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2007-07-07, 09:25 PM
It is the year 2025. After the Quintessons' expulsion from Cybertron and a short period of detente while both sides rebuilt, tensions mounted and the war for territory has begun again. With Optimus Prime's recovery interrupted by his mysterious and dramatic disappearance, the Autobots' main focus has been on keeping Decepticon aggression at bay. Ultra Magnus has assumed command, though his top advisors, Grimlock and Prowl, have not made the new burden entirely easy for him to endure.

2007-07-07, 10:04 PM
Quartermaster Depot

Double hunched over a computer terminal carefully altering an electronic record . While Cross scanned the rest of the warehouse facility looking for intruders. Not that he had too much to worry about. His assignment to quartermaster duties meant he had every right to be there. Just some of his accounting methods were unorthodox.

Double tapped a key ."do you think Tap Out hass delivered the firsst load."

Cross flinched "hussssh brother remember we mussst not sspeak of thisss best just to send internal messages.

Double closed the spreadsheet

"yesss agreed , i have finisshed and before the othersss should be arriving for the game."

Cross smiled teeth exposed.

"ahh yess the gambling a mosst profitable little enterprissse even though finding venuess iss proving difficult."

Double nodded

"we musst be extras careful yess."

Cross grinned

"the sensors and scanners have all been tested thisss morning our warning ssystem will tell uss if anyone approachess."

2007-07-08, 01:20 AM
Aerospace Development Lab:

Jetfire: -fighter mode, in a wind tunnel, checking wind tolerance variables in full deploy and supersonic modes, wind screaming past him, shuts the system down and transforms back to robot mode, leaves the wind tunnel, checking the readouts along the wall- "Yes. The nose redesigns are perfect. It's beyond me why the humans retired this design." -shaking his head in mild amusement, heads over to the other side of the lab- "How's the work on the engines, Wheeljack?"

Wheeljack: -shrugs, looking up from the opened housing on the FAST-pack module- "So far, so good. Not so sure how well these will handle in atmosphere, though."

Jetfire: -nods- "I've been a little worried about that, myself. Computer simulations say that the thrust vectoring gimbals mounted in the housings can compensate, but the simulations never have to take dogfighting into account." -picking up the arm cannon packs and attaching them to his forearms- "These seem to be working nicely." -removing the arm cannons and moving over to where the helmet sits upon a pedistal- "This is giving me fits, though. The lasers aren't tracking fast enough."

Wheeljack: "One problem at a time, Jetfire. One problem at a time."

2007-07-08, 10:44 AM
Chemical Lab

Quickmix adjusted a pipette and watched as a colourful liquid bubbled through some equipment on his left.

Boomer disappeared through the french doors to one side of the lab into the garden.

Ricochet had somehow obtained plants and soil from somewhere. Boomer wasn't sure how but the once twisted wreckage of a semi demolished building had been cleared and transformed into a walled garden next to the lab. It was very peaceful with water bubbling along the bed of a stream. Another mysterious import. The garden was large its footprint having been a transformer sized building.
At the far end he saw Ricochet kneeling tending some vegetables.

Boomer was still amazed how Ricochet had achived so much but assumed that his frequent contacts with Sky Lynx , Doublecross and Hubcap had something to do with the flow of organic supplies. The only thing that looked out of place was a large blast wall a few feet into the garden shielding it from the chemical lab.

As an organic oasis on a mechanical world it had become a gathering spot for the various organics bonded to transformers.

2007-07-08, 07:18 PM
Above Iacon
After barely escaping sixshot,Cloudraker and fastlane desperately try to keep their ship in orbit.

Cloudraker:"Oh this isn't good"

Fastlane:"Just relax bro.I got everything under control."
Explosion is heard

Fastlane:"What was that?"

Cloudraker:"We lost engine 2"

Fastlane:"Perfect" He said sarcastically

Cloudraker"We have to find a place to land or we're slagged"

Fastlane:"I'm on it"
The ship shakes

Cloudraker:"We just lost all power"
Ship corkscrews violently

Fastlane:"WOOOOOOOHOOO!" He said with excitement

Cloudraker:"I'm bailing out"

Fastlane grabs jet pack while Cloudraker transforms and flies out of the ship.

Cloudraker:"Get out of there Fastlane"
Fastlane flies out just as the ship bursts in flame

Cloudraker:"That's the last time I let you drive.

Fastlane:"Hey, at least we aren't in that fireball right now.

Cloudraker:"I guess you're right.

Fastlane:"We need to find a repair bay around here.

Cloudraker:"Yes.I need some CR time myself.

2007-07-08, 07:23 PM
Wheeljack's Lab:

Ironhide: -leaning against Prime's mostly completed trailer, scowling-

Nightbeat: -going over the floor("Yet again", he thinks to himself)- "We've been over this a thousand times already. We've gotten all the evidence we can get."

Ironhide: "So, ya got awl th' evidence, don'cha? Why can't ya tell me where he is?"

Nightbeat: "All the evidence can tell me is who took him. And given the fact that this is Wheeljack's lab, we can safely assume that whoever knocked out Minerva and Wheeljack wasn't a local. Nobody in their right minds would come near this place, unless they were out of towners. Way out of town, in fact.

Ironhide: "Ah still think th' 'Cons're b'hahnd this."

Nightbeat: "Do you honestly think they would have kept quiet about it? This is the same group of maniacs who sent the Mayhems into Fort Max to kill a few of their traitors, and launched an all out attack to cover it. They'd have let us know long before this, shipped his body back piece by piece. But in the end, it's still better accomplished by just having, say, Gigatron stride in here and blast him."

Ironhide: "That's th' other thing Ah can't figger out. Why'd Minerva'n' Wheeljack keep him here so long?"

Minerva: -walking into the lab- "You're leaning against the reason. Thanks to that trailer, we know he's still alive. Otherwise it would have died itself by now." -scowls- "We were having a hard enough time getting his power systems stabilized. The problem's fixed, but now he's not here to connect to it."

Ironhide: -pushes away from the storming out of the lab- "We gotta fahnd him. We're gonna fahnd him. An' Ah'm gonna do real bad things ta whoever did this." -transforming as he gets to the doorway, engine rumbling as he rolls away-

Nightbeat: "I'd really hate to be whoever did this if Ironhide ever gets his hands on him."

Minerva: -opening one of the storage units, rummaging around- "Or her."

Nightbeat: "Given how heavy that CR unit was, probably them." -looks over- "What are you looking for in there?"

Minerva: -pulls out a couple of bulky containers, pushes the storage unit door shut- "Wheeljack's helping Jetfire with his upgrade. He said he needed these to fix what could be a major flight issue." -holds one of the containers out- "Want to carry this one? They're kind of heavy."

Nightbeat: -takes the container- "Might as well."

Target Range, Debris:

Roadbuster: -checking his sights- "I don't get it."

Stepper: -looking over at Roadbuster(on his left), his right hand suddenly holding a plasma pulse blaster, targeting, and blasting six shots down range, hitting the Decepticon(Astrotrain, to be precise) target silhouette center mass, head, left shoulder, right shoulder, left hip, and right hip, reholstering the blaster, the whole process happening in the span of a second- "Get what?"

Roadbuster: "Would you stop doing that?"

Stepper: -grins-

Roadbuster: "It wouldn't be so annoying if you would at least look at the target." -holds up assualt rifle- "And what I don't get is why the sights on this keep misaligning."

Stepper: -shrugs- "Vibration, probably. I thought you'd be more concerned with the sights on your laser rifle. It's got better range."

Roadbuster: "It's a lot better for sniping, certainly." -pulls linear blaster cannon- "And don't get to cocky. Those plasma blasters of yours might be rapid fire, but when all's said and done..." -aims linear blaster cannon at the Decepticon(Gigatron) target silhouette, fires, obliterating the upper half of the target and the framing piece it's mounted in- "I'll stick with what I've got."

Stepper: -nods- "To each his own. Although we might want to look into targets with heavier armor."

2007-07-08, 07:31 PM
Wheeljack's lab
After a short distance,the duo finally make it to the Wheeljack's lab

Cloudraker:"Power's at 55%.How about You?"

Fastlane:"I'm at 50%.My armor is toast."

Cloudraker:"Ah,yes.we're here."

Fastlane:"It's about time"

Cloudraker:"Hello?"He yelled

2007-07-08, 10:28 PM
Target Range, Debris

Scoop glanced over at the other two. His weapons flew to his hands and he triggered one shot from each. His hands ablur of movement, 4 targets disintegrated in a flurry of splinters. 3 Seekers and a cut out of Soundwave. Two of them had a gaping hole in there centre and the other 2 a neatly drilled hole between the eyes. There was a flurry of movement and he had a nebulan on each shoulder.

"definitely need something more substantial maybe some wrecked air cars or something."

Overdrive hurried in

"Clearance has come through the powers that be have said we can use that building complex in Sector Gamma they're going to knock down for demolition practice. "

2007-07-09, 03:32 AM
Wheeljack's Lab:

Nightbeat and Minerva: -on their way out of the lab, stop when they see the Clones-

Nightbeat: "What are you two doing here? You're supposed to be in Valvolux with Grimlock! You're in the Lightning Strike Coalition, aren't you?"

2007-07-09, 03:51 AM
Wheeljack's Lab:

Fastlane:"We were untill Sixshot came outta now where and attacked us and chased us all the way out here.

Cloudraker:"Now our ship is destroyed and we're badly damaged.
Fastlane's arm falls off

Fastlane:"Well that's not good."

2007-07-09, 05:14 AM
Target Range, Debris

"I don't see the point, really," Whirl called out to Stepper from the bench he was stretched out on. "I mean, you'd just destroy them anyway." The gangly Autobot shrugged. "We should really think about upgrading this place to full-holo. It'd be a lot cheaper in the long run, and we could spend the savings on even more guns."

The Wrecker's head tilted to the side, suggesting a pensive expression. "In fact, I ordered a set. They never turned up, though, and the Quartermaster's office has no idea where they went."

Warehouse District, Iacon

"You got the goods?"

"You got the cash?"

"Of course I have the cash," Hubcap said impatiently. "You and I both know I have the cash. And if this load is as good as the last shipment you rerouted for me, pretty soon you're gonna have the cash."

"Smart mech," the other Transformer said. His posture and general appearance suggested a janitor, and it fact that was the job he performed in the Iacon Quartermaster's office. But his real job was as one of many suppliers to Hubcap's black marketeering ring. Popping open the case he was holding, he said, "Here you go."

"A dozen top-grade holoprojectors, by the looks of it," Hubcap nodded. "Good work. I'll pay you the agreed-upon rate." He held out a credit chit, which the other Transformer eagerly snagged away. "Pleasure doing business, as always," Hubcap told him as he took the case and started to walk away.

"Glad to hear it," the janitor told him. "Give my regards to Black Shadow."

Hubcap's stride broke, just noticably. "I have absolutely no idea," he said without turning around, "what you're talking about. And neither do you."

Maccadam's Old Oil House

"Oh, how sweet it is..." Cosmos reclined in his chair in a busy corner of the bar, watching the traffic go by. His fellow Autobots, neutrals, and even the occasional Decepticon passed by, and he shot all of them a friendly glance. Most of them didn't respond in kind, but he didn't care; the mere fact that he had a chance to sit around in a bar for once was reason enough to be happy.

When a familiar face passed by, though, he didn't hesitate. "Hey, Blue! Get over here, you!"

Bluestreak turned in his direction, shot him a grin, and headed over. "Cosmos! Good to see you." He looked the smaller Autobot over. "And you're looking a bit different these days, too, I see." He chuckled and gestured at his own body. "But then, I'm no one to talk, I guess. Things sure change quick, eh?"

The talkative Autobot settled into the the chair across from Cosmos. The spacefaring Autobot propped his feet up on the table and practically beamed.

It's good to be among friends again...

(OOC: Any Autobots with nothing to do, feel free to join in. :))

2007-07-09, 07:14 PM
Wheeljack's lab:

Cloudraker:"Come on Fastlane,let's go get that arm fixed."
The clones limp down the hall.

2007-07-09, 11:12 PM
MacCaddam's Old Oil House:

Hot Rod: -lounging in a chair near the bar, drink in hand, watching one of the sports channels displayed on one of the many TVs behind the bar- "Times like this, I wish I was still human. I could really use some hot wings....."

Target Range, Debris:

Stepper: "Holo-matter targets? I don't know. Probably work better, but wouldn't be as much fun. No actual sense of destruction, no burning armor or synthpaper."

Roadbuster: -optic band narrowing- "Now why would there be so much trouble getting holomatter projectors? Even with our usage needs, they shouldn't be that hard to get." -looks over at Whirl- "Did they tell you anything at the Quartermaster's office?"

Wheeljack's Lab:

Minerva: -puts the other crate of parts on top of the one Nightbeat's already holding, takes off after the Clones- "Come on. Let's get you two over to the medbay."

Nightbeat: -straining under the load- "What about me?"

Minerva: "Get those to Wheeljack. He's with Jetfire in the Aerospace Lab."

Nightbeat: -staggering away- "And I'm just lucky enough to be the one to get there when something blows up....."

Aerospace Development Lab:

Jetfire: -lowering the helmet onto his head, the visor synching to his optics, targeting reticles coming up for the dual mount lasers on the sides of the helmet- "Okay, Wheeljack. Hit it."

Wheeljack: -hits a control, a holographic Laserbeak appearing in the air and flying lazy circles around the room-

Jetfire: -tracking the hologram, smiling beneath the helmet- "All right....... It's working! They're tracking the way they should be."

Wheeljack: -having gone back to working on the heavy cannons(one each booster) on the FAST-pack- "There's one problem solved. Now, the question is, can the helmet handle the rest of this stuff?"

Jetfire: -opening a panel on the side of the helmet and tapping a button, watching the weapons indicators light up in his HUD- "Okay.... not reading connect status on the plasma cannons for my arm mounts. Which makes sense, since I don't have them on. Not reading connect status for the FAST-pack heavy particle cannons. Again, makes sense. Now, let's try this...." -attaching the plasma cannons to his forearms, nodding as the status reads CONNECT- "Okay, they're linked....-" -his arms snap around- "Wha-"

-door slides open-

Nightbeat: -staggers in- "You guys needYIPE!" -ducks, the plasma cannons roaring, the blasts slamming into the wall behind him-

Jetfire: -fighting his arms, sparks flying out of the vents on the helmet, the visor going dark as something burns out, removes the helmet- "You okay?"

Nightbeat: -ducking behind the crates he's brought- "Depends. Is it safe to come out?"

Wheeljack: -leaping out from behind the FAST-pack construction, moving over towards the crates- "All right. You brought 'em. Jetfire, my boy, this is definately going to fix that flying in all this gear in atmosphere problem."

Jetfire: "It should be, Nightbeat." -taking the arm cannons off- "Sorry about that. The targeting system;s got a few bugs in the IFF programming."

Nightbeat: "Lovely. "I'm going to go hide somewhere now. Probably far underground." -turns, runs for it-

Jetfire: -sighs-

Wheeljack: -rooting through the crates-

Jetfire: "How are you going to be able to fix a control surface problem?"

Wheeljack: -holding up a couple of boxes- "Simple. These'll kill your inertia. So the gimbals mounted in the FAST-pack boosters will be able to compensate as replacements for your vertical stabilizers."

2007-07-10, 08:42 AM
A private club, Border Regions

~About One Year Ago~

(communicating through silent transmission)

<“Well, I just performed a radial scan of the area. Bunko is definitely still in there. He’s not alone.”>
<“Escape route?”>
<‘We saw to it. Communication has also been disabled.”>
<“I'm impressed.”>
<“Sigh, I still can’t believe we’re doing this. ISS head is going to be irate. We’re already committing several counts of misconduct and…”>
<“Yeah, yeah.Look, Bunko's all out of recourses. This is as good an opportunity as any. It’s now or never. You ready?”>
<“Do try to be a bit more diplomatic this time. This needn’t end in carnage. You know, “set to stun.”>
<“Uh huh. I’ll be sure to do that once were being shot at.”>


Inside, a bartender stands idly behind a counter placed adjacently from the main entrance of the club, absent-mindedly cleaning a small container. It was a slow evening.

It was a place where wealthy criminals came to openly network, though few know of its existence. The club itself was adorned with new and expensive art and furniture, though the classy facade did very little to disguise the shady intentions of its regulars. Near the bar was a doorway to the club’s V.I.P. section, which was closed with two thuggish mechs keeping watch on each side of the entryway.

With no warning, the front door of the establishment was torn away from its hinges and sent hurtling towards the bar. The entire club gasped in unison as it turned it gaze to the three figures brandishing Autobot insignias standing at the door way.

“Who the frag do you think you are!” the bartender shouted. “This club ain’t open to the public, let alone you.”

On cue, the two bulky guards standing by the V.I.P. entrance, along with two other thuggish characters that were positioned elsewhere, advanced on the three visitors.

“Streetwise. Groove,” one of the Autobots said. “Get these goons out of my face.”

Following suit, Groove, an Autobot scout fashioned primarily in white, and Streetwise, an interceptor primarily fashioned in red and silver, quickly drew up their respective weapons and fired a twin electrical torrent of energy at the two assailing goons, stunning and incapacitating them before either could reach the club’s entrance.

While Groove and Streetwise attended to the additional guards, the third Autobot, who went by the self-designation Blades, made his way to the V.I.P. room.

“Don’t do it,” the bartender warned.

Retrieving a rifle from under the counter, leapt in front of the doorway, blocking Blades' path. “I got no qualms handing you over to the authorities with an oily stump where your head was. Now, slag off!!”

As Blades, maintaining a level of cool disinterest, continued to advance, the bartender repositioned the nozzle of his rifle - pointing it at the Autobot's head. But before the service-bot could pull the trigger, Blades, in a startling swift arc, unsheathed one of his rotor blades attached to his back and severed the bartender’s hand clear off, inadvertently causing the rifle to fire off on the bartender’s foot. Blades 'sheathed' his blade all before the severed hand flopped to club room floor.

“I am the authority, idiot,” Blades sneered at the bartender who was now writhing in pain on the floor behind the bar-counter.

“Aw, for Prime’s sake, Blades!” Groove moaned. Blades, ignoring Groove, kicked down the metal door to the V.I.P. room. “We’re the good guys, remember...Sigh, nevermind.”

“Knock, knock!” Blades called out before entering.

The room was dimly lit, filled with more expensive furniture. At the other end of the room, a single revolving chair was positioned behind an oblong shaped desk. A cybernetic figure, thin in exo-structured frame, sat motionlessly and partially shrouded in shadow.

“Nice little racket you got going here,” he continued, “Guess hallucinogen simulator racket has been good to you, eh Bunko?”

As Blades drew closer, his target became clearer with each step. “You’re under arrest - and trust me, you don’t wanna-” Blades choked midway, stopping several paces away from his quarry.

A shotgun rested against Bunko's chest with the barrel pointing upward to what was left of his chin. Little remained of the drug lord's head, certainly nothing recognizable, except the jagged remnants of his jaw line.

“Aww, spawn of a glitch!!!”

2007-07-10, 06:59 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

"Careful whatcha wish for, man..."

Jazz put a hand on Hot Rod's shoulder, smiling affably as always at the young cavalier, his friend and former leader.

"Might jus' get it! Yo barkeep! Gimme a double-tall slider, hold the cesium nitrate!"

Jazz shot a wave across the bar to Cosmos and Bluestreak while taking the seat across from Hot Rod. He leaned back casually and nodded at the screen with the game.

"Who you rootin' for?"


Training Facility: Gym

Six eighty...ONE! Six eighty...TWO!

His mind was entirely focused on the weight above him as it pressed toward and away from his chest in rhythm with his respirations. The burning in his servos was intense, but not as much as his will to be free from the pain. He felt as though he weren't even in control of the situation, that the suffering was just fate, that he couldn't actually stop it if he chose. The thought never entered his processor. Quitting was for losers.

Six ninety...NINE! C'mon... seven hundred!

The spotter droid helped the weight onto the stand behind him, and Blaze sat up and rolled his shoulders gingerly. Two or three more sets of that and he could hit the track.

2007-07-10, 07:22 PM
Target Range, Debris

Whirl shrugged. "They tell me that the black market for the things have gone crazy over the last few months, and that someone probably walked away with them." He turned to meet Roadbuster's gaze. "I'd point a claw at Hubcap, myself. That little dwarf is always up to something, but he's too shifty for anyone to ever pin anything on him." He shrugged again. "I'd go and shake him down, but he gave me a deal on a new set of emitters for my null ray module and some spare parts for your linear blaster cannon."

Maccadam's Old Oil House

Catching sight of Hot Rod and Jazz, Cosmos waved at the other Autobots. Then he flagged down a wait-bot and grabbed another glass of the Chromate petrochemical brew he was drinking.

"So where have you been?" he asked Bluestreak. "Haven't been seeing you around much these days."

"I was up in Protihex for a while," the gunner told him. "I thought...I dunno. Figured it might be a good place to settle down and try to start up my import/export business again."

Cosmos nodded sagely. "Why'd you come back?"

Bluestreak shrugged. "I'm not sure. It just didn't feel right. I...I signed up to fight the 'Cons, you know? After what they did to Praxus, I promised myself I'd fight until I saw the end of them. As much as I'd like to go back to a normal life, I just can't do it while Gigs and his posse are sitting in Darkmount, plundering small towns and plotting Primus only knows what."

"Can't argue with that," Cosmos told him.

Warehouse District

"I can't believe you talked me into this."

"Yes, you can. You love it."

Smokescreen sighed. "Ransacking the private property of a junior officer without a warrant? Not exactly my idea of a party, Crosshairs."

"I can finish the ransacking myself, if you'd rather go." The Targetmaster peered inside another crate. "Power cells for a standard Decepticon laser rifle, by the looks of it."

"And a case of Skuxxoid sensor drones," Smokescreen reported the contents of his own case. "No, I'm not going anywhere. It's a good plan. I just don't like it."

"What's not to like?" Crosshairs popped open another crate. "A bunch of plasma projection video screens. It'll work."

"Oh, I don't doubt that." Smokescreen popped open another case. "No clue what this is. Components for a cloaking device, maybe? Rifling through Hubcap's stash is going to make him jump, that's for sure. And if we're lucky, we'll make him jump in an arrestable direction. But if we get caught, we'll be the ones in the brig. Prime might have forgiven something like this, but Magnus won't take it lightly."

"Well, then..." Crosshairs started subspacing a selection of weapons and ammunition, "it's a good thing we're done. Grab as many useful or expensive things as you can find, and lets get out of here. Oh, and plant the holo-cam, please. I want to see the little criminal jump when he sees what we've done with the place."

2007-07-10, 09:26 PM
Main Quartermaster's complex, Iaacon.

Doublecross prowled the lines of racking searching for a particular pallet. He'd been reviewing some of the paperwork in his office, after a very good run at Black Hole which had left him several 100 shannix richer when the anomaly had come to his attention. Someone was trying to run a scam in his warehouse
amateurs at least he only funneled Con surplus and near obsolete but still perfectly functional gear to Derby or at least that was the plan if Derby got the message he had sent via Tap Out

His head swiveled and he looked up at the shelf on his left.

"Tthhiss iiss iitt."

He lifted his left hand up to the label stuck to the pallettes wrapping. eyes glowed on the back of his hand. The hand snorted plumes of smoke from nostril vents just above the nuckles.

"yess thiss isss it some fool wants us to believe that the sssstandard ssshipping sssize hasss gone down from 50 units to 46."

2007-07-10, 09:40 PM
Target Range, Debris:

Roadbuster: "You've got a point, Whirl. You've definately got a point." -looks over at Stepper and Scoop- "So if we want to find out what's going on, maybe we should ask our own way. Have either of you, or have you, Whirl, gotten anything from Hubcap?"

Stepper: "Personally, no. If I need anything, it's usual stock gun parts from the armory, or a coolant overhaul and general maintenence for Nebulon in the medbay."

Maccaddam's Old Oil House:

Hot Rod: -waves back at Cosmos- "Neither, really. Just watching. I think they call it 'footy'?"

2007-07-10, 09:58 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Glyph stood inside the doorway and paid absolutely no attention to anyone. She continued to stare at the image on her datapad, but it still meant nothing.

She had been dysfunctional... An accurate summation, but she still disliked the word. And its connotations. The only points of reference she had were the datapad, the repair bay and Maccadam's.

The Medic had been sympathetic: "Your memory stack has been wiped, possibly by a datasyphon, which is not a pleasant experience. Technically, you shouldn't be here."

"However," she had said. "Here I am."

"But why outside Maccadam's?" The Medic shrugged and leaned over to tap the datapad she held. "That was found intact beside you, but all recordings have been jemmied. We only managed to recover that because it hadn't been downloaded from the photoreceptor."

Glyph continued to stare at the small screen: Why would anyone take a picture of a few simple power cells?

She looked up hopefully as a shadow fell across her...

2007-07-10, 10:12 PM
Wheeljack's lab:
The clones limp down to Medbay.Cloudraker is full of dents. Some of his armor is totally gone.His face has a large cut from flinging shrapnel.Fastlane's left arm is gone.He is full of dents.His left leg appears entirely crushed but is somehow still operating.

