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inflatable dalek
2007-10-23, 08:01 AM
Having been feeling a bit signature deficient of late, and have taken a liking to what is officially The Greatest Picture Of All Time tm (Honestly, I was dancing round the room when I first saw it shouting "YES! They kept the celery and question marks! No 80's revisionism here thank you very much").


I'm not sure what I'd like done with it though, mayhaps some sort of wacky caption, or if it can't manage wacky at least nonsense. My first thought was a pun on the old head and shoulders slogan, but I couldn't think of any ending to "Why take two Doctor's..." that didn't wind up sounding oh so dodgy.


Respect the celery.

Or perhaps:

The Two Doctors Say: Disagree with Dalek and he'll **** you one.

Well, if anyone can come up with any better (and I do know it's a bit vauge, yet still more specific than some of the requests I've seen in here...) and will make it so, I will love them and cherish them close to my heart.

2007-10-23, 11:04 AM
Looking a bit portly, isn't he? Season 20B here we come...

inflatable dalek
2007-10-23, 11:09 AM
Originally posted by Cliffjumper
Looking a bit portly, isn't he? Season 20B here we come...

Standing next to a rake like Tennant does that to most people. He looks a bit closer to his TV days than Pertwee did in 5Docs anyway and no one gives that a convoluted theory. Though it does look as if the top few buttons on the shirt don't do up anymore).

Sad though I am the fact it's the original version of the costume has already got me working on a placement theory (so it better not be a bloody emergency hologram thing).

2007-10-23, 02:17 PM
"Do You Who Too?"

2007-10-23, 07:06 PM

inflatable dalek
2007-10-23, 07:13 PM
Are the question marks being reversed a cleaver Castrovalva reference? Me like.

Having now studied the canonicity manual I've decided that based on the costume and the short hair this will be set imediately prior to Warriors of the Deep.

2007-10-23, 07:24 PM
Originally posted by inflatable dalek
Are the question marks being reversed a cleaver Castrovalva reference? I.. er ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castrovalva ?.. yea, it was.. :glance: ;)

Should I trim that off, streamline it like ?

inflatable dalek
2007-10-23, 07:30 PM
Oh no, I like it so that whenever any fool noob goes "Why are those Question Marks on backwards?" I can mock them with my superior knowledge of special efects errors. Or on alternate days the cover to The Visitation DVD.

[On a semi related note, the best thing about all this is it given DWM a chance to correct their most famous cock up for the next issue: http://www.gallifreyone.com/picview.php?ret=news&sub=news&id=dwm389.jpg
Assuming they manage to keep his name spelt right by the time it comes out the printers...]