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2007-04-08, 03:18 AM
So, err, how long's it been changed?

Good job on it by the way, the old page was getting too cluttered. Though, if it did more like the comics section, and lead to a main index page, it'd probably work better, as those small links to the other review pages are rather easy to miss. (Not that I did at first, no sir :glance: )

2007-04-08, 03:37 AM
Originally posted by tahukanuva
So, err, how long's it been changed? About five minutes -- haven't quite finished yet. Trying to fix things for Internet Explorer (aka buggy, non-standard piece of crap style sheet support...)

The comics section main page will change at some point too, because it's very static -- ideally that would (semi-automatically) pick up updates to the sub-sections, or at least have direct links to some of the more useful content.