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2007-07-07, 09:22 PM
It is the year 2025. After the Quintessons' expulsion from Cybertron and a short period of detente while both sides rebuilt, tensions mounted and the war for territory has begun again. In the abandoned and demolished Crystal City, the Quintesson survivors have regrouped in a desperate struggle to survive. Few in number, low on resources, and without a means off-world (and considered renegades on New Quintessa anyhow), they huddle together like cornered animals. With their option of flight revoked, fight remains their only recourse, and they plan to destroy the infidel Transformers at any cost.

2007-07-07, 09:33 PM
Detritus slipped on the protective goggles and stepped into the jury rigged paint booth. He adjusted the equipment one last time making sure his chrome and joints were masked off. He pressed a button and the black paint began to flow. He had rebuilt his bodywork following the battle with Trypticon it had been a slow process salvaging the required parts from various sources. He needed to go undercover to get information, information was power and the Quintessons would need all the information they could get. He switched off the booth and stepped out of the booth to wait for the paint to dry.

2007-07-07, 09:38 PM
Council Chambers

Eiramnna looked over the maps one more time. He still wasn't too familiar with Cybertron, and he needed to know where he was going when they got there. If an emergency came up, he couldn't fall behind.

"So we plant the bombs here and here," he confirmed one more time, pointing at his map of Protihex. "Get out of town and hit the detonators. You sure this'll be enough to get their attention?"

Eiramnna looked up and across the table at Hypotheon expectantly. He really wanted an affirmative.

2007-07-07, 10:09 PM
Detritus transformed and rolled back into the paint booth . Any autobot seeing the black truck with the front mounted winch would be reminded of Trailbreaker.
Although once the paint booth had finished applying the twin purple pinstripes there second thought would have been Decepticon.

Detritus waited for his paint to finish drying again and rolled towards the Council Chamber.

2007-07-09, 04:32 AM
Council Chambers

Hypotheon's tentacles quavered in response to Eiramnna's query. Or, rather, the ones on the left side of his body did. The ones on the right side hung limp; the injuries he had sustained escaping from the Lex Causae had never really healed.

"Oh, it will get their attention, all right," he told his co-conspirator. "It will remind them that their pathetic commune changes nothing. They are slaves, and they always will be." His eyes narrowed to slits. "And those of us who made the coward's choice and joined with them will be reminded that they, too, are no better than the beasts that they give aid and comfort to."

Hypotheon's voice trailed off, as he had a wont to do these days. Although his mind was as sharp as ever when it came to scientific matters, he tended to be a bit...unbalanced at other times.

2007-07-09, 07:23 AM
Council Chambers

Detritus strode in

"ready to go undercover."

2007-07-09, 04:02 PM
Council Chambers

Eiramnna's eyes drifted to the table with Hypotheon's last words. He was reminded of his brother; rumor was that Haras had joined the commune, though he hadn't seen him to be sure. Eiramnna considered whether he could live with the weight of having murdered his own brother... He shrugged it off, reassuring himself that Haras had died years ago at Vector Sigma. Somehow.

Detritus proved a welcome distraction.

"It looks good," Eiramnna said judiciously of the Junkion's paintwork. "Do you remember your mission parameters?"

2007-07-09, 04:30 PM
Council Chambers

Detritus nodded.

"to infiltrate the Decepticon ranks and gather intelligence on their plans and movements. I have chosen a name Wreckage. What is the cover story that you have prepared for me?"

2007-07-10, 03:51 PM
Council Chambers

Eiramnna glanced at Hypotheon for help with that one. The stormtrooper's military thinking was limited primarily to short-term tactical maneuvers. He thought the science officer might have a better imagination for infiltration.

2007-07-10, 07:19 PM
Council Chambers

Hypotheon gave a one-sided shrug. "You are a former member of the Decepticon army who fled after we retook the world," he told Detritus. "In the time since you've left, you've scraped together a meagre living as a merchant, salvaging ruined starships and selling the debris to the Junkions. You're tired of living such a life and miss the Decepticon way, so you've decided to come to Polyhex and rejoin the army once again." He held out a datacard in one tentacle for Detritus to take. "This card has forged ID documents that should allow you to pass all but the greatest scrutiny."

2007-07-10, 09:31 PM
Council Chamber

"off the hook , I have engaged Reality TV and Documentary mode so my speech patterns should not betray me, although with this cover story I can blame it on stuff i picked up from extended contact with the Junkions. What about a ship they'll expect me to have one of some kind if only some old junker."

2007-07-11, 03:39 AM
Council Chambers

Hypotheon gesticulated with his working tentacles toward the east.

"There is an abandoned warehouse a few miles that way. We've been stockpiling parts and equipment from the wrecked starships scattered in the nearby Wastelands in there and slowly cobbling them together. At least three or four of them are vaguely flightworthy. Take one."

The scientist was reluctant to part with one of his precious horded starships. Although none of them were sufficiently safe for him to risk taking them into space (let alone trying a hyperspace jump), they would fly well enough at suborbital elevations and had enough cargo space to squeeze in a substantial amount of explosives. Driven by remote into a Transformer residential district or military complex they would make a satisfyingly deadly bomb.

Ah, but such are the fortunes of war. Sometimes our entertainments have to be sacrificed for the good of the cause...

2007-07-11, 04:44 PM
Council Chambers

Eiramnna nodded approvingly at Detritus.

"Good. You know the drill - maintain radio silence unless you have something big. Good luck."

The stormtrooper turned his head toward Hypotheon.

"Unless we've missed anything, let us rally the troops and move out."

2007-07-11, 09:03 PM
Council Chamber

Detritus saluted

"aye aye captain , i have memorised the dead letter drops for passing on data if necessary without resorting to radio transmissions."

Detritus turned and headed for the door.

2007-07-12, 04:24 AM
Council Chambers

"But of course."

Hypotheon floated forward at Eiramnna's prompting, tapping a button on a console set into the wall. A few seconds later, the sound of approaching Sharkticon footsteps could be heard outside the chamber.

"Consider the troops summoned. Lead on."

2007-07-12, 07:28 PM
Council Chambers

Eiramnna nodded to Hypotheon. He relished the idea of leading an army into battle. (The mission was sabotage, yes, but one could hope...)

"Very well. Good luck, Detritus."

Eiramnna marched out of the chamber and into the swarm of Sharkticon ranks, which blundered to a stop and allowed passage before following.

2007-07-13, 05:17 AM
Council Chambers

Hypotheon followed Eiramnna out of the chamber and took up a place at the rear of the Sharkticon procession.

Normally the crippled scientist would have been terrified by the prospect of leaving the terrorists' safe haven, but Protihex was probably the only other place on the planet he could show his face without getting shot at.

The height of irony, then, that we're going to blow it up...

2007-07-13, 06:39 PM
Outside the Council Chambers

With the procession in line behind him, Eiramnna began the march to the dome's exterior and across the border into neighboring Protihex. He struggled to keep the time to think from overwhelming him with conscience about his brother's whereabouts.

Haras is dead, he reminded himself. Has been for years.

(OOC: Next post will in Protihex.)

2007-07-13, 08:21 PM

Detritus picked his away through the near wrecks looking for the best the cubic zirconium in the rough in the case of these cut and shuts and these scrapyard rejects.

Her stopped before what looked like the front of a genral purpose trader grafted to the engineering section of a light cruiser with bits of Quintesson Autobot and Decepticon tech welded on in between.

First to fix it up enough to make it seem possibly spaceworthy second to plant enough evidence that it was the home of a mech those little touches.

2007-07-22, 10:36 PM

Detritus sat at the controlsof his ship as he manoeuvered it out of the warehouse and in to the open space in front. He tapped a control igniting the thrusters and then set a course for Polyhex.

2007-07-24, 10:00 AM
Outside the council chambers

A small spy-drone watched as the hanger doors opened and Detritus' space craft taxied out. Estimating that following it would be more interesting to watch than staring at the wall any longer, it launched itself from its' perch and flew towards the shuttle as it began to take off, aiming to attach itself to the hull.

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2007-07-24, 12:15 PM
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There was a flare of thrusters as they kicked in. The ship manoeuvred over a deserted patch of Cyberton into a feasible orbit as if it had approached from outer space.

2007-07-29, 06:04 PM
Eiramnna's Bunker

The long march behind him had felt like a pleasant stroll. Never had his vicious toothy smirk left his face, though his thoughts were a trail of confusion. Haras had popped into his head unexpectedly and without welcome many times, but he suppressed it under speciesistic glory. Finally, a victory.

Eiramnna descended the short staircase into the dank cellar of a long-demolished building, its former purpose lost to time. A harsh greenish-white light buzzed on to welcome him back to his den of filth. It was a simple abode - a bed, an open cupboard with some emergency rations, and a small table. There were no maps or charts or even a computer terminal. He preferred to keep his work separate from downtime; besides, there was no network since the fall. They did things in an appallingly old-fashioned manner, older than Cybertron itself. Records were kept in communal filing cabinets in the Council Chambers, and all meetings were conducted face-to-face. This way there would be no signals for infidel scouts to triangulate. They were ghosts.

Eiramnna pulled a can from his pantry, sat at the table, and opened it. He hated eating. He missed the Empire's efficiency bringing crates full of nutrient pills every orn. But this was what they'd found, and he couldn't go without nutrition. Nor without sleep, which he also hated. He reassured himself that once he was done with both, phase two would begin. He couldn't go to war tired and hungry.

2007-08-05, 04:16 AM
Underground Laboratory

The facility had once been part of the Quintessons' grand new Kalis Garrison, a fully modernized base that had been built to replace the one destroyed by Autobot bombers during the occupation of Cybertron. The lab had been build well below the foundations of the base, though, and the Autobots who had conquered the city had never found it. It was, perhaps, the last vestige of the greatness of the Quintesson Dominion on their slave-controlled homeworld. It was also a secret; none but it's master and a handful of chosen confidantes even knew of it's existence.

To Hypotheon, it was home.

The mad scientist quickly settled in upon his return and set about checking the stock levels in his supply room. He noticed that several of his bomb-making supplies were becoming more than a little bit scarce.

That will never do. I must send a message to my contact with the Space Mafia immediately.

2007-08-07, 02:54 PM
----------Procession lines----------

Wardust overseeing the drones processing on an observaation deck which is nothing more than a catwalk. "Not again." He then climbed down the ladder and adjusting the misplaced robot arm
on the second line back to normal. And climbed up the catwalk fro better view of the producing. As his eyes checking that everything is working fine ,but his mind was thinking about another. How could Quintesson went from rising and the supreme ruler of this planet to sudden downfall as renegade and outlaw.

----------Recharge Chamber----------

Spearhead formerly 'OC1' leaned into a small ,old recharging chamber. As the energon flowing into his chamber he looked at his hand still feeling unfamiliar to his new color ,feeling different from other Overcharge. Before this he relaxed and went out for duty with other OC whom ofcourse ,had a same color scheme with him. Now time passed he feels less common with other troops less and less.

2007-08-21, 04:28 AM
Underground Laboratory

Hypotheon's body tilted forward in a nod as he listened to the crackly voice emerge from his ad-hoc communications system.

"We don't have the precise supplies you've asked for on hand," his Space Mafia contact told him, "but we can certainly acquire them easily enough. The usual rates will apply, of course."

"Of course," Hypotheon replied. "Contact me when you have the items."

With a wave of one of his non-crippled tentacles, the scientist killed the audio channel.

2007-11-26, 06:36 AM
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Airborne, Outside Crystal City

Far ahead of the rest of the Decepticon aerial formation, Ramjet and Cyclonus cut through the air as they shot toward the Quintesson base. As the advance-scout wing pair, it was their job to pick up any potential trouble before the rest of the assault team arrived.

"Do you see anything?" Cyclonus demanded.

"Yeah, I just decided ta keep quiet 'bout it," Ramjet shot back. "Of course I don't see anything, idiot!"

"If you have a problem with me," Cyclonus told him firmly, "deal with it when the mission is over. Right now we have a job to do. Personal considerations don't enter into it."

"Sounds funny, comin' from someone who bolted soon as he figgered that Gigs wasn't runnin' things the way he wanted," Ramjet scoffed. "For the life of me I can't figure why Spinny is letting you have first shot at the Quints."

"You think that's what we're here for?" Cyclonus scoffed. "My coneheaded ex-comrade, we're not here to shoot at anyone. We're here to get shot at so the others know where the ambushes are. We're here because we're expendable."


"Exactly," Cyclonus growled.

Underground Laboratory

A tattered-looking Gatekeeper charged up to Hypotheon's side.

"Sir, we have trouble. Two aerial contacts, enroute from Decepticon territory."

"We've been discovered?" The scientist slowly turned to regard the soldier, his crippled, weary body moving ponderously. "I suppose it had to happen eventually," he said. "If it's only those two, we can massacre them and consider ourselves lucky. If they're only the vanguard of a larger force..." The scientist sighed, and the tentacles on his left side quavered. "Well, then we probably won't be alive long enough to worry about that."

Floating over to his comm station, he keyed in several distinct codes. "Wardust, Spearhead and any other team leaders on-base, check in. We have a situation."

(OOC: Anyone who'd like to run an NPC Quintesson strike team, drop me a line and let me know. The more folk we have running characters on the Quint side, the more fun this'll be. :))

redman prime
2007-11-29, 03:56 AM
Spying the intruding forms of Cyclonus and Ramjet, Slinger whirled his Cybertronian Seeker copy around and radioed his partner, Flinger. "Well, looks like we've got company. Wonder who they are and what they want?"

"Shut up and get outta the sky, you prat! You'll get my tail staked up beside yours on the wall of some Decepticon somewhere." Incensed by his clones idiocy, he quickly descended to the surface and opened a comm channel to Fall, leader of a rag-tag ex-marine outfit that had somehow managed to not get themselves killed since the big war.

"Fall, copy. This is Flinger, and we've got Cons in the area, but they just look to be checkin' us out. I got the feeling something crappy is about to happen." Flinger transformed down to his white frame as he approached, bearing a remarkable resemblance to Thundercracker, albeit entirely white.
His twin Slinger looked identical as well, but with a yellow tint.

Fall was very non-descript, as were his minions Slip and Trip. Standard light grayish-green shock troopers from the Quint army. Fall didn't say much as he took stock of their situation. There wasn't much to say, in reality. They were boned.

"Well, let's find cover, and if you two could give us a little cover, we could take some of them down. Ambush, boys?" as he addressed his fellas.

2007-11-30, 04:27 AM
Airborne, approaching Crystal City:

Thundercracker: -engines BOOMing as he trails along behind Ramjet and Cyclonus, growling- "Shut up and keep a lookout for groundpounders. Unless the two of you want to be taken out by some worthless groundpounders, that is."

2007-11-30, 05:50 AM
Airborne, Approaching Crystal City

"Silence your engines, fool!" Cyclonus would have glared balefully at Thundercracker if he'd had a face in jet mode. "The only reason we're likely to be spotted is because you alerted our enemies!"

Ramjet snickered. "Ah, lighten up, Cyc. They're only Quints, what can they do?"

The conehead punctuated his contempt by blasting a random, straggling Sharkticon that they were passing by.

Or, rather, what appeared to be a random straggling Sharkticon.

Underground Laboratory

Hypotheon smiled grimly as an indicator light on one of his consoles started to flash.

"All units, this is Hypotheon. The Decepticons have destroyed decoy unit #876. Sensors from that sector now indicate three enemy aerial units on approach. Continue observing and engage if they approach any vital locations."

2007-12-03, 03:57 AM

Thundercracker: "You two are making more noise than I am! I at least have an excuse!" -increasing power to his sensors, emergency power on standby should Ramjet's rash actions prove problematic-

Spinister's Team Shuttle:

BBC: -glaring out the window-

2007-12-04, 02:57 PM

"Ah..Cons. Well,no time to waste." Wardust who was ,with an OC technician fixing one of the auto-turret he then switched to another comlink. "Slinger I'm heading your way what's the status?" He then transformed and hovering forward. "Hey! What you're waiting!? Go!" The drones then followed his leader.

-----------AA Tower----------

Spearhead with binoculars in his hand ,waiting and worrying.
Two OCs that manning the AA gun watching their leader in silent.

redman prime
2007-12-05, 03:43 AM
Slinger copied Wardust's communication, hailing back. "I've just landed, setting up with Fall to see what we can do to knock some of these guys out. Tell you what, hold on a sec, maybe Flinger can tell us where to set up."

Changing lines, he radioed Flinger, "Hey you dummy, can you see anything as to where they are coming in at yet?"

Flinger clicked his radio in response, irritated that he was being demeaned in front of several other survivors.
Call me dummy, I saved his butt more than he's saved mine. I oughta get him killed to prove a point.

2007-12-07, 07:29 AM
Above the city

Cyclonus reflected dourly on what sort of punishment he would have directed toward Thundercracker if Galvatron had been in command.

There wouldn't be enough left of him to make a new Scourge when I was done...

"Nothing excuses the idiocy of you seekers," he snapped. "Now transmit your sensor data back to the rest of the squadron." Activating his comm, he said, "Spinister, Weirdwolf and Bludgeon, I'm sending your units my telemetry data. If they know what's good for them, Ramjet and Thundercracker are doing the same."

Airborne, approaching the city

"Acknowledged," Spinister said as he received the data. he processed it for a moment, then raised two of his troops. "Tracer, I'm transmitting you the location of what looks like an enemy anti-air battery (OOC: the one commanded by Spearhead). I want you to break off from the formation and destroy it. Take Apeface and Triggerhappy with you. Slugslinger and Snapdragon, stick with me. We'll cover the ground team until their shuttle can land, then break off to strike at targets of opportunity."

2007-12-08, 01:19 AM
Beneath the surace, Some kliks south of the Temple Of Primus...

It had been some time, in the dark. He was alone, and filthy, and in need of repairs, and it had been Quite, Some, Time now.
He had come to like it, after a fashion: well, at first he had imagined screaming as loudly as he could, but with no vocorder this was fruitless and made him ache. So, after some time (his internal clock kept resetting to 12:00:00, 2005-01-01, so he could not be sure as to how long he ahd gone for), he had decided to like his surroundings. He had gotten good at that, taking control of himself again. He hadn't had it for so long. But still, he was fairly sure that he had been down here for a good long while.
He had scrabbled and clawed his way through much and debris, his CPU repairing itself raggedly as he crawled along tunnel lines and ancient sewer systems. Mempaths were restored, and he found himself reliving moments with the clarity of experiencing the events again first hand.
A battle in the stars...
Damage: a crash, somewhere... Somewhere important damn it, where was it...
Something left him...
Then, the memories would become jumbled, out of sequence distorted, runnin backwards: he could remember being lifted off a great pile of broken machinery and pushed to the place he had crashed, then realised that someone had actually dragged him away from there, took his body down into the depths... and put him with the rest of their garbage.
In monochrome, he remembered raising his hand in the now darkened room, and seeing something wet: oil, robot oil, dripping onto him from above.
He had looked up and saw... He had seen. He HAD, he had seen it, what was it?

