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2002-03-21, 03:44 AM
OOC: Altering the past, Jhiaxus has brought forth what could mean extinction for the Transformer race.

Galvatron led Hatemonger, Skywarp, and Gigatron to the gates of Iacon.

Galvatron: "It starts...now we must bury the age old hatchet with our long lost brothers...[b]Optimus Prime[/i], it is I, Galvatron...I am in need of an audience with you..."

Galvatron turned to his warrios and waited.

God Jinrai
2002-03-21, 03:48 AM
Prime heard through the comm system galvatron's voice...

"Enter, Galvatron. I've been expecting you. You of all others... will recall what may be our salvation."

Prime bowed his head, deactivating the room com system...

"All of you. I want no hostilities. They may have been our enemies.. but right now.. they need us just as much as we need them. That goes especially for you and the dinobots, grimlock. I understand your grudges... but please.. all of you. trust me. It's an act of good faith that only four of them came... and not the entire decepticon army. It's just the same that you treat them with some degree of respect and tolerance."

2002-03-21, 03:53 AM
Galvatron turned to his three companions.

Galvatron: "No hostilities, we need them...for now!"

Galvatron turned and entered the gates of Iacon peacefully for the first time in over 12 million years.

2002-03-21, 04:28 AM
Hatemunger spoke quietly.

"This is odd, given how only a few days ago I was attacking Iacon." Hatemunger chuckled.

"But then again this is a refreshing change of pace." He said making sure he had no charge in his fusion cannons that could be registered as a possible threat.

Scrapheaps lab.

Scrapheap was reattaching Deathzaurus's engines.

"Ok big guy, here is the run down on what I did. I was able to modifiy you engines somewhat if we had a lot more time I could have given brand new engines but for now..."

Skyblade was laughing slightly.
"Scrapheap just give him the run down we need to be off to Earth soon." He said as the rest of the Aerialcons got into Skystalker.

"Ok basically you will be able to fly about 25% faster than before. You will also have quite a bit better energon efficancy. Also given the change in overall thrust you might notice a lot more power when you accelerate to just be careful and avoid jackrabbiting yourself." he admired his work one more time before joining the Crashticons as they got into Skystalker. "But hope you enjoy them! Come on Crashticons time to board the ship." The Crashticons all filed into Skystalker.

Skyblade got onto his com-link.
"Onslaught, Deathzaurus. Crashticons, Aerialcons, Darklark and Stealth are all onboard Skystalker and ready for luanch. But may I recommend we form some starategy of a battle plan on the way to Earth?" He asked and waited for a response.

2002-03-21, 04:30 AM
Redstreak looked at Galvatron in awe as he strode into Iacon with his lieutenants. He felt like he couldn't believe his eyes...seeing both Autobots and Decepticons in Iacon simultaneously without shooting at each other was a sight he'd never beheld, nor thought he would.

Red Wing is just as stunned, and must restrain Torque from disobeying the direct order and charging at Galvatron.

The tension in the room could be cut with a knife. Redstreak did not necessarily agree with Prime on this, but it was his prerogative. So he decided to run with it. As the Decepticons approached, he could hear the Autobots murmur and growl lowly. Someone had to be the olive branch.

"Welcome to Iacon, Galvatron." he says, breaking the awkward quiet. "I am Redstreak, Cybertronian protectorate of the fourth order and keeper of the power cosmic(ooc--don't ask, just trust me). Though my fellow Autobots will not say it, you are welcome here."

2002-03-21, 04:38 AM
Roadbuster: -visibly seething- "Peace? With THEM?!?!?"

Nightbeat and Siren: -transform-

Chromedome: -puts weight on good leg, ready to tackle Roadbuster if neccessary-

Roadbuster: "This is the grand plan? We make peace with he bloody enemy to fight Unicron again, as well as the Leige Maximo's forces? What the smeg is he thinking? Does he honestly think we can trust them?!?!?"

Brainstorm and drones: -start working on his body-

(OOC- I gotta type faster.)

2002-03-21, 04:40 AM
Hatemunger spoke up.

"We are here to form a stategy againist this new threat that fool Jhiaxus has unleashed on all of us." He looked at Prime and Galvatron.

"Right now anything would be a possible plan of attack. At least we have the advantage of alot more heavy hitters than in 2009. But whether or not this will be of any use to us is unknown." Hatemunger spoke out.

2002-03-21, 09:07 AM
Brawn was being held back by Jazz and Blaster but the mini-bot was still rather strong for the two larger bots.

"Settle down Brawn it's an alliance Unicrons a bigger problem then Galvatron could ever be" Jazz said

"Yeah man keep your cool" Blaster added.

Brawn shook his head "Just one punch, it's all I ask. I'll teach him to take out a quarter of my back" He said angry.

Blaster sighed "Dude that was Megatron not Galvatron"

Brawn shrugged still struggling "Their the Same guy damn it" he growled almost breaking free from Jazz.

Jazz shakes his head "Settle down and zip that lip Brawn, we're not thrilled by the idea either"

OOC- Is it just me or is every person playing autobots having to hold a Character back?

2002-03-21, 11:28 AM
Vanguard muttered under his breath to Sun Runner who was standing next to him.
"Prime is right, it's important that ALL Transformers work together to stop Maximo and Unicron."
"By making a deal with the Devil?"
"Better the Devil you know, Sun Runner."
"Of course, you're right."
"Yes, but I'm not sure Thorr shares your point of view."

The two looked across at the defence expert of the group, who was standing, visibly tensed and ready to spring. He didn't want to disobey a direct order from Prime, but following an order that went against six million years of experience was not easy.

"Easy there bro," Mercury laid an arm on Thorr's shoulder, "remember, they're scared too."
"Galvatron? Scared? I don't believe it."
"Well, we weren't around at the time of the Unicron War, but trust me, the planet thing freaks him out, perhaps more than anyone else."
"Just don't expect me to like it."
"No one would expect that, Thorr," Mercury replied.


Sixswitch had watched these events with mixed feelings. He had no clue what this 'Unicron' was, but as he looked on the face of Prime as he made his speach, he knew there was no deception going on here, and Prime was working in the best interests of Cybertron. Even when Galvatron entered, and walked up to Optimus, Sixswitch still kept an open mind. He was a warrior, he didn't make desicions, he just trusted others to do it for him. And he trusted Prime.

(ooc: Not quite, but almost)

2002-03-21, 11:46 AM
"Percy was always trying to arrest me on Earth, I used to be a rogue called "Roadbuster" and worked for whoever paid my fees. He never succeeded though" Bean explained to Muzzle.

Bean turned when Galvatron and the others walked in. He saw Minerva and the others transform and feared the worst for Rally.

"Minerva! Rally was inside your transector! She'd better be alright or I'll... I'll..." he growled as he transformed and his battleclaws slided from their wristcompartments.(Wolverine style claws)

God Jinrai
2002-03-21, 02:12 PM
"Actually, Hatemonger... I..have a plan of my own already devised. However, I believe only galvatron was around when the third faction of cybertronians was exiled from the planet... albeit not in his current form. That third race... may be the key to salvation. They were known as the minicons. Having the capacity to latch onto other transformers, they were able to unlock hidden potentials in every transformer they were partnered with. It eventually reached the point where the Megatron of the time...and myself came to a treaty. The minicons were too powerful to be used in combat such as that ever again... and as such, they were exiled from cybertron... sent away on board a massive battle cruiser that megatron had created.. composed primarily of minicons... if any of you could imagine extra firepower... or additional strength unlocked simply by being linked with a robot the size of say, brawn... then you've the concept of what the minicons could do."

2002-03-21, 02:59 PM
Roadbuster: -giving the Decepticons a look that, if looks could kill, would have reduced the Decepticons to their component atoms-

Nightbeat: -watching Roadbuster- "So they called you 'Roadbuster' while you were in Chicago, huh? Kind of an odd nickname. Don't you think that's odd, Roadbuster?"

Roadbuster: "Nnn."

Siren: "This is not good."

Roadbuster: -takes a step forward, reaching for the grenade launcher on his leg-

Nightbeat: "Smeg. GET HIM!"

Nightbeat, Siren, and Chromedome: -tackle Roadbuster-

Roadbuster: -struggling under their combined weight- "GET OFF OF ME!!!!!"

Nightbeat: "NOT UNTIL YOU CALM DOWN!!!!"

Roadbuster: -starts to work his way loose-

Nightbeat: "Minerva!"

Minerva: -checking on Rally, looks out of back window, sees what's going on- "Great." -scrambles into front seat, activates weapons systems(two small gun pop out of the trasector hood, heavy stun blaster phases into roof mount), pivots the stun blaster so it's aiming at the struggling pile of Autobots- "Ready!"

Nightbeat: "Let him up!"

Nightbeat, Siren, and Chromedome: -roll off of Roadbuster-

Roadbuster -stands up, guns drawn, shrapnel cannon powered up-

Minerva: -fires heavy stun blaster-

Roadbuster: -falls like a felled oak, unconscious-

Siren: "Well, that was fun."

Nightbeat: "Oh, yes. Let's do it again."

Minerva: -powers down weapons, goes back to checking Rally-

Quick Switch
2002-03-21, 05:05 PM
Quick Switch stood, arms crossed, scowling as Galvatron and his cronies trooped into Iacon.

I don't trust Galvatron, not as far as I could kick him.

Trying to appear nonchalant, the Hexa Changer walked over and stood behind Prime, adjacent.

If there's an attempt on Prime's life...I'll see if I can take a photon charge in the CPU rather than Prime. We can't afford to lose him again.

2002-03-21, 05:37 PM
Originally posted by Heinrad
Nightbeat: -watching Roadbuster- "So they called you 'Roadbuster' while you were in Chicago, huh? Kind of an odd nickname. Don't you think that's odd, Roadbuster?"

"I didn't create the name, my reputation did. There wasn't a blockade i couldn't run and not a car i couldn't catch. And it sounded nice so i kept the nickname" Bean replied to Nightbeat.

"Minerva, sorry about my outburst a sec ago, thought you had transformed as well. I couldn't bear the thought of losing Rally, she's been my partner from the start" he said to Minerva.
"How's Rally doing?" he asked.

"As for this hothead" he said as he walked to Roadbuster.
"I'll make sure he doesn't get a chance to slag those Decepticons" he added as he sat down on Roadbuster's unconsious form.

Bean then heard Prime's speech about the Minicons.

("I wonder what 1 of those things could do for me and Rally") he thought.

2002-03-21, 05:56 PM
Hatemunger nodded.
"This sounds very intersting. I have heard something about them from the Decepticon military schools but that information was very vauge." He then saw Quick Switch move behind Prime.

"Autobot you need not worry about any of us attacking Prime for several reasons. First we are outnumbered by a huge degree here and second the threat we all face is far more danagrous than anything else we have ever faced. Even the first strike by Unicron." He looked back at Prime.

"What do we need to do to find these, Minicons?" he asked also hoping he was not angering Galvatron by talking as much as he was but in his own mind this was the time for answers and actions before it would be too late to do anything.

2002-03-21, 06:12 PM
In Scrapheap's lab

Skyblade got onto a closed com-link with Deathsuarus, Onslaught, Razor Claw, Scrapheap and the leader of the Choasticons.

"Sorry to bug you all, but I have been thinking of a staregty for us to take out these traitors." Skyblade said sitting inside of Skystalker looking at a monitor with the traitors bios on it.

"It looks like we have a rather vast advantage in man power, but the way a lot of battles here have went that is not a factor to rely on. But the good news is we defininaty have a large advantage when in comes to airpower. Aside from Starscream and possibly Six shot they have no true aerial combatants. This could be to our advantage as given our current numbers we can easily hold our own againist those two." He paused for a second then continued.

"This brings us to the rest of the bunch Scorpnok and Cryhavoc we all know can absorb horrible amounts of damage, luckly for us we have the Predacons, Combaticons, Liokaiser, Crashticons, Aerialcons, Deathzuarus, Skystalker and even the Aerialcons. But how many of us should attack those two at once is up to everyone else here.

We know Starscream can dish it out but can't take it, but given his upgrades this could make him for difficult. Sixshot is a bad con but I think Stealth would have a fun time, ninja againist ninja if you will.

Adrena here is a mystery, why she's here everything about her is currently unknown, Darklark your our heavy artierly fighter she should be your target.

Also, I don't know what the deal with Optitron and Jhiaxus as there bios on here are missing a lot of data. So we may need to think of a way of fighting them on the battlefield.

Anyway sorry if I am jumping anyone's chain of command, but I think we would be well off to think of a battle plan now since we don't fully know what we are up againist or who else could join the party." Skyblade stopped talking and waited to hear other thoughts and continued to read bios of the vid-link.

God Jinrai
2002-03-21, 06:48 PM
Desaras spoke up as scrapheap finised the retrofitting of his thrusters.

"Indeed, skyblade... strategy is indeed necessary.However, I've another means of dealing with sixshot... If he truly was coerced into this... I believe he would be eager to rejoin us... for he was as loyal a servant to galvatron as ever lived. As for dealing with Cryhavoc and Scorpinok... if we can turn sixshot again... we may have far less to worry about. But should this not come to pass... I suggest we make things as painless as possible... Dominator should be able to deal with the two of them quickly enough. Jhiaxus, however.. is mine. Stealth, you,Darklark and Skystalker will take down starscream... The predacons and combaticons will hold up against optitron.. but I must say that something is very amiss about him... I felt some sort of uneasiness about him when I first came into contact with him... some...taint... not autobot...nor decepticon... an external stain imbedded within him... which may serve as a problem. However, once I'm finished with jhiaxus, I wil join the both of the gestalt teams in dealing with optitron. However...if sixshot is not turned... Stealth, you and the predacons will be assigned the task of putting him down. I'm all too aware of his capacity in dealing with autobots... the battle of cybertron that occured not long after the headmasters were created... Sixshot was able to down the entire aerialbot gestalt team without breaking a sweat. Be on guard. All of you. Now. TO THE SHUTTLES! WE DEPART NOW!"

Deszaras charged out to the hangar opening, transforming into his dragon mode... "LEOZAK! LET US BE ON OUR WAY!"

Leozak's only reply was the burning of his engines... as well as those of hellbat and gaihawk... the three jets took to the skies and prepared to commence orbital flight... then deep space flight. Their thrusters finely tuned for the strains of orbiting flight, it would be a far less strain for deep space flight... but they needed to ensure a steady pace... or risk leaving skystalker's shuttle far behind

2002-03-21, 09:01 PM
The three Dinobots took in the proceedings with barely restrained anger. They were their sworn enemies, and now they had to fight side by side?

They didn't like it, but they didn't really have any other choice.

"I don't like this, Grimlcok", Snarl said. "How can we trust our mortal enemies?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-21, 09:20 PM
"I don't like this, Grimlock", Snarl said. "How can we trust our mortal enemies?"

"Me Grimlock not like it either Snarl, but like Unicron and Liege Maximo even less, I guess for now we ally to Autobot cause....."

Grimlock turned from his assembled Dinobots and stood behind Prime, towering behind the Autobot leader, staring at the Decepticons before him.

2002-03-21, 09:30 PM
"I guess he's right", Slag said. "Unicron and the Leige Maximo are far more dangerous than the Decepticons."

"So I guess this means we have to trust Galvatron?", Sludge asked.

"I guess so", Snarl replied. "For the time being, anyway."

2002-03-21, 11:17 PM
Sixswitch had automatically followed his fellow Six-changer towards Prime, and now stood slightly behind Quick Switch, even though he had heard Hatemunger's assurances, he was unconvinced, and had, as yet, not returned his guns to subspace.

"They won't get the chance," he whispered to his fellow six-changer... Somehow, he knew what Quick Switch was thinking. Most likely because he would do the same if the positions were reversed.


Apollo turned to Optimus.
"These Mini-Cons... I would be interested to know how they work. Do they share a 'gestalt' mind with the Transformer they bond to? Or is it something less 'interactive', like an upgrade to a gun, or similar?"

He shuffled, slightly uncomfortably.

"I would like to know how much control a bonded Transformer has over his own systems - I mean, if you and..."

He looked up at Galvatron briefly.

"Megatron felt worried enough to banish them, is it wise to bring them back into the fold, so to speak?"

Vanguard gave him a quick warning glance.

"I'm sorry if I've spoken out of line, Optimus."

Quick Switch
2002-03-21, 11:21 PM
Quick Switch nodded at Sixswitch's comment.

He turned slightly to his fellow model.

"I hope so. But I think all this peace talk is just malarkey. As Ironhide used to say, 'They don't call'em Decepticons for nothin'."

2002-03-21, 11:51 PM
"Where I'm from, the bad guys were called Predacons. Millions of years ago though, there were Decepticons - Autobots too. My design is very different from other people who came online at roughly the same time as I did. I never did find out why that was - almost as soon as I got activated, I was assigned to a mission, and then I was called back to Cybertron."

