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2007-07-07, 09:19 PM
It is the year 2025. After the Quintessons' expulsion from Cybertron and a short period of detente while both sides rebuilt, tensions mounted and the war for territory has begun again. In Polyhex, the city bustles in a secretive way, operating as a city-state at war without the official declaration having been given. Gigatron orchestrates border skirmishes at his convenience from Castle Darkmount while the remainder of the army mills about the city on perpetual standby.


Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron stood again on his balcony overlooking Polyhex. This time the fires had been quelled and order was restored - Polyhex was Decepticon again. It wasn't quite what his vision had dreamed yet, but it was on its way. For now the leader returned to his chamber to address the calls that were sure to be inundating his intercom.

2007-07-08, 12:19 AM
Praxus, suburb of Polyhex:

Sitting in the middle of what was one the town center of Praxus is a massive impact crater, a crater that would be left by a starship slamming into the surface. Built into the crater, around the mangled hulk of the battle fortress, is a frame gantry.

At various levels of the gantry, scupper drones work, repairing the hull.

Trypticon: -now much shorter than he used to be, sitting in base mode, his systems monitoring the status of the drones and the general percentage of the work completed- "And I thought things would be more exciting now that I can mingle......"

Temporary construction hut:

Leozak: "Well?"

Drillhorn: -pouring over charts- "Yes, we're on schedule to convert Trypticon's body into a starship, given that we don't want anybody to know about it. But....."

Leozak: "But what?"

Drillhorn: "We lack power systems. No reactors, and the one heavy power system converter array we had left is currently powering our newest team member."

Leozak: "At least he's loyal."

Drillhorn: "Given the number of guns we put on him, he'd better be loyal."

2007-07-08, 03:45 AM
Just above Praxus:
Sixshot arrives at Polyhex after Cloudraker and Fastlane escape from his clutches. He sees the massive crater and goes to investigate and lands near the construction hut.

Sixshot:"What the.......What's going on here?

2007-07-08, 10:51 AM
Wingspan's office

Wingspan sighed and then shut an intelligence summary from the Conviction the wreck of the ship lay at the edge of Polyhex's space landing field having been towed there by the Tyrant and very carefuly manouvred into position. It had proved a goldmine of information about Quintessons and their naval forces. Some of the codes were however proving stubborn.

Wingspan pushed his chair back wheels skittering on the deck plates and checked the wall chronometer.

He'd hit a dead end maybe he'd go and see Excavator a visit a visit to his friend might be just the thing.

2007-07-08, 06:34 PM
Praxus, temporary construction hut:

Leozak and Drillhorn: -look up at Sixshot barges in-

Leozak: -scowling- "We're trying to rebuild Trypticon, what does it look like we're doing?"

Drillhorn: "What do you want, Sixshot? Most of the resources we've been able to scavenge from this rubble pit of a city is going into our work. Although if you know where we can get a couple of quarter-sun fission reactors, I'm sure the Captain here will be much friendlier."

2007-07-08, 06:46 PM
Praxus,Temporary construction hut:

Sixshot:"All I have is a few energon cubes.Take it or leave it."

2007-07-08, 07:25 PM
Temporary construction hut, Praxus:

Drillhorn: "We'll take them."

2007-07-08, 07:50 PM
Temporary construction hut, Praxus:

Sixshot:"Well here you go."
He hands them the energon cubes.

2007-07-08, 10:46 PM
Sublevel 15 , Maze

Weirdwolf prodded the empty along the corridor. The empty had been lucky to survive for so luck the Decepticons, the Quintessons the invasion. Looked like his luck had just run out though.

Weirdwolf prodded the empty into a large room.

"to the maze welcome yes."

The empty looked up at Weirdwolf with dull optics.

Weirdwolf grinned.

"setting free you am i, next room in find will you a energy recharge full and a vibro cutlass."

The empty looked at Weirdwolf

"why oh why are you doing this?"

Weirdwolf grinned some more

"like I hunt be to sporting yesss. You have 2 Breems and after then come will I."

a look of puzzlement and confusion flashed cross the mechs face and then a tiny flicker of hope.

"Get you maze out of merciful will be I."

The empty looked relieved.

"oh thank you lord Decepticon thank you."

Weirdwolf showed a full set of teeth as his grin widened."

"yes kill you will I quickly."

The empty's hope changed to fear and he scuttled quickly into the ante chamber with the weapons and energy in them.

2007-07-09, 03:59 AM
Temporary construction hut, Praxus

Sixshot:"So what do you plan to do with Tripticon once his rebuilt?"

2007-07-09, 04:20 AM
(OOC: Weirdwolf = brilliance :D)

Command Centre, Darkmount

Astrotrain looked up from the datapad in his hands to greet the two Decepticons approaching him. The shorter of the two, a brightly-coloured Targetmaster, handed the admiral a datacard.

"A report on our operation in the Rad Zone, sir," he said. "The smugglers were totally unprepared for our attack. The air strike wiped out the whole nest of them, it would seem."

"Good work, Spinister. Any casualties on your part?"

"None," the Air Commander said with more than a little pride. Astrotrain had noticed the other Decepticon's demeanour warming a bit since they'd retaken their homeworld. He was still unreadable and remote, but the arms-length detachment that he'd created between himself and his fellow Decepticons had receded, if only a little bit. "I've already sent the team off for a bit of recreation." He crossed his arms obstinately. "Which, I'm afraid to say, is why we're here."

"What are you talking about?"

The third Decepticon, silent until now, spoke up. "What he's talking about, boss, is that you've been spot-welded ta this chair since before we left. We're goin' drinkin' and you're comin' with us." Ramjet grinned and grabbed Astrotrain by the arm, lifting him out of his chair.

"This is mutiny," the admiral protested weakly.

"Damn right," Ramjet said, his grin widening. "And you wish we'd do it more often."

"Yep." Astrotrain shrugged. "Let me guess...the Black Nova?"

"The Black Nova," Ramjet told him.

Black Nova Bar, The Dead End

Cyclonus sat in the bar's darkest corner with his back to the wall, his oxidizing laser resting on the table in front of him and Nightstick perched nearby. His red optics blazed, cutting through the shadows around him and giving the powerful warrior a diabolical air. The rest of the dive's patrons made sure to give the Targetmaster a wide berth, and even the serving staff seemed to be reluctant to approach; had he actually been drinking the energo-ale in front of him, he would have been vaguely irritated by now.

In ages past, he would have written off the other Transformers' fear as a reaction to having a high-ranking Decepticon officer in their fuelling hole...but Cyclonus hadn't been a Decepticon in a long time. He'd abandoned his rank when, in the aftermath of the war with the Quintessons, it became clear that Gigatron didn't know what Galvatron's fate had been and had no real interest in finding out. Such treachery from his master's chosen heir had been, to say the least, galling, and Cyclonus had no interest in serving such a mech. In fact, he had no interest in serving anyone who wasn't Galvatron.

And so he'd dedicated these past years to searching for his fallen leader. To finding him at all costs. To reviving him if possible. To avenging him if not. His quest hadn't been without difficulties, though, and he'd had to make compromises.

And at that moment, one of those compromises entered the bar and slid into the seat opposite him.

"What do you have for me?" Cyclonus didn't bother to look up at his visitor.

"A new lead," the cloak-wearing Transformer told him in a curious accent that wouldn't have been out of place in northern New Jersey. "We gots us an idea 'bout where the Quints is hidin', and we's willin' ta hand it over ta youse. For a price."

"Naturally." Cyclonus finally looked up at the other Transformer, but didn't bother leaning in furtively toward his co-conspirator. "What does Black Shadow want this time?"

"Nothin' too hard," the gangster assured him. "See, there's this, uh, other client of ours that's got a big hate goin' for the Quints. We's hear that there's a few Quints hiding out with the neutrals up in Protihex. He's lookin' for a partic'lar Quint whose s'posed ta be hangin' around there. I got a dossier for youse on him." He tossed a datacard across the table, and Cyclonus caught it without thinking. "We needs ya to head ta Protihex, blend in, and find out as much as youse can about this guy. Get us the info we need, we give youse the location of the Quints, and they can tell ya what they did with Galvatron. Deal?"

"Deal." Scooping up his weapons, Cyclonus stormed out of the bar without another word.

Astrotrain brushed past the familiar purple Decepticon as he walked into the bar, and visibly shuddered when he realized who it was.

I'm just glad Spinister didn't see him, the admiral thought. A gunfight here would just mean more paperwork.

A smile on his face, Astrotrain followed his friends toward the bar.

(OOC: Any Decepticons with nothing better to do, feel free to join in on their carousing. :D)

2007-07-09, 10:30 AM
The Black Nova Bar

Pounce glared at the barman

"Same again and make it quick."

2007-07-09, 05:25 PM
Darkmount: Throne Room

It had taken less time than Gigatron had anticipated to dispatch his myriad callers and peruse a mountain or two of reports on reconstruction, maneuvers, and intelligence. With much of his menial work behind him, he clicked on his throne's communicator.

"Cryotek, see me at my chamber."


Central Hospital

The damages had been more severe than the doctors had at first suspected. Multiple gunshot wounds suffered while defending the Tyrant had damaged critical computational centers, and there were few Decepticon technicians or doctors who fully understand the repercussions felt by Reflector's unconventional systems.

Gigatron had insisted on returning his best loyal spy to action, and a dozen experts had been called in to consult on the case. Much time passed with Reflector on life support while the medics fought with opinions. Eventually something resembling a consensus formed: they would meld the best parts from each into one survivor and pray theircollective mind could handle the strain.

The procedure had been as laborious as the decision. After years of toil combining Viewfinder's body, Spyglass' head, and Spectro's face, they had brought the new construct to stable condition. There had been some lively debate and friendly wagers over just how the snoop would handle the change.

The door to Reflector's CR chamber slid open, and Reflector alone stumbled out, looking haggard but new. The technician who had overseen the last stage of his recovery stared at him tentatively.

"How do you feel?" the technician asked.

Reflector regarded the hospital room with bewildered optics. "Different," he answered, three voices at once. "Alone. Where are..." He wasn't sure which to ask for, all three submitting different ideas.

"Your other components?" the technician offered. "You are them. We had to modify your design to save you. I'm sorry. We had no choice."

Reflector looked unconvinced of the answer, and he began to shake abruptly. The technician watched in awe as a light wireframe silhouette of Reflector stepped out of his the spy's body, materializing with color as it pulled in metal dust from the air to form armor. A second followed a moment later, thus leaving three identical clones, save the shutter in the original's torso.

"Better," they declared in unison. "Thanks."

Reflector marched out of their room in unison, the awed technician looking on in wonder and confusion.

2007-07-09, 06:40 PM
Cental Hospital

Slicer looked up from his datapad as he heard a commotion across the corridor. His hobby of pimpin' vehicles had lead to a desire to try his hand at the medical profession. As an opportunity to inflict pain and suffering on helpless victims it was beyond compare.
However patients were reluctant to fall under the care of the brutal Decepticon massive assault specialist however he had found a niche in the realm of cosmetic surgery. That and in the morgue.
The other medical staff were reluctant to let him anywhere else really reasoning that the dead could not complain and applying a coat of paint and an extra spoiler or two was unlikely to cause permanent damage.
Slicer was not altogether happy about this situation but it did have some upsides one of which was the ability to strip the corpses in his care for spare parts , fiddle the paperwork and sell the bits on the blackmarket. Before the remenants were sent away to be smelted.

2007-07-09, 08:34 PM
Temporary construction hut, Praxus:

Leozak: "Get a larger crew, for a start. Then go do what we Des-er, Decepticons are destined to do. Go into space and expand the Empire."

The Black Nova:

Thundercracker: -sitting with the others, yet apart, nursing his drink, feeling out of place, as usual-

2007-07-09, 10:47 PM
Black Nova

Dethlok's strode into the doorway, his huge bulk attracting much attention, he didn't really notice. What he did notice, however, were the familiar faces of the Decepticon's just "Thundercracker, my friend, it's been a few months since I've seen you," he said, sitting down across from the seeker.


Polyhex: Market

Flattop sat behind the counter of his shop, watching the people pass by his modest storefront. I wonder why Sunstorm hasn't stopped by in a while. He just hasn't been the same since Deathsaurus left...


Polyhex: Temple

Sunstorm sat in a small throne he'd erected beside the statue of Primus. He'd put the throne there shortly after the retaking, though he rarely left it anymore. While he'd always disagreed with Deathsaurus' atheist arguments, Sunstorm just couldn't shake the feeling that, deep down... he might've been right.

redman prime
2007-07-10, 04:32 AM
Black Nova Bar:

Apeface and Snapdragon were close to the back door, avoiding and in turn being avoided by everyone. Which suited them both just fine. Apeface spit after every small sip of his fourty weight, which had been in steady succession since they had wandered in a few hours ago.

Neither spoke; merely grunting when another cocktail was needed. if it wasn't for the slosh of Snapdragon's small pool of leaked oil and Apeface's mucus, the silence would deafen.

More towards the front of the bar were two smaller, yet distinctly more boisterous cons, Rumble and Frenzy. The brothers sat belly up to the bar, howling obscenities at whomever was near enough to be offended.

Pounce just happened to be near enough. "Hey, Pounce, why don't you grow a pair and just get it yourself?" Rumble hollered out, reaching over and grabbing a bottle of twice distilled energon malt.

"Give me that, you twit." as Frenzy snatched the bottle out of his hand and proceded to take a quick hit off of it.
"Next?" he raised the bottle and gestured it towards Thundercracker.

2007-07-10, 05:11 AM
Hatemonger sat in his office. He was watching several holovids of what was going on around Cybertron.

Much to his surprise the probe that many other Decepticons and himself was never discovered allowing him a means to peek into events on the planet.

However, nothing drew his attention yet.

The General mused and sat in his chair waiting.


OOC I had an idea for Blackstar's TM Partner Shatterstar. If it's ok with the mods I will add it to his profile if not just pm me and I shall edit away!

Cryotek's Lab

After the retaking of Cybertron Cryotek found himself a new home in the largest lab he could find in Darkmount.

He crackled with glee as a new project of him started to come to life on a table when Gigatron summoned him.

The Decepticon genius looked down at Shatterstar, he lost his Targetmaster partner Blackstar during the one of the battles for Cybertron. He found he made a decent replacement for his former Bird Cryo and kept the being around.

"Looks like it's time for business." Cyrotek said looking at the Nebulon. "Watch the lab." He said walking out the door.

"You got it." Shatterstar said monitoring a scanner.


Roadblock was out on a firing range making sure he was ready in the event of another battle.



The Predacons all sat in their own area of the bar. Calling over drinks when they felt like it. Razorclaw was generally relaxed but eying the whole bar.

Tantrum and Rampage were wondering if starting a fight would be of amusment as Divebomb and Headstrong were busy trying to play an Astro-Pinball machine.

2007-07-10, 05:55 AM
Black Nova bar

Pounce looked down at the 2 casseticons

"What did you say?"

his weapons suddenly appeared in each hand bayonet glinting in the light.

2007-07-10, 04:06 PM
Central Hospital

In the hall, Reflector glanced groggily through the window of the room across the corridor, making optic contact with Slicer. Although their minds were still in the process of coalescing, Reflector realized how intimidating it must be to have six optics returning the attention of two, and the three clones smirked mischievously. Maybe these new accomodations would work out after all...


Zenith: Constructors' Lab

Finally it was done and everything was in readiness. In the corner of the laboratory, held vertically by a tractor stretcher, the manifestation of Hammer's design stood lifeless. It was a slender white and red Micromaster, clearly military in appearance and sporting a ferocious visage. Excavator had built it exactly to specifications, except for his addition of Stonecruncher's particle cannon embedded in the torso. He was almost proud of his work. Almost.

With the preparations complete, Excavator tapped a few keys on the console before him. The monitors washed with a red digital countdown from 83, and Excavator took the time to move into a glass tube next to the new frame. He pulled a metal cap attached to a cable down over his head, identical to the one atop his creation. Excavator looked down at Stonecruncher's petrified dying fluids still encrusted on his torso. The countdown ended, and the corridor outside was flooded with pink and white light from within the lab...

2007-07-10, 04:40 PM
Temporary construction hut:
Sixshot is a little suspicious of their operation.
Sixshot:"We'll see if Tripticon's what he used to be."
Sixshot transforms to jet mode and flies away.

2007-07-10, 05:42 PM
Central Hospital

Slicer looked up and saw Reflector glaring at him through the glass.

He moved to the door way

"Well your looking good especially after i s.. had so much of you um processed for recycling."

Zenith tower

Wingspan alighted on the roof and opened the roof access hatch and moved down the steps towards Excavator's lab.

2007-07-10, 07:10 PM
Black Nova Bar, The Dead End

Astrotrain had taken a seat in the darkest, emptiest corner of the room, slowly nursing a glass of energon and hoping the presence of Gigatron's deputy wouldn't unnerve the other Decepticons too much. Thankfully, that didn't seem to be anything he needed to worry about too much; no one had even glanced in his direction so far, and even if they had the bar's policy of leaving rank at the door probably meant they wouldn't pay him any mind.

Spinister, a glass of high-grade imported ethanol in hand, dropped into a seat beside Pounce. "How's life in the Mayhems treating you?" he asked, just a bit whistfully; he missed the days when he'd commanded the elite unit, even though he knew Bludgeon was better-suited for the role.

Ramjet, for his part, found himself gravitating toward Rumble and Frenzy in the vague hope of starting an argument. Or, if he was lucky, a brawl. "You call that a drink? That stuff's for the femmebots." The conehead took a slug of his own drink, then slammed his half-empty tankard down on the table. A few drops of unnamable black sludge rolled down the sides of the mug, hit the table, and immediately started to hiss as they ate away at the grime that covered every surface in the bar.

"Now, this...this is a drink."

Back alley behind the Black Nova

The Empty never really had a chance.

He'd lurched out of the bar in an inebriated daze, having used his last handful of shanix to buy a temporary chemical reprieve from the small, meaningless life he led. Whether by overindulging in energon, guzzling some other fuel or injecting Syk into his fuel lines, he'd given himself a high that would, for a short while, make him feel like he was as powerful as Gigatron. However, in the back of his mind he knew it would end, and a part of him wished he could find a way to make this feeling last for the rest of his life.

Bomb-Burst was more than happy to oblige him.

The Pretender dove down from the rooftop and landed behind the Empty. His prey had tried to turn and face him, but by then Bomb-Burst had taken a firm grip on the other Transformer's shoulders. Grinning ferally as he heard his corrosive skin begin to burn through the Empty's armour, he dragged the struggling, insignificant life-form closer, closer...until he was close enough to drive his fangs into the other Transformer's neck. Fuel and lubricant sprayed out from the wound, and Bomb-Burst drank greedily.

Perhaps five seconds after the attack had begun, the Empty's drained carcass was lying face-down on the pavement, his killer nowhere in sight.

Central Hospital

Buzzsaw hung upside-down from a ceiling joist, covered in shadows and watching Reflector's progress with a professional detachment that belied his disgust at what the other Decepticons had been made into.

Better off dead than like that, the artistic Decepticon thought icily. If I'd known before what the medics were up to, I would have put them out of their misery. But, alas...

The cassetticon adjusted his position slightly, then used the hospital's power grid to sent a quick burst transmission.

Hidden Intelligence Complex, Military Annex

It appeared to be a standard apartment block, housing for officers and dignitaries permanently assigned to the capital. However, a careful observer would notice that the block never advertised vacancies and never had any new tenants. Anyone who saw the inside of the facility would quickly have figured out the reason for that. Although the ground floor was outfitted with housing suites, the next ten levels served as the fully-functional headquarters of Decepticon Intelligence. Over the past few years, with little in the way of competition, Soundwave had made the facility into his own private empire, staffed by a small army of data analysts and field operatives. However, Buzzsaw's report indicated that that might be about to change.

He has confirmed that Reflector is active again, albeit in a highly bastardized form. This is...unfortunate, but not unexpected. Contingencies will have to be activated.

The communications officer transmitted a terse 'thank you' to his old friend, the only one of his cassetticons truly loyal to their master and one of the few he bothered to keep in contact with now that he had a proper intelligence network at his disposal. Rumble, Slugfest and the like had simply been too unreliable, and Ravage's loyalties had always been to Megatron first and himself second. The army of truly obedient minions he had now was a significant improvement.

But if Reflector end up back in Gigatron's good graces, my minions will take their orders just as eagerly.

2007-07-10, 08:19 PM
Black Nova Bar
Sixshot entered the bar and sat at the bar table.

Sixshot:"You!Bartender!Get me whatever's available.
In a few seconds he received a cup of grayish goo.He downed it without hesitation.

Sixshot:"Bartender,get more"He barked.
This time it was in a very large cup.He sat back and enjoyed himself

Sixshot:"Looks like that conehead Ramjet's here.So are the Casseticons.Ha!There's bound to be a fight soon."He murmered

2007-07-10, 09:10 PM
Black Nova

Pounce slid his weapons awa y and turned to Spinster.

"not bad get to work with the high graders. Although you do get all sorts of scum looking for a fight so they can say they beat a Mayhem."


"out come , out come , whereever are you ?"

Weirdwolf padded through the maze alert his sensors following the empties trail.

redman prime
2007-07-11, 04:23 AM
Rumble laughed when Pounce quickly turned away, but stopped laughing once some sludge from Ramjet dripped close enough to his leg to make him scoot back.

"well, aren't you just great. say, how is france this time of year, ya conehead? and give me that!" He stretched out for the bottle that Frenzy was holding, failing in his attempt. "dammit, just give me the drink!"

2007-07-11, 05:08 AM
Black Nova Bar

Spinister nodded. "I remember that well," he told Pounce with more than a little sympathy. "Thankfully, because you are a Mayhem, you have little to fear from them." He shrugged. "If nothing else, the higher pay scale means you can afford enough new weapons and modifications to ward off anyone short of Sixshot over there," he said, gesturing toward the hexchanger.

2007-07-11, 05:06 PM
Central Hospital

"I'm doing much better," the three clones answered Slicer in unison. Reflector wasn't entirely sure it was true, but better to have him think so than be forced to stay and get butchered further. "Could you authorize a discharge for me?"

The left clone's optics deviated ever so slightly upward. There were no better optics on Cybertron, and the darkest shadows hid Buzzsaw from them no better than would a paper clip. Reflector restrained a grin and kept from betraying his discovery. He wanted Soundwave to think he had the upper hand.


Zenith: Constructors' Lab

The light dimmed to a cool glow before finally fizzing away, and the lab was filled with silence and smoke. Two murder red optics lit up through the cloud, and the new frame lowered itself creakily from the stretcher. He moved to the nearest console and fumbled with new fingers to crank the vents to maximum and clear the air. While he waited, Excavator glanced toward the tube where his old body sat motionless, its mouth hanging open and its optics blank. Once again he heard steps outside, and once again Excavator allowed the door open to welcome his guest. He suspected who it would be.

2007-07-11, 10:16 PM
Zenith Constructor's lab

Wingspan strode through the doors then did a double take at the sight that confronted him.

"so you pulled it off old friend.....?"

