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2007-07-15, 03:13 PM
2.1 2025 Have recieved orders to report for duty with the rest of my new unit.

2.2 2025 Have recieved briefing with rest of new unit the unimaginatevly named Alpha Squadron. We are to patrol the Valvolux area and also to establish a small outpost to monitor the area.Maybe some actual time in the field will provide inspiration for a new name.

Still partnered with that unsufferable Beastbox who has been acting more sullen and suspicious than normal.

Unit is mixed bunch. We have a strong line up for actual battle Quake, Vindicator, Charger and Krok will be a tough force for Autobot's to defeat however I do not expect much in the way of intellectual stimulation.
I feel uneasy also about the 2 targetmasters especially Gatoraider, I will recharge somwhere secure , I have caught him eyeing me strangely on several occasions. If i did not know better i would swear he was part Mecannibal. Although his near alt sake Skullcruncher had no qualms on snacking on his fellow transformers and was completely Decepticon. I will be on alert.

We have been joined by Ravage but a much modified version, his altmode is some kind of sports car. He I reckon will be the easiest to talk to but given his near legendary taciturny i do not expect much in the way of reply. Ravage does however inspire hope that there is a possibiltiy of escaping the clutches of that slavemaster Soundwave. Due to his having left me on Cyberton no accident I suspect i managed to gain a level of autonomy normally unknown to cassettes. He has shown little interest in making my reacquaintance , long may this remain so. He seems to have also given more freedom to other cassettes such as Rumble and Frenzy. I mistrust his motives but only time will tell. I must sign off now as my next assignment is due i must supervise the loading of the construction equipment and material fro the new outpost aboard the shuttles.

2007-07-15, 10:10 PM
2.3 2025 file corrupted

2.4 2025

I have found irregularities in the stores bound for Valvolvux, certain things are of a lower quality others are only 98 %
of there supposed quantity, they are little things they could be due to a routine error or normal incompetence, should I inform Scorponok, or not the evidence is inconclusive my investigations outlined in my previous entry have shown nothing concrete. I will write a report but for now i will keep my suspions to my self its probably just simple corruption some supply type skimming off the top.

Attachement : Valvovux Supplies 1 . doc

2007-07-16, 03:14 AM
:up: Brilliant.

Soundwave: *reads carefully, then starts plotting to re-enslave Squawktalk*

2007-07-17, 09:05 PM
2.5 2025

Have met final members of unit , the Insecticon Chop Shop, I think i now know where some of the supplies have gone , will have to check discreetly, this Decepticon might be watching my back one day, best not tempt him to put a hole in it.

The last one will need watching for different reasons , his name is Loadrun and he is based on an Autobot design well not exactly an Autobot design but one that ended up on an Autobot due to the late unlamented Ratbat, who might have not been the most popular mech in existence but showed the height to which a humble cassette bot can rise due to intelligence alone rather than shear brute force.

Maybe Loadrun has some stories if Ratbat i will cultivate him in order to pick up useful tips. While not the obvious suspect Loadrun has the opportunity having a supply based alt mode, I will not let stereotypes alone let me pin the blame on Chop Shop.

I will proceed with caution. I need these mechs to want to save me in a sticky situation. Past experience has shown that my natural loquationous has a tendency to annoy certain mechs. I will proceed with caution. Maybe I should cultivate the targetmasters first . If they see me as a valuable ally they will be loathe to have their pets eat me."