buildings that played host to a bank of railguns, but there were still a huge number of functional cannons.

The air above Tarn was quickly filling up with chunks of steel flying through the air at a respectable chunk of lightspeed. Those that didn't reach escape velocity crashed back to the surface on the outskirts of the city, hitting the Crystal Spires with the force of a small nuclear warhead. Shockwaves spread from the points of impact and the ground underneath the city began to rumble.

(OOC: You're all doomed. ;))

From what few buildings remained standing, hundreds upon hundreds of Allicons and Sharkticons began to swarm toward the Dinobots and Trailbreaker. In their midst, toward the rear of the columns, were several dozen heavily-armed Gatekeepers.

Snarl wisely cut off his brash charge on one of the CES, subspaced his guns and drew his energo-sword. "Time for some fun..."

He cut into the leading edge of the oncoming horde with a grim smile on his face.

Fortress X felt pain as Metroplex's weapons bit into his skin, but the Quintesson city literally didn't know how do deal with it. Pain was something new, because none of the Quintessons' creations could hurt him. Certainly none of the other Autobots or Decepticons deployed to the battlefield could; they were insects, to be crushed underfoot once his opposite number had been laid low.

He continued to charge Metroplex, firing away with all of the weapons at his disposal. However, Fortress X's true goal was to close to melee range, where he could tear into the Autobot, pull out his laser core, and crush it with his bare hands. Not that he particularly wanted to do that, but his masters demanded it and Fortress X couldn't disobey the tiresome Inquisitors no matter how he tried.

2007-03-23, 02:32 PM
"Squaaawk!" - Swoop tried to stop in mid-air, to prevent himself from being cut to shreds with a dense mass of sharp metal shards. All he achieved was an incontrollable fluttering down, which fortunately brought him out of the path of the majority of projectiles. His wings and underbelly cut in dosen places, he fell down and impacted heavily near the building where the artillery emplacement was.

Me, Swoop, no want to fly through rain of steel! his thought was. Then, a large chunk of steel a projectile from a railgun impacted the ground near him. - Me no like hail of steel too! And me no like more Sharkticons!

The flying Dynobot tried to gather his strength, to transform, stand up and escape the battlefield of titans... Preferably going somewhere where he can be of more use and in less danger.

Maximus Prime3
2007-03-23, 11:27 PM
Abonimus finally caught up with the others. grimlock, sorry for being late. then they discombinded.
Hun-grr: our circuts messed up, so what is left to destroy?

2007-03-24, 12:30 AM
Predaking saw the rail shells starting to fall. With that he quickly tried to grab Deathdealer trying to drive his claws into the CES memeber and to hold him in from of him and allow the rain of steel to tear into the enemy.

2007-03-24, 01:32 AM
Terminus: -coming up behind the Terrorcons, a blade snapping out of his right arm, bringing it up and stabbing down at Hun-grr's back-

Deathbringer: -falling back, anti-gravs in his feet lifting him off the ground as he hovers backwards, firing again and again at Predaking- "Like the rain, Predaking?"

Mercykiller: -hissing as the blast from Menasor's cyclone gun hits his body, scouring paint and scratching his endurachrome warhull, blades slashing at Menasor's arms-

Cenotaph: -stops dead one step away from the pile of acid pellets- "If that's the best you guys can do.... at least I won't have to pay for the round afterwards." -aims at Scattershot, opens fire-

Pyre: -snarls as the blast from Devastator's gun hits him, wading forward, firing again- "I like the warm....."

Maelstrom: -springing over Sludge's tail at Liokaiser-

Liokaiser: -snapping his right leg up-

Maelstrom: -lands, head snapping to the side, catching Liokaiser's foot, swinging the Destron combiner into a nearby building-


Grimlock: -pointing at the incoming Sharkticons- "Trailbreaker, Dinobots! Take rail guns and Sharkticons out!" -pulling energo-sword and charging towards the Sharkticons- "Hope Sharkticons brought catsup. Me feel like light snack!"

Slag: -dino mode, runs up next to Snarl- "Hot enough for ya, Snarl?" -opens mouth, flame spewing out across the Sharkticons, hot enough to melt them-

2007-03-24, 01:55 AM
Predaking snarled as he struggled with the CES member.

"Not as much I am sure your going too." He said moving the large robot on top of him to take the brunt of the rail shells as his own armour was being tore up by the shells and punishment as he also opened fire on the large robot with his x-ray laser and shoulder cannons.

2007-03-24, 02:01 AM
Deathbringer: -endurachrome armor absorbing the firepower Predaking's fire slams into it, wincing as his pain receptors register the heat- "'Bout time you did more than hide!" -keeping the fire up, Hellbores roaring with destructive energies-

2007-03-24, 02:41 AM
"I am rather enjoying this. You might be the first decent prey I have faced!" Predaking roared continuing to fire but bringing out a sword and trying to slash the massive warrior.

2007-03-24, 03:44 AM
Victory Square

Pyre's blast hit Devastator's left arm causing most of the armor to melt off.Devastator fired 2 more shots from his rifle at Pyre.

2007-03-24, 04:11 AM
Victory Square

Snarl caught sight of Swoop crashing out of the corner of his optic.

"You alright, buddy?"

As he asked, the Dinobot was busily cutting his way though a wave of Sharkticons, hoping to find the Gatekeeper that commanded this section of the attack force. Briefly looking over his shoulder, he replied to Slag, "Is it ever?"

2007-03-24, 08:03 AM
Victory Square

With a yell of rage, a battered Superion emerged from the pile of ruined building, shattereds railguns, ruins and debris that buried him when he crashed in the ground of Victory Square.

Cracked, dented and really furious, the Aerialbot combiner engaged his thrusters and, at his maximun speed, he flew at ground level, smashing his way through the nearest buildings holding the railguns and flak guns.

Nearby, Metroplex stepped back just to gain another chance to fire towards Fortress X a last more time after the hand-to-hand combat started. The fire from the Quintesson City destroyed one of his shoulder-mounted twin high-energy maser cannon, damaging his shoulder.

While the regenerative armour started to heal - this time more slowly - the shoulder, Metroplex fired with his remaining maser cannon and the left-handed anti-matter projector. The Autobot City aimed to Fortress X's legs, trying to slow - or even to cause a fall - the enemy Citybot.

2007-03-24, 10:08 AM
(ooc what happened with Landfill's sniper fire on Centopath)

Landfill rolls on to one elbow then on to his knees then pulls himself upright.

"That was one hell of a ride 'Breaker though don't think i'll be repeating the experience any tiime soon good buddy, what say you to covering each others backs us small guys should stick together, so lets put the pedal to the metal and go get us some Sharkticons."

2007-03-24, 12:45 PM
"R-Rawk... Me, Swoop, fine. Me, Swoop, can deal with Sharkticons and rail guns", - the Dinobot pteranodon replied, transforming to robot mode. He made several wobbly steps, then punched a nearby Sharkticon in the teeth - all this in semi-conscious state.

"Me, Sludge, see Sharkticons. Me, Sludge, give them bad deal", - the gigantosaurus, half-submerged in a sea of running enemy figures, stomped on them with his massive feet and pounded them with his tail.

* * *

Meanwhile, the Technobots were charged by Cenothaph.
"You wanna get me? Too slow!" - Scattershot replied, jumping aside from the blast.

"Fall back, regroup behind the enemy citybot!" - he commanded through the comlink, then transformed and soared up, his cannons delivering a barrage of smoke shells which obscured Cenotaph's view.

"I don't like that idea", - Nosecone grumbled. Being the slowest (if toughest) of the Technobots, he realised that his chances of swift redeployment were close to nil.

"Just as I figured - you're nothing without me", - Afterburner comented sarcastically, transforming into warbike. - "Hop along!"
Nosecone grumbled, but complied, and the pair sped out, towards the advancing Sharkticons, Afterburner's plasma pulse cannon firing blast after another at their direction.

Lightspeed, already in car mode, took the longer safe way around the Fortress X.

Strafe transformed too and took in the air after his commander.

2007-03-24, 06:44 PM
Victory Square

Trailbreaker grinned at Landfill with false optimism. He knew Prime wouldn't have sent them there if he didn't expect them to come out on top, but nobody had expected the monster that was Fortress X.

"You got it, pal," Trailbreaker laughed. "Last one to 100 buys the brews!"

With a grunt, Trailbreaker projected a forcefield pulse to bowl over the Sharkticons approaching the Dinobots in the hope of giving them the advantage.

2007-03-25, 03:34 AM
Victory Square

Fortress X stumbled as Metroplex's shots tore into the armour on his right leg. The massive Quintesson city managed to recover quickly, though, and turned his fall into a lunge at his Autobot counterpart. Reaching out to grab Metroplex's forearms, he drove his head toward the Autobot's chest.

The building that Superion crashed into proceeded to detonate, explosives buried in the foundations turning the building's general vicinity into a fireball.

Snarl frowned at Swoop's seeming shakiness, but didn't say anything about it. After all, his friend was a Dinobot. He didn't need help unless he was lying on the ground with all four limbs broken.

Leaping over a group of Sharkticons that had stumbled to the ground for no real reason that he could see (Trailbreaker's forcefield use being a bit too subtle for him), the Dinobot charged toward the Gatekeeper commanding the unit. His fist slammed into the soldier's face, but the Gatekeeper's only response was to try and bat Snarl's head off with his bowmace. The Dinobot parried, and they fell into the rhythm of the battle.

2007-03-25, 05:19 AM
Cenotaph: -zipping away from the smoke cloud, watching the Technobots scatter- "Oh, come now. I was hoping for a fight." -zipping after the Technobots-

Deathbringer: -dodging the sword slashes, returning fire with his arm Hellbore cannons-

Pyre: -wincing as more heat washed across his body, spraying more molten metal at Devastator, almost within arms reach of the Constructicon gestalt-

Liokaiser: -springs to feet, launches himself at Maelstrom-


Grimlock: -picking another Gatekeeper, transforming to Dino mode as he charges, slams into it-

Slag: -spraying more flame across the advancing Sharkticons-

2007-03-25, 05:39 PM
Victory Square

Pyre's blast hit Devastators face, burning his optics and temporary blinding him.He droped his rifle and started swinging his arms wildly hoping to hit Pyre.

