View Full Version : Inflatable Dalek's Amazing Ebayage! 8/5

inflatable dalek
2008-02-24, 08:30 PM
Only one vaugely related TF thing this time in a Death's Head trade signed by Furman and Lee Sullivan. But there's also some nifty Who stuff in there as well including some New Adventure novels (don't tell Cliffy, I think one or both may have come from him), Corgi toy gift sets, the Collected 9th Doctor comics and the BBC radio version of Lord of the Rings (nothing to do with Who nor Transformers, but it's got bloody Bill Nighy in it in a before he was famous role and we all love him don't we?)

Come on, help me have a nice holiday and buy big bookcase.


inflatable dalek
2008-05-08, 10:30 AM
Bumpied for added extar sales goodness.

2008-05-23, 08:59 PM
Now I just need to hunt down Geoff and get him to sign a couple of things...