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2002-03-21, 03:50 AM
(Earth battle...mmmm....battle)

Jhiaxus turned to Sixshot.

Jhiaxus: "So I can see...then by all means, unleash hell! Find BLUDGEON! Kill the fools that get in our way!"

2002-03-21, 04:36 AM
Zorba stood outside Metrotitan. He had gotten the signal and flew himself there, using the others' path to find it. Surprise would certainly be a reality once he stepped inside. So he did.

2002-03-21, 12:37 PM
Scourge spun around as Ramjet, Dirge and Thrust entered and Astrotrain ordered Soundwave to interogate them.

"Ah, our friends have returned," he grinned, then turned back to the console.

"All Metrodrones are in position. How soon before our full external defences come online? I think we're still low on Energon."

2002-03-21, 02:15 PM
Lastrites was not amused.

She expected a better interrogation from somebody from a legend like Soundwave on a "traitor."

Still she wasn't going to bring this to his attention, mainly because she hadn't even been noticed yet.

She smiled quietly to herself as she began to take stock in their defenses.

Not too bad, she thought to herself, but they could obviously use a little work.

Now if she could just...


Lastrites Dropped to her knews as 'He' called from inside her head.

"Jhiaxus is here."

Lastrites began to bleed oil from her eyes and began to hold her head from the extreme pain of the contact.

"He seeks his kin."

"Stop him...at any cost."

The force finally subsides as Lastrites Collapses to the floor.

Quick Switch
2002-03-21, 05:00 PM
Astotrain crossed his arms, impassive.

"We shall see Scourge. We shall see."

Thrust had an impusle to wave at Astrotrain- he hadn't seem him in years. He was kin. One of the second generation Cons.

Dirge stopped his arm from waving.

"Not now," he muttered. "Soudwave will probably probe us. Don't hold anything back. We didn't really do much of anything..."


Metrotitan's Core:

Scrapper scratched his head as Scourge's bearded face peered back at him on vidcom.

"Dunno- Mixmaster?"

Mixmaster moved to the console.

"Metrotitan's defenses-at least aux power- will be able to be activated in a few cycles, cycles, cycles."

Scrapper shrugged, facing the monitor.

"That's the best we'll commit to. Hook and I are still working to restore them to full capacity but it'll be difficult."

Long Haul spoke up from the back.

"Yeah, well, we still need more Energon!"

2002-03-21, 08:57 PM
Ramjet looked at Astrotrain.

"Look, 'Train", he said. "I know that you have no reason to trust me. And maybe you're right. But I don't think that you should do anything...rash."
Darkwing ran up to the collapsed Lastrites.

"You all right?", he asked.

2002-03-21, 09:17 PM
"I felt him...reaching out."

"He needs...help."

After a moment of silence, Lastrites springs up to her feet and begins to move quickly.

"Darkwing, Dreadwind your with me."

"we need to take off immediately."

"If we don't do something quickly, all is lost."

2002-03-21, 11:09 PM
Scourge tapped the console once more as he spoke to the Constructicons, bringing up an exterior image of the Autobot shuttle.

"Yeah, well, we still need more Energon!"

"Perhaps you'd like to go and ask that shuttlefull of rebel Decepticons if you could borrow some?" he asked sardonically.
"Unfortunately Long Haul, we're on our own here. You've done well just getting our main core online."


Needlenose leered at the Seekers as Soundwave approached, and nudged Spinister.
"Soundy'll find out if they're up to anything."
"No doubt. That guy gives me the creeps. For now though, we have to watch them, and defend this command centre too."

Quick Switch
2002-03-21, 11:11 PM
Astrotrain shrugged.

"According to Soundwave, the three of you were the ones who acted rashly. What were you thinking? Never mind- Soundwave will tell me as soon as he probes all three of your minds."


Metrotitan's Core:

Long Haul grumbled, but said only a muted "Don't worry about it."

Bonecrusher ribbed Long Haul.

"Heh, did Scourge just compliment us?"

Hook scoffed.

"He did, cretin. No thanks to you two..."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-21, 11:22 PM
"Well? What're we waiting for..."

Sixshot was anxious, he'd not been in a proper slaughter for too long, all his circuitry hummed silently, the bodyment of the perfect fighting machine was set to do it's worst...

Sixshot walked over to the side of the shuttle and hit a button opening the side-doors of the Axalon the wind rushed into the ship, they were still travelling at break-neck speeds towards Metrotitan.

Sixshot transformed to his jet mode and launched outside of the shuttle, keeping pace easily he manouvered underneath the ship he opened a comm back inside...

"I await the order to attack, Jhiaxus........."

2002-03-22, 01:04 AM
Like a long asleep beast, the Bane roared to life.

Breaking its connections, it began to slowly turn and aim to take off from its position, scattering those who were safeguarding the ship.

Inside Lastrites was typing like mad. Her AI computer controls should take care of the flight, but they had to do something about that door.

After what felt like an eternity, the doors began to slowly rise.

Lastrites immediately returned to the controls, she knew she had to rely on her own reflexes if the were to survive.

Scratching part of the side, the Bane turned to the sky.

Its main target, the autobot ship.

2002-03-22, 01:17 AM
Scourge growled.
"Astrotrain, the Bane has broken it's moorings and has taken off towards the Autobot shuttle."

He slammed his hand angrily down on the console.

"Metrotitan command to Bane, what are you playing at? Return at once."

2002-03-22, 02:43 AM
Soundwave nodded, and immediately commenced the brain scan of all three Seekers. Dirge and Thrust were bland - memories of adventures together with their allies over recent months, and such. But Ramjet proved different. There was something a bit special about this one. He wasn't sure (as it was an unprecedented case for Soundwave), and he concluded he'd like to "question" Ramjet some more later.

"Mmm-hmm. These three have been wandering for some time now. They've certainly been busy - I see that they've been to Cybertron, as well as Carbombya... super energon! Ah, you've been foolish."

Soundwave was very tempted to draw his arm and backhand one of the Seekers, but repressed himself.

"We've been running on super energon for months now! I'm afraid your plot would have been fruitless anyway."

Soundwave turned his head to Astrotrain, keeping a mental eye on the Seekers.

"Memories of their escapades on our home planet reveal no major officers of the Decepticon Empire - they've been working renegade all this time. Also, there seems to be a period during which they fraternized with Autobots. I shall not suggest a course of action, Commander Astrotrain, but I believe I know how Lord Galvatron would deal with treason of this sca --"

Scourge's report interrupted Soundwave's. He stopped to listen, pondering the situation.

"Oh yes, I forgot. They've left a number of associates on their shuttle."

2002-03-22, 03:52 AM
Jhiaxus turned to Sixshot and the crew...

Jhiaxus: "Unleash hell..."

2002-03-22, 04:12 AM
"Soundwave." Zorba declares, making his presence felt. "I am Zorba. I was sent to this planet by Galvatron to gather intelligence on these traitors." He stands before the tape deck. "It is good to see you are doing well; I admire your disciplinary tactics," he adds with a smirk.

2002-03-22, 11:44 AM
Cryhavoc sat down on one of the pilot's seat of Axalon and connected himself into the mainframe of the ship in order to take it fully under his control. As soon as he had formed to link between himself and the Axalon he started to pilot Axalon away from the downwards spiral it had been forced into.

Calmly Cryhavoc manouved the large spacecraft to a proper course towards Metrotitan and opened the hatches for Jhiaxus' men to jump out from Axalon in order to perform their attack. At the same time he targeted Axalon's front weapon batteries towards Metrotitan to give cover fire for their assault.

Instantly after Jhiaxus gave his attack orders Axalon opened fire at Metrotitan...

Scorponok grabbed Squawkbox with his left claw and jumped out from Axalon after Sixshot, starting to search Bludgeon's location with his sensors. They outnumber us... got to move out fast...

"Fly Squawkbox! Attack them!" He roared and let his grip go from the cassetticon combiner. And most importantly... give me them enough distraction that I can tear my way to Bludgeon...

Quick Switch
2002-03-22, 06:14 PM
Astrotrain rubbed his head as the report came back from Scourge.

"If the shuttle doesn't respond, Scourge, send out a detachment of troops to bring it back in. The only thing that keeps me from ordering you to shoot it down is that important humans are aboard who still may be useful."

He turned back to the interrogation.

"Well, Dirge? Thrust? Anything to say for yourselves?"

Dirge shrugged.

"Yes, as a matter of fact. The reason we did all this stuff was to stop an Insecticon plot to control the universe. If you'll send someone to the docking area, you will find all of the Insecticons there- conveniently under mind control."

Thrust was beginning to shake.

"We didn't even really do anything, Astrotrain. Shock, Soundwave just said so! We would have made contact with you sooner or later to tell you what was going on..."

Astrotrain pointed at Soundwave.

"Note all of this. I haven't got time to deal out justice right now."

He then pointed at the Seekers. "Until otherwise noted, you two are now incorporated into the main Decepticon Army, under my command, and of course reporting to Galvatron proper. Any more activity, and I'll hand you over to Soundwave for torture. Understood?"

Dirge nodded.

"Of course."

Thrust was shaking as he replied a muttered "Thanks..."

Astrotrain clamped a hand on Soundwave's shoulder and whispered to him.

"I believe Dirge and Thrust. However, I do not trust Ramjet. He is not to be incorporated into our forces until-and if- you deem him loyal to the Empire. Question him at your leisure. If he fails your test..." he shrugged. "Do your thing."

Astrotrain rounded on Zorba.

"Zorba, is it? We shall see. Soundwave, probe this one too."

2002-03-22, 06:28 PM
Scourge nodded.
"Makes sense," he tapped the console, working efficiently, sending another signal to Lastrites aboard the Bane.
"This is your final warning. Return at once, or suffer the consequences."

He signed off.
"Although I wouldn't recommend that course of action Astrotrain, we're hard pressed enough against this new assault."

He turned the main monitor on, to reveal Scorponok, Sixshot and Squawkbox dropping from the shuttle.

"Scorponok is no pushover, and neither is Sixshot. Without offensive external weapons, they'll cut into Metrotitan without much of a problem. Although, I don't know what they're after here."

The console flashed red as the computer registered hits to Metrotitan's exterior.

"The shuttle is firing on our forward batteries. I suggest we let them continue. Those systems are non-functional anyway."

He looked to Spinister and Needlenose.

"You two, be ready for action. We may be needed to defend the interior of Metrotitan if the Metrodrones can not contain the assault."

He flicked the communications channel open.

"Command Centre to the Constructicons. Make sure that core stays online, if that is destroyed, we will be unable to prevail here."

Quick Switch
2002-03-22, 06:45 PM
Astrotrain turned, and stood next to Scourge, and both Decepticon observed the enemy troop movements.

"Good point- I think we'll have to let the shuttle go for now. If it doesn't attack Metrotitan, what's the point in wasting resources to persue it?"

Astrotrain nodded at Scourge's assesement.

"Don't forget- Reflector is manning Metrotitan's defensive weapons, Soundwave has deployed his tapes throughout, and we have the Metrodrones. Sheer numbers might win the day for us. And if worst comes to worst, we can pull the Construticons from repair duty to have Devastator in the fray."


The Core:

Scavenger entered, bustling about, carrying a stack of Energon cubes.

"Where have you been Scavenger?" Scrapper asked, more hoarsley then usual.

"Never mind that, how'd you find that Energon?" Long Haul scratched his chin.

"Well....I was just wandering around you know, thinking to myself, 'Now, Scavenger, if I was Energon cubes...' "

Bonecrusher waved his hands.

"OK, we don't need to hear the rationale!"

Mixmaster scuttled over, and scooped them up.

"I'll put these in the converter chamber right away, away, away!" and with that he ran down to the chamber and threw the Energon cubes in.

Hook was at the comm when Scourge's announcement came.

"Of course, Scourge. The core will remain operational. You doubt the Construticons?"

2002-03-22, 07:59 PM
Adeara smiled. This would be fun. On this planet, calling storms was easy. She'd be able to use that as a cover, then...Well, why spoil the surprise? Before she left the Axalon, Adeara called up a nice storm, full of fog, high winds, rain, lighting to blind and thunder to deafen. "My Lord!" She called. "Be careful in this storm, my Lord!" She had to yell over the wind and thunder. Once that was said, Adeara dived out of the ship, and started on her way.....

Quick Switch
2002-03-22, 08:44 PM
Blast Off approached Earth's atmosphere, cruising along at a nice speed and altitude.

"When should we make contact, Onslaught?"

"As soon as you breach the atmosphere. We'll contact Metrotitan command then," the Combaticon leader waved a hand dismissively.

2002-03-22, 08:48 PM
Darkwing looked at Lastrites.

"I don't really think that we should be doing this. I mean, Ramjet said that we should..."

"Look", Dreadwind said. "Ramjet can just shove off. Lastrites needs our help, and we need to give it to her."

Just then, Scourge's message came over the com frequency.

"Umm...Lastrites", Darkwing asked. "Don't you think that you should..."

Snake, meanwhile, was screaming his helmeted face off at the sheeer insanity of what was occuring.
Ramjet glared at Astrotrain.

"Look, 'Train", he said. "I've done more for this group in the past few stellar cycles than you and this gaggle of drones have done in your entire operational life. I think that should be enough proof fo ryou to trust me."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-22, 08:53 PM
Sixshot watched as Scorponok and Squawkbox dropped out of one of the side doors of the Axalon, then the storm hit, the wind's disrupted his stability slightly, but maintaining his course underneath the shuttle was easy.

Then it started...."unleash hell" had been the command Jhiaxus had sent out, as the Axalon rained down gunfire to the fortress ahead of them, Sixshot chuckled....

"with pleasure"

Sixshot's engines roared once again as he flew out infront of the Axalon, then drop into a free fall assault on Metrotitan focusing on clearing himself a path...

Quick Switch
2002-03-22, 09:04 PM
Fakkadi whapped Snake.

"Calm down," he muttered. "We will find a jettison point soon enough. There have got to be some Nebulan escape pods somewhere."



Astrotrain turned from the vidboard, amused.

"Say what you will, but until Soundwave runs his probe, I won't be satisfied. You did run that little operation, you know. You must have had bigger plans than stopping the Insecticons."

2002-03-22, 09:42 PM
Snake nodded.

"I guess you're right", he said. "We'd better get looking."
Ramjet tensed. The Insecticons were his primary concern, but he had bigger aspirations. If Soundwave found out, then he was scrap for sure.
The Insecticons and Dreadwind came up to Lastrites.

"Don't you think that you should go back?", Bombshell asked.

2002-03-22, 09:49 PM
Lastrites doesn't even answer back, just stares at the stolen autobot ship.

and keeps going towards it.

O.O.C. - stalling till I hear back from a few of the pm.

2002-03-22, 11:01 PM
Skystalker flew through space passing by Mars.

Inside the Aerialcons and Crashticons were getting ready for battle.

"Remember we are gonna try something different we are mergeing into Dominator as we drop from Skystalker, I am sure there will be enough of a firefight on the ground for us to do that then assult Scorpnok and Cryhavoc." Skyblade said talking to both teams.

"Understood." Scrapheap nodded.

"Stealth Darklark Skystalker you guys get to smash Starscream but if Sixshot is not turned, Stealth you assist the Predacons againist Sixshot." Skyblade sat back down and readied his mega-cannons.

"Deathzaurus, how are you going to talk to Sixshot during this mission?" Skyblade asked. "Given how we need to know whats up with him before we can divide our men."

Quick Switch
2002-03-22, 11:38 PM
Fakkadi hopped down from his chair, and he and Snake began searching. Finally, on one of the aft bulkheads, a sign indicated (In English and Nebulan) "Escape pods."

"I've found them!" Fakkadi indicated to Snake.

2002-03-22, 11:44 PM
Snake jumped right into the pod.

"Oh, Fakkadi", he said. "No hard feelings."

He shut the pod, and activated it.

2002-03-23, 05:27 AM
Soundwave uninterestedly watched Zorba trumpet his entrance to Metrotitan, and march down in front of him. He eyed Zorba up and down as the brainwave scan proceeded; everything checked out clean.

"Fine. Thank you. Later. We're very busy at the moment - if you indeed serve Galvatron, we'd appreciate your assistance in the battle outside. When the assailants are repelled, we will talk."

Not waiting for Zorba's response, Soundwave turned to Ramjet again. He shot a blind nod toward Astrotrain, continuing his brain scan of the insolent Seeker.

Mmm... No surprise there, Soundwave thought. Same old power trip syndrome... Honestly, what I wouldn't do to examine a schizophre -- Aha! I knew there was something special here! But I wonder, how well do these two trust me...