He paused for a moment.

"After that, I detected an energy spike in space, that transported me to Earth orbit as I investigated it... Earth orbit in this universe."


He glanced up at the Decepticons, and lowered his voice to barely more than a murmur, so that not even Prime could hear.

"The Predacons in our universe were the same. Just as power hungry, and Evil too. I guess Galvatron is just using us - he needs our help to protect him from this... Unicron, just as we may well need theirs. Like you said though, I don't trust 'em

Quick Switch
2002-03-22, 12:04 AM
Quick Switch turned away from Prime so he could converse with Sixswitch.

"So. I wondered where you'd come from. We seem alike...and yet...different. Now I know..."

He listened.

"That may be. Unicron is the scourge of the universe. Created by the mad scientist Primacron, his goal was to destroy worlds that would not bow to his master...but he rebelled."

Quick Switch shuddered.

"I was on Cybertron, fighting Shockwave's forces when the attack came. He descended upon Cybertron like an angry god...it was only the Matrix that destroyed him."

He pulled Sixswitch closer, and whispered into one vocoder:

"And trust me, once Unicron and the Liege Maximo are dealt with, Galvatron will betray us, and renew the war."

2002-03-22, 01:34 AM
(( OOC - I'm lost... Plus ignored, but mostly lost))

Taikoon turns agan to the back of the room as the Decepticons enter, probably the only one looking at them with curosity instead of anger. He looks puzzedly at the Headmasters, pointing to the cons with the same questioning look.

2002-03-22, 01:42 AM
"I'll take your word for it. But for now, I guess we have to do this."

Sixswitch holstered his weapons in subspace, and resumed his stance, albeit with his shoulder mounted missile launchers swivelling slightly in their mounts, ready for use at a moment's notice.

2002-03-22, 03:47 AM
Galvatron crossed his arms and looked at Prime sternly.

Galvatron: "the minicons...i have long suspected that word would come back into our lives someday Prime...that was one of the last times you and i agreed on anything."

Placing his hand upon his chin pondering the situation, he continued: "Of course...Prime is right, he's always right. Yet, while the minicons are being sought, someone will have to lead some type of strike to get some idea of what we are up against...but whom?"

God Jinrai
2002-03-22, 04:06 AM
Prime's optics narrowed... "Galvatron...I'm afraid it may be too late to send out a recon squad... I'd sennt out several spy drones in the past 4 or 5 megacycles... and this...is what one of them located."

A holoprojector slid down from the ceiling... and suddenly a black void was visible...

"You may be saying that it's merely empty space... but if you're observant...you can see the fluxuations in certain areas. one drone was able to get within the cloaking field... this is all that it was able to visually aquire before it was discovered and destroyed..."

the image abruptly changed... a massive section of a robotic planet was visible... armed to the teeth... as the optic swiveled, it was plain to see that a great deal of this side of unicron..if not all of it... was complete... the transmission suddenly went dead.

"It's a safe assumption that Maximo wouldn't be working on building half of unicron up, and then building a second hemisphere and simply attaching the two. it'd be highly risky, and also extremely dificult... transporting the two hemispheres... and then adding in and wiring the internals of the chaosbringer... I fear that he IS complete... or rather very close to it. I'm hardly saying we sit back and wait for him to knock on our door... but a strike on maximo now would be suicide. And I don't know about you, galvatron... but I need my autobots alive... all of them.. for this one. I propose this then... If I'm correct, skywarp has gained greater range and control over his teleportation. I know this is risky... and puts you on the spot, galvatron... but he's the only teleporter ANY of us have... it's possible for him to teleport into the system... and snoop around a little... simply aquire tactical readouts, etc before he's noticed. We'll equip him with a temporary stealth field generator... but it will only hold out for 1 full cycle... an earthen hour may not be much time... but should be enough for him to gain the readouts we need... Well? Skywarp? Galvatron? Are you game?"

2002-03-22, 04:18 AM
Galvatron spun at the mention of Prime's plan.

Galvatron: "I only got one of my most prized warriors back and you ask me to sacrifice him so suddenly?!? This is a suicide run as much as an assault would be."

Pointblank had been listening to what was being said. He turned to his new friend Redstreak: "Something has to be done..."

Pointblank approached Galvatron and Prime: "If Galvatron fears for Skywarp's safety, than I shall go with him...that way each side would risk one warrior and the two of us stand a better chance together. Sides, he's gonna need more energon than he can carry...I can feed of my symbiosis with Peacemaker and give him my energon to sustain him to get us home.

Galvatron pondered what Pointblank said: "Very well...I will leave the choice to Skywarp to make on his own, so long as Prime allows the valiant Autobot before us to go along."

Pulling himself from his stasis chamber, Prowl made his way to the room and up to his nephew Redstreak.

Prowl: "What is going on around here?"

2002-03-22, 04:18 AM
Hatemunger spoke up. "I will help as needed to undermine this terror.

Skystalker took off engines blazing.
"Don't worry about us, this ship still has some tricks left in it!" The micromaster said pressing a button as the engines roared to life and sped through space.

Skyblade heard Deathzaurus.
"Understood, Dominator will enjoy this. But if any "Stray" missles should hit Jhixaus I know nothing about it." He smiled.

Skyblade looked at the Decepticons in Skystalker and yelled.

"You hear the man we attack once we can see our targets. Crashticons we will land and merge. I want us to attack the two bugs in the air, we are faster and have ample firepower and armour and we do have the added bonus of air flight if we have to get on the ground we cut them in two."

he then got on his com-link and addressed everyone.
"Everyone be careful I don't want any more friends in the scrapheap if possible."

2002-03-22, 04:31 AM
Prowl: "What is going on around here?"

Redstreak was glad to see his uncle up and around again. "Prime has forged an alliance with Galvatron," he began, and brought his uncle up to speed on what had been going on lately. He then addressed Prime. "Optimus, I believe both my Uncle and myself can be useful in this mission. Prowl is the greatest strategist we have ever known, so I think his input would be very valuable. This and he's third in the command line.

"Here is my concern with the plan as it stands; Skywarp will have precious little time to do his scouting. I would like to go along on this mission. I can create a concealing field that would keep us cloaked for an indefinite period of time, and allow us to gather any information we needed."

2002-03-22, 04:43 AM
Prowl stepped up and glared at Galvatron for a moment, remembering how he had once perished in a brutal attack led by him.

Prowl: "My nephew is correct Optimus...also with Pointblank as one of your main generals, we are going to need him here to carry out and develop battle plans. Redstreak can sustain Skywarp with the concealing field and also produce extra energy for both of them to function...Pointblank is better suited here leading the main forces."

Galvatron grumbled: "He is right Prime...we will need all the generals we can muster to plan our search for the minicons. Redstreak's powers do make him a natural selection...as I stated, if Skywarp agrees I will allow him to go, but the decision must be his to make."

God Jinrai
2002-03-22, 06:49 AM
..."of course, galvatron. to force him into this would make us no better than maximo. Alright, Redstreak... you're clear for this mission... but I hope you realize that it's to gather information...this is NOT a sabotage mission! Download all the info you can to external datatracts, and get the slag out of there asap!"

2002-03-22, 06:53 AM
Taikoon stops suddenly as Unicron's image appears on the screen, the nearest Autobots hearing a near imperceptible... Hiss. Yes, Taikoon hissed. But he calmed again as the image dissapeared, instead looking from Optimus to Galvatron and back, trying to follow what they were saying.

2002-03-22, 08:08 AM
Jazz shook his head Watching on "Galvatron, being sane?" He muttered in disbelief, "He hasn't done that since being Megatron".

Blaster nudged him still holding the struggling mini-bot down. "Watch it dude one wrong word may endanger the whole alliance we know how unstable Galvatron is" He replied.

"LET ME AT HIM" Brawn yelled from as Blaster shook his head. "Wonder if these mini-cons are as tough as Brawn" he muttered.

2002-03-22, 08:39 AM
Bean looked at the vid of Unicron and gulped.

"So that's what this Unicron looks like. No wonder Prime is worried like this. A good thing Rally didn't see that vid" he said to Minerva.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-22, 09:06 PM
Skywarp was somewhat dumb-struck.....He'd been online for only a matter of "earth weeks" and already he'd surpassed much of his bretheren in the ranks of the Decepticons.

"It would be a pleasure to serve the allied empire....."

Skywarp pondered the task ahead, after his last jaunt in teleportation he couldn't help but wonder if he was ready for such a mission, but nevertheless he felt it his duty.

God Jinrai
2002-03-22, 09:36 PM
"All right then. You and Redstreak are to report immedieately to wheeljack's lab. He should have the field generator ready by now. Redstreak, you should be able to make the modifications required to hold the field out for a longer period of time. Meanwhile, I'll mobilize all the deep space search teams I can... But I've already got a feeling I know where we'll find the minicons."

2002-03-22, 09:49 PM
The Dinobots had listened to Prime, and heard him refer to something called 'Minicons'.

Snarl stepped up.

"Forgive me, Prime", he said. "But what are these 'Minicons' that you are referring to?"

2002-03-23, 12:52 AM
Prime: "All right then. You and Redstreak are to report immedieately to wheeljack's lab. He should have the field generator ready by now. Redstreak, you should be able to make the modifications required to hold the field out for a longer period of time. Meanwhile, I'll mobilize all the deep space search teams I can... But I've already got a feeling I know where we'll find the minicons."

"All right," Redstreak replies. "Come on, Skywarp. Wheeljack's lab is not far."

2002-03-23, 01:46 AM
Minerva: "No kidding..... She should be up any minute now, though." (OOC- PM me if you wan Minerva to find something wrong with her.)

Nightbeat: -sighs- "So much for hoping that this would be easy."

Siren: "You got that right."

Roadbuster: -unconscious and deep in conversation-

Dinobot: "The Leige Maximo.... A name out of Predacon legend."

Roadbuster: "I'm not feeling heartened by that."

Dinobot: "You should not."

Roadbuster: "Not that there's anything to worry about."

Dinobot: "What makes you think that?"

Roadbuster: "You'd be telling me that this is a doomed enterprise if we don't win."

Dinobot: "That is a nice theory, but there is one problem with it. Nowhere in the history files, sealed or unsealed, was any mention of the discovery of the Axalon wreckage found. Transwarp was in development when the Ark left Cybertron, but was not successfuly completed until one hundred and fifty years after the end of he Great War. By trying to destroy Optimus Prime, Megatron did alter the timeline, just not in the way he believed he would."

Roadbuster: "In other words, you don't know what's going on, either."

Dinobot: "Exactly."

Lug: -finishes getting the parts Minerva needs, starts getting energon cubes-

Brainstorm and medical drones: -finish removing damaged sections of his transector-

Brainstorm: -looking at what's left- "I was right. The torso is still salvagable."

2002-03-23, 06:57 PM

IC: Megatron looks at the shackles. Hearing NightBeats last

"You be a good little Decepticon!"

The words replayed in Megatron's mind.

The camera connected to NightBeat came into play. Megatron was once again there.


Megatron broke the shackles as the power went offline. TimeSplitter's power had went offline. It was very dark. Nothing but the eyes of Megatron could be seen. The red eyes. Pain and suffering but mostly anger. A one man army.

Counter-Punch went offline in the back.

Megatron through some of the equipment around. The noises. The sounds....

Megatron stood on it breaking it.

"NoBody Controls Megatron."

The door had been tightly sealed. Megatron walked up to it.

His eyes fixed on it, the his metalic hands moved. They tore the door from it's hinges, then Megatron through it at the camera.

Megatron began to converge on NightBeat's position.

2002-03-23, 10:12 PM
Six vehicles pulled up to the meeting room and transformed.

Excuese me, Prime", one of them said. "My name is Hot Shot. Would you mind letting us in on recent events? We've been out of the loop."

2002-03-23, 10:16 PM
Galvatron grimmaced as he looked out the windows of Iacon. It had been so long since he had viewed Cybertron from this side...the view would have brought a tear to his optic were he able to produce such nonesense.

Pointblank approached the Destron commander: "Its a thing of beauty when there is no fighting isn't it? You remember those days don't you...the days before the fighting and the culling."

Galvatron: "I do...much time has passed since I looked upon our home in such a fashion...and now its threatened, and it took the greatest threat ever to bring our race back together."

Galvatron looked at Gigatron and the others who were discussing some of the fittings for Skywarp and Redstreak.

Galvatron: "I would have preferred you go with Skywarp...I know you and your capabilities...this other Autobot is unknown to me...and I do not like what I do not know everything about."

Pointblank: "You must hate this situation then...us here, in the dark. Don't worry, Red will see that Skywarp completes the mission in one piece."

Galvatron: "very well..."

Galvatron glanced at Brawn, who was being restrained by Blaster and Jazz: "what is the green midget's problem? Prime...perhaps you should find a leash for him!"

2002-03-23, 10:40 PM

Blaster Had ejected the rest of his Casettes to assisst holding Brawn Down now not so much of a burden though the min-bot was still struggling. "Chill out Brawn allies, Allies we are there allies" FastForward said.

"Yeah man don't get so rilled up" Jazz added to the Casettes input

Blaster looked at at Galvatron then to Brawn, "Not ta Burst your ego Brawn but man Galvatron is one mean mother and I dunno if You can take him"

"OH YEAH?" Brawn yelled kicked Steeljaw and Ramhorn off his legs wipping Jazz over head with one arm who collided with Blaster knocking them both back. He pushed fastforward off and got to his feet. Still kinda edgy and insane around the likes of Starscream and Megatron/Galvatron because of them he lost a quarter of his back. He charged Galvatron lunging at the Large bot in an attempt to tackle him. this no doubt will be a fight Brawn cannot win on his own.

Blaster and Jazz got up looking at Brawn.

"there goes the Neighbourhood" Jazz muttered
"And most likley Brawn" Blaster added.

2002-03-23, 10:54 PM
Seeing Brawns charge, Galvatron merely intiated his thrusters and rose above the minibot.

Galvatron: "Are you so eager to meet Primus again? Do you not remember what happened the last time you charged me? You Autobots have no sense of humor! Because of our truce, I will let you live...so long as Prime does keep you on a leash!"

2002-03-23, 11:04 PM
Brawn grinned "fine elt me live I'm nopt saying the same for you" he crouched down lunging up but before he could grab hold of Galvatrons foot Steel jaw tackled Brawn and pushed him to the wall growling.

"GET OFF ME YOU DAMN CAT" Brawn yelled tossing Steeljaw off him but by then Blaster and Jazz already got to him and restrained him again.

"Hey man zip that Lip" Jazz said to Brawn.

"Good work steeljaw" Blaster said looking back to Brawn "You do that again and no desert for you" He said in a mockingly fatherly tone to the smaller bot.

2002-03-23, 11:17 PM
Hatemunger chuckled at the whole event.

"Well at least the small Autobots do have spunk." he smiled and stood watching and waiting.

2002-03-23, 11:40 PM
"What of the rest of us, Optimus?" Vanguard asked the question that the rest of his team were thinking.
"What are we to do, when Redstreak and Skywarp go on this mission?"

Vanguard had been more willing to accept the truce than most. As a scientist and an explorer, he disliked fighting, and perhaps this fact made him more willing to believe that Galvatron was genuine than most of the rest of the Autobots.

"Yes Optimus," Sixswitch still stood behind Prime. He cast a look over at [b]Quick Switch[b].
"The rest of us are eager to help out as well."

God Jinrai
2002-03-24, 02:23 AM
"...and you will, my friends. you will. Galvatron. You, myself, the cosmobots, the Technobots and any other space faring transformers we have on hand depart immedieately... for the sol system. I've a strong feeling... that the minicons were not far from our war on earth the entire time. Grand. Prepare for departure. Jinrai, you , pointblank and grimlock are in charge here while I'm gone. Starsaber. Victory Leo. You're with us."

Jinrai was again in something of shock... while he apprecieated prime's confidence in him, it was difficult to believe that the autobot supreme commander was taking it up personally to locate the minicons.

Victory Leo shot a glance at starsaber that spoke for him... "No need to worry, Victory Saber. this is search and rescue we're talking about. not an assault on deszaras' space fortress... To the hangar."

The duo started down the steps for grand's battlefortress.

(OOC: I'm using the breastforce as npcs for the moment... having taken up fire convoy and god magnus, I had to make a sacrifice. Reflector will be taking up the breastforce crew, but I'll be retaining deszaras until further notice)

BIC: "Well, Leozak... this is indeed a trip. what are your energy readouts?"

"Eighty Percent fuel remaining, m'lord."

"Good. we've still a ways to go before we arrive at earth..." replied the breastforce captain.

2002-03-24, 03:14 AM
Nightbeat: "What will we be doing while you guys are gone?"

Roadbuster: -starts coming to- "Nnnnnn......."