2007-03-25, 09:56 PM

The huge fireball caused by the building's explosion throwed Superion upwards, falling soon towards the ground.

Once again, Superion crashed into the ruins, this time going through the exposed building basement and reaching Victory Square's old sewage system.


Metroplex, with his arms strongly grabbed by Fortress X's hands, opened a large black pannel placed on his chest - the one that formed half of his City-mode helipad -. A chromed missile battery appeared, and with a determined expression on his face, the Autobot City fired a salvo at the incoming Quintesson City's head.

2007-03-26, 12:24 AM
Landfill stood back to back with Trailbreaker firing his two weapons.

"five down don't forget good buddy you'll need to buy 3 drinks one for me and one for my partners."

2007-03-26, 04:27 AM
Victory Square

(OOC: It looks like I suck. :( After finding a clearer set of pictures (http://www.robot-japan.com/Gallery/Takara/Diaclone/FortressX/Fortress-X.asp) of the guy, it looks like Fortress X doesn't have any hands.)

The missile blast hit Fortress X square in the head and ripped part of his right horn clean off.

"That...hurt..." he said slowly as he stumbled backwards, releasing Metroplex's arms. The Quintesson city took a second to assess the situation before deciding on his next action. "This will hurt more. I really wish I didn't have to do this, but orders are orders."

Panels on either side of the citybot's lower torso cracked open and a pair of huge red cannons slid out. As soon as they locked in place, the cannons started to spray a nearly unbroken stream of ion bolts at the Autobot's chest in the hopes of frying his internal systems.

Meanwhile, panels on Fortress X's feet slid open and a pair of auxiliary tanks rolled out. The unit designated AT-1 turned toward Slammer, Scamper and Six-Gun and began to shell their position with mortars. The second unit, known only as AT-2, powered up its Gauss cannons and fired a series of magnetically-accelerated slugs at Landfill and Trailbreaker.

Snarl cut at the Gatekeeper's feet, but the Quintesson solder deftly jumped over his blade, cross-checking the Dinobot in the face at the same time. Snarl backpedalled, more stunned than actually hurt.

The Gatekeeper raised his bowmace over his head, obviously intending to bring it crashing down on Snarl's head. He might have succeeded if Snarl hadn't pulled his rocket launcher from subspace and blown the Gatekeeper's head to shrapnel.

Maximus Prime3
2007-03-26, 01:14 PM
hun-grr caught sight of Terminus and grabbed the sword and aptempted to throw Terminus across the area, but was unable to stop the cut in his back and collasped to the ground and then shuting off.

blot: grimlock, what should we do, hun-grr is down and we can not form abominus without him?

2007-03-26, 02:10 PM
"Scattershot, look - look at that citybot's legs!" - Lightspeed signalled though the intercomm. - "There's a way inside it!"

"Not an easiest thing to do, I reckon", - Nosecone commented on the common Technobot frequency.

"Qiut your pessimism!" - Afterburner responded from under him. - "It'd be fun."

"Right, guys. You try to get inside, we'll fly around and distract him and that Goth Guardian too. Let's try to make them mess with each other!" - Scattershot decided, and put himself into a tight circle around Fortress X's head. His array of cannons fired another volley of smoke shells, which now exploded around the enemy citybot's head.

Strafe was terrified and excited at the same time. Going wing-by-wing with his commander, he manadged to fire a volley after another here and there - some aimed at Cenotaph who was following them, some impacting on the impervious armour of Fortress X, others distributed amongst the mass of Sharkticons.

Meanwhile, Lightspeed in car mode was approaching the exit port in Fortress X's right leg, and Nosecone riding Afterburner were going for the left one.

* * *

Sludge finally found himself standing in a clear area, knee-deep in debris of fallen and ruined Sharkticons, victims of his mighty tail and crushing legs. No more Sharkticons were foolish enough to try and approach him, for it meant a certain (and quick) death.

"Me, Sludge, mighty! Me crush and stomp bad cyberfish! Who else dare challenge mighty me?"

Swoop, on the other hand, was having a hard time. Not so damage-resilient as his big teammates, he still needed some time to recover from the impact (the fact that he was near-missed with a falling railgun shell hadn't helped, too). He escaped the onrush of Sharkticons by going through the hole in the wall inside the building which he fell near to.

On top of the building there was a rail gun and supporting AA battery; inside, the building was full of intricate devices, generators and power conduits which were giving energy to the weapons. Several Sharkticons were stationed there, too - but not as many as Swoop was unable to deal with. He whipped his termal sword out and slashed the first of the advancing enemies in two.

"Rawwwk! Me, Swoop, kill more foes here! Me, Swoop, destroy rail guns too!" - and he fired two missiles straight up, into a mase of cables, conduits and machinery...

Aero Blade
2007-03-26, 09:52 PM
Wing Saber had already been on the ground when the tractor beams refocused on him, so they were of little concern. At least they now had split their attention between two bots, so with any degree of luck he might have done enough to allow Superion to get back in the air. After seeing the explosion and fall the combiner endured, though, some of those hopes were dashed with the worrying sight.

For the meantime Wing Saber continued to focus on demolishing the weapons that were focused on him with his plasma cannons, not wanting to chance using his other missles.

"Superion! Are you alright!?" Wing Saber called to him, though kept his focus on the weapons he was engaged in. "I fear this situaiton is not looking good for us at all!"

2007-03-27, 04:23 AM
Victory Square

Trailbreaker was happy to give his forcefield generator a rest after the surge. It hadn't taken much out of him, but he knew this would be a real slobberknocker, and he wasn't getting a chance to refuel soon. He moved with his back against Landfill's and picked off approaching Sharkticons with his wrist blaster.

"Then you better buy me three to keep it fair," he retorted over his shoulder. "All fer myself! Ahahaha! Woah, look out!"

Trailbreaker had spotted AT-2 coming and had primed his forcefield for safety; he felt fortuitous when he saw the Gauss cannons lighting up and brought up a full field to deflect the shells.

"Cover on your right!" he shouted over his shoulder. "Moving three... two... one... go!"

Trailbreaker charged to his left behind the remains of a wall and dropped his forcefield, respirating heavily.

2007-03-27, 06:29 AM
Victory Square

"sure sounds fair two'll be Nebulan sized portions though. "

Landfill dived after Trailbreaker following his lead landing with an oomph on the ground next to him.

2007-03-27, 02:44 PM
Victory Square

AT-1 was aproaching Slammer, Scamper and Six-Gun's position, firing his main gun towards Metroplex's drones.

" Take cover! " yelled Scamper, rolling behind a ruined building.

Six-Gun reloaded his ion-rifles arms, and aimed them towards AT-1.

" And who putted you in charge? " yelled Six-Gun, firing towards
Fortress X's drone tank.

Rising behind his cover, Scamper opened fire upon AT-1 with his guns. " There's no time for this, Six-Gun! Slammer, charge towards that tank! " ordered the car drone, looking back at Slammer.

" So you're an ugly tank like me, huh? " asked Slammer, charging towards AT-1 firing his own mortar towards him.


Trapped inside the sewage system below Victory Square, a scorched, battered, dented and damaged Superion received Wing Saber's message.

" S-SUPERION IS TRAPPED... " informed the Aerialbot Gestalt. " NOW I'LL TRY TO FREE MYSELF... "

Superion engaged all of his thrusters at maximum power, trying to free himself by pure brute force.


When Metroplex's missile salvo pushed Fortress X backwards, the brave Autobot City charged forward.

The ion shots fired from the Quintesson City achieved an easy direct hit on Metroplex chest, piercing thorugh his frontal armour and destroying his transformation cog stored deep on his chest. Other vital locations were destroyed, like the Citybot's bridge or the Med-Bay.

With a terrible grimace of pain, Metroplex rised his two fists and throwed them into a powerfull two handed punch at Fortress X's head.

2007-03-28, 03:44 AM
Victory Square

Fortress X could have easily dodged Metroplex's swing...but he never saw it coming. The smoke bombs launched by Scattershot blinded him to the swing, and he took the other city's fists square in the right temple. The remainder of his right horn crumpled and the triple bank of pulse cannons on that side of his head exploded.

Fortress X fell to one knee; his right shin hit the ground only a few metres in front of the approaching Lightspeed. His left foot stayed firmly planted on the ground. When Afterburner and Nosecone came close enough to trip the city's proximity alarms, the triple cyclone cannons mounted on the left foot activated, attempting to blow the two Technobots away from the entry.

The Quintesson city turned to look up at his Autobot counterpart. His left optic narrowed dangerously; the right, covered with a spiderweb of cracks, had gone offline.

"Don't do that again."

As if to punctuate his words, he fired a burst from his left-side head-mounted pulse guns, aiming for the newly-opened hole in Metroplex's chest.

AT-1 didn't respond to Slammer. He couldn't, really; the auxiliary unit didn't have a vocal processor. He agreed with the other tank's sentiment, but wasn't very happy with the mortar shell that very nearly ripped off his right tread. AT-1's speed dropped significantly as he coped with his damaged flank.

His only reply was a redoubled rate of fire at Metroplex's drones.

AT-2 continued to follow along behind the fleeing Trailbreaker and Landfill, peppering their cover with magnetically-accelerated slugs.

2007-03-28, 05:01 AM
Menasor snarled as Mercykiller's blades cut through some of his arm armour. Menasor fired his gun again at Mercykiller, before putting it back into subspace and pulling out his sword. Menasor knew his sword was better at close fighting.