Cloudraker:"Hey Fastlane,do you remember the last time we were here?"

Fastlane:"Long time Cloudraker.Long time."
Large bang is heared

Cloudraker:"What was that?"

Fastlane:"Probably Wheeljack blowing up the lab."

2007-07-11, 04:06 AM
Maccadam's Old Oil House:

Tracks: -standing behind Glyph- "Hello." -sees the datapadd- "Are you lost?"


Minerva: -following the Clones in- "You guys realize Grimmy'll probably eat you when he catches up with you, don't you?" -running a medscanner over the two of them- "All right. Get on the tables. This is gonna take a while."

2007-07-11, 04:16 AM

Fastlane:"I don't think Grimlock will even notice.He was locked in battle when we last saw him.

Cloudraker:"We'll probably head back to Valvolux once we're both repaired."

Fastlane:"Not me.I'm heading to Maccadam's for change once we're done.

Cloudraker:"No Fastlane.We're going to Valvolux.

Fastlane:"Can we at least get a quick drink?"
The clones get on the table

Cloudraker:"NO!How long is this going to take Minerva?"

Aero Blade
2007-07-11, 04:17 AM
A couple doors down from Wheeljack's Lab...

It had finally be a long time coming, but everything was finally how he liked it. It wasn't too particularly hard to get the space, but getting all the equipment had been the challange these past years, and all the preparation was done. Aero Blade finally had his own workshop.

Aero Blade hadn't been much of one to go about requisitioning equipment, so the majority of his time had been spent manufacturing it al himself, especially since most of it wasn't readily availaible and at least half of it was things most people hadn't even seen before - custom tools and machines built for specific purposes. Aero preferred it that way, since it meant he knew exactly what the tools would do and to what degree, not having to figure out a new machine. He could just get right into working without the experimentation period that oculd take too long.

With just a few final adjustements and arranging to be done, Aero Blade looked up briefly at his other companions. The only ones that had been allowed in during the set-up time had been his partner Stratus and the con-former Dirge. Aero Blade still was having a time adjusting to Dirge's new form, even though having seen it for a while. After the last major war, Dirge had needed some serious reconstruction, and the medics had gone about updating all his equipment.

But he was still the same bot as before, that's what mattered to Aero, even if he had to get used to the new appearance. All that time in the medbay had also given him time to adjust to the medics and get over his nervousness around them. If only Aero Blade could do the same....

Pushing thoughts of self-pity out of his mind, Aero Blade continued to finish up the final adjustments for his workshop. He had to get ready to work if need be.

2007-07-11, 07:30 AM
Iacon Medical and Research

The view from the 12th floor of IMR building, located near the center of Autobase, is indeed a breathtaking sight. Considering who the mechanoid might be, from this height, the city below might resemble the inner-workings of a complex organism as the thin streams of neon lights rush along the highways and roads below in all directions, eventually meeting with some structure or other. Not unlike circuitry connected to vital components, serving its own predetermined purpose, keeping the system as a whole functional.


It wasn’t too terribly long ago when the city itself didn’t bustle with so much life. The Quintesson occupation was over and, naturally, at a tremendous cost; a battle that ended by legitimizing the victor’s position as the one and only elite. The alpha. Self preservation on a nationalistic scale, plain and simple. Now, the great cities of old thrive once again, while the mechanoids below began to forget and resume their lives. Of course, Ratchet knew that he was just as much of an accomplice in the scheme of things, considering that the very life he preserves, and even being an active participant in the age old conflict, perpetuate this hegemonic drive for supremacy.

Yes, it is hard not to have such thoughts when one has such a magnificent view, as Ratchet sat in his revolving chair facing the large window of his high-rise office. Hard to stay humble sometimes, and yet, equally difficult not to resent the lofty privileges that he has.


Ratchet rotated his chair back towards his desk, reached over to one corner and slowly slid over a thin and transparent datapad. As Ratchet absentmindedly fidgeted with it, data-streams, reports, and various itineraries scrolled along its screen.

“Hmm, busy week.” He muttered to himself.

As Ratchet continued to skim over reports, a cheery, tinkery tune chimed from the holo-emitter sitting at the other corner of his desk. Before Ratchet could answer, a projection of Inferno’s upper half appeared before him.

“Ratchet, just where I'd thought you'd be. Pourin’ over medical reports,” the search and rescue officer jeered, “Wouldn’t have pegged you an office stiff. Not hands on, yah know.”

“Hello, Inferno,” Ratchet cordially replied, “So, what can I do for you? Or did you just call to heckle me?”

“Heh, heh, you know me," he smiled. "Seriously, you need to get out. Y’ all gonna bust gasket if you don’t ease up. Where’s the Ratchet of the old? You know, the one that was always up to no good?”

“He has more pressing obligations since he became of he heads of this institute, that’s what.” He smiled back. “And “gasket”? Seriously, Inferno, you need to catch up on your Cybertronian physiology.”

“Sure thing, doc.” Inferno rolled his optics.

At that moment, the door to Ratchet’s office slid open and First Aid sauntered in, stopping in front of the former war medic’s desk.

“Uh, could you hold on for a klik, Inferno?” Ratchet said. “Hello, First Aid….oh, Inferno you know First Aid, right? He’s my apprentice.”

“Pff, of course ah know him. Age must be catchin’ up with you, Ratchet.”

“Hush...Anyhow, what do you got for me, First Aid?”

“Well, I have the usual,” First Aid handed Ratchet a datapad, “There’s a few reports requiring your review, and, umm, oh, oh, and also you have a meeting with the heads of the Research department, in regards to funding the CNM project.”

“Great,” Ratchet unenthusiastically replied. “I just LOVE reverting to a pandering sub-routine.”

“Now, now, Ratchet.” First Aid conciliated. “You know how important this is. We both put far too much work into-”

“Aw, geeez!!!!” Inferno interrupted. “You both are borin’ the blazes out of me. Well, that settles it, you guys are comin’ out of tonight - kickin’ an’ screamin’ if need be. Now, shut yer traps, close down everythang yer doin’. I’ll be downstairs waitin’.”

Since Inferno wasn’t allowing any room for debate, Ratchet responded in a suiting manner. “Where did you have in mind?” he said

“Ah, that’s the spirit!!” Inferno cheered, “Where else would we go? Maccadam's! Now get movin”!”

2007-07-11, 07:54 AM
"Greetings," Glyph said to the tall mech standing smiling down at her. She considered his designation (Autobot), then went on: "I'm afraid I don't recognise you and, yes, I would appear to be very, very lost."

2007-07-11, 05:54 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Jazz kicked his feet up and watched the game, tilting his head slightly to answer Hot Rod.

"Yep, that's it. I always had a soft spot for Arsenal, but ya can't go wrong cheerin' on Manchester United. They're the guys in the white 'n' black."

Jazz smiled at the wait-bot when his drink came, and he tipped handsomely. He took a good long swig, keeping the canister to one side of his face so he could watch a penalty kick.

"So what's crackin', bro?" he nodded toward Hot Rod. "Ain't seen you round in a while. Guess guys like us don't get much time off."

2007-07-11, 10:07 PM
Target Range , Debris

Scoop shook his head

"I've got an in with Quickmix he does me bespoke parts in a special alloy although i think Ricochet's done some deals with him for that garden he's got going isn't that right Holepunch?"

Holepunch looked up from his perch on Scoop's shoulder

"That's right he's been getting stuff in from Hubcap, Doublecross and he's got some kind of thing going with Sky Lynx."

2007-07-12, 02:20 AM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

The green triple-changer could not believe how much the place had changed since he last saw it. What had it been, two or three years now, maybe more? He still wasn't sure if coming here was a good idea, but after having recently met up with his old friend Blurr - quite by accident - as he passed through Altihex, he thought maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to catch up with the other Autobots, now that he was here.

If they are still around, he hoped.

"Come on, Blurr, I don't think Maccadam's old Oil House will harbour too much trouble."

"I hope your right Springer, I really do, I wouldn't want to meet up with another group of 'Cons the same way we did at Altihex," Blurr replied, standing by his friend's side.

"We'll keep an eye out, but for now it looks safe enough." Springer walked towards the entrance of the Oil House, and opened the door. It had only taken him an astro-second to gauge the general inclination and mood of the popular hangout as he surveyed the room.

Then, stepping quietly but confidently towards the front bar, Springer made his entrance. Blurr, Cybertron's fastest land-based Transformer, followed closely behind.

Aero Blade
2007-07-12, 02:26 AM
Aero Blade's Workshop

While the finishing touches were all being worked out in Aero's new work space, one of the entrance doors slid open as a new form poked its head in to look around. "What? The doors are actually open today?"

"Hello Hound," Aero Blade called in an almost tired tone. Though Dirge had been the only one allowed in, the scout and his target master Spike had managed to sneak in a few times, much to Aero Blade's puzzlement. He suspected Dirge had let them in, but seeing as how he had no evidence to this he couldn't call the seeker on it. Maybe he should set up some security cameras...

While Aero remained occupied aside from the initial greeting, Dirge headed over to give the scout a better greeting. "I think he's finally just about done in here, though he'll still find reasons to keep at it for a while," Dirge started. "Where's Spike gotten to?"

"Off visiting relatives for a bit," Hound answered. "Said something about a reunion, but he's due to be back later today..." Hound trailed off, watching Aero Blade as he continued going about his tasks in the workshop, in what might almost be a zombie-like state. "How long has it been since he was last out of here for anything?"

After a couple of moments to consider the question, Dirge gave an akward frown. "I can't remeber."

"Alright, that does it, you're both on a manditory break time," Hound declared.

"We'll never get him out of here, I've already tried it," Dirge answered. "He's very good at evasion..."

"Oh don't worry, I think I know what we can do..."

Aero Blade had moved onto putting away a few items into the storage area and one of the times he exited the smaller room and looked up to take stock of things he realize his friends had dissapeared on him. Even Stratus was missing, leaving Aero Blade wondering what had happened and with no-one to ask about it. Aero Blade considered it only momentarily, then shrugged to himself as he went to go retrieve another box from one of the larger piles. They'd likely be back soon enough, he could ask about it then.

Aero Blade paused at the pile of boxes, his processor briefly considering that the pile didn't look the same as before. Dirge might've moved them around when he wasn't looking - he'd just have to sort it out in the storage room. Giving the matter no more thought, Aero Blade reached for the next box to carry off.

It was when his hands passed through it that he realized something was wrong, and though he jerked back immediately, he found himself pulled forward instead as something seized him. As he passed through it, the holographic boxes dissapeared as Dirge and Hound's grins became visible, as well as the two of them holding him firmly by the arms, preventing escape.

"You've been working too hard Aero! It's time for a little vacation, and I know just the place," Hound told the tech, he and Dirge starting to lead him out the door, despite his resistance.

"Come on guys! I've still got work to do, lay off!!" Aero protested.

"You've had years to work, time to use up all those untouched days off," Dirge answered.

2007-07-12, 06:07 AM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Cosmos sent a friendly nod in Springer's direction, not bothered by the fact that the former Wrecker hadn't been seen in almost five years.

Bluestreak was indifferent to the triplechanger's appearance, but was quite pleased to see Blurr. The fast-talking Autobot was one of only a handful of comrades who could out-do the gunner in a chatterbox contest.

"Good to see you guys," he said, raising his voice so he could be heard over the general din of the bar.

Target Range, Debris

"I buy weapons components from him all the time," Whirl told Roadbuster with a shrug. "Some of the more...arcane toys we've got stashed around here are a tad difficult to find spare parts for. Like that Pathblaster, for instance..."

The Wrecker tapped his claw against the wall a few times, thinking. "You know, this'd all be a lot easier for us if we had our own unit quartermaster..."

2007-07-12, 08:00 AM
Debris , firing range

Overdrive nodded at the blue wrecker's suggestion.

"that makes a lot of sense got any mech in mind Whirl?"

2007-07-12, 10:55 AM
----------Maccadam's Old Oil House----------

It's been couple years since reclaimation. The red tank minibot
did not change much still talkative, suicidal, eager to fight and ofcourse care for his chest gun as his life. Coming back at his homeworld is what he wishes best. Even better now Cons become his enemies again like the life he used to live several millions years ago.

Warpath then joined Cosmos's table
as the waiter walked pass him he said. "Pure oil no more no less." He pulled off his mouth plate and turned to Jazz
"Am I the only one here who cheerin AC Milan?" Suddenly a person that just joined the table caught his attention. ""Aye! Springer! Never thought I would se you again."

2007-07-12, 12:00 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Blurr noticed Bluestreak across the room, even before the mech had yelled out his greeting. Blurr could not even recall the last time he had spoken to the gunner, but looking at him now, it seemed like they had never really parted.

Blurr rushed toward him before anyone else noticed he was here.

"Blue, my good friend, I can't tell you what a pleasant surprise it is to see you here - I really thought I would never see you again after all that's happened on Cybertron! First Springer, and now you - oh and look there's Jazz over there with Hot Rod. Oh I must say hello to them all, I really must. I wonder if Perceptor is here too, oh and Ultra Magnus and Blaster!"

Springer meanwhile, simply smiled at the data courier's excitement; Blurr was a great friend. He noticed that the minibot Cosmos had given him a nod, as if to say, fancy seeing you here. Well he couldn't blame him; just suddenly showing up like this would be a bit of a surprise, to say the least.

The former Wrecker heard his name being called, and realized it had come from none other than the eager and highly strung red minibot, Warpath, who had just joined Cosmos. He walked over to their table.

"Well I'm glad you still remember me, Warpath," he replied with a grin, while acknowledging Cosmos with a nod.

Then Springer focused his attention on two of his long time friends near the bar, and decided to surprise them.

Pulling up a chair, he quietly took a seat near Jazz and Hot Rod, and waited to see what their reaction would be when they noticed his presence.

2007-07-12, 07:07 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Jazz shot a wave across to Warpath.

"Hey, 'Bot! I never knew you follow football! See the World Cup semi-finals last year? Germany kicked some can..."

Jazz trailed off when he spotted Springer himself approaching. He took another swig on his slider, using the can to hide a grin.

"Hey Rod, you know this guy?" he thumbed jokingly at Springer, trying his best and failing to stifle a playful snicker.

2007-07-13, 04:24 AM
Maccaddam's Old Oil House:

Hot Rod: "I hear you there, Jazz. If it's not Ironhide tearing up the floors looking for Prime, it's Magnus running us hither, thither, and yon to keep the peace." -looking over at Springer with a smirk- "What do you think, Springer? Prime's missing, Magnus and Grimlock are likely to be locked in mortal combat at any moment, and Ironhide's anxiety levels over Prime's disapearance are reaching the Red Alert zone. And you wander in after Primus knows how long. Where'd you go, anyway?"

Tracks: -sighs theatrically- "I knew I should have hired a better publicist. I'm Tracks. And, as I have nothing else to do right now, what say we find what you've lost?" -smiling at Glyph-


Minerva: -working on Cloudraker- "If you two will be quiet, it shouldn't take long at all."

Aerospace Design Lab:

Jetfire: -working on the helmet- "There. I think it's fixed."

Wheeljack: "And I've got the drive units finished. Want to give it a test run?"

Jetfire: -putting the helmet on, clipping the plasma cannons onto his forearms, Wheeljack helping him into the FAST-pack, , chuckling as all of the weapons systems synch to the helmet interface, turns to Wheeljack- "How do I look?"

Wheeljack: "Like a hood ornament."

2007-07-13, 06:42 AM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Cosmos sat back and listened to the conversation; he wasn't much of a football fan, despite all the broadcasts he's picked up in the years he'd spent in Earth orbit. He'd always preferred slower-paced games like baseball.

The spacefaring Autobot nodded at Warpath and raised his glass in his friend's direction.

Bluestreak gave Blurr a grin and shrugged. "Magnus is probably too bogged down with paperwork these days to come out and play with us guys, but I'd really be surprised if Blaster isn't hiding in here somewhere."

The talkative Autobot walked over to Jazz and leaned casually on the table he shared with Hot Rod. "Hey there, boss guys. Either of you seen our friendly neighbourhood tapedeck around? This place could use some tunes!"

Target Range, Debris

Whirl turned to look at Overdrive. "Not really. All the best weapons officers and acquisitions guys are too important for us to just steal these days. Crosshairs is a line officer, Doublecross is running the Quartermaster's office here in the city, and on and on."

The gangly Autobot shrugged. "We could always offer the job to Hubcap, I suppose. He wouldn't be much good in a fight, but he'd get us the supplies we needed. And we could be fairly sure that he's not going to steal from us if he's a part of the team."

Quintesson War Memorial

It had taken him years to complete, a private masterpiece that he had worked on only in his spare time, when more important construction work, repair projects and combat deployments weren't calling for him. But despite the piecemeal work schedule, Fortress Maximus had finally finished it.

The Quintesson War Memorial was a simple steel slab, planted square in the middle of a pad of smooth, fresh concrete wide enough to land a starship on. It was plain silver for the most part, but decorated with black edging at the top, the bottom and the sides.

Despite its simplicity, it was huge, over four times the size of the massive Autobot and twice as wide as it was tall. It had to be; etched into its surface were the names of every single Autobot, Decepticon and neutral who had died during the Quintessons' invasion, their occupation, and the war that had ousted them from Cybertron. And although building the Memorial had in and of itself been a significant task, collecting that list had been even more trying. Simply knowing that so many of his brethren were gone, their sparks extinguished forevermore, would have driven the Headmaster to tears had he been equipped for it. Thankfully he wasn't, though, so he was able to maintain a certain level of respectful decorum as he looked upon his work.

"Rest in peace, my friends."

2007-07-13, 07:19 AM
Iacon Security Services HQ - Outside Red Alert’s office

~About One Year Ago~

Groove, Streetwise, and Blades sat in the reception room outside Red Alert's office; the room was thick with the apprehension. Periodically, each would would look up from their own private thoughts and glance towards the closed door of security director’s office.

“They sure have been in there for awhile,” Groove spoke up, finally breaking the unsettling silence.

“Sigh, great. Now we have internal affairs venting down our necks,” Streetwise moaned. “I haven’t seen Red Alert this furious in quite some time. I don’t think any of our testimonies satisfied him...Hrn, I can’t believe this,” he threw an icy glare in Blades' direction. “Hmph. Then again, yes I can.”

“Pfft, whatever,” Blades venomously spat back. “We were so within in reason. Hot Spot will come through. He’ll get it dismissed.”

“Blades,” Streetwise countered. “All this goes against sting procedure. Plus, we were hardly subtle. I mean, damn it, the suspect killed himself upon our arrival! And why the hell did you do that to the bartender?”

Groove looked down at his lap. “I knew this was a bad idea..."

“Seriously, Blades,” Streetwise interrupted, his tone rising to an angrier octave. “This gross dereliction of duty, this fraggin’ vigilantism nonsense that you seem to subscribe to is getting real old, you know that? We face several counts of misconduct all because...”

“Oh, come off it!” Blades snapped in retort. “No one said you had to come along.”

“What?! It was mine and Groove’s assignment to track Bunko, then report back. The case was entrusted to US! But you decided to stick your olfactory sensors where they were not needed.”

“Streetwise, Blades, please,” Groove calmly intervened. “This isn’t helping our case any further. It’s in Hot Spot hands now. Hopefully Red Alert will be lenient.”


Red Alert’s office

Meanwhile, behind the closed door of the security director’s office, the Protectobot field commander Hot Spot, now a high ranking captain at the ISS, argues his case to a very displeased Red Alert.

The room is dimly lit, only the two Autobots, standing underneath a hanging overhead lamp are visible to the naked optic.

“Oh, do indulge me, Hot Spot. You’re doing a rather poor job supporting your request for dismissing the investigation of you subordinates," Red Alert rapped his fingers on his desk. "The ISS spent several cycles on this operation alone – vorns and millions of credits. Here, we finally have a connection, after meticulous planning and stealth, and, in only a breem, we lost it ALL, because a few unsupervised members of your unit decided to break protocol," the security director slammed his hand down. "Explain to me why I don’t shutdown your unit all together, since you continue to sanction the conduct of one its members - other than the alibis you and three officers in question have been giving to me?”

“There's no excuse, Red, and I take full responsibility of their actions,” Hot Spot answered.

“Altruistic as always. You truly do make a fine officer," Red Alert smirked. "But please, Hot Spot, I know this is not a reflection of your leadership, but the rest of the department heads may not see it that way. This isn't the first time this has happened. I can't turn a blind optic to it any longer."

"Yes, I know."

"...I may have no choice but to shut down your department. I’d prefer it not come to that. The Protectobot unit in particular has been essential to the city-state's security - we all know this - but I have to consider the interests of others as well. The security department a whole could lose additional funding. Try to look at the larger picture."

“Sigh, I understand," Hot Spot ruefully shook his head. "But, I’d like to request that the charges against officers Streetwise and Groove be dismissed. Their records speak for themselves.”

“Of course. I’ll see what I can do," the security director nodded. "And Blades?"

“I'll take care of it, Red. Don't worry.”

“Good, then it is settled.”

2007-07-13, 08:02 AM
Maccaddam's Old Oil House

Springer laughed. "Man it's so good to see you again, Jazz! You haven't changed a bit, have you?" The good-natured triplechanger was genuinely pleased to see the saboteur. It felt just like old times.

He turned his attention to Hot Rod, and a more serious expression overtook him. He understood the former leader's reservations, but was glad to see him nonetheless.

"I needed to lay low, I guess. After what happened back on Earth, I just needed some time out, you know? Think things through... " Springer trailed off, not very comfortable with the topic of conversation. "But I heard what happened to Prime - and I thought you guys could do with a little extra help."

Blurr, meanwhile, had also joined the little get together.

"Jazz! Hot Rod!" He greeted them happily. "How long has it been? Too long, too long if you ask me."

2007-07-13, 09:20 AM
Target Range , Debris

Overdrive nodded,

" there is a shortage of supply types but i'm not sure about Hubcap i don't think Espirit de corps will outweigh the profit margin in his processors and i don't trust him as far as i could throw the poison dwarf."

There was a movement from Scoop's shoulders

Holepunch was waving

"me and Tracer could do the job we've been kicking our heels plus i'v e got the organisational skills and he's got the criminal mindset, give us the right equipment and we could go out there and get scrounging."

2007-07-13, 06:07 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Jazz' smile never left him. The moment seemed to last forever as he reflected on the beauty of it - friends, drinks, and a minute away from the war. What more could an Autobot ask for?

"Blaster? Tunes?" Jazz scoffed. "Heck, Bluestreak, me 'n' him both know I got the better collection! I got everythin' from Miles Davis to Marilyn Manson. Whatcha in the mood for?"

Jazz extended the speakers flanking his hips and put on Motorhead's Born to Raise Hell. At least until somebody would complain... Before anyone could, Jazz spotted another old friend.

"Sup Blurr! Good ta see ya, buddy. Hey," he pointed around the table. "What's everybody drinkin'? I'll buy. Yo barkeep!" Jazz glanced at the bar and raised a hand high. "Round on me, cool?"

2007-07-13, 08:09 PM
Glyph stared at the picture. A picture of a few power cells. Obviously, that meant something. She did not even recall if this was her datapad. Tentatively, she shifted her bright yellow optics back to Tracks.

"You are kind, Tracks," she told him. "But I am not at all sure you can help me find what I have lost. You see - I have lost myself."

She extended the datapad.

"The last memory I can positively identify is watching an open-air production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. That was one point two four vorns ago, on the planet Earth, where I was studying cultural development. Everything since then has been taken from me. I do not know how I returned to Cybertron nor what this image is supposed to mean."

2007-07-13, 08:58 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

the doors slid open and Quickmix sauntered into the bar.

"Good day old chaps."

2007-07-14, 03:24 AM
Maccaddam's Old Oil House:

Hot Rod: -chuckles- "Don't be so serious, Springer. We're here, it's a party, and for the first time in a long while, we aren't getting shot at. Tonight we party, for tomorrow we get run around all over again." -looks over at Blurr- "You got that right, Blurr ol'buddy. It's been far too long." -looks over at Jazz- "So, do you take requests, Mister DJ?"

Tracks: -looking at the picture of power cells- "Is there anything else in the datapadd's memory, Glyph?"

Outside, Iacon:

Jetfire: -transforms to fighter mode, picks the appropriate music track("Voodoo Child", by Rogue Traders), kicks his main engines to full and sets the FAST-pack SCRAMjets to standby, rocketing forward, SCRAMjets spooling up and roaring to life as he pulls up sharply, rocketing into the air and, uncertainly, activating the inertialess units, then starting an Immelmann turn- "YYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -the lazy turn becoming an instant 180, trying to compensate as it suddenly dawns on him what Wheeljack meant by 'inertialess', screaming towards Valvolux at better than Mach 6 and accellerating in an uncertain corkscrew pattern-

Wheeljack: -on the ground, watching through a pair of binocs- "Maybe I should have explained it a little better....."

Security Office, Iacon:

Ironhide: -sitting at his desk, going over for the millionth time what scant video footage they've got of Prime's abduction, the miniscule pieces of evidence, fighting the urge to beat his head against the wall-

Jetfire: -screaming(literally and figuratively) past the window-

Ironhide: -doesn't even notice-

Aero Blade
2007-07-14, 03:37 AM
On The Road

Hond and Dirge had managed to convince Aero Blade to come along with them willingly for the break, which made things much easier and fasteer since they were all able to go in vehicle mode isntead of dragging the tech all the way to their destination. After the trip, they all stopped and transformed outside of a very specific building.