Lug: -finishes loading up energon,heads back to Bay 4-

Brainstorm: -starts rewiring torso of his transector-

Quick Switch
2002-03-24, 04:01 AM
Quick Switch nodded, affirming Sixswitch's words.

2002-03-24, 04:33 AM
"You're entertained?" Gigatron mused to Hatemunger. "I'm revolted; some paeons just can't understand that a friend is a friend."

Realizing that his comment was more inward than outward, Gigatron found himself wandering away from Hatemunger and toward Galvatron and Prime.

"We're bringing a full armada (;)) on a salvage mission? I feel that a bit... excessive. How, Optimus, do you intend to defend Cybertron from a potential assault if no one is here to protect it?"


Grand nodded purposelessly at Prime's command and began to wander off, but stopped himself after a glance at Jinrai. He smiled reassuringly, walking back and placing a hand on his friend's shoulder.

"Don't look so down. You'll do fine - just believe in yourself. Remember the Godmasters, the Headmasters, and the Pretenders; you led them fine... I should hurry. Take care of the planet for me, will you?"

Grand turned, shooting a final single-motion wave of the hand. He dropped the GDD on the ground, hopped on its back, and skated toward Maximus city.

2002-03-24, 05:32 AM
Taikoon looks around again, then shoulders his way towards Prime again. He was sure this one was in chage, and he finally broke through the pack... a small sapce forming around the alien robot as he looks at Optimus carefully. Then he reaches for a hip compatment, pulling out a long, slender, almost needlelike dagger. He points it to Prime's autobrand, then lifts it to his shoulder...

The tip danced over the surface of his green metal, the ink flowing with a life of its own, swirling out until an elaborate Autobrand emerged, and he looks at Prime meaningfully, hoping the Commander got the point as he held the blade hilt-out towards the Matrix Bearer.

Meanwhile, Sky Garry and Shotbomber exchanged glanc4es, then the mech took a thunderous step forwards "Commanders... what about myself and Shotbomber?" the still-wounded behemoth asked, a hopeful look on his faceplate "Every bot will be needed for this mission. I offer my services to get the espionage team in closer."

2002-03-24, 09:53 AM
Bean saw the incident with Brawn.

("And i thought Decepticons could be hotheads...") Bean though. Then he heard Prime's speech, or part of it.

"and depart immedieately... for the sol system."

After hearing those words, Bean smiled as he turned to Minerva.

"Minerva, did I just hear Prime say the Sol system, as in OUR home system? If he did then i'm joining the search party" He said toMinerva.

Bean then noticed Roadbuster started to move again.

("So the toughguy is awake again, better make sure he doesn't charge at anyone") Bean thought as he readied a battleclaw.

He then saw a green transformer standing in front of Prime.

("Now what") he thought as he saw the green transformer offer a dagger to Prime.

2002-03-24, 01:12 PM
"Well, this should be interesting," Sixswitch told his fellow sixchanger.
"Let's get moving. If we need to find these 'mini-cons' we don't want to waste any time. Lets get to Grand Maximus."

Transforming to scout car mode, he revved his engine, waiting for Quick Switch to follow.


"Great, a search mission," Apollo smiled.
"Yup," replied Mercury, "and no fighting either."
"And with Apollo's abilities, I think we're suited to the job," Sun Runner commented.
"Right. Are we all ready to depart?"
"Sure are Boss," replied Thorr.
"Then lets go."

The five trooped out of the hangar, then took off, headed for Grand Maximus.


Omega had observed these goings on quietly, deep in his own thoughts. No matter the importance of the search, he knew his duties.
"Omega Supreme should stay here to defend Iacon, Optimus?"

2002-03-24, 04:10 PM
Hatemunger walked over to Jinrai Galvatron and company.

"I will stay here on Cybertron, you also have plenty of capable warriors here right now. I have seen Jinrai in action and know of his skill and many of the other Autobots have seen their own share of battles, so unless Unicron himself attacks you should have nothing to fear." Then Hatemunger glanced at Gigatron.

"Annoying to the end aren't you?" Hatemunger sighed.

2002-03-24, 04:42 PM
Megatron tracked NightBeats location as he saw Galvatron and Autobots on his scanner.

Megatron's eyes glowed red. He had wanted to destroy this Decepticon but now he was raging with anger because of NightBeat.

Megatron remembered his former selfs past life. He had to play this one cooly. He was smart.

Footsteps were heard. Loud footsteps. Megatron's cannon asserted itself. The gleam of the purple cannon shining. Then Megatron's face changed shape as he walked into the room with the Decepticons and Autobots.

2002-03-24, 05:07 PM
Hatemunger saw Megatron walk in. He yelled making sure Galvatron could see and hear the arguement.

"You! Your the traitor, you attack Decepticons while claiming to help the Aubobots. If I had my choice I would end your spark where you stand but I am sure we need all of the robots we can for Unicron." He glanced at Galvatron, this is the one who was giving the Autobots our technology and weapons."

2002-03-24, 05:12 PM
"Unicron is coming HateMunger."

A smile grew on Megatron's face. An evil smile.

Megatron tapped a few commands to see how TimeSplitter was doing and to make a log entry.

"There is only one way to kill a monster. Believe me i know i am one. We must kill the creator, before he can start building Unicron."

God Jinrai
2002-03-24, 06:39 PM
Prime was baffled by Taikoon's actions... he took the dagger's hilt, and held it, examining it closely...but suddenly came to a realization

"Indeed, old friend... we'll commence with the rite immedieately... Prowl. prepare the necessecities for the rite of the autobrand."

Suddenly he caught sight of megatron, and clenched the dagger tightly, but restrained himself...


2002-03-24, 06:44 PM
(( Nevermind. Just realized you caught it. Hehe))

Taikoon watches expectantly, as though waiting for something. Then his head jerks as Prime bellowed and he stepped to one side, tensing up slighty as though ready to spring. The ink dripped slightly from one shoulder, but the elaborate face remained strong. The ink seemed to sink into his skin and stay there.

2002-03-24, 06:45 PM
Galvatron spoke up: "That is where you come into play my friend. Draw up a team from our consolidated forces on Earth, one you trust above the rest. Have the remainder remain there until we return."

Galvatron then saw the Megatron.

Galvatron: "Ah...its the half life...I thought our business was concluded with the like of you...As Prime said, you are a buffoon...Unicron is already nearly finished and as we speak, Maximonian Decepticons are preparing their attack. Perhaps if you weren't so incompetent you would have already known that. What are you even doing here, half life?"

Elsewhere, Prowl went of and prepared the sacred rite that Optimus had ordered him to do so...

Prowl: "It is done Prime...ready to commence when you are..."

Quick Switch
2002-03-24, 06:51 PM
Quick Switch transformed to drill tank mode, and drove up to Sixswitch.

"Roger that," he replied over vehicom. "Let's move."

The two Hexa Changers drove off for Grand Maximus.

God Jinrai
2002-03-24, 07:01 PM
Prime took the brand from prowl, and held it in his left hand... his chestplate opened, and the matrix glowed brightly, expectantly...

setting the autobrand before it, the insignia floated in midair before the shining crystaline form of the matrix' core. suddenly a bright flash emminated from the matrix, and the outline of the autobrand glowed brightly.

Prime's chest cavity closed, but the autobrand yet hovered before him...

"Taikoon. Do you give your solemn word...as a member of the cybertronian race... that you will follow and uphold the autobot ideals of peace, justice, honor and truth... even at the cost of your own life?"

2002-03-24, 07:05 PM
The robot took a step back, optics widening as he spots the Matrix, whispering an arcane words as hel ooks at Prime, then the Autobrand. It was obvious that he didn't understand what was gonig on at first, that Prime's words weren't getting through.

He then looks at Prime's brand... and the others, and like a lightbulb the alien robot was sudeenly enlightened as to what was going on.

He nods solumly, kneeling in one fluid, practiced motion before his commander. Then he thinks hard and says with very slow, ponderous tones "Taikoon... Heelp... Autobots... protect." Ragged, but the meaning was clear. He would help.

2002-03-24, 07:42 PM
Blaster and the Casettes had dragged Brawn away from Galvatron back to the Med-Bay where Sunstreaker was finished up and standing checking his parts.

"Stupid Combaticon ruinedmy paint job and burnt my roof" Sunstreaker complained to Eject and Rewind.

"Well we'll fix it later, right now we gotta get back to Blaster" Rewind said who turned to see Blaster "Or he'll see us".

Brawn still struggeld in Blaster arms who let him go to the floor. "LET ME KILL HIM BLASTER!" Brawn Yelled.

Blaster shook his head slightly "Chill BrawnWE're in an alliance now killin' their leader ain't the brightest of ideas" Blaster replied looking over at Sunstreaker "Hey Sunstreaker whats shakin" The red Autobot said.

Brawn looked over at Sunstreaker "SEE SOME ALLIANCE LOOK AT SUNSTREAKERS CHEST!" Brawn yelled.

Blaster's chest opened as the cassettes began to hop back in his chest. "That was before the alliance" Blaster replied.

"Ugh my chest don't remind me" Sunstreaker Groaned trying to cover it up like he was a nude human.

Jazz watched Prime and Taikoon. "A new Autobot in our ranks to know" He said

2002-03-24, 08:26 PM
Vanguard's knees bent only slightly to take the strain of the landing, as he and the rest of the Cosmobots alighted next to the entry ramp of Grand Maximus.

"This must be a pretty big mission, if Prime is leading it personally."
"Right Thorr, Vanguard replied, "he thinks the mini-cons are the key to winning this next battle with Unicron."
"Yes, that's why he's leading from the front," Apollo said.
"So what do we do on this mission?"
"I'd guess that we'd be assigned to scan the surface of the planet Earth from orbit, for possible sites to begin the search."
"That'd make sense," Thorr replied, "so what would I do?"
"Co-ordinate our search, and act as messenger between us and the surface. You're the most skilled of us in operating within an atmosphere."
"Good, glad I wont be sitting on the sidelines. Shall we go aboard?"

The Cosmobots all nodded, and headed up the ramp.


Sixswitch slowed down his pace to enable Quick Switch to keep up, and they travelled along the wide road alongside each other. He felt a strange kinship to this bot from this universe, and he couldn't understand why that should be. He hoped that they would get to work together on this mission, and perhaps find out more about how and why he felt that way.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-24, 09:32 PM
Skywarp walked alongside Redstreak.

"Place hasn't changed much...."

Skywarp turned, he'd raided Wheeljack's lab so many times in the old days he knew the directions like the back of his hand...

"What you think of this mission kid? Why you so sure you can help out.....?"

2002-03-24, 10:15 PM
The Spychangers made their way up to teh front of the room.

"Hey, what's going on?", GHot Shot asked. Snarl.

"Prime's talking about eh return of Unicron", the Dinobot replied.

The six Autobots mumered in surprise.

"Yeah", Slag said. "And now Prime's talking about something called 'Minicons'".

"Well", said. R.E.V. "I think things we'll get a little more intersting around here."

2002-03-24, 10:57 PM
"Fool i am not."

Megatron did not like the disrespect from these two but it was something he needed to put up with.

"If i had been informed by either side, then i wouldn't be here. I would have took the matter into my own hands and when i said destroy Unicron before he is complete i thought your "oh so complex" "brains" could have computed it. We don't destroy it now, we don't destroy the Msximo now, we destroy them before they were created. We destroy them in the past. TimeSplitter will soon be operational, his Time Splitting device almost complete. I can get back there in that time before he is complete it is so simple. "

Megatron turned.

"If the plan is successful, any AutoBot or Decepticon is willing to join me. IF you even would want to. Maybe it's too big a sacrifice, but i am willing to take the risk. If i am unsuccessful i will send someone back to stop this happening again. Unicron brings nothing but chaos.... shouldn't we destroy him with that same chaos."

Megatron's eyes glowed.

He then thought of a backup plan.

Reprogram the old Unicron to fight the new one.

"Order may destroy chaos.... but chaos can also destroy chaos!"

Quick Switch
2002-03-24, 11:02 PM
Quick Switch drove along. The road was long.

"So...tell me a little 'bout yourself, Sixswitch. How come I haven't seen you around before? Are you another one of those alt-dimension types?" a slight amused tone had crept into Quick Switch's vocoder.

Geez. I'm talking like it's a normal event. But around here, I guess it is these days.

2002-03-24, 11:10 PM
Hatemunger simply laughed at this Megatron.

"I follow Galvatron and for now Optimus Prime, those are the two robots I am trusting to get us through this mess. Not you, besides the fact why should any of us believe a traitor like you?"

Hatemunger grew tired of this false leader and walked off toward the rest of the leaders.

2002-03-24, 11:15 PM
"You jump to conclusions my dear HateMunger. I never said that "I" would be commanding the mission."

Megatron's eyes gleamed.

"And you have no right to trust me.... not in my frame of mind"

Megatron then punched his fist into a wall.

"Why can't you die! Megatron.Leave me in peace!"

2002-03-24, 11:23 PM
Sixswitch would have smiled, if he wasn't in vehicle mode.
"Yeah, you could say that. I have no clue how I got here... Well, bar the fact that I went to investigate something in space. I guess the scientists would call it a 'spatial anomaly' or something. Anyway, it overloaded my systems and I woke up in Earth orbit - in this timeline and universe. Slagged if I know why."

He paused momenterily to swerve around a large chunk of building that had fallen into the middle of the road.

"Anyway, Metrotitan attacked the Autobot base on Earth, but some of us got inside and disabled the massive thing. After that, the Dinobots discovered some shuttle - the Earth Commander saw it as significant - don't know why though, but we all left Earth, and arrived here, more or less in the middle of a battle."

He laughed.

"I've barely had time to adjust my energon out-take. How about you? How do you fit into this war, and the stuff that's been happening recently?"

2002-03-25, 12:12 AM
Slag and Hot Shot turned to Grimlock.

"Well, Grimlock", Slag said. "Looks like we've got orselves one hard mission ahead of us. But I wouldn't worry about it. We can stop Unicron. We've done it before. We can do it again."

2002-03-25, 01:23 AM
Roadbuster: -optic band lights up, starts twitching fingers, feels his fingertips brush against the grips of his guns- "Nnnnnnnn........" -looks left and right, sees Bean's transector's feet and weight on his back- "Get off of me."

Nightbeat and Siren: -ducking down, trying to keep out of Megatron's line of sight-

Nighteat: -mutters- "Great. The bishonen poster boy is here."

Minerva: "Megatron's just wearing boxer shorts?"

Nightbeat: "Figure of speech." -sighs- "I hope Lug and Hosehead get back soon."

Lug: -drives up, loaded down with parts and energon- "You called?"

2002-03-25, 02:20 AM
Skywarp: "What you think of this mission kid? Why you so sure you can help out.....?"

As they reached the entrance to Wheeljack's lab, Redstreak answered his age-old foe. "I've been places and seen things in my short times that even you in your years haven't seen. Something flows within me...it's hard to explain exactly what. But it gives me great power. The kind of power that Galvatron craves and Primus laments. As for the mission, I won't deny a sense of awkwardness, but I do think this is the one threat that every transformer, regardless of race, must heed, for if we do not die together we most assuredly will die separately." With that, he knocks on Wheeljack's door.

2002-03-25, 03:54 AM
Galvatron shook his head, trying not to burst into laughter at "Megatron's" words.

Galvatron: "You're an even bigger idiot than Starscream, half life! Your plan isn't plausible...it would create more problems...problems we just recently dealt with. And you fail to realize that the Liege Maximo has always held the power in some way or another. Such an attack will not happen...and should you attempt to subvert any forces from the main body, I will send you back to the hole you crawled out of you moron!"

Quick Switch
2002-03-25, 12:05 PM
Quick Switch continued to rumble along, his treads whirring on the metal street.

"Funny thing," he said. "I was in Metroplex when the Decepticons launched their first raid. Barely got out with my life..."

He paused.

"As a matter of fact, I was with Wheeljack when we attempted to wrest control of Metroplex's brain from the Decepticons. As you can imagine, his plan didn't work."

He pondered Sixswitch's question.

"Basically, I'm just a warrior. I've been coming and going everywhere, fought two battles in Iacon, and now this- all in the last few Earth months. Where the command element tells me to go, I follow."

2002-03-25, 01:33 PM
"Never! It may be implausible, but it is an idea. Something you can't use these days. The only other thing I.... could think of would be... To join the Maximo. No of course!"

Megatron turned to Prime.

"It's too dangerous!"

Megatron turned to Galvatron.

"No Decepticon would ever do such a thing!"

Megatron suddenly saw something in his eyes once more but shook it off. It wasn't the time.

"We must gather all of our forces. Scrap things we don't need. All elements must be considered. Autobot or Decepticon. Truce or no truce. We must be united now. In our darkest hour. And if you can't see that then your minds are failing. We must put aside our difficulties. If you don't want to get to the heart of this... I'm not waitng here for this ... meeting. I will bring a fight to them myself. If you are too involved with diplomatic truces!"