Then, a gap; he had found himself crawling, pulling his body through the tunnels by his shattered arms and with feeble twitching from his legs to little avail. He had crawled, had he crawled before? Had he said he wouldn't? Did it matter? He doubted it.
Then, now... he saw the twinkle of lights. Through a hole he hadn't seen till he was right by it, he could see the stars. His ruined face light by the night time sky, with the frenzied attempt a starving man might make for food, he redoubled his efforts, and closed the distance between himself and the -
Stars... he thought dully. That meant something else didn't it?
And the shattered wreck that once was the Air Commander of the Decepticon Army, missing the lower half of his face and with half his sanity intact, Starscream slowly made his way out from the dark and toward the light...

2007-12-08, 05:25 AM

Thundercracker: -snorts while transmitting his data- "What's the matter, Cyclonus? We're stalking horses! So come on, let's get their attention!" -kicking in his afterburners, focusing a building-shattering sonic boom at the AA Tower as he streaks past-

2007-12-09, 05:56 AM
Above the city

"Idiot!" Cyclonus barked at Thundercracker. "We're here to gather data for the rest of the strike force, not to give you a chance to show off your idiotic ability to be really, really loud!"

"Ah, lighten up, Cyc," Ramjet said. "Live a little. Have some fun."

To punctuate his suggestion, the conehead blew up an abandoned fuelling station with a cluster bomb.

Cyclonus managed to resist the urge to kill his two wingmen, but only just.

redman prime
2007-12-09, 08:07 PM
Flinger dove low and hit his afterburners, tearing away from the incoming Decepticon lead element. He considered himself brave, but not overly stupid. So he ran away.

"Slinger, there are three jets, but I think they are just out to terrorize the area. I mean, if they were a scout team, they'd be quiet, right?"

Slinger shook his head as the message came through. Turning to Fall, he addressed the marine with a grim visage. "Ok, here's what I'm thinking. Let's contact Hypotheon and see how many other mechs radar is bringing up now. Then let's see what kinda emplacements are usable around here."

Opening a link to Hypotheon, he hesitated before transmitting. "Slinger here. We are out by AA emplacement 902, checking to see if you have any additional vectoring on the position of those incoming Cons, over."

Returning his gaze to the distance, he winced as an old fuel station went up far on the horizon.

We're boned.

2007-12-09, 11:00 PM
The hole he had crawled out of was a broken vent in a waste pipe that had been blown partially above ground by a nearby missile blast long ago: the detritus of Energon and Oil had once flowed thickly through it, but with all the damage that Crystal City had taken, it had been forced into the street, curved and broken. Now in the starlight of the outside world, the ruined Starscream raised himself as high as he could on his arms on the lip of the pipe and looked to the horizon: there were flashes of light and huge explosions, like the crack of-
Thunder... someone he had known was Thunder, wasn't he?
But that was before now, and now was all that mattered. Starscream began his crawl again; dragging himself over the edge, fell like a rag doll into the street with the sound of broken glass and the absence of dignity.
He lay there for a short while, looking up into the sky and listening to the distant sounds of battle, trying to think, think of anything. He would have been sad at the amount of effort needed to do something that should have been effortless, had he not the complete control of himself he had earned earlier. He bunched his fists and banged them on the ground beneath him, thinking Complete Control, Complete Control over and over...

Aero Blade
2007-12-11, 05:38 AM

"Roger that," Tracer replied briefly to Spinister, taking a moment to call up what he could recall of the two soldiers that were now assigned to h im. He did not spend long, though, as the orders were already given to move out.

"Alright, you heard him, let's go," Tracer sent out to Apeface and Triggerhappy. "Keep in formation with me until otherwise noted."

2007-12-11, 05:46 AM
Underground Laboratory

Hypotheon turned away from his monitor momentarily, toggling his communications panel using one of his good tentacles. "I'm sending you what we have, Slinger, but it's not much. The sensor arrays we set up here were never quite as good as I would have liked. We've got several contacts, though. One of them is the flight of jets currently over the city, which I'm sure you're intimately familiar with by now. We also have two other, similarly-sized air groups approaching quickly on different vectors, and what looks like a pair of assault shuttles. More than I would have perhaps liked to take on, but not an unmeetable challenge, either."

redman prime
2007-12-12, 02:33 AM
Apeface copied Tracer and fell in on his wing. Nothing witty sprang to mind, so he remained silent, biding his time.

Slinger recieved the information from Hypotheon and shrugged his shoulders at the meager information. "Roger that, we'll do what we can here."

Well, better than nothin'.

"Fall, you three set up here, and maybe send Trip over to Wardust when he gets here. Me and Flinger are going to see if we can hit one of those shuttles before they drop."

Flinger was listening on his radio, and hearly dropped out of the sky completely. Nothing like killing yourself to prove yer an idiot.
Opening his end of the channel, he hailed Slinger, "Well, what's your plan, then, fearless leader?"

2007-12-14, 09:21 PM
Underground Tunnel

Vendix swished along the tunnel in his vehicle

He opened a com channel to Hypotheon.

"I need a laboratory to continue my vital work in eliminating the products. I am close to a permanent resolution."

2007-12-16, 06:52 AM
Underground Laboratory

"This isn't the best time to be returning," Hypotheon told Vendix sharply. "We are under attack by the Decepticons. Presumably they mean to wipe us out."


Ramjet continued to strafe the city at random, blowing up anything even remotely explosive and doing his best to knock down damaged buildings.

"Ha! Got another one!" He rolled so his cockpit was facing Cyclonus. "Ya really should try this, Cyc! It's a barrel'a fun!"

Cyclonus resisted the urge to shoot his former comrade out of the sky, but just barely. "Idiots like you are the reason I retired," he said frigidly.

2007-12-17, 02:06 AM
Diving towards Crystal City:

Thundercracker: -over commlink to Ramjet- "One thing you gotta love about crystal. Hit the right resonant frequency and it'll shatter like.... well, crystal!" -pushing another focused sonic wavefront in front of himself, slamming it into one of the larger buildings as he streaks past, engines howling as he pulls sharply upward, the building exploding into billions of crystaline fragments, drone rockets roaring from his wing pylons into the citizens below-

Bludgeon's shuttle:

Bludgeon: -bringing his shuttle in low, skirting off to the side, keeping the bulk of the city between himself and Spinister's group- "Prepare yourselves. We will be landing shortly."

2007-12-18, 09:51 PM

Vendix laughed manaically

"ahh the poor deluded products for soon it will be them that will be eliminated , there broken corpses strewn across the landscape, poisoned by their own greed."

2007-12-19, 05:10 AM
Underground Laboratory

"Yes, of course they will," Hypotheon said, someone dismissively. "What I meant, Vendix, is that you may want to find somewhere to hide until they've been dispatched."


Ramjet picked off a couple of the civilian Quints that fell out of the building Thundercracker had downed.

"I don't get it," he said. "Was kinda expecting some resistance, ya know?"

"Obviously the Quintessons are waiting for our ground forces to arrive before committing themselves," Cyclonus told him sharply. "Keep your scanners active."

2007-12-20, 01:05 AM
Starscream had been lyig motionless as he picked out the noises of the conflict that had broken out some distance away: his once sophisticated systems picked out the din of battle from the otherwise abject silent streets with ease.
He propped himself up on one arm, and turned over onto his front, getting ready to crawl again: he set off in the direction of the battle, thinking there were some things that were familiar, and that at least was something.

redman prime
2007-12-20, 02:10 AM
Slinger spun about, hearing the explosions become increasingly near his position, and gave a curt nod to Fall. "Do your best to kill some of these bastards, will ya?"

Transforming into his Cybertronian seeker mode, he took to the sky and hailed his partner. "Flinger, I need you to cover my wing as we engage these Decepticons before they really tear apart the city."

You Hero, you stupid hero was Flingers thought, as he caught sight of his partner and flew in to pick up his wing. "well, are we just going to meet them head on?"

"Yep. let's get low and come up on them."

Engaging his afterburners in unison with his partner, Flinger raged.
I really don't have a death wish... I don't....

2007-12-20, 08:23 AM
Enroute (hums Lily the Pink)

Vendix smiled to himself

"Ahh brethren fear not I have returned at a most opportune time and with me I bring all my chemical prowess. I have brewed a powerful alkalide which smites down the products most efficiently . I will be the saviour of the Quintesson race , for i have invented a chemical compound that is most efficacious in every case. I tested it on a mech called Spikard who was terribly greedy. He wanted it all for himself . So i gave him some of my chemical compound. Now they keep his remains in a jar on a shelf."

2007-12-20, 12:16 PM
----------AA Tower----------

"Duck!" Spearheadd shouted as the sonic boom hit the tower cause minor damaged to the tower. "Hold your fire." The drone leader radioed.

"We're sitting duck! You're out of your mind?" Klamek A young brown mech manning the AA gun on another tower replied back.

"Just don't do anything."

"Fine whatever......Why do I have to listen to a drone."

-----------City Streets-----------

On their route to ambush position. Wardust issued his order to Teffon an OC technician with white, orange and yellow color scheme and googles optic. "You! Get to the armoury, bring a machine gun and meet me there." The two mechs then splited.

Wardust arrive at Fall's position. "What's the plan?"


Triggerhappy keeping formation. Trying not to break the formation to get to his enemies first.

(OCC: I'm going to have Klamek killed for sure. But I might kill Teffon or just make him simply disappear.)

2007-12-20, 06:53 PM
Inside the shuttle
Sixshot is sitting next weirdwolf,watching the havoc unfolding outside through a window.-"How long until we'll be on the ground?"-He asks Spinister?

2007-12-20, 10:45 PM

Lorsyx was not happy.

He loathed Hypotheon. He loathed being underground. And he loathed guard work, which he felt was not suitable for a war-seasoned warrior such as himself.

But he owed his duty to the higher-ranking Quintessons and, if anything, Lorsyx clung to duty; it was almost all he had left...

Aero Blade
2007-12-27, 04:19 AM
Approaching AA Tower

Closing in on their target, Tracer focused on the approaching building as he formulated his group's attack pattern.

"Start with a strafing run to wake them up a bit, see what they have to retalite with," Tracer orderd to his two soldiers. "Let's see if they actually present a threat..."

Orders passed out to Apeface and Triggerhappy, Tracer prepared himself for the same, readying his weapons as they got closer.

2007-12-27, 05:03 AM
Underground Laboratory

Hypotheon restrained a groan as Vendix began ranting. He knew that some of those under his command considered him unstable, but if nothing else the presence of the insane apothecary would make them appreciate what they had a little bit more.

"Please tell me how you intend to make use of this formula," he said, not really expecting a useful reply.

At the same time, he activated another channel and barked, "Lorsyx , report in!"


Cyclonus caught sight of the group of Quintesson fliers rising into the sky not that far away.

"Decepticons, attack!" he shouted, using the commanding voice he'd drawn upon so often as Galvatron's lieutenant. He shot forward, his needle-sharp nose pointed straight at Slinger, fully expecting the two seekers to follow him.

Ramjet, for his part, wasn't quite sure he wanted to do that. "So, uh," he transmitted to Thundercracker, "do we help him? Or should we stand around an' laugh when the Quints slag 'im?"

2007-12-27, 09:54 PM

Lorsyx started at Hypotheon's communication and flicked off an automatic salute. "Your Honour!" he barked back. "Battle Leader Lorsyx at your command."

2007-12-27, 11:59 PM
Vendix chuckled

"it is quite simple , i have a small stockpile which can be emplaced int the heads of missiles and rockets. I believe we have a stockpile of oboslete types whos explosive charge is not big enough to damage the product itself but combined with my discovery well......

However the quantity of the compound I have available will only be suitable for 2 or 3 dozen weapons of this type...

if i could have some lab space i could start producing more of the compound and once this we have triumphed over the these pale imitations of organic life these domestic appliances and transportation the survivors will give us funds beg us for the opportunity to poison themselves, the foolish foolish product they will die writhing in agony. bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahaha.

2007-12-28, 01:05 AM

Thundercracker: -arcing up and around, over commlink to Ramjet- "Well, he thinks we're only good as fodder and incompetant as well. I say we herd as many of their flyers towards him as we can and recycle whatever they leave behind."

redman prime
2007-12-29, 05:36 PM
Slinger and Flinger split and both fired at the fast approaching form of Cyclonus. Flinger was nervous, but he noticed that the wingmen for the decepticon were hanging back and not engaging, raising his hopes somewhat.

Different part of the Sky
Apeface stayed on the wing of Tracer, not wanting to get to rambunctious, yet still wanting to slag quints. As he strafed, he let loose with a burst from his cannons, trying to awaken some form of resistance.

Fall addressed Wardust as he ducked for cover from the incoming fire from the airborne decepticons. "well, let's start peppering the sky with flak, make them think twice about taking us for granted. Open 'em up!"
With that, he fell into the gunners seat and began littering the skies with black clouds of death.

Trip and Slip opened up from their position, making their own clouds of doom that threatened to shred anything that entered their range.

2008-01-03, 09:21 PM
Inside the Shuttle

Weirdwolf sharpened his claws carefully stropping them across a whetstone.

He turned to Sixshot

"For some fun ready yes ."

2008-01-04, 05:12 AM
Underground Laboratory

Hypotheon made a noise like stones grinding on pavement in the back of his throat.

"Yes, yes, that's all well and good," he told Vendix, "but it does little to help us at the moment. Our outer fringes are overrun by enemy air forces, our Sharkticons will be cut to pieces as soon as we release them, and we are rather out of time. So if you plan to deploy this weapon of yours, I strongly suggest you get to work on it now. There are countless empty labs in this complex. Find something that suits your needs, start working, and don't bother me until you have something of merit to report!"

The scientist's ire was such that he crushed the nearby comm panel when he slammed his still-working tentacles onto it to silence the comm channel.

"Under no circumstances are you to ever call me that again," he told Lorsyx, his irritation at his fellow scientist bleeding over to the warrior. "I am not a judge and I never intend to be. What is your current location and how many troops are in your vicinity?"



Cyclonus fired a barrage of incendiary bombs in Slinger and Flinger's direction as he closed range, trying less to hit them than simply to scare them, break up their formation so he could deal with them as individual foes rather than a cohesive wingpair.

He noticed that his own wingmen were nowhere to be seen, but figured he wouldn't need them.

Their betrayal will be dealt with later. When I deliver their heads to Astrotrain, he might realize the need for proper discipline in the Decepticon forces. Such things would never have happened in Galvatron's time!

Ramjet made an approving noise. "I like that idea," he told Thundercracker.

Also airborne, but elsewhere

Spinister triggered his comm. "Wierdwolf, your team is go. Move out and try to engage the enemy's ground troops."

2008-01-04, 10:19 AM

Lorsyx seethed silently; he had served in the highest Chambers of the Judges and had simply responded as he was wont. Typical of Hypotheon to take it as a personal insult How he wished he had not made the error that got him re-posted...

"Presently stationed at reserve power supplies bunker 8, sir," he said flatly. "Nearest troops are located in adjoining sector."

2008-01-05, 10:22 PM
Weirdwolf bounded out of the shuttle

"Relish with yes."

he unsheathed his claws and flashed his fangs.

"remember yes if enemy immobilised is kill them don't you have to. Soldier injured resources more consumes than soldier dead yes."


Vendix slithered into his new lab folowed by a squad of Sharkticons he's commandeered.

"Start cleaning now. I will go requisition the requisite armaments. I expect it to be sparkling , I will return with my white glove. Do not disappoint or else you will face my wrath."

2008-01-06, 07:33 PM
Sixshot transformed to wolf mode in a blink of a human eye and leaped out of the shuttle,following Weirdwolf's lead.He lands hard on a poor Quint scrabbling for cover,squishing it like a bug with his giant claws.

"I hate these damn quints."-He transforms to tank mode and blasts away at the attacking enemies.

2008-01-07, 05:37 AM
Airborne, near the ground battle

Spinister watched as Weirdwolf, Sixshot and the others engaged the small clusters of Sharkticons, Allicons and other Quintesson troopers that dotted the landscape and wondered when the enemy would send in a more substantial ground force.

"Slugslinger and Snapdragon, keep watch for any incoming enemy forces and be prepared to intercept."

Underground Laboratory

Hypotheon pondered Lorsyx's reply for a few seconds, either blind to or just ignoring the lesser Quintesson's nigh-absolute monotone. "Co-opt them and head to the surface," he said at last. I want you to coordinate our ground forces in this battle."

There was a note of challenge in the scientist's voice, as if he didn't think Lorsyx was up to the task.

2008-01-07, 01:20 PM

And Lorsyx continued to seethe as he curtly and correctly responded to Hypotheon, "Yessir! Right away, sir!"

He snapped off the comm, quickly checked his personal armaments (good enough for guard duty; not near enough for pitched fighting) and stomped off to collect his troops. How nice of Hypotheon to remember him after all this time, after simply rounds of what amounted to punishment detail.

2008-01-08, 09:27 PM
Near the Entrance to the Underground Bunker:

Bludgeon: -lands his shuttle a few streets away, opens the hatch, looks back at Bomb-Burst and Pounce- "Come. Our target is near." -draws his katana and exits the shuttle-

Spinister's group:

BBC: -locks onto a group of charging Sharkticons with the micromissile batteries in his shoulders, fires, pulls his dual barrel rifle from subspace, starts firing into any survivors-


Thundercracker: -eyes scanning the streets below- "If we're lucky, Ramjet, that jerk really will.... get...." -narrows his optics- "What the....." -snorts in disgust- "What is this, my day for dealing with geeks? First Cyclonus, now this. C'mon, Ramjet. I think I see an old 'friend' of ours down there." -dives down towards the streets, and a certain, familiar looking form lying in the street-

2008-01-09, 05:09 AM

"Uh, yeah. You got it, TC." Ramjet banked and dove, following Thundercracker down toward whatever the other Decepticon had seen.

Near the Entrance to the Underground Bunker

Bomb-Burst silently followed Bludgeon out of the shuttle, pacing his commander and sniffing the air. His shell's keen senses could smell many Quintessons nearby.

2008-01-10, 01:43 PM
Starscream continued to crawl toward the battle scene that was playing out some way aways in front of him: the sky was lit by a rainbow of colours, all of which were accompaied by explosions and screams of the dying. He could feel his mortality like a giant, predatory bird behind him, screeching eagerly and unfurling it's wings ready to take off and take him away-
He gritted the remains of his teeth, and tried to transform: his wreck of a body sparked, screeched and groaned as the various parts of him meshed together and split apart, and he turned into an appaling apology of his tetrajet form: 2 of his 5 jets ignited, and his slalomed down the ruined street at great speed, till he was pinging of the buildings either side like some jet powered pinball.
His internal repair systems, till now focused on repairing themselves, turned to other parts of his system as he rapidly ran out of fuel...

2008-01-10, 03:38 PM
Lower in the Skies:

Thundercracker: "Looks like I was right, Ramjet. It's the king of the geeks himself." -pulling up as Starscream carromed off down the street- "Hey, Starscream! Where do ya think yer goin'?"

