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2007-10-27, 07:02 AM
Continuing the action from the first Iacon thread.

Optimus Prime is still missing, and in his absence Ultra Magnus and his officers struggle to keep things from falling apart. However, things haven't been easy. Organized crime is running rampant through the Autobot capital, as the Space Mafia and Governor's crew continue to slaughter one another. Less-organized gangs are also a problem, as evidenced by a recent bank robbery. Tensions with the Decepticons are still high, as yet another small assault party tries to breach the city's defences. And Quintesson terrorists are a constant threat lingering on the horizon.

However, the most terrifying threat of all might be none other than the Iacon news media.

2007-10-27, 09:37 AM
Iacon Saving and Loan

Daylight dropped lower as he spotted a red shape winging it's way from an alleyway.


The new arrival spoke to Burnout.

"Your information is a little biased Ma'am , we are in the throes of setting up a fledgling Justice and legal system , we have been experiencing a period of relative stability which has allowed us to start reintroducing some of the nicities of civilian government."

The new arrival perched on a stanchion

"I would be happy to use my client's case as a test example in one of the fledgling law courts, we could even broadcast it as an educational example i'm sure my client's employer would be happy to donate some resources to that end. My name is Counsellor Foxbat by the way, legal representatve of the CBC what is your designation?"

2007-10-27, 09:39 AM
The City-State Entrance.


Inferno and Streetwise, who had been left on standby since Prowl’s shuttle returned from Valvolux, were quickly dispatched to investigate what had been reported as a disturbance in “sector 47”, near the city-state entrance.

Utilizing his vast knowledge of the city-state’s topographical lay out, Streetwise found the appropriate cover from the neighboring structures, keeping them concealed. From their position, it didn’t take long for the two covert ISS officers to find a lead on the report.

(spoken in silent communication)

“<I count five Decepticon operatives,>” Streetwise streamed to Inferno. A Level 2 diagnostic scan suggests gestalt technology, and the ID’s match the make-up. It’s definitely the self designated unit…>”

“<...The Stunticons. Ah know, Ah know,>” Inferno said. “<Not too many ‘Con units would be this reckless, let ‘lone stupid, to just trudge into Iaconian territory, clumsily tripin’ Autobase security and puttin’ everyone in ah scare than the Stunticons. Stealth an' strategy ain’t their thing.>”

“<Question is, Inferno, what are they doing here, and what purpose would an attack, if that is there objective, serve? I can’t imagine Decepticon High Command would sanction such a maneuver. Though, there is a possibility that they are not alone.>”


As the two officers continued to observe from afar, the five Stunticons eventually made their move, transforming into their respective vehicle modes, and speeding off towards the inner city-state.

“<That’s our cue! Let’s move,>” Inferno signaled to Streetwise.

“<Got it. Just remember to maintain a safe distance from us and the target. We don’t need to be spotted until reinforcements arrive.>”


En route to Iacon Security Services

Following his last conversation with Prowl, Red Alert left Autobase and headed back to the ISS. Hot Spot accompanied him. As they traveled down a fairly busy highway back towards the ISS, the two discussed the ISS’s next course of action.

“I’m afraid to ask, but what do you intend to do once we return to ISS?” Hot Spot inquired. “Prowl asked you not to follow up on Tygun Span case, and I know that is where your mind is at.”

“It’s the principle of the matter, Hot Spot,” Red Alert told him. “Putting our house in order is certainly on the 'do' list.”

“Excuse me, sir,” an ISS operator commed. “We’ve just been streamed a report marked urgent from Autobase Security that requires your immediate attention.”

“Alright. Transmit me andHot Spot the details,” Red Alert replied.

“Yes, sir.”

“Menasor?” Hot Spot said as he read the report out loud. “Unit has been reported as hostile…No fatalities reported thus far...Oh, for the love of Primus. Another rogue Gestalt?!”

“Four rogue Decepticon units reported as hostile near Autobase,” Red Alert continued the other half of the report.

“What’s the course of action?”

Red Alert quickly assessed the reports, taking into consideration Autobase’s own forces, before coming to what he felt was an appropriate response to the situation.

“The situation near the city-state entrance is our primary concern. Luckily, thanks to Prowl’s earlier intervention, Streetwise and Inferno are already following up on case with the Stunitcons. No doubt Autobase has responded as well. Nevertheless, this situation must be quickly quashed before it escalates.”

Red Alert then opened a transmission frequency on an ISS channel. “Attention all available officers. This is Red Alert. All available squadrons respond to these coordinates. Officers Streetwise and Inferno are currently in pursuit, but may require additional backup. Your job is to contain. Subdue rogue unit with necessary means, but not at the risk of civilians.”

2007-10-27, 11:47 AM
-----------Med Bay----------

"Finally." Rosdos relieved after several hours of rebuilding his new arm. Hoist walked toward Rosdos twisted severed arm which
still has a gladius stuck on it. He then pulled the gladius with force ,tore the arm apart into several pieces. "Thank I guess."
The cyan Autobot then took his gladius back and rushed to the city entrance.

----------Somewhere in Iacon-----------

As Two Stroke driving through the street with speed Warpath drove out from the alley and join the chase. "Don't worry baby! This thing fast enough!"

2007-10-27, 11:52 AM
Fullfang watched the recording, thought for a moment, then looked at the drone.

'Thaks for that, but you're still not coming, you don't know your way around like i do'

And with that the wolf was off, rapidly disappearing into the corridors. Curiously no one saw him, some were walking away, others just turning a corner, but no one actually seemed to notice the wolf bot walking about.

Two more turns and he arrived at a door. Prowl's Office. Foot steps showed two bots rounding a corner, moving away from him and clearly in a hurry. The door was beginning to close. Moving as a blur he dashed inside. There was Prowl, slightly distracted, yelling into the Comm. Choosing to remain in wolf mode, he sat at semi attention, his gaze difting across the items on Prowl's desk.

2007-10-27, 12:36 PM
The Busted Flush

The ship picked up speed . In fact it was safer while traveling at spped as the Hydrofoils lifted the hull out of the water. Should it have to settle back in the water, the holes would swiftly fill with (um) rust and the ship would sink. filled with holes from the missile impacts.


On the Port aft gun position Quickfire waited patiently as the angle opened up and the gun barrel bore on the assailants. He caressed the trigger slowly waiting patiently.

As soon as he had a target he jerked on the trigger mechanism and the 8 barrels of the pom-pom sent a stream of bullets out towards Blue Bachus.


Caper transformed and staggered through the shelves of the hardware store heading for the stock room and the rear entrance. Limping on his injured leg.


Two Stroke continued to plunge through buildings heading diagonally across Iacon emerging from one building only to plunge into the next one.


Hubcap's pile of Rubble

Airplay nodded slowly

"I'll need the transcript and the recording, i've already got a statement identifying a one eyed blue mech at the scene and I also wish to investigate how Hubcap eneded up in Autobot custody. Do you have a Business card Mr Switchboard."


Doublecross flapped after Crosshairs heading for the source of the attack.

2007-10-27, 03:48 PM
"Well..." Highbrow began, "What would you two like to do?" indicating Topspin and Crosshairs.

"I'm ready to kick some decepti-tail!" Topspin yelled as the 2 bots caught up with Crosshairs.

*Prowl's radio transmission comes in*

"Well, that answers that then- Prowl ordered us to go take them out!" Topspin said, eagerly craving battle.

" I think you are misinterpreting what that communication said, but he did say reinforcements should be coming... " Highbrow said.

"How about you Crosshairs ? Do you want to wait for reinforcements, or go ahead and engage?" Highbrow asked.

2007-10-27, 06:50 PM
The Chase:

Ironhide: -increasing speed, engine and turbines roaring as he continues after Two Stroke, activating his commlink- "Smokescreen! See if ya c'n get somebody in front'a us! An' lets get that idjit reporter doin' somethin' usefull. Get' him ta get these buildin's cleared out'r something. If he don't lahke it, poor ratin's're gonna be th' least'a his worries!"

2007-10-27, 06:54 PM
(OCC:the Clones were there to find information about the whereabouts of Bumblebee.)

The Clones,having forgotten why they where there,finding themselves completely drunk.-"Why are we *hic* here,Cloudraker?"-Fastlane said-"What?I can't *hic* hear you.The music's too *hic* loud."-cloudraker said drunkly.Fastlane points at a bartender-"Hey beertender,I mean bartander.Give me and my bro a 50 pounder....Hard."-The bartender makes up their drinks and brings it to them-"Won't we be *hic* ionized?"-Cloudraker said-"Not if we drink it slow enough."-Fastlane replied.
Meanwhile Skidmark walks in and grabs a drink.

2007-10-27, 06:57 PM
The Chase

Two Stroke began to worry about the next bit of his plan.He could continue to plow through buildings all day but the Autobots would be in hot pursuit.

Crashing out of a building he spotted the entrance to an underground parking structure and clattered through the entrance taking the height restriction sign with him as he barely scraped through.

2007-10-27, 09:26 PM
Kalis, warehouse

Enkryption walked between Nightbeat and Tracks in the semi-gloom, assessing the possible weak-spots on the detective's back where he might fatally insert one point of Glyph's archaeological toolkit. It was idle speculation for amusement's sake; he was genuinely worried that he was merrily putting their neck into a very, very tight energo-noose.

He had been here several times when Spinnet was in residence, which he clearly could not be now, and there had been guards along this passageway. Oh, and an assortment of laser barrage units, just in case. So he told Nightbeat, just in case...

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-10-28, 12:32 AM
Sunstreaker didn't spend much time on the open street, immediately ducking into an local energon establishment. He would just wait here for Sky Lynx. He'd gotten in contact with the dumb bird, and was told the credits would arrive shortly. For now, Sunstreaker could just sit and drink. He leaned back in the chair and kicked his feet up onto the table. He probably had some time to kill, and he had always been pretty damn good at killing.


During the second great war the Autobots had built a prison deep in the center if Iacon with the intent of holding the strongest Decepticons should they be captured. It held some of the most vicious warriors known to the Autobots. Up until the Quintesson invasion it had gone into disuse, but the Quintessons saw fit to use it as a death row for captured resistance fighters. Now the rows of cells, reinforced to deal with the strongest that existed, set empty and unused, all except for one cell.

Sunstreaker hadn't seen anyone for two or three cycles. The last person he saw was Quick Switch who felt the need to verbally assault him for his actions and how if it came to execution, that Quick Switch would do it personally for what Sunstreaker had done. Sunstreaker didn't really reply for the most part, just sat in the dimly lit cell looking at the floor. Deep down, Sunstreaker knew he was probably right. He would never show it, but he did feel atleast a small portion of remorse for his actions over the past five years.

Every now and then he would hear Quick Switch checking to make sure Sunstreaker was still there, but that was it. Sunstreaker had helped guard this prison at one time, so he didn't put a lot of hope into escaping anyways. He just had to idly wait until his fate was decided. It had been six days before he finally saw anyone. Quick Switch came in and told him he had guests before leaving and Sideswipe and Trailbreaker came in. Sunstreaker nodded towards Trailbreaker "Why's he here?" He asked in a quiet tone. Trailbreaker stepped forward and smiled, "Believe it or not, I am going to defending you at the tribunal." His voice was cheery, completely opposite of Sunstreaker. "You?" Sunstreaker asked, slightly surprised. "Well yeah, I've known you longer than most and I was one of the few who'd ever done anything like that before willing to defend you." Trailbreaker smiled. "Who knew Trailbreaker was a lawyer... he always seemed like such a nice guy!" Sideswipe interjected with a grin. "What is the likely outcome of this?" Sunstreaker cut through the pleasantries to the point.

Trailbreaker sighed, "well," he paused for a moment thinking of how to word it, "It depends on how much of your story we can prove. If we can't prove any of it, probably execution." Sunstreaker nodded, "And how can we prove it?" He asked stoically. "I am gonna have Wheeljack have a look at you. If you were under control in Russia, like you said, he should find something in there." Trailbreaker continued, "That would probably save you from execution even with Red Alert on the tribunal. The other stuff gets a lot harder. If you didn't give any information to the Decepticons that would help, you'll be branded a traitor anyway, but without actually trading info it will probably lower the sentence." Trailbreaker grimaced as he got to the next part, "Your attack on Bluestreak and the human air base are pretty much open and shut... while the humans weren't killed by you, you did put them in harms way. Let me put it this way, friend. No matter what you're going to get a guilty verdict, we're just jockeying for punishment." Trailbreaker folded his arms over his chest and then looked around for a stool. He took a few steps out of Sunstreaker's line of sight and dragged a stool back and sat on it.

There was silence for a moment and then Sideswipe piped up, "Anything I can do?" he asked. Sunstreaker shook his head, "I'd say throttle Quick Switch but then we'd both be here." Sunstreaker said with a dry tone. "Yeah but atleast you'd have company," Sideswipe smirked. Sunstreaker cracked a small smile, "So what now then?" He asked, turning his attention to Trailbreaker. "Well... I was thinking we'd go over the story... from the attack on Bluestreak, onward." Sunstreaker nodded "Well...."

Aero Blade
2007-10-29, 02:31 AM
Briefing Room, Autobase

"You may not invest much value in the beauracratic end of things, Grimlock, but that can get you in just as much trouble as the battlefield side of it," Magnus spoke.

"I'm not trying to change your method of fighting the war, just as much as you shouldn't be trying to change mine, but I need to be informed every once in awhile if there is a need for you to "drift" from the orders you were given at the begining of a mission. A simple, polite short call over the com of 'We shot at, we shoot back' will go quite a LONG way in avoiding this kind of situation later..."

2007-10-29, 05:37 AM
The Chase

"Wing Sabre should be enroute," Smokescreen told Ironhide, although he was speaking more from hope than from knowledge. The large airborne Autobot should have picked up the fleeing criminals by now, but he hadn't been in contact for a while.

Had he been in robot mode, he would have smirked. "I don't think the reporter's going to be in any shape to help anyone once Artfire's partner is done with him."

Iacon Saving and Loan

Burnout glared at Foxbat with her arms crossed. She did not like lawyers. "How nice for all of you," she said sarcastically. "But when the government is an absolute monarchy ruled by Prime and his deputies and they can shut down all of your wonderful democratic reforms on a whim, they don't mean anything. And even when the civilian legal system finally gets set up, the military still has the final veto over anything and everything." She scowled. "Now both of you are interfering with official ISS business. If you want to continue this discussion later you can look my up at ISS HQ, but we're in the middle of an operation and you're hindering it. Get out of my sight before I have both of you shot."

Not even her contingent of ISS officers could tell whether she was serious or not. The look on her face suggested that even she didn't know for sure.

Hubcap's pile of rubble

Switchblade smiled at Airplay. "Sure thing, ma'am." He extended a card to her with "SWITCHBOARD PRIVATE SECURITY", an adress and a comm frequency printed on the front. They were all valid; the Switchboard persona was just one of the fake IDs Switchblade used in his role as money launderer, PR mech and general co-ordinator for the Space Mafia's Iacon Crew.

"Contact me tonight and I'll forward those records ta youse." The data was, of course, fabricated, carefully stitched together from dozens of audio recordings of Hubcap that the Mafia had on file. His techies assured him the fraud was almost indetectable.

Of course, when somethin's almost indetectable, wese almost always get caught anyway. But if we don't, wese gonna hurt the cops a lot. And we'll have somethin' ta hold over the press, if they're printin' fake info that wese given 'em.

The Busted Flush

Blue Bacchus scowled as a new stream of fire from the ship's aft started chewing holes in his armour. The Mafioso dove below the gun's line of fire and started spraying maser blasts and heat beams at the floating casino's portside hydrofoil.

Outside the Gate

"We engage," Crosshairs told Highbrow. "From a distance if we can, though. If we close range with a gestalt, we'll get torn to pieces."

As the armoury officer spoke, he started methodically loading steel slugs into his magnetic accelerator sniper rifle.

Artfire was the one who was supposed to field test these things, but it should work fine. I hope.

2007-10-29, 07:18 AM
Iacon Savings and Loan

Foxbat hung upside down from the stanchion and looked down at Burnout.

"So what your saying is we are free to go on condition that we remove ourselves from your prescence, presumably this includes our Camera mech yes?" One final point of order the CBC is a Protihex registered corporation, while we may choose to base ourselves out of Iacon, we are registered elsewhere. So you would not find it so easy to shut us down and i'm sure that you wouldn't want to imagine the propaganda victory for the Decepticons..hmmm."

Hubcap's pile of rubble

Airplay took the card and nodded towards Switchblade

"Do you have any indication on how the Wreckers might be involved or a possible link to the security forces?"

The Busted Flush

The support leg for the hydrofoil creaked ominously as it was hit be repeated bursts of fire. A crack appeared and then another.

A figure with a loudhailer limped onto the stern and started to shout across at Blue Bachus.

"Stop that for a moment there's a lot of rich mechs on board this ship maybe we can make some kind of deal."

2007-10-29, 07:38 AM
Autobase: Prowl’s Office

Prowl quickly began to make the preparations of Autobase’s defense grid. Four separate holo-screens appeared over his desk, two of which were broadcasting the live feed from outside, one with the mainframe of Autobase’s defense grid, while the other remained blank for incoming transmissions.

As Prowl worked, he kept a watchful eye on the footage being streamed from outside on the two monitors.

“Voice recognition protocol: Commander Prowl. Transmitting specs to all guiding systems. Target’s are marked. Defense rails 24, 25, 34, and 35 in position. AAD grid online. AAD Rails 10, 11, and 12 positioned and ready. All systems standby.”

Prowl was so completely immersed in his work and the crisis at hand that he hadn’t noticed that Fulfang had quietly entered his office.

“Hmm?” he looked away from the monitor. “Fullfang, is it? Did you not hear the alarm? Is there a problem?”

Aero Blade
2007-10-29, 10:43 AM
The Chase

Wing Saber had been monitoring the situation for some time, now up above, but being able to find a moment where he could effectively participate had proven to be troublesome. Matters changed quickly though as Smokescreen, Ironhide, and Two Stroke entered one of the longer stretches of road.

Quickly diving down and transforming to robot mode, Wing Saber got ahead of Two Stroke and blocked off the exit with his large size, hoping to pin him in as Smokescreen and Ironhide came up from behind. He also readied his weapons for any retaliation, just in case.

2007-10-29, 02:03 PM
Outside the Gate

"Thats fine with me. I did not have plans on becoming deceased any time in this century." Highbrow told Crosshairs.

"It's not my preferred way, but I'm not stupid either." Topspin said, "I'll stay out of his reach..."

"Well, let us go then. Our top priority needs to be taking out the stunticons. Hopefully they will not have transformed into Menasor already - We also need to close and lock the gate behind us - make sure that if we are not successful, it buys the others inside more time..." Highbrow trailed off.

"Alright Autobots, let's go kick some tail." Topspin said triumphantly.

Topspin and Highbrow went through the gates, waiting on Crosshairs before they locked it behind them.

Maximus Prime3
2007-10-29, 02:38 PM
menasor called out, "autobots, destroyed them" and he fired at the autobots

thrust then said, "bomshell, sharpnel and kickback attack"

and then the three insecticons and thrust fired at the autobots

(okay no clones)

2007-10-29, 04:11 PM
"Well, so much for not having transformed into Menasor already!" Highbrow yelled, dodging out of the way of Menasor's shot, the beam passing a meter to his right, and dividing him from Topspin.

Topspin, already expecting the shot due to his long years of being a member of the Wreckers, dove into an abandoned building, took careful aim through a window, and fired his particle beam rifle at Menasor. He then yelled to "Crosshairs, can you deal with Thrust?"

Highbrow shot his acidmaker rain rifles at the approaching Insecticons. gotta keep those bugs at a distance, for now anyways he thought.

2007-10-29, 05:31 PM
----------Underground Parking Lot----------

With Wing Saber blocking the entrance everything seem easier.
Warpath searching the building hoping to seize Two Stroke.
"Come out fella! You're so dead. It's 4 on 1 can't you see?"

----------The Gate----------

Rosdos arrived ontop of a building which received minor damaged from Decepticon's attack Insecticons fires impacted on the ground around him. In vehicle mode the cyan Autobot aiming all 4 artillery guns at the gestalt. And fires at Menasor.
"Hey guys! I need some cover fires."

2007-10-30, 05:05 AM
Underground Parking Garage:

Ironhide: -roaring into the garage, sensors on maximum, yelling out to Two Stroke- "Look, jus' come along quiet-lahke! Ain't nobody been killed yet, an' we'll keep ya away from th' media jackals!"


Nightbeat: -gets to the foot of the stairs, peers into the doorway-

Maximus Prime3
2007-10-30, 02:37 PM
menasor continued to fire as the autobot's blast hit him, doing damage, but still at full function, he continued to fire and said, "menasor says autobots shall perish"

thrust fired at his opponents while the insecticons gave him backup

2007-10-30, 03:12 PM
Topspin ducked back behind the wall and went to another floor in the building.

"Crosshairs, where are you?'" Topspin yelled, "We could sure use the help...!"

Topspin stepped out from cover and fired his beam rifle, his 2 hand mounted lasers, and his 2 side mounted electric cannons, all at Menasor, hoping to do as much damage as he could.

Highbrow, seperated from Topspin was getting nervous. He was not as combat savvy as his partner, not moving around as much.

Suddenly the ground beside Highbrow broke apart as Menasor's blast struck. Shrapnel bounced off of him, a few dinging his armor on his leg. That was too close... Highbrow thought.

Highbrow took off running to his left, further seperating himself from Topspin, and yelled towards Thrust, hoping to get his attention, while firing his acid rifles at the support beams above the Insecticons, hoping to smash one of them, if not all, when the support gave way.

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-10-31, 03:42 AM
Brawn rolled up to the energon joint near the outskirts of Iacon. He transformed and entered the building. He spotted Sunstreaker and made his way to the traitor. He hurled the bundle of credits at Sunstreaker that bounced off his chest.

"Your credits, from Sky Lynx." He grumbled turning for the door and then leaving. Sunstreaker paused for a moment and then picked up the credits with a sigh. He should be used to it, it was his choice both times after all. Still hearing former... 'friends' refer to him with disdain. He looked at the parcel for a moment then lobbed it on the table. He'd stay for a little bit longer, no need to ruin a homecoming.

Leading up to the biggest trial in Autobot history that didn't include a Decepticon, a lot of Autobots asking why did something like this happen? No one, not even the Autobot in question, had the answers. Some of the best autobot medics and scientists looked into it, although very few could get first hand information because there was always the risk that Sunstreaker would try something. Only two people got to offered the opportunity to look at him and one was forced to abstain due to his commitment on the very tribunal that was meant to try Sunstreaker.

Wheeljack watched the screen intently, his fingers quickly stroking keys on the large console. The image was Sunstreaker's brain component, one of the last things to scan. He paused for a moment analyzing a component that controlled motor skills, noticing a slight knick. "Well we can repair that, but that doesn't explain much." He pointed at the screen. Trailbreaker nodded and looked to the powered down Sunstreaker stuck in bindings of a large scanning device built by Wheeljack.

"So you have nothing?" Trailbreaker asked. "Nothing yet. I've got a few more scans I could do. I'm sure I'll find something." Wheeljack said as he began another scan. "Why are you so sure?" Trailbreaker asked stepping towards the console. "I have a hard time believing anyone that Prime hand picked could do this. Beyond that I just got a feeling." Wheeljack watched the scan for a second and then paused it. "There," He pointed at the screen, "That isn't cybertronian. It's human design." He pushed away from the console, his hover chair hovering over to another console. Trailbreaker smiled, "Well we're two of the few who don't think Sunstreaker is as guilty as the evidence shows." The larger Autobot followed the scientist, looking down at the console that made very little sense to him. "I just have a hard time believing it." Wheeljack pressed a button and the screen zoomed in on the small device attached to Sunstreaker's main brain processor that took in all information and sent out the commands to move or even transform. "This is definately a genius design! It looks like they stole a cerebro shell from Bombshell and reworked it." Wheeljack's voice was in awe.

"So they really knew what they were doing?" Trailbreaker asked. "Let's put it this way." Wheeljack said, as he focused in even more on the device, "I wish I'd invented--" He paused, "Nevermind, there was one flaw." He started tapping at keys, and the screen split in half showing Sunstreaker's brain and the small device. He pointed at a small break in the circuit, "What ever caused this, ruined it. I think because of the foreign metals his repair systems tried to destroy it and eventually somehow severed the circuit. I can definately use this though." Wheeljack stood up from the chair and walked over to Sunstreaker. "How much longer is he sedated for?" Wheeljack asked, pulling out a small tray of tools. Trailbreaker shrugged, "Uhhh an hour atleast... why?" Trailbreaker watched as Wheeljack picked up a small scalpel like instrument and began cutting a small hole in the side of Sunstreaker's head. "I am gonna get that thing out. He should be fine." Wheeljack said happily as he removed the small square from the head. "He's not gonna be happy with the weld marks," Trailbreaker cautiously pointed out. "He can sand them down. He'll also be happy when he doesn't get executed," Wheeljack thought about his comment for a moment, "Well as happy as he gets, anyways..."

2007-10-31, 07:08 AM
Underground parking garage

Two Stroke transforms and pushes his two hostages away for him so they stumble towards Ironhide.

He then pushes his way through some doors and into the access way for Iaacon's Tube complex running down a corridor towards the station platform.

2007-10-31, 07:40 AM
Underground Parking Garage

Smokescreen left the talking to the other Autobots, deciding to take a more direct approach. Transforming back to robot mode, he fired a volley of stun blasts at Two Stroke's back as the criminal ran toward the transit platform.

Without waiting to see if he'd hit the fugitive (or, alas, any of the civilian bystanders in the area), he took off in pursuit.

Iacon Saving and Loan

"If it means your client will get out of my sight and never bother me again, then yes," Burnout told Foxbat. She glared up at Daylight. "But if he pulls antics like this again, I'll arrest him on a trumped-up drug-smuggling charge that will discredit your entire network. Now get out of here."

Hubcap's pile of rubble

Switchblade shrugged. "I only knows what I's been told, ma'am. Hubcap might be able ta tell ya more, but I gots a feelin' he's never gonna be seen again."

'Course, that's mostly 'cause we'll whack him if he shows his face again. But she don't need to know that.

The Busted Flush

Blue Bacchus did stop, not so much because he was going to consider the offer but because he wanted to twist things in his favour a little bit more.