2007-07-12, 05:45 AM
Black Nova Bar

Ramjet scowled down at Rumble. "France? Yer an idiot, Frenzy." The Conehead deliberately used the wrong cassetticon name to try and get a rise out of his arguing partner. "But maybe I should cut ya some slack. You guys can't get out much, bein' Soundwave's pets and all..."

From his perch in the corner, Astrotrain watched his old bodyguard's bullying antics with an amused expression on his face.

I really hope I don't have to drag his unconscious body into medbay this time...

2007-07-12, 05:59 AM
Central Hospital

Slicer disappered briefly and reappeared with a datapad and stylus.

"if you could sign here, here and here , initial here and here and just sign this insurance waiver. Its in triplicate or i guess in your case it nineplicate. One copy for you, one for the patient records and one for central medical system."

2007-07-12, 01:04 PM
Cryotek arrived at Gigatron's throne room and entered as he looked around he looked up at Gigatron and nodded to him in respect.

"What can I do for you?" He asked.

2007-07-12, 07:24 PM
Central Hospital

Reflector's main unit took the datapad from Slicer and dutifully signed as told. He made a note to hack the medical records later and erase that insurance waiver...

"Thanks," the three said in chorus while handing back the datapad. "I'll recommend you to my friends."

Reflector smirked as they walked away - he didn't have any friends, but he'd be happy to recommend Slicer to Kickback and his other rivals...


Zenith: Constructors' Lab

"Yeah," Excavator answered Wingspan hoarsely. It was the first word he'd spoken in years, and his new vocoder needed to be broken in. He turned from the console to look at his one remaining friend. "I had to get out of that thing. Too many memories."

He turned to the console again and summoned some drones to take the old frame to the Smelting Pools.

"What are you doing all the way out here?" he asked absently, fiddling with his console.


Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron sat in his throne facing Cryotek with his fingers steepled. A holographic video played a few feet in front of him, footage of work taking place around the city.

"Of all my soldiers, you are one whose loyalty I have never needed to question," he began nebulously. "And I do wish to reward loyalty."

Gigatron tapped the video before him, closing it out and replacing it with a list of logs.

"Zenith database records show that a member of Hammer's team has logged in numerous times since the fall of the Quintessons. He entered the demise of Hammer and Knockout in the database, but he has not answered my calls and has not allowed messengers access to his lab."

Gigatron paused, recalling how he'd fumed over the reports of Excavator's repeated insubordination.

"You have done admirable work in the reconstruction of Decepticon territory. Our expansion efforts would crumble without a legitimate infrastructure. Your worth has been proven - I am promoting you to interim Technical Director until Hammer's fate can be confirmed. If it is, there will be potential for the position to be permanent."

Gigatron tapped the screen to close it and looked down at Cryotek with optics as icy as ever, making clear that it was a command, not an offer.

2007-07-12, 08:30 PM
Zenith, Constructor's Lab

Wingspan produced a device and scanned it round the lab an indicator light flashed green.

"Well old friend , I wanted to see how you were and also make you an offer. I'm in charge of a small unit concerned with Counter Intelligence.
Its a very small unit and i could do with some more mech power on the ground, your're one of the few mechs i can trust , plus your technical skills would be invaluable, plus I need someone on the groud level more agents.
There is some kind of criminal organisation active on Cybertron and they are starting to make serious inroads into our fighting capability ammo shippments are coming up short, theres a flood of fake spare parts plus there's still Quintesson activity in outlying areas and of course there's always the Autobots.
I won't lie to you it might be dangerous , the pays ok, not great, we'll be going up against Quintessons, criminals , Autobots and maybe rival intelligence services.
If you say yes I'll tell you more about what kind of work you'd be doing."

The Maze

The empty whose name was Screwfix grasped the vibro cutlass in his left hand as he ran down the seemingly endless corridor.


Weirdwolf leisurely padded through the maze easily following the sour smell of fear.


Central Hospital

Slicer shrugged "whate..." He stopped and picked up a card on the reverse was printed Customer Service 201.

"Thank You kindly Sir/Ma'am/Sentinent creature delete as applicable, have a nice day urrggh who writes this sl...umm i mean the staff at Central Hospital appreciate your custom and wish you all the best."

Aero Blade
2007-07-12, 11:01 PM
Black Nova Bar

Tracer trudge in, a bit dusty from being out on patrol and more than a bit irritated from his body language. It wasn't that he had experienced any trouble - oh not at all - it was the fact that he didn't get any trouble. Boredom quickly made Tracer aggrivated, and it looked as though he had a very serious case of boredom...

Midly exhausted as he was, though, Tracer wasn't interested in a fight, or not yet at least. Watching one might prove to be what he needed, and seeing as it looked like there was a bar fight already getting ready to gear up, Tracer had chosen the right place.

Tracer bipassed the immediate friction zone and picked up a drink before settling down at one of the tables, not too far from Astrotrain. He briefly watched the antics of Thrust, Rumble, and Frenzy before turning his head towards the tripple changer. "Twenty creds says the conehead goes down in ten if he gets his fight..."

redman prime
2007-07-13, 01:30 AM
Rumble swelled up as high as his diminutive frame would allow him, looking at the large seeker with undisguised glee at what might happen.

"Yeah, i'm an idiot. You've spent years with us and can't.. You know what, it's easier to just call you stupid. Stupid."
And with that, he made to turn and walk away, but with vorns of practice, Frenzy pounced on Ramjet, quickly shifting his arms to their jackhammer form and laying a few well aimed shots at the seekers chest.

The commotion brought Snapdragon and Apeface up from their self-imposed exile to watch the events.

2007-07-13, 03:07 AM
The Black Nova:

Thundercracker: -lost in his thoughts, blinks, looks over at Deathlok- "Wha-? Oh. Hey, Deathlok. I've been doing a lot of flying the last few months." -chuckles- "Been sightseeing. It's great to look down on Cybertron again after that flat, featureless mudball we were stuck on. What've you been up to?"

Training Area, Somewhere in Polyhex:

Bludgeon: -sitting crosslegged, fingers steepled before his face, katana hovering before him, seemingly oblivious to everything around him..... suddenly grabbing the katana from mid-air and blocking the energo-sword swinging at his neck, deflecting the swing up the blade so the energo-sword passes above his head, rolling to his feet and blocking the second swing, using his smaller size to slide his blade along the other, foot snapping out in the blink of an optic shutter-

BBC: -staggers back, shaking his head, portions of Bludgeon's footprint visable on his face- "This is training?"

Bludgeon: "You lack finesse."

2007-07-13, 03:15 AM
Black Nova Bar
Sixshot watched the brawl with guns at ready if he got in the fight also

Sixshot:"I knew this was going to happen.Hey Astrotrain!30 creds if Conehead wins.

2007-07-13, 04:07 AM
Cryotek listened to Gigatron's words carefully. His blue optics gave away more than his face as he almost crack a smile.

"Excellent." He said ideas already starting to run through his mind.

"Is there any special projects you have in mind? Building contructs in my lab has been most amusing I could use a chance to press my mind a bit."

2007-07-13, 05:06 AM
Black Nova

Dethlok chuckled a bit, "Aye, I despised Earth while I was there. Lost a good friend in a battle there as well. As for recently, I've been trying to settle back on Cybertron. It's just not how we remember it, eh Thundercracker?"



Sunstorm watched as civilians filed in and out of the temple, mostly avoiding him. Sunstorm wasn't exactly known for pleasant conversation, especially recently, as one of his new hobbies was leveling abanoned districts.

2007-07-13, 05:59 AM
Black Nova Bar

Astrotrain glanced over at Tracer. "Don't underestimate him," he warned. "Ramjet might not be the brightest, but I made him my bodyguard in the old days for a good reason. He's got a very hard head." The high-ranking Decepticon smiled. "You're on." He glanced over at Sixshot. "Both of you. Ramjet will take them."

And even if he doesn't, I can easily afford this on an admiral's salary...

Ramjet, for his part, was oblivious to the gambling going on in the background. He was grinning a predator's grin as the cassetticon lunged at him, ignoring the impacts on his chest and trying to headbutt his foe in the face with his cone.

"I'm stupid, eh Frenzy? Well, stupid this!"

As soon as it was out of his mouth the conehead realized that didn't make much sense, but he was too busy trying to beat the two smaller Decepticons into submission to notice.

Spinister leaned forward slightly in his seat, watching as the three more...thuggish Decepticons mixed it up.

If any of them ever bothered to learn a proper combat art, they would be formidable warriors...

Central Hospital

Buzzsaw, unaware that he'd been seen, followed along in the wake of Reflector as they headed for the exit.

2007-07-13, 06:35 PM
Central Hospital

Reflector boarded the lift at the end of the hall, and the two extraneous clones merged with the original and vanished. He needed to get back into the spook game, and he knew the best place in town to dig up some juicy gossip...


Zenith: Constructors' Lab

Excavator turned his head and listened with vague interest while Wingspan explained the prospect. He figured it would give him more chances to kill something than whatever Gigatron would stick him with - probably the medbay shift. But he needed to be honest with his friend.

"I'm not much of a snoop," Excavator admitted. "But if you need me, I'm in."


Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron shook his head at Cryotek.

"No. Just get the division back in order and on track. They need a strong leader to keep them in line. Oh, and contact Hammer's survivor. His name is Excavator, a materials engineer with a record of talent. Find out what you can from him."

redman prime
2007-07-13, 08:34 PM
"got the name right, eh? OWW!" was all the more wit Frenzy could come up with as Ramjet's come caught him in the face square on.

Rumble wasn't keen on letting his brother get bashed, and quickly dove into the seeker's legs, spearing them as if he were a linebacker in American Football. For not being very big, he sure was solid.

The two new Mayhems continued to watch, not wanting to have to tear the whole bar apart. After all, there really weren't that many bars in town yet.

2007-07-13, 08:39 PM
Zenith , Constructor's lab

Wingspan smiled

"I think the first mission will be right up your street, parts are disappearing from the Central Hospital and turning up on the black market, we believe the Space mafia is involved I need you to go undercover."

Wingspan produced a small black device

"take this it's a small holo projector, it will project a false image over you allowing you to hide or camouflage yourself as some other mech. QWe had to sacrifice capacity for size theres only enough storage for 5 images so choose your selection carefully."

Aero Blade
2007-07-14, 02:56 AM
Black Nova Bar

Tracer took a long, leisurly sip from his drink while watching the fight progress before he answered Astrotrain.

"Oh, I'm not underestimating him," Tracer answered in reference to Ramjet. "I'm making sure not to underestimate them."

Tracer paused for another sip at his drink before he elaborated on the thought, still keen on watching the braw. "The little guys can get tenacious when they need to be. I should know, seeing as how I used to be one, remember."

2007-07-14, 03:57 AM
Black Nova Bar:

Thundercracker: -looking over at the brawl ensuing between Ramjet, Rumble, and Frenzy- "Some things are different, and some things never change......."

2007-07-14, 04:42 AM
Black Nova

Dethlok sighed, "All this fighting amongst ourselves... Why do we do this? It seems to be a problem exclusive to the Decepticons, I mean, when's the last time you heard of Jazz pulling a pistol on Huffer?"



Sunstorm levitated out of his seat and towards the doorway, the other Cybertronians clearing a path for him...

2007-07-15, 03:27 AM
Cryotek nodded and left the throne room more than happy to have a task to take care of.

He walked to a computer terminal and activated a broad range transmission.

"Excavator, come in this is Cryotek, do you read me?" He asked.

2007-07-15, 04:45 AM
Black Nova Bar

Ramjet grinned as Frenzy flew away, but he was knocked back a few steps when Rumble crashed into his legs. He grabbed a nearby chair to keep from falling. Once he was sure he could stand on his own, he lifted the chair off of the ground, swung it around, and tried to smash it apart on Rumble's back.

Astrotrain watched the exchange, then turned to Tracer. "True, true. It's not their tenacity I question, though. It's their intelligence. I watched them work for a long time on Earth, and neither of them ever seemed any brighter than Ramjet. If they were, two on one they'd be able to outlast him. But as it is...he's bigger, stronger and too stubborn to give up until someone knocks him out." He shrugged. "But then, I'm biased. After all, it wasn't so long ago that I would have answered to the same description."

2007-07-16, 02:12 AM
Black Nova Bar:

Thundercracker: -shrugs- "We're not as peace-loving, I guess. Either that, or we've got a lot more morons than they do." -looking over at the brawl in progress- "To be honest, Deathlok, I have a sinking feeling it's the morons."

Bridge, what used to be the citycon Trypticon, Praxus:

Gaihawk: -sitting in the middle of a pile of parts that may, one day(and with a lot of work) be a helm/nav console complete with astrogator- "This is all the Autobots fault."

Jalgar: -stops working on the communications console, looks over at Gaihawk- "Gaihawk, would you give it a rest already? You've been saying that for over THREE YEARS!!!!!!"

Hellbat: -working on the main viewer, patch cables running all over the place along with a couple of heavy duty electrical cabling- "Ah, leave him alone, Jalgar. It gives him something to do." -running patch cables from the main viewer to the sensor console- "C'mon, tell me that blip I got earlier wasn't a glitch..... c'mon...." -working the controls, looking over that the main viewscreen as it goes fuzzy-

Jalgar: "I thought you were supposed to be checking the conduits between here and engineering."

Hellbat: "I am. But I got a blip out of this equipment when I was working on getting these power cables run up here. Something of our is up there, I think, transmitting a signal."

Jalgar: "Think it's the main gun?"

Hellbat. "Could be."

Aero Blade
2007-07-16, 02:27 AM
Tracer listened to Astrotrain, nodding in response to his reasons before starting again himself. "You're adressing the areas of skill and power, which do usually win battles, but let us not forget the luck of stupity."

Tracer waited a moment to watch a moment of peak activity in the fight before he continued speaking. "I've seen dumb luck win a lot of fights before. All that needs to happen is for the conehead to loose his footing and bash his head on some furnature on the way and the fight can be over like that," Tracer noted, pausing to take a sip from his drink. "Or the squirts could move to the wrong spot and wind up getting stepped on. It could go any way."

redman prime
2007-07-16, 02:43 AM
The chair that was being swung by Ramjet cracked as it hit it's destination. The impact sent Rumble careening into the front row of built-up spectators, striking Thundercracker in the shoulder.

Frenzy recoiled onto the bar from the headbutt he had sustained. Finding the mug that still contained the liquid responsible for this melee, he snatched it up and darted forward, tossing the contents into the seekers face.

"Take that you .. stupid!" snappy remarks were in short supply in this fight, it appeared.

2007-07-16, 04:48 AM
Black Nova Bar

Ramjet staggered backward, his vision obscured by the brew that Frenzy had tossed in his face. He swiped the foul liquid away, but managed to crash into the table occupied by Pounce and Spinister in the process. The Targetmaster managed to save his drink from crashing to the ground, but Ramjet plucked it away and tossed it overhand at Frenzy.

"Here, shove this in your mouth and shuddup!"

Spinister, seemingly unphased by the violence, drifted back toward Tracer and Astrotrain. Despite not coming within ten paces of the bar, he somehow had a fresh drink in his hand.

"I have a feeling," he told his fellow officers as he found a seat, "that Darkmount is going to be paying out for a lot of repairs to this place when they're done."

"Probably," Astrotrain told him with a shrug. "Especially if more of our troops get involved in the fun." He almost sounded wistful, as if he regretted getting promoted far enough that he couldn't take part in this sort of recreation.

The admiral glanced over at Tracer. "You're right, of course."

2007-07-16, 06:04 AM
Black Nova Bar

Pounce growled: "now I'm really annoyed if you don't stop this fighting i'm going to eat one of you."

2007-07-16, 05:47 PM
The Black Nova

In his new form more resembling a common laborer than the master spy the other Decepticons knew, the lone Reflectorbot slinked through the door and around the brawlers to take a lone, shadowy seat in the corner. It was the perfect opportunity to do some digging.


Zenith: Constructors' Lab

Excavator was at first disappointed that Wingspan's assignment didn't afford him a higher chance of combat, but maybe he'd find a chance to do some interrogation... He groaned quietly when Cryotek's transmission came through, the latest of a thousand attempts to hail him. As with the others, Excavator replied with a shrieking scramble of noise before switching frequencies.

"All right," he answered the Clone while taking the projector. "Shouldn't be a problem. You want me to just find out what's going on, or put a stop to it?"

Excavator stood, flicked out his energo-blades as a test, and began walking toward the door. He hoped it would be the latter...

2007-07-16, 06:00 PM
Zenith Constructor Lab

Wingspan looked across at his changed in more ways than externally friend.

"gg-gather as m-much information as possible w-w want to g-get the b-big boss if we can, once you've got the info t-terminate any n-networks you find and G-good L-luck."

StoneCold Skywarp
2007-07-16, 11:52 PM
Nautilator was the first to stroll through the doors of Black Nova and not pay any attention to the ruckus inside.

"I keep telling you, it wasn't my fault, I told Seawing they were coming but he wouldn't listen!"

Snaptrap & Overbite followed in immediately after Nautilator, both battle scared from their rescue mission for their fellow Seacons. Their mission had been private and many had not seen it pass. They were a group unto their own command for the most part & they preferred it that way so when their number were threatened they took care of it themselves.

"What I don't understand..." Snaptrap snarled quietly "...is what you were doing to get captured in the first place"

Tentakil followed into the bar with Seawing who were talking amongst themselves.

"What does it matter? Now the Seacons are back together!" Tentakil's optimism was lost on the rest of them particularly Skalor who was some way behind them.

"Yeah, in a time of miserable peace..."

The Seacons had each gone their separate ways in the bar by the time Skalor arrived and said his piece.

Tentakil and Overbite approached Astrotrain. "Good to see you made it through commander..." Tentakil's soft spoken technique seeped through his vocoder.
"100 creds says Ramjet's going down" Overbite didn't do things by halves "Take my bet?"

SnapTrap found a table, or rather made himself comfortable at an already occupied table by scaring away it's occupants, and watched the battle with disdain.
It seems like all we can do it slag each other, b'uh, there's not even an ocean close by to escape this lunacy.

Seawing and Nautilator were at the bar, the latter complaining bitterly that the barkeep wasn't paying him any attention and that's why they had no drinks already.

Skalor sniffed himself as he noticed someone sit relatively close to him, at least, relatively close as far as he was concerned.

redman prime
2007-07-17, 01:20 AM
(OOC: good to see you, SCSW)

The glass Ramjet had thrown went right over the diminutive cassette and instead struck the bar, shattering into hundreds of fragments.

Rumble raised himself up only to spy a leg of the chair that he had just been smote with lying next to him, with the seeker stumbling about in front of him. Grasping the leg, he rose and struck the seeker directly on his knee joint.

"hope you like them apples, ya jerk!"

Frenzy started to rush forward to finish the deal, but thought better of it when he realized he was standing in a pile of shards that would tear his feet up. Or anyone's, for that matter..

"Ramjet, how bout you fight like a bot, eh?"
taunting, the Decepticon's best friend when you really wanted to make someone irate.

2007-07-17, 05:59 AM
Black Nova Bar

Astrotrain nodded at Tentakil, showing no sign of being disturbed by the soft-spoken murderer's presence. "Same to you, soldier." He gave Overbite a cockeyed glance. "No one has much faith in the conehead, by the looks of it. You're on."

"Talk to the little guys," Ramjet told Pounce. "They started it. I'm just finishin' it, is all."

The seeker's knee joint bent forward as Rumble hit him, but not enough to send him toppling over. He grunted, then kicked out at the attacking cassetticon, trying to send him flying in Skalor's general direction. Then he glowered at Frenzy. "Huh? Ya want me to fight like an Autobot? You wish!"

Town Square Shantytown

Even three and a half years after the city had been retaken, the scars of battle hadn't all healed. Nowhere was this more true than in Polyhex's main square. In what had once been the Decepticon capital's grand plaza, it's most picturesque location, there was now a slum that rivalled the Dead End for squalor. Shanties, lean-tos, co-opted Sharkticon barracks and a few still-livable chunks of Scorponok's ruined city transector dotted the huge area, filled with transients, freed slaves of the Quintessons that had found themselves homeless at war's end. Why the Decepticons hadn't simply killed them was anyone's guess, but the denizens of the area tended to think they were only allowed to stay there because someone in Darkmount got a twisted enjoyment out of their continued suffering. To them, the Town Square was as close to the Pit as they ever wanted to get.

To Black Shadow, however, it was something different. It was an opportunity, and one that he was all too willing to exploit.

The Space Mafia kingpin didn't make a habit of visiting the area himself, but the client had demanded a private meeting. And considering who the client was, he couldn't have asked him to come to the Mafia's front company in the downtown commercial district; the client would have been shot dead before he'd taken a half-dozen steps out of the slum.

And, despite how well he pays, I can hardly say I'd be sad to be rid of him.

Black Shadow ducked into the client's nondescript concrete hut and checked to make sure no one was watching. Only then did he turn off his shell's built-in cloaking device. He really hadn't needed it; it was dark out, the area had no streetlights to speak of and everyone here would have been too terrified to meet the criminal overlord's gaze regardless. But the client demanded maximum precautions, so maximum precautions were what he got. He was paying top dollar, after all.

"I'm here."

The client didn't come out to talk to him. He never did. Aside from the first meeting, where he had revealed his identity in order to prove how serious he was about the joint endeavour that he suggested, the client never let Black Shadow or any of his henchmen in the same room as him. He probably figured that the Space Mafia would just as soon renege on its deal with him and pick up a contract on his life. He was right; Black Shadow would have liked nothing more than to blow the client's head clean off. He wouldn't do it while the relationship was profitable, though; that would just be stupid.

"Good." The client's voice was distorted, passing through the heavy door that separated the hut's front room from its rear. "Have you found the information I requested yet?"

"No." Black Shadow's voice showed no fear, and he knew he was one of the few brazen enough to address the client in such a voice. A part of him was proud of that. "One of our best mechs is on the case, though. We've sent him into Protihex today to do some snooping."

"Cyclonus, you mean." Black Shadow managed to keep his expression blank, but the client's words bothered him. He didn't like anyone knowing this much about his operations. "You know how I feel about you employing him."

"He's useful," Black Shadow told him. "And once the Quintesson terrorists' antics stop being helpful to our plan, he will be very useful in eliminating them."

"I know." The client's voice dropped an octave, becoming low and menacing. "I also know what he is searching for. He can't be allowed to find it. Understood?"

"Of course," the gangster assured him. "Is there anything else?"

"Only one thing," the client said. "I know you have assets in Autobot Headquarters. Have any of your minions been able to penetrate the Decepticons at a high level?"

"Not yet."

"Take this," the client told him, sliding a datacard under the door that separated them. "Send the data to the recipient I've indicated. He may be willing to help you out, if he knows of your connection to me."

"Thank you," Black Shadow said flatly; he expected this 'favour' to cost him dearly in the end.

"See yourself out."

The criminal mastermind did exactly that.

2007-07-17, 06:58 AM
Back Alley

Gnarl, Loop, Kludge and Frag huddled in a back alley they were petty low grade criminals.

Kludge was in charge and he made sure everyone knew it

Loop scanned the area nervously.

"like whats da plan boss like tell me like tell me yeah yeah."

Kludge frowned

"we wait for our contact ok now shut it."

2007-07-17, 03:52 PM

Excavator simply nodded to Wingspan and strode aboard the lift outside his lab. He hoped the mission would provide some opportunity for murder.

