View Full Version : a question on reviews, not sure where it goes.

2007-03-18, 12:55 PM
would i be allowed to review a unrealeased figure? like tf movie real gear longview?

2007-03-18, 02:15 PM
may I ask 'how' ?

or would you have to kill me afterwards ?

2007-03-18, 02:34 PM
If the figure's not completely different to the advertised upcoming regular one, sure, don't see why there'd be a problem.

I need to add in a movie toys category, actually...

2007-03-18, 03:12 PM
i got him a couple of months back. loose, but no testshot or other markings. fully painted. so it seems to be a production version, minus the packaging.
slartibartfast, do you mean where i got him? ebay obviously. and he is awesome.:laugh:

2007-03-18, 03:39 PM
sweet dude !

I'm a totally clueless noob where ebay is concerned, I still harbor these mental images of shady dealings in back-alleys and trenchcoats, people sellotaping shredded documents back together and discovering your inside contact brutally murdered for pre-release material.

... I should cut back on those conspiracy movies.