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2007-06-07, 06:33 AM
The battle that's drawing to a close is probably the biggest once since Unicron was around, so it occurs to me it might be fun to take a look at how badly we've beaten up our characters. My guys are a sorry lot right now...but then, being on my roster has always been a dangerous proposition for anyone not named Spinister. ;)

Bugly, Roadgrabber and Ghyrik are all dead. Not much more to say about them, really.

About half of Bluestreak is missing by now. Both of his doors have been ripped off, his rear windows are smashed, and his chest and midsection are compacted down to about half the size they should be. His missile launchers are probably gone, and even if they're still attached, they certainly aren't working. Oh, and his mind is still addled a bit from Slant trying to take over his body. The poor guy. :(

He's not as bad off as my pet Dinobot, though. Snarl is basically a walking, talking (well...mostly cursing) charcoal briquette right now. His armour is burned to a crisp and falls off if you look at it hard. His weapons all got melted, and IIRC he lost a couple fingers in the process. Oh, and parts tend to fall off if he moves too fast.

Fort Max is, well...gone, for the most part. Cerebros escaped and activated a downsized spare body that he'd stashed away just in case, but it's hardly the same thing.

Smokescreen is missing a door and one of his horns. Most of his windows are smashed, a dozen or so shurikens are stuck in his torso and legs, and he's covered with dents.

Whirl got shot so many times he looks like Swiss cheese.

Astrotrain got shot repeatedly by Afterburner, but he's too pissed off to notice. Afterburner got his head caved in by Astrotrain, which he most certainly did notice.

Buzzsaw's wings got torn to shreds, but Ratchet glued them back on, so for now he's only got some minor damage to his torso armour to worry about.

It's more quantity than quality of damage that's got Ramjet down. He's been beaten, clubbed, shot and blown up so many times that he barely remembers his own name at the moment.

Remarkably, Crosshairs, Hubcap, Spinister and Soundwave are still intact.

Anyone else abuse their guys as badly as I did this time around? :)

2007-06-07, 11:44 AM
Cosmos: patched up by Doc Ratchet after being blown from the sky by Landquake well, but too messed up in the head to join the battle.

Fizzle: bruised jaw :P

Guzzle: Mentally scarred, losing a friend and two comrades despite his efforts.

Sizzle: dead, having half his body burnt to nothing by a Heat Cannon.

Frenzy: Crippled from a shot in the back

Rumble and Slag: Minor Wounds all over from battle

Stranglehold: shaking like an epileptic and his shells gone into Subspace-stasis lock.

Haras: now has a soul.

Landquake: lost his Ultra M Armour,

Slicer, Thunderwing, Airwave, Eiramnna, Nautilus; Minor to intermediate damage

Triton: ahem,...

2007-06-07, 05:22 PM
Skyfire - Hole in a wing, shot in the shoulder. One or two others, I'm sure.

Jazz - Most of his left side is missing, and he's in critical condition.

Reflector - One of them got shot in the back, another one in the head. Can't remember which. Not doing so hot, anyway.

Scorponok - Missing all of his scorpion legs, cannons, and horns. Armor's half-melted. The Overcharge turret on his shoulder probably looks neat though...

Constructors - Hammer's bottom half got vaporized. Sledge is just a skeleton. Half of Knockout's head and one of Grit's hands are all that are left of them. Stonecruncher got an I-beam straight through him. Excavator's probably the worst off of all though - he ain't physically hurt, but he's still wearing Stonecruncher's encrusted fluids and the horror of watching his whole team disintegrate.

Gigs... somehow made it out okay. As did Derby. He needed a break after the pummelings he's taken.

2007-06-09, 08:44 AM
Well, not too much at the moment, though that could change quickly.
So far, Ratchet has been shot in the back, rammed into by a speeding copy of himself (Wrench), flung into a wall by the same collision, which collapsed on top of him upon impact. Good times.

....and a real nasty stab wound to the gut!!!!

re:edit...currently in stasis lock while his auto-repair systems repair internal damage caused during his scuff with Wrench.

2007-06-15, 01:07 AM
Let's see......

Prime: Missing both legs, a large chunk of one arm, the other a melted, twisted wreck, rips and tears in his armor, windshields smashed, stasis lock.

Ironhide: Battered, windshield gone, severe damage to his internal systems, stasis lock.

Grimlock: A few dents, dings, and some Sharkticon teeth stuck in his armor.

Roadbuster: Damaged in Tunnel Rat's self destruction, one arm hanging limp.

Bludgeon: A little dinged.

Hot Rod: Rear tires gone, transmission a pile of scraped metal, burns, holes, part of his wing torn.

Nightbeat: Battered and scortched.

Stepper: Shot up. As is Nebulon.

Tracks: Missing one of his front tires, windows cracked, finished ruined yet again.......

2007-06-25, 08:57 AM
Bullet bike and staxx: devoured by sharkticons
Charger: shoulder and leg partly gone
Krok and Loadrun: both patched up after being shot at and being partly devoured

2007-06-25, 09:46 AM
Chainclaw fur singed covered in fire retardant looking like mutant panda with attitude at the moment

Overdrive full of holes , flight controls severely damaged

Tunnel Rat : shell in lots of tiny pieces , body on lots of tiny pieces

Detritus riddled with laser and bullet holes body work hanging off

Landfill and Quickmix generally shotup

Scoop blinded , tracer not looking so good.

Chop Shop flambed claw mangled leg injured

Weirdwolf mentally unhinged but thats normal.