"Then I suggest they head for the lifeboats," he replied to the mech with the loudhailer. "I don't have much choice in the matter. Governor started this when he started attacking our associates. If you have a problem with things, take it up with him." He veered around to target the hydrofoil on the other side of the boat. "Oh, and if you're going to evacuate, I'd do it quickly."

At the Gate

Crosshairs transformed to vehicle mode as Menasor and the other Decepticons opened fire, dodging the incoming blasts. As he did, he took note of Rosdos' arrival.

Good, good. We can use the extra firepower...

"Oh, I'll deal with him, alright..." he told Topspin. His carbine mounted to the hardpoint on his roof, the weapons officer fired several volleys of armour-piercing rounds at Thrust.

2007-10-31, 10:47 AM
Underground Parking Garage

One of the hostages crumpled to the floor as the stun blast hit him in the legs.

Two Stroke weaved from side to side but a stray blas hit his left arm stunning it.

He barged trough the crowds of mechs waiting on the platform and threw himself onto a waiting Transit.

Iacon Savings and Loan

Daylight opened a scrambled channel.

"Airplay get your aft over here I need someone to cover a bank robbery."

A camera whirred discreetly recording Burnouts words.

Foxbat grinned showing his fangs.

"I and my client and his camera mech will remove ourselves. Take care officer Burnout.


Hubcaps pile of rubble

If Airplay had been a human she would have raised an eyebrow at this pronouncement.

"What makes you think that then ?"

She asked quizzically.


The even more Busted than normal Flush

the mech with the loudhailer started addressing Blue Bachus again.

"so this is some kind of internal gang thing. If you think about it we're gamblers, we gamble, whereever that may be. One of our favourite gambling spots has just gone out of comission. We'r e going to be looking for somewhere else to go to slake our need and if that venue was supplied by yourselves then all the better for you. We're more valuable to your organisation alive rather than dead right?"

Maximus Prime3
2007-10-31, 02:36 PM
bombshell and sharpnel managed to get away, but kickback's foot got cought under a pile of rocks created by the acid weapon

thrust got hit in the chest and did a lot of damage, but he managed to get up and continue to fight

menasor continued to fire at the autobots

2007-10-31, 04:38 PM
Menasor's shot went wide of where Topspin was located. He heard Rosdos and sent him a tight-beam communication back. "Rosdos, focus your fire on Menasor. Take him out NOW! I will run distraction. Let me know when you are set up."


Highbrow, seeing the result of the his recent attack, focused his fire upon Kickback, hoping to take him out of the fight permanently.

2007-11-01, 07:01 AM
Underground Parking Garage

Smokescreen saw the suspect dash onto the train, saw the stunned civilian fall to the ground, and resisted the urge to spit out a human curse.

One card left to play, he thought.

He fired both of his ECM missiles at the train's drive modules, hoping to temporarily disable them before the vehicle could start up. He continued to run, hoping to jump onto the same train as the fugitive.

As he ran, he shouted to Wing Saber, "Please derail the thing, if you can. It'd make things a bunch easier."

Where's Raiden when we need him? the tactician asked rhetorically as he dove at the closing doors.

Iacon Savings and Loan

"You too," Burnout all but spat at Foxbat.

Hubcap's pile of rubble

"S'all pretty open and shut, at least ta me," Switchblade told Airplay. "Guy calls me sayin' he needs security 'cause the cops are gonna mess wit' his place. Den his place burns ta the ground and the cops run him in. Da corpse is prob'ly floating in the Mithril Sea by now, I figger."

The Busted Flush

Blue Bacchus considered that. "I'll tell you what," he said pensively, "you drag the ship's crew out here and toss them overboard for me to shoot, and I'll take what you're saying under advisement. But if I don't see them bobbing in the rust in the next breem, I'll sink that scow you're on and laugh about it."

At the Gate

Crosshairs ignored Menasor for the moment, although the large Decepticon's fire was coming a bit too close for comfort. He continued to focus mainly on Thrust, firing on the conehead with what was, for such a meticulous Autobot, reckless abandon.

Aero Blade
2007-11-01, 10:29 AM
Not sure that he would actually be able to get over to where the train was (barely able to get into what part of the underground structure he already had) Wing Saber had to take careful aim to not hit any of the bistanders as he shot at the rails, destroying them just ahead of the train so that it would have no place to go.

"This is the best I can manage I'm afraid," Wing Saber called to Smokescreen, also making sure to take out the rails on the other end of the train. "This place just isn't built for a bot like me."

2007-11-01, 12:37 PM
Iacon Transit Authority Impactor Line

Two Stroke pounded down the train brushing passengers aside ripping open doors as he saw Smokescreen in pursuit.

The train shuddered as it tried to leave the station with the after drive module knocked out and slewed round in a shower of sparks as it tried to proceed along tracks that were no longer there.

The carriages swayed and rippled as the train snaked along the track twisting this way and that as it derailed.

Two Stroke staggered grabbing hold of a grab rail for support.


Hubcap's Pile of Rubble

Airplay nodded

"well i'll go see them check out there story , don't forget to send me that info. I've got to dash duty calls heres my card."

Airplay changed into her peach VTOL jet mode and pausing only long enough for her crew to scamble aboard took off.


The gambler whose name was Blackjack nodded

"I'll start rounding them up."

The ship continued to power towards the coastline

and in the radio room one desperate mech took action.

"mayday we are under attack from an unidentified pirate air unit mayday please help."

At the Gate

Doublecross banked sending twin bursts of flame towards the Insecticons.

Maximus Prime3
2007-11-01, 02:39 PM
menasor continued to fire at them

kickback was hammered with the gun, but was still able to fire back with the remaining of his strength

thrust and the insecticons fired, while thrust then fell to the ground holding his chest and now firing with one gun

2007-11-01, 03:12 PM
The building Topspin had been firing from was struck by Menasor's blast. Topspin, realizing it was about to cave in, dove out of the window, but was hit by falling debris that tore through armor along his left side. It bent the barrel of his left hand laser into his hand, making it useless, and left a gash in his wing that almost completely tore it off.
Primus - that hurt! he thought.

"Hey Highbrow, we're gonna need a medic once we're through here. Don't suppose anyone has called one in yet have they?" Topspin radioed to Highbrow.

"Don't think so" Highbrow said, halfway across the battlefield. "Needing help over there?"

Highbrow transformed into his high-speed helicopter and flew overhead, raining down fire upon Menasor , and began working his way towards Topspin fast, but carefully, and taking shots when he could.

2007-11-03, 04:36 AM
Iacon Tube Station:

Ironhide: -transforming to robot mode as he charges onto the platform, skidding to a stop as he watches the train derail- "Aw, great. Th' press' gonna love this." -pulling his blaster, the twin spray nozzles on each forearm popping up, starts towards the derailed train-

2007-11-03, 06:54 AM
----------The Gate----------

As the gestalt busying with other Autobots ,Rosdos continue firing at Menasor.

Hoist while driving with speed one of Decepticon's fires hit the ground bisides him cause him to lost his balance and landed on his side. The green mech then transformed and firing and Bombshell "Ah Why don't you Cons just quit already. I'm start sicking of doing this."

----------Iacon Tube Station ----------

Due to his small body and a gun on his chest it took sometimes for Warpath to get past the crowded platform. "What the!? Aw.. Not again." Warpath climbed to the side of one of the derailed carriage and breaking the train's door.

2007-11-03, 08:09 AM
Iacon Tube Station

Pulling himself back level Two Stroke started to run down the train again. Reaching the front he wrenched open the frontmost door and squeezed down onto the track bed. He paused and scooped up a length of track dislodged by Wing Saber as he ran along the tunnel.

2007-11-04, 06:34 AM
Iacon Tube Station

"Good enough," Smokescreen told Wing Saber, stumbling but keeping his feet as the train derailed. The Autobot weaved his way through the crowd, diving out the same door Two-Stroke had escaped from. As he did, he caught sight of the criminal fleeing with something that looked like a blunt implement.

"Do yourself a favour and stop now," he told the fleeing thug. "Running away only means you'll spend more time in jail when we eventually arrest you. And we will arrest you. You just ran through a public transit terminal filled with security cameras. It'll take us less than a breem to run you through design-recognition software, pull up your ID and get every police agency on the planet looking for you."

He paused for a moment to let the criminal think that through.

"So say you get away now. Where are you going to run? Even the Decepticon city-states tend to extradite bank robbers."

Hubcap's pile of rubble

Switchblade waited until Airplay was out of sight, then commed in a status report to the leader of his Space Mafia crew.

The Busted Flush

Blue Bacchus patiently waited for the gamblers to comply with his demands.

Well, perhaps patiently wasn't quite the right word; while he waited, he was scanning the ship's hull for damage and gridding it for the most effective bombardment he could manage, should they fail to live up to their end of the deal.

At the Gate

Crosshairs transformed to robot mode as Thrust's fire blew out one of his tires. Coming up on his feet, he charged at the Decepticon, deliberately and precisely trying to shoot off the one gun that was still firing.

2007-11-04, 12:32 PM
Iacon Tube Station

Two Stroke glanced over his shoulder at Smokescreenas he continued to run.

"Yeah right Brassey I look just like every other mech in my production run a coat of paint and I've no worries from you even if i was scared of the Autobot police, i'm thinkin' of movin' on anyway it's gettin to dangerous for an honest independent criminal to earn a living round here too many Gangster types looking to wet their beaks."

The Busted Flush

a couple of gamblers started to herd a gaggle of crew members towards the stern.

one of them turned to run as he realised what was about to happen.


In the radio cabin the forlorn Mayday continued to echo across the aorwaves.

2007-11-04, 01:14 PM
Iacon Tube Station:

Ironhide: -charging into the tunnel behind Two Stroke- "Ferget tawkin' ta him, Smokescreen. It ain't gonna work. An' if he thinks that piece'a track's got me worried 'bout him, Ah'll take it away fr'm him an' feed it ta him."

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-11-05, 04:19 AM
When Sunstreaker's trial finally began there were largely two camps among the Autobots. Those that felt Sunstreaker should be tried as a Decepticon and not have any chance of getting off in the case and those that felt he should be sheltered from what a Decepticon would go through. Most of the original Ark crew was in the latter camp, especially one Optimus Prime who had gone as far as to try and postpone the trial until he was repaired so he could make sure it wasn't a military tribunal be he was over ruled by Ultra Magnus and Prowl. Discoveries by Wheeljack had helped make the decision to support Sunstreaker easier for some, but he still had very little support.

"Yo, this is Blaster blastin' at ya from the entertainment center of Iacon!" The comm-channel blared out in the main energon station inside Iacon, Sideswipe looked at the speaker intently "Can you turn that up, Brawn?" He asked the mini-bot as he moved by. Brawn merely grunted and spun the volume dial. "We got our selves a massive day today! We're actually lucky enough to get some of exclusive coverage of the trial of the deca-cycle! Lets turn over the air-waves to our eye in the sky and ears on the ground, Slamdance!" Sideswipe sighed as he leaned back in his chair, "So it's actually starting today?" He said mostly to himself. Windcharger nodded, "Yeah, I hear it's gonna be pretty open and shut to. Apparently they got evidence to nail him." Windcharger's voice was almost apologetic. Sideswipe shook his head, "Oh yeah? I heard otherwise," his tone definately defensive. "Thank you Blaster! The trial is officially under way over here at the main judicial building in Iacon! Today was merely the beginning and the tribunal didn't bring forward the evidence against Sunstreaker yet, although they did lay out the charges." Slamdance's voice crackled over the channel.

"Now what about the happenings outside, What you got goin' on down there?" Blaster asked. "Well, lets just say if I'm Sunstreaker I am not sure I want them to let me out. Since word got out about the slaughter of the humans and the attack on Bluestreak there have been a lot of protests against him. I don't think I've seen Decepticon's get run of this much. Just today over two hundred 'bots showed up to demand serious punishment." "And what about the big show behind those closed doors? What's the scoop in there?" Blaster asked again. "Well as most of us know the five bot tribunal comprised of Ultra Magnus, Prowl, Red Alert, Jazz and Perceptor are not actually allowed to talk to media, but the rumour is that lead Prosecuter role has been passed to Prowl. It is also rumoured Ultra Magnus, the head of the tribunal will be seeking execution." "Execution!?" Windcharger said surprised, almost spitting out his energon. "Yeah..." Sideswipe said sullenly. "That's harsh.," Windcharger said. "Yeah..." Sideswipe replied again.

"Well we'll come back to you as the trial advances. Please pop on in if you got anything big to report!" Blaster said. "Thank you, Blaster!" Slamdance replied. "That was our reporter with all the info, Slamdance! Now onto hopefully lighter note with some good ol' music! We're gonna start this set off with..."

2007-11-05, 09:35 PM
Iacon Tube Station

Two Stroke
flung the length or rail back along the tunnel and then transformed and clattered along the tunnel Tracks carefuly keeping each side of the live rail.

Outside the Tube Station

Airplay sank down on her swivel jets and touched down outside the station she popped her canopy and extended her crew ladder.

2007-11-06, 04:08 AM
Iacon Tube Station:

Ironhide: "Aw, no. You ain't gettin' away from me that easy." -backpack seperating and transforming, battle platform's treads straddling the electrified rail- "Good thing there ain't no cameras down here, 'cause there ain't no way Ah want this gettin' out." -jumping onto the platform, partially transforming and connecting to the platform, clattering forward in combined mode, bringing the multiple weapons online, firing his phaser rifle at Two Stroke-


Nightbeat: -walking into the room at the foot of the stairs, the room lights flickering weakly on, the two or three remaining in the ceiling sputtering as he stops in the doorway- "Enkryption, what's this Spinnet of yours look like?"

2007-11-06, 01:21 PM

"Tall, thin. Green visor. General overall grey with black tooling - not one for show, Spinnet," Enkryption said, pulling up sharply behind Nightbeat to avoid a collision. Then, more doubtfully, he added, "Um, why?"

2007-11-07, 05:41 AM
Iacon Tube Station

"I tried to help," Smokescreen sighed in mock-resignation after Two-Stroke rejected his suggestion. "Now we're going to have to shoot you."

Transforming to vehicle mode, Smokescreen moved carefully onto the right side of the electrified middle rail and shot off, hoping to cut off Two-Stroke's retreat.

The Busted Flush

Blue Bacchus saw the crew members being hustled forward, and saw one of them make a break for it.

"I really wouldn't do that," he said off-handedly. "If you escape I'll just sink the ship and you'll die anyway."

2007-11-07, 07:30 AM
Iacon Tube Line

Two Stroke increased speed as the shots gouged his armour. He cranked his dozer blade up over his cab so that it was facing rearwards as extra protection.

The Busted Flush

a crew member made a break from it and dashed to the rail. He pulled out a flare pistol and aiming it at Blue Bachus engine intakes pulled the trigger.

2007-11-07, 01:19 PM

Nightbeat: -mumbling "Check" with each of Enkryption's details- "Because, as my sister points out at times like this, about all we'll get out of Spinnet at this point is whatever we can salvage from his subspace pocket." -walks over to the body crumpled in the corner amid a scattering of wreckage, kneels down next to it, starts looking it over-

Tracks: -peering into the room, seeing the corpse- "Ick."

Nightbeat: "He's been dead for a while now. Without a full autopsy, I'd guess dead was caused by...." -peers closer at the wounds on Spinnet's torso- "A small, shovel like device. Somebody decided to re-enact the shower scene from "Psycho" on this guy, and he doesn't look a thing like Janet Leigh....."

Iacon Tubes:

Ironhide: -scowling- "Ah told Wheeljack this mode'd never work." -seeming to tilt up on to his portside tire and track, creaks away from the third rail, transforms to vehicle mode, speeding up, turbos whining as he gains on Two Stroke-

2007-11-07, 09:53 PM

Enkryption audibly articulated a gasp. He was not au fait with Nightbeat's reference, but could see for himself that Spinnet had been carefully and efficiently stabbed - as carefully and efficiently as he had just been musing about killing Nightbeat!

2007-11-07, 11:45 PM

Caper staggered to the rear of the shop and elbowed open the fire exit.


Heist doubled along the tunnel. Running hard.

Outside Station

Airplay watched Weasel disembark and then transformed herself.

"Follow me , lets' see what Cron forsaken mess the security forces have goten themselves into."

Iacon Tubes

Two Stroke slowed as he heard a sound, an onimous sound , a clack a clack sound . His sensors scanned behind him. on the opposite side of the tunnel was a red light , a signa behind him in the tunnel. He veered left keeping as far over as possiblel.

Aero Blade
2007-11-08, 02:31 AM
Smokescreen and Ironhide well out of Wing Saber's visual range, and range to help for that matter, the large autobot decide to get himself back out of the subterranian area, making his way back to the surface and taking to the air. His hope was to try to figure out where their suspect might next appear above tround to cut him off.

"What's the status of things down below?" Wing Saber sent on the com to the two pursuing Two Stroke.

2007-11-08, 05:50 AM
(OOC: Soz for the long time, exams)

Fullfang listened to both Prowl's question and the fight outside, his sensitive ears filtering out the sirens. He could faintly hear the noises and carefully amplified it in his processors. He turned his head to one side to get a better reading, while the other faced Prowl.

'It sounds like it's going fine, sir' he lied, he had no idea, but if Prowl hadn't barged out by now, it mustn't be too big.

'I wanted to talk about Bumblebee, what's your take on the situation.' He said still looking to one side.

2007-11-08, 06:43 AM
Iacon Tube Station

Smokescreen pulled past Two Stroke and started to move to cut off the criminal, but ducked back to the side when he heard the same sound that had caught his foe's attention.

I really, really hope that's Raiden, he thought dryly. But somehow I doubt it.

"We're all going to die," he commed back to Wing Saber. "That's never stopped us before, though. And we're still in hot pursuit."

The Busted Flush

Blue Bacchus saw the flare incoming, but too late to dodge it. It slammed into his starboard turbine intake, getting caught in the particle filter but doing a very good job of blocking airflow to the engine. However, the damage would look far worse, as his engine sucked a gout of flame up from the flare. It would probably be enough to give his enemies hope...until he spoke up, that is.

"Oh, good show, idiot. Now I don't have a choice but to shoot you."

The Crossformer fired a fusillade heat beams and maser blasts down at the deck of the ship, at the same time as he emptied his missile pods firing at the ship's hull. He kept this up for a good ten seconds before turning away on his one working engine and limping back toward dry land.

2007-11-08, 07:07 PM
the Clones leave the bar completely drunk.They stumble and stagger back to their old apartment which was nearby and crash right on the floor of their room.
Skidmark receives an automatic message that his condo is rebuilt.-"Excellent!"-He rushes out,transforms and heads towards the condo.

2007-11-08, 08:40 PM
The Sinking Flush

The ship veered as the weapons fire plowed through the superstructure destroying the steering. The ship shuddered as it hit a shoal. The shoal ripped off the damaged hydrofoils and the burning wreck nosedived its hull grinding to a halt at an angle stern in the air, listing to port. Flames raged along its deck.


Iacon tube

Two Stroke activated a control and a spigot creaked open on hi rear and a stream of oil started flowing out in a fan behind him.

2007-11-10, 12:54 AM
Iacon Tubes:

Ironhide: "Ain't gonna stop me that easy." -grill sliding open, nozzles extending, spraying solidifying agents on the oil slick, slowing as his wheels hit the treacle thick sludge, throwing more power to his drive drain-


Tracks: -moves past Enkryption to come into the room- "How long do you think he's been dead?"

Nightbeat: -poking through the debris around the body- "Not sure. We can tell one thing, though. Spinnet knew his killer. There's no defensive wounds." -picks something up, peers at it- "Hmm."

Tracks: "What?"

Nightbeat: -looks over at Enkryption- "How big is the gap in your and Glyph's memory? From the last thing you remember until you woke up, and how long's it been since you woke up?"

2007-11-10, 10:55 PM

Enkryption stared and stared. Finally, he said, "My memory gap is about a vorn or so. I told you: I spoke to Spinnet and he wanted me to come ‘home’. He was scared. Since I’m here, I would guess I got a shuttle from Autobot City (wonder how I managed that?) and then bang! Only thing I can access is a charming, unchronographed vignette of Thud or Thunk, courtesy of Glyph’s base memory.”

He blinked his blue optics and went on: “I admit, though, I was on Earth running this body for another vorn and a half. Just don’t expect me to tell you what I was doing...”

Iacon, near bank

Weasel dropped to the ground and took in the scene of general disruption. The milling crowds and police warmed his small, vicious Spark. "Weasel go talk to civilian units," he whispered sotto voce to Airplay. "Weasel get ssstory, yess?"

2007-11-10, 11:29 PM
Near the Bank

Airplay nodded

"I'll go get the breaking story while you go find me some info , see if you can find me some stuff to make the security forces look incompetent, the viewers lap that stuff up and it'll tie in nicely with that lead we came across."

2007-11-11, 09:18 PM
Near the bank

Weasel nodded and slunk towards the shadow of a nearby alley, giving the crowd the once over. There were plenty of civilians to chose from, but he was looking out for that particular... Ah! Two smaller units standing at the police barrier, their posture indicating a certain belligerence along with curiosity. How very providential!

A telltale flashed in the corner of his right optic; the shell he had dropped into the ISS computer database was being scanned. He grinned and fired off a specific protocol designed to trigger a silent self-destruct. Trace that, you slarts! There was plenty of stuff downloaded for him to catch up with later. Right now, he had to get something from those two grumpy discontents.

2007-11-11, 11:20 PM
Autobase: Prowl’s Office

“My “take” on the Bumblebee case?” Prowl suspiciously looked to Fullfang.

He found the question a bit impudent, considering the current situation.

“My take is to uphold Autobot law," Prowl told him. "Bumblebee has been processed for very just reasons. But if you must know, he has multiple charges against him - criminal negligence, dereliction of duty, violations of Protihex Accords to name but a few. He also, along with several other Autobots, deserted their duties to pursue a private vendetta, which as a result, risked the lives of thousands of innocents. He also crashed a starship into the Iacon city-state region, and outside of that, flagrantly violated the neutrality and government of Protihex, placing that city-state region at risk as well. He will be tried, and subsequently an appropriate sentence will be administered. That, Fullfang, is my take.”

Prowl paused while he continued to examine Fullfang with suspicion.

“Now, why does this concern you?”

Aero Blade
2007-11-11, 11:45 PM
Briefing Room

Having not recieved any back talk from Grimlock, Magnus felt it safe to assume he'd finally gotten his point across, at least for the time being. No doubt he could expect immenent retaliation from the dinobot in the near future, but then most everyone expected that anyways from him...

"That will conclude this debriefing session, Grimlock. You are dismissed." Ultra Magnus spoke firmly.

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-11-13, 09:03 PM
Very few Autobots got to see inside the main Judicial Hall of Iacon during this trial. Any information was fed to them by a ranking officer in the Autobots and that was all that the public knew. Many Autobots, even neutrals and Decepticons started taking interest in this trial. Rumours abound that this was a play trial, that no real conviction would come from it, hurting the Autobot image with many Neutrals. The Decepticons watched it with great amusement, using it as a point to mock the Autobots since they couldn't shoot them. All five of the Judges had a similar sentiment when it came to Sunstreaker being guilty but Jazz and Preceptor believed execution was too far whatever the case may be, but knew it may be required if Sunstreaker could not be exonerated for any crimes. Red Alert and Ultra Magnus believed that Execution was all but assured, Sunstreaker had no explanation for his actions on Earth. The mass death he caused was unforgivable. Prowl, while actively seeking conviction was on the fence. He has served with Sunstreaker for a long time and while hr did believe him capable of what he did, he still didn't think he would do it for no reason.

The room was incredibly quiet, no real light other than on the five judges, Sunstreaker and Trailbreaker. Suntreaker sat upright on a stool behind a desk, Trailbreaker was sifting through some papers while Prowl was talking to Ultra Magnus about something. Ultra Magnus had donned what all lead judges must don by Autobot tradition. A curly white haired wig, similar to that of old Earth judges.
Ultra Magnus nodded and then Prowl stood up.

"Sunstreaker. The charges brought against you are both serious and debilitating to the Autobot cause. That alone is enough for ejection from the Autobots, however as we stand right now things go much deeper than that. Up to this point you have offered little to know insight to your actions. You have given us no reason to believe that you had just cause, for your actions in Russia, or your betrayal of the Autobots," Prowl paused making sure he had Sunstreaker's attention. "If there was a reason for your actions you must tell us now."

Sunstreaker looked at Trailbreaker and nodded. Trailbreaker stood up holding five data pads. "I will speak for my client on this matter, as we do have something that pertains to Sunstreaker's actions over the past four years. With your permission I would like to approach the bench." Trailbreaker's tone was loud and echoed in the empty room. Ultra Magnus nodded, "You may approach." Trailbreaker smiled and moved towards the panel. "What we have here is a data pad showing Sunstreaker's brain waves over the past four years in comparison to now and ten years ago." Trailbreaker handed off the pads as he walked down the high desk. "You'll notice that now and ten years ago are very similar. Definitely aggressive, but nothing to indicate anger or hate in large quantities, some spikes of happiness though he'd never show it. Now over the past four years," Trailbreaker paused for a moment, "We all recall the Chaos Matrix and the affect it had, but we never stopped to wonder of long term effects, well here is one." Trailbreaker pulled out his own pad. "Anger, Paranoia. The wavelengths are off the chart when it comes to aggression. It was like something in his head clicked and now all he knew was anger."

Prowl interrupted, "With all do respect, in that time after the Chaos Matrix, other than the initial attack on Hound he showed good judgment calls up until the attack on Bluestreak. Are we to believe the bad ideas just laid dormant in his head for two years?"

Trailbreaker nodded, "Well there wasn't really an opportunity for him to do anything incredibly stupid in between those times, was there? He was deactivated during our trip to Earth. He wasn't repaired until we landed on Earth. Decepticon skirmishes here and there. Up until Bluestreak panicked he had other places to divert all his attention. And while the Bluestreak situation was in battle, it easily could have been brought up by sheer frustration."

Prowl shook his head, "While there is a distinct difference, in the wave length, how do you know it was the Chaos Matrix that caused this distinct change, not just a change in attitude?"

Trailbreaker nodded, "Timing. At the same time it appeared Sunstreaker's behavior started to change. Wheeljack is willing to testify that from the best he can tell that is the only thing that could have made this drastic change."

"Is it really that Drastic?" Red Alert asked, "He was always hard to deal with, suddenly he becomes harder to deal with. I'll be honest I don't see a huge change."

