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2007-09-11, 08:37 PM
I hate to be the next casualty in the parade of good fortune we've had recently, but like dear friends Ravage and Zarak before me, I just don't have time for the game right now. I'm already fighting to keep up with 18 credits, getting ready to graduate, work, job hunting, GRE studying and eventual grad school applications. The game is unfortunately at the bottom of my priority list right now, and it's suffering because of that.

That's not fair to you folks, so I'm going to transfer the reins of leadership to the other mods. I hope to be sticking around at least with one or two characters, and I'll be helping the staff with little things behind the scenes, but I can't make any promises. In any case, please direct PMs to the other staff members, as you're unlikely to get an answer from me for a while. I'm likely to disappear for days at a time.

Hopefully I can return in January with a heart full of longing for my beloved RPG. I'll let you know.

- Flec

Lord Zarak
2007-09-13, 08:50 PM
You cant never leave the RPG! Other people, such as m,yself can, but you ARE the RPG!

2007-09-14, 01:08 AM
I know I can't imagine it with out you. But best of luck to you hopefully you will be able to play more soon.

2007-09-14, 01:53 AM
BASTARD ! We were in the middle of a conversation !

Seriously, good luck with the juggling. I can imagine this "activity steamlining" being pretty tough.

See ya round :)

2007-09-14, 09:34 PM
Ah bummer. I'll miss you.Like Zarak said,You are part of the RPG.See you soon.:)

2007-09-16, 09:53 PM
Good luck Flec!

2007-09-20, 01:45 PM
hope to see you soon!

redman prime
2007-09-25, 11:53 PM
i'm back, and another one is gone!

good luck, and take care!