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2007-07-07, 09:15 PM
It is the year 2025. After the Quintessons' expulsion from Cybertron and a short period of detente while both sides rebuilt, tensions mounted and the war for territory has begun again. Some, however, have refused to participate. Their reasons are many - survivors of the Quintesson occupation dare not risk battling their former comrades; idealists have grown anxious due to their taste of peace; and the jaded have come to collect their thoughts and reconsider their destinies. This ecclectic crew has taken residence in outlying Protihex, a city of little strategic significance. While their reasons vary, they share one fundamental mission: to live peacefully and sustainably away from the war, surviving on the land and their combined knowledge.



Derby smiled while he stepped back from his work and brushed his brow with his forearm. He'd become particularly dirty in recent times, something he wasn't used to, but he couldn't help it. There was always something to do - he'd needed to get this sign up, and after this he'd have to go back to the energon plant and make sure it was still operating.

Derby admired the sign and the commune's agreed principles etched on it proudly for a moment before turning to admire equally the stars. He couldn't remember seeing them so clearly and fearlessly in ages. Protihex was a poorly-lit city yet. Derby wasn't sure he wasnted to fix that.

Derby sat for a moment against the side of an abandoned tower looking out over a clearing, the scar of a war that no longer lived here, and he again broadcast his signal to the cities asking other Transformers to join them. He didn't know if it was getting through, but he needed to try.

2007-07-07, 09:56 PM
Tap Out trundled along heading for Protihex.

Following his experiences at both the hands of teh Decepticons and the Quintessons he felt he didn't fit in anymore. Some still regarded his partnership with a decepticon as deeply suspicious. Having tried desperately to take up the threads of his old life where they had left off he had grown listless and depressed. Hope had sprung in his processors whjen he picked up a signal from a colony of transformers who wanted a return to a peaceful existence. He was heading east towing a trailer full of supplies he had liberated , that might prove useful and at least one message.

Lord Zarak
2007-07-08, 12:23 PM
What began as rumour, became establised fact. The signal was proof of this

His reasoning broken, he knew that he would not be able to function as others expected. A strange sensation, this.

He felt....he felt! Never during the course of his inestimably long life had he ever felt before.

The war had taken its toll on him. Circuitry exposed, servoes failing and his logic had deserted him. Once the Quintesson's had been defeated he fell to the floor.Once he regained consciousness, he could feel the difference immediately.

Not physicall of course.

He saw the world before him in a new light...like he had been reborn. He appreciated the sacrifice of those who fell. He mourned them. He even felt pity for those left behind, who had to rebuild from scratch. This included himself.


He arrived at the source of the signal.

"Greetings", he began. "I...am Shockwave. I have come to help in any way I can."


2007-07-09, 03:57 PM

Derby couldn't have missed that giant purple frame incoming if he'd tried. At first sight, he scrambled to his feet and backed against the wall defensively. Were the Decepticons going back on their promise of noninterference? Derby forced reason to suppress his Autobot programming, and he pushed a smile through his latent nervousness.

"Hi, Shockwave," he chirped, pretending he wasn't familiar with him and extending a hand upward. "I'm Derby. Welcome to Protihex. What brings you to our little corner of paradise?"

Two blocks away, Haras tromped along the silent main boulevard with an armful of girders, closing the distance between himself and Derby.

2007-07-09, 04:23 PM
Tap Out drew to a halt by a freshly painted sign. Then spotting movemt he revved his engine to pull the weight of the trailer behind him and headed towards the signs of life.

2007-07-11, 04:07 AM
In the air

To an observer on the ground, he would first have appeared as a purple speck in the sky. But quickly, too quickly for the observer to truly be comfortable, the speck grew to be a distinctive aircraft, with forward-swept wings and a sharp, needle-like bow.

In days past, the sight of Cyclonus bearing down on the city from the air would have sent the citizens scrambling for cover, but no one paid him any mind. The ex-Decepticon was perfectly happy with that, though. He circled the downtown until he caught sight of someone moving down there in the low-populated city. Then he transformed, dropping from the sky and landing dramatically in robot mode.

"Good day," he said as he approached the being, who he noticed was, in fact, a Quintesson (Haras). Suppressing his natural instinct to squash the loathsome creature into the ground, he offered it a smile instead. "Do you need a hand with those girders?"

Lord Zarak
2007-07-11, 08:53 AM
As if unsure of himself, Shockwave's one hand met that of Derby.

"I am brough here out of neccessity, much like yourself I assume.
How many others, apart from them two", he motioned towards Cyclonus and Haras, "are there here?"

2007-07-11, 10:23 AM
Tap Out pulled up next to Derby and Shockwave unhitched the trailer and transformed.

Optics widening at the sight of Shockwave especially given his history as a POW and slave worker

2007-07-11, 05:36 PM

Haras pulled the beams into his chest, shrinking defensively at the sight of Cyclonus. Not that he was intimidated by him specifically - he just had a way of reacting that way to all Transformers. He still wasn't comfortable here. The purple one seemed friendly enough though.

"Okay," Haras shrugged. He didn't actually need the help, but he was afraid of offending sensibilities. Haras reached out to hand part of the load to Cyclonus.


Derby kept his smile while his optics followed Shockwave's direction toward Cyclonus and Haras. He hadn't seen that one around here either, though he'd heard rumors about him leaving the Decepticons...

"Well, we don't really keep a headcount," Derby answered while watching the others down the street. "Transformers come and go as they choose, though most who show up stay. There's a couple dozen I know off the top of my head. We sure would like if you stick around, Shockwave. What sort of skills do you have that..."

Derby trailed off and turned his head the other direction when he heard an engine approaching, and he smiled at Tap Out equally. "Hi there, friend. Welcome to Protihex."

2007-07-11, 10:09 PM

"Greetings my name's Tap Out i've got a message and a present for someone called Derby."

2007-07-12, 05:15 AM

Cyclonus took the girders from Haras without so much as a shrug, his massive strength letting him shoulder the burden with ease.

"Lead on, friend," he said as sincerely as he could manage. Now that he had gotten past his initial hateful response to Haras, he noted that the alien seemed to be a bit intimidated by him. Normally that would have been more than fine by him, but terrorizing the local population wouldn't help him finish his mission. And like it or not, finishing his mission was a prerequisite for getting the information he needed to learn Galvatron's fate.

"My name is Cyclonus," he told the Quintesson as they walked. "I'm only passing through your city, but I'll be here for a while. Do you know where a mech can find a recharge bed, by and chance?"

2007-07-12, 06:57 PM

Haras walked along toward his destination, not looking at Cyclonus.

"Yeah," he answered quietly. "I'll show you."

As he passed a half-broken building down the block from Derby and the others, Haras set his girders down among a pile of construction materials and turned to lead Cyclonus toward the residential quarter.


Derby cocked his head at Tap Out, glancing at Shockwave before answering.

"That's me," he said to Tap Out tentatively.

2007-07-13, 05:28 AM

Cyclonus dumped his girders where Haras had indicated, then followed along behind the Quintesson as he led the way toward the residential area.

"I have to say," the former warrior told him as they walked, "I haven't see many former Decepticons on the streets since I got here. Aren't my kind welcome here?"

The question was delivered in a perfectly level tone, showing none of the contempt Cyclonus thought he should feel for any Decepticon who would abandon their duties for this pipe dream of a commune. As tranquil as it seemed, this sort of life simply wasn't the Decepticon way.

But was my choice any different from the ones made by any of my brothers who've come here? I left the army because my sense of honour called to to something that could never be done while I wore the Decepticon badge. Who's to say that choosing the path of peace is any less honourable?

2007-07-13, 06:19 AM

"The present is in this trailer ."

Tap Out pointed

"its jammed full of supplies, as for the message i'd rather give it to you in privacy."

Lord Zarak
2007-07-13, 11:26 AM
"My skills?" replied Shockwave. "I have the most complete undestanding of logic that any being, mechanical biological or other, has ever possessed" as he said those words, he hoped it remained true.

"As such, perhaps a roll call or head count is needed? If this commune is to survive these hard times, then organisation is paramount to its survival.

"For instance, the supplies that our little friend Tap Out has brought. They should be recorded, ad details of distributio should also be recorded.

"I also think", a hint of rueness in his voice, " that a little tidy-up is in order?"

2007-07-13, 01:25 PM

<Big one. Gunhand. Not nice. (estimate threat value)

<New home. Hide. Peace. (caution recommended)


2007-07-13, 06:27 PM
Residential Quarter

"Oh no, they are," Haras answered Cyclonus nervously. He recalled what Derby had told him while they were talking about founding the commune. "There aren't many of them. But they're around. Probably working. Yeah. Probably working."

Haras passed into Cyclohex, a neighborhood of long-forgotten upscale homes along a spiral road gently rising to a half mile high. Haras walked along the silent incline slowly, looking for a residence he knew was uninhabited. He moved toward one with its windows dark.

"We just finished remodeling this neighborhood," he assured Cyclonus. "You can recharge here as long as you need."



It was Derby's first instinct to respond to Shockwave with hostility. But he did as he'd trained himself - he counted to five and remembered that he'd never met a Decepticon he liked right off the bat. Derby pushed through a smile.

"We're not too keen on organization," he answered Shockwave politely. "Kinda feel that's how this mess got started. But hey, those figures might be useful. You seem like the perfect mech to spearhead that project. Why don't you get started on this trailer while I talk with Tap Out here, and when I'm down we'll figure out where to go from there, okay?"

Derby turned to Tap Out and nodded for him to follow him down the street for some privacy. His optics widened while he walked - he couldn't believe he was giving orders to Shockwave! No, not orders, he reminded himself. Advice - help getting situated. That's it. He was just helping him.

"So what's up?" Derby asked his fellow Minibot softly when there was a half block between them and anyone else.

2007-07-13, 08:31 PM

Tap Out glanced around.

"Before i left i was approached by a friend or should I say friends of yours Doublecross he gave me this load of supplies, its mostly Con weapons plus obsolescent gear which would be on the to the junkyard, not cutting edge but solid reliable stuff thats easy to repair and maintain. He says he can keep you supplied but only stuff he can ease out of the system. He says he'll do his best but he won't endanger his Autobot teamates by selling them short. But he thinks you deserve an extra edge out here. He said maybe just maybe he could off the occaisional specific item . He also said to watch out for the Space Mafia, they'll probably see us as an easy target."

2007-07-15, 04:07 AM
Residential Quarter

Cyclonus nodded. "Thank you," he said as he entered the unoccupied residence. As he did so, he looked over his shoulder at Haras and said. "I don't believe I caught your name."

2007-07-16, 05:55 PM

Haras regarded Cyclonus with the same reserved eyes he had thus far.

"Haras," he answered unsurely, feeling strange to say so. The word's meaning was much different now. He still wasn't used to it.

Haras failed to ask Cyclonus' name, although he didn't know it. The thought just didn't come to him.



Derby grinned widely when Tap Out delivered the news.

"Shoulda known it was DC," he smirked nostalgically. "I knew I could count on him. Tell him thanks when you see him again, and I owe him one again... Say, what about you? Are you gonna stick around Protihex?"


The Suburbs

Eiramnna stalked along the empty streets at the head of the Sharkticon procession, his thermal pistols at the ready. He glared back at the column behind him now and again, admonishing their noise with looks that would kill. Reaching a familiar intersection, Eiramnna produced an electromap and examined it.

"Hypotheon," he said quietly without raising his head. "This is where we split up. Take your team Uptown. We'll rendezvous here in six breems."

Eiramnna pocketed the electromap and waved his squad of Sharkticons to follow him toward Cyclohex.

2007-07-16, 11:41 PM

Tap Out thought for a moment.

"I reckon i'll stay , i don't seem to fit in with the Autobots and i'm tired of war, what do you say room for a little one?"

2007-07-17, 03:42 AM

"I am Cyclonus," the aerial warrior announced, his voice taking on a slightly deeper, more baritone timbre as he spoke. He resisted the urge to adopt an imposing stance, as he so often had during his military days when he revealed his identity. He really didn't have any reason to intimidate Haras...yet, anyway. "Thank you for your assistance, Haras. If I can assist you with anything while I am in the city, feel free to ask."

As much as it galled him to make the offer to such a loathsome creature, he knew he had to win the locals' trust if he was going to be able to complete his mission.

The Suburbs

Hypotheon nodded in response to Eiramnna. That is to say, his entire body tilted forward in what was the closest approximation he could manage.

"But of course," he said in a slightly wavering tone. "I will see you then. Good luck."

The scientist waved his unit forward, then followed along behind, the tentacles on his left side rippling in anticipation while those on his right, as always, hung limply.

2007-07-17, 03:57 PM

Derby smiled to Tap Out.

"Sure. We take everybody here. Glad to have you aboard."

Derby caught himself giving Tap Out preferential treatment for being an Autobot and a Minibot at that. He glanced down to street toward Shockwave.

"So what's your specialty?" he asked Tap Out while starting back toward the Decepticon. "Just wanna help you get situated."



Haras watched Cyclonus into the residence before turning and bumbling back down the spiral hill toward downtown. He was at peace now, alone again.

Or so he thought.

Two levels down on the circle path, Eiramnna's team had begun discretely planting explosives at the bases of the mighty pillars that held up the neighborhood.

2007-07-17, 05:37 PM

Tap Out replied " By training i'm a Bodyguard, i'm fairly good at unarmed combat too, but i can turn my hand to most manual labour , in the Grease pits you learn fast."

Lord Zarak
2007-07-17, 06:05 PM
"I would be appreciative of the extra help in sorting out the supplies. Two sets of hands is always better than one"

Shockwave had seen the looks that the former Autobot ggave him. In the past, he had killed for less. But he let it slide.

The time for infighting is over - at least for now.

2007-07-17, 09:34 PM

Wheelie lay among the shadows on his stomach, digging his toes into a small pocket of rubble. Autobots were welcome here, it seemed, but so were Decepticons, after a fashion. He was too far away to scope any of the conversations, so he decided to ignore it all, wriggling backwards until he could find space enough to allow him to stand, and then slipped away quietly.

He had his sling, but no ammunition. He had lost his knife. He had better find something useful, just in case. Cyclohex might have opportunities; he jumped over a pile of girders, grinning to himself.

2007-07-18, 06:04 PM

Derby nodded to Shockwave, appreciative for the advice.

"Good idea. Would you wanna help out Shockwave with that, Tap Out? I gotta go down to the energon plant and make sure everything's still in order."

Derby glanced down the street when he caught some vague motion from the corner of his optic. By the time he looked, it was gone. Probably just a light buzzing out, he reasoned.



Haras' journey to the bottom of Cyclohex was winding down uneventfully when he caught the sound of a distant voice.

"Are the timers synchronized?" It sounded familiar.

Haras bumbled around the corner at the bottom of the hill, and behind the residence nearest the welcome sign, he spotted him.

"Eiramnna!" Haras gasped.

Eiramnna instinctively flipped out his thermal pistol and fired in the direction of the voice. By the time he recognized its owner, he was thankful he'd missed. Eiramnna regarded Haras with ambivalent eyes.

"Haras! I had heard you were hiding here."

Haras donned a defensive stature. "I'm not hiding. What are you doing?"

Eiramnna glanced at the Sharkticon next to him, clearly putting the finishing touches on a bomb's settings. "I am here to take you back with me." It was partially true.

"That's a bomb!" Haras observed. "You're going to destroy Protihex!"

Eiramnna approached Haras with menacing eyes. "Never mind. The infidel constructs deserve what they get. Now come. You and I must be out of the city in five breems."

Eiramnna put a hand on Haras' arm, to which Haras struggled for freedom. He felt uneasy and confused about betraying his brother's orders, but Haras knew this was wrong. When Eiramnna squeezed tighter, Haras answered with a raging left hook, knocking Eiramnna to the ground. A Sharkticon pulled a gun, but Eiramnna waved it to stand down.

"You have changed," Eiramnna snapped, nursing his jaw and pushing himself to his feet. "I will not care if you die alongside your precious constructs. You are already dead to me. Sharkticons, pull out!"

The Sharkticons retreated back toward the suburbs. Eiramnna backpedaled with them, firing his thermal pistols at the level above to bring debris down to hide the bomb. He couldn't have Haras tampering with it... but he couldn't bring himself to shoot his brother either. Eiramnna gave Haras one last cold glare before turning and jogging after the Sharkticons.

Haras looked at the pile of rubble helplessly, then began running back into Cyclohex. I've got to warn everybody!

2007-07-18, 09:22 PM
Approaching Cyclohex roadway


<Shadows. Move. Quietly. (scanning)

<Shadows moving quietly! (evasive action strategy available)

2007-07-18, 09:29 PM

Tap Out nodded slowly

"ok Chief , i guess this place is all about working together and putting aside our differences, so may as well start sooner rather than later right. Where shall we put this weaponry do you have an armoury?"

2007-07-20, 01:46 AM

Derby nodded to Tap Out and pointed vaguely into the distance.

"Yeah, we've been using an old testing silo next to the landfill at the edge of town. Head southeast - it's the biggest thing out there, you can't miss it. Oh, and sorry about the mess in advance."

Derby transformed to truck mode and started toward the energon plant.



Haras' eyes darted back and forth frantically while he lumbered up the slope as quickly as his bulk could manage. He'd warned those he'd seen so far, but he knew there were more in the area.

"Cyclonus!" he shouted toward the houses he passed. "Turbine! Stander! Everybody has to get out of Cyclohex! The neighborhood's been trapped!"


The Suburbs

With his troops in tow, Eiramnna arrived back at the designated rendezvous point. One of his Sharkticons produced a hand-held detonator for him, and Eiramnna stared down the city while his thumb waited patiently over the button.