Megatron turned to Galvatron, as he walked closer to him.

"I would rather die than be under your control. I would rather take my chances with the Leige Maximo than sit around here!"

2002-03-25, 01:56 PM
Originally posted by Heinrad
Roadbuster: "Get off of me."

"Not untill you give your word as an Autobot NOT to slag the Decepticons that are here" Bean replied to Roadbuster's command.

"If you don't give your word, I would be forced to disable your arms, and that would be quite painfull" Bean added as he moved his battleclaw in front of Roadbuster's face.

At that moment Rally woke up.

"What happened? Could somebody fill me in on a few things?" she asked.

Then she saw Bean sitting atop Roadbuster.

"Oh great, what has Bean done this time?" she mumbled.

2002-03-25, 05:59 PM
An Autobot shuttle landed on an empty strech of street on Cybertron. The shuttle looked to have been through some difficulty. The boarding ramp slammed down and the first bot out was Hot Rod, "Yes Cybertron!"

Ultra Magnus followed, "We better report into Prime, Prowl, Ironhide... anyone that has authority. Heh, if I were someone else I would report in to Ultra Magnus."

"Reports... reports... geezzz Magnus, the Autobots woun't care." Hot Rod looked around the surface spotting a road leading to Iacon.

Magnus sighed, "Don't you think someone will demand an explaination?"

Hot Rod already transformed into vechical mode and sped off, Magnus transformed and followed as well. "Autobot base, this is Ultra Magnus, anyone there?" I hope nothing happened to Iacon in my absence he thought.

2002-03-25, 06:01 PM
Jazz shook his head watching 'Megatron' and Galvatron fight with words. "Hey Guys this is an alliance Not a wrestling match" He walked inbetween the two putting his hands up. "So be like Brawn take a Chill pill, 'right Guys?" Jazz finished.

2002-03-25, 07:39 PM
Hatemunger looked at Jazz.

"This matter does not concern you. Also, given this Megatron has just said he will help Leige Maximo I believe he is a threat to all of us. Galvatron shall deal with him accordingly."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-25, 10:04 PM
(OOC - a little bit of fun, R, hope you don't mind ;))

Skywarp stood and watched Redstreak knock on Wheeljack's lab door...

"Might as well get you used to this"

Skywarp chuckled sadistically, grabbed Redstreak's arm and the pair disappeared inside Wheeljack's lab.

2002-03-26, 02:35 AM
After the Dinobots had filled the Spychangers in on recent events, Hot Shot turned to Grimlock.

"Um...Grimlock", he said. "Do you think that siding with the Decepticons is a good thing? I mean, Unicron is a powerful force, but I think that we can take him on without their help."

The other Spychangers nodded in agreement.

The Dinobots, however, held their heads, knowing that Grimlcok was likely to rip all their heads off for that comment.

God Jinrai
2002-03-26, 02:50 AM
Prime's optics glowe brightly...

"So be it."

the emblem floated forward toward taikoon.. reaching his chest... but almost sensing its proper place, glided up toward the shoulder with the ink imbedded in it... touching his surface, the insignia burned brightly, fusing onto his body... no physical pain was present despite the appearance of the shoulder being burnt...

"Arise...My friend... May Primus grant good fortune upon you in the future... after he's given us the strength to stop his chaos bringing brethern."

Prime stood silent... frustrated by the lack of magnus and hotrod's presence... "Where..could those two be?!? " he thought to himself

2002-03-26, 03:57 AM
Galvatron began to laugh at Megatron.

Galvatron: "Go join the Liege Maximo, it will only increase our chances of victory with a moron like you on his side! Mwa-hahaha!"

Galvatron then got in really close to Megatron: "And on my order, any true decepticon will reduce you to ash in a microsecond!"

2002-03-26, 04:21 AM
Taikoon held still as the image burned itself into his body... but somehow, something changed it. It was the Autobrand... but it was not. It was more elongated, with another seal behind it almost in dimmer green, giving the impression of faint horns and wings... but it was hard to tell at a distance.

Looking up again, he stood, arms rustling strangely as he staps back, giving a salute... not an Autobot one, but it would do. He steps five paces back and waits, at ease, as he didn't know what else to do really. He felt others staring at him, resisting the urge to turn.

2002-03-26, 04:41 AM
Skywarp chuckled sadistically, grabbed Redstreak's arm and the pair disappeared inside Wheeljack's lab.

As they appear within, Redstreak looks around with a bit of a smile. "Nice touch," he says, grinning. "Can't say I've ever done that before."

"Greetings, gentlemen." Wheeljack says, stepping to the light. "I believe you have come looking for this." He points them in the direction of the field generator. "Easy to use; one button on, one button off. Has a power supply of 50 astro-hours so don't overuse it. And if you need; I built in a self-destruct mechanism. If you get in trouble, at worst it will be able to cover your escape. Any questions?"

Redstreak looked to Skywarp. "Not me, how 'bout you?"

2002-03-26, 05:49 AM
Hatemunger overheard Galvatron talking to Megatron and cracked his robotic knuckles.

"You know that my lord." He smiled.

"But I think I would rather save my energy to slag some of Unicron's armour than that waste of metal." He commented about Megatron.

2002-03-26, 07:25 AM
A maintenance droid was drilling the last screws in the side of Stargaze's head module. Both her and Moonlight's audio sensors were fried during the previous attack, and without Red Wing, Torque, and rest of the male Autobots they'd probably be dead. This also prevented them from attending Prime's briefing.

"How is it?", Moonlight asked her little sister.

"I hear you, please keep talking so I can adjust the wave function parameters", Stargaze sister replied, her petite hands raised to her temples.

"Uhm, alright... I don't know if this has anything to do with the battle we had outside, but what I could understand from the ending of Optimus' speech from the intercom, there's some sort of crisis going on. Which is a bit silly, we're in the middle of a blasted, nevernending civil war. What could consititute as a crisis in our situation? Anything to get away from this dragging cycle of death would be an improvement... Primus help me, I don't know if I can deal with this.. this farce that our lives have become. We go out, haul energon from point A to point B, hope we don't get ambushed, then just repeat until we're dead. And some other cannon fodder takes our place. I mean, what kind of future is that to look forward to? Just the gaping oblivion of death. The worst part is the death of our dreams... remember how we used to..."

Moonlight silenced for a moment, she realized that perhaps her gloomy monologue was getting out of hands.

"I think that's enough", Stargaze said kindly. She smiled and gently put her arms around her sister. "My audio receptors are now fully calibrated."

(OOC: Somebody please give a hint were the non-space faring bots are supposed to go? Hop on board or stay in Cybertron?)

2002-03-26, 08:14 AM
"Galvatron, why don't you just kill me now, get your little celebration over and done with. When Decepticons abondone me, i have no where to turn but here. When autobot's abandon me, i am alone."

Megatron turned toward HateMunger.

"You won't be able to stop Unicron alone. None of us can. Not even the matrix could stop it this time. It's changed, for the better on it's side."

Megatron walked toward the door.

"No one with me again. No one to bring the fight.I thought as much"

Megatron turned back to Galvatron.

"This will never, NEVER be over!"

2002-03-26, 02:33 PM
Roadbuster: -growling-

Brainstorm and medical drones: -reassembling his tranector as fast as they can-

2002-03-26, 03:45 PM
Bean heard Roadbuster's growl and thought it sounded like "I swear..."

"I'll take it that growl means "I swear I won't slag any cons" so I'll get of your back" Bean said as he retracted his battleclaw and got of Roadbuster's back.

Seeing that Rally was awake he headed over to Minerva's transector.

"Bean, WHY were you on top of that Autobot?" was the first thing Rally asked when she saw Bean approach.

"Well" Bean started as he disconnected from his transector and landed next to Minerva's.

"The reason I was on top of that guy, was too keep him from slagging a few recent arrivals. Namely Galvatron and company" Bean explained as he sat down beside Rally.

"What would Galvatron be doing here?" She asked.

"He came to forge an alliance with Prime to stop Unicron, and now they are gonna look for something called "Minicons" in the Sol system" Bean aswered.

"Sol? As in Earth? Tell me you signed up for the search party!!" She said.

"Haven't yet, was waiting for you to wake up. Shall we go see Prime then?" Bean asked as he got out of Minerva's transector and connected to his own.

"Let's" Rally replied as she got out of the transector and climbed onto Bean's hand.

Placing Rally on his shoulder Bean started making his way through the crowd towards Prime.

2002-03-26, 04:28 PM
Minerva: -tranforms, walks over to Lug- "Got everything we need?"

Lug: "Everything that was on the list. And some energon as well."

Minerva: -smiles- "Good. Help Hosehead refuel his transector." -grabs the parts she needs to fix Chromedome's leg- "I'll be over there. C'mon, Chromedome. Time to replace that leg." -walks over to Chromedome- "Hey, big brother, want to ask Prime if we can go along? Be nice to see home again?"

Roadbuster: -gets to feet, stores weapons, goes back to glaring at Deceptcons-

Nightbeat: "Hopefully safer if nothing else." -sees Roadbuster glaring- "Siren, keep an eye on him, huh?"

Siren: "What do I do if he tries something? He could rip me apart!"

Nightbeat: "Shout out a warning or something."

Lug: -helping Hardhead refuel his transector-

Nightbeat: -starts moving way to front of crowd to see Prime-

2002-03-26, 06:55 PM
Ultra Magnus and Hot Rod where attracted by a rather large crowd, Utra Magnus got a glimpse why the crowd had gathered, "Hot Rod it's Prime and he's with Galvatron...and Megatron."

"What is going on?" Hot Rod asked, the young Autobot started to make his way through the crowd "Excuse me... pardon."

Ultra Magnua just stepped into the crowd and the bots started to move aside he finally has close enough to Prime to get his attention, "Prime.. thank goodness... what's going on here?"

2002-03-26, 08:24 PM
Jazz looks at Megatron "Zip that lip, you're just gonna get yourself killed"
He then looked back over at Galvatron "We need all the availale fighters we can get to fight a force like unicron so back down"

Back in the Med-Bay Sunstreaker was busy trying paint over the scared surface of his chest as Blaster explained to Brawn why he can't kill Galvatron yet.

2002-03-26, 08:30 PM
"I'm as good as dead Jazz...."

Megatron walked over to the new arrivals recognising them as Hot Rod and Ultra Magnus.

"Ahh. The troops are coming Prime. This fight may go well..."

Megatron walked over to Prime.

"Give me a team. We can go in search of Unicron... we will report our findings.... the team would watch me but you may not think my word is good but.... I won't let them be harmed. I will protect them. You have my word!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-26, 08:59 PM
"Do you think that siding with the Decepticons is a good thing? I mean, Unicron is a powerful force, but I think that we can take him on without their help."

Grimlock was set to tear the small autobot apart when Magnus made his way through the crowd...

Magnus: "...what's going on here?"

"hmm, Magnus miss a lot recently, Unicron returning, but not same old Unicron, this time Liege Maximo in control, Decepticons and Autobots forge alliance, find Unicron and destroy him...."

Grimlock was interrupted by Megatron's inane ramblings...


"Don't you listen to anything we say? We already making plans in that direction.......you ugly, and stupid too....."

2002-03-26, 09:10 PM
"Keep your mouth quiet and i might throw you a bone."

Megatron was angry.

"And if the plan was made why are you still here!"

Megatron turned not listening to the Dinobot.

His eyes were a deep red. Glowing. He turned back to Prime.

"We on't need to send everyone, just a few 9 or 10 maybe!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-26, 09:24 PM
"Keep your mouth quiet and i might throw you a bone."


Grimlock had heard enough prattling...

"You haven't proved your worth here at all, all you have proved that you are better at providing annoyance than dealing with the situations in hand, you claim you have brilliant ideas that are deperately flawed by un-certainty, and irrational thoughts and actions, you ARE a FOOL Megatron, how Prime and Galvatron have suffered you this long is beyond belief...."

Wheeljack's lab

Redstreak looked to Skywarp. "Not me, how 'bout you?"

Skywarp smirked slightly out of the corner of his mouth.

"Just one.......which way to Unicron...."

2002-03-26, 09:40 PM
"I am amazed Grimlock. You can speak right. Even so, you never gave me the chance to prove my worth. Noone of you."

Megatron stood to his full height.

"Give me a chance then."

2002-03-26, 09:40 PM
As Bean approached Prime and the others he heard the conflict between Megatron and Grimlock.

"This could get ugly" he said to Nightbeat who was approaching.

2002-03-26, 09:55 PM
Jazz shook his head "Man megatron shut up you're now endangering the alliance by bein' a moron just zip that lip, you'll get a chance eventully, when we do go after Unicron, Okay?" Jazz was trying to keep the peace but failing.

Blaster looked over and Springer "Eject, Rewind did you two repair Springer aswell?"

"Yeah Blaster" Rewinds voice came from Blasters chest "Don't know why he isn't opperating"

2002-03-26, 10:10 PM
"Alliance with the Decepticons... Liege Maximo, no way!" Hot Rod stood there dumbfounded at the news.

"And to think I was worried about Metrotitan." Magnus mused, "We were detained on an alien world forced to fight in the natives war... almost brainwashed. That's why we haven't been around..." Ultra Magnus explained, but it looked like everyone was focused on Megatron to notice.

"Ya but we're ready for action Prime!" Hot Rod was getting eager, "Assign me to work with Megatron... I can keep him in line, and I still have my Targetmaster gun."

2002-03-26, 10:11 PM
"I don't want to fight anymore. I'm tired of it. But this proves a point.What will you be like to other Decepticons. There is no trust. They will turn on you, it will be your undoing!"

Megatron waited for a response that he got before.

2002-03-26, 11:45 PM
The Dinobots walked up to Megatron.

"Hey, I'd shut your mouth if I was you", Snarl said. "We've got our work cut out for us. We're going to need everyone we can to help out."

The Spychangers, meanwhile, went up to Magnus and Hot Rod.

"You were trapped on a alien world and forced to fight a war?", R.E.V. asked.

"Sounds cool", W.A.R.S. said.

"Could you tell us more?", Ox asked.

Counter-Arrow said to Hot Rod, "You're a Targetmaster? Well, I don't think that you could be abetter shot than me."

2002-03-27, 12:40 AM
Hatemunger had enough of Megatron.

"Then prove your worth go win this entire conflict on your own." He was ready to slag the overgrown robot. "First of all you are a traitor to your own Decepticons, then you talk of some plan when a course of action has been set and then you talk of joining Liege Maximo and Finally you tick off everyone on Cybertron!"

"As far as I feel the only reason nobody has slagged you yet is because we need some simple cannon foddler in the battle with Unicron and the rouge Decepticons!"

2002-03-27, 01:23 AM
Magnus started on the story, "We where attacked while in orbit of an alien world in responce to a distress call. It was a planet filled with humaniod life forms, two main groups fighting a war amonst each other. We where being taken care of by what seemed to be the side fighting for justice. They showed us what the other side had done. We where convinced that the other side where monsters and should help the side that helped us. Then a group from the evil side found us and showed us what had been really happening. It was all an elaberate ruse. All we had seen was acted out and the side that helped us where the ones that shot us down in the first place. Useing this techniquie they had drafted other races into aiding thier side. But we then where convinced that both side used this stratigy... so we left them alone. We have our own war to fight."

Hot Rod pulled out his Targetmaster gun, "I'll let Firebolt answer that."

Firebolt transformed into robot mode he still had to look up at the spychangers but not as much as he was used to. "Heh, so this guy says he can outshoot me... well I am a crack shot but more smart then anything, I was orginally a Nebulan scientist."

2002-03-27, 02:21 AM
"Amusing story", R.E.V. said.

"Man", Ox said. "Wish I was there."

"Yeah", Crosswise said. "We could have taught them a thing or two."

Counter-Arrow looked at Firebolt, pulling out his laser sniper rifle. He took aim at a statue of Optimus Prime on the other side of the room. Taking careful aim, he shot the head clean off.

"That might be true, friend", he said. "But I'm the best marksman that the Autobots have."

2002-03-27, 02:41 AM
"A warrior. That's what I was... am too. I know that the Good Guys aren't supposed to like fighting, but it gives me a huge rush. Can't explain it. But yeah, wherever I'm ordered to fight, I'll fight, but I don't mind a break from it now and then..."

He looked up at the rapidly nearing form of Grand Maximus.

"Like hopefully we'll get in this search."

Quick Switch
2002-03-27, 03:25 AM
Quick Switch silently concurred with his Hexa Changer counterpart.

"I hear that," he muttered whistfully. They began to make up ground toward the massive Autobot.

2002-03-27, 03:31 AM
Grand viewed all. Having returned to his Pretender mode, he stood alone in his office, perched high in the central tower of Maximus City. One hand clutched the opposite wrist behind his back. Nothing moved but his eyes, surveying the Cybertronic landscape through the long, rounded window. Patiently, he watched the two Six Changers slowly roll up to the city's ramps. One looked surprisingly familiar, but simultaneously different. The distance blurred his perception; Grand decided to interview the stranger himself when time became more flexible. In the mean, he waited.

