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2008-02-29, 07:32 AM
Crippled by riots, overrun by criminals and rife by intrigue, the Decepticon capital of Polyhex is falling apart. The reign of Decepticon leader Gigatron has been sabotaged by a reborn Megatron, who seeks to reclaim the throne that was once his. As Megatron's plans come to fruition, the two Decepticon leaders head for a confrontation that can only end with one of them utterly defeated.

Optimus Prime, kidnapped by Megatron in a plot to discredit Gigatron in the eyes of the Autobots, has been freed by a small team of Autobots led by Ironhide. However, their presence in the city can only serve to destabilize the situation even more. Escaping the net of Decepticon security officers deployed on the streets will be difficult; escaping undetected will be impossible.

Meanwhile, continued rioting may spell the end for the various organized crime syndicates that call Polyhex home.

2008-02-29, 07:44 AM
Megatron's HQ

"Anywhere is good," Buzzsaw replied to Frenzy. "We're almost done here, so choose your targets with an eye to causing as much short-term disruption as possible. Beyond that...have fun."

Smokescreen listened idly to the Decepticon's conversation, but his attention was focused on Prime.

"It's good to have you back, sir," he said. "But I suggest we move now and answer whatever questions you have along the way."


"I deployed Ravage, Krok and their unit to the Grease Pits to deal with the largest insurrection," Scorponok told Hatemonger, as they walked into the roof's largest turbolift (which, as it happens, was the only one large enough to accommodate Scorponok). "I have smaller units, mostly flights of seekers and sweeps, observing the rioting near by, and in the Dead End. However, reports say that the situation isn't going well. You and I may have to take to the streets together to restore some semblance of order."

Scorponok's voice betrayed no small amount of eagerness.

The Black Nova

Black Shadow looked up as Whiplash barged into his office, several badly-beaten hired goons following closely behind.

"You know," the criminal overlord said, "between this behaviour and what Cyclonus did to one of my guards the last time he was here, I may have to ban Unicron spawn from this establishment entirely."

"Your humour is wasted on me," Whiplash told him.

"Obviously," was the reply. "What can I do for you, then?"

"The question you need to ask," Whiplash replied, "is exactly the opposite. Because it's what I can do for you that you need to worry about."

"Oh, do tell," Black Shadow said gamely.

"Simple," Whiplash said direly. "I can end this attack on your base. I can disperse the crowd and rescue this fine establishment and all inside her in one fell swoop."

"For what cost, I wonder?"

"Well, that's the hitch," Whiplash told him. "If I do this for you, then as soon as the riots have died down, you're going to pack up your headquarters and get the Pit out of my city."

2008-02-29, 09:36 AM
energon refinery

Krok reluctantly ordered Gatoraider to follow Chop Shop. He had also been thinking the same thing but he didn’t want to be cut out of the action. But Chop Shop was right. It didn’t make sense to stumble in and get detected. That wouldn’t be good leadership.
“good thinking…” he replied to Chop Shop.
Suddenly a few blast came their way. Still to far to be real called shots, but the enemy was nearby.
“Vindicator can you provide cover fire for Chop Shop and gatoraider? I think they’ll need it” "everyone else take positions"

refinery entrance

Staxx responded ravage"Shoot but not kill? Or wound them a bit? We aren’t autobots if you didn’t notice. And I can’t keep that lunatic bikerboy from not killing unless I blast him first but I’ll do my best to follow your orders.”
Bulletbike continued shooting from the entrance gate to the road ahead without having any real target. “Rise and reverbrate! Scream the body electric!” he shouted.
“Did you hear Ravage?” Staxx shouted back at bulletbike “Not kill, only maim and wound and the likes...”

If Bulletbike heard he didn’t show.

2008-02-29, 02:18 PM
The Black Nova

Rollover gave a deep, rumbling laugh. His mechs were opening the door and there were no booby-traps to prevent them then swinging inside with weapons deployed belligerently. Hah! Black Shadow had flung all his defense to the front of the building, more fool him.

However, hanging a little way down the street behind the gang, Shrike placed a hand on Loader's cranium as he started forwards and whispered, "Don't. Just... don't."