"Ramjet," Soundwave whispered, after a precautionary over-shoulder glance. "You and I have known each other for a long time. I'm willing to cut you a break - I won't tell Astrotrain about your desires... but it'll cost you."


Squawkbox shrieked the entire way to the ground, stumbling on impact and rolling a few meters on the (surprisingly hard, he found) grass. After a quick rubbing of the head, he scrambled away from a stray laser blast, and then to his feet.

"When I get my guns on that musclehead," he grumbled.

Another pair of bolts hit next to his feet, and Squawkbox jumped. He looked toward the city; Rumble, as well as two guns barrels, stared back.

"Hey, buddy! Haven't seen you in a while! If I'm really lucky, I won't again either!"

Rumble ignored the comment and resumed fire from his safe position on the city wall. Squawkbox zig-zagged away from the haphazard shots, returning one at each vertex of his path. He ducked behind a boulder at a few yards, forcing Rumble to cease and concentrate. Squawkbox took advantage of the scenario, firing one precise blast from a sonic boomer and knocking one of Rumble's guns from his hand. In the warrior's confusion, he forgot that his other hand secured an identical weapon, and ran to fetch the initial anyhow.

"Gothca!" Rumble announced.

"Bzzz! Sorry, you must respond in the form of a question!"

Rumble gaped over his horizontal shoulder, but had only a moment to see Squawktalk drop Beastbox. The ape drew back two combined fists and landed them on the side of Rumble's head, dropping the red (OOC: nyah) cassette hard. He brushed his hands together.

"HEY!" Squawktalk screamed, only a few feet away. "Hur-ry it up!"

Beastbox rolled his eyes, tromping casually over to Squawktalk's place on the city wall.

"Get us in, get us in! Come on come on come on, B-L-U-D-G-E-O-N ain't gonna wait all day for us!"

Beastbox growled shortly, but wasted little time in slouching to level himself with the wall. His compression cannons flashed to life, and the two cassettes found themselves viewing the city's interior layout.

"Nice pad..." Squawktalk commented. "Hey you gu-ys! In this-a-way, we gots da goods!"


Not far away...

"Stunticons, transform!" Motormaster commanded.

The four cars, already in robot mode and charging, paid little attention to their leader.

"Great, a fiiight!" Wildrider sneered, taking a bead on Adarea in flight.

"Oh, I certainly hope our deaths won't be too painful," Dead End added, drawing his compressor gun and assisting Wildrider.

"You two!" Motormaster commanded. "Take Sixshot! The big guy's all mine!"

Drag Strip grinned sadistically and dragged Breakdown into a firefight with the sixchanger. Motormaster charged the still falling Scorponok, firing his cyclone gun wildly.

2002-03-23, 06:03 AM
"Battle, eh?" Zorba says with piqued interest. Very well, tape deck, we shall talk later.

He looks at Astrotrain, scans him up and down himself. "Astrotrain..." he says. "Your skill, it is the art of confusion, is it not?"

Quick Switch
2002-03-23, 02:43 PM
Astrotrain nodded as Soundwave pronounced Zorba clean.

He crossed his arms.

"Yes, I suppose. Confusion presents opportunity. What of it?"


Fakkadi, amused at Snake's treachery, simply got in another escape pod and blasted it free from the Bane.

"Ah well...next time." the dictator's pod coasted back to Carbombya on retrorockets.

2002-03-23, 03:46 PM
Scourge monitored the battle outside.
"The Stunticons have joined the fray, and about time too. Also I'm detecting two escape pods launched from the Bane - human sized."

"ALERT: Perimeter security breached." Metrotitan's voice droned.

The monitors flicked to an image of Squalktalk and Beastbox leaping through a hole in Metrotitan's outer wall.

"Soundwave, aren't those your cassettes?" he asked sarcastically, then tapped another button.
"Alpha Drone 2, despatch defence drones to sector 21, we have intruders."

Quick Switch
2002-03-23, 04:04 PM
Astrotrain nodded.

"Good. If the humans have left the craft, the shuttle is of no consequence to us. If the shuttle attacks Metrotitan, shoot it down, Scourge."

He then turned to the monitor, and watched as Motormaster led the Stunticons into battle.

"Excellent..." Astrotrain then saw Squawktalk and Beastbox breach the hull.

Scourge has already asked the pertinent question- besides, Soundwave as a telepathic bond with his creations; he will wheedle out of them their intentions...


Sector 21:

Alpha Drone 2 turned on its gyro axis, and saluted as the command came through from Scourge.

"Command: understood; drones: dispatching," it whirred. Turning away from the monitor, it gave a squad of Metrodrones a short order.

"Squad: deploy; intruders: impede."

The Metrodrone squad (numbering about 10) clanked down the hallway toward the oncoming cassettes.

2002-03-23, 04:12 PM
"I think it's time to join this battle. I'll be at one of the observation posts if I'm needed," Scourge told Astrotrain as he headed for the door.
"Needlenose, Spinister, come on."

The three left the room, and sprinted through the mazes of corridors, arriving at one of the towers dotted around Metrotitan's roof.

Climbing up to the top, they could clearly see the enemy troops, the shuttles, and the Stunticons entering the battle below.

"OK, on my command, we take down the Bane."

The three warriors took aim at the shuttle above, and waited to see what it would do next.

2002-03-23, 05:36 PM
Ramjet looked at Soundwave. He never figured that the Decepticon Communications officer had a spark of treachery in him.

"I wonder what made him change his....oh, pit slag! He couldn't mean..."

"What do you want" he whispered to Soundwave.
Snake piloted the pod back to Metrotitain, seeing another pod streak away.

He activated the pod's onboard comm system.

"Fakkadi", he said. "Meet me back at Metrotitain. We need to talk."

2002-03-23, 07:14 PM
Astrotrain: "Yes, I suppose. Confusion presents opportunity. What of it?"

"I believe then we can make use of your talent at the battle outside. You game?" Zorba says.

Quick Switch
2002-03-23, 08:28 PM
Fakkadi punched in his own comm's frequency.

"Of course Snake. I would prefer away from the battlezone...we are exposed here."

The dictator set a parallel couse with Snake's pod, and the two cronies flew together.


Astrotrain nodded in the affirmative as Scourge left, taking the two Targetmasters with him.

He listened to Zorba's proposal.

"I'm flattered. What is your proposal? If I deem it to risky, I will not join you. As Commander, I have a responsibility to coordinate the defense of Metrotitan- and with Scourge gone to join the battle, we are shorthanded here. I'm sure you understand. But, at any rate, speak, and I will listen."

2002-03-23, 08:30 PM
Motormaster's cyclone gun didn't affect Scorponok's landing almost at all, but had enough power to force the large Decepticon to land little further from Metrotitan that Scorponok had planned.

The ground trembled under the massive pressure caused by Scorponok's landing. The massive Decepticon that had allied himself with Jhiaxus gave an angry glare to the Stunticon commander attacking him and fired a round with his shoulder mounted photon blasters towards Motormaster.

"Out of my way Motormaster! Unless death is what you seek Stunticon!"

Scorponok roared and began to take running steps towards Metrotitan's nearest areas, all the time firing at Motormaster with his cannons.


Axalon, that was now piloted by Cryhavoc continued making hit and run attacks against Metrotitan from different sides after Cryhavoc had noticed that the giant fortress didn't fire back. Damaging Galvatron's giant wasn't going to hurt Jhiaxus' plans at all...

But Cryhavoc had something else in his mind as well... The powerful Decepticon warrior was in need of repairs and sitting in Axalon didn't make him feel really useful... and if Metrotitan didn't have durabelliym in its structures... what would have?

Cryhavoc opened direct comm-link to Adeara. "Cryhavoc here... would it be possible for you and Sixshot to get me close to tens tons of durabelliym from Metrotitan... I need it for the repairs of my armor."

2002-03-23, 08:33 PM
Scourge staggered as a blast from the Axalon rocked the base of the observation tower.

"OK, change of plan."

Scourge pointed at the Axalon with his gun.

"Bring it down."

Three streaks of laser energy shot out of the observation tower towards the shuttle making strafing runs above.

2002-03-23, 08:41 PM
Snake landed his pod several feet away from Metrotitain and climbed out. He waited for Fakkadi's pod to land.

Quick Switch
2002-03-24, 03:59 AM
Fakkadi landed his pod and exited it across from Snake's.

"Let's talk."

2002-03-24, 05:11 PM
As the two humans abandoned the ship, Lastrites speed only seemed to accelerate and she spoke her first words since leaving the Docking Port.

"Damnit, we're too late. He's already started releasing his minions."

"We need to take down his troops fast and get aboard that vessel."

He then saw a particular familiar face and turned to dive at a particular multichanger.

A multichanger named Sixshot.

<SixSwitch the ball is in your court.>

2002-03-24, 05:29 PM
(OOC: Actually, Skywarp controls Sixshot)

2002-03-24, 06:01 PM
Astrotrain: "I'm flattered. What is your proposal? If I deem it to risky, I will not join you. As Commander, I have a responsibility to coordinate the defense of Metrotitan- and with Scourge gone to join the battle, we are shorthanded here. I'm sure you understand. But, at any rate, speak, and I will listen."

Zorba nods. "I see you have accepted your responsibility wholeheartedly...good. Your growth as a Decepticon is impressive. But on to the battle itself. Metrotitan's full defensive capabilities must be utilized. Jhiaxus' forces are right now undeterred. And as I understand it, they are making use of a ship to inflict more damage. We must begin by turning the ship against them. I believe that is where you come in. Your ion displacer rifle should be able to disrupt their ship's systems and bring it down...or at least leave it prone for me to deal with." He sets the Destroyer on level 4. "Are you up for the challenge?"

Quick Switch
2002-03-24, 06:43 PM
Astrotrain grabbed his ion displacer rifle and deflecto-shield.

"Your plan is meritorious. After I fire the burst, I shall return to the command center."

He indicated Dirge and Thrust.

"Come with me."

Astrotrain, Dirge and Thrust walked out onto one of the many roof hatchways of Metrotitan.

The Commander could see Zorba coming up behind him, Destroyer weapon ready.

The Triple Changer aimed his ion rifle, charged it, and fired a burst at Jhiaxus' ship.

Dirge and Thrust activated their missle systems, retrieving them from subspace, and stood by Astrotrain, monitoring stray shots or oncoming personnel.

2002-03-24, 07:40 PM
That is all they can put against the Axalon? Fools. Only if Metrotitan gets a clean shot I have something to worry about... Cryhavoc thought when Astrotrain's ion strikes and the rest of the firepower realesed be Galvatron's Decepticons were absorbed by Axalon's forcefield.

Time to teach them a lesson what means to attack a ship more than 600 meters long with weapons built against normal sized Transformers...

Axalon made sharp turn and quickly took distance to Metrotitan, only to turn back and dive frontal guns blazing towards the position of Astrotrain and the seekers.

Only one blast from Axalon's lasers should be enough to end their suffering...

2002-03-24, 08:06 PM
Scourge pointed at the diving Metrotitan.

"We wont take it down with our firepower. Time to get in close. Cover me."

"Sure thing boss," Needlenose replied, doubling his efforts at destracting the pilot, Spinister doing the same.

Meanwhile Scourge had transformed into fighter craft mode, and Fracas had clamped into place on his dorsal surface. Scourge shot up into the sky, easily evading the lumbering shuttle's fire, and skimmed above it, sensors and optics examining the surface.

"There," he snarled, "Fracas, fire at these coordinates..." he rattled off a position on the hull of the ship, which Fracas promptly fired at. An access hatch - one of the least protected surfaces of the ship. With a great rending of metal, the hatch was blown open, and, seizing the initiative, Scourge dived down towards the hatch, and, scraping his left side along the edge of the ragged tear in the hull, flew inside.

He transformed in midair, landing with a clang inside the corridor - a drop area by the looks of it, Fracas had detatched and landed in his hand.

Now, suitably armed and ready, he hustled to the front of the ship, and the cockpit.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-24, 08:46 PM
Sixshot transformed to his robot mode drawing his dual blasters and firing off a few shot at some automated weaponry on Metrotitan when he heard Motormaster barking commands.

Sixshot turned to face the two Stunticons headed his way...

"Just when I was starting to get bored here......"

Sixshot turned sideways on and extended one of his blasters, shooting out the ground infront of the two charging Decepticons...

"Really I'd have thought you would have more sense than to get in my way....."

2002-03-24, 10:17 PM
"allm right, lets", Snake said.

He pulled out a gun.

"Things are about to get interesting here", he said. "I suggest that we hide out inside that large Transformer", gesturing at Metrotiain.

Quick Switch
2002-03-24, 11:00 PM
Astrotrain swore under his breath.

"A force field!" before Dirge forcibly pulled the Commader down, planting his body on top of Astrotrain.

Thrust scrambled back inside the entraceway.

"There's nothing we can do here! Besides, Scourge and the Targetmasters are mounting an assault!"

Dirge pulled Astrotrain back into the entranceway, and closed the hatch.

The group trooped back into the command center.

Astrotrain seated himself.

"Well, at least we had to attempt something. Oh and by the way, you two are my personal guard as of...now."

Thrust exchanged glances with Dirge, who smiled slightly and shrugged.

"Just like the old days, eh Train?" Dirge clapped his comrade on the back before standing behind him. Thrust did likewise. They watched the monitors and Soundwave at them, impassive as usual.


Fakkadi adjusted his cap nervously, then nodde and followed Snake inside Metrotitan.

2002-03-24, 11:13 PM
Skystalker flew through space. A vid screen popped up and showed the battle starting at Metrotitan.

"Great looks like the battle has begun on Earth and we are still putzing through space." Skyblade sighed.
"I only hope we all make it to Earth to have something left." He said and sat back donw.

2002-03-24, 11:13 PM
(.......Thank you all for ignoring the storm my character called. It really enhances my faith in the RP comminuty here....)

2002-03-25, 12:06 AM
Darkwing, Dreadwind and the Insecticons decided not to hang around with Lastrites, and so they bolted, heading back to Merotitain.

On the way, they encountered some strange elementeal forces as a major storm was occuring.

"That's funny", Kickback said. "The weather seemed pretty fine a few cycles ago."

"Well, what do you expect?", Dreadwind said. "This is Earth, after all."

The Nine Decepticons landed at Metrotitain, and as they did so, Darkwing caught something out of ht ecorner of his eye.

"Hey, what's that?", he said.

"What's what?", Dreadwind responded.

"Don't know", Darkwing responded. "I'll go check it out.
Snake and Fakkadi found a small room in which to hide.

"In here", he said.
Ramjet turned to Soundwave.

"Well", he whispered. "What do you want?"

2002-03-25, 02:26 AM
Astrotrain swore under his breath. "A force field!"

Zorba saw the others scamper away. "Force field indeed...no shield is all-powerful." He sends out a call to all Decepticons. "Attention, everyone come in. Break off your attacks and focus all attention on the Axalon. Take it from every angle."

That force field will have no chance with that many attacks coming at it at once...the shield frequency will be so busy trying to get to every spot where a shot is impacting, it will fail. Only question is how long.

He brandishes the Destroyer and flies up toward the Axalon, firing three level four shots at the ship.

ooc--Any confusion as to the power of said blasts, PM me.

2002-03-25, 04:00 AM
With the storm providing him ample cover, Jhiaxus took flight, off to find Bludgeon.

2002-03-25, 04:26 AM
Breakdown, caught off guard by Sixshot's sudden counter-attack, fell prey to the blasts and disappeared into the newly formed crevice. Drag Strip managed to jump the gap, and hit the ground with his gravito-gun blazing.


Motormaster accepted Scorponok's assault smilingly.

"Ha! You'll have to do better than that, has-been!"

He stubbornly continued to fire his cyclone gun on the closing Scorponok, while his idle hand caressed a secret wound in his side.


Soundwave watched Astrotrain head out, grinning under his faceplate. He looked around once more, then presented a small radio communicator and continued to whisper to Ramjet.

"Bring that shuttle down, and get me the Insecticons. You and I will need some friends, if you take my meaning."


Beastbox, still waiting for Jhiaxus and his men to enter the wall's breach, turned back to the hole. His smile dropped; his eyes glowed. A hand blindly thumped Squawktalk on the shoulder.

"What is it this time?" Squawktalk prated, turning as well toward the approaching drones. "Nyah-ah-ah! Muy caliente, better show these cowboys the stuff we're made of!"

Reforming Squawkbox, the duo fired one of their combined sonic compression cannons at the pack of Metrodrones.

Quick Switch
2002-03-25, 12:09 PM
Fakkadi followed Snake into the corridor.


Dirge pointed to the vid, and Zorba up top on one of the roofs.

"You see that?"