I've been here some time now. I wonder what's keeping them...

2002-03-27, 04:18 AM
Galvatron was tired of the pale shadow of his former self. He had half a mind to reduce him to ash himself, though it seemed the Dinobots were moments away from doing so.

Galvatron: "I will only tell you this one final time...shut you mouth. You are a fool...no one wants you here. Refuse and face me...but if you quiet yourself, you may just live."

Galvatron saw Hot Rod and Magnus arrive and smirked at his old foes.

Galvatron: "This must come as quite a shock to you two, after being such worthy foes for so long."

Galvatron, turning his back on Megatron, extended a hand to Ultra Magnus and to Hot Rod.

2002-03-27, 05:13 PM
Firebolt transformed in gun mode and landed in Hot Rod's hand, "Best marksman huh? See that fly?"

Hot Rod rolled his optics, "Ummm Firebolt Cybertron does have any flyes."

"Oh ya sure, heh never mind." Firebolt transformed back into robot form.

Then Ultra Magnus and Hot Rod looked over at Galvatron. Magnus was the first to talk, "We definatly have fought against you longer then Prime has... but I've always been one to support peace." Magnus took Galvatron's hand, "...and wisdom."

"We need to be allied at a time like this." Hot Rod took Galvatron's hand as well, "Fighting against Liege Maximo, the first Decepticon... now lets go save Earth!"

2002-03-27, 07:33 PM
"That's all i hear....!!!"

Megatron fell to one knee, as if gasping for air. His voice lowering from it's usual tone. His eyes shut. He was screaming in pain. No one would help him. Everyone had turned on him.

Even himself....

"The fool. He should not have tried to put me out of action. I am too strong for the weak minded traitor.... He should have been slagged when you had the chance." said Megatron in his raspy voice.

This was the other Megatron, the original trapped in the second body. His mind different. His way different...

2002-03-27, 09:27 PM
Brainstorm: -makes final adjustment to shoulder of transector- "There's the left arm done." -staring at the primer grey of the armor- "Defintely gotta get this painted after I'm done."

Nightbeat: -mutters- "The best laid plans of mice and men gang oft' agle...." -makes his way to Prime- "We'd like to help search for these minicons."

Minerva: -finishes removing Chromedome's right leg, starts dismantling it- "This shouldn't take too long."

Chromedome: "I hope not."

God Jinrai
2002-03-28, 01:23 AM
Prime gazed coldly down at his old nemesis...

"You're right, megatron. You should have been wiped out long ago."

Prime's plasma cannon materialized from subspace...


His optics burnt brightly, and quickly the barrel was leveled with megatron... prime's finger twitched slightly... and a plasma burst errupted from the cannon...

"Galvatron. Cosmobots. all units I assigned to my task force. Depart for grand maximus immedieately!"

2002-03-28, 01:54 AM
"What?!" Hot Rod tried to step up to look at Megatron, but Ultra Magnus stopped him.

"Hold it, we don't know exactly what is going on. From the looks of it Megatron asked for this..." Ultra Magnus let Hot Rod go and looked away. "...though I, at least, could have used him for a Targetmaster. Ok Prime, what will you have me do?"

2002-03-28, 02:32 AM
The Spychangers looked at Optimus.

"Optimus", Hot Shot said. "What would you have us do?"

(OOC: Jinrai, according to Hot Shot's japanese tech specs, which I got from bwtf.com, Hot Shot and Optimus are supposed to be related. Mind if we play along to that?)
The Dinobots looked at Grimlock.

"I'm not sure if I like this", Slag said. "We've got a lot of conbustible elements here."

"Yeah", Sludge said. "Megs, Galvy, Prime, Magnus...it's just one big stick of dynamite."

2002-03-28, 02:53 AM
(( I'm confuzzled. I've read over the posts and havne't found any with ANY of my char's names in them... are any of my guys going, or should I just sit back and let everyone else have the fun?))

2002-03-28, 03:10 AM
Originally posted by Lockpick
(( I'm confuzzled. I've read over the posts and havne't found any with ANY of my char's names in them... are any of my guys going, or should I just sit back and let everyone else have the fun?))

(OOC: Well, maybe you should just jump in somewhere...)

2002-03-28, 04:02 AM
Galvatron looked at Prime. He had known Prime longer than any other Autobot. Since the first day Prime had appeared he had been his sworn enemy. Now, he had taken action...his ancient foe had behaved...like a Decepticon would of. A smile went across his face.

Galvatron: "An interesting development...Hatemonger, remain here to help the remaining Autobots in the event Cybertron is attacked. Gigatron, if you would accompany me..."

Galvatron transformed into jet mode and blasted off towards Grand Maximus.

2002-03-28, 04:14 AM
Hatemunger smiled at what Prime did he looked at the smoking hulk that was Megatron.

"Hmm maybe there is a hidden darkness in Prime, this could be intersting." he thought a smile on his face.

He then heard Galvatron.
"Yes sir, I will watch over Cybertron with the Autobots. Prime, Galvatron and your men good luck on your mission. If you need anything from Cybertron I will have my com-link open." he turned to the Autobots.

"Autobots, let us work on getting Iacons defenses back online. Also, where is Trypiticon? He was at the Plasma Energy Chamber can we get him here for defensive purposes?" He asked as he began to look over Iacon. He then had a thought.

"Dinobots, can I talk to you for a moment?" He asked.

2002-03-28, 04:47 AM
Skywarp smirked slightly out of the corner of his mouth.

"Just one.......which way to Unicron...."

Redstreak grins and hands Skywarp a datapad. "That's the coordinates. Ready when you are." He picks up the generator and stands next to Skywarp, waiting for the transport.

2002-03-28, 05:32 AM
Nightbeat: -staring at the smouldering hulk that is Megatron's body- "Ah." -looks up at Prime- "Never mind. We'll stay here." -heads back to Minerva and the others-

Chromedome: -looks over as Nightbeat walks up- "What happened?"

Nightbeat: -stunned look on face- "We don't have to worry about Megatron anymore. Prime just blasted him."

Minerva: "He what?!?"

Chromedome: "It didn't sound like here was a fight going on, just an argument."

Nightbeat: "It was just an argument. Megatron's old self started coming through, and Prime.... well.... made sure any old debts that Megatron owed were paid in full."

Siren: "Isn't that what we were going to do?"

Nightbeat: "My plan was to cause dissenion in the Decepticon ranks..... Although given the current situation, dissention wouldn't be ideal." -pauses- "It's.... it's just....."

Minerva: "What?"

Nightbeat: "That's the first time I've ever seen Prime wig out like that. I've always respected him, but this is the first time I've ever been afraid of him."

Minerva: "Remember, this isn't our home. Not everyting here is what we're used to."

Roadbuster: -crosses arms, leans against wall(If he had a mouth, he'd be grinning)-

Nightbeat: "I know. It's just..... unnerving."

Brainstorm: -finishes assembly on right arm, getting ready to test motor relays-

2002-03-28, 07:52 AM
After Nightbeat left, Bean stepped forward towards Prime.

"Commander, I'm Bean Bandit and this is Rally Vincent. I heard you are gonna look for these "Minicons" in the Sol system, which is our home system. We'd like to join the search party, and I know 2 others who might also wish to join" Bean said to the Autobot leader.

"And we know a few contacts on earth that could help in the search" Rally added.

2002-03-28, 12:46 PM
Sixswitch rolled up the ramp into Grand Maximus and transformed into robot mode.
"Wow, big ship," he noted to Quick Switch, as he started walking down the corridor.
"I assume you know your way around here, so where should we go?"


The Cosmobots headed for the drop bay, to find a quiet corner before the rest of the Transformers arrived. The huge doors to the bay swung open, and they entered, smiling as they noticed it was nearly empty. Finding a fairly secluded space, they sat down.
"OK Boss, what's the plan?" Thorr asked.
"Well," Vanguard replied, "I think we can probably serve the search best from Earth orbit.
"Yes, a good idea," Apollo said, "with my satellite mode, and your advanced sensors in ship modes, I think that may serve us best."
"Vanguard can co-ordinate things from aboard Sun Runner then," Thorr said.
"Right, I will. So here's the plan. We fly out of here aboard Sun Runner, then he drops us off in various places around Earth orbit. Once there, I'll contact Prime, and he can direct me to where our scanning abilities are needed most. Sound good?"

The rest of the Cosmobots nodded in the affirmative.
"Excellent," replied Vanguard.


Omega Supreme looked down at Hatemunger. He wasn't averse to working with this Decepticon, especially if Prime ordered it, and even more so if it meant defeating Unicron.
"What should I do now?" he asked the Cybertron Commander.

2002-03-28, 04:08 PM
Megatron sat up slowly, his optics realining. His eyes narrowing. He looked at Prime.

"You... You couldn't kill me before.... You can't now....!"

Megatron then stood up.

"At least, i shall be there... to see your death Optimus Prime."

Megatron walked to the door. Then he turned round.

"May the Leigo Maximo have mercy on you. You will wish that you never heard the name Megatron!"

And with that Megatron walked slowly out.... Though it was not the Megatron who it appeared to be. It was the original Megatron in a new body.

Quick Switch
2002-03-28, 06:12 PM
Quick Switch transformed and shrugged.

"Lessee...why don't we try the Bridge? Grand should be there, or if not in his office. That's a start."

2002-03-28, 08:39 PM
Brawn watched Megatron as he entered the room staring at him anger swelling on his face it's obvious.

Blaster looked at Brawn then to Megatron then to Brawn "Sunstreaker... GET BRAWN!" Blaster yelled lunging at the Mini-bot

Sunstreaker looked up at Brawn and Megatron "Uh Oh" he mutters dropping the wax container moving towards Brawn.

"MEGATRON!!!!!" Brawn yelled his circuts tweaking from seeing him again, it took all his will not to kill him when they first met at the front of Iacon but this time he was un-hinged as was.

Brawn Launched off in a charge towards Megatron jumping at the former Decepticon leaders chest in an attempt to knock im back.

(ooc- After the shuttle incident seeing certain Decepticons (Starscream Megatron and Galvatron) he tends to go insane.)

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-28, 09:06 PM
"Dinobots, can I talk to you for a moment?"

"What Decepticon want?" Grimlock looked at the Decepticon infront of him

Wheeljacks lab

"That's the coordinates. Ready when you are."

Skywarp transformed to his sleek new jet mode, fully capable of inter-stellar travel he opened the cockpit.

"Climb in...."

God Jinrai
2002-03-28, 09:35 PM
Prime's eyes burned... still megatron wasn't dead... but he suddenly felt a wave of depression overcome him... but just as quickly, it passed.

"...Hotshot. you and the spychangers are to remain here along with the others... you'll be needed here to begin building the defence squads as well as ensure that no ...unexpected problems come up."

Prime turned to bean...

"I'm afraid that's not going to be possible... Earth isn't the destination. it never was. There are three planets that could be the possible location of the minicons... and regretably, your alt mode doesn't facilitate the necessary flight mode that's needed for the scanning. I'm sorry."

Prime leapt from his place on the platform, charging down the hall, transforming on the fly, arriving at maximus city not long after... en route, he radioed sixswitch and quickswitch...

"The both of you... report to maximus city. you'll be joining us on this trip. "

(OOC: Actually... Artfire's related to Fire Convoy. not Optimus.)

Quick Switch
2002-03-28, 09:42 PM
Quick Switch contacted Prime on the Autobot comm frequency.

"Roger that, Prime. We've already arrived, and are attempting to locate Grand."

2002-03-28, 10:21 PM
Ultra Magnus was shocked by one of Prime's words, "MINICONS?!"

Hot Rod looked confused, "Minicons?"

"You should have asked about them while you had the Matrix, kid." Ultra Magnus reflected on the past--a battle on Cybertron, massive destruction, energy loss, The Armada... "But Hot Rod, it may be the only way to stop Liege Maximo. I just hope Prime knows what he's doing." Magnus turned to the group, "Ok Autobots you heard Prime! Begin plans immediatly to increase Cybertron's defences!" Magnus left to start the project.

2002-03-29, 12:20 AM
Originally posted by OptmusPrime2005
Though it was not the Megatron who it appeared to be. It was the original Megatron in a new body.

(OOC) ok, as Galvatron I have a real problem here...last time i checked, I was the original megatron in the new body...this isn't working for me.


Galvatron reached Grand Maximus ahead of the rest and marveled at the size of Fortress/Ship/Warrior.

Galvatron: "Let's get loaded up and be gone...time grows short, the matrix is crying out to me that HE is coming..."

2002-03-29, 01:15 AM
Taikoon launches into a run after Optimus, keeping up with long strides of his green claw-boots, although only barely as he heads with his new commander, straining to prevent falling behind as the warrior pondered what was going on, quietly singing a marching-song in his native tongue, the words whispy and running together.

Sky Garry and Shotbomber are ordered by a medic to stay behind though, and they have no choice but to obey, reluctantly.

2002-03-29, 02:08 AM
OOC: Fine, Jinrai, but in any case, you could have given the Spychangers something to do


The other Dinobots looked at Hatemunger.

"Yeah", Snarl said. "What do you want?"

2002-03-29, 04:04 AM
Hatemunger looked at the Dinobots.
"Grimlock I want you and the dinobots to amass a group of troops to be ready in case of a strike from Unicron or our wonderful Decepticon friends. Grimlock I know you are a capable leader and it's a pity Prime does not take you more seriously, so I am giving you a job that is of up most importance." He then looked at the massive Omega Supreme.

"Omega Supreme, if you could gather a group of Autobots to work on getting Iacon's defense system back online. Strange how only a few weeks ago I was smashing through it with my men. Grimlock, Omega I will help out whoever needs me as well as with Blaster's assistance, monitor any contact with Galvatron and Prime." Hatemunger stood and waited.

He watched as this Megatron left.
I should slag him now, but if Galvatron does not want me to I won't though the next time I see him on the battlefield there will be no more debts.

2002-03-29, 04:12 AM
Skywarp transformed to his sleek new jet mode, fully capable of inter-stellar travel he opened the cockpit.

"Climb in...."

Redstreak does so, stashing the generator in the back seat. "Once we're there I'll get us invisible...we should have an easy time then."

God Jinrai
2002-03-29, 04:33 AM
Jinrai growled under his breath... and silently stalked up to hatemunger..

"Listen...pal. Prime gave me jurisdiction while he was gone. galvatron gave you instructions to assemble the decepticons still onplanet."

Summoning his trailer and godbomber, his size suddenly doubled as he combined into god jinrai. the cannons mounted on his legs targeted hatemunger, and the particle beam rifle he held in his right hand was lined with hatemunger's head...

"Now, Correct me if I'm wrong... but don't you have an oversized dinosaur you need to go dig out?"

2002-03-29, 04:57 AM
The elevator doors glided open; Grand (once again in robot mode, so as to stand evenly with his fellows) marched down the hall in his endless stern fashion. The two Six Changers passed him on his way. He threw them a smile and a wave, but did not slow down.

"Hey, fellas. Make yourselves at home. Quick Switch should know his way around, don't you?"

Grand had intended to remind them that the infirmary, should they need, was located in tower beta; but he found himself beyond speaking range, and devoid of time to stop and chat. His head turned again to light the way he walked. His eyes pointed him outside, toward a slew of new figures. He crossed his arms at the top of the ramp, frowning slightly. Optimus approached...

"Greetings, gentlemen. By all means, come inside."

Gigatron, transforming and landing just behind Galvatron, tromped up the ramp. He sneered at Grand as he passed.

"Finally, I'll get to see what makes you Maximi tick," Gigatron commented. "I've been simply dying to get inside one of these... The other was not quite this outdated, but the schematics should be quite the same..."

Grand shot Gigatron an odd look as the Decepticon passed, but decided to ignore implied idiosyncrasies and turned back to the newcomers still outside.

2002-03-29, 05:05 AM
Galvatron: "An interesting development...Hatemonger, remain here to help the remaining Autobots in the event Cybertron is attacked. Gigatron, if you would accompany me

Hatemunger looked at Jinrai.
"I don't exactly see you doing anything here at all right now do I? Omega asked me what is going on and I don't think the Dinobots will listen to use even though I am a Decepticon." He more or less ignored the large Autobot.

"Trypticon is online and outside the Plasma Energy Chamber (OCC how the hell do I get to control him lol) He has been waiting there loyally since all the cons left for their various missions. So since I was told to help you Autobots that is what I am doing. If you do not like it complain to your own leader or Galvatron." Hatemunger turned and walked away.

"Also, remember one last thing, I could have given the order for you to be wiped out way back in the energy chamber when you were outnumbered 30 to 1 but I let you leave. Just a pleasent reminder."