Perceptor nodded, "Actually, from what I can tell there was large change in behavioral patterns directly after the Chaos Matrix arrived. The timing is almost a perfect match for when Sunstreaker aligned himself with the Alternate Rodimus. From the best I can tell, the proximity activated extreme paranoia, which in turn started to lead to anger in frustration. By the time the Matrix's power had dissipated on Cybertron, the damage it had done was permanent. And no one noticed the affect it had, had on his brain module because the belligerence was definitely always there, we just didn't recognize such a large change."

Trailbreaker's optics flashed as if to blink and then he pointed at Perceptor, "Yeah!"

Ultra Magnus nodded and then leaned over and whispered something to Prowl, to which Prowl nodded. "We shall take a short break to fully analyze this evidence. We shall reconvene in one cycle."

2007-11-14, 03:37 AM
Skidmark's Condo/Penthouse

Skidmark walks and sees everything like like it was when he last saw it,everything in perfect order.-"Those workers did a fine job.Now to some real business"-he said to himself.He closes all the blinds so that no one can look in.Skidmark walks into his work room-"This should of survived the explosion that destroyed this place."-He then goes up to an electrical outlit on the side wall.
He bends down and converts the tip of his left index finger to a small needle.He inserts his finger into the outlit and twists his finger 50% degrees to the right,then 37% degrees to the left,then 15% degrees to right again,and finally another 32% degrees to left.The outlit flips to it's backside a reveals a number pad.He types in the code 482514096743061.A sound confirms the correct code and the whole wall flips to it's backside,revealing a weapons rack full of weapons and prototypes of Skidmarks design.He's desk also converts to an experimentation table.He pulls out a weapon that's half organic and machine.He grabs his tools and gets to work.

2007-11-14, 06:54 AM
In the Tube

Two Stroke acelerated tracks clattering as he picked up speed. He moved past the halted tube train on the other track.

2007-11-14, 06:58 AM
Iacon Tube Station

Smokescreen continued to pull past Two-Stroke, although the halted train now stood between the two of them. Accellerating as much as he could, he tried to move far enough past the criminal that he'd be able to get the drop on him once they were past the obstruction.

At the Gates

Crosshairs continued to target the Decepticons.

(OOC @ Maximus Prime3: It's been, what, two weeks since you've posted? Since you started this fight on your own initiative and you're holding up the 'Con side entirely on your own, you have to post. If you don't, we'll have to assume your characters have been defeated, and they'll be taken to the Autobase brig. I'll give you until the end of the week before I do anything, but you're holding up several other people's characters and if you're not going to post, we'll have to cut this scenario short.)

2007-11-14, 01:53 PM
Near the bank

Weasel slunk his way through the crowd, a meagre brown figure with head thrust forwards from hunched shoulders, optics restless behind his curiously dull orange visor. He dragged out his standard CBC issue recorder from stowage and approached the two mechs he had targeted.

"Hi, there, citizensss," he said, voice filled with false friendly harmonics. "I wonder what you think about today'ss eventss?"

The first 'bot pulled himself to full height, which meant he was towering over Weasel, and sneered, "Police neggy-liggy-gence, innit? Them cops opened fire in a public area."

"'sright. 'sblessin' no poor slagger got shot," the other mech agreed. "I blame the ISS, meself."

"Were you here from the sstart, then?" Weasel asked.

"'sright. You wantta story? We got one for ya..."

2007-11-15, 04:49 AM
Iacon Tube System:

Ironhide: "This' gettin' ta be stupid." -hits the brakes, slides and skids, bounces across the tracks and swings in behind Two Stroke- "Would you jus' STOP already?!?!?!?!?!?"

Briefing Room:

Grimlock: -shrugs, walks out the ruined doors, gets to a corridor hub, turns, started heading towards the target range, activates commlink- "Magnus, this Grimlock. Me heading for target range. Grimlock out."

2007-11-15, 07:31 AM
Iacon Tube System

Two Stroke transformed and lunged across at the halted train next to him. He wrenched open the doors and scrambled aboard.

The passengers milled about panicking.

Aero Blade
2007-11-15, 11:53 AM
"Acknowledged," Magnus replied to Grimlock without any emotion, already begining to see where this might be headed. As if he didn't get enough calls today without having someone reporting all of their mundane actions. Considering all the things the Dinobot could wind up doing, though, it'd suit him just fine if this was the tantrum he'd be throwing.

Sending out a repair notification to maitenance as he left the room, Magnus started to head back to his office to try to get a few things done before the next emergency popped up.

2007-11-16, 06:43 AM
Iacon Tube System

Seeing the chaos erupting onboard the stalled train, Smokescreen returned to robot mode, pulled a door open and advanced on Two-Stroke.

"I've had just about enough of this," the tactician told him, raising his rifle. "You're not getting away. Give yourself up and you'll get a fair trial. Keep running and we'll have to kill you."

2007-11-16, 11:34 PM
Iacon Tube Train

A large officious mech stepped between Two Stroke and the gun

"We must be civilised you know we're not Decepticons what, let me try i'm one of the chief negotiators for our import export business."

Two Stroke glad for the distraction ran into the next carriage and kept running.

2007-11-18, 05:44 AM
Iacon Tube Train

"I'm afraid he's not interested in negotiating," Smokescreen told the officious mech as he elegantly slipped past him. "It's been tried, to no avail." Almost as an afterthought, he added, "Sorry for disrupting your commute, citizen."

The tactician continued to follow Two-Stroke, knowing that if nothing else the criminal would eventually run out of train.

At the Gates

(OOC: Since MaximusPrime3 isn't posting, we're really left with no choice but to assume we've won.)

As the last of the Decepticons hit the ground, Crosshairs activated his comlink. "Topspin, Highbrow and Rosdos, let me know your status. We'll have to sit on these guys until the ISS gets here to bag 'em and drag them off to the brig."

2007-11-18, 10:18 AM
Iacon Tube Train

Two Stroke ran desperately down the train till he go to the cab he clawed open the door and looked round desperately for the driver. But there was no one in sight. Plan B was to activate the controls bu there were no one in sight , he clawed to get the cover off an acess panel in one last desperate attempt.


In the carriage from which Smokescreen was fast disappearing

The Officious mech turned to a commuter next to him.

"I wanted to be a police mech you know, but dam if i couldn't pass the medical , faulty capacitors don't ya know. I am a fire warden at work though. We met our targets for evacuation 4 months in a row, keep beating B floor."

2007-11-20, 06:21 AM
Iacon Tube System:

Ironhide: -pulling a set of doors open past the civilian obstruction, climbs aboard, charges towards the cab, aiming his blaster at Two-Stroke- "Awlrahght, let's trah this again. Freeze!"

Target Range:

Grimlock: -gets to the target range, opens the door, activates commlink- "Magnus, this Grimlock. Me now at Target Range. Grimlock out." -switches frequencies- "Snarl, this Grimlock. You read me?"


Nightbeat: -finishes checking the body over- "Judging from the condition of the body and the debris around him, it's a fair guess that Spinnet did take his dirt nap about the time you got your minds zorched."-stands- "Which means we'll need to find Thud and Thunk. Hopefully in better condition than Spinnet, though."

2007-11-20, 06:58 AM
Iacon Tube System

Two Stroke abandons his attempts to hack the computer unit . Straightening up he lifts his hand in the air and turns round.

"You got me Brassey."

2007-11-20, 01:42 PM

Enkryption avoided looking at the body; Spinnet, if not exactly a friend, had been one of the few he put a certain amount of trust in. Instead, he stared down at his hands and tasted a rising sense of panic.

Did I..? Did Glyph..?

I'm glad we can't remember...

Then he felt himself falling into an unfathomable darkness. He struggled, limbs jerking, but to no avail; his consciousness had nothing to anchor on.

The last thing Enkryption saw was the heap of discarded power cells piled up to one side of the doorway. Glyph saw exactly the same power cells with her bright yellow optics as she came back into the light.

"How very interesting," she remarked and scrabbled for the datapad.

2007-11-20, 04:05 PM
Highbrow ceased firing as the Decepticons fell to the ground and rushed over to Topspin.

"Are you alright Topspin? Topsin- Answer me! where are you?" Highbrow yelled as he looked about frantically.

Topspin pushed a fallen beam off of himself about 20 meters away. "Been better. got caught in Menasor's last blast. I'll be fine once I get back to base. Heck- I can fight now, just not at the top of my game. Of course me on a bad day is better than most 'Cons..."

Highbrow just laughed and then sent a respone to Crosshairs. "Crosshairs, this is Highbrow responding. Topspin is wounded, but not critically. I am fully functional. we will be with you shortly. Are you sure the Decepticons are down for the count? Also, can we get a medic to help Topspin if we are going to be waiting for awhile?"

2007-11-20, 06:59 PM
Iacon Medical and Research , Accident and Emergency

An ambulance screeched to a halt and 2 paramedics disembarked.

They eased a gurney out of the back and wheeled it through the double doors. On the gurney was the unconscios form of One Stroke.

"Got an RTA for you got run down by 2 Hopheads."

2007-11-20, 09:53 PM
Near the bank

Weasel slipped the recorder away as he scanned round for Airplay. What a lovely story - it was going to annoy the Pit out of the police forces, especially with a little creative editing. Oh, if only he could locate Ironhide to obtain some suitable 'comment', but he was busy, apparently, chasing a petty criminal and, if chance remarks he had overheard were correct, derailing trains.

Sniggering, Weasel walked towards the last point where he knew Airplay had been, head low, audials on highest gain.

2007-11-20, 10:30 PM
Near The Bank

Airplay was interviewing one of the hostages who had been stunned.

"So you were kidnapped by the gang from the bank and then let go free, and the gang didn't do you any physical harm but in fact you were shot by our own security services."

The mech leaned up on one elbow on a gurney while a medic examined him.

"That's right squire, there i was minding me own business when woosh they starte drobbbing the bank and then like the Brasseys showed up and they was we've got you surrounded and I was like , that's a turn up for the books like but then they took me with them when they crashed througfh this wall and then there was this chase like and like they let me go but like I go stunned by one of the Brasseys good job they weren't using proper weapons like."

A red jackal like Cassetibot sidled towards the gurney.

"Names Savage accident lawyer , here's my card in case you decide to take legal action."

A plasti card appeared in Savage's mouth and the mech took it weakly.

"No win no fee you say well that is interesting...."

2007-11-21, 06:24 AM
Iacon Tube Train

Smokescreen nodded approvingly to Ironhide. "Good work," he said.

At the Gates

"I'll call one out," Crosshairs said. "First Aid, I've got one wounded Autobot and what looks like around ten wounded Decepticon prisoners out on the outskirts of the city. Could you send a field medic out to tend to them while we're waiting for the ISS paddywagon to arrive?"

Switching channels he reported, "Prowl, the city is secure and the Decepticons are captive. When are the ISS going to show up so my mechs can hand the prisoners over?"

Training Facility

Snarl took a moment to answer Grimlock, being as he was currently trapped half a dozen holographic Decepticon killing machines. He brandished his swords at the holograms, grinning widely as he said, "I read. Busy killing things. What do you need?"

2007-11-21, 06:46 AM
Highbrow is helping Topspin over to Crosshairs.

"Not wounded my tailpipe... I had to help drag him half way here..." Highbrow said.

"Well, I'm sorry I was keeping the big guy busy" Topspin replied, pointing towards the inactive Menasor.

"Crosshairs , think we can find something to bind up the 'Cons until the ISS get here? and what happened to Rosdos ? I have not seen him since the battle ended. Should we form a search party?" Highbrow droned on...

2007-11-21, 10:40 PM
Near the Bank

Ambulances? There was usually a good story to be had in or near an ambulance... Weasel sidled round (he did not recognise the vehicle) and saw Airplay was interviewing. He overheard Savage and gave a snicker of derision: yeah, right - something for nothing! That said, Savage did have a certain air about him that screamed Decepticon, which would mean there was, in fact, something in it for him.

Well, there was nothing for Weasel here at the moment except to stand and admire Airplay. And have a quick check over some of the stuff he had grabbed from the security database.

2007-11-22, 12:45 AM
Autobase: Prowl’s Office

“Excuse me for a moment,” he Prowl told Fullfang.

He turned away and switch on the intercom system on his desk. As the (former) targetmaster spoke, Prowl nodded his head thoughtfully.

“Thank you, Crosshairs. There should have been an ISS unit out there already. If not, they shall be there shortly. Prowl out.”

He then turned his attention back to Fullfang. "Was there anything else you needed?" he said. "If not, then please excuse me. I am sure you will understand."


Iacon Medical and Research

Shortly after parting ways with Chainclaw - after giving him a tour of the institute - First Aid began to make his way back up to Ratchet’s office. Along the way he received Crosshairs’ transmission.

“I receive you,” First Aid took the incoming call. “I will be accompanying two other Paradon medics to your position. We will be there shortly.”

After having an assistant fill in for him, he hastily gathered two Paradon medics and headed out towards the gates.


At the Gates

~Moments later~

On cue, a band of ISS officers arrived on the scene 5 minutes after Crosshairs made the call to Prowl. The group was composed of six officers, two of which, incidentally, came “dressed” as large paddy wagons.

The four standard class officers were led by Hot Spot and, since he was already with him, Red Alert. Inferno and Streetwise, who were already on route, had been called off once the situation had been confirmed as less critical. Once grinding to halt, the six officers transformed into their respective mechanoid forms and got to work.

“Sigh, what a disaster…Alright, people,” Red Alert called out to the other five officers. “The situation has been contained. Prep inhibitor restraints. Book ‘em, secure 'em, mend 'em, then load ‘em.”

“You heard him, folks. It’s clean up time,” Hot Spot signaled to the other officers.


Peacekeepers Inc, Border Regions

Blades has continued on his rise to Border Regions fame, which in turn has increased revenue of Peacekeeper's privately and illegitimately held sporting events.

While this has pleased some members on the Peacekeepers and Tzai Industries boards, it has also caused great concern within them. With Blades’ growing popularity, the Tzai’s more illegitimate affairs ran the risk of exposure - if if tracing it back to the corporate conglomerate itself would be nigh-impossible due to the company’s connections the city-state’s legal systems. Nevertheless, some members of Tzai's elusive inner-circle, while duly concerned, continued to monitor the sporting events...with keen interest.


Peacekeeper’s Inc owns several community based centers through the city-state, the recreation center being one of them. In short, it’s good for public relations.

In a large gymnasium located within the recreation center, Blades trains for a rather important upcoming fight. Axer, far off in a corner, watches, silently admiring the local celebrity's skill, while at the same time pondering where he learned them.

“Impressive,” Axer announced himself.

“Oh, hey Axer. I didn’t see you come in,” Blades said as he threw a several nicely executed punches to the air. “What’s up?”

“Just seeing how things are going.”

“What, you have no business meetings you need to be at?” Blades smiled, throwing another combo to the air.

“Ah, but this is business,” Axer told him. “Someone has to rein you in and put you in check every so often. Believe it or not, your well being is important to us.”

“What, you my batch proto-initiator or something?” Blades kicked his invisible opponent. “I can hold my own just fine. You know that. I mean, look at me. I’m practically a celebrity around here. And for good reason. You still fussed about this 'Omen' guy?”

“Yeah, Blades, actually I am,” Axer said somberly. “This contender, this Tin Omen from Altihex, the bot is a professional fighter, with a flawless record and has been in this circuit far longer than you have. You're skilled, Blades, talented even, but your usual swaggering antics will assuredly get you killed this time. Don’t be stupid.”

“Axer,” Blades loosened his stance and gave Axer his attention. “It’ll be alright. It’s me. I’ve been through far worse.”

Axer held his gaze for a moment, not saying word. What was about to transpire went far deeper than Blades realized, and, for a moment, Axer was fearful for Blades’ life.

“Alright, Blades, alright. Don't say I didn't ya. But on your head be it, as the saying goes,” Axer said despondently. “Just know that more is going on here than you realize.”

And with that closing statement, Axer exited the room.

2007-11-22, 05:26 AM
At the Gates

"Acknowledged," Crosshairs said to both Prowl and First Aid. "And thanks."

"I haven't seen him," he told Highbrow, "but we should stay here until the medics have a chance to take a look at us. If he hasn't shown up by then, we can take a look."

The Targetmaster made his way toward Red Alert. "Good to see you, sir."

2007-11-22, 12:43 PM
Fullfang listened idly to Crosshair's report and waited until the transformer had signed off and Prowl was looking at him before he continued. The robotic wolf's flippant tone was more measured then usual as he spoke.

'Yes there is more, I though you might like a first hand report of what happened, I'm sure an Autobot as high ranking as you would've noted I was sent along with the others to investigate Bugbite's ship.'

He paused and grinned a little, 'it was a fun time, deffinately worth the hassle over getting it, managed to settle my score as well.' His head tilted upwards a little, 'which reminds me, someone might want to get a look at those Constructicon bodies and their sparks,' he seemed to almost be talking to himself. Then he looked back to the autobot behind the desk, smiling a little, 'Can I keep the ship?'

(soz for the long time out i'm back to stay)

2007-11-22, 03:09 PM
----------At the Gates----------

"Over here!" Rosdos shouted from rooftop of one of a building,
He quickly climbed down the ladder and joined his comrades.
"All I got is some burns and dent nothing serious my new arm kind a stuck. That's pretty easy don't you thnk?"

2007-11-22, 04:08 PM
Iacon Tube System:

Ironhide: -pulling out a pair of binders as he walks up to Two Stroke- "Awl in a day's work." -activates commlink- "Better get a few cells ready, Road Rage. We got one."

Road Rage: -over commlink- "Then you only need the one cell, don't you. Or we could toss him in with that little scuzzwad we've already got."

Target Range:

Grimlock: "It seem, Snarl, that Little Prime seem to think that Me not call in enough. So, Me think it good idea if both of us start calling him. That way, him not have to worry."


Tracks: -looks over at Nightbeat- "What happened?"

Nightbeat: -waving at Tracks in a 'shushing' manner- "Glyph? Are you all right?"

2007-11-22, 05:54 PM

"I perceive that those power cells are identical with the ones pictured on the datapad," Glyph responded. Then she shook her head. "Was there some momentary glitch in my systems? I do apologise, Nightbeat, Tracks, but I seem to have lost some time, according to my chronometer; I trust that my offlining so suddenly did not cause you any inconvenience?"

It was at that point she noticed the body and automatically stepped forwards to examine it.

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-11-23, 03:09 AM
Sunstreaker stared at his empty energon cube and then stood up. He left a few credits on the table and then headed out the door. He looked around for a moment before transforming and speeding off towards Iacon. Sunstreaker the Autobot had time in the brig to serve, but as far as he was concerned, there was no more 'Sunstreaker the Autobot' and just Sunstreaker didn't have to do as Autobot high command ordered.

Unlike trials on Earth, there was no reason to pause or wait. All the information on each aspect of the case could be given at once because Transformers were better at retaining the information. Then when witnesses are called after, they could easily look back or remember. As opposed to calling witnesses for each piece of evidence. With someone like Prowl on the case it was even easier as less explanation than usual was required, although usually still asked for in some cases by Trailbreaker. The evidence proposed so far had begun to widen the rift among not only the tribunal but also among the populace. Suddenly Sunstreaker could be innocent of the Moscow Massacre and the only known case of Chaos Matrix poisoning. Some, including Red Alert believed that there was not only no way to prove such a thing, but also doubted the validity of it. If those were proven true, not only would execution be most likely outright written off, but it would make any cell term not even half as long as was originally predicted. This is why the most important witness to this case was the one who discovered these possibilities.

Wheeljack sat in the small witness box, across from the tribunal and adjacent to Sunstreaker. The Autobot scientist was somewhat nervous, having never been put in this situation before. Prowl went through a few notes on a data pad and then looked up at the scientist. "So, Wheeljack, you were asked by the defence to perform a scan of Sunstreaker's cranial nodes and brain module is that correct." Prowl's voice was rigid, trying to avoid being too friendly to his former comrade-in-arms. Wheeljack nodded, "That is correct."
"And in this scan you detected," Prowl looked down, "An anomalous brain wave pattern going over the past four years as well as what you described as a 'human designed cerebro shell', is that correct?" Prowl asked again and Wheeljack again nodded, "That is also correct." Prowl nodded and set the pad down, "For clarity, I will ask you to address Perceptor with your further statements as he will have a better grasp of what you are about to describe." Prowl nodded and looked to Perceptor.

"Well, What I found in Sunstreaker's brain module was a hybrid of one of the insecticon, Bombshell's cerebro shells and a human control node inserted to keep control of AI in robots or computers." Wheeljack begain to explain the module. Perceptor nodded, "Fascinating, and what are the chances that it was successful in it's goal?" Perceptor asked. Wheeljack nodded in reply, "Actually yes. During Sunstreaker's brain scan, there is a long period of inactivity when he was off-line and then a very short period of next to nothing. What this means is that there was life and the brain module was online relaying reactions, but they were filtered through the control module, meaning any actions Sunstreaker tried to make were numbed out or ignored, that is why there is no emotional activity. He was literally a mindless automaton." Wheeljack turned to a screen beside him and pressed a few keys to get a diagram of what he was describing to come up. "See, the average brain module acts as a processor, sending the signals to the cranial nodes which then either control movement, balance, emotions. The emotion node is completely offline, as is the node that controls thoughts, and communication." Wheeljack pointed a points on the brain module.

Perceptor smiled, "Ah, I see. So it would filter out anything that would give Sunstreaker any self control. He was unable to even tell himself something was wrong because as soon as the process was generated in the brain module, the cerebro shell would filter it out." Perceptor actually seemed more interested in the shell now than the case. "If you don't mind Wheeljack, I would love to get a look at the device!"Perceptor smiled, but before Wheeljack could reply Ultra Magnus intervened, "While I would also like to know how the human did this, it is not the time for that. Please stick to the information we need." The Autobot commander's gruff voice echoed in the near empty room. Almost sad, Perceptor nodded, "Ah, yes ofcourse." He nodded towards Wheeljack as to continue.

"With communication cut off, it was a simple matter of controlling Sunstreaker was you would and RC toy." Wheeljack, initiated a video demonstration, showing the thought being initiated, then cut off and the cerebro shell sending it's own. "Do we know what caused it to discontinue?" Perceptor asked, watching the video. Wheeljack again nodded, "Vaguely. From the best I can tell, the human parts were not prepared for the amount of work required to keep Sunstreaker's brain impulses in check, eventually, from the best I can tell he overloaded it. I originally suspected Sunstreaker's internal systems may have played a part, but..."

Perceptor picked up his own data pad, input two three more things and then passed it to Ultra Magnus. He then looked back to Wheeljack. "Now the Chaos Matrix theory? Do you have any actual proof for this?" Wheeljack sighed slightly and then shook his head, "nothing definitive." He turned to the screen again and then pulled up two different brain wave patterns. "This top one is Sunstreaker's current brain pattern. The bottom one is Sunstreaker from the Chaos matrix till his last check almost three years ago." Perceptor leaned back in his chair, "You're sure?" He asked almost surprised, "Apart from both being very erratic, they're nothing a like." Perceptor picked up a new data pad and began to input information. "Well that's just it. I have no proof that there was no other cause for the change, but I firmly believe that the Chaos Matrix amplified certain parts of his personality to the point it changed him from..." He looked to Sunstreaker then back to Perceptor, "The fun loving narcissist that we knew to well... a hardline nut job, for a lack of better terms."

Perceptor nodded, "I would like more time to look over this information." He turned to Ultra Magnus, "If you would allow a short recess so I can check these findings." Magnus nodded in reply, "A short recess. 1 cycle. We shall resume then."

2007-11-23, 05:49 AM
At the Gates

"Good to see you're in one piece," Crosshairs said to Rosdos.

Training Facility

Once again, Snarl took his time answering; he drove his claymore into the chest of a holographic enemy and shot another in the face before replying to Grimlock.

"Just us, boss? Wouldn't it be more fun if we had the entire unit doing it?" The Dinobot smirked.

2007-11-23, 06:04 AM
"Rosdos ! glad to see you made it out alright, unlike some of our other compatriots..." Highbrow says, nodding his head in Topspin's direction.

Topspin grumbles in the background for the medic to hurry up... "Highbrow, I'm going to hurt you once I get back up to speed..."

Highbrow, ignoring Topspin, turns and walks towards where Crosshairs, Rosdos, and Red Alert are gathering.
"Well, do we have any idea what caused those Decepticons to go crazy like that? I know most of them were not know for their intellectual capacity, but surely even they are not that moronic. There had to be some kind of motive, or hidden agenda... Right?"

2007-11-24, 05:01 AM
Target Range:

Grimlock: -over commlink- "It might be more fun, but not want to completely swamp Little Prime. This more to annoy. Much as Me not like him or his leadership, him might need to answer important call at some point."


Nightbeat: "Happens to the best of us at times, Glyph." -kneels next to the body again- "Any ideas what the weapon was? Does he look familiar?"

Security Office:

Road Rage: -scowling as she checks the cells-

2007-11-24, 06:03 AM
At the Gates

Crosshairs shook his head. "No clue," he told Highbrow. "At least not so far. We'll know more once they're locked up in the Security Centre and given some TLC by our interrogation staff."

Training Facility

"You're making sense, boss," Snarl told Grimlock as he impaled another hologram on his sword. "Stop it. I might start confusing you and Prowl."

2007-11-24, 08:32 PM

"Familiar? No, not at all," Glyph replied to Nightbeat, a little distracted as she scanned the corpse. "As for the weapon... Interestingly, he would appear to have been stabbed with something like this."

A quick flick of her left wrist, and a set of tools popped from a forearm storage into her palm; another flick and one small digging implement seemed to select itself. Kneeling, she zoomed in on part of the damage, tentatively comparing the curved, razor-sharp end of the archaeological spade with one of the wounds.

"Please observe - an accurate match."

Aero Blade
2007-11-24, 08:36 PM
Ultra Magnus's Office, Autobase

"Continue on as you like, Grimlock, I was already expecting and am quite prepared to endure it," Ultra Magnus answered over the com in a disinterested tone. "I experience far more affective an annoying antics long before now - repeated calls is far from an effective tactic, though I am quite glad to see that you are taking this habit of checking in regularly so seriously," He spoke in a pleased, praising tone, as though to encourage him to keep it up.

2007-11-26, 05:01 AM
Target Range:

Grimlock: -to Snarl- "Me can't be Prowl. Me have sense of humor." -switches to Magnus- "Me glad you happy, Little Prime. Maybe this mean you becoming better leader. Me doubt it, though."


Nightbeat: "I was afraid you'd notice that. Because you may very well have killed him."