"Yes," Astrotrain remarked. "But before we jump to any conclusions, let us see if Scourge's assault fails."


Fully half of the Metrodrones were blown to pieces by the sonic compressor gun.

The rest continued their assault on Squawkbox, arms outstretched, making up the lost ground between them.

2002-03-25, 02:54 PM
"All right", Ramjet wispered to Soundwave.

He went outside to find the Insecticons, along with Dreadwind, already on Metrotitain.

"I thought I told them to stay on the ship", he thought. "Oh, well..

He pointed at Dreadwind, and gestured for him to come here.

"Get everyone together", he said. "Soundwave" wants to see you."

"You sure about this?", Dreadwind asked.

"Yeah", he said. "I hope, he thought silently.

He, Dreadwind and the Insecticons walked back inside Metrotitain.
Darkwing had followed the two humans down the corridor. He wondered what they were up to, but decided not to say anything.
Snake entered a nearby room.

"This should be safe to hide in", he said to Fakkadi.

2002-03-25, 03:14 PM
Scourge made his way through the twisting corridors of the Autobot shuttle, to where he figured the bridge would be.

Looking around, he monitored the surrounding area for any signs of enemy activity. Listening carefully, he could hear the sounds of the battle outside - but strangely distant through the thick hull of the ship. Only his footfalls intruded upon the sounds on the inside of the craft.

Finally reaching his goal, he stepped onto the bridge, immediately catching sight of the hulking shape of Cryhavoc hunched over the control console, focusing on his tasks.

Silently, Scourge swung his arm up, and Fracas fired an intense blast of energy towards the navigation control consoles.

Quick Switch
2002-03-25, 05:14 PM
Fakkadi entered the corridor, breathing heavily.

"All right. What is your plan?"

2002-03-25, 05:33 PM
Adeara fell through the storm, shifting into a small, almost tiny, bird. She flitted through the wind, avoiding lightning and hailstones. Finally, she made it to the surface, and landed, shifting to her Decepticon form instantly. Drawing her sword, she glanced around, then started off in one direction to look for Bludgeon....

2002-03-25, 07:11 PM
"What?! Scourge?!" Surprised Cryhavoc shouted as the blast from Scourge hit the navigating console of Axalon, causing it explode into a fireball.

Cryhavoc placed Axalon on auto-pilot though his link to Axalon's mainframe with coordinates to obtain a place at Earth's orbit.

"Let us see how many of you survive from going through Earth's atmosphere. Idiots." Cryhavoc spitted out and activated the automatic flak cannons on Axalon's sides that began to pour their deadly ammonation at the attacking Decepticons.

The shields will function long enough, in the end... they were meant against other spaceships... not normal Decepticon or Autobot weapons. Cryhavoc thought and readied Axalon's anti-gravity repulsor field ready for activation... Scourge would be the last one to enter the spaceship...

Cryhavoc smiled under his mask as he turned to face Scourge who tried to keep his balance without stumbling to the floor of Axalon's command bridge as the ship began to accelerate to reach escape velocity.

"To attack me was your final mistake!" Cryhavoc roared, transforming into his scorpion mode so he could prevent Scourge hitting the gaping hole in his chest.

"DIE!" Cryhavoc roared and swinged his massive claws towards Scourge, his massive hull preventing the Decepticon to make further damage to the control units of Axalon.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-25, 09:36 PM
Sixshot watched Breakdown diappear and allowed himself a slight chuckle before he turned his attention to Dragstrip who was still charging him. Sixshot ducked and threw his lasers at Dragstrip's feet, knocking the stunticon off-balance Sixshot leapt forwards, feet first, Dragstrip's chest plating dented slightly under the force of the impact.

Dragstrip released what earthlings would know as a gasp before falling offline...

"hmm.....a saddening disappointment those two..."

Sixshot spotted the opening that Squawkbox made in the side of Metrotitan, hearing the explosions coming from the gap, Sixshot transformed to his Winged Wolf mode and made his way towards the opening...

2002-03-25, 09:41 PM
(Scourge is INSIDE the ship)

Skywarp - Sixswitch, could you please use PMs for this kind of thing....

2002-03-26, 02:32 AM
Snake looked into the face of Fakaddi.

"We've got to talk to Astrotrain", he said. "You said that he was the commander here. Maybe he'll be....lienient towards us?"

Quick Switch
2002-03-26, 02:39 AM
Fakkadi nodded emphatically.

"I know it," the dictator replied. "I supplied the Decepticon troops with Super Energon more times than I can count. And of course Astrotrain knows of you. Let's go. Better make our prescence known than skulk around in corridors, if we wish to maintain Decepticon trust."

2002-03-26, 02:45 AM
Snake nodded, then went back out into the corridor...to come fat to foot with Darkwing!

"Hey", he said. "What are you doing here?"

"We're...going to see Astrotrain", Snake said.

"Oh, come with me", he said.

Quick Switch
2002-03-26, 03:20 AM
Fakkadi followed after Snake and Darkwing toward Metrotitan's command center.

2002-03-27, 02:34 AM
Darkwing, Snake and Fakkadi approached Astrotrain's quarters.

Quick Switch
2002-03-27, 03:23 AM
Dirge looked up as Darkwing and the humans arrived.

"Astrotrain," he muttered.

The Decepticon Commander turned as the group came in the door.

"What is it, President Fakkadi? I'm surprised to see you here. This is a war zone..."

Fakkadi shrugged.

"Circumstances that were beyond my control have been to blame. My associate, Snake, will explain our presence here."

2002-03-27, 03:30 AM
"Um, yes, my dear Astrotrain", he said. "We've come here to offer our services to you. Surely that the return of the three seekers and the Insecticons proves that we are able to help out in your war effort."

Quick Switch
2002-03-27, 03:37 AM
Astrotrain steepled his fingers.

"Your offer is of course accepted- let it be said that Astrotrain never turned down help from his meritorious human allies. For far too long the conception has been made that we Decepticons are not trustworthy. The assumption is a lie. There is honor among thieves, after all."

Dirge and Thrust laughed.

Fakkadi nodded.

"Of course. Snake, we should bring the Insecticons in from the hangar bay. They'll be needed for the battle, or at least defensive actions."

The Triple Changer nodded.

"Of course, President Fakkadi and friend Snake, your presence on the front lines is of course prohibited- your value to the Empire is too important to risk your possible deaths. But I'm sure you understand that. For the time being, you will remain in the command center."

2002-03-27, 02:51 PM
"Very well", Snake said. "We will stay here...for the time being, anyway."

He looked up at Darkwing.

"Go get the bugs", he said.

"Right", Darkwing said, going off and returning a minute later with the bugs.

Quick Switch
2002-03-27, 05:48 PM
Astrotrain paused, and got up from his command chair to examine the controlled Insecticons.

"Excellent," he muttered.

He turned to Soundwave.

"What is your appraisal of the Insecticons? Is there mind control sufficient that they will be able to defend Metrotitan from attack?"

2002-03-28, 02:36 AM
Darkwing looked over the Insecticons and shook his head.

"I wouldn't know", he said. "You would have to ask tis robot we found called Lastrites. She was the one who did it."

Just then, Dreadwind entered.

"I miss anything?", he asked.

2002-03-28, 03:15 AM
Soundwave stepped up to the Insecticons, hunching slightly to reach a level even with their faces. He stared into Shrapnel's eyes, strafing his head left and right to test the victim's reactions. The opposite optics did not budge. Soundwave shot a crooked glance at Darkwing as the Powermaster spoke, then returned to his full height and shrugged.

"I must concur. Given this information, I can only tell you that the control is indeed genuine. You'd do best to confront the master him-- pardon me, herself, to find out the details. But first, Commander, I need to speak to you... privately."

Soundwave placed his arm around Astrotrain's shoulder, leading him away from the other Decepticons.

"Commander... I've bad news about Ramjet. In my scan, I managed to discover something - he intends to take control of the Empire. That is why he absconded with our men, practically brainwashed them to do his work. I even managed to make him believe that I am planning to betray you, and that I wanted to enlist his help... He restrained none. I have the conversation recorded, but I'm sure you know what to do just the same."

2002-03-28, 03:25 AM
Ramjet watched as Soundwave walked off.

"Something's up there", he thought. "I'm sure of it.

He turned to Darkwing and Dreadwind.

"I would suggest getting the humans out of here", he wispered. "Things might get a little....messy soon."

2002-03-28, 04:09 AM
Optitron stepped onto the battle field near Sixshot.

Optitron: "This is taking too long...Jhiaxus better hurry"

As he stated that he crushed several metrodrones and scowled looking for a worthy opponent to engage.


Jhiaxus saw a swath of Destruction leading to the outer edges of Metrotitan.

Jhiaxus: "I can only guess who is behind this..."

Jhiaxus landed near the figure: "Its been a long time Bludgeon.

Quick Switch
2002-03-28, 04:20 AM
Astrotrain's shoulders sagged as Soundwave led him away to another conference room.

So...Ramjet's contrition was false. Of course. Why was I not surprised? Soundwave is right...once again. Now: the courses of action.

Astrotrain flicked his head, and Dirge and Thrust entered the room.

"What is it?" Dirge asked, puzzled.

"Soundwave reports Ramjet has gone rogue. He needs to be taken care of."

Thrust was flabbergasted.

"Well...yeah, sure he had that little operation going on, but he's serious. He won't hurt anything. Come on...right Dirge?" the Seeker turned to his comrade.

But Dirge was looking at the unswavering optic band of Soundwave, and the steadfast optics of Astrotrain, and understood.

"No Thrust," he whispered. "They are right."

Astrotrain held up a hand.

"Ramjet will be taken into custody. If he refuses..."

Dirge and Thrust were quivering with tension.

"Shoot him up. Don't kill him. But hand him over to Soundwave."

Dirge nodded.

"The Powermasters?"

"If they resist, terminate them." Astrotrain waved a hand.

Thrust spoke up.

"The Insecticons?"

"Ramjet does not control them personally. Again, if they do become active, terminate them immediately. I accept responsibility."

Astrotrain pointed at Soundwave.

"Assist Dirge and Thrust. Ramjet cannot escape. His mania must be stopped, one way or the other. Do not fail me."

Dirge and Thrust waited for Soundwave's instructions.

"Well? Are we going to capture him or what?" Dirge muttered, as both planes retrieved energy blades from subspace.

2002-03-28, 04:52 AM
ooc--You guys don't seem to be noticing, but Zorba's laying into your ship with his Destroyer, four level four blasts. He also called any Decepticon in the area to attack the Axalon...am I being ignored or have I just missed something?

2002-03-28, 08:00 PM
(OOC: Sixswitch... I have edited my post to have Scourge inside Axalon... Another thing... I doubt that Zorba's weapons brought the shields of Axalon down all alone... no chance... this is a large, powerful spaceship moving several times faster than sound and its shield designed to protect it from the weapons of other spaceships... weapons that are usually much more powerful than those that normal sized Transformers carry... and I also don't believe that every Decepticon can reach speed to escape Earth's velocity so they could follow Axalon that just rocketed through Earth's atmosphere... :/ if I am doing something wrong with Axalon PM me. Lastly I can't let the ship suffer major damages as it should give Jhiaxus a ride away from Earth.)

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-28, 08:56 PM
"This is taking too long...Jhiaxus better hurry"

"You don't say...." Sixshot wasn't too keen on Optitron, but he also knew of his usefulness. Transforming back to robot mode Sixshot totalled a few waves of Metrodrones covering Squawkbox in shards of metal...

Quick Switch
2002-03-28, 09:12 PM
The Alpha Drone in the breeched sector whirred with dismay.

Running to a vidcom station, it punched in the frequency.

"Metrodrones: destroyed; breech: in progress," it wailed.


In Metrotitan's core, the Constructicons watched Sixshot and the others make progress into Metrotitan.

"Slag," Bonecrusher muttered.

Mixmaster had just returned a few cycles earlier.

"The enrgon is installed. We've got a few aux power cycles, cycles, cycles."

Scrapper slammed his fist down on the comm, and got Astrotrain on the vid.

"Did you hear that, Boss? Breech in progress."

Astrotrain, rubbing his face with his hands nodded wearily.

"Yes, I read you Scrapper. If necessary, can the Construticons repel the invaders?"

Hook answered.

"Yes. Thanks to Scavenger, we'll have enough Energon in the converter chamber to power the defensive systems and provide instructions to the Alpha Drones. As we speak, Metrotitan's production core is at work making both types of Drones."

Astrotrain nodded.

"If you are needed, you will be deployed."

2002-03-29, 04:27 AM
Originally posted by Cryhavoc
(OOC: Sixswitch... I have edited my post to have Scourge inside Axalon... Another thing... I doubt that Zorba's weapons brought the shields of Axalon down all alone... no chance... this is a large, powerful spaceship moving several times faster than sound and its shield designed to protect it from the weapons of other spaceships... weapons that are usually much more powerful than those that normal sized Transformers carry...

ooc--Normal sized, maybe, but Zorba is hardly normal...I'm going to copy my reply to Sixswitch's PM question and PM you with it, otherwise this will just go on, it seems...

2002-03-29, 05:16 AM
Soundwave glanced from one Seeker to the other. Each stood grimly, bearing an energy blade in one hand and their standard pair of arm rifles. He'd been right - Ramjet was the cause of the problem. His yellow optics lit up a shade, as if to grin.

"We must try to return Ramjet to our forces, though it may require a great amount of reprogramming. I suspect, however, that his mind is too corrupted for any sort of rehabilitation... We very well may have to resort to killing him. I pray that we won't, but be ready in case. Now then, gentlemen..."

Soundwave threw the conference room door open, revealing Ramjet and the Powermasters on the opposite side. He sidestepped to the left, and pointed into the room with one upturned palm.

"Let's introduce ourselves!"


Squawkbox struggled to free himself from the debris, grumbling something about unappreciation and the like. He scrambled to his feet and brushed himself off before Optitron and Sixshot.

"Yeah, thanks for the assist, guys. Pity I was doing fine on my own..."

The ground erupted. Squawkbox jumped back, instantly turning his eyes (as well as his guns) toward the sky. A turret stared back at him.

"Howdy, boys!" the external loudspeaker rang in Spyglass' voice. "You didn't forget about us, didja?"

The cannon spurted off another blast.

Quick Switch
2002-03-29, 05:37 AM
Dirge and Thrust entered the conference room up, arm rifles poised, and both flicked their energy blades into existence.

Dirge's mouth was set in a line.

Thrust shook his head, pathos evident in the gesture.

"Ramjet...you're coming with us. Don't make this difficult."

Dirge finally spoke, indicating Darkwing and Dreadwind.

"Death comes to those who defy Astrotrain's command. Hand over Ramjet, or face our wrath!"

2002-03-29, 12:54 PM
Scourge leapt back, and smiled. He knew that he would be able to avoid the lumbering giant quite easily - especially in his current injured state, which meant that he'd be destracted from the battle below.

"On the contrary," Scourge told Cryhavoc as he leapt aside.
"I haven't made my last mistake quite yet, you however... Aligning yourself with the traitor Jhiaxus will prove to be your greatest, and your downfall."

He landed on the floor of the bridge, several metres away, and summoned his energo-axe from subspace, and snapped off a shot with Fracas, still in gun mode in his other hand.

2002-03-29, 08:02 PM
The three Decepticons looked at Soundwave, along with two companions taht, up until this point, they considered to be their allies.

Ramjet looked at Darkwing and Dreadwind.

"You two must sacrifice yourselves to save me!", he shouted, shoving Darkwing and Dreadwind towards Soundwave and the others, and making a loud dash for the doo.

"Lastrites", he said into his commlink. "I don't know what the hell you've dome with my ship, but I'd suggest giving it back to me now!"

2002-03-29, 10:24 PM
Axalon sped through Earth's atmosphere... Zorba's weapon alone without additional fire from other Decepticons hadn't been enough to bring down its shields. Now the spacecruiser was set to stay on Earth's orbit, awaiting for Jhiaxus' orders to pull the Cybertronian Commander and his followers back to safety...

But it wasn't as peaceful onboard Axalon as it was planned by Jhiaxus. One Decepticon... a creation of Unicron called Scourge had been able to get in before Jhiaxus' perhaps most loyal and oldest follower Cryhavoc had withdrew the Axalon from the battle back on Earth after Jhiaxus' strike team had gotten inside Metrotitan...

The shot from Fracas bounced harmlessly away from the thick outer plating of Cryhavoc's claws that was designed to reflect beam attacks. The massive Decepticon lowered his claws and watched attentively at Scourge's movements, absorbing his movement and attack patterns to discover when it was most convenient to strike... shooting was out of question... even those weapons of Cryhavoc that still were functional were powerful enough to cause damages to Axalon and he could not afford it.