2002-03-29, 05:24 AM
Moonlight and Stargaze picked up their weapons and prepared to report back to duty. They weren't exactly sure if they'd be assigned another energon route or to participate in Prime's Armada, but they were hoping for the former. Just to get away from the battles, away from the harshness of war.

"Ya know ladies", a voice suddenly interrupted their departure, "could'na helped overhearing your li'l chat back there".

A gruesome robot, hooked up in a tubes that were pumping some sort of yellowish-brown fluid in his joints, addressed the twins. He looked like he had been trashed in a battle, but something that didn't seem right... rather than having the usual cuts, dents and bruises, the robot's injuries were little deformations here and there that seemed unnatural, like a disease of some sort. He was partially covered in a flexible cape-like collection of metal plates, the purpose of which was no doubt to cover the deformities. He bore a stained Autobot symbol in his chest, and his face twitched slightly in the rhythm of the fluid that was pumped into him. The robot kept talking, despite the femmes suspicious glances.

"I dunno why we're fightin' anymore meself... I thought 'twas for 'Autobot cause' or something... heck, I was useta be a real jackass when I was younger. But now... I dunno, I just keep fighting. Dunno why. For justice, maybe. Or revenge. Just to make amends. Maybe 'cause dying ain't bringing back the dead."

The robot's optics went dark for a moment, his mind slipping back to the past. Death's of his crew was still fresh in his mind, as if it happened yesterday. But he shrugged it off and continued.

"But even a freak like meself knows one thing about life: it ain't getting any better unless ya get up your rear end and do somethin' about it."

Stargaze and Moonlight just stared at the stranger. Who was he to talk to them? There were a lot of weirdos in the Autobot ranks, that's for sure... finally Moonlight dared to at least reply to the man's speech.

"Uh, sure", she said, "Thanks for sharing". However, neither she or Stargaze really understood whatever was the point of his rant. He was a brute, just like rest of the damn Autobot macho men.

The robot smiled, and upon noticing that the drift of fluids in his system had stopped, he unhooked himself from the machine. "Just thought I'd share my thoughts on the subject, excuse me if I offended you gals". He extended his hand to Moonlight.

"The name's Acidstorm. Mind if I tag along on our way to the hangars?"

(OOC: Profile coming up...)

Quick Switch
2002-03-29, 05:41 AM
Quick Switch nodded in return as Grand passed him.

He paused.

"You know, maybe we should wait for Prime. He may want to give us some more mission objectives...for his sake. Despite all of this talk, I feel odd about leaving him potentially outnumbered."

He looked at Sixswitch in earnest.

"Don't you agree?"

2002-03-29, 09:00 AM
Taikoon stops near Optimus, panting slightly from the run and he stares at Grand's ship, obviously impressed. He points to it, looking at the nearest bot "Skoon." he states, pausing to wait expectantly...

2002-03-29, 10:12 AM
Originally posted by God Jinrai
"I'm afraid that's not going to be possible... Earth isn't the destination. it never was.

"Oh Well, it was worth asking" Bean mumbeled as he headed back to Nightbeat & Minerva.

"Too bad we couldn't go" Rally sighed.

"Cheer up Rally, we'll see earth again, someday" Bean said trying to cheer Rally up a bit.

He then turned to Nightbeat & Minerva.

"Hey guys, I got some bad news. I just asked Prime if we could join the search party, but he refused. Got the wrong type of Alt-mode apparantly" he said.

2002-03-29, 12:08 PM
OOC: G91 nothing to be worried about. He is having an identity crisis. He thinks he is the original Meg but he isn't. This is put to the way he thinks. It is easier to channel his rage thinking he is a different person.

Megatron looked at the small Autobot.

"Inferior being."

Megatron through him away.

"I will grant your death willingly. I will destroy you myself when the Leige Maximo comes."

2002-03-29, 12:39 PM
(OOC: Whoever wants to fix stuff, just do it... And keep Omega updated)

Omega nodded.
"I am no leader, but I can help with repairs," he turned to the assembled room.
"Who wants to help fix the defences? Whoever does should get on with it."


Sixswitch nodded.
"Yeah I agree, Prime might have something important for us to do. Has hearrived yet?"

Quick Switch
2002-03-29, 12:48 PM
Quick Switch looked out a viewport.

"Yeah, he's just come up the entry ramp," he turned. "I guess we should head back over thataway- Galvatron and Gigatron have also arrived..."

2002-03-29, 02:43 PM
Brainstorm: -checking leg servos and the fusion engines in the lower legs- "Everything's set."

Medical drones: -start connecting legs-

Nightbeat: "Haven't been back to Earth for a while as it is." -chuckles- "Not even sure it's anything like home."

Minerva: -finishes rebuilding Chromedome's leg, reattaches it- "There you go."

Chromedome: -flexes leg, stands- "Good as new. Thanks."

Minerva: "No problem."

Hardhead: -transforms to robot mode- "My transector's finally recharged." -sighs- "All set to fight, and all we can do now is rebuild."

Minerva: -finishes packing tools away, stands- "What's wrong with peace and quiet?"

2002-03-29, 04:38 PM
Originally posted by Heinrad
Minerva: -finishes packing tools away, stands- "What's wrong with peace and quiet?"

"Nothing is wrong with a little peace & quite" Rally said.

"Except that it becomes boring real quick" Bean added.

"Boring? With Iacon needing a complete overhaul? We'll be lucky if they dont use double shifts!" Rally snapped back.

"It's not as much fun as racing, that's for sure" Bean relied.

"Well then speedy, explain to me how your going to defend Iacon by racing Jhiaxus and company" Rally said.

"Oh alright, I get your point, geez" Bean said.

"If Minerva is anything like Rally I feel sorry for Muzzle" he mumbled.

"What did you say?" Rally asked.

"Nothing" Bean quickly replied.

God Jinrai
2002-03-29, 06:05 PM
"Mistake number one, hatemunger."

Jinrai lowered the rifle, but the cannons were still locked onto him...

"Omega supreme, if you're fully repaired, I've a different job in mind for you. Grimlock, I think you and your dinobots would be better suited to the destructive means I've got in mind, rather than being stuck on security duty. Red Alert, you're the chief of security...let's get it beefed up! Spychangers, with me. the rest of you, prepare for fortification of iacon."

Jinrai opened his comm to wheeljack's lab..."Wheeljack. You have those plans for the mark two metroplex body ready?"

2002-03-29, 06:26 PM
Omega Supreme turned around, the floor beneath him clearing quickly of transformers.
"Yes, I am fully repaired. What task do you have in mind?"

2002-03-29, 07:56 PM
The Spychangers followed Optimus, as the Dinobots looked at Prime's back.

" I think you and your dinobots would be better suited to the destructive means I've got in mind, rather than being stuck on security duty?", Snarl said.

"What's taht supposed to mean?", Slag said rather annoyed.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-29, 09:48 PM
Grimlock, I think you and your dinobots would be better suited to the destructive means I've got in mind

Grimlock turned to Jinrai....

"hmmm.....me Grimlock like destruction.....tell me more....."


please someone come and check on Springer!!


Springer was lapsing between online and offline, his networks had been severly damaged after his (albeit brief) battle with Optitron...


2002-03-29, 11:36 PM
(OOC: Roadbuster: "Sheesh, everytime I asked about Springer's condition, or who attacked him, nobody answered, and now they want somebody to check on him?"

Well, somebody has to. Besides, Redstreak just might not have noticed the postings.

Roadbuster: -muttering-)

Roadbuster: -stalks out of bay- "I'm gong to check on Springer. Call me when we start killing the Decepticons."

Chromedome: "Now there's a mechanisim who knows how to make an exit."

Nightbeat: -sidles over to Bean, quietly- "She can be."

Minerva: -checking over the rest of Chromedome's damage- "I heard that."

Nightbeat: -innocent look on face- "What?"

Chromedome: -chuckles-

Minerva: "And what's so funny, Mr. 'I Was A Teenage Predacon Chew Toy'?"

Chromedome: "It was an explosion, not the...-sees look on Minerva's face, understands how a mouse feels facing down a cat- "Nothing. Nothing at all."

Minerva: "I didn't think so."

Roadbuster: -stalks into medbay, goes over to Springer's bed, assessing Springer's wounds- "They're gonna pay for this. Smegging Decepticons."

2002-03-30, 02:07 AM
Pointblank took up his commlink and thought to himself i better check on those two

Pointblank: "Moonlight and Stargaze please report to myself or Jinrai if you are fully functional...we have some matters to brief you on before you are reassinged."

Pointblank scowled as he looked at Jinrai and Hatemonger.

Pointblank: "I don't like this you two...not at all..Prowl, take Red Wing and run a permitter run around Iacon, i want every available Autobot on this planet on high alert...I have a very bad feeling about this."

Prowl: "Allright...come on kid...let's go!"

Pointblank again looked sternly at Jinrai: "Not one bit..."
Galvatron took a seat inside the Maximus craft.

Galvatron: "Most impressive Autobots..."

2002-03-30, 03:57 AM
Taikoon heads in with the others, looking around uncertainly as though not sure where he was supposed to sit. Finally he just picks a seat, ending up beside Galvatron (OOC - if that's ok ) of all people. Of course, the green and magenta robot doesn't know exactly who this is at the moment.

2002-03-30, 04:27 AM
Hatemunger smiled at Jinrai.
"Right now I think we would be better suited preparing in case of an attack. However" He smiled at the rifle that Jinrai was aiming at him and brought both of his fusion cannons online and brought them both up into Jinrai's midsection.

"If you wish to break the peacefire between Autobot and Decepticon be my guest. I would rather not fight an Autobot right now I would like to wrap my hands arounnd some of our friends and squeeze their spark offline. But if you wish to fire I gaurette from this range my fusion cannons will also deal you substantial damage as well. So we can either work together or not." He growled at the Autobot godmaster.

2002-03-30, 09:22 AM
Bean grinned at hearing Nightbeat's reply. Then he noticed Hatemunger and God Jinrai with guns drawn.

"Who's the Prime look alike?" Bean asked Nightbeat as he pointed toward them.

Ultimate Weapon
2002-03-30, 09:25 AM
Walking down a corridor Red Alert was hard at work thinking of new strategies to increase the level of security. He knew that letting down God Jinrai was not
an option. He had felt uneasy about the new truce that the Autobots had undergone. To complete the tasks he needed more man power.
*Enters the control center*
"Any available Autobot patrols report to the Fire Control Center, ASAP, Prowl and Red Wing report yer status," Red Alert spoke into the intercom.

God Jinrai
2002-03-30, 05:40 PM
*grand maximus*

Prime arrived in the command chamber, reverting to robot mode just as galvatron had taken a seat.

"Alright Grand. Set course for the Sol system."

Starsaber and victory leo each took seats aruond the others. Victory leo was obviously in a state of unease, but managed to control his inner hate for even these decepticons...

*Back at Iacon*

Jinrai glared coldly down at hatemunger...

" I'll give you ten seconds to get out of my sight. I start counting now."

turning his back to hatemunger, he half expected him to fire... his leg cannons were already locked onto him, set to fire if he so much as moved the wrong way...

"Pardon my way of phrasing, snarl. But you dinobots strike me as the sort to enjoy blowing things up, sending rock, metal and other stuff like that flying, etc... "

His head turned to grimlock, and his godmaster would have smiled if he could at the time...

"Well, grimlock... we need to clear an area for construction... and then start gathering the required raw materials... ya see... we're going to rebuild metroplex. Prime left me with the info that wheeljack had plans for a mark two version and told me before he departed, and even before the meeting, that he would llike to have construction begin immedieately."

2002-03-30, 06:49 PM
"Metroplex?!", Slag said. "But didn't he..."

"Yes", Sludge said. "But they managed to get his prsonality away before that happened."

"All right, then", Snarl said. "Let's get to work."

"But Jinrai", Hot Shot said. "How can we be sure that Metroplex will be able to help us?"

"He's right", R.E.V. said.

2002-03-30, 07:31 PM
Omega Supreme kneeled down, and loomed over the Dinobots and Spy Changers.
"What should I do Jinrai? I can clear rubble, also move supplies. When there is no war, we must build. Metroplex may be able to help us against the forces of Unicron. The planet killer will not come alone this time. He will have Maximo, and others."

2002-03-30, 09:01 PM
Brawn flew and hit the wall sliding down it but quickly getting back to his feet "YOU TRIED TO KILL ME ALREADY MEGATRON YOU WON'T SUCCED TWICE LASER BREATH" Brawn yelled pushing off the wall charging Megatron again totally fearless the anger seething through him.

Blaster and Sunstreker tried to cut Brawn off but were only knocked aside by the enraged mini-bot.
"Hey man we're your friend not enemy so chill out yo're killin' the alliance credibility"

Both Blaster and Sunstreaker had missed Megatron's Betrayal to Liege maximo thus beileve he is still an ally

Jazz looked at Jinrai "Dude this is gonna become a battle soon unless we actually stand by the alliance so all of you just chill out and be happy"

Ultimate Weapon
2002-03-30, 09:19 PM
Grapple join the others at the construction site. As the most skilled architect on cybertron he had many new plans and blueprints for defense bunkers and repulsor cannons.

2002-03-31, 12:14 AM
"Puny Autobot. Take your hands off me!"

Megatron through him away again.

"I have been patient with you.... with you.... with... you...."

Megatron's voice lowered.

"Brawn.... "

2002-03-31, 01:02 AM
Brawn "Yeah rememebr that name cause I'm about to kill you decepti-creep" He cried running back at Megatron.

This time Brawn didn't run but threw an uppercut at Megatrons chin then another shot to his mid-section.

Quick Switch
2002-03-31, 02:05 AM
Quick Switch looked at Sixswitch, and shrugged.

"Guess we'd best get to the command area. Grand might be taking off soon. We can also watch Prime from there."

The Hexa Changer began to walk to the command area.

2002-03-31, 02:13 AM
Hatemunger smiled and turned.

"You are stupid Autobot. This allinance is fraigle enough as is, yet you seem to try and continue to push the wrong buttons. Maybe you are not smart enough to realise that we all need to work together this current threat is far more dangerous than your ingnorance." He growled and began to walk away.
He then got onto his com-link.

"Lord Galvatron I do not think the Autobots want our help, yours maybe but not all." Hatemunger waited for a reply.

2002-03-31, 02:58 AM
Nightbeat: "That's Jinrai. He's like us. Not of the locals." -watching the confrontation- "And this unified front'll be deader than a Dalek if this keeps up." -looks at Minerva- "C'mon, sis. Let's go see if we can calm those two hotheads down."

Minerva: "Right." -stands-

Nightbeat and Minerva: -start towards Jinrai and Hatemunger-

Siren: "Why not take me?"

Nightbeat: "We need calm and collected thoughts. Besides, you might have to lead the cavalry in to pull us out."

Siren: "Ah."

Brainstorm: -finishes connecting legs to body- "Now just run some tests, get new guns, some paint.... And this body'll be ready to go."

God Jinrai
2002-03-31, 03:30 AM
Jinrai heard hotshot's comment, and replied not a second later...

"Quite simple, hotshot. Considering the fact that metroplex is not that much smaller than grand maximus, and we need as many huge warriors as we can ammass... as well as the new weaponry the mark 2 body's equipped with... well... I don't see a reason NOT to commence with building. He'd make this battle that's looming over us at least a LITTLE less difficult

2002-03-31, 04:19 AM
Grand nodded to Prime's order, then clapped his hands together in preparation of his impending duties. He journeyed across the room slowly. It was spacious, comfortable - everything expected from a home. His feet stepped onto a pedestal facing a blank wall. Methodically, he rested the ball of his hand on the edge of a control panel before him, and depressed the large square button in its center. Suddenly, the windows in the aft of the room were slammed shut with long metal slabs, forming a mural of the Autobot (or as Grand would call it, Cybertron) insignia. The walls' decorative holographs and artifacts were swallowed up and paved over by control switches and monitors. The ceiling split into four metallic quadrants, which withdrew into the room's corners to reveal the ship's tremendous priority one screen. The wall that Grand and company faced split and separated, freeing the new forward invisalloy window. Grand's pedestal slid closer to the window, and extended to either wall as more panels emerged from the floor. Grand watched the two prongs of the battleship fold out and deploy their armaments, then the two great cannons erupt from the sides of the tower itself. In the interim, he returned to Pretender mode, so as to fit into the human-sized chair that had appeared behind him. And lo, home becomes a war room.

"Anti-gravity thrusters engaged."

The massive craft staggered slowly into the air, then more quickly as Grand slapped the underside output. In short minutes (and after a bit of longitudinal acceleration), the ship was in Cybertronic orbit.

"Course set."

And moments later, into the stars.

2002-03-31, 05:09 AM
As the craft lifted off Galvatron got the transmission and scowled. Realizing and Autobot was seated next to him he rose and moved to where no one could overhear him.