2007-07-20, 10:21 AM

Transforming into vehicle mode, Wheelie broke cover as the last Sharkticon shadow disappeared. How he hated those things! He tore back down the roadway; it was not too far to reach the other Autobots (and the Decepticon) he had seen and warn them that something was going on.

Up ahead, a large truck started to roll away and he raced even faster, practically throwing himself, transforming, at the cab, where he clung wildly.

2007-07-20, 06:31 PM

Hypotheon wandered through the underground parking garage, double-checking the work of his gang of Sharkticons. His tentacles writhed in approval at what he saw.

They've done well. Between this and the other half-dozen underground sites, we'll wipe this neighbourhood off the map!

The scientist cackled a bit as he led the gang of troopers back toward the rendezvous point. With a quick flick of the tip of a tentacle, he used his remote to activate the bombs' timer fuses. Five minutes, and the constructs will be shown the error of their ways.


Cyclonus was heading toward the residence's recharge unit when he heard a strange noise in the distance. Had he not been a trained soldier, he probably would have dismissed it. But his well-trained audio sensors had no trouble telling him that he'd just heard a gunshot.

And that's particularly out of place here.

The Decepticon was already out of his door when he saw Haras running by. "What do you mean 'trapped'? Are we under assault?" Cyclonus couldn't fathom who would waste their time attacking a settlement of pacifists with no natural resources to speak of, but he also knew that not every high-ranking warrior was as rational as he was.

2007-07-23, 07:56 PM

Derby shouted in shock when Wheelie dove on his windshield, and the pickup inadverently swerved and rolled. Derby reflexively transformed mid-roll, scattering across the metal pavement until he slid to a stop on his chest. He lifted his head with an initial scowl that faded to mild scorn.

"What do you think you're doing, kid? You could get hurt jumping in traffic like that."



"Bombs!" Haras answered Cyclonus frantically. "Call Derby! And get out of the area as fast as you can!"

Haras had too many thoughts to consider Cyclonus hadn't met Derby yet. Rather he turned and ran back down the ramp, hoping Derby could warn the others before the imminent explosion.

2007-07-23, 09:42 PM

Rolling easily back to his feet, Wheelie braced himself right in front of the ex-truck and cut a pose:

"Get up and chase the Sharkticon!
You lie there - they'll long be gone!"
Wheelie say, must fight today,
For peace tomorrow, anyway."

He pointed back towards the Cyclohex roadway:

"They're not here to be our friends.
With Quintessons their friendship ends."

2007-07-24, 09:51 AM

The single lens of a small spy-drone blinked as it surveyed the scene. There was still enough space on its' memory spool for a few more breems recording before heading back to Kalis.

Deciding it would be safer airborne, it took off noiselessly and headed towards Cyclohex. Explosions made juicier viewing than car crashes. If it had lips, or feelings, it might have licked them in anticipation.

(ooc : this is Perceptors' doing :))

2007-07-24, 06:41 PM

Derby stared at Wheelie with a baffled expression, struggling to decode his riddle.

"Wha..." He pushed himself to a knee. "Sharkticons in Cyclohex?"

Still skeptical, Derby clicked on his radio and found an appropriate frequency. He kept his optics fixed on Wheelie.

"Anybody in Cyclohex seen a Sharkticon running around?"

Lord Zarak
2007-07-24, 08:34 PM
Shockwave transformed into his gun mode, still an imposing site even in this area of discarded hostilities.

He opened a comm to Tap Out:

"Do you know the way to the armoury?" There was a time when Shockwave would not have even considered asking that question.
Perhaps not knowing can be a strength he mused to himself as he waited ofr Tap Out to reply.

2007-07-24, 08:48 PM

Cyclonus tried to call out after Haras to tell him that he didn't know who Derby was or how to reach him, but the Quintesson was gone before he could catch his attention.

This isn't my fight. I shouldn't get involved. He shook his head firmly. But there is no honour in this. Killing pacifists for no reason...this is nothing short of murder! I have to do something about it!

The ex-Decepticon shrugged, then activated his comm on a broadband transmission. He spoke in his deepest, most imposing, commanding voice. "Attention all citizens of Cyclohex! This is Cyclonus, late of the Decepticon Army. Terrorists have wired the neighbourhood with explosives. We must flee now or die in agony!"

Almost immediately he saw citizens begin to flee their homes, but whether they were running from the bombs or Cyclonus himself, the warrior wasn't sure; in days past, many Autobots and neutrals had fled from the sound of his voice. But right now, he couldn't care less.

It wasn't until then that he received Derby's (although he was unaware of who he was speaking to) transmission. As he transformed to vehicle mode, he replied boomingly. "Sharkticons, no. Mad bombers, yes. Or so I am told."

2007-07-25, 04:48 PM

Derby's fuel pump dropped when Cyclonus' message came through. It was made worse by the terror he'd grown to associate with that voice. Bombers? Who? And why?

"Everybody to the bunkers!" Derby cried over the radio, scrambling to his feet. "This is Derby! I've got reports of Sharkticons and bombs in Cyclohex! Could b--"


The Suburbs

At the sight of Hypotheon leading his unmangled Sharkticons back to his position, Eiramnna checked the chronometer he'd strung around his wrist. It was good timing. As the numbers ticked away to zero, his thumb hovered ever closer to the button and depressed it methodically.


Cyclohex gate

All this running had caused Haras some physiological distress, but he couldn't stop yet. He'd just escaped the area, and he didn't know how far he needed to be to avoid the explosions.

Farther than he was, apparently.

The pillars exploded in a fiery shower of metal alloys. The pressure wave caught up with Haras quickly, tossing him effortlessly a hundred yards through the air to ricochet off the corner of an old apartment structure. He was unconscious well before the ritzy neighborhood fell on supports that were no longer there and collapsed into a monumental cloud of smoke.



Derby was caught off by the flash of the blast at Cyclohex, followed a few moments later by thunder and a similar explosion Uptown. He felt himself lunge and tackle Wheelie to cover him from what further attacks may come, all the while watching the horror in shock.

2007-07-25, 06:40 PM

Tap Out opened a com link to Shockwave

"i an old test......"

Tap Out never finished the com message as the shockwave of the explosion bowled him over his small stature vulnerable to the pressure wave. However his martial arts training kicked in and he transformed it into a forward roll . He landed in a crouch a pistol in each hand scanning the surrounding buildings.

2007-07-25, 10:02 PM

Crouching beside the much larger mech who had so swiftly shielded him, Wheelie quickly tapped into his survival programming and ran tactical simulations. He had taken care to scout the area when he arrived in Protihex several cycles ago; peaceful and integrated the small colony might be, but he knew his priorities, which was one of the reasons he had stayed hidden so long.

He nudged the other; Derby, hadn't he named himself?

"The high roadway has fallen down -
The bombers will not be in town.
Decide to save who you can save
Or follow me and be brave!"

2007-07-26, 05:33 AM
Highway - About an hour outside of Iacon

Destination: Protihex

A cycle fashioned in white and gold drove at a leisurely pace down an old highway, now about an hour in human measurement outside of Iacon, the cycle’s headlights pointing diagonally at the stretch of road ahead.

Protihex was quite a ways ahead still, but this didn’t daunt Groove in the slightest. Though he could have easily taken a transport and arrive in Protihex within several breems, he preferred the old fashioned way of travel. It was cathartic to be on the open road. It was liberating to have Iacon be nothing more than a memory behind him.

Though during the last year Groove had devoted his free time to Autobase's diplomatic wing, his stint with ISS' internal affairs served as an omen of sorts, it was all the motivation he needed. He left on a whim, turned in his badge to the ISS, explaining just enough for those who wondered. The rest was pretty easy for anyone to figure out, and word was sure to get around of his absence.

Still out of consideration, Groove opened his com-link - he needed to call a dear friend.

(OOC: See Iacon thread for details)

“He-llo, this is First Aid.” a voice cheerfully answered.

“Hi, First Aid.”

“Groove? I’ve haven’t heard from you in few cycles. How are you?!” First Aid said.

“I’ve been…alright.” Groove replied, his tone suggesting exhaustion.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. You should come down to Maccadam’s. I’m here with Ratchet and Inferno. I’m also a bit, he he he, ‘under the influence’, if you couldn’t tell.”

“No can do.” Groove said apologetically, “I’m…umm…out of town, or rather, on the road.”

“Oh. Then why are you calling?” First Aid inquired.

“I thought it best I tell you , being my closest friend and all.” Groove began, “I left the ISS. I'm being stationed in Protihex."

“Wait,” First Aid's tone became more somber. “Protihex? Why? And When are you coming back?"

“It’s a long story,” Groove sighed. “Streetwise or Hot Spot can fill you in....I’m just tired, First Aid. Tired of the ISS, tired of syndicates, tired of factions."

“Well, I think we've all had those thoughts at one time or another.” First Aid said emphatically. “Prime knows I have. Luckily, I have my work to lose myself in.”

“You’re lucky. You’re working to solve our problems.” Groove said.“ I think that's the reason why I joined up with the diplomatic wing. At any rate, do you remember the discussion we had several cycles back about perusing projects elsewhere? Well, that’s where I'm going. And I intend to be gone for awhile.”

"I see...”

“I need to do this, First Aid. This is my calling, and for once…I just want to be selfish.”

“I understand. I’d certainly join you, but my work is here in Iacon, and at the IMR. You will always have my support, Groove. Good luck. You will be missed.”

“Thanks, First Aid.” Groove kindly replied. “I knew you’d understand. I promise I’ll keep in touch. Later.”

2007-07-26, 04:48 PM

Derby could not tear his optics from the billowing clouds of smoke that were converging over half the city, even well after the shockwave had passed. A million thoughts crowded his CPU, bottlenecked into an incoherent mess of white noise. The rhythm and cadence of Wheelie's rhymes brought order back to the chaos of Derby's mind, and he looked down at the survivor with his shocked expression.

"Be brave?" he echoed spacily. "Kid, what are you gonna do?"

Derby pushed himself to his feet and looked down the road toward Tap Out and Shockwave.

"Is everybody all right?!" he asked frantically over the city-wide radio band.


The Suburbs

Eiramnna smirked at the sight of distant flame and smoke. He'd repressed the thought that he'd probably killed his brother. Haras was already dead, he reminded himself.

"Return to base," he commanded the Sharkticons and Hypotheon coolly. He took a long moment to admire his handiwork before turning and following the Sharkticons on the road back to Crystal City.

2007-07-26, 05:15 PM

The little spy-drone was having an orgasm. It flew above the carnage shivering with excitement as it feverishly tried to record in every direction at once. It homed in on a hapless transformer who had been crushed by a falling building and landed just out of arms' reach, watching as the dying transformer clawed feebly at the wreckage, reaching out in hope and desperation, before his spark finally fluttered and died.

can't get enough of that wonderful snuff. It mused gleefully.

Lord Zarak
2007-07-26, 05:52 PM
The force of the blast knocked Shockwave onto his left side. Still on the ground he trasformed and righted himself. As the smoke rose, years of combat experience kicked in. He knealt, and began slowy crouching his way towards Tap-Out.

In a wholly uncharacteristic move, he placed his hand onto a shoulder, and asked:

"Are you still functioning?"

He kept his single eye scanning as he kept up the contact. As Derby's message played out over the city, he replied

"Me and Tap Out are still functioning. There appears to be no indication of any saboteurs. However", he said, looking at what remained, "Their target seems to be our recently procurred supplies. However, I cannot be certain."

2007-07-26, 07:50 PM

"Many ways here and about
Sharkticons move, no doubt."

Wheelie held his arms wide and gave Derby a tight smile. He knew a lot about Sharkticons, that they were in no way bright enough to carry out a bombing attack of this kind. There was only one conclusion.

"Track them back where they come from.
Find out to whom they now belong.
Wheelie thinks - Quintesson!"

The last word was uttered with terrible venom.

2007-07-26, 08:07 PM

Hypotheon's tentacles curled in satisfaction as the explosions went off. "Ah, homeward bound," he said, smug victory evident in his voice.


Cyclonus had only just put enough altitude beneath him when the bombs went off; the shockwave from the explosion rocked him from tail to nosecone, flames licked at the trailing edges of his forward-swept wings. Once he was clear, he flipped his sensors over to ground-assault mode and began to scan for survivors. He felt a little odd as he did so; his core programming was screaming at him to finish off anyone he found, but he knew that he'd have to do the exact opposite if he was going to gain the locals' trust.

His scans turned up quite a few recently-deceased life forms, and only a handful still clinging to existence. And one of them...

Quintesson, he thought coldly, heading toward the life sign. Unconscious. Either my 'friendly' guide from before...or one of the attackers. Either way, he's priority number one.

2007-07-27, 05:19 PM

Haras remained unconscious under a pile of rubble and ash at the edge of Cyclohex.



Derby looked over Wheelie's head stoically toward the horizon, as though it would give him some insight about the perpetrators of the atrocity.

"You're probably right," he said grimly, thinking of Haras. "But I have to go help the survivors. I'm the only doctor in Protihex."

The reminder of his value infused Derby with valor. He put a hand on Wheelie's shoulder and pointed down the street.

"See that building? I'm gonna ask everybody to meet there in twenty breems to talk about this. I really hope you can make it."

Derby smiled at Wheelie genuinely before transforming to pickup mode and roaring off toward the fallen Cyclohex.

"I hear you, Shockwave," he radioed. "I need everybody who's okay to get to Cyclohex and Uptown and dig out survivors. After we have everybody stable, I want to meet at the Sterling Hotel on the corner of Platinum and Laser in twenty breems. We can talk strategy then."

Derby sighed. He hated taking charge and he hated talking military, but in a crisis situation he had no choice. He pondered on that while closing the distance with the monumental smoke cloud.

2007-07-27, 08:58 PM

Wheelie knew he would be of little use in the attempt to locate survivors and his medical knowledge was only field-basic. He clenched his fists and turned away as Derby began issuing polite orders; of course, if he was a doctor, his first priority would be to save lives rather than try to find out where the enemy had gone. But maybe... maybe Derby had said to be back in twenty breems.

Orientating on his internal map of the locality, Wheelie cross-referenced with the point at which he had spotted the Sharkticons and their general heading. Obviously, they were heading for the suburbs via the multitude of smaller roadways in lower levels of the city.

Transforming, he started off behind Derby until he found the first side-street he wanted and veered off to scout.

2007-07-28, 05:01 AM

Cyclonus made landfall in robot mode, landing atop a pile of rubble not too far from the Quintesson life sign he had detected. He started digging, then quickly stopped when he caught sight of movement out of the corner of his optic. He raised Nightstick to blast his target, then hesitated when he saw that the source of movement was only a spy drone. Then, setting his jaw, he fired a black light beam straight at the drone's video receptor, trying to blind it.

Confounded paparazzi!

Ignoring the drone, he let his Nebulan partner transform and the duo started to unearth Haras. He didn't respond to Derby, if for no other reason than he wasn't about to start taking orders from an Autobot...even if he decided to do as he asked in the end.

2007-07-28, 07:24 AM

Tap Out flinched slightly as Shockwaves hand touched his shoulder. He stopped himself from throwing the deception ove r his shoulder.

Must remeber we need to forget the past put our differences aside.

"i still function, what do you suggest should be our next course of action?"

2007-07-29, 01:43 AM

"Holy Primus!". Cliffjumper had always had problems keeping control when racing down a highway at full speed. So when an explosion went of to his side, he was barely able to keep from flipping out of control. "I better go check that out. Maybe I can get in on some action", he said to himself as he gained his composure and peeled of in the direction of the explosion.

(ooc: this is my first post, please don't be to cruel.)

2007-07-29, 02:29 AM

The spy-drones' glee disappeared as quickly as its' power of sight. In its' own personal world of darkness it mulled over the next course of action.

Taking off, it gained altitude before setting a course and flying towards Kalis using its' internel guidance systems.

(ooc : welcome aboard barricade818 :))

2007-07-29, 03:30 PM
Outside Cyclohex

Blaze Master got a bad feeling when he saw the explosion, and it wasn't from the sudden large drop in altitude.

2007-07-30, 01:09 PM
Beneath Protihex

With a swift transformation, Wheelie flipped onto his feet and dived for cover. He was being followed! There was without doubt someone just hanging back at the very edge of sensor range, not close enough to cause immediate concern and too far away to register as a threat, but Wheelie had always erred on the side of caution.

He was supposed to be tracking - not be tracked.

It was obviously no Sharkticon. They were all gone ahead, their trail marked only by occasional scuffs in the material of the roadway.

And he was unarmed....


Mirage dropped into a crouch and cursed. Up ahead, he could see only the open vista of an empty road.

His lightbox flickered around him and he disappeared.

2007-07-31, 02:55 AM
Somewhere outside the Cyclohex

"Blazemaster, Cliffjumper, meet up just outside the city in half a breem. Rapido out".

Lord Zarak
2007-07-31, 12:10 PM
"We should investigate, I think. We need to discover the location of the blast, and secure evidence of its' perpetrator. Are you in agreement?"

2007-08-01, 12:15 AM

Derby transformed once more and carefully set down his passenger, an Empty with a mangled stump for a leg. He sat on the sidewalk outside the Sterling Hotel, groaning along with more than a dozen other serious nonfatal casualties. The sight appalled Derby, but not as much as the number of inoperative he'd dug from Downtown's wreckage. While kneeling next to the most critically injured, a burnt amputee with respiratory problems and cauterized fuel lines, Derby clicked on the citywide emergency channel.

"Protihex, this is Doc Derby. Please finish up what you're doing and come down to the Sterling lobby so we can all talk about our next move. Hope to see you there. Derby out."

2007-08-01, 03:25 AM
Outside Protihex

"You heard the transmission, get to that location, immediately".