Underground radio station

Interceptor was experiencing a growing sense of exhultation. He had broadcast an outburst against Gigatron not protecting the citizens of Polyhex from drug-running gangs that had surely triggered the rioting. That was one in the optic for the whole slagging establishment!

Broadcasting heavy rock Earth music tracks, he opened a private channel and asked, 'Cattermaul? Drone? You guys hear me?'

Surprisingly, Cattermaul responded instantly. 'Interceptor, yeah, I can hear ya. Drone is out cold, but he's OK. What the frak is going on?'

'The downfall of government, the end of Gigatron's rule!'

Cyane had, meanwhile, climbed cautiously out of the bunker into a street filled with noise and briefly lit with bursts of light as energy weapons were discharged. She hugged the shadows, debating whether being out here was more sensible than being trapped in the radio station, and made the decision that such thoughts were moot; Polyhex was pretty much aflame and the only sensible option was Plan B - Run for It.

2008-02-29, 07:10 PM
Topspin came through the door and waited in the back, knowing it was not his place to yet speak. When Smokescreen finished speaking, Topspin chimed in "I second that notion. While we may be happy to see you, other may wish you stayed dead Prime. Let's get a move on and get you out of here!"

Sociopathic Autobot
2008-02-29, 07:43 PM
Iacon Detainment Facility, Two years ago
"So what are you here for then? To state your displeasure with my actions? To explain that you understand my need to fight, but that I went to far?" Sunstreaker asked but Prime shook his head immediately. "No, I'm here to tell you that your charges have been dropped. Both yours and Sideswipe's story checked out, it was purely defensive." Prime paused for a moment before slowly getting to his feet and movie towards the cell door, "I've also convinced the tribunal to end your probation." Sunstreaker looked at Prime and shook his head, "How?" his voice sounded shocked. "I've known you for a long time. And you always wanted to fight but you never, in all the cycles you were an Autobot; on all the missions I sent you on, you never killed an innocent," Prime began imputing the code into the cell panel, "You were reckless sometimes, cavalier at others, but you'd never up and slaughter as many beings as you did." The doors field slowly shut down and Sunstreaker stepped from the cell, looking at Prime. "Wheeljack's research into that cerbero-shell has all but confirmed it had the ability to manipulate a transformer. So, you're a free mech." Prime nodded, his tone happier than when the conversation first started. "So there is no strings attached to this? I'm free?" Sunstreaker asked cautiously. "Well, I would like you stay an Autobot, but judging by the removal of your Autobrand that decision has been made," Prime put his hand on Sunstreaker's shoulder, "I would like you to reconsider the decision though." Sunstreaker looked up at Optimus and then down the long hall of the detainment center. "No. Like you said. I never really supported this cause. And after all that's happened, it might be best for me to slip away into obscurity for a while." Sunstreaker nodded at Optimus, "But if you ever need me, simply ask. I may not have a lot of trust in the Autobots anymore, but I owe you a lot for you've done for me." Sunstreaker looked at the Autobot leader who simply nodded and removed his hand, "Then go. Hopefully you reconsider eventually."

Polyhex main electricity production center.

Sunstreaker counted down in his head, and when the explosion rocked the building he knew it was go time. He could hear the confusion below him, and dropped three smoke grenades out of the vent, the small bang and the loud hiss started to fill the room with a choking, dense smoke. Unless they were right next to him, they would be unable to see him because of the stealth. He watched as the room filled up, and then kicked out the grate and dropped down into the room. The first mech that got close, didn't realize he'd gotten close and was melted down by the electron pulse beam. Sunstreaker looked around and then spotted the console he needed. He moved slowly and carefully, as to avoid stray shots being fired by the confused Decepticons. He ducked down and crawled up the steps onto the platform and impaled the guard that was closest to the console on the energon sword. He used the lifeless mech as a shield and began to start the shutdown sequence of the generator. The large turbines began to slow, the room was filled with a loud screeching noise that drowned out most of the noise.

