View Full Version : [Original RPG] Who wants to be Decepticon Counter Intelligence agent?

2007-08-30, 12:47 PM
Co-hosted by Regis Philbin and Chris Tarrant

Your first question for 100 Volts

Who has been passing military secrets to the Autobots

A Me

B Another mech please supply full name and details.

C It a cunning counter intelligence operation feeding false details to the Autoscum

D Shout look behind you and kick the interragator in the shins

Your 3 lifelines

1. Dob in a friend
2. Ask the Guards for Clemency
3. Try to escape (odds are a lot lower than 50/50

On the serious side

You may have noticed that Wingspan is running a intelligence operation a sort of Abwehr to Soundwave's Gestapo .

I'm looking for volunteers to flesh out the ranks . So if you want one of your characters to work in intelligence and you want to minimise the chances of being betrayed , blackmailed or sacrificed by the boss sign up now.

Offers good pay, full dental , danger bonuses and the chance to scheme , plot , plan and lurk on an official basis and not just as a hobby.

2007-11-22, 05:14 AM
I'll join.I can play my fan charator stepback.Where do I report?

2007-11-22, 02:19 PM
Cheers Oscar if you could remind me of who he was and what skills he would bring to the role that would be excellent and I 'll think of where and how we could introduce him.

I'm sure we can fit him in somewhere Wingspan is plotting against the criminal gangs by playing one against the other with the added bonus of having a dig at Soundwave .

2007-11-22, 11:53 PM
Alt mode-identical as the G1 ''conehead'' seekers(thrust,ramjet,Dirge)But in dark green.


Bio-He is a ruthless and loyal Infantry Commander who belives he has a destiny to be the universe's greatest general.He oftens sings under his breath patriotic songs and tunes. He was once a member of the elite seeker team ,well not realy he was training to become one.Half way his through training he was given a assignment to attack a small down in maryland usa,the name of that town was Gettysburg.When he arrived at the town he heard the sound of gun fire and notice a grey army attacking a blue army he arrived in Gettysburg the day of the battle reenactment.He fell in love with earth history.

While other Decepticons were attacking power plants he attacked libraries taking all there books about miltary history.He read all about Robert L. Lee,napoleon,washington,Patton,Julius cesar etc.He noticed he could tell where the autobots would attack and how to counter attack to drive them back.He droped out of training for the seekers and started officer training.He passed top of his class.But as he walked out of the academy with his deploma he didn't noticed how low the exit was and smashed his head.That smash left a glitch in him he would now often say quotes of his farvoite generals in his regular speach with out noticing it and worset of all if he is over stressed he actually thinks he is those generals.He hopes the war with the Quintessons well be his big break to show himself command.

Abilities-He has 2 lasor rifles on his arms.He is all so an expert sword fighter so he usllay carries a lasor sword.Stepback also has missile launchers in his chest.He is also a brilliant Strategist and commander.

Weaknesses-He stoped training in ariel combat when left the seekers so he is not a good Aerial fighter anymore.He can give harsh orders .When he gets stressed and starts to think he is some one else ,lowers his troops moral.

2007-12-04, 07:06 PM
Wingspan could use some info from Iacon how do you feel about sending your character to spy on the Autobots and return back with information. He'll need to be sneaky and avoid getting into fights, maybe he could go undercover.