2007-11-26, 06:20 AM
Training Facility

Snarl slaughtered one last holographic Decepticon, then scowled as the simulated battlefield disappeared. He'd defeated every last Decepticon in the holographic city. Again.

Got to talk to Mainframe about writing a harder program...

"True, boss. True," he replied to Grimlock.

As he stepped out of the holosuite, he switched to another channel. "Magnus, this is Snarl. Apparently bugging you is part of my job now," he grumbled. "I'm leaving the training facility and heading for the Autobase mess hall."

Autobase Security Centre

Hubcap sat in his cell, frowning at the walls.

Truth be told, it wasn't a cell per se; it was an unused office attached to the main monitor room. However, Crosshairs had made it perfectly clear just how many times he'd be shot if he tried to leave it, so despite it's comfortable trappings, a cell it remained.

An insistent beeping coming from the comm panel in the monitor room caught his attention.

"Uh, Road Rage?" he called out. "You've got an encrypted transmission coming in. Want me to come out and decode it for you?"

2007-11-26, 08:56 AM

"I? Kill another in circumstances other than self-defence?" Glyph exclaimed, leaping to her feet in astonishment. "That is absurd! I have never, until this time, been to Kalis and certainly could never have stabbed a mecha of this type."

2007-11-27, 02:12 AM
Autobase: Prowl’s Office

Prowl patiently listened to Fullfang’s request before responding. Though he didn’t initially take it heavily into consideration, he was a bit taken aback by the boldness of the request.
“It’s a bit more complicated than that,” Prowl replied. “The ship is evidence and I’m afraid no one has claim over it.” Prowl paused for a moment to take what Fullfang had said into consideration. “But about this report, which I am curious to hear your take on, but you also speak of a personal vendetta. What is your connection to this?”

At the Gates

A few minutes after the ISS had shown up to essentially cleanup, First Aid, accompanied by two Paradon medics, arrived on the scene. Once in their mechanoid forms, the three IMR officers immediately retrieved the necessary kits from their subspaced caches before First Aid directed the two Paradon medics to assist the ISS officers in mending the wounds of the fallen Decepticons.
“Assist Hot Spot and company,” First Aid ordered, pointing in the direction where the ISS officers had gathered. “The sooner these attackers are patched up, the sooner the ISS can process them.” Taking in the scene, First Aid’s gaze fell on the Autobots that began to gather, quickly recognizing Topspin’s condition. “I will attend to the wounded.” With that, the three medical officers went off to their appointed tasks, First Aid running to assist Topspin first. “Hello,” First Aid said cordially as he approached, while producing a tiny diagnostic device in his hand. He knelt down as he pointed it towards Topspin, moving it slowing from head to toe in order to get a base reading which was fed back to him in esoteric figures. “Relax…This shouldn’t take too long,” He pleasantly announced once the diagnosis was complete. He placed scanning device back into his kit before digging through it to reveal a small pen shaped tool, which lit up at its tip when First Aid flicked the device’s switch with his thumb. “Though, you’ll need to come down to the IMR for further treatment.”

Meanwhile, as the Paradon medics assisted the ISS officers, Hot Spot dealt with the usual legal formalities when handling detainees, such as identifying them, making certain that they’re properly secured, and addressing those that were conscious enough to give him lip.
“@#&%#@!, Autobot!”
“…Yeah, be sure to add that one to your testimonial so the council can view your case more objectively,” He snidely told one of the now secured captives before nudging his head towards two of his subordinates. “Officers Zag and Zig (ooc: completely made up on the spot). Set up transport modes. And get this one out my face, please.” As ordered, one of the officers reverted to his vehicular mode, that being a paddy wagon. As the more conscious detainees were moved onboard, Hot Spot checked in with the IMR officer’s progress. “How are they looking?” He inquired towards one of the Paradon medics.
“They should be fine…Very minor concussive damage at most.”
“Good,” Hot Spot answered then turned back towards one of the underling officers. “Once their done, attach inhibitor restraints, and load them in carefully. Make certain that the Gestalt units are dispersed between the two transports.”

As Red Alert stood by and watched Hot Spot and his squad attentively, Crosshairs, Highbrow, and Rosdos began to gather near him. He cordially smiled and nodded as Crosshairs approached then greeted him.
“Crosshairs,” Red smiled, nodding to acknowledge Highbrow as well. “My apologies for not arriving sooner. ” As the group continued to speak among themselves, most asking questions as to why this happened, Hot Spot approached Red Alert to report.
“Anything?” Red Alert inquired.
“Nope. Those that are conscious aren’t saying much,” Hot Spot answered. “Your guess is as good as mine as far as their impetus or rationalization.”
“Hnnn…,” Red Alert sighed as he shut his eyes and shook his head. “I see….When the IMR staff is finished, transport the detainees to Autobase. The Security Centre will hopefully get something that resembles a coherent answer…”

2007-11-27, 11:13 AM
Fullfang shrugged, an interesting thing to see a wolf do. At least he finally looked at Prowl again.

'The construction's were on board. Still are, just in many more pieces,' he grinned, sniggering at his own joke.

'How about this, you'll get a full report on what happened from somone who was there the entire time, I get to remove my stuff from the Beefang before you impound it, and get in on the next really fun op.'

He cocked his head to the side, 'how's that sound sir?'

Aero Blade
2007-11-27, 02:00 PM
Magnus's Office, Autobase

"Well that'll be all the more interesting having a variety of voices chime in every so often," Magnus replied in a mildly cheeful tone to Snarl. "Just make sure you and your boss Grimlock are reporting in accurately. I doubt you need me to send anyone to check up on all of you to be sure you're where you say you are..."

2007-11-28, 04:57 PM
"Hey guys, unless there is more that is required of me, I am going to help Topspin back to the base. Who should he go see once he is there?" Highbrow inquired of Crosshairs, Rosdos, and Red Alert

2007-11-28, 07:24 PM

Nightbeat: "Don't be so sure, sister. You wake up after yet another in a series of blackouts with a damaged datapadd with just one image in it. And image from here, this room, in Kalis. You carry as part of your field kit the exact type of weapon that will do the damage done to this corpse."

Tracks: -moving to block the doorway-

Autobase Security Center:

Road Rage scowled, her glare aimed at the comms console. "Well, I can simply record it now, or let the scuzz decode it." She turned towards the cell door, priming the targeting systems on her overhead magnabomb launchers. "All right, Hubcap. I'll let you out. But if I think you're up to anything, Crosshairs won't have much left of you to play with." Striding to the door, she hit the latch release.

Target Range:

Grimlock: -over commlink- "Me glad to make you feel needed, Little Prime. It give you moment in sun until Optimus come back, make you feel important."

2007-11-28, 09:19 PM

Glyph stared up at Nightbeat and then over at Tracks; she had, right up to it being said, missed the nuances of the present situation. Automatically, however, she began to consider the conundrum, even if it meant making matters worse.

"Archaeological toolsets are, indeed, rare outside my particular profession and can, as you note, be employed by some, myself included, as weapons. Whoever slew this mech did so with a precision that I own I can match, yet I could scarcely reach his upper body to strike so effectively unless he was both recumbent and passive."

She sagged a little, but continued in the same clipped tones: "With your indulgence, Nightbeat, I suggest this body is transported to Iacon for examination. I, of course, surrender myself to you."

2007-11-29, 06:52 AM
Training Facility

"Of course, Magnus," Snarl said, forcing his voice to stay as flat as it had been moments ago. "You can count on me."

Switching back to Grimlock's channel, the Dinobot developed a wolfish grin that carried over to his voice. "Hey, boss. Magnus just gave me a great idea."

At the Gates

"First Aid's here," Crosshairs told Highbrow. "He'll probably get to Topspin in a minute, if he hasn't already. So you might as well hang around."

"No need to worry about it," Crosshairs told Red Alert. "We managed to handle things without too much trouble." He watched as the prisoners were processed. "I'll let the Security Centre know to expect more prisoners."

Activating his comlink, he said, "Road Rage, this is Crosshairs. I've got nine Decepticon prisoners in varying degrees of consciousness headed your way. They should arrive in about fifteen minutes. Can you have the cells prepped?"

Autobase Security Centre

"Honey," Hubcap faux-drawled in Road Rage's direction, "What do you think I'm going to do? On the off-chance I could escape, all I'd be doing is running toward people even more likely to shoot me than you are."

The Minibot sat down in front of the comms station and started to work at deciphering the transmission. "Oooh. This one's a toughie. Looks like a Decepticon military encryption, top-level."

2007-11-29, 07:07 AM
Tube System

Two Stroke stood there shackled

"Soo brassey when do I get my call to my legal representative."

2007-11-29, 07:20 AM
Iacon Tube System:

Ironhide: -slaps the cuffs on Two Stroke- "Ya got th' rahght t'remain sahlent. Get mouthy an' we sentence ya't lahfe on Junk." -starts to lead him out of the control cabin of the train- "As fer yer lawyer, rahght after we process ya."

Autobase Security Center:

Road Rage's optics narrowed. If half her face wasn't covered by a plate, her face would have held an expression that would make even the bravest mech think twice about messing with her. "Call me 'Honey' again, and you'll WISH I'd let you die. by the time I'm done."

Target Range:

Grimlock: -over commlink- "What plan, Snarl?"

2007-11-30, 05:59 AM
Outside the Training Facility

"We should start reporting in from false locations," Snarl told Grimlock. "Imagine how he'd jump if you told him we were heading to Polyhex to kidnap Soundwave."

Autobase Security Centre

"Whatever you say, sweetie," Hubcap said to Road Rage, trying to conceal a wide grin as he worked. "OK, it looks like they're using an older code, one that I cracked a few days ago. That means that whoever's looking for us is high enough up the food chain that they have a good idea how long it takes for us to do things like that. Whether that's good or bad is up to you."

He worked the keys for a few more seconds, then nodded. "Got it. Putting it through..."

Soundwave's frigid countenance appeared on the comm terminal's holodisplay.

"I need to speak to Ironhide," he said without pleasantries. "There is a matter of utmost importance to both our factions that I must discuss with him."

Iacon Tube System

Smokescreen followed Ironhide and the prisoner out of the train.

2007-11-30, 06:12 AM
Autobot Security Center:

Road Rage, in one smooth, fluid motion, pulled her plasma discharger, aimed at Hubcap's right foot, and pulled the trigger, then looked at the holo of Soundwave. "He's not here right now. But, I can put you through to his commlink. Hang on." She starts toggling switches.

Iacon Tube System:

Ironhide: "Any ahdea how far we came in here?" -commlink chimes- "Yeah?"

Road Rage: -over commlink- "You've got a call."

Ironhide: "Ah figgered that. Yer tawkin' ta me, ain'cha?"

Road Rage: Not ME. Idiot. It's Soundwave, of all people. I'm switching him through now, on scramble."

Ironhide: -listens as he hears circuits switch- "First thing Ah gotta wonder, Soundwave, is why yer cawlin' me."

2007-11-30, 06:26 AM
Autobase Security Centre

Hubcap jerked his foot out of the way, and Road Rage's shot burned a hole in the floor.

"Gah! Cool it, girlie! I'm just kidding, is all!"

Iacon Tube System

Soundwave's heavily-processed voice crackled over Ironhide's comm speaker. He managed to inject a degree of urgency and an undercurrent of worry (if not to say fear) into his usual monotone.

"I'm calling you because I'm trying to prevent a disaster," the Decepticon said. "I have discovered Optimus Prime's location, and I know who abducted him. That is all I can tell you over a broadcast channel. If you want to know more, return to your security headquarters and contact me within the next four breems using the same transmission routing path and encryption I have used. Be sure to follow my instructions exactly. If my contact with you is exposed, I won't be able to assist you."

The transmission clicked off before Ironhide could get a single word in.

2007-11-30, 05:28 PM
Topspin joined the group that was still gathered.

"If I understood First Aid right, there isn't much else they can do to fix me up here. I can transform again, which is the most important part!"

Highbrow laughed, "Don't worry, you'll probably still out perform me if I know you."

Highbrow turned to the rest of the group. "Well guys, is there anything left here to do?"

2007-12-02, 04:49 AM
Iacon Tube Station:

Ironhide: -deactivating commlink, dragging Two Stroke to one of the ISS officers and handing him over- "Ah gotta get back ta HQ, fast. Collar's yers, guys." -charges up the stairs and transforms, engine roaring as he heads back towards the security center, activating his commlink- "Road Rage, make sure Ah got a console set up usin' that scramble code an' routin' Soundwave was using. An' try ta make sure Ah ain't got no traffic b'tween me an HQ!"

Autobot Security Center:

Road Rage sighed as she deactivated her commlink and kept her plasma emitter aimed at Hubcap's head, moving over towards one console and flipping a few switches, giving Ironhide green lights between him and the base. "Prep that console to use the same encryption and routing path. I want it ready to go to contact Soundwave when Ironhide gets here. Do a good job and I might forget the comments you're making."

Target Range:

Grimlock: -over commlink- "Nice plan, but have one problem. Little Prime track us by transponder. However, nothing say that we not tell him where we thinking about going."

2007-12-02, 03:27 PM
Tube Station Entrance

An Iacon transport employee shook his head as he wandered
out of the station.

"Millions of Shannix of damage, the whole lines snarled up."

Airplays' audio sensors pricked up.

"Thank you for your time Sir."

She turned away from the stunned mech

"Weasel follow me i think it's time for a live interview."


Caper staggered along a back alleyway

Slag that snipe was good


Heist rumbled along an underground tunnel. COnfident that he was not pursued.


Near the Gates

Doublecross launched himself off a building and glided down to land not far from Red Alert .

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-12-02, 10:33 PM
While many were under the impression that this case would be incredibly quick, it began to drag out after Wheeljack's presentation. Perceptor had moved from the fence to a staunch defense of Sunstreaker on the tribunal, saying that the facts brought in by Wheeljack not only proved reasonable doubt, but with increased study could clear him of most if not all charges. Jazz was quick to latch on to this, from the start he'd suggested that Sunstreaker wasn't capable of this but with no proof he felt it was inevitable. Red Alert refused to accept a half researched science as an excuse for his actions, saying that at this point in time the Chaos Matrix theory was still most likely impossible to research on such short notice, and that at the very least they needed to imprison his spark full time until it was proved false. Ultra Magnus, though hesitant, agreed that the research was just too fresh and had no real substance to it yet. Prowl was in the middle, while this evidence did change the outlook of the case and offered hope of innocence, it just wasn't researched enough yet.

"You cannot imprison someone because they might be guilty, Red Alert. The justice system just wasn't designed that way," Perceptor's tone was getting heated as he argued with the security officer, "You have to understand we can't just strip him of free will while the research takes place! There is obviously marked difference between now and then!" Red Alert merely waved off Perceptor, "In otherwords you want to let go, not just a security threat but a high risk to re-offend his actions against fellow Autobots. By the pit, he had started a bar room brawl when Quick Switch picked him up! He isn't stable!"

Jazz shook his head, "We knew about Sunstreaker's love a' fightin' long before though, man! He's one'a the few Autobots who was actually fightin' in the gladiator pits! He's no more dangerous than tha Dinobots." Ultra Magnus nodded, "It's a valid comparison, but the Dinobots have never gone this far. All the destruction the Dinobots caused, all the times they broke ranks, they never did anything like this. But I see what you're saying, Jazz."

"Listen, as a security officer, I think it is in our best interest to not have him running around. While I agree he isn't solely to blame for the Moscow incident, and am willing to forgo execution, I can't let him be running around outside on Iacon's streets." Red Alert said, looking back and forth between Perceptor and Jazz. "So you lock him up for what? Jailed for the risk to re-offend? That is not an actual charge. You can keep someone in if they are a risk to re-offend if they are found guilty of a crime, but not if you just think they're guilty," Perceptor was starting to get angry now. "I will imprison him for treason, and assault of fellow Autobots for his actions against Bluestreak, Hound and the team sent to recover him. I will also charge him for the death's of two humans he killed at a gas station before being blown up." Red Alert nodded leaning back in his chair, "He still hasn't been proven innocent of those acts and won't be any time soon, most likely because he's guilty."

Perceptor shook his head looking towards Jazz who was just as silent. "Sunstreaker said the two humans were attacking him, and considering the situation at the time, that doesn't shock me at all. If you want to charge Sunstreaker for defending himself, go round up all of us who were forced to kill humans during that period." Prowl's calculated voice was calm. He pointed at Jazz, "Start with Jazz, since he was the cause of the first one's death. The fact is, while Moscow was unrelated, that was still close to Autobase, and with no proof to the contrary, I don't think we can actually charge him for that since all our hands have blood on them for those types of actions." Red Alert's lips curled, slightly angry with Prowl's decision, "I thought you believed in keeping Iacon safe from maniacs like this!" Red Alert was on the cusp of yelling, "You would defend a man who tried to kill fellow Autobots?!" Prowl nodded, "I am in the business of keeping Iacon safe, but throwing Sunstreaker in jail for the wrong reasons won't keep anything safe. Yes I agree the assaults on Bluestreak and Hound must be looked at carefully, but danger to re-offend just isn't high in my opinion. Neither is he likely to go talking to the Decepticons again since he's been kept out of the loop so long, he has nothing to tell them."

Ultra Magnus shook his head and leaned back in his chair, "Well we have a problem then. While I agree with Red Alert, to just let him walk out without any sort of reprimand or punishment would be a slip in the justice system, the biggest charge has been cleared and the possibility he could be completely absolved in the future leaves us in a position where there is no right judgment, so we need to try and find compromise.


Sunstreaker sat quietly in his cell, simply looking at the purple metallic wall in front of him. Sideswipe sat outside of the cell, doing just about the same. "So...." Sideswipe broke the awkward silence, "Do ya think they're gonna decide soon?" Sunstreaker just shrugged, "No clue." He stood up and moved around a little, "I just hope they decide soon, I don't do this whole 'stuck in a cell' thing well." Sideswipe grinned, "Atleast the purple matches your paint job!" Sunstreaker looked up at Sideswipe, "Can you ask Quick Switch to let you in so I can smack you?" Sideswipe wagged his finger at Sunstreaker, "Now now, that wouldn't look good for you!" Sideswipe snickered. Sunstreaker shook his head again, "No, but I'd enjoy it right now."

Trailbreaker moved down to the cell and nodded to Sideswipe. "Hey, Trailbreaker, what's up?" Trailbreaker smiled, "Some good news, guys. They're almost ready to present a verdict. You'll be moved to the justice hall's cells in the next couple of cycles." "Any news on a verdict?" Sideswipe asked. "Nope," Trailbreaker said regrettably, "Probably gonna find out as soon as I do, anyways I just stopped off to let you guys know, I gotta head over there and get some stuff ready incase we need an appeal." He said the last part with some apprehension, "I'll see you guys there." "Yeah, see yah!" Sideswipe called out, but Sunstreaker just sat back down and stared at the wall. He didn't know what he would do if this became permanent residence.

2007-12-02, 11:09 PM
Tube Station Entrance

Weasel grinned. He did not have a pleasant grin.

"Weasel follow Airplay," he said with malicious joy. "Problemss with the Tube. Lotss of angry travellerss, yesss?"

Aero Blade
2007-12-03, 03:04 AM
Skies, Iacon

Wing Saber had been waiting paciently for any kind of response from the two Autobots he had been sent to work with, wishing he could be down underground to see just what was going on, but his own large size had interfered with that. Pity they had built the subway for average sized bots...

Growing concerned, Wing Saber openned his com to Smokescreen (unable to detect Ironhide's signal with it turned of). "Wing Saber to Smokescreen. What is the condition of things down there?"

2007-12-04, 03:18 PM

Nightbeat: -nods, activates commlink- "Nightbeat to Red Alert. I have a murder victim in Kalis, appears to have been killed here. I need a full on site forensics team to secure the scene and transport the body."

2007-12-04, 06:01 PM

"Why was each strike exactly right-angle to the body, though?" Glyph mused aloud when the message had been sent. "Precise, of course, but very inefficient..."

She flicked out her second set of archaeological tools and proffered the pair together, handles first, to Nightbeat. They were uniquely tailored for her particular branch of the profession; there were no other sets like it on Cybertron and it quite upset her to hand them over, but she knew it was essential that she do so.

2007-12-05, 03:22 AM
En Route to Autobot Security HQ:

Ironhide: -barrelling forward, zigzagging through traffic with a grace surprising for an old van, activates commlink- "Wheeljack! Ya read me?!"

Wheeljack: -over commlink- "What?"

Ironhide: "Ah think Ah mahght have a lahne on whut happened ta Prahme. Th' trailer ready fer transport?"

Wheeljack: "Let me make a few adjustments and it will be. Who's going to tow it?"

Ironhide: "Me. Ah get th' feelin' there ain't gonna be tahme ta assemble a full sahzed strahkeforce."

Wheeljack: "You won't be able to access the weapons systems."

Ironhide: "That don't worry me. Ah c'n take it."

Wheeljack: "You're not indestructable, no matter how thick your skin is."

Ironhide: "Ah don't care if Ah die'r not. Ah'm gettin' Prahme back, whutever th' cost."


Nightbeat: -takes the tools carefully- "The odds are good he wasn't expecting it."

2007-12-05, 07:40 AM
Autobase Security Centre

"Whatever you say, Tracksette," Hubcap said to Road Rage as he input the instructions into the communications console.

"Oh, by the way," he said, almost conversationally, "I've recorded all your threats and encoded them into a hidden audio file. If anything happens to me, your own system will mail it to the media. Just in case you were thinking of doing anything...rash."

Impressed by the smoothness of his lie, he quickly finished his assigned task. "Done and done," he reported cheerily.

Outside the Training Facility

"Works for me," Snarl said to Grimlock. "Of course, things would be a lot easier if you just took over. You and me could take Magnus easy."

Iacon Tube Station

Smokescreen replied to Wing Saber.

"We've arrested one of the robbers and handed him over to the ISS," he said as he transformed and roared off behind Ironhide. "Sorry we didn't have much for you to do."

He wasn't, but figured it was only polite to pretend. After all, Wing Saber was a good mech and he might need his help for another operation later.

At the Gates

Crosshairs shrugged. "I figure we can probably take off, Highbrow. The ISS have things in hand."

2007-12-05, 01:30 PM

"I am afraid that I agree," Glyph replied. "With some reservations. It will be interesting to learn which strike or strikes actually terminated him - I suspect that the majority of the injuries will prove to be post-mortem."

2007-12-05, 04:21 PM
"Ok Crosshairs. I am going to assist Topspin in making it back to the base and a repair chamber. Contact me if there is anything we can assist with. It should not take too long to fix him up." Highbrow said as he transformed into his helicopter.

Topspin climbed aboard Highbrow...

2007-12-06, 01:18 AM
Autobot Security HQ:

Road Rage simply narrowed her optics. "A questionable bunch of recordings from a known criminal? Please." Mentally checking her subspace pocket to make sure her throwdown gun is still there, she checked the console again. "I could just sue you for harrassment."

Ironhide: -two breems after the initial contact with Soundwave, comes screaming into the room in vehicle mode, skidding to a halt and transforming- "Which console?"

Road Rage pointed to the comms console that Hubcap was sitting at.

Ironhide: -moves over to the console, looming over Hubcap- "Get Soundwave on th' horn. NOW!!!!"

2007-12-06, 06:01 AM
At the Gates

As the present Autobots spoke amongst each other, First Aid politely intervened when Highbrow announced that he’d be taking Top Spin to Autobase.

“Err, excuse me, but I must insist that Top Spin come back to the IMR for additional treatment first, Highbrow,” said First Aid. “His condition has been stabilized, but this is a job that can only be finished at a fully equipped medical facility.”


Having finished with their tasks, the two Paradon medics that had accompanied First made their report, informing him that the attackers had been mended and had been processed by the ISS.

“Good job,” First Aid told them “I believe were done here then. Top Spin requires additional medical attention. Escort him and Highbrow back to the institute.”

"Right away,” one replied. “Will you be accompanying us?”

“Umm, I’ll be by shortly. I need to check in with the ISS before I go.”


Red Alert looked on as the rogue Decepticons were loaded up, giving the squadron a simple nod to depart.

Hot Spot would be joining them at Autobase’s Security Centre, but before he could transform he was stopped by a gentle tapping on his shoulder.

“Excuse me, here are those medical reports,” he said timidly.

“Oh, thank yo…First Aid? First Aid!” Hot Spot did a double take. "No need to be so formal. How are you?! How long has it been?!" he slapped his hand on the medics back. "You never call or anything! Hope Ratchet hasn't been keeping you too busy!”

“Heh, heh, sorry, about that,” First Aid lowered his head. “I've been busy since Ratchet went off to Protihex on disaster relief.”

Struggling to find an appropriate segue, First Aid opted for the obvious. “So, uhh...how goes things over at the ISS? Red Alert still laying it on thick? How’s Streetwise?”

“Oh things, they're...they’re going alright,” Hot Spot glanced over to Red Alert. “Streetwise is doing fine, considering all the recent changes at ISS HQ. He continues to impress the department. I hear you keep in touch with Groove. I know you two are close.”

“Yeah, I do," he nodded. "He’s a bit overwhelmed, what with everything that's happened in Protihex, but he’s doing well. I’m proud of him.”

First Aid looked his former-field commander firmly in the eyes. “Sigh, Hot Spot, listen," he tone now somber. "At some point we need to talk.”

“Sure, no problem. What’s wrong?”

“I…I saw Blades a while ago.”

For a moment, Hot Spot stared impassively back at First Aid and said nothing.


“He’s not doing well. I think it’s really serious.”


As First Aid and Hot Spot spoke of their former teammates, Red Alert busily tapped upon a datapad, filling out a standard report that he would eventually hand into Prowl.

As he did this, a call came in from Kalis. The transmission was from Nightbeat, who in the message, was at the scene for a murder.

“I’ll have forensics team dispatched momentarily, Nightbeat.” Red Alert responded.

As Red Alert conferred with Nightbeat, Doublecross, seeming out of nowhere, landed nearby. It distracted the security director for a moment, before he returned his focus to the incoming transmission.

“Any who’s, what’s, or why’s?” he continued.


Prowl’s Office, Autobase

“Autobot High command is not in the business of haggling,” Prowl told Fullfang. “However, I am interested in hearing your relationship to this, sigh, ‘Beefang’. Were you an accomplice?”