2007-08-01, 05:56 AM
Tap Out nodded slowly

"sounds good chief , we need to ensure that they aren't planning to strike again."

2007-08-01, 01:31 PM
Beneath Protihex

Mirage heard the open broadcast from Derby and hesitated. Making his way towards the area of the explosions, he had spotted Wheelie's distinct small shape rolling away. Maybe he was being unfair, but he had to find out whether Wheelie had been involved in some oh-so typical sabotage operation, unlikely as it seemed in Protihex.

"Slaggit," he muttered and dropped his cloaking. He rose and saluted. "See you later!" Then he transformed and, centering on the location of the transmission, roared away.

Behind him, Wheelie slid from hiding beneath the first rise of a walkway and grinned. No worries, then! But he was not going to return until he had some information to give. With a mocking salute, he again took up the trail.

2007-08-03, 09:49 PM
Sterling Hotel: Lobby

"...and that's as much as I know," Derby concluded, trying not to sound too grim. "There's a kid, uh..."

Derby looked around and snapped his fingers in the struggle to remember Wheelie's name.

"I didn't catch his name. Little orange Autobot, talks in rhymes. Anyway, he saw Sharkticons in Cyclohex before the blast, and he went to track them down and see who's giving them orders. Hopefully we'll have more info when he gets back. Let's hear some opinions. What should we do?"

Derby knew what he had to suggest, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He hoped someone else would.

2007-08-04, 12:28 AM
Hotel Lobby

Rapido had been standing in the corner listening to Derby talk. He could tell that this Autobot didn't have a lot of experience in combat or warfare. Rapido knew that if he wanted to catch the sharkticons, he didn't need help from these guys. He knew that him, Cliffjumper, Sideswipe, and Blazemaster could handle anything, but his leadership experience was telling him something different.

"I recommend organizing a militia as soon as possible. If you're not organized, then you only leave yourself open to another attack. Then we can worry about a counter-offense against the enemy".

2007-08-04, 04:37 AM
Highway, Outside of Protihex

It took a solar cycle, but Groove finally reached the outer limits of Protihex.

But rather than feeling a sense of excitement that generally comes from arriving in a foreign city, he was unnerved, a feeling like something was off.
The air smelt, or rather, his olfactory sensors detected the signature of radioactive particles and remnants of dust and ash still lingering in the air. The scent was relatively fresh, perhaps only a few hours old.

Groove, still in his cycle mode, increased his speed and raced towards the source of the anomaly. As Groove continued to accelerate, he hoped deep within his core processor that it was nothing to be concerned about.

With that thought, Groove adjusted his navigational systems to perform a diagnostic scan of the area, taking note of radiation signatures.

Ground Zero, Cyclohex

As Groove neared the source, he began to notice signs of destruction.

"This can't be right," he said as checked his on board computer.

When he finally reached what was left of the neighborhood of Cyclohex, his combustion chamber felt like it dropped. Before him, Groove saw a several mile wide crater that the neighborhood had completely collapsed into.

He reduced his speed then grinded to a halt near the carter’s edge, where the highway seemed to have crumbed away and fell into the sunken abyss. Quickly, he reverted back to his primary mode, and stood awestruck as he gazed over the crumbling edge of the road.

Groove would have cried if it were possible; iit was an unbearable sight, too much for him to process all at once. Without giving much thought of his own safety, he leapt off the collapsed bit of road and into the chaos bellow. Surely there were survivors.

2007-08-04, 09:13 PM

Mirage knew the Sterling Hotel. Long, long ago the original structure had played host to many a wild soiree attended by the rich and their hangers-on. It had been destroyed during the early fighting in this area and rebuilt at least five times on varying plots, but never so grand.

He scanned the area ahead, ever cautious and very much aware that he was about to exceed his mission perameters; still, Ironhide would approve, no matter how much he shouted about it later. Transforming to root mode, he walked the last street to the hotel, keeping his optics and radar open. Entering the huge old double doors, he saw the lobby was pretty much packed and could not help but notice several individuals he knew. That was Rapido, shadow-hugging over in the corner, suggesting something about setting up a militia.

Mirage smiled coldly and raised his hand in order to be noticed. "I concur," he called out. "You have to realise that the explosion will attract the attention of a lot of units - and not all of them will be friendly."

2007-08-05, 04:31 AM

Cyclonus managed to unearth enough of his quarry to see that it was, in fact, Haras. He kept digging, but quickly looked up when he saw another flicker of movement. Thinking the spy drone had returned, he almost raised his rust ray gun...but lowered it when he saw Groove.

"You! Autobot! Assist me!"

He didn't stop to think that he didn't have much grounds to be issuing orders. If the Protectobot's disgusting natural altruism didn't motivate him to help, the sheer, booming tone of command in Cyclonus' voice would be bound to do so.

2007-08-05, 07:19 AM
Sterling Hotel

Tap Out listened from where he'd recently arrived.

"the Militia is a good idea, in the long run i think we need to offer some kind of service that will make the Con's and bots wary of damaging us , something both of them can use a leisure complex, banking , a casino, something that makes us more valuable to them in one piece than lasted to scrap."

2007-08-05, 02:53 PM
Rapido had made up his mind, he didn't need to wait and hear what anyone else had to say. "I might be over stepping my authority, but if no one minds, I think we should choose the guys who are going to be running this thing. Leadership is crucial".

2007-08-05, 06:51 PM
Sterling Hotel

Derby had a hard time believing what he was hearing, and it showed on his face. A part of him was betrayed that these were Autobots making such militaristic suggestions, but he reasoned that this was why he'd needed to leave. Nobody truly represented the peaceful.

"Woah woah woah. Militia? Counter-offensives? Leadership? We formed this society on principles of non-violence and democracy. Authority is exactly what started the war in the first place. If we start building an army, we're just gonna become another faction in their war! Does anybody really want that?!"

Derby stopped himself. He'd let himself get too emotional. He forced calm, paused a moment, and spoke more evenly.

"Defenses, yes. We can't let them walk all over us, and we'll make sure nobody has to suffer for their beliefs again. But we can't forget the guiding principles of this community."

2007-08-05, 07:13 PM
Rapido was surprised. "Defense it is then, but you can't just go leader less. Without leadership, you're nothing".

Rapido couldn't believe anybody could think of going leaderless, it went against all logic. "Now I'm not suggesting we elect some sort of king. I'm just saying that we need people, who are chosen to guide people, purely based on the fact that they have more experience in a specific field".

2007-08-05, 10:47 PM
Sterling Hotel

Whilst he sympathised with Derby, Mirage could not but help agree with Rapido. There were things happening on Cybertron of which these more gentle inhabitants were unaware and that may well prove fatal. He knew from bitter experience that declaring neutrality did not in any way guarantee being treated as neutral.

"Might I suggest a compromise?" he said. "I understand military rule is furthest from what is wanted here..." (There were many nods, some calls of approval.) "But how about making up some sort of council to work alongside a protection force?

"At the moment, despite your laudable aims, you are drifting along. Sooner or later, you are going to need a form of government, especially if you are aiming to be recognised as an independent state. And you cannot ignore the fact that the city has just, for some reason, become a target!"

2007-08-06, 04:26 PM
Sterling Hotel

The outrage in Derby's voice a moment before had faded to despondency. He shrugged helplessly at Mirage's suggestion, again feeling ostracized as he had just before leaving Iacon.

"Let's put it to a vote then," he muttered. "All those in favor of leadership by council and the formation of a defensive force?"

The majority was not overwhelming, but it was a majority. Derby nodded cynically and glanced at Rapido.

"You seem to like taking charge. Why don't you head the council selection process?"

2007-08-06, 04:54 PM
Rapido wasn't surprised by Derby's decision to have him take charge.

"I was thinking of splitting the council into 3 main divisions. The first would be the division of civilians, these guys would take care of the needs of the civilians. Second would be the division of buildings and supplies, these guys would make sure that everyone has a place to live, food, and supplies. Last, we would have the division of defense, a small force of trained combatants, who would protect and serve the people".

Rapido paused for a few seconds, before starting up again.

"I think Derby should lead the division of civilians, I could lead the division of defense, and maybe Mirage can lead the division of buildings and supplies".

Rapido turned towards Derby.

"Derby, if I upset you, then I'm sorry, I was just doing what I was trained to do".

2007-08-06, 05:52 PM
Brawn sat in the corner of the lobby and listened to the conversation

2007-08-06, 09:04 PM
Sterling Hotel

For a moment, Mirage was non-plussed by Rapido's suggestion. While he did have the organisational skills to get the building works up and running, he was neither an Architect nor a construction worker, and he had other priorities. Then it occured to him that, by actively helping out in this way, he would get to see pretty much all of Protihex without needing to creep around and remain invisible.

"If Derby agrees, sure I'll be happy to help out. I'm going to need a crew capable of assessing the works, but I guess there are more than a few here already, judging by the jobs in hand. I would be interested to learn where fuel is coming from, though?"

2007-08-07, 02:59 AM
Ground Zero, Cyclohex

Cyclohex, now nothing more than a field of ruin, was as silent as a mausoleum. The all encompassing silence would have been agonizing if Groove’s cautious boot steps crushing the rubble beneath them hadn’t disrupted it.

As his slowly move his head from one side to the other, Groove probed the site for survivors, though by the looks of things it was looking futile.

Suddenly, just when he had lost hope, his diagnostics picked up the signal of two mechanoid life forms; one with a standard read-out, the other faint. Not being too far off from his position, Groove cautiously went to investigate.

As he neared the source, Groove was startled by a commanding baritone calling out to him - You! Autobot! Assist me!”

Running over to the voice, Groove caught glimpse of its owner, Cyclonus, whose icy optics were fixed upon onto him. Being unusually pacifistic in nature, too much for his own good, Groove was already predisposed to the idea that Protihex was a neutral zone, and dismissed Cyclonus as nothing more than a neutral rather than a being the once cruel Decepticon lieutenant.

Before the Protectobot unit had gone defunct, Groove’s unyielding trust and altruism to others used to grate on Blades’ sensorials to no end, who thought it as na´ve and imprudent. Of course, this was coming from the mechanoid who was the polar opposite, who trusted no one, and would sooner eviscerate a suspect (laughing all the way) before asking questions, so Groove never took mind of Blades’ grievances with him.

As Groove drew upon Cyclonus, he spotted the other life reading; a Quintessa (Haras), half buried in rubble.

Before speaking, a small cannon rose from a compartment on his right arm (OCC: Yes, these are the same cannons that appear on Groove’s god-awful action figure’s legs. Makes more sense having them on his arms), and pointed it at the debris that covered the Quintessa.

“Stand back. This should only take a moment,” he told Cyclonus.

Making the appropriate adjustments on the cannon, he shot a carefully precise stream of corrosive oxidizing liquid onto the wreckage. According to its schematic, the instrument that Groove wielded held the dubious title of “vaporator”, designed to shoot concentrated streams of corrosive chemicals - used with precision, at a very low setting, it comes in handy as a rescuing apparatus.

While he worked, the remaining bit of rubble covering Haras dematerialized until completely vanishing. Gently, Groove crouched down next to the body and placed his arm underneath the unconscious Quintessa to lift him out of the ground, signaling Cyclonus with a simple upward nod to assist him.

“Careful now,” he gently gently.

2007-08-07, 06:36 AM
Sterling Hotel

Tap Out stuck his hand up

"i'd be happy to run classes in unarmed combat."

2007-08-07, 07:15 AM

Cyclonus scowled at Groove, but it was a friendly scowl, if such a thing was possible.

"Thank you for your assistance," he said grudgingly as they lifted Haras out of the debris. "But I must see to getting this...person medical attention. Will you accompany me and meet the other survivors?"

Without waiting for a reply (because, truth be told, he didn't particularly care whether one of his sworn enemies accompanied him or not) he slung the Quintesson over his shoulder, then transformed into jet mode, expanding to accommodate Haras as he used to do when he transported Galvatron. Then he blasted off toward the Sterling Hotel, moving just slowly enough that Groove could follow if he so chose.

Lord Zarak
2007-08-07, 01:21 PM
"If we are going to help in the things that we are proficient in, perhaps I could be of use in the administration side?. As we are all aware, logic is my way of existence, and if administration is run according to logic, it should work without any problem." said Shcokwave.

2007-08-07, 01:29 PM
Outside Protihex

Wheelie dropped to his knees and scanned the ground carefully, trying to pick up any signs to indicate which way his quarry had turned off the main highway. Losing the trail was really annoying and he leapt back up to his feet, thumping his right fist into his left palm with frustration.

It was then that he noticed a shape lumbering back up the gentle incline towards him. Too late to hide, he fumbled for his weapons and, of couse, found none. The Sharkticon, for such it was, had a ferocious rifle tucked under one tiny arm appendage, but did not raise it and certainly did not actually appear to be beligerent - in fact, he looked weak and, as far as a Sharkticon could, ill.

Peering at the huge form, Wheelie observed that the Sharkticon wore a peeled and faded red symbol, a much-degraded Autobrand. With a sudden shout, Wheelie dashed up and called:

"You Gnaw - saw before!"

The Sharkticon grunted and fell into a quiet heap.

2007-08-07, 05:33 PM
Sterling Hotel

Derby nodded up at Shockwave.

"The former Decepticons need to be represented in any sort of government you form. We don't want them thinking we're an Autobot militia. Shockwave is a fine candidate."

Derby turned toward Rapido and shook his head.

"It's democracy. I was outvoted. That's as much as I ever wanted." He paused for a moment to reflect. "Didn't catch your name. I'm Derby."

2007-08-07, 07:47 PM
Sterling Hotel

"I'm Rapido, and I'm glad to have Shockwave helping us out. It's nice to see someone else who understands how important logic is".

2007-08-08, 02:16 AM
"Logic is pointless as long as you can crush who you are opposing..." Brawn replied irked.

2007-08-08, 03:17 AM
Rapido was already angry with this Brawn guy.

"Logic is everything!"

2007-08-08, 08:37 PM
Sterling Hotel

Mirage stepped into the yawning gap which signified the start of a full face-off.

"Whoa, there! I for one would not like to see a breakdown in relations before we have even agreed the basics.

"Brawn, please respect the less warlike citizens who reside here. This is their chosen home and we are trespassers, even if we came here with the best of intentions."

Lord Zarak
2007-08-09, 02:04 PM
"As always Brawn, you show up yourself with impetuous remarks such as that one. As for an Autobot Militia...I doubt it would ever have been named as such. Is it prudent, for the moment, to call the 'militia' the Defence Force? Appearances are everything for the less than proficient in logic." replied to Shockwave. Was that a hint of....sarcasm? he asked himself.

2007-08-09, 03:26 PM
"I agree, it's not a militia, it's a defense force. A police force of sorts."

Rapido had surprised himself. He had gotten angry over one little thing. As soon as he was done talking, he signaled Cliffjumper and Sideswipe to back down, and keep their cool.


Hotel Lobby

Cliffjumper had almost shot Brawn. He knew that Rapido had told him to stay on the low when they entered the town, but he was still nervous. If it wasn't for Rapido telling him to stand down, they might be in the middle of a firefight right now.


Hotel Lobby

Sideswipe was beginning to get anxious. He knew that things had to be planned and all that stuff, but he wanted to get to work. For all anyone knew, there could be another attack tomorrow, and the sooner things got going, the better.

2007-08-09, 05:15 PM
Hotel Lobby

Mirage watched his fellow Autobots stand-down and felt the relief wash through him; they were so incredibly tense and he could probably guess why. He also felt surprise at Shockwave's uncharacteristic tone of delivery, although he chose not to respond to the (ex?) Decepticon.

"If no one objects, I would like to ask Rapido and his companions to join me on a quick tour to get an overview of Protihex's current situation. That would leave Derby with the opportunity to discuss the proposals with his fellows."

Without the possibility of Cliffy losing it and taking Sideswipe along for the ride, Mirage added silently to himself. Besides, he wanted to talk to them in private.

2007-08-09, 05:52 PM
"I'm sorry about that last comment, it wasn't a way to start an impression. It's just so boring here not being able to kill anything." Brawn replied to the tension, "The name's Brawn by the way."

2007-08-10, 12:41 AM
Hotel Lobby

"Sure, we'll take you up on that tour".

Rapido signaled his men, and they quickly followed him outside. As soon as they were outside, he radioed Blaze Master.

"Blaze Master come in..."


Above The City

Blaze Master had been patrolling around the city, when he heard from Rapido.

"Right away sir. I'm on my way there as we speak".

2007-08-10, 04:13 AM
Sterling Hotel

Cyclonus transformed and dropped smoothly to the ground, striking sparks from the pavement as he landed, already running toward the hotel door. He charged into the lobby, only his quick reflexes letting him dodge past Cliffjumper, Mirage and a host of other Transformers as he lugged Haras around in a fireman's carry.

"Is there a medic present?" he demanded in the deepest, most booming voice he could produce.

2007-08-10, 01:12 PM
Sterling Hotel

Mirage pulled up short and spun on his heel to watch Cyclonus. Now, that was the way to make an entrance!

He caught the sudden redeployment of both Cliffjumper and Sideswipe's weapons and glanced at Rapido for some support.

"We are no medics - let Derby sort it out. We should start our reconnaisance soonest and, if anything important comes up, I'm sure they'll let us know."

2007-08-10, 03:58 PM
Sterling Hotel Lobby

Derby's head spun when he heard the M word. He was greatly relieved when he saw Cyclonus and his burden.

"Thank Primus you found him!" he shouted while running up to the menacing ex-Decepticon. "I thought he'd been vaporized! I'm a medic, I can take care of him. Just set him down on that couch over there, would you?"

2007-08-10, 04:37 PM
Outside Hotel

Blaze Master swooped down, landed, and transformed.