If not, he decided, I may need to create one.

2007-07-17, 05:42 PM
The Black Nova

A shape sidled out of the crowd and towards the shadowy corner where the Reflectorbot sat. He carried a large case.

"Hello Sir you look like a discerning Gentlemech, could i interest you in some of my fine quality merchandise."

In a practised movement he swung the case up snapped open the catches and presented the contents to the potential client.

"Very reasonable prices , you won't find product like it anywhere else. "

2007-07-18, 01:52 PM
Black Nova Bar:

Thundercracker: -wiping his now spilled drink off of himself(thanks to Rumble's flight), scowling- "Hey, pipsqueak! Assuming there's anything left of you by the time Ramjet's done with you, you owe me a drink!"

2007-07-18, 03:00 PM
Cryotek smiled.

"Ahh so you want to play games with me." He growled as suddenly a computer in his lab began to buzz and wurr.

"Computer, triangulate the direction of the sent frequencies. Locate central location of the target's origin." As the computer ran taking into account all of the data Cryotek would have his answer soon.

2007-07-18, 05:38 PM
Zenith: Lobby

The massive lift doors opened creakily, and the diminutive Excavator strode out into the lobby. He transformed into his new APC mode, slowly as it was his first time, and cruised out of the building to begin his investigation.


The Black Nova

Reflector paid no mind to the service droid when his drink was delivered. He was more interested in the shadowy mech showing off his wares. Reflector took a swig of straight energon and eyed the contents of the case.

"Tell me about those blasters," he said judiciously, nodding toward the merchandise. He had no intention of buying anything, but he'd happily let the dealer spill his guts about where he procured such things.

2007-07-18, 09:26 PM
The Black Nova

Hustle for that was the mech's name smiled.

"an excellent choice Sir quality merchandise , Sir has definitely got an eye for weaponry. That on the left Gentlemech is a light shatter blaster very effective in melee situations , packs quite a punch, very effective at short ranges. As you can see it's still in it's grease. Straight out of the Autobot armoury. I know what your thinking Autobot weaponry has to be inferior to our own but they have made quite a few advances in recent years, not quite as good as our own weaponry obviously but nonetheless effective.
Next up we have a metal-piercing concussion cannon its a discarded prototype about quarter size of the final model but still effective, i believe that the final model was to have transformational capabilities but this is just a working model without the transformational circuitry. Very reasonably priced, easy terms.
I also have access to a range of reclaimed Quintesson weaponry not everyones favourite but very cheap."


Two thugs swagger along Hunt and Kill, rough and ready but still deadly. More brawn than brainstorm though.

Hunt twirls a device in one hand.

"The plans simple we find an empty use this device on it, twin puncture marks in the neck it gets blamed on the Vampire and we get free energon and no need for the boss to wet his circuitry. We get to keep 100% not some measely 50%."

Kill shuffled his feet

"What if the vampire's really out here , ya know won't he be unhappy, aren't we in danger."

Hunt shrugged

"Are you a mech or an empty whole vampire thing is exageration old mech tales, any way he needs to get through these first."

Hunt's twin shoulder cannon whirred briefly and he pulled out a vibro axe from it's sheath and caressed it lovingly."

Kill racks his shotgun and points it as he performs a 360 degree search of the surrounding area.

Back Alley

Slicer roars up to where the gaggle of mechs await now in concealment

"Got your parts for you now wheres my money?"

2007-07-19, 12:54 PM
----------Black Nova Bar----------

In every fight a "lot" of magazines always emptied by him. Bigger the fight ,More the emptied magazine. And also his maniacly laugh can be heard before his gunshots. During the reclaimation
he fired at nothing but drones and grunts its good that Triggerhappy can fire at Autobots again.

The blue targetmaster just arrived in time to watch the fight. "20 creds on those two little devils." Blowpipe standing on his partner
shoulder ducked as a glass flew passed him and yelled. "Watch it! Conehead."

----------Practice Range----------

Another laser beam just hit bulleye. Opposite from Triggerhappy
Slugslinger spends his magazine with caution everytime his gun runs out his courage run out too.

"Heh I'm still good." Said the targetmaster.

"I'm good not you." Caliburst argued.

"Well I'm the one who firing remember?"

"At least I don't shoot at somebody from behind."

"In that case You are the one who shoot at somebody back."


2007-07-19, 10:20 PM
Back Alley

Slicer transformed and looked around where was his contact. There was a thump as a shape fell out of the darkness.

Loop jumped down from where he'd been concealed in a first floor window.

He giggled , one of the signs of a Silicon addict.

"Your contact is a little indisposed , no money hehe , he had alittle fall soo soorry , very dangerous area, now if you hand over those parts i'll sell you shall we say some insurance."

Slicer growled and lunged at Loop

a heavy hand fell on each shoulder. Frag and Kludge gripped him , one on each arm.

Loop smiled "Didn't you know being alone in a dark alley is dangerous to your health that's why i brought some friends, I'm not alone."

2007-07-20, 01:37 AM
Commercial District

Scorponok scuttled along the slow lane of the long boulevard leading from the city's main toll plaza to Castle Darkmount deep in the bowels of Polyhex. He'd been grumbling to himself along the march from Valvolux - he hated running on a fight, but those were his orders.

"Troops," Scorponok growled. "If you have injuries, see to them at the medical center. Otherwise you are off detail."

For his part, Scorponok continued diligently toward Darkmount to deliver his report to Gigatron.


Central Hospital

Excavator transformed to robot mode just outside the enormous doors of the hospital's staff entrance. He wouldn't need to deal with the bustle of injured soldiers and cranky technicians this way... Excavator passed through the hallways with a stealth he tried to hide, making his way to a secluded console to access supply records.


The Black Nova

Reflector faked surprise when Hustle spoke of the Autobot blaster. Truth was, Reflector had known well for some time about the racket of enemy weaponry in Decepticon territory, but he'd had some difficulty tracking down the kingpins. Getting the goods on such individuals would prove very lucrative...

"Autobot?" he asked with phony innocence, then glanced around as though he hadn't meant to say it so loudly. He ducked toward Hustle and whispered, "How do you sell Autobot weapons?"

redman prime
2007-07-20, 05:07 AM
Black Nova Bar

Frenzy was starting to get a bit antsy in the glass field he was ocupying. He had hoped that by enticing the larger mech he would cause him to rush blindly forward. Not the case. Reaching down as furtively as possible, Frenzy picked up a long sliver out of the handle, something smooth and solid. Choosing his steps carefully, he crept forward, eyes never leaving Ramjet.

Rumble was having a decidedly worse time. He skidded along the floor, a small trail of oil in his wake. He came to rest, not at the feet of Skalor, but at the feet of Snap-Trap. "don't suppose you want to help me up, eh ugly?"

2007-07-20, 06:28 PM
Black Nova Bar

Buzzsaw fluttered in nonchalantly, as if he hadn't just been following Reflector around half the city since his revival. The cassetticon glanced around to see who was in the bar and then, as was his habit, flew over to the highest-ranking Decepticon he saw and sat on his shoulder.

Astrotrain looked up at him and scowled. "Don't do that."

"Oh, very well," Buzzsaw sighed, then hopped down and perched atop the back of an empty chair. He glanced over at Ramjet and his fellow cassettes. "Ah. I see there's a bit of a floor show tonight. How long has this been going on?"

"Ten minutes or so," Astrotrain said with a shrug. "It's probably about to wind up, unless someone else jumps in."

Ramjet shot a glare at Blowpipe when the Nebulan shouted at him, then made a rude gesture in his direction. Thus distracted, he didn't see Frenzy pick up the broken chunk of glass. Of course, even if he had, it probably wouldn't have registered with his simple brain as a serious threat anyway.

The Conehead moved forward, keeping outside the field of broken glass, but closing range with Frenzy anyway.

StoneCold Skywarp
2007-07-20, 08:01 PM
Snaptrap slowly lowered his glass to the table. Still in his hand, the glass began to crack from the base.

"Glad I put my bet on Ramjet when I did, I think Rumble's about to get his parts re-arranged" Overbite gloated, still stood by Astrotrain, and noted Buzzsaw's arrival.

Skalor squirmed his way further towards the dealings in the dark corner hoping, this time, that someone would acknowledge him beyond the usual "What's that smell?"

The glass shattered in Snaptrap's hand as his other swung round underneath his table to grab the irritating cassetticon, brought him on top of the table (clearing it of various empty containers) and got in good and close to Rumble's head.

"Something to say pipsqueak?"

2007-07-20, 08:39 PM
Black Nova

Hustle shrugged

"Well I get alot of me stock from Reciever, especially the Autobot stuff. I'd reckon they was salvage from the war if it weren't for the grease, personally I reckon the oh so noble Autobots have got someone light fingered in the supply department. So what catches your eye. You know I can only carry me light stock round with me but if you wanted something heavier we could make an arrangement."

Aero Blade
2007-07-20, 11:50 PM
"Ten minutes and thirty so far," Tracer spoke as Astrotrain talked with Buzzsaw. Time had expired on his bet, and Tracer had already been getting the cred vouchers out of a compartment, lightly tossing them over to Astrotrain's table next to his, landing them infront of the commander. "Entertaining fight is worth a good bet, win or no."

2007-07-21, 04:56 AM
Black Nova Bar:

Thundercracker: "Eh, go ahead and crush the little punk, Snaptrap. It's not like he'd be missed."

Training Area, Darkmount:

Bludgeon and BBC: -locked in an almost endless duel of swordsman ship, BBC's greater size and strength keeping him on somewhat even footing with Bludgeon, but starting to wear out-

redman prime
2007-07-21, 05:56 AM
Black Nova Pube

Rumble flailed in the larger cons arms, but was old and smart enough to realize when he was screwed. This might've been one of them, but he wasn't that old. or wise. He lashed out with a boot and managed to strike the Seacon boss on the chin with it, possibly damning himself in the process.

Frenzy watched the larger Con circle closer, but still out from the glass ring. Well, might as well change that.. and with that, he kicked some of the smaller, sharper pieces of shrapnel at Ramjet, springing forward on his opposite foot and trying to drive his spike through the seekers lower abdomen, a weaker spot on the former bodyguard.

The two new mayhems took another oil and watched on, still un-interested in the affair that didn't concern them.

2007-07-22, 04:20 AM
Black Nova Bar

Ramjet ignored the shards of glass that Frenzy kicked at him; after all, his armour was extraordinarily tough, so the debris did little more than scratch paint off of his legs. Thus, he saw the smaller Decepticon's lunge coming and managed to twist away from the attack. The spike tore a nasty gash in his hip plating, but didn't damage any vital components.

"Now, that was just dumb," the conehead said, taking a few steps back. "Here we were, having a good scrap, and you had ta go and bring a deadly weapon into it. Well, have it yer way..."

With that, he raised his left arm-mounted laser rifle and tried to shoot Frenzy in the foot.

Astrotrain casually palmed the credit chits Tracer had tossed on the table, then nodded. "You can afford it these days," he said. "You've got a well-paying job."

Spinister glanced over his shoulder at the admiral and Tracer as the laser blast rang out. "We should probably put a stop to this before any of our troops end up in the morgue."

2007-07-22, 05:09 AM
Black Nova Bar:

Thundercracker: -stands as Ramjet fires- "Woah there, Ramjet. Don't kill him. One of those little dips still owes me a drink. Since they both look exactly alike, we have'ta leave them in semi-ioperational condition." -looks at Frenzy- "Right, Rumble?"

2007-07-23, 08:29 PM
The Black Nova

Reflector downed the remainder of his energon and made note of this Receiver. It could be an alias, but it would still prove useful.

"I like to see all options before making a decision," Reflector answered Hustle half-cryptically.

2007-07-24, 12:20 PM
The Black Nova

Hustle smoothily produced a card

"if you need to get in touch leave me a message at this e:address and i will arrange a rendezvous. You won't get a comparable range of top quality merchandise anywhere else."

Approaches to Polyhex Landing field

Detritus studied his controls before flipping open a com link.

"This is the Merchant trader Phoenix requesting permission to land. Over, is anyone reciving me?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2007-07-24, 02:34 PM
The kick struck Snaptrap full in the jaw and snapped his head sideways. His face broke from it's solid stare of disgust into a grin of homicidal lunacy.

"Didn't think so..." chided Snaptrap as he grabbed Rumble round the face.

"Skalor, I've got someone who wants to say hello" Snaptrap took aim and flung Rumble in Skalor's direction.

2007-07-24, 06:37 PM
The Black Nova

Reflector took the card with a grin.

"It was a pleasure meeting you," he said to Hustle. "I look forward to doing business with you."

The spy waved a wait-bot over and ordered a refill on his energon.


(OOC: Justing autoing him for now.)

Landing Field: Control Tower

Airwave spun in his seat to answer the call.

"Merchant trader Phoenix, this is Polyhex air control. Transmit authorization codes and one thousand shanix credit for permission to land. Decepticon law, you understand. Over."

The law was actually five hundred shanix, but Airwave didn't see a reason he couldn't make a little extra.

2007-07-24, 07:55 PM
black Nova Bar
Sixshot chuckled:"If this keeps up the whole bar will be destroyed"-He downed the last of his energon drink.
Sixshot:"Hey Astrotrain!I hear there's a battle going down in Valvolux.Wanna come with me after this fight is done?

redman prime
2007-07-25, 12:04 AM
Black Nova Bar

Rumble felt his helmet start to crease as the piranacon leader's grasp tightened. Imagine his relief when it let up, only to feel himself hurled to the ground, this time ending up at Skalor's feet.

Frenzy swore under his breath, feeling the air sizzling at the blast that had just passed him by right between his legs, narrowly missing but scaring the beejezus out of him anyway.

"Ok, nutbar, I think it's about time to let you know where you stand in the world. Right Rumble? Rumble? oh, sunuva..."
he saw his brother in a heap at the savage piranacon's feet. "ok, how bout we call it a draw? you say you didn't get your ass kicked by two cassetticons and we say we didn't lose to the dumbest 'con in the army?"

2007-07-26, 08:09 PM
Black Nova Bar

"Not particularly," Astrotrain told Sixshot regretfully. "I have enough work waiting for me already without making more for myself. But feel free."

Ramjet scoffed at Frenzy. "Army? Do I look like a ground trooper? I'm a flier, you moron. Ya see the wings? The nosecone? The jet engines?" He sighed. "Yeah, whatever. Go sweep up your little buddy."

The conehead dropped into a chair at Thundercracker's table and waved over a server. "Sorry 'bout the drink, buddy." He cast one more glare over at Frenzy, then shook his head. "And folk say I'm dumb..."

When the wait-mech arrived, Ramjet said, "I'll have another of what I had before." He nodded at the other seeker. "So'll he. And put it on the tapes' tab, they spilled our last drinks."

2007-07-26, 09:18 PM
Polyhex Landing Field

Detritus now Wreckage tapped the controls.

"This is Wreckage last time I was here the charge was 300 Shanix. As for authorisation codes the only ones i have will be out of date. I escaped in a shuttle when the Quintessons attacked and have been eeking out an existence since."

2007-07-27, 10:24 AM
Polyhex landing field

Clinging to the engine casing of Detiritus' shuttle, the little spy-drone calculated that it was indeed being intrepid. The prospect of bagging the story of the century outweighed the risks of being discovered.

A small bead of sweat slid down the side of its' vewfinder.

2007-07-27, 04:56 PM
Central Hospital

Excavator's scan had come up mostly inconclusive, though he had a few vague leads to follow. A rookie technician named Slicer had come up a few times... Excavator logged out of his terminal and transformed, rolling off into the hospital's depths to find someone to question.


Landing Field: Control Tower

Airwave smirked.

"Tarrifs have gone up since the reclamation of Polyhex, Phoenix. The penalty for obsolete codes is another thousand shanix. Transmit payment now or prepare to be escorted out of Polyhex aerospace. Over."

Airwave glanced out his tower window to the airfield, where Windsweeper stood cracking his knuckles in anxious anticipation of an intercept order.


Darkmount: Throne Room

"The mission was a success then," Gigatron confirmed.

"Save the limited Autobot casualties," Scorponok grumbled, still bitter he hadn't been allowed to really fight Grimlock. "But your orders were carried out to the letter, sir."

Gigatron nodded judiciously from his throne. "The saboteur was not spotted then."

"No sir," Scorponok affirmed with as little malice as he could manage.

"Excellent," Gigatron smirked. "Reward your team's performance as you see fit. See to your injuries and be on stand by for further instructions. I shall have another mission for you shortly."

Scorponok nodded, turned, and stomped out of the throne room. When the massive Decepticon symbol-shaped doors had closed behind him, Gigatron rose from his throne and sauntered to the side wall. It was littered with holo-images of Decepticon heroes in moments of conquest, rare and valuable weapons, and a majestic portrait of Gigatron himself. Gigatron shifted a pair of crossed swords to be parallel, and one holo-image rotated into the wall to reveal a dusty purple communicator: the hotline to Iacon. Gigatron put on his most grave face and picked up the receiver.

"Give me Ultra Magnus."

Aero Blade
2007-07-28, 02:41 AM
As the fight subsided, Tracer settled down in his seat, boredom returning again. At least his agitation was gone for now, but it would be back later soon enough.

"Those fights never last long enough," Tracer spoke aloud.

2007-07-28, 04:45 AM
Hidden Intelligence Complex, Military Annex

Soundwave looked down at his terminal as a transmission came through. It was a report from one of his field agents, a Decepticon named Frostfire that he'd embedded in the Protihex commune. The agent was hysterical, but the substance of his report certainly justified such a reaction. Soundwave listened carefully, signed off, and then transmitted a brief text message to Gigatron and Astrotrain on a secure channel.

Terrorists attack Protihex. Hundreds feared dead. Cyclonus and Shockwave sighted on-scene. Connection to attack unknown, but possible given recent unacceptable political behaviour. Investigation ongoing.


When he looked up from his terminal, there was a Pretender standing in his doorway.

"Impressive," Soundwave said, not missing a beat. "You managed to approach me undetected; not an insignificant task, even if I do detect cloaking circuitry in your shell. Unfortunately, when you revealed yourself you set off every security alarm in the building. Within one minute, my minions will be here to kill you."

"Call them off," Black Shadow told him. "I'm not here to fight. I'm here because I have a proposal for you."

"Do tell," Soundwave said flatly.

"I'll do better than that," the gangster said. "I'll show you."

He tossed the datacard that the client had given him onto Soundwave's desk.

"And what, may I ask, is that?"

"Read it," Black Shadow assured him. "And if you still want to have me shot afterwards, you're welcome to try."

Soundwave read it.

Black Nova Bar

Astrotrain was about to answer Tracer when he received Soundwave's message.

"Oh, glorious," he said. "Another terrorist attack. Just what we needed."

Buzzsaw glanced at the admiral from his perch. "Where?"


"Good," Spinister opined without turning to face them. "They deserve it."

2007-07-28, 07:15 AM
Back Alley

Slicer groaned writhing on the floor.

"Here take the parts."

He moaned as another foot pounded his bodywork.

Loop rubbed his hands together.

"hehehehe i'm going to leave you alive this time." He paused as if recalling something he'd been told . "tell Black Shadow that he better watch out and hehe we remember the Prometheus."

Loop turned on his heels

"come on boys lets go."

The gang turned out of the alley and strode down the street.

Frag cracked his knuckles and pointed.

Loop looked up

"well, well I think we've got time for a bit of a bonus boys."

A sign flickered it read Thresher's Energon and High Grade Oil

The metal grating covering the window below it shattered as Frag thundered against it in Combat engineer vehicle mode. His Petard pointing rearwards to avoid damage.

Loop and Kludge moved into the store and started loading up Gnarl who was in transport mode.


unaware of what was going on a few blocks away from him Slicer pulled himself to his feet and limped over to his unconscious contact carefully he slung him ove rhis shoulder and started limping towards the hospital.


Wingspan nodded to Crankcase as he came through the doorway and into the HQ of his unit.

Sliding behind a console he sent a message to Gigatron

"operation Mine is underway."

redman prime
2007-07-28, 10:30 PM
Black Nova fine drinking establishment
Frenzy was wary of Ramjet, but once he ordered a drink the cassette turned to his brother, still lying at the Seacon's foot.
"how bout you take an example from that idiot over there-" thumbing over his shoulder at Ramjet, "and we'll just, y'know, slink on back to the bar. deal?"

2007-07-29, 07:56 PM
Black Nova Bar
Sixshot:"Well this fight is just about done.Later Astrotrain."-He got up and left the Bar
Sixshot:"What to do?What to do?" He said out of boredom."Let's see if there's any Autobots left in Valvolux"-Sixshot transformed to jet mode and speeded away to Valvolux

2007-07-30, 09:01 AM
small repair center

Krok was being repaired, next to him charger and loadrun stood fully repaired and recharged.
“All this fighting, maybe we should join those idiot pacifists wandering around cybertron” Krok said with a smirk. Charger wanted to say something but was interrupted by loadrun.
“Are you mad!?” he gasped “ we are decepticons! It is our destiny to rule and not start down the same path as those blasted autobots”.

“Relax, I was only kidding” Krok eyed the decepticon before him. He had clearly undergone some upgrades and had also acquired a new and deadly-looking plasma gun. “Anyway there have been a FEW decepticons going over…” Krok continued glaring at loadrun “Where were you the last few months?”

Loadrun optics narrowed. “I have been busy…” loadrun said with a cold stare “but let it not be your concern, I can assure you that it was in the best interest of the decepticon empire.”

“I’m sure it was” Krok said as he lifted himself of the bench. Once he had the second in command of a decepticon commander. He now felt the same presence in Loadrun as he felt humself all these years ago.

Exactly who was he working for, the actionmaster thought…

2007-07-30, 07:32 PM
Landing Field Polyhex

Detritus scanned his intelligence file for information and picked details of a decepticon trader he knew was dead.

He opened a com link

"it's Airwave isn't it , ole Backhand warned me about you he said , i'd be a fool to ever accept the first price from you if i ever ran into you . Have you had any news from the ole reprobate, he could sell pretty much anything including water to scraplets. Now tell me what the real price is then we'll negotiate your , whats the latest jargon: comission , handling fees, administrative charges."

2007-07-31, 01:02 PM
----------Black Nova----------

"Bah! Draw! You guys are very funny." Trigerhappy unhappily muttered as he leaning toward the bar wall. "Well you didn't lose any chip."Said Blowpipe. "Yeah right." The targetmaster then turned to his fellow Decepticons on his left and then on his right and Another at the opposite side of the bar. "What will happen if I punch one of them?"

2007-08-01, 12:01 AM
Landing Field: Control Tower

Airwave leaned forward far enough to deliver a dramatic wave of the hand. Below, Windsweeper ecstatically transformed and rocketed off to tail the Phoenix. Airwave leaned back in his seat with a smirk. He was pleased that he was gaining a reputation.

"In a negotiation, he with power sets the terms. The fee is two thousand shanix. Transmit payment or my interceptor will escort you out of Polyhex airspace. Noncompliance will have consequences..."


Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron glanced at his throne from the ancient communicator. Already the field reports were piling up, but this was more important. He heard the click of the other receiver being picked up, and the following silence drew a wild grin. He prayed Magnus was terrified.