2008-01-10, 10:00 PM
Repairs area

Lorsyx was gratified to find a small fleet of newly-serviced ground vehicles standing ready in the main repair area. He counted nineteen and rubbed his great, gnarled hands together; mobility was important. There were plenty of weapons which had been sent for cleaning, too.

Over-ruling the protestations of the Quintesson engineers, he took command of the fifty repair shop heavy Sharkticons and got them loading the vehicles with anti-aircraft lasers. There were a lot of single-shot bazookanons stacked up for decommissioning, so he also had them pack as many as possible, taking one for himself and holding it back against his shoulder as he addressed his new troops from his chosen transport:

"I will transmit deployment orders to you on the standard war frequency and you will obey without hesitation. Follow me!"

Lorsyx then commed his intention to exit to the surface to Hypotheon and requested tactical information.

redman prime
2008-01-11, 04:58 AM
Slinger and Flinger both were at max velocity in the slosing in on Cyclonus that when he dropped his load of bombs, Slinger had no chance what so ever. As one bomb tore into his wing, he noticed in what could only be described as a moment of clarity, that the wingmen for Cyclonus were touching down just below him. They were approaching something... As he was on his way down he angled towards their position and set his sights on Ramjet.

Flinger was unhit, however, and managed to sneak his way past Cyclonus and into the horizon. Oh man oh man oh man.... I wanted him off my back, but not dead! His despair quickly morphed into rage, and his loathing for Slinger was forgotten as his desire for justice overtook him. Arcing hard, he vectored in on the shuttle that had just touched down, hoping to at least strafe them and kill these.. these Bastards!

2008-01-11, 12:27 PM
Shapes were descending on him. One he recognised, he had thought of him before now-
It's the Thunder!
Starscream halted in the street, still in battered Tetrajet form. His ship borne optics strained to get a better look at the Thunder. As the seeker swam into focus, Starscream saw that he was familiar in another way, he reminded Starscream of others.
The memories staggered drunkenly into his cpu, trailing fragments of comprehension with them that ignited his brain.
Thundercracker,not the Thunder. He brings the Thunder. I brought death, deceit and ruin.
This deeper concept of himself sparked more memories, but they were corrupted, grainy visuals and distorted sounds that did not help at all.
Immediate playback kept trying to get his attention: part of his brain had found something Thundercracker had said important.
++Starscream++ it kept playing,

I'm Starscream. He thought, as the players in the battle above swooped and soared over him, and as a another familiar shape, crashed into the ground not far from him.

(That crash being the Tetraet Slinger, Natch :))

2008-01-11, 03:10 PM
----------AA Tower----------

"Fire! Fire! Fire!" Spearhead's tower started firing at Tracer
Sending barrage of flak shells into the skies.

At another tower Klamek pouring shots at Spinister's group.


Some shots almost hit Triggerhappy. "Ok that's it!" Flew ahead ,broke the formation and cockscrewing toward the ground forces with all of his guns firing.

Coward is Slugslinger's nature. Trying to keep the formation not wanting to engage the enemy first.


"See that blue building? Go! [Looked at 2 Sharkticons] You! You! go with him!" Teffon ,carrying a machine gun as nervous signals
are running throuh his system he's holding the gun tighter.... and tighter.

Wardust seeing the 2 Decepticons wrecking the drone forces. Running through cover and cover to get behind his enemies.

"We're dead"

2008-01-12, 03:08 AM
On the ground
Sixshot almost forgot his original intension for going on this mission-"Weirdwolf,let's split up.I can take the west side on my own."

2008-01-12, 10:41 PM
On the ground

Weirdwolf grinned fangs dripping

"hundred to first buys other drink yess."


Vendix slapped a Sharkticon with a white gauntlet. Sending him realing.

"Clean you call that clean I have seen cleaner Mecannibal habitatssssss. I will return with the rest of the weapons and it better be clean sparkling yes. I want to see my reflection private. You are a greaseball lower than a greaseball you will not laugh you will not cry you will get the job done and if you do not i WILL make you suffer. I will teach you! Now get up! Get on your feet! You had best sort out yourself or I will unscrew your head and use it as a retort understood."

redman prime
2008-01-12, 10:52 PM
Slinger slammed into the ground smack in the middle of the approaching decepticons and Starscream. Still feeling his spark, he attempted to transform only to find he was in no way capable of transforming. So he laid there, waiting to be put out of commision.

AA tower
Fall, Slip, and Trip all opened up their AA cannons, albeit at the ground-bound shuttle. They managed to lace a few shots into the path of the descending ships, hoping to do some major damage to the troop carriers.

2008-01-13, 05:25 AM
Airborne, over the city

A lesser mech would have wallowed in triumph for a moment as one foe fell to the ground and the other fled, but Cyclonus was better than that. He snap-rolled, then flipped nose-to-tail and rocketed back the way he'd come, chasing after Flinger with murderous intent.

On the ground

Ramjet dropped to ground level and hovered half way between Starscream and Slinger. Had he been in robot mode, it would have been painfully obvious from his expression that he was trying to decide which of them he should kill first.

Also airborne, by the shuttle

Spinister twisted out of the way, barely avoiding the deadly weapons fire that Klamek's tower was directing at his group. Realizing that he wasn't the best-suited for attacking the AA tower, he transformed to robot mode, dropped toward the ground, and snapped off several precision shots at the tower's weapons with his laser rifle as he fell.

"Slugslinger and Snapdragon, take out the tower's guns. I'm going to make my way inside and shoot whoever's operating them in the face."

Underground Laboratory

Hypotheon wordlessly transmitted his most up-to-date tactical data to Lorsyx.

2008-01-13, 06:02 PM
On the ground
Sixshot slightly grinned at Weirdwolf's offer.-"Deal."-He transformed to jet mode and sped off to the west,shooting multiple enemies and AA towers.As soon as He was out of Weirdwolf's view he turned to wolf form and barged through a Hangar door.40 sharkticon and Allicons were apparently waiting for deployment.They opened fire.Sixshot turned to tank form and the blasts deflected off of him until they had to reload.
He turned to robot form and threw flash grenades at them.Sixshot covered his optics for a moment when the grenades went off.The 40 troops were stunned and dizzy.Sixshot hid in the shadows.More grenades came from above and........BANG.... BOOM
The some 15 left tried flee for their lives but Sixshot wasn't going to let that happen.He leaped in front of them in robot mode and trapped them in a corner and they coward in his presence.One sharkticon pulled out his pistol and killed himself.Others began to do the same until there where 4 left.-"Where's the nearest terminal linked to the Quintession network? I might ease the passing of the first who tells."
One allicon pointed to the corner where a terminal was seen.Sixshot smiled.-"Looks like you all get a quick passing."-He fired his gun upwards at a chain and it snapped,making a crate fall and crush the remaining 4.He walked towards the terminal and typed the keyword "Megatron".Files popped up and Sixshot downloaded them.-"Mission accomplished."-Sixshot said to himself.he destroyed the terminal and left the hangar.

2008-01-13, 09:44 PM
Ramp to surface

Lorsyx lowered his face so neither of the two Sharkticons in his vehicle could see his expression. The tacs were bad. There were IDs on Weirdwolf, several Seekers and, worst of all, Sixshot; whole swathes of troops were already down; and the AA towers, on which he would be relying, were under such heavy fire that they'd be concentrating on saving themselves.

Always wanted to die a hero, the Battle Leader thought sourly. If I had the time, I'd thank Hypotheon for the chance...

"As ordered: on reaching topside, divide immediately. You will follow the simple routes planned into your comps, and hit and run. Should any vehicle in your group be taken out, you will not stop to recover survivors."

Then they were out under a roaring sky filled with flak, breaking into three teams and, hugging the shadows, heading for their first engagements.

2008-01-14, 01:33 PM
----------AA Towers----------

One of the AA tower that Sixshot has passed received minor damaged after being attacked but got one of its crew killed left only one Sharkticon manning the gun. Spotting, Firing and Reloading is too much work for just one drone.

At the meantime, Klamek's tower.
One of Spinister's shot blown one of duo Sharkticons head, blown almost completely. The body then slowly leaned to the back and fell off the gunner seat. Klamek overlooking the targetmasters group saw Spinister moving toward his tower. He then grabbed a small machine gun and two grenades and called an Allicon that was guarding the door. "Get up here! Man the gun. I'll take care of it."

He slowly walked down, sitting on the stairs and staring at the door with grenade in his hand.


"On me... 3 2 1.. Fire!" The radio cut off as Teffon pull the trigger pouring rain of fires toward Weirdwolf with his light machine gun.

At the same Wardust started firing his Uzi-like gun at Weirdwolf.

2008-01-14, 08:41 PM
Sixshot ran at full speed in truck mode and ran over Teffon from behind-"You need to watch when crossing the street,moron."-He said sarcastically to the victim.He turned to wolf form and tackled Wardust just as he was starting to fire his "Uzi".

2008-01-14, 09:28 PM
In the Lab

Vendix stirred a retort and picked up a pipette and added a drop of gold liquid to a seething cauldron.

2008-01-14, 10:20 PM

It had been a long time since Lorsyx had tried to co-ordinate a multiple ground attack scenario and this was not the best way to rediscover old skills, especially with only Sharkticons to rely on. He sent one phalanx to the east and one to the south, taking the north way - a long, straight road up to the defended dome - himself; the troops stationed to the west were lost and he could see no advantage in any cavalry charge. If he had it right, his three groups would be able to snipe out some of those enemies, maybe even important ones, who had landed.

Already he had fired and tossed aside five bazookanons without, to his chagrin, hitting a thing. His Sharkticon units were recording a few small successes and had taken no damage when he received a message from the eastern sector indicating Weirdwolf's unavoidable presence...

2008-01-14, 10:26 PM
Weirdwolf crouched in an abandoned ruin on the first floor.

He watched as the convoy of Sharkticons approach. His salvo of rockets lanced out aiming to cut off their line of advance by bringing a communications station plummeting into the roadway.....in front of the first half track.

2008-01-14, 10:40 PM

The Sharkticon at the wheel slewed the vehicle round as the rockets ripped across the street and his two companions brought their bazookanons round to target the building they had been launched from. Their assailant had given away his actual position as oppposed to the general trace they had had only astroseconds before and they were going to bring the building down on him.

2008-01-14, 11:26 PM
Weirwolf fired a second salvo to bring down an obstruction behind the rear vehicle.

Then he leaped from his perch running for his escape exit moving to his next prepared position.

Aero Blade
2008-01-15, 04:51 AM
AA Tower

Banking to avoid the incoming shots, Tracer manuvered out of his strafing run, passing by the tower in a seemingly unimpressed stature.

"Is that it?" He spoke aloud. "Such pathetic defenses. Move in with everything you've got, this shouldn't take long at all," Tracer ordered to Apeface and Triggerhappy, doing the same as he came back around for a second go at the tower, now firing off a heavy stream of fire mainly at the ones occupying the tower.

2008-01-15, 09:59 AM

The two mortars impacted with the building, blasting a considerable hole. However, it was patently obvious even to the Sharkticons that they were about to be trapped and all three scrambled to procure other weapons as metal and plastics tumbled down in front and behind them.


Lorsyx brought up another bazookanon and targeted upwards at a streaking jet, only to be distracted by a tap on the arm. He started to snarl, but broke off short on seeing what his driver wanted him to - a small group of Decepticon warbirds hovering in preparation for another attack on the towers.

He signalled his team.

2008-01-15, 10:53 AM
Weirdwolf slipped as the building shook as the mortars impacted on it dust fell from the ceiling coating his paint.

He skittered round a corner at the rear of the building and leapt though awindow and out onto the fire escape of the adjacent building.

He scrambled inside and then slowly picked his way through the debris towards a new firing spot.

redman prime
2008-01-16, 05:06 AM
Apeface slunk low, sending out his jamming signals to cut off communications between his enemies and blazing lasers at the AA towers.

Flinger began to hit his afterburners again, but realized with dismay that he was attempting to flee from one of the more powerful Decepticons. That and he was dangerously low on fuel. He cut power and half-transformed causing his form to barrell roll, freeing up his hand with his laser pistol. Snapping off as many rounds as he could, he floated along, realizing he was basically a sitting duck.

Snapdragon engaged his thrusters a bit harder than he had intended, and found himself pulling past Spinister. He started pummeling the tower occupied by Fall, smashing through the weakened defenses and sending the marine tumbling through the floor. "Hey, Spinny, one down on the ground floor for ya!"

Slinger pushed all his strength into transforming, and managed to wrench himself through the process to find Ramjet hovering and eyeing the simliar looking tetrajet on the ground. He raised his arm and fired one succint round before his energies gave out completely and stasis lock overtook him.

2008-01-16, 01:18 PM
Roadway, east

The remaining five Sharkticon vehicles pulled up short of the blockage and, weapons bristling, scanned the area for Weirdwolf. Recalling Lorsyx's orders, they began to reverse and turn, to go back a way along the street to a previously noted junction.

Roadway, north

From his position at the front of his small convoy, Lorsyx swore as a communication blackout hit; he could not check on the other teams. He directed his driver to more speed and then spotted obstructions ahead or, rather, he spotted a hovering Seeker and two trashed forms on the ground below him, one of which heaved up, transformed and opened fire before dropping back ominously still. He could only come to the conclusion that if one of the fallen was serving the Scientists, the other might well be...

Roadway, south

All was quiet. No fighting. The lead vehicle turned towards the east sector, quartering for any invaders yet overlooked.

2008-01-16, 01:38 PM

Weirdwolf aimied his four missile launchers targeting an individual Sharkticon with each. He fired and then he sprang from the building claws out and jaw open aiming to take a bite out of the nearest Sharkticon.

2008-01-16, 09:02 PM
(OOC@Skidmark: Dial Sixshot back a notch or two, please. He's not that powerful.)

Airborne, over the city

Flinger's insane maneuver caught Cyclonus by surprise. That fact, in and of itself, was far more painful than the damage that the enemy tetrajet's laser blasts were inflicting.

I'm losing my edge, the ex-Decepticon thought darkly. I haven't been keeping in practice at all. It's shameful.

Unable to react in time to the other Transformer's change in speed, he blew right by Flinger, narrowly avoiding a midair collision that would have proved deadly for both of them. He spiralled through the air, slowly regaining control and trying to pull himself around to engage the enemy again, fully aware that his tail was completely exposed to enemy fire.

On the ground

Ramjet was still hovering between Starscream and Slinger when the latter fired a blast that clipped him in the tail. He swung around, prepared to blast the Quint soldier into nonexistance, but was disappointed to find that stasis lock had already done the job for him. He was tempted to murder the enemy anyway, but Spinister's instruction to capture enemies where possible cut through his fog of oil-lust.

'Sides...by the time Laserbeak 'n Beastbox are done with him, he'll be wishing I'd done him in right here.

Klamek's AA Tower

"I'm afraid I'm headed for a different tower," Spinister told Snapdragon. "But your friend will be next on my list."

He charged toward the door at a dead run, firing several bursts from his laser rifle at the lock as he got closer. The lock was blasted apart, allowing the Targetmaster to dramatically kick the door in and step inside. As he did so, he fired a burst from his flamethrower to draw out anyone who might be guarding the door.

2008-01-16, 10:04 PM
Roadway, east

One Sharkticon of the trapped group took two of Weirdwolf's blasts dead - literally - centre. The driver, rising with a laser pistol in hand, caught another of the shots in the back and his remains clattered across the road. The final Sharkticon jumped back as the fourth blast blew out the weapons stash he was standing near and found himself looking up into descending claws and jaws.

Roadway, north

Lorsyx held his bazookanon steady despite the bouncing of the vehicle, targeting the hovering Seeker, who seemed to be unaware of the Quintessons' approach. It was an easy shot.

2008-01-17, 07:41 AM
Roadblock had lumbered behind the rest of the assault team due to his slow speed, afraid and angry at the thought that he might not get to see any action at the rate his comrades were mowing through the enemy.

Suddenly, 2 Sharkticons jumped from the shadows, hoping he would make easy prey. One bit into his shovel, sinking his teeth deep, hoping to immobilize it. Roadblock suddenly flipped his shovel skyward, and the sharkticon went airborne, coming back down to the ground with a thud and not moving. The other Sharkticon sat motionless, not believing what he had just seen. Roadblock transformed, sucker-punched the sharkticon in the gut, and then revved up his saw blade to cut into, and then through, the skarkticon's head, seperating it from his body.

He transformed just as the first sharkticon began to stir again. He began rolling towards him and crushed the skarticon's head beneath his massive tire and drove off to look for more action.

(OOC: Roadblock has entered the fight!)

2008-01-17, 10:06 PM

Weirdwolf slashed at the Sharkticons torso in an attempt to disembowel the grunt. Meanwhile he swiped at the Sharkticons left arm with his jaws wanting to rip it off.

2008-01-17, 10:57 PM
Roadway, south

The driver, parked in a shadowy alley between high walls, watched the other two Sharkticons go down and, having a bit of sense, sprang out to point a missile launcher at their destroyer. There were six warheads in the payload and he let them all rip.


Roadway, east

The claws swept across the Sharkticon's torso, scouring deep and jagged wounds, but not causing immediate incapacity; the jaws caught round his left arm just below the shoulder, flooding his CPU with bitter pain. In retaliation, he dropped his own metal jaws open and aimed to clamp down on Weirdwolf's shoulder, forgetting the pistol he grasped in his right hand.


Roadway, north

Lorsyx squeezed the trigger and the mortar flared from the bazookanon towards the hovering Seeker, Ramjet.

2008-01-17, 11:43 PM
Roadway East

Weirdwolf winced as the teeth began to pierce his plating.

Weirdwolf grinned round his mouthful of Sharkticon

"stupidity have you betrayed , Sharkticon Sushi you of be will made."

He snicked back his missile launcher cover and fired 2 missiles.

2008-01-18, 01:10 AM
Sensing rather than seeing the attack coming, Roadblock's transformed, trying to make his target profile smaller. Four missiles flew by while two more hit home: one grazing his right arm and another hitting his thick center torso armor dead center. Roadblock grunted, more annoyed than worried, raised his right arm, and fired two armor piercing "penetrator" missiles at his opponent.

redman prime
2008-01-18, 04:56 AM
Flinger was taken aback by the fact Cyclonus didn't gore him straight through. He took the opportunity presented to him with the gaping exhaust pointed at him and fired round after round in its direction. His momentum, however, was failing, and he began to plummet.
Upon this fact hitting him, Flinger transformed and did the noblest thing he'd ever done. He went to rescue his brother from Ramjet.

Snapdragon: "ah, Spinny, your mistake." Snapdragon cracked his flight hard enough to throw Spasma, his Nebulan partner, into his dashboard. He cut skywards and immediately hit his brakes, throwing his nose at the ground. Accelerating rapidly, he transformed into his horrorcon mode and aimed his descent straight onto the back of Fall.