"Now that we're all here, I think we should get started." said Rapido.

2007-08-11, 04:45 AM
Sterling Hotel

Cyclonus ignored everyone but Derby, placing the injured Haras where the medic had indicated.

"Now," he boomed, looking out at the rest of the room, "what in the name of the Dark Lord is going on in this city? Who would bother blowing up an encampment of pacifists?"

He swept his gaze across the crowd, seemingly looking for answers, but really on the lookout for the target the Space Mafia had sent him to find.

2007-08-11, 05:01 AM
Ground Zero: Protihex

For a moment, Cyclonus’ rather unfriendly demeanor caught Groove off guard as the ex-Decepticon lieutenant transformed and took flight, but then considered the source.

“Hmph,” Groove grumbled. “You’re welcome.”

Groove reluctantly took Cyclonus’ “invitation” to thought, pondering if he should remain on the site to recover any possible survivors from the attack.

After much consideration, he decided to follow Cyclonus to the Sterling Hotel; perhaps an explanation could be had. With his plans for aiding the Protihex situation in an ambassadorial capacity irrevocably being shattered, Groove reverted back to his cycle mode and raced off to the Hotel.

“I guess, no matter where I go, instability is sure to follow.”

2007-08-11, 07:53 PM
Protihex Streets

"Get up!" Wheelie practically screamed at Gnaw for the umpteenth time, failing to pull the damaged Sharkticon to his feet. "No friends here - must get clear!"

Despite the energon rations he had greedily devoured, Gnaw was obviously hurting too much to go any futher. There was a thin trail of dark oil marking their slow and agonised progress along the roadway, which Wheelie was worried about for more than one reason; they were an easy target out here, visible from both ground and air.

When he heard the sound of an engine gunning and getting ever nearer, Wheelie pulled up Gnaw's weapon, heavy and awkward as it was for him, and prepared to defend them.


Rapido gave him a nod, and Mirage began to stroll away from the Sterling Hotel. "So: any thoughts on why this lot have become a prime target?" he asked. "It's not as if they are in any way dangerous to either faction."

Receiving no reply from any of the Autobot company following him with weapons bristling, he stopped, turned back to face them and smiled tautly. "Space Mafia, anyone?"

2007-08-11, 09:01 PM
Protihex Streets

"It might be the Space Mafia, but it could be anybody. Who ever is behind this, wants to show everybody that if your not with them, you're against them, even if you are neutral" said Rapido.

2007-08-11, 09:35 PM
Protihex Streets

"That so sounds like a line for Megatron to deliver," Mirage noted sourly. "Only, we both know that the 'Cons are not in this - well, not openly. You've probably heard there is more than a bit of suspicion some Autobots may be involved.

"Call me suspicious, but this would be the ideal place for someone to hide out and ply their trade. Or to lie low if they were in trouble."

2007-08-12, 03:01 AM
Protihex Streets

Rapido found Mirages trust in him to be surprising. Spies weren't suppose to be that trusting, even towards higher ranking officers.

"So, who sent you and what's your mission?"

2007-08-12, 11:44 AM
Protihex Streets

Mirage shook his head self-disparagingly. "Nobody sent me, Rapido," he said. "I volunteered."

There were a lot of operatives out in the field at present, and Mirage could not be sure exactly why Rapido and the others were here; he had hoped that, by dropping some broad hints, he might find out. He might be outranked, but that did not mean Rapido had more information than he did.

"Someone needed to check out the lie of the land and establish whether the whole peace thing was real or just a clever facade. I want it to be the former, but there are plenty of others, I fear, who are going to abuse these units' trust. I've seen too many victims of innocence."

2007-08-12, 02:25 PM
Protihex Streets

"I couldn't agree with you more", said Rapido. "Well, lets finish up this tour and get back to the hotel".

2007-08-13, 03:35 PM
Sterling Hotel: Lobby

Haras' consciousness returned to him with a cringe. The pain was intense enough to blurr his vision. Through the haze, he identified Derby's worn orange paint.

"Eirrrrama..." Haras moaned before passing out again.

Derby regarded Haras with a confused expression, then turned to look up at Cyclonus to explain.

"Eiramnna is his brother. We suspect he's been leading the Quintesson survivors. He might have seen him."

Or he might be delusional. Derby pulled his toolbox from his leg and began scanning the Quintesson's injuries.

2007-08-14, 04:49 AM
Sterling Hotel

"I see," Cyclonus told Derby in a low tone. He was obviously distracted, though.

Brother of the leader of the Quintesson terrorists, is he? That could prove useful, if other avenues don't pan out. Cyclonus wasn't quite sure how he might make use of that little factoid just yet, but he was sure there were ways. But he found, to his surprise, that he preferred not to explore that route.

This creature saved my life. Hated Quintesson or not, five-faced scum of the nebula, the corner of his mouth quirked up in a small grin as he mentally quoted one of Galvatron's more inane epithets, or not, he deserves better than to be made a pawn in my personal game.

The smile grew just a tad deeper as he caught sight of a familiar face (or, rather, a familiar set of five faces) in the crowd that had gathered in the lobby. That's my mark, he thought. Excellent. I'll have to introduce myself, find out where he's staying...and then call it in to Black Shadow. And if the criminal scum doesn't hold up his end of our deal, there will be the Inferno to pay.

2007-08-20, 05:55 PM
Sterling Hotel: Lobby

Derby watched Cyclonus' shifting expressions with confusion. What the Decepticon was thinking he could hardly guess. But then he still didn't understand most Decepticons...

"Uh-huh," he started unsurely. "Well uh, thanks again. If you find any other survivors, please bring them down to the hotel. I'm sure I'll be here working on them for half an orn."

Derby kept his optics on Cyclonus a moment while turning his head toward Haras. Shrugging off the creepy notion, he began reading the results of his scans.

2007-08-22, 08:18 AM
Sterling Hotel

When Groove finally reached the front of the Sterling Hotel building, he transformed back into his primary mode.

He stood there as he scanned the building and the surrounding area.

“Well," Groove sighed. “If the information that mechanoid gave me was accurate, this must be where the some of the survivors have gathered.”

Following that thought, Groove approached what seemed to be the door to the main entrance hall of the hotel. Pushing his way through, Groove slowly walked through the main corridor, again taking in the new surroundings.

“Hello?” he called out, but to no reply.

As he drift through the main corridor, Groove heard several voices coming from the other end of the room. Following them, the voices lead him to the main lobby where several of Protihex’s citizens had gathered.

Standing at the archway of the lobby’s entrance, he rapped his knuckle gently on the side paneling of the door, hopefully to stir someone’s attention.

“Umm, excuse me?” He said politely to anyone who happened to be listening.

2007-08-22, 06:14 PM
Sterling Hotel: Lobby

Derby's head spun instinctively when he heard Groove give an unsure welcome. He'd heard that tone a hundred times, a wounded comrade confused and too timid to think his injuries were as serious as they were. Derby sighed when he realized it was just another newcomer.

"Hey there, friend," he answered in a somewhat rushed voice. He turned his attention back to his work on Haras while he continued. "Looking to get away from the war?"

There was a touch more cynicism in his voice than usual. He couldn't stop thinking.

2007-08-23, 02:38 AM
Sterling Hotel: Main Lobby

Sensing Derby’s cynicism, which he understood perfectly well having been to Cyclohex upon his arrival to Protihex, Groove apprehensively approached.

“Well, sort of,”Groove replied. “My presence here was originally in an ambassadorial capacity. You know, assess the state of affairs, offer my services, request resources and additional manpower, etcetera, etcetera.”

“But pardon my rudeness. My name is Groove. I’ve come, on my own accord, and on behalf of Iacon. I assure you, my intentions are “goodwill” in nature,” he said. “It seems my timing couldn’t have been…well, umm, I don’t want to say ‘better’. Have any other nations been notified of what has happened here?”

2007-08-23, 05:55 PM
Cyclohex, amidst the ruins

Perceptors' ship came to a stop. In all truthfulness it had never moved, and had actually got to Protihex by a different and wholly unnecessary method. But to all intents and purposes, it stopped.

The building-sized ship didn't have any of the conventional bits spaceships had. Mostly made up of tubes and wires, it blended in quite well with the chaotic devastation of Cyclohex, save perhaps the chair, table and parasol sitting on top of its' spherical body that Perceptor was currently packing away and hiding. It was more mess amongst mess.

Satisfied that without close inspection it would go un-noticed, Perceptor turned his attention towards the activity in the distance. He spoke to the ruins "I require a perimetry survey." and transformed as six spy-drones took off, one of them catching him mid-air as the tiny squadron flew towards Sterling Hotel.

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2007-08-23, 10:54 PM
Sterling Hotel: Lobby

"What, you mean Polyhex?" Derby shook his head at Groove before getting back to work on a patient. "We don't have diplomatic relations with the Decepticons. Not that we prefer the Autobots. You're just the first ambassador we've had."

Derby thought a moment and looked up at the Protectobot.

"So what's Iacon doing sending somebody here? Nobody seemed to care about us until recently."

2007-08-24, 04:44 AM
Sterling Hotel

Cyclonus kept a loose eye on the Quintesson he had been sent to find, and when the Judicial started to head for the door he followed quietly behind him.

"Do you want something?" the judge asked as he floated out the door.

"In times like these," Cyclonus told him, "none of us should wander alone, you least of all." He gestured toward the Quintesson's distinctive death face. "After all, you are fairly distinctive."

"You think someone would blame me for these attacks?" The judge seemed taken aback.

"I think that the people in this city are scared," Cyclonus told him. "And I think scared people do things that they wouldn't do, if they were thinking straight." He shrugged. "To a scared Transformer, all Quintessons might look the same."

"I take your point," the judge said. "Would you mind accompanying me for a while, so I can get home unmolested?"

"Not at all," Cyclonus said, carefully restraining the grin that wanted to bloom on his face. If his prey was foolish enough to trust someone like him, he wasn't going to blow it by telegraphing his malicious intentions. Or rather, the malicious intentions of his employers. Cyclonus himself couldn't care less what happened to the judge.

2007-08-24, 11:40 AM
Protihex suburbs

Wheelie could hear that whoever was approaching, one fairly powerful engine partially drowning out several others, was not heading straight for them, but circling round the nearby street complex to come up from the rear. Nervously, he shifted the rifle.

"Gnaw - stand up!" he hissed. "Maybe ill - menacing still!"

The Sharkticon made a valiant effort, but without success. Oil continued to leak from his damaged body casing, forming a growing pool around him.

2007-08-25, 02:31 AM
Protihex Suburbs

As Rapido rounded a corner, he caught sight of two Transformers with their guns raised. Immediately, his gun was up, as was Cliffjumper's, Sideswipe's, and Blaze Master's. "Drop your guns, and we won't shoot", said Rapido, in a very powerful, booming tone.

2007-08-25, 08:32 PM
Protihex Suburbs

Wheelie moved quickly to cover Gnaw, allowing his fallen friend enough room to shoot past if necessary and, indeed, if possible. The newcomers were Autobots (he recognised them all), but their spokesmech's tone was challenging.

"Rapido shoot - Wheelie shoot," he snapped.

Mirage interposed himself, hands held out as if to thrust the two parties apart. "There is really no need," he said. "I admit I was watching Wheelie at one point, but I hardly think he's our enemy. And he seems to have caught a Sharkticon..."

Wheelie grimaced, gun still held in his straining grip. "Gnaw my friend - 'til the end."

"Oh, is that Gnaw?" Mirage stepped a little closer. "He went missing from Iacon quite a while ago. Hot Rod asked about him, but no one knew where he went."

"Well, he is here - do not jeer! We need help."

2007-08-25, 11:13 PM
Protihex Suburbs

"Okay", said Rapido, "how can we help?"

2007-08-26, 01:18 AM
Five shapes lumbered into the city, almost out of power and in a bad need of an oil change. Nevertheless they kept trudging on. Each had awoken with the others in the middle of nowhere, and wth no memory either.

Choosing to stick together, they'd begun walking, and had kept wlkaing, now they'd found a town. Maybe someone there knew who they were.

Granted most transformers knew the Combaticons, they were all there, but none had a clue who the others were, let alone themselves. Brawl lead them, followed by Vortex and Onslaught. Blast off and Swindle trailed behind.

In the distance they saw some robots moving. Relief at seeing someone else flooded their circuits as they picked up the pace, almost running at the figures in the distance.

(OOC: Hope you don't mind, wasn't quite sure where to putthem. anyone interested?)

2007-08-26, 04:12 PM
Protihex suburbs

"Judging by that spillage, I think we'd better try to haul Gnaw back to Derby for patching up," Mirage remarked.

"That OK," Wheelie chimed, dropping the gun and kneeling beside the injured Sharkticon. "Help today," he went on, patting Gnaw reassuringly.

Mirage glanced back to Rapido, then back to Wheelie and was about to speak again when he noticed five figures toiling towards them out of the distance...

2007-08-26, 04:42 PM
Sterling hotel : Lobby

It was a shambles. Most of the transformers who had any sense of initiative had already left to patrol the area in disorganised warbands, or were arguing amongst themselves as to why they had been attacked. Some were tending to the injured, but most were gawping, muttering in huddled groups like sheep waiting for a shepherd... or a wolf. Perceptor saw a glimmer of hope in these sadly pathetic beings. How quickly the ways of war could be forgotten, and peace firmly embraced, to the point of dispair when the cradle rocked.

He scanned the crowd, memorising the spectrographic signature of those present as his silent chariot swooped through the large doorway, so far un-noticed amidst the hubbub of the gathering, and dropped him. As he transformed to robot mode, he drew a well-worn, heavy, brown cape from his subspace locker, and landed in a theatrical crouch with only his head and bright red shoulder canon visible above the thick cloak.

He rose with a cheery smile on his face, he was enjoying this. "Greetings. may I enquire the mandatory parties ?"

Outskirts of Protihex

A hidden spy-bot scrutinises the approaching combaticons.

2007-08-28, 12:04 AM
The combaticons continued to run, oblivious to how much it looked like they were attacking. Except the one formerly known as Swindle

He stopped running and looked straight at the spy-bot, his sensors giving some odd readings. Shrugging, he started again quickly catching up with the others.

2007-08-28, 04:49 AM
Sterling Hotel: Lobby

“Err, umm, well, I won’t deny that Iacon has been rather apathetic in the past,” Groove timidly answered the seemingly indifferent Derby. “But that’s one of the primary reason why I initially came. A small minority of us are hoping to change Iacon/Protihex relations. Not all of Iacon is interested in “self-perpetuation” or strengthening foreign relations for the sake of future business interactions while appearing to be proactively involved.”

Groove then turned his gaze down to Derby’s patient (Haras), immediately recognizing the unconscious Quintessa that he helped rescue earlier. His expression did little to conceal his concern.

Worrying that he might be perceived as gawking, Groove looked back to Derby. “But I have been presumptuous, and for that I apologize,” Groove nervously rubbed the back of his head. “Anyhow, now is not really the time for such discussions. Protihex has been threatened. I am here to help any way that I can. If it pleases Protihexian authority, that is.”

2007-08-28, 09:09 AM
Protihex Suburbs

"We're under attack!" Mirage yelled, dragging out his sidearm from stowage and moving forwards to take up position beyond Wheelie and Gnaw. Not tactically sound, perhaps, but taking point so obviously would allow his fellow Autobots to configure suitable defensive action.

In an instant, Wheelie was beside him with the big Sharkticon weapon whining as it powered up to maximum. "Wheelie fight," he snarled. "With all his might!"

Oddly, though, the Decepticons did not start the shooting Mirage expected, even though they were patently within range...

2007-08-28, 09:48 AM
The combaticons heard Mirage's yell, not that they recognised him, and picked up the pace, hoping to avoid whoever was coming. Three robots stood ahead of them. The largest stood in front as was clearly leading them, another vrouched beside the thrid, who appeared to be damaged.

It was Vortex who first made the connection, they three thought they were attacking! He skidded to a halt, causing Onslaught to run into his back. Both decepticons fell, leaving Onslaught's fusion cannons (on his back) pointing right at the three.

Brawl like wise ran into Pay-Load, leaving his own plasma motar pointed in the same direction, though neither weapon fired.

Swindle stood there for a moment before realising just how bad a first impression they were making. He dove for a doorway.

2007-08-28, 01:40 PM
Protihex suburbs

Prepared to open fire, Mirage was not prepared to watch the attackers suddenly engage in an unusual manoeuvre, which effectively left them stacked on top of each other to deploy their armaments. All except one (Swindle?), who gaped and dived down for cover.

And none of them opened fire...

There was a tense moment and Mirage could practically feel Rapido, Cliffjumper and Sideswipe moving to attack positions behind him.

2007-08-28, 10:16 PM
Sterling Hotel: Lobby

Derby was beginning to let his cynicism fade, but those last couple words Groove had used - "Protihexian authority" - earned only a hardened grunt. Derby had done so much to make dispel that phrase from a hundred newcomers, but this time he couldn't.

"That's a new concept around here," he answered absently, having done as much as he knew on Haras and packing up his tools to move on. "Authority, I mean. You better ask Rapido, Mirage, or Shockwave about it. I think they appointed themselves in charge. I'm just a robot." Derby paused. "But if Iacon's looking to dispense some goodwill, call 'em and tell 'em they can start by sending some engineers to help us clean up this town."

Derby walked a few feet off and kneeled next to another patient, but not before spotting an Autobot he recognized. The familiar face both soothed and worried him.

"Perceptor, right? What are you doing here?"

2007-08-28, 10:30 PM
Swindle waited for the shooting to start. It was a bit of an anticlimax when it didn't. He leaned out of the doorway. The other combaticons were picking thmeselves up, or trying to.

