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redman prime
2007-09-15, 11:15 PM
everytime i get on, i have X number of messages, with a few unread.

so upon clicking on my inbox, i have a smaller x, with zero unread.

not an issue, really, just gets my hopes up that i have a mesage.

2007-09-15, 11:24 PM
Have you got anyone on your ignore list? Or any messages with a small trashcan icon next to them?

Silly Cow
2007-09-25, 01:05 PM
Same problem here. I deleted all my PM's (because they were, you know, quite old) but it still says every time I come that I have 4 messages stored. I don't recall I've ever put anyone in ignore (I'm nice that way), stopped one old message tracking (sob never read it) and all the folders are empty.

What gives?

2007-09-25, 06:24 PM
Er, I'll go db/code fishing when I've got my replacement desktop set up.

redman prime
2007-09-30, 05:08 AM
sorry, i forgot about this.
i don't have anyone blocked, so that's out, and when i do delete items, they are gobbled up on the spot.

it hasn't happened in the last few days, i don't think, but i've had pm's kinda often since then.