After our last encounter, Gigatron mused, he has reason to be.

Gigatron put on his most imposing voice. "Autobot marauders have ambushed a Decepticon scouting patrol in the demilitarized zone of Valvolux, destroying a sizable portion of the city. I pray I needn't remind Iacon's cartographers that this is Decepticon territory. The Empire demands an immediate explanation, apology, and reparations."

That would be sufficiently terrifying, he felt.


Repair Center

The pounding of footsteps could be heard a kilometer away. Scorponok rounded the corner into the main infirmary, glaring at Krok, Charger, and Loadrun in turn. He didn't want them to think he was there for comradery.

"No more talk of pacifism," Scorponok growled to none of them in general, not having overheard well enough to know who the perpetrator was. "Desertion is treason and will be punished accordingly."

Scorponok stomped past the others and took a seat on a medtable. A Micromaster technician immediately gave up his patient to assess the commander's injuries.

2007-08-01, 05:31 AM
Training area, Darkmount:

BBC: -slowly sliding down the wall, optics narrowing slightly as his energo-sword thunks into the wall above his head, part of him wondering how his sword got there after he did-

Bludgeon: -balanced on one foot, the other foot slowly retracting from the kick that he just did, sheathing his katana-

BBC: "It is illogical. I have Prime's strength and size."

Bludgeon: "Perhaps you do. You may even have his tactical ability and battle prowess. However, you lack two things. One, the Matrix. Two, experience in martial arts. The Matrix is, largely, unneccessary, if the Quintessions were able to give you Prime's physical prowess. So we will simply have to continue your training in the field of martial arts."

Black Nova Bar:

Thundercracker: -finishes his drink, stands- "I hate to cut this short, Ramjet, but I need to get airborne. See you around." -heading for the door-

2007-08-01, 05:50 AM
Landing Field, Polyhex

Detritus flipped a switch on his console , black smoke started billowing out of one of the engine nacelles.

"Control i have an emregency , i must land know , i do not have 2000 shannix but you are welcome to come on board and i will supply you with their equivalent in trade goods."

Detritus waggled the controls and the ship lurched in the sky , it began to steadily lose altitude.

2007-08-01, 10:23 PM
Landing Field: Control Tower

Airwave had seen this trick before. And even if it wasn't a trick, he didn't much care. Polyhex had enough traders.

"Windsweeper," Airwave practically squealed with malice, "give him a real emergency to complain about."

In the air, Windsweeper finished his arc pulling behind the Phoenix, flipped out his laser cannons, and fired a precision blast into the engine opposite the "faulty" one. The sound of his engines drowned out his sniggering of elation.

"You mustn't be much of a trader to have such a poor credit line," Airwave smirked into his microphone. "Transmit payment or face anti-aircraft fire."

Airwave's hand hovered over the tower's transform trigger.


Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron's sadistic enjoyment faded when Magnus replied.

"Do not take me for a fool, Autobot! If this is what your scouts do in Decepticon territory, I shudder to imagine the savagery of an investigative crew! Expect the bill of damages to arrive within the orn. You will pay for the repairs your cretins' unprovoked rampage has caused, or you can expect an Autobot city to suffer retribution in kind!"

Gigatron moved to slam down the communicator, but he thought better of it and hovered for a moment to see if Magnus would respond.

Aero Blade
2007-08-02, 02:11 AM
Throne Room, Darkmount

"I'm quite busy right now Gigatron, so please answer me one thing - just how many times do you intend for us to play this game in the nearby future? I and every Autobot with any amount of sense knows the drill by now - we send out scouts, your side spies on them then sends out a counter patrol to go harrass and provoke them or just out right attack, then our scouts retaliate and you try to place the blame on them. That 'strategy' is as old as Megatron.

"Send the bill if you wish, but I gurantee no response on it aside from a return to sender, and if you are as bold as to try an attack I shall warn you that we have had our security and defenses significantly reinforced. We are more than prepared to deal with you. I'm also sure that once the local security cameras in that area have finished transfering their video back to Autobase, we will be more than able to see just who started what. Would you like me to send you a copy?

"It would seem that there has also been some undesirable activities from your men in our territory. Local security has reported Devistator and some other unknown impersonating one of our personell assaulted Iacon. It looks as though I shall also have to issue a bill for the damages they have done to our territory."

2007-08-02, 06:04 AM
Detritus smiled

now he wouldn#t need to worry about justifying the non spaceworthiness of his vehicle to the authorities, he could blame any damage on Airwave.

It didn't mean he was happy.

He pressed a button and an explosive bolt operated a cloud of metallic debris flew off the back of the Phoenix.

Hopefully some of them would be sucked into the interceptor's intake.

The craft lurched as the effects of the damage made themself felt.

He pushed the nose down.

He opened a com link to Airwave

"am coming in transmitting cred....crackle... will land at docking bay....squeehee...."

He typed in the instructions and sent the payment winging towards the account of the Polyhex Municipal Airport Operating Company.


Weirdwolf took the empties arm and bit one of the fingers off and spat it out .

He then grasped the end where he'd wrenched it from it's anchoringgs and slapped the Empty in the face with it.

"bad habit have i , play food my with do I."

Wingspan's HQ

Wingspan smiled and steepled his fingers togehter.

it was like the human game of chess Weirdwolf had taught him, you manipulated the pieces and set your strategies. You had a problem with a criminal cartel, you closed it down. However that took time. First it needed to be distracted ,weakened, sidetracked.

2007-08-02, 08:11 AM
Repair Center

Loadrun approached Scorponok
Sir, we were discussing what we are going to do with the pacifists?
“We can’t leave them alone because the might instigate other decepticons. We should annihilate them...“
"... Sir"

2007-08-02, 04:05 PM
Outside the Black Nova:

Thundercracker: -greatfully stepping outside, boosters in his feet igniting, lifting him into the air as he transforms to fighter mode- "Man, I hate being indoors......"

2007-08-03, 02:56 PM
Landing Field: Control Tower

Airwave watched the numbers on his account jump with a broad smile.

"Thank you, Phoenix. You now have permission to land. Polyhex air control over and out."


Repair Center

Scorponok glared down at Loadrun with characteristic malice.

"Resources are short," he growled. "Would you prefer to murder a handful of traitors or the entire Autobot army? Gigatron believes we can't do both right now."

Scorponok disagreed, but he had a duty to keep his mouth shut.


Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron's thoughts paused entirely at Magnus' last assertion. Devastator? He hadn't been issued to Iacon. The confounded fool had ruined Gigatron's entire propaganda operation! Gigatron slammed down the purple handset, allowing it to recede into its secret place in the wall before returning to his throne.

"Keep me informed," he answered Wingspan belated and terse before switching frequencies. "Cryotek!"

His guards at the end of the corridor shuddered at his bellowing.

2007-08-03, 05:16 PM
Repair Center

Vindicator walked Into the repair room and saw Scorponok , Krok, Charger, and Loadrun Vindicator gave a nod to his fellow Decepticons and walked over to an empty medtable and took a seat.

He had heard the end of Scoponok's talk about the Autobots and Traitors.

"Scorponok I don't think it is a case of us not having enough resources I believe it's more of a case of priority. A Small band of traitors will not cause the same amount of destruction as the Autobots if we allow them to advance."Replied Vindicator.

redman prime
2007-08-04, 01:20 AM
Black Nova
Apeface raised his arms, stretching his primate form up and popping his elbow joints in the process. Letting out a large burp, he surveyed the scene in front of him with distaste and no small sense of gratitude. It wasn't often he could look down his nose at lifeforms, even Fleshlings, Spasma notwithstanding.

But the cassetticon Rumble was backing away from a fight, and Frenzy was looking hap-hazard at best, now lying at the feet of Skalor.

It was hard, being one of only two Triple-changers that was also a Headmaster. The only other was next to him, scratching his exhaust tube rather crudely.

2007-08-04, 01:36 AM
Cryotek was at work starting to get a bead on Excavator's location when he heard Gigatron's bellow.

"Yes my lord?" He asked calmly.

2007-08-04, 06:58 AM
Polyhex Landing Field

Detritus landed the Phoenix with a crunch near to the tower

He lowered the ramp and walked out into the daylight.

2007-08-04, 11:24 PM

There were times he really hated being a Decepticon. True, he held anybody or anything that couldn't fly in utter contempt(and therefore had no problem with divebombing Autobot bases, cities, and even individual geeky Autobots), and plans of galactic conquest did give him something to do..... he still hated being a Decepticon. Out of all of the Seekers, he alone seemed to enjoy streaking though the air simply because it was there.

Thundercracker sighed to himself. He soared through the air, the sleek design of his, admittedly designed by a bunch of flightless apes, F-15 Strike Eagle body cutting through the air like a monofilament wire through a block of cheese.

The problems with being a Decepticon.... well, what had happened at the bar was a perfect example. With nothing better to do, the Decepticons would, in all probability, turn upon themselves and destroy each other.

He could apply to join the Mayhems...... but aside from a general lack of fuel-thirstyness, his greatest weapon was also something of a curse when trying to fly stealthily to a target. Not to mention the fact that Bludgeon creeped him out.

He could try to become an officer..... but he had to face it. He wasn't the brightest tactical mind in Cybertronian military history. That being said, he'd been involved in some of Megatron's more insane schemes over the millenia(which were nothing compared to some of what Galvatron came up with while he was floating through space, if what he'd heard was right.... And given how the Seeker corps had been depleted when he finally got back, he had a feeling it had come down to a combination of Unicron and Galvatron trimming the numbers down. At least those stupid Sweeps could replicate while Scourge was still around....), so while tactical prowess might not have been a prerequisite, hating your fellow Decepticon probably was. And he didn't hate them. Most of them were admittedly idiots, but it was like hating humans. Yes, they were dumb, smelly, crude, and generally nuts, but he'd gotten used to them.

He could join the Neutrals(Heck, Shockwave joining the peace and love commune had surprised him), but most of them didn't fly. And were generally a bunch of geeks anyway.

So, with the Decepticons he stayed, more out of habit than anything. Although it was kind of sobering to realize that, out of all of the Seekers who'd been with Megatron when the Ark crashed..... he was the only one left. Sure, Ramjet, Dirge, and Thrust had come along, but there was that tight-knit core: The Schemer, The Joker, and the Unsure. And while Screamer had been a pain in the afterburners, at least he got along with 'Warp.

That, he realized, was really what the problem was. With Skywarp being dead, he didn't have anybody to talk to anymore. He lacked the one thing he really needed to keep him grounded in not just quitting the whole thing and terrorizing Empties out in the wastelands. A friend.

A part of him supposed that he could give religion a shot, but Sunstorm scared him. Less than Bludgeon, to be sure, but hanging out with a walking nuclear explosion struck him as being almost suicidal. Ramjet wasn't much for deep thoughts('Warp hadn't been, either, but not nearly as bad as Ramjet), Thrust he'd never been able to get buddy-buddy with, and Dirge..... Dirge's quitting the Decepticons in favor of the Autobots was something of a blessing, as far as Thundercracker was concerned. Dirge was just so depressing to be around.......

2007-08-05, 12:16 AM
Polyhex landing field

The little spy-drone counted that it only had seven lives left as Detirituss' shuttle finally came to a halt on the airstrip. It was covered in oil and bits of engine where it had narrowly avoided the anti-aircraft fire.

No wonder the Autobots don't send spies here, these guys shoot at anything that moves. it computed.

It gave a small push, pulled away a chunk of hull, and fell off the back of the ship onto the dock, rolling itself towards a nearby air vent.

2007-08-05, 03:59 AM
Hidden Intelligence Complex, Military Annex

Black Shadow walked away from Soundwave's office, a satisfied smile on his face. However, the smile was far from genuine; it was a sham, maintained for the benefit of the countless spies that he suspected were watching him now on the behalf of his new 'ally'.

Mission accomplished, he thought. The client will be pleased. But I'm not. Buying off low-level officials is one thing. Suborning the head of Decepticon Intelligence is quite another. We may be allies on paper, but he will be the most dangerous of enemies when the time comes. The smile changed, just a bit, and now appeared more predatory than it had a moment before. But me and mine are just as dangerous. When the time comes, we'll just have to strike first.

Soundwave watched the departing criminal in his monitor, but paid little attention to the display. After all, Black Shadow was a criminal mastermind, and wouldn't be foolish enough to let anything slip on his way out.

Naturally, the Decepticon spymaster's attention turned to the datacard he had been given. He knew better than to place blind faith in it, of course. It could have been faked; in fact, it was likely that it had been faked. But somewhere, in an irrational part of his mind that he tried to repress, Soundwave knew it was real. And he knew that, if he didn't follow through with this, he might lose his last chance of rising to the heights that he knew were his due.

Setting aside his doubts, Soundwave began to make plans.

Black Nova Bar

Ramjet shrugged as Thundercracker got up to leave.

"Yeah, whatever. Have fun."

The conehead watched his fellow Seeker leave, then got up and silently took a seat at the officers' table in the back of the bar. He didn't really qualify for the honour, but his friendship with Astrotrain let him get away with it. He nodded to the admiral, then signalled a server to bring another round of drinks to the group.

"Ya know," he said to Tracer, "much as I love smashing up bars, sometimes I wish it wasn't so damn easy ta get other 'Cons to take a swing."

For his part, Astrotrain watched Sixshot roar off without so much as commenting on it. The admiral figured he really should have done something to stop him, but the sixchanger had always been an uncontrollable rogue and he'd long since stopped trying. The damage he caused with his antics caused the Autobots a lot of grief, and that was reason enough not to rein him in...for now, anyway.

2007-08-05, 07:12 AM
Wingspan's HQ

Wingspan grabbed his holo emitter and headed for the door.

"g-going to m-meet a contact Crankcase, k-keep tracking me in c-case i get in t-trouble, If i do y-you know what to do."

Central Hospital

Slicer dumped his informant outside A & E where he'd be sure to be found and then slipped in the service entrance and headed over to the morgue and the path lab.

2007-08-05, 06:57 PM
Repair Center

Scorponok fanned his arms to let the Micromaster technician examine his torso. He regarded Vindicator with a narrowed optic. It was the closest thing to approval he could muster.

"Partially correct. The issue is both. Lord Gigatron wisely believes the Autobots are a greater threat to us than some weak-willed deserters. They will be dealt with in time."

He continued to look at Vindicator for a moment. This one had been a loyal and valiant soldier, and he seemed astute. He could have potential. That was both promising and threatening.


Darkmount: Throne Room

"The Autobots claim that Devastator has assaulted Iacon," Gigatron answered Cryotek. "Investigate the matter, bring that blasted idiot back to Polyhex, and punish him accordingly."

Aero Blade
2007-08-05, 08:45 PM
Black Nova Bar

Tracer looked briefly at Astrotrain, giving a bit of a shrug before finishing off his own drink. "What else is there to do when you're bored?" Tracer asked, as though any other options weren't even worth meantioning. He momentarily turned his head towards one of the windows, as though considering another place off in the distance that couldn't be seen. "Wonder what those Autobots do when they're bored. You can be sure it's probably less destructive, though..."

2007-08-05, 11:56 PM
Cryotek smiled.

"I will head to Iacon to try to meet with the Constructicons ASAP." Cryotek said quickly returning to his lab. He walked into a machine as Shatterstar pressed some buttons the Decepticon walked out rather than his dark blue was black.

"If I am going to need to look around Autobot areas I would perfer to be unseen." He said transforming into his Dragon mode and heading for Iacon.

"Gigatron, can you contact the Autobots and tell them I will take back the Constructicons?" He asked already on his way.

2007-08-06, 04:20 PM
Darkmount: Throne Room

"Negotiations with the Autobots are tenuous," Gigatron answered Cryotek. "Quarter is not an option. If you are wary of unauthorized footing in Autobot territory, contact Soundwave and have him send an infiltrator to extract Devastator."

2007-08-06, 06:10 PM
Black Nova Bar

"Autobot recreation probably doesn't call for medical attention afterward," Astrotrain told Tracer. "If our troops spent more time training and less time brawling..."

"After a fashion, they are training," Spinister told him. "This sort of thing reminds us to never let our guard down. And it saves us from spending time and shanix on unarmed combat practice, if nothing else."

Ramjet only shrugged, then took a sip of his drink.

2007-08-06, 11:17 PM
Darkmount, Training room:

BBC: -scowling- "I feel like an idiot."

Bludgeon: -sitting crosslegged, meditating- "Focus."

BBC: -sitting crosslegged next to Bludgeon, blazing red optics locked on his energo sword, which is buried tip first in the floor in front of him(unlike Bludgeon's, which is hovering), staring intently at the flickering energy blade-


Thundercracker sighed. That was the great thing about flying. Be it over Cybertron, or Earth, or in space, or even over Charr or Nebulos..... It was almost a cleansing experience. It let him think through his problems, and, ultimately, get through his anxieties.

Unfortunately, it didn't solve his problems, but he had long ago accepted that. It certainly did make him feel better.

Flaps angling, Thundercracker did a wing over, staring a powerdive back down towards the ground.

2007-08-07, 03:56 AM
Cryotek nodded as he listened to Gigatron.

"Very well then. No I think I can handle this myself." He said with a smile.

"I am off mission to gather Devastator then to get whoever is responsible for this." He said transforming into his Dragon mode and leaving the Decepticon city.

Next stop Iacon.

2007-08-09, 06:02 AM
Black Nova Bar

Dethlok rose from his seat and left the bar, heading for the one of the older districts of the city, specifically the temple. "Sunstorm's been so depressed lately, and quiet, neither of which suits him well."


Airspace near temple

Sunstorm slowed and transformed a few dozen yards from the temple, still feeling rather empty. Odd, usually leveling a couple buildings would lighten him up somewhat. He wasn't really depressed over Deathsaurus' leaving, he'd been a good friend, sure, but Sunstorm was a warrior, he was used to losing friends, not too used to, he was far from the most popular 'Con. No, he'd been depressed because he had doubts about his own heritage, and hard as he tried, he just couldn't shake them. It was infurating in a way. It took the seeker's full control not to level the district in a glorious display of his raw power, control, however, is not one of Sunstorm's strong points.

2007-08-11, 03:23 AM
Black Nova:

Ravage: -slips into the bar, takes up a position in the shadows, watching everything with feline indifference-

Thundercracker: -walks back in, looking, if not relieved, then at least more relaxed, heads over towards Astrotrain and Ramjet-

Leozak and Gaihawk: -walk into the bar, looking around-

Meanwhile, back at Praxus......:

Drillhorn: -scowls- "It's insane!"

Hellbat: "Why?"

Drillhorn: "Trypticon's new body isn't designed for space travel. The rebuild we're doing isn't even remotely ready for having power shunted through most of the systems, let alone trying to get the hulk lifted off the ground. Killing ourselves just to attempt to recover what could well be a mostly fused hunk of scrap is insane!!!!"

Jalgar: -holding components from the comms console in both hands, waving them in an attempt to stem the impending argument- "Whoa, whoa! Look, guys. Relax. If we're gonna go after the anti-proton cannon, we need to do this the smart way, not fight each other." -looks at Drillhorn- "We dont have a ship that we can trust. Hell, we barely have a roof over our heads and power to recharge ourselves." -looks over at Hellbat- "We also don't have the power to spare even trying to send somebody up to scout around and check the condition of the gun. Right?"

Drillhorn and Hellbat: -both nod-

Jalgar: "So maybe we should hire somebody, or maybe hitch a ride with somebody who's spaceworthy. Rumor has it that there's an organization that might be able to even bring it to us."

Hellbat: "What?" -thinking for a moment- "Oh, no. Not them."

Jalgar: "Yes, them. The only problem is how to pay them....."

2007-08-11, 04:55 AM
Black Nova

Ramjet waved Thundercracker over, smiling at the other seeker. "Found your way back, didja?"

Back Room, Black Nova

Black Shadow let himself into the bar's office, then sat down at his desk and started to read over the latest (ultra-secret, naturally) reports from all the crime gangs and front operations that the Space Mafia controlled all across the planet.

2007-08-11, 07:21 AM
the Quint's Head bar

Wingspan smiled to himself.

finding this criminal gang had been easy a bunch of no hopers, , quasi-empties and drop outs , skulking in a mostly deserted area , turning them round was the hard part but there leader was perfect arrogant and egotistical enough to think he could take on the Space Mafia and survive, the ensuing gang warfare would keep the space mafia's attention and efforts divided , divide and conquer always the best way[ and if it didn;t work out this gaggle of scum would be wiped out and there would be one less potential problem to worry about.

He checked his holo emitter and swung open the door to the bars back office and into character of a low grade clerk on the make.

"'ello Mr Governor i brung you info download, they be ever so careless i managed to get a lot of files on the Space Mafia like I promised you, lots of details of their fronts and the like like you asked.

The red and gold mech seated behind the desk looked up form his paperwork

"hand it over then Flange and if the informations good you'll get you payment if not..."

The shadows parted and Ironside a hulking ex decepticon battlewagon loomed out of them.

"'Side will pay you a visit."

Wingspan nodded shuffling his feet and staring at his feet.

No worries there it the top grade intelligence the best data collectors and analysts in the Decepticon forces could pull togehter. plus they'd have a 'cron of a time finding the ever so 'umble Flange

"Thank You Governor Sir."

Aero Blade
2007-08-12, 08:48 PM
"Yeah, it's training," Tracer responded to Astrotrain. "And we get more than enough of it, yet we can't seem to pulverize a bunch of bleeding hearts..." he trailed off, referencing the Autobots. "What makes them so successful? Most are barely capable of fighting."

2007-08-13, 09:24 AM
----------Black Nova----------

"Because of those pesky walking flesh called human." Triggerhappy replied Tracer then took a seat. "On Cybertron they're nothing but on Earth they keep beating us! We could be on the winning side if Meg threated those human more nicely." The targetmaster then leaned back with a beverage on his hand. "Mind for another training?"

2007-08-14, 04:15 AM
Black Nova

"Not tonight, Triggerhappy," Astrotrain said firmly. "The management is already upset with us as it is. We don't want them to start tossing us out, do we?"

The admiral turned to Tracer. "It's not the skills," he told the other officer, "although some of them are good enough to rival our best warriors. And its not the fleshlings either. Some of the humans are on our side, after all. It's the dedication. Most of the Autobots are willing to fight to the death for their cause. Most Decepticons...not so much. Too many of our soldiers are here for their own reasons, to satisfy their own ambitions or to slake their lust for violence. What we need..."

He sighed.

"What we need are more fanatics."

Aero Blade
2007-08-15, 04:41 AM
"Indeed, that's all we need, a bunch of soldiers absolutely devote to some insane cause, more so than the army they're part of," Tracer replied dryly to Astrotrain, finishing off his current drink. "It'd be like having a battallion full of Bludgeons, though most of them significantly less reasonable, I imagine."

Tracer then turned his head to Triggerhappy just long enough to shake his head. "I came to watch for now, not participate. Not quite bored enough for that yet..."

2007-08-15, 03:49 PM
Black Nova:

Thundercracker: -moves over, sits next to Ramjet with a weary sigh- "Yeah. Doesn't look like much happened while I was gone."


Leozak and Gaihawk: -sit at the bar-

Gaihawk: -looking around- "Captain, are you sure about this?"