"You are not worthy to question Jhiaxus Unicron spawn." Cryhavoc snarled and swinged his claws again towards Scourge, testing the reflexes of the Sweep leader.

2002-03-29, 10:34 PM
Scourge laughed a hollow laugh, totally devoid of humour.
"Unicron spawn?" he ducked aside from the swing of the claws.
"Is that supposed to offend me?"
He swung his axe in wide arcs, stopping the bigger bot from using his size to his advantage.

"If you're anything like Jhiaxus, you're obviously too stupid to comprehend that I am now something more than that. Something more than you can ever be."

Scourge pulled his axe in, then jabbed towards Cryhavoc's chestplate.

Quick Switch
2002-03-29, 10:50 PM
As Ramjet fled, the Seeker nearly hurled Darkwing and Dreadwing toward Dirge, Thrust and Soundwave.

Dirge smoothly brought up the energy blade in an arc at the staggering Darkwing, and stabbed the blade at the Powermaster's torso, near his CPU, hoping to short circuit him.

Thrust meanwhile brought up his blade and sliced at Dreadwind's head, attempting to decapitate him.

2002-03-30, 02:25 AM
Dirge and Thrust's blades went through their respective targets, bringing the Powermasters to the ground in a clatter. ((OC: They are now dead).

Ramjet, meanwhile continued to run towards Metrotitain's hangar.

2002-03-30, 03:52 AM
"Well done, boys," Soundwave congratulated the Seekers. "Now, come along. We're not finished yet."

After hopping over the bodies of the fallen Powermasters, Soundwave charged down the halls of the city. Ramjet had only managed a few yards' advantage: Soundwave felt fairly certain that he could land one clear shot in his back and end things early. But something happened... He wasn't sure what. Something felt different, like the day he awoke alone outside the crumbled remains of Mount Saint Hilary. Something animalistic. For once, he didn't want to shoot his quarry from behind and be done with it. It would be too quick. No, he wanted this to be a hunt. Though Ramjet would now certainly have the chance to defend himself, Soundwave cared little.

"Metrotitan!" he cried. "Seal him in! Do not let Ramjet escape!"

The city (semi-concious, due to the intense barrage still taking place outside) grumbled his response and obeyed his command. Soundwave began to fall behind some in his chase, but was relentless just the same.


Quick Switch
2002-03-30, 03:38 PM
Dirge and Thrust didn't give the fallen Powermasters a second glance, and followed after Soundwave.

The two Seekers ran on, energy blades humming.

Soon, the two had caught up with Soundwave.

"Ramjet will not escape us," Thrust bellowed.

"Count on that, Soundwave," Dirge growled.


Astrotrain came out of the central conference room, and peered down at the fallen Powermasters.

A cordon of Metrodrones appeared, and Astrotrain motioned at the bodies.

"Take these away....no, wait." Bending over Darkwing, the Triple Changer ripped off the Powermaster's head with a minimmum of fuss.

He also picked up Dreadwind's fallen head.

"Take the bodies and put them in storage," he turned to the Metrodrones. "I want something special made from that smelt."

The Alpha Drone commanding the group saluted, and the Drones picked up the corpses and carried them away.

Astrotrain placed the two heads on the conferene table, facing him.

"Rather ascetic, eh?" The Commander chuckled.

2002-03-30, 04:55 PM
"Hey! Scourge went inside!" Needlenose exclaimed.
"Yes, so he did. There is no use giving covering fire now," Spinister commented.
"Right you are," Needlenose replied, "So what should we do?"
"Lets get down there," Spinister pointed down at the battlefield.
"Alright, let's go."

The two Targetmasters left the observation post, and flew down towards the battle below, looking around for targets.

2002-03-30, 06:47 PM
Ramjet was nearing the door that would lead to the hangar. Soon he would be off this miserable city and out on his own again, where he belonged.

But suddenly, for reasons he couldn't begin to fathom, the door shut.

Ramjet walked over to the door and pounded on the hatch release.


The door didn't move.

Ramjet looked behind him to see Soundwave, along with his "friends", Dirge and Thrust.

He pointed his lasers at tehm, and began to fire.

Quick Switch
2002-03-30, 07:25 PM
Dirge and Thrust deflected the shots that Ramjet fired at them with their energy blades.

"Stop, Ramjet! Don't make us hurt you!" Thrust cried, anguished.

"We have no choice," Dirge growled, brandishing his blade. "Astrotain has given us a second chance. We must demonstrate our loyalty."

"What are you talking about!" Thrust screamed.

"Ramjet was going to use us all along, weren't you! We are just more pawns. Just like Apeface, the Powermasters, the Insecticons...were you just waiting for a chance to control us too? Is that why you run?" Dirge bellowed.

"Damn it, Ramjet, we were made together! Answer these charges!" Thrust moaned.

2002-03-30, 10:27 PM
He stopped. That voice...

"Its been a long time Bludgeon."

He turned. ".... you....?!"

2002-03-30, 10:30 PM
Cryhavoc answered Scourge's attack by clashing his claw against the axe with enough force to send the Sweep leader flying several hundred meters backwards if there had been enough space for that inside Axalon.

"You don't know who you are against Scourge." Cryhavoc snarled and moved little closer to Scourge.

"Those who betray the master won't live to see the coming era. And you betrayed the master... by staying alongside Galvatron." Cryhavoc added swinged at Scourge with his claws again.

2002-03-30, 10:39 PM
Jhiaxus smiled at Bludgeon.

Jhiaxus: "Yes it is I...he calls us both. We haven't much time..."

2002-03-30, 10:48 PM
He stopped. Analysing the situation. This is all wrong. I don't even belong in this time... he can't possibly know me in this body... he's been away so long... unless.... of course - unless something has happened in the interim... in which case, whatever it is I am being asked to do, I have already done it...

"He? Who is he?"

2002-03-30, 10:50 PM
"The Master?" Scourge crashed against the wall, but his large 'wings' dispersed the force of the impact, and he managed to land gracefully.

"Now you seem to be spouting religious claptrap. You know as well as I that Galvatron is the one true Decepticon leader."

Scourge glanced past Cryhavoc and saw the blackness of space. The ship had left orbit, and was no longer a threat in the battle raging below. But he had to keep this giant destracted. Now several metres away from his foe, he had time to act.

"I wonder which of those consoles controls the weapons?" he asked inoculously, knowing full well the answer.

"I choose... That one!" he fired a blast from Fracas at the weapons console, causing it to explode quite spectacularly.

"So, Cryhavoc, would you prefer to die in robot mode, or in insect mode?"

He aimed another blast at the giant scorpion.

2002-03-31, 12:05 AM
Ramjet looked at Dirge and Thrust. They were right, and he knew it. He had used Doubledealer, Apeface and the Insecticons to help him, but he had planned all along to share his leadership with his fellow seekers, since they were among the only one's that he really trusted.

"All right!", he shouted. "I admit it! But I had always planned on letting the two of you be at my side. With Galvatron gone, we could have made history! But now, you go crawl to Astrotrain, who only has a half-damaged citycon and a bunch of wayward troops. I could have given you everything you could ever want!"

Ramjet fired two missles at his now former friends.

"But I'll give you death instead".

2002-03-31, 12:58 AM
Jhiaxus again grinned at his long lost "brother."

Jhiaxus: "Why, the one who created us...the one who gave life to the greatest of Decepticons. He who made me...and in turn...also made you. The first of our kind...the Liege Maximo. He has called you to complete the circle...to help lead the greatest attack ever on our bretheren and our homeworld...to conquer Cybertron!"

Quick Switch
2002-03-31, 02:03 AM
Dirge dove out of the way of the missle aimed at him as it streaked down the corridor, cursing.

"So! you repay us with death, is that it?"

Thrust gasped, and hurled himself on Soundwave, pulling the both of them down out of the path of the missle.

"Ramjet! No..." he cried.

Dirge withdrew his missle launcher, pocketing his rifle and energy blade.

"Can the sentiment Thrust! Ramjet ceased being our comrade as soon as he fired at us," the blue Seeker rose, snarling.

Thrust sat up, leaning on his haunches. He too pocketed his weapons, though now withdrawing his missle systems. He'd gotten off Soundwave at this point.

"You would have shared power?"

"Shut up, Thrust! See how he sacraficed those two Powermasters to save his sheet metal hide? What could we have accomplished against Galvatron's legions? All the other rogue warriors- and now Unicron and the Liege Maximo? No...you've gone power mad, Ramjet."

Dirge cocked his missle launchers.

"We have a higher responsibility, to save our race. Maybe I sound like an Autobot...and if so I don't care. The universe doesn't have a place for robots like yourself, Ramjet. I will take it upon myself to rid it of your life. Goodbye."

Dirge aimed, and fired two missles at Ramjet over Thrust's anguished cry of denial.

2002-03-31, 02:37 AM
As the missles closed in on him, Ramjet gave on elast look at Thrust, then turned to Dirge.

"If that is the way it must be", he said.

The missles came at his face...

2002-03-31, 06:26 AM
Zorba furrowed his brow. Galvatron would not like this...

When the Axalon had broken off and headed for space again, he had returned to Metrotitan in search of support forces. And now he found this...the seekers were destroying themselves in this locked corridor. Thrust was wimping out, and Dirge had just fired on Ramjet. Though Zorba could care less if they did kill each other, he wondered of the ramifications of one of the brothers being terminated by another. Galvatron should be the one to deal with this, he considers.

He stepped up behind the others as Dirge launched his missiles. He looks at Soundwave, then Thrust, then Dirge before firing and destroying the missiles before they impacted Ramjet. He then turned to Dirge and snarled; "You are not the one to pass judgment, that role is Galvatron's alone! Besides, we have more important things to worry about." He blasts at Ramjet with a level one(stun) setting, then helps Thrust and Soundwave to their feet. "Do as you will with him," he tells Dirge, "but do not destroy him unless Galvatron says to...by killing him now you would only lose that precious second chance of yours."

2002-03-31, 05:49 PM
Soundwave, after batting Zorba's hand away, glared at the intruder.

"How insolent, newcomer!" he growled. "You may not have picked up on it yet, but Galvatron is not here! He's fighting the war on Cybertron, too busy to be bothered with judging the fates of rebels and traitors! Our Commander - and yours, if you intend to dwell in this city - Astrotrain ordered that Ramjet be taken down for treason. If the quarry tried to escape, and he did, we were licensed to destroy him. Perhaps you, newcomer, are one of Ramjet's lackies as well..."

Soundwave turned his eyes to the ground, and the fallen Ramjet.

"Still, no point in wasting further energy on that malcontent. Get him out of here, both of you. Take him to the prison quadrant, solitary confinement chamber. Guard his cell until the battle has ended; we will then attempt to reprogram him. In the meantime, I will remain here. I think our friend and I have some things to discuss..."

2002-03-31, 06:38 PM
Needlenose and Spinister landed a short distance away from where Scorponok was facing off against Motormaster, and immediately began opening fire at the big robot.

"Hey, insect, over here!" Needlenose yelled, Sunbeam in his hand, firing all the time.

2002-03-31, 06:48 PM
Originally posted by Reflector
Soundwave, after batting Zorba's hand away, glared at the intruder.

"How insolent, newcomer!" he growled. "You may not have picked up on it yet, but Galvatron is not here! He's fighting the war on Cybertron, too busy to be bothered with judging the fates of rebels and traitors! Our Commander - and yours, if you intend to dwell in this city - Astrotrain ordered that Ramjet be taken down for treason. If the quarry tried to escape, and he did, we were licensed to destroy him. Perhaps you, newcomer, are one of Ramjet's lackies as well..."

Zorba laughs. "Only Galvatron commands me. Astrotrain may be more intelligent than before, and maybe more suited to a command post, but he is not leader of the Decepticons. Galvatron sent Lastrites and I here to root out these fools, but made no indication to destroy them. He said he would deal with them himself after our report." He glares at Soundwave, not backing down. "You have no idea what you're dealing with..."

2002-03-31, 07:51 PM
Ramjet tried to dodge the stun blast fired by Zorba , but in such close quarters, there wasn't any real way he could avoid it.

It hit smack in the middle of his circut board, and he collapsed to the ground.

His final thought before slipping into stasis lock was that maybe this entire endeavour wasn't such a good idea after all...
"Hey, did you hear that?", Snake asked Abdul Fakkadi. "Sounds like laser fire."

Snake exited the room and looked out to see a bunch of Decepticons and Ramjet arrayed near the point where he and Fakkadi came in. He also saw Ramjet collapse.

"I do think we're in trouble", he said.

Quick Switch
2002-03-31, 09:04 PM
Thrust picks up Ramjet's prone body, and walks out of the corridor.

Dirge nods to Soundwave, and shoots Zorba a glance, but walks out, saying nothing.


The two Seekers clank along toward the solitary confinement wing of the prison sector.

Pressing a pad, Dirge opens a cell. Thrust deposits Ramjet's body on a bench and leaves the small cell (no window, only a bench).

Dirge reactivates the lock.

"Now we wait," Thrust muttered.

"Yes. Zorba's stun should last awhile."


Fakkadi followed Snake out of the corridor.

"How so? Astrotrain's still in command. He is obviously willing to protect us. Our usefulness has not been expended. Let's head back to the command center."

2002-03-31, 09:07 PM
"I guess you're right", Snake said, following Fakkadi back to the command center.

2002-03-31, 09:44 PM
This time Cryhavoc didn't even try to dodge the blast from Scourge's Targetmaster gun, instead he let the blast hit his hull.

However when the blast hit the massive Decepticon, he continued to move towards Scourge like nothing had happened.

"You overestimate yourself Scourge." Cryhavoc's voice echoed inside Axalon with an insulting tone in it.

"Do you really think that I was speaking of some petty warlord like Galvatron?! Religious babble?! Hah!" Cryhavoc roared and swinged his claw towards Scourge again, forcing the Targetmaster to fall deeper into the narrowing area that led towards one of the access hatches of Axalon.

"I do not believe in tenets of Bearers of the Void or Evolutionaries, nor the Sons of Cybertron! The whole idea of universe being meant to be consumed by the Chaos Bringer is a blasthemy! Unicron is only a mere tool to be used by our master!" Cryhavoc snarled and swinged his claw towards Scourge with enough power to kill the targetmaster by single hit...

2002-03-31, 10:14 PM
Scourge growled as his shot struck a non-vital part of Cryhavoc's anatomy. He was sick of this big oaf's blathering on, and he had accomplished what he had set out to do anyway.

He threw his gun behind him, to where the access hatch was.

"Blow it."

Fracas transformed back into robot mode, and drew a pistol, shooting out the access hatch, revealing the openness of space beyond.

Meanwhile, Scourge raised the axe, and parried the swinging claw aside.

"It's been a sincere pleasure, but now, I have to depart. Give my regards to Jhiaxus will you?"

With that, Fracas leapt through the open hatch, swiftly followed and grabbed by Scourge, who transformed into ship mode and jetted away from the Axalon, it's crippled weapon systems unable to fire back at him as he streaked down towards the surface of the Earth below.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-31, 11:57 PM
"Howdy, boys!" the external loudspeaker rang in Spyglass' voice. "You didn't forget about us, didja?"

Sixshot was thrown backwards by the blast....

"How could we forget about him.....them.....Optitron wanna show the pathetic excuse for a "gestalt" what a true Decepticon warrior is made of...."

2002-04-01, 12:43 AM
Optitron scowled.

Optitron: "Do not presume too much Sixshot, just because the Liege Maximo considers us now to be equals does not mean i am so inclined to agree..."

Transforming into tank mode, Optitron rolled towards Reflector and began to fire down on the mini gestalt.

Optitron: "Prepare to die Galvatronian scum!"

Quick Switch
2002-04-01, 01:46 AM
Fakkadi and Snake walked back to the command center.

2002-04-01, 02:52 AM
O.O.C. guys, had a virus and had to reformat.

I'm back for now, but who knows how long.

Lastrites eyes' stared at the large machine her full mind with one single goal.

To save 'the one'.

As she stared at the machine while human and decepticon alike bailed out of the somewhat smucked bane.

She then broke out of her trance as if awakening from a long slumber.

She was immediately shocked to discover herself in the middle of a battle situation.

She immediately took evasive action and began to return communication, using one of the insecticons as a relay.

"This is Lastrites of the Bane, Could somebody tell me how the @#$#@$ did I end out here?"

"I am attempting to return to the docking port."

2002-04-01, 05:44 PM
Snake and Abdul Fakkadi returned to the command center, and the helmeted figure looked up into the face of Astrotrain.