Snapdragon missed his target instead, landing on the marines legs, effectively shattering all the coupling in them. Carbon claws flashing, he tore the arms off the fallen marine before he had time to react. His head quickly followed.

Slip and Trip watched their leader be ripped, literally, to pieces in front of them. Traumitzed was too kind of word for their state. Incapacitated worked much better, as they merely sat in their seats. That lasted until the metal leviathan that was Snapdragon turned to their postion.

They both, upon training programmed into them that was inescapable, groped for their laser rifles. As one, they both thought, Gotcha! as they grasped the handles of their weapons. They raised them and leveled fire at their foe.

2008-01-18, 01:53 PM
Roadway, east

The Sharkticon stared at the launcher and, then, oblivion.


Roadway, south

Pulling back behind the corner might have been sensible, but the Sharkticon had waited too long watching for the result of his attack. The armour-piercing missiles smacked into him and he was hurtled backwards, uttering a long, high-pitched squeal that suddenly cut off as his systems failed forever.

2008-01-19, 10:50 PM
Roadway East

Weirdwolf carefully licked himself clean of bits of eviscerated Sharkticon then padded over towards the Sharkticon vehicle.

He popped a hatch open on his back and a head peered out.

Monzo glared at his partner.

"What you waiting for you soft Bezookel, you more worried about your paintwork or something."

Weirdwolf cocked his head and grinned showing his fangs.

Lots of sharp very pointy fangs.

"Drive vehicle will you , yes!!!"

Monzo glanced around and saw the Sharkticon transport to one side he stepped from Weirdwolf's back int the still gapihng access panel.

Weirdwolf grinned.

He hopped into the rear ears twitching front paws resting on the firing spade of the heavy crew weapon mounted there.

"Sharkticon season it is yes."

2008-01-20, 07:31 AM
Airborne, over the city

Several rounds hit Cyclonus' aft section. None of them hit vital systems, but they were enough to bend his control surfaces, making it even more difficult for the ex-Decepticon to regain control of his flight. Transforming to robot mode, he dropped to the ground what could best be described as a controlled crash.

On the ground

Ramjet took the shot from Lorsyx's heavy weapon on the underside of his fuselage, and the force of impact seemed to punch him up into the sky. As he did so, his right wing slammed hard into the falling Flinger's shoulder. The conehead barely seemed to notice either impact, although he now sported a blackened dent on his underside and his right wing was bent out of shape. Never a particularly adept flier, he accelerated forward, doing his best to swing around so he could take a shot at either of his attackers.

2008-01-20, 03:48 PM
Roadway East

Monzo ground the gers atrociously as the vehicle lurched forward and stopped.

Weirdwolf growled.

"What doing there down are you."

Monzo punched a lever

"Hold on to your horses , this was designed for a Sharkticon. Not someone a third of their size."

Weirdwolf bared his teeth

"I none have of these equine organic lifeforms which of speak you."

Monzo wrenched a lever and punched in some commands.

"Its only an expression slag for brains, don't be so fraggin' literal."

2008-01-20, 11:13 PM
Roadway, north

Casting aside the spent bazookanon, Lorsyx snapped out the command to halt. He had seven vehicles at his immediate command, each with two Sharkticons (one at the wheel, one as gunner), and had intended to head with all speed for the AA towers for deployment of the ground-to-air missiles they carried. This was not going to happen unless he removed the Seeker in his way (Ramjet); he hoped for some backup from those flyers who seemed to be on his own side, although he now doubted any of the three could help.

He snatched up another mortar launcher. While his target was off-balance, he would take the initiative. And so, he ordered his Sharkticons to the attack.

Roadway, south

Fifteen Sharkticons barralled along, picking off the occasional invader. They were in the southern quadant of the east sector, now, and about to turn to the north, heading for the main fighting, as previously programmed.

2008-01-21, 04:46 AM
Roadblock saw the sharkticons coming his way and turned into an alley. He decided he would wait till they passed, and then would follow them and pick them off as he could.

2008-01-21, 12:07 PM
Near the grounded Starscream:

Thundercracker: -having landed near Starscream(and noticing Slinger crash into the ground), spins as he hears the blast that knocks Ramjet into the air- "It's your lucky day, Screamer. I was gonna kick yer geeky carcass back to Polyhex ." -leaping into the air and transforming, engines roaring as he blasts through the sound barrier, focusing, intensifying, channelling the sonic boom and firing it, as well as a few missiles, at the approaching Lorsyx-

Entrance to the Underground Lab:

Bludgeon: -motioning Bomb-Burst and Pounce to follow, makes his way down the ramp-

On the Ground:

BBC: "Idiots." -locking onto Slip and Trip with his shoulder mounted micromissile batteries, opens fire-

2008-01-21, 01:43 PM
Roadway, north

I'm going to die!

Lorsyx nevertheless depressed the trigger and launched the mortar, although he had pulled his aim and it was travelling more towards the incoming attacker (Thundercracker) than his previous strike. He hurled himself off the vehicle and into the cover of a darkly open doorway, scrabbling in a rush through the empty room beyond, leaving the Sharkticons to fend for themselves.

As it turned out, two Sharkticons had jumped after him and so there were three survivors when the front of the sonic boom, followed by the missiles, hit the small convoy. The strike, however, activated a whole slew of the ground-to-air armaments they were carrying and those that did not add to the general conflagration simply screamed erratically skyward.

Roadway, south

The five vehicles rolled on and encountered very little resistance. With the bazookanon they really did not need to even worry about getting too close to their sundry victims...

2008-01-21, 01:47 PM

Monzo crunched the gears some more and the vehicle surged forward crashing through a building and out of the rear.

Weirdwolf brushed debris off the gun mounting and scanned the road for fresh prey.

2008-01-21, 02:27 PM
Roadway North:

Thundercracker: "SLAG!!!!" -snap-rolling to the left, the mortar skimming over his canopy and exploding over his fuselage, shrapnel burrowing into his engine cowlings and vertical stabilizers, not to mention peppering his wings- "Yer gonna pay for that, groundounder!" -kicking his afterburners into full, he dove under the rising munitions, shooting out the other side of the expanding fireball, transforming to robot mode and crashing into a building, the battered Seeker's skin scortched-

2008-01-21, 04:33 PM
Roadblock took his time. He worked himself ahead of the sharkticon convoy and angled himself into position for a good shot. He transformed into vehicle mode, and lined up the shot. Side panels fell down and 4 missiles, 2 on each side, came into view. These should cause a little havoc, and let me slip away hopefully too. As the bazkookanon's vehicle came into range, he let go of all his missiles, already starting to reload.

2008-01-21, 09:57 PM
Entrance to the underground lab

Pounce padded forward

"I smell Quintessons , and well I'd have to say Sharkticon but tit lacks their normal greasy oily stench."

Underground Lab 14

Vendix slithered up and down 2 ranks of Sharkticons. Their bodywork gleamed and light reflected from their polished teeth.

As Vendix inspected them they chanted

"This is my Missile Launcher . There are many like it but this one is mine. My Missile Launcher is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my Missile Launcher is useless. Without my Missile Launcher I am useless. I must fire my Missile Launcher true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy, who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will. My Missile Launcher and myself are defenders of all Quintessons, we are the masters of our enemy."

Vendix stopped before the third Sharkticon from the left in the rear row

"Stand up straight soldier. You are a filthy swine. What are you?"

Unit 456-E responded

"I am a filthy Swine."

Vendix swivelled around glaring directly at the hapless grunt.

"that is Filthy Swine Sir private."

The Sharkticon quailed

"I am a Filthy Swine Sir"

Vendix continued


Unit 456-E barked out the respone


Vendix nodded slowly

"Adequate soldier now drop and give me 20."

The Sharkticon hastened to obey.

2008-01-21, 11:02 PM
Roadway, north

Lorsyx ran. At his age, running would normally be more of a sedate canter, but fear lent jet-boosters to his feet so his Sharkticons were having trouble keeping up. They were having trouble mainly because the building turned out to be an antiques storage warehouse and, foyer excepted, it was full of narrow alleys between glass cases full of breakables. Ah, that is, it was...

With the terrific crashing behind him, Lorsyx had no idea if they were being followed. There was an exit directly ahead of him and he slowed down, thinking.

Roadway, south

Four of the five vehicles stood no chance, taking direct hits and disintegrating in flame even as they continued to drive forwards. One of the Sharkticons in the untouched leading vehicle tumbled off his perch, flailing, to fall into the pyre made of his late companions. The driver of this surviving vehicle increased speed to maximum and the Sharkticon at the massive rocket launcher swung the turret round seeking a target.

Roadway, east

Having lost one of their convoy, the other five had been surprised not to have been attacked and they milled around in some confusion until, almost by accident, they got in a line and rolled away towards their pre-assigned destination.

2008-01-23, 08:06 AM
Roadway North

When he saw the fireworks erupting nearby, Ramjet decided to transform to robot mode and drop to the ground; his airframe just wasn't in proper shape for sustained flight anymore.

Catching sight of Lorsyx retreating into a building, he snapped off a few halfhearted laser blasts at his rear-guard Sharkticons before heading for the now-crashed Thundercracker.

"No, no, no," he said mockingly. "Crashing into stuff is my job. Your shtick is making those loud boomy noises. Get it straight, TC."

Once he got closer, he cast an evaluative glance over his fellow Seeker. "You OK? And if you are, you wanna go pop Screamer a few times?"

Entrance to the Underground Lab

Bomb-Burst followed Bludgeon in silence, drawing the palm of his hand across the wall as he did so. His shell's acid sweat burned into the wall, leaving a clear sign to any Quint survivors who investigated the scene that the predator that had stalked them so effectively during the occupation was back for more.

2008-01-24, 12:24 AM
(OOC: I didn't think Roadblock's missles were quite that powerful. was thinking 2 per vehicle would do it, not 1!)

Roadblock saw the charging vehicle and decided to transform. He detached his rotary blade and threw it at the gunner, hoping to take him out before he could find a target for his rocket launcher...

2008-01-24, 12:48 AM
Roadway North:

Thundercracker: -groaning as he drags himself out of the rubble- "What I want to do, right now, is to rip that geeky little turflicker in half and shove the halves down the throats of his guards. We can play "Kick the Screamer" later, Ramjet."

Underground Lab:

Bludgeon: -striding forward purposefully, silently, looking for a Quint-

2008-01-24, 07:12 AM
Roadway North

Ramjet shrugged. "Yeah, whatever. It's not like Captain Shrieky's goin' anywhere any time soon, right?" He waited until Thundercracker had fully emerged from the rubble, then gestured in the direction Lorsyx had fled. "Lead on."

redman prime
2008-01-25, 04:21 AM
Slip had a half a second to attempt to dodge the incoming missles from BBC. The time was enough for him to merely get winged, taking it in the shoulder. Most of the blast directed skywards, but enough impacted to make his left, non-shooting arm useless. It mattered not to him, as his shooting arm still held his rifle, and the beast was still in his optical range.

Trip, however, was not so lucky. BBC's missle caught him full in the chest, sending his spark to the abyss. Judgement waas the last thing he could await.

snapdragon merely shrugged the rounds off of his hide, small smoking black marks doing nothing to his armor.
Apeface rounded about again, strafing the area with another blast of radio jamming frequency's.

Near Starscream
Slinger stirred, stasis lock easing it's grip on his systems as his internal stablization processor worked furiously to catch up. He paused his movement as he watched Ramjet move towards Thundercracker's position. His transformation process was within his ability now, so the tetra jet transformed and moved to the wretched form of Starscream. "I don't know if you can hear me, but I am going to try to get us out of here."

He didn't know how he would do so, but a gaping fissure that lead underground in close proximity would provide a start.

2008-01-25, 06:49 AM
Roadway East

Monzo piloted the vehicle lurching along.

He swung it round a corner and ran into the back of the convoy of Sharkticon vehicles. He jammed on the brakes but it still looked like he wouild crunch into the rearmost vehicle.

Weirdwolf snicled his claws in and pressed the firing stud on the heavy weapon mounted on the back of the halftrack stitching it along the row of sharkticon vehicles.

2008-01-25, 11:47 AM
Roadway, north

Lorsyx gestured to one of the Sharkticons and ordered, "Check the street for sound and movement - and don't forget to look up!" The round form lumbered by him, taking out a display stand bedecked with crystals and reaching for the door controls with tiny, expensive sparkles dripping from lumpy fingers.

Kneeling, Lorsyx examined the floor critically, and located just what he was hoping to find: a vault. Most valuables dealers had one, no matter what they dealt in, and many were secreted close to an exit just in case the owner needed to... make a quick exit. That also meant the way down to the vault was easy to open, but, in the absence of the necessary equipment to scan and break the lock, there was an alternative.

Moving back a few steps, Lorsyx directed, "Smash this area of the floor!"

Roadway, east

Suddenly, shots peppered the convoy, causing the vehicle at the rear to screech to a halt, power cables severing in a shower of sparks, and Monzo smashed into it. The Sharkticons were thrown to the ground, the driver scrambling for his sidearm while the other two aimed bazookanon directly into Weirdwolf's snarling face.

Roadway, south

The Sharkticon gunner grunted and ducked, feeling the blades clip the decorative crest on his head, and sent one compact sonic missile at his attacker, who was a very nice target.

2008-01-25, 02:01 PM
Roadblock saw the missile coming and jumped for cover, the missile landing where he had previously been standing, propelling him further to the right of the vehicle, giving him a momentary angle on the vehicle. He fired 2 missiles of his own back at the sharkticons.

2008-01-25, 10:19 PM
Roadway East

Monzo slammed into the dashboard as the vehicle caroomed into the one in front.

Weirdwolf howled as he depressed the firing stud. "Die now you will."

He fired at the 2 Sharkticons even as death stared him in the face.

[B]Underground Lab complex[/B

Vendix stood in front of the 2 ranks.

"Squad 1 report to Loryx Squad 2 follow me."

Squad 1 scrambled up a ladder to the service. Squad 2 followed Vendix out into the corridor.

2008-01-25, 11:22 PM
Roadway, north

There was a simple set of steps leading to the vault door, which was standing invitingly ajar. Lorsyx, of course, pushed it wider with pistol in hand.

Roadway, south

The Sharkticon driver had put his vehicle in gear the moment the gunner opened fire and there was a growing gap between them and the mech (Roadblock) launching his next attack. The missiles screamed across their tail and impacted violently on a building, scattering debris across the road.

Roadway, east

The Sharkticons did die, just as Weirdwolf promised, but their bazookanon still fired as their hands convulsed in the instant of their deaths.

2008-01-25, 11:27 PM
Roadway East

Weirdwolf trapped in the confines of the vehicle did the only thing possible he transformed. The shells sailed through the space where a normal transformers head would be and impacted on a building behind him.


Monzo dabbed at his bloody nose

"lucky I wasn't up there."

Weirdwolf muttered to himself

"fine thing Chance would be."

2008-01-26, 01:24 AM
Roadway North:

Thundercracker: -stepping out of the rubble, storming towards the building Ramjet had indicated, arm cannons charged and ready- "Get ready to die, you slagging Quint!"

On the Ground:

BBC: -bringing up his double barrelled laser rifle, aiming at Slip, firing-

2008-01-26, 05:35 AM
Roadway North

Ramjet watched as Slinger led Starscream away, shaking his head in disgust.

"Looks like Screamer made a friend," he said acidly. He didn't have much time to ponder that, though, because Thundercracker was already charging off after their Quintesson attacker.

"Right," he shouted, "what he said!"

Not far away

Cyclonus slowly pulled himself to his feet, digging himself out of the pile of debris he'd landed in.

Underground Laboratory

Hypotheon glowered at one of his monitors as a red light started to blink.

"Enemy infiltrators have breached the base," he said over the intercom. "All security forces to sector fourteen."

He doubted the few remaining Allicons and Sharkticons in the base would do much to dissuade the attackers, but with luck they would slow them down until he reached his escape route.

And if I'm really lucky, they'll kill Vendix while they're at it...

2008-01-26, 10:42 PM
Roadway, north: underground vault

Lorsyx glanced round at the security boxes ranging along two walls from floor to ceiling; several had been opened and were empty. The Quintesson Merchant owner was long away, probably running at the first sign of attack. At this thought, Lorsyx frowned, for no Merchant would run into the streets and risk his life...


Disguised as a set of boxes, the escapeway would have been completely invisible if not for the fact that a thin sliver of light showed where only black edges should have been. Carelessly, someone had not closed it properly, probably in a panic. Lorsyx strode over and pried at the line of light until the door opened, revealing a downwards sloping corridor beyond, wide enough for him, but nowhere near wide enough for a Sharkticon.

2008-01-26, 11:53 PM
Roadway North:

Thundercracker: -arms snapping up, starts spraying the building that Lorsyx had vanished into with fire as he charges forward-

Underground Lab:

Bludgeon: -katana flashing briefly, drawing, striking, and sheathing it in one fluid motion, the Allicon that had been charging at him collapsing in a pile of scrap, continuing his steady forward stride, Death stalking the corridors-

2008-01-27, 02:26 AM
----------Spearhead's Tower----------

As Triggerhappy distracting the gunner Tracer's shots which came frrom behind penetrated the gunner low-grade and killed him almost instantly leaved another crippled. The dead body still holding the controller caused the gun to rotating uncontrollably. Chance came for Triggerhappy ,he then fired scaterring his shots like always. The gun panel explode knocked the limped and the dead drones down the tower.

"Great. Just great." Saw the quad-barrel gun destroyed in the matter of seconds. He then transformed and flying to another active tower.

----------Klamek's Tower----------

As Spinister broke down the door Klamek drop a hand grenade and followed by sevveral machine gun shots into the amidst of flame.

Up into the air level. Slugslinger finding a way flank the gun.


"What the hell!" Teffon and one of the Sharkticons were fast enough to get out of the way and pulled the machine gun with them. Another drone wasn't lucky and crushed by the truck. "And he supposed to protect me!" "Don't blame him. When's the last time you saw a truck running in the building?"

Wardust suprised when he saw a truck ran through the second floor wall and made on big hole on it. The former merc then dashed aside to avoid Sixshot.

2008-01-27, 07:09 AM
Roadway North

Ramjet followed after Thundercracker, but refrained from opening fire. As thick as he could be sometimes, even he realized that it was a bad idea to start shooting at a building that you're going to have to go inside.

Klamek's Tower

The fire from Spinister's flamethrower detonated the grenade half way between him and the enemy that had thrown it, something that likely wouldn't do either of them much good. The Decepticon's right flank was charred and pitted by the blast, a situation made worse a few seconds later when Klamek's machine gun fire started to chew into his armour.

"I was going to give you the chance to surrender," the Targetmaster said icily as he raised Hairsplitter to firing position, "but I think I'll settle for just killing you instead."

With that, he fired a series of laser blasts aimed at Klamek's joints.

2008-01-27, 08:43 AM
Underground Lab Complex

Wingspan raised a hand

"um B-bludgeon n-next t-time can w-we leave one alive long enough to i-interrogate. T-they might have u-useful intelligence."