"Maccadam's Old Oil House?" Aero Blade asked credulously as he read name of their destination.

"You've never heard of it?" Hound asked in mild disbelief.

"I wasn't exactly one to go exploring around Iacon back home..." Aero Blade answered.

"I'm not suprized," Dirge answered. "No-one ever drag you out of your workshop for some fun before?"

"Has nothing to do with that, and before you ask, no I do not want to discuss it," Aero Blade answered, blocking off any chance for further questions. "Alright, I've seen the place like you wanted, I'm going back now."

As Aero Blade started to turn to leave, though, he found Hound and Dirge taking hold of him again.

"Oh come on! You've come all this way, you can't just go without seeing what it looks like inside," Hound started.

"And if you go inside, you might as well have a drink," Dirge added.

Aero Blade started to protest, but already he was being ushered inside by his friends before there was a chance for anything otherwise. Hound was pleased to note how many familiar faces were in the place tonight, Jazz, Springer, Blurr, Hot Rod, and Bluestreak, among others. He tried to wave to and greet as many of them as he could going past, but the main goal for him and Dirge was getting Aero Blade to the bar to get him settled in.

Hound and Dirge easily chose out and ordered their drinks, but by the time they'd been served, Aero Blade was still staring at the list.

"Not sure what you want?" Hound asked. "Go ahead and get anything. It's on my account remember. Worth it to see you relax for once."

Aero Blade donned a bored expression, giving Hound a sideways glance. "I don't even know what any of this stuff is."

"You've never had a drink?" Hound asked. He knew Aero was a bit on the younger side, but he found it hard to believe. Then again, with what they had to go through to get him here, perhaps that was part of the reason. "Better start him off with something weak. Anyone got any suggestions?" Hound called aloud to the others present.

"Weak? We need to give him some strong stuff, get him acclimated," Dirge answered. "He's got catching up to do."

"It doesn't work that way and you know it," Hound answered, looking over to Dirge. "You just want to see what he's like drunk."

Dirge was taking a long sip from his drink, probably to cover his expression momentarily while he adjusted it. Once he was done, though, a slight hint of a mischievous smile still remained. "Maybe."

Hound rolled his optics momentarily which served to make Dirge more amused. "You know it's probably the only way we're gonna get him to loosen up. You've seen him work - he's relaxation impared."

"Or unpracticed," Hound added, becoming a bit amused himself. Aero all the meanwhile sat at the bar with his same bored expression, contemplating the use of one of his smokescreens to slip out, though he wasn't sure if there was any other exits...

2007-07-14, 05:51 AM
(OOC: This is my first post, so if I make a mistake please PM me with it so I can fix it)

Broadside stepped off the lift as lightly as his large frame allowed, glad to be back in Debris. Knowing his fellow Wreckers, he made for the firing range. Sure enough his sensors detected voices from within the room. He walked into it proclaiming loudly,

'By Primus it's good to back, you guys have no idea how bad it was flying around space. You guys know how much I hate flying, having to do it for several cycles chasing after every Decepticon in the army, my gyros are still trying to recalibrate themselves.'

2007-07-14, 08:50 PM
Maccaddam's Old Oil House:

After First Aid and Ratchet met up with Inferno in the lobby on the first floor of the IMR building, the three reverted to their respective vehicular modes and drove straight to Maccaddam’s, with the occasional protest from First Aid along the way.

Upon entering the seemingly popular establishment, the three stood together at entrance allowing their sensorial functions take in their surroundings.

“Lotta folks here tonight,” Inferno said over the muddled sound of clubroom chattering, “Lotta of ‘em I know too. Well," he clapped his hands "I better let ‘em all know that the festivities have just started.” he looked to his side"Hey Ratch…where did he go?”

Inferno swung his head left to right ti ascertain Ratchet’s whereabouts.

“Umm, Inferno,” First Aid politely tapped on Inferno’s shoulder. “He went off in that direction.”

Inferno optics followed First Aid's pointed a finger in the direction to where Ratchet had situated himself. Having squeezed his way through the swarm of patrons, Ratchet had found his way to one edge of the bar and was waiting to make his order.

“Heh, heh, go figure,” Inferno smiled, “Ah knew he needed an excuse to cut loose.”

“Oh, I hope he paces himself,” First Aid fretted. “He has several appointments tomorrow and-”

“Then he can reschedule. He is in an executive position, after all,” Inferno blurted out. He then grabbed First Aid’s upper arm and forcefully tugged him along into a crowd. “Come on. Yer comin’ with me!”

“But, but, but, but-”

"Don’t you argue with me, boy. I won’t have you bein’ a wallflower.”


Meanwhile, Ratchet signaled one of the bartenders over and proceeded to make his order. “I’ll have 3 double shots of Megameister, with a enerstout chaser, to start,” Ratchet cheerfully ordered as he handed the bartender his credit chip.

Inferno's evaluation was indeed accurate, it had been quite awhile since Ratchet was able to enjoy himself, what with his obligations at the IMR, a position which he is quite passionate about, but draining all the same. Ratchet was reveling in the moment, just like the Ratchet of the old.

“Just keep it on an open tab, please,” he said told the bartender.

The service-bot placed three empty shot glasses and a single short glass of enerstout in front Ratchet and began to poor a luminous liquid into each empty container. In a quick motion, Ratchet inhaled each shot, than took a huge swig from the glass of enerstout before slamming it back onto the counter top. Ratchet, who barely winced at the acerbic flavor of the initial three shots, signaled the bartender to make him another.

“May I please have another?” He smiled.

2007-07-14, 11:09 PM
Target Range, Debris:

Stepper: -looks over at Overdrive- "Poison dwarf? What the slag is a poison dwarf?"

Roadbuster: -looks over at Broadside as he walks in- "Hey, 'Side. Long time no see. We're not active at the moment, so your gyros should recalibrate fine before we go on a mission......" -if he had a face, he'd be smiling- "I think I've got an idea."

redman prime
2007-07-14, 11:19 PM
Wheeljack's lab
Swerve walked into the lab that Jetfire had until moments ago been occupying along with the resident-owner, Wheeljack wiping his hands on a towel.

"well, I closed the book on that carbon-aluminum sheathing for the laser rifles i've been tinkering with, and I really think it's going to make them sturdier and lighter. Hey, where'd Jets go?"

Maccadam's old oil house
Groundshaker sauntered into the rapidly crowding saloon and wove his way through the throng of much larger robots and pulled a stool on the back side of the bar, eyeing up the football game on the tube.
to no one in particular but anyone who was listening, he chirped, "shame about Arsenal, they just had to part ways with one of their old players grandkids. Alberto Henry was no Thierry, sadly."
Imparting what small amount of earth knowledge he had into the conversation, he took to waving his small hand in a vain attempt to attract a wait-bot.

2007-07-15, 02:05 AM
Iacon Security Services HQ - outside Red Alert’s office

~About One Year Ago~

After a long and agonizing wait, the door to Red Alert’s office slid open and Hot Spot slowly stepped out, his optics averted from the three Protectobots waiting in the reception room.

All at once, Blades, Streetwise and Groove gaze darted to the office doorway, silently expecting the worst from Hot Spot. When the captain did approach, the three nervous Protectobots immediately stood up from their seats.

“Hot Spot,” Streetwise finally spoke up, breaking the unnerving silence. “We apologize for any inconveniences that our actions have caused and await judgment.”

Hot Spot remained silent, struggling to articulate what he knew needed to be said. He cleared his 'throat' and said, “Streetwise, Groove,” the distress in his voice did little to put either ‘bot at ease.

“Yes, sir.”

“...Right, I'll just get the the point; because of your past exemplary performances, both your cases have been dismissed. You will be placed under scrutinized probation until further notice, upon which your case will be reviewed by the probation board to have it lifted. Any questions?”

“No sir.”
‘Umm…that’s it…I mean, no.”

“Oh, don’t worry Groove,” Hot Spot cocked his brow, reaffirming the gravity of their punishment. “I’ll be keeping close watch of every minuet detail of your performance during your probation. You won’t be getting off that easy. Guaranteed."

"Y-yes. Of course," Groove stammered.

"If there isn’t anything else, then you are both dismissed.”

Streetwise and Groove, though relieved by the ruling, turned their gaze towards Blades with optics that may as well have said, “make way. dead-mech walking”.

“Groove. Streetwise. Leave us now,” Hot Spot barked.

Both immediately heeded to their superior and left the room, leaving Blades and Hot Spot alone in the reception room. Neither of them looked at each other.

“This is it, huh?" Blades said calmly. "Well, let’s just get this over with."

“You put me in a really bad position today, Blades.” Hot Spot told him. “This just adds to your list of violations, flagrant disobedience, and various other allegations of misconduct. We’ve turned a blind eye to these indiscretions just long enough for the department heads to take notice.”

“We?! And what? Now you’re pandering to them to prevent decommission, is that it? Pfft, for Primus sake," Blades scoffed. "When the hell did this happen? Since when were we lackeys to the damn-"

“Sigh, Blades, you're missing the p-”

“Cut to the chase, Hot Spot!”

“You've been discharged," he said quietly. "The ISS wants you out."

“So that's it, huh?” he sneered.

Reaching into a compartment on his hip, Blades produced a small datacard - a gold metal Autobot badge clipped to its side - and tossed it violently at Hot Spot’s feet.

“Fraggin’ coward,” he growled, before he turned and stomped angrily away from Hot Spot.

"Blades...wait, please!” Hot Spot called out.

“Go to hell!” Blades yelled back as he continued his way to the exit.

2007-07-15, 05:42 AM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Bluestreak smiled as Jazz started to fill the bar with blaring music. "Good man!" he said, shouting to be heard over the song. "Keep it coming!"

The gunner grabbed a fresh drink from the bar, then leaned back on it and enjoyed the tunes. Seeing Hound lead his group in, he gave the trio a wide smile.

"Get an ethanol," he said to Aero Blade. He shot Dirge a conspiratorial glance. "It's a good drink for lightweights."

Cosmos, grateful to Jazz for buying a round for the house, dropped a dish of energon goodies on the special ops officer's table after he picked up a fresh brew. Then he threw a big grin at Quickmix and beaconed him over. "Good to see you, perfesser! Grab a drink and join the fun! Jazz is buying!"

Target Range, Debris

"Works for me, Holepunch. You two would certainly do a better job of it than me, anyway." Whirl shrugged. "What do you guys think you'll need?"

He turned and waved one claw lazily in Broadside's direction.

"Well, if it isn't our own private bring-down generator," he said cheerfully. "Get in here and help with our scheming already!"

He turned back to Roadbuster. "Well, spit it out, chief! Or, you know...the closest us mouth-challanged guys can come to spitting, anyway. The suspense is killing me."


Sealed in his office, Crosshairs watched the video feed from Hubcap's warehouse with ill-disguised glee on his face. On the screen, the Minibot was running from one ransacked crate to the next, throwing his arms up in the air and making all sorts of concerned noises.

Don't like that, do you? Then maybe you should think twice before you rob from everyone else.

Security Office

Smokescreen knocked on Ironhide's door, then casually ducked his head inside.

"Got a minute?"

2007-07-15, 07:13 AM
Broadside entered the room and moved next to Roadbuster, towering over him a little. He's incapable of displaying emotion on his face as well.

'Bring down generator! And you say you're a friend, Whirl,' he said indignantly before turning to Roadbuster

'Spill the oil, but if it involves flying I'm out,' Broadside's tone was more light hearted.

2007-07-15, 08:43 AM
Target Range, Debris

Overdrive looked at Stepper

"little fellows yellow skin, about so high."

He made a gesture with his hand.

"from the planet Farang i think , met them in the epsilon sector, fanatical devotion to trading and profit, got a bite thats deadly to most organics, thus the nickname."


Holepunch thought for a moment .

"We'll need transport, hmm a hover truck maybe , cargo handling gear and some personal holo projectors, really good ones to start with."


Quickmix smiled

"thank you old chap."

He moved over towards Cosmos' table

"I could put my hand to making up some cocktails , whatcha think bit of a speciality don't you know."

2007-07-15, 05:38 PM
Security Office:

Ironhide: -not looking up, still going over everything- "Yeah. What's up, Smokescreen?"

Target Range, Debris:

Roadbuster: "It's simple. Whirl actually hit the nail on the head, but I wouldn't trust the guy any farther than I could place kick Iacon. My main concern here is making sure we have an uninterrupted supply line. So we simply threaten him into it. Our orders go directly to him. If we find he's been skimming equipment off of what we're supposed to be getting...... Well, all kinds of bad things could happen."

2007-07-16, 05:18 AM
Target Range, Debris

Whirl shook his head in mock disgust. "You're no fun at all 'Side."

He turned to look at Roadbuster. "That's fine by me. I don't think Hubcap'll be able to get us everything we need, but Scoop's little buddies can figure out the sort of things we need to go to him for, and what they can grab themselves."

He glanced over his shoulder at Holepunch, and if he'd had a mouth he would have been grinning from ear to ear. "And the first order he's going to get from us is for all of that equipment you figure you'll need to set up shop. And if he wants the holoprojector investigation to go away, he's going to give us a good rate. Sound like a plan?"

Security Office

Smokescreen strode into Ironhide's office, casually noting the decor as he made his way to a chair, reversed it, and sat down.

"Your friends are starting to worry about you," he said with a bluntness he figured the other Autobot would appreciate. "You're driving yourself into Red Alert territory with your investigation, you're not getting anywhere, and you're starting to scare the troops. You need to gear down a notch or two."

2007-07-16, 10:06 AM
"There is nothing more," Glyph told Tracks with a kind of savage bluntness. "The memory circuits have been physically removed. Along with my own recent memories."

She tapped the picture with one delicate blue finger.

"These are quite ordinary Decepticon weapon power cells, but of an older type than most recently in use. The casing is obviously a corborundum-berylium alloy. Probably manufactured in Kalis."

At times like this, she wished she could pull a grimace, but face-plates do not allow that, so she managed a kind of shrug instead.

"Not that I would normally indulge, but I feel I need a drink..."

2007-07-16, 04:45 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Jazz munched on an energon mini with a nod to Cosmos and washed it down with a swig of his slider.

"Hey, you follow football too, Groundshaker? We oughta start a league! I got a couple regulation balls in a locker someplace. You'd be a killer forward, tell ya what."

Jazz turned his head to Hot Rod with a grin.

"Sure do. Whatcha feelin'?"

2007-07-16, 11:43 PM
Target Range , Debris

Holepunch grinned

"lets go put the fear of god into him."

Scoop nodded slowly

"maybe we should bug him or his offices i'm sur ehe'll be working on some angle as soon as we step outside his door."

2007-07-17, 12:31 AM
Maccaddam's Old Oil House:

Hot Rod: -shrugs, taking a heavy slug of his drink- "Jazz, I think I'm feeling.... Disturbed. What do ya got from them?"

Tracks: -looking at the picture- "Well, it's a start. Let me buy you a drink, and we've got a start point. Kalis." -sighs, looking back at Glyph as he heads towards the bar- "I can put you in touch with a detective, although he's a bit occupied at the moment."

Security Office:

Ironhide: -scowling as he looks up at Smokescreen- "Don't you think Ah know that? Ah been goin' over this ever since it happened. Ain't no way anybody local did this, an' Ah ain't got no ahdea who did it!" -seems to sag somewhat- "Ah shuld'a seen it comin'. Ah'm Prime's bodyguard, ain't Ah? Ah'm th' one who's in charge'a his personal security, an' he gets kidnapped rahght out from under me!" -sagging more, his immense age seeming to show through despite the newness of his rebuilt body- "Ah'm a old fool...... Only way ta make up fer it's ta fahnd him."


Minerva: -finishes working on Cloudraker and Fastlane- "There. You're both fixed. Now get to Valvolux. Grimlock might need a hand."

Wheeljack's lab:

Wheeljack: -having wandered back to his lab after Jetfire's impromptu takeoff, looks over at Swerve, then points in the general direction of Valvolux- "That way. At several times the speed of sound."

Heading towards Valvolux:

It was an interesting feeling, Jetfire realized. Here he was, screaming through the atmosphere at about Mach 20, wings swept back to supersonic flight mode, SCRAMjets at 50% power, but the slightest twitch of his flaps would alter his course, his inertia completely neutralized, the inertialess field reinforcing his structural integrity, letting him do insanely sharp turns without worrying about ripping his wings off. It was exhillarating. It was exciting........

It was insane.

Jetfire: -cuts power, relying on his regular engines, switching to Guardian mode, inertialess units shutting down as he lands, transforms to robot mode, helmet lasers canting forward at a 45 degree angle, running a systems check- "Well, okay, that wasn't so bad..... I guess."

2007-07-17, 02:45 AM
The clones hop off the tables and begin moving thier joints around

Cloudraker:"I feel great.Nice Job Minerva.
He feels around his face and notices a scar across his cheek
Cloudraker:"Ungh. A scar,that will heal up eventually.

fastlane:"Ya thanks.Hey let's hit Valvoux Cloudraker."

The clones run out of the room,down the hall, and out of the building

Cloudraker:"Hop in"
He transforms and Fastlane gets inside

Fastlane:"To Valvolux!"
They lift off and fly away

Aero Blade
2007-07-17, 03:52 AM
Maccaddam's Old Oil House

It took Hound a moment for his database to register the term Bluestreak had suggested, leaving him momentarily puzzled until he was able to recall the information. "Oh wait, that's an earth-type fuel, isn't it? I didn't realize we were getting imports from there..."

With the new information, Hound's attention was turned back to scanning the beverage list for anything else new he might have noticed, and as such he missed seeing the gunner's expression. Dirge flashed Bluestreak a quick grin, then make sure to disguise his expression, not wanting Hound to catch any hints when he would next look up.

Aero Blade himself still looked bored, but he hadn't made any attempts to get up since his last. He seemed to have settled on the idea that he wasn't going to get out of here without at least some compliance, so he made a motion to the bot tending the bar to go with what Bluestreak had suggested. Once the drink had been brought, Aero didn't have any of it immediately. The tech just picked it up and swirled it around a bit slightly in hesitation, as though not quite sure what to do with it, or unsure if it was safe.

2007-07-17, 07:04 AM
Target Range, Debris

"I would be surprised if he wasn't already bugged by someone," Whirl told Scoop. "In fact, with all the shady dealings he's got going on, he's probably got his own surveillance setup. Tapping into that would be a lot easier, I'll bet." The gangly Wrecker shrugged. "I'm game for the trip, Holepunch. Who else is coming?"

Security Office

Smokescreen nodded slowly.

"You're not the only one feeling that way, Ironhide. It's my job to see this sort of plot and foil it before it happens, but I couldn't do anything about it, either. Fortress Maximus was in charge of the military unit occupying the city, and they got past him, too. Wheeljack and Minerva were right there, in the lab, and they couldn't do anything to stop it." The tactician shook his head. "It's not just your fault that he's gone, old friend. We've all got to bear part of that burden. And we've all got to do our part to bring him back. It's not all on you."

Smokescreen got up. "Now, me, I've spent a long day helping Crosshairs in his personal crusade against the Space Mafia in general, and Hubcap in particular. I'm headed down to Maccadam's to unwind, and it occurs to me that you could use some unwinding yourself. Why don't you come along?" He shrugged. "Who knows? Maybe the guys down there will be able to come up with a few ideas that you've missed."

Maccadam's Old Oil House

"Officially, we aren't." Bluestreak shrugged in Hound's direction. "But a lot of the old gang took a liking to it while we were on Earth. Maccadam must've figured it would be a big seller, because he's getting it somehow. I guess it's best not to ask him about things like that."

Not far away, the bartender looked up from the glass he was polishing and said, "Smart kid."

Bluestreak noticed Dirge's grin, but kept his own expression as generically cheerful as it had been before. "Take a sip, Aero. You'll like it."

2007-07-17, 08:30 AM
Iacon Space Port

A battered weatherbeaten space craft settled on Landing Pad 3.

Tramp was back from his latest cargo run. The big triplechanger was ideal for picking up cargo where it was best not advertise the prescense of alien life forms.

He popped open his cargo hatch and his partner Derrick started unloading the cargo.

Tramp's deep voice rumbled through the tannoy in the cargo bay.

"don't forget to ship those crates to Macadam priority, he's promised a bonus on the fastest delivered shipments from Earth."

2007-07-17, 08:56 AM
Broadside listened and quickly picked up the topic of conversation. Soundings reluctant he sighed and cross ed his arms.

'Well I suppose I should come too, I'm very picky about my parts after all. Becoming a carrier wears me like you wouldn't believe.'

2007-07-17, 10:32 AM
Overdrive nodded

"if he misbehaves you can threaten to fall on him in carrier mode Sides."

2007-07-17, 03:47 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Jazz took another swig on his slider and decided he needed to slow down. He was starting to get a little light-headed.

"Disturbed?" he answered Hot Rod, switching on Down With the Sickness. "Anything from the 90s on, I got the whole discog. Most stuff before that too, but pre-digital media's more fragile, y'know?.. How's that suit'cha?"


Training Facility: Racetrack

"1.0886," the track coach buzzed.

"1.0886-what?" Blaze barked through his radio. He'd been demanding six decimal places on each lap although he hadn't needed more than four to differentiate so far.

"1.088684," the track coach sighed.

Blaze grumbled. Not good enough. Worse, he'd need to pit soon. He'd just changed his oil four laps back, but he could just feel the gunk building up again already. Two more laps, he told himself while punching the gas out of a turn. This one would be better.

2007-07-17, 09:10 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

"I very much appreciate your taking an interest in me," Glyph told Tracks. She hurried after him, becoming aware, with embarassment, of a breach of etiquette due to her continued preoccupation with the datapad. "Er, my name is Glyph. I'm an Archaeometrist."

She could hear music now, apparently being played by a large black and white mech (of course, Jazz!) who, she noted, was relaxing in a way suggestive of having enjoyed a good, long drink.

"If you are buying, Tracks, I'll have a small ethanol, please."

redman prime
2007-07-17, 11:19 PM
Maccadams ole oil house

Groundshaker took his unleaded from the bartender and nodded appreciatively before turning to Jazz.

"Well, I can play a little forward, but I like prefer a wing back spot, y'know? let me get up the line like that Danial Alves kid from Brazil a few years back. love to kick around sometime though."

Wheeljack's Lab

Swerve: "Oh.. and here he is!"

As Jetfire landed gracefully.

"Well, that inertia thingamigga work for ya? You are in one piece."

Aero Blade
2007-07-18, 04:21 AM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Aero Blade listened to Bluestreak, as well as a couple words of similar encouragement from Hound and Dirge soon after, but he still did not try the drink yet. It really wasn't that he had any concern about trying the beverage - it was the fact that the action would require removing his faceguard and exposing his face to view.

There was nothing wrong with his face, nor was there any reason for him to need to keep it hidden, but with the faceplate on pretty much only his optics were visible and for some reason he was keen on keeping it that way. Why he was so attached to the notion, he had no clue, and that fact plus his friends' continued insistance slowly began to weaken his resolve. Seeing as how they were sitting on either side of him, it wasn't as if they'd get a full view of him anyways with the rest of his cranial armor, and the bartender was now occupied on the far side attending to another customer.

Out of any reasons why to avoid it, Aero Blade finally relented, the face guard separating so that he could have a taste of the drink. Taking a long, slow sip, the tech drank about a fourth of the glass before putting it back down, not immediately saying anything. Hound and Dirge watched him for a few minutes for any signs of reaction, but not being able to pick any out, Hound finally spoke up.

"Well? How's is it?" The scout inquired.

"It tastes like fuel," Aero Blade answered genericly.

While Hound rolled his optics momentarily, Dirge made a slight face. This was going to take a bit more work than they originally thought.

"He hasn't had enough yet. Drink some more," Dirge advised. With Aero's status as a light weight and a first timer, he doubted it would take too much more for he and Bluestreak to get the results they desired.

2007-07-18, 02:29 PM
(OOC: Jetfire's somewhere between Iacon and Valvolux, redman)
Wheeljack's lab:

Wheeljack: -shrugs- "Given how fast he took off, I think it worked pretty well."

Security Office:

Ironhide: "Couldn't hurt, Ah guess." -stands- "Space mafia? Whut're they doin' here?"

Maccaddam's Old Oil House:

Hot Rod: -smirks- "How about This Moment? Or 10,000 Fists?"

Tracks: -orders the drinks- "Nice to meet you, Glyph."

2007-07-18, 05:41 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Jazz snapped his fingers at Hot Rod and put on 10,000 Fists with a grin.

"Sounds good, buddy. Next time I get a breem off work, I'll give ya a call," he answered Groundshaker's offer. "What about you, Warpath? You in to play some ball sometime?"

2007-07-19, 12:18 PM
----------Oil house----------

"Thank." Red minibot tipped the waiter as the beverage has been served. "Nothin like good ol' classic." Warpath then put his glass on table and replied to Jazz. "Always buddy! Just call."

2007-07-20, 01:43 AM
Maccadam’s Ol’ Oil House

“So, what’re you havin’?” Inferno asked First Aid.