Onslaughts servo's whinned as he tried to get off Vortex, the best he could do was a side on roll while low power warns flashed in his vision. Brawl was having similar problems. Swindle dashed over and helped him off Blast-off (soz mixed up names for him), who promptly got up. They both supported Brawl as they looked at Onslaught.

Vortex tried to lift Onlaught, but he was too heavy for the single combiner. He looked at the tall, blue and white robot
'I don't know who you are, but can you lend a hand, his power cells are near empty, all of ours are.'

2007-08-29, 01:15 AM

Rapido, not taking his eyes off the Decepticons, whispered to Mirage. "It's your call".

2007-08-29, 09:44 AM
Protihex suburbs

"They don't look too good," Mirage remarked to Rapido. "If they are trying to distract us with comedy, I would say they are in no state to attack." He lowered his gun, making a conscious effort to relax. "Maybe they've just come to Protihex, like most others, to find peace?"


Wheelie took a step backwards and placed a hand on Gnaw's terrible, sharp-jawed head.

<Enemy. Hurt friend? Perhaps not. (evaluate anomalous behaviour)

The gun was too heavy to tote in one hand. His finger contracted on the trigger spontaneously...

2007-08-29, 11:20 AM
Vortex's reply was cut off by the shot, which sailed right by his head. Though the shot itself was wide, it came close enough to Blast-Off, Brawl and Swindle to trigger automatic response subroutines.

All three hit the ground, hands took weaposn from ports they didn't know the had and in a moment both Swindle and Blast-Off had guns pointed at the autobots, while Brawls mortar fired a shot, it was high, to force the enemy to find cover. But there wasn't anough power in his systems to charge a full shot, so the bolt that emerged fizzled almost immediately after leaving the barrel.

'Stop!' yelled Vortex, 'we've been walking for cycles, all we need is energy and we'll move on if that's what you want, we'll leave...whatever this place is called.'

2007-08-29, 11:54 AM
Protihex suburbs

Mirage hit the roadway, onboard laser-targeting systems fixing on Brawl, who just stood there and looked awkward.

The mortar failed rather embarrasingly...

Vortex held out his empty hands and called: 'Stop! We've been walking for cycles, all we need is energy and we'll move on if that's what you want, we'll leave...whatever this place is called.'

What if they get energy, though? Mirage asked himself grimly, rising onto his knees. He gestured with his gun. "Lay down your arms. Oh, and welcome to Protihex."

2007-08-29, 12:41 PM
'Arms?' Vortex looked back over his shoulder, to where Swindle and Blast-Off were both staring in puzzlement in the guns that had practically materialized.

'Why didn't you two tell us you had guns, we could've used their power cells.'

'We didn't know we had 'em,' Swindle replied, Blast-Off shrugged.

'Well toss them down,' Vortex practically ordered.

'But what if-'

'If they shoot again, our power reserves are too low at the moment to care. Throw them down.' Both Swindle and Blast-off threw their guns to the side.

'Now give us a hand,' Vortex told Mirage, 'and you may find it helpful to no shoot at every robot you see.' Hr was blissfully unaware of the irony of a Combaticon telling an autobot not to shoot first.

2007-08-29, 08:34 PM
Protihex suburbs

With a nod, Mirage climbed to his feet. "This was a peaceful city," he remarked with not a little sarcasm. "You want to ask them any questions, Rapido, sir?"


Wheelie, suddenly and surprisingly, dropped the gun, his attention focussed on the fallen Sharkticon again. "Gnaw is beginning to fail," he noted quietly. "This is now an emergency situation."

2007-08-29, 11:19 PM
'Was? It still is as far as I can see, aside from your trigger happy friend there,' Vortex gestured at Wheelie, a little irked that they were shot at, then treated like they'd started the mess.'

'And I've got a few questions as well. why'd you think we were attacking, it's not like we've seen you before.'

'We don't know that,' Blast-Off interupted, 'It's not like we can remember much.'

'It seems,' Swindle laughed, 'that he's forgotten he's forgotten.' That got a laugh from Blast-Off as well. Even Vortex chuckled.

2007-08-30, 01:02 AM
Sterling Hotel : Lobby

Perceptor looked sidelong at Derby. "... and you, doctor, must be Derby. Our convention is indeed a pleasure. I come in the aspiration of re-kindling the prospect of hope. No less. Such an invaluable project merits its' prolonged continuation."

He joined Derby in examining the wounded transformer as he continued. "you must excuse my untimely arrival. Another alien whenst aliens are suspect. Perhaps you're wondering why I didn't associate with you from the start ?" Without leaving the doctor the chance to answer, he spoke over his shoulder "Brawn, would you have the obligance to assemble a task-force of transport and commence ferrying fuel from the depots to the adacent building ? I also recommend transfering the wounded to the dining area. If you would enjoy continuing our conversation there. Doctor ? Groove ?"

Protihex Suburbs

The spy drone transmitted a report to Perceptor, and cautiously monitored Swindle.

I don't trust him. It calculated.

2007-08-30, 04:36 AM

Cyclonus walked away from the Quintesson judicial's residence, making sure to keep his expression as bland as he could until he was far out of sight. Once he had gone far enough, he opened a communications channel.

"Black Shadow, I have found the judicial. He is residing at 142 Xaaron Road in Protihex." He crossed his arms. "Now I expect my payment."

"Of course," the gangster's voice came back over the channel, static not quite covering the contempt it conveyed. "Return to Polyhex and come by my office. I'll have the data ready for you."

"Thank you," Cyclonus said with just as much contempt. "I will be there very soon. Cyclonus out."

With his hateful mission complete, the ex-Decepticon transformed to vehicle mode and rocketed up into the sky. He felt a twinge of guilt at leaving the city behind, abandoning the citizens he had met during their hour of need. He forced himself to ignore it, though.

I can assist them later, if I so choose. But the search for Galvatron comes first. Galvatron always comes first.

2007-08-30, 01:01 PM
Protihex suburbs

Mirage was perplexed. These were the Combaticons, for sweet Primus' sake! Right now, they sounded like a bunch of warriors down in the bar putting it on after a few snifters. But they were, he had to concede, a sad enough bunch to look at.

Perhaps... what/whoever had done this to them (and Gnaw?) had also been responsible for the bombing? Or was the particular unit he was seeking one of them? Swindle? If it was going to turn out to be one of them, it had to be Swindle. But - no. His mark had to be someone who had been in Protihex for a while. Slag! There had been no one hiding in any of the obvious places he had looked into while touring with Rapido et al. He needed more time.

Time. Yes. He could see Wheelie's fear for Gnaw and knew the Sharkticon's time was starting to run out. Before Rapido had even apparently formulated some questions, he spoke up again, addressing Vortex: "I think we should get to the Sterling Hotel. There's a medic there - Derby - who might take a look at Gnaw and all of you."

2007-08-30, 11:18 PM
Vortex nodded, 'ok, show us the way.' Swindle left Brawl to Blast off and a came to help Vortex with Onslaught. Between them, they supported the larger bot, each taking a hand around their shoulder.
Swindle looked at the collected autobots, 'you guys got names?'

2007-08-30, 11:48 PM
Sterling Hotel: Lobby

Derby nodded to Perceptor, packed his tools, and hoisted his groaning patient as gingerly as he could manage.

"I trust you have only the best intentions," he said genuinely. He knew Perceptor's reputation as a principled thinker, although they'd never met properly. "Hope is something we could sure use around here... At least I could. You're a smarter mech than I am. Where'd I go wrong?"

2007-08-31, 01:46 AM

"I'm Rapido, and this here is my squad", said Rapido as he pointed out and named each Autobot. "When we get back to the hotel, I have some questions to ask you guys".

2007-09-01, 01:54 AM
'Thank you...Rapido,' Vortex said quietly as they followed the group into the hotel. He was surpirsed to see the damaged bots inside, but whether he was glad or shocked he wasn't sure.

He and Swndle found an empy place against a wall next to the door to lay Onslaught gently down. Blast-Off placed Brawl next to him and then sat down himself next to Brawl. Swindle joined them, but Vortex stayed with Rapido,

'what happened here?' he asked.
In orbit above Protihex

A shuttle hung in orbit, cloaked from the sensor sattelites. It's precise sensors zoomed in on the Combaticons as they talked with some unfamiliar bots. The shuttle was the exact same and Blast-Off, though no spark resided inside. A scrambled transmission fed everything it saw back to it's controller.

'Master Bugbite, we've found them.'

2007-09-01, 03:29 PM
Sterling Hotel

Mirage had practically dragged Gnaw through the streets and into the area where Derby was working; Wheelie had helped as best he could and now flopped down beside Gnaw, resting his head in his hands. Looking round, Mirage spotted Perceptor and began to wonder what could have possibly drawn him here at this time, and then he spotted the Quintesson he had seen brought in for whatever attention the doctor could offer...

Uh, where was Cyclonus? He turned to a nearby minibot and asked. Strangely, it seemed he had been noticed leaving the hotel with another Quintesson. Why would Cyclonus have such an interest in helping any of them?

2007-09-02, 12:04 AM
Sterling Hotel : Restaurant

Perceptor looked at Derby in mock surprise. "Why, you belittle yourself, doctor. Your insecurities are not in cyclohex, but within you. The conflict with quintessa has yet to be resolved, the delicate structure of life here presents an obvious target... albeit conjointly a credible diversion for dealings more sinister. It is doubtful this attack was born from pure spite. The climax may yet be unfurling..."

Sterling Hotels' restaurant was, for a lack of a better word, swanky. Diamand chandeliers hung from the pearled ceilings, held up by gilted pillars of silver above a rich sea of turquoise and deep blue. Fountains of liquid nitrogen cascaded into smoky pools bordered with ice statues. The hotel manager was, also for lack of a better word, mortified. Wounded transformers leaking oil, others leaving trails of muddy footprints, riff-raff ! The staff were hurriedly covering the exquisite carpets with bedsheets before they were totally ruined. He rushed up to the Perceptor and the others as they were laying a transformer who had been impaled by a support beam on one of the tables.

"What is the meaning of this ?! ...On whose authority ?... Who is in charge here ?!" he stuttered out in indignation.

Perceptor turned to face him, and the manager gave him a distainful look, most probably due to his rather un-refined cloak that he still wore. "Ah. You must be Toptail. You are undoubted acquainted with the fact that both Protihex hospital and admistrative functions were located within Cyclohex. Your establishment is the only building with large enough accomodation that survived the attack. For that you should be thankful. Rest assured we are a temporary inconvenience, before you may enjoy your newfound monopoly." Toptails optics flashed with greed, and his anger faded "well... I ..." Perceptor cut him off. "I assume access is being restricted to the ground floor of the hotel. I have no desire for secret meetings. And I shall also require the holoprints of the hotel, including subterranean access. Would you see to that please ? Now if you'll excuse me... "

2007-09-02, 01:50 PM
Outside the Sterling Hotel

The streets were pretty much deserted, Mirage observed thankfully. Having temporarily left Gnaw and the Combaticons with Rapido, he wanted somewhere quiet and unmonitored; he had an important message to transmit.

'Ironhide,' he signalled on a secure, coded channel. 'Ironhide, this is Mirage in Protihex. Please respond.'

2007-09-02, 10:23 PM
Sterling Hotel: Restaurant

Derby nodded to Toptail apologetically while setting his patient on another table and walking alongside Perceptor.

"No, not that. I'm not surprised the war came back to us. I kind of expected it. It's just... I mean, look how easy everybody caved in to the fear again. Now we've got a militia and a government and-- I dunno. I just had such big dreams for Protihex, y'know? Dreams. I guess that's what they were."


142 Xaaron Road

The judicial watched nervously from his window while a translucent teal racecar cruised up to the driveway of his temporary abode, transformed, and stalked toward the door. For a moment he feared this was one of the avengers Cyclonus had warned him about, but he rationalized the thought away - any impassioned retribution would have taken the form of a mob with axes, and an assassin would have been less obtuse in his movements.

But then, Blaze was never one for subtlety.

The judge could see the Autobot unsheathe a silenced pistol and point it at the door smoothly while walking toward it. With a gasp, the judge ducked an instant before the peephole burst in a cloud of metal dust above his head. He struggled to float away, but he found the door powerfully kicked in, sending him sprawling across the dark living room. His wisdom face gaped up at Blaze pleadingly while the latter drew energo-shackles.

"Wh-wh-whatever you're being paid, I-I'll double it! Triple!"

Blaze flicked a switch on his black blaster and fired a precise shot across the Quintesson's underbelly, shorting his levitation beam and drawing a shriek.

"P-p-please no, I'll give you whatever you want, but don't kill me!"

Blaze said nothing while striding forward. He kneeled next to the judge to wrap a sheet of foil around his mouths, secured the shackles around his tentacles, and dropped a datapad. Muffled pleas for help and the light from the open door were all that remained in the living room while Blaze dragged his target out.

"To he who finds this message," the datapad read. "For concern of my wellbeing following the recent attacks on Protihex, I have fled the city to take refuge in some less controversial setting."

2007-09-02, 11:21 PM
Protihex streets

Mirage lifted his head and listened - whoever had been racing through the streets a moment ago had now stopped maybe a measurement or two away.

"I'm getting too jumpy," he murmured. Keeping the channel open in case Ironhide responded, he listened carefully. Was that a shriek of pain? It was never a mech voice; sounded more like a... Quintesson... Flicking on his lightbox, he disappeared heading up the street at a quick trot. His engines might well alert any potential enemy and his was particularly wary about confronting Cyclonus.

Switching to another, Autobot channel he radioed his colleagues who were still in the Sterling Hotel with the wounded: "Rapido!, Wheelie, I need support here, but be quiet and do not transform. Some kind of attack..."

2007-09-03, 06:23 AM
Vortex was close enough to Rapido to overhear the message. Seizing the opportunity, he ducked in between Rapido and the door.

'We can help,' he declared loudly, then dropped the volume a little, 'all we need is a little energy and we can help you. I don't know if we're fighters, but it seems a fair trade.'

2007-09-04, 01:21 AM
Sterling Hotel

"Grab some energy, and follow us", said Rapido to Vortex. Receiving coordinates from Mirage, Rapido quickly laid out a plan for his troops. "Vortex and gang, you're with me. Sideswipe and Cliffjumper, you guys Move up on the right, and Blaze Master do the same on the left". Rapido talk in a hurried, but calm voice. "We're on our way Mirage".

2007-09-04, 06:25 AM
'Vortex?' It took Vortex a moment to process the implications, 'so that's my name.'

Swindle was getting up, 'Do you know the rest of our names?'

'Later, can you run outside and pick up those guns you and him,' Vortex pointed at Blast-Off, 'dropped outside.' Swindle spun and ran out the door,

Meanwhile Vortex dashed over to the stockpile and grabbed a stack of energon cubes, fumbling them back over to the group. He gave one to Blast-Off and downed one himself before quickly helping Onslaught. Behind him Blast-Off stood up and helped Brawl with his cube. Swindle came back in and passed Blasr-Off his gun before making short work of the final cube.

Fully energized like they hadn't been in cycles, each Combaticon stood tall.

'Now that you've told us Vortex's name, could you please tell us our names,' Onslaught spoke calmly, though still marvelling at the feeling of energy in his circuits.

2007-09-04, 01:06 PM
Xaaron Road

Renaming roads after distinguished Autobots had become a bit of a fad during early contact with Earth; Mirage remembered this street as The Straight. It was a long, narrow way without junctions and the original title fairly reflected what many a high-price mecha had been in for racing in a built-up area! The buildings here were, for the most part, intact, their wide frontages still resplendant with glittering, if cracked, mica facings. There were few places to hide except doorways and that was sooo passe.

'Rapido,' he called. 'Get units in position at both ends of the street. It wasn't a flyer I heard.'


Wheelie rose from beside Gnaw and watched the preparations. So Mirage had called for him, too? Ha! There were plenty enough big guns heading outside and, anyway, he had other concerns.

Gnaw was offline, an oddly sagging pile of sharpness and black fluid. Although he did not want to leave him, Wheelie knew he had to get help sooner rather than later. Circumnavigating the Combaticons, he began to call out, "Derby come! - or Gnaw is done!"

2007-09-05, 09:17 PM
Sterling Hotel: Restaurant

Derby's head spun when he heard his name. He quickly gathered his tools and glanced back at Perceptor while taking off.

"I'll be back."

In a few cautious steps over the weak and wounded, Derby had maneuvered toward Wheelie's side, and he flinched when he saw the fallen Gnaw. A Sharkticon?

"Caps, you had me scared for a minute, kid. Where'd you find this thing?"

Derby struggled to restrain the resentment in his voice. He inferred Gnaw was Wheelie's friend, but he had such bitter feelings toward the hideous creatures...

2007-09-06, 04:18 AM
Sterling Hotel

Taking the newly arrived Perceptor up on his offer, Groove followed behind as the the scientist and Derby conversed. Not once did Groove speak up, offering any additional input on the count of that, going by his earlier impression, Derby thought little of Groove or his intentions.

As soon as Derby momentarily left to attend to some important matter, Groove apprehensively looked to Perceptor, who was busy organizing the restaurant in order to accommodate the survivors.

"What now," Groove thought fretfully to himself. "I feel like I am making things worse by being here. True, Iacon ought to assist in preserving what the people have done here...but...that just may further undo what Protihex has fought to build."

2007-09-06, 12:51 PM
Sterling Hotel, lobby

"Story for another day," Wheelie chanted. "Please fix Gnaw right away!"

He could not help but notice Derby's reaction, no matter how quickly the other covered it. A lot of Cybertronians saw the shell before they saw the badge, only later finding out that Gnaw understood what it meant.