Leozak: "We need some kind of reactor. Hopefully, we can find somebody who can get us what we need."


Ravage: -relaxing, idly batting a bale of wire between his front paws-

2007-08-15, 07:26 PM
The Black Nova

Hustle materialised out of the shadows and leaned against the bar. He carefuly wedged his case between himself anf the bar.

He looked over at the Bar Droid.

"Give me a Screwdriver."

2007-08-16, 04:22 AM
Black Nova

"Don't dismiss it too readily. Bludgeon is one of our most effective soldiers." Astrotrain heaved up out of his seat, dropping a few shanix on the table in the process. A server droid quickly came by and collected the payment. "But I'm afraid I don't have time to debate the issue with you, Tracer. It is well past time that I got back to my duties."

The admiral nodded his goodbyes to the other Decepticons at their table, then headed for the exit.

The barkeep, a completely nondescript steel-grey Transformer, set a beverage in front of Hustle without a word, as if he recognized the mech and didn't want to slow down whatever business he was involved in with idle chitchat.

2007-08-22, 04:23 PM
Repair Center
Sixshot walks in and sees Scorponok and the rest of the Decepticons.
Sixshot:"Long time no see Scorponok."-He sits on a med table and a repair droid comes over and starts scanning his injuries.

2007-08-22, 06:18 PM
Repair Center

Scorponok merely grunted in response to Sixshot. He respected the Hexchanger for his valiance and skill on the battlefield, but he had an ego. Well earned it may have been, but Scorponok still had contempt for hot shot warrior jocks.

"What happened to you?" he snorted.

2007-08-23, 02:25 AM
Black Nova:

Leozak: -notices Hustle, nudges Gaihawk and points-

Gaihawk: -shrugs-

Leozak: -looks over at Hustle- "Excuse us. We need to buy something, and have no idea where to start."

2007-08-23, 04:35 AM
Hidden Intelligence Complex, Military Annex

Soundwave pressed a button on the recessed communications board built into his desk.

"Ravage, please come to my office."

Astrotrain's Office, Darkmount

The admiral returned to his spacious, opulent office, and he ad to shake his head.

Whoever had this place before me really had a taste for the easy life. I really need to get it redecorated.

Of course, he'd been telling himself that for months, and it never happened. There were, as always, many more important things to worry about.

Back Office, Black Nova Bar

Turnpike ducked his head into Black Shadow's office, annoyed that he had been called away from his nominal duties as the establishment's manager.

"You called, boss?"

"I did." Black Shadow looked up from his work and fixed his minion with a mild glare. "The Quints just called in a big order. A lot of of energon, survival supplies and power generators, but also some other stuff that's a bit harder to get your hands on."

He tossed his datapad to Turnpike, and the lower-ranked mobster read through the items listed on it. "We don't have this much stuff on hand."

"No, we don't," Black Shadow agreed. "But one of our guys in Polyhex passed along info about a convoy heading from Iacon to Nova Cronum tonight carrying most of what we need."

"You want my crew to knock it over?" Turnpike asked.

"Please do," Black Shadow told him. "Somewhere remote, if you please. I'd rather we avoid a repeat of that last incident."

"Can't argue with that," Turnpike told him. "I'll get the guys together."

2007-08-23, 04:14 PM
Repair Center
Sixshot answered Scorponok's question

"I grew bored.So I had some fun in Valvolux against all the Autobot's over there.Until Lord Gigatron summoned me back to Polyhex."

2007-08-23, 04:29 PM
Ravage's Quarters, Polyhex:

Ravage: -bats the bale of wire under his bunk, scowls slightly to himself- "That'll be hard to get later." -shrugs, turns and activates his commlink- "I hear you, Soundwave. I'm on my way." -padding out of his room, transforms, engine revving as he heads towards Soundwave's location-

Black Nova:

Thundercracker: -looks over at Ramjet- "There's got to be something we can do. Any ideas?"

2007-08-23, 08:11 PM
Black Nova

Hustle swung round one elbow on the bar

"Good evening Gentlemechs you've come to the right mech Hustle can procur most things large or small for a price , what kind of item were you looking for?"

2007-08-23, 10:47 PM
Repair Center

Scorponok groaned loudly and more sincerely than usual, causing his technician to jump back.

"You jeopardized a carefully-orchestrated mission, imbecile," Scorponok barked at Sixshot. "You'll be fortunate if Gigatron doesn't scrap you for it."


Darkmount: Throne Room

Though he'd been absent from the public sphere, Gigatron was busy compiling video footage of carnage in Valvolux into a majestic propaganda film. It normally would have been Shockwave's job, his having been Minister of Propaganda, but the "logical" fool seemed to have developed a soft spot...


Black Nova

Reflector sat alone and quiet at his shadowy table in the corner, doing his best not to show how closely he was watching Hustle. If he could solicit veteran air jocks like Thundercracker and Ramjet, Reflector may have something... profitable.


Central Hospital: Morgue

This was where Excavator's trail had led him. A dozen high-level hospital shipping inspectors had been killed in the last orn. He thought if he could examine the corpses, maybe he could find a link in the weapons that had killed them...


Excavator's head spun. Footsteps. And he hadn't gotten far enough. Excavator quietly slid shut the metal casket before him and ejected his energo-blades, creeping toward the source. He rounded the corner of a filing cabinet with anticipation.

"Oh... you."

Excavator looked up at Slicer with a grunt of dissatisfaction.

2007-08-23, 11:30 PM
Central Hospital : Morgue

Slicer grunted he'd had a bad day

"Who the slag are you and what are you doing in my morgue?"

Polyhex Landing Field

Detritus stomped across to the control tower and knocked on the door.

2007-08-24, 04:11 AM
Hidden Intelligence Complex, Military Annex

Soundwave nodded to himself as Ravage replied to his summons, then set to work organizing and censoring the data Black Shadow had given him into the perfect package that would gain the cooperation of his old friend (well, as much of a friend as Soundwave would admit to having, anyway).

Meanwhile, Buzzsaw had returned from his expedition spying on Reflector, and the small Decepticon had taken his usual spot perched on his master's shoulder.

"Do you truly think Ravage will be swayed by this?"

"Yes," Soundwave told him bluntly. "There is nothing more important to him. Even if he doesn't believe it to be true, he won't be able to turn away from the chance that it could be."

Black Nova Bar

Ramjet shrugged, looking around the slowly-emptying bar for a familiar face. There weren't many; Astrotrain and Buzzsaw had left, Spinister was heading for the door and he really had no desire to mess around with Rumble and Frenzy again so soon. He almost gave up, but caught sight of someone that he'd never expected to run into again.

"Looks like someone finally swept Reflector up and put him back together," he told Thundercracker. "Looks a bit diff'rent, but it's him, alright. Wanna go say hi?"

Staff Room, Black Nova Bar

Turnpike settled into the room's most comfortable chair and flipped on the holoprojector before he activated his comlink and summoned his crew.

"Boomstick, Quickshot, Runaround, Holdup and Pinstripe, get your sorry chassis in here! We've got a job!"

2007-08-24, 06:45 AM
Wingspan's HQ

Wingspan strode back into his offices.

"Mission accomplished, nothing like a bit of divide and conquer Crankcase anything interesting crop up while i was out ?"

Crankcase grunted and looked up

"Those nanobugs we slipped into the Black Nova are picking up something look's like B S is up to something with the Quints."

Wingspan nodded

"Got to love reverse engineered scraplet technology, lets see if we can get some details."

Crankcase nodded back

"i'll see what we can do , battery powers getting low though."

Black Nova

Weirdwolf sauntered in idly scratching his back with a hand, someone elses hand and arm.

"no challenge get can't anymore."

2007-08-24, 08:04 AM
Black Nova:

Leozak: -figuring jumping in feet first was the way to go, looks Hustle straight in the optics- "We need a powerplant. At least a quarter-sun fission plant, preferably a half-sun."

Gaihawk: "Or the location of where we could find one. We'd like working, but we've got a mechanical wiz back at the base, so if you can only get us or lead us to parts, it's doable as well."

Thundercracker: -shrugs- "It's better than just gathering dust." -stands, heads over to Reflector's table- "Long time, no see, Reflector. How ya doin'? -sits down-

Staff Room, Black Nova:

Quickshot entered the room quietly, a smirk on his face as he grabbed a chair. "We gonna get to kill anybody t'day?"

Holdup loomed in the doorway, a vacant expression on his face. "Huh?"

Hidden Intelligence Center, Military Annex:

Ravage: -vehicle mode, engine rumbling as he transforms, padding into Soundwave's office- "What's up?"

2007-08-24, 04:02 PM
Repair Center
Sixshot's used to being yelled at by his superiors.Especially Scorponok and Gigatron.He shrubs off the scolding.
"And what was you're perfectly orchestrated plan?"

2007-08-24, 07:36 PM
Polyhex Landing Field: Control Tower

Airwave watched Detritus on the security monitors next to his desk, and he tapped his armrest controls to train and arm the outside autoguns.

"This is a restricted area," his voice boomed across the PA, processed to sound deeper and eliminate his nervous squeak. "You don't have authorized clearance."


Repair Center

Scorponok narrowed his optics at Sixshot. If he wasn't being repaired, he'd tear apart the treacherous nuisance himself.

"Classified beyond your measly access," he growled. "Looking to tell the Autobots now?"


Black Nova

Reflector nodded to Thundercracker with a smile and raised his drink.

"Good to see you, Thundercracker. What are you having? It's on me."

He spoke fluidly enough to pretend he wasn't listening to every word Leozak and Hustle were trading. It was more difficult than he was used to, though - he didn't like having all his ears in the same head as his only mouth.

At the bar, Runaround perked up and jumped off his stool, not bothering to pay his tab.

"Finally, some action! Whaddaya think we're up to? Heist? Smugglin'?"

Boomstick slowly downed the remainder of his rusty ratchet and slammed the canister on the bar before pushing himself up.

"Shut up, kid."

Runaround did as told and fell in line with Boomstick while he made his way to the staircase at the corner of the bar. He ascended it at his own pace and shouldered Holdup out of his way. Runaround sneaked past and took a seat next to Quickshot.

"What's the plan, boss?" Boomstick nodded at Turnpike.


Central Hospital: Morgue

Excavator was unperturbed by Slicer's belligerent tone.

"Excavator," he answered dryly. "I was Stonecruncher's partner. I guess you were a friend of his."

He paused to think about it, although he'd long been numb to the pain of his memories.

"I'm investigating black market smuggling through the hospital. All my leads are here. I don't suppose you'd know anything about it."

Excavator didn't suppose Slicer knew anything about much.

2007-08-24, 09:37 PM
Central Hospital Morgue

Slicer frowned.

"Stonecruncher's partner you say, you look a bit different from what i'd imagine, you got any proof of who you are.

Polyhex Landing field

Detritus growled,

"stop messing about slagger I just need somewhere , to hire a hover truck I thought you'd be leaping at the opportunity to get your paws on some more of my hard earned credits. Guess I'll keep looking though."

Black Nova

Hustle's optics widened

"you Gentlemechs don't think small, it's a bit rich for my taste but I have a um shall we say compatriot , in a similar line of business on a larger scale , warehousing and reselling who might be able to get you one."

2007-08-25, 12:52 AM
Repair Center
Sixshot's eyes narrowed even further.
"No.Why would I tell the Autobots.They'd probably shoot me on site after what I did to their forces."-

2007-08-25, 01:33 PM
----------Black Nova----------

"Devotion? Fanatic? I came here just because I want to shoot something...or someone." As Astrotrain walked away from the table Triggerhappy said goodbye to the trichanger. "Bye then admiral." He then turned to Tracer . "About devotion. So more propanganda means more winning?"

Blowpipe ,still standing on the table never thought of opening his mouth.

----------Somewhere ,Near Airfield----------

"It's our shift let's go."
"Hop in then."
Caliburst then transformed and sticked himself on his jet partner.
Slugslinger ignited his engine then patrolling the skies.

2007-08-26, 08:34 PM
Hidden Intelligence Complex, Military Annex

Soundwave nodded with friendly detachment in Ravage's direction. "Thank you for coming," he said with bland politeness that the other Decepticon would doubtlessly see right through. "I've called you because something has come to my attention that I believe will interest you. I admit to not being quite sure how to handle this situation, but perhaps you can advise me."

The spymaster pressed a button on his desk and a video screen slid out, oriented itself in Ravage's direction and began displaying all the information Soundwave had gathered.

Black Nova

Ramjet dropped into a seat on the other side of Reflector and tactlessly stared at the other Decepticon's new body. "Lookin' good," he said.

Staff Room, Black Nova

Turnpike crossed his arms as he looked toward Boomstick. "All in good time. We'll have to wait until Pinstripe graces us with his presence before we get started." He said that last bit with a raised voice, but when the last gangster walked in moments later he didn't show any sign of contrition. Turnpike glowered at him for a few moments before starting.

"We've got a job," he told his crew. "The boss tells me that one of our clients wants some pretty exotic goods that we don't exactly keep on hand. Good news is that we've got a good lead on some of the stuff. Bad news is that it's being hauled in an Autobot military convoy." He pressed a button and a map of the northeastern quadrant of Cybertron appeared. "The shipment's being hauled from Iacon to Nova Cronum in a pair of big transport rigs as part of the Autobots' rebuilding efforts in the city. We're gonna hit 'em in transit the middle of the Tygun Span, since the place is still more or less abandoned. No witnesses, and soforth. Runaround, you're gonna go in first, cut the drivers off and run 'em off the road if you can. If you can't, just keep their attention. Boomstick, you're gonna take Holdup and Quickshot and eliminate any security that's riding with the convoy. Me and Pinstripe are going to, uh, convince the drivers that it's a really good idea to let us take their trailers, and then we're gonna drag the cargo down to the Praetorus Wharf, where there's a cloaked shuttle waiting to take us back to Polyhex. While the two of us are hauling, it'll mostly be up to you four to keep any Autobot response off of our backs. Any questions?"

Turnpike didn't expect many. Most of his crew were smart enough to figure things out for themselves, and those that weren't were too stubborn to ask for help.

2007-08-27, 11:40 PM
Repair Center

"You'll be lucky if there's anyone who won't," Scorponok growled back at Sixshot with contemptuous apathy. He leaned forward and stood up, tearing electrodes from his frame. He clicked on his radio while he stalked away from the sixchanger. "Alpha Squad, this is your commander. Unless otherwise detailed, assemble at the military annex proving grounds for practice maneuvers. Repeat, Ravage, Beastbox, Squawktalk, Quake, Krok, Charger, Loadrun, Chop Shop, Vindicator..."

(OOC: I understand not everyone can make it. If you're busy someplace else, don't sweat it. And if you're not part of the team but want something to do, feel free to hop in. :) )


The Black Nova

Reflector nodded at Ramjet with a grin.

"Same to you," he said affably, although he'd never cared much for Ramjet's blunt oafishness. "What trouble have you two been getting in? I heard there was a fight earlier."


Staff Room

Runaround smiled broadly. This would prove a great opportunity to show Turnpike his worth.

"No lube, chief!" he chirped with artificial machismo while jumping up to run out. "Them two-bit lightning-rods won't know what hit 'em!"

Not moving from the doorway to allow Runaround past him, Boomstick nodded at Quickshot and Holdup. "You femmebots ready to earn your keep?"


Central Hospital: Morgue

Excavator narrowed his optics gravely at Slicer. Part of him wanted to "prove" his identity by slicing the insolent mongrel in half, but he knew he wouldn't get anything from him that way. Instead, Excavator ejected a video screen from his shoulder, turned to allow Slicer to see it, and played the first-person footage of Stonecruncher's death that haunted him daily.

"Proof enough?" he snarled bitterly.


Polyhex Landing Field: Control Tower

Airwave jumped at the prospect of losing a potential... client. He tapped a string of keys on his console to summon Windsweeper, who promptly and grudgingly landed and transformed at the tower entrance.

"You're looking for a transport?" Windsweeper nodded at Detritus, glancing skyward occasionally.

2007-08-28, 03:23 AM
Hidden Military Center:

Ravage: -watching the information on the screen, a smirk playing across his lips "Count me in." -ears flattening as Scorponok's call comes over his commlink- "Duty barks." -heads out- "Call me if you need help with anything."

Black Nova, Back Room:

Quickshot bristled at Boomstick's comment, while Holdup stared at the others, not quite getting it.

Black Nova, Front Room:

Leozak: "And who can get us therse parts?" -keeping an eye on Hustle-


Thundercracker: "Not much. Rumble and Frenzy wanted to start soemthing."

2007-08-28, 04:54 AM
Hidden Intelligence Complex, Military Annex

Soundwave nodded curtly to Ravage as the feline turned to leave. "I will do just that. And I will keep you updated on the situation as it develops."

As the door closed between them, He glanced up at Buzzsaw. "Thoughts?"

The buzzard's head tilted to one side. "He seems to believe it. Or at the very least, he doesn't disbelieve it, and that will be enough. He will remain loyal until we can discover the truth behind these claims." He shuffled his wings uncomfortably. "Of course, there is only one way to actually do that, that I can see."

"I am forced to agree," Soundwave told him. The communications officer glanced down at one piece of data that he had cut out of his presentation to Ravage: a set of coordinates within the city and a short period of time to go with them. "But I will attract far too much attention. As such..."

Buzzsaw sighed theatrically. "Oh, very well. I shall return."

The cassetticon took to the air, flew out the office's only window and headed for the meeting site.

Black Nova Bar

"Yeah, I kinda had ta straighten the little guys out," Ramjet told Reflector, picking up where Thundercracker had left off. "But, ya know...probably good for them in the long run, right?"

He shrugged, then added, "What about you? Hadn't heard you were back at all, let alone in the city." Dropping his voice to what he deemed a good conspiratorial tone, he added, "Up to somethin' shady, maybe?"

Staff Room, Black Nova

Pinstripe only shrugged off Turnpike's suggestion that he ask questions. The gang leader glared at him before turning back to the rest of his team.

"Alright, then," Turnpike said. "You guys get your gear and get going. Pinstripe and I will follow along shortly."

(OOC: I'll toss a Tygun Span thread up later for the actual raid, but right now I need sleep.)

2007-08-28, 06:37 AM
Black Nova

Hustle glanced around and lowered his voice.

"He's called Reciever, I can take you to him."

2007-08-28, 10:26 PM
The Black Nova

Reflector smiled at Ramjet, now more fully paying attention that he couldn't hear Hustle well. He kept his optics on him for suspicious movements, though.

"No, I was in stasis after the battle on the Tyrant a couple years back. I got messed up pretty bad. They only let me out of Central recently."

Part of him was surprised the sky jocks took recognized him so easily, being a mess of his former selves. In any case, he decided he needed to buy more time to observe his party of interest.

"What about you? Still working for Astrotrain?"


Staff Room

Boomstick smirked with satisfaction at Quickshot's and Holdup's reactions.

"You heard the boss, protos. Let's go."

Boomstick walked out, not needing to pick up any supplies. He always carried what he needed. He was always on duty.

2007-08-29, 05:44 AM
Black Nova Bar

"Hey, nowadays we all work for A-Train." Ramjet shook his head and grinned at Reflector. "I got outta the hired goon gig a while back, though, if that's what yer askin'. Still do a job or two for him here or there, but bodyguard work's not really my thing...I like havin' air under my wings and enemies in my sights. Or at least somethin' to crash into."

2007-08-29, 06:27 AM
Polyhex Landing Field

"Yes I need a Hover Truck."

Detritus pointed at his ship.

"I need to shift my cargo to the market."

2007-08-30, 05:02 AM
Back Room, Black Nova

Black Shadow was reading through another report from one of his criminal henchmen when a high-pitched tone signalled an incoming high-priority transmission. He quickly set down his datapad and listened.

"Black Shadow, I have found the judicial. He is residing at 142 Xaaron Road in Protihex. Now I expect my payment."

"Of course," Black Shadow said, the mocking tone in his voice clearly showing his pleasure at using Cyclonus as a pawn in his client's game. "Return to Polyhex and come by my office. I'll have the data ready for you."

"Thank you," came the equally-unpleasant reply. "I will be there very soon. Cyclonus out."

Once the channel was closed, Black Shadow opened another encrypted frequency. "Blaze, you have an assignment. I need you to abduct a Quintesson from 142 Xaaron Road in Protihex and deliver him to a client who has set up shop in an abandoned munitions factory in the Grease Pits here in Polyhex. Details are included in an attachment to this transmission and you will be paid your usual fee."

Equipment Storage, Black Nova

Pinstripe stocked up on rockets compatible with his launcher, regardless of the fact that he probably wouldn't have to do any fighting on this run. He hadn't come as far as he had by not carrying as many weapons as he could at all times.

Turnpike continued to glare at the other gangsters; he was always fully armed, so he didn't need to waste his time in the supply room.

2007-08-30, 06:47 AM
Proving Grounds

Chop Shop strode through the gate.

Beatbox glared at him from where he was seated on a set of bleachers to one side of the main area.


Wingspan's HQ

"Ok Gentle mech's we need a plan, who have we got."

A computer bank by the wall transformed .

"Bring up the files Network."

A series of images flashed up on the mech's chest.

1) Carter: Actress, Location Classified

2) Collier : Electronics Expert, Location Classified

3) Digital: Master of Presdigitation and escape artist , Location Classified

4) Armature: Thug, Location Infirmary.

Wingspan looked at the 5th image

"So Loop is still alive maybe we should use his crew they are as we say expendable and Loop is as mad as a Melosian sprocket monkey. He might well except the mission."

2007-08-30, 10:37 AM
The maze of tiny maintenance tunnels around the landing field.

The spy-bot had spent breems searching for a breach in the defense grid . This wasn't going to get it story. It had almost calculated it was going to give up when it came across a grate in a large open area. There were transformers here... waiting...

... so it waited too. Overlooking the Proving grounds.

Aero Blade
2007-08-30, 10:45 AM
Black Nova Bar

"I can agree with you there," Tracer spoke up to Ramjet. "Being out and fighting is the only way to keep off boredom. Astrotrain gave me a few temporary promotions in the last conflict, all the way up to desk level. I did have some interest in the workings of the higher ranks at the time, but it died quickly..." Tracer paused momentarily for his drink before continuing on. "Pray they keep you were you are, or not much higher...."

2007-08-30, 01:08 PM
Military Annex Proving Grounds:

Ravage: -in vehicle mode, rolls in and transforms, ears flicking back as he looks around, sniffing the air- "Hmm." -nods to Chop Shop and Beastbox, strides over towards the bleachers, sits in the shadows next to them, a Cheshire-cat smile playing across his face as he fades into the shadows-

Black Nova:

Thundercracker: -nods- "I hear that, Tracer. Although it's been quiet enough lately that I wouldn't mind trying soemthing else, as long as it involves flying."


Leozak: -cocking an eyebrow- "Reciever. Okay, Hustle, how long would it take to set up a meeting with him?"

Outside the supply room, Black Nova:

Quickshot knew he had enough energy cells for his blaster, giggling insanely at the thought of gunning down everybody in the convoy. While Holdup, despite the fact that he had all kinds of missile batteries built into him, as well as a couple of cannons, smiled dumbly at the energo-knife in his hand.

Quickshot stopped giggling abruptly as he scowled at the rest of the gangsters. "Come on! I wanna kill something already!"