2007-03-28, 03:30 PM
"Look, he's down! Yeeaah!!!" - Scattershot screamed, excited, as Fortress X dropped on his knee under Metroplex's assault.

On the ground, the impact of Fortress's knee sent Lightspeed flying back; he landed on his roof, wheels up, and transformed back to robot mode with painful slowness.

Cyclon cannons which protected Fortress's left foot were sending hail of shots at Nosecone and Afterburner. The sturdy drill-wielder was ready to withstand that, and more; but, unfortunately, his battle steed wasn't as heavily armoured.

"Is that the best you've got, you overgrown architectural misconception?" - Nosecone shouted, his armour holding under the fire. - "I'll... Ack!.." - The next flurry of shots hit Afterburner, ruining his front wheel almost completely; so, the bike stopped in place, catapulting its rider forward.

"Scattershot they're in danger! Help!!!" - Strafe screamed and banked left, diving to where Cenotaph was approaching damaged forms of Lightspeed and Afterburner, while Nosecone fired at the Guardian with his X-Ray laser pistol. Strafe's nose cannons glowed bright-red from overuse, unending volleys of fire criscrossing on Cenotaph's silhouette.

"OK, looks like the time of evasive actions is over! Attack him with everything we've got!" - Scattershot commanded, diving after his wingman, and a split second later followed his own order by launching a flurry of shots at Cenotaph. His new projectiles were loaded with liquid nitrogen; on explosion, they frose the place of impact instantly. Combined with Strafe's incendiary ammo, the rapid change from heat to cold must've been really dangerous for Cenotaph's armor.

On the ground, Lightspeed's pistol added his fire to Nosecone's, and all six Afterburner's incendiary missiles flew at Cenotaph's legs.

But stopping the enemy wasn't Scattershot's main intent. Following Computron's master plan, he wanted to lure Cenotaph closer to the battling citybots; then, either firepower of the titans or their bulk could be exlpoited to defeat the dreaded enemy.

* * *

As nobody dared to challenge him, Sludge felt himself invulnerable. Looking around, he spotted a downed form of Hun-Grr.

He be Decepticon; he be bad. But now Decepticons good, we fight together. He be Primitive, like me, Sludge...

Me, Sludge, help him!

Slowly but determinared he stomped forward, gradually accelerating into run until he was several metres away from Terminus; then he turned slightly and smashed with his tail, trying to cut CES guardian's feet from under him.

"Me, Sludge, mighty! Me battle big enemy!"

Maximus Prime3
2007-03-28, 05:13 PM
(thanks eclor)

blot saw sludge charged at Terminus

Blot: sludge, we terrorcons will help you

Sinnertwin: yay help sludge

Rippersnapper: we got your back

Cutthroat: we won't let a fellow cybertronian die for helping out commander hun-grr

so the remaining terrorcons transformed and charged Teminus

2007-03-28, 09:34 PM
Victory Square

" Auch! " yelled Scamper, flying over the ruins when AT-1's shots exploded around him and the shockwaves sent him flying backwards.

" You, weakling " mockered Six-Gun, holding his position and continuing firing his pair of ion rifles towards At-1. " You're not built for a real battle! "

Ahead, Slammer was hit on his tracks, and the shot from Fortress X's drone inmobilized him. Rotating his turret, the tank drone continued to fire a rain of mortar shells at the slow-aproaching tank.

" I'll take that as yes! " he said.

Nearby, Fortress X's pulse guns shots exploded across Metroplex chest. Despite the regenerative armour that was healing the damage, most of the shots pierced through the holes on his chest, burning some of the energy distribution system delicate energon leads.

As a result, Metroplex lost control of his left arm, and the Autobot City's limb freezed in it's actual position - pointing downwards -, no more energon running in his conducts.

" You talk too much... do you have something to say?" asked Metroplex calmly, taking profit of Fortress X's weak position - one knee on the ground - and throwing another punch (this time one-handed) towards the Quintesson City's head.

At the same time, his right arm panels opened and a swarm of Metrodrones jumped towards Fortress X's body, trying to damage the Quintesson City with heir puny weapons or infiltrite inside the massive body through the titan's wounds.

2007-03-29, 03:47 AM
Grimlock: -transforming to robot mode, parrying the bowmace with his energo-sword- "Blot! Sludge! Take down Dark Guardian thing!" -blasting the Gatekeeper with his rocket launcher, spins from the falling corpse to charge more Sharkticons, transforming to dino mode as he goes-

Slag: -still spraying fire across the advancing Sharkticons-


Cenotaph: -scowling as he gets hit, his speed mitigating some of it by dodging, an arm flashing out at Scattershot-

Terminus: -blade slashing down at Blot, plasma cannon roaring at Sludge-

Pyre: -parrying the swing with one of his heavy arms, brings his other arm down, swinging at Devastator's body-

Mercykiller: -grunting as the cyclone gun's blast scoured into his armor, slashing again at Menasor, this time adding his other blade in as well-

2007-03-29, 11:24 AM
Scattershot saw Cenotaph's hand, but it was too late to dodge or maneuver - he simply discharged his nose electron pulse cannon at the limb in front of him, the 700-megavolt lightning connecting him and Dark Guardian for a moment. It was the weapon of last chance - he was holding that blast for emergency like this, and fortunately it came handy.

Strafe reared up from his death dive - his cannons silent for a moment, giving them time to cool somewhat - made a loop and started blasting again, now at Cenotaph's head.

On the ground, Nosecone, Lightspeed and Afterburner gathered together - far enough from Fortress X so not to be fired at, but close enough in case Scattershot orders them to make yet another breakthrough attempt.

"Scattershot! The program says the computation is finished!" - Lightspeed called out loud suddenly, he even stopped firing.

* * *

Hit by Terminus's plasma blast, Sludge shrugged - then realised that his armor withstanded the impact.

"Me, Sludge, say - your weapon puny!" - he roared and stomped at the enemy's left foot with all his might - with success, he could break it or even tear it apart from the leg.

* * *

Swoop, smoking and wobbling, emerged from the ruins of fallen building. The explosion of rail gun machinery was so satisfying that the entire building had collapsed on him, and he had some tough time crawling out.

Checking his status, he found that his wings were useless now - he was grounded till the rest of the battle.

"R-rawk... Grimlock says me deal with Rail-cons and Sharkti-guns..." - he muttered. Swinging his sword - more in attempt to steady his balance than with any other purpose - he followed to the next non-demolished building, knowing that there, too, a railgun that must be destroyed would be present.

Maximus Prime3
2007-03-29, 04:53 PM
blot:terrorcons, try to repair hun-grr while sludge and i carry out grimlock's orders, we need abominus to win this battle

2007-03-29, 05:05 PM
Pyre's punch knocked Devastator to the ground.Devastator quickly picked up his rifle and fire another shot at Pyre.

2007-03-29, 11:54 PM
Trailbreaker listened to the bombardment tearing chunks out of the wall behind him, taking a moment to formulate a plan of action. He turned his head and leaned in toward Landfill so as to be heard over the chaos of war.

"I'll draw his fire, give you an opening to tear into his back, okay? At least we can divide his attention. Wish me luck!"

With a sigh, Trailbreaker transformed to truck mode and roared out from behind his cover, careening past AT-2 in the hope of turning the tank's aft toward Landfill.

2007-03-30, 12:22 AM
Landfill nodded moving in closer to the wall and finding a gap in it through which he could fire.

"Best of luck good buddy."

Landfill drew a bead on AT-2's tracks and waited for the moment for the tank to swing round and expose the track linkages.

2007-03-30, 12:47 AM
Predaking charged Deathbringer as the massive robot continued his onslaught of firepower chunks of the mighty gestalt's amour melted or were blown off. The use of his sword did what he needed it to though as the quickly used the closed gap to open fire on the CES member opening fire with his X-Ray cannon, his shoulder cannons and firing mortars at his target.

2007-03-30, 04:53 AM
Victory Square

Metroplex's fist connected squarely with Fortress X's jaw, lifting the Quintesson city up off the ground and sending him flying through the air. He came down a few hundred metres away, landing spread-eagle atop a regiment of Sharkticons. The force of impact was so intense that the ground all around the square rumbled for ten or fifteen seconds afterward.

Fortress X struggled back up to his feet, fighting off a serious case of vertigo. His one functional optic struggled to focus on Metroplex, but managed to detect the horde of incoming drones that the Autobot had released. The city didn't waste any time trying to crush the insignificant threats; he merely released a squadron of his tank drones to hold them off.

His head still spinning, Fortress X could do little but trudge toward Metroplex, draw back his fist and try to punch the other city in the face.

AT-1's armour was starting to give way as Slammer's mortar rounds scored several more hits. Six-Gun's ion rifle shots played havoc with his internal systems, but the tank unit continued to advance, showing a suicidal disregard for his own survival as he fired on Metroplex's drones.

AT-2's response was less than his Autobot attackers might have hoped for. Instead of turning to follow Trailbreaker the tank shifted into reverse, swung around 45 degrees and started to back off, his cannons actuating as far as they could go on the horizontal axis. He fired rounds off both at the defensive strategist and Landfill, although his accuracy was limited by the off-centre recoil created by the cannons' different points of aim.

Snarl fell to the ground as the shockwave of Fortress X's fall reached him, and almost lost his head to a Gatekeeper's bowmace before he recovered his composure. Blocking the strike at the last second, he headbutted the enemy in the midriff, hauled himself to his feet and did his best to chop the Quintesson to tiny little pieces.

