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2007-10-06, 08:38 AM
Shell and Shot =Autobot

Going over the pavement = Bank Robbery

Been and Gone = Deception

Bite and Bark = Narc or informant

Oil Tank = Bank

a ladder rung or ladder = a bribe or bung

a fox or turbo = 20 Credit chip

test tube and beaker = seeker mostly abbreviated to Tube
although a Tester meaning arrogant and overbearing is another variation.

Shrapnel =small change 1 or 2 credit note

Barrage = 10 Credit chip abbreviaed to a Bar

Bombshell = 50 credit chip abbreviated to a Bomb

Chop Shop = 100 credit chip of a Chop

Kickback = 500 credit chip abbreviated to a Kick

"The association of the Insecticon names with denominations of money is believed to originate in some kind of scam or attempt at forgery they pulled before the war, exact details of the case were never revealed as the trial was held in camera and the rcors were destroyed during an air raid. However the names have stuck with the criminal underworld." (extract from Cybertron and it's Money" by Exchange , Iacon University Press)

Police or security forces = Prowlers or Smokeys or

Brasseys or Coppers = originates in the uniform of the Kalis police force now defunct

Decepticon police = Crushers

Decepticon police vehicle Crusher Cruiser

Press = Mozzies from the cyber mosquito annoying and blood thirsty and very persistent.

Fender= Empty from Dead Ender

Forge = prison from the location of the Iaacon Central Prison on Forge Street.

Smelting to Smelt meaning to kill or assasinate.

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Please feel free to add you own examples.