2007-12-06, 06:30 AM
"Alright. Lead the way to the IMR then - it's been awhile since either of us have been there..." Highbrow said to the Medics

2007-12-06, 12:04 PM
Undisclosed Office

Internecion Prologue

Tzai Industies inner circle, The Tzai, was amidst a turf war with another organization known to very view as the Metacarpus. A meeting is being held between representatives of competing rackets in hopes to treaty. The setting is to be neutral and private.

The Tzai and The Metacarpus history traces back immediately after the Reclamation when Cybertronians were struggling to regain resources. It is a violent history, with general disputes over resources and monopoly over particular markets. Neither side has been willing to negotiate until now. Much of this antagonism has also been brought on due to The Tzai’s broader connections to the legal world, thus making them more influential. Some have theorized this as the source of The Metacarpus’ resentment.
And in truth, The Tzai were winning, without as much as lifting finger in the process.

Some on both sides are hopeful for peace, though this is not a view that is shared among the members of both organizations. However, The Tzai inner circle still agreed upon this meeting despite their own reservations. And while both heads refuse to meet, the Tzai recognized it as the ground work for future negotiations between the organizations. A wrong move may result in escalating this dispute to all out war, something of which The Tzai would prefer to avoid due to risk of tarnishing its pristine public façade.

The setting was simple, a large office with six chairs, three facing each other with a small metallic table in the center. On one side, the Tzai representative sat with a guard on each side, while on the opposite end of the table the Metacarpus representative sat with his own escorts.

“Thank you for coming,” the Tzai representative smiled. “Please, relax. Remember, we are hopefuls like yourself.”

“Of course,” The Metacarpus rep smiled back. “I just can’t believe I’m sitting here with a representative of The Tzai discussing a treaty.”

“Don’t worry, no tricks, no betrayals. Now shall we begin discussion?”

“Yes, of course,” The Metacarpus hopeful took his seat.

“Excellent. Now, before we-”

The Tzai diplomat choked midway when the doors and windows around the six pacifists shattered and exploded. Droves of grey and black armored mechanoids welding rifles, representing The Metacarpus, swarmed into the room. They mercilessly slaughtering the Tzai pacifists first, followed by the guards of the Metacarpus representative.

The lone Metacarpus representative hands were quickly bound. He was then forced to kneel to the ground at both blade and gun point.

“W-what is the meaning of this?”

“Negotiations are over,” One of the soldiers sneered. “You and your treaty would doom us to drinking the vile swill from The Tzai’s hands like lowly mechs!"

“No! You mustn’t. The two of us can not continue to fight like this. The Metacarpus will surely be destroyed if we do-”

The of Metacarpus negotiators’ pleas were violently ended short once the assassin snapped his fingers, signaling his man to fire.


Border Regions

It was the event that Axer warned Blades of - The Border Region’s star versus Altihex’s - Blades verses “Tin Omen”.

Though there was a decent turnout - considering these events are spread by word of mouth - this would no doubt do little to place Axer’s fears to rest. The bets had been placed, many of which were betting on the ex-Protectobot.

As the crowd continued to swell, they became more and more anxious as they stared out into the empty arena, waiting for the fighters to arrive. When Blades finally stepped out, the crowd screamed in delight, he certainly had the “home” advantage, and it would provide the necessary morale when needed.

Most of the crowd however did not offer the same hospitality when Omen eventually arrived. He was a lot smaller frame than Blades had expected, similar to him actually. Omen’s overall design was sleek and sharp. Obviously built to be more aero dynamic, ideal for fighting rather than provide armor. Though Blades had encountered this before, most of the fighters he battled relied heavily on bulky plating, which Blades learned to exploit. This “Omen”, thus far, pleased him.

Omen flaunted a very basic monochromatic scheme of dull grey and black, verses Blades’ slightly louder navy blue, cyan, and orange armor. His demeanor though claim and collected, also exuded a level of confidence as he appeared to be completely uninterested in Blades’. This amused him

Then, the bell chimed.

“Heh, heh, alright," Blades grinned. "Shall we dance?”

“Your move.”

2007-12-07, 08:05 AM
At the Gates

Crosshairs watched as the medics got their proverbial hooks into Topspin, smiling a crooked smile.

None of that for me, he thought, quietly striding out of their field of view. Since there really wasn't much for him to do on-scene, the tactical officer transformed to vehicle mode and started back toward the security centre.

Autobase Security Centre

"You do that and I'll countersue for police brutality," Hubcap quipped back to Road Rage. Before Ironhide could even finish the second syllable of his request, he'd already opened the channel to Soundwave. Nonsense graphics filled the holodisplay as they waited for the Decepticon to pick up.

Smokescreen arrived only a few seconds behind Ironhide to find everyone staring at a test pattern and smiled slightly. Even when he's supposedly on our side, Soundwave has to look for that little edge, doesn't he?.

The tactician filed that tidbit of information for later.

The test pattern finally disappeared, to be replaced by Soundwave's holoavatar.

"Thank you for responding so promptly," he said icily.

2007-12-08, 04:42 AM
Autobot Security Center:

Ironhide: "Ferget th' smawll tawk, Soundwave. If ya know where Prahme is, I want ta know."


Nightbeat: -into commlink- "We'll wait until they get here, Red. Nightbeat out." -deactivates commlink- "Looks like we've got a few more minutes."

2007-12-08, 05:56 AM
Autobase Security Centre

"No," Soundwave told Ironhide frostily. "First, I must make this clear. You will not reclaim your leader by military force. If you attempt to do so, Gigatron's forces will intercept you, and he will have a massive propaganda victory...which I daresay is precisely why he had your commander abducted in the first place. If Prime is to be recovered, you must cooperate with me and do as I say.

"I will arrange for your recovery unit to be escorted into Polyhex. Along with whomever you are assigning to rescue Prime, you will bring along a small contingent of non-aligned personnel who can be employed in distractions meant to keep the Polyhex Constabulary from noticing that an Autobot operation is proceeding under their noses. You will proceed to Prime's location and reactivate him, at which point you will leave Polyhex immediately. If you deviate from these directions, even slightly, I will alert Gigatron and he will immediately destroy Prime. Is this understood?"

2007-12-08, 10:21 AM

Glyph, aware of Tracks watching her every move, carefully clasped her hands together, allowing only her optics and scanners to rove the small room. It was clear the place had been abandoned for a while, which had, until their arrival, preserved the crime scene. There was dried fuel spilt on the floor and she could not help but note that it had picked out several long scratches in the metallic surface. Resisting the urge to kneel and complete a closer examination (there were sanctioned forensics operatives on their way) she addressed Nightbeat: "I would imagine this is the end of my quest to find out what happened. Please forgive me, but I am extremely disappointed."

2007-12-10, 04:27 PM

Nightbeat: "Well, now.... that's where you're wrong. Unless you don't want to find out why this corpse had somebody scramble your cerebro-circuits. Or used you, if they did use you, to kill him."

Autobot Security Center:

Ironhide: -scowling into the video pickup- "Ain't bringin' that many along. Got no ahdea how far inta our comms you guys got access. Ah think Ah c'n fahnd some neutral guys ta send in. When ya wanna do this?"

2007-12-10, 09:47 PM

"I do wish to find out the truth," Glyph responded ernestly. "I will co-operate to the best of my impaired ability. But I scarcely believe anything positive will be forthcoming following my arrest and incarceration."

She shuddered visibly. For Glyph, the thought of a cell of any kind only brought back unpleasant memories of the Grease Pits.


Iacon Tube Station

Weasel scurried from commuter to commuter, eagerly snatching brief conversations which were all roughly along the same theme: ruined journey, lateness and disregard for the functionality of innocent travellers. He had really hoped for Ironhide to come this way, but there was plenty of material to construct an article on the security forces' lack of concern for the safety of the general public.

He could see Airplay was still interviewing. Not wishing to disturb her, he sidled for the exit and dropped a quick comm message, 'Weasel returnss to office to get ssome of thiss out; you know, sstrike while the ironss hot.' And, as he passed into the open again, he thought: I must review my hack, too.

Aero Blade
2007-12-11, 05:58 AM
"I'm just glad that things have worked out alright," Wing Saber responded to Smokescreen easily, though his tone changed a moment later. "I hope public transportation won't be too upset over the incident, though..."

"That aside, I believe I should be headed back to Ultra Magnus. I had been asigned to stick with him, and I have a feeling he may have tasks for me after a recient debriefing I was privy to with a not-so-cooperative soldier, Crimlunk or something..." Wing Saber spoke, the name evading him, though he didn't have much concern about learning it.

2007-12-11, 06:22 AM
Autobase Security Centre

Smokescreen replied to Wing Saber's comm, but most of his attention was still focused on Ironhide's conversation.

"I think you mean Grimlock," he said with a half-smile. "He's a bit of a handful, isn't he?"

Meanwhile, Soundwave was orating from the building's comm station.

"Three hours from now," the Decepticon's holoavatar said. "I will send a representative to meet you in Valvolux. He will have the clearances necessary to slip you and your agents past the Polyhex border checkpoints undetected."

2007-12-12, 09:23 PM
Three Earthen style vehicles sped came along the mostly sevicable main highway to iacon, returning from a trip to an out skirt town of Zatt'n on the request of Doublecross.
Although not highest ranking, Gears led the convoy, as it was he who had organised group and had actually recieved the salvage mission from the Supplies officer. Their had been a salvagaeable weapons cache in Zatt'n, a town set up purely for the manufacture of Standard and Specialise rounds.
Gears was, for all intents and purposes, quite happy. He heard Windchargers engine rev for the umpteenth time, and turned on their dedicated link:
"Windcharger, give it a rest, you'll damage our audio receptors with that racket, and alert any bandits or decepticreeps in the area!"
"Shaddup willya?! I'm goin' insane here!"
Trailbreaker sighed.
"You be quiet and all, slowpoke! Damn it all, but if I could have been hooked up with Transformers any slower..."
At this, Windcharger revved his engines again, this time smoke pouring from his rear tyres as he burned rubber-
"We wouldn't be moving at all!"
At this, the red Mini-bot screamed off into the distance, Still hollering obscenitites about his talents being underused as he tore into the horizon.
Trailbreaker commed Gears:
"Hey, don't worry: He might get lucky and find some action. And then we might get lucky, and we'll find him in pieces!"
"Yeah, that'd be something else to carry though, wouldn't it? Don't worry about old Gears eh?"

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-12-13, 08:39 AM
When the trial dragged past an earth week, most mechs were more surprised than anything. While some expressed outrage that such an open and shut case was taking so long and blamed it on the idea that Autobots wouldn't let other Autobots die even if they deserved it, so they were trying to justify how not to kill him. Because the evidence could not be released until after the trial, many were still convinced Sunstreaker was undoubtedly guilty. Ironically this rule was put in place to avoid, the public making swift judgment before all the evidence was released. Inside the tribunal, the lines had been drawn. Perceptor, with the evidence presented by Wheeljack, refused to give a guilty verdict. Jazz wasn't so set on a not guilty plea, would never condone execution or even long term incarceration. Prowl sat in the middle, refusing execution, but accepting that long term incarceration would probably be necessary solely for the treason charges. Magnus didn't think innocent was a possibility, but realized execution was most likely out aswell. A long sentence with a long probationary period and a stripping of his place in the Autobots. Red Alert was the only member on the Tribunal that still saw execution as a viable punishment, needless to say he would not be putting down innocent. Because all five on the tribunal needed to agree, and the evidence could be seen as Expert Opinion on the situation at best and circumstantial or inadequate at worst. There would have been no change for days or even months if no one stepped in.

"Red, you need to come to the middle here. I know you don't think the evidence is conclusive, and you have a bit of a point, but it's was someone we trust." Prowl's voice of reason, trying to calm the heated security officer.

"Prowl, my job is to keep Cybertron safe and peaceful. How can we be safe when there is a chance it happens again? What if he has more ties to the Decepticons than we realized? I have to many questions to back down!" Red Alert's fanatical stance had been unchanged in days.

Magnus sighed, rubbing his forehead. His ceremonial wig had been replaced by a tall, ornmental pope-like hat worn by all military Tribunal heads in Autobot history, even Prime had worn it once or twice. "Red, I know what your saying and I do respect it, I really do. And while I also think he is a threat to repeat, I don't foresee it going to the same scale. I think the bigger problem here is his attacks on fellow Autobots, more so than other things. He's always been violent, I think if he gets a small prison sentence, he atleast needs to be stripped of the Autobrand."

Jazz shook his head, "A short prison sentence makes sense man, but why strip him of the Autobrand? Ain't that pretty much sayin' 'please become a Decepticon'?" Jazz asked adjusting himself in his seat, "I don't think we want to alienate him like that? Push him straight to the otherside."

"And what if he does that anyway!?" Red Alert chimed in. "Don't be so draconian!" Perceptor angrily replied, "We all know Sunstreaker is belligerent but he's always been loyal to the Autobot cause, and from what the Decepticons told us, he didn't want to join them, he just wanted a shuttle!" "He gets a shuttle and gets back to Cybertron and then decideds he likes being able to kill whatever... then..." Red Alert trailed off, "You know where I'm going with this."
Perceptor shook his head, "Pure speculation! Now you're just grabbing at whatever you can!" Perceptor's voice was accusing and angry.
"How can you say that?! You're saying some magical power changed his brain! There is no solid proof!" Red Alert.

Prowl nodded, "You're both right, although one can be proved over time, the other is pure speculation of 'what could have been'." Prowl paused for a moment, "I don't think we can jail him until that study is complete though. It could be years."

"On the flipside, what if that didn't have any affect and he does something again? Can we risk that?" Ultra Magnus asked, removing his pope-hat. "In my opinion, no, we can't just let him walk there is still a possibility he's a risk."

"I see what yer sayin', Magnus and you know I agree that we can't let possible threat stir things up, but can we imprison him on those grounds, jus' gonna walk up and say, 'hey we're not sure if you're cured or not, but we gotta throw you in the brig and strip you of your Autobrand." Jass replied.

"I never said anything about the Autobrand, I am trying to focus on how we decide what is safest. We'll cross that bridge when the time comes. For now we have to decide on a sentence, and no letting him walk free is not an option, Perceptor. Nor is execution, Red Alert."

There was an awkward silence for a moment, before a messenger stepped through the door. They all looked up and Red Alert quickly left from his chair. "Who let you in!?" Red Alert barked at the messenger, but he simply ignored him, handing the panel to Ultra Magnus."

Magnus paused for a moment and set it down into a panel infront of him, "I'm uploading this for all of you. It's from Prime."

2007-12-13, 11:31 AM
At the Gates


After closing transmission with Nightbeat, Red Alert flicked his left audio receptor to open a second channel on an ISS frequency.
“Officer Streetwise, do you copy?”
“Streetwise here,” a voice replied from the receiver.
“Good. I require your skills. I have received details from Nightbeat of a homicide in Kalis. I have already dispatched three other forensics officers to rendezvous with you. You are to secure the scene and transport the body. Understood?”
“Yes sir. I’m on my way,” Streetwise’s voice transmitted in return.
“Keep me posted. Red Alert out.”

(Heinrad: At this point, just assume that Streetwise is almost there. Or, if you can’t wait, just go ahead and acknowledge that he just showed up in Kalis…I’ll play along)

At the scene of the rampage, most parties involved have departed except for Red Alert, Hot Spot, and First Aid, who was still speaking with his former squadron leader. Though it pained Red to interrupt this reunion, duty called.
“Hot Spot,” Red Alert called out, interrupting Hot Spot’s brief reunion. “I don’t mean to barge in, but we need to head back Autobase to turn in this report to Prowl and handle any other formalities regarding our visitors….It’s nice to see you by the way, First Aid.”
“A pleasure, as always,” First Aid cordially replied, then turned back to Hot Spot. “We’ll discuss this later.”
“Hmm. Really that bad, huh?” Hot Spot said inquisitively.
“Just call it intuition,” the medic answered. First Aid then reverted back to his ambulance mode, his engine hummed as he sat idly. “I’ll keep in touch” He called out as he sped off towards the highway leading back to the IMR.

Iacon Medical and Research


After parting ways with Hot Spot, First Aid made his way back to the IMR. Topspin, who had been accompanied by Highbrow, had already been brought to the institute’s onsite hospital by the two Paradon medics that where with him earlier. Though the damage was not fatal, repairs immediately commenced. Topspin’s sensorial circuitry had been shut off in order to numb him in the duration (OOC: like giving someone an anesthetic). When First Aid finally arrived, he took over, skillfully mending or replacing the internal components and circuitry that had been crushed by the falling debris caused from Menasor’s earlier rampage. This took a good half hour to complete before First Aid began to refurbish Topspin’s damaged wing, which had been fashioned by one of his assistants, and the dented and gashed armor plating. Once the last bit of plating had been deftly secured, First Aid switched off his pen-shaped tool, placed it on a nearby tray, and then made a dust-off motion with his hands.
“Well,” First Aid pleasantly announced, gently placing his hand on Topspin’s shoulder. “You’re as good as new. We had to replace a few cydraulics, so your joints may be a bit stiff for about an hour until they loosen up. Other than that, every thing is in running order and diagnostics read out good. You’re free to go.”

2007-12-13, 11:53 AM
At the Gate ]

Cross consulted his internal chronograph.

He opened a Com channel to Gears

"please report your ssstatus wasss your mission successful."

Double looked across at his partner

"At least Gearssss is reliable we can trussst him , he may grumble but he getss the job done."

Cross nodded.

"We need someone to we can trusst in suppliess while we ferret out the Mafia's and Hubcap's penetration of our sssysttemsss."

2007-12-13, 03:12 PM
Iacon Medical and Research

"Thanks First Aid. Nice to know I will be back to full decepticon-but kicking ability that fast. Of course, most of them I could have beaten even when damaged" Topspin began to drone on, but Highbrow interrupted him

"What he means to say doctor, is Thank you for your great work. It will be put to great use... AND he will try not to end up back here for some time, if at all possible." Highbrow said.

2007-12-14, 03:53 AM
Border Regions - At the Event

Though both began to show signs of injury, neither Blades of 'Tin Omen" appeared to be fatigued nor showed any sign of relenting. In a cooper-hued arc, Blades, with rotor in hand, swiped at the assailing Omen, who swiftly evaded the attack by dropping to the arena floor before delivering a powerful trip kick to Blades’ shin, grounding the ex-Protectobot.

But before Omen could pounce onto him, Blades pressed his hands into the floor and back flipped away from him, kicking Omen below the chin, before landing safely onto his feet.


Exchanging a swift array of punches, Omen eventually was able to land a combo across Blades’ face and torso area. This disoriented Blades, which Omen further exploited by delivering a brutal barrage of attacks.

The audience grew louder and more restless as they watched their star for the first time receive the pummeling of his life. He was just too quick for even Blades to respond to effectively. When Blades finally found an opening to take advantage of, he placed a low blow into his opponent’s lower torso, causing a “gut” wrenching response. Omen responded in kind with a devastating elbow to the back of Blades’ head causing him to drop to the floor once again.

The attack left a small dent on the back of his head. Omen looked disdainfully down at the Blades, who lay at his feet, before kicking him across the arena, where collided against the coliseum wall.

Drawing his blade, Omen haughtily walked towards Blades as he wobbled to his feet. As Omen raised his arm to deliver the death blow, Blades, in the same motion, rapidly spun (mostly) out of the way, drew two of his rotors, and shoved one straight through Omen’s right upper thigh. As Blades completed his spin, he shoved the other through Omen’s lower torso. Fluids gushed from the wound.

Blades hadn’t even noticed that Omen’s earlier attack had taken a chunk off his left shoulder.


Offering and eye for an eye, Blades’ cruelly toyed with Omen, rotors still protruding from his body, as he kicked and punched him into submission. Blades was in a blind rage, with no perception whether his actions were malicious or justified. There simply was no purpose at all.

When Blades had finished, Omen was no longer the sleek design that he arrived as, but a violently grotesque and unrecognizable figure. Forcing Omen to his knees, Blades stood behind him, placing the palms of his hands on each side of Tin Omen’s cranium and began to press with the intent of crushing his opponent's head in.

As the metal around his cranium slowly began to give way, Omen struggled to escape. This only prompted Blades to press tighter. With what remaining bit of inertia he had, with both hands Omen yanked the rotor out from his gut and slashed upwards into Blades’ already exposed left shoulder. The blade cut deep enough into the already deep wound, splitting Blades’ left shoulder and arm away from his body.

Screaming in oil-curdling agony, Blades’ side portion dropped to ground, releasing Omen in the process. A great amount of neon color fluids spurted from the huge wound where Blades’ left shoulder and arm use to be. But before Omen could get a second wind and take advantage of this, Blades, still in a maddening rage, with his remaining hand clenched onto the top of Omen’s head and crushed it with ease, bringing the fight to its violent conclusion.

But the audience did not cheer. The arena was silent as they watched their victorious star sway and shake, fluids still pouring out heavily from his wound. His head wobbled up and down as he began to nod in and out of stasis lock, until, ultimately, his body flopped flaccidly forward into a puddle of neon colored carnage. The audience gasped.

Then there was silence.

2007-12-14, 10:22 PM
Entrance of Tube Station

Airplay faced the camera drone

"As you can see behind me Chaos reigns a city brought to a standstill. Traffic snarled up and the only alternative brought to a screeching halt by the actions of our security forces. There tatics were more suitable to a battlefield than an urban conurbation.

It would seem that they have apprehended one of the Bank Robbers but none of the credits have been recovered. Not only did they severely damage a multi million credit traction unit but also there indiscriminate fire injured innocent mechs.

We are forced to ask oursleves whether these tired old warhorses shouldn't be put out to pasture and replaced with new peace officers able to function in a peacetime enviroment, rather than ones who treat every operation like a military campaign.

This is Airplay for CBC reporting the news you want to hear."

2007-12-15, 04:41 AM
Autobase Security Center:

Ironhide: -into the comm panel- "Awlrahght, Soundwave. Ah'll meet you or yer rep at Valvolux in three hours." -deactivates comm panel- "Ah got Wheeljack riggin' Prahme's trailer so we c'n bring it with us. Smokescreen, ya know'a any mercs we could hire? Ah also wanna know how many ya think we c'n fit in th' trailer. Prob'ly two, three at th' most."

Road Rage half listened, tuning more into the commentary coming in on one of the VDU's. "I don't think you made any friends in the press today."

Ironhide: "So? They ain't been too friendly ta me cause Ah ain't awl that friendly ta them. Bunch'a slag-suckin' jackals........"


Nightbeat: "All right. Streetwise should be here shortly, probably bringing the press with him. Whether he wants them along or not. Time to put my plan into action." -looks over at Glyph- "Up for trying to figure out what's going on with your blacked out past?"

Target Range:

Grimlock: -kind of glad he lacks a proper face, as the huge grin that would be on it would probably give away what he's thinking as he activates his commlink- "Magnus, this Grimlock. Me going to take Dinobots and go frack up the press."

2007-12-15, 08:41 PM
Gears grunted as he recived the transmission from (Double )Cross:
"Not much to report: We found and retrieved a bunch of Standard ounds and few unmarked crates of some specialised stuff. There was, as intel suggested, a bunch of Bandits called Bombasticons that were trying to make a stake to the area, but their forces were too thin. We snuck in and out without raising an optic, which didn't suit our magnetic Punk one tiny bit."


Up ahead, the punk himself, Windcharger, had pulled over and waited for his two comrades to catch up. He had cooled down, but was no less unhappy about his convoy buddies being so slow!
Especially our team leader Trailbreaker: he has to be the lamest Transformer that ever came off the assembly line!

2007-12-15, 09:59 PM

"P..p..plan?" Glyph stammered: Nightbeat had a plan? "You will still help me? Despite the appearance of this situation?"

She recovered and nodded slowly, staring at Spinnet's corpse. "I need to know what was my involvement - if any - here. I need to know who and why someone would so brutally rip out my memories."

2007-12-16, 06:37 AM
Autobase Security Centre

Crosshairs walked in just as Soundwave's image disappeared from the comm station. he glanced at Smokescreen quizzically.

"You don't want to know," the tactician said. Turning to Ironhide, he told him, "Three sounds about right. Maybe four, but only if they don't mind getting cozy." He paused a second to consider his options. "I think Repugnus is in town. This sort of work is right up his alley. Sunstreaker too, if we can trust him not to shoot us." He smiled slightly. "Oh, and if the reports from the Tygun Span are accurate, we might be able to, uh, forcibly recruit Doubledealer as well."

Crosshairs shook his head. "You're right. I really don't want to know..."

2007-12-16, 09:01 PM
On the Airwaves

Anchor shuffled his data cards together and looked into the camera.

"Gang warfare continues to escalate throughout Cybertron , The destruction of several small businesses in the greater Iacon area are believed to be connected to this. Many of the businesses on first inspection appeared fairly innocuous but sources in the security apparatus believe them to be fronts for the Space Mafia.


In an update on our Tygun Span story a memorial service will be held for the fallen on the second day of the next rest period at the temple of Primus on the corner of Servo and Port Street. The security services are planning a low key affair and ask for any donations to be made either the Veteran's Legion or the Field Medic training department of Iacon Medical Research. Award nominated footage of that attack is available to download from our website. WWW.CBC-breakingnews.org.cyb


An attack by rogue elements of the decepticon forces was sucessfuly beaten off by our gallant forces and the protagonists taken into custody. Although our forces acted with admirable speed and efficency this is the second attack of this type in recent days. Tune in to our 8:30 discussion programme Gravitas' Gearings for an in depth analysis of the course of this , and an audience discussion on possible measures such as economic sanctions towards the decepticons to prevent future occurences.

And finally the West Iacon hunt regained one of its most valued members today after Traverse the turbo -hound returned to their kennels. Traverse went missing when a shuttle evacuating Iacon was shot down during the Quint Invasion. The faithful turbo -hound returned back to his kennels. Over to Spindle who is reprting live from the stables of the West Iacon hunt.

"Hello Anchor I am here with Heat Haze leader of the West Iacon hunt to tell you an amazing story of Dogged determination." ......

2007-12-17, 01:58 AM
Autobot Security Center:

Ironhide: "Ah'm gonna have enough trouble haulin' that trailer as it is. Pick yerself an' one other, Smokescreen. Keeps me from burnin' mah linkages out, an' also keeps th' Cons from gettin' too many'a us, if this is a trap." -looks over at Road Rage- "Keep a tahght lid on our guest over there. Don't want nobody figgerin' out whut we're doin'."

Road Rage simply nodded, keeping her plasma discharger aimed at Hubcap. "All right, dirtbag. Back to your cell."