2007-03-31, 09:45 PM
Grimlock: -staggers when the Quint city his the ground, scowling as the Gatekeeper he's fighting tries to make good use of the opportunity, winds up blocking the bowmace swing with his rocket launcher, slashing his energo-sword through the Gatekeeper's torso-


Terminus: -wincing as Sludge's foot leaves a dent in his duralloy foot, changes tactics, firing his plasma cannon at Blot while aiming a vicious kick at Sludge with his good foot-

Deathbringer: -chuckling, charging forward to meet Predaking, swinging his arms like clubs at the Predacon combiner's head-

Cenotaph: -slightly dazed by the shock, arm flashing up at Strafe, both to block the incoming fire and to swat the annoying Technobot out of the air-

Pyre: -hissing as the blast gouges into his skin, spraying more lead and aiming a vicious kick at the fallen Devastator-

Liokaiser: -blocking jabs from Maelstrom's claw blades with his staff, snapping a kick at the Dark Guardian's head-

Maelstorm: -blocks the kick, grunting at the Breastforce combiner's leg leaves a dent in his arm-

2007-03-31, 11:04 PM
Victory Square

Pyre's blast hit part of Devastator's left leg burning and melting the armor off the leg.Devastator shot his right arm out hoping to grab Pyre's kick.

2007-03-31, 11:56 PM
Engrossed in firing at Cenotaph, Strafe, like Scattershot before him, hadn't noticed enemy's hand before it was too late. Unlike Scattershot, though, he hadn't had an ace up his subspace...

So, when Cenotaph's hand connected with him, he was batted down into the rubble, where he rested, immobile.

"Strafe!!!" - Lightspeed screamed, and rushed to the fallen comrade.

Scattershot, meanwhile, spinned in the air above Cenotaph, ready to proceed to the next phase of the plan:

"Technobots, merge!!!" - he ordered. - "Form..."

"We cannot, don't you see - Strafe is offline!" - Nosecone screamed back from the ground.

"Damn... I'm gonna buy us some time, try to get him back to power!" - Scattershot responded and dived at the enemy. This time his cannons were firing sonic shells, whose explosions provided a deafening BOOM, in attempt to overload Cenotaph's sensory modules.

(In fact, Scattershot's ammunition pods were almost empty. He had used up all his explosive, armour-piercing, smoke and cryogenic ammunition - now the only choice was between sonic and incendiary shells.

Still, he had his formidable electron pulse cannon charging, but he decided to save its shot till the last.)

* * *

"Me - aaaaaaaaogh!" - Sludge exclaimed, when Terminus kicked him like a football. The Dinobot flew, though not far, and landed on his chest, now adorned with a large foot-shaped dent.

"What??? You kick me, Sludge??? Me kill!!!" - the gigantosaurus roared, his battle spirit finally in full gear. Until now, he wasn't too angry; now, he was furious.

"Me cut off your foot, you not kick any more!!!" - Sludge snarled, transforming into robot mode. Brandishing his energo-sword, he rushed at Terminus, oblivious to his enemy's bigger size.

* * *

Swoop approached the next building with a rail gun at the top. Instead of going in, he used a new tactic: cutting with his sword through the wall, he launched two missiles into the hole and staggered back, awaiting the results.

2007-04-01, 12:12 AM
Predaking's head shook as several of Deathbringer's blows clocked him sparks showered down as his visor cracked and part of his facemask was shattered but in reaction he let out a fearsome swipe trying to desembowel his foe.

Aero Blade
2007-04-01, 02:33 AM
Wing Saber was glad to hear that Superion at least seemed to sound fine, but with the combiner below ground for the moment, that left most of the automatic weapons targetting himself, and with the trator beams keeping him practically leashed to one spot in the ground, there was little he could do other than take out as many of the guns as he could while enduring the hits. Thankfully he still had enough manuverability to keep out of the way of most of the shots, but it would not be long before he would become worn out with the activity.

"It's not very pleasant back up here yet Superion, but we need all the help we can get!" Wing Saber commed back to the combiner, hoping to sound encouraging. He wasn't going to be able to keep this up much more on his own. He soon spotted one of the Dinobots still in the nearby area, and quickly put out a call to him over the com. "Swoop! We need most of the tractor beams disabled or Superion and I can't do much! Please try to help!"

2007-04-01, 05:36 AM
A bit angry that his gun wasn't having more of an effect, Menasor brought up his left arm to partly block Mercykiller's blades. As the blades made a mess of his arm (cutting more of his armour and this time hitting the circuits beneath it), Menasor had to ignore the screaming in his head and used his sword to stab at Mercykiller.

2007-04-01, 06:39 PM
Trailbreaker bounded into the air when Fortress X fell to the ground, his engine roaring as he sailed. He skidded out and nearly flipped when he landed, which was considerably more effective maneuvering than simple steering would have allowed his bulky frame. He was actually rather surprised AT-2 hadn't pegged him yet; not realizing the tank was onto their scheme, he continued dodging about trying to distract the enemy.

2007-04-01, 06:46 PM
Landfill transformed and engine revving shot of fin the opposite direction to Trailbreaker trying to further confuse the attacking drone. Flintlock mounted on the side of the truck bed swiveled and let of a barrage of shots hoping to twiat something vital on the tank drone.

2007-04-01, 07:17 PM
Swoop had acknowledged Wing Saber's message, but was unsure how should he reply.

Me, Swoop, thinks Grimlock said rail-guns and Sharkticons; Grimlock hadn't said tractor beams.

But me, Swoop, shoot inside buildings - why don't me shoot inside buildings with tractor beams too?

Still uncertain, he replied: "Me kill what me kill!"

But the next building, which he approached and started cutting a hole in, housed several tractor beam installations on its roof, not rail gun...

Maximus Prime3
2007-04-02, 05:16 PM
Blot took the hit to the chest, but got up.

hun-grr: i'm up, so let's take out this fool

terrorcons combind
(formed abominus)
abominus:Terminus, prepare to die. he said while throwing a punch to Terminus's chest

2007-04-03, 04:12 AM
Terminus: "......!" -fires his arm cannon at Abominus, snapping another vicious kick at Sludge-

Deathbringer: -grunting as Predaking's claws dig furrows in his thick endurachrome alloy hide, swings his arm cannons together, attempting to crush Predaking's head between them-

Pyre: -optics widening in surprise as Devastator grabs his leg, keeping his balance-

Cenotaph: -audio receptors shutting down from the overload, flashes out again, attempting to swat Scattershot from the skies-

2007-04-03, 11:29 AM
"Me, Sludge, say - no way!" - the dinobot snarled, by pure chance imitating Wheelie's manner of speech. The strength with which he brought his energo-sword down at Terminus's foot wasn't comparable to Wheelie's, though.

* * *

Meanwhile, Lightspeed and Afterburned attempted to get Strafe back online, and Nosecone stood guarding them (though it wasn't clear how exactly his guard could help against the hulking CES member).

Scattershot finished his strafing run, maneuvered from out of Cenotaph's blow and rolled in the air nearby. Coming out of the roll at enemy's head level, he flew straight at Cenotaph's head, his cannons blasting the last rounds of sonic ammunition. And, just as the feeders clicked emptily (and started to switch to incendiary ammo - the last choice), Scattershot unleashed his 700-megavolt electron pulse straight in the enemy's face.

Maximus Prime3
2007-04-03, 04:57 PM
abominus: "Terminus, this ends now!!!" he said thrusting his sword aimed right at his spark

2007-04-03, 09:24 PM
Victory Square

As Fortress X rised and charged towards him, Metroplex moved to one side, and using his working arm, tried to destabilize the Quintesson City and throw him to the ground again.

2007-04-04, 08:18 PM
Victory Square

Devastator pushed on Pyre's leg hoping to tip the attacker over.

2007-04-05, 02:56 AM
Predaking's visor cracked as Deathbringer dealt another thunderous blow to the Predacon combiner but now was his chance. With his claws tearing into his foes back he opened fire with his shoulder cannons at the dark warrior.

2007-04-05, 04:13 AM
Victory Square

Half-blinded by Metroplex's previous attacks, Fortress X didn't see the Autobot's arm coming until it was too late. He pitched over to the side and fell toward the ground, lashing out with his arm at the Autobot city's knees as he did so, hoping to bring Metroplex crashing down with him.

2007-04-05, 06:22 PM
Victory square

With a crack, some of the square ground collapsed and Superion emerged, damaged, dented, scorched and dirty. And furious.

" RAHHHH! " he yelled, outraged. The single-minded Aerialbot Gestalt took off, hovering over the ground. Flying fast to be a more difficult target, Superion attacked the nearest building containing tractor fields.


" Hold on, skinny! " shouted Six-Gun, rolling behind a pile of ruins, forced to retreat by AT-1 attacks.

" Easy said than done... " Scamper grunted, his face on the Square's ground, incapable of move. " I'm too damaged... " he groaned.

Nearby, Slammer continued his way towards Fortress X's tank drone, firing shell after shell against AT.


Metroplex jumped backwards when Fortress X's arm moved to his knees. The Autobot City was in good position to avoid the Quintesson City's clumsy attack, but despite dodging it successfully he lost his balance in mid-air.


Metroplex landed on his back, smashing Sharkticons, debris, ruins and even a fortified building holding railguns. He also caused a hughe dust cloud that surrounded the entire warzone, apporting more chaos to the battle. Sitting up, the maser cannon fixed on his right shoulder rotated and aimed towards the Fortress X's bulk - the dust only showed a shadow - and fired.

Aero Blade
2007-04-06, 02:46 AM
Between the attacks of Wing Saber, Superion, and Swoop, the majority of the the tractor beam installations had been taken out. Those that remained were not enough to be effective, leaving them free to take to the air again. Feeling close to being as made as the combiner, Wing Saber transformed and took off, attacking the remaining weapon installations with high-speed strafing runs.

2007-04-06, 04:49 AM
Victory Square

Metroplex's maser shot clipped the side of Fortress X's right leg, opening up a gaping hole in one of the Quintesson city's residential districts. Thankfully there were no Quintessons living inside him at the time, as the lawsuits that would have followed would no doubt have tied up the Quintesson courts for the next five decades.