2008-01-27, 03:25 PM
Roadway, north

Having returned up the steps, Lorsyx was just regimenting his two Sharkticons when rounds of heavy fire started thumping into the other end of the building. That could only mean the jets were yet functional, although he was cheered by the basic fact that the attack was not from above; they were obviously grounded. He managed a thin smile.

"You!" Lorsyx stabbed a long finger at the nearest Sharkticon. "Go down to guard the vault! And you!" (Again the finger stabbed.) "Remain here and stand your ground!"

With that, Lorsyx strode to the open exit and, after checking the street beyond was empty, shut the door quietly before making off into the shadows.

2008-01-27, 06:34 PM
Roadblock saw the retreating sharkticons and swore. He transformed and took off after them as fast as he could, hoping it was not a trap...

2008-01-27, 06:45 PM
Underground Lab Complex

The Squad of 6 Sharkticons jogged along with Vendix bringing up the rear.

"Our new officer might make us clean
But that doesn't stop us from being really mean
We will elimate the product pest
Because Vendix has made us the best
With our new hardware we're loaded for Bear
So watch out Chainclaw if you're there
Every missile has a brand new warhead
Loaded with a drug that will make them dead.

Sound off, Sound Off



Ground Level

The second squad emerger cautiously from a hatch set into the ground. They fanned out looking for targets.


East Roadway

Monzo bleeding still from his nose crashed the vehicle into reverse, it seperated with a tearing sound from the rear of the Sharkticons vehicle.

Weirdwolf growled

"faster move getting away they are."

Monzo grunted

"i'm doing my best here it's not exactly designed for a creature my size ok."

Weirdwolf attempted to glare down at his partner hampered by the fact that currently he was a headless robot.

As the vehicle rumbled past the disabled Sharkticon halftrack he reached out and casually swiped a couple of times with his sword.

He tapped Monzo on the shoulder

"Here are you yes."

He dropped a couple of Sharkticon limbs dripping oil.

"use these you can reach controls to yesssss,"

Monzo gulped

"i g-guess I can figure something out."

redman prime
2008-01-29, 02:54 AM
Slip continued to lay down suppression fire on Snapdragon until BBC's blast caught him just under the chin, severing his head and sending it skywards majestically.

Snapdragon leapt to the air, transforming and roaring off in the direction of another tower to lather rinse and repeat the destruction he had already caused.


Slinger grunted and groaned as he descended another flight of stairs, hauling the mostly useless Starscream along with him. He was still unclear why he had taken the renegade Decepticon along, yet he labored away intent on seeing no harm come to the seeker leader.

2008-01-30, 09:39 PM
Roadway North:

Thundercracker: -scowling, more annoyed over the fact that his engines are still offline than having to chase the Quint into the building, panels in his chest flipping open- "Fine. If you guys don't wanna come out and play, I guess I'll just have to kill you in there!" -pushed back a step as two drone rockets howl from the launchers towards the gaping maw of the front of the building-

Underground Lab Complex:

Bludgeon: -stopping, holding up his hand to signal Bomb-burst and Pounce to do likewise, reaching out with his senses, scowl deepening- "Split up. They are patrolling in force. "Whoever finds a Quint first, signal the others." -starts forward again, smoke enveloping him as he moves down the corridor, the cloud disapating, Bludgeon gone from sight-

2008-02-03, 06:01 PM
Sixshot missed both his targets and braked to avoid hitting a wall.He turned to robot mode and flung flash grenades at them.He then transformed to tank mode, bracing for impacting debris, firing missiles at the ceiling above both Teffon's and Wardust's heads sending the whole building crashing on their heads, and his as well, to the ground.

2008-02-03, 11:31 PM
East Roadway

Weirdwolf's commandeered vehicle drew level with a Sharkticon one.

Weirdwolf growled and jumped sword in hand into the open rear compartment of the Sharkticon vehicle.

Monzo slammed on the brakes in amazement

"h-hey don't you n-need me right? so you can see and everything"

Weirdwolf growled back

"Have I module tracking nose sensors, capable of reading smell, heat Infrared images and patterns air currents of. Have I radar, sonar scanners electromagnetic. Never needed you have I , were you a necessity political, one who necessary no longer is yes. Try to forget this not. Use small you have in services ancillary performing that all is yes."

2008-02-03, 11:45 PM
Roadway, north

Hugging what shadows he could find, Lorsyx checked and rechecked his radio to no avail; although he could make out voices shouting urgently, there was still too much white noise to understand their various communications. He needed to get just a little further away from the towers.

There were heavy footsteps coming towards him at a steady pace and accompanied by the sound of jingling metal! With nowhere to hide, Lorsyx began to run back the way he had come until it occured to him that back was really not an option. He knelt close to a wall and lifted his pistol...

Sharkticons! With relief, Lorsyx rose and presented himself. Six laser blasters fixed on him, but were then raised in salute as the Sharkticons came to a halt and awaited orders.

Roadway, east

The two Sharkticons in the rear of the vehicle were surprised when Weirdwolf joined them and attempted to draw a bead on him at absurdly close range with bazookanon.

2008-02-03, 11:55 PM
The corporal in charge of the squad saluted and stepped forward

"Squad 1 of the Vendix's Irregular Missileers reporting for duty."


Weirdwolf slashed down with his sword aiming to chop off the barrel of the bazookannon.

2008-02-04, 12:21 AM
Roadway, north

Lorsyx did not salute and his bright red eyes narrowed at the name Vendix. Ah, yes - Vendix. He had come across the Scientist a few times and had been struck by the possibility that he was potentially more unhinged than Hypotheon: Possibly the only reason Vendix was still permitted to live outside restraints was his undoubted genius at chemistry.

Since there was only one way to go, Lorsyx ordered the squad about-face. He checked his radio as they went along until he got a signal and commed: 'Situation at street level is critical. Base - please respond."

Roadway, east

The Sharticon jerked backwards to avoid the blade, accidentally squeezing the trigger as he did so. However, the second bazookanon remained on target.


Roadway, south

The driver of the last vehicle had the pedal to the metal, while his gunner stood alert at the missile launcher. There was no sign of their attacker (Roadblock).

2008-02-04, 06:29 AM
Roadway North

Ramjet jogged along behind Thundercracker, scowling fiercely.

I thought I was supposed to be the dumb one...

"Pretty sure he's gone by now, TC..."

Having finally collected his senses, Cyclonus had drawn his oxidizing laser and his black beam gun, and was stalking toward the first cluster of Quintessons he had seen.

As it happened, he'd picked Lorsyx and his gang.

The Decepticon was still a bit jittery as he raised his weapons and opened fire.

Underground Laboratory

Hypotheon responded to Lorsyx's complaint with what could best be described as detached boredom.

"Yes, I'm well aware of the situation," he told the soldier. "Rest assured, things are no better down here. The base has been infiltrated by Decepticons. I suggest you flee if you can."

As he spoke, the Quintesson used his one set of good tentacles to key open an emergency door, passed through it, and then sealed it behind him. On the other side of the door was his last, best chance of escape: a battered but lovingly-restored hyperspace-capable starfighter that he had carefully modified to be flyable by a cripple such as himself.

"If you survive, if you can get away from here, gather whoever you can and get off-planet. We need to return to New Quintessa before these savages murder the rest of us."

Silently, he added, We never should have come back here. Cybertron stopped being ours a long time ago.

At Bludgeon's order Bomb-Burst stalked off silently, the murderous gleam in his eyes a sign that he might not bother interrogating any Quintessons he managed to capture. As ever, he was far more interested in tasting their delicious internal fluids.

2008-02-04, 02:04 PM
Roadway North:

Thundercracker: -sighs wearily- "Probably." -wincing as the extent of the damage to his back, arms, and legs starts to overtake his anger- "C'mon, let's get airborne, see if we can find Screamer. Maybe we can drag him back to Polyhex by his ankles." -engines sputtering unsteadily to life, lifts into the air-

2008-02-04, 03:49 PM
Roadblock swore to himself as the sharkticons kept getting smaller and smaller in the distance. He transformed to robot mode, decided that it would be worth the risk to try flying and catch up to them. I hope those anti-air turrets were all taken down... he thought to himself. He took off into the sky and went after the sharkticons.

2008-02-04, 10:50 PM
Roadway, north

A Sharkticon at the rear of the squad squawked and stumbled, disorientated by a shot to his stabiliser systems. Lorsyx immediately ordered the rest to take cover, himself darting round the nearest handy corner and dropping to the ground. All he had was a las pistol, good at middle-range, and two tiny ceremonial knives he kept secreted in his sash. However, the Sharkticons were heavily-armed, for which he found himself thanking Vendix.

The sniper was, to be honest, nothing of the sort; he (Cyclonus) was standing square in the middle of the roadway and presented a perfect target.

"Fire at will!" Lorsyx barked.

2008-02-04, 11:00 PM
Roadway , North

The corporal in charge barked orders at his squad.

"Squad 2 ranks rapid fire."

Thhe front rank dropped to their knees stabilised their rocket launchers and fired at Cyclonus. The rear rank fired over their heads as the front rannk reloaded in rapid sucession 6 of Vendix's modified missiles soared towards te Decepticon.

2008-02-06, 08:07 AM
Roadway North

"Sounds like a plan," Ramjet told Thundercracker. The seeker almost transformed to vehicle mode before remembering the rather twisted shape his jet mode was now in. With an unsatisfied grumble, he ignited his foot thrusters and lifted off in robot mode instead.

As groggy as he was, Cyclonus still dodged most of the incoming fire. After all, he had been spawned in the fires of Unicron; some things just came with the territory.

Alas, one of the odd Sharkticon-launched projectiles found their mark, exploding close enough to the warrior to spray his leg with the venomous chemical that they carried. The liquid worked its way into his system through microfractures in his armour, imperfections that he never would have tolerated in his days as Galvatron's air commander, but that he had to put up with now that he was no longer a Decepticon.

Pain jolted through his neuroprocessors as the chemical soaked into his system. Brightly coloured shapes, incoherent but painfully familiar all at once, swam before his optics. His internal systems felt like they were on fire.

Cyclonus fell to his knees. He clawed at his own optics as if trying to tear them out, his vigour slowly wearing away until he simply could do no more. The ex-Decepticon pitched forward and lay face down, unmoving, on the tarmac.

For anyone watching, the scene would have been surreal. Despite his obvious agony, despite his violent reaction to the chemical, Cyclonus hadn't made a single sound. From first contamination all the way through to stasis lock, not one scream, not one whimper, had escaped his lips.

As his conscious mind faded into black, a part of Cyclonus was proud of that. The rest of him, the growingly fatalistic part that had been slowly eating away at his pro-Galvatron idealism, merely wondered if he was going to meet his former commander when he got to the Pit.

redman prime
2008-02-07, 06:30 AM
Apeface was bored with laying down jamming frequencies. It wasn't his style.
Opening his engines up a bit, he accelerated in the direction of Ramjet and Thundercracker, intent on not being left alone on this forsaken plain.
"Hey fellas, what the hell happened to you? looks like you met the wrong end of an butt kicking."

AA Towers
Snapdragon ripped through another turret, shredding a feeble Quintesson marine trooper as he attempted to draw his rifle. Oil dripped from his claws, landing and forming symmetrical circles on the floor. The circles were quickly engulfed in the oil of the second marine that manned the station, his life ending in a flash of carbon claws.

This was Snapdragon at his apex.
Killing was what he did, what he lived for. It was ironic, but the thought escaped him as he headed off towards the city, looking for comrades to brag about his exploits to.

Slinger could go no farther. The abuse he had suffered combined with the limp form of Starscream had taken too much of a toll on his systems. He carefully set the former Air commander of the Decepticon army up with his back to the wall, then slunk heavily down beside him to rest. Maybe a moment or two of stasis lock to let my internal systems recover won't hurt...
With that, he slid his optics shut and powered down.

Starscream, however, was just stirring. He gazed around, disoriented by the subterrainean environment he was in. It seemed that only a second ago he was outside, hearing the thunder-maker and being called something. Something very familiar and sinister. A name that made foes seize up with fear.... Made them want to Scream....

OOC: Starscream! Wooo!

2008-02-07, 01:26 PM
Roadway, north

Lorsyx rose and cautiously approached the huge fallen blue form (Cyclonus), las pistol primed. He kicked one arm and realised that this was never play-acting, that whatever Vendix had put in those missiles had done it's job very, very efficiently.

"Strike one for the screwhead," Lorsyx muttered.

Hyptotheon's message (so offhand as ususal) had basically told him to stay away from the main stronghold, but he knew his duty to the higher ranks, so he determined to do his duty... The Sharkticon squad was awaiting further orders and their damaged member appeared fully functional, if sporting a hole in his back. Lorsyx looked them over with approval and commanded: "Follow me!"

Roadway, south

The Sharkticon gunner scanned the streets diminishing behind the racing vehicle. There was no trace of the unit who had slain his comrades and he relaxed a little.

2008-02-07, 07:07 PM
Weirdwolf twisted as the shot thudded into his armour cratering it. He fell backwards into the vehicle.


Loryx's new squad paused

The corporal spoke up.

"First we must clean our weapons cleaniless is one of the most important weapons in a soldier's arsenal."


Vendix squad rounded a corner.

Vendix blinked as he thought he saw something lurking in the shadows.


Pounce padded stealthily moving from shadow to shadow along the corridor.

2008-02-07, 10:01 PM
Roadway, north

The sight of six Sharkticons preparing to go through the motions of cleaning their weapons after one round proved beyond absurdity. Lorsyx goggled: Vendix had made them as insane as himself! The Quintesson glanced to the strip of sky overhead, wondering how long it would be before some airborne attacker appeared.

Roadway, east

While Weirdwolf floundered, the two Sharkticons leapt on top of him, one trying to wrest the sword from his grip and the second with jaws open, ready to bite.

2008-02-07, 10:17 PM
Roadblock saw his chance when the gunner looked behind and did not see him. He descended rapidly at the gunner from above and behind, hoping to take him unawares...

2008-02-07, 10:42 PM
Roadway , East

Weirdwolf transformed into Wolf mode and stood snarling claws out jaws snapping at the Sharkticons.

" teeth big what oh you have Sharkticons."

2008-02-07, 10:56 PM
Roadway, east

The first Sharkticon was knocked aside as Weirdwolf transformed, but the second clamped down hard on the enemy's already damaged left foreleg.

The driver, dragging out a sidearm, tried to turn in his seat while maintaining contact with the other vehicles in the party.

Roadway, south

With nothing to see and a heck of a lot of street to see it in, the gunner stood the missile launcher down and squatted beside it, prepared to be patient. He could hear very little but the roar and rattle of the engine as his comrade kept them bowling along.

2008-02-07, 11:02 PM
Roadway East

Monzo appeared peering over the side of his vehicle the demounted weapon propped on the side plating the pintel hooked over the coaming. Steadying himself he drew a bead on the Sharkticon gnawing Weirdwolf and depressed the firing stud.

"Not so useless now am I huh !!"

2008-02-07, 11:10 PM
Roadway, east

The ferocious metal teeth bit down hard in spasm as the Sharkticon took that close-range, fatal shot. Up again, the other Sharkticon lunged for Weirdwolf's back and the driver drew a bead on Monzo, intent on shooting his legs from under him.

2008-02-07, 11:16 PM
Roadway, East

Weirdwolf winced as the Sharkticon bit his leg lighting fast he rolled over on to his back claws out and waited for the Sharkticon to land.

"Appreciate help your do I but if back here you are who the slag vehicle driving is."

Monzo grinned

"don't worry I've got that under contr....."

Monzo disappeared backwards into the rear of his vehicle as it hit a bump and lurched sideways.

a muffled voiced echoed out of the depths.

"my severed Sharkticon limb slipped a little I'll be right back."

2008-02-07, 11:21 PM
Roadway, east

...And the otherwise well-aimed shot missed Monzo by the proverbial mile.

The Sharkticon who had jumped at Weirdwolf realised just a moment too late that he had made a mistake and three sets of claws painfully penetrated his armour.

2008-02-08, 02:36 AM
Roadway North:

Smoke ghosted across the tunnel floor, washing lightly over Cyclonus' body, more smoke coalescing, choking one end of the corridor.

Bludgeon: -stepping out of the smoke, katana drawn-


Thundercracker: -hovering on boot jets, smirks at Apeface- "It's amazing what one lucky mortar shell and a transport full of exploding Sharkticons and ammo can do to you......" -looking around, looking down.... seeing Lorsyx and friends- "Huh. Looks like the groundpounding piece of slag found some more friends." -aiming with his arm cannons, he started raining down fire-

2008-02-08, 02:48 AM
Roadblock decided the time for hiding was over. He shot a rocket, his aim leading it slightly in front of the vehicle, and descended so he could face his opponents.

redman prime
2008-02-08, 05:54 AM
Apeface couldn't help but smirk back at Thundercracker as he transformed to his ape mode and landed with careless and flawless agility on the edge of a building. He began ripping chunks off the wall he was on, hurling them with precision at the group of sharkticons clustered below. "Well then make some luck for yourself! lucky mortar blasts. Cop out answer." as another chunk lands in the midst of the sharkticons.

"Hey! save some sharkticons for me!" As Snapdragon lands on a building across the street in his giant lizard form.

2008-02-08, 10:02 PM
Roadway, north

There were suddenly far too many foes above, all intent on raining down doom, and Lorsyx ran for it, leaving the Sharkticons to either follow, fight back or continue cleaning their weapons until they died. He did, however, grab one - just one - of those special missiles they were carrying and hugged it close as he weaved down the street like a rugby (ooc: that'll football to some of you) pro. But there were too many blasts pouring down at his heels; he stumbled and, over-balancing, managed to turn the fall into a roll while two missiles thudded down away to his left and pricked him with shrapnel. Lorsyx hissed with pain.

Roadway, south

The driver slammed on the brakes to avoid the sudden spray of vapourised roadway and the vehicle skidded sharply, bounced and was hurled into a nearby wall. Both Sharkticons parted company with their ride and the majority of their weapons.

2008-02-09, 02:50 AM
Roadblock crashed feet first into the ground, and stood to face his opponents. "You little brats gave me WAY too much trouble..." he began, stomping his way towards the nearest of the 2 sharkticons. "And you shall pay for it..." He fired his missle launcher at the farthest of the two, and then swung his other fist towards the sharkticon's head.

2008-02-09, 08:01 AM
Roadway North:

Thundercracker: "Who do you think blew up the ammo for the Sharkticons?" -still hovering, still firing-


Bludgeon: -the only indication of what he's thinking the fact that his scowl seems to have gotten a bit deeper, starts after Lorsyx, slashing his way through the hail of debris, weapons fire, and intervening Sharkticons-

2008-02-09, 08:18 AM
Roadway , North

The Sharkticons slammed into action the front rank firing at the oncoming Bludgeon while the second rank finished cleaning their weapons and did likewise. However as chunks of building and fire from above started raining down on them they started to retreat one rank covering the other as they fell back rapidly. Carrying one of their comrades who had been injured by missile fire.