Ironhide: -stands- "Meet me at Wheeljack's lab when ya got th' rest'a yer team assembled, Smokescreen. Cawl Repugnus, Sunstreaker, an' Doubledealer, an' anybody else ya c'n think of. Heck, even th' Dinobots'd work. Big enough distraction, an' we c'n tell th' press how a bunch'a us old war horses went an' rescued our missin' leader, no thanks ta th' media." -starts towards the door- "Ah'm gonna go let Magnus know what's goin' on. Figger he oughta know, an' tellin' him now's better'n havin' Prahme tell him."


Nightbeat: "If this works, whoever did this to you will come to try to kill you, in all probability. Or send somebody to do it."

Tracks: "I'm going to get my finish ruined, aren't I?"

Nightbeat: "No, no. We can't disguise you as Glyph. You're too tall, for one thing. What we'll do is bait and switch. We'll put Glyph in the safest place I can think of and use somebody else as bait."

Aero Blade
2007-12-17, 05:16 AM
Ultra Magnus listened to the latest incoming call, not immediatly responding as he took a moment to give it consideration. A moment later and another transmittion interrupted his thought, though from a more friendlier source.

"Wing Saber reporting in. The hostage situation in the city has been dealt with and I am returning to base," The large Autobot's voice spoke over the connection.

"On your way in, I would like you to track down Grimlock for observation," Ultra Magnus responded. "He has come up with a new form of amusement, and I feel he may need a chaperone to keep him in check..."

Over the com, Magnus could hear the faintest of sighs, but Wing Saber was very quick to speak again. "Very well, I will keep you posted."

As Wing Saber's signal cut out, Magnus then turned his attention back to Grimlock. "As soon as you leave the base Grimlock, you will be having a new companion. I have asked Wing Saber to join you in this little endeavor to keep track of and log this event for posterity, or any other purposes that may require a record of this incident..." Magnus spoke kindly on the com, though his tone implied the underlying meaning of a courtmarshal if things got out of hand. "Though I supose if you decide to stay in the base I shall have to find him a different task."

2007-12-17, 06:16 AM
Autobase Security Centre

Smokescreen nodded. "Consider it done." He turned to Crosshairs. "You interested in tagging along?"

"I think I should probably stick around here," the ex-Targetmaster replied, glancing at Road Rage as she hustled Hubcap back to his cell. "We need someone senior to handle security in case something comes up while you guys are gone."

"Makes sense. Lets see who's available, then." The tactician called up a duty roster. "Anyone catch your eye?"

"Hmmm..." Crosshairs ran his finger down the list. "How about Topspin? He's an ex-Wrecker, and he did a good job fighting off the Stunticons."

Smokescreen thought about that for a few seconds, then nodded. "Sounds good to me." Keying his comlink, the Autobot said, "Topspin, could you come down to the security centre? We've got a little job for you."

At the same time, he sent short text-based messages to Sunstreaker and Repugnus, offering them a ludicrous amount of shanix for an urgent hired assignment.

Finally, he fired up the centre's long-range comm suite and sent a message to Hot Rod. "You planning on coming back any time soon? I need your prisoner for something." He left the wording vague, not wanting to give away the game to any Decepticon spies who might be plugged into their comm network.

2007-12-17, 06:31 AM
As Topspin left the medical ward, he received Smokescreen's communication.

"A job? Sure thing. I will be there shortly..."

"Will you require my assistance?" Highbrow asked Topspin.

"Let me check with him..." Topspin said. "Hey Smokescreen, do you need another- I have Highbrow here with me and he is still unassigned at the moment as well."

2007-12-17, 12:55 PM

Glyph could certainly see why Nightbeat had achieved his field reputation, although she was glad that the part about crashing vehicles had not surfaced. She was used to reassembling and interpreting puzzles, but this one was out of her control in many ways.

"Are we to be privy to your intentions?" she asked him, watching as relief crossed Track's crimson face.

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-12-18, 04:16 AM
The break in the tribunal was something no one had forseen, and was technically, illegal. Optimus Prime, who was for the most part dead, had forced the hand of the tribunal saying that Sunstreaker was valuable to the Autobot cause for reasons beyond that same cause. Ultra Magnus, while not 100% sure this was the right idea, he trusted Prime's judgment of some one he knew far better than his own While Red Alert fought the letter, everyone else agreed that if Prime saw something, then perhaps the parole was the best choice. After a couple days of debate Red Alert was appeased by a very strict parole. How ever when the verdict was announced over major Cybertronian air waves, no one knew what to say. Some immediately demanded a civilian trial, saying that the tribunal was biased against imprisoning a military Autobot. Others simply questioned the legitimacy, and while they may have had a case, the fact is a lot of minds were changed as the evidence was released. There would always be those to question the legitimacy but those that weren't appeased by the verdict were happy with the punishment. Sunstreaker would spend another full solar rotation in the brig, after that he would be under a strict parole.

"You will not be allowed to carry any sort of weapon unless given one by a CO. You will not be sent on any missions that will leave you un-attended. You will have extended duty shifts and will not be allowed into any energon bar other than the one on base. If you are caught fighting outside of a training facility or uttering threats your parole will be revoked. If you are seen interacting with any Decepticons or any bot with known Decepticon contacts you will be brought up on treason charges and your parole revoked. You may not leave the base while on duty, you must respond to all pages immediately. You may also be immediately incarcerated if at any point you fail a monthly brain scan to make sure there are no further malfunctions. Failure to follow any of the above will result in immediate incarceration and a full sentence of 150 full solar rotations. Do we make ourselves clear?" Ultra Magnus set the panel down and looked up at Sunstreaker.

Sunstreaker stared back at the Autobot leader. "I understand."
Ultra Magnus nodded, "Good. All these measure go into effect exactly one year from today." He nodded towards the jailer, "Take him away."


"Now ya gotta ask. Are we gonna be hearin' about this again?" Blaster asked. "Well, I can only assume we haven't had all the backlash we're gonna get," Slamdance replied, "This has been a hot topic issue since he was arrested and he more or less got off with a smack with a news paper and a strong scolding."

"Is there any chance for a re-trial? I mean, lookin at this evidence. I know the outcome doesn't jive well, but man, Sunstreaker's defence made it pretty hard to kill him, or even incarcerate him. Then factor in how badass the parole is. Man, he sneezes funny and we don't see him for a looooong time. Will that appease people?"

"Well, from what I've heard the parole has appeased some people, but the hardliners and the human supporters just will not accept this verdict. I don't think we're gonna see an end to demands for a civilian trial for a while. I also think we'll see more when he is released." Slamdance responded.

"Alright, man. Well thanks for the report. That was Slamdance with continuing cover--*click*

"So now what?" Sideswipe asked, as he looked at Sunstreaker who was in a less security intensive prison. "Wait a year, get out and find loop holes?" the black Autobot grinned. "You seem a lot happier." Sideswipe smiled as turned to face his mold brother. "Not gonna get executed. That's a start to being happy I figure. Plus this trial explained a few things that even I didn't know. I'll be out of here soon and just make sure I keep myself signed up for every mission I can to stay out of this heap." Sunstreaker shrugged, "It's a win-win as far as I can tell."

Sideswipe grinned, "I think you'll go insane, personally. I don't think you can handle the no drinking and fighting."

"Why not? I'm repressing the urge to bash your cranial plating in right now." Sunstreaker shrugged, "Can't be that hard."

2007-12-19, 05:05 AM
Autobase Security Centre

Smokescreen pondered that for a second. "I wish I could say he could come," he told Topspin at last, "but Ironhide was fairly adamant about the number of people on this mission. I'll keep him in mind in case someone else I've called doesn't check in, though."

2007-12-19, 05:28 AM
"I understand sir. I will be there shortly." Topspin said, closing his communication link to Smokescreen.

"Sorry pal. I'll catch up with ya later and fill ya in on the details." Topspin said to Highbrow.

"Alright. I shall endeavor to find another posting while you are gone. Have fun - and stay safe. If Ironhide has requested you specifically, there is no telling what this task may involve. He may be chasing more ghosts..." Highbrow warned Topspin.

"Yeah, I know. Don't worry though- if I can handle Menasor, I can handle just about anything..." Topspin said.

"If I remember correctly, you did spend considerable time in the medic's care..." Highbrow trailed off.

"Yeah yeah yeah- but you saw the other guy- he was in far worse condition!" Topspin remarked back, "Anyways, I gotta get going. I'll cya around bud."

Topspin turned and left to go towards the security center.

"Good luck my friend... I fear you may need it..." Highbrow whispered as his friend departed. Well, what can I find to do now...

(OOC: feel free to contact Highbrow with an assignment or trip to the bar or whatever...)

2007-12-20, 01:01 AM
Gears and Trailbreaker caught up with Windcharger, who mutely-yet-sulkily, rejoined the convoy.
"Doublecross, where do you want the ammunition stored?" Gears asked over the Comm link between himself and the Monsterbot.

Trailbreaker meanwhile, opened a private channel to Windcharger:
"Hey buddy, keep it cool: I know I'm the one you got a problem with, but I assure you when we get back, you can get back to racing with all your friends.
Now, in the meantime, you want to help a 'bot out, hows about you drag my slow self with those magnetic powers of yours?"

2007-12-20, 08:10 AM
Double replied over the com unit

"it needs to be ssssstored in Warehouse 21-b/f."

Cross interupted on the same com frequency.

"nooo that warehoussse isss full."

Double snorted

"are you ssssureee"

Cross nodded


Double continued

"ssssscratch that take it to central processssing we'll meet you there yessss."

On the Air

A burnt orange coloured femme looked at the camera as the opening theme faded out .

"This is The CBC evening news read by myself Limelight.

Optimus Prime is still missing with no further news of his whereabouts. It looks like we may have to fear the worse. We conducted an online poll to see who you think should replace Prime and lead us through the peace. While ever popular Ultra Magnus retained a strong following the suprise contender was Perceptor. The distinguished scientist was judged to have the right qualitities to lead us through the peace. In the past he has displayed strong leadership skills and is doing a sterling job rebuilding Protihex and working to unify the diverse elements in that city state. He is however not to everymech's taste one forum user wrote.

"Me think stupid mechs only like him because red and boxy like Opalfruit Pram.

We all hope that Prime will be returned to us soon but must continue to plan for the future and it is reassuring that there is a range of strong candidates to step into his place if necessary.


Coastguard investigators continue to investigate the wreck of the Busted Flush found burning and aground just off the Siphon point. Crew and passengers have been strangely reticent in recounting what actualy happened. They claim they were attacked by Pirates? With us to day in the studio we have Shipwreck Senior Coastguard Inspector. Shipwreck what do your investigations tell you what actually happened on that ship....

2007-12-21, 01:47 AM
Ultra Magnus' Office:

Ironhide: -sticks his head into the door- "Magnus, Ah got a lead on where Prahme is. If this works, we'll get Prahme back. If it don't work.... Ah want ya t'prep some kahnd'a statement sayin' that Ah snapped, was convinced that th' 'Cons took Prahme, an' ya sent Smokescreen an' somebody ta stop th' rampagin' ol' warhorse. Ah gotta go get Smokescreen an' Prahme's trailer. Wish me luck. An' don't think 'bout sendin' anybody after us, or 'bout tryin' ta stop me." -chuckles- "Ah c'n tell ya one thing, though. If th' info Ah got's on th' level, Gigs' got a lot more trouble'n us." -strides away, activates commlink- "Wheeljack, you got th' trailer ready?"

Wheeljack: -over commlink- "It's ready to go. And I've got good news and bad news."

Ironhide: "Ah got a bad feelin' 'bout this. Whut's th' good news?"

Wheeljack: "Well, you'll be able to access the weapons systems. I can mate them to the systems in your battle platform."

Ironhide: "Yer rahght. That is good news. Whut's th' bad news?"

Wheeljack: "You'll only be able to bring them online when the trailer's in battle mode."

Ironhide: -stops dead- "Yer kiddin'."

Wheeljack: "No, unfortunately."

Ironhide: "Great. Ah c'n get th' weapons, but Ah ain't gonna be movin' if Ah need 'em. Better'n luggin' a box with a bunch'a people shootin' at me. Ah'll be there in a few minutes."


Hot Rod: -over commlink to Smokescreen- "Once we get the wounded aboard Omega Supreme, we'll be back. Assuming Whirl doesn't overly strain himself lugging Doubledealer back here, that is."

2007-12-21, 05:00 AM
Security Centre

When Hot Spot arrived, the ISS officers had already begun to unload the rogue Decepticons, all properly retrained. They were being lead into the building where they would be handed over the Security Centre’s staff, be processed, and eventually locked up. Hot Spot was simply there to oversee the exchange.

“Got a package for you,” Hot Spot handed the warden a datapad.



Prowl’s Office, Autobase
Without so much as sounding the door chime, Red Alert walked into Prowl’s office, report in hand. Prowl was still meeting with Fullfang. Prowl’s head moved up to meet Red Alert as he approached his desk.

“Red Alert,” Prowl said.

Though he did not acknowledge the security director’s rudeness, he was quite aware of it. Prowl then resumed his Fullfang.

“We will discuss this matter in further detail later, though I assure you that my position will not abate. Now if you will excuse me,” Prowl looked to Red Alert. What can I do for you, Red Alert?”

“Oh, don’t worry, this won’t take long,” Red Alert replied. His cynical tone was indictive that he was not at all delighted to see Prowl.

He flung a datapad onto chief strategist's desk. Prowl stared impassively back at Red Alert.

“An exhaustive report of the incident at the gates. Enjoy!”

As Red Alert turned away to leave the room, Prowl spoke up.

“You were not dismissed,” Prowl said somberly. “Red, have a seat. It is time you and I had words.”

Prowl said nothing more until he was certain that the office was empty.



Following Red Alert’s instructions, Streetwise, accompanied by a forensics team, arrived in Kalis where Nightbeat and Glyph waited at the scene of the crime.

After setting up their equipment, Streetwise approached Nightbeat and Glyph.

“Evening, you two,” Streetwise said cordially. “What can you tell me?”

Sociopathic Autobot
2007-12-26, 05:11 AM
Sunstreaker took the text based message. "Autobots calling me for a mission. That's...." Sunstreaker replied to the message from Crosshairs -Money's right, we'll talk more when I get there-
He wasn't sure what to make of this, since very rarely did an Autobot of any standing talk to him.

Sunstreaker's jail time went off without a hitch, but things quickly started becoming problematic as soon as he was freed. He was caught up in the red tape caused by the public opinion. Like many predicted, Sunstreaker's release was met with much of the same as the trial. Demands for another trial, and rumblings that even the Autobot high command wasn't really sure about this. Sunstreaker was becoming restless and visibly upset with the fact he was rarely able to leave Autobase, and most of his attempts to sign up for missions was denied due to 'possibility of threat to civilians.' When he did get out for missions they were rarely for more than recon, rebuilding or menial labor. He had, however, managed to remain inside the rules of his parole without problem. There were no real problems until almost a year after his release

"So what are we doing?" Sideswipe asked, as he and Sunstreaker blazed down the main highway if Iacon.
"Message delivery," Sunstreaker replied with mild distain towards his mission. "Can I call you Postman?" Sideswipe asked, stifling a giggle. Sunstreaker replied be speeding up and dangerously cutting infront of Sideswipe, causing the red brother swerve to avoid the collision and almost sail off the road. "Guess not!" Sideswipe hollered. Sunstreaker took an offramp and Sideswipe followed.

"So how was that last mission?" Sunstreaker asked. "Same old, same old. Went to barter, they were hostile, 'disabled' a few hostiles and then managed to get what we came for. They're so routine they're boring." Sideswipe tried to speak with nonchalance. "Sure they are, and I love playing little messenger boy." Sunstreaker replied, "You see the place?" he asked Sideswipe. "I think it's just up ahead." The two bots slowed down and then transformed turning towards a doorway. "I thought you weren't allowed in these places?" Sideswipe asked as he entered the Energon Bar. "I can on duty. I just can't stay long." Sunstreaker followed him in. The two Autobots were the only non-neutrals in the bar. The autobots would pay energon bars near Iacon to keep Decepticons out, and this one was no different. Although, that didn't mean this bar was any less seedy. It was known for ties to mafias, many of the patrons were not even Cybertronian, and it was an "Energon" bar only in name.

Sunstreaker walked through, getting looks from all the patrons, getting a few dirty looks, not for what he did, but for emblem he bore. He nodded to the bartender. "Were here to see your boss," He lifted up the official Autobot data pad, "Message from the landlords." The bar tender nodded and moved towards the back. Sunstreaker and Sideswipe turned to face the crowd. "They don't like us," Sideswipe muttered as most had stopped what they were doing and were eyeing the Autobots. "What was your first clue? We're not in Iacon. We're in the dregs of Cybertron." Sunstreaker replied. A large lizard like creature stood up and moved towards them, "Aren't you two little goody-little-two-shoesssss far from home?" his tone was intentionally offensive and very reptilian.
They both ignored the creature, Sunstreaker because any reply was jail time and Sideswipe because, well, Sideswipe didn't know why he ignored it. "What? Can't you two hear me!?" The lizards tail lashed violently behind him. "Do you fear me, Transsssformer?" Others were beginning to pay more attention now, slowly getting from their seats, sensing something was coming. "I don't like you, Autobotsss. You make earning a living very hard," his tail began lashing faster, "Maybe I should make your living harder, hmmm?" The tail lashed around slapping the data pad from Sunstreaker's hand. Both Sunstreaker and Sideswipe turned towards the lizard who was now laughing. "Are you afraid to defend your ssselvesss autobotsss?" Sideswipe looked and Sunstreaker who just shrugged. "I can't," Sunstreaker smiled slightly, "But good night." One of the lizards eyes went wide before Sunstreaker landed a blow square on the boxed nose of the lizard sending it sprawling. "You know I can't help you, right?" Sunstreaker said with tints of sadness. "Just enjoy the show then!" Sideswipe grinned as the Lizard creature's partner attacked. Sideswipe easily dodged it's careless claw swipe and delivered a stern uppercut. The first lizard came back with an energonsword, but Sideswipe again got out of the way, and used the lizard's momentum to throw him over the bar into the racks behind the bar, smashing them.

Sunstreaker moved down the bar a little bit and picked up the data pad, making sure it was still intact and then went back to watching. By now others had gotten involved, although not necessarily with Sideswipe. Some got up and knocked drinks over, others had been looking for an excuse all night. Now a brawl had erupted and Sunstreaker was forced, but not content to stand and watch. Anytime someone got near Sunstreaker just moved out of the way. Sideswipe was now pounding on the second lizard, feeding him rights, while holding him by the collar of his space suit. "Afraid to defend yourself?" Sideswipe asked mockingly before driving him hard into the ground. "The other one said that," Sunstreaker hollered over the commotion, dodging a flying glass. "Really?" Sideswipe asked while hauling the lizard creature back up. "Yeah." "Well they look so much alike." Sideswipe looked at the unconscious lizard and then dropped it to the ground, "Ah they looked alike." Sideswipe turned and transformer charged him and knocked him back to the bar. Sideswipe hopped back up and swung a stool around catching the transformer in the side of the head knocking him into a scrum near the wall. "I think we angered the locals." Sunstreaker shook his head, "Uh-uh, don't get me caught up in this. It's my ass if you do. I am standing here like a good mech waiting to deliver my message." Sideswipe laughed as he smashed another random attacked with the stool before discarding it. "Have it your way!" Sideswipe hollered as he moved deeper into the fray. Sunstreaker waited a few moments before catching movement in the corner of his optic. The first lizard has gotten back up, and checked his friend. He stood up and dug into his space suit. Sunstreaker turned as the lizard pulled out a weapon and aimed it at Sideswipe.

"Not gonna happen!" As the lizard want to fire Sunstreaker slid over the bar and slammed into the lizard with his shoulder, the shot still went off tearing a large hole in the roof, and causing more to cave in on the fighters. Sunstreaker landed a right hook and disarmed the lizard holding the weapon as everyone looked on and the owner rushed down the stairs. "WHAT IN THE PIT HAPPENED HERE?! WHAT CAUSED ALL THIS!" the nuetral transformer cried as he looked around, and slowly people began pointed at the two Autobots, Sunstreaker with the weapon in hand. "Oh slag..." Sunstreaker muttered.

Main CBC building

Blaster moved through the corridors of the building until he reached his office. He was in charge of musical programming for the CBC radio portion, mostly getting music from earth and other places as well as running his own show on on the stations. He sat at the desk and then looked at the data pads on his desk.

"Man, I still dunno why I said yes to this." He mumbled as he started looking through the most recent information

(OOC- Anyone has a problem with this, say so now. Also, PM me if there is anyway I could have Blaster interact with your characters, I am bored =D)

2007-12-26, 03:18 PM
The doors opened and Topspin entered the security center.

"Topspin Reporting for duty. You wanted to see me?" Topspin said as he came in to those gathered in the security center .

Aero Blade
2007-12-27, 04:03 AM
Magnus's Office, Autobase

"Unfortunately I believe we have a few pre-prepared statements for the news in the event of such events," Ultra Magnus responded to Ironhide. "Insert name of location, incident, and involved parties..."

"Indeed, this does sound like a situation for communication silence, but should you group get in over their heads, you are to immediately call for backup. We cannot loose any more of our senior forces," Magnus warned.

2007-12-27, 05:24 AM
Autobase Security Centre

"Acknowledged, Hot Rod. Hurry, if you can."

Smokescreen switched off the comm link, then nodded with satisfaction as his monitor program told him that Sunstreaker had read their message; he'd taken the precaution of tapping into the ex-Autobot's e-mail accounts after the...unpleasantness that had seen him expelled from the ranks. Claims of innocence or not, one couldn't be too careful with someone as dangerous as Sunstreaker.

Shortly thereafter, the actual showed up in his in-box, but he was already making preparations for his former comrade's arrival.

He nodded politely to Topspin as the ex-Wrecker came through the door. "Good to see you," he said. "I hope you're up for an adventure, because you're going to help us rescue Optimus Prime."

His tone of voice would tell Topspin that Smokescreen was deadly serious.

2007-12-27, 02:34 PM
Topspin's mouth fell open upon hearing Smokescreen's brief introduction. wow... didn't see that one coming

"I am assuming this is news we just received, otherwise we would have seen it on the CBC. So what information do we have, and what are the mission specs?" Topspin asked Smokescreen, "And who all is involved/going with us?"

2007-12-29, 12:48 PM
Fullfang knew he wasn't going to get anything more out of Prowl, he was always stubborn. Shrugging it off he nodded and left the office.

He was bored, wandering the corrifors of the autobase until finally he decided on his next course of. Turning around, he started making for Wheeljack's lab

2007-12-29, 08:27 PM

Glyph prepared to deliver a resume of her own particular observations and then thought better of it. Since he still seemed kindly disposed to her (as did Tracks... she hoped), she did not wish to jeopardise Nightbeat's plans.

Instead, she bowed slightly to the white mech and made a simple hand gesture deferring to the P.I.

2007-12-29, 08:35 PM
Blaster's Office

Hedge sauntered into Blaster's Workspace.

"Greetings fellow comrade at the nucleon face, hows it going are we cooking with energon?

Realising our throughput targets and upsizing our market share?

I wanted to put our heads togehter sychronise our servos and network about storming the bastions of normality and steering our way through the rapids of competition to reach the mountain top of sucess.

We've been running some focus groups and they've boardstormed some very positive ideas I think which will allow you to get out there and surf the zeitgeist."

2007-12-31, 12:55 AM
Wheeljack's Lab:

Ironhide: -watching uneasily from the other side of the room-

Ironhide's Battle Deck: -deployed, the panels on the back behind the keypad/monitor display open, wires running from the deck to an open panel on the side of Prime's trailer-

Wheeljack: -typing commands into a datapadd that's plugged into the side of Prime's trailer- "There. That should do it."

Ironhide: "Uh......"

Wheeljack: -unplugging cables- "Nothing's going to explode. Just access your battle deck."

Ironhide: -reactivates his link to his battle deck, wincing in anticipation, the look changing to one of surprise- "Awlrahght. Now Ah jus' gotta hope Ah c'n haul this thing."

2008-01-02, 05:39 AM
Autobase Security Centre

"You assume correctly," Smokescreen told Topspin. "Sources in the Decepticon government leaked Prime's location to us a few minutes before I called you. He's somewhere in Polyhex, but that's all we know so far. You're going in with myself, Ironhide and a team of disposable mercenaries. The mission specs are to get in, get Prime, and get out again, as quickly and quietly as possible."

2008-01-02, 07:30 AM
Topspin pondered Smokescreen's comments for a moment. I hope we ALL aren't considered disposable. Considering I just took out Menasor, there's not much to worry about, but still...

"When are we leaving?" Topspin asked. "And can we trust the Decepticon source? How do we know it's not a trap?"

2008-01-02, 10:23 AM
Autobot Security Center:

Road Rage scowled. "That's the problem, Topspin. We don't know it's not a trap. That's probably why it's such a small team." She folded her arms across her chest in disgust. "I still think if the 'Cons have Prime, we should just storm our way in there and take him back by force."

Wheeljack's Lab:

Ironhide: -transforms to vehicle mode, backs up, the trailer locking onto his rear bumper, shifts into drive-

Wheeljack: -watches for about a minute- "Um....."

Ironhide: -sighs- "Jus' shut up." -shifts into park, engages four wheel drive, drops back into drive, tires slowly starting to roll as he leaves the lab-

Wheeljack: -watches as the trailer's rear tires skid across the lab- "You do know you need to disengage the airbrakes, right?"

Ironhide: "Ya could'a told me that." -disengages the trailer's airbrakes, picks up speed rapidly, activates commlink- "Smokescreen, Ah'm comin'."


Nightbeat: "Well, as near as we can tell, we have a victim-" -points at Spinnet's corpse- "- and a probable murderer." -points at Glyph- "However, given the damage to Glyph's memory, this was either done to divert suspicion away from the actual killer or killers, or Glyph was brain burned into actually doing it, with the figuring that she wouldn't survive much past the actual killing." -looking around the room- "So, what we do is simple. We need full media coverage of this henious murder, as we drag the crazed, brutal killer out of here, I want all of Cybertron to see her face, complete with "Unidentified 'Mech" tags." -pulls out a datapadd- "Then, when we take her back to base, we sneak her into Omega Supreme and leave a decoy that looks kind of like her sitting in a cell."

2008-01-02, 09:20 PM

Glyph was startled. Her golden optics opened to their most extreme behind her visor as she stumbled several paces, until her heel snagged on one of the forensic teams' equipment boxes and she sat down hard.