Sunstreaker could feel whenever a random shot landed on the shield. As the turbines came to a full stop, he slammed the energon sword into the console and slashed it. All the power in Polyhex would quickly begin to dim and die out, covering most of the state in darkness. Sunstreaker winced in pain as a stray shot connected with his side, causing him to topple over, dropping the shield. He held his hand against the wound and cringed. He got this feet as quickly as he could, using the damaged control panel as support. He moved towards the wall and pulled out another grate, climbing into the vent shaft. He wasn't sure where this one went, but the smoke cover would be gone soon and he wouldn't have the strength to get into the original vent. He replaced the grate on the front of the shaft and began to crawl, still holding the open wound on his side.

2008-02-29, 10:09 PM
Megatron's Warehouse:

Prime: -nods, re-establishing his full link with the trailer's systems-

Prime's trailer: -cannons raising into position and locking onto the roof of the trailer, double barrelled cannons deploying on the front upper corners-

Prime: "Let's get out of here! Autobots, transform and roll out!" -transforms to vehicle mode, trailer rolling forward and locking onto the hitch, shifting into gear, roaring forward-

Ironhide: -looks over at Buzzsaw- "Never thought Ah'd say this, but thank Soundwave fer me." -transforms to vehicle mode, falls in behind Prime, activates commlink- "C'mon, Sunstreaker! Tahme ta go!"

2008-03-01, 01:19 AM
Hatemonger almost broke a smile.

"Perhaps, the last planet was rather weak in terms of resistance. I could use a chance to stretch out myself." He said to the large Decepticon.

2008-03-01, 10:48 PM

Cyane shuddered as she passed two slumped bodies. They were dark and meagre forms leaking copious mech fluids from wounds caused by multiple projectile strikes; the wall above them was also peppered with holes.

She was making her way back towards her laboratory, where she intended to collect certain of her possessions and duck into the blast shelter beneath the floor. It had served in the war and would protect her during this rioting. Uneasy at being out in the open, she kept her head down and hurried along, hoping no one would bother with a small, scurrying fem - hoping not to be recognised as one of a particular drug lord's pet chemists.

Then the Dead End was plunged into darkness.

Not total darkness. This was a world where many individuals carried their own lighting arrays and, after the initial shock of the blackout, they began to activate them. Crouching fearfully, Cyane watched a running mech cut down near at hand by gunfire under the glare of macabre spotlights.

2008-03-02, 01:35 AM

Ravage: -smiles as the lights dim and go out, activates a secure commlink channel to Soundwave- "Do we have a further use for these two, or should I just eliminate them now?"

Street outside the The Tarnished Bronze:

Lit by crackling fires from burning bodies and burning vehicles, the guard commander in charge of trying to get whoever was inside of the building that was killing everybody crouched behind what was left of his vehicles, his few surviving mechs huddled near him. HQ couldn't send backup because of the riot, and he had the sneaking suspicion that they'd written him and his team off. What was left of them, anyway. "All right, guys. What do you think?"

The others looked at him askanse, some wounded, all covered in the fluids of their comrades.

He shrugged. "I way we leave whatever is in there alone and go try to help contain the riot."

As one, the others eagerly nodded their agreement.

He grabbed the tannoy mic and clicked the button. "Whoever's inBLAMM!!!!" His headless body fell to the ground. As fire rained from above, the others didn't have any time to react to their leader's death, as they were too busy dying themselves.

Quickshot, crouching on the edge of the roof of the building above them, blew the curling smoke from the barrels of his blasters as he looked down at the corpses. "Idiots. Guess I'm gonna have to find more playmates elsewhere...."

Leaving Megatron's HQ:

Prime: -headlights and running lights flaring to life as the rest of the lights go out- "Exactly what is Sunstreaker doing to distract them?"

Ironhide: -his own headlights flaring to life- "Ah got a feelin' th' less we know, th' better off we are...."

2008-03-02, 05:26 AM
The Grease Pits

Blitzwing, still on guard, stood by silently as he listened to Megatron and Astrotrain speak.