Using one arm to push himself up into a crouch, Fortress X took aim with the nova cannon on his other arm, drew a bead on Metroplex's silhouette through the dust cloud, and fired a blast of ultra-hot compressed ions at his enemy.

AT-1 was hit again and again by Slammer's shots, but didn't stop coming. In actual fact, he couldn't; his gearbox had been destroyed by the Autobot's last attack, and he was stuck rolling forward despite his better judgement. With his armour fragmenting all around his forward arc, the auxiliary unit bravely continued to fire as it rolled on to its doom.

AT-2 showed no sign of distress as Landfill attacked, and continued to fire on the Targetmaster and Trailbreaker. He wasn't making any particular attempt to hit the two Autobots, but rather seemed to by trying to keep the enemies busy while the CES hammered the rest of their team.

As Wing Sabre took to the air, a series of ports started to slide open in the very ground of the square. Dozens of Sharkticons fell to their deaths as the ground virtually disappeared beneath their feet.

A set of missile batteries slid out from the openings in the ground. Several of them close to Wind Sabre tracked toward the large Autobot, took aim, and opened fire. Others began to track Superion and fired as the combiner came close enough to be a viable target at his low elevation.

(OOC: If you can get past these, the next set of aerial countermeasures is even worse. :))

2007-04-06, 08:02 AM
Landfill bounced as he drove over a piece of rubble just as one of AT2's wild shots hit him on the loadbed . Unstable due to the rough terrain he turned over and over landing upside down wheels in the air.

He quickly transformed

He commed Trailbreaker

"we need a better plan they've got us all sowed up up her good buddy, i think we need to think about going underground seeing what they've got waiting for us down there. At least we can take them on in limited numbers if were in a tunnel."

2007-04-06, 07:15 PM
"Squaaaaaaaaaaaawk!!!!!" - Swoop's cry of fear was as loud as he could manage, but it was lost in the rumble of fallen citybot.

Amongst the buildings which Metroplex smashed in his impact, was the one which Swoop attempted to sabotage. When Metroplex fell, he was unable to escape in time... and found himself buried again under the debris.

Suddenly, the ground under his feet lurched, and down he fell, into the darkness where sinister, unclear shapes were moving...

* * *

One of missile batteries emerged from the ground not far from the spot where the trio of Technobots were doing improvised repair work on Strafe.

"W-what?.. Where?.." - Strafe asked, unsure of himself.

"OK - he's back with us", - Lightspeed finished, closing Strafe's chest panel.

"Now, for Primus's sake!" - Afterburner exclaimed. - "Shall we get together at last?"

"And you better hurry - as soon as that monster got his attention back from Scattershot to us, we're doomed", - Nosecone grumbled.

"Scattershot!!! We're ready!!!" - Afterburner called upward.

"All right, Technobots! Merge! Form..." - sounded from above.

"...COMPUTRON" - the gestalt finished, emerging.

"DATUM: PRIMARY COMPUTATIONS COMPLETE" - he boomed, intently watching Cenotaph's figure before him.

2007-04-06, 09:02 PM
Victory Square

As Superion sensors detected the incoming missile salvo, Skydive's strategic skills replaced the gestalt's rage. With a hughe flame of fire from his afterburners, Superion increased speed, turning back. The missiles quickly followed the Aerialbot Combiner, who still was flying low, just above ground level.

Suddenly, Superion changed course with a hard turn, flying upwards. He fired flares and chaff that confused the missiles logic center, causing premature explosions or backfire. A pair of misisles impacted on his back, though, cracking Silverbolt nosecone.

Superion was now high above Victory Square, and rolling in the air, he flew downwards, directly towards the opened ports on the square grounds. The Aerialbot Combiner pointed his arms to the misisle batteries inside the ports, and extending the 7 remaining wings of his limb components - Skydive, Air Raid, Slingshot and Fireflight -, Superion locked and fired 14 missiles of different classes, while also firing his electrostatic discharger rifle.

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" Ouch! " yelled Slammer when AT-1 shots destroyed his mortar cannon.

Suddenly weaponless, Slammer frowned ( well, in a figurative way ), feeling useless.

" I'm not finished yet! " he said, recovering his nerves and increasing speed, charging towards AT-1. " It's chicken game, drone! " exclamed Slammer, with a clearly intention to ramm the unstoppable enemy tank drone.


Metroplex rolled to one side, trying to put a little distance between Fortress X and himself when the nova cannon shot impacted on his left shoulder.

Fortess X's shot teared off a great chunk of metal from Metroplex, leaving the already useless left arm hanging from only a few bits of metal and cables. The drones that stayed inside him quickly started to fix the damage, but the destruction was beyond repairs. The only thing the drones managed to repair was the loss of oil from the tremendous wound.

With his teeth gritting in a stubborn grimace, Metroplex rised, one knee on the ground. His remaining hand still hold the anti-matter projector, now recharged, so the Autobot City fired a shot across the dust cloud towards his nemesis.

Aero Blade
2007-04-07, 03:13 AM
With now having missles to contend with, Wing Saber had to break off his strafing run in favor of other manuvers to attempt to avoid the incoming munnitions. For the most part he tried to evade the missles, but where he could he skimmed close to the buildings, or the other missles that were homed in on other targets, trying to use the weapons against eachother.

2007-04-07, 06:33 AM
Victory Square

Fortress X scowled as Metroplex fired an antimatter blast at him, but his reflexes weren't working fast enough to dodge the attack. The antimatter itself mostly detonated against the dust particles in the air, but the force of the explosive reaction was enough to throw the Quintesson city back down to the ground. His left leg struck the ruins of a building, and a series of sheered-off structural girders ended up driven through his shin.


Forcing himself back to his feet, Fortress X hobbled toward Metroplex as best he could. His arms occupied trying to maintain his balance, he opened fire on the Autobot with his torso-mounted ion cannons.

AT-1 would have swerved out of Slammer's way if he could have, but he couldn't control his movements. His cannon fire continued, but for the most part it was arcing over the Autobot now; his turret actuators had burnt out. There was little he could do but brace himself for the impending collision.

Superion's massive attack would have proved very effective against the tractor beam mounts or railguns, but the damage they did to the missile batteries was marginal. They collided with (and detonated) several rounds that were topside preparing to launch, but the magazines that held the not-yet-fired missile rounds were deep enough underground that the explosions didn't reach them. The launch mechanisms on several of the batteries were melted, but most of the emplacements continued to fire unabated.

Snarl saw what the Aerialbot combiner had done and looked at the nearest ruined battery.

Something tells me there's a whole bunch of stuff underground that I could wreck, he thought eagerly.

With a lunatic grin on his face, the Dinobot charged toward the ruined battery, dove into the pit that it had emerged from, and fell down into the darkness of the subcity.

2007-04-07, 07:06 AM
(OOC: Maxie, last I checked, Abominus doesn't have a sword.)

Terminus: -scowling, pulling his foot away from Sludge, snapping it up at Abominus' face-

Pyre: -losing his balance, crashing heavily to the ground-

Cenotaph: -dazed, shakes head, sees Computron standing before him- "Much easier." -zips forward, charging at Computron as he shatters the sound barrier-

2007-04-07, 03:34 PM
When Pyre fell down Devastator jumped back onto his feet. Grabbing his solar energy rifle Devastator fired a few point blank shots at Pyre.

2007-04-08, 01:47 PM
"DATUM: ENEMY ACTIONS PATTERN RECOGNISED", - Computron voiced the results of calculations which were assigned to Lightspeed when the gestalt had merged last time.


As Cenotaph approached, Computron nimbly moved backwards, then waited for the final approach, standing on the edge of the gape in the surface of the square. His left arm (which Afterburner formed) was slightly raised towards the face, as if for blocking the strike.

* * *

"Rawwwk! Hold it right there!" - a dark figure squawked in the underground darkness, energo-sword glowing dimly in his hands, as another, larger, figure approached the first.

2007-04-08, 03:03 PM
Victory Square

Slammer accelerated, rolling straight forward towards AT-1. Metroplex's drone crashed with Fortress X's tank drone, and the head-on collision smashed his front armor, his right tracks and teared off his turret remains.

Slammer slided and fall into a crater, trying to focus his sensors on AT-1 to check the damage his crazy charge had caused on his foe.


Superion optics flashed when a new barrage of missiles advanced towards him. The Aerialbot Gestalt stopped in the air - only meters above from the square grounds open ports -, and fired his electrostatic gun in a wide arc, then he had only time to protect his torso and head with his arms.

His attack destroyed most of the incoming misisles, but some of the missiles hit him.

When the explosions finished, Superion was still on the air. He had lost his gun - destroyed by a pair of missiles - and Air Raid and Skydive were wingless and so damaged that they were only alive thanks to the gestalt power that was merging the five Aerialbots.

Grunting, Superion reached the open ports, entered inside and began to trample and kick the missile launchers.


Metroplex dropped his anti-matter projector, moving to one side, trying to dodge Fortress X's shots.

Despite his efforts, one of the blasts finally teared off completely his left arm, and the severed limb fall to the ground, just infront of Metroplex. Another blast impacted on his chest, ionizing his fire control center and frying the Autobot City's weapons systems.

Outgunned, Metroplex looked at Fortress X.

" This is going to end, now " he sentenced, picking up his severed arm with his right hand.

Metroplex charged towards the Quintesson City, and using his severed left arm as a huge club, he sent a powerfull strike towards Fortress X.

2007-04-08, 05:52 PM
Trailbreaker bounded over a pile of debris that formed a makeshift ramp while another of AT-2's shots streaked overhead, singing his roof.

"If you can find a way down," Trailbreaker commed Landfill, "I'm all ears!"

2007-04-09, 04:24 AM
Victory Square

Fortress X crossed his arms above his head to block Metroplex's strike, but the other citybot's strength was such that he was driven to his knees anyway. His damaged left shin slammed hard into the pavement, and chunks of cracked armour shot off in every direction.