“Oh, well, umm, I, uh, don’t know,” First Aid stammered, “It’s been a while since I had a drink. I don’t think it’s such a good idea if-”

“Geez, First Aid!” Inferno groaned. “Yer just as bad as that one kid…er, umm, wuz his name again…Hmmm, well, never mind. Waiter?!”

Inferno signaled towards a service-bot, which just happened to walk past them, over to them. “Get us two…”

“Inferno, I really don’t think this is a-”

“Bah! Don't be ridiculous,” Inferno slapped him hard on the back. “We’ll have two - hmmm, better make that four - dirty mech fluids mixed with just a touch of radium.”

“Ooo,” the waiter cheerfully replied. “Heh, heh, that’ll take your heads off! Alright, I’ll get those drinks right to you.”

“Sigh, hooo boy,”First Aid slowly shook his head, “This is going to be an interesting evening.”

“Ha! I know! It’s gonna be great!” Inferno said enthusiastically.

A few moments later, the waiter returned with their four drinks, and placed each concoction in front of them. After taking one glass for himself and placing another into First Aid’s hand, Inferno raised his glass and gestured First Aid to do the same.

“Bottoms up!” he said before taking in a large gulp from his glass.

For a moment, First Aid stared at the contents in his glass before he reluctantly raised it towards his face and took a modest sip from it. He took a moment to register the concoction’s flavor before he allowed himself to swallow it completely. Seeming fairly satisfied with it, he took another swig, this one much larger than the last.

“Hmm, you know,” First Aid lowered his glass. “This isn’t half bad.”

“Well, don’t be getting’ overconfident just yet, Firsts,” Inferno devilishly grinned. “You still have another glass.”

Meanwhile, in a separate location from Inferno and First Aid, Ratchet had finished taking his last shot of megameister, which he was barely feeling a buzz from, and turned himself away from the bar counter.

“Should have told Inferno and First Aid where I ran off too.” he mused, but soon espied their location. “Heh, heh. Hope Inferno doesn’t rough him up too much," He looked to First Aid. "Oh, First Aid. The kid is certainly passionate about his work, I’ll give him that. Sigh, I remember when I used to be high-strung like that. Of course, it helps having old friends like Inferno to keep you in check. Though, come to think of it, we used to cause all sorts of ruckus back in the day, Inferno and I.”

As he looked around, he immediately recognized several members of the crew that was stationed at Kalis during the Reclamation. Hot Rod, who was shooting the breeze with Jazz at the moment; the former-unit commander at Kalis now appeared to be in his usual form. Also nearby was Cosmos, and in a other corner of the large room he also spotted Aero Blade, another Kalis crew member being playfully harassed by Dirge (also of the same crew), Hound and Bluestreak.

Though he recognized many other faces in the club, Ratchet was most pleased to see to Dirge, Aero Blade (though, it probably wasn’t reciprocated),Cosmos, Bluestreak, and Hot Rod again, as it had been quite a while since he had seen many from that crew. It warmed him to know that they were all able to enjoy moments like this now. It is a luxury that Ratchet felt ought to be savored. With that thought, Ratchet, brandishing a huge smile on his face walked over to where Inferno was seated. First Aid at the moment was not present. Initially, the smile had alarmed Inferno causing him to look at Ratchet with a quizzical expression.

“What’re you so happy about?” Inferno inquired.

“Nothing, really,” Ratchet replied, stilling smiling, “I guess I‘m just happy to be around so many familiar faces.”

“Heh, heh. Okay. You're totally lit aren’t yah?” Inferno chuckled.

“Not really?” Ratchet answered, “Where did First Aid run off to? I thought he was with you?”

Inferno smirked, and then pointed towards the front of the club. Having heard the music that Jazz was playing, First Aid, in his inebriated state, was swaying and spinning to the Earthen rhythmic beat on his makeshift dance floor – i.e. by moving chairs and tables aside.

“Ha, ha. Guess the barriers have finally been torn down,” Ratchet laughed.

“Nah!" Inferno shook his head. “Kid’s just a lightweight, but I get yer drift.”

“Yeah, these moments are few.”

2007-07-20, 03:31 AM
Somewhere between Valvolux and Iacon:

Jetfire: "Well, all systems are still go, and my gyroscopic stabilizers are back in sync. Let's try this again." -transforms to fighter mode, roaring into the air, SCRAMjets kicking in at 25% power, heading back towards Iacon, mentally overriding the automatic command to swing his wings back-

Maccaddam's Old Oil Bar:

Hot Rod: -sits back, listening to the music-

Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead: -come into the bar, grab a table-

Siren: "I still can't believe they split us up among different units."

Nightbeat: "I'm surprised Chromedome and Hardhead are enjoying being in Grimlock's unit so much."

Hosehead: -shrugs- "They never did love the investigation part of what we did. Maybe we should have blown more stuff up."

Nightbeat: "What, you didn't think we blew up enough shuttles?"

2007-07-20, 07:37 AM
Iacon Security Services HQ - Outside Red Alert’s office

~About One Year Ago~

Following the fallout between himself and Blades, Hot Spot plopped down into one of chairs in the reception area outside of the Security Director’s office door.

It hadn’t been the first time Hot Spot and Blades had exchanged words in this manner, but it had never come to full blown suspension before. Not that the outcome surprised him, even if it saddened him all the same. What the ISS was doing, what they were hoping to achieve - Blades had no place in grand scheme of things.

Though his discharge was necessary, it was nonetheless a difficult position for an leader to make, “Blades was undisciplined, short-tempered, impatient,” Hot Spot rationalized his decision - even if it was a decision that Red Alert helped sway. ”And those are his admirable qualities.”

As he lost himself in this vein of thought, the office door slid open and Red Alert, the security director himself, stepped into the waiting room. “Oh, Hot Spot,” he said. “You’re still here?”

Snapping out of his trance, Hot Spot looked up to Red Alert as he took a seat next to him. Red Alert sat quietly for a moment, ruefully glancing to Hot Spot every few seconds.

“Umm, listen, Hot Spot,” He said gently.

“It’s okay, Red. Really it is,” Hot Spot replied reassuringly. “Was probably doing him a favor, anyway...Heh, sometimes I think Blades would've been better off with the Wreckers or Grimlock's brigade."

“They'd certainly whip some shape into your boy," the security director said sympathetically. "Seriously, though, if Blades can prove to the board that he-”

“Really, it’s okay,” Hot Spot politely stressed. “I know how much the ISS means to you. How much it means to all of us, to the people.”

“I appreciate that," the security director smiled warmly. "But, I also know how much the Protectobots mean to you. I know the transition from the military to the ISS hasn't been the easiest for a lot of us. But, I'm glad you're here."

"It's a cause I'm proud to be a part of."

"It's just that," Red lowered his head. "I don't want their to be any hard feelings.”

“No hard feelings, Red,” Hot Spot answered, a tinge of resentment in his voice. “No hard feelings at all.”

2007-07-20, 06:30 PM
Target Range, Debris

Whirl nodded. "I can imagine," he told Broadside. "Getting landed on all the time can't be much fun." The Wrecker glanced toward Overdrive. "That's crazy. And coming from me, that's saying something." If he'd had a face, he would have grinned. "I like it."

Maccadam's Old Oil House

Bluestreak shook his head at Aero Blade's unenthusiastic behaviour. This guy could teach Huffer a thing or two about not having fun...

The gunner sipped his own drink, smiling as Dirge egged on the younger Autobot to drink some more. He'll thank us in the morning, he thought. He really needs to loosen up a bit before his internal springs wind too tight and break. It's a good thing Hound and Dirge dragged him here tonight.

Catching sight of Ratchet and Inferno, Bluestreak raised his glass toward the duo.

Haven't seen so many of the old gang around in ages.

Security Office

"Profiteering, we think." Smokescreen shrugged. "I didn't think they were so entrenched here, but it looks like they've got their claws pretty deep into Cybertron's criminal underworld." He slowed his pace so that Ironhide could catch up. "Crosshairs thinks they're responsible for hijacking that shipment of relief supplies that never made it to Altihex a few months ago, but I can't imagine what they'd do with that sort of stuff. It would be hard to slip it into the black market without our police services noticing."

The tactician smiled as they stepped out of the security building into the starry Iacon night.

StoneCold Skywarp
2007-07-20, 08:13 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Sprocket slowly pushed open the door to the Oil House...

His fledgling steps on his home planet, the first in over an Earth decade, had led him to a bar ... great.
Sprocket could barely remember the time before his capture, all he now knew was that he owed his spark to Springer for freeing him from Shockwave's prison.

The rescue had not been without it's price however and the price Sprocket had to pay was the greatest and "transformer" could ever have to pay.

During his time in exile Shockwave had furthered and warped his investigations into pretender shell technology and began to replicate the effects of nucleon on a Transformer's systems.

Fortunately, the emergence of Unicron, Scorponok and the regimes of Galvatron and Gigatron meant that Shockwave's plans had never came to pass. Sprocket was left in-active in one of the tubes.

Shockwave as prepared to begin the experiment when he was stoppped and Sprocket was to be his first proper attempt at replication of the technology after many, failed, experiments.

When the Wreckers separated from the Autobot cause it was Springer, inadvertently, that freed him.

Unfortunately it was not before Shockwave's stalled experiment had been proven a success and stripped Sprocket of his transformation abilities forever.

When the machine had run it's process Sprocket emerged a changed Autobot. Faster, stronger and with a keener mind for battle.

He and Springer took it upon themselves to see that no-one else fell foul of that technology and lay waste to the entire base of operations before they "borrowed" a shuttle from the EDC and returned, as they now were, to Cybertron.

Sprocket looked around the place with a little disgust that everything had boiled down to a lack of war.

2007-07-20, 08:48 PM
Macaddam's Old Oil House

Quickmix slipped behind the bar, he nodded at Macaddam.

"Mind if I make some cocktails for people old thing, mix up some oils you know that kind of things."

2007-07-21, 12:34 AM
(Just a quick note, in carrier form Broadside has no weapons as well)

Broadside looked between Whirl and Overdrive.

'Typical, you two just want to walk all over me. Though I guess dropping on Hubcap is better than some alternatives. At least he wouldn't leave a dent.'

Aero Blade
2007-07-21, 12:36 AM
Aero Blade seemed to stay pretty focused on the 'task' at hand, taking in the drink in sips to appease friends, and as such he hadn't taken note of Ratchet's presence. Hound however had, and he gave a friendly wave to the doctor. He probably would have liked to call out to him for a proper greeting, but he wasn't sure they'd be able to keep Aero Blade in the pub at all if he found out the head of the medical department was there.

When Hound next turned back to check on how his companions were doing, he began to catch a wiff of the fuel fumes from the drink Aero had been given. Nearly done with it, the tech had set it down, and that gave Hound an opportunity to pick it up and investigate it himself. Once he had finished annalyzing it, he leveled Dirge and Bluestreak a sour expression.

"You call this a good drink for lightweights?" Hound asked in a convicting tone.

Dirge shrugged innocently. "Humans drink it," He answered. "Though they dilute it and put sugar in it, call it 'moon glow' or something..."

"Moonshine," Hound corrected, his tone and expression not having altered, though internally he was half-tempted to laugh that he'd allowed himself to be fooled so easily by Dirge and Bluestreak.

"There ya go," Dirge answered, finishing up his own drink and getting ready to order another. "Besides, not as if it's working anyways..." He noted, his tone mildly sour, observing Aero Blade. Indeed, the drink wasn't having the effect Dirge had been expecting. If Aero was begining to become tipsy at all, it was overshadowed by the onset of drowsiness.

Aero himself suspected that this was more of the creative engineering that had been done on him - already he was programmed to dislike and avoid fighting if possible - and he had experienced similar feelings once he realized they were taking him to a pub. All the other pre-programmed personality 'failsafes' having been eliminated by his friends' efforts, the onset of drowsiness was probably meant to keep him from attempting to do any work in his now impaired state, however slight it might have been. He wished he could have explained it to them, so they'd understand why he behaved as he did, but a crowded area like this was certainly not the place to be talking about things like that. He would have no idea how many of the autobots in here would react if they found out there had been a former decepticon integrated into their ranks without their knowing. Most probably wouldn't care, but some of the more agressive and suspicious ones...

As it was, though, he was finding now he wasn't as fidgety as he usually was, and he wasn't even thinking about work - a rare and unusual state for Aero. Unsure of what to do with himself, Aero Blade found himself actually looking around the building more, taking in the sights for more than just what might seem needing potential repairs (though he made sure to close his face guard again first. Some old habbits still died hard).

Hound had noticed too, and despite his irritation with Dirge and Bluestreak, the scout started to settle down again as he watched the change come over their younger companion. "Well, at least he's starting to relax."

2007-07-21, 04:22 AM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Shortly after his and Blurr's entrance, Springer couldn't help but feel a little overwhelmed by the sudden appearance of many familiar faces that followed them, and he was quickly drowned out by all the noise and ruckus around the bar that was quickly created as free drinks were being offered. Still, he kept his cool, as he accepted a drink of straight high-grade that Jazz had so generously shouted him.

Looking around him now, it was strange to see finely tuned mechs of war in such high, and intoxicated, spirits.

Except for the newest arrival. Sprocket. Springer hesitated at first, as memories of the past flooded back to him, but then approached the changed Autobot.

"Dunno 'bout you, but from the look of 'em, I'd say that they almost need another war," Springer said, nodding towards the mech-filled room.

2007-07-21, 04:32 AM

Ironhide: -walking alongside Smokescreen- "So on top'a Prahme gettin' grabbed, we got a bunch'a profiteerin' mobsters trying ta take over'r somethin...." -thinking for a moment- "These guys ain't local, are they......"

Maccaddam's Old Oil House:

Hot Rod: -looks over at Jazz when Sprocket- "Any idea who that is?"

Tracks: -seeing Nightbeat sit at a table- "We won't have to go looking for the detective, Glyph. He's right here. Want to go talk to him?"

2007-07-21, 09:41 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Removing the straw from the narrow slit at the bottom of her faceplate, Glyph looked where Tracks was indicating. There were several individuals at the table, but she instantly recognised one of them.

"That's Nightbeat," she said. "I have read several of his cases." She paused. "They usually involve quite a large amount of devastation..."

Nevertheless. pulling out the datapad, she stood up. It was imperative to find out what had happened to her and this might be an opportunity.

"Well, I suppose you had better introduce us. I only hope he doesn't laugh me out of here."

2007-07-22, 05:06 AM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Maccadam gave Quickmix a nod, but didn't look up from the drink he was preparing. "Feel free. If you do a good enough job, I might hire you as a relief bartender."

Bluestreak gave Hound a half-sincere shrug. "Aero seems to be liking it, doesn't he? And you're right, he's loosened up at least a little bit." The gunner turned to glance at the now tired-looking tech. "'Course, he also looks like he hasn't been recharging enough, but that's probably because he spends all of his time cooped up in a workshop."

"Don't talk like that," Cosmos chided Springer in a friendly tone. "We've had enough war to last us a half-dozen lifetimes, in my books." He shrugged. "Besides, this is more fun than shooting stuff."


"Some of them are," Smokescreen told Ironhide. "As best as we can tell, they're being run by an ex-Decepticon who goes by the alias 'Black Shadow'. Trite, I know. But then, I'm not a would-be supervillian."

The tactician glanced quickly in either direction, then darted through a break in traffic across a busy thoroughfare. "They've hired a lot of local muscle, too, but I'd guess that's more of a supply-and-demand issue than a preference one. But they've also shipped in some outsiders, too. I know we've got at least half a dozen Skuxxoids in remand right now who've been picked up in connection to Mafia activities, and some other aliens as well."

Shouldering open the door to Maccadam's, he shrugged. "But as to what they actually want...your guess is as good as mine. If they actually want anything other than a big pile of shanix to roll around in, that is."

2007-07-22, 10:30 PM

Bumblebee steps out of the door, with alarming news. As he steps out of the lab, he notices a bunch of Autobots going toward an old oil shack. Realizing that there is bound to be more Autobots gathered there than possibly anywhere, he decides to head off to the oil shack to tell the news.

2007-07-22, 10:31 PM

Quickmix smiled

"ok chaps what will it be.

He turned and took a lead cocktail shaker from behind the bar and started arranging a row of bottles."

"Whos for a pathblaster?"

2007-07-23, 04:00 AM
[OOC @ Maju Garzett: You're thinking big, and I like that, but unfortunately there's no way a Transformer as big as Devastator could get this deep into Autobot territory without getting nuked. You'll need to figure out another way to introduce him. :(

If you need help figuring something out, feel free to ask me or one of the other staff members. You're talking with Reflector already, I understand?]

Aero Blade
2007-07-23, 05:29 AM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

As Bluestreak said his piece about Aero Blade's tired condition, Dirge gave the young tech a bit of a grin. "See? Even he can tell, and he's only been here a short while."

Aero Blade only turned his head slightly to look at Dirge, leveling him a bored expression. "Dirge, shut up," he told the ex-con flatly, as though this was part of an arguement the both of them had already worn out. Pretending to then ignore him, Aero Blade started on his next drink. Dirge just seemed amused with the whole situaiton, but he turned his attention to calling over the bartender, seeming to be inquring about an odd item.

Hound shook his head at his two companions, turning his focus instead to Bluestreak. "I wish I could say I was suprized to see so many old friends in here, but with the way things have been going..." Hound stopped himself from continuing, shaking his head a bit to himself. If everyone was here to relieve some tension, the last thing they needed to be talking about right now was something that would stir up some more. Deciding to start over, Hound flashed Bluestreak a smile once he'd settled himself. "So what brought you in here?"

Ultra Magnus's Office, Autobot HQ

Things were not too different in his area than they had been in Ironhide's office, except for the fact that Ultra Mangus could not afford to take a break as the other could, not at the moment at least. With all that had been going on, it might have been only a matter of time before things escalated to conflict if the Decepticons got bold, and Magnus had to be ready to contend with it. The fastest way he could see to that would be to find out what had happened to Optimus, but his efforts were just about as successless, though, leaving the commander edging further and further into fustration. There had to be something they were missing, hadn't thought about yet, but they weren't going to find it this way...

Distraction soon came in the way of a visitor outside the door, the sound of the call button dragging Ultra Magnus out of his thoughts. He took a moment to rest his face in his hands, breathing out a sigh of fustration before he straightened up to make himself presentable before activating the intercome to to the door. "Come in."

Magnus silently reminded himself to later thank the builders that had goofed and made the door oversized as the form of Wing Saber slipped into the room. He still had to duck a bit to clear the entrance, but at least he was able to get in at all, seeing as how there weren't many bots with a standard size like his and Skyfire's. "Any new information?"

"Just more of the usual," Wing Saber answered, putting a collection of reports on the commander's desk. "At least things are staying quiet for now. I half expected there to be more of a ruckus with Optimus's dissapearance, though that's hardly any comfort. Just because the cons aren't making any noise right now doesn't mean they aren't planning anything a bit more quietly right now..."

"My thoughts as well," Ultra Magnus answered, getting up from behind his desk and stretching some stiffened cervos. "I"m growing weary of these reports and second hand information. Let us go investigate the scene of the incident."

"Again?" Wing Saber asked. "You have done so five times already."

"It is either that or I have this desk recycled," Magnus answered. "I've been behind it so long as to begin to develop the same contempt for it as stubborn front-line soldiers."

"I believe I can think of a few whom you might be referring to," Wing Saber replied, attempting a bit of humor in his tone to lighten the mood. "Very well, I supose we do have to check and be sure Wheeljack hasn't had any new explosions anyways. Might as well attend to two tasks at once."

2007-07-23, 04:29 PM
Mccadam's Oil Shack

Bumblebee arrives at the oil shack, and goes through the still-opened doors. He sees Hound and yells at him.

"Hey! HOUND!! We've got a big problem! Or rather 6 problems in one!" Bumblebee runs toward him. "The constucticons are headed to this sector, and they'll be here in minutes"

2007-07-23, 05:02 PM
Maccaddam's Old Oil House:

Ironhide: -thinking- "Ya know, if they're gonna make their money off'a us by causin' confusion....." -scowling- "Ah got a feelin' Ah know who Crosshairs' lookin' at. Whut say we go down there, have a lil' tawk with him."

Tracks: -leading the way over to Nightbeat's table- "Nightbeat, I know Ironhide's got you wokring on something, but if you've got a few minutes, I know somebody else who needs a hand."

Nightbeat: "I'll take anything else I can get right now. We've got no leads. Zip. Zilch. What do you got?"

Tracks: -indicating Glyph- "This is Glyph, and she's got a problem that she needs help with."

Nightbeat: -looks over at Glyph- "What's wrong?"

2007-07-23, 05:57 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Glyph stared at Nightbeat. She had never imagined him quite so... beat. He reminded her of...

Her thoughts trailed away; best not to think about him right now.

"I do indeed have a problem," she said, proffering up the datapad. "A patrol found me quite near Maccadam's several megacycles ago, almost de-energized and without my recent memory, and this damaged datapad beside me. An Autobot medical unit patched me up and got a techie to pull out the last image recorded on this - some older type Decepticon weaponry power cells."

2007-07-23, 08:25 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Jazz turned in his seat to size up Hot Rod's query.

"Looks kinda like Sprocket," he answered with a pause. "He looks different though..."

Jazz trailed off when he heard an old friend with a troubled voice. He turned to look toward the door with his smile still on, his tipsiness keeping him from fully realizing the gravity.

"Whatchou talking 'bout, Bumblebee?"

2007-07-23, 11:46 PM
Bumblebee looked toward Jazz. "CONSTRUCTICONS! All of them! Reaching... Iacon... soon..."

2007-07-24, 03:34 AM
Maccaddam's Old Oil House:

Hot Rod: -looking over at Bumblebee- "All right. Let's go take a look." -looks over- "Hey, Springer! Sprocket! Blurr! Want to go beat up on the Constructicons?"

Nightbeat: -looking at the datapad picture- "Hmm. I'll take it. What have you learned so far?"


Stepper: "I want to go along. Put the fear of us into Hubcap."

2007-07-24, 09:33 AM
Not in Iacon at all... In Kalis to be exact.


Perceptor smiled as he lounged back into his well-worn swivel chair and poured himself another glass of '67 Chateau Prime. He closed his optics and sipped as the second movement of Requiem Automata echoed round his expansive lab deep beneath the old Quintesson garrison where he had made his home these last two years.

At times like this, life was good. Almost reminiscent of what it had been before the war. He had learned to make the most of these brief periods of respite, finding refuge in solitude away from itchy trigger-fingers and restless minds...

... his thoughts were broken as a moan from the other side of the lab rose above the harmony of the opera. He ignored it and turned the volume up, swaying his free hand in time with the music.


2007-07-24, 11:18 AM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

"I have nothing to go on other than that these items were originally manufactured in Kalis," Glyph said. "They appear unused so it is reasonable to assume they were - or are - stored in Kalis. With a little research, I should be able to pinpoint the exact manufactory...?"

2007-07-24, 12:07 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

"The Constructicons, huh?" Springer repeated, as he gulped down the rest of his drink. He turned to Hot Rod. "You don't have to ask me twice! Let's go."

Meanwhile Blurr, having heard his name being called, made his way towards Jazz and Hot Rod, eager to help. "Sure, no problem Hot Rod, I can help out. You can count on me!"

Noticing Jazz's slightly inebriated state, Blurr kept a concerned optic on him, and offered his support in case Jazz stood up and found himself a little unsteady.

Then he glanced towards the yellow minibot. "Good to see you again, Bumblebee!"

Aero Blade
2007-07-24, 12:31 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Hound was a bit suprized at the abrupt entrance and all of the dramatics, but he wasn't too particularly worried, and he was pleased to see some of the other Autobots were ready to go help out. He himself hadn't felt up for taking a stroll towards a battlefield quite yet, so he appreciated the others stepping up

"Don't worry about it Bumblebee," Hound called calmly to his old friend. "Ultra Magnus has been expecting something like this for a while now; security and the defense grid have really been amped up just in case. He'll never make it in too far..." Hound spared a glance at Hot Rod and his group.

"Probably in Devistator's best interests if he doesn't. I know I wouldn't want to pick a fight with those guys when they're wired," Hound noted with a hint of amusement.

2007-07-24, 12:46 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Glyph could not help but observe that there seemed to be some concerted movement among the mechs propping up the bar. More than one of them was swaying a little as he rose purposefully.

'Oh, dear...' she thought.

Tracks, Nightbeat and the others, were now also watching their fellow Autobots and starting to grin.

2007-07-24, 02:21 PM
Somewhere in Iacon


When Groove had been suspended, however briefly, he took it as an omen. It was not only an opportunity take some duly deserved time away from the ISS, but a chance to finally pursue his passions.

The mounting tensions between civilian and military government, as well as the needless drama with the ISS -- it wore on the generally pacifistic Groove, and as a result he was becoming more and more jaded by the solar cycle.

Perhaps his leave would be indefinite. First Aid had done it after all.

It was during the last year that Groove had volunteered his time at Autobase's diplomatic wing. Initially, it started off as a hobby, a part time gig generally involving reconstruction projects in Iacon's neighboring frontiers. Something about it "clicked". It felt right. It was the first time ever that Groove felt he had a place with the Autobots.