“Yes, a lot has changed,” Blitzwing responded. “Pardon if I don’t seem grateful, being nearly decimated will do that. But what do want with us? I may have little love towards Gigatron; his rule is contradictory to the values I impart in my students. But you,” Blitzwing paused as chose his words carefully. “Well, nevermind. I assume you’ve come to recruit us, yes?”

Sociopathic Autobot
2008-03-02, 06:37 AM
Sunstreaker moved fast through the vents, leaving a small trail of lubricant from the wound. "Did you guys get him?" He asked Ironhide over the comm as he kicked out a grate and looked around to make sure the coast was clear before dropping down.

2008-03-02, 11:07 AM
Slicer pulled up and unhitched his trailer ijn his garage

A good haul but now to satisfy my taste for chaos and destruction

Slicer transformed and stepped into a purple off road buggy that was parked there. He revved the engine and performed a systems check extending the wheel blades.

Pressing his hand down on the horn he shot into the night ready to add to the chaos and confusion any way he could.

2008-03-02, 11:53 PM
The Grease Pits

Astrotrain smiled as Blitzwing challenged Megatron, impressed by his comrade's bravado in the face of danger.

"Actually," Megatron was saying, "the plan was to kill the two of you horribly and have your carcasses delivered to Gigatron as a warning of what is to come. But that was before I knew who you were. Killing either of you would be a terrible waste."

He gave Blitzwing a look that combined annoyance and long-suffering understanding, as if he'd heard the same thing so many times that it no longer surprised him. "I understand why you might have reservations, but consider this: under my leadership, the Decepticons took total control of Cybertron. When I died we were the unquestioned masters of our world, with the Autobots forced into hiding on Earth and two of our moons. What has Gigatron done for you? He needed the Autobots to end Thunderwing's grab for power, he couldn't stop the Quintessons from driving you away from your home, and now he sits locked up in a throne room in Darkmount, lording over Polyhex and a paltry few outposts like Valvolux. He doesn't try to crush the Autobots, he doesn't try to spread our Empire out onto other worlds, and he has done absolutely nothing to stop the spread of criminal gangs in our territory. Whether you agree with my leadership style or not, surely you must see that we can't let this sham of an Emperor continue to rule."

As a member of Gigatron's high command for all of the sixchanger's reign, Astrotrain recognized Megatron's words for the propaganda that they were. Still, they played to his very real fear that his people were stagnating, becoming so satisfied with what they had that they never took any risks for fear of losing it. But he said nothing, wanting to see what else Megatron would tell his fellow triple changer.

"Tell me this," Megatron said. "As a teacher, how many young Decepticons do you think your message reaches? How many of them do you think actually embrace the values you teach them?" He smiled slightly, one side of his mouth curling up in an expression that seemed to say I have you now. "And how many more do you think you could reach if you were speaking from a position in my inner circle? I'm sure Astrotrain here can tell you just how much influence such a role would give you."

Megatron's (now-abandoned) HQ

Smokescreen transformed to vehicle mode and rolled out after Prime.

"I will," Buzzsaw told Ironhide. "And good luck. Gigatron's minions may already be looking for you."

As the Autobots rolled away, he transmitted a short coded data pulse to Soundwave.

"Prime is free," he said. "You may begin Phase Two."

Soundwave's Intelligence Base

Finally returning to the comfortable confines of his home and headquarters (and to the safe hum of his secure backup generator), Soundwave was happy to receive his minion's transmission. He didn't reply, but instead fired up his own communications systems and opened a channel to another Decepticon.

"Scorponok," he said with carefully-manufactured urgency in his voice, "it has come to my attention that Optimus Prime is at large in the city, fanning the flames of dissent in the Grease Pits. I'm sending you his location now. I trust you know what to do about this."

If he'd had a visible mouth, Soundwave would have been grinning. Scorponok's troops are all in the field. He'll have no choice but to take to the field himself and engage Prime...and the newly-rebuilt Prime will destroy him. One more obstacle out of the way.

Swtiching channels to reply to Ravage he said, "They may prove useful later, but use your better judgement. I doubt Megatron will mind either way."