"Doctor, please. You have worked with and helped Quintessons..." He did not mean to let the disgust creep into his vocalisation, but, as with Derby, there were some feelings running too deep to simply switch off.

2007-09-07, 04:39 PM
Sterling Hotel

"everyone is welcome." One of the founding concepts of Protihex. Even a fully-functional, mentally unstable, decepticon combiner squad...

From his position in the restaurant, Perceptor watched warily as the constructicons fueled up. Had it been up to him, he would have had them separated upon arrival, pending psycological examination. This reckless trust has jeopardised Protihex. This must be a carefully controlled experiment.

"... anything you can dream of, is a possibility in reality." He called over to Derby across the restaurant. Loud enough for everyone to hear. "even our worst nightmare ?" replied a nearby transformer... Perceptor smiled and said nothing.

2007-09-07, 08:42 PM
Xaaron Road

Mirage never bothered to sign-off with Ironhide; he had had enough experience to know the other simply would not deem it neccessary. So, his orders were to ensure he was not seen, eh? That he could do! But he was betting he might well have to go further than observing, given where he was and with Rapido on the way...

2007-09-07, 10:26 PM
Sterling Hotel

Tap Out lent against the pillar and surveyed the scene with suspicion.

2007-09-11, 01:55 AM

Approaching the area Mirage was at, Rapido and crew quietly drew closer.

2007-09-11, 12:33 PM
Xaaron Road

A long, straight road and nothing else - no movement, no sound. Where had that cry originated? Where was Cyclonus and the Quintesson he had apparently left the Sterling Hotel with?

'Rapido,' he radioed. 'I know it's a cliche, but it's quiet, too quiet. And I can hear Cliffjumper about to turn the corner back behind me...'

Mirage had spent his younger days in what the masses might consider idle pursuits, but his hunting - stalking - skills had stood him in good stead over the vorns. He could move silently thanks to modifications like sound-deadening material beneath his feet and shock absorbers in his lower legs. His audial ability, particularly when the environment was still all around, was acute. He would not, he reflected with a smile, take Cliffjumper after cybodeer (if there were any left)! And he was not at all sure he liked the idea of Cliffjumper behind him, anyway.

2007-09-13, 12:40 AM

Cliffjumper got a radio from Rapido. "Keep down the noise, and back off a little. Something funcky is going on". "Will do", Cliffjumper quietly replied.

2007-09-13, 12:36 PM

Suddenly somewhere at the street a mysterious Saleen S281E Car is driving to search for Decepticons. The voice is said: "Destroy Decepticon! Destroy Decepticon!"

2007-09-13, 12:46 PM
Xaaron Road

"What the slag!" Mirage exclaimed. That voice bellowing out across the almost silent neighbourhood was enough to make him jump, although he maintained his invisibility. Through his radio, he sent to Rapido, 'Tell me that's not someone who's with you?'

2007-09-13, 01:59 PM

The mysterious car continues to search for the decepticons. The voice said: "Destroy Decepticon! Destroy Decepticon!" The mysterious car notice Rapido. "Decepticon located! Lock-on target!" The mysterious car shoot missiles at Rapido.

2007-09-14, 01:29 PM
The combaticons followed Rapido through the streets, Vortex quietly beaming that he had his name again. as they closed on the location.

Onslaught had a feeling of unease, as if there was soemthing wrong that he couldn't quite find in his processor. A loud sound blared into his receptors.

'Destory Decepticon!' followed by the sound of missiles launching. In blur he grabbed Brawl and through him down, diving next to him. A rifle appeared in both their hands and Onslaught's fusion cannons and Brawls plasma motar fired at the car.

Vortex grabbed Cliffjumper and tugged him out of the line of fire into a doorway. Swindle grabbed Sidewipe and tossed him behind a scrap container, following quickly.

Blast off was caught with Rapido inbetween the car and Onslaught and Brawl. With no other option he collided with Rapido from behind, trying to cover the autobot.

Swindle cursed, 'what's that thing on about? what's a decepticon?'

2007-09-14, 01:40 PM

The car continues to drive and got hit by the shot. "Multiple decepticon found. Lock-on target." The car spotted the combaticon. The car shoot lasers at Vortex, Blast Off, Swindle, Onslaught and Brawl.

2007-09-14, 05:20 PM
Xaaron Road

'Rapido!' Mirage shouted on the radio. The commotion seemed to be coming from beyond the houses at the far right end of the road. He started to run, then stopped...

If I were Cyclonus, what would I do? he asked himself. Make a break for it or sit tight?

2007-09-15, 07:31 AM

The shadower watched the stolen hover car pull into a nondescript building that was one of the Space mafia's chop shops.

2007-09-15, 12:25 PM
Lasers thudded against the cover Vortex and Swindle used, forcing them to keep their heads down or lose them.

Onslaught scurried out of the way of the lasers, firing whenever he could.

Brawl, a little slower, was hit, but his heavy armour took the blast until he rolled out of the beam.

Blast-off was in a pickle, he could get off Rapido but then the autobot would get hit with blasts intended for him. The internal lasted until the car answered it for him. A laser raked down his back, piercing his armour just above his waist joint, severing some connections to his left leg. The only response emitted from his voice box was a sound akin to a grunt.

2007-09-15, 07:17 PM
Now the car fires missiles at Onslaught, Swindle, Brawl, Blaster and Vortex.

2007-09-16, 12:09 AM
A white figure steps out of the shadows and sees the Combaticons under fire. He pulls out a device with the Decepticon logo on it. He presses a button and the Combaticons begin to glow. "I believe I owe you this much, my former subjects... Don't want you to end up trying to kill me like Bumblebee..." Bugbite said as he wandered further into the shadows. "This power is temporary... be careful..."

2007-09-16, 09:15 AM

The shadower pressed the button on his radio trigger and watched as the force of the resulting explosion blew the windows out in a shower of fragments and the inside glowed red with flame.

2007-09-17, 05:48 PM

Rapido quickly got to his feet, and ran for cover. "Autobots, get over here, now!". Pulling out his rifle, Rapido begins to return fire.



As soon as he got the message, Cliffjumper quickly transformed and headed towards the fight. Sideswipe however, wasn't so quick to act. Sideswipe looked at the surrounding buildings, examining them carefully. "Let's see if I can get a better look", he said, as he engaged his rocket pack.


2007-09-17, 08:20 PM
The car continues to fire lasers and missiles at the combaticons.

2007-09-18, 09:22 PM
(OOC - Regards to Lord Zarak!)

Sterling Hotel

Standing alone and silent in one corner of the lobby, Shockwave contemplated the scene around him and decided he was nothing more than a spare part. No - not a spare part - a by-stander. This was a bit of a revelation to him, as was the fact that hardly any of the others present avoided him like he had the rust plague. He touched the purple sigil still evident on his chestplate and thought: It's just a decoration. It's not symbolic of anything. Looking round, he saw several red Autobrands and experienced no negative reaction.

Sadness, real sadness, flickered though his long-suppressed sympathemotion circuitry. This place was a moment suspended in time. All too soon he calculated that help would arrive and the Protihex promise of peace would be shattered, perhaps past recovery. He wondered what kind of greeting he would receive from still-serving Autobots and estimated his chance of immediate arrest at 75.99%. That was enough to convince him to leave and yet he found he could not do so.

He had been a tyrant, a cruelly efficient ruler, a monster by the arbitary standards of many sentient species. Here, however, he was another unit seeking to leave the struggle and its legacy, trying to emulate the lost golden age. He was weary of politics and weary of trying to stay on top of the hill.

Shockwave actually sighed, then made his way through the crowds to where Derby was working on a damaged Sharkticon. "May I be of assistance?" he asked.

2007-09-19, 07:22 AM
Smoke drifted above the city, obscuring the daylight and covering the entire city in a Stygian darkness. However, even that wasn't enough to completely hide the bright silver gleam of the Steelhaven's hull as she arced overhead.

Bridge, Steelhaven

"I've located a landing area," Cerebros announced over the ship's comm system. "Prepare to touch down, Autobots."

2007-09-19, 11:42 AM
Relieved that Rapido had finally moved, Blast-off's gun swung around to the car wen the tingling began. His processors registered an energy surge as he began to glow. Each of the combaticons shone white before the light died.

Bruticus looked across at Blast-off, but instead of brown, the bot was white with grey streaks. Examining himself revealed that instead of blue he was yellow and purple. Vortex was two shades of blue, Swinde was bright red and Brawl was green. All his systems registered increased power, which he quickly channelled to his rifle.

'Everyone,' he yelled, 'Rally to me.' Brawl grabbed Blast-off and brought him to Onslaught, while Vortex and Swindle ran out of cover. All five stood in the street, facing the car as it prepared to fire again. Onslaught didn't know why, but he felt strangly calm, and a little excited Is this what I live for

'Ready!' Blast-stood next to Onslaught, Vortex on the other side. Brawl and Swindle knelt down in front of them, allowing all five to aim at the car. The rifle barrels hummed with more power than they'd used before.

'Fire!' As one all the Combaticons pull the trigger, sending slugs, plasma, acid and energy pouring out. All aimed at the same point of the front of the car.

(OOC: The colours are their G2 colours, and their formation positions are the same for when they combien into Bruticus)

2007-09-19, 02:52 PM
The mysterious car got hit with a bit amount of damage. Now the car rams the combaticons viciously.

2007-09-20, 06:06 AM
Tap Out followed Shockwave over towards Derby

2007-09-20, 01:42 PM
Both Brawl and Swindle dove aside, quickly turning and raking fire down the car's sides. Onsluaght leapt and landed on the car's rook wear he hung on grimly.

Vortex was also able to step out of the way, but Blast off's injured leg gave out and he fell. The car ran overhim and he was left with some large dents.

Vortex went to help Blast off whiel Swindle and Brawl took off after the car.

After checking Blast off Vortex look up at Rapido 'First, get a medic, second, start talking, what on cybertron is going on? why can't we remember who we are? what was that decepticon thing that car was going on about?'

2007-09-20, 03:05 PM
The car got hit with a little damage by the sides. The car shoots missiles at the combaticons.

2007-09-20, 10:31 PM
Xaaron Road

His maximum invisibility period expired, Mirage scanned the doors as he moved through the shadows, ignoring the obvious sounds of battle nearby. Every domicile was numbered according to Earth fashion - odds and evens. He felt this a shame, since they would once have carried a scantag detailing the current owner or, indeed, showed if they were deserted. Some things should never have been allowed to be changed.

...138; 140; 142

He stopped. This door might seem closed to a casual passer-by, but there was a definite displacement his scanner picked up to the micromeasurement. Then he realised there was a trace of fluid staining the line of the jamb and a slight black scuff which might have been from a tyre compound.

Ah, but Cyclonus did not have tyres...

2007-09-20, 10:50 PM
The car continues to shoots more missiles at the Combaticons.

2007-09-21, 01:05 AM

Looking at Vortex, Rapido exclaims "I'll explain it all later, but we got bigger things to worry about right now".



Cliffjumper, arriving just outside the battle, transforms and prepares his weapon. "Rapido, I've got him from behind", he says, as he begins to fire on the car.

Seeing Cliffjumper begin to attack, Sideswipe open fires from his position atop a nearby building.


Atop a building

Blaze Master had been able to quietly fly up to the top of an intact building. From where he was sitting, he had a good few of the battle, but that didn't concern him. As Mirage was quietly walking down a street, Blaze Master was keeping a close watch on him.

Aero Blade
2007-09-21, 03:21 AM
Quarters, Steelhaven

Taking the time to sleep off the remaining effects of his 'vacation' earlier, Aero Blade barely picked up on the call put out by Cerebros, for the moment not reacting to it either. It wasn't as if the tech would feel like he was doing any good until he was back in top condition and able to perform to his maximum.

2007-09-21, 08:28 AM
142 Xaaron Road

Mirage slammed the door open, throwing himself sharply to the left. He hit the floor, rolled, came up with weapon deployed. It was silent and dark inside the building. Activating his personal lighting array, Mirage stood and advanced slowly, pretty certain that he was alone. His foot jagged on something.

He bent to retrieve the discarded datapad. There was a message on it:

"To he who finds this message. For concern of my wellbeing following the recent attacks on Protihex, I have fled the city to take refuge in some less controversial setting."

2007-09-21, 01:22 PM
"Destroy Decepticon! Multiple target found!" shouted the car. The car shoots missile at the Combaticons, Cliffjumper, Rapido and Sideswipe!

2007-09-22, 03:27 AM
Vortex nodded then looked to Blast off, who just said, 'go I'll be fine.' Vortex turned and ran towards the car, firing.

Onsluaght realised how exposed he was was and rolled off the roof of the car. He hit the ground and rolled a small distance before stopping. His first move send him into an alley between two buildings, he got to his feet, stuck his rifle around the croner and fired blindly towards the car.

Swindle and Brawl had followed the car pretty well on foot, but were surprised when a brace of rockets leapt from it's back at them. The best cover was behind them so both started back tracking, firing at the rockets as best they could.

2007-09-22, 06:41 PM
The car dodge Onslaught shots. The missile was by Swindle and Brawl shots and it created a huge explosion. The car dodge Vortex shots. Now the car continues to fire lasers and missiles at the Combaticons.

2007-09-23, 04:28 AM
Onslaught peeked out of the alley way, things were not looking good, his team was going to be wiped out.
Team? Well I suppose we have sorta come together.

He tried to picture the street, the alley and everyones location it in.
The shockwave from the explosion knocked Brawl and Swindle off their feet. Both tried to rise when the lasers hit. Swindle was knocked back to the ground, but Brawls armour held under the barrage as he reutrned fire ineffectively. A glow surrounded them both and they changed colour back to their original. Sudenly the blast felt more powerful and Brawl was forced back. Vortex caught up with them and fired at the car, giving Swindle a chance to get up and shoot again, though there were several holes in his armour.
Onslaught looked over the picture he'd made in his CPU, with small icon representing the other combaticons. His processor ran predictive subroutines and an idea began to form.
Blast-off was still lying in the street, listening to the explosions. In a flash he knew he should be doing something.

Rolling onto his chest he balacned his rifle on the ground infront. The barrel seemed to grow longer and suddenly he coul see Brawl's back so clearly. Not knowing why, he aimed at the spot he was looking.
Vortex, Brawl, and Swindle bunched up, form a wall that splattered blasts back at the car.
The icons all turned green, Onslaught didn't know what that mean, but hoped it was something good. Cancelling the program, he leaned out and began firing again.
As if on an invisible cue, Swindle, Brawl and Vortex dove for cover.
Brawl went down, and Blast-off could see his real target, one of the missile tubes on the car. He pulled the trigger

2007-09-23, 05:24 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

With an experienced starship pilot like Cerebros at the helm, the Steelhaven settled down with nary a bump. After taking care to lock out the ship's controls with several dozen different codes and algorithms, the expedition commander left the bridge and headed for the ship's exit.

"Autobots," he transmitted to the small crew he'd brought with him, "please meet me outside the ship in one breem."

Arriving at the ship's airlock, he combined with his large transector and transformed into super robot mode. As he walked down the ramp, he switched to an open broadcast channel and hailed the city in general.

"Citizens of Protihex, this is the Autobot Fortress Maximus. I have come with a load of relief supplies and a small crew, outfitted to give what assistance we can. If there is anyone who speaks for this community, I would ask them to contact me."

Crew Quarters, Steelhaven

Bluestreak rolled out of his recharge chamber, gingerly made his way to the small billet's door and tried to ignore his massive headache.

2007-09-23, 09:33 PM
142 Xaaron Road

There were certain terms he had picked up on Earth and Mirage turned the air positively blue. He had nothing for his efforts except this!

He stopped in midflow and considered the evidence. He knew Cyclonus had escorted a Quintesson from the hotel; he had to assume the traces of Quintesson lifefluid on the door were from the same individual as there were few Quintessons moving freely in Protihex. The Quintesson had been attacked and received minor damage. From Cyclonus? Doubtful. There was a time delay to factor in. When he heard the shriek, called for back-up, Cyclonus had already flown away. Neither could the 'Con have left that scuff mark. A wheeled Transformer had come here, assulted the Quintesson and left quickly with him, probably in robot mode until out of range.

Mirage laughed sourly. The message on the datapad was untypical of any Quintesson - the opening line especially so. However, the reason for such an obvious kidnapping escaped him. Revenge was a possibilty, but he would have expected that to have been more brutal.

Then, he had an intuition that he knew the reason. "The Space Mafia!" he exclaimed.

2007-09-24, 12:36 AM

Ratchet was still leaning back in his chair when the Steelhaven landed in Protihex. “That was a rather brief trip,” he said, his optics still shut as he continued to lean back.

Moment’s later Cerebros made his announcement to the entire crew of the Steelhaven, stirring Ratchet out of his chair.

“Ah, duty calls,” Ratchet stretched.

Feeling rested up, Ratchet straightening himself then sauntered out of the med-bay towards the main exit of the ship where Fortress Maximus waited.

Along the way, Ratchet passed by the crew quarters, espying a noticeably hung-over Bluestreak who appeared to be staving off a headache. The sight made Ratchet smirk, which he struggled to repress as watched Bluestreak make his way to the exit. It was several years back, during the Kalis siege, since Ratchet had seen him. Seeing Bluestreak again, in this state, made for a rather comical reunion.


Sterling Hotel

Finding a table in a corner of the hotel restaurant, which at the moment Perceptor was still in the process of converting it into a makeshift relief center, Groove took a seat and watched, feeling a bit like a useless bystander.

When Fortress Maximus, hailing through an open broadcast, announced his presence on Protihex, Groove leapt from his seat.

“The Autobots?! Here, in Protihex?” Groove said, rather astonished.

Taking cue from Fortress Maximus’ transmission, Groove dashed out of the restaurant.