It was his work with the diplomatic wing that he also learned more about Protihex. That was all the motivation he needed. Iacon hadn't any ambassadors out there, after all. The transfer and the paperwork involved was simple enough.

He then turned in his badge to the ISS, sub-spaced his belongings, and said his good-byes. “Perhaps I can make a difference there,” a bright-eyed Groove thought. “It has to be better than here.”

Happy trails.

(OOC: Groove is going to Protihex!!! Stay tuned!)


Downtown Iacon

Streetwise was on a routine patrol, completely immersed in his surroundings, taking in every bit of information that sprawled around him that his audio modules, olfactory sensors, and optics would permit.

It was an uneventful evening until he received an incoming transmission from ISS HQ.

“Streetwise here.”

“Got a report of possible hostilities we need you to investigate. We’re streaming you the co-ordinates now.”

“Will do. What’s the problem?”

“Still an unverified level of threat, but witnesses claim that the self-designated unit “Constructicons” have entered the location point that we transmitted you.”

“The Constru…That doesn’t make any sense,” Streetwise confoundedly answered as he reviewed the report. “They’re alone? In Autobot territory? An attack would be completely unwarranted!”

“Do not engage until their intentions are made clear, understood? They may well be just an ambassadorial committee.”

“Sigh, Guess I’m about to find out," he said. "I'm heading over there now. Streetwise out.”

StoneCold Skywarp
2007-07-24, 02:40 PM
Sprocket looked up as he heard Jazz mention his name.
His memory circuits were heavily scrambled and were struggling with names, places & his friends. Springer had tried his best to recover his memory, but there were still a lot of holes.

Something twigged in Sprocket's mind when Hot Rod spoke up.

"Decepticons? in Iacon.. I'll rip 'em apart"

...that doesn't sound like me

"I'll take 'em apart myself!"

Sprocket ran from Maccadam's guessing that Devastator wouldn't be too difficult to spot.

2007-07-24, 06:30 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Jazz pushed himself up, leaning on Blurr only slightly. The notion of combat had sobered him up quick.

"Slow down, Sprocket!" Jazz shouted into the street while picking up his gun. "Give us a sec to catch up! Lead the way, Bumblebee."

2007-07-24, 07:58 PM

Bumblebee transforms and leads the other Autobots to a crashed ship.

"The ship appears to have just crashed..." Bumblebee says as he transforms. "The constructicons should be here any se..."

The ship's side explodes and Devastator walks out of the side with a device around it's neck. "DESTROY!!!"

Bumblebee walks up a couple of steps, and turns to face the Autobots who followed. "This is where I leave you to your fate..." The yellow on Bumblebee's body fades to white, and the Autobrand on his chest becomes the Decepticon's Logo.

"For, It is I... BUGBITE who has led you to your doom!! Even If you manage to defeat Devastator, the Energon Warhead around his neck has enough power to destroy all of Iacon..."

Bugbite walks to Devastator. "But don't worry about your friend Bumblebee... I have... "Special" plans for him..."

Devastator picks up Bugbyte. "Now Devastator! Commence the attack run!"

2007-07-24, 08:47 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

"Well, I just got back from Protihex. I spent a couple months there, helping out the locals and enjoying the peace that they had there." Bluestreak shrugged. "But I couldn't just run out on my friends, so I came back. I figured this would be the best place to find a lot of the old gang." He looked around and caught sight of Ratchet, Inferno, Jazz, Cosmos, Tracks and a few other members of the Ark crew before turning back to Hound. "And it looks like I was right."

He tilted his head in Aero's direction. "I don't suppose I need to ask what brought you three here, though, do I? It's pretty obvious the guy needs some R&R, and I barely know him."

He smiled at the scout's upbeat reaction to the Devestator threat; although he knew the combiner was incredably dangerous and not to be trifled with, he was perfectly happy not to be one of the guys called out to go fight him.

Smokescreen watched the Autobots that charged out after Bumblebee's announcement, but didn't bother to follow. He gave Ironhide a smile. "Sure thing. I'll buzz Crosshairs and have him meet us there. The three of us will give Hubcap a bit of a scare, if nothing else."


"The more the merrier," Whirl told Stepper. He considered using the statement as a way to poke fun at Broadside, but decided better of it; he'd had enough fun at the Triplechanger's expense already. He held out a claw to Holepunch. "Need a lift, little buddy? Air Whirl is the only way to travel!"

2007-07-24, 09:02 PM

Bumblebee looks up from his newfound jail. He was attacked days ago, by some sort of White doppleganger of himself. They had their best scientists reverse engineer his autobot programming and place into there warriors!

They are defenseless! Without their decepticon programming setting off alarms, they can't tell theyre walking into a trap! I can't let my fellow Autobots fight Devastator! He's a walking tank!! Luckily that bomb isn't anywhere as powerful as he thinks.

2007-07-24, 09:38 PM

Holepunch grinned

"I thought you'd never ask ."

Holepunch scrambled onto the claw.

Scoop watched pensively.

redman prime
2007-07-24, 11:54 PM
Maccadams ole Oil house
Groundshaker pushed away from the bar, throwing a few credits down on the slate.
"hey, fellas, mind if I tag along?" in the general direction of Jazz, hound, and the like

Wheeljacks Lab

Swerve heard the commotion from outside, and moved towards the door. "Wheeljack, I'm gonna check this out over he-"

Swerve wasn't much for walking while looking over his shoulder, and subsequently tripped over the crate that housed the inertia-free drive Jetfire had on. Falling forward, he caught his grasp on the edge of the workbench, pulling some plans off to soften his landing.

2007-07-25, 05:00 AM

Hot Rod: -watching Bugbite's transformation from Bumblebee- "I'm not sure I even want to know anymore......." -double barrelled photon cannons on his arms charged- "I'm going for the screwball! If he's Big Green's puppetmaster, picking him off should slow the big guy down!" -aiming his arm cannons at Bugbite, opens fire-

Jetfire: -arcing back in from his impromptu trip out to the hinterlands, transforming to robot mode and landing on a rooftop- "Holy Hetrodynes! What's Devastator doing here?" -shrugs- "Well, I do need to test these weapons systems....." -powering up his plasma cannons, heavy particle cannons deploying from his FAST-packs and snapping down, aiming the plasma cannons and particle cannons at Devastator, opens fire- "Times like this I really miss my rifle."

Maccaddam's Old Oil House:

Nightbeat: -stands- "Well, if Kalis is what you've figured out as a starting point, then that's where we'll start." -starts for the door, looks back at Tracks and Glyph- "Assuming we can keep from getting stomped on, you two want to come along?"

Tracks: "I know I do. It's been pretty quiet lately."


Ironhide: -nods- "Awlrahght, give Crosshairs a cawl. Let's go have a word with th' lil' punk." -heads for the door-


Roadbuster: "Give him a kick for me, guys. I'm going to clean my guns."

Stepper: -looking over as Nebulon walks in- "You ready?"

Nebulon- -bleeps and whistles in reply, jumps up, climbing onto Stepper's shoulder and transforming to Blaze Cannon mode, synching into Stepper's targeting system-

Stepper: -looking over at Whirl, the Blaze Cannon following his head movement- "Let's do this." -transforms, Blaze Cannon disconnecting from his shoulder mount and locking into the pindle mount in front of his rear spoiler, engine roaring to life, shifting into gear, and roaring away-

Wheeljack's Lab:

Wheeljack: -rushes over to Swerve- "Swerve, you okay?"

2007-07-25, 05:55 AM
Stepper roared out be Broadside could comment. He looked over at the others.
'It's not so easy for us who can't drive out. Could somone tell me where exactly Stepper's going? I'll never find him otherwise.'

Brave Maximus
2007-07-25, 07:53 AM
"Whoa, what's shakin' Bot's?" Blaster looked around, watching the scene through the window.

"Besides the ground, that is!"

He had been in the back, sorting out a few things and looking for a particular vintage of Energon, when the noise outside brought him out to the front, curiously.....

2007-07-25, 09:18 AM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

"I regret that I am no warrior," Glyph told Nightbeat, which earned her a pat on the head.

'I'm a Minibot,' she told herself reasonably as she followed them, somewhat mortified. 'I'm designed for exploration and elucidation.'

With that, she moved to put the datapad away and noticed for the first time a scratch on the casing. She tutted and zoomed in her optics; the scratch was actually two Cybertronian characters making up a name. A name she knew very well indeed:


(ooc: backstory, guys - gimme a chance, uh?)

2007-07-25, 01:56 PM
Crashed Ship

Bugbite get's hit square in the shoulder from the oncoming blast.

"Nice shot... You damaged my Rotary Drive... possibly permanent... But no matter.." Bugbite says. "Devastator! Attack Jetfire! He's the biggest threat!"

"DESTROY... JET!!!" Bellowed Devastator.

"Sigh... Yes, destroy jet..." said Bugbite. Devastator then attempts to grab jetfire.

2007-07-25, 04:56 PM

"Sure thing, Groundshaker," Jazz shouted back into the bar while diving into car mode. "Autobots, transform 'n' roll out!"

Jazz idled a moment to scan toward Sprocket for his strange words, and he noticed that Sprocket hadn't transformed. He'd have to have a talk with him later. Jazz sped along regardless to arrive shortly at the crashed ship.

"Devastator!" he cried, skidding through a transformation back to robot mode. "Don' kill Bugbite, Rod! If he knows where the real Bee's at, we need him! Hit 'em, gang!"

Jazz dashed behind a wall, kneeled, and peeked out with his photon rifle to peg Devastator with cover fire.

2007-07-25, 04:57 PM
Unknown Prison

Bumblebee continues to hang from his cell, and examines his braces. His left arm's brace appears to be made out of a weaker material than his other. He struggles and struggles until the bolts snap.

He's finally free.

StoneCold Skywarp
2007-07-25, 07:05 PM
Sprocket ran up on Devastator's position, noted Hot Rod's barrage and Jazz's position then engaged his twin photon rifles and took cover.

"DESTROY... JET!!!" Bellowed Devastator.

Sprocket's mind jarred slightly, a memory of the green goliath ahead of him brought a memory flooding forward. Whilst Devastator had never been the smartest of Decepticon's around he'd never been that dumb.

"Jazz, Hot Rod, Springer Devastator's being played, he's not in control, take out the squirt and I'll take care of the big guy"

There was an explosion close to Sprocket's position as a charge he planted moment's earlier detonated and gained him entry to the building.

Sprocket clambered through the dust and debris and made for the stairs.

Gotta make this quick, just hope they keep him distracted long enough...

Brave Maximus
2007-07-25, 07:57 PM
Blaster poked his head out the door and into the streets and was greeted with Devastators bellow: DESTROY..... JET!!!!


Without a second thought, Blaster ran out the door and skidded beside Sprocket:

"Thought I'd lend a hand so we don't end up Auto-pancakes!" he said, flashing a winning smile.

He pulled out his Electro-Scrambler gun and aimed at Devastators optics. He fired a couple of blasts, hopeing to get the big brute's attention.

2007-07-25, 08:56 PM
Macaddam's Old oil House

Quickmix sighed

"looks like everyone's too distracted to want a cocktail."

He scans the bar

"sure i can't persuade anyone, if you don't want it as a drink just apply flame and deploy it as an improvised munition."

2007-07-25, 09:48 PM
Crashed Ship

One of the uncoming lasers hit Bugbyte square in the head, sending him plummeting to the ground.

As Bugbyte lay on the ground, he turns his head toward the Autobot soldiers. "You... You fools!" Bugbyte says as his voice transmitter alternates between his own and Bumblebee's voice "You may... may be able... to defeat me..." He struggles to get up, but ultimate falls. "But my new... new version of Devastator, will kill all of you!" He stares at Devastator "But he no longer has any sort of concience or any common sense. He's... a tool of destruction... Nothin... noth... no...th...ing.....moooooooore...."

Bugbite passed out.

"DESTROY!!!" Yells Devastator. The 'bomb' on his neck begins to flash and starts to smoke.

2007-07-25, 10:18 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Blaster had charged right past without even noticing he had sent her staggering. Glyph was too polite to shout after him and, anyway, it seemed that his egress was imperative. He was probably already adding to the noise filtering in from outside.

She was practically alone. There was someone behind the bar besides the unflappable barman, still shaking something in a lead shaker.

Lead shakers = volatile concoction.

She hoped he would not drop it.

Putting the datapad safely away, putting him out of her thoughts, she made her way after Blaster. Perhaps she might locate Tracks or Nightbeat again.

Aero Blade
2007-07-26, 02:38 AM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

The concern of Devistator's presence having passed with the team headed out to deal with him, Hound started to settle in again as well. He was about ready to answer Bluestreak when something of a bit more concern was brought to his attention as the bartender returned with the beverage that Dirge had requested.

"What...is that..?" Hound asked after he was able to find the right words, looking at what had been set before the seeker. Whatever was was bubbling away in the metal mug, it looked like it was starting to eat away at it...

Dirge turned to look at Hound, giving the scout a grin. "Just a little local favorite from Polyhex," Dirge answered. "Thought only the Black Nova carried it, but figured I'd ask anyways."

"You're not really going to have that, are you?" Hound asked, his concern growing. He then watched as Dirge gave him one more grin, then picked up the mug and began to drink it's contents. "Oh Primus..."

Within a couple of moments Dirge had finished off the mug and gave a refreshed sigh, still seeming amused as ever. For the moment he had even Aero Blade's attention, his previous drowsy mood replaced by a state of shock as he stared at the seeker. Hound's shock had already passed and he was now looking about as though to look for Ratchet in the crowded, wondering if he should grab the medic or haul Dirge over to meet him.

2007-07-26, 04:23 AM
Battle site:

Hot Rod: -watching the thing around Devastator's neck start to smoke- "Uh oh."

Jetfire: -FAST-pack jets roaring to life, foot boosters flaring, barely avoiding Devastator's hand-

Hot Rod: "I don't know what that thing around his neck it, but blasting it might distract him!" -aiming his dual barrel photon cannons at the object around Devastator's neck, opens fire-


Nightbeat: -leans back in, looking at Glyph- "Don't worry, we'll try to give the battle area as wide a berth as possible."

2007-07-26, 05:01 AM
Maccadam’s Ol’ Oil House

~Moments Ago~

Having abandoned his inhibitions, thanks to the cocktails and Inferno’s persistence, First Aid was genuinely enjoying himself, as he hobnobbed with fellow mechanoids, many of which he didn’t know, and swaying capriciously to the Earthen beats that Jazz had provided.

All prior obligations had been placed on the back burner for this moment; medical research can wait. He and Ratchet had been putting in far too many hours at the IMR. And though First Aid was certainly happy to do it, it left little time for recreation.

At one point during the evening, he thanked Inferno for applying the necessary nudge out of his bubble in a typical drunken (yet overly sensitive) manner. “Oh, Thank you soooo much for convincing me to come out - You’re the greatest - No seriously, I LOVE you guys!” he’d say before spotting someone else he knew in the club, then bounce off to give whoever it was a hardy (and drunken) greeting.

While in the midst of a semi-coherent discussion about war and pacifism with some random patron, First Aid received a private incoming transmission.

“…but I just don’t see the point in calling it….umm, hold on a klik. I’m sorry, I really should take this call,” First Aid told the random mechanoid.

He stood up from his seat, offered a polite nod, and moved to a quieter and secluded area of the club in order to receive the call. He quickly tapped his left audio module to accept the transmission.

(OOC: See Protihex thread for more details)


Maccadam’s present time

“Hey,” Inferno nudged Ratchet. “Who’s First Aid takin’ to?”

Ratchet optics followed to where Inferno has pointed and saw First Aid sitting at his secluded table. He appeared troubled.

“I haven’t the faintest idea,” Ratchet replied, his expression beginning to show concern towards his colleague and friend. “He looks distraught. I hope everything is alright.”

“Should we go over there?”

“No,” Ratchet answered, “Give him a breem or two. By the looks of things, he may need some space.”

As Inferno and Ratchet talked, Bumblebee, or at least a mechanoid that appeared to be Bumblebee, burst through the front entrance of the club, made a frantic announcement, then left with a few eager Autobots.

“Err, umm, okay,” Inferno scratched the crown of his head, “What was that all about?”

“The Constructicons, I gathered from the announcement,” Ratchet offered as an answer, being somewhat amused by the news. “What their motivation is, you’re guess is as good as mine?”

“Think we oughta do somethin’?” Inferno asked. “I mean, Hot Rod and company seem to have it under control, and no doubt Autobot HQ and the ISS are on it as well. Don’t see much point, honestly.”

“Hmm, you might be right…as apathetic as that may sound.” Ratchet shrugged. “We probably should remain in the area, however."

“Apathetic?!” Inferno cried. “Geezzz, now I feel guilty about sugestin’ that. Wuz havin’ such a good time, too. I mean, this is like one of them situational connum-whatchamathingits.”

“The word is “conundrum”, Inferno,” Ratchet patted Inferno patronizingly on the head.

2007-07-26, 11:03 AM

Glyph was quite happy with Nightbeat's statement. She peeked out to view the procedings and, with that infallable ability to ignore the bigger picture, immediately spotted the fizzing device swinging round the giant gestalt's neck.

"I do not wish to seem overly alarmist," she said. "But I do believe that would be the nosecone of an energon warhead he's wearing."

Brave Maximus
2007-07-26, 11:27 AM
Being halfway up the street and not right under the big green monster had it's advantages....

While he didn't hear all of what Glyph said, he did catch "Warhead" which wasn't something he actually wanted to hear....

"Hey guys!" He shouted at full amplification, "The little blue-ish mini-bot says that thing might be a......"

He flinched as he saw Hot Rod firing at it.

2007-07-26, 04:41 PM
Crash Site

Jazz nodded to Sprocket as he dodged past. He held his fire when he saw Devastator's warhead smoking.

"Jetfire, get that thing off Ugly and chuck it into orbit!" Jazz jumped from his cover and ejected his subwoofers in preparation to distract Devastator with a sound and light show, but he saw it was too late. "Hot Rod, no!"

2007-07-26, 08:39 PM

"We're headed for the warehouse district," Whirl told Broadside. "It'd be a bit of a long walk, though, so you might want to think about winging it, so to speak." He shrugged, and his gangly construction exagerated the motion into something almost comical. "Just follow me, and you'll get there."

The Wrecker headed to the base exit in a much-less exuberant manner than Stepper, then transformed to helicopter mode and flew off after him. Mindful that Holepunch's organic physiology wasn't quite as robust as his own, he restrained his usually-insane flight patterns and flew straight and level for once.

Maccaddam's Old Oil House

Smokescreen followed Ironhide out the door, then transformed to vehicle mode and roared off toward Hubcap's illicit warehouse. As he drove, he sent a quick text message to Crosshairs summoning the other Autobot to meet them.

"Just so you know," he told Ironhide, "we bugged the warehouse and installed hidden cameras. So lets try not to record ourselves breaking too many laws." He paused to think. "Although I suppose it really doesn't matter, since we don't have a court system yet and you're the head of security..."

Cosmos hopped to his feet and made his way toward Quickmix. "Sounds like my kind of thing," he said gamely. "Lets see."

Bluestreak smirked in recognition as he saw what Dirge was imbibing, but quickly restrained himself when he saw Hound's concerned expression. He'd never had a taste for anything that strong himself, but back in his merchant days he'd moved more than his fair share of it.

"Oh, he'll be fine," the gunner said in an offhand tone that implied he wasn't really paying attention to what Dirge had drunk.

2007-07-26, 09:15 PM

Overdrive transformed and zoomed after the others


Tracer looked up at Scoop

"well pardner I don't know about you but i don't think we should put our eggs in one basket."

Scoop nodded.

"Maybe we should pay Doublecross a visit."


Quickmix smiled and looked down at Cosmos.

"lets se eold boy i think for you a Black Hole."

Quickmix went to work bottles flying through the air, liquids pouring the clink of metal against metal the subtle twis tof wrist servos.

Quickmix poured out a measure and dropped some metal cubes in to it which dissolved.

"here you go drink up."

2007-07-26, 11:22 PM
Crashed Ship

Hot Rod's firing at the neck device on Devastator, seemed just to make things worse as the Device's lights begin to flash more frequent and the smoke began to come out quicker.

"ARRRRGHHHH!!!" Devastator began to scream as the device sent sparks into his body. "O...BEY!!!!" Devastator began to peel apart the ship and started to through chunks of metal at the Autobots.

Aero Blade
2007-07-27, 02:05 AM
Maccaddam's Old Oil House

Dirge flashed Bluestreak a confident smile, as though agreeing with what he had just said. He watched Hound and Aero Blade with amusement for a short while, but when it seemed like Hound was about ready to leave his seat he finally decided to let them off the hook for his prank.

"I'll let you two in on a little secret," Dirge started in a conversational tone. "There isn't a single con around that drinks this who hasn't already had another drink before hand."

"What do you mean?" Aero Blade asked, not sure what he was talking about, given his own lack of knowledge on the subject.

"Just a little something to make it go down easier," Dirge answered vaugely, still amused.

"Counteract it," Hound added on. He seemed a bit annoyed but still humored himself, having been fooled twice now on the outing. He was going to have to get them back, Bluestreak included.

2007-07-27, 02:12 AM
'Haha very funny,'
Broadside grumbled as he followed Whirl outside, the base trembled as his large feet smacked the floor. There was a quick whirring as he transformed into Jet mode. Automatically his engines throttled to full burn to get him in the air, but he quickly slowed down and scanned for Whirl. He circled back and came up along side the helicopter, easily matching speed.
'The Warehouse district is still a large area to search,' he radioed over, 'I'd love to surprise Hubcap, but I fail to see how we can find him without him finding us.'

2007-07-27, 04:21 AM

Ironhide: "Could always keep him outta sahght'a th' cameras when we're tawkin' ta him."

Nightbeat: -grabs Tracks' arm, drags him back in- "I suggest we wait a few minutes, unless there's a way out of the bar that will shield us from the explosion that's probably imminent outside."

Tracks: "Oh, come now. Not even Hot Rod is insane enough to knowingly fire at a warhead."

Nightbeat: "This is Hot Rod we're talking about."

Tracks: "Good point."

Nightbeat: -looks over at the bartenders- "You guys have a back door or an underground escape tunnel?"


Stepper: -rumbling through the streets of Iacon, heading for the warehouse district, activating commlink to Whirl and Broadside- "The longer he hears us coming, the more time he'll have to dwell on what we might do to him."

Streets, Elsewhere:

Hot Rod: -diving to the side as pieces of ship come raining down at him- "Great. Just great."

Jetfire: "I'll try, Jazz. Keep that monster distracted!" -transforms to fighter mode and rockets skyward, winging over and starting a power dive down, locking his weapons on the chain holding the bomb in place around Devastator's neck-

Brave Maximus
2007-07-27, 08:55 AM
Noticing that he wasn't having much affect, Blaster took a different route. Pressing the button on his waist, his tape door opened and a yellow cassette launched out and transformed. Steeljaw landed deftly and turned to face Blaster:

"Keep an eye on that grey Bumblebee wannabe, and sniff around - see if you can find some more info out."

Steeljaw silently nodded and turned, heading to the side of the street farthest from Devastator and moved silently towards Bug Bite.

2007-07-27, 09:34 AM
Iacon: The Streets

Before arriving on the scene, Streetwise, who has unlimited access to electronic information of the city, had took special notice of the neighboring structures within the vicinity that he was tracking via a navigational projection. Having access to a vast range of instant electronic information was one of the perks of being stationed at the ISS. Once he was able to make confirmation of Devastator‘s precise position on his projected map, Streetwise chose a structure, based on height and distance from target, within the vicinity. Upon reaching his plotted course, he reverting back to his primary mode, and scaled himself up the side of the building until he reach the roof. He could hear the sounds of combat echoing below, as Streetwise dropped to his “belly” and inched his way towards the opposite end of the roof by his elbows and knees, facing the battle about 800 feet away. As he crawled, Streetwise switched on an admittedly weak built-in cloaking mesh over his body – weak, but sufficient enough to remain unnoticed while he accessed the situation bellow, then report his findings back to ISS.

(spoken in silent transmission)
< “Streetwise here. Appears to be an unidentified craft on site. Life form readings indicate that an Autobot is onboard; search and rescue may be in order. Devastator is definitely down there, and is hostile. Repeat, hostile. Various Autobot units have already responded and are retaliating. Subject appears to have an accomplice – unit ID unconfirmed – but has been incapacitated. Subject appears to have an explosive device attach….h’ooooh boy….>

Streetwise nearly had lost his breath (if he had the breath to loose) when the Autobot forces below had nearly set off the bomb attached below the rampaging Devastator’s neck in their attacks. “That was too close….” Streetwise thought in relief, “This strategically senseless attack needs to be quashed before lives are lost. But first…” He began, then held this thought while he retrieve his photon rifle from its sub-spaced pocket, “…they’ll need a diversion in order to take that monster down.” Taking into account that conventional blasts may result in an explosion, Streetwise readjusted the settings of his photon rifle so it could fire blindingly destructive flare bursts. His intention was to disable Devastator’s optic sensors, allowing ample time for the Autobots below to take him down, or at least try to diffuse the bomb somehow. Streetwise re-positioned himself, his optics magnified to a precise target as he aimed the nozzle of his rifle spot-on in Devastators eyes. Quickly, he opened a silent comm.-link to the Autobot forces fighting below.
< “Now’s your chance! Shield your optics on my mark…mark 3…2….1..”>
Streetwise fired, sending a bright projectile towards his target.

edited because a projectile moving at the "speed of light" is too fast, I think

2007-07-27, 05:04 PM
Crashed Ship

Jazz had only begun to engage his sound and light show to distract Devastator when a large chunk of flying fuselage forced him into a dive for safety. The metal pavement proved an adequate cover for his optics against Streetwise's flare.