Scorponok strode out of the turbolift into Darkmount's courtyard just moments before the entire city's power grid went out. With a roar of fury, he smashed the nearest piece of equipment he could find. He knew that all of the Decepticons' military bases had their own power supplies, ones that would last long enough to investigate this act of terrorism and reactivate the city's power, but that was beside the point.

Who would dare-

His thought was interrupted as Soundwave's communication came through, coincidentally giving him his answer.

"Prime! Of course he is behind this! Who else?" He gave Hatemonger a knowing glance. "You and I will have to deal with him personally. Transform and follow me."

Scorponok did exactly what he suggested, converting to scorpion mode and moving as quickly as he could to the city's main gates, the only way into or out of Polyhex.

With this attack carried out, Prime will try to flee as quickly as he can. More fool him.

The Black Nova

Rollover and his gang would find their way obstructed by an electronically-locked gate and a grid of laser tripwires. It was a simple but effective way to keep intruders out without wasting manpower, and would be more than capable of keeping the thugs from penetrating the Black Nova undetected.

Or rather, it was all of those things before the power went out, the gate's locks disengaged and the laser grid disappeared.

Black Shadow pondered Whiplash's request for a short while, then nodded. "Very well. I've been idly considering a move for a while now, and the local climate is simply far too hostile to try and stay." He held out his hand. "You have my word."

"For whatever that's worth," Whiplash nodded, shook hands with the gangster, and then crossed his arms. "It's a deal."

"Good. Then-" Black Shadow's words stopped dead as the facility's lights went dark. A few seconds later, they were bathed in the diabolical red light of the Black Nova's emergency lighting.

The two transformers rushed out of the office and into the bar's main room.

"What in the universe is going on?" Black Shadow demanded.

2008-03-03, 02:19 AM
Hatemonger smiled.

"Prime, good things are getting interesting right off the bat." He smiled and transformed into his tank mode and rolled beside the large scorpion.

"So where is Prime?" Hatemonger asked.

redman prime
2008-03-03, 04:00 AM
A roar erupted from the crowd as the city was plunged into darkness. The night sky brightened as the haze of ground lights rapidly faded away, further illuminating the remaining guards on the rooftops.

As Whiplash had entered the bar, the troops had rolled out some massive artillery. Fapro was getting his troops killed, but this was madness. Or was it? If they could take out the few troops isolated around the repeater, it'd be fair game to turn on the denizens inside. The only problem with that was they were several hundred yards still from the door, and still pinned down by the seekers.

"Citizens of Polyhex! I am Fapro, and I condemn these thugs and gangsters to the pit! Join me in expunging them from our city!"
The fiery rhetoric made him feel as if the best stuff in the galaxy was flowing in his veins. I just want to make a difference; lead these people towards tomorrow.

The twins accelerated into a hair pin turn, their Civic bodies gripping the pavement and sending them rocketing ahead.
A few small mechs were idling down an alleyway ahead of them, which met their fancy just fine. Transforming at top speed, Rumble slid by their position and snapped off a controlled burst of fire, clipping the knees of several of the empties. Frenzy transformed and catapulted into the air, landing in the midst of the falling empties. With a dizzying flurry of blows, he had dismembered two of the drug addled empties and sent the rest scurrying for cover.
Cover was not to be had on this night. Rumble raised his firearm and fired again, gunning down civilians with precise blasts in their backs.

It was a matter of putting out sparks after that. In thirty seconds time, seven citizens were exterminated.

"Well, that was just as easy as the first flexing. Race you to 15 kills!" Rumble was reloading as he talked, feeling antsy and exhilirated.

"Half a minute, there's something not right.." The lights went out on him mid sentance. "and that's the sign!" Frenzy shrugged, but was annoyed that the fun may be over before it really got started.
He opened a channel to Ravage, "Hey kitty, what's the plan? Buzzsaw told us to kill mechs, but there ain't no lights anymore."

2008-03-03, 05:33 AM
Topspin brought up the rear, transforming and following Prime, Ironhide, and Smokescreen. "Are we waiting on Sunstreaker, or getting the heck out of here?" Topspin asked as he moved into formation behind the others.

2008-03-03, 08:19 AM
Polyhex Central Art Gallery

Slicer was not the only