Galvatron: "Hatemonger...cool your thrusters! We haven't the time for childish bickering! Now is not the time for fragile egos. We are on the edge of extinction here! go along with the Autobots, be accomadating...for the moment."

Galvatron walked from the area up to the bridge.

Galvatron: "So...how long till we get there...I sense something troubling in the matrix...we don't have much time!"

2002-03-31, 06:10 AM
Redstreak closes Skywarp's hatch and straps in. "Let's go," he says.

2002-03-31, 06:16 AM
Nightbeat and Minerva: -make their way to Jinrai and Hatemunger-

Minerva: "How do we want to do this?"

Nightbeat: "You take Jinrai, I'll take Hatmunger. If we can't actually get them to shake hands, we need to at last get them working on defenses." -looks at Jinrai giving orders- "Looks like he's partially started in fact." -looks at Hatemunger- "Not sure about him. Let's see what happens first."

2002-03-31, 08:24 AM
Taikoon stands once they were in orbit, walking around, peering out the windows whith whistling sounds. He seemed incredibly interested in the murals, gently tracing one hand over them, hardly brushing the wall.

2002-03-31, 09:58 AM
Bean & Rally followed Nightbeat & Minerva towards Hatemunger & God Jinrai.

"So this Jinrai is from Earth too, better make sure he and that con dont slag each other" he said to Rally as they went.

"And we're supposed to be at peace with them" Rally sighed as she transformed to gun mode and landed in Bean hand.

"Yeah" Bean replied as he readied the battleclaw on his free hand.

2002-03-31, 11:46 AM
Megatron face stopped. Then his body flew back. This bot was getting stronger. Brawn was small, but he could get the job done.

But Megattron landed on his feet as a piece of matal fell from his chest with a clang. Then Megatron turned to the wall, hitting it many times. Then he turned back to Brawn. The mind was unstable. He thought he was MEGATRON but he was Megatron.

"The living can die. Not the dead!"

Megatron then charged at Brawn. But Megatron transformed as he did into his tank mode. His cannon firing.

2002-03-31, 01:08 PM
Sixswitch followed quickly behind Quick Switch as they made their way to the command centre. As they walked, Sixswitch felt the city shudder, and knew that it had transformed.
"We'll be taking off soon," he commented idly, an opinion that was reinforced seconds later by the sudden acceleration of Grand Maximus in flight mode.

"How can we be expected to find these mini-cons, if they've been hidden from the humans for millienia?" Sixswitch wondered aloud.


Meanwhile, in the drop bay, the Cosmobots were having a bit of down time. For Vanguard and Apollo, this meant that they were discussing the realignment of their sensors so that they could best detect the mini-cons. Sun Runner was in flight mode, and Mercury was working at an access panel on his side, upgrading his long range communication systems for the upcoming mission. Thorr was the most active, sparring with a robotic partner in unarmed combat.

"And we're off," Vanguard commented as the ship took off.
"Hope this mission turns out for the best," Apollo said quietly.
"Oh I'm sure it will. With our alliance with the Decepticons, hopefully nothing should go wrong," Mercury called optimistically.
"I only hope you're right," Apollo replied.


Omega Supreme glanced up as he heard Megatron's shots at Brawn.
"Alliance will remain intact, you shall not fight," he shouted across the room.

Raising his plasma cannon arm, he fired a shot directly between the two transformers, knocking Brawn off his feet, and Megatron off his treads.

"Any more fighting, and you will both be scrapped," he told them, in his unemotional monotone.

2002-03-31, 01:25 PM
Megatron transformed back into Robot mode.

His face turned. His face mets Omega Supreme's.

"Do not interfere Guardian. This is not... not... not your battle..."

Megatron fell to his one knee again.

"Why, Megatron. Stop.. this.."

Megatron checked his memory files to find out that their was no other Megatron only him.

"HaHa. I am only myself. My anger is my own. Yes."

Megatron's cannon was aimed at Omega Supreme.

"As i said, do not interfere. I may not look very tall... but you in the end... shall fall!"

Megatron looked at Brawn.

Megatron had a decent part of him. He was not kind but he was willing.

"A truce Brawn. Stop this quarrel. I am not the Megatron who tried to kill you. Galvatron is Megatron. I am Megatron, from a different time."

Megatron's hand was held out.

2002-03-31, 02:07 PM
"Oh, you tried to give me a fate worse than death once Megatron, but you could never kill me, do you hear me? Never."

Omega was so worked up that he was speaking in a normal voice.

"There is nothing, nothing stopping me from turning you into a pile of molten slag on that floor. As you said yourself, I am a Guardian, I protect my fellow Autobots. Never forget that."

His cannon arm was still trained on Megatron.

Lord Zarak
2002-03-31, 07:43 PM
As things were getting edgy between Omega Supreme and Megatron, Swoop flew into Iacon

"Me Swoop return from scouting mission", he said, but thought to himself "It is good to be home again "

2002-03-31, 07:46 PM
Slag, Sludge and Snarl heard their fellow Dinobot and came up to him.

"Hey, Swoop", Slag said. "How's it going?"

"Yeah", Snarl said. "Wehere have you been?"
"I guess your right, Jinrai", Hot Shot said. "We should begin immediately."

Lord Zarak
2002-03-31, 07:56 PM
"Me Swoop is fine, though tired. I have been looking for metals to help with the rebuilding of Metroplex. From planet to planet I looked for suitable metals, flying further away from home. But I think I have found what we need and came home with report for Grimlock
"It is good to see my fellow Autobots again" As Swoop said these words he looked to each Autobot, but his optics saw something that he never thought possible.....
"Meg....Megatron AND Galvatron...?"

2002-03-31, 07:58 PM
Sludge looked at Swoop.

"Don't ask", he said. "It's a very long and complicated story."

Lord Zarak
2002-03-31, 08:01 PM
"That I can believe", replied Swoop.

2002-03-31, 08:08 PM
"Yeah", Slag said. "Anyway, Jinrai ordered us to do some destructive work so we can rebuild Metroplex."

Quick Switch
2002-03-31, 09:08 PM
Quick Switch pondered his fellow Hexa Changer's question.

"I don't know," he replied honsetly. "But, we've been ordered to do it...and that's all that matters."

He smiled slightly; they had reached the command center door.

"Shall we?" Quick Switch stepped inside, and sat in a chair near the door, where he could watch the room.

2002-03-31, 09:44 PM
Hatemunger responded to Galvatron.

"Yes sir." he said in reply to Galvatron's orders. He then sat down on a broken pillar and pulled out a can of energon he took from Scrapheap's lab and began to drink it.

"Well then if anyone needs a hand let me know."

2002-03-31, 09:53 PM
"Our Time will come again Guardian! Never forget that"

Megatron looked up at Omega Supreme once more. An evil grin on his face. Then he turned to Brawn.

The Words "I protect my fellow Autobots" went through Megatron's mind, then it clicked.

Megatron ran for Brawn.

Lord Zarak
2002-03-31, 11:14 PM
"Can I have some of your energon drink?", Swoop said to Hatemonger

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-04-01, 12:21 AM
Redstreak closes Skywarp's hatch and straps in. "Let's go," he says.

Skywarp ran some last minute checks before teleporting out of the lab, firing up his engines and blasting off into space...


Grimlock looked at Ginrai...

"hmm......sounds more like construction than destruction to me Grimlock......"

2002-04-01, 12:28 AM
"Go ahead." Hatemunger handed the drink to Swoop as he sat.

2002-04-01, 12:48 AM
Galvatron sat on the bridge of the Maximus ship.

Galvatron: "I have someone who may be quite useful to us...he should be near by on a scouting mission..."

Galvatron took his commlink: "Cyclonus, this is Galvatron. I am aboard Grand Maximus...a truce has been called in our age old war...here are the coordinants, meet me on board the ship and bring the others in your platoon...I have much to explain!"

2002-04-01, 01:17 AM
Nightbeat: "All right.... looks like they've calmed down."

Minerva: "Does this mean I can get back to finish patching Chromedome back together now?"

Nightbeat: "Yes. And hurry. I have a feeling we're all going to need to be at full power."

Minerva: "Right." -moves though crowd, back to Chromedome, Siren, Hosehead, and Hardhead-

Nightbeat: -activates commlink- "Brainstorm, status report."

Brainstorm: -activates commlink- "We're almost done. Everything's hooked up and ready to go." -checks test program- "And we're done." -transforms, becoming head of transector after it transforms to robot mode- "I'd almost forgot what this felt like." -looks at primer grey arms, legs, and patch sections and scorch marks on torso- "All I need now is a new paint job." -picks up new set of photon pulse cannons from work table, twirls them, and holsters them-

Nightbeat: "No time for a new paint job. Better get back here. I don't know how long this peace treaty is going to last."

Brainstorm: "Great. I guess the tests will have to wait." -walks out of repair bay-

Roadbuster: -leaning over the semiconscious Springer- "Springer... It's me, Roadbuster.... C'mon, boss, wake up...."

2002-04-01, 01:18 AM
Brawn watched Megatron charge him "come and get me Decepti-freak" Brawn didn't care what Time he was from all he saw was Megatron the one who shot him the one who put him out of comission and in stasis for almost a year the on that forced him to be repaired.

"BWAAAH" Brawn screamed lunging at Megatrons legs trying to to take him Out.

Jazz Blaster and Sunstreaker watched "We gotta stop Brawn, he's in a rage" Blaster said.

"Leave it to me" Jazz said standing up getting ready to stop this.

2002-04-01, 01:27 AM
Overlord and Gunrunner set down on the deck of one of Maximus' landing bays. Cyclonus and the other Chaoticons exited Gunrunner and Gunrunner and Overlord transformed.

"I don't like this" Gunrunner said while walking over Cyclonus. "I don't like this one bit. What would Galvatron be doing aboard an Autobot ship?"

"I don't know either but I'm going to find out." Cyclonus started for the door. "h, and be prepared to defend yourselves incase this is all some sort of trap.

Cyclonus stepped onto the bridge and walked over to Galvatron. "So what's going on and why are you on whichever Maximus this is?"

2002-04-01, 02:00 AM
Galvatron turned to face Cyclonus.

Galvatron: "Yes...there is much to tell you old friend. It seems that events have unfolded that threaten our very existance. After my disappearance, a Decepticon General I have not seen in millions of years resurfaced. Long ago I served with him under the Liege Maximo, but during the city wars we had a falling out. Apparently, he orchastrated several pushes against Iacon, while he worked deep beneath the city on the plasma energy chamber.

His work there allowed him to gain access to the past through a time rift that was caused by Gigatron's arrival in our own time. Gigatron tried to stop this by throwing his futuristic body into the rift, his downloaded spark brought forth by the combaticons and delivered to Jhiaxus, who apparently had his own Gigatron body.

Opening the plasma energy chamber gave Jhiaxus the opportunity to enter the rift. While there, a package was delivered to that times Liege Maximo. It turns out that the package contained some sort of technology, technology that is so powerful, that it can bring under the bearers control, the one who remade us...the chaos bringer, himself....Unicron.

The package delivered, Jhiaxus and his cohorts returned to our time about the same time as I was freed from my prison beyond time in the pit. The rift sealed by their return, Jhiaxus told Gigatron of this plan, who left seeking me out. Since then, I have consoldiated our forces, the ones we have...and knowing that we alone cannot stand up to the coming onslaught, I approached Optimus Prime about the alliance you now see before you. Now, seeking to boost our power we are seeking a long lost part of the Transformer family...the minicons. As you know, their special design allows them to join with our bodies to unlock our full powers. Skywarp and Redstreak are on their way to the Hub to find out what they can about the current status of the Liege's plans...but we fear the Unicron is nearly complete.

Our time grows short old friend...I must know now where your alliegance stands. Do you still serve me, or are we now enemies?"

2002-04-01, 08:55 AM
Seeing that Hatemunger & Jinrai have stopped hostilities, Bean approached Jinrai.

"Greetings Jinrai. My name is Bean Bandit" Bean introduced himself to Jinrai

"And I'm Rally Vincent" Rally said as she transformed from gunmode and stood in Bean's hand.

"We're from Earth" she added.

"Got any jobs for us?" Bean asked the Godmaster.

2002-04-01, 02:58 PM
Megatron saw the Autobot attack his legs. Megatron felt his legs weaken. Then he fell, but he egained his balance.

"Omega Supreme. Kill me now. End my life, i would be so glad if you could!"

Megatron aimed his cannon on Brawn.

"Die you waste of metal."

Lord Zarak
2002-04-01, 03:02 PM
Swoop saw that Brawn was vulnerable to Megatrons' attack. He threw his borrowed energon drink on the floor and raced towards them both in an attempt to save at least one loss of life, Brawns'.
"Brawn, Megatron, NOOOOO!!!!!"
Just when Megatron was ready to pull his triger, Swoop dived towards Brawn......

2002-04-01, 03:09 PM
Omega Supreme's head laser flipped over, and attempted to track Megatron, but he couldn't risk a shot, because Swoop was in the way. Rather, he had to simply trust the Dinobot, and wait for an opening. Meanwhile, he contacted Jinrai.

"Commander, Megatron is rampaging, you may want to do something about it."

2002-04-01, 03:15 PM
"Damn Bird"

Megatron looked down at Brawn. Then threw him away. It wasn't worth it.

Megatron turned to Swoop. Then he transformed and began to exit. But little did he know that he left his transformation cog. It fell out of a hole in his leg.

Megatron began to frive out of Iacon.

Lord Zarak
2002-04-01, 03:32 PM
Swoop landed beside Brawn
"Are you alright Brawn?", he asked, "because you nearly got yourself killed".
"Hey whats this? " Swoop asked himself as he noticed and picked up Megatrons transforming cog.
"Would you like this Brawn , as a souviner?"

2002-04-01, 04:37 PM
Brainstorm: -walks into bay, makes his way over to Minerva, Siren, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Hosehead- "Hey, guys."

Chromedome: "Hey, Brainstorm." -chuckles- "I like the new look."

Brainstorm: -shrugs- "The commander said he needed me here now. Didn't have time to get everything repainted."

Siren: "Have you checked the portal key yet?"

Brainstorm: "Not yet. I'll test it as soon as I transform. Have to plug it back into the cockpit console."

Minerva: -finishes welding the armor patch plates over the tears and gashes in Chromedome'sbody- "How's that feel?"

Chromedome: "It itches."

Minerva: "Good. Means your autorepair systems are handling the repairs under the plates." -looks over Sky Garry- "C'mon, Brainstorm. We got a big patient this time. Hosehead?"

Hosehead: "I know, I know. More energon. C'mon, Siren."

Siren: "Why me?"

Hosehead: "Because Chromdome and Hardhead outgun both of us, and can handle anything that comes up while we're gone."

Siren: "Fine. This shoudn't take too long, right?"

Minerva and Brainstorm: -head over to Sky Garry-

Siren and Hosehead: -head for energon storage-

Nightbeat: -signals Chromedome and Hardhead to come forward- "Got anything for us to do, Jinrai?"

Roadbuster: -leaning against wall next to Springer's bed, waiting for Springer to wake up-

2002-04-01, 05:07 PM
"Megatron. I will not support you joining the Leige Maximo. It is implausible. You were not the leader i thought you were."

TimeSplitter cut off the comlink then started the engines and went to Iacon.


As TimeSplitter lands inside Iacon, he transforms. Cou8nter'Punch is seen inside the chest area of TimeSplitter.

"I have abondoned Megatron. I cannot support him joining the Maximo. I was only following orders."

TimeSplitter kneeled before Hatemunger.

"I am at your command."

2002-04-01, 05:42 PM
Slag, Sludge and Snarl went after Swoop.

"What are you doing?!", Slag whispered under his breath.

2002-04-01, 07:08 PM
"GET BACK HERE MEGATRON" Brawn yelled hi optics burning a fiery red, the Autobots around him Watching

Brawn pushed past Swoop To Blaster whose attention was on Megatron. Brawn punched Blaster knocking him off His Feet then grabbed his Electro scrambler gun changing it to mess up Megs' circuiuts and firing at the escaping former decepticon leader.


2002-04-01, 07:47 PM
Originally posted by Blaster_86

"You'd better stay with Jinrai" Bean said to Rally as he sets her down near the Godmaster. He then disconnected from his transector and landed in the drivers seat, gunning his car Bean raced over to where Blaster & Brawn were.
When Bean got close he transformed and dove at BRAWN attempting to tackle him.

"This is turning into 1 of those days..." Rally mumbeled.

2002-04-01, 08:46 PM
A huge scortched hand descents on the Minibot known as Brawn, completely flat and firm as it tries to pin the hotheaded autobot to the ground. Up the arm to the shoulder, sitting on the thick neck was Sky Garry's displeased, irritated face as he tries to keep Brawn pinned gently.

"Brawn... we have orders to obey. And I can sit here a long time holding you down while Im repaired. I hope I will not have to do so."