2007-08-30, 11:59 PM
The Black Nova

Reflector nodded to Ramjet, Tracer, and Thundercracker in succession.

"Have you got anything in mind?" he asked the last. "I'm looking for some action myself. I haven't got a chance to field test the new frame yet."

One optic floated over Leozak as he thought he heard something about a meeting.


Back Room

"Copy," Blaze answered Black Shadow.


Outside Storage Room

Boomstick grunted at Quickshot.

"So quit whinin' about it and let's move."

He leapt up and transformed, aiming to land in Holdup's hand. He didn't like letting that idiot cart him around, but it was the better option.


Polyhex Landing Field

Windsweeper smiled at Detritus and produced a datapad with a renter's contract.

"Sure thing. Sandblast, we got a customer! Sandblast's a cargo courier, 300 cubic yards. You can read over the contract and sign here, and initial here and here if you want collision and damage insurance."

Across the field, a brown and green Decepticon transformed into hover truck mode and lumbered toward the transaction.


Proving Ground

Scorponok stood a few meters from the bottom of the bleachers at the edge of the bizarre wasteland situated inside Cybertron's second-largest metropolis. The commander glared around at the assembling troops, occasionally checking his chronometer. Pathetic. He'd give the slackers another breem so that he could yell at them properly.

2007-08-31, 05:36 AM
Black Nova Bar

"Eh, I had enough'a that higher-up stuff when I was A-Train's guard," Ramjet told Tracer. "Folk kept lookin' at me like I was supposed to know what ta do whenever things went bad, and...well, you know me. When things go bad I just crash inta them, and that didn't work for anyone with a softer head than mine."

The Grease Pits

Buzzsaw ignored the handful of empties, street toughs and other lowlifes that populated the street. He carefully located the building he had been sent to and transmitted the prearranged passcode to the door controls, then carefully fluttered inside.

This facility has definitely seen better days. If this is his supposed headquarters, the claims that the Space Mafia made to Soundwave are dubious at best.

Despite his doubts, the spy continued on, moving deeper into the abandoned factory. His passage was allowed to go unchallenged, which he found highly disturbing.

If this place is what we were told it was, then there should be guards, security systems...something to keep unwanted visitors out. Either the Mafia is playing us...or my supposed host is having a bit of fun with me.

Buzzsaw wasn't sure which possibility disturbed him more.

2007-08-31, 06:32 AM
Proving Grounds

Squawktalk hopped round from the back of the bleachers and stopped with a clang as he collided with Ravage who was concealed in the shadows

"What the frag ouch."

Black Nova

Hustle bent down

"I can take you to his place of business right away."

outside Recievers Warehouse

Loop giggled as he counted out the credits he had just recieved.

A message came through from his decepticon contact.

Excellent an opportunity to strike at the hated Black Shadow and also a convoy of Autobot medical supplies to pilfer, perfect stock for his drug dealing and also maybe a little quality control.

He hopped from foot to foot rotors slowly turning on his back.

"Ok boys looks like we've got a tip off lets go kick us some Space Mafia aft."

His gang got into transport mode and Loop took off.

2007-09-01, 03:48 AM
Black Nova:

Leoxak: -stands- "Then let's go."

Gaihawk: -stands, looking briefly around the bar-


Thundercracker: -stretching and relaxing, taking a long pull from his drink-

2007-09-01, 07:42 AM
Black Nova

"ok let's hustle , time is credits."

Hustle stood and headed for the door. once outsied he transformed into Jeep like vehicle with a curious triangular shaped track system where each wheel would normally be.

Wingspan's HQ

Wingspan smiled as he finished sending his message to Loop.

"ok lets muddy the waters, we'll kill one of the bar-droids and dump his chassis near Loop's HQ also lets pay some credits into one of the other bar-droids accounts from the Autobot account."

Wingspan turned to Crankcase

"use Hunt and Kill , tell them they can use their new toy they think we don't know about . If it looks like a vamp killit should confuse things even more."

Aero Blade
2007-09-02, 03:30 AM
Black Nova Bar

"Aside from going out on patrol again to check for any invading Autobots, there's not much in the way to do around here," Tracer answered to Ramjet, Reflector, and Thundercracker. "I was out there already for a good amount of time and didn't see anything. The most entertaiment I had today was coming in here."

2007-09-02, 04:55 AM
Black Nova Bar

Ramjet shrugged at Tracer's pessimism. "Eh, that sorta talk's for Autobots. We want fun? Then we make our own! Never had a problem with that when we were on Earth, did we?" The conehead glanced at the other three Decepticons. "B'tween us, I'm sure we can come up with somethin'. And if we can't, well, we can always go chase Empties in the Dead End..."

The Grease Pits

Buzzsaw fluttered deeper into the factory, but slowed to a stop when a strange feeling started to weigh on him.

I'm being watched.

A lesser Decepticon (which is to say Laserbeak) would have called out to the unseen watcher, but Buzzsaw was a lot harder to spook. He continued to move, knowing the observer would show himself in good time.

He was right.

It was barely anything, just the slightest touch of wind signifying a change in air currents behind him. A less-observant Decepticon (again, Laserbeak) probably wouldn't have taken note at all, but Buzzsaw had felt it before and new exactly what it signified: there was a weapon pointed at his back.

"Since I haven't been blown to scrap," he said conversationally, "can I assume that it is safe to turn around?"

There was no answer. A less-brave Decepticon (Buzzsaw knew he shouldn't waste so much energy mentally deriding his mold-brother, but it was just so easy) may have tried to flee, but Buzzsaw turned around slowly and gazed casually at the new arrival.

Even though he knew what to expect, he was still surprised. The form was different, but the signature heavy arm-mounted cannon and bucket-shaped helmet were instantly recognizable. Even more so was the commanding glow in the optics and the confident, almost smug facial expression. Even though he hadn't seen him in over twenty years, Buzzsaw absolutely knew it was him.

For once, the artistic Decepticon was at a loss for words. He had expected the Space Mafia's information to prove false, had expected to meet some charlatan or con man who at best bore a passing resemblance...but this...

This changes everything.

And all at once Buzzsaw knew what he had to do, knew what he had to say. The spy dropped to the ground, bowed as much as his design would allow, and saluted with one wing.

"Hail Megatron, Decepticon Commander Supreme! I function for you and you alone!"

2007-09-03, 12:36 AM
Wingspan's HQ

In a deserted office in one of the lower levels a shadowy figure moved it flipped open a portable communicator and opened a com link.

"This is Agent Maroon, the Space Mafia's going to attack one of your convoys out on the Tygun Span."


Alley behind black Nova

Optix pushed open the door and moved wearily out into the alleyway after a long shift tending the bar.

Won't it be nice to get home and recha....."

He never completed the thought, he never saw thw butt ofr the shotgun descending , on his cranium, and he never knew why he had to die another pawn in the great game.

2007-09-03, 04:34 AM
The Grease Pits

Megatron walked through the run-down factory, Buzzsaw perched on his shoulder. The deposed commander allowed a small smile to play across his lips; during his days as Decepticon leader he'd almost always had one of the buzzards following him around.

Perhaps, then, this is an omen of things to come...

"It is good to see you again, old friend," he told Buzzsaw. "But I am disappointed that Soundwave didn't come in person."

"He was being...cautious," Buzzsaw told his commander. "Perhaps a bit too cautious. He doubted the authenticity of your message, given its somewhat...dubious method of delivery. The Space Mafia, after all, is not renowned for dealing honestly with the Decepticon government."

"All too true," Megatron acknowledged. "And much of that is my doing, I'm afraid. I needed agents who could destabilize Gigatron's laughable regime before I made my move, and the criminal scum were more than willing to fill that role." He shrugged slowly enough not to disturb his minion's roosting. "Of course, there comes a time when the Decepticon leader needs actual Decepticons to follow him."

"Which, I imagine, is where we come in." Buzzsaw tucked his wings in close to his body as Megatron walked through a narrow doorway. Emerging on the side, the spy was surprised to find himself in a well-equipped, if somewhat ramshackle, war room.

"Exactly." Megatron strode toward a control console. "Now I think it's time to discuss exactly what I need from you."

"Perhaps," Buzzsaw suggested, hopping from Megatron's shoulder onto the back of a nearby chair, "a better topic for discussion would be how, exactly, you have returned from the grave."

Megatron's optics flashed. "No. I am back. That is all you need to know."

"As you wish," Buzzsaw told him. "I was merely hoping to spare you the trouble of having to personally give the answer to every single Decepticon in the empire. Because they will all ask."

"Ask they may," the powerfully-built commander told him, "but they won't get an answer." He crossed his arms. "Tell Soundwave that I need him to falsify some records for me. There is a warehouse south of here in the slum district that I have been using. I need the records adjusted to suggest that the sixchanging pretender to the throne owns it. I also need some other related frauds created. And then I need all of that data funnelled to the Autobots. The details are on that." He nodded toward a datacard not far away from the spy.

"Anything else?"

"Yes." Megatron's face became as stern and cold as a statue. "How many Decepticons know of my return?"

"I can't say with certainty, of course," Buzzsaw said. "Because naturally someone may have found out from other means. But as far as I know, only myself, Soundwave and Ravage are in the know."

"Good." Megatron's optics narrowed. "Don't bring anyone else in on this operation unless you believe they are 100% loyal to me. Understood?"

"Aye, sir."

2007-09-03, 11:54 AM
military grounds

Krok, Charger and loadrun had arrived. all three were fully functional and Krok and Charger eyed the others to see who would attend. and who wouldn't.

2007-09-03, 06:28 PM
The repairs on Sixshot are finally finished.-"It's about time."-he walks out and flies to Darkmount.
Darkmount, Throne Room
Sixshot walks in and sees Gigatron.-"You wished to see me Lord Gigatron?

2007-09-03, 08:13 PM
Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron had dimmed the lights behind his throne on sight of Sixshot's approach. His ominous optics and the silhouette of the Decepticon symbol behind him were the only things visible.

"You will justify your actions at Valvolux or be punished according to your ineptitude," he said simply. There was little malice in his voice. It was objective fact.


The Grease Pits

Blaze rolled up to the address forwarded to him by Black Shadow, transformed, and knocked on the ancient factory door. He noted that it didn't buckle beneath his raps - it must have been reinforced recently in spite of appearances. Blaze easily hoisted his Quintesson captive high so as to be seen easily through peepholes or by snipers.


Proving Ground

Scorponok peered at Krok, Charger, and Loadrun skeptically, although he had no reason to be. They were still on time. Only Vindicator was missing, which was a pity. Scorponok had wanted to make him mission commander for the exercise. He mulled over a new plan.

"Decepticons," his voice boomed and echoed against the high walls and across the cratered plain. "Today's training is search and destroy. You will form two teams and hunt each other in the mock village to the north. The surviving team is victorious; the losing team will perform ten hours energon duty. Stun weaponry only. Costs for any medbay-worthy injuries will be docked from the perpetrator's pay. Ravage, Chop Shop, Charger, you will be the Blue Fireteam. Krok, Beastbox, Squawktalk, Loadrun, you will form the Red Fireteam. Ravage and Krok will be respective team captains. I will observe and judge from the gallery. Your starting positions are marked as shown." Scorponok signaled the holo-projector to show a map of the village with one red and one blue dot. "Failure to abide by the rules of engagement will result in severe punishment. To your marks."

2007-09-03, 08:33 PM
Darkmount: Throne Room
Sixshot responds-"My actions at Valvolux were solely for the thrill of the hunt Lord Gigatron.No more.No less."

2007-09-04, 06:50 AM
Proving Grounds

Chop Shop buzzed over to Ravage

"whats the plan Commander?"

Wingspan's HQ

A memory stick ejected from a computer port and transformed into a mechanoid giraffe.

"Finished boss a bar droid called Shots is now the recipient of a hella of alot of Shannix he wasn't expecting."

Wingspan nodded

"W-w-well done Upload."

2007-09-04, 01:01 PM
proving ground

Charger waited for ravage to answer, meanwhile he was looking at his comrades in the other team. he would rather like to be teamed with Krok and loadrun, but he was a decepticon and a warrior
He would kick their buts.

Krok watched his troops. “Ok everyone move out!” We are going to win this battle.
He studied the opposition carefully. Ravage was cunning and stealthy but not that powerful. He knew charger well enough, and also his weak points. Chop shop was the only one he didn’t know all to well.

When he was sure they were out of range of the other team he started giving orders.
“When we reach our starting positions we stay together. As soon as we see any of them we group on that target. If we meet them all together I would suggest I will take out charger, Beast box and Loadrun will go up against Chop shop and squawtalk will engage Ravage. Give everything you got in the first shots and punches”
Krok was thinking about playing unfair. After all they were decepticons and he wanted to win by any means possible. But as soon as he thought of Scorponok he dismissed the idea.

2007-09-04, 05:23 PM
Proving Ground

Scorponok watched the teams assemble for only a moment before stalking off through the tunnel beneath the bleachers and to the lift that would take him to the gallery. As he walked, he buzzed a message informing the team's of their assigned mission frequencies. He couldn't very well test them without monitoring their communications.


Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron nodded calmly and patiently, pushed himself slowly from his throne, and descended the staircase between himself and Sixshot. He paced in front of the other sixchanger methodically and quietly, gathering his thoughts.

"And is there no more noble pursuit than the thrill of the hunt?"

There was a latent menace in his voice, the eye of a storm. The powerful hydraulics on his upper arms flexed in anticipation of the response.

2007-09-04, 05:24 PM
Training ground:

Ravage: -padding towards the start point- "Right now, they have the advantage. Four of them to three of us." -ears flicking back in slight disgust- "I have a plan." -activating his comm encryption, he detailed his orders to Chop Shop and Charger-

(OOC: Check your inboxes, guys. You have PMs.)

Black Nova:

Thundercracker: -smirks- "We could always invite ourselves to Scorponok's little training scenario. Show those groundpounders what us flybots are capable of."

Outside the Black Nova:

Leozak and Gaihawk: -nod-

Leozak: "Lead the way, Hustle."

Leozak and Gaihawk: -lift into the air, transform, and take off, following Hustle-

Gaihawk: -activating a coded transmission back to the ship-

2007-09-04, 05:39 PM
Darkmount: Throne Room
Sixshot grinned and said with earnest-"Just the death of all Autobots."

2007-09-04, 09:01 PM
(OCC: Sorry I missed that call to assemble. )

Proving Ground

Vindicator knew he was late and that Scorponok would probably be in a foul mood because of this.

As he marched up to the field he could see that the training was beginning.

Vindicator walked over to the lift that would take him to the viewing gallery.

"Scorponok my apologies for not responding to your call to assemble for the training exercise, The repairs took longer than I anticipated. It shall not happen again." Said Vindicator as he walked towards his commander.

Aero Blade
2007-09-05, 02:53 AM
Black Nova Bar

Tracer seemed to consider what Ramjet had suggested for several minutes without response. Eventually, though, the con simply shrugged, tossing the empty mug over his shoulder to the bartender as he got up.

"Not as if I've got anything better to do. Show the way."

2007-09-05, 06:27 AM
The Grease Pits

Megatron heard the raps coming from the door of his makeshift headquarters and quickly called up an image from the hidden security camera he'd installed. He recognized the design of his visitor as Autobotic, and he was reaching for the button that would activate his perimeter defences when he saw the captured Quintesson.

"Ah, the package I sent out for has arrived. Excellent." Instead of triggering the array of death-inducing toys he'd set up to deal with intruders, he tapped the control that caused the factory's seemingly-ramshackle door to swing open on deliberately creaking hinges.

"Do come in," the Decepticon warlord told Blaze. He stepped out of his war room with Buzzsaw perched dutifully on his shoulder, ready to strike out and deliver a sudden, frightening death if the Autobot so much as twitched in the wrong direction.

"You can leave the package over there," the cassetticon said, pointing with his beak in the direction of a doorway that seemed even more decrepit than the rest of the building. "I would offer you a refreshment, but I'm afraid we're a bit low on amenities right now."

Black Nova Bar

"Well, I was mainly just thinkin' out loud, but if yer up for it I'm up for it," Ramjet told Tracer. "Or we could do what TC said. Either one works for me."

The conehead shrugged. "I mean, unless the Flecster here has a better idea..."

2007-09-05, 09:34 PM
The Black Nova

Reflector watched Hustle and Leozak leave longingly. He knew this was his opportunity to dig up some dirt, but it was too obvious. His company would see through him... Well, some would anyway.

"Let's do that," he shook his head at Ramjet, downing the rest of his drink and pushing himself up from the table. "But if it's flybot stuff, somebody'd better give me a ride..."


Proving Ground: Gallery

Scorponok didn't even bother looking at Vindicator when he entered. He remained silent for a good long moment, letting the latter sweat. Scorponok thought of chewing him out, but he decided he hadn't the time.

"Join Ravage's team," he snapped. "And be quick about it."


The Grease Pits

Blaze jumped back at the sight of his host, and he was immediately embarrassed for his unprofessional behavior. He'd need to spend two extra hours meditating when he got back to training. But he rationalized that there were few Transformers who would react differently at the sight of Megatron, especially since it was conventional knowledge that the legendary tyrant had been dead for years. Regardless, Blaze proceeded inside with his Quintesson, now howling under his gag.

"Is there any other business I can take care of for you?" he called back after he'd deposited the Quintesson in the dark corner room. "I specialize in all kinds of dirty work. Hit man by trade."


Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron nodded agreeably. It was a good answer. He continued to pace around Sixshot, determined to make him slip.

"What then makes you suppose you know better than I how to achieve that goal?"

2007-09-05, 10:58 PM
Darkmount: Throne Room
Sixshot was slightly suspicious that the questioning might be a test.-"I admit it.You got me on that one Sir,due to the fact Your commanding officers never tell me anything."

2007-09-06, 12:00 AM
Proving Ground : Gallery

Vindicator stood for a moment glad that Scorponok had not chosen to vent his full anger on him.
He was in no mood to be yelled at by one such as
Scorponok .

"It will be done Commander" Vindicator replied. He then turned and walked out of the room.

Proving Ground

Vindicator walked into the Training area. As he walked in he quickly loaded Stun rounds into his chain gun.

"Ravage , Scorponok has ordered me to join your team for this Exersice . I am awaiting your orders. " Vindicator said.

Aero Blade
2007-09-06, 02:06 AM
"You heard him Rammy," Tracer spoke as he headed for the door, leaving the conehead and Reflector to follow. "Doubt he'll want to ride with me, unless he wants to get chopped into little bits by my propellors."

2007-09-06, 04:36 AM
The Grease Pits

"Not right now, no," Megatron shook his head in response to Blaze's question, "but your work this time around was impressive. If I need anyone eliminated, you'll be the first mech I contact...through the proper go-betweens, of course."

The warlord turned away from the assassin and headed toward the captured Quintesson, a sadistic smile on his face. "So good to see you again, Vice-Magistrate Vicarius..."

Buzzsaw hopped off his leader's shoulder and flew over toward Blaze, doing his best not to overhear what was said between captive and captor. Some things he didn't want to know. "We appreciate what you've done," he told the hired killer. "You'll be getting your regular fee through the usual channels, but for the moment..." he tossed a five thousand shanix credit chit at the assassin with one talon, "consider that a gratuity for an assignment well done, over and above your pay for the job. We appreciate talented associates...almost as much as we appreciate discretion."

He didn't really think that the bribe would keep Blaze from talking if he decided there was profit in it, but the attempt needed to be made.

Black Nova Bar

"Cockpit's a bit of a tight squeeze, but I'm sure you'll find a way ta fit in, Cameramech," Ramjet quipped in Reflector's direction. He got up and gestured for Thundercracker to do the same. "Come on, Thunders, lead on. Was yer idea, after all..."

2007-09-06, 12:31 PM
Red Dwarf Bar

Grindhouse drained his energon and got up to order another pint from the Bar-droid.

He didn't see the two mechs come in and start spraying the bar with fire . His last memory was one of tinkling glass. He didn't see the metal ovoids rolling across the floor.


Barbell's Recycling and Salvage

The Watch mech slipped his feet off the desk and leaned forward to adjust the Trideescreen. He never found out who would win the sports match.

The first incoming mortar round hit the perimeter fence. They marched across the yard with a deadly precision. The 2 which hit the yar doffice shattered the windows before blowing the hut flat.

2007-09-07, 02:02 AM
Proving Grounds:

Ravage: -having faded into the shadows, scowling as Vindicator's message comes over his comm, musing to himself- 'The best laid plans of cats and mechs.......' -thinking for a moment, he zipsquealed a reply to Vindicator-

Black Nova, Exterior:

Thundercracker: -lifts into the air, transforming as he does- "Well, c'mon, guys. Let's buzz those groundpounders!" -jets off towards the proving grounds-

2007-09-07, 04:31 AM
Exterior, Black Nova

Ramjet transformed, but instead of thrusting off behind Thundercracker he popped his cockpit and waited for Reflector to settle inside.

Now I know what A-Train felt like all the time...

2007-09-07, 07:16 AM
proving grounds

charger started out scouting, kicking a lifeless shell of a drone.
"let's see what they can throw at us..."

2007-09-07, 09:31 PM
Proving Grounds

Vindicator got his orders and began to quickly and quietly move into some cover. When Vindicator was in position he gave a ping back to Ravage and awaited the signal.

2007-09-07, 10:32 PM
Central Hospital

Slicer nodded "You've sure had some work done then have you ever considered any paint applications the dentition of an organic predator is always popular."

Black Nova

Weirdwolf leant against the bar

"an atom blast yes?"

Proving Grounds

Chop Shop nodded in response before vanishing into the nearest ruin in insect mode.


Pounce stalked his prey moving from shadow to shadow using natural cover getting ever closer.

Quint's Head Bar

Governor ran his finger along the data pad

"Excellent tell the mechs that they have done well and to have a drink on the house."

2007-09-10, 05:40 AM
Back Room, Black Nova

Black Shadow read over the report that Blue Bacchus had handed him, scowling all the while. "Are we sure about this?"

"As sure as we can be, boss." The other Crossformer shrugged. "We've got a bunch of Governor's guys on film hanging out near one of the places that got vaped, a merc who's been doing a lot of work for him passing through another at least twice in the last week, and one of his capos being seen in Iacon just before the bombings there."

"Very well, then." Black Shadow nodded. "You know what to do."

Blue Bacchus smiled in anticipation. "Burn them to the ground."

"Indeed." The mob boss seemed to ponder for a moment or two before adding, "Take care of it personally. We don't want the Sector Boss to thing we're soft on this sort of thing."

"It'll be my pleasure."

"Good, good." Black Shadow waved him away. "Oh, and make sure someone sweeps this place for bugs before you go. Just in case."

"Gotcha." As the gunman walked away, he added, "The boys out front tell me Cyclonus is back. Should I send him in?"

"Yes, please do. We have some business to finish."

2007-09-10, 06:23 PM
Quitn's Head bar

Governor rapped his hammer on the bar

" you did a good Job lads today and many thanks to Cauldron for his expertise with Chemicals and Slowmatch for his expertise with explosives. However these were the first shots in a war a war that we plan to win. Black Shadow is no Empty he'll work out who it is and come after us so I want you to be extra vigilant and shoot first and ask questions later.