"Forgive me, Astrotrain", he said. "But is it common among Decepticons to shoot their own?"

2002-04-01, 07:02 PM
Cryhavoc transformed into robot mode after Scourge jumped out from Axalon's access hatch and walked up to the open hole in the structure of the spaceship.

Next time we meet you are not so lucky... Cryhavoc thought and fired several blast from his claw-held plasmacannon after Scourge.

Soon Cryhavoc gave up trying to hit the Sweep and pulled himself back into Axalon. The damages Scourge had caused to Axalon's internal systems weren't as severe they could have been. However Scourge had indeed managed to bring down the weapon controllers of the ship.

"Damned fragheap!" Cryhavoc cursed and began to extinguish the flames that had spread already to the computers that controlled Axalon's artificial gravity...

Quick Switch
2002-04-01, 10:07 PM
Astrotrain looked down at Snake.

"Only in extreme cases, I assure you. Think nothing of that little display."

2002-04-02, 03:28 AM
"Very well", Snake said. "Just don't let it happen again."

God Jinrai
2002-04-02, 04:19 AM
just outside the sol system's oort cloud, four sillouetes could be made out... a dragon...and three jets...


Deszaras lurched forward, his engines putting out massive amounts of thrust... leozak, hellbat and gaihawk not far behind....

Quick Switch
2002-04-02, 04:33 AM
Astrotrain snorted, slightly.

Working with the humans these past few Earth-months had been an interesting experience, but even then some of them still had a propensity for brashness.

What did Snake's comment prove? Not to let another rebellion rip apart the Decepticons? He would do his best.

The Triple Changer sat, fiddling with the heads of the Powermasters. He flicked on his comm unit.

"Dirge, Thrust, report. Is the situation resolved?"

Dirge's rasp broke in.

"Yeah, 'Train. Ramjet's been stunned by that Zorba bot. Soundwave's talking to him now...Thrust and I are supervising him, as Soundwave instructed. We can't let him escape again."

Astrotrain nodded slightly. Again, Soundwave's logic did not surprise him.

"Very good. Keep me posted. Alert me when Soundwave begins his reprogramming of Ramjet."

Flicking off the comm unit, Astrotrain leaned back in his chair.


In Earth's atmosphere, Blast Off circled lazily on standby.

"A battle rages below, sir," he commented.

"I am aware of what you speak," Onslaught commented, cuing up the skirmish on Metrotitan below.

He could see the Decepticon Targetmasters battling Jhiaxus' minions on another space shuttle...and on Metrotitan proper, the Stunticons were engaging the enemy, along with sporadic Metrodrones assisting the defenders.

Brawl swiveled from his station.

"Yeah, but when are we gonna do somethin!"

Onslaught steepled his fingers.

"We shall wait. Let Dezsauras pave the way. Galvatron instructed we simply be in Earth's proximity...not participating until he ordered it. I am taking his orders...liberally."

That quieted the Combaticons, and Blast Off's slow revolution continued around Earth.

2002-04-02, 04:53 PM
OCC I gooded so I will have Skystalker and company behind Deathzuarus.

"Bout time we entered this solar system." Scrapheap grumbled.

"Hey, my ship can only go so fast and with all of you guys and the Predacons (OOC I think they are with us lol :) ) and supplies for battle and possible repairs, we have quite a massive load on board even for this ship ." The micromaster pilot yelled back.

"Enough all of you." Skyblade got on his comlink and talked to Deathzuarus and The Combaticons.

"Deathzuarus when we reach Metrotitan do we commence attack?" He asked.

2002-04-02, 04:58 PM
Lastrites scratches her head as she lands the ship inside the decepticon after getting permission to land.

Checking the damage reports, she had noticed that the ship appeared to have taken scratching damage along its wings.

"This is most...unexpected," Lastrites says to herself.

She tries to remember what happened in the last bit.

The last thing she remembers was her vision.

but what did it mean?

As she docks, she opens the door and is surrounded by decepticon troops.

Knowing her fate, she smiles to the troops and says the following.

"I won't resist, unless you want me to."

Quick Switch
2002-04-02, 06:12 PM
Metrodrones hastily surrounded Lastrites. The squad turned to the Alpha Drone.

It considered.

"Report: needed," it whirred. Clanking to a comm unit, the Alpha contacted Astrotrain.


Astrotrain sat up, and activated his comm. The nondescript face of the Alpha peered back at him.


"Bane: landed."

"Very good. And?"

"Pilot: in custody."

"Who is it?"

"Designtation: Lastrites."

"Fair enough. Keep her under guard there at the hangar until Soundwave finishes with Zorba. He shall interrogate her at her leisure. Do not harm her unless she resists."

"Instructions: understood."

Astrotrain terminated the feed, then went back to sifting through his reports.


The Alpha Drone approached Lastrites and pointed.

"Remain. Resistance: prohibited."

2002-04-02, 07:21 PM
Jhiaxus knew time was quite short.

Jhaixus: "Bludgeon, I trust that you remember me...as well as the one who made us both. I need you to trust me...we haven't time to discuss this now."

Jhiaxus took his commlink: "Cryhavoc I have located Bludgeon, pick us up immediately and get the others out of here!"

2002-04-02, 07:25 PM
Bludgeon went to speak, but decided against it. He had long been of the opinion that asking questions eary has no bearing on the answer.

He nodded at his long-lost comrade, signifying his agreement.

2002-04-02, 07:45 PM
After receiving Jhiaxus' orders Cryhavoc piloted the Axalon through Earth's atmosphere, letting the large spaceship approach Metrotitan from safe distance.

Then tractorbeams from Axalon began to pull Jhiaxus and his warriors into the Axalon. The operations didn't last for long and soon Axalon was already speeding through the space with its passengers onboard...

2002-04-02, 07:56 PM
Skystalker picked up an incoming ship on radar.

"Deathzuarus we have a starship coming your way from Earth my guess is it's the Axalon."

he then armed his star ships weapons to firing on the speeding craft.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-04-02, 08:45 PM
Sixshot sat aboard the shuttle........

"You just HAD to spoil the fun didn't you......."

2002-04-02, 10:35 PM
Scourge swerved aside as the Axalon shot out of the atmosphere, and immediately he was worried. Cryhavoc was in and out in a second, which meant that it was very likely that the rebels' mission had succeeded, whatever it was.

Arriving within site of Metrotitan, Scourge and Fracaas transformed, and landed next to Needlenose and Spinister.

"What happened here?"
"Well, that big shuttle flew in, and scooped them all up with tractor beams," Needlenose said.
"There was one other with them though. He looked almost organic."
"Organic?" Scourge frowned.
"I will have to consult Astrotrain. See if you can help fix the breaches in the hull, while I go and find the Commander."

Without another word, Scourge and Fracas flew into the city, heading for Astrotrain's office. Arriving shortly after, they alighted in front of it, and Scourge knocked.

Quick Switch
2002-04-03, 12:18 AM
Astrotrain continued gleaming his reports, but heard the knock.

"Enter," he called out.

2002-04-03, 03:04 AM
Ramjet awoke to find himself in a cell. He didn't know what ahd happened. All he knew was that Dirge and Thrust were gonna pay dearly for this.

2002-04-03, 04:38 AM
Optitron sneered at Bludgeon: "This is what all that trouble was about? You must be more insane that Galvatron is, Jhiaxus!"

Jhiaxus: "Silence or you will be silenced Optitron...he can replace you just as easlily as he chose to select you. And Sixshot, while I realize you wanted to finish the job you started, more pressing matters...aw..a..i..t..e..d...WHERE IS SCORPNOK?!?"

2002-04-03, 04:42 AM
Scorponok revealed himself only as the Axalon pulled out of range to draw him in with its tractor beam. He looked around at several of his damaged Decepticon bretheren and of course to Sixshot, his only true friend. But the time had come to make a decision, and the decision was to rejoin Galvatron. If he truly lived, he was the only one who could stop Jhiaxus and his insane plan. He turned to face the battered structure of Metrotitan.

Scorponok: "Soundwave...I know you are here and that you hear me, I need to speak with Galvatron...immediately"

2002-04-03, 04:44 AM
Zorba stared down Soundwave. He had a lot of respect for this bot and all he had meant to the cause, but this was a tense situation. He was sure that his actions would not be received well, but he also knew if he and Soundwave had a chance to discuss things they would get on the same page...but this long silence was helping nothing.

2002-04-03, 05:19 AM
Originally posted by Bombshell
Ramjet awoke to find himself in a cell. He didn't know what ahd happened. All he knew was that Dirge and Thrust were gonna pay dearly for this.

From accross the brig, he heard a familiar evil laugh.

"So the sleeping beauty awakes."

2002-04-03, 10:31 AM
Scourge entered Astrotrain's office.
"Astrotrain. They are gone, as I'm sure you're aware."
He paused.
"But I have a couple of questions. Namely, what were they after in the first place, and secondly... Where were you and Soundwave during the fighting? I know you not to be a coward, so something even more important must have come up inside the city. What was it, is it contained, and if not, can I do anything to rectify the situation?"

Quick Switch
2002-04-03, 11:05 AM
Dirge shook his head as Lastrites approached.

"No talking," he whispered. "Ramjet's in solitary for now."

Thrust nodded, but said nothing.


Astrotrain leaned forward on his desk as Scourge entered. He frowned as the Tracker fired off his questions.

"I haven't the faintest idea what they wanted, Scourge. The only thing that matters now is the renegades are gone, and we have no casualties. Besides one hull breach, Metrotitan will be fully operational soon."

The Triple Changer rose from his chair, and returned Scourge's gaze.

"I appreciate that," he muttered. "Ramjet attempted a coup in the command center. Darkwing and Dreadwind were killed. Or did you not notice my new desk ornaments?" Astrotrain indicated the Powermaster heads resting on opposite ends of his desk.

"I'm going to have Scrapper fashion me something out of the bodies once a lull in the fighting occurs...In any event, Ramjet was detained by the mystery robot Zorba, who according to Dirge (who along with Thrust is guarding Ramjet) is conversing with Soundwave. The other mystery robot, Lastrites, has arrived. If all battle sectors are devoid of activity, I'd like you and the Targetmasters to watch Zorba and Lastrites; the Metrodrones won't be enough. Is that all?"

2002-04-03, 01:05 PM
"What do we know about those two?" Scourge asked.
"They were at the prison, in Canada according to Spinister's report, and Soundwave seems to think that they were in Carbombya, possibly with Ramjet's group before then."

He paced back and fore.

"One thing is certain, they both can not be trusted."

2002-04-03, 02:51 PM
Ramjet recognized that voice.

"Lastrites?!", he shouted. He jumped up and ran towards her.

"This is all your fault!!!"

2002-04-03, 04:03 PM
Adeara suddenly found herself aboard the Axalon, on their way from Earth. A blink, then the shapeshifter sheathed her sword, and headed for where she hear Jhiaxus' voice. Once there, Adeara leaned against a wall, watching and waiting for any orders, or for Optitron, or anyone, to attack Jhiaxus.

Quick Switch
2002-04-03, 05:01 PM
Astrotrain nodded.

"Agreed...but what's one to do? Zorba, at least, must have some importance if Galvatron designated him a spy whose task it is to root out traitors. Lastrites, I am not so sure."

He rose, and flicked on a vidmonitor. It revelead two images: the conference room where Soundwave and Zorba conversed, and the brig, where Dirge, Thrust and now Lastrites were standing around Ramjet's locked cell.

"Indeed, Scourge. Be watchful of them...but on to other affairs. I assume you gave those renegades a beating in combat? Anything less from you would be uncharacteristic."


Dirge scowled and rapped on Ramjet's cell.

"Sorry. No visitors," he growled.

Thrust shook his head, and saw as Ramjet had his face plastered to the portal as Lastrites approached.

He turned to her and smiled weakly, but said nothing.

2002-04-03, 07:24 PM
Scourge smiled coldly.
"That's why the shuttle headed into orbit halfway through the battle. The Decepticon traitor Cryhavoc was onboard, pilotting the ship. He was damaged though, but I'm not sure why. Anyway, I shot up their weapons systems pretty badly. They're fixable, but it'll take a while I should think."

He glanced up at the conference room monitor.

"I hope Soundwave is trustworthy. That bot clearly thinks he's something special... From his posture I can tell that. I hope for his sake that he doesn't have aspirations toward leading the Earth based Decepticons."

Quick Switch
2002-04-03, 09:04 PM
Astrotrain returned Scourge's smile with a grin of his own.

"I understand...Cryhavoc. Can't say I remember the name, but that's the norm these days..."

He returned his gaze to the vid.

"I concur, Scourge. Of course, with you at my side, I doubt he'll get far if he tries anything, eh?"

2002-04-03, 09:51 PM
Lastrites is followed by a series of Alpha drones as she attempts to leave the hanger, but fails miserably as they block her exit.

Looking at Thrust and Dirge, she speaks softly.

"Now what got into him?"

"Come to think about it, what's wrong with you guys.

"You seem a tad distressed?"

"Is everything alright?"

2002-04-03, 09:56 PM
Soundwave glared coldly at Zorba. Arrogance was no stranger to him (heck, he claimed a bit himself!), but this newcomer's tone irked him. Yet, he felt some sort of connection: something between senses, not quite defined on any level. He shrugged off the feeling, deeming it unimportant for the moment.

"Talk big, friend. I've seen you do little so far. As far as we at Metrotitan know, you aren't even a Decepticon! Forgive my manner, but I've learned from years of combat experience - not to mention a few stints in the leadership of our glorious Empire - that skepticism is al--"

Soundwave stopped himself, as his radio (OOC: I assume?) buzzed to life with Scorponok's voice.

"Soundwave...I know you are here and that you hear me, I need to speak with Galvatron...immediately"

As Soundwave considered his response, his eyes wandered back up to Zorba's. He rectified himself before speaking again.

"We'll talk later. Meet me outside my office in a little while. I have some important things to do."

Without waiting for Zorba's reply, Soundwave headed down the hall and into an empty room. He (quite unnecessarily) looked around a few times, being sure of the room's clarity. Having done that, he activated his radio transmitter, and replied to the message.

"Galvatron is not here, Scorponok. I'll meet you outside momentarily; we'll discuss things then."

Quick Switch
2002-04-03, 10:19 PM
Dirge crossed his arms.

"You could say that," he said. Dirge nodded at the Alpha Drone. "Good work."

the Alpha nodded, and signaled for the cordon of Metrodrones to step back a bit.

Thrust shrugged.

"Well...Ramjet tried to escape after Astrotrain found out his true motives. Soundwave has placed us in charge of watching him, for now. He's a bit upset."

Dirge snorted.

"That won't be an issue soon enough, once Soundwave's finished with him. Yes, it's been a rough last few cycles. A piece of advice: when Astrotrain summons you- and you can bet Scourge'll be with him- you'd best not lie. Darkwing and Dreadwind are dead because of their foolishness."

2002-04-03, 10:42 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Quick Switch

"I take it they didn't answer the questions...honestly."

"Very well, I will answer their questions to the best of my ability."

In a wierd way, Lastrites was glad that they were gone.

After her vision she was unsure of what to do with those who had witnessed it and this eliminated.

As for the humans, she could probably "convince them" that it was nothing more some sort of synthetic disease or minor malfunction.

Scourge was one of the "Liberator's men" so it must be a chance to prove her loyalty. She thought to herself with a bit of a smile.

She had heard of Soundwave. He had heard much about the logical and ruthless communications officer and his tapes, and knew that he, more then the others, would be her biggest...impedement.

Of all that she heard, it was Astrotrain that surprised her. He hardly expected the triple changer to be in charge.

Things really had changed since she had gotten her information from "him".

She then turns to the two seekers.

"I am so sorry for your loss."

Quick Switch
2002-04-03, 11:38 PM
Dirge shrugged.

"Thanks, but I didn't really know them all that well."

Thrust smiled slightly.

"The same goes for me. They kept to themselves...easily led. It's too bad they weren't given a second chance like we were..."

Dirge sat on an adjacent chair outside the cell.

"I'd recommend heading back to the command center. That way, you can respond if Soundwave or Scourge want to question you before you're handed over to Astrotrain for an appraisal. That is, unless you just want to talk for the slag of it."

Thrust laughed slightly.

"You know, I think Dirge's grown a bit more fond of you, Lastrites..."

Dirge snorted again, and muttered under his breath.

2002-04-04, 01:37 AM
"Why Dirge, I didn't know you cared," Lastrites said with a smirk, obviously trying to push a few buttons.

"The command room seems like the perfect place to spot the progress of what's occured so far."

"We need to setup a plan to foil Jhiaxus before its...too late."

This last sentence seems to definately have a touch of fear and horror in it.