"I am not a crazed, brutal killer!" she protested and then, with severe remonstration in her tones, went on: "Nor am I a mech!"

2008-01-03, 10:00 PM

Tracks: "We're dealing with the press, Glyph. They'd do their best to make Mother Thersea look like Jack the Ripper if they could."

Nightbeat: "Everything's changed since Watergate....." -sighs- "Glyph, the point is to get it across to whoever did this to you that you're still alive and capable of talking. Barring hospital staff, who knows you besides us?"

Autobot Security Center:

Ironhide: -rolls to a stop in front of the building, dropping the trailer's ramp- "Smokescreen! Topspin! C'mon, tahme's a-wastin'."

2008-01-03, 10:38 PM

Glyph ran a rapid scan of her still-active databases and compared facts concerning Mother Theresa with those known for Jack the Ripper. Then she scanned 'Watergate'. Heaving a pseudo-sigh, she climbed to her feet.

"Very well. I believe I understand. There are very few still functional planetside who will recognise me, I grant you that." she agreed and, with just a trace of amusement, added, "I will have the right to remain silent, though, won't I?"

Sociopathic Autobot
2008-01-04, 01:42 AM
Sunstreaker approached central Iacon and part of him couldn't help but feel like he was home, but this was a home that had kicked him out and hated him. He knew he would have to keep to the back streets and avoid being seen, just because he was summoned didn't mean he was welcome.

After word got out about Sunstreaker destroying the energon bar, all the groups that had insisted he be locked up or put through another trial came out with a resounding "TOLD YOU SO". Red Alert went as far as arresting Sunstreaker himself, just so he could feel a little bit redeemed for playing a part in setting him free. Immediately calls for a civilian trial were put forward, but if there was one it would have to wait. Because the incident violated Sunstreaker's parole he would have to sit through another Military Tribunal, although after a few days the Tribunal began to doubt the sincerity of the accusations but with only eye hand accounts to work with they couldn't just blow it off, even if the accounts came from known anti-autobot parties.

"This is a pile of slag," Sunstreaker angrily said, "I didn't actually do anything other than defend Sideswipe!" Ultra Magnus sighed and shook his head, "We have eye hand accounts all saying you two started the fight at the bar. That they insulted you two and that you responded with brute force. Everyone. Not just those you attacked." Ultra Magnus kept his voice calm as he tried to calm down the Autobot warrior. "All I did was defend Sideswipe! We didn't start anything, just finished what they did." Ultra Magnus shook his head and turned away from the cell. "For what it's worth the tribunal, among others in the Autobot high command, believe you and thing this trial is probably not needed considering the source of the accusations." Ultra Magnus turned to face Sunstreaker again. "So why are we bothering with a trial? My name has been dragged through the mud enough, the last thing I want to go through is a trial just to find out what I already know." Sunstreaker's voice was more hurt than angry now. "Sunstreaker, your name will be dragged through the mud no matter what you do. Your reputation is irreparable at this point, with what happened on Earth you will always be looked at differently, even if everything comes back in your favor."

Sunstreaker shook his head, "Another trial for something I never did won't help. I refuse to do it." Ultra Magnus shook his head, "You don't have a choice. You need to play by our rules if you want everything to go smoothly. That's not an insult but if you're an Autobot, you play by the Autobot rules, atleast you need to appear to." Ultra Magnus turned again, "We're preparing now, this one will definitely be quicker for what it's worth and as soon as we get the video records from the building we'll start and probably finish that day," Magnus paused, "No matter the outcome."

Sunstreaker just shook his head as he watched the Autobot commander leave, "Maybe I need to find a new set of rules to play by."


Blaster looked at Hedge, nodded and leaned forward in his chair.

"Well man, I'm not quite sure what you got in mind but I am all audio receptor's m'man. Let's here what you got and then I'll see what we can do to get my side of things in line with the whole deal."

2008-01-04, 06:31 AM
Autobase Security Centre

Smokescreen shook his head. "If we attacked Polyhex, we'd be as likely to kill Prime as save him," he told Road Rage. "We still don't know where in the city he is."

"We're leaving immediately." Heading for the exit, he waved for Topspin to follow. "As the femme says, we don't know if it's a trap. I don't think it is though...at least, not for us. Our source wouldn't waste his time luring in a handful of Autobots when he could have easily had us send an entire strike force."

As he got outside, he told Ironhide, "We're still waiting for Sunstreaker, but he should be here soon."

He cast a warning glance at Topspin. "I realize you might not be inclined to treat him civilly after all he's done, but we need Sunstreaker for this operation so I have to insist you try."

Even the usually calm and collected tactician sounded like he had some reservations about that.

2008-01-04, 08:15 AM
"You didn't say he was coming... but yeah. Don't worry though. I know he is a valuable asset, and as long as he's pointed at the enemy and not at me, I'm fine with him." Topspin told Smokescreen as he followed him out of the exit. But that doesn't mean I won't be keeping an eye for anything suspicious. He's almost as good as he thinks he is, which mean's he is dangerous...

2008-01-04, 12:38 PM
CBC offices

Weasel whistled to himself, a high-pitched, offkey sound like a kettle coming to the boil. He rewound the recording (he had his sources; he did!) and listened again:

"What do you mean?"

"The compound interacts with the natural atmosphere, with the resulting sublime chemical admixture being invisible and undetectable. However, as it becomes capable of destroying every unit it encompasses, it is obvious by its action."

"Which is?"

"Acidic corruption of all circuitry. Incidently, it is also fatal to organics."

"Whoo! Listeners, if you have any mysterious free drug samples awaiting your attention, I'd say don't try 'em...! How'd you find out about this, eh?"

"Spikard. A Space Mafia drug-distributor. He was giving out free samples and I came into the possession of one."

"The Space Mafia! And what are our esteemed leaders going to do about this? What will almighty Gigatron do to defend us? Will almighty Gigatron even bother, because it doesn't look like he has so far..."

That would be an assignment - to follow the potential unrest this message might well generate among the Polyhex lowlife! Instead, he continued to work on the report from the train incident to be ready for inclusion in the next news transmission. "Weasel wantss hiss chance, he doess," he hissed. "Weasel wantss to get a real sstory and get notissed!"

2008-01-04, 12:49 PM
Blasters` Office

Hedge steepled his fingers

"Let me run it up your flagpole then and see if you salute it. Firstly our focus groups have shown a desirre for a mix of music, some Nebulan and Cybertron pieces rather than just earthen music. Also there is a demand for more factual stuff, so we were thinking of some kind of interview series or even a radio talk show for you. What do you think. Does it rev your engines? are we cruising with premium? is this punching all your buttons ?"


Daylight watched as the hoverjet full of survivors landed at the hoverport.

His eyes glinted a she saw them start to disembark. A nice crime story to light the fire under those incompetents in security.

He turned to Ferret who was back behind camera.

"Behind me are the last survivors of the wreck of the gambling ship Busted Flush. They are some of the latest victims of the police incompetence in our midst. All evidence points to escalating gang warfare between rival factions. Now over to Airplay who is at the security forces centre.


Airplay smiled sweetly into the camera drone.

"As you can see I am outside Autobot Security Centre. I have just spotted some of the senior officers exiting and am going to approach them for their commentary about the current situation."

Airplay turned and jogged towards the gaggle of Autobots microphone in hand . Two drones obediently trailing after her one for close ups and the other for longshots.

Sociopathic Autobot
2008-01-08, 09:40 AM
Sunstreaker had made his way into Autobase without doing much. He kept his stealth up so sensors wouldn't detect him and alert certain people to his return. He had familiarity, so it wasn't that hard to maneuver through. He just wanted to talk about the mission and hit the road. He approached the security center with a hint of caution, not sure if he could be walking into a trap.

He sent a text to Smokescreen "I'm in Autobase, why not come greet me, and gimme a show that this isn't a trap, or a re-recruitment deal."


Blaster nodded at Hedge and smiled, "Well let me tell ya, we can definitely get ourselves an interview show. It's been a slow news year, and my man Slamdance is getting bored! As for the music, I'll talk to my people playing the music and see what we can dig up for the Nebulan music, cybertronian stuff ain't a problem though. What else you got for me?"

2008-01-08, 06:54 PM
Blaster's Office

Hedge nodded

"Well your figures are good but theres a danger thy might plateau we need to boost our penetration in a hostile marketing environment and therefore fly our colours in an untapped sector. We've been asked to look at ways of tapping into the Polyhex potential revenue stream in order to maximise our returns and also concretify our funding by fufiling our implicit contract with the state by selling our way of life to others who approach our ideological cornerstones from a different compass bearing.

2008-01-08, 09:12 PM

Nightbeat: -using a comm frequency that he's pretty sure has been hacked by the press- "Omega Supreme, this is Nightbeat. We have a dangerous and voilent murder suspect here that requires pickup and transport."

Omega Supreme: -over commlink- "Request: Acknowledged. En: Route. Arrival: Soon."

Nightbeat: "Good. We'll see you when you get here. Nightbeat out." -deactivates commlink, looks over at Glyph- "There. That should bring the press. Think you can act like a frothing, raving maniac?"

Autobase Security HQ:

Road Rage scowled. "Even if we storm the place, killing Prime wouldn't do them any good. All they'd have to do is keep moving him around ahead of our search teams."

Ironhide: "An' 'Streaker c'n drahve himself. Ah'm gonna have enough trouble controlin' this thing with jus' th' two'a you in th' back."

2008-01-08, 10:38 PM

Glyph's optics might have twinkled at that point. "Lear," she said. "Definitely King Lear... Maybe some Coriolanus..."


CBC Offices

He tied up the last remark from an angry commuter and filed the carefully edited segment ready for the next cycle's broadcast. A job well done! The incompetance of the security forces, the cost in damage to City infrastructures and injuries to innocent by-standers... Weasel practically hugged himself and sat back to revel in his completed piece of 'news'.

What? A blip had registered on one of his desk panels! Ah-ha, someone was using one of the more secure Autobot non-military frequencies. He waited tensely for the register to complete and bent close to pop a mini-transceiver to his audial:

"Omega Supreme, this is Nightbeat. We have a dangerous and violent murder suspect here that requires pickup and transport."

"Request: Acknowledged. En-route. Arrival: Soon."

"Weasel'ss lucky day, sso it iss," he whispered. "Sseemss to be Kaliss co-ordinates. Bag a camera and jetpad and go, yess, go!"

He should report to Hedge, but this was too important (and too far away) to wait on permission. No point in hassling Cooper, either, when he could just pick up what he wanted from the main dock. If he left promptly, he could be there inside two cycles and he might be in time to get the story!

2008-01-08, 11:02 PM
Airplay jogs over towards the front of the Autobot Security HQ where Ironhide is pulled up.

"good day gentlemechs, what do you have to say about the increasing lawlessness on our streets?"

2008-01-09, 03:16 AM

As Streetwise and his forensics team inspected Snippet’s body, preparing it for transport back to Iacon, he listened in on Nightbeat and Glyph’s conversation.

A bit shocked by what was being conferred right in front of an ISS officer, Streetwise stopped what he was doing, stood up and faced Nightbeat.

“Um, excuse me. Am I hearing you correctly?” Streetwise inquired. “I’m just following ISS procedure here, but...this is a set up?”


Peacekeepers Inc medical facility

Aside from Peacekeeper's community projects, a small private medical facility had been established in order to keep the illegal events they sponsored under the radar. A place that didn't ask questions.

It's also one of the perks that comes with being an arena fighter. Blades himself however, avoided the use of such facilities until now. And certainly not by his choice. This evening's bout with Tin Omen, which he barely won, nearly cost him his life. His unconscious body was brought here afterward.


Blades floated lifelessly in a fluid filled stasis pod as the attending doctor monitored his progress. Sent by his superior, Axer has just arrived to check in on Blades’ stasis and report back.

The Actionmaster stood silently before the pod, staring ruefully at the mech within until the doctor approached him. “How’s he doing?” Axer softly inquired.

“Well, actually,” the medic replied. “All injuries have been properly mended. There were a few complexities we had to over come, but other than that, he’ll be ready to wake within the next hour or so.”

“Hm, we'll wait on that," Axer then paused. "What complexities?”

“See for yourself,” the medic handed Axer a datapad.

It was an outlined schematic of Blades’ body with a detailed description of its components, their make up and possible origin. Axer examined it for a moment, his expression becoming perplexed as the medical officer continued.

“A rather unique subject you’ve brought us, I must say. It took us a while to find compatible components, not easily duplicated or mimicked. Diagnostics suggests advanced military tech, of the Gestalt variety, actually. Autobot, by the look of things. A few notable upgrades with ISS serial markings as well. We tried to do an ID scan to confirm this, but much of it had been expunged at some point. Still, there is plenty of evidence to confirm it otherwise," the doctor smirked. "Heh, you guys really know how to pick 'em.”

“An ex-ISS officer in our midst. I should've known,” Axer said. “What an interesting turn of events," he quipped. "Hell, we could write up a script about it and sell it to the CBC.”

“What will you have us do? Shall we wake him?”

Axer looked back up at Blades before answering “No," he said. "No, I’m going to consult the head about this first. He’ll know what to do. Just keep me posted.”

2008-01-09, 06:51 AM
Seeing the press come up, Topspin pulls aside Smokescreen for a question.

"You mentioned mercenaries- if Ironhide can't pull the 3 of us, where are they, how are they getting there, and what are they doing. I don't like being held in the dark here..."

2008-01-09, 07:09 AM
Autobase Security Centre

Smokescreen's optics narrowed dangerously as he saw Airplay arrive on the scene.

"Now is neither the time or the place for that discussion," he told Topspin. "Not with the media on-scene. You'll have to trust me when I say that we know what we're doing, and leave it at that until we have some privacy."

Activating an encrypted channel, he sent a reply to Sunstreaker. "We're outside the main security centre entrance. Meet us there as soon as we've gotten rid of the press."

And speaking of which...

"Wonderful to see you," the tactician told Airplay. "I'm afraid Security Chief Ironhide is preparing for a mission right now and is unavailable for comment. If you'd like to get a quote from an Autobot Security representative, you'll have to head inside. Our new media liaison, Road Rage, will be happy to help you out."

With any luck, she'll lock you up and we'll have one less meddling reporter to worry about.

Over another encrypted channel, he sent a silent message to Ironhide. "Better if you take Sunstreaker in the trailer, and Topspin and I follow. The last thing we want is for the press to see us working with him. They'll start asking questions that we don't want asked."

2008-01-09, 10:15 PM
outside Autobot Security Centre

Airplay nodded

"Interesting modification Ironhide has there, Ironhidimus Prime maybe......"

2008-01-09, 10:32 PM
Topspin saw where Airplay's line of questing was going and groaned to himself... The Press... Great... Must they stick their noses in everything? Maybe I could offer an exclusive with me, the bot who took down Menasor... nah... doubt even that would pacify that bot

Topspin opened up his own encrypted channel to Smokescreen. "We need to get rid of Airplay now... She's too inquisitive for her own good and we are on a timetable I assume?"

(OOC- edited due to me not knowing Airplay was a fembot...)

2008-01-10, 02:20 PM
(a lot happens off camera? Anyone buy that?)

Gears permitted himself a tight smile. He had lead his two team mates through what could have been a perilous mission to Zatt'n and back with no violence at all. He now stood inside Warehouse 21-b/f having stacked all the ammunition stores that he, Windcharger and Trailbreaker had retrieved from the abandoned depot, with a glow of a job well done that he could be proud of.
His comrades didn't share his elation.
Windcharger was malisciously pulling boxes off high shelves with his Magnetic powers, watching them fall, and catching them at the last moment. He was almost blind with anger at the peacful nature of the job he had done, and the dissapointment at the lack of action from him was almost palpable.
Trailbreaker looked at him with envy: no matter what a jerk he may have been, Windcharger was still one of the fastest autobots about; all too often trailbreaker was worried that he held people back, and this whole mission had been nothing but a protracted reminder.

2008-01-10, 03:35 PM
Autobot Security Center:

Ironhide: -about to say something-

Road Rage came out, took Airplay's arm, and activated the broad spectrum frequency jammer she held in her other hand. "What they're doing is none of your business at the moment. I can give you a brief on what they're doing inside." With that, she started trying to drag Airplay into the office. "And I wouldn't call him Ironhidamus Prime. It makes him really angry. And trust me, ticking off the head of the security contingent is not the wisest of carreer moves." With that, she tightened her grip slightly on the media rep's arm. "And ticking off the chief ticks ME off. Are we clear, or do you want to discover new uses for your video camera?"

2008-01-10, 10:24 PM
Autobot Security HQ

The longshot camera drone it's connection cut by Road Rage's jamming initiated its emergency protocols and started heading towards safety or at least the first available place it could upload it's footage.

The other drone flew round in circles it's retreat blocked by a sliding door.

Airplay attempted to shrug off the grip.

"ok, ok that was a cheap crack , but unless it's a national security issue it is our business, it's our job to keep you lot in power honest,you've been fighting a war so long you've forgotten how to act in peacetime.

Look what happened on the Tube this morning , potentially deadly force is not appropriate where civilian's could be injured . It was a bank robbery , sure insurance premiums would have risen a few shannix, but now you've disabled it, taxpayers money will have to go to repairing that line and until it's cleared a key part of the city's transportation network has ground to a halt costing bussineses thousands of shannix.

Sure we need you to keep the Con's out but if things continue like this are we any better, rogue military units doing as they please, security forces rampaging through the city.

And Road Rage .... I've been doing this job competing with mechs , interviewing low lives, for a long time I doubt you could suggest any new uses for a camera I haven't heard before. "

2008-01-11, 02:05 PM
Heading out of Iacon

Weasel was good with jetpads; he owned a personal board and indulged in the occasional illegal, high-shannix street-race. The CBC pool one was, of course, slower than he would have liked, but he opened up the throttle and squeezed every last erg out of the drive as he left the outskirts of Iacon. Telling every monitor you were an official police vehicle also helped smooth the way...

Braced dramatically, spindy legs planted each side of his poly-boxed camera, his optics and proximity scanners took him through the airways whilst he daydreamed about future accolades.

(ooc - heigh-ho! off to Kalis... See you soon!)

2008-01-14, 08:10 AM
Autobot Security HQ:

The right side mangabomb launcher on Road Rage's head tilted slightly, locking onto the fleeing drone. With a roar, a projectile howled out of the launcher and slammed into the fleeing drone, blowing it apart.

Road Rage, for her part, simply narrowed her optics at Airplay. "One, this is a highest security clearance situation. Why else do you think Ironhide's got the trailer? And two, who said anything about suggesting things to do with your camera?" With that, she retightened her grip on Airplay's arm and dragged her inside.

Ironhide: "Remahnd me never ta get her mad at me, would'ja?"


Omega Supreme: -over commlink- "Arrival: Imminent."

Nightbeat: "I read you, Omega." -deactivates commlink, looks over at Glyph- "On the down side, your safe-house isn't the most sparkling of conversationalists."

2008-01-14, 09:03 PM
Autobot Security HQ

Airplay struggled and if she had been a human would have raised an eyebrow.

"Well i'm thinking it won't be that camera now will it ? hmmm...highest security clearance Ironhide needing that trailer, interesting they could have just booked out a hover truck unless, it can't be ? it is, isn't it? Theyv'e done it , they've found Prime."

2008-01-14, 10:35 PM

Glyph listened to Nightbeat's cheerful remarks while casting one approving glance over the activity of the forensics team. "I have never been priviledged to see Omega Supreme close to," she replied, before indicating Streetwise and adding: "Should you not advise this gentlemech of your full intentions in this matter? I would rather not find myself in real danger of being shot..."

Sociopathic Autobot
2008-01-16, 10:06 AM
Autobase Security HQ

Sunstreaker stepped out of the shadows and dropped the cloak looking at the now closed door of the office and then to all the other Autobots he used to call comrades.

"New recruit?" he asked referencing Road Rage before turning and looking at the trailer.

"This is...." He paused, staring at in somewhat awe. "This mission..." He looked toward Ironhide.

2008-01-16, 09:05 PM
Autobase Security Centre

Smokescreen waited until he was sure the reporter was out of earshot, then nodded to Sunstreaker.

"This mission," he said, his voice a bit more curt than usual, "is classified at the highest level. You will be paid twice your going rate for your participation, but if you so much as breathe a word of it afterward, you'll spend the next vorn in the brig. If that's unacceptable, we'll have our 'new recruit' keep you in the cells until we get back."

2008-01-18, 01:39 AM
Autobase Security HQ:

Road Rage simply dragged Airplay inside without a word.

Ironhide: "Yeah. We got her from th' diplo corps. Ah think she sat through one too many staff meetin', if ya get mah drift."


Omega Supreme: -lands on a pillar of fire, opens boarding hatch-

Hot Rod: -leans out, looks around-


Nightbeat: "Probably wouldn't hurt." -turns to Streetwise- "Short story. The odds are good she didn't do this, and probably wasn't expected to survive whatever they did. The fact that she's still alive means she could remember who did this to her, which they will probably not want. We keep her aboard Omega for safe keeping. Omega's here, btw."

2008-01-18, 03:40 AM
Topspin turned towards the group assembled. "Well, unless I miss my guess, time is wasting. Let's get this show on the road!" Topspin said, enthusiasm and eagerness radiating.

Sociopathic Autobot
2008-01-19, 05:51 PM
Autobase Security HQ

Sunstreaker sneered at Smokescreen but avoided saying anything to upset the thin tight rope he now had to walk. "My regular fee, something like this won't require extra money to get me to come." He then looked to Ironhide and then to the other Autobots gathered around, "So what do you need me for?


Blaster thought about what Hedge said for a moment and then shrugged his shoulders, "I dunno about trying to get in on what was traditionally Decepticon territory, man. They tend not to like the cool vibes we're sendin' out. I got a few ideas to get the neutrals in the area, but gettin' the equipment set up and then gettin' in fixed up 'll be pricey. I could talk to a few people I know in that area, see if we can buy some air waves, but I'm not sure the ends'll justify the means. You got something in mind to help ease that kinda start up?"

2008-01-19, 10:38 PM
Blaster's Office

Hedge looked around the room optics darting. He lowered his voice.

"Certain parties who shall remain unamed are willing to provide us with funding in order to establish a conduit , so that we can promote our way of life and encourage elements of parties that are traditionally against us to compare what us as Autobots enjoy with their current standard of living , and perhaps forment in those elements disatisfaction with their current leadership and way of life."

2008-01-20, 06:59 AM
Autobase Security Centre

Smokescreen nodded to Sunstreaker, although the former Autobot refusing extra money seemed a bit suspicious to him. He made a mental note to investigate his bank records once the mission was complete.

"We're going after Optimus Prime's kidnappers," he told Sunstreaker, nodding toward the trailer that Ironhide was pulling, "although you probably guessed that already. You're here because we can't sneak an entire Autobot special forces team into Polyhex. Former Autobots, on the other hand..."

Smokescreen left it at that, trusting Ironhide would explain any specific roles that came up for the mercenary.

He nodded to Topspin. "Yes, lets." He glanced at Ironhide. "Are we ready?"

2008-01-20, 11:59 PM
In Road Rages' clutches

Airplay dug her heels in

"ok ok I get the idea, I wont say at hing now as long as CBC can have the scoop when you want to go public."

2008-01-21, 11:21 AM
Road Rage growled as she shoved Airplay into a cell and activated the energy bars. "Yes, you can have the scoop. Although as far as I know, you're the only network we've got."

Autobase Security HQ:

Ironhide: "We're awl goin' ta Valvolux ta meet Soundwave. Sunstreaker, yer job's gonna be ta cause as much chaos as ya can, ta keep Polyhex's security forces off'a us so we c'n get Prahme. Smokescreen an' Topspin, let's get goin'."

2008-01-21, 01:02 PM
Offices of Fox , Baffle and Savage

Foxbat hung upside down recharging a light blinked on a console in front of him.

It was the CBC retainer.

He swung leisurely upright and activated a control

A screen blinked into life

"Dent what is it."

Dent looked forlorn

"It's Airplay her signal was blocked outside the Autobot Security HQand we've lost the feed to one of her camera drones."

Foxbat nodded

"I see , I will investigate."

2008-01-23, 07:57 AM
Autobase Security Centre

"Pull into the trailer, Sunstreaker," Smokescreen said as he transformed to vehicle mode and headed toward Valvolux. "It wouldn't do for you to be seen travelling with us, after all."

Or us with you, for that matter.

2008-01-23, 08:07 AM
Topspin transformed into his cybertonian vehicle and revved his engines. "I'm ready when ya'll are..." he said to Smokescreen, Sunstreaker, and Ironhide. "How fast is he gonna be able to go, carrying that trailer and Sunstreaker inside? And won't bots recognize that trailer..."

2008-01-23, 08:26 AM

“Hmm. I see,” Streetwise answered Nightbeat. “The department is familiar with witness protection.”

(ooc: remember the body shop, anyone?)

He still wasn’t entirely sure what was going on, but let it go since it wasn’t in his hands. Perhaps he’d inquire about it later to someone at the ISS.

“We’re done here," he said. "Forensics has already loaded up the body for transport. We’re heading back to Iacon.”

With that, Streetwise turned away from Nightbeat as he signaled the four other ISS officers present to head off.


Autobase: Prowl’s Office

After dropping off his report to the Security Centre, Hot Spot made his way over to Prowl’s office to meet with Red Alert. When he arrived outside the door, he could hear that the heated argument between the security director and Prowl shouting.

"Okay. Guess I came at a bad time."

Hot Spot leaned against the wall opposite of the door, listening in on what bits and pieces he could decipher.

“…The situation in...Stop interrupting me.”

“….%#2@# fools mission @3#&% The ISS @#%$ @3$& quit skirting around the issue, Prowl $#@&$3!”

“….It has already been explained to you.....and that is why your department was placed under investigation…And do not forget where your funding and resources come from...”

“….#@*&$%!2^….When the ISS was first developed, you assured me that therd'd be little military intervention. And yet, hey, what do you know, here we are. Pretty much defeats the purpose of having a civilian-oriented task force when, as far as the public is concerned, we look and act like the goddamned military...And you wonder why the damn population doesn't trust you?!”

Hot Spot quietly chuckled to himself as he eavesdropped. “Heh, heh, heh. Oh Red,” he shook his head. “Have to say, working under you is a one of a kind experience. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

(more drama to come. It’s naptime ;))

2008-01-23, 09:30 PM

Firing off his CBC credentials to ensure he was not mistaken for a hostile, Weasel dropped down on his jetpad to see where the story was. He slowed, drifting along a littered street in the warehouse district, catching brief glimpses of curious locals drawn out by Omega Supreme's appearance, which of course led him straight towards one particular building...