Fortress X found himself with a clear shot at Metroplex's damaged torso with his remaining bank of head-mounted cannons, but the pain in his wounded leg was so great that he didn't even think to take advantage of it. Nor did he try to stand back up; in fact, he wasn't sure he could. Instead, he lurched forward, trying to drive his shoulders into Metroplex's knees.

AT-1 rolled forward from the point of impact with Slammer solely from his own inertia. The drone's weapons had fallen silent and he gave no sign of being alive.

Snarl landed roughly on the ground and took a moment to collect his thoughts before trying to move off in any direction. He caught sight of an energo-sword gleaming in the distance.

"Swoop! That you, buddy?"

The Dinobot activated his own energo-sword, trying to shed a bit more light on the otherwise pitch-black underlevel.

2007-04-09, 08:16 AM
Landfill swerved

"sure thing good buddy "

He weaved through the shell holes searching and stopped when he found one which showed sigs that there was a hollow space underneath it.

2007-04-09, 01:09 PM
"Rawwk! Me, Swoop, say - who're you?" - Swoop made two steps forward, brandishing his energo-sword. Though he saw that the other figure had a sword out too, he was still unsure whether it was a friend or foe.

As he stepped forward, though, the darkness behind him swirled and slithered, getting closer...

2007-04-11, 03:49 AM
Under Victory Square

Snarl frowned off into the darkness. The other Dinobot was behaving strangely, and his optics kept picking up slight hints of movement behind him. Something wasn't right down here...

"It's me. Snarl. You alright, Swoop?"

2007-04-11, 05:13 AM
Trailbreaker spotted Landfill inspecting something in his wing mirror, and he swerved around on two wheels to return to the Targetmaster's side. If nothing else, he could provide some cover. Trailbreaker chugged along, silently cursing himself for not being faster...

2007-04-11, 01:23 PM
"Me, Swoop, all right. Grimlock say me deal with Sharkti-guns and rail-cons, me hit over my head by pair of buildings, me see nothing in here - but me all right. How you, Snarl?"

As he said that, pteranodon felt (rather than heard) some kind of low rumble behind him. Some kind of machinery was coming to life, the next set of traps and tricks laid by Quintessons under the deadly square.

"Me, Swoop, say - danger here!" - Swoop screamed, whirling around and putting the sword before himself. The glow illuminated a giant spiked roller advancing on them through the corridor...

2007-04-11, 08:51 PM
Victory Square, weapons ports

Superion continued kicking, treading on and stamping inside the square's grounds open weapons ports, unnoticing the pair of dinobots lurking in the shadows below him.


When Fortress X's shoulders clashed with Metroplex's knees, the Autobot City lost his balance and fall towards Fortress.

As he was falling though, he sent a blow with his right elbow aimed towards Fortress X.

And using his only remaining arm into attacking his enemy, Metroplex couldn't avoid the knock with the ground.


Six- Gun rised from the ground. Limping, he aproached the still-moving AT-1 and fired a barrage from his ion-rifle arms towards the drone.

2007-04-12, 07:12 PM
Under Victory Square

"Oh, Pit!"

Snarl caught sight of the spiked ball only a couple milliseconds after Swoop had. He thought for half a second about trying to flatten himself against the wall and hoping the enemy trap would miss him, but hoping had never been his style. Starting to walk backward steadily, the Dinobot pulled his missile launcher and fired a round over Swoop's head, hoping to bring the ceiling down between his fellow Dinobot and the oncoming enemy deathtrap.

Victory Square

Metroplex's elbow connected squarely with Fortress X's chin, snapping the Quintesson city's head up and to the side. His jaws slammed together, and the shattered remains of his metallic teeth clattered to the ground.

Fortress X himself hit the ground moments later, dazed and not quite sure what he was supposed to be doing.

AT-1 could do little but slowly roll forward as Sixgun took potshots at him.

2007-04-13, 08:40 PM
Victory Square

Metroplex, stunned, slowly rised form the ground, shaking his head. He looked at the confused Fortress X, but instead of throwing a powerfull kick towards his oponent, the Autobot City simply sighed.

" Why are you fighting? Do you have free will? " Metroplex asked, blinded by his natural Autobot mercy.


Six-gun stepped to one side an let AT-1 to simply pass him. He continued to fire with his guns towards the enemy drone.

" Slammer? Do you copy? " he radioed, but static was his only reply.

2007-04-13, 11:37 PM
Victory Square
A damaged and dizzied Triceratops found himself free of enemies for a bbrief moment. His armour was cracked and dented from the onslaught of Sharkticons, and his feet were scorched: he was standing in a pool of smelted metal, limbs and heads risen from the surface in areas.
Slags Mental Damoeners were on the brink of burning out: normally good for Four Million years, the chaos and fury of the battle had nearly shorted them out very prematurly.
He looked up at the Giants and Titans that dominated the sky line, and listened to their blows collide with each other like cloud sof granite scraping and smashing into one another.
"Dinobots, me all alone: where are you?" he radioed in a tired tone. the battle was beginning to catch up with him...

2007-04-14, 12:43 AM
Victory Square

Landfill blew what remained of the bottom of the crater away revealing a tunnel.

Transforming he leapt into the hole.

Aero Blade
2007-04-14, 04:15 AM
Having dispensed with the missles that had been homed in on him, Wing Saber focused his attention on trying to aid Superion, strafing the nearby targets that the combiner's attention wasn't on, to keep them from targetting him while he took out the others.

2007-04-14, 04:53 AM
Victory Square

Fortress X tried. He really did. But he couldn't fight his primary directives.

Pushing himself up off the ground and onto his knees, he stared up at Metroplex for what seemed like an eternity, a tortured look on his face. He only managed to say one word.


After giving the Autobot a moment to let the answer sink in, he struck out with his right arm at Metroplex's knee.

2007-04-14, 04:54 AM
Grimlock: -battered himself, a bowmace in one hand and his energo sword in the other, smashing his way through Sharkticons, activates commlink- "Me read you, Slag. What status?"


Cenotaph stopped dead, whipping his plasma cannon up at Computron, chuckling. "It'll be over soon." Opening fire.

Pyre: -wincing as his bring his arm up to block the shot, firing a stream of molten metal at Devastator-

2007-04-14, 04:34 PM
Pyre's shot missed as it wiped right by Devastator's head.Devastator fired more and more shots at Pyre as he started walking closer.

2007-04-15, 01:56 PM
"Status? Me Tired, me Battered, me little Broken in places. Think Sharkticons know me better now."
Slag was commenting on the new platoon that had arrived, byt had stopped short when they saw the molten slag of their comrades.
"Grimlock, what slag goin' on? We winnin' yet?"

2007-04-15, 06:39 PM
Victory Square

Metroplex, still a little stunned by Fortress X tortured facial expresion, wasn't prepared to dodge his enemy new attack.

The Quintesson City's blow impacted on his left knee, cracking the armor and the servos inside. Metroplex falled to one knee, and with his remaining arm tried to push Fortress X to the ground.

2007-04-16, 04:27 AM
Victory Square

Fortress X's legs were well-squared against the ground, and Metroplex's straight-arm wasn't enough to push him down.

"You should have killed me...when you had the chance..."

With the high-pitched whir of overloading power generators emerging from his torso, Fortress X threw himself at Metroplex, trying to tackle the Autobot city and hold him close while his self-destruct systems built to a critical mass.

2007-04-16, 12:44 PM
Predaking continued his barrage on Deathbringer. No longer one for words he was simply out to destroy his foe as he opened fire with his x-ray laser and shoulder cannons.

2007-04-16, 12:56 PM
Computron cracked a smile at Cenotaph's words - "it'll be over soon".

Don't be so sure; it won't be.

His left arm moved a slight bit, but the six-rocket launcher mounted on it spewed missiles to meet Cenotaph's blast, one after another. The cloud of explosion took the brunt of plasma blast, dissipating it.


This was as close to taunt as Computron could manage. The large gestalt still stood at the edge of the pit where the enemy anti-aircraft missile battery rested - silent, but ready to pour fire at the next target which presents itself.

* * *

"Me, Sludge, mighty! Me, Sludge, will beat big enemy now!"

Sludge was still fighting Terminus, trying to get the enemy with his sword. He and Abominus made it uncomfortable for the CES member... but, unfortunately, it meant that Sludge was effectively out of battle with other enemies.

He even hadn't heard Slag's call.

* * *

Underground, the roof of the passage where Swoop and Snarl were fell, blocking the path for the roller... The unseen machinery that propelled it screeched, rumbled and finally tore itself apart in fruitless attempt to destroy the invader.

"R-rawk... You, Snarl, saved me", - Swoop said weakly, still dazed a bit.

He attempted to hold onto the wall, but forgot that he had an energo-sword in that hand. As a result, he slashed an opening in a thin metal sheet, which was camouflaged to look as sturdy as the rest of the walls.

"Look - something be there! A lot of somethings!" - he shouted, pointing into the hole at the stacks of cylindrical objects with conical heads.

(In fact, he'd just found a local store of ammunition for dosen of the closest missile batteries...)

2007-04-16, 04:24 PM
Pyre: -charging forward himself, Devastator's shots scortching more of his armor, firing both molten metal sprayers at him-

Deathbringer: -still keeping just ahead of Predaking, his armor battered but still holding, firing all for Hellbores at the Predacon gestalt-

Terminus: -kicking again at Sludge-

Cenotaph: -taking the opportunity presented by the smoke to move, coming in from Computron's left at well over the speed of sound- "It's not cowardly to not want to fall into a pit." -claw blades closing into a point, spinning up, slashing the high speed drill towards Computron's torso-


Grimlock: -prying a dead Sharkticon off of his leg- "Not sure, Slag. Me think so."

2007-04-16, 08:26 PM
Pyres blast hit some of Devastator's cheast armour burning a few bits off.Devastator fired a super charged shot at Pyre.