“I guess I am no longer the lone Autobot here in Protihex,” Groove thought to himself, a bit concerned by this revelation. “Iacon has responded. I’m glad. Yes, disaster relief…and hopefully that’s all it means.”

2007-09-24, 01:24 AM
Sterling Hotel

Perceptor was currently studying a holoprint the schematics of sterling hotels' numerous sub-levels. "seal shafts three through twenty-seven, and twenty-nine through forty. Can I entrust this task to you ?" he asked an assembled group of transformers. "sure, I missed blowing stuff up." came the reply.

He opened a com channel to reply to Fortress Maximus : It would appear that the higher-ranking members
of Protihex administration are somewhat occupied.
A command post has been established at Sterling hotel.
If you would be obliged as to deliver supplies there.
May I interject however
that the arrival of Autobot high command will cause tension
and may well set off a chain reaction.
There are reports of a gunfight near Xaaron road. He hinted.

Aero Blade
2007-09-24, 02:44 AM
Further rested this time, when Cerebros's message came through Aero Blade was ready to wake. Rested and pretty much back to normal, the tech proceeded out of his quarters, moving to go meet up with the others.

As he made it to where the others were gathering, Aero spotted Bluestreak in his still impared condition. Deciding it'd be best to check on him, the tech started to make his way over to him.

"Hey Blue..." Aero started to call out, then paused involuntarily as he caught sight of Ratchet. It was out of habbit and past conditioning more than anything else. The last time they had met, during the fighting against the quintessons, Aero had seen a side of this medic that he hadn't realized possible for the usually cold, sterile medical type.

As much of an impact the experience had on him, there was still a great deal many more bad memories circulating his thoughts. Regardless, through shere force of will Aero directed himself to pushing on forwards towards Bluestreak, trying to keep his original goal in mind as he made himself walk slowly past Ratchet.

2007-09-24, 04:42 AM

Knowing the other Autobot as well as he did, Bluestreak glowered at Ratchet for taking amusement from his plight. "And what's so slagging funny?" he said, his voice lower, more of a growl than it was when he was healthy.

At the same time, he waved at Aero Blade in as friendly a manner as he could manage in his state.

Fortress Maximus watched the three Autobots arrive at the ramp, nodding to himself.

Three more left, then, he thought, awaiting Quickmix, Siren and Brainstorm.

He clicked over to an encrypted frequency to reply to Perceptor. "Thanks for the sitrep. I'll make sure the supplies get to the command post." He paused a moment, fighting the urge to sigh; he hadn't wanted his men to get involved in policing the city, but it seemed like, yet again, the universe wasn't taking his wants into consideration. "We'll check out the gunfight," he said at last. "Hopefully, if we save some lives we can nip some of this tension in the bud."

2007-09-24, 06:06 AM

Quickmix rolled down the ramp and out of Steelhaven

2007-09-24, 10:41 AM
142 Xaaron Road

Mirage drew back his arm to hurl the datapad away, then stopped. It might be brand new, but a forensic tech might be able to get something off it. He stowed it away and walked towards the door, switching his lighting array off as he did so.

Ironhide was going to bawl him out over this, for sure!


Sterling Hotel

Wheelie never took his optics off Derby's hands, alert for any sign that the doctor was doing otherwise than repairing Gnaw. The oil leak had stopped, which had to be a good sign.

Shockwave was also watching, until the open broadcast by Fortress Maximus. With a doomed Spark's need to get the inevitable over with, he made for the door, following Groove's precipitous exit, and almost walked into Tap Out.

2007-09-24, 01:24 PM
The mysterious car dodge Vortex shots. "Destroy Decepticon!" the car shouted as the car shoots more lasers and missiles at the Combaticons. The car got hit with minor damage by the front of the car.

2007-09-25, 01:22 PM
The mysterious car spoke. "A warning to all Decepticon scum everywhere. Be destroyed by Mauler." Mauler drive away and return to the base at Steelhaven.

2007-09-26, 07:31 AM
Blast off cursed as he missed. Somehow missing just didn't feel right. A quick glow flowed over his body and he was brown again.

On the ground, stuck out in the open, Vortex, Brawl and Swindle had little choice but to take the car's last barrage. A laser trimmed one of Vortex's blades and shrapnel from several missiles scored dents in their backs. Vortex was up on his feet and firing again, but he drained the last of the energy boost and slumped back down as he reverted to his old colours.

Onslaught easily evaded the few shots taken at him and fired. He didn't know why but he was very annoyed they hadn't taken out the car. It turned the corner and was out of sight, depriving him of a target. Still frustrated he turn his rifle skywards and fired several times to calm down, sending his excess power skyward, returning to his usual blue. Spinning on a heel he marched back and helpped the other combaticons get up.

2007-09-26, 11:57 AM
Xaaron Road

Out again in the street, Mirage lifted his head sharply as rifle shots peppered the sky, but there was no apparent target for them. Um, someone letting off steam, then! The sounds of fighting had ceased and he caught the distant roar of a powerful engine retreating towards... Steelhaven? He laughed self-depreciatingly; intent on the house, he had blocked out any sounds of the ship's arrival. Checking his personal recording log, he found a broadbeam message from Fortress Maximus.

There was movement atop the building opposite, a flash of blue and gold. Someone had been watching him - or watching out for him. Unsure who it might have been, he saluted in their general direction, before turning to return to the Sterling Hotel, where he would, no doubt, be expected. So much for Ironhide's order!

'Rapido,' he radioed. 'If you're in any state to answer this, please do so...'

2007-09-26, 12:08 PM
Sterling Hotel

Tap Out flinched involuntarily as Shockwave approached. Old reactions from his prisoner of war days taking over.

2007-09-26, 04:09 PM

Mauler arrive at the ramp of the Autobot base and went inside the base. Mauler is searching for the Autobot. "Searching for the Autobot." said Mauler.

2007-09-26, 05:00 PM
Sterling Hotel

"I apologise," Shockwave said to Tap Out, allowing his left arm to fall slack by his side into a non-beligerent position. He also took a step backwards, aware that he was looming. "I wish to exit and meet with Fortress Maximus."

Was there a fluctuation in his vocal pattern? Shockwave examined his last words and realised that had been just such an abberation. He had, of course, experienced fear - that time when Galvatron came for him, for example - but not nervous anticipation. The humans had a phrase for such a feeling: butterflies in the stomach. Illogical, of course, but he was sure he was feeling the mecha equivalent.

2007-09-27, 02:52 PM

Mauler transform into robot mode. Mauler walks and look around at the Autobot base.

2007-09-27, 10:35 PM
(ooc : as the chemical brothers once said : here we go !)

Sterling Hotel : lobby

A group of once-upon-a-time decepticons had gathered near the main entrance. They were having what seemed like a pretty excited conversation. Although they talked in hushed tones, fragments of the discussion rose above the general hubbub of the lobby :

"the steelhaven ?...

..here ?... Fortress Maximus... it's an invasion !...
how dare they...

... first the scientist... where's cyclonus when we need him ?...

..shockwave's gone soft ...

...Mauler... unprovoked attack... heroic combaticons...

... Decepticons... we must join forces..."

Sterling hotel : sublevel 7

"FOOLISH DECEPTICON ! YOU ALMOST BURIED ME ALIVE !" a small red autobot screamed at his team-mate as he emerged from the cloud of dust caused by the cave-in of shaft 24. "You should pay more attention to what I say, and to what you say too. Maybe I'll give you less warning next time." the decepticon replied sharply. "Is that a threat ?" the autobot said as he advanced...

Sterling Hotel : restaurant

Perceptor wasn't quite living up to his name, as he was currently engrossed with organising the exterior defenses of the hotel, coordinating 16 teams that were ferrying energon to secure depots, operating as emergancy technicians, arranging the arrival of supplies from the steelhaven, etc. He was quickly becoming the center of activity as teams reported in and out, joined by bystanders eager for something to do. As fast as he could think of a task that needed doing, there was someone there to do it.

2007-09-28, 03:22 PM

Mauler continues to search for the Autobots. "Still searching. Still searching." said Mauler

2007-09-28, 04:54 PM
Sterling Hotel lobby

The quiet but intense discussion by the door had not escaped Shockwave's notice; although engaged with Tap Out, he heard his name hissed and picked-up on the next remarks. No doubt Tap Out had, too...

2007-09-30, 06:05 AM

Fortress Maximus looked up at Quickmix as the other Autobot arrived. "Good to see you," he told the Targetmaster. "For the moment, I'm placing you in charge of relief operations. Brainstorm, Siren and Bluestreak will assist you. Perceptor informed be that the locals have set up a command post of sorts at the Sterling Hotel, so I suggest you start by delivering some of the ship's stockpile of emergency supplies there."

That said, he turned his optics onto Ratchet and Aero Blade. "You two are coming with me. I have a report of a gunfight near Xaaron Street. We're going to assess the situation, defuse it if possible, and assist with any wounded. Any questions?"

2007-09-30, 08:07 PM
Sterling Hotel Lobby

Tap Out glanced at the muttering Decepticons then back at Shockwave.

"shall we go see if we can assist the newcomers."


Quickmix nodded

"I will proceed to unload the supplies, do we have any auxiliary vehicles which we can use to facilitate the unloading , a cargo hauler maybe trailers that we can tow."

2007-09-30, 08:42 PM
Sterling Hotel Lobby

"Affirmative," said Shockwave. He strode again towards door, leading the way to ensure nothing untoward started.

2007-10-01, 03:09 AM
Sterling Hotel : lobby

Several decepticons watched Shockwave leave with unmasked contempt. "the rat leaves the sinking ship..." one of them called Kelvin muttered. He turned to his comrades and whispered "we should grab what we can and get out of here before the Autobots take over. Anyone interested meet me near the fuel depot three...

One by one the group began to disbanded.

2007-10-01, 04:21 AM

Fortress Maximus nodded to Quickmix. "We have a few cargo sledges in the auxiliary vehicle hangar," he told the other Autobot. "They should be sufficient for your needs."

2007-10-01, 06:52 AM

As Ratchet stood by and listened attentively to Fortress Maximus impart his commands to the crew members that would be assigned to relief duty, Ratchet heard the name Perceptor mentioned as the commander spoke.

“Heh, is that right? Perceptor? In Protihex>” Ratchet mused. “This ought to be good.”

As Ratchet continued to entertain this thought, Fortress Maximus turned his gaze down onto Ratchet, who assigned him, along side Maximus himself, to the location known as Xaaron Street. Ratchet initially worried that the decision unnerved Aero Blade, also assigned to accompany them to Xaaron Street.

Though he took this into consideration, Ratchet quickly dismissed it over the task at hand. “It’s just something that he has to conquer on his own terms. There’s nothing that I can do about it but remain patient.”

Still, he avoided glancing over in Aero Blade's direction in fear of discomforting him further.

“I’ve already equipped myself with the necessary equipment. I’m ready,” Ratchet answered to Fortress Maximus. “Have we received confirmation, or even a clue, as to who is behind these attacks?”

As Ratchet said this he spotted a white cycle speeding towards their position, recognizing the “driver’s” identity when it was within range. It was Groove, whom Ratchet knew as First Aid’s good friend. As soon as he reached the Steelhaven, Groove transformed.

“Groove,” Ratchet cordially nodded, who seemed oblivious to him at the moment. “Or is that ‘Ambassador’ Groo-”

“Fortress Maximus,” Groove said, interrupting Ratchet’s banter. “I’m pleased to see that word has received you. You are here to assist Protihex, are you not?”

2007-10-01, 03:43 PM
Mauler saw Fortress Maximus and the other Autobots. Mauler ran toward Fortress Maximus and introduce himself. "Greetings. Autobot Commander. Name: Mauler at your command."

Aero Blade
2007-10-02, 02:44 AM

Even after Fort Max had finished speaking, Aero Blade continued to stare at him, as though his system had hit a lag and he was having difficulty processing everything that had just been said.

"Two..of us...?" Aero Blade slowly began to ask as his processor seemed to start catching up. Judging form his tone, it was as though he wasn't sure he'd heard the statement correctly, or was hoping Fort Max had meant another two besides himself and Ratchet.

2007-10-02, 07:41 AM

"I am," Fortress Maximus confirmed to Groove. "Command was less than cooperative, though, so what we've brought with us is what we've got to work with. We will, however, do...what...we...can..."

The massive Headmaster's voice trailed off as he saw an unfamiliar Transformer appear unannounced in the middle of his ad hoc command post. The unknown Transformer identified himself as an Autobot, but that didn't stop Maximus from tracking him with his shin-mounted mortar batteries. Just in case.

"Mauler, is it?" He glanced down at the other Autobot. "And where, if I may ask, did you come from?"

2007-10-02, 03:17 PM

Mauler said: Origin: From the streets. On Mauler way, Mauler fought five Decepticons. However Mauler didn't finished the decepticons off. So Mauler got away and just to let you know that the Decepticons is still at large.

2007-10-03, 06:39 AM
The Combaticons had grouped around the prone form of Blast-off and talked quietly. All of them had recieved some sort of damage, except for Onslaught.

'Alright, we've been here for a little over two centicycles and we've been shot at by strange cars,' Swindle huffed, crossing his arms.

'Shot at by the others as well,' Brawl chipped in as he pulled bits of shrapnel from his armour,'

'Been called decepticons, what ever those are,' Vortex nodded.

'That's not the problem, the problem was we were shot at because we were called decepticons, apparently they're not well like,' Onslaught said.

'They've hinted they know who we are, even told Vortex his name,' Blast-off added, still on the ground.

'I'm not sure we should trust that so easily, something's going on here,' Vortex resisted the urge to glance at the autobots, 'like he (brawl) said, they shot at us too.'

'One way or another, they know more than we do, we should ask them what's happening,' Brawl nodded at Blast Off's comment,

'and if they don't answer, we'll make them answer.'

'Rapido or Mirage,' Swindle chipped in, 'they're the ones in charge here, we should get one of them, or both.'

'Very well, we'll try asking first though, I don't want to get them riled if we can avoid it,' Onslaught nodded before signlling to stop. In a loud voice he yelled, 'Rapido, Mirage come quick, it's urgent.'

2007-10-03, 09:06 AM

“Indeed,” Groove answered Fortress Maximus. “Iacon relations here have been somewhat...indifferent, so please forgive my earlier audaciousness. Heh, after all, the ISS wasn’t too pleased about my rather abrupt leave of absence either. A waste of resources they’d probably say,” he smiled. “Anyhow, I’ll offer what bits of information I can. If it is needed that is. A fair warning though; some of the locals haven’t been...particularly trusting of new comers - understandably so, I suppose - while social unrest grows among other members...and, ummm...”

Groove wandered off midway into his tangent when Mauler arrived and announced news of a Decepticon insurgence.

"Decepticons? But - but why? I don't understand."

2007-10-03, 11:25 AM
Xaaron Road

Resigned to presenting himself to Fortress Maximus, Mirage was nevertheless walking slowly when a powerful voice carried over the buildings calling for Rapido and himself. He recognised it as Onslaught's. That changed his priorities - he had assumed the fight was over and Rapido had the aftermath in hand. Apparently not. Come to think about it, Rapido had been suspiciously absent for a while now...

I cannot imagine Rapido to be a Mafia member, Mirage thought. He must be up to something important to do with his own mission here.

The Combaticons were a mystery worth examining, though, and someone should have them in sight at all times. Transforming, he charged down the long road away from the hotel and the Steelhaven, radioing ahead that he was coming.

2007-10-03, 04:08 PM

Mauler looks at Groove. Mauler said: "Decepticons are here. Mauler don't have a clue either. Mauler thinks we should go back to the streets and destroy them. What do you think Autobot commander?" When Mauler looks at Fortress Maximus

2007-10-04, 06:48 AM

Fortress Maximus sighed heavily at Mauler's report, but he powered down his weapons. "This city is neutral territory, soldier. We aren't here to fight the Decepticons, and unless they make an aggressive move I don't want you attacking them again." His optics narrowed. "Yet, anyway. If I find out they had anything to do with the terrorist attack, I'll gladly help you rip them to shreds." Frowning slightly, he asked, "Did you recognize them?"

"Why do I get the feeling I've led my men into a powder keg?" He turned to Groove and gave the Protectobot the most convincing smile he could muster. The situation might not be looking up, but he considered the other Autobot something of a kindred spirit and figured that having him around could only help. "It is good to see you again. I'll be grateful for any help you can give."

2007-10-04, 03:29 PM

Mauler said: "Idenification: Unknown. However one of the Decepticon have a blade on his back. That all Mauler know so far."

2007-10-04, 06:49 PM
The figure moved through the shadows, acknowledging his device worked. "Good... And so it begins." The figure kept out of sight and continued to spy on the combaticons. "Yes, my subjects... You are unknowingly following the path I've chose. So says your master.... Bugbite!"

2007-10-04, 10:55 PM
Mirage had radioed ahead that he was coming so Onsluaght and the combaticons made ready/

'You,' he pointed at Brawl, 'go over to that alleyway and hide, if Mirage doesn't help us, you can step out and block his exit.'

'And if he does?' Brawl replied.

'Then make your way over to the next street and come back round, say you were trying to track that car but lost it. The rest of us will remain around him (Blast-Off).'

Onsluaght knelt next to Blast Off, 'we'll crowd around you, I want you and your rifle ready, but don't aim until I say.' Blast-Off nodded and grabbed his rifle. The other Combaticons crowded around him.

Instead of footsteps, they heard screeching tyres Onslaught spun thinking the car was back, but this one was different, white and blue. Holding his gun in one hand he gestured for the other to stop.

'Identify yourself.'

2007-10-04, 11:42 PM

(OCC: See the Iacon thread to get caught up on the Bumblebee/Bugbite conflict.)