He could see Hot Rod checking the locale out from Omega's open main doorway and, even as he came to park up, was popping the polybox open to pull out the camera he had allocated to himself. "Weasel iss the 'bot on the sspot!" he chortled happily.


"Are you going to (I believe the expression is) cuff me?" Glyph asked Nightbeat.

Sociopathic Autobot
2008-01-24, 07:14 AM
"Blow stuff up, gotcha." Sunstreaker smiled and transformed pulling up into the trailer. "You know, this is a lot roomier than I remember it."

2008-01-25, 01:44 AM
Autobot Security HQ:

Ironhide: -closing the ramp- "Hav'ta ask Wheeljack 'bout that one." -shifting into gear, slowly pulling away, starting towards Valvolux by the least conspicuous route possible-


Nightbeat: "You might want to be uncuffed for the raving." -grabs one of Glyph's arms-

Tracks: -grabs the other-

Nightbeat: "Okay. Showtime." -starts heading towards the door-

2008-01-25, 06:45 AM
Autobot Security HQ

Airplay produced a mike and shoved it through the bars

"While I'm here I may as well make use of the time, so Road Rage how did you end up in the security services?"

2008-01-25, 12:14 PM

Glyph, feeling those powerful grips just above her elbows, wondered if Nightbeat and Tracks would squeeze down until her sensory net failed and she experienced a total loss of sensation in her upper limbs. And there was the little problem she felt that she ought to point out...

As they began to walk her to the door, she squeaked, "Feet on the floor, please!"

A bar, Iacon

It was one of those insalubrious drinking establishments set up during the War, safely tucked way below the surface level. It had been an oilden favoured by the mechs who worked the anti-aircraft towers and still carried decorative friezes made of parts of dead Decepticon flyers; hence the place's name Seeker's End.

Thud and Thunk loomed over the bar as they delicately sipped their cocktails of ethanol and goldleaf. No one - not even the barman once he had served them - wanted to get too close and many patrons had downed their poison and sidled out discretely.

As the twins well knew, news of their return would spread rapidly. They had many old contacts who would understand that their being in the bar meant they were up for hire.

2008-01-25, 10:54 PM

Badger slammed the locker

"Ok who took the camera , I booked it out. Did no-one read the memo about logging it on the equipment tracker? Systems are here for a reason people. Someone admit they took it I need that kit....come on."


Landfill eased himself out of the loading dock.

Recycling slaggin' duty again.



Scoop stood sentry by Omega's Ramp.

He looked up as he saw someone skulking

He pointed Holepunch at Weasel and challenged him

"halt who goes there ??"

2008-01-27, 12:00 AM

Nightbeat and Tracks: -leading Glyph, making sure to keep her feet on the ground-

Nightbeat: "Showtime."


Hot Rod: -leaning against the doorframe, watching Scoop and Weasel- "How we doing, Minerva?"

Minerva: -finishes the repairs to Stepper's knee- "Pretty good so far. Doubledealer's repaired, so we can drop him wherever they need him. Catady's still offline, though. Stepper's leg's fixed, now I'm going to try to fix Nebulon."

Hot Rod: "Good. I wish I knew why we got diverted here, though."

Autobot Security HQ:

Road Rage, , figuring that Ironhide, Smokescreen, Topspin, and Sunstreaker should be well on their way to Valvolux by now, simply shrugged. "Well, Airplay, I was in the diplomatic corps as a bodyguard. The docs figured I sat in on one too many meetings. And I think they were able to reattach Ambassador Grossblunder's legs and arms. Personally, the last thing that I remember about the whole incident was the ambassador complaining about my driving, the fact that I was 'too heavily armed' for a peaceful diplomatic mission to Klo, and a shade of red that he didn't like. The first thing I remember after that was Ironhide welcoming me to the team, and some vague memories of ink blots."

2008-01-27, 03:09 PM

Weasel restrained a grin: Halt, who goes there? indeed! He flashed his Official Press Card. "CBC reporter. I have a right to be here, sso I do... Doing my job, ssee?" He made a show of looking up and down the street. "Where'ss the action?"

2008-01-27, 09:20 PM
Autobot Security HQ

Airplay nodded

"Can't stand those political types myself, I know a few of them you could weld to the front of Twintwist as a replacement bore no problem , you know what I mean. Can't trust a lot of those organics either lot of them have funny ideas based on their biology, they think a variation in chassis design or paint scheme and a different voice modulator makes us inferior, whereas any mech can see that we're both based on standard chassis' .


Scoop held out his hand.

"I'll need to examine those creds properly."

He commed Hot Rod

"some Mozzie just turned up what do you want me to do?"


Overdrive sat on a bench and stripped his weapons oiling the parts carefully.

He looked over at Roadbuster

"When are you going to upgrade that ole laser rifle of yours to a proper weapon like my Plasma Beam rifle?"

Warehouse 21-b/f

Doublecross stood in the doorway of the warehouse.

"good job your doing here yesss." Hissed Doublecross.

2008-01-27, 09:35 PM

"Of coursse," Weasel agreed. "But Weasel iss not coming in there... might missss the sstory and that would never do, oh no, never do."

He sidled closer to Omega Supreme, holding his ID out.

2008-01-28, 06:07 AM
Tzai Industires Holdings: Downtown Iacon

In his spaciously large and lavishly decorated office, the president of Tzai Industires leans back in his recliner, facing a large window over looking the city below.

The chair swivels towards the front of the office when the doorway opens and Axer walks in.

“Ah, Axer,” he said. “So what tidings do you have for me today?”

“Plenty. What do you want to hear first?"

“Oh, don't be so blasé. You know I am anxious to hear of Peacekeeper’s current celebrity? What of his stasis?”

“A full recovery," Axer told him. "He’s still in stasis lock as requested. You got my report, right?”

“Indeed I did. Very fascinating. The fragments of the subject’s identity that your staff was able to extract...it is something that should not be taken lightly. But yes, the subject is already known to me.”

“What do you intend to do?”

“The time has come, Axer, that a cap be placed on Peacekeeper’s more, should we say, liable activities…including the arena fights. With our growing presence in the Iaconian infrastructure and our more recent, and most regretful, dispute and with the Metacarpus requires that we take the necessary precautions.”

“Well, I get the necessity of severing our connections to the underworld and all that,” Axer replied. “But what about Blades? You're not going to get rid of him are you?" Fear was evident in his voice.

“No, no, not at all,” the Tzai president pressed the intercom switch on his desk. "Bring me the chip, would you?" he said into the corresponding microphone.

An indistinguishable mech fashioned in the armor of the Tzai’s colors soon walked in, a small transparent canister in hand. He placed it down onto the desk, bowed, then left the room.

Axer quizzically tilted his head as he examined to contents of the canister. “What is that?” Axer inquired. "Some kind of microchip?"

“Though he already knows far too much, he is still a very valuable asset. This will provide the necessary conditioning, if this Blades is to learn the art. He is skilled, but is without purpose. He requires a guide."

“You’re bringing him into the circle?!” Axer raised his voice. “Blades is not cut out to be one of your servile grunts you have running around your estate. Let me deal with him.”

“Your emotions over this matter do not precede the needs and safety of the organization. I did not invite debate, Axer,” he snapped back, quickly silencing Axer’s protests. “But, fear not, I have something more suitable in mind.”

He slid the canister across the desk to Axer. “Provide this ‘guide’ to the medical staff at the labs. They’ll know what to do. Once the subject has been awakened, bring him to me. He must be properly introduced to his new employer.”

2008-01-29, 02:07 PM
Omega Supreme:

Roadbuster: -finishes reassembling the laser rifle, snaps in a new power cell, and subspaces it, pulling his linear blaster cannon out of subspace- "Call me sentimental, but I like the ol' laser rifle." -starts dismantling and cleaning the cannon- "If I need to punch a bigger hole through something, I use this."


Hot Rod: -smirking wearily- "Geez, what am I, a media magnet?" -sighs, into commlink- "How do his creds look? If they look legit, let him stick around, but keep an optic on him. He does anything remotely threatening, don't kill him unless you have to."


Nightbeat and Tracks: -dragging Glyph out-

Nightbeat: -hearing Weasel's conversation with Scoop- "Make it look good, the press has arrived."

2008-01-29, 10:44 PM
Omega Supreme

Overdrive finished cleaning his plasma rifle and snapped the pieces back together.

"I've nothing against the laser rifle ,It's a proven design, tried and tested in the field, theres nothing worse than some new complicated weapon that jams or even worse blows your hand off."

Overdrive subspaced the Plasma rifle and pulled out his Neutron Blaster and Twin Electron Cannon. He started to strip the Neutron Blaster.

"I've got these if I need anything heavier than the good ole plasma rifle."

There was a whirring and a panel rotated on his chest revealing twin gun barrels.

"Now if I need anything real heavy I've got these slaggers."

He patted his chest

"Internal self stabilising mounting , available in all modes , leaves your hands free and is a bit of a ace in the hole against arrogant decepticons that think they've got the jump on you. Of course it only suprises them once but generally thats all you need."

2008-01-30, 11:41 PM
Omega Supreme's Ramp

Scoop looked at the ID very carefully.

He opened a com to Hot Rod

"They look genuine , but i'm going to keep an optic on him he strikes me as the oily type. I wanted to sterilise my hand and then count my digits after taking his ID."

2008-02-02, 11:29 PM
Kalis, by Omega Supreme

Weasel accepted his ID back from Scoop and half-bowed with a smile that was almost a sneer. "Sso, everything in order, yess? I musst ssay, it's ssomething of a surprisse to see Omega Supreme here; any comment...?"

Just then, his sharp audials picked up the sounds of several someones walking - and dragging something struggling - through the old warehouse just a little way down the street. Weasel spun round, flicking the camera on.

2008-02-02, 11:33 PM
Omega Supreme's Ramp

Scoops optics flicked over toward the warehouse. He answered Weasel

"slagged if I know son i'm just an NCO i go where I 'm ordered."

He commed Hot Rod

"We got 3 bogies incoming. Visual Id is Tracks and Hot Rod with unknown Autobot. Do sensors confirm the visual reading over?"

2008-02-03, 01:23 AM
Omega Supreme:

Roadbuster: -shrugs- "If it comes to that, Overdrive, better to use your bare hands. The sound of cannons going off can alert potential backup."


Hot Rod: -looking towards the oncoming party, into commlink- "Yeah, that looks like Tracks, all right, Scoop. Although I'm fairly certain that's not me that's with him. It's Nightbeat. Not sure who the minibot is. And keep a close optic on that reporter."


Nightbeat and Tracks: -dragging the struggling Glyph, coming to the foot of the ramp-

Tracks: -snorts- "Media jackals. Invite them to a car show, you get no response. Wave a murder around, and they come running...."

Nightbeat: "Now, now." -clears throat, looks right into the camera- "We have apprehended this suspect in the murder of the underworld figure known as Spinnet. She appears to be deranged, but I'm certain that with careful questioning and care, we will discover what she knows. We are taking her to Autobot Security HQ for questioning."

Hot Rod: -starting down the ramp- "You guys need a hand?"

2008-02-03, 11:02 PM
onboard Omega Supreme

Overdrive nodded

"Generally I like to take out Con's from a distance too many of them no martial arts, have psychic powers of just have plain ole claws and fangs. I can see that something more discrete would have its uses. Do you have any experience with swords?"


Scoop loitered behind and to the left of Weasel keeping an eye on the reporter.

Determined to make up for his slip. That would teach him to skip his last medical maybe a glitch in his pattern recogniton software. Suddenly Scoop felt very old.

2008-02-03, 11:11 PM
Omega Supreme

Weasel could just not believe his luck! A straight statement without any prevarication! Maybe there was a chance of getting more?

"Nightbeat: Can you tell the viewerss how the victim died? Iss it known if there wass Sspace Mafia involvement?"


She tried to make it look good. Glyph threw herself against the firm grip Nightbeat and Tracks had on her arms, doubting it looked all that realistic. As she kicked and twisted, she felt a strange, but not unfamiliar darkness creeping across her consciousness, and briefly wondered if she had overdone it a trifle...

Enkryption hung limp for a moment, re-orienting himself.

2008-02-04, 06:37 AM
Autobase Security Centre

Crosshairs went over Hubcap's statement for what seemed like tenth time, cross-checking facts and collating data from other sources.

It's all here, he thought to himself. Everything we need to put these slag-eating criminals out of business in Iacon is right here.

As stray memories of his slain (and soon-to-be avenged) Nebulan partner passed through his mind, Crosshairs tapped the comm control on his desk.

"Magnus, this is Crosshairs. Can you clear a few minutes out of your schedule to meet with me? Some interesting evidence has come to light that you need to hear about, and I'm leery about discussing it over a comm channel."

2008-02-04, 02:39 PM
Omega Supreme:

Hot Rod: -moves over to Scoop, chuckling- "Don't worry about it. Happens to all of us now and then. Heck, I still mixup Overdrive and Override's names half the time, and they don't look a thing alike."


Tracks: -looking down at the suddenly limp Glyph- "Uh...."

Nightbeat: -taking the opportunity- "We can't release anything like that yet, as the investigation is still in progress. A full statement will be made later. Now, as this is the first time the suspect's calmed down since capture, we're getting aboard Omega Supreme. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being kicked in the shins."

Nightbeat and Tracks: -hustle Glyph aboard Omega Supreme-


Roadbuster: -holding up his forearms so Overdrive could see the bracers extending slightly past his fists- "Oddly enough, nobody ever really looks for these." -finishes cleaning the linear blaster cannon, reassembles it, and subspaces it, pulling the grenade launcher from his leg holster, starts dismantling it- "Give 'em enough other stuff to look for, and they overlook the obvious."

Minerva: -shaking her head tiredly- "If it wasn't for the fact that Cybertronian life forms don't actually produce the hormone, I'd almost swear I was swimming in testosterone in here......"

Nightbeat and Tracks: -get Glyph/Enkryption over to a seat and secured-

Nightbeat: "Butterfly or Australian Crawl?"

Minerva: "Oh ha, ha. Did you bring me another patient?"

Nightbeat: "Kind of." -looks over- "Hey, Hound, could you come over here for a minute?"

Autobot Security HQ:

Road Rage nodded. "I hear that. All too well do I hear that." For a moment, her optics narrowed. "It's still a mech's world, no matter what they say. And despite any inroads we've made, they still expect us to cower on the sidelines and scream. They get all shocked and horrified when we go roaring into combat. What is wrong with the world, that's what I want to know."

Target Range, Iacon:

Grimlock: -cleaning his missile launcher, checking the retract/extend mechanisim on the launcher's bayonet, holstering it, then striding out of the range-

2008-02-04, 09:57 PM
Omega Supreme

Weasel, so intent on Nightbeat, remembered to catch a shot of the blue minibot being dragged passed him, apparently subdued by the finality of her capture. As the tableau disappeared inside, he checked the shot and found it most suitable for broadcast - and then realised he had not asked for her name. With a hiss of disappointment, he turned to Scoop and Hot Rod to demand, "Let uss passt! I need more information for the viewerss!"


Enkryption brought his blue optics online and sat back, surreptitiously testing the restraints.

Sociopathic Autobot
2008-02-07, 08:28 PM
Blaster relaxed in his chair for a moment, thinking about this and the looked at Hedge again. "I dunno, man. I'mma bit timid about setting stuff out there. If it isn't gonna hit our budget, then I'll look into what I can do to get things set up, but The Decepticons have always favored stuff that I am not usually inclined to play. We may be from the same planet, but man, they just don't know how to get down. Like I said, we can get the Neutrals listening, but the Decepticon's 'll hard."

2008-02-07, 10:21 PM
Scoop glanced at Hot Rod

"What do you want me to do with the hack Sir."

2008-02-08, 02:04 AM
Omega Supreme:

Hot Rod: -scowls at Weasel- "Look. We've got wounded aboard. We've diverted here long enough. You've got enough for your story, so go with it." -looks over at Scoop- "Send him on his way, then get aboard. We need to lift, now."

Aero Blade
2008-02-08, 05:31 AM
Magnus's office, Autobase

For what seemed like a few moments Ultra Magnus had gotten the chance to finally get all the loose ends tied up in his office, the various reports coming in from the less than calm series of events that had been happeling. Then, as he had been expecting, the next call came in. At least this time he had some stamina back for whatever latest calamity was about to unfold...

"Everything has been 'interesting' lately, depending on your definition of the word," Magnus responded over the com, finishing up his last task, for the time being. "I have some moments to spare for you to come here to discuss the matter, unless you feel the matter calls for a more secure location."

Omega Supreme

Hound had been occupied with some time-passing conversation with Dirge and Spike, but when his name was spoken the scout lookd up, then politely removed himself from the conversation to go join Nightbeat's group.

"Something up?"

2008-02-08, 07:39 AM
Autobase Security Centre

"I can be there in five minutes," Crosshairs told Magnus. The weapons officer scooped up an armful of datapads, then double-checked to make sure he had everything. "Uh...you may want to ask Prowl to sit in as well. This is a security matter."

Once he was sure he hadn't forgotten anything, Crosshairs subspaced the pads and walked out of his small office. "You're in charge here until Ironhide or I get back," he called to Road Rage as he passed her. "Don't terrorize the prisoners too much, OK?"

2008-02-11, 10:40 PM
Scoop waved holepunch idly towards Weasel

"Stand clear Sir we're lifting in a minute wouldn't want you accidentally crisped in the rocket exhaust now would we sir."

2008-02-11, 10:48 PM
Omega Supreme

Weasel was never the sort to challenge a mech like Hot Rod and he cowered a bit, fighting back a sneer. Neither did he want to confront the armed Scoop, but this was his scoop, Primus fraggit, and he wanted it badly.

"Sso, jusst one quesstion, then?" he wheedled. "What'ss our murderer'ss name? Why did sshe commit ssuch a sshocking crime?"

2008-02-11, 11:04 PM
Omega Supreme

"I'm afraid I can't answer that Sir they didn't stop to tell me and I'm no Soundwave so I'm unable to answer that question."

Scoop gestured.

"please move back we've got wounded aboard and must get them to a medical faculty fairly urgently."

2008-02-11, 11:09 PM
Omega Supreme

Appealing to Weasel's better nature was a no-go really: Weasel didn't have one to speak of. "Then, it'ss besst to get ansswerss quickly," he replied to Scoop.

Aero Blade
2008-02-12, 05:15 AM
"Very well, the meeting will begin once both of you have arrived here," Ultra Magnus answered to Crosshairs. He then switched his com over to a different frequency. "Come in Prowl. You are needed for a meeting in my office."

2008-02-12, 02:16 PM
Omega Supreme:

Hot Rod: -heading up the ramp- "Beats me on both questions. Scoop, come on. Hopefully the hack's smart enough to stay out of the rocket engine blast radius."


Nightbeat: -looks over at Hound- "How solid of a hologram can you make?"

2008-02-12, 09:43 PM
Omega Supreme

Weasel watched Hot Rod through narrowed optics and turned away, muttering. He made up his mind to capture footage of Omega Supreme lifting off, considering what kind of scathing comment he could later insert before broadcast. It wouldn't hurt, then, to quickly grab a few shots of the old power cell production unit and warehouse.

After all, he had the murder victim's name: Spinnet. There was always his tap into the Central Registry...

A slow smile began to crawl across his thin lips...


Enkryption heard Nightbeat's question to Hound and wondered what was going on. He dipped into Glyph's memory and, with new understanding, appreciated the duplicity of the plan. I hope to slag it works or we're scrap! He sagged against the wall, keeping his face averted and checking out the weapons he had concealed about their body and of which Nightbeat had, as yet, no knowledge.

2008-02-12, 11:18 PM
Autobot Security Centre

Airplay nodded slowly

"when I was in the Army it was always Airplay you'll do better in a support role reconnaisance, they wouldn't let me get in there and get my wings dirty."

Autobot Security Centre Exterior.

Foxbat hovered by the entrance manouevring he used a wing tip to activate the doorbell.

Omega Supreme

Scoop hurried up the ramp

"with some of these mechs you never can tell."

2008-02-13, 01:55 AM
Omega Supreme:

Hot Rod: -shrugs- "True."


Omega Supreme: -ramp retracting and hatch closing, engines roaring to life as he lifts off on a pillar of flame, heading for Iacon-

2008-02-13, 07:48 AM
Autobase Security Centre

Crosshairs glowered at Foxbat as he exited the building. He'd never met the mech before, but recognized the lawyerly look about him.

"We're closed," he said, deadpan. "Come back in regular business hours."

Transforming to vehicle mode, he rolled off toward Magnus' office.

2008-02-14, 01:46 AM
Autobase; Prowl’s Office

Though Prowl and Red Alert’s heated debated continued, the incoming transmission from Ultra Magnus quickly ended their domestic squabble.

“I am on my way,” He answered.

Prowl stood up from his desk, briefly returning his consideration to Red Alert. “I do not have time for this. We will discuss this later. Now, if you will excuse me.”

“Yeah, we’re done,” Red Alert watched as Prowl made his way out of his office.

Red Alert followed, who was greeted by Hot Spot. “Feel better?’ Hot Spot playfully inquired.

“No, not really,” Red Alert shrugged. “Let’s get out of here. The longer I'm here, the more livid I’m going to get.”


Punctual as always, Prowl promptly arrived at Ultra Magnus’ office. Though he normally was able to brush it off, Red Alert’s antics as of late had slowly began to grate on the generally stoic Autobot. Prowl was relieved to have a moment away from it.

He gently rapped on the office door before entering. “You called for a meeting?”


Tzai Industries Holdings, Business District

When Blades was finally roused from his stasis pod at the Peacekeeper’s facilities, he was greeted by Axer. Not relaying his CO’s message right away, Axer spoke casually with Blades as he slowly readjusted from the lag of being in stasis lock for so long.

He had a nagging, however, like something was off. Certainly not a bad sensation, he actually felt quite invigorated. It was something else, something inexplicable. He quickly dismissed it as a result of being in stasis lock.

Eventually, Axer informed Blades that his CO wished to meet him. He explained it as a possible employment opportunity, but didn’t divulge much more than that. And in truth, Axer wasn’t quite certain what The Tzai had in store for Blades either.

Curiosity naturally getting the best of him, Blades agreed to accompany Axer to the Tzai Industries Holdings building. Axer couldn't helped but frown at Blades’ naiveté. This supposed ‘opportunity’, was not an offer Blades’ could simply refuse.

As the two rode the elevator up to the board room on the top floor, Axer pulled Blades aside.

“Listen, kid,” he said solemnly. “What your about to see, well, let’s just say it’s all classified. A need-to-know basis. There’s no turning back. You can turn around right now. I wouldn’t think any less of you.”

“Ah, it can’t be that bad, can it?” Blades replied indifferently. “It sounds like a bunch corporate elite, inner-circle crap to me. Think I can manage.”

“Blades,” Axer sighed. “You really are-” Axer stopped himself as the elevator stopped and slid open.


“Nevermind, we’re here.”

Aero Blade
2008-02-15, 05:10 AM
Omega Supreme

"Well nothing that can stand up to a laser blast, or even a solid punch maybe for that matter likely, and only for a limited amount of time given the energy that it takes - but given all that, with Spike and my new partnership, we can make a reasonably solid hologram," Hound answered, then gave Nightbeat a brief smile. "I'd wager to guess you already had something in mind?"

Magnus's office, Autobase

The Autobot commander nodded as Prowl entered, motioning to a chair if wished to make himself comfortable.

"Crosshairs has expressed a need to meet with me privately in a secure setting, and has requested your presence as well for this matter," Ultra Magnus informed the other Autobot. "We'll begin when he arrives."

2008-02-15, 07:22 AM
Magnus's Office, Autobase

Crosshairs strode in, carrying an armload of datapads.

"Thanks for taking the time to see me on such short notice," he told Magnus and Prowl. He handed a datapad to each of them. "The reason I had to insist on secrecy is because we've made a major break in our efforts to build a case against the Space Mafia here in Iacon. I didn't want to tip our hand to the criminals and give them time to get out of town."

The weapons specialist consulted his own datapad for a few moments, then said, "I suppose I should start from the beginning. Has Ironhide been keeping the two of you up to date on the investigation?"

2008-02-15, 08:15 AM
Ultra Magnus' Office, Autobase

Prowl nodded when Crosshairs entered the room and greeted him and Ultra Magnus.

"Short notice? No, not at all," Prowl cordially replied.

After he was handed Crosshair's report, Prowl skimmed over it while Crosshairs spoke.

"No, I am afraid Ironhide does not brief me on his affairs," Prowl answered. "Mind offering a summary of this investigation?"


Tzai Industries Holdings, Business District

Axer led Blades into a large and lavishly adorned board room. A panoramic view of downtown Iacon could be seen through large windows that encircled the entire floor. The room, not surprising, was dimly lit, but Blades still could make out the long conference table where, at the end, a figure sat in a recliner facing the large window. As their host became aware of his guests, the chair swiveled part way.

“Ah, good. You’re here,” the figure said in a baritone voice. “I have been expecting you. Please have a seat; we have much to discuss,” holding his hand out, directing Blades to an empty chair by the table. “Axer, would you please excuse us?”

“Sure thing,” Axer bowed, then quickly disappeared at his CO’s request.

“Please, make yourself comfortable,” he gestured to a bottle of energon and a elegantly shaped glass. “The potation is the finest on the planet, I am told. I insist you have some."

Blades reluctantly approached the table. "Uh, sure."

"I trust you have fully recovered after your most unfortunate encounter," his host continued "And that our facilities have accommodated you?”

“Eh, you know, all those ‘unfortunate encounters’ seem to come with the turf,” Blades shrugged. "Geez, what's with the lighting in here?"

Making his way over to a chair nearest his host, Blades squinted as he drew closer. “Anyhow, yeah, I feel great, actually.”

When Blades sat down, the recliner where his host sat spun completely forward. Blades could now see clearly who he was talking to.

“You’re…you’re Banzaitron, aren’t you?”

“At one time or another, yes,” he nodded.

“Heh, I don’t believe it. You’re the President and CEO of Tzai Industries?!” Blades said, slightly amused by this revelation. “I don’t believe it. I just don’t. A Decepticon...running a multi-million credit company.”

“I prefer neutral. I have little factional affiliation these days,” Banzaitron replied. “But please, do refrain from being too self righteous," he smiled. "But pardon my boldness; you were summoned here for a reason.”