"Now's your chance, Jetfire! Blurr, Springer, Sprocket, Rod, as soon as Jetfire's outta the way, take that sucker down!"


Autobase: Ultra Magnus' Office

In a corner of the chamber, an ancient communicator buzzed with great urgency - the hotline from Darkmount.

(OOC: Your call as to whether Mags is still there to answer it, Aero.)

2007-07-27, 06:03 PM
Crashed Ship... er, What's left of it

Jetfire's shot broke the chain around the neck of Devastator, and Devastator began to scream as he decombined into the constructicons. Bonecrusher seemed to be the only one concious, as he got up he started talking.

"Where.... Where are we?" Bonecrusher said to the Autobots, as he was obviously out of his mind. "Last thing I remember is that stupid silver mini-bot shot us with a low-pulse EMP, and forced us to combine..."

Outside Iacon

Bumblebee drove and drove away from the Underground bunker, and saw a smokecloud on the outskirts of Iacon.

"Oh Primus, what has happened?" Bumblebee said as he acceled to top speed.

2007-07-27, 10:02 PM
Street just outside Maccadam's

Receiving the message to shield optics, Glyph did so immediately. As a result, she saw neither the flash that made Devastator reel and de-combine nor the fall of the bomb when Jetfire severed its chain. The first thing she did see thereafter was that she was very much alone.

No Tracks or Nightbeat.

The still-smoking warhead attracted her attention and she wondered whether someone should disarm it. The schematics she had once read described a simple procedure - just twist off the golden cap-plate, reach inside and literally pull the energon cube out of its cradle.

Of course, this relied on someone being foolhardy enough to jam their digits into a red hot casing, reach past the ticking detonator and remove what was probably a highly unstable hunk of goo. Which may then still explode...

2007-07-27, 10:18 PM
Street just outside Macaddam's

Ricochet staggered to his feet he had been heading off to catch Quickmix when all hell had broken loose.

He staggered towards Glyph

"mon dieu , what did happen there?"

2007-07-27, 10:21 PM
Crashed Ship... Ruins...

Bumblebee arrived on the scene and Transformed infront of the Constructicons.

"Leave the Constructicons! They are brainwashed!" He yells

"Is that you, Mama Diaclone?" The confused Bonecrusher asked Bumblebee.

"See? And don't worry about that Device, it's merely a Spark-Control Device. Right now it's keeping Devastator in check... But what if we used it? We could use the constructicons for good!"

2007-07-28, 04:08 AM

Hot Rod: -getting to his feet, giving Bumblebee a quizzical look- "Why? Just because we're the good guys doesn't give us the right to enslave people on the other side." -dusting himself off- "Besides, weren't you around the last time they tried it? I don't think it went that well then, if I read the reports right."

Jetfire: -transforms to robot mode, lands next to Bugbite- "What do we want to do with the little agitator?"


Nightbeat: -leans out the door- "Glyph! We're back here!"

Brave Maximus
2007-07-28, 05:16 AM
Seeing that he was being ineffectual in any way, Blaster and Steeljaw headed back into the bar.

2007-07-28, 05:39 AM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Cosmos took the drink from Quickmix and took a sip.

"Not bad," the minibot admitted. "Not bad at all. Could benefit from using genuine Femax lead sulfate crystals instead of synthed stuff, maybe, but not bad at all."

Bluestreak gave Hound a grin. "You obviously haven't spend enough time in pubs," he said as sincerely as he could manage. "That trick's been around since Prime Nova had the Matrix."

The gunner did all he could to keep a straight face.

Maccadam didn't even glance up from the glass he was polishing.

"Don't worry about it," he told Nightbeat cryptically. "There's a good reason why this place is still standing after four Great Wars and a Quintesson invasion."

Streets (well, above them)

Whirl tipped slightly from side to side in the air, an aerial equivalent of a shrug that he curtailed as much as possible to avoid upsetting Holepunch's stomach.

"Well, I kinda figured we'd just use the address I've got for Hubcap's place," he told Stepper. "I mean, I'd love to fly around in circles around the place just to rile him, but I don't think Broadside would be down with that. Plus, you know...the noise complaints and all. Don't want to get back to the office just to have Red Alert try to write me a ticket...I like the guy, I'd hate to have to shoot him."


Crosshairs pulled into formation alongside Ironhide and Smokescreen as they headed toward the warehouse district.

"Oh, so now we get to terrorize the profiteer," he said with mock bitterness.

"Doing it with the head of security around is a bit different than doing it on our own," Smokescreen told him. "I understand that-"

"No," Crosshairs told him. "You don't. And I hope you never have to."

"I'm sorry," Smokescreen said. "What I meant-"

"End of discussion," Crosshairs said flatly. "We have a job to do."

2007-07-28, 07:20 AM
above the Streets

Overdrive took up station on Whirl's left flank.

"So how shall we do it through the roof ? in the door , each through a window simultaneously? Something with some dramatic impact."

2007-07-28, 12:31 PM
Broadside flew a lazy circle around Whirl.
'You bet i'm not down with that, I'd like to get my feet on solid ground as soon as possible,'
his voice contained copicious amounts of mock horror.
'Even if,' he added wryly, 'I've got to smash through a roof to get there. Any objections?'

2007-07-28, 08:47 PM
Just outside Maccadam's

Glyph stared at Ricochet and tilted her head slightly to one side. "I really have no idea what has been going on," she told him. "Except a little contre temps. And there was a bomb - which now might be seriously modified... Umm, I wonder..?"

At that point, she heard Nightbeat and turned back to re-enter Maccadam's, gesturing to Ricochet to precede her.

"You appear somewhat shaken: I believe you might benefit from a quiet sit down inside and, perhaps, a small drink to steady your nerves?"

2007-07-28, 08:57 PM
Crashed Ship Wreckage

Bumblebee looked down on the ground, "Yeah, you are right... First things first though. We need to imprison Bugbite and run some sort of scan on both of us, seprately of course, to see who's who." He looks at Jetfire. "Then we need to bring him back to Decepticon Territory, along with Devastator... Then destroy the device. We don't want him going all savage on us."

"You'll... never... take me..." groaned Bugbite.

"Jazz... HotRod... since you are the highest ranked Autobot here, It's your call." said Bumblebee.

2007-07-29, 05:28 PM
Crashed Ship

"Sounds like a plan," Jazz nodded to Bumblebee. "But we better get the Constructicons back to 'Con territory now. Ain't no sense carryin' POWs. Blurr, Sprocket, get some cuffs on 'em, load 'em onto Jetfire, and drop 'em off at the Tyrest border. Groundshaker, you better escort 'im to be safe. Rod, Springer, let's get these two back ta Autobase 'n' sort 'em out."

Jazz subspaced his photon rifle and kneeled next to Bugbite. He glanced at Bumblebee with suspicious optics while putting a set of energo-cuffs on Bugbite. He'd need to talk to Ironhide about security... Jazz hauled Bugbite to his feet, transforming in such a way as to land the sneak on his roof. He turned cautiously to cruise toward Autobase without losing his cargo.

2007-07-29, 08:00 PM
Crashed Ship Wreckage

"Good" Said Bumblebee, transforming into his car mode. "I'm heading off to Mccadam's. I need something to drink... perhaps a Topspin or a maybe even a Sunstraker..."

Aero Blade
2007-07-29, 11:00 PM
Ultra Magnus's Office, Autobase

The two had been just about to leave out when the communication equipment began to go off, causing Ultra Magnus to pause briefly to look for the source. Once he realized what the source was, the commander gave a mild frown, heading back over to it.

"What is that?" Wing Saber asked, glancing back through the doorway, though not yet bothering to duck back through.

"Something I never thought I'd actually use..." Ultra Magnus answered, reaching for the device as though to activate it, pausing momentarily in consideration before he finally activated the communication equipment. He did not speak yet, though, instead allowing the one on the other end of the communication to do that first...

Maccadam's Old Oil House

"Well I've also had my attention divided quite a bit tonight," Hound noted, giving Bluestreak, Dirge, and Aero Blade all equally convicting looks, but then smiled soon after. Aero Blade still didn't seem quite sure of what he was supposed to be doing here, but then he was new to the whole experience. It'd take time before he adapted, but he had no doubt he would eventually.

"It's just too bad we can't have more times like this."

Brave Maximus
2007-07-30, 12:39 AM
Blaster ducked through the door into the oil house, followed by Steeljaw. He took a seat mid-way in the bar, near one wall and sat back in a chair. It wasn't long until his optics were half closed, he was leaning back in his chair and nodding to a beat that only he could hear.

Steeljaw paced back and forth beside him for a bit, grumbling to himself before he finally circled and lay down, optics fully shutting.

2007-07-30, 06:48 AM
Iacon Body Shop

~9 months ago~

One advantage of being an technologically advanced race of sentient machines, is the ability to casually alter ones outward appearance on a whim. Cosmetic changes, like changing the pigment of one’s bodywork, for example, is a simple procedure that takes only a few minutes.

The reason for altering one’s physical pigmentation varies - fashion being the general motivation among Iaconians. But, it also has more practical applications, such as the ISS witness protection program. It is also ideal for individual going incognito.


A breem passes as a service-bot waits patiently outside a large CR chamber - or rather, modified CR units that suit the purposes of body re-pigmentation and what have you.

As the service-bot looks on, the pod shaped chamber slowly yawned open on each of its sides, as if it were a mechanical flower blooming, and Blades stepped out.

“Ah, excellent,” The body shop employee greeted him. “You’ll find that the re-pigmentation fits the specs you provided. We hope you are pleased with the results.”

“Well,” Blades said impatiently. “Don’t keep me in suspense. Let’s have a look.”

“Ah, yes, my apologies, of course,” The service-bot replied, a bit flustered by his customer’s forwardness.

Producing a small remote device, and a tall mirror slid up from a thin slit on the metal floor of the body shop, about few feet in front of the anxious customer.

For moment, Blades stared at his reflection, then impishly grinned back at to his reflection (OOC: He's sporting his garish G2 colors, now).

“Hmm, hmm, I think,” his smile growing more mischievous "I gotta brand new lease on life. Yeah,” he continued to vainly examine his “new” outward self. “I'm feeling a whole new level of confidence. Ha, ha, ha!”

“Uh, y-yes. Will you have your decals and service badges re-applied, then?” the body shop employee asked Blades, whom was more focused on himself than the question.

“Huh, whu...oh yeah, those,” Blades answered dryly, snapping out of his trance. “Pfft. Fraggin' factional rubbish," he grumbled. "Throw ‘em away, I don’t want 'em.”


Iacon Security Services, Red Alert’s office


Hot Spot and Red Alert were going over a case file when the holo-emitter sitting on the corner of Red Alert’s desk chimed, stirring the two ISS officers from their work.

When Prowl’s projected image suddenly appeared above the emitter, both Red Alert and Hot Spot grew uneasy. Prowl had regular dealings with the ISS, though it was generally to point out quibbles he had with the department, and rarely to offer pleasantries. This was no exception.

“Evening, Red Alert. Hot Spot,” Prowl said mechanistically, his tone revealing nothing of his purpose.

“Commander Prowl.”

“Err, umm…Commander.”

“Hmm, yes. We need to have an exchange of words, ‘Security Director’ Red Alert,” Prowl dryly stated, serving as an indicator to Red Alert of Prowl’s displeasure. “I shall dispense with the formalities and cut to the chase -- The efficiency of our current security, and the ISS as whole, has been brought to my immediate attention,” Prowl’s voice rose to an angrier octave, “Tell me, security director, how a rogue Decepticon gestalt, with an unidentified accomplice, was able to make it past Iacon defenses unnoticed - AND why the ISS was slow to respond, with only one ISS officer on site?”

2007-07-30, 09:52 AM
(ooc : woo ! Go Prowl !! The ISS story is brill :))

Meanwhile, far away. Above the skies of Kalis...

A blind spy-drone approached Perceptors' lab from the direction of Protihex. It flew though a tiny opening in the ruins down underneath the city, navigating the obstacles from memory. It swooped into the lab and crashed headlong into a table that had been moved since it left.

Switching the music off, Perceptor hooked the drone up to the main screen, and the recordings of the scenes of devastation in Cyclohex flashed by at high speed.

He flipped a switch, and relayed the signal towards Red alerts' office.

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2007-07-30, 01:05 PM
"Right away, Jazz, absolutely we can do that!"

As Blurr helped Sprocket accompany Jetfire to the Tyrest border, Springer went with Jazz and Rod to the Autobase. He kept a close optic on Bugbite all the way.

2007-07-30, 07:48 PM
(ooc by a strange quirk of parallel evolution some Nebulans have what sounds like a French accent honest.)

Ricochet nodded looking at Glyph

"merci Madamoiselle, that would be an idea excellent, being partnered with Quickmix , the most exciting thing that normally happens tome is on of his experiments going a little wrong."

2007-07-30, 08:44 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House (again)

"Things do have a tendency to go wrong," Glyph noted gravely, following Ricochet.

She saw that Nightbeat was back at his table, conversing with Tracks. Glancing at Ricochet, she was tactful enough to ask what he considered would steady his nerves.

And all the time, she was wondering: what has Enkryption to do with this?

He had been dead now for over ninety vorns.

2007-07-30, 09:55 PM

Bumblebee walked into the shack, and sits down at bar. "Energon Blitz, please."

2007-07-31, 12:25 AM
Heading to Autobase:

Hot Rod: -vehicle mode, engine rumbling- "So what kind of a name is Bugbite, anyway?"


Nightbeat: "What do you think?"

Tracks: "Kalis is probably the best place to start."

Nightbeat: "That's what I was thinking. I'm more worried about exactly what we'll be going up against."

Tracks: "What do you mean?"

Nightbeat: "It's probably a trap."

Tracks: "Kind of elaborate, isn't it?"

Nightbeat: -shrugs- "I've seen much more elaborate than this." -scowls- "So stick to her like glue. You can fly, so if things start to really go south, get her out of there."

Tracks: "What about you?"

Nightbeat: "I'll shoot my way out." -stands- "Come on. Let's get the client and go." -heads over to the bar-

Tracks: -following-


Jetfire: -fighter mode, cargo bay open- "Strap them down tight, guys. The Constructicons are going to have a rough ride."

2007-07-31, 12:56 PM
------------Heading to Autobase----------

Warpath increased his speed in Jazz's direction.
"So I went out of the bar for 10 minutes next time I know my yellow friend got new paint job." He then moved closer to Bugbiteand greeted the Decepticon. "How ya doin'?"

2007-07-31, 08:12 PM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

With Ricochet at the bar, Glyph noted Tracks and Nightbeat approaching. She could not help but observe that they were too casual; it was only logical to assume they were anticipating trouble ahead.

"I am, again, grateful to you for your assistance," she said, spreading her hands in lieu of a smile. "It is encouraging to find such kindness still in evidence on Cybertron. Compared to other issues, my personal circumstance must rank extremely low."

She contemplated mentioning him, but felt this was neither the time nor place, as the facts were more than a trifle embarrassing and the current cirumstances did not seem to warrant such a disclosure.

2007-07-31, 08:18 PM
Road to Autobase

Jazz chuckled at Warpath's teasing of Bugbite, but he paused at the sight of Bumblebee heading to Macaddam's in his wing mirror.

"Springer, go grab Bumblebee. I dunno what's up with him, but I ain't lettin' 'im disappear again till we find out."


Autobase: Ultra Magnus' Office

"Autobot marauders have ambushed a Decepticon scouting patrol in the demilitarized zone of Valvolux, destroying a sizable portion of the city," Gigatron growled through the communicator. "I pray I needn't remind Iacon's cartographers that this is Decepticon territory. The Empire demands an immediate explanation, apology, and reparations."

Aero Blade
2007-08-01, 10:45 AM
Ultra Magnus's Office, Autobase

Ultra Magnus had been at this long enough that when the transmittion from Gigatron came through, he was able to deduce a couple of things immediately from the statement: 1.) the conflict was still going on, seeing as how Magnus hadn't recieved word of the altercation yet from any scouting reports. 2.) Knowing that, the fact that Gigatron had been so quick to jump on contacting him usually meant he had something to do with it, or there was something else going on in the area that he didn't want Autobots aware of so close to the border. Now Magnus had to see if he couldn't work the information out of Gigatron...

"You know that I can do neither of the latter two immediately, Gigatron," Ultra Magnus responded in a calm, metered tone. "We have indeed sent a scouting party to that area to investigate a certain matter, but they were explicately instructed to remain in Autobot territory at all times and to not do anything to start a confrontation. If you want an apology and reparations then there will first have to be a formal investigation, which will require you to not just allow in but also cooperate with the Autobots that are sent to look into the matter..."

2007-08-01, 10:21 PM

Bumblebee began to talk to the Bartender, as he waited for his drink. "I just came back from the Decepticon Prison outside of this territory. You would not believe the tortures that Bugbite has developed especially for us Autobots. He said so himself." Bugbite looks at Nightbeat and waves, then looks back at Ricochet. "He takes this Energon Blade laced with some sort of virus, and he plunges it into your spark chamber." He points to a gash on his chest. "He then twists it and leaves it in there and begins to stick a cable in the hole left behind and starts to scan all of your stats and specs..." He shudders. "It's horrible..."

2007-08-01, 10:33 PM
Autobase: Ultra Magnus' Office

"Do not take me for a fool, Autobot!" Gigatron barked. "If this is what your scouts do in Decepticon territory, I shudder to imagine the savagery of an investigative crew! Expect the bill of damages to arrive within the orn. You will pay for the repairs your cretins' unprovoked rampage has caused, or you can expect an Autobot city to suffer retribution in kind!"


Autobase: Brig

The journey had been mostly uneventful, and Jazz was happy to be able to transform and drop the still-unconscious Bugbite unceremoniously on the floor of a cell. He brought up the electron bars and glared down at the imposter.

"Yo Ratchet," he radioed with a finger against the side of his head. "It's Jazz, shorty. Could use your help down at the HQ brig. I need a tech dude to run some scans on this Bumblebee knock-off, dig?"

2007-08-01, 11:42 PM
Fullfang orbited Cybertron in shuttle mode, drifting lazily until Iacon appeared in the terminator. Bored after exploring some long destroyed city, he fired his engines and set a course for McCadam's, he'd just decided he was thirsty.

As he entered the thin atmosphere he airbraked, gently until near the ground, weaving in between skyscrapers, until he spotted a good place to land, a long road that would take him to the bar. His undercarriage hit the metal surface and he transformed into a bullettrain, applying breaks to slow down before finaly returning to his beloved wolf mode.

Breaking into a run, he swiftly found himself at the familiar building, bots that he'd known long ago moving in and out, not that they'd recognise him now.

It looked like something had happened nearby, so instead of entering he hovered outside, curious.

Aero Blade
2007-08-02, 02:04 AM
Deciding that he seemed to be doing this probably for the enjoyment (seeing as how he was so riled with Magnus's diplomatic response), he decided it might be best to just make sure that the mood was killed entirely with further diplomatic behavior. The threat of retaliation might be real under the right circumstances, so he'd have to do his best to minimize that but still also keep alert for the potential retaliation, now that he was aware of it.

"I'm quite busy right now Gigatron, so please answer me one thing," Ultra Magnus responded in as bored and disinterested a tone as he could manage. "Just how many times do you intend for us to play this game in the nearby future? I and every Autobot with any amount of sense knows the drill by now - we send out scouts, your side spies on them then sends out a counter patrol to go harrass and provoke them or just out right attack, then our scouts retaliate and you try to place the blame on them. That 'strategy' is as old as Megatron."

"Send the bill if you wish, but I gurantee no response on it aside from a return to sender, and if you are as bold as to try an attack I shall warn you that we have had our security and defenses significantly reinforced. We are more than prepared to deal with you. I'm also sure that once the local security cameras in that area have finished transfering their video back to Autobase, we will be more than able to see just who started what. Would you like me to send you a copy?" Ultra Magnus asked politely.

Deciding not to wait for a response from Gigatron, it was probably best also to move right into changing the subject, to get the maniac off of thoughts of violence if he could manage it. The report that was coming in on one of his computers in the office was probably just what he needed....

"It would seem that there has also been some undesirable activities from your men in our territory," Ultra Magnus started as he briefly scanned the incoming report. "Local security has reported Devistator and some other unknown impersonating one of our personell assaulted Iacon. It looks as though I shall also have to issue a bill for the damages they have done to our territory."

2007-08-02, 02:28 AM

Bumblebee asks Nightbeat, Ricochet and Tracks. "Any idea where Magnus is? I probably need for Ratchet or Perceptor to look at me. I haven't been feeling right, since the prison."

He opens up a panel on his arm. "Gah... my reciever is fried. That stupid blade really messed me up."

Autobase Brig

Bugbite fades in and out of conciousness. Must... Call... For Backup. he presses his arm panel and calls in a whisper. "Master Bugbite! Drone A15 reporting!"

The reciever image displays another Bugbite with a scar across his face. "Speak A15... was the mission a success?"

A15 looks at the monitor with a grin. "Yes. The nanobots were a success. I was able to gather data on the Autobots, but it wasn't the data you wanted."

Bugbite scowls at the screen and speaks angrily. "What in the name of Lord Unicron did you get!"

"I got the data on Optimus Prime like you asked. But the only other Autobots I got were Prowl, Powerglide, Warpath and Brawn." A15 said worried. "Does it suffice?"

"It will do... At least you got Prime." Bugbite then began to grin. " Now self-destruct, you worthless pawn."

"Yes master. But before I do... Did I serve you well?" A15 asked.

"Yes... For the most part." Bugbite said half-heartedly.

"I was honored to serve you master." A15 declared. Bugbite stood up as his parts began to fall apart. "Now initiating Mass-Shifting Self Destruct*" All of Bugbite's parts began to shrink until he was as small as a tick and then exploded into a tiny poof.

*Maju's Note: Any fan of Invader ZIM would recognize that is basically the Shrinky Self Destruct from Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars.

2007-08-02, 05:32 AM
Road to Autobase

Springer nodded to Jazz in acknowledgement, and sprinted after Bumblebee, who had headed back to Maccadam's. What the hell was wrong with him? He wasn't behaving like the Bumblebee he remembered. Once back at the Oil House, he entered.

"Hey, Bee, now's not the time for another drink. Jazz gave you an order - come on, let's get back to the Autobase," Springer said, approaching him.

2007-08-02, 12:29 PM

"Sure thing, Springer." Bumblebee said, "I thought he was talking to the other Autobots." He walked to the door and transformed toward the Autobase.

"Oh... Crap!!" He said and turned back around and passed Springer. "Forgot to pay for my drink!" He walked back inside the bar and threw several pieces of money at the Bartender, transformed and went back to Springer. "KEEP THE CHANGE, RICOCHET!"

2007-08-02, 01:43 PM

My, thought Glyph. How people do come and go!

Even Tracks and Nightbeat were a little rocked, it appeared, by Bumblebee's sudden departure. Ricochet, on the receiving end of a sudden shower of cash, seemed to be considering what she had overheard her fellow minibot declaring to him.

2007-08-02, 02:59 PM

Ricochet blinked

"Zut alors what is going on round here, can't a nebulan get a quiet drink round here. Is there something in the enrgon or has perhaps Quickmix been mixing his specials."

He looked at Glyph and at the pile of money around him.

"What has got into Monsieur Bumblebee 'e is not 'is usual self non."

2007-08-02, 03:55 PM
Autobase Brig

Bumblebee walks inside the Autobase and looks inside the cells, seeing various criminals, looking at their Identification Monitors.

"Let's see... Thunderblast... Crumplezone..." He looks forward and sees Jazz, and runs towards him. "Hey, Jazz! Where is that Bugbite freak at? I'm going to tear his optics out for the torture he put me through!"

( MAJU'S NOTE: Before anyone else asks: Yes, this is the real Bumblebee, and he is only fueled by revenge and tramua. Hopefully soon he'll be back to his regular self. )

2007-08-02, 04:01 PM

Nightbeat: -optics narrowing behind his visor as Bumblebee runs out- "Great. Bumblebee's making my diodes twitch. If nothing else, another case is always a good thing." -smirks- "But, first things first. Glyph, Tracks, shall we go?"

Autobase Brig:

Hot Rod: -watching the Bugbite clone's death- "Y'know, I should feel some kind of remorse... but I don't. What I am wondering is why it looked like he was talking to himself." -looks over at Jazz- "Forget Ratchet. Call forensics and have them bring a set of tweezers." -looks over at the arriving Bumblebee- "What's left of him is in there. Don't sneeze, we need to gather up what's left to figure out where he came from."