Roadway , East

Weirdwolf shook the Sharkticon off his claws and rolled over onto all fours. He snicked the covers of his missile launchers back and fired four missiles along the length of the vehicle towards the drivers compartment.

2008-02-09, 10:02 PM
Roadway, north

He reeled up onto his feet, feeling the warm, uncomfortable dampness spreading down his left sleeve. This was a minor wound, however, compared to the lacerations in his left thigh. Lorsyx made no attempt to remove the metal shards; in the first instance, he knew from field experience that to do so might be more injurous than leaving them and, secondly, he did not have the time. With the missile under his right arm, he glanced behind and was glad Vendix's Sharkticons were between him and the Decepticons.

Starting off, dragging his maimed leg, Lorsyx opened his radio once more and commed: 'Lorsyx to any Sharkticon units still functional -converge on my signal!'

Roadway, south

Stunned as he was, the Sharkticon driver saw the incoming missile and failed to respond other than make a pointless gesture of raising his gun. It was all over for him an instant later.

The gunner was in a better state and threw himself at the roundhouse punch with open jaws. It was a Sharkticon move usually employed during a pack attack and maybe it would catch the enemy (Roadblock) by surprise.

Roadway, east

The explosion was forthright and final, and when the smoke cleared there was very little left of the Sharkticon vehicle and nothing that could have been easily identified as the driver.

Far up ahead, the four other vehicles of the convoy received Lorsyx's message and changed their heading, picking up speed.

2008-02-09, 10:16 PM
Not seeing the sharkticons attack in time, Roadblock's fist went into the creature's mouth. this is going to be painful he thought. He decided then he had three options. One, to take the time and energy to subspace another saw blade onto his arm, at which point it may, or may not, still be attached. Two, he could try to headbut his opponent, but that didn't sound smart being as his opponent could verywell end up with his head wrapped in its mouth next. Three, he could fire his rocket launcher at the ground, using it to propel him backwards, out of the creatures grasp, and possibly disorient it. He chose option three and fired the rocket at the ground.

2008-02-09, 10:36 PM
Roadway, south

The ferocious teeth bit down hard on his victim's (Roadblock's) wrist as the rocket slammed into the ground and the Sharkticon automatically locked his ferocious jaws.

2008-02-09, 10:40 PM
Roadway ,East

Weirdwolf sailed backward propelled by the force of the explosion. He crashed through a shop window and he landed with a thump in a shower of broken glass.

redman prime
2008-02-09, 11:08 PM
Apeface swung from ledge to ledge along the buildings, all the while continuing his barrage of stones torn from the precipices. He wasn't having much luck, but he was able to keep harrassing them. "So, how's it hangin', fellas?" He was in a chatty mood, as there wasn't really a whole lot of conversation with Tracer and Triggerhappy.

Snapdragon was laboring to keep up. "It'd be hangingn better if I had monkey arms too! Red-assed jumping fool..." He continued to survey the retreating Sharkticons with an appraising eye, hoping to be able to sink his teeth into one before they went cold.

2008-02-09, 11:13 PM
The front row of Sharkticons kneeled.

Their corporal gave the orders and they waited for Apeface to start swinging then fired aiming to obliterate his next available handhold with their missiles

2008-02-10, 12:09 AM
Roadblocked howled in rage as he flew backwards, the sharkticon flying with him. Roadblock twisted as much as his bulky frame would allow and allowed the sharkticon to hit the ground first. As he struggled to get up, the sharkticon still attached to his arm, he saw pieces of debris laying around him and picked up one to use as a club and swung it at the sharkticon's head.

redman prime
2008-02-10, 06:42 AM
Apeface kept swinging, grappling the next ledge that the Sharkticon rocketeers targeted. They met at almost the same instance, poison rockets colliding with the baboon-assed horrorcon.

Spasma shivered as the rockets met with his host's body. For meet they did, hitting on Apeface's lead arm, two square in the back, and one in his trailing leg. Enough to cripple any Transformer.
Apeface was just such a transformer, immediately seizing up as his nervous system was infected.

Snapdragon could do little as his ally plummeted Earthward.

2008-02-10, 08:21 AM
Roadway North

Ramjet hovered alongside Thundercracker, firing down at any Sharkticons in range and generally making a nuisance of himself.

- ? -

Cyclonus was floating in the dark. All around him was emptiness, a vacuum so featureless and bleak that it really couldn't be described as space, because space only existed in relation to the things that filled it. And Cyclonus...Cyclonus was alone in the dark.

The Void, he thought. The final resting place for all of Unicron's children. How...anticlimactic. It wasn't supposed to end this way.

"Then do something about it."

Cyclonus spun to find the source of that oh-so-familiar voice, wondering as he did so how he could spin if there wasn't anything for him to be spinning in relation to.

"Oh, can the deep philosophical ponderings already," Scourge's voice told him. "Can it and start fighting back. This doesn't have to be the end. You're the last of us. Are you really going to let the five-faced tentacled slime cut you down? It's bad enough that their puppet Thunderwing killed me, bad enough that they hunted down and obliterated Galvatron."

That's a lie! Cyclonus thought. Galvatron lives! He shall lead us again!

"You and I both know that's not true," Each one of Scourge's words hit Cyclonus like the strike of a metal-rending electro-whip. "If Galvatron had survived, he wouldn't need you to find him. He wouldn't need anyone to find him. If Galvatron was alive, he would have long ago toppled Gigatron from his throne. But he's dead."

No! I refuse to accept that! I would sooner die-

"I know," Scourge told him. "And that's the problem. It's not your time. You have too much to do to lie down and die."

I have nothing! Cyclonus retorted. Serving Galvatron is my only reason for being. If Galvatron is dead, then I might as well join him. There is nothing left for me.

Scourge slapped Cyclonus upside the head, which caught the not-yet-dead Decepticon by surprise for the simple reason that, until now, Scourge had been no more than a disembodied voice. But now the other Decepticon floated alongside him, and the Void was infinitely less lonely. "Stop feeling sorry for yourself," he said forcefully. "You are a Decepticon warrior-"

Not anymore, Cyclonus interjected weakly.

"Badge or not," Scourge continued, "you are a Decepticon warrior, second only to Galvatron himself. Your self-pity is an insult to everything you once stood for. Every second you lie on the ground, letting that Quintesson poison ravage your systems, you desecrate the memory of our fallen leader. So get up!"

No, Cyclonus told him. I won't. Your propaganda means nothing to me. Who and what I was mean even less. Without purpose, I'm no better than an Empty. I would sooner die than have no reason to live.

"If you're going to be difficult, I can't help you," Scourge told him. "This is going to get very unpleasant for you, Cyclonus. Goodbye."

Before Cyclonus could ask what he was talking about, the other Decepticon was gone. Cyclonus was alone again, alone in the dark. But this dark was more than just an absence of light, and he could feel it starting to press in on him. It was clawing at him, tearing his spirit asunder, and he knew it wouldn't relent until the very essence of Cyclonus was no more.

As far as he was concerned, that couldn't happen soon enough.

2008-02-10, 10:23 PM
Roadway, south

Battered and badly dented, unable to actively fight back against the pummelling he was taking (from Roadblock), the Sharkticon did the only thing he could think of right then and confirmed the lock on his jaw hinges.

2008-02-11, 01:38 AM
Roadway North:

Bludgeon's reactions were, as usual, almost faster than the optic could follow. His katana moving like a flash, describing beautiful arcs of light through the air, cuting missiles down as he advances, what missiles his sword missing slamming into the shield on his left arm.

The downside of this, unfortunately, is the liberal splashing of the chemical all over his Pretender shell. He stopped dead, immobile as a statue.


Within the Shell:

Bludgeon scowled. The one advantage to the Pretender shell, one that has served him well, was the simple fact that it allowed him to stay deeper in the mech/sword mindset that was core to the Path. It was, in effect, somewhat akin to interacting with the world through a sensory deprivation tank. Whatever this chemical was, it was affecting him. Otherwise, he wouldn't be staring at himself.

He recognized himself. It was shortly after the incident with The Fallen(he could tell. It took a long time for the Fallen's fingermarks to heal, but the scars looked pretty fresh.

His younger self smirked. "Well, well. What have we here......."

He scowled. "I am looking at my younger self."

"That's fairly obvious. I like the duds."

"The what?"

"That shell-thing you're wearing. I saw that in the Vision."


The younger Bludgeon held up a hand, and a flaming sigil appeared in his hand. "In fact, I like it so much, I want to take it for a ride."

Bludgeon's hand went to the hilt of the katana. "You will n-" Only to be silenced by the sigil wrapping itself around his face.

The younger Bludgeon sneered. "Fool. You cast aside all of this potential, cast aside all the powers that we worked so hard to build up with Bugly and Mindwipe, powers that can be fueled by what The Fallen gave us, simply because you feared the outcome." He knocked his older self down, planted a foot on his chest. "Forget honor. Forget control. It's MY time now."

Roadway North:

Bludgeon: -hollow pits of his skull eye sockets, flaring with eldritch fire, katana clattering to the ground, flames wreathing his hands as he starts advancing towards the Sharkticons, flinging balls of pure Hellfire at the ranked troops-

2008-02-11, 01:46 AM
No longer able to feel his arm below where the sharkticon held it, Roadblock cursed inwardly. Deciding he needed to be mobile and meet back up with the other decepticons, he decided to end this fight one way or the other. Knowing he couldn't bring his arm out, he shoved his arm deeper inside the sharkticon, hoping to his something vital and shut him down.

redman prime
2008-02-11, 02:17 AM
Snapdragon felt his hate boil to the top, overtaking his sense of rationale, well being and self-preservation. Watching the only other horrorcon in the Decepticon army fall gracelessly from the ledge he was on was too much for him to take. Felled at the hands of Sharticons.

There was no more thought process as he leapt form the short building he was on, targeting the retreteaing line of Sharkticons.

His claws flasehd and teeth bared as he descended into the midst of the Sharkticons.

Apeface plummeted to the ground, unable to do anything as the toxins ate away his nervous system. Spasma was overcome at the amount of pain that his host was enduring in his plight. It was all he could do to minimize his mind-meld with the giant ape, attempting to distance himself from the agony he was going through.

Apeface plummeted, slamming into the surface with such pace that he descended through the street and into the sub-surface, coming to rest in an unceremonious position on the dank underground floor.

Starscream was lost in his inspection of the surface he was in when the ceiling gave way to permit Apeface to enter.
This brought slinger out of his self-imposed stasis, awakening with a start. Starscream immediately went limp, conserving energy and biding his time.
But what am I biding for?

2008-02-11, 02:51 PM
Roadway, south

The Sharkticon watched his enemy's (Roadblock's) free hand come over to brace between his optics, holding him steady, and then was shocked to realise the arm he had trapped was being thrust inexorably down his throat. He tasted torn metal and free-flowing fluids. There were no counter-measures for such an attack in his memory core, so he improvised: he let go.

Roadway, north

Now, I'm going to die, Lorsyx thought as he glanced behind at the "whoomfh" of flames igniting. Fortunately, he was gaining ground despite his injured leg beginning to stiffen. And there was a signal on his comm indicating that some of his original troops were fast approaching.

2008-02-11, 03:34 PM
The sharkticon let go of Roadblock's arm, surprising him. He took advantage of the momentary lull and confusion and subspaced his saw blade onto his arm- the one currently still inside the sharkticons mouth. As it materialized, he let it spin and let it began working its magic.

2008-02-11, 08:21 PM
Roadway, south

With an unholy screech, the Sharkticon juddered as he felt his sharp teeth catching on something rotating in his maw. He had scant astroseconds to save himself and failed to use them wisely...

2008-02-11, 09:25 PM
Roadway North

one Sharkticons struggled valiantly against Snapdragon lunging with jaws and claws, his rocket launcher slashed to bits. Shrapnel and oil flew everywhere from claw wounds.

Another vanished in a ball of flame one minute he was there next there was nothing but a smudge of smoke and a pool of cooling metal.

The others fell back very quickly . The corporal lead a fighting retreat back towards a ruined building Two sharkticons carried an injured third while the corporal and another layed down covering fire.

The Sharkticons ducked behind a wall

The injured Sharkticon propped himself up painfully

"I'm slowing you down Corp, leave me behind I can still fire a weapon prop me up and leave me i'll cover your retreat."

The corporal peered over the window ledge using a combat periscope and saw the creature from the pits of Slaarg where disobedients Sharkticons were cast to burn in the eternal fires and he ravaging beast that the Horricon had become.

He lifted one hand slowly in a salute.

" Very well Rocketeer 435b Semper Quintessa."

Rocketeer 435b raised his uninjured arm in a salute.

"Semper Quintessa Corp."

He then rolled slowly into a firing position his weapon jammed in a window embrasure.

The rest of the Sharkticons retreated as he started laying down a slow measured fire as the very image of death advanced slowly on him.

Roadway East

Weirdwolf limped slowly out of the shopfront . the shop itself had been devastated by fighting but mounted on the roof over the front was a hovercycle , not a model but a real fully functioning hovecycle a bit dirty and battered.

Weirdwolf grinned claws skittering on the plastcrete.

He limped over to the Sharkticon halftrack and pried off a jerrycan with his jaws.

He leapt to where the hovercycle stood.

He refueled and transforming straddled the saddle.

"Me follow Monzo yes."

He revved the engine and surged further off the roof rear wheel hitting the ground in a cloud of chippings. Sword and pistol jammed into the framework holster style.

Monzo crunched gears and swung the halftrack round after the headless hovercyclemech.

Underground Lab Complex

Something stirred in the shadows and a nervous young Sharkticon pulled the trigger of his rocket launcher

The Lance Corporal laid a hand on his arm and pointed to the safety.

"steady lad don't go shooting at shadows make every shot count and don't forget to disengage the safety lad."

He nudged open a crate with one foot and handed out rifles to go with the rocket launchers. Taking one he clipped a bayonet on the end holding the gleaming length of steel up to the light.

"Don't fire till you see the glow of their optics soldier and remember they don't like it up 'em."

He ran a hand along the bayonet.

"Up what Lance?"

The Lance Corporal grinned

" you know what lad i've never met a live one to ask."

2008-02-11, 09:51 PM
As the saw gained speed, he could feel it start to grind through metal inside the sharkticon. He pushed it deeper into him, feeling it catch, then cut through vitals. He brought the saw blade back up, cutting through everything in its path, until he reached the head of the creature. When he got there, Roadblock twisted the saw sideways and cut the creatures head off to keep as a trophy. You fought well warrior, and I shall mount your head as a tribute, and a reminder to myself not to take anyone lightly. He thought to himself, as he grabbed the severed head and subspaced it into storage. Now, I need to find out how the others are doing and see where I am needed.

"Roadblock to any Decepticons still functioning in the area. The road south is clear. Who couldn't finish their own fight and requires assistance?" he said mockingly.

redman prime
2008-02-12, 05:31 AM
Snapdragon was getting blurry. His killing spree coupled with Bludgeon's assault had severly diminished the ranks of the squat little Quintesson fighting force. But not all of them were dead. Yet.

It was times like this that having a Nebulonian component paid off, though. For as ragged as Snapdragon was working himself, Krunk was exhilirated. His nerves were on razors edge, which explained how he caught the glimpse of light reflecting off of the periscope from the Corporal. When it descended again, he wasn't surprised to see a rocket launcher replace it on the window ledge.

Momentary control was restored, as his mind link with Snapdragon alerted the 'con that there was one of those things that knocked multiple decepticons out of this fight sitting right in his path.

"Ramjet, TC I'm engaging Sharkticons, but some air cover on one dug in lil bastard would help."

2008-02-12, 11:16 AM
(OOC:Skidmark ,my bad. Forgot to tell you that Wardust wasn't in the same building as Teffon.)

----------Klamek's Tower----------

Klamek was abled to avoid the attacked but the Targetmaster's shots hit the catwalks joint caused it to collapsed sent the Quint officer to another catwalks below.

----------Spearhead's 2nd Tower----------

The gun seem received minor damages, so he wasted no time to check it. The OC chief then jumped onto the gunner seat and started firing.

----------Somewhere else----------

Seeing his comrade fell at the drone's hand. He transformed and land not far away from the crash site. Obliterating a small group of drones with both guns in his hands.

"Teffon GO!" Around Wardust suddenly went dark as the building crashed down on him.

A few seconds later only the huge pile of debris can be seen.

2008-02-12, 01:58 PM
Roadway North:

Bludgeon: -steadily advancing, wreathed in fire now, murmuring incantations under his breath, fixing the wounded Sharkticon and his position with the look of the flaming pits of Hell itself- "I've always wanted to feast on a beating Spark. Let's find out what it tastes like....." -holding his right hand out to draw the Spark from the wounded Sharkticon- "It's probably going to hurt. Feel free to scream and beg. Let your friends know. And tell them I like ranch dipping sauce."


Thundercracker: -looking down, holding his fire, over commlink to Snapdragon- "Uh.... what's going on down there? Creepy as he usually is, Bludgeon doesn't normally look like that."

2008-02-12, 06:46 PM
Roadway North

The wounded Sharkticon camped his jaws shut, he jerked feeling the tug of his spark being drawn away. In one last desperate attempt he leaped the wall unsteadily and charged Snapdragon.

"Semper QuintessaaaAArggggggggh."

2008-02-12, 10:05 PM
Roadway, north

Lorsyx gasped with relief, hearing those throbbing and snarling transport engines getting steadily closer. His left leg was barely useful, now, and there were black spots swimming before his eyes. When younger, he had taken greater damage and kept on fighting, but he was no longer the impulsive youth who had clawed his way up the ranks by sheer dint of raw aggression: Like it or not, Lorsyx was getting old and, the initial impetus of panic over, he felt drained.

"Here!" he shouted to the leading vehicle, hobbling fowards. The Sharkticon driver responded and, still clutching the missile, he was hauled into the rear section to fall rather than sit on a box of hand grenades. One of the gunner units reached towards his leg, but he waved the assistance away and said, "Turn this vehicle around and make for quadrant zeta immediately." To the other three, he gave orders to move against the Decepticons; they were being sent to their doom, but he needed them to buy him some time.

2008-02-13, 01:41 AM
Roadway North:

Bludgeon: -the wounded Sharkticon's Spark energy coalescing into a glittering sphere in the palm of his hand, then drawn down into his hand and body- "Hmm. Not bad. I need more, though...." -turns lopes off after Lorsyx-

redman prime
2008-02-13, 03:54 AM
Stupor clung to Snapdragon's mind as he watched Bludgeon descend on the sharkticon, somehow peeling it's essensce away from it as it charged at him maddeningly. As it clattered to the ground a few steps away from his feet, he could only just tear his eyes away from the glow that was beginning to encompass Bludgeon's arm.

"Uh, Thundercracker, I don't need any air support right now. and I don't know how to say what I just saw." His composure returning slightly as Bludgeon stole down the hall after Lorsyx. "But I'm following him to see if I can watch it again!"

and he set off at a waddling pace after the entranced Decepticon.

