View Full Version : [Original RPG] Donning a suitable suit and sombre tone... (I'm Leaving)

2007-06-08, 12:33 AM
Hello everyone:

It probably hasn't escaped your notice that, in the last few months at least, their have been times when I haven't been giving my all to this great game. This has been due to my two sweeties, my beautiful boyís: at 6 months and 2 and a half, it's pretty much 24 hours Weaning, Teething and Potty Training. The last one is especially fun at three in the morning!

So, it has come to the crunch: and I'm afraid I have to leave the game. There just arenít enough hours in the day for all my life anymore, and as everything other then this isn't dispensable, I have to make the sacrifice.

(Wow, a lot of clichťs already.)

I will be playing till the end of Reclamation, and finding either Players to carry on my Characters stories, or find those characters a suitable end for which some one may take them on later. I have four or five specific guys that I really want to live on, and Iíll be Pm-ing people asking if they feel up to them. If anyone has a fancy for one of my guys, then drop me a line, weíll see what can be done.

I want to end this on a high note, both my participation and this post: itís been the best two or so years playing this game, and I have had a blast: from taking on BW Megatron and Thunderwing, to knock down drag out battles (Landfill Vs Slicer Mark 2 leaps to mind), to actual character development with the likes of Eiramnna and Haras, my little Quintys, and Fizzle, the stressed out strategist. I know Iíll be back for good one day, and Iíll pop by as and when I can.

Itís been the best time guys, and I wish it didnít have to end.

2007-06-08, 11:54 AM
Ah well, it's not like you're gonna be missed or anything.

2007-06-08, 03:17 PM
Best of luck VT. You know maybe i could twist the managements arm and we could start a Playskool gobots RPG get them hooked early.

Take care and lets hope we see you and DBF back here one day.

2007-06-09, 04:03 PM
I may not play anymore, but I'm sure you'll be missed. You were always extremely polite and helpful when I was playing -- furthermore, you kicked ass as Megatron. Hope things go well for both of you -- judging from posting on this message board: you're a top bloke.

2007-06-10, 09:26 PM
Wow, it seems the RPG's dying a slow, tragic death.

Best of luck Verytired.

2007-06-12, 12:40 PM
Arghh... another great player.
You'll be surely missed. Like other mods you help me a lot.
Hope you'll be back one day.
Best of luck and take care of yourself Verytired.

2007-06-23, 02:45 PM
In what can be seen as some sad quirk of my personality, nearly all of my characters ave been passed on, with the exception of:


Which is weird, as I see them as the better characters in my roster. If anybody who hasn't got some guys off me is interested, give me a shout, send me a bribe, all that.