A giant hornet-shaped ship with a large Autobot Logo arose in the sky.

"TEAM BEE-FANG! Sky drop time!" Bumblebee spoke over the intercom."Teletraan3, stay above us at all times." He turned to Fullfang. "Mind giving me a ride down?"

Skylynx stood up out of his cage and transfomed into shuttle mode. "Ready... to go... Commander Bumblebee..." Skylynx spoke and then struggled the next sentence (probably out of fear) "... Lieutenant Fullfang..."



Bugbite looked at the new Bee-Fang. "Ah... the enemy at last..." He raised his arms and the junk piles around him rose out over a hundred drones that look like black versions of himself. "Now my clones... Fire at the yellow me and those who are with him. DO NOT DESTROY THE SHIP! It was mine and I will reclaim it!"

The drones began to fire at Bumblebee as he peeked out at the streets.

"GAH!! CLONES!!" Bumblebee walked back into the cockpit. "Now arming defensive turrets. Let's roll out team!"

2007-10-04, 11:54 PM
The clones hear Bumblebee saying it's time to go to battle.-"Right.Mind if we use some weapons in your armory?"-Cloudraker said.They went the armory and grabbed some grenades,ammunition,weapons,and fuel.They ran out finding some cover,blasting and destroying clones

2007-10-05, 12:01 AM

"It doesn't matt'r what we do, there's too many damn clones!" Huffer complained. "We'll get flattened!"

"Quit whining Huffer! They are made of crappy material, they'll break down after we shoot them in the head!" Bumblebee yelled as he shot one of them in the head with his rifle. As the smoke cleared, the clone was still moving, even without the head. "Oh crap."

Bugbite yelled into the sky. "HAHAHA! Bumblebee, you fool! You think that I couldn't upgrade my servents! They are much stronger now!"

Skylynx took off down into the streets and fired missles at the clones. "TAKE THIS! NOTHING IS STRONGER THAN ME!" The clones scattered and dodged the missles, with several dead in the crossfire. A couple of the clones lept on top of Skylynx. "Get off of me!" He seperated into bird and lynx mode, with the clones on the bird,

The bird spoke as he flew toward the ship. "Clones! Get these guys off of me!"

2007-10-05, 03:04 AM
On the ground
The clones have a tough time killing clone after clone.-"We're coming Skylinx."Cloudraker said.He used his gravity rifles and shot each clone on the Skylinx,making the clones collapse within themselves,getting killed.-"man.these guys are everywhere,kinda like the time I crash landed on the planet of Junk.Wait.I have an idea"-he took out from his back compartment the portable shield box-"Cloudraker.get next to me."He threw four metal posts in a box shaped form,each one clamping to the ground.A green beam rose from each post and they linked together,forming a shield box.-"And that's why they call it the portable shield box."-the Clones started teasing the other clones,making them angry.They charged at the box,only to be zapped and knocked back.

2007-10-05, 01:15 PM
Fullfang dash out with the others, but instead of moving to the ground, Fullfang leapt onto the ventral hull and transformed into tank mode, firing along with the turrets, clones began land on the hull, forcing him to revert to a less destructive form.

'Teletraan 3, emergency broadcast,' he yelled (that's telling it to send out in all frequencies), 'this is Fullfang of the Beefang, to any friendly bots. For those of you who haven't noticed, WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!'

'Reverting to wolf mode, he lashed out with all four paws, downing several clones before crushing another's head.
Skies near Protihex

Trailing smoke from a damaged engine, a clone from Blast off send out a coded plee, 'Master Bugbite, Tygun Span raid failed, body damaged, please give new orders.'

Unknown to the clone it was flying near Xaaron street
In space above Protihex

Another clone however did, realying all it saw to a controller.

Master Bugbite, we have a problem, X03 is close to the originals, permission to destroy?'

Three more drone stood silently behind the controller, and behind that one the unmistakable form of Bruticus.

2007-10-05, 02:44 PM

Bugbite commanded his clone army. "Fools! Don't touch the shields!"

He took out his communicator. "Blast-off! Go back to the others.... We may need more firepower..." He switched frequencies. "Do what you need may servents... Blast-off is on the way. Do Not kill x-03! Bring him to me..."

Bumblebee overheard the conversation as Skylynx recombined and landed back on the Bee-Fang. Huffer ran to Skylynx to repair his engines. "Wait... Blastoff? The Others? By the matrix... FULLFANG! Bugbite has Bruticus!!

Huffer coughed out of control, "Wha' did ya say?! Bruticus?!"

Teletraan3 commented. "Remarkable, he was able to get both Devastator and Bruticus... How are we suppossed to fight that!?"

Sky Lynx turned to Bumblebee. "Easy. Me and Fullfang can take him out. We have more than enough firepower."

Bumblebee thought and then spoke. "Sure. But not until we take out these clones! Huffer!"

"Yes Bumblebee?" Huffer responded finishing up SkyLynx's armor.

"You and the clones stay here while we are gone. Huffer, you are in charge... Skylynx and Fullfang. After we take out these clones, you two and I will take out Bruticus... But all of you leave Bugbite alive. I want to finish him off."

"Sure thin' 'Bee." Huffer responded.

"No problem, sir." Sky Lynx spoke.

2007-10-05, 04:06 PM

Mauler said: "As you command, Autobot Commander." He walks away and looks around at the base. He whisper to himself disappointly. "Neutral Mauler microchips. Mauler doesn't care about neutral. Mauler only cares about fighting and win this war."

2007-10-05, 09:14 PM
Xaaron Road

Not another one!

Mirage slowed, transformed and took cover. The new ship was garish, but it looked the business. Then, suddenly, it seemed to be in the middle of an all-out assault by a wave of troops rising from Protihex itself.

Mirage felt, as the humans would say, gutted. The dream of peace was turning into the nightmare he had feared and the fact that it was Autobots bringing it about, even unknowingly, was unconsciable. He could hardly believe that such an army had been hidden here, undetected, and wondered about its link with the explosion and the Quintessons. What would Derby make of this?

Still, he was only a short way from the Combaticons. In Rapido's absence, he had best follow his original plan and ensure they were kept under surveillance.

2007-10-05, 11:21 PM
(OOC:This is getting a bit confusing.How about clones [without caps] means bugbite's clones and Clones [with CAPS} means CR and FL)
Ground Zero
the multiple clones begin to break the posts of the shield-"The shield can't take any more damage."-Cloudraker said-"Then we'll have to separate."-Fastlane said.The clones destroy one of the posts,shutting down the shield.Fastlane transforms and and runs over the clones with boosters flaring.Leaving a small trail of mangled clones.The clones stare at Cloudraker.-"Crap.Gotta fly out of here."-he transforms and flies into the air.

2007-10-05, 11:56 PM
Fullfang had returned to tank mode and sat inbetween two defense turrets, facing back along the ship. This gave him a good view as a large shape leapt onto the hull, firing at it did. A shot hit the turret on his left, and when out the otherside, rendering it useless.

The frame shuddered as it accomodated the weight of Bruticus. The other clones rallied as he fired again destroying the other turret.

Fullfang went wolf and dodged another shot, radioing the others. 'Everyone get up here, it's Bruticus!'
The blastoff clone shuddered, losing power to another engine. Losing control, it fell out of the air.
Onslaught looked as the car rounded the corner (Mirage)

Holding up a hand he yelled, 'identify yourself.'

In reponse, something crashed through the building next to him, causing them all to dive for cover. Brawl ran out again, bringing his rifle to bare. He dropped at the sight, another brown bot identical to the one they'd trekked with for solong. It was badly damaged.

The other combaticons picked themselves up and looked between the two, speechless.
Next to Bugbite an urgent voice spoke.

'Master, X03 has crashed in the middle of the combaticons, your plan is in danger, what are your orders?'

2007-10-06, 12:12 AM

Bugbite smirked. "Whoever said my plan is failing.. X01, recover X03 and bring him to the Rift. X02 and X05 are their guarding the gate. Bring him there. X04! Bring the yellow one to me..."


Bumblebee hears clangs on top of the ship. "Oh no... FULLFANG!" Bumblebee leapt away from the window and sat in his chair.

"WHAT?! Fullfang is in danger and you are just going to sit there!" Skylynx yelled. "WHAT KIND OF COMMANDER ARE YOU!"

"A good one." Bumblebee smirked. "BEE-FANG! TRANSFORM!" The pieces of the ship began to transform until it resembled Bumblebee with Fullfang's robot body. Luckily, the piece Fullfang was on didn't move, and he was now atop the shoulder. Bumblebee's voice came out of the ship's mouth. "FULLFANG! HANG ON!"

2007-10-06, 02:24 AM
'Yes master' the shadow replied taking off, plotting a route to the Combaticons. They transformed into a tank, jeep, truck and helicopter, and took of for Xaaron street.
Both Fullfang and Bruticus held on as the ship moved around them, reconfiguring into a large robot. Fullfang looked over at the large head.

'Hang on? I think I should get off so you can beat hi-' Fullfang's comment turned into a wail as Bruticus batted him aside, the wolf tumbled off the edge of the ship and fell towards the city.

Bruticus ran towards the head, firing with his fusion rifle in a circle, trying to cut a hoel through the armour.

2007-10-06, 02:46 AM

The robot catches Fullfang. "YOU OKAY?" The head looks at Bruticus. "HUH... A FLY!" He grabs Bruticus. "HUH... HEY FANG! WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH HIM!?"


Sky Lynx stands up. "Huh. Nothing inside moved. Everyone okay"

Huffer looks up. "As good as I c'n be..."

2007-10-06, 02:55 AM
Fullfang shook his head, there was a huge dent in his side, he looked up at Bruticus, stareing straight down the barrel of his fusion rifle.

'If you think about moving I'll put a hole through you' Bruticus then turned to the head of the huge ship, 'let me go, or your pet will be dead before you can think.'

Fulfang took the distraction to get away, and a shot melted the hand armour a few microns shy of his neck.

'Bad dog.'

2007-10-06, 03:13 AM
Ground Zero
The clones hear a loud transformation sound and look up.-"Wow.Nice suprise there BB."-Fastlane said over the comm.-"You don't see that everyday."-Cloudraker said.He took a snapshot of the Bee-Fang holding Bruticus and added it to his War Photo Album.-Fastlane turns around a sharp corner and loses the clones chasing after him.-"They're dumber then they look."-He said.Fastlane climbs to the top of a building and gets in a sniper position-"BB?I have a lock-on on Bugbite.Requesting to disable him?"-Meanwhile,Cloudraker flies high and drops his bombs on multiple clones.He swoops by Bruticus and launches missiles at him.

2007-10-06, 03:31 AM

"DON'T DO THAT" Yelled Bumblebee over the intercom, he began to crush Bruticus. "HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT!?"

2007-10-06, 03:49 AM
Bruticus felt the armour crunching around him, he didn't have long

'If you don't think I'm serious,' he said calmly, the gun tracked and fired.

A blast leapt from the cannon at Fullfang. Fullfang went as hit his rear left leg, melting armour and components.

Bruticus faced the head again, 'Do anything other then calmly letting go of me and the next one hits something more vital.'
In orbit above Protihex

The drone swung around, tracking a threat to it's master. It's sniper rifle fired at the robot (Fastlane), while it alerted Bugbite.

2007-10-06, 03:55 AM

"SORRY FANG!!" Bumblebee said as the giant robot threw Bruticus up in the air. "SAVAGE STING!" His chest opened up and a giant stinger drill appeared and started spinning. "GOODBYE BRUTICUS!"The stinger was launched toward Bruticus emitting high energon radiation. "IF THE STING DOESN'T KILL YOU, THE RADIATION WILL!"

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-10-06, 04:03 AM
Xaaron Road

Sunstreaker veered off the main high-way and quickly sped down an empty street in the direction the Bee Fang had traveled. He had to veer to the left to avoid the flying building debris from one block over. What the slag?! he thought to himself as, instead of going straight he turned left and headed the direction of the debris. Combaticons? What are they doing here. He transformed without thinking twice about, pulling both his air-compression rifle and electron pulse gun from subspace. He then noted the second Blast-off in the building above crashing down and why are there two Blast-Off's?. He raised the air-compression rifle at Brawl just in case since the former Autobot had his weapon drawn. "Hello bots. Fine evening isn't it." he hollered down the street to no on in particular.

2007-10-06, 04:20 AM
Onslaught wrenched his eyes away, though he noted their Blast Off was moving, with Vortex's help towards the new Blast Off.

Brawl raised his rifle and pointed it at the newcomer, not wanting to test his armour again.

Onslaught looked the yellow and black bot up and down before asking, 'Who are you? and why are you aiming at us?'
The Beefang

Bruticus stabilized in the air, using Vortex's propellor. Unable to manuevour in air well, he relaised he would be forced to take the shot. Nevertheless he could not resist the opening. Leaving behind instructiosn, the left foot that was Brawl jettisoned and kicked off the body. Meanwhile Bruticus fired at the open chest armour. The drill absorbed most of the fired but shots still rained down at the opening.

The drill hit Bruticus and exploded, leaving Brawl a clear shot at entering and retrieving Bumblebee for his master. cloaked by the radiation, he fell towards the Beefang.

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-10-06, 06:03 AM
"Because I don't like you," Sunstreaker made the comment as if it was just a statement like 'how are you' or 'what is up'. "What are you Combaticons doing here, and why are there two Blast-Offs? He asked calmly taking a few steps forward, locking the electron-pulse rifle on Onslaught. "I was hired to kill some clones. You wouldn't all happen to be clones, would you?"

2007-10-06, 06:22 AM

Oblivious to the mayhem that was going on on the other side of the city, Fortress Maximus scowled.

I think we can safely say that we've found the person responsible for the unpleasantness that Perceptor reported, he thought dourly.

"Ratchet and Aero, belay that last order. We'll all assist with the supply run. Quickmix, let me know when you have the cargo sledges out." He glanced at Mauler. "You're coming with me. Stay close to us and run off anyone who threatens the convoy."

2007-10-06, 04:00 PM
"STOP!" Mirage shouted, reappearing behind Sunstreaker. Perhaps not the wisest move given the circumstances...

2007-10-06, 07:19 PM

Mauler said: "As you command. Autobot Commander. Question: Who or what is convoy?" Mauler followed Fortress Maximus and the rest of the Autobots.

2007-10-07, 03:11 AM
'Clones? we're not...' Onslaught began, but he couldn't finish, That would explain...NO I know we're not clones, even if we can't remember who we are

Swindle hoped to avoid another firefight, 'Hey did you hear that, apparently you, he looked at the Blast Off that Vortex was helping, 'and you,' he looked at the clone that had crashed infront of them, 'are called Blast Off,'

'Who cares,' snarled Brawl, all this talk of clones and memories annoyed him, primarily because he couldn't remember anything, 'Who are you?' he jabbed his rifle at Sunstreaker, 'you've got some nerve. What the?' he shifted aim as Mirage decloaked behind the strange bot, 'Mirage!'

'What?' Vortex spun bringing his rifle to bare at the two bots, dropping Blast off on his clone. Blast Off landed with a thunk on the other's chest for a moment, and just stopped. He and the clones stared at each other.

'What are you?' he asked cautiously, trying to get of the clone.

'You' only better,' it sneered, 'everything that you know is mine.' Blast Off pondered this amoment before it struck him. Both his hand whirled around the bot's head.

'Give them back, or I'll take my memories back myself,' he cried as the two bots began to wrestle on the ground.

Brawl fell back towards the Beefang, transforming into a tank to survive hitting the armour.

2007-10-07, 05:09 PM
Atop A Building
Fastlane was shot at by a clone,destroying his index finger.-"UNGH!.My trigger finger."-He said-"Bumblebee.I suggest you consecrate on firing at that vessel in orbit.I'm taking a pounding here."-Cloudraker dodges the fire from the clones and the vessel in orbit-"I'm with Fastlane on that one.It's hard to stay in the air with all this incoming fire."-He lands next to Fastlane-"Get in."-Fastlane gets into Cloudraker and they started to fly towards the Bee-Fang when Cloudraker was hit by a missile.The cockpit shield fell apart and Fastlane was sucked out, falling towards the ground,landing on a battalion on clones.Cloudraker spun out of control and crashed into a building.

2007-10-07, 05:16 PM
Sterling Hotel

Perceptor finally turned to face Toptail*, who had been anxiously shadowing him as he organised, peering over his shoulder. "The infrastructure is all but finalized. I would be grateful if you would reassume your functions and oversee the internal activities of your hotel" he said with a smile. "if you have any problems come straight to me." Toptail regally took position behind the table that was serving as a desk and summoned the most imposing stance that he could muster.

Meanwhile Perceptor collapsed into a nearby chair out of exhaustion, leaning his head on his hand as he listened to the reports of his spy-drones... He looked down at the autobot sigil on his chest and fiddled with a small piece of metal plate that had fallen from a nearby operating table.

With a theatrical groan he stood and made his way to the lobby, towards the city-wide transmitter at the reception desk. With a slight moment of hesitation he placed the metal plate over the red autobot face on his chest and solomnly spot-welded it in place. With a final sigh he flicked the switch and transmitted across the city :

"This is Perceptor, acting steward of Protihex, transmitting to all transformers within the city limits. Article two of the agreed priciples stipulates that violence is strictly prohibited within the city. All concerned parties shall leave immediately, or they shall be treated as an invasion force and shall be repelled by force. The concerned parties may settle their differences outside of the designated boundries if they wish, and an ambassador from each party will be recieved in peace here at Sterling Hotel. This will be your only warning."

He looked around, and beckoned any transformers he could see that were smiling.

*quick recap : Toptail is Sterling hotels' manager and owner.