2008-02-13, 08:55 AM
Roadway North

"Who cares?" Ramjet snorted at Thundercracker. "Not our problem. In fact, I'd say it's helping quite a bit."

Klamek's Tower

Spinister watched as Klamek toppled over, falling down to a lower level. The Targetmaster fired a smattering of laser blasts at the Quintesson officer, more to make sure the enemy kept his head down than in a genuine attempt to kill him. Then he jumped across the void where the catwalk had once stood, pulled himself up onto the upper floor, and headed for the top of the tower.

- ? -

Cyclonus floated in the Void, alone and unreachable to the world. It was the closest thing to peace that the Decepticon had ever known. And so, naturally, it didn't last.

"You're a big joke, you know that?"

Go away, Skywarp.

"Go away? Oh, that's a laugh." The black and purple seeker appeared beside Cyclonus as if he'd always been there. "Kinda hard to do when you were made from me, buddy. You and me, we're a package."

I am nothing like you, Cyclonus thought angrily. You were nothing but raw material, scrap metal collected by Unicron and shaped into something new. I am-

"You're a stiff," Skywarp told him. "A walking dead body, for all it matters. You go through life all scowls and dour seriousness and pretentious loyalty, acting like it means something. Well, take it from someone who's seen the other side more often than he'd like: it don't mean squat. Life is exactly what you make of it, and nothing else. And you, my made-from-Skywarp-pieces friend, made your own life a living Pit. No wonder this place is so attractive to you -- compared to where you live your life, this is heaven!"

If this were heaven, Cyclonus thought, I wouldn't be floating here listening to you, would I?

"Oh, touche," Skywarp grinned. "So there's a little of my fire left inside that glowering husk after all." His amusement faded. "Now stop pouting and pick yourself up off the floor. It's the least you can do, what with living in my body and all."

If you want it back, Cyclonus told him, feel free. I'm not using it anymore.

"If only things were that easy," Skywarp told him. "Trust me, I'd take you up on it in a nanosecond. It'd be worth it, even if I had to put up with those dumbass bunny ears until I found someone to rebuild me. You know why?"

No, Cyclonus said bitterly, but I'm sure you're going to tell me.

"Because you don't know what you've got until it's gone, dummy. And for me, it's all gone," Skywarp said, smiling again. This time, however, his expression was wistful. "I'll never be able to see the look on Dirge's face again after I tape over his copy of the Godfather with Jerry Springer reruns. I'll never get to hear Laserbeak scream when he finds out I've stashed dead rodents in his room again. I'll never get another chance to laugh at two of Reflector after I just pushed the other one down a stairwell." The seeker grew serious. "I can't touch the world. Can't do much of anything, really, but float around here and occasionally taunt random guys like you who pop in here and aren't sure they want to leave. But trust me, being a ghost isn't all it's cracked up to be."

I could say much the same for being alive, Cyclonus told him.

"What would you know about it? You haven't lived a day in your life. Here you are, dying, and you don't even realize what you're losing because you're too much of a moron to actually figure out what it's like to be alive in the first place." The spectral seeker sighed. "You wanna die? Fine. I can't do much to stop you, what with being dead myself. But if you think that dying is going to make you feel any better about yourself, think again."

Skywarp's body started to fade away.

"Because if there's one thing you've got a lot of time for here, it's thinking."

2008-02-13, 07:07 PM
Air over Roadway North:

Thundercracker: "And what do we do when he's done killing Sharkticons? Hope he doesn't look at us?"

Roadway North, loping after Lorsyx:

Bludgeon ran, feeling truly free for the first time. What he'd become sickened him, all locked up in honor, loyalty, control..... Why take that path when he could take this one? Bathing in the Infernal Power that the Fallen had shown him, fire blazing in his spark(well, fire and the Spark of that Sharkticon. Not the most satisfying first meal, but things can only go up from here), part of him studying the Spark and organic fusion running after him. Now that..... THAT looked interesting.

2008-02-13, 09:23 PM
Roadway, north

The three Sharkticon vehicles drew up in a line, blockading the street. With a gunner at each mounted missile launcher and the others shouldering bazookanon, they made a thin but determined stand, beginning to lay down fire to cover Vendix's group retreating towards them.

Lorsyx, in the meantime, unaware of Bludgeon's grim pursuit, nursed his leg against every jolt as his own driver began to pull away from the fighting. Tearing a strip off his sash, he carefully wrapped his thigh, binding the metal painfully in place; there had been little lifefluid loss so far and he did not want to risk any of the shrapnel working loose. He fixed a knot, knowing he had scant chance of finding a medic to save the limb and knowing it soon might not matter much...

'Base,' he radioed. 'Withdrawing to zeta as per Final Command protocols. Please advise of status.'

2008-02-13, 11:48 PM

Weirdwolf gunned the engine as he steered the bike through piles of rubble heading towards where he could see the Air support circling.

As he flashed by a battered road sign he snatched at it pulling it out of the ground. Balancing it on the handlebars he pointed it like a lance and headed towards the action. Monzo dutifuly trailing behind in the halftrack as best he could.

2008-02-14, 12:32 AM
Upon receiving no answer, Roadblock swore to himself. "Stupid comunications units... never can rely on them. Hope there is someone left to report to, and if not- well, I can only hope the enemy doesn't notice a big, dented, and blackened construction vehicle..." Roadblock chuckled to himself. He transformed and set off towards the sound of battle in the distance.

redman prime
2008-02-14, 04:54 AM
Snapdragon labored after the .. well, whatever it was that Bludgeon was, hoping he got to witness him unleash that... whatever he just did again. That was some crazy stuff he had seen, and he had witnessed the Plasma Energy Chamber being opened; felt that bathe his body with it's energies.
Yet that still hadn't awed and intimidated him the way that the spectacle he watched earlier had. Be a sunuvagun if he turned around, eh Krunk?

Slinger struggled to his feet, leaving Starscream and going to investigate the form of Apeface, lying in a heap. Debris continued to rain down, the dust catching the light filtering through the newly created hole and dancing on hidden air currents. Pausing and watching the little things that he had never taken the time to see before was refreshing to the seeker. The smallest particles cast such an aura that made the light shimmer just so, almost as if it was alive. It was invigorating to know that there was a purpose for everything, even if they are just small things.

The vigor faded as fast as a jagged shard of glass penetrated the back of his head, shattering his brain pain. A familiar smirk reappeared across the face of the former Decepticon air units commander.

He was Starscream.
And he knew it.

2008-02-14, 07:12 AM
Air over Roadway North

"What's he gonna do, TC?" Ramjet scoffed. "Sword Boy turns inta a tank, so unless he's got a really big stepladder in subspace I don't think he's gonna hurt us too much."

2008-02-14, 07:19 AM

Weirdwolf opened a Com link to Thundercracker and Ramjet

"This is Big Bad calling Thor and Dodgem status battle is what yes?"

He called over his shoulder to Monzo

"who names these up thinks!!"

2008-02-15, 07:09 AM
Air over Roadway North

"Who are you babbling to, Wolfie?" Ramjet replied to Weirdwolf with absolutely no regard for operational security. "Battle's going fine, although Bludgeon's gone all 'invincible god of death' on us. TC thinks we all need to go hide under a table or something."

2008-02-15, 12:59 PM
Air over Roadway North:

Thundercracker: "Given the shape we're in, Ramjet....." -shakes head wearily, activates commlink- "Which one of us is Thor?"

Roadway North:

Bludgeon: -catching up to Vendix's group of Sharkticons, Hellfire streaming from his hands at them-

2008-02-15, 10:45 PM
Underground Lab

Pounce padded through corridor after empty corridor.

He opened a com link to Bomburst

"This is Tigger to Kaboom any luck finding Quintessons over."


Weirdwolf steered round a pile of rubble

"Talking you to am I code names briefing packs in were, Thundercracker is Thor over."


Another Sharkticon vanished in a cloud of vaporized metal.

The Corporal ducked for cover :"He was a fine Soldier. One of the finest soldiers I ever served with."

One of his comrades sighted his rocket launcher and fired a rocket at Bludgeon.


The second squad of Sharkticons patrolled the North Wing of the lab complex

Unit 451B gripped his rifle tight.

"this is my last assignment you know 14 more days and I'm out of the army for good.

Unit 679R nodded

"I have a half share in a drinking establishment I plan to retire soon too. Look I have a picture of it here"

Lance Corporal Biter surveyed his troops then scanned the corridor

"It's quiet...too quiet.

Unit 8561H:

"It's so pointless , i long for this war to be over."

Lance Corporal Biter frowned

"Unit 2005J wheres your dorsal armour ?"

Unit 2005J shrugged : "I never wear it its too heavy."


2008-02-15, 11:37 PM
Roadway, north

Lorsyx tried his comm again: 'Base - I am withdrawing to zeta. Please advise if controls are operational.'

He was expecting no reply, but, if someone at least heard him, they might understand what he meant to do - deploy the automated gun turrets studded throughout the City in underground bunkers and built into the encircling high walls. They might also take warning, for anyone moving at or above ground level would become a target if he suceeded.

Back down the street, the nine Sharkticons he had left were depleting their stock of bazookanon too quickly, firing over the heads of Vendix's group in an effort to discourage the Decepticons from following them in retreat. Deliberately, one of the gunners trained his weapon on Bludgeon and fired.

2008-02-16, 09:57 PM
Air over Roadway North

"Speak for yourself, Thundercracker," Ramjet said. "It takes a lot more than this to take me down." To Weirdwolf he said, "Codenames, Weirdo? Who's stupid idea was that?"

Under the City

"I am." Bomb-Burst told Pounce. "On the trail. Of one of them. It smells. Like a scientist." He hesitated slightly, but given his odd speech pattern it was doubtful anyone would notice. "If you like. You may join me. In the hunt. Tigger."

Not far away, Hypotheon radioed Lorsyx. "Last I checked," he replied curtly. "But I am nowhere near the base anymore, and everyone else there is dead. It is possible that the Decepticons have destroyed the control circuits, or modified the firing programs. Be careful."

2008-02-16, 10:11 PM
Approaching Roadway North

Weirwolf revved his engine lowering his improvised lance as he spotted a fleeing Sharkticon.

He replied to the Seekers

"Think I it was our chief esteemed counter intelligence, he himself can't help thirst for trivia has he that is undecepticon most."

Under the City

I'm going to make my brother wish i'd kill him slaggin' code names

He returned Bomburst's com

"I'm on my way."


Unit 14- Z shuffled nervously.

"We're doomed ya hear we're all doomed."

Biter laid a comforting hand on his arm.

"Don't panic lad we'll see them off I remember the time we were fighting the...."

2008-02-16, 10:30 PM
Roadway, heading south

Lorsyx picked up Hypotheon's message and clenched his fists. The base had been overrun, then, and he was probably about to commit suicide. Still, if there was even a slight chance... He sat back tiredly and gave a tight grin, almost a snarl; let the Scientists run, but he would make the attempt at endgame!

'Acknowledged,' he said into his radio. 'If all goes to plan, I will activate the Final Command protocols within fifteen time units, sir.'

2008-02-17, 02:28 AM
Roadway North:

Bludgeon: -stops as the bazookannon blast slams into the flaming corona surrounding him, smiles, fixing the gunner with Death's cold smile- "Ah. Lunch. Let me deal with your friends, and then I'll be right with you." -fixing the remnants of Vendix's troops with a hungry glare, thick, obscuring smoke pouring from the smoke ejectors in the legs of his shell adding into the smoke building up from the weapons fire- "Sharkticons, your Angel of Death is coming to feast on your Sparks." -moving into the smoke cloud-

2008-02-17, 05:14 PM
Roadblock was on his way to regroup with the Decepticons when his communications unit flared to life with Lorsyx's message. Considering how much my radio unit has not been working, he must be close for me to have picked up on that broadcast...

2008-02-17, 05:23 PM
Roadway North

Primus , guide me and protect my spark and forgive me my sins

After his short prayer the Sharkticon lunged

"retreat back to the vehicles I'll try and hold him off."

He lunged teeth glinitng as he aimed to lock his Jaws round the leg of Bludgeon's shell.

Primus forgive me for the sin I am about to committ

Time to power core over load 10 and falling

9 and falling

2008-02-18, 12:45 AM
- ? -

The Void seemed bigger somehow, more real. Cyclonus wasn't sure how that was possible, but he figured it had something to do with the real world drifting farther away from him. Or the other way around.

Good, he thought. It can all go to Unicron, for all I care. I don't have anything to do with it anymore.

"I'm afraid that won't do at all."

Cyclonus jumped at that voice, the voice, a voice that had burned itself into his mind before he was even truly born.

M...mighty Galvatron? Is that you?

"Of course it's me, you ignorant coward!" Galvatron's baritone voice was like a cracking whip. "Who did you expect? Rodimus Prime?"

No, Mighty Galvatron! Cyclonus raised his hands in protest, despite the fact that his master hadn't assumed physical forme. I just...I didn't believe... He shook his head, unable to properly articulate his thoughts. I don't understand. How could this happen? You were the greatest Decepticon ever created, the most powerful Transformer who ever walked Cybertron, everything I aspired to be but knew I could never attain. And now you're...you're...

"Dead?" Galvatron nodded gravely, which was odd given that he hadn't had a physical form until milliseconds ago. "I am. Trust me, I'm no happier about it than you are."

But how? You're Galvatron. You can't die! Cyclonus' voice was filled with disbelief.

"Even the greatest of us can be pulled down by our lessers, in the right situation." Galvatron fixed Cyclonus with a scowl that sent a shiver through the ex-Decepticon's systems. "You should know. After all, you're lying on the ground dying from a Sharkticon-inflicted wound right now."

Cyclonus cringed, even though he knew the spectre of his master lacked any substance and couldn't hurt him. Or so he thought, right up until Galvatron's left hand curled into a fist and smashed into his face.

Gah! Cyclonus flew backwards, although Galvatron's image seemed to keep pace with him just fine. Wh-what was that for?

"That," Galvatron said through a clenched jaw, "was for giving up." He grabbed Cyclonus by the arm, then hit him again. "That was for being so utterly useless that you can't do anything without me telling you that it needs to be done."

What do you mean? Cyclonus' voice had taken on a plaintive quality. What should I be doing? How have I failed you?

"You!" Galvatron slammed his fist into Cyclonus' midsection.

"Just!" Galvatron hit him again.

"Don't!" And again.

"Get!" And again.

"It!" And again.

When Galvatron finally let Cyclonus go, the smaller Transformer looked up at his master with an expression of shock. What did I do to deserve that? When have I done anything but serve you?

"That's the problem," Galvatron's expression was one of pure contempt. "Serving me is all you know how to do. Even after I'm dead, you're wandering Cybertron like a golem without a master, trying to do the bidding of someone who isn't there anymore. When I was alive I found your puppy-dog demenour endearing, but now it makes me utterly sick. I made you my lieutenant, but you acted like my pet. I needed your honest council, and instead I got mindless fawning and childish, unconditional approval. You were useless. Starscream was a better lieutenant than you."

Cyclonus looked up at his master, hurt and shame evident in his optics. But quickly, all too quickly, his gaze drifted down. Mighty Galvatron, how can you say that?

"I can say it because it's true," Galvatron spat. "Skywarp was right, you know. You are a joke. When I was alive, your fellow Decepticons were afraid enough to only laugh behind your back. But once I was gone they laughed in your face, with no regard for what you might do, no regard for the massive power you wield as a child of Unicron. And what did you do? Did you strike them down? Did you show them the error of their ways? No. You resigned. You ran away, like the useless coward that you are. And you're still running, cowering like a beaten Autobot instead of standing up and facing reality like the Decepticon that you are!"

Cyclonus's head snapped up, fury burning in his optics. How dare you? How dare you? I dedicated my life to serving you! I spent the last two years combing the planet trying to find you, so that at the very least your remains could get a proper Decepticon funeral. I took your abuse, your beatings, your insults for years, because I had faith in you to lead us to victory. And now, now you're a ghostly failure, and you have the gall to insult me?

"If you don't like it," Galvatron said, "do something about it."

For a moment, it seemed like Cyclonus would retreat, that he would crawl back into the emotional shell that he had crafted for himself. But only for a moment. And when that moment was over, he lunged forward and punched Galvatron in the face.

2008-02-19, 07:00 AM
Roadway North:

Bludgeon: -sneers as he pulls his leg away before the jaws can clamp down on them- "Such heroic nonsense." -right hand glowing, starting the spark extraction process- "Primus can't forgive you. He burns in the Pit with Unicron!" -his laugh a deep, hollow echo, taunting the lost souls in their eternal damnation sounding out of the infernal could of smoke that envelop him and the Sharkticon on which he's feasting-

2008-02-19, 07:09 AM
Roadway North

The Sharkticon took his pistol jammed it under his own jaw and pulled the trigger just as his Power core reaches critical.

2008-02-19, 07:53 AM
- ? -

"Yes, yes, that's better," Galvatron sneered as Cyclonus' blow spun him around. "Stand up for yourself for once!"

I stand up for myself all the time, Cyclonus told his late commander gravely. I have fought more battles than I care to remember!

"Yes, you have," Galvatron told him, straightening and meeting the other Transformer's gaze. "You've fought countless times for me, for other commanders, for this cause or that. But you've never stood up and fought for Cyclonus, have you?" Crossing his arms, Galvatron asked, "When was the last time you did something, not because you were told to, not because you felt obliged to, but because you thought it was the right thing to do?"

I..don't know, Cyclonus admitted.

"There's your problem," Galvatron told him. "You are the first-generation child of a god, heir to more power than any other Decepticon alive today. But you've squandered that power. You've wasted it, made yourself into a tool for others to wield when you could be so much more. You've let Gigatron use you, then run you out of the Decepticons when he had no further use for you. You've let Black Shadow manipulate you into doing his dirty work, lying to you all the while. If you plan on continuing to waste your gifts, then by all means join me in this abyss." Galvatron's optics narrowed. "But if you want to make something of yourself, if you want to prove right all the trust I had in you-"

What trust? Cyclonus scoffed. Maybe I was your right hand once, long ago. But once you met Gigatron you discarded me, tossed me aside like a piece of trash you had no further use for!

"I placed the faction in Gigatron's hands because he was ready," Galvatron said sharply. Cyclonus noticed that the late Decepticon leader's body had faded away. "He had initiative and fire and charisma and all the other things that you lacked. But he has become complacent, stale, unwilling to take risks. So I suppose the question is..."

Looking down, Cyclonus could see his own form starting to disappear.

"...are you ready now?"

Roadway North

Cyclonus' optics, which had been staring blankly up at the sky for Unicron-only-knows how long, were suddenly lit with a crimson fire.

Behind them was a Decepticon who wasn't sure of anything anymore. Not his self-imposed mission, not his lifetime of service and obedience, not even his own identity.

No, he told himself, that's not true. I'm sure of one thing. I am absolutely certain that this planet has become a complete and utter mess. Someone needs to clean it up...and that someone is going to be me.

As he climbed to his feet, Cyclonus thought for a moment that he could see Galvatron standing before him, nodding in approval. But only for a moment.