2007-04-16, 09:12 PM
Victory Square

" Nnnf, get off! " grumbled Metroplex, inmobilized by Fortress X's grip. The Autobot City send a headbutt towards his enemy already damaged head, hoping to liberate himself quickly.

Quickly because the sound of overloaed power generators stopped. And the meaning of this was that the self-destruction countdown had finished.

And this only meant one thing.

Nearby, Superion finally destroyed the last AA missile battery, and with a defiant light brighting in his optics he looked around, ready to face anything.

2007-04-17, 12:23 AM
Predaking growled as Deathbringer's Hellbores tore his armour to shreads. He watched carefully though as the Quint continued to stay away. He then realised Deathbringer was just far enough to allow Predaking to be safely away from his Mortar Shells he stopped firing just briefly enough to get a good aim at the Quint warrior.

Taking a moment he fired all four of his Mortar cannons at the warrior hoping to cause major damage.

2007-04-17, 03:02 AM
Trailbreaker squealed around toward Landfill's find, transformed to robot mode, and dove in after the Targetmaster. He didn't know what they'd find, but he wagered anything had to be better than what they were up against topside.

2007-04-17, 04:38 AM
Victory Square

Fortress X's self-destruct sequence was no mere bomb. Bombs were messy, you see. They caused a significant amount of collateral damage at the best of times, and a charge powerful enough to destroy the likes of a citybot would have been more than the Quintessons would have been comfortable with. No, the system they'd chosen was far more high-tech...and far more efficient. Fortress X's overloading power generators dumped their charges directly into a capacitor that fed a series of massive atomic disruptors. The disruptors fired in sequence, breaking the molecular bonds that held the massive Quintesson death machine together.

Fortress X's skin started to glow. At first it was barely noticeable, but it quickly grew until the citybot burned with the intensity of a small sun...but only for a millisecond. Then his body collapsed to a pile of ash, the remaining disruptor charge arcing into the nearest available conductive surface it could find: Metroplex.

Under Victory Square

As Superion crushed the last of the missile batteries, a set of red lights appeared on a device near to the missile cache Swoop had discovered.

"I guess I did," Snarl said a bit uncomfortably; he wasn't much for thanks. "But I'm sure..." He trailed off as he caught sight of the red lights and realized what they were: a timer. Swiftly counting down toward zero. In a room filled with missiles. Ah, hell.


2007-04-17, 09:48 AM
"Nnnn. If you say so."
Slag clicked off the link to Grimlock,, and readied himself for another charge at the new enemies in front of him, when he saw the jet black dark guardian Terminus lashing out at his friend Sludge.
"That more fun than these things!" he muttered, as he charged forward to their position, through the assembled Sharkticon drones that had been huddled in front of him, waiting for him to make his move...

2007-04-18, 04:54 PM
Victory Square

As Fortress X died, consumed by his autodestruction sequence, Metroplex started to rise to his feet. But the energies unleashed by the last disruption charge impacted on him, and started to consume his legs, starting for his boots.

When the disruption archs finally collapsed and dissipated, Metroplex's liveless remains fall to the ground. The once mighty five-miles tall Autobot Citybot was now reduced into a semi consumed head, barelly connected to the remains of a fragmented torso. The rest of his body was consumed by the last action of his nemesis.


With different cries and squeals, Slammer, Six-Gun and Scamper fall to the ground too, their cerebro-circuits scrambled by Metroplex's death.

2007-04-19, 02:32 AM
Deathbringer: -shuddering as the mortar rounds slam into him, surging forward, firing all four Hellbores at Predaking-

2007-04-19, 03:05 PM
Sludge met Terminus's kick with another sword blow. Being smaller then his enemy, the Dinobot was almost as strong... and twice as stubborn.

"Gonna cut your foot out for kicking me, Sludge!"

* * *

Computron wasn't quick enough to block Cenotaph's drill attack; in fact, he hadn't even tried.

As the drill bored into his torso section (rendering inoperative all Scattershot's guns but for the electron pulse cannon), Computron grabbed the enemy by the shoulders and stepped back, towards the pit where the missile batteries were a while before.


As the gravity started to pull both giants down into the pit, Computron had splitted, sending four Technobots to the sides. They hanged by the edges of the pit or, in Strafe's case, flew out of it.

Unfortunately, one of Technobots was unable to escape - Scattershot was still held fast by Cenotaph's drill. But he did what he could: he started to transform into his cannon mode, attempting to use his last remaining weapon on the enemy.

* * *

Swoop's optics grew to double their usual size, realizing the threat. He sprinted forward, overtaking Snarl almost immediately due to his lighter frame.

"Where do we go? Me, Swoop, see no way out!" - he screamed, turning round the corner of the corridor.

* * *

That was the moment when the counter on the box had reached zero and the relay clicked, transforming the remaining missiles into an inferno of self-destruction. The ground shook even more violently than when the citybots were hurling each other down, and more than one Transformers had lost his balance. Cracks appeared on the ground, spewing fire and devouring ranks of Sharkticons.

And the pit in which Cenotaph had drawn Scattershot had turned into a volcano of incinerating, deadly flame...

2007-04-20, 04:27 AM
Under Victory Square

"There isn't one," Snarl told Swoop grimly. Even as he spoke, the cache of anti-air weapons exploded behind them.

The desert warrior set his jaw, then leaped forward, putting himself directly between his fellow Dinobot and the oncoming wall of fire that had erupted from the detonated missile store. He felt the flames licking at his body, and for a second his solar panels absorbed enough energy that his autorepair systems could keep up with the damage. But only for a second. Then the solar panels, along with the rest of his armoured hide, began to melt. For a few moments Snarl's body was wracked with agony, until his surface sensors were baked by the heat of the explosion that engulfed him from all sides.

Then the fire was gone and Snarl fell to the floor, a blackened, smoking mockery of his former self.


2007-04-20, 01:02 PM
The four Hellbores drove deep into Predakings body most of them starting to tear into the joints for the Predaking form. Sparks and fluid rained from the areas.

Quickly, knowing he had seconds before needing to disengage he tried on last mighty swing with his blade directly at Deathbringer's head.

2007-04-20, 01:10 PM
Cenotaph: -keeping as firm a grip as possible on Scattershot- "You don't get it. I destroy you,even if I die I've still fulfilled my function. You're the core of a combiner. Eliminating you eliminates the combiner. The only question left is.... which of us melts first?" -pressing his plasma cannon against Scattershot, heedless of Scattershot's transformation, firing-

Terminus: -shaking head wearily- "....." -stabbing at Abominus' torso with his blades, firing his plasma cannon at Sludgewhile aiming a vicious kick at the approaching Slag-

2007-04-20, 02:57 PM
In free fall - over the deadly pit:

The brunt of the explosion carried Cenotaph and Scattershot, locked in grotesque deadly embrace, upward from the fire-spewing pit.

"Its you... who don't get it..." - Scattershot replied weakly, held by Cenotaph's deathgrip. - "You fight... to destroy us... but we fight... to liberate our home planet... from likes of youuuuUUUUUU!!!"

Scattershot's last word turned into a scream as the plasma cannon added its deadly heat to the searing flames below, and his electron pulse cannon answered it. Bright glow, mixed with dancing lightning pattern, surrounded the combatants. The pair hovered in the apex of their trajectory - a nanobreem before plunging back into the abyss of destruction below.

"Do it, Strafe!!!" - Lightspeed screamed from one side of the pit.

"For Primus's sake - don't miss this time!" - Afterburner added from the other.

"Oh, you can but hope on that..." - Nosecone grumbled.

Strafe, not answering to them, dived on the pair, cannons blasing. He fired at Cenotaph's legs, trying to add the momentum so the giant body would turn and Scattershot would be on top.

The pair started turning, but it was too slow. There was no time to do anything more... and Strafe transformed in mid-air, impacting in his robot form in CES member's leg.

"Now!!!" - Lightspeed cried, watching the group starting to turn and fall down.

"Let the pleasure be mine! Technobots - combine! Form..." - Afterburner commanded.

The bodies sprung back from the edges of the pit, connecting to charred bulk in Cenotaph's hands.

"COM...PUTRON..." - the gestalt finished, plunging down in flames, holding the enemy before himself.

Under the square - collapsed tunnel:
"Me, Swoop, say - oww yourself!" - a voice answered from under Snarl's bulk. - "Get off me!"

Battle with Terminus:
Sludge was just swinging his energo-sword at the larger enemy once again, when the plasma bolt impacted into it with blinding flash. Sludge fell backwards, while charred remains of the sword dropped on the ground.

"You - you break my sword! Me, Sludge, kill!" - he roared, more puzzled than injured.

But dino's small brains were smart enough to realise that without a sword he was almost weaponless against the larger CES member. Almost - but not quite.

Transforming back into his gigantosaurus mode, Sludge turned his back to the enemy and bashed with his tail. But he aimed his strike not at the enemy, but at the ground between Terminus's legs. Already zigzagged by cracks from underground explosions, the surface gave way...

2007-04-20, 06:58 PM
Under Victory Square

"Nnnn..." Snarl curled his left hand into a fist, trying to ignore the sizable chunks of cooked armour that broke off and crumbled to the ground as he did so. Pushing the fist against the floor, he managed to roll himself off of Swoop and fall to the ground beside him. Drained by the effort, it took a few seconds before he could use the withered remains of his energo-sword (which, as it happened, was fused to his right hand) to lever himself into a sitting position. At which point, he caught sight of himself in a reflective piece of metal wall plating and groaned. His normally-grey armour was now lumpy, charred and blackened. One of his stegosaur-tail 'wings' was missing entirely, while the other was a melted ruin hanging off of his back. Huge gaps had opened up in the armour on his left arm and leg, and badly-burned chunks of plating were still crumbling and falling off as he watched.