I've briefed all of you on the emergency fall back plan and lets hope by Primus we won't have to use it. If Black Shadow has half the intelligence network that we have he'll know where we work and operate. I want the floating card games and the protection rackets to vary your routines.

A lot of planning has gone into this moment. What can be made mobile has been made mobile and you'll find the location of some of our operations are now on the back of trucks, on ships on barges, on freight cars or inside shuttles. I've commed your team leaders with instuctions and a breakdown of some of the members of his organistion we've been able to find info on. I'd like to confirm that one of his enforcers Grindhouse was definitely one of the casualties in the Red Dwarf shooting.

So three cheers for Spite and Menace for that."

The bar filled with drunken cheering

Hip Hip HOOray

Hip HIP HOoray

Hip hip HooRAY

"ok lads the operation teams have all got their list of targets , this is the last time we'll all be here together for some time, it's too big a target for Black Shadow until his organistion is crushed we will try and stay as dispersed as possible."

Governor turned and disappeared back into his office.

Landing Field

Detritus looked over at Sandblast

"I need some cargo taken to the nearest cargo broker?"

2007-09-12, 09:04 PM
Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron turned his back on Sixshot for an instant to allow himself a wild sneer into the dark. He'd snared him. Not that it had been difficult. Gigatron spun back to face the other sixchanger, adding a backhand toward Sixshot's face into his momentum.

"Fool! You are told exactly what you need to be told, and when you are told nothing, you are expected to do just that - nothing! You are a tool, to be directed and used as the Empire sees fit! You do not think until ordered to do so!"

Gigatron paused to create the pretense of calming down, turned, and clasped his hands at his back.

"Fifty hours energon duty. Further such insubordination will get you an orn asteroid mining. Do I make myself clear?"

2007-09-12, 09:10 PM
Darkmount: Throne Room
Sixshot can't believe that slap actually hurt.he holds in the pain-"Yes Sir."

2007-09-12, 09:23 PM
Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron threw his hand to point Sixshot toward the gargantuan Decepticon-symbol door.

"Then get out of my castle! Sparkjump will be expecting you to report in at the Grease Pits in one breem. Each minute you're late will earn you an extra hour's work."

Gigatron stalked back to his throne to inform Sparkjump, the energon refinery foreman, of his mandate. He knew it was nearly impossible to make it to the Grease Pits in a breem. He wanted Sixshot to be tired by the time he got there.

2007-09-12, 09:41 PM
Darkmount: Throne Room
Sixshot slightly crinched.-"Yes Sir,right away!"He got a running start and transformed to ship mode.He thrusted out of the castle and towards the grease pits as fast as he could.

2007-09-13, 06:55 AM
White Giant Bar

A mech stumbles into the bar a turbo hound on a leash behind him.

He trots up to the bar leaving the hound tyed up to a table leg.

"A rocket blassst pleeesh barman."

2007-09-13, 07:21 AM
Astrotrain's Office, Darkmount

As he walked past the reception desk and the half a dozen guard droids that stood like statues in the deputy Decepticon leader's office, Bomb-Burst was glad he'd left his Pretender shell in his quarters. To the predator they were little more than a giant buffet, and with the insatiable hunger that he felt while wearing the armour, he doubted he would have been able to resist the urge to feed.

And chewing on the Grand Admiral's honour guard. Would be a bad way to start this meeting.

The smallish, teal and grey Decepticon walked into Astrotrain's inner office and saluted smartly, noting peripherally that the officer wasn't alone.

But I can't imagine. Why he has Spinister. And two security goons on hand. For a personnel meeting.

"You asked. To see me. Sir?"

"I did." Astrotrain's expression was stern, his fingers steepled. Standing behind his right shoulder, Spinister was, as usual, inscrutable. "Your recent...extracurricular activities have drawn my attention."

"Sir?" Bomb-Burst's confusion showed on his face. "I am not sure. What you are referring to. I am fully devoted. To my duties as a Mayhem."

"Are you now?" Astrotrain crossed his arms. "Then you haven't been murdering Empties in the Dead End and draining their fuel for sport?"

"Ah. That." Bomb-Burst nodded. "I have. What of it?"

"Stop." Astrotrain narrowed his optics. "We have enough trouble with criminals already without our special forces trailing dead civilians behind them in their off hours. You're a professional soldier, not a serial killer. Start acting like it."

Bomb-Burst glared at the other Decepticon for a few moments and thought about how good it would feel to tear open Astrotrain's fuel lines and feast on what flowed forth. "Very well. It will be. As you say."

"Good. It goes without saying that there will be serious consequences if I hear of any more of these antics. Dismissed."

Bomb-Burst stalked out of the office, this time not even bothering to salute.

Astrotrain waited until the homicidal trooper had left, then glanced down at his datapad.

"Who's next?" Spinister asked him.

"Looks like Weirdwolf," the admiral told him. "Rumour has it he's been kidnapping Empties and hunting them in some sort of private deathtrap."

"Nnnn." Spinister shook his head; the amount of energy that some of his fellow Decepticons wasted on these depravities amazed him. "I'll summon him."

The Targetmaster strode over to the room's intercom and pressed a key. "Weirdwolf, this is Air Commander Spinister. Please report to Astrotrain's office promptly."

Quint's Head Bar

As one of the more visible front operations for Governor's gangs, the Quint's Head was a high profile target. By turning the Black Nova into a hangout for Decepticon soldiers and officers, Black Shadow had made sure that anyone who struck at him there would bring the wrath of the entire Decepticon army down upon them. Governor hadn't been so successful, leaving his own bar a very, very tempting target. A more subtle tactician might have bypassed it completely just to confuse his foes, especially since the rival gang had probably stopped using it as an operational HQ. But Blue Bacchus had never been much for subtlety.

If he had, he might have used his shell's cloaking device to sneak into the place undetected. He might have tried to steal information that could have led him to countless other targets. But, alas, that just wasn't his style.

The gangster stalked up to the door, grabbed the bouncer by the throat and used him as a battering ram, smashing the entrance before hoisting the smaller mech up in the air and tossing him across the room.

Taking advantage of the few moments of surprise that gave him, the gunman pulled his heavy repeater out of subspace and sprayed the room with armour-piercing shells. He didn't utter any threats or ask any questions. He didn't speak at all. He didn't even make much effort to kill any of the bar's patrons. Such things would come later. This attack was all about fear, all about reminding Governor why exactly the Space Mafia was the biggest organized crime syndicate in the quadrant.

Ten seconds after the shooting started, it stopped as Blue Bacchus cloaked. Aside from spent shell casings, the only thing he left behind was a simple business card with the Space Mafia logo printed on one side, and the words "You started it -- we'll finish it" scrawled on the back.

And so it begins.

2007-09-13, 06:49 PM
Quints Head Bar Office

Governor watched the scene unfold on a monitor

So ,so predictable

He consulted a list

Who do we have in tonight , Dockers yesterday, Construction workers the day before tonight it was the Hauliers and Allied trades , tommorrow it was the restaurant workers and allied trades and the day after the power workers . Sponsoring a series of Union social events had been a calculated risk and there was no way of telling when or even if the Mafia would strike. Indeed there was another week and a half of union social events still to come. Even if they hadn't attacked getting in with the Union Hierarchy was a good strategy, so it was a win win situation. He'd even surmised that it may offer a degree of protection but the Mafia mech had not done any research.

Governor moved towards the office door smiling to himself.

Some collateral damage was inevitable but then it was no great loss. The Unions were always too full of themselves and the loss of a few third rate thugs was just a cost of doing business.

Governor moved through the door into the bar directing staff to help injured patrons. He crunched through broken glass, damage was much easier to except when you had an interest in a dodgy insurance company.

"I have summoned medical assistance, i'm shocked that such a thing should happen. What is the world coming to when a simple business man cannot operate without fear of crime. Where Thugs expect us to live in fear and to fund there despicable habit"

A heavy built battered mech pulled himself up. Sirens wailed in the distance.

A voice from behind him called out "where were the authorities, what were the police doing to stop such an outrage."

Another voice called out

"our members are regualarly threatened and high jacked by criminal thugs."

there was shouts of "here , here " from the crowd.

Another voice called from the crowd "we dont get paid enough to risk our lives this way we need danger money and escorts."

Governor walked towards the front door his feet scuffing against spent shells

His optics widened as he spotted a card on the floor

A final crowning touch that he could not have planned himself

He held up the card on high

"they do not even bother to conceal their identity, the Space Mafia just expect us to give in to them , to roll over and become their slaves to become the new Quintessons, well I say enough."

The Heavybuilt mech swayed oil leaking from a cut on his torso

"I suggest Brothers that we threaten industrial action in Autobot and Neutral territory and that we evacuate as many of our brothers out of Decepticon territory . We will demand escorts and danger money until the Authorities have crushed this criminal menace.

White Giant Bar

The drunken mech leant on the bar

"I haven't got enough shannix for the lasst drink see, no no don't threaten me, what i can do isss i'll get some more money from the credit machine and i'l um let's see i'll leave you Seeker here as collat... collab as like a guarantee."

He gestured to the turbo hound sitting there patiently.

The bar droid nodded his assent and the mech stumbled off out of the door.

Black Nova Bar

Weirdwolf turned towards the door and transformed loping out of the exit. He commed Spinster as he left.

"Way my on am yes Commander Air "

2007-09-14, 01:02 PM
Proving Grounds:

Ravage: -crouched in the shadows, zipsqueals to Scorponok- "We're ready."

In the air:

Thundercracker: -revelling in the freedom that flying brings, flying towards the Proving Grounds-

Elsewhere in the air:

Leozak and Gaihawk: -following Hustle-

Leozak: "So where is your contact, Hustle?"

Keeping pace, a little distance back:

Drillhorn, Jalgar and Killbison: -rumbling along on the ground-

Hellbat: -flying low, zipping off at odd angles-

Trypticon: -over commlink- "We've finished with the exterior repairs, Drillhorn."

Drillhorn: -over commlink- "Good. How's structural integrity?"

Trypticon: "As long as we don't move around too much, it's fine. The problem is how I landed. Some of the damage isn't going to make itself known until we can lift my bod- I mean, this ship."

2007-09-14, 05:03 PM
Darkmount: Throne Room

Gigatron glared at Sixshot until he was sure the other six-changer was beyond sight. He smirked and turned to head back to his throne. If he could humble an arrogant braggart like Sixshot, there was no Decepticon he couldn't control...

2007-09-14, 06:40 PM
Hustle rumbled along the Streets

"Reciever's establishment is in the Shades."

White Giant Bar

A mech strolled though the door petting the dog as he passed.

"Beautiful animal don't see many Sirenian Turbo Fox hounds anymore, very rare they are.Is he yours ?"

Astrotrain's Office

Weirdwolf loped up to the reception desk.

"here am I Astrotrain see to yes."

2007-09-14, 09:23 PM
Grease Pits
Sixshot lands in the Grease Pits at 8.2 minutes and is exhausted.He leans on a wall-"Ha!Gigatron said it was impossible to race down here in a breem, but I did it!In your face Gigatron!"-He laughed and pulled out a can of energon and guzzles it.-"Here's the boost I needed.Now where's this Sparkjump guy?"-he walks around the refinery for a while and finds him.Sixshot walks up to him-"Are you Sparkjump?"

Aero Blade
2007-09-15, 03:16 AM
Tracer followed along at a safe flying distance behind Thundercracker, keeping his sensors tuned in for anything of interest during their trip, though doubting that they'd come across much at all until their desitnation.

2007-09-15, 04:09 AM
The Grease Pits

Megatron had taken great pleasure in not saying a single word to the captive Quintesson. He had grabbed the creature, lifted it unceremoniously off the ground and dragged it into hidden tunnel. Then he had carried it through the tunnel, up a decrepit set of stairs, and into the warehouse he had mentioned to Buzzsaw.

All without so much as a word.

He suspected Vicarius was terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought. Of course, to confirm that he'd have to actually say something that required thought to answer. The Decepticon wished he could put that off indefinitely, but alas he had dragged the Quint here for a reason.

"I have a job for you," he said menacingly. "A job that you, of all the life forms on Cybertron, are best suited to carry out."

Megatron ignored the disgusting alien's questions, continuing to drag the creature behind him until they came to a heavily-secured door. The Decepticon leader waved his hand under a scanner and the locks began to disengage.

"There is someone I need you to repair," he said menacingly. "And since I know what you are capable of, don't even think of telling me you can't do it!"

The final lock clicked open and the door slid aside, revealing an nondescript stasis pod. Megatron watched the Quintesson, wanting to see the look on the alien's face when he caught a glimpse of who was in the pod.

Vicarius didn't disappoint him. The judicial gaped for a moment before he found his voice. "I...I don't understand. I can probably do it, of course...but I don't understand. Why would you want me to fix Optimus Prime?"

Hidden Intelligence Complex, Military Annex

Soundwave turned toward his window just as Buzzsaw flew in.

"And?" he asked bluntly.

"It is real," the cassetticon said as he dropped a datacard on Soundwave's desk before perching on the other Decepticon's shoulder. "Megatron is back." He nodded toward the datacard. "And he has some instructions for you."

"Does he?" Soundwave inserted the datacard in his terminal and nodded at what he saw. "He needs some forgeries made up and sent to the Autobots? Why?"

"All part of his secret war on Gigatron, one presumes." Buzzsaw sniffed haughtily as if this sort of thing was beneath him.

"Indeed," Soundwave intoned blandly. "Then we should get to work."

In The Air

Ramjet roared along behind Thundercracker, sharing his fellow Seeker's enjoyment of the flight, but expressing it in a questionable way. As they crossed paths with a commercial shuttle, the conehead shot straight at it; only some brilliant flying by the shuttle pilot prevented a head-on collision. The craft headed for the ground immediately.

"Yeah, that's right. Run away!"

Ramjet corkscrewed through the air as he pulled back into formation.

Proving Grounds

(OOC: Mine again! W00t!)

Scorponok growled his reply to Ravage in a voice that was almost sub-sonic.

"Then begin."

Astrotrain's Office

The receptionist nodded to Weirdwolf.

"Go right in."

The door slid open as if of it's own volition, and Astrotrain glanced out at the Headmaster from behind his desk.

"Ah, Weirdwolf. Do come in." He seemed friendly, but there was no mistaking the sternness in his expression. "Do you have any idea why I've called you here?"

2007-09-15, 07:23 AM
Astrotrain's Office

Weirdwolf sidled in

"Mission have you me for yes?"

White Giant Bar

The Bar Mech made a non commital sound

The new mech continued talking.

"I've got a friend who's trying to put a pack together revive turbo fox hunting , they've become a menace dontcha know bred like anything under the Quints , I remember he told me last time he tracked one down he paid 15,000 Shannix."

2007-09-16, 08:52 PM
In Polyhex...

Drone crouched beside the base of the transmitter aerial and grinned to himself. One more connection and they would be up and running. Another diurnal turn, another tower, another base location. Click! Done. Shouldering his rifle, he cautiously rose to his feet, staring back at Darkmount and gauging the best moment to slip past the patrols.

Elsewhere, observing that he was on-line, Interceptor gave a wild whoop. Oh, yes – yes –yes! “Annndddd here we go!” he announced into a microphone mounted on the control panel. “Hello to all you naughty mechs and fems tuning in! We’re back again and ready to party for the next few cycles, or until the authorities pull our plug. Coming up on the show: music, more music and those stories that never make it onto mainstream Polyhex broadcasts...”

2007-09-17, 05:55 AM
Back Room, The Black Nova

Black Shadow smiled blandly as Cyclonus walked into his office, and it was all the powerful ex-Decepticon could do not to tear the criminal apart with his bare hands.

"Give me the data," he said, his voice a menacing rumble.

"Such rudeness!" Black Shadow's patently false shock only irritated Cyclonus more. "Surely, after all we've done for each other, I'm entitled to more than that!" He gestured toward an empty chair "Please, sit down. We can discuss-"

He never got to finish the statement, because in one smooth motion Cyclonus grabbed the chair, lifted it into the air and brought it smashing down on the gangster's head. Sputtering incoherently, Black Shadow fell to the ground.

Two of his thugs rushed through the door, roused by the noise. Neither one of them saw what it was that caused the noise, though, because Cyclonus blinded both of them with a blast from Nightstick. He viciously headbutted the nearest minion, driving his horns into the other Transformer's chest at the same time as he used his oxidizing laser to turn the second gangster's face into an unrecognizable mess of crumbling rust.

"You seem to be under the impression that I am someone you can toy with." Almost as if the sudden outburst of violence hadn't even raised his oil pressure, Cyclonus turned back toward Black Shadow. "I am not. Now give me the data."

To his credit, Black Shadow's unflappable poise was still in place. The mobster slowly rose to his feet and brushed pieces of chair off of his arms before he deigned to answer Cyclonus. "There," he said as he tossed a datacard to the other Transformer, "is your data. And since you've declined my hospitality, I dare say our business is at an end. Do try not to assault anyone else on your way out, please."


Cyclonus had glanced at the data, but not closely. All he'd been interested in was finding out whether or not it was what he had been looking for. If it hadn't...well, if it hadn't, emptying an entire rack of incendiary bombs into the Black Nova's foundations would have gone a long way toward convincing Black Shadow to cooperate.

So great was his dislike for the gangster that he was almost disappointed to find out that the information was genuine.

His quick glance at the data had convinced him of one thing, though; he wouldn't be able to do this on his own. And so, after swallowing his pride, he switched his comlink to a frequency he'd hoped he'd never have to use again. "Cyclonus to Astrotrain. Come in, Astrotrain."

Astrotrain's Office

Astrotrain steepled his fingers and gave a marginal shake of his head. "Not quite," he told Weirdwolf. "In fact, some recent incidents that I've observed have convinced me that I need to keep a closer optic on my officers' off-duty behaviour."

He glanced down at his desk terminal for a moment, as if reading the data on the screen. "Now, it's come to my attention that you've been, how shall we say, culling the city's Empty population for your own amusement." He looked up at the Headmaster and couldn't quite conceal his tacit approval of such a goal. "As much as I can sympathize with your choice of victim, I'm afraid I've got to ask you to stop. With the situation as it is, the last thing we need is for the underclasses to go into uprising because we're preying upon them."

The admiral noticed that the comm unit on the other side of the office was beeping for attention, but before he could say anything Spinister headed over to tend to it. He wasn't sure whether that made him happy or irked him.

"Obviously I would prefer if you focused your murderous tendencies on the Autobots," he told Weirdwolf. "But if you absolutely have to kill civilians, please go outside the city limits to do it."

"Cyclonus is on his way here." Spinister's voice came from right behind Astrotrain's shoulder, although the admiral wasn't sure how he'd gotten back there without making any noise. "He claims to know where the Quintesson insurgents are based."

"Does he, now. Interesting, if it's true." Astrotrain turned his gaze back on Weirdwolf. "I may have an assignment for you after all," he told the other Decepticon before getting up and punching a button on his communications unit. "Bludgeon and Soundwave, please come to my office."

2007-09-17, 06:35 AM
Astrotrain's Office

"understood and heard Sir. Challenge off wearing was. Heavily arm them had I to to , to make exciting more otherwise easy too was."

2007-09-17, 09:37 AM
Krok had secured his position. He looked at the 2 tape bots not quite sure of their abilities. Also Loadrun wasn't a real combat veteran. on the other team they had Ravage, Chaop shop and charger. allt three capable fighters. no time to despair or rethink his strategy now. he would show them what he was capable of as commander.
“scorponok we are ready” he glanced at his troops “by your command…”

2007-09-17, 01:13 PM
A back street

Through the clearing static in his cerebro-circuits, Cattermaul could hear someone requesting him to perform his appointed field function. OK - so Interceptor was not exactly requesting. Suprising, that the gold-and-white Seeker even knew those words... Suprising, too, that Drone had managed to get them back on the air, given Darkmount security was watching out for him...

'Roger,' Cattermaul radioed and thought - who the ferk is Roger? 'I've got tabs on a Syk dealer running some 'a the purest stuff you'd believe...' His vocal giggle did not transmit, fortunately. 'Gimme half a breem. Gonna go interview him, y'unnerstan?'

2007-09-18, 06:36 AM
White Gian Bar

"I'll give my friend a call see what he says , he'll give you good credits , i'm sure. You know what he only works a few blocks from here. I'll go get him and he can examine the fine beast in the metal what."

He turned and headed for the door almost colliding with a drunken mech who was staggering back in.

The Bar-mechs optics lighted up at the thought of some easy credits.

2007-09-19, 07:06 AM
Proving Grounds

"Consider it given," Scorponok told Krok, his voice suggesting that he would be very disappointed in the Actionmaster if his side of the operation didn't proceed smoothly.

Hidden Intelligence Complex, Military Annex

"I am busy," Soundwave told Astrotrain, secretly relishing his small act of defiance. Now that Megatron had returned, the spymaster had little to fear from this pompous bureaucrat. "If it is all the same to you, I will attend via holopresence."

Soundwave looked down at the bank of screens that were built into his desk. One of the displays was dedicated to Interceptor's 'news' feed (it was propaganda, of course, but then all news programmes were, to some extent), something that not so long ago he would have gone to great lengths to terminate. He could easily have jammed the transmission if he wanted to, but for now it suited his purposes to let the amateurs go about their business. After all, any successes they had would contribute to destabilizing Gigatron's regime, and that could only be for the good in Soundwave's books.

On the other screens were the various documents that Megatron had asked him to fabricate, and Soundwave would continue to work on them as he conversed with the admiral. The thought of actively working to bring down Astrotrain's master at the same time as the Triplechanger sought his advice had a delicious irony that he just couldn't resist.

2007-09-19, 06:52 PM
Grease Pits
Sparkjump turns around and sees a towering figure over him.-"Ya I'm Sparkjump.You must be Sixshot."
Sixshot:"Correct.let's get this over with.I'll give you 50 credits if you keep this off the record.
Sparkjump:"agreed."-He points to some empty energon cubes.-"500 cubes to fill,then you're done.That should take you about 50 hours."
Sixshot:"(sigh)Fine."-He gets to work filling the cubes from the industrial energon dispenser.

2007-09-20, 06:09 AM
Proving Grounds

Squawktalk hopped over towards Krok

"So whats the plan, how we going to beat them all , I reckkon we're going to need to get lucky have you seen who they've got compared to us, some kind of ambush.make themthink they're ambushhing us and then we attack from behind, or something yes."

2007-09-20, 12:28 PM
proving ground - krok's side

maybe Squawktalk but I think it will be best if we keep together and group on one target and throw everything in one punch? I think that will be our best bet...

proving ground - ravage's side

Charger stepped out in the terrain. scouting ahead.
"mmmh.." he muttered "I hope these guys give me the back up I need..." " anyway" he glanced at his gun/partner "You'll give me support won't you?" he smiled at firebeast who snorted in approval.

2007-09-20, 11:14 PM
Proving Grounds

"Ravage and Chop Shop are both very stealthy we will have to watch out for sneak attacks. I suggest we find a good defensive position yes with limited approaches in order to nullify their advantages."

2007-09-21, 01:02 PM
The Black Nova

Cattermaul, walking very carefully, went to the bar and ordered a simple meth with liquid nitrogen. He chugged it in one go, put the freezing metal beaker down. Faint plumes of white rolling out of the corners of his jagged mouth, he felt normal enough to go over to the table where Spikard was sitting.