More then they've seen since Dirge and Thrust have known her.

Quick Switch
2002-04-04, 01:51 AM
Dirge grimaced at the femme's comment, but said nothing.

Thrust laughed.

"Hey, I wouldn't worry about it right now- Scourge sent those renegades packing. And we didn't do to badly ourselves, eh?"

Dirge nodded.

"I suppose not. Well, we can't leave our posts- Soundwave would have us on any chance he gets to bust us from the ranks. If you want to discuss strategy, I'd head over and see Astrotrain and Scourge."

2002-04-04, 02:03 AM
Originally posted by Quick Switch

"That would be a good idea, except for one little thing."

"Aren't I supposed to be confined to the docking bay?"

"Oh well, its not like I ever let that stop me before."

"Ta ta boys, its been fun."

Lastrites immediately heads off towards the command room, definately emphasizing her female contors as she walks off.

Quick Switch
2002-04-04, 02:10 AM
Dirge and Thrust exchange glances as Lastrites strolls off.

The Alpha Drone points, and the cordon of Metrodrones soon surrounds the fembot as she walks along.

"Fembots," Dirge muttered glowering.

"Yeah," Thrust sighed, looking off in the distance.

"Oh shut up!" Dirge raps his comrade on the head.


The Alpha Drone contacted Astrotrain.

"Commander, Lastrites: aproaching. Security cordon: present."

The Commander flicked on his comm unit which patched into the Alpha Drone's comm unit.

"Very good. If she attempts anything, detain with extreme prejudice."

2002-04-04, 02:35 AM
Ramjet rattle the bars of his cage.

"Come on, guys!", he shouted. "Let me out of here! Come on!"

2002-04-04, 03:10 AM
Lastrites enters the command center with an alpha drone on each arm (definately looking confused by their situation), and a smile that is very similar to a cat who just ate at a buffet o goldfish.

"I believe you wanted to speak to me." Lastrites said sweetly.

2002-04-04, 04:40 AM
Zorba walked out of the conference room.

Not even a Decepticon...apparently Soundwave's optics malfunction, the symbol is quite visible. Apparently this will require more tact than I had thought originally. Hard to believe I have to prove after what I've done...all those I've killed...but if that's the way it must be, so be it.

He finds himself near the command center. "Someone's gotta be in there, or at least I'll be able to find out what I need about the current situation..." he mutters. Finding out what was happening and as such discovering how he might assist was his top priority.

Quick Switch
2002-04-04, 04:52 AM
Dirge and Thrust turned back to Ramjet.

"Don't talk to me, worm!" Dirge snarled. "You dared fire on your own fellow units! You sacraficed Darkwing and Dreadwind like Insecticon clones! Or Sweeps! Bah!" Dirge stormed off a ways.

Thrust looked at Ramjet and shook his head wistfully.

"Why didn't you just come quietly, 'Jet? Astrotrain would have detained you, and then would have let you go...Soundwave must have found something really horrible in your braincase. I'm sorry, Ramjet. But don't worry...you won't remember any of this soon. Then you'll be back to normal. Everything will be as it was..."


Astrotrain turned from his vidmonitor, watching with Scourge as the Constructicons finished sealing up the breech caused by Squalkbox and Jhiaxus' other troops just a short while ago.

He smirked, watching the fembot with an Alpha Drone draped over each arm.

"As a matter of fact I do. I am Astrotrain, Decepticon City Commander, servant of Lord Galvatron, Ruler of the Decepticon Empire. Scourge, my lieutanant." Astrotrain indicated the Tracker with a gesture.

Seating himself, he steepled his fingers.

"I have a variety of questions for you, but these will be the first: are you a Decepticon? And, if so, whom do you serve?"

2002-04-04, 05:34 AM
"Let me start by saying what an honour it is to finally meet you both. Especially you Scourge. "

Her tone involving Scourge seems almost messianic, without any of her usual sarcasm.

"Now as your question, yes, I am a Decepticon and am presently under the Liber---Lord Gavatron's orders to seek out the traitors on this planet and...take care of them."

"Which would, in part, explain my behavior...involving the Bane."

2002-04-04, 09:13 AM
Cryhavoc turned towards Jhiaxus from the pilot's seat. "Scorponok was inside Metrotitan when the other came out for the tractor beam lift. I'd assume he has been either seized or he has betrayed you my lord."

Alarms connected to Axalon's radar systems began to alert suddenly.

"Hostile spacecrafts approaching Earth sir." Cryhavoc said calmly and began to prepare Axalon for reaching hyperjump parameters. "Scourge managed to disable our weapon systems before I threw him off the ship. We cannot engage sir. Scorponok is on his own now."

The massive Decepticon turned towards his leader and his friend. "The jump coordinates?"

2002-04-04, 09:43 AM
Scourge inclined his head ever so slightly.
"Likewise I'm sure," he said uncommitedly, but Fracas in gun mode was held loosely in his hand. As he had said before, he wasn't quite ready to trust the new arrivals yet. He pointedly ignored the display of femminity, as a warrior, he was above that sort of thing. He silently thanked Primus that Needlenose wasn't here, however.

He then turned to Astrotrain, to listen to what the Commander had to say.


Needlenose and Spinister lounged in their quarters, their Targetmaster partners sitting on the table between them.
"So what did you make of Canada?" Needlenose asked Spinister.
"Too quiet," the other said thoughtfully. He had been going over the events up there ever since his return.
"Where were the prison guards? The prisoners even? You said yourself, when you flew over the installation when you first arrived, there were no signs of life."
"So I did. So what do you make of it?"
Spinister shrugged.
"Your guess is as good as mine."
"But you'll tell me yours anyway?" Needlenose asked hopefully.
"The rebels were expected somehow. The prison was evacuated."
"But, how?"
"No idea, but that's the only explanation."
"Right, so what do we do about it?"
"Nothing. Our mission was to observe, that's all."
"Oh OK then," Needlenose said, secretly relieved that he wouldn't have to go on another long trek.

2002-04-04, 03:18 PM
Ramjet sat down on the metal plate in his cell.

"Come on, Thrust", he said. "We've known each other for a long time. We go way back. You won't let AStrotrain do this to me, would you?"

2002-04-04, 04:33 PM
Skyblade saw the Axalon approaching as they sped towards Earth.

"Blast it!" Skyblade punched a wall just from the excape viliosity alone he could tell they were reading for a Hyperjump.

"Skystalker fire at will!" He yelled as the micromaster turned his ship's weapons online and unleashed a massive veil of firepower at the Axalon.

"We may not take it out but we will give them one rather large fix up bill." He smiled then got onto his com-link to Deathzuarus and Blast-Off.

"The Axalon is prolly going to get away even with our combined firepower we would need at least a few minutes to bring the Axalon down, and they are running and we have no way of keeping up, but we can damage the slag out of it for now a few moments. I am going to allow Skystalker to do a strafing run then we are going to Metrotitan anyone care to join us?" Skyblade asked.

Quick Switch
2002-04-04, 04:41 PM
Astrotrain nodded.

"I see. Yet another spy dispatched by Galvatron."

He turned to Scourge.

"Don't you find this troubling, Scourge? Two spies dispatched to help root out traitors, and Lord Galvatron said no inkling of it to troops on the front line?"


Thrust shook his head.

"There's nothing I can do," he muttered sadly. "Like I said, when Soundwave's done with you, this'll just be like a bad dream..."


Onslaught acknowledged Skyblade.

"Affirmative. We shall be en ruote shortly."

Blast Off began a steady descent to Earth...

2002-04-04, 07:58 PM
Skyblade radioed Deathzaurus.

"Well we are going to Metrotitan we can't even try to stop the Axalon now so we may as well join with our allies." With that Skystalker began to enter Earth's atmosphere and head to Metrotitan.

Skystalker hailed Metrotitan.
"This is Decepticon Starship Skystalker, I am en route with Decepticon reinforcements asking for clearance to land, I should arrive within a few hours."

2002-04-04, 09:33 PM
Originally posted by Quick Switch
Astrotrain nodded.

"I see. Yet another spy dispatched by Galvatron."

He turned to Scourge.

"Don't you find this troubling, Scourge? Two spies dispatched to help root out traitors, and Lord Galvatron said no inkling of it to troops on the front line?"

"Well we had to find out who was the traitors were before we revealed ourselves, otherwise we wouldn't have been as effective."

Quick Switch
2002-04-04, 11:11 PM
Astrotrain leaned back in his chair.

"Point taken. My thought merely reflected why Lord Galvatron did not take the time to alert Scourge and myself- the command element- of this shift in procedure. Surely he is aware our loyalty is beyond question. You could have been used more effectively if you had made your presence known to us, so we could have directed you to potential problem troops."

He made a dismissive hand gesture.

"But that is past. The question is, now what to do with you?"

The Triple Changer leaned forward.

"You may have already gone through this procedure- and if so, I apologize- but I must have Soundwave run a brainscan on you. Your demeanor seems true enough, but if anything about our race is sure, that may be deceiving. Until that time..."

Astrotrain leaned to his comm unit, and activated it.

"Needlenose! Spinster! Report at once!" he flicked off the unit.

"You shall be our guest. Wait here until the Targetmasters arrive."

2002-04-05, 12:15 AM
Skystalker decided to hail any Decepticons around Metrotitan.

"Hey anyone down there want to tell us where we can land :)" The micromaster pilot asked.

Quick Switch
2002-04-05, 12:29 AM
Scrapper, wielding Metrotitan's exterior breech stopped to wipe his brow. He looked up as a space ship (and a familiar Combaticon shuttle) began to descend on Metrotitan.

"Mixmaster! Go to a comm unit and tell Astrotrain we've got visitors!"

Mixmaster ran off to the control room.

He happened to snap on the unit, and the transmission carried over the comm.

"Sounds okay to me..." he muttered. The constructicon flicked on the vidcom and contacted the City Commander.


Astrotrain flicked on his own vidcom, as the light activated indicating an incoming message.

"What is it, Mixmaster?"

"We've got company! A Decepticon shuttle's just arrived is asking for clearance, clearance, clearance!"

"All right. I'll patch through and authorize the landing...how's the breach work coming?"

"We're almost done, d-" Astrotrain terminated the feed.

Opening a new channel, Astrotrain contacted Skystalker.

"This is Astrotrain, City Commander. Decepticon Shuttle, you are clear to land at the nearest open docking area."

2002-04-05, 02:10 AM
"Great we are now landing." Skystalker looked at Everyone onboard.

"Ok guys everybody sit down!" he laughed as he entered a dock and parked the starship.

Skyblade was the first to walk out.
"I wish to speak with whoever is running the city right now." He called through his com-link.

"I am Aerialcon commander Skyblade, we have came from Cybertron under Lord Galvatron's orders to assemible the Decepticons on Earth. On Skystalker we have on board and filing out now the rest of my Aerialcons, the Crashticons, Darklark and Stealth and the Predacons as well as the micromaster pilot Skystlaker." The combaticons should be arriving shortly and our commander on this mission Deathzaurus should be arriving with the Breastforce. "However it looks like we were too late when it came to stopping Jhiaxus." He sighed.

"Also we do have a medic." when he said that Scrapheap jumped over the rest of the group and started to talk into Skyblades com-link.

"If you got any injured send them to me! I shalt fix them up realll good." He chucked as Skyblade pushed him away from his com-link.

"Yes, now carrying on we wish to meet with the officals of Metrotitan." Skyblade waited for a response as the large group of Decepticons began to walk around Metrotitan.

2002-04-05, 02:36 AM
Ramjet sat down on the cot.

"Traitor", he mumbled.

2002-04-05, 05:23 AM
Zorba enters to see Astrotrain and Lastrites, et al, hanging around. When he hears that a shuttle is seeking clearance, he leans in on a panel to scan for some readings. He is deciding to keep quiet until he knows a little more.

2002-04-05, 05:49 AM
Originally posted by Quick Switch

"But that is past. The question is, now what to do with you?"

The Triple Changer leaned forward.

"You may have already gone through this procedure- and if so, I apologize- but I must have Soundwave run a brainscan on you. Your demeanor seems true enough, but if anything about our race is sure, that may be deceiving. Until that time..."

Astrotrain leaned to his comm unit, and activated it.

"Needlenose! Spinster! Report at once!" he flicked off the unit.

"You shall be our guest. Wait here until the Targetmasters arrive." [/B]

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Lastrites says with a twisted glee, as she casually sits down.

Despite her casual manner, inside she begins to worry.

There are a few things that she would prefer for soundwave to not know about.

She pushes a button on her staff and a small keyboard pops out.

She begins to causually type, preparing what would best be described as a stealth firewall around a certain key section in her memory that must NEVER be known.

She also begins to generate a "ghost reflection" around the shielded area just in case.

As she types, she notices both the landing of the shuttle and the arrival of Zorba.

Neither distracts her much from her chosen task.

2002-04-05, 10:09 AM
Needlenose stood up, and activated his own comm unit.
"Roger, we're on our way."
He motioned to Spinister and the two Decepticons left their 'office' and headed towards Astrotrain's.
"Hey wait for us!" Sunbeam and Singe came running down the corridor after the two bigger bots.


Scourge nodded in the affirmative.
"Yes, it is disturbing, and he could have comprimised Soundwave's own work. Luckily he didn't."

He cast a glance at the door as Zorba entered, and he growled slightly.
"It's customary to knock before entering a superior's office," he told the other bot coldly.


The four transformers, two large ones and two smaller ones approached the door to Astrotrain's office and sounded the door chime, before stepping into the room.
"It's getting crowded in here," Needlenose commented sarcastically, but Spinister was quick to step forward.
"You wanted to see us Commander?"

Quick Switch
2002-04-05, 06:55 PM
Astrotrain rose.

"Gentlemen, lady, I do believe Needlenose has a point. Let's move this meeting into the main conference room, shall we? Deszaraus will be arriving any cycle now."

He flicked on the comm unit.

"Attention, Decepticons. Astrotrain speaking. With Deszaraus' impending arrival, I have decided to hold a meeting in the general conference room to begin planning session per Lord Galvatron's orders. All Decepticons are encouraged to attend."

He pointed at the two Targetmasters.

"As to your duties, Spinster, I have placed you and Needlenose in charge of Lastrites. You will be with her at all times until Soundwave has run his brainscan on her, for security reasons. Now, shall we go?"


Blast Off landed in Metrotitan's second docking bay, and opened his aft door.

The Combaticons piled out, and Blast Off reverted to robot mode.

Onslaught managed to catch Astrotrain's announcement over the comm.

"Well. Astrotrain's in command. This should be interesting. Good: we shall need time to coordinate the merging of all Decepticon forces on Earth for a better counterattack against the Liege and Unicron."

The Combaticons were met by the Constructicons, and the two teams began to walk to the conference room.

Onslaught sighted Skystalker.

"Coming old friend? This should be intriguing."


Dirge and Thrust looked up as Astrotrain's announcement pealed over the comm system.

"Huh. A meeting," Thrust scratched his head.

Dirge nodded, and rose.

"Looks like it. Unless Soundwave reprograms Ramjet before everybody arrives, we'll have to miss it. Besides, 'Train will brief us later. We're his guards after all."

Thrust pulled up a few chairs and a table, and whipped out a pack of Cybertronian sized playing cards.

"I tell ya, the humans are something, aren't they? Their games are pretty interesting." the red Seeker replied, seating himself. Dirge sat across from him.

"What'll it be Thrust?"

"You game for war?"

"Let's do it."

The two Seekers divided up the deck, and began to play.

2002-04-05, 07:54 PM
Skyblade walked in flanked by his Aerialcons with Scrapheap and the Crashticons right behind him. Darklark and Stealth brought up the rear with Skystalker and (OCC WHere are the Predacons :)?).

Skyblade saw Onslaught.
"Oh joy a meeting." He smiled as the Decepticons filed in and took their seats.

2002-04-05, 08:06 PM
Spinister nodded, and glanced at the two Nebulans. Instantly they transformed into their weapon modes, and landed in the outstretched hands of their partners.
"Consider it done," Needlenose affirmed and the two took up positions either side of the door, watching Lastrites carefully.

Scourge meanwhile had stood up and nodded to his Targetmasters. He opened his palm, and Fracas dropped to the ground, transforming and landing on his feet.
"OK boss, so when're we going to go to this meeting?"

Scourge looked over at Astrotrain and raised an eyebrow.

2002-04-05, 08:58 PM
Bludgeon stared at Optitron, his features motionless. I don't know who you are. But you are on the list.

Clutching Sideswipe's head, he smirked.

2002-04-06, 02:12 AM
Jhiaxus was not pleased by Optitron's behavior or the apparent defection of Scorponok, but there was little time to deal with either of these issues now.