"Well, I've looked better," he quipped weakly as he struggled to his feet. Grabbing the blade of his ruined energo-sword, he pulled it out of his right hand, taking away a good-sized piece of his own hide as he did so. "Come on, lets find a way topside."

2007-04-20, 09:21 PM
Above Victory Square

Superion, whith the Quintesson's missile batteries destroyed, was hovering above the open gun ports on the square grounds, trying to figure what to do next.

He watched Cenotaph and Computron combat, and when his fellow technobot gestalt fall towards the fire, he decided to intervene.

Engaging his thrusters at maximum power, he flew downwards towards the CES member and Computron. Superion extended his right arm, trying desperate to catch Computron before his comrade entered inside the flames...

2007-04-21, 07:18 PM
Over the fiery pit:

Computron had planned to fall on Cenotaph, pinning the enemy to the ground at the time of impact. The probability of his own destruction in process was dangerously high, though - up to 80 per cent, taking into consideration battered state of his components.

But Superion's intervention was a new factor, which could possibly transform almost sure death into a swift victory. It had to be thought over...

And Computron engaged his logic into calculating the next stage of battleplan which would utilise the combined actions of pair of gestalts against a single CES member...

And his movements, already restricted by the damage he absorbed, become even more sluggish...

But, at the end, his and Superion's hands connected and grabbed each other. Strafe groaned, bearing the weight of two gestalts on himself.


Computron put this suggestion into action immediately, discharging Afterburner's missile pack into Cenotaph's midsection. He knew this wouldn't be enough, but he hoped that Superion shall add his firepower, and together they'll be able to free him from the deadly lock.

This, or Strafe's connection with Scattershot would be severed at the shoulder...

* * *

Underground maze - near-collapsing:

"R-raw... Oppps." - Swoop tried to stand up, then frose as the whole mass of the ground trembled under his feet.

"M-me, Swoop, think we'd r-rather find a way d-down than a way up..." - he said, making a careful step forward.

But, nevertheless, this step disrupted the equilibrium of the pile of debris which blocked their way, and it gave up. Something surged down, something bumped above... and a body of Gatekeeper broke through the roof of the corridor and fell between the Dinobots on the floor...

And sky was visible through the hole left by the body, high above Dinobots' heads!

2007-04-21, 10:48 PM
Victory Square, above the flames

When Superion finally catched Computron's hand, he moved his legs forwards, using his thrusters to help to stop his momentum and starting to reverse his flight direction.

" NNH... HOLD ON! " he said, aiming his electrostatic discharger rifle on Cenopath's body and firing.

2007-04-21, 11:03 PM
Falling to firey oblivion:

Cenotaph: -grunting as the explosions from the missiles slam into his midsection, shuddering as Superion's shot slams into him, tightening his grip on Computron- "Don't leave yet!" -plasma cannon flashing out, firing at Superion-

Over the collapsing maze:

Grimlock: -standing on the crumbling edge, looking down- "Swoop! Snarl! Throw playmate up here. Me not done killing him yet!"

2007-04-22, 12:55 AM
Victory Square
Slag had almost avoided Terminus's kick, but the glancing blow was enough to send him bakc: He had gathered himself when Sludge began his attack on the floor.
"Sludge, you crazy? Bad guy there!"
With this, Slag sent a Gout of flame at his enemies torso-

2007-04-22, 03:52 AM
Under Victory Square

"Yeah, we'll get right on that," Snarl called up to Grimlock, his voice noticeably hoarse. Looking down at the deceased Gatekeeper, the Dinobot aimed a spiteful kick at it's midsection...then tried to ignore the chunk of his foot that broke off on impact.

Looks like I'll be seeing a lot of Doc Ratchet when we're done here.

"You got a rope on you, boss? Swoop can fly back up easy enough, but I'm a bit melted right now."

2007-04-23, 05:52 AM
through the cold night sky Slugslinger is orbiting overhead.

2007-04-23, 01:49 PM
Down to the pit:

Strafe's grasp on Superion was all that held the double weight of Cenotaph and Computron above the pit. But Computron couldn't bring his other arm to grapple at Superion - Afterburner's missile launcher was busy reloading, and he struck at CES member with closed fist.


Thus deciding, Computron jammed his right knee into Cenotaph's torso under the shoulder, and Nosecone's drill started to work furiously, burrowing through.

During this time, the trio descended slowly - Superion's engines, though powerful, weren't designed to carry three gestalt-sized Transformers. But the flames under them descended more rapidly, dwindling from roaring inferno to slight glow in quarter a breem, as no more explosive materials remained in the pit...

* * *

Under the square - inside the maze:

"Me, Swoop, can't fly anymore, my wings be bent", - Swoop answered to Snarl sadly. "Me need somebody to get us out of here or throw us a rope, too."

* * *

Square - battle with Terminus:

"Me, Sludge, no crazy! Me crush ground, drop big enemy down, then stomp on him!" - the Gigantosaurus answered, beating his tail under Terminus's left foot, where the groung shook, cracked and dropped already.

2007-04-23, 03:00 PM
After circling above thinking his days of battle were over, he tries to see where is needed and offers his assistance

2007-04-24, 12:16 AM
Victory Square:

Grimlock: -sighs theatrically- "Me not able to leave you two alone for astrosecond." -transforms to dino mode, jumps down, descending on twin pillars of flame from his dino mode legs- "Lucky Me get these things to work right." -lands, scowling(as much as a metallic T. Rex can, anyway)- "Swoop, load Snarl on my back. Me fly back up, then come down to get you."


Cenotaph: -head rocking from the blow, firing again at Superion- "Not getting rid of me that easy!" -snapping his leg up, attempting to drive his knee intoComputron's torso-

Terminus: -staggering, slashing a disemboweling blow at Abominus, raising his left foot, bringing it down to try to stomp Sludge, optics narrowing in pain, firing his high power plasma cannon at Slag-

Maelstrom: -covered in dents, gouges and rips in his endurachrome skin, lubricants leaking from minor wounds, wincing as a surge of electricity crackles through the damaged capacitor banks in his plasma cannon-

Liokaiser: -covered in plasma burns, electricity crackling from tears in his torso, twirling his battered bo staff, siezing the ends, twisting them, the staff extending into a tri-chuk mode-

2007-04-24, 09:21 PM
Under the square - corridors/maze:

Swoop tried to push Snarl on Grimlock's back - then stepped back, horrified, as chunks of blackened metal fell down from stegosaurus's body.

"Me, Swoop, be afraid... Me thinks if me push Snarl on your back he be falling apart..."

Swoop attempted another action - he crouched, forming a kind of footstep, so Snarl could step on him then climb to Grimlock's back.

"But me, Swoop, say - don't step on me too hard, otherwise Swoop be Dinosplatter."

* * *

Over the pit (descending slowly):

Computron was unable to prevent Cenotaph's blow. A crack went trough his chestplate, already damaged beyond belief.


And Computron had what was needed for that blow... At least, he hoped for it. Six missiles finished their reloading cycles, and now Afterburner's launcher - the final weapon which he had in use - was ready again.

The first pair of incendiary missiles went at Cenotaph's head, with intentions of blinding the enemy or at least impairing his vision.

The second pair went at the arm that was still grasping Computron's torso, buried inside Scattershot's body that formed the chest.

And the third pair found their way to the barrel of Cenotaph's plasma cannon. One missile exploded harmlessly on the edge of the muzzle, but the last one went inside the barrel, threatening to trigger the deadly chain reaction...

* * *

Battle with Terminus:

Sludge was too slow to move from the path of Terminus's foot... So, he was stomped down satisfactorily and fell flat, his legs pushing to either side.

But that was about all the success that the CES member had.

Immediately, Sludge pushed upward, truing to stand back up and making the position of Terminus's left foot an unstable one.

Sludge's tail, which he wildly whipped here and there from frustration, collided with the enemy's right leg...

And suddenly, Terminus had his balance disrupted completely.

2007-04-24, 09:36 PM
Over the pit

Superion, holding Computron's hand, was unable to dodge - or even try - Cenotaph's plasma shots.

The Aerialbot gestalt received the shots in his chestplate, and Superion's armor barely hold against the first impact. But when the second shot impacted, it melted the chestplate.

With sparks raining from his exposed Silverbolt chest and gritting his teeth, Superion redoubled his efforts holding his comrade's hand while firing another shot at Cenotaph.

2007-04-25, 03:40 AM
Under Victory Square

Snarl gave Swoop a cocky half-grin (well, as close as he could manage with a half-burned off face, anyway) and said, "Don't worry, buddy. There's less of me than usual. I won't squish you."

Carefully using his fellow Dinobot as a step-ladder, he clambered up onto Grimlock's back. "Ready, boss."

2007-04-26, 01:03 AM
Still smouldering from the plasma blast that had nearly ended him, Slag watched as his brother Sludge toppled the behmoth Terminus: Slag roared in appreciation, and readined to charge the giant once ot had hit terra firma-

Aero Blade
2007-04-27, 01:08 AM
Having been awhile since he'd manage to spot their mission leader's whereabouts, Wing Saber was becoming concerned. Heading over to the last location where he had confirmation of Grimlock's presence, he headed into the depths of the pit.

"Commander Grimlock, are you here?" Wing Saber called out as he went downward, scanning about for the presence of the dinobot leader.

2007-04-27, 02:20 PM
----------Tarn Outskirt----------
The sounds of battles can be heard all over the city. It seem silence outside the war zone but four engines rumbling toward the city.
"Bah! those lazy drones they always slow at sending some backup. Troops! Status!"
"OC1 Ready sir."
"OC3 Good to go."
"OC2! What's your status?"
"Y-Yes!Yes! Ready to roll!"
"Good then."
"What's our mission?"
"*sigh* I thought I told ya. Gather survivors and regroup then retreat or push the rebels back if possible. Any question?"
"No sir."
"Alright. Let's go kill those bastards."

Wardust now eager and ready to push the Allied force back.