2007-08-02, 05:11 PM
Autobot Brig

"Hot Rod, Ratchet's Coming?" Said Bumblebee. "His trip won't be a total waste, I need him to take a look at me, and see whatever they done to me. My com-link is busted and my chest feels like it's not reparing right." He looked at the tiny little spec on the floor with his enhanced eyes. "Looks like his self destructed while making a transmission. Who was he contacting? Gigatron?"

2007-08-02, 09:08 PM

"He seems disturbed, yes. I would ascertain by his impatience that he is feeling not quite himself. He is not the only minibot in that position! Well, do enjoy your drink in some facsimile of peace," Glyph said to Ricochet.

With a slight bow of acknowledgement, she joined Nightbeat and Tracks. "I take it that we are going to Kalis?" she asked quietly. "Will there be transport readily available given the current status of that area?"

2007-08-02, 11:35 PM
Something was happening, Springer had run inside and come out with a damaged Bumblebee, before they both transformed. Bumblebee had seemed to be different, but granted it'd been over a hundred earth years since he'd seen the little yellow autobot, so he dismissed the changes.

His curiousity tickled, Fullfang took off after the others, his tireless servos letting him run faster than an earth wolf. He followed them inside the Autobase and towards the brig. But he held outside for a moment, listening to Jazz, Springer and Hotrod talking. He still found it hard to believe that Hot Rod was the same transformer he'd raced on earth, but who knew what a few hundred cycles could do to a bot.

Bored now, he was about to move on the analyzers that he used as a nose pinged. He followed the trail inside, just as all eyes were on Bumblebee, and to the ashes that had been Bugbite. Gingerly he 'sniffed' the pile, careful not to disturb it, though he certainly didn't look it. There was something he couldn't quite pick out.

'Smells funny' he remarked to no one, having forgotten there were other bots nearby.

2007-08-03, 12:08 AM
Autobase Brig

Bumblebee punched the wall of Bugbite's cell, leaving a hubcup-sized dent in the wall. "I'm so sick of this little Anti-me! First he kidnaps me, steals my programming and specifications, copies my spark, damages my spark, and then he just disappears out of here!?!!!" He begins to yell at Hot Rod and Jazz. "We need to track him down, chain him up, and rip out his spark, and give his body to the Sharkticons."

He stares at Springer. "Don't even start, Springer! I know what he's up to! He's kidnapping us Autobots, copying every aspect of us, and torturing us! He's making his own team of Autobots, and weakening us so we are vulnerable to an attack! Scan yourselves... that Battle distracted you so you wouldn't notice Nanobots copying you!" He punches the wall again, leaving the metal starting to peel.

2007-08-03, 12:21 AM
Autobase Brig:

Hot Rod: -sighs theatrically- "Great. More versions of me. I hate to say it, but the universe is barely big enough for me, let alone two of me." -looks over at Fullfang- "Hey, 'Fang, long time no see." -looks back over at Bumblebee- "If we're gonna stop whoever did this, we have to find them. Do you think you can find where you escaped from again?"

2007-08-03, 12:42 AM
Autobase Brig

"Yes, Rod... I know exactly where the prison was... Problem is it was just a shack. I buried under it to see if there was anything else, but it was just a temp prison. I hacked into the computer inside of the prison before I left" He looked outside the door. " Bugbite's actual base is somewhere where you'd least expect... Above Iacon." He sat down and detached a holopanel from his arm and put a disk inside it and a 3D Map appeared of Iacon with a Wasp-Shaped Jet above it.

"There. The ship uses advanced cloaking technologies improved on Mirage's. We can get aboard, but we are going to need either a lot of aerial bots, wait for Jetfire to get back, or install Wheeljack's outdated jetpack attachments."

The hologram shifts to a internal view of the ship. "I believe that Bugbite may already have left the ship. But we may be able to get data from his computers regarding his next location, possible production plants, or maybe even a diagonstic of the clones."

"Bugbite has cloned himself to near the 80s mark, so be prepared for battle." Bumblebee turned to the Autobots. "As Prime would say... Autobots! Transform and Roll Out!"

2007-08-03, 07:46 AM
(OOC: Just so you know, Fullfang was reformatted a few years ago from a bot that had been in stasis lock from the attack on autobot city in the movie. He does keep this fact to himself though, and introduces himself as a completely new bot, who wanders off the grid everyso often for a while. And he likes to stay as a wolf )

His ears perked up at his name. Fullfang looked over to the others. He trots over and sits next to Hot Rod's leg. As Bumblebee describes Bugbite's base, he listens keenly. A hidden jet above Iacon sounded fun! He barked once for attention, then flipped his voicemask to a more understandable one.

'Can I come too? I can get you guys up there in less than a nanocycle!' He spoke with the glee of a young robot, then realised he hadn't met Bumblebee since his reformatting, not that he was gonna mention that, 'Oh yes, I'm Fullfang, Hi!'

Fullfang moved over to Bumblebee and gave him a quick lick before backing off, an expectant grin on his face.

2007-08-03, 02:35 PM
Autobase Brig

"Glad to meet you Fullfang! The more on the squad the better." Bumblebee grinned as he wiped off the robodrool. "But I most warn you Fullfang... You may not make it back, That goes for all of us."

2007-08-03, 02:38 PM
Autobase: Brig

Jazz dove through a transformation and revved his engine, waiting for Bumblebee and Hot Rod to roll out first. Bumblebee had gotten through security, so he had to be the real deal, but Jazz didn't fully believe Bee wasn't brainwashed...

"You comin' fer the ride, Springer? Could use a bruiser like you if things get ugly."


Autobase: Ultra Magnus' Office

Magnus would hear a long moment of silence before the receiver on the other end was slammed down.

2007-08-03, 03:05 PM
Autobot Brig

Bumblebee ran outside and transformed into his vehicle mode and drove outside heading to the highest point on Iacon... a Radio Tower "Once we get to the top of this tower, we should be able to get inside of the ship without much ease. All those who can fly, go ahead and fly to the tower and hold your position, but prepare to defend yourselves. I have no idea what kind of weapons they have. Jazz! You and Hot Rod stay far enough back so that if something bad happens, you and the rest of the bots can get out of here!"

2007-08-03, 04:07 PM
Radio Tower

"I'm there!" Springer yelled out as he transformed into his helicopter mode, as he headed straight for the Radio Tower. Then, once he secured his position, he transformed back to robot mode, and waited for the other flight capable bots to also arrive.

Then he noticed that the entrance to the ship had been left unsecured, and carefully made his way inside, laser weapon at the ready.

2007-08-03, 10:29 PM
(I live in another timezone, that's why my posts seem slow )

'that's the fun part!'

Fullfang dashed outside with the others, he lept on Jazz, knowing the bot wouldn't mind giving him a lift, especially for one in return. As they arrived he leapt off, transformed into shuttle mode, and popped a hatch so the others could board him.

'So it's the top of the tower right?'

2007-08-04, 12:03 AM
Iacon Medical and Research Center

The previous evening with Inferno was duly needed, both Ratchet and First Aid felt rested up, ready for another busy day at the Medical and Research center. Their excessive drinking from the night before hadn’t impeded their ability to work in slightest, if anything it put them in high spirits.

Ratchet and First Aid were making their way down main corridor of the 12th floor, towards the elevator, on their way to a conference with the some of the heads of the research department. It was an important meeting - to First Aid in particular - with their hard work at stake. They were to meet with the research heads to present a proposal for further research and funding towards an updated nanomachine project.

With the previous cybernetic nanomachine project proving to have groundbreaking results, First Aid felt confident that they’d receive the necessary resources to continue their research…even if it did require that they revert to a pandering subroutine.

Standing in front of the elevator door, Ratchet pressed the corresponding button, then stood idly until the door opened. Once they were onboard, the elevator’s intercom system inquired in a mechanical tone, “State your destination, please.”

“Ground floor, please,” Ratchet said.

As the elevator began its descent, Ratchet turned to First Aid, “I forgot to ask you, and you don’t have to share if it is personal, but who were talking on your com-link the other night at Maccadam’s. It seemed awfully serious.”

“Oh, that,” First Aid waved dismissively. "It was Groove."

“Oh, from your old “Protectobot” squadron,” Ratchet replied just as the elevator stopped on the 10th floor to let two passengers. “Uh. How is he?”

“He’s…okay," First Aid answered somewhat dejectedly, “He called to let me know that he was being transferred to Protihex."

"Protihex? There's an ISS branch there?"

"No, no, from the Autobase diplomatic wing. He's been doing work with them for about a stellar cycle now," First Aid told him. "He quit the ISS. I know he’s been wanting to leave Iacon for some time now. Guess he finally found a reason to."

Ratchet waited as the elevator stopped letting on one more passenger. “I am afraid to ask," he said. "What does this mean for the Protectobot unit?”

“Well,” First Aid sighed just as the elevator stopped, again, letting on four more passengers, “Err, umm. With Blades and Groove gone, and me being here at the IMR, It would seem to be defunct. Though, I’m sure Hot Spot and Streetwise can manage, it sounds like things have gotten stressful at the ISS."

“Ha, ha! Stress in the form of Red Alert,” Ratchet chucked just as the elevator slowed to a halt once more to squeeze in a few more passengers, “Oh for crying out loud, and we’re only on the 6th floor!" he composed himself and resumed. "At any rate, I am sorry to here about that, First Aid. I know how much your old ties mean to you.”

“Thank you, Ratchet.”


Iacon Security Service, Red Alert’s Office

As Red Alert received his berating from Prowl, Hot Spot, still sitting by Red Alert’s desk, became suddenly aware of the source of Red Alert’s occasionally uptight nature.

“If I had to work with Autobase High Command venting down my neck on a regular basis, I’d be too,” he mused.

“With all due respect, Prowl,” Hot Spot politely interjected, “Resources are thin right now, but were working to resolve that.”

“Squadron Leader Hot Spot,” holographic projection's gaze fell onto him. “Word has certainly reached me of the now defunct Protectobot special unit’s recent indiscretions. But, indeed, I too am looking to find a way to resolve this concern. Which is why I must regretfully do the following...”

Prowl looked back to Red Alert. “Red Alert; The ISS has proven that it cannot function autonomously. In light of the lack of resources to respond properly, all ISS operations are now placed under the jurisdiction of the Autobot HQ until this department can prove that it can operate independently."

“WHAT?! You can’t be serious!” Red Alert shouted.

“Indeed I am.” Prowl dryly answered.

"No! This wasn't part of our agreement when I first proposed the development of the ISS to you," the security director protested. "We're not supposed to be the damn military!"

“Rest assured, the ISS will remain stationed where it currently is while Autobase will provide your department with the necessary resources for you to better 'serve and protect the civilian population'. I do not intend to supersede your role as ISS security director - only in an advisory capacity. A fair compromise, I must say.”

Red Alert said nothing.

"I guarantee things will not continue at their current rate,” Prowl continued. "Think of this arrangement as a liaison of sorts, rather than an inconvenience - one that will be beneficial to Autobot and civilian alike in the long run."

"Oh, will it now?" Red Alert curled his lip. "You think this little gesture will earn trust of the average Iaconian, then? Make them stop hating the martial law that's been imposed on them, eh?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"Fine, whatever," Red Alert sighed. "Can't deny we need the aide. I'll go along with this...for now. But I won't like it," he added. "I won't like it, I promise you that."

2007-08-04, 07:32 PM
Iacon Streets

"Hey! I forgot!" Bumblebee said still driving. "Jazz! Someone needs to contact Magnus and tell him we are intercepting the ship! I would but, I still need to get my transmitter repaired."

2007-08-05, 04:34 AM

Ironhide: -vehicle mode, rolling along with Smokescreen and Crosshairs- "That lil' punk better know somethin', tho' if he's sellin' our stuff ta somebody else, we gotta stop it."


Stepper: -roaring towards the warehouse, engine revving as he charges towards the main doors-


Nightbeat: "We can grab a shuttle at the spaceport. Or, failing that.... it's a beautiful day for a drive."

Heading up:

Hot Rod: -jetpack starting to spool up- "I hate to be the voice of reason here, but we'd better phone this in." -activates commlink- "Hey, Magnus, this is Hot Rod. There's a cloaked Decepticon ship over the city. Me and a few others are going to do something about it."

2007-08-05, 05:24 AM
Warehouse District

Whirl chuckled at Broadside's joking suggestion. "Nah, can't do that, 'Sides. If you crash through his roof, you'll end up smashing the stuff we want him to give to us for free."

He tilted slightly toward Overdrive. "I figure just using the door would do just fine. Even though it loses some melodrama points."

Maccadam's Old Oil House

Bluestreak half-smiled when Hound gave him the faux glare, but the expression collapsed and he looked away when the scout finished his thought.

"Yeah," he said whistfully. "Yeah, it is." He seemed to brighten instantly, as if someone flipped a switch. "But, you know...to the Pit with that! For once, lets enjoy today and let tomorrow worry about itself."


"Oh, you can rest assured he knows a lot," Crosshairs told Ironhide gravely. "The problem will be getting him to tell us anything. He's not very good about sharing."

Something in the weapons officer's tone of voice suggested that he was interested in finding inventive ways to make Hubcap talk, and Smokescreen didn't like that one bit.

2007-08-05, 06:41 PM

Jazz transformed to robot mode with his photon rifle instantly in hand and charged up Fullfang's ramp.

"You got it, chief. Let's kick some tailgate!"

2007-08-05, 09:25 PM
Radio Tower

Bumblebee arrives and the radio tower and skids out of control. "What the pit? Look out everyone!" A group of Bugbite drones were heading toward the group, spilling slime in their path. "Aim for their heads! They are just drones, so they have no spark!"

2007-08-06, 05:18 AM
The minute Jazz was on board, Fullfang took off and circled to get to the tower. It was a moment later that they arrived at the roof top. Fullfang poped the hatch so Jazz could hop out, but he didn't actually land.

Above the streets
'It appears the debate is academic. Stepper's way ahead of us,' Broadside used his navigation system to point out the car, 'I'm going to join him, if just to i can feel metal beneath my feet again.'

Broadside broke away and swooped over Stepper, throttling back to match speed.'

'Hey Stepper , mind if I join you?'

2007-08-06, 06:00 AM
Warehouse District

Overdrive waggled his wings.

"Won't the little turbo-weasel just run away when he sees us coming he's bound to have a bolthole or two. Plus some kind of early warning system otherwise he'd never survived so long. he's in an unforgiving business."

2007-08-06, 04:16 PM
Radio Tower

Jazz dove from Fullfang elegantly, fatally blasting two drones with ease on the way down to land next to Bumblebee.

2007-08-07, 12:03 AM
Radio tower:

Hot Rod: -rising on a pillar of flame next to the tower, photon cannons roaring at the oncoming drones-

Warehouse district:

Stepper: -skids to a stop, transforming to robot mode, Nebulon detatching from his external hardpoint and scrambling up, transfomring back to cannon mode and locking into the hardpoint behind Stepper's right shoulder- "Backup never hurts, Broadside." -grabs the doors, flings them open, charging into the warehouse- "HUBCAP!!!!!!!!!!!"


Ironhide: "So awl we gotta do is make him think that not sharin's gonna be real bad fer him. Whut we ain't gonna do is actually hurt him. An' if you think we're gonna do anythin' ta him, Crosshairs, go back ta base're an' whutever ya were doin'. There's worse things we c'n do ta him than hurt him. We let his contacts think he tawked."


Tracks: "Do you think they'll let us take a shuttle? Especially given your history with them?"

Nightbeat: -shrugs- "One can hope." -looks over at Clogs- "Although if you want to sign for it, things will probably go more smoothly....."

Tyrest border:

Jetfire: -landing hard, having spent the trip trying to keep the intertialess units from coming on, landing gear creaking over the rough ground- "All right, Sproket! Everybody out!"

2007-08-07, 11:26 AM
Broadside rapidly braked, complaining all the while about fuselage stresses, before transforming and ducking inside after Stepper. His plasma pulse gun was in one hand and his vibro axe was in the other.

While Stepper called out from the door, he took in his surroundngs, stomping to make himself sound larger.

Radio Tower

Fullfang examined the situation through several processors. Small targets, lots of them, fairly weak, small combat area. In less than a millisecond he decided on a plan. He pulled away from the tower to get a run up while broadcasting,

'Could all Autobots please retreat to the farside of the tower from the ship to avoid being flattened'

2007-08-07, 02:31 PM
----------Near radio tower-----------
"More targets? I just love this day." The minibot exclaimed as Bugbite clones attacked. Warpath moving toward tower with speed while firing ammo shell from his main tank gun at the drones. "BAM! BAM! BAM! Why can't you Cons just leave us alone."

2007-08-07, 04:05 PM
Radio Tower

"EVERYONE! Clear the way! Wolf-boy is about to unleash somethin'!" One of the clones say as Bumblebee wacks him on his neck with his fist.

"Fullfang!" Bumblebee yelled. "Do it!" Bumblebee transformed into his car mode and drove away to a save distance, grabbing Hot Rod and Jazz behind him. "The Autobot forces need you two, so I'm taking you guys to a safe distance too."

2007-08-07, 09:27 PM

Glyph regarded Nightbeat with a look potentially capable of curdling new polymers, but he only shrugged again. Tracks was trying to prevent a smile sneaking out.

"Perhaps I might suggest some other means of transport," she said. "Slow, old and low-altitude, but transport. There may still be a few transfer flyers, which once facilitated the movement of historical records and artefacts, at the spaceport; I carry the neccessary security clearance in my data-template...?"

She hestitated.

"But I am terribly sorry to admit that I have no idea how to drive one."

This might not have been the wisest admission on Glyph's part. Nightbeat grinned widely and rubbed his hands together.

2007-08-07, 09:52 PM

Tracks: "I might just fly myself......"

Nightbeat: "Oh, come on. Flying them isn't the problem. It's landing. Or crashing. Or getting shot down. Or blowing up a matrix-posessed Thunderwing. So, shall we get one of those transporters?" -starts to head for the door-

2007-08-07, 10:00 PM

The small sound torn out of Glyph might have been a gasp of horror.

"He is just trying to test my resolve?" she asked Tracks.

2007-08-08, 01:31 AM
Pulling a tight turn, Fullfang blasted back towards the tower, engines roaring. He was coming in low, low enough to land. Just before reaching the edge however he sharply airbraked on one side, doing a full 90 degree turn before his shuttle wings flipped up and his frame grew as he transformed into train mode.

He struck the radio tower and began rolling across is, crushing drones as he went and yelling, 'WAHOOOOOOOOOO!'

Then he rolled off the other edge of the radio tower.

2007-08-08, 03:02 AM

Tracks: "I hope so. That being said, I'm still thinking of flying myself." -looks over at Glyph- "Come on." -starts following Nightbeat-

Aero Blade
2007-08-08, 03:34 AM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

Hound nodded to Bluestreak with a pleasant grin, agreeing with everything said. "Perhaps if we ever get this war finally settled, we could have days like this every day."

Dirge meanwhile seemed to have given up his strategy for Aero Blade, realizing the tech would probably be asleep long before there was any noticable effects from the drinks. The more he saw of the younger bot's odd traits, the more he wondered about him.

"You're weird, you know that," Dirge told Aero, hoping for any kind of reaction at this point.

Aero Blade didn't even turn to look at seeker, but his answer was in a tone that sounded straight to the point. "You don't even know the half of it..."

Ultra Magnus's Office, Autobase

Ultra Magnus shook his head slightly as the connection was cut, turning off his own reciever before putting it back away. "Well, it would seem that he's given up on this for now. The whole thing might have been one of his propeganda stunts, but we should keep alert all the same," Magnus told Wing Saber as he went back over to join him in the hall again. "Any bluff they make can become real enough with the right incentive and circumstances..."

"I'd say from his tone he wasn't expecting you to pick up. He was probably meaning to toy with Optimus," Wing Saber answered.

"All the more reason we need to get this situation figured out before things go on too long. If they find out he's gone, you can be sure they'll attack," Magnus gave a slightly concerned frown. "I know it's not been needed for quite a while, but it's a bit discomforting to know we don't have the Matrix now with Optimus's kidnapping. Somehow I wonder if it doesn't have anything to do with this, or anything else we might not be aware of."

"Indeed, the nature of a mystery such as this suggests perhaps less known and unusual forces, but until we find some clues we'll never be able to be sure of anything," Wing Saber responded.

"Which is why I want to look over the facility myself again," Ultra Magnus spoke, a bit of determination seeping into his tone for the task at hand. "Now that the distraction is over, back to the original task. Let's be off."

2007-08-08, 12:22 PM

You would not know it by looking at her, so prim and proper, but Glyph had endured many circuit-twisting moments of hell during Decepticon rule, to say nothing of incidents on other planets where the means of destruction could be... extremely interesting. Yet the thought of Nightbeat piloting even a old museum vessel somehow resulted in a most awful sinking feeling inside. She followed Tracks, saying wistfully, "Would it be possible to review this and drive over to Kalis?"

Tracks merely maintained his grin.

They emerged into the street where clean-up crews were dealing with Devastator's devastation (which did not seem all that bad). There were several senior Scientists examining the quiescent energon warhead/mind-control unit and seemingly preparing it for transport. Glyph would have loved the opportunity to find out just how the alterations had been made, but the others were turning in the opposite direction and preparing to transform.

2007-08-08, 08:08 PM
Warehouse District

Hubcap opened his inner office door casually and met Stepper with a smile, which he managed to keep from wavering when he saw Broadside and Whirl in the air just outside the building. When the helicopter transformed and walked inside, Hubcap noted that he'd brought the Nebulan Holepunch along as well.

Quite the motley crew we have here, he thought warily.

"Good day, gentlebeings," he told them. "What can I do for you this evening?"

Crosshairs made a noise that sounded like gears grinding. "If you think, Ironhide, that I'm going to leave even a scumbag like Hubcap to the tender mercies of his gangland buddies, then you've badly misjudged me. No one deserves that." Something in his voice suggested he was speaking from experience. "What I am going to do is toss him and all of his cronies into the deepest, darkest prison we've got on this planet for a long, long time. Even if I have to pull the memory chips out of someone's head to get the evidence I need to do it."

Smokescreen was less than encouraged by the obsessive note in the other Autobot's voice. At least he's swearing off violence. For now, anyway. If he keeps going on this crusade, he's going to cross that line sooner than later.

Maccadam's Old Oil House

"It'd be nice," Bluestreak answered Hound in a voice that said he wasn't exactly holding his breath, as the humans put it, for such a day to come. "Of course, days like this might get boring after a while. But then, if we weren't so busy trying to kill each other we might be able to get some of the old sporting venues and amusement parks put back together again."

2007-08-08, 10:03 PM
Warehouse District

Overdrive let himself into the rear entrance of the warehouse and moved carfully towards the sound of voices.

Holepunch looked up at Hubcap although not as high up as for most transformers. If it wasn't for his targetmaster armour he would have a permanent neck crick all the time.

"We've want to do a little shopping."

Aero Blade
2007-08-09, 10:29 AM
As Ultra Magnus and Wing Saber headed towards their next destination, the communication came in from Hot Rod. Magnus took a moment to consider how this my be starting to shape up as a busy day, then responded to the message.

"Alright, keep me posted," Ultra Magnus spoke over the com, calculating the situation for a moment. "Do you think you might be in need of any kind of assistance?"

2007-08-09, 09:19 PM

"Holy Primus!" He stopped and let go of Hot Rod and Jazz as Magnus's Transmission came in, he let Hot Rod answer it. "Fullfang! That had to be the coolest thing I've seen!"

He lept onto FullFang's back." You mind flying me up to entry door? I got these explosives here..." He pulls out a stack of Fusion Explosives. "Once I blow the door, leave me inside and you take the rest of the team inside, as many as you can. Then once I take the shield generators offline, I need you and the rest of the flyers to attack the bridge from the outside!" He pulls out a Energon Rifle and attached it to his back and grabs two Energon Pistols and puts them on his thighs.

"I got all these weapons from the drones. I must warn you, they are heavily armed." Bumblebee yelled to the troops.

2007-08-10, 01:56 AM
'It was fun,' Fullfang replied to Bumblebee, 'I'll give you a ride if you wish, but only if I can come inside, waiting around's boring,' he sounded like a human child. Nevertheless he transformed back into shuttle mode and landed on the roof, waiting for Bumblebee


Broadside continued on from Overdrive, 'We're looking for good quality parts and drones, can you supply them?' he asked Hubcap

2007-08-10, 03:36 AM

Ironhide: "If we're gonna try ta get him ta turn, th' best thing ta do is ta keep him from havin' anywhere else ta go. Or, we could let 'em think he tawked, an' grab th' ones who come ta take him out."


Stepper: -not saying a word, just staring at Hubcap, the Blaze Cannon on his shoulder aimed at the minibot's forehead-


Nightbeat: -holds the door open, gestures theatrically to Glyph- "Ladies first."

2007-08-10, 04:54 AM
Warehouse District

Hubcap seemed oblivious to Stepper's outright hostility, but that was because he was so used to clients trying to intimidate him. He turned to look down at Holepunch.

"Well, sure thing. I'm always happy to do business with the Wreckers. I'll even give you a special discount, something that I wouldn't even think of offering to anyone else."