The drug dealer glowered, made a gesture to one of the two identical heavies flanking him. The heavy (either Thud or Thunk, Cattermaul could never tell them apart) lifted a huge studded fist and studied it critically. In response, Cattermaul swing his bucket across his broad chest. Spikard's thin lips compressed even thinner. "You still after an interview, 'Maul?"

"Worth it for the advertising," Cattermaul replied. He watched while the idea crossed Spikard's tiny, thuggish Transit mind.

"Down, Thud," Spikard ordered and smiled. "You want, you get - that's my motto. Not here, though. Outside."

2007-09-23, 04:57 AM
Astrotrain's Office:

Bludgeon: -enters quietly, looming over Astrotrain's desk, his very aura emenating Death's cold whispering breath, his voice ragged nails on the lid of a long buried coffin- "What?"

Proving Grounds:

Ravage: -in the shadows, quietly into his commlink- "Charger, go."

Following Hustle:

Leozak: "How much farther?"

2007-09-23, 06:02 AM
Astrotrain's Office

"Unfinished business," Astrotrain told Bludgeon, not one bit intimidated by the other Decepticon's supernatural posturing.

"My time is valuable," Soundwave's holoavatar said from across the room, "so I would appreciate it if you would speak in meaningful sentences instead of ominous, out of context declarations."

Spinister glowered at the hologram. "We are waiting for Cyclonus."

"Then perhaps you could call me back when your not-so-illustrious predecessor arrives. I have important work to do."

"That won't be necessary," a deep voice boomed from the doorway. "I am here."

"Ah, Cyclonus. How wonderful to see you again," Astrotrain turned slowly to look at the former Decepticon, and was a tiny bit disappointed that Cyclonus didn't react to his subtle barb. "I'm told you have the location of a Quintesson terrorist base?"

"I have the location of the insurgents' main command post," Cyclonus told him. "As well as precise data on their security setup, force deployments and unit strengths. And I will give it to you under two conditions. You will allow me to accompany the assault team."

"I would insist on it," Astrotrain said coldly. "Just in case this is a ploy of some sort. The other condition?"

"I will be given the first opportunity to interrogate any prisoners we capture." The Unicron-forged Transformer crossed his arms. "Do we have a deal?"

"Perhaps. Step outside for a moment." Astrotrain waited until the other Transformer, then turned to regard Bludgeon, Weirdwolf, Soundwave's hologram and Spinister in turn.

"Opinions, gentlemechs?"

Megatron's Warehouse

As he watched his Quintesson prisoner, Megatron considered the irony of it all. Here he was, with Optimus Prime lying nonfunctional twenty paces away from him. Every fibre of his being shouted at him to storm into the room, perforate Prime's brain module with a round from his rail gun and tear the Matrix out of the Autobot's broken corpse. But against his better judgement, against every vow he had ever made regarding his Autobot nemesis, against the massive weight of sheer common sense, he wasn't doing that. He was doing the exact opposite. He was fixing him.

He was fixing him because, despite the massive personal satisfaction that slaughtering Prime would bring him, Megatron knew that it would do him no good. If Prime died now, the only one who benefited was the hated usurper Gigatron. But if Prime lived, if he walked free believing that Gigatron was the one who had kidnapped him...well, the Autobots could well do quite a bit of Megatron's work for him.

Time will tell, the Decepticon thought; he'd been burned often enough by assuming victory before he had it in his grasp, and he wouldn't make that mistake again.

2007-09-23, 10:33 PM
Astrotrain's Office

Weirdwolf spoke

"Trust him I do not, Motive ulterior have will he. Decepticon being is so standard pretty much is yes. Act we must think before we also must. Information trap may be or simply out of date or source player small who invented stuff has yes to please paymaster."

The Shades

A warren of streets and squares dating from early Polyhex a Thieves Kitchen, a Rookery, a place where the police patrolled in squads and preferably from the air, in heavily armoured and armed vehicles.

Hustle paused and transformed and gestured to a faded red door.

"Receiver's place of business is here."

He knocked on the door

"rata tat tat,"

2007-09-24, 12:17 AM
Waiting Area, Astrotrain's Office:

BBC: -standing quietly off to the side, observing Cyclonus-

Astrotrain's Office:

Bludgeon: -scowls- "If he goes in with the assualt team, there is no guarantee that there will be survivors to interrogate. Nor can we trust any information he would gain from a solo interrogation of any survivors." -crosses his arms across his chest- "I would suggest we send an infiltration team to hit them from another direction, and grab prisoners that we will interrogate without the benefit of Cyclonus'..... expertise."

Reciever's Warehouse, Exterior:

Leozak and Gaihawk: -transform to robot mode, land-

Jalgar: -vehicle mode, staying in the shadows, transmitting coordinates-

2007-09-24, 04:23 AM
Waiting Area, Astrotrain's Office

Cyclonus met BBC's optics.

"Yes?" he prompted.

Astrotrain's Office

"I agree with Bludgeon," Spinister said. "Weirdwolf and I could lead a small squadron of regular forces into the city from the north, taking Cyclonus with us. Once we've engaged the bulk of their defence forces, the Mayhems could slip in undetected from the south and abduct the terrorist leaders with relative ease." With an acknowledging glance in Weirdwolf's direction, he added, "Assuming, of course, they are there at all."

"His ulterior motive is not hard to spot," Soundwave's holoavatar added. "[i]His loyalty to Galvatron extends even to beyond the grave. He hopes to find some evidence that his former master still lives[./i]" There was a strange note in the communications officer's voice, but it was so heavily flanged that Spinister couldn't make anything of it.

"All good points," Astrotrain conceded. "But Cyclonus is no fool." He turned to Bludgeon, then swept his optics across Weirdwolf, Spinister and Soundwave. "If he...objects too strongly to this treatment, we may need to destroy him, lest he become a serious threat to Gigatron's regime. The question is...can we? He is quite a formidable foe."

2007-09-24, 06:19 AM
Astrotrain's Office

"mechs all recharge sometime must yes...."

muttered Weirdwolf

Receiver's Warehouse

The door creaked open

"Hustle my boy , come in and you brought friends. come in come in."

2007-09-24, 10:24 AM
Polyhex, streets near Black Nova

"... I resent that!" Spikard barked into the handheld recorder Cattermaul extended towards him. Thud and Thunk tensed.

"You got to admit: peddling strong dope to the Decepticon ranks could undermine their ability to fight," Cattermaul responded calmly.

"Doesn't mean I'm a traitor!"

"Guess not. You're freelance, yes?"

Spikard suddenly became extremely still. "Freelance? Yeah. Work for myself." He rallied, relaxed. "Makes for a pretty profit."

"So, profit is everything," Cattermaul said blandly. He flicked the recorder off, automatically transmitting the interview back to Interceptor. The Seeker would prep it, add his (Cattermaul's) pre-recorded, standard sign-off, and have it broadcast within a breem.

Spikard smiled broadly. "Went well, uh? The 'Cons know they can get their poison at good rates out here on the streets."

Cattermaul smiled back. "Oh, yes," he affirmed. Oh, yes - it should be interesting to see what Decepticon Command thought about that!

Spikard dipped one immaculate white hand into his subspace carryall and produced a small vial. "Here ya go, 'Maul. A sample of the latest stuff, on the house." He signalled to Thud and Thunk, and all three strolled away back towards the bar.

The white vial sat invitingly in his big, green palm.

2007-09-24, 09:07 PM
White Giant bar

The drunken mech staggered up to the bar

"got most of your creds like , maybe can do some work like for you make up rest."

The bar droid leans forward

"Your obviously in trouble, i'm feeling generous , gonna help out a mech in need, got a little proposition for you...."

Outside the Black Shadow

a mech staggers through the darkness , moving throught the darkened streets. his optics glowing red from Breems of chemical abuse.

He spots Cattermaul and staggers over

"The turbofox squeals in the dark."

2007-09-24, 09:58 PM
Streets, near the Black Nova bar

Cattermaul stared at the strange mech who had accosted him. Judging by his optics (and Cattermaul had seen his own looking like that more than once, which meant he was a pretty good judge), he was just coming down from a hit, possibly of something with an -ethylchloride in its chemical name. Could turn nasty if not humoured. Nasty he could cheerfully handle; he just didn't want it right now, given the need to get the fragile vial to Cyane intact.

"Er, I suppose it would, if you trod on its tail," he said to the nutjob.

2007-09-25, 09:32 AM
-----------Proving Ground ,Controlbuilding----------

"C' mon just start the shootin already." Frustating ,Triggerhappy spoke as he looking at several monitors in front of him.

He turned to one monitor ,then another and another seeing no one on the monitor seem like there were nobody at proving ground at all.

"Yeah.... I know you guys love to be stealthly. But please don't be shy to cameras."

"Why don't you just shut up and join them?" Caliburst finally opened his mouth after had to listening to his partner for sometimes.

"Don't you see? It's a stun gun. You know me right?"

Caliburst then continuing to be silent. Just want to watch the training joyfully.

2007-09-25, 10:02 PM
Near the Black Nova

The druggie looked up at Cattermaul

"thatss s'not right 'sposed to say the what's it um the petro-rabbits hop in a hurry, thatss the one, nuthin about tails steppin's ."

He hung on to a broken light standard

"You know what your voicee it soundss familar , yess s'it dosssesh. I used to be in the Ebon Brotheshhod you know , big in the Union'sss were you in a Union maybe thattss where I met you at one of the conferencess before the warrs started.

Give me a zecond , i've almoss' got it , Big mech like you thats's it was you a sports mech, i'm thinging in the scrum for the Polyhechs Pir...fishies am I rightt??"

2007-09-25, 10:02 PM
Near the Black Nova

2007-09-25, 11:05 PM
Near the Black Nova

"Um, played some sports in my time," Cattermaul admitted, but failed to mention that these were pit fights. And one game of a human pastime called 'Snakes and Ladders', which had been so annoying he eventually smashed the board and his opponent, and stalked out to get a really strong drink.

He edged around to the right and said, "Why not pop into the bar? Spikard is right near the door..." With Thud and Thunk...

redman prime
2007-09-25, 11:47 PM
Black Nova Bar

OOC: He lives!

Apeface and Snapdragon sat in the bar, minding their business as quietly as they could. Which wasn't very quietly, mind, as they wheezed, spit and leaked often enough to draw discouraging looks from the bar staff on several occasions.

It didn't matter to either of the Horrorcons turned Mayhems. Such as their whim dictated, this was fine; as long as they didn't stop serving them drinks. Primus only knew what would happen if they were to be cut off.

Now, this wasn't the case for the two rough and tumble looking Cassetticons, who were looking a lot more tumble than rough at the moment. Rumble was in a decent shape, but Frenzy couldn't say the same. He had seen better days, and that was before he had been drug away from the feet of the Seacon's, the lot of them.

Knowing his time was in breems and not vorns before his brother was going to go offline, Rumble grabbed him and headed out the door, heading somewhere that he knew there would be help. And Questions. Soundwave's.

2007-09-26, 12:21 PM
" That's righ' got to see Spikard." The mech attempted to tap the side of his nose and suceeded on the third time.

"He's in one of those 2 bars over there then through the swarm of sparkly flutterbies and past the green Mechcannibal."

He swayed back and forth grinning inanely.

He leaned in towards Cattermaul "dont' tell any one but he sells drugs you know makes you feel all glowy and silver."

2007-09-26, 05:15 PM
Near the Black Nova

Recalling waking in a refuse outlet more than once, his cerebro-circuits flashing with agonising power surges, limbs beyond his control capacity, dental arches clenched fast, Cattermaul nodded. He still hit the Syk - he had done so earlier - but had been trying to cut back. The stuff was getting cheaper and stronger all the time, and he had seen several non-functional fellow addicts only recently lying in the roadway.

He watched the druggie stagger away and looked down again at the vial. I'm not that dumb. Maybe he could call the other back, give it to him, watch what happened. No, this had to go to Cyane. Interceptor and Drone had told him to take anything he picked up to her; they had been quite explicit on that, the kind of explicit that you wake up screaming about...

2007-09-26, 09:22 PM
Grease Pits
Sparkjump finishes some paperwork and checks on Sixshot-"How are you doing"-Sixshot puts down an energon cube on a crate and sighs
Sixshot:"I'm on 57."-Sparkjump nodded-"Good.Oh, I forgot to mention,be sure to take the crates to this warehouse."-He gives Sixshot a map.
Sparkjump:"There's a forklift you can use that's around the corner.I'll check on you later."

redman prime
2007-09-27, 02:20 AM
Streets kinda by Black Nova Bar
The Twin Cassetticon's lurched their way down the street,
Frenzy looking like he'd had one too many or one not enough. At least enough to be in a state of off-line haze like some of the deadbeats and empties strewn haphazardly like play things.

On their way, off to whatever oblivion await them at the hands of their former host, Soundwave.

The minor sticking point was that they knew where they were going. It was the door-code they did not know that troubled Rumble.

2007-09-27, 06:38 AM
Hidden Intelligence Complex, Military Annex

Soundwave's attention was drawn away for a moment as his equipment told him that someone familiar seemed to be heading in the general direction of his base. He glanced down at a monitor, saw that the warning was related to Rumble and Frenzy, and then immediately turned his attention back to the situation at hand.

Buzzsaw shuffled from his perch to start monitoring the duo.

Astrotrain's Office

"I imagine the situation would be a bit more...pressing," Soundwave's holoavatar chipped in as a reply to Weirdwolf. "If Cyclonus took exception to our treatment of him, he might decide to act out on the spot. If our field team isn't prepared, the end results could be disastrous."

2007-09-27, 06:49 AM
Astrotrain's Office

Weirdwolf nodded slowly

"there is always Autobots yes, if the Autobots were to launch own raid , the prisoners it not a problem would be and assume I that one of our intelligence services information could get yes, either that or make we look like Autobots is but actually be it mech some our pay in yes. Also use could we contractors outside eliminate Cyclonus to yes. Death'shead or the Mecannibals."

2007-10-01, 02:01 AM
Waiting Area, Astrotrain's Office:

BBC: "Just wondering why you have an obsession with finding Galvatron."

Astrotrain's Office:

Bludgeon: -scowl deepening- "Hiring mercenaries to deal with him would be dishonorable."

CR chamber, Megatron's Warehouse:

Deep in the throes of CR-induced slumber, Prime stirred. His subconscious knew he was a prisoner, but that was about all it knew. CR time tended to mess with your time-sense, if you went through extended bouts of it. In that, the link to his trailer was proving invaluable. Unfortunately, thanks to the fact that it had been completely rebuilt, not to mention added onto(he was still getting used to some of it's alternate functions, which was the main reason he was still in the CR chamber to begin with), but there was only one answer his subconscious could come up with.


Prime awoke. Wincing as his optics refocused, he took in his surroundings. Bright, well defined colors with a sort of 'gauzy' overlay. "Great", he said almost to himself. "I'm dead again."

"No, Optimus Prime. You are not dead. But you are in grave danger."

Prime turned, looking at the other Cybertronian, looming behind him. "Sentinel?"

Sentinel Prime nodded. "We took the precaution of installing a revolving door for you. You seem to come and go a lot."

2007-10-01, 04:39 AM
Waiting Area, Astrotrain's Office

Cyclonus resisted the urge to shoot BBC in the face for his blasphemous question.

"Galvatron is the one true leader of the Decepticons," he said icily. "Our greatest duty, our most vital responsibility, is to find him and restore him to power. Anyone who doesn't devote himself to that task with his whole spark is a traitor to the cause. I am 'obsessed', as you put it, because your so-called leader has abandoned his responsibilities in a vain attempt to set himself up as Decepticon leader. His betrayal has forced me to do my duty from outside the army. But Gigatron's time will come...as it will for all those foolish enough to stand beside him against their true master."

Astrotrain's Office

"Honour is less of a concern than simply getting the job done," Soundwave told Bludgeon. "But as it happens, I agree with you. Bringing outsiders into the picture would be counterproductive. You and the others must be ready to deal with him immediately at the first sign of betrayal."

Astrotrain glared at the communications officer's holographic representation, but he couldn't disagree with what he had said. "We will worry about that when the time comes. For now, lets concentrate on the main thrust of the mission: destroying the Quintessons. Do any of you have tactical suggestions?"

2007-10-01, 07:38 AM
Proving ground ravage’s side.

Charger kept making a noise, firebeast scouting out before him.
“come on guys, where are you?” he muttered.

Proving ground Krok’s side.

“This sounds like charger…” Krok whispered “and it also sounds like a trap. Better get it over with” he levelled his gun at firebeast.

2007-10-01, 05:15 PM
Grease Pits:near Megatron's warehouse
Sixshot takes a load to the warehouse on his map using the forklift.-"what am I doing here?"-He asked himself-"I should be training or killing some Autobots right now."-he turns around a corner and passes by a row of warehouses-"let's see....warehouse 45,here we go"-He enters the warehouse and drops off his load and leaves-"Only 400 to go."-He drives by the side of a warehouse and hears talking-"Who would be in this area?"he looks through a tiny window and what he sees shocks him to the spark-"NO WAY!NO WAY in the Inferno is that possible!"-He said to himself.He sees Optimus Prime in a cr chamber with Megatron across the room.he takes an optic snapshot ,a few second video tape, transforms to jet,and gets out of the grease pits.He shouts into his transmitter-"ASTROTRAIN!ASTROTRAIN!Are you there?!I have of the utmost important information!"-He speeds up towards Astrotrains office.

2007-10-01, 08:40 PM
Underground radio station

Interceptor flicked on a heavy metal music track from Earth just as Drone entered the bunker. Perfect lips curled into a perfect smile, he greeted his fellow Seeker with, "Way out, mech! We've been online for a full cycle! How'd you do it?"

Drone, by comparison, remained grim. "Don't bet they haven't found the link by now."

"Nah, they'd have cut us down if they had, same as usual."

"Well, I'm just saying."

"Lighten up! I've transmitted Cattermaul's interview with Spikard (get this!) twice and run that piece you did on the ineffectiveness of Gigatron's command." Interceptor swung both golden jets up over one arm of his adapted chair and looked insufferably pleased with himself. "That should wind a few cogs tight!"

Drone could not help but grin at that.

2007-10-02, 04:33 AM
Waiting Area, Astrotrain's Office:

BBC: -narrows optics- "I follow Bludgeon, not Gigatron."

Astrotrain's Office:

Bludgeon: "The best way to do this is to distract them. Cyclonus and his group will provide the distraction. I and a small group will use the opportunity to cut our way into their base and capture them."

Proving Ground:

Ravage: -spying Krok, opening fire with his stun blasters, then dodging away, staying in the shadows, zipsquealing Chop Shop- "Go!"

2007-10-02, 07:03 AM
(OOC @ Skidmark: Just for future reference, you really shouldn't do so much in a single post. If you're going to try 'discovering' someone else's characters like that, you should at least give them a chance to react before you slip away. Don't worry about it right now, but keep it in mind for the future, OK? :))

Astrotrain's Office

"Why don't I switch to an unlisted comm frequency?" Astrotrain asked rhetorically as Sixshot's call came through. "At least then my receptionist would keep busy answering the phones, instead of everyone calling me directly..."

Activating his comm unit, he replied to the sixchanger in a calm, almost bored voice that was a marked contrast to the other Decepticon's excitement. "What is it, Sixshot? I'm in the middle of a meeting."

While he waited for the other Decepticon to answer, the administrator gave a much-put-upon sigh and turned back to Bludgeon. "Sorry about that. I agree; misdirection would be a good way to approach the situation. Take Pounce and Bomb-Burst with you. The rest of your Mayhems, the Horrorcons and that...whatever it is that you've adopted, will help Spinister and Weirdwolf provide your distraction."

He glanced toward Soundwave's holoavatar. "I'll want an intelligence representative on-hand to talk to any prisoners we capture."

"My best agents are in the field," was the drab reply. "I suggest you seek Wingspan's assistance."

Astrotrain didn't believe him for a moment, but couldn't be bothered to argue. "Very well. If he's free, he'll go in with Bludgeon's group." He glanced at the Pretender. "Try not to let him die."

After taking a moment to collect his thoughts, he turned to Spinister and Weirdwolf. "If he's in functional condition, I'll be sending Sixshot with you. Will you need any more help?"

"Ourselves, Cyclonus, three Mayhems and a STAG unit," the Targetmaster mused. Turning to his Headmaster counterpart, he said, "That should suffice, but we may want to bring along some backup. Thoughts?"

Waiting Area, Astrotrain's Office

"Then we have no quarrel," Cyclonus told BBC. "Provided your master isn't foolish enough to try to hinder the return of mine."

Observation Area, Proving Ground

Scorponok watched the proceedings with half an optic. He didn't really care who won, because he fully intended to greet both sides with disapproval when the exercise was over. If they thought he was happy they might stop trying to improve on their performance, and that wouldn't do at all.

Megatron's Warehouse

As he watched his Quintesson prisoner work on Prime's insensate form, Megatron's attention was drawn to the building's security monitor. He was sure he'd seen a bogey on the sensor screen, but none of the arrays showed anything now.

Probably just an empty, he mused. But alas, we won't be here long enough for anyone to find me. Once the Quintesson is finished, I'll be moving my old friend to the final drop point. And speaking of...

Schooling his expression into an implacable scowl, the tyrant loomed above his servant and demanded, "Why is this taking so long?"

"I, uh...that is..." The Quintesson jumped back as Megatron discharged his railgun into the floor beneath his repulsor beam. "The Autobots, they did a poor job wiring his power systems. I have to reconfigure the entire array if you want him to function for more than a few minutes!"

Left unsaid was the question Megatron knew the slave was wondering. The question he himself had asked more than once.


He had Prime at his mercy. He could have slaughtered him at a slow, leisurely pace, enjoying every second as he brought his old foe's life to an end. And then he could have taken the Matrix as his own and built himself an army of followers. In the past, he would have done just that.

But in the past, every time I tried something like that it ended in failure. The time has come for a bit more subtlety.

In the back of his mind, Megatron knew that what he was doing was more characteristic of Starscream that himself. It irritated him a little, to think that his pathetic failure of an air commander might have been right after all. But he didn't let himself think about it for long.

"Work faster," he told the Quintesson curtly. "Or else."

2007-10-02, 12:18 PM
Weirdwolf nodded slowly

"Think I that subtle approach best is yes, Suggest I crash fake we stage base near , freighter that distraction will be without suspicions rousing yes ?"

Weirdwolf's optics flicked towards Soundwave briefly.

"Come Spinster use can we holo displays in conference room 2 yes.

Weirdwolf hoped that the astute targetmaster had picked up his concerns about the Intelligence officer.


Detritus paid Sandblast and pushed the hover trolley into the merchabts premises.

2007-10-02, 12:39 PM
Underground radio station

Staring at the live feed coming in from the Tygun Span area, Interceptor absently put on another music track from Nebulos and gave a low whistle. "That's some fun! And the optic-candy is sweet."

"Thing is," said Drone. "That signal is pretty much going planetwide. What's the betting you've not got many listening in right now?"

Interceptor stopped being appreciative (of the report? of Catady?) and his demenour changed. Spitting angrilly, he stood and slammed one fist through the visual display unit.