2002-04-01, 11:51 PM
Megatron's circuits overloaded..... He was in a state of stasis.... though it wasn't like stasis.... not to him.. it was just like a BIG SLEEP to him.

Repair crews hauled the Decepticon back into Iacon....

2002-04-02, 03:00 AM
Hatemunger looked at Timesplitter.

"First get off your knees. I am a general not a god. We welcome into our ranks with open arms if you will. Right now we are awaiting the return of Galvatron and Optimus Prime they have went on a mission to gather data on what we can use to stop Unicron and company. So for now we wait, we are to assist the Autbots as needed." He looked at the fallen Megatron.

"Hmm is there any Autobots that can look at him more closely?" He asked.

God Jinrai
2002-04-02, 04:14 AM
*Grand maximus en route to the sol system*

Prime sat in silence as cyclonus and company entered the room... but for the most part, ignored them. glancing over at star saber and victory leo, Prime bowed his head...

"So many timelines torn... too many from other realms here, they must eventually be returned... at least...those willing to go... it...just can't be allowed to happen... the last time reality tore like this... I was trapped in a void...and finally, when I broke free, returning to my world... cybertron...and this entire universe...were nearly destroyed! It...has to be remedied... at some point..." he muttered to himself.

*Back at Iacon...*

Jinrai approached the downed brawn...

"Primus almighty.. listen, brawn. I may not know what it's like.. to have been slain... and brought back... only to see the demon that took your life before you... and not desire to slag the scum.. but...I'm quite sure some here do... Prowl, if I'm not mistaken... ratchet... slag, Prime himself. But yet they've all managed to show restraint. Learn from their examples. this is your only warning, brawn. I'm sorry for this, but there's no other way. "

2002-04-02, 05:16 AM
Sky Garry keeps his hand on Brawn, not moving it, but not causing any pain either, Shotbomber watching somberly from his shoulder. They wait for Jinrai's command to lift the hand again.

**On the ship...**

Taikoon continues wandering, admiring the pictures with wonder. He then turns, looking at the others and points to a picture there, asking a question.

2002-04-02, 07:04 AM
When Bean dove at Brawn, he had not counted on Sky Garry.
He hit the mech's leg head first.

As he landed on the floor he mumbeled: "where did that wall come from" and passed out.

Rally saw this happen as she followed Jinrai.

"Great, where's an XXL fryingpan when you need one" she muttered.

(if you've seen how Rally wakes up Bean at the start of 'Riding Bean', you'll know what she's talking about :) )

2002-04-02, 02:46 PM
TimeSplitter stood up.

"How may i assist you!"

Meanwhile Megatron was not moving. His energon levels had went down. If he remained this way he could die.

2002-04-02, 03:05 PM
After Cyclonus and the other Decepticons enter Grand Maximus an Autobot spaceshuttle approaches and transforms into a large robot. A small piece disconnects from his back and transforms into a small robot. The large robot known as SkyLine doesn’t know about the truce between Decepticons and Autobots.

“Decepticons…. I’ve got to warn Prime, something is amiss.” SkyLine says as his optics flare white-hot.
SkyLine presses a combination of buttons on his right arm to activate his communication device.

“Prime, this is SkyLine. Cyclonus and other Decepticons have somehow managed to enter Grand Maximus. What should we do??”

[Radio Interference]

“Damn…. Some kind of interference I’ll have to tell him in person”

“Well…you go and tell prime, I’ll follow them, and I’m small enough not to get caught. After all there must be something wrong if Grand Maximus’ defense systems haven’t kicked in!”, the small robot known as Dropship suggests.

SkyLine nods his head in agreement as Dropship flys through the same entrance the decepticons used.

“I don’t like this a bit” SkyLine comments as he flys through a different entrace in the hope of finding Optimus Prime.

2002-04-02, 04:48 PM
"Right now Timesplitte, we wait." He told the massive Decepticon.

He then got on his com-link.
"Any Autobots in the area we have a fallen Decepticon. I realise many of you do not like Megatron but he may be an asset once he is fixed. Any Autobots with repair skills please assist and respond." He waited.

2002-04-02, 05:31 PM
"General HateMunger. I believe the problem lies in Megatron's memory files. The only way to make him Decepticon again is to destroy the files inside of him that hates Decepticons. Reincorperate them to hate Autobots. The only problem is, we could lose him forever, as he was once a Decepticon leader, it wouldn't be right to destroy him. Only to bring him back into the fold!"

TimeSplitter turned to look at Megatron. Then he turned back to HateMunger.

"Then again. We could use him as bait!"

2002-04-02, 05:47 PM
Hatemunger smiled.

"If he is another alternate Megatron, which even though Galvatron is the true Megatron of my time this is not to say that he is not Megatron from the future." He paused for a second and scratched his head.

"I could having access to stored memory banks in the Decepticon mainframe pull up someone elses memories. But what do you want to use his as bait for? We would need to ask Galvatron not to mention wait until Galvatron returns so that we can have a full attack squad if needed." he waited and thought.

2002-04-02, 05:56 PM
TimeSplitter gave a slight smile.

"What i would propose is... If he wants to join the Lleigo Maximo let him. But use a link so that he can transmit data. If we could reprogram him in time, he may just let us have the advanage!"

TimeSplitter wondered if it was plausible. Then he thought about what HateMunger said... "A Megatron from the future"

2002-04-02, 07:30 PM
Hatemunger looked at Megatron.

"Possibly." He looked at a medical drone that rolled over.
"Take him and keep him in stasis, do not let him go offline." He then looked back at Timespitter.

"Your plan could work but right now we don't have anyone who could do the reprogramming. Also, I am not a philospher but given all of the Transformers from different times and places and futures another incarntion of Megatron is quite a possibility." He said.

2002-04-02, 09:07 PM
Minerva: -sees unconscious Bean Bandit- "Oh, dear....."

Brainstorm: -looking at Sky Garry's leg- "I can't tell if he dented Sky Garry's leg, with all these other dents..... -looks at Bean's head- "But I don't think Sky Garry's leg made a dent in his head."(I'm watcing Riding Bean as I do this....)

Nightbeat: -shaking head at what's going on, still waiting for an aswer from Jinrai-

Chromedome: "That had to hurt."

Hardhead: -wincing- "No kidding."

Minerva: -kneels next to Bean- Brainstom, start checking Sky Gary over. See if we can salvage his engines, check his autorepair system, give him the works. I'll check Captain Catastrophe over here." -starts scanning Bean-

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-04-02, 09:22 PM
"Springer... It's me, Roadbuster.... C'mon, boss, wake up...."

Springer's optics flickered....

"a cup of tea and a slice of toast would be .... nice....."

Springer tried to sit up, the pain was severe in his mid-riff, Optitron's attack had been short, but caused more than it's fair share of damage....

Springer gritted his teeth...


2002-04-02, 10:09 PM
Roadbuster: -relieved that Springer's awake- "The Decepticon you were fighting tried to open you up and see what makes you tick. Looks like they came pretty close, too."

2002-04-02, 11:05 PM
Originally posted by Heinrad
Minerva: -sees unconscious Bean Bandit- "Oh, dear....."

Brainstorm: -looking at Sky Garry's leg- "I can't tell if he dented Sky Garry's leg, with all these other dents..... -looks at Bean's head- "But I don't think Sky Garry's leg made a dent in his head."(I'm watcing Riding Bean as I do this....)

Nightbeat: -shaking head at what's going on, still waiting for an aswer from Jinrai-

Chromedome: "That had to hurt."

Hardhead: -wincing- "No kidding."

Minerva: -kneels next to Bean- Brainstom, start checking Sky Gary over. See if we can salvage his engines, check his autorepair system, give him the works. I'll check Captain Catastrophe over here." -starts scanning Bean-

((OOC - Mmm... Garry put his hand down, so Bean woulda run into his hand, not his leg :)))


Garry waits a few more moments, then gently lifts his hand to let Brawn up. He crouches, looking exhausted but states "For those who need repairs..."

Slowly, painfully he transforms again, great showers of sparks falling like rain from his form as the looming shape of his Supply Base/Repair bay appears, towering in the hangar. Shotbomber sighs worriedly and opens up the door to inside "He has some pretty good medical equipment inside. Come on."

2002-04-02, 11:59 PM
"I agree entirely with you. No one just now in the Decepticon ranks is capible, they cannot be spared."

TimeSplitter looked at the medical droid dragging Megatron away into a pod.

TimeSplitter touched that pod.

"What a waste!"

TimeSplitter looked at the tank.

"I should have killed you when i had the chance!"

TimeSplitter turned back to HateMunger.

"And once more... we wait...!"

2002-04-03, 12:08 AM
Brawn got to his feet and looked at Ginrai and gave him a sneer "Yes Sir" he muttered looking as the drones took Megatron away he swore he'd have his revenge on Starscream and Megatron and he still will.

He tossed the electro-scrambler back to Blaster who got it still kind of shocked about the events "Man this is just tough with a capital 'T'" He muttered looking at Jazz and Sunstreaker.

Sunstreaker trying to paint his charred chest over again as if nothing happened and Jazz is still as shocked as Blaster. "THis is crazy like a disco ball" Jazz muttered walking over to Blaster.

Brawn looked at Skygarry Growling slightly wanting to take him out though Brawn knew he couldn't. He turned and headed for the Exit of the room "Bunch of traitors trying to save a Decepticon" he mumbled making his exit.

2002-04-03, 02:48 AM
Meanstreak angrily paced around the landing bay with his plasma missle launcher leaning on his shoulder. "How much longer are we gonna have to wait down here?"

Gunrunner stepped away from the wall he as leaning against. "Two better questions would be what is Galvatron telling Cyclonus and who else is on this tub? We know Optimus and Galvatron are on board."

Cyclonus took quite a bit of tme to consider all the possibilities.

Last time Unicron went on a rampage, it took the Matrix to stop him. But with this Liege Maximo rebuilding him, how can we be sure the Matrix would stop him this time?

But there is the unknown variable of the Minicons. Perhaps they may possess the power needed to stop Unicron this time. But then, they may not. Either way, the coming events should be most interesting.

"Ok Galvatron, I'm with you. Where do we start?"

God Jinrai
2002-04-03, 03:37 AM
Jinrai sighed internally... with all these people wanting things to do, he was nearly on the edge... he had no idea what to assign all these folks to... but quickly made a decision...

"Bean... Rally... access the iacon central databanks.. get yourselves familiar with cybertron, the decepticons we're allies with... as well as the history of the chaosbringer... you'll need it. trust me."

"Nightbeat. Keep minerva on medic duty for as long as you can... sky garry still is far from repaired... as for the others... come with me. we need all the builders and workers we can get our hands on... we NEED metroplex to be at least partially rebuilt before the minicon armada is located..."

2002-04-03, 03:48 AM
The Dinobots and Spychangers followed Jinrai.

2002-04-03, 10:25 AM
(OOC: For interest's sake, how big is Sky Garry? The size of Omega?)

Omega Supreme turned away, nodding his head slightly as Sky Garry had prevented a potentially nasty situation from developing.
"Omega Supreme will help. If I can, Jinrai."

The giant robot walked towards the doors, and stepped out of the hangar, and into the Iacon night.

"I will follow you."


Sixswitch stood in the back of the bridge, and looked around. Grand was busy pilotting the ship towards the Earth, and Galvatron and Optimus were sitting on different sides of the bridge, both deep in thought. He stepped discretely up to Optimus.

"Optimus. If I may... How are we going to find the Minicons when we reach Earth? I'm still confused about this."

Quick Switch
2002-04-03, 10:54 AM
Quick Switch continued to monitor the bridge, as Sixswitch rose and inquired Prime about the mission.

2002-04-03, 12:29 PM
Originally posted by Heinrad
Minerva: -kneels next to Bean- I'll check Captain Catastrophe over here." -starts scanning Bean-

Rally climbed up onto Bean's prone form and turned towards Minerva.

"You need any help examining him? she asked the headmaster.

Shotbomber sighs worriedly and opens up the door to inside "He has some pretty good medical equipment inside. Come on."

"Let's get him inside Sky Garry" Rally suggests as she climbs off of Bean.

"Bean... Rally... access the iacon central databanks.. get yourselves familiar with cybertron, the decepticons we're allies with... as well as the history of the chaosbringer... you'll need it. trust me."

"We'll do that Jinrai, as soon as Bean is awake!" Rally yelled to the Godmaster as he left.

Lord Zarak
2002-04-03, 05:14 PM
As the Dinobots were with Jinrai ,Swoop piped up and said
"I still have the information on the materials needed to rebuiled Metroplex. No-one got the chance to recieve it while Brawn was on the rampage."

2002-04-03, 06:13 PM
TimeSplitter walked towards Swoop.

"You have the cog don't you. I would ask that you preserve it... we may need it one day"

Lord Zarak
2002-04-03, 06:19 PM
Swoop replied to TimeSpliter
"If it will help against Unicron, whatever his form I will keep it safe, always."

2002-04-03, 06:24 PM
TimeSplitter looked at Swoop.

"Indivually, the Dinobots can be stopped, as a unit, they are hard to destroy.... Five dinobots.... could there be a chance of making that One DinoBot"

Lord Zarak
2002-04-03, 08:14 PM
"Perhaps the materials I found could be used for Metroplex and your idea, TimeSplitter. My fellow Dinobots what are your thoughts?" Swoop said.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-04-03, 08:50 PM
Grimlock snarled loudly

"Me Grimlock think that Timesplitter getting ideas above his position.....come now, we go destroy stuff...."


Springer stirred.....

"long time no see," he coughed slightly, some mech fluid dripped from the corner of his mouth "how's about you give me a hand up.....and tell me what's going on...."

God Jinrai
2002-04-03, 08:53 PM
Jinrai overheard swoop..and suddenly recalled in his time... the development of a pretender series of destron dinosaurs... capable of merging into a horror that was second only to leokaiser in the gestalt department... but... he also recalled from this time...a gestalt group known as the predacons.. consisting of five animals... that became a terror worse possibly than dinoking of his time...

"Swoop... I mean no offense...but perhaps we should hold that idea until optimus returns. meanwhile, I ask that you dispense the list of required supplies we'll need to commence with metroplex's reconstruction

2002-04-03, 09:02 PM
TimeSplitter ignored Grimlock.

He turned to Jinrai.

"The process of reconstruction may commence more quickly if i helped you!"

Lord Zarak
2002-04-03, 09:49 PM
"Here they are Jinrai. A list of hopefully suitable materials and the corresponding maps which show their position. A bit far to go, but if you can give me a ship and some transformers who are quick and strong, they shall be with you."

2002-04-04, 12:52 AM
Minerva: -checking Bean- "Looks like he's just stunned."

Nightbeat: "Okay, do any of you know how to build a giant robot?"

Brainstorm, Chromedome, and Hardhead: -nod-

Brainstorm: "We all know how to work on our transectors, although I'm better with the delicate work."

Siren: "Both Hosehead and I have some training in construction."

Nightbeat: "Guess that answers that question. Me, I can't program a VCR. Alright, Brainstorm, take the guys with you, help them build the new Metroplex." -shrugs, looks at Minerva- "What do you need me to do, little sister?"

Minerva: -pulls out a datapadd, scribbles some quick notes, then pulls out a mediscanner, hands both to Nightbeat- "Have the wounded, if any, moved ito Sky Garry's medbay. Use the scanner to assess their injuries, andlist them on the pad. After you do that, scan Sky Garry. Do a thorough scan of his engines. The nearly blew up last time he had to use them."

Nightbeat: "Got it." -walks out of Sky Garry's medbay, and into hangar bay, activates brodband comm signal(to contact everybody in the bay)- "Okay, folks, bring your wounded over here to the medstation. We got one medic, and probably some waiting."

Roadbuster: -helps Springer to his feet- "The Leige Maximo is rebuilding Unicron. Right now, we're at a temporary peace with Galvatron and his troops until this common threat to both groups is stopped. An I'm willing to bet that Galvatron's gonna try to wipe us out as soon as he knows the threat to the Decepticons is over. But right now, Prime and Galvatron are leading a mission to find something called 'Minicons', which will supposedly give us an advantage."

2002-04-04, 02:41 AM
Hot Shot looked at Swoop.

"Us Spychangers are the fastest Autobots around", he said, almost boasting.

"Yeah", said R.E.V.

2002-04-04, 12:52 PM
Originally posted by Heinrad
Minerva: "Looks like he's just stunned."

"That's a relief, though i'm not surprised. Bean's head is as hard as a rock, so even without the armorplating from his suit, he'd probably have survived it anyway"Rally said.

"As long as he doesn't start snoring, i might as well try and find some info about Unicron" Rally said as she turned to a nearby console.

At that moment, Bean started snoring. "GGRRN"

"Great, you wouldn't happen to have a frying pan with you?" Rally asked Minerva