2008-02-19, 07:57 AM
Roadway North:

Bludgeon: -ground zero for the explosion, sent flying through the air, the corona around him flickering briefly before he crashes to the ground, getting to his feet, smoke coming from the joints in his armor, fixing his glare on the transports, left arm snapping up, aiming his electropulse cannon(fueled by Hellfire), roaring it's destructive fury at the Sharkticons-


Sometimes, a chance is all you need.

Bludgeon fumed. The sigil had wrapped itself around his face, cutting off his power, his ability to do anything. There were times he cursed his youthful interest in the Dark Arts, cursed the fact that it was due to that experimentation that made him, if nothing else, a ferverent disciple of the teachings of the Ultimate Warrior.

Not out of fear, as his younger self(although he had to admit it, this was probably a manifestation of his dark side) thought, but out of knowledge. This power came with a heavy price. He'd suspected it from the amount of time it took his scars from the Fallen's opening of the door to heal.

He felt it, felt his dark side, just for a second, lose his focus.......


Bludgeon: -hissing in pain as the electropulse cannon keeps firing, feeling fire race along his left arm, thinking it was just a feeling until he sees flame belch out around the bracer- "Wha...."


Silently, like a specter in his own mind, Bludgeon rips the sigil from his face and raises his right hand.

A little ways back:

The rubble stirred and shifted, falling away as Bludgeon's katana hovered into the air.

2008-02-19, 01:31 PM
Roadway, north

One of the Sharkticon gunners had opened fire with his last bazookanon simultaneous with Bludgeon's souped-up electropulse blast. The mortar melted in midair; it did not explode, just melted; and the gunner took the full-on fire and disappeared without a sound. However, the missile launcher had been behind him and it went up, flinging substantial parts of the broken vehicle into the others. Two more Sharkticons died then, struck by flying metal.

Growling wordlessly, the survivors snatched up whatever weapon was at hand, stopped covering Vendix's heavy Sharkticons and attacked every Decepticon they could draw a bead on.

2008-02-19, 05:37 PM
Roadblock heard the fire in the distance and could see the smoke. He prepared himself for whatever carnage may lay in wait, and readied his missile launchers as he crested the hill

2008-02-20, 06:46 AM
Roadway North

Cyclonus glanced at the gang of Sharkticons who had started firing blindly at the nearby Decepticons. More than a few laser blasts narrowly missed him, but Cyclonus made no attempt to avoid them. The imposing Decepticon strode calmly toward the enemies, his black beam gun in one hand and his oxidizing laser in the other. As he closed to killing range, he brought the weapons up and opened fire, precisely targeting the Quintesson soldiers' brain modules.

2008-02-20, 02:26 PM
Roadway, north

An assortment of flying destruction screamed, whined and boomed through the air heading for visible targets: Cyclonus, Bludgeon, Thundercracker, Ramjet and Snapdragon (ooc - if I've missed anybody facing the Sharkticons, forgive me and count yourself a target, too) The Sharkticons knew they were doomed and intended to cause as much damage as possible.

Three units went down as Cyclonus' deadly sharp-shooting found the mark. The remaining three had been moving to grab other weapons from their caches and, although they were all tagged, the damage was minimal. Taking note, though, they dived behind their vehicles, putting a barrier between them and the two major ground-based threats.

Roadway, sector zeta

Lorsyx grunted and doubled-over when a sharp pain bit into his abdomen. He could not feel his leg, now, but that was no comfort. There were probably micro-shards, flaking from the largest shrapnel spike embedded in his thigh, in his circulatory system. This would be the old Quintesson's last battle, one way or another...

"Faster!" he shouted at his driver, even though he was already maintaining a breakneck speed. "Take the left turn ahead and enter the tunnel!"

redman prime
2008-02-20, 05:24 PM
Starscream drug the lifeless body of Slinger out of sight, stashing the corpse in a recess of the tunnel.
As good a spot as any to stash a cadaver to figure myself out.

He trudged forward slowly, still in severe disarray. His internal systems were operating at maximum capacity to repair all of his damages, but it was akin to healing a shotgun blast with a band-aid. Spotting the body of Apeface still lying in the center of the room, he started towards it. I wonder what good he can do me?

Apeface's systems were all shut down, and if not for Spasma's quick reaction to shut down the mind meld he would be incapacitated too. But he wasn't; he was merely pinned in his shape as the head component underneath the bulk of Apeface.

Well, this is fantastic.
He began trying to see what pieces of Apeface were salvageable, and to his surprise, there was very little. The Quint poison had been very effective in destroying circuitry, which was aided in Apeface having been incredibly dirty and oily. There were that many more points of entry that the toxins could infiltrate his system.

Spasma went rigid as he heard shuffling footsteps, but he couldn't see anything.

2008-02-20, 10:42 PM
Near the Decepticon shuttle:

Black Battle Convoy, looking for targets, stiffened as he felt something crash across his consciousness.

Setting his battle platform to auto-defense mode(and knowing that whatever he felt was calling him, needed him NOW, and as handy as the trailer was, it would slow him down), he transformed, engine roaring, smoke and flame belching from his exhausts, slamming into gear, the gleaming black semi rig roaring towards Roadway North.

Roadway North:

Bludgeon: -the look on his face an odd mixture of rapturous joy, extreme anger and even more extreme pain, staggering as blasts impact against his flaming corona, each blast weakening it, a sudden, over-riding look of shock wiping the rest of the emotions from his face- "No..." -hearing the loud SSCHUNKK!!!!, looking down, seeing half the blade of the katana protruding from his chest, collapsing to his knees, then hands and knees, finally falling over on his side, the eldritch flames surrounding him fading away-

Air over Roadway North:

Thundercracker: -dodging the ground fire from the Sharkticons, checking his diagnostics- "They're trying to stop us from getting to something, Ramjet. Wanna go see what it is?"

2008-02-20, 11:39 PM
Roadblock crested the hill and saw Bludgeon fall to the ground. That looks... painful. Glad it wasn't me. Sitting atop the hill, he saw Ramjet and Thundercracker, Cyclonus, and what was left of the sharkticons.

redman prime
2008-02-21, 05:02 AM
Snapdragon was haphazardly trudging forward as the Sharkticons unleashed their deadly payload. He hurled his substantial bulk out of the way, but not quite quick enough, as one rocket clipped his shoulder and sent him spiraling sideways into an alcove. He was, however, able to peer over his new protection and witness the horror that was Bludgeon's facial contortions.
Glad I only took one rocket.

2008-02-21, 06:06 AM
Roadway North

Although Cyclonus didn't exactly shrug off the fire coming in at him from the Sharkticons, it didn't dissuade him from his attack, either. When the enemy soldiers took refuge behind their vehicles, he merely transformed to starfighter mode, hovered six meters in the air, and fired a barrage of incendiary bombs into their cover.

"Snapdragon, move to flanking position!"

Air over Roadway North

"Yeah, lets do that," Ramjet said, effectively ignoring the incoming fire from the Sharkticons as it left blackened carbon scoring on his armour. Activating his foot thrusters, he started to fly over top of the Sharkticon line.

Under the City

Hypotheon was close to the emergency vehicle hangar now. He'd just passed the last marker, and in only a few minutes he would be on his way out of this backwater city. In only a few minutes...

What was that? The scientist jumped slightly, bobbing up and down on his repulsor beam as he tried to find the source of the noise he'd just heard. But there was nothing visible in the darkness around him.

"It must be my nerves playing tricks on me," he told himself. "Just nerves."


The raspy, whispered voice seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere, all at once. Hypotheon's gaze shot around again, but again he saw nothing.

No, that wasn't quite true. He'd seen something, but the indistinct, bipedal form had disappeared almost before he'd registered it. He wasn't even sure he'd actually seen it at all.

"Show yourself!"


This time, Hypotheon didn't even bother looking. "Either show yourself, or kill me, or leave me be."

"Very well."

Out of nowhere, a clawed hand closed around the scientist's dead left tentacles. He couldn't feel them, but he heard the hiss and saw a wisp of smoke rising as acid started to eat through the flesh. He expected to die at any moment, but the grip withdrew.

"Run. For your life. Little Quint."

Hypotheon ran.

2008-02-21, 06:44 AM
Roadblock saw what Cyclonus was trying to get Snapdragon to do, so he unleashed his rockets as covering fire for the warrior, hoping to help pin the sharkticons down.

2008-02-21, 01:45 PM
Roadway, north

The tables were turned.

Crouching low behind their vehicles, the last three of Lorsyx Sharkticons were taking a serious hammering. Between them, they had a mere handful of projectile weaponry left and no option to reach the missile launchers in any operative state.

Rocket and incendaries targeted them. They had no chance...

2008-02-21, 11:02 PM
Under the City

Pounce cocked his head as he heard running footsteps

"come out come out wherever you are Quintesson I can smell you smell your fear , smell your desperation, and soon I will smell the stench of your flesh as it starts the slide into decomposition."


The Corporal scrambled behind the cover of the vehicles behind him one of the surviving troopers pushed the other into the path of incoming fire as he scrambled madly to get into cover.

The trooper threw up his arms and collapsed face down severely injured while the other swung into safety.

2008-02-22, 12:44 AM
In pursuit of Lorsyx:

Thundercracker: "I hope this works...." -transforms to fighter mode, hissing as his damage lets him know that while this might not be a terrible idea, he's had better, applying more power to his engines, roaring along the road, following it, picking up speed- "C'mon, Ramjet!"

Roadway North, inside Bludgeon's mind:

The younger Bludgeon writhed, his whole existence a world of pain. He barely looked up at the slow, measured tread that walked up to him, staring at a burnt orange greave and armored foot. "C-c-cow-ard...."

Bludgeon simply scowled down at him. "Have we finished?"

"Y-you waste.... this power...."

"I do not waste it. I channel it as neccessary. We are not the Fallen, not one of the original Thirteen. I learned that lesson WITHOUT nearly getting myself killed. In would appear, however, that some part of me never did realize this."

The younger Bludgeon snarled.

"However, I cannot excize you. You are a part of me." He reached down, grabbing his younger self, already transparent, and absorbed him into his shell.

Roadway North:

Bludgeon: -stirs slightly, running a systems check- "Well, there is a certain irony to being impaled upon my own sword........"


BBC: -roaring along, aproaching the carnage-

2008-02-23, 07:43 AM
Roadway North

Cyclonus continued to fire down at the vehicles, elevating slightly to give himself a better angle in an attempt to cause splash damage to the remaining, in-hiding Sharkticons.

In pursuit of Lorsyx

Ramjet followed Thundercracker, also transforming to vehicle mode. He immediately regretted it, as his damaged control surfaces almost dragged him down into the ground before he managed to recover.

"This better be worth all the trouble, TC!"

Under the City

Hypotheon jumped at Pounce's voice, uncomfortably close, echoed all around him.

Two of them, he thought. I'm blocked off from both directions. I'm out of options.

"No," he told Pounce. "You won't. Because I'm going to surrender, you're going to take me to your leader, and I'm going to tell him everything I know about all of our deep-cover operatives in Decepticon territory. If you kill me, the deaths of hundreds of your comrades will be on your heads."

redman prime
2008-02-23, 06:52 PM
Snapdragon was still wincing in pain as he lumbered around the position of the embedded Sharkticons. He considered transforming to his robot mode, but the searing pain in his shoulder suggested that might not be the best course of action. Claws flexing, he continued to amble towards their position as the seekers and Cyclonus rained fire down on them.

Spasma was getting frantic as the shuffling foot steps grew ever closer. What am I gonna do? what am I gonna do? was all that was repeating in his head.

2008-02-23, 11:05 PM
Tunnel system, entrance

At his word, the driver pulled the vehicle up before the two huge valves blocking the tunnel. Lorsyx tried to climb out, but his numb leg was impossible to move; he was partially paralysed. To show physical weakness to Sharkticons might well be enough to trigger their primitive urge to attack and Lorsyx knew he had to remain in the dominant position here.

"You!" he barked at one of the two Sharkticons sitting in the back of the vehicle with him. "Take this token and put it in that slot on the wall!" As he spoke, he tore the insignia off the breast of his uniform and held it out. The appointed one obeyed and the blast doors opened, clanging and rattling, to reveal an unlit extension of the tunnel entrance.

Lorsyx placed a hand on the missile he had taken from one of Vendix's troopers and ordered, "You are to remain here and guard the doorway. Driver, take us straight ahead until I order otherwise!"

2008-02-23, 11:12 PM
(whats that comig over the hill.)

under the city

Pounce grinned showing his fangs

"I think what you meant to say is hundreds more of our comrades deaths will be on our heads. Let me check. Bomburst have you got into you third hundred or are you still on your second, over millions of years its hard to keep track.

Of course now there's less of us it's harder to get away with our little hobby officers even frown on playing with a few empties.

Although we could hand you in it's always a pleasure to watch a true artist at work Buzzsaw does have a certain flair, and Beastbox has a certin naive directness that is a refreshing change or maybe you'll get Vortex now there is a mech who loves his work and he has a certain expertise with a blade. We might even get a medal or extra energon, how do you feel about a medal Bomburst?.


Roadway North

Weirdwolf reved the engine and surged over the brow of the hill and down towards the rear of the Sharkticons as they crouched sheltering from the main attack his improvised lance lowered.


Up above

The first of the Decepticon Aerial Combat Drones its IFF circuitry corrupted zoomed over the battlefield hunting for targets. The Drone(A10) circled scanning for signals.

2008-02-24, 06:43 AM
Under the City

"Medals never had. Much attraction to me. Pounce. The commanders." Bomb-Burst came out of the shadows and advancing menacingly on Hypotheon. "Seem to think. That we need. To become. More civilized." He smiled, the tunnel's meagre light reflecting off of his fangs. "A pity for them. That I am not civilized. And if I can't kill. The dregs of the city. Than I must take sustenance. Wherever I can. Which is bad. For the Quint."

The Pretender gloried in the terror that was radiating off of Hypotheon in waves.

"Would you like to carve?" He asked Pounce. "Or should I. Drink him first?"

2008-02-24, 10:22 AM
Under the City

Pounce transformed and stood bayonets glistening in each hand.

"Not so chatty now Quint what's the matter cat got your tongue, but I get ahead of myself that will come later.

He looked across at Bomburst

"Whichever way makes him last longest we wouldn't want to rush things we want this to last a long time.

2008-02-27, 05:23 AM
Under the City

"That would be. Your department. More than mine," Bomb-Burst told Pounce. "I prefer to kill quickly. And then use the carcass. To terrify others." He gestured toward Hypotheon. "But so long as. You leave me enough to play with. You may handle the killing."

The Quintesson, seemingly snapping out of his terrified daze, realized that his life was quickly coming to an end. Almost out of nowhere, one of his tentacles whipped behind his back, grabbed a pistol, and swung it up. He took aim at Pounce, the nearer of the two Transformers, and fired wildly in his general direction.

2008-02-27, 06:35 AM
Approaching Tunnel Entrance:

Thundercracker: -wavering through the air, fighting his damaged control surfaces and his damaged engines, coming up to the tunnel entrance- "Oh, no you DON'T!!!!" -opens fire, missiles screaming from his wing pylons, machine guns blazing, all aimed at the cluster at the tunnel entrance-

Roadway North:

BBC: -slides to a halt next to Bludgeon, transforms- "What happened here?"

Bludgeon: "Suffice it to say that the Quintessions have a new chemical weapon. It is damaging to regular Cybertronian systems, but the effects on a Pretender shell seem to be different than anticipated."

BBC: "Is that why you have your katana through your back?"

Bludgeon: "Yes."

BBC: -grabs the katana hilt, pulls it out of Bludgeon-

Bludgeon: -checking the shell's damage repair estimates, altering them by focusing all of it's repair functions on himself-

BBC: "I do not understand. Why did I come to assist you?"

Bludgeon: "Despite their best efforts, your creators could not quash all of Optimus Prime's nature. Besides, your training is not yet complete. Therefore, I am of more use to you alive than dead, or in a stasis chamber waiting to be repaired."

BBC: -scowls- "You read me so well."

Bludgeon: "That is why I am the master, and you are the apprentice. And, this is an unusual circumstance." -manages to roll onto his back, pull himself into a sitting position, looking at his limp left arm, the charred and blackened ruin that it is from the elbow down, the warped and twisted barrel of his electropulse cannon-

BBC: "Their weapon did this?"

Bludgeon: "No. The side effects did."

2008-02-27, 02:21 PM
Tunnel system

The Sharkticon guard, hearing engines approaching, cautiously moved back towards the tunnel entrance, gun raised. When Thundercracker's missiles struck, he was blown backwards and crushed beneath the debris which then blocked almost half the downwards sloping tunnel Lorsyx had taken.

Just a short way ahead, Lorsyx started and looked back over his shoulder.

2008-02-28, 04:30 AM
Approaching Tunnel Entrance

Ramjet saw Thundercracker opening fire and followed suit, sending twin cluster missiles flying directly toward the tunnel entrance.

After firing, he transformed, landed on the ground and charged toward the entrance, machine guns cycling.

2008-02-28, 07:00 AM
Under the City

Pounce dropped flat as the tentacle whipped round with cat like reflexes, one of his missile lauinhers skittered off into the shadows as he dropped down. The shot spanged off a beam and ricocheted harmlessly into the darkness.

2008-02-28, 02:17 PM
Tunnel system

"Faster!" Lorsyx snapped to the driver. To the gunner sitting beside him in the rear of the vehicle, he directed, "Bring down the roof behind us. I want the tunnel blocked."

The Sharkticon stood and turned the centrally-mounted missile launcher up at a slight angle back towards the rapidly diminishing glimmer of light that signified the tunnel entrance. The sound of three missiles launching was shockingly loud and, when they struck their target, echoes reverberated like thunder into the depths of the darkness ahead.

redman prime
2008-02-29, 02:28 AM
Snapdragon shielded his eyes as cluster bombs and rockets impacted on the Sharkticon's position. When he looked again, the scene waas something to behold. The quint they were chasing was out of reach; Bludgeon was smoking in a heap; Black optimus, or whatever he was called, was standing there now; the seekers were beat to hell; Cyclonus was crazier than ever; And Apeface was.. APEFACE! dammit!

Turning on his heel, he addressed the entire battalion of Decepticons before him. "Fellas, we got a man down behind us. He's the only other one of me, and we gotta get him. Who's with me?" To punctuate his position, he spat on the floor in front of him.

OOC: I am pretty sure i forgot some people, suffice it that you are in the battalion.

More explosions. always with the explosions. Starscream reached the bulk of Apeface, still crumpled on the floor. If he had the energy, he'd have kicked the horrorcon. But he didn't, so he merely pushed him over, looking for anything of value.

Spasma was ready for the nudge, but it still caught him off gaurd when he saw the foe that gave the shove.
"But you're dead! What the hell, man, you are dead!"

2008-02-29, 07:41 AM

Continued in Detente: The Congregation of the Dead (Crystal City) (http://tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?t=43131)