He smiled broadly as Broadside spoke. "Well, of course I can help you," he said. "Do you have part numbers or item descriptions for what you're looking for?"

Crosshairs would have shrugged, had he been in robot mode. "Actually, we wouldn't have to do anything as crude as that. We just need to convince him that there's more profit in cooperating than in sticking with his mob buddies. Smokey and I already started the screws turning on him, when we busted into his warehouse. All we've got to do, Ironhide, is harass him until he can't make any money, and he'll cave."

Something in the weapons officer's tone of voice suggested that he was enjoying this far more than he would have been in years past.

2007-08-10, 06:11 AM

Overdrive moved into sight a weapon in each hand.

"to start with we're looking for some holo emitters, turns out theres an unexpected shortage in the supply chain."

2007-08-10, 02:15 PM
"Meh... Fair enough 'Fang." Bumblebee said jumping on his back. "Let's roll!"

2007-08-10, 04:05 PM
Radio Tower

Jazz charged aboard Fullfang and slumped to sit against the wall. Now this was his sort of mission.


Incoming transmission from Nova Cronum

"Ultra Magnus, do you copy? This is Stakeout. I have word from Fixit that the situation in Valvolux is deteriorating. Four casualties, two serious. Devastator and Sixshot confirmed on site. Red Hot, Seawatch, and I are en route, but Fixit requests backup. Over."

2007-08-11, 03:39 AM

Ironhide: "If he's doin' whut ya think he's doin', Ah think we'd be better off jus' shuttin' him down cold."

Radio Tower:

Hot Rod: -lands, backpack booster rocket shutting down as he boards Fullfang- "We got an inflight movie? Maybe drinks service?"

2007-08-11, 05:06 AM

"I've been trying that for months," Crosshairs told Ironhide. "So far, no luck."

"That," Smokescreen told him as they rolled into the warehouse district, "is why we've brought the head of security along."

Hubcap's Warehouse

"I can't imagine why," Hubcap told Overdrive smoothly, "but I'll be happy to set you up with some. What are you looking for? S300 series? Maybe S350?"

"S350-5F3EA, to be precise," Whirl chipped in, crossing his arms firmly. "Since the quartermasters' office keeps losing our orders for some reason."

That got a reaction out of Hubcap, but he covered it quickly. Those were their projectors? Floodguard, I'm going to kill you.

2007-08-11, 07:03 AM
Quartermaster's Depot complex

Double had the helpless clerk clamped in his jaws

Cross eyes glowing snorted flame.

"Roundhouse i'm very disssssapointed with you , I helped you , got you thisss job recruited you from Dead End and thisss is how you repay me, and you've not even been ssssubtle, it'ss sooo obviousss, how long did you think you'd get away with it, did you take me for sssuch a fool that i wouldn't notice.

Roundhouse fainted.

Double opened his jaws.

"nasty greasy little slag."

Cross nodded "I would ssssoo love to toast him but i think thiss is one for the authorities.

He opened a com link to Ironhide

"Ironhide thissss is Crosss i've got a sssupspect for you Roundhoussssse one of our ssshipping Clerks, He'ss been fiddling the bookss, caught him red handed. I'm being very good he's only ssslightly sssinged ssooo what sssshould I do with him."

2007-08-11, 07:35 PM
Iacon Streets

Transformed, Glyph belted along beside Nightbeat, while, somewhere up ahead, Tracks was showing off in contravention of at least six highway regulations. It was a wonder, how he managed to dance along like that and still apparently admire himself in several shiny walls and windows. Luckily, there were no Autobots bothering with traffic control.

They made it to the spaceport without incident. Tracks was waiting outside the main entrance in root mode, propped up casually against one gatepost. He must have been talking to the bored-looking gate guard, since they were waved through with only a cursory glance.

Transforming, Glyph led the way towards a simple gravlift shaft tucked in one quiet and seemingly forgotten corner behind a grand hangar. This led them a little way below Cybertron and they stepped out into an extremely dark and dusty parking bay where two cumbersome ships, very rectangular and ugly, were sitting idle with only a telltale on their sides to indicate they were functional.

"We shall take this vessel," she told the others, pointing to the one on their left. "It's name is Safe Return." Did they get the message?

Twin beams of golden light stabbed from her shielded optics into the recogniser panel and the single door to the flightdeck area opened with a slight groan of neglected servos.

2007-08-12, 05:55 AM
Safe Haven:

Nightbeat: -moves into the pilot's compartment, sits down, starts bringing the engines online- "Great. We might be able to get there faster if we drove."

Tracks: -running a finger along a dust-coated console- "Might be safer, too." -lounges in the comm/engineering seat, tapping a couple of displays-


Ironhide: -activating his commlink- "Ah read ya, Doublecross. Bring him ta Hubcap's place'a business. Ah think we could cawl this'a 'Come ta Primus' meetin'."

2007-08-12, 11:24 AM

Tracks obtained flight clearance and gave Nightbeat the thumbs up. For several long astroseconds, Glyph worried the bay doors would not grind open before Nightbeat attempted to exit, but they did, and he made it through the short rise-way with a stylish flourish, bringing Safe Return's nose up and lifting slowly into the clear sky overhead.

Surprisingly for such an old and ungracious ship, the ride was smooth and it seemed the engines were purring with happiness to be free of their long idleness. Built to be steady and reliable, to transport delicate and valuable cargoes with the minimum of displacement, Safe Return performed exactly to spec.

Laying in their flight plan, Tracks seemed fairly satisfied and began to relax, grinning reassuringly at Glyph. Nightbeat did not look so pleased with the controls and was clearly considering that a flying brick was not his idea of preferred transport.

2007-08-12, 02:45 PM
Quartemaster's Depot complex

Cross responded.

"Copy enroute over."

Doublecross grasped the unconscious mech and bundled him over to a hover truck.

He heaved him over the tail board and then used cargo tie downs to secure him firmly. Hopping aboard he revved the engine and took off towards Hubcap's plac eof bsiness.

2007-08-12, 10:51 PM

As Bumblebee and his new team flew toward Bugbite's skybase he began to wonder if this was a suicide mission as they reached the hangar door. "Alright team... Stand back!" he said as he crawled to the front of Fullfang. He divided the bomb stack into four and put one in each corner of the door, winding the wires through the sides. He turned back to Jazz. "Alrighty then. Fly away to a safe distance and I'll activate the bombs." He crawled back to Jazz and HotRod and fell on a bump on Fullfang, accidently pressing the button and the door exploded, chunks of shrapnel going everywhere.

Bumblebee yelled at his team, "HANG ON!" as he grabbed onto Fullfang.

2007-08-13, 09:36 AM
(Soz for the long term, I'm back now )

Fullfang jerked away as the bombs went off, the banking caused Bubmlbe to slide down the wing and into his cabin as he rolled to get his heat shield in the way of the blast, which sent him rolling in the air. His subprocessers flash up damage alerts but with some sharp jerks on his air brakes nd thrusters he quickly righted himself.

'Hey Bumblebee, got anymore of the those? that was so much fun. Painful, but fun,' he spoke before noticing his cabin hatch was still open. He peered through his internal sensors.

'Everyone ok?'


Broadside remained silent through out the exchange, mainly because he had no idea what supplies were needed. He HAD only just got back.

2007-08-13, 03:22 PM

"Nice flying, Fang. Everyone looks fine." Bumblebee said dusting off soot from Fullfang's cockpit. He looked inside the hangar doors, noticing at least 30 Bugbite clones were destroyed in the blast. "Geez... never guessed there would be so many... We might need backup."

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-08-13, 10:43 PM
Sunstreaker sped quickly down the metallic roads of Iacon, not worried about a human accidentally getting in the way, not slowing down for stop lights, no traffic. He weaved in and out of any other cybertronians on the road and he was happy to do so. He had finally got everything fixed up, and even got his paint redone from the sickly black back to a proud and brilliant yellow.

He hadn't felt this good in ages. Only one thing would make this day perfect. Sunstreaker screeched to a halt. He let his back wheels drift, turning him 180 degrees, before transforming and doing a back flip before landing. Still got it he thought to himself.

Only one thing would make this day perfect and that was a large large dose of energon... and maybe a drunken brawl. Sunstreaker stepped into Maccadam's Old Oil House and quickly made his way to the bar.

Aero Blade
2007-08-14, 03:55 AM
Maccadams Old Oil House

"Yeah, that'd be something," Hound replied to Bluestreak with a chuckle. "Anything we'd try to set up now would probably get knocked down by the 'Cons just because they got bored. Though with all we've gone through so far, those rides probably won't be as exciting as they used to be."

Corridors, Autobase

Yes indeed, this was going to be a busy day.
"I read you Stakeout, backup will be on the way shortly. Hang on as best you can and keep me posted about any changes to the situation," Magnus replied over the com.

Magnus gave a slightly exhausted sigh, considering who should be called out for a situation just as this. It'd probably be best to send out a team, so he needed to at least pick someone who could set up a team in a hurry. After quickly referencing his memory banks, he isolated a choice and brought up their com signal. "Come in, Prowl. This is Ultra Magnus calling."

2007-08-14, 05:24 AM
Maccadams Old Oil House

"That's more true that I'd probably like to admit," Bluestreak answered Hound. The Autobot took another sip of his drink, smiling as he felt it burn its way down into his combustion chamber.

That's the good stuff, he thought.

Leaning back against the bar, he caught sight of Sunstreaker as the other Autobot entered. "Hey 'Streaker!" he called out, slurring his words just enough for it to be noticeable. "Looks like you finally got your proper colours back!"

Fort Max's Office, Autobase

Cerebros sat behind his desk, his large transector folded up in repair bay mode in his excessively large foyer. The smallish Autobot was reading, his expression dire as he absorbed every byte of data he could get about the recent activities in Protihex.

This sort of butchery...I had hoped we were past it. The Autobot shook his head. But I should have known better, shouldn't I? This sort of thing never ends...but we can do things to mitigate it. Moving with new resolve, Cerebros quickly stood up, walked over to his transector, and combined with it.

Fortress Maximus stalked purposely out of his office, ducking his head to avoid smashing into the door frame. As he walked, he activated his internal comm systems. "Magnus, this is Fortress Maximus. I need a moment of your time. It's urgent."

2007-08-14, 08:25 PM

Bumblebee jumped off Fullfang, and lands in the entrance of the ship. He gets out his rifle, and looks around the corner and saw what appeared to be a group of his fellow Autobots inside. He grinned and talked.

"Hey! Powerglide! Prowl! Glad to see we are getting some help!"

The two bots turned around and stepped out of the shadows. Powerglide was a pale shade of gray, and Prowl was black where he should be white, and vice versa.

"Guys?" Said Bumblebee noticing their Decepticon Insignias, held up his rifles calling to Fullfang.

"We not your friends." said Prowl's Clone. "Name is Barricade."

"Me be Badboy." said Powerglide's clone. "Show selves brothers!" Around 20 clones of Prowl, Powerglide and Bugbite came out of the hatch door above the room.

"Crap." Said Bumblebee firing and the clones. "Team! Fire at will!"

2007-08-15, 04:00 AM
Prowl’s Office: Autobase

When Ultra Magnus' voice came in, Prowl straightened himself up in his seat, his posture now as sturdy as a beam of titanium.

“Prowl here,” he answered. “I assume you have a report for me?”

Aero Blade
2007-08-15, 04:52 AM
"A task actually," Ultra Magnus responded to Prowl as the other autobot responded. "Trouble's stirring up in Valvolux and Fixit is in need of some extra hands. I want you to form a team and head out to assist him and his comrads in any way needed."

At the same time as he was communicating with Prowl, another transmittion was coming in on an alternate frequency. Unable to split his attention two ways at the moment, Magnus sent a quick signal back to Fort Max that he would be able to respond to him in just a moment.

2007-08-15, 06:16 AM
Prowl’s Office: Autobase

“Escalating?” Prowl replied jadedly to Ultra Magnus’ request. “I thought Grimlock’s unit had the situation under control.”

He shook his head then continued, “Affirmative. I will assemble a small response unit.”

Prowl pulled up a roster of possible candidates for the assignment. “And I know precisely were to find them Prowl out.”

As soon as he ended the transmission, Prowl opened another channel. He leaned back in his chair, placing his hands into a steeple formation, looking uncharacteristically sinister as he did so.

“Connect me to the ISS, would you?”

Red Alert’s Office: Iacon Security Services

Meanwhile, in Red Alert’s ISS office, Red Alert sat in a swivel chair with its back towards his desk, with both of his hands resting behind his head. With the overwhelming recent chain of events, Red Alert allowed himself a brief moment to relax and recollect himself while he was able.

However, even relaxation proved to be a trying task as work matters, and especially Prowl, buzzed through his head. When he finally was able to reach some level of peace, the holo-emitter on his desk cheerily chimed, stirring him from this shred of tranquility.

“Grrrrr,” Red Alert grumbled. “What now?” He sighed.

When he then turned his chair back around, he was greeted as Prowl’s disembodied head as it appeared over the holo-emitter.

“Sigh…oh…what a pleasant surprise,” Red Alert said dryly, “Twice in one solar cycle. What do you want now, Prowl? I am busy.”

“Temper, temper, Security Director,” Prowl smiled back. “We have an emergency. The situation in Valvolux has escalated and requires an immediate response. I will transmit you the details. You will assemble a small unit and rendezvous with me at the Autobase shuttlecraft hangars. You will be briefed during our transport. Understood?”

“Yes, of course, “Commander”,” Red Alert snidely answered. “I’ll be there shortly. Red Alert out.”

Not allowing Prowl any room to say anything else, Red Alert cut the transmission and opened his comlink.

“Attention: Hot Spot, and officers Streetwise and Inferno. Stop whatever it is you are doing and meet with me at the Autobase shuttlecraft hangars asap.”

2007-08-15, 08:06 AM
Fullfang landed as gently as possible then did a quick diagnostic while the others got off. His ventral armour was almost gone, though most of his systems were still ok. Bumblebee called out that there were drones. Fullfang pulsed his engines, the backlash widened the hole they'd made and sent a gout of plasma into the air.

The pulse kicked him forward. He kept his speed up as he transformed into wolf mode. Fullfang lept onto Bubmlbee shoulders and pushed off them, flinging himself into two Powerglides, knocking them both down. His candium teeth severed the control inkages of one, almost taking it's head with it. The other tried to get up but he kicked out, blasting drive exhaust from the engines that had become his hindlegs. The comines barrage punch straight through the drones and pushed Fullfang into another drone that stood in front of bumblebee, knocking it into Bumblebee.

'Oops, sorry about that,' he grinned, 'how intact does this ship have to be again?'

2007-08-15, 03:08 PM

Bumblebee landed facefirst into the ground. "Mtpthh... Fanks a wot, fofan..."

2007-08-15, 03:34 PM

Hot Rod: "Great. Well, at least they aren't clones of me." -opens fire, arm mounted photon cannons blazing away at the clones-

Safe Return:

Nightbeat: -checing the controls- "All right, Glyph, what else do you remember?"


Stepper: -still looking at Hubcap- "Interesting, isn't it. How this place keeps misplacing things."


Ironhide: "How bad do ya think this is, Crosshairs?"

2007-08-15, 04:58 PM
Safe Return

"Nothing. There's nothing." Glyph tentatively probed her memory systems for anything, anything, and found....

A single, horrific flash of...

"Pain. Someone bending over me. A dark shape. The feel of a gun in my hand."

She looked down into her empty hands and flexed them. At close quarters she could put up quite a struggle, but she was not much use with armaments. Why should she have a gun at all?

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-08-15, 06:52 PM
Maccadams Old Oil House

Sunstreaker was caught off guard by Bluestreak's excitement at seeing him. Too much energon, no doubt. Last time he had seen Bluestreak it was in a fight on Earth and Bluestreak froze up

"Yeah, feels good to look great again." He replied sitting in a stool near Hound. "How many has he had?" He asked the scout, motioning for the energon vendor.

Sunstreaker no longer wore the Autobrand by his own accord. He never tendered an resignation or anything like that, he just chose to stop wearing it.

2007-08-15, 07:31 PM

Cross playfully nudged the horn with his nose as the hover truck came up behind Ironhide and Crosshairs.

"Doublecrossss delivery ssservice , ssatisfaction guaranteed or your money back."

2007-08-16, 02:18 AM
Safe Haven:

Nightbeat: "No names? Any inkling at all of who was bending over you?"


Ironhide: -still rumbling towards the warehouse in vehicle mode- "Awlrahght, Doublecross, when we get there, wait outsahde 'til Ah signal ya. When ya were questinin' him, he name Hubcap in whut he was doin'?"

2007-08-16, 04:52 AM
Corridors, Autobase

Fortress Maximus made a low-pitched, disgusted noise as Magnus put him on hold.

Trust the little soldier to have better things to do than respond to a humanitarian disaster, he thought darkly.

Warehouse District

"Oh, it's worse than even I thought," Crosshairs told Ironhide as they pulled to within visual range of Hubcap's operation and he caught sight of the building's open door, and the distinctive light blue skids he could just barely see on the other side. "There are Wreckers in there. If they're involved in this mess, we're going to have a lot of explaining to do when we take this one to the brass."

Hubcap's Warehouse

"Poor inventory controls," Hubcap told Stepper coolly. "It happens to the best of us. Items get lost in transit, never arrive, get sent to the wrong unit, don't get reported as sent out. Sometimes, Primus forbid, they even get stolen. Shocking, I know, but true."

2007-08-16, 02:22 PM

Bumblebee got off the ground and fired a shot in the back of several Barricade's necks. As they fell to the ground, an idea popped into Bumblebee's head.

"AIM FOR THEIR HEADS!" He screamed toward Hot Rod. "Their bodies are made of junk!" A BadBoy tried to hit Fullfang in the face, but Bumblebee pistol-whipped him in the neck, sending the clone to the floor.

"You alright there, 'Fang?" he asked Fullfang while shooting at the lights on above a few clones, sending it crashing on top of them.



Bugbite got up from his chair as the alarm sounded. "Intruders... good." He pressed a couple of buttons on the panel in front of him.

"Send out the Omega Clones. Send Meister, Blackrod, Bloodfang, and Megaplex." Bugbite said to a Maintenance Droid.

"Roger Roger" said the droid, pressing buttons on the ceiling."

2007-08-16, 08:12 PM
'Safe Return':

"No," Glyph replied, vocalisation reduced to a sob. The shock of the single memory had stunned her with it's hideousness. She looked at Tracks and whispered tautly, "Enkryption!"

2007-08-16, 08:40 PM

Bonecrusher reappears inside of the ship, inside of a storage bay. "This isn't the base!! Where am I?" He looks at his badly burned body. "My brothers... dead..." He stood up and grabbed a rifle. "It's my fault. I left them to die!" He looks at the sign and see's Bugbite's logo on the wall. "It's the traitor's ship! I'll kill him and bring him to the boss!"

He opens up the door and sees Bumblebee and his crew fighting clones of Bugbite. "Autobots are our enemies, but Bugbite is a traitor..." He aims his rifle and fires. Several clones fall to the ground.

Bumblebee looks to see where the fire came from and saw Bonecrusher. "DECEPTICON!" He yelled to Hot Rod.

"Don't shoot!" Bonecrusher said. "I'm here to take out Bugbite!"

"Where is the rest of you Constructicons?" He said taking out the last Barricade.

"They... are dead." He said getting out of cover. "Every last one of them... Gone."

"..." Bumblebee looked toward Bonecrusher. "I see. So are you here to mope, or are you going to help?" He reaches out his hand to Bonecrusher.

"I'm here to help." Bonecrusher said.

2007-08-16, 09:33 PM

Doublecross shrugged.

Cross glared at his cargo

"He wasn't a very chatty kept fainting , think he'sss scared of ussss. From what he sssaid i think there are othersss , an organisation, I think hisss job wass only to fiddle the books yesss"

Hubcap's Warehouse

Holepunch climbed up on top of a crate bringing him level with Hubcap's head.

"I think we'll stock up with what we need here, i'm sure you can help us out and then you can invoice the authorities right no problem. By the way you forgot one of the perils of inventory control , wastage , items get damaged ruined beyond repair , it can be terrible when that happens , expensive too."

2007-08-17, 01:10 AM
'Thanks' Fullfang growled as his claws opened up another drone from waist to antenna. He had to be careful, one shot at his underside could break through the melted armour. He braced and fired off his railguns at another drone. Suddenly there seemed to be no more targets just piles of scrap. Radiators and vents on his back, looking remarkably like an earth wolf's hackles, lower back to his plated back. There was that scent again, each of the drones gave it off. He spun at Bumblebee's call, spotting Bonecrusher.

Suddenly, Fullfang was back in autobot city, the building caved in under Devastator's fist even as launcher rounds hit him. Letting out a harsh growl, Fullfang lept on Bonecrusher with animal fury, claws and teeth seeking any opening to attack, even though he left his thin armour open in the process.

Fullfang was oblivious to the calls of his allies as he fought.

2007-08-17, 03:53 PM

Bonecrusher kicked Fullfang in the chest and punched him in the face. Bumblebee stared in horror, picking up a stunner and shooting it at Bonecrusher and Fullfang.

"BAD DOG!" He yelled at Fullfang. "VERY BAD DOG!"

2007-08-17, 11:47 PM
Fullfang sagged under the blow to his chest and Scrapper's fist in his face knocked him off the decepticon. Then his already reeling processors were hit with a stunner blast and Fullfang collapsed as electromagnetic pulses scrambled his connections. Still he began to drag himself back to Scrapper, though with the stunners pulse he couldn't be sure exactly which Scrapper he wanted.

2007-08-18, 12:04 AM

"Both of you quit it!" Bumblebee stared at both Fullfang and Bonecrusher. "We are sharing the same goal, so for now we will work together!" He looked in the corner of his eye and saw Bonecrusher standing up.

"Fine..." Bonecrusher. "I agree." He put his hand out to Fullfang as an offer of temperary friendship. "Well Fullfang, you agree?"

2007-08-18, 10:34 AM
Fullfang shock of electrostatic charges as his CPU cleared. He eyed Scrapper's hand, contemplating biting it. Several processors told him to accept it, but so many more were screaming at him to rip it from Scrappers.

To stall breifly while he made up his mind, he looked to Bumblebee, 'I may prefer wolf mode, but don't ever, ever call me a dog or you will regret it, sir,' he gestured to Scrapper, 'and I will never shake his hand.'

Returning to Scrapper, 'Remind me to thank Bugbite for killing your pals.'

(Even Scrapper wouldn't know what Fang's beef is )

2007-08-18, 07:26 PM
"Sorry 'bout that 'Fang. It just seemed suitable for the situation. But on the subject of BONECRUSHER, you just need to get along with him for the mission." Bumblebee said. "And you Bonecru..."

The ceiling had opened up and four clones popped out. One each of Jazz, Fullfang, Megatron and Hot Rod. Jazz's clone was covered in bronze armor, Fullfang's in Black and Orange, HotRod's in Bladk and Silver, and Megatron's in Dark Blue and Gray.

The Megatron clone began to talk. "Hello pathetic autobots! Allow us to introduce ourselves. I am Megaplex! The bronze one is Meister, the Orange one is Bloodfang, the Black one is Blackrod. And we are the Bugbite Elites!"

2007-08-18, 11:47 PM
Bugbite's Ship:

Hot Rod: -cocking an eyebrow- "Black and silver? You've had Primus knows how long to come up with a clone of me, and this is the best you can do? Geez, the Quint version of me looked much more impressive, and it was in the same colors as this one! The other clone they did was a lot more iffy, I must admit. Or at least blinding dayglo." -sighs- "What I get for being me, I guess." -aims and fires his arm mounted photon cannons at Blackrod-

Safe Return:

Tracks: -puzzled expression on his face- "Enkryption? Who's Enkryption?"

Nightbeat: "He's a name, and that, coupled with a location, might get us somewhere." -looks back at Glyph- "Who is, or was, Enkryption?"


Stepper: "Poor inventory controls, theft....." -shakes head- "Tsk, tsk. What do you say, guys? Maybe we should help Hubcap here by doing an on the spot inventory of his books. That way, he'll know what he has on hand."

2007-08-19, 01:49 AM
Ignoring Hot Rod's banter, Fullfang looked at his clone.

'Bloodfang was it? Very nice, always wondered how I'd look in black. Somehow it just doesn't seem me. Doesn't seem you either really, should've gone with red, or been called Darkfang' flips to a serious tone, 'but paint jobs aside, I'm curious, just how much of me is in you, memories, conduits, that sort of stuff?'


'Agreed, you be amazed what can slip through the cracks. Boxes stuck in one corner or another that most miss.'

Aero Blade
2007-08-19, 04:03 AM
Maccadam's Old Oil House

"Can't say I'm sure," Hound answered Sunstreaker, giving Bluestreak a considerative but amused look. "Between these three's antics, haven't been able to pay too much attention to any one of them fully," he spoke, indicating Bluestreak, Dirge, and Aero Blade. "I just hope I don't have to also haul all three of them back with me once we're done here..."

Corridors, Autobase

The latest crisis dealt with, Ultra Magnus moved onto the next, changing his com channel back over to Fort Max. "I appologize for the wait, but this day is getting steadily busier. I have to take my calls in the order they come. What is your situation?"