Jhiaxus: "Cryhavoc...engage the Transwarp drive...get us to the Hub!"

2002-04-06, 02:28 AM
Ramje tlooked at his former friends playing cards.

"Hey", he said. "Can you deal me in?"
Snake looked at Fakkadi.

"A meeting?", he asked. "Should we attend?"

2002-04-06, 03:39 AM
"Combaticons..." Zorba observes. "Interesting." He had opted to ignore Astrotrain right off, rather than snap back at him, but he did overhear about the meeting. It was Galvatron's order, so he would be there. As he went to follow Astrotrain to whatever room he was going to use, he saw Lastrites working on her staff. He steps to her. "Hey," he says, "you catch that? Galvatron has called some kind of meeting for us all to attend."

2002-04-06, 04:26 AM
Originally posted by Sixswitch
Spinister nodded, and glanced at the two Nebulans. Instantly they transformed into their weapon modes, and landed in the outstretched hands of their partners.
"Consider it done," Needlenose affirmed and the two took up positions either side of the door, watching Lastrites carefully.

"Not too quickly I hope" Lastrites says with a twisted glee as she gets up and puts and arm around each targetmaster.

"So your my big brave protectors?

This could be...fun."

Originally posted by Redstreak
"Combaticons..." Zorba observes. "Interesting." He had opted to ignore Astrotrain right off, rather than snap back at him, but he did overhear about the meeting. It was Galvatron's order, so he would be there. As he went to follow Astrotrain to whatever room he was going to use, he saw Lastrites working on her staff. He steps to her. "Hey," he says, "you catch that? Galvatron has called some kind of meeting for us all to attend."

"I fully expect to be there for the Libera...Lord Galvatron's sweet words."

She then turns back to her two "protectors"

"Shall we head?"

2002-04-06, 04:28 AM
Soundwave strode purposefully through the halls of Metrotitan. Not much thinking went on - he knew that one of the enemies' greatest had returned to him, what more did he need to consider. His attention rested more heavily on the path of his feet, rather than his plans as a change. (Good thing for such sight, lest he would have tripped over a hunk of shrapnel on the floor. This must have been the sight of the breach.) Just a few more yards to the --

"Attention, Decepticons. Astrotrain speaking. With Deszaraus' impending arrival, I have decided to hold a meeting in the general conference room to begin planning session per Lord Galvatron's orders. All Decepticons are encouraged to attend."

He stopped, one raised leg still proceeding before the remainder of his body, as the message played on his radio receiver. A moment's stop and thought later, his course reversed and he spoke again to the invisible Scorponok.

"Change of plans, old friend. Attend the meeting. We'll speak there instead. Soundwave out."

2002-04-06, 11:10 AM
Spinister frowned behind his face plate. He was unsure about how to react to this. Needlenose smiled nervously but also did nothing. Scourge however, had no such qualms, and with a signal, Fracas was again in his hand, and pointing at the small of Lastrites's back.

"Let's not be foolish now shall we?" he told the female transformer coldly.

Now that Spinister knew where he stood, he was quick to bat the arm away that was around his shoulder, but Needlenose didn't seem to be in any hurry.

2002-04-06, 03:36 PM
"You guys are no fun." Lastrites pouts as she retracts her arm from around Needlenose and picks up her staff.

Quick Switch
2002-04-06, 06:07 PM
Astrotrain nodded at Scourge.

"Now, of course."

With that, and a sheaf of papers and datapads, the Triple Changer set off, with the Targetmasters/Lastrites in tow.

Walking toward the conference room, Astrotrain saw the Constructicons and Combaticons (along with other groups Astrotrain was not familiar with).

"Scapper, Onslaught. Glad you could make it. I'll see you inside."

Two Metrodrones saluted and opened the doors. Astrotrain strode in, and sat at the head seat of the table.


Onslaught chuckled at his friends comment as the Combaticons and Constructicons filed in.

Onslaught and Scrapper sat next to each other, with the other warriors taking suit.

"How've things been, Scrapper?"

"Eh, besides almost being invaded, nothing special."

Bonecrusher gave Brawl a high five, and began telling war stories.
Mixmaster and Vortex began telling jokes. Scavenger and Long Haul sat with Swindle. Hook sat with Blast Off, and began commenting on the new Decepticon teams (with usual disdain).

Metrodrones filed in, and flanked the room.


Dirge and Thrust looked at each other.

Thrust opened a slot in the door used for passing Energon cubes.

"Aw, what the heck. Sure Ramjet."

Dirge glowered, but said nothing.


Fakkadi shrugged.

"I don't see why not. We are Decepticon allies after all." He and Snake set out for the conference room, in the "Nebulans only" seating section.

2002-04-06, 07:01 PM
Ramjet took the cards.

"So", he said. "What's the game?"
Snake and Fakkadi arrived at the conference room.

2002-04-06, 08:26 PM
"It shall be done my lord." Cryhavoc replied to the order of his command and set in the command to the flight computers to open the jumpgate 5 miles forward from Axalon's position.

The fracture of space itself collapsed before the accelerating spacecruiser and suddenly a wormhole opened before Axalon. The ship flashed into the hole, disappearing from sight of the closing Decepticons and as quickly the wormhole had been summoned... as quickly it was gone and Axalon with it.

"We have left the Earth behind. Estimate time required to reach the HUB... five Earth hours." Cryhavoc explained when Axalon continued its journey... now in hyperspace.

[To be continued in the HUB topic I believe.]

2002-04-06, 08:43 PM
Scorponok sighed. its good to be back...

With that, the former Decepticon commander strode into the battered city and made his way to the gathering, sitting himself down next to Soundwave, much to the shock of many of the other Decepticons in the room.

Scorponok: "Just like old times, eh Soudwave?"

2002-04-06, 09:56 PM
The Crashticons and Aerialcons filed into the room and sat down. Stealth and Darklark stood againist the walls and Skystalker sat down beside the Crashticons.

2002-04-07, 12:51 AM
(Jhixaxus and co will now be posting in the hub thread)

Quick Switch
2002-04-07, 01:05 AM
"War," Thrust replied, dealing the cards.

"Highest card wins," Dirge muttered absently.


Snake and Fakkadi arrived and sat in the "Nebulan only" seating section.

2002-04-07, 03:26 AM
Run walked over to Thrust and Dirge, "Oh can I play?" He smiled wanted to do something to pass the time.

2002-04-07, 04:41 AM
Soundwave, seated at a long end of the table and just to Astrotrain's left, turned to Scorponok. He grinned quietly; at the very least, this seemed not to be some ploy or trap of a farewell gift from the enemy. Soundwave hoped for more, but until he could be sure...

"Indeed, Scorponok. Indeed," he commented absently, watching the Reflector boys (sporting a set of fresh scars) stumble in and take seats at the far end of the table. "So tell me, what are you doing here? Where have you been?"



The three jets (already having pulled to a halt in one of Metrotitan's hangars) opened their canopies and released their three passengers: Jargua, Drillhorn, and Killbison. Their load dropped, the jets themselves were free to return to their robot modes.

"Lord Deszaras!" Hellbat cried, running up to the Breastforce commander. "The local in charge has called a meeting in a central conference room for all Decepticons!"

Leozack growled, but remained in the background.

2002-04-07, 02:06 PM
Scourge smiled ever so slightly as he observed the interactions between Needlenose and Lastrites. The Targetmaster's simple mindedness was amusing, despite the potential dangers inherent in it. As the Targetmasters, Astrotrain and last rights left the room, Scourge motioned to Spinister to drop behind the group for a bit.

"Spinister. I'm worried about Needlenose's potential effectiveness in his guard duties."
"Yes, I've noticed that he does seem overly attracted to the female."
"Astute as always. I need you to watch him carefully. Be doubly alert. I sense that she's a cunning one."
"Of course sir."

Spinister walked forwards to take up a flanking position on the opposite side of Lastrites to Needlenose.

As the group entered the room, Spinister motioned to Lastrites to take a seat - with two empty seats on either side, soon to be filled by himself and Needlenose.

Scourge meanwhile had strode to the head of the table, and taken a seat to Astrotrain's right. He nodded slightly to Scorponok, although this Scorponok was very different to the one he was accustomed to. Smaller for a start, and he sensed that there was no binary bonded headmaster, although he could not be sure.

He looked up, and waited for new arrivals to enter the room.

2002-04-07, 02:57 PM
Zorba walks into the room and sees most of the Decepticons are sitting down. So he scans the table, looking at who's where, taking note of friendships and the like. As for himself, he opts to lean against the wall, and await Galvatron's arrival as such. He had no desire to interact with the others at this time.

2002-04-07, 06:34 PM
Ramjet looked at his cards, then looked at Dirge and Thrust. Since they were robots, it was almost impossible to tell if they had what the humans called a "poker face", but he would do his best.

Quick Switch
2002-04-07, 11:18 PM
Thrust smiled, and dealt Run in.

"Sure," he smiled, shuffling the deck.

Dirge muttered. He didn't have a good hand. Perfect.


Astrotrain nodded as Soundwave and Scourge took their places by him. Excellent. A unified command structure. He watched as the other Decepticons filed in.

Where is Deszaraus? Astrotrain pondered absently. He, along with Gigatron and the rest of the alternate 'verse Decepticons had proved an inscriutable mystery. But their purpose was to pondered another day.

Now, the question turned to the fate of the battle against Unicron and the Liege.

2002-04-08, 03:56 AM
Originally posted by Redstreak
Zorba walks into the room and sees most of the Decepticons are sitting down. So he scans the table, looking at who's where, taking note of friendships and the like. As for himself, he opts to lean against the wall, and await Galvatron's arrival as such. He had no desire to interact with the others at this time.

"Yoo hoo, Zorba, over here" Lastrites says with a smile and a wave before Spinster non-chalantly knocks the arm down.

Lastrites immediately turns to the emotionless Spinster.

"Now come on boyz, its not exactly like I committed any sort of crime against our people or anything. Try to live a little and you'll realize that we're on the same side."

"I thought you were real men and wouldn't be afraid of a little thing like me."

2002-04-08, 12:02 PM
"Hey! I'm not afraid, do I look afraid?" Needlenose protested.
"He was the one who knocked your arm."

Needlenose glared at Spinister as the silent warrior turned to him.
"Respect your enemies' - or potential enemies' - abilities as you would your own."
He paused.
"That piece of advice, told to me years ago is one of the main reasons that I'm alive today."
"Yeah? Well the reason I'm alive today is because I'm that damned good," Needlenose boasted.

Spinister said nothing.

2002-04-08, 02:03 PM
Ramjet looked at his cards. He could see Dirge, and he didn't really look happy.
A pair of Metrodrones arrived in AStrotrain's office, and took the seven immobile forms of the Insecticons to the cargo area. They opened seven stasis pods, and placed them inside.

2002-04-08, 07:35 PM
Originally posted by Sixswitch

"Yeah? Well the reason I'm alive today is because I'm that damned good," Needlenose boasted.

Spinister said nothing.

Lastrites felt validated in her assumptions as she successfully got one of her overseers talking.

"In that case, great warrior tell me all about your great exploits until the libera---lord galvatron speaks."

2002-04-08, 11:01 PM
Ramjet placed one card down in front of Dirge. It was the ten of spaces.

"Got anything higher than that?", he asked.
Snake looked up at Astrotrain.

"So, what's this meeting about, then?", he asked.

Quick Switch
2002-04-08, 11:13 PM
Dirge growled.

"Scrap you, Ramjet," he flicked his card down. A deuce of hearts.

"Heh," Thrust replied. He put down a Jack of diamonds. "What ya got, Run? Let's see it," the Seeker laughed.


Astrotrain leaned over to see Fakkadi and Snake looking up at him, in the Nebulan seating section.

"A Decepticon named Deszaraus was charged in bringing groups of Decepticons to merge the Decepticon Army into a more cohesive unit. Deszaraus also brings more instructions from Galvatron."

2002-04-08, 11:22 PM
"And what did Galvatron say?", Snake asked.

Quick Switch
2002-04-08, 11:34 PM
Astrotrain shrugged.

"I have not heard Lord Galvatron since he made the overall announcement about Unicron's approach. That is why Deszaraus was dispatched, if memory serves, to bring a report."

2002-04-09, 01:52 AM
Run laughed.
"A nine of Spades. Slag it!" the Crashticon smiled.

2002-04-09, 02:36 AM
"Looks like I win", Ramjet said with a snicker.

2002-04-09, 11:15 AM
"Well, this one time, on Cybertron, several million years ago..."

Spinister sighed as Needlenose launched into another no doubt f ar fetched tale about his exploits. It was clear to anyone that the female was trying to manipulate the jet, well, to anyone bar Needlenose himself, that is. It would be simpler just to shoot this Lastrites character, but if she had been sent by Galvatron, it wouldn't be looked on too favourably.

He would just have to watch them both - something he was sure he could manage.


Scourge looked up as Astrotrain talked to the humans. He had no time for the organics, but since they held useful resources on Earth, they were valuable, and probably worth keeping around.

He awaited the arrival of Galvatron in earnest. In his universe, Galvatron was almost certainly insane, but here... In that last transmission, he sounded far from insane - as cold and deadly as when he was first reformatted from Megatron.

Scourge could only hope that that was indeed the case. As for now, he awaited the arrival of the Breastforce commander to this meeting.

2002-04-09, 06:39 PM
"There is no point in this! Just constant travelling between Cybertron and Earth! When Galvatron is going to decide what we are supposed to do! And now alliance with Autoscraps?! I can't friggin believe this crap!" Tantrum enraged, hitting his head contantly against one of the walls of Metrotitan.

Headstrong glanced at his brother and snorted. "Maybe Prime has brainwashed Galvatron? I don't care a crap about this all. Just enjoy your free time."

"Yeah... there has not been a time to relax since Galvatron got back from the death first time. We will get to fight sooner or later Tantrum." Rampage said and turned his attention back to the rock video he was watching at.

Razorclaw frowned and closed his optics. Idiots He sighed in his mind and concentrated on his attempt to listen the conversation between the high-ups that had been gathered into a meeting to the room next to them.

2002-04-09, 09:02 PM
Originally posted by Sixswitch
"Well, this one time, on Cybertron, several million years ago..."

Spinister sighed as Needlenose launched into another no doubt f ar fetched tale about his exploits. It was clear to anyone that the female was trying to manipulate the jet, well, to anyone bar Needlenose himself, that is. It would be simpler just to shoot this Lastrites character, but if she had been sent by Galvatron, it wouldn't be looked on too favourably.

He would just have to watch them both - something he was sure he could manage.

As Lastrites sat there listening, she came to one big conclusion.

That Needlenose was both self absorbed and incredibly dull.

Still she turned and smiled as he went on...and on and on.

She was seriously starting to miss Thrust and Dirge who were at least were amused by her antics.

Oh when will the liberator speak?

She was momentarily distracted by Spinster's sigh who obviously had heard more then his fair share of these speeches.

She could tell by Spinister's body language that he was less then impressed by her charm.

he would have to be taken care of...eventually.

God Jinrai
2002-04-09, 09:26 PM
Deszaras glared at hellbat...

"I'm quite aware of that, buffoon. I remained here to ensure you make no treacherous attempts on any of my remaining soldiers.. I know you too well, hellbat... "

Deszaras left his breastforce comrades, and headed into metrotitan's main command block... arriving at the command center, the dors flew open, and optics burning red, he entered in silence...

Quick Switch
2002-04-09, 10:41 PM
Thrust laughed.

"OK then..." he redealt another hand. He paused.

"Ramjet, are you serious about trying to repent for what you did?"

Dirge looked up from his card.

"Huh? I thought we'd already covered this."

Thrust waved his hands.

"No, no. I mean, is a mindwipe worth the trouble? The mere fact that Soundwave didn't come here immediately to carry it out means something. You know how punctual he is, Dirge."

The blue jet muttered.

"Yeah, well, that doesn't prove anything. And don't say such stuff in front of the newbie here." Dirge cocked his head at Run.

Thrust looked through the slots at Ramjet.

"This probably sounds redundant, but are you really sorry for what you did, Ramjet? I mean, Darkwing and Dreadwind died because you wouldn't give yourself up." Thrust sighed.

"Now, I can't promise anything, but if Astrotrain allows it, I think we can get Soundwave to 'edit' out some of the more extreme stuff, or maybe none at all, if you seem contrite. But he'll probably want a service from you."

Dirge snorted.

"I'd rather have the mindwipe."


An Alpha Drone hastily moved to Astrotrain's side, and nudged the Triple Changer.

"Deszaraus has arrived Master," it pointed.

Astrotrain shuffled his papers and looked at the imposing Decepticon (his first real glance). He called for silence.

"Quiet, comrades! Deszaruas has arrived!" The Commander returned his gaze to Deszaraus still standing in the doorway.

"What are Lord Galvatron's orders?"

2002-04-10, 12:46 AM
Originally posted by Lastrites
"Yoo hoo, Zorba, over here" Lastrites says with a smile and a wave before Spinster non-chalantly knocks the arm down.

Zorba takes notice of Lastrites, and also of those around her. Strange though it was for him, he was feeling an attachment to this femmebot. She interested him in many ways, not the least of which was the missteps when saying Galvatron's name. She wanted to call him something else, and Zorba wasn't sure, but she may have called him by another name before the mission.

Ah well, probably not important.

He casually observed the room, occasionally glancing back over to Lastrites and her "companions". Galvatron's words were soon to be delivered, so he knew he would have to keep focus. And this...attraction...wasn't helping.

2002-04-10, 01:38 AM
"Come on, guys", Ramjet said. "I only wanted to do that because I thought that Galvatron was dead, and taht there was no organized leadership. Now that I know he's back and that Unicron is coming, he'll need all the troops he can get his hands on."

God Jinrai
2002-04-10, 01:49 AM
"All of you.. listen closely to what I now say... Gigatron has already been briefed on the situation back on cybertron. Prepare all decepticon forces for immedieate departure, and retrofit metrotitan if possible, for flight in his fortress mode... we are leaving the earth. Unicron IS returning but it's far graver than merely the chaosbringer... the dark god has been rebuilt by galvatron's creator... the liege maximo... it's been said by optimus prime himself that the matrix is useless against the chaosbringer now. he and galvatron are on a mission at this moment in this very sector to attempt to locate the lost armada... the minicon armada ... exiled long ago due to their extremely powerful nature when combined with another transformer, Prime and Megatron... galvatron at the time... came to an agreement... they minicons were never to be used in battle again. Sent into exile, they fell dormant... but Prime has reason to believe that the space ship that carried them crashed in the sol system... on one of three planets... Mars... Pluto... or at worst, the ship was pulled into the center of the gas giant, jupiter... grand maximus should be entering the system at this moment... so I advise all of you to prepare yourselves... the road to come is paved with difficulty... and while I understand that many of you will at first be spiteful toward our bretheren... we must put aside the idea of factions... for the sake of our homeworld... and for the sake of life everywhere."

Deszaras suddenly fell silent... letting those present take in all of the words he'd said... and try to fathom what was about to occur...

2002-04-10, 02:34 AM
Snake looked up into the face of Deathsaurus.

"And how exactly do we fit into your plans?", he asked.

God Jinrai
2002-04-10, 02:36 AM
His head bowed slightly, gazing down at the human figure...

"You... will supply energon along with the rest of the planet if possible. the entire earth needs to be made aware that if unicron attacks cybertron, and succeeds in destroying it... earth will be next..."

Quick Switch
2002-04-10, 04:06 AM
Astrotrain rose, and nodded.

"If that is what Lord Galvatron commands, then his will be done."

He pointed to the Constructicons.

"Scrapper! Begin the retrofittings immediately!"

The Constructicon Leader gathered his team, and then left the conference room for the bowels of Metrotitan.

Onslaught cleared his vocoder and rose also.

"The Combaticons are ready for deployment as of now, Commander. When the order is given, we shall be ready."

Astrotrain nodded at Onslaught.

"Good. Take your troops and find Razorclaw. Discuss strategy at once."

The Combaticons left in search of the Predacons.

Astrotrain looked down at Soundwave and Scourge.

"If I've left anything out, see to it between yourselves. Round up spare troops, and deploy them where they may be used."

Astrotrain motioned to an Alpha Drone.

"Report to the brig and order Dirge and Thrust to release Ramjet. His sentence is commuted under these circumstances. Order him to see that the Insecticons will be battle-ready by the time Metrotitan reaches Earth."

The Drone left.

Abdul Fakkadi nodded at Deszaraus words.

"I, Abdul Fakkadi, pledge my nations resources at the Decepticon Empire's disposal to thwart the plans of Unicron and the Liege Maximo."


The Alpha Drone quickly found Dirge and Thrust playing cards with Run and the jailed Ramjet.

"The Master orders Ramjet freed; his sentence of treason is commuted...for now," it whirred.

Dirge shrugged and punched in the combination. Ramjet's cell door retracted. Dirge clapped a hand on his friend's shoulder.

"Well, I was wrong with what I said. If ya want to give a punch in the face, go ahead. It wasn't personal though..."

Thrust was overjoyed.

"Hah! I knew it Ramjet! Astrotrain wouldn't leave you to rot..."

The Alpha Drone held up a hand.

"Astrotrain commands Ramjet ensure the Insecticons are battleworthy against Unicron by the time Metrotitian is refitted. Without delay."

Thrust put the cards and table away, and lightly tapped Ramjet's other shoulder in glee.

"All right, let's get to it!"

2002-04-10, 05:01 AM
Skyblade looked at the Aerialcons and Crashticons.

"Let's all go help out as needed." He told his men as they milled about.

Scrapheap walked over to the Consturticons.

"May I be of assistance?" He smiled already holding an arc welder in his hand.

2002-04-10, 11:38 AM
Scourge nodded. Finally, a goal, something to work towards. But an alliance with the Autobots? The idea was so alien, and went against everything he believed... But he knew first hand the threat of Unicron, and much as he didn't like it, he saw the nessesity of it.

But before he continued, he had some other business to take care of first.
"Astrotrain, Soundwave," he muttered in a low voice, "What of the female, and this Zorba character? Can we afford to have two bots guard them at all times?"


Needlenose stuttered...
Spinister looked over. His friend was not so tough now.
"Yes, Unicron. The most deadly Transformer ever built - and now even more so. We will wait for our orders from Scourge before deciding what we are to do next.

2002-04-10, 01:57 PM
"I'll help as well", Snake said. "If Unicron is as powerful and destructive as you claim, then you'll need everyone you can get.
"All right then", Ramjet said. He headede off to one of Metrotitain's cargo areas. Arriving in hte cargo bay, he saw seven stasis pods layed out in a straight line. He craked one open, and lifted the lid, revealing the face of Kickback.

"Let's get to work", he said, grasping a tool from one of the counters.

Quick Switch
2002-04-10, 04:42 PM
Hook sniffed at Skyblade's offer.

"We don't need-"

Scrapper cut him off.

"Yes, come at once. We're gonna have to confert his transformation cog a bit..." and the discussion began as the Constructicons and Skyblade walked to Metrotitan's core.


Astrotrain frowned at Scourge's words.

"Point noted. Soundwave, can Laserbeak and Buzzsaw be dispatched to keep tabs on Zorba and the fembot, or are they crucial to your needs at the moment?"


Dirge and Thrust followed Ramjet to the storage area.

Thrust happened upon Bombshell's pod, and Dirge began work on Shrapnel's.

"Hey, you're not still sore at me, are you 'Jet?" Dirge quieried.

2002-04-10, 06:42 PM
Skyblade nodded.
"Aerialcons come on there is work to do."

Scrapheap did the same to the Crashticons.
"Come on guys let's do this. Hey where's RUN!" He yelled.

Run could hear Scrapheap over the intercom.
"Oh slag!" He ran upstairs to the room dropping his cards.

Stealth, Darklark and Skystalker stood there.
"So what are we gonna do guys?" Stealth asked.

2002-04-11, 01:25 AM
"Well, don't worry, Dirge", Ramjet said. "I'll think of something to do to get you back, probably involving a bowl of water, a poker, a recharge panel and about a million watts of energy."

Thrust stood gaping in surprise.

"It's a joke", Ramjet said.

"Oh", Thrust said, obviously not getting the punch line.

"Well", Ramje tsaid, poking in KLickback's workings. "Looks like he's...hey, wait a minute? What the slag is this?"

He pointed to a box inside Kickbacks memory core. The box had a single flashing light that was blinking steadily, as if in tune with his spark.

"Check the others", he said. "See if they all got something like this."
Snake looked at Abdul Fakkadi

"Perhaps you shoul order in some of your oil", he said.

2002-04-11, 03:18 AM
Over the monitors of Metrotitan, Galvatron's image appeared.

Galvatron: "My Decepticons...we have reached the Sol System and begun our search for the Minicons. I, along with Gigatron and Cyclonus are representing our interests here. My Decepticons, we have dispatched a team to investigate the status of the Liege Maximo's development of the new Unicron...we fear the worst. However, since Soundwave has recovered Scorponok, I am authorizing him to proceed with Project: Black Zarak...a maximus size version of his own body... where like the Maximus unit, our Scorponok will become the head of the Zarak robot. Soundwave, you have all the resources you need...and be ready to rally at a moments notice...therefore, I am also authrozing a new space bridge to be built...Soundwave, I trust your troops are ready for battle...I only hope they can be as efficient engineers as they are soldiers...I must go now..to find the weapon we hope to make the difference...Galvatron out!"

Scorponok sat and smirked: "At last Soundwave old friend...at last my greatest vision will be reached!"

Quick Switch
2002-04-11, 03:42 AM
Astrotrain reflected, and waited.


Thrust peered over at Kickback's pod.

Dirge, grumbling, did the same.

"Well? What's so special here?" he asked.


Fakkadi nodded, and pulled out a small communications device.

"A shipment of oil will be on its way in transport aircraft with an hour," he replied to Snake. "Premium crude...which should service Metrotitan easily."

2002-04-11, 02:07 PM
Ramjet touched the box with his tool, and got a shock across his arm. He jumped back, dropping the tool.

"I think that Lastritres did more to the bugs than just reporgramed them", he said.

Quick Switch
2002-04-11, 02:36 PM
Dirge snarled.

"Damn, so only she can manipulate them?"

Thrust scratched his head.

"What're we gonna do? Astrotrain wants these guys ready to go soon. What if we can't do it?"

2002-04-11, 03:00 PM
"Well, I guess we're just gonna have to tell him", Ramjet said, walkingover to the wall intercom.

"Astrotrain", he said. "This is Ramjet. We've got a bit of a problem. The Insecticons have some sort of hard-wired programming in them. They've all got a command block on them that prevents them from taking orders from anyone other than Lastrites. You should bring her here immediately under guard."

Quick Switch
2002-04-11, 03:49 PM
Astrotrain moved smoothly over to another wall comm as Ramjet's announcement came through.

"Understood," he replied, and terminated the feed.

The Triple Changer walked back over to the conference table.

"Needlenose, Spinster, take Lastrites to the storage area at once, and stay to assist the Seekers with the Insecticons."

2002-04-11, 07:47 PM
Through the decepticon corridors, the comparitively small female decepticon and her two large bodyguards walked.

Despite letting her little secret out a little prematurely, Lastrites was amused by the whole encounter.

If nothing else it gave her a chance to do something other then listening to Needlenose drone on and on about himself.

As she arrived, she did her smiled at the seekers and stepped up to the flashing insecticons.

"Hello Boys!!!"

"Having a bit of trouble with my encryption codes?"

Quick Switch
2002-04-11, 09:55 PM
Dirge looked up and glowered.

"Yes," he replied.

Thrust smiled as he saw the fembot enter.

"Well, sorta. Not that it was any big deal...maybe you can help us out?"

2002-04-12, 12:56 AM
"Why certainly."

"Waky, Waky, Insecticons"

The Insecticons stop blinking and begin to slowly rise from their period of deactivation.

2002-04-12, 01:22 AM
Soundwave took everything in silently. He certainly hadn't expected Galvatron to call for him... No matter. After reviewing the message once more, he held out a hand to silence the other Decepticons.

"Very well, then. You've all heard Lord Galvatron's decrees... We must construct a new space bridge. Mixmaster will lead a team of Bonecrusher, Long Haul, and Scavenger, as well as any other muscle he may deem necessary. Hook and Long Haul will assist Scorponok, the cassettes, and myself in the construction of Black Zarak. The rest of you I want ready for battle immediately; we depart as soon as all is ready."

Soundwave stood and began to walk away from the table. He stopped just behind Scorponok, placing a hand on the former (and conversely, soon-to-be) Headmaster's shoulder.

"Come, Scorponok. I believe you and I have things to do!"

2002-04-12, 01:34 AM
Shrapnel and Ransack looked at one another, wondering what had happened.

"Hey, what's going on here?", Kickback asked.

"Beats me", Venom said. He then saw Lastrites.

"YOU!", he shouted.

He got up, and advanced towards her, but suddenly doubled over, clutching his side.

Thrust ran over with a scanner, as Ramjet looked at Lastrites with a cold stare.

"Whatever you did", he said slowly. "Fix it."
Snake looked out the main moniter to see a trio of arriving helicopters.

"It looks like your fuel is arriving, my dear Astrotrain", he said.

Quick Switch
2002-04-12, 01:54 AM
Mixmaster was briefed of his responsibilities.

"All right...let's see. Bonecrusher, Long Haul, Scavenger, let's get to work. Any other Decepticons available, let's move, out, out, out!" The chemist along with his compatriats moved to Metrotitan's storage shed.

"I believe those Powermasters who were just killed will make an excellent base mold," Scavenger commented.

"That's more Scrapper's forte, isn't it?" Bonecrusher mused.

"Doesn't matter, let's round up some Metrodrones and get started. We're building this thing...where?" Long Haul asked.

Mixmaster shrugged.

"Just a few hundred feet away." The others shrugged, and with a cordon of drones lugging equipment, left Metrotitan.


Hook and Scrapper walked with Soundwave.

"I'm assuming you have a model sheet of some kind for us to work with, Soundwave?" Hook quiried.

"Even if you don't it shouldn't be too much of a problem with our abilities," Scrapper chuckled.


Astrotrain nodded, and signaled the Alpha Drone.

"Remove the oil and equip as many Metrodrone squads to convert to Super Energon.

"As you command," it replied, and moved off.


Dirge simply shrugged and waited for Lastrites to fix the Insecticons.

2002-04-12, 02:57 AM
"Strange, I was kinda hoping that he'd start hoping on one foot."

"Still the restraining codes seem to be working quite well."

"Listen carefully for the rest of you try to do anything to defy my orders or try to attack me and this will happen to you."

"Now as for Venom, all he has to is apologize, otherwise, I really don't know what the positive feedback loop will do to his internal circuitry."

"I strongly recommend doing it immediately before your head explodes."

Quick Switch
2002-04-12, 02:58 AM
Dirge snickered.

"Now, that's what I call friendly persuasion. I may have been wrong about you, Lastrites..."

Thrust smiled weakly, but said nothing.

2002-04-12, 03:03 AM
Lastrites preens at the praise from the normally cantakerous Dirge

"Yes, it is rather good, isn't it."

"You better hurry up, Venom"

Quick Switch
2002-04-12, 03:10 AM
Dirge smiled.

"You and I speak the same language I suppose: the way of pain," he chuckled.

The Alpha Drone was stolid. It looked up at Lastrites.

"Are the Insecticons battle-ready?"

2002-04-12, 03:18 AM
"Most of them are, but poor Venom needs some some time to think about his actions."

Quick Switch
2002-04-12, 03:43 AM
The Drone bowed.

"I will report to Commander Astrotrain. He will be pleased."

With that, it walked back toward the conference room.

Thrust scratched his head.

"I hope they won't continually attempt to resist your programming code, Last. They might short themselves out, or something. Insecticons work that way: getting the last laugh. It isn't pleasant, usually."

2002-04-12, 11:47 AM
Scourge was the last to leave the meeting room. Another big building project, and Metrotitan itself wasn't even fully online yet. He moved to speak to Soundwave before he left.
"Soundwave, What of the remaining contruction work to be done on Metrotitan? And of Lastrites and this Zorba character. Can we trust them both? If they were sent by Galvatron, then we might be able to. On the other hand..."

He paused and waited for a response.


"Man this is boring," Needlenose complained to Spinister as they stood just inside the doors to the hangar.
"This is repulsive, and egotistical," Spinister thought as he watched Lastrites try to get Venom to appologise. If it were up to him, he's shoot the female until she removed those chips. They were no better than torture devices - but his orders were simply to guard Lastrites, that's all.

2002-04-12, 02:01 PM
Venom's head started to feel fuzzy. It felt like there was some sort of feedback going through his mind. He didn't know why, but he'd better do what Lastrites wanted, just to be sure.

"I...apologize...Lastrites", he spat.

He collapsed to the ground, as the feedback in his head ceased.

2002-04-12, 03:04 PM
"Now then, that wasn't so hard," Lastrites said mockingly, "now hold still. thanks to your insolense, you need a few repairs."

"Now could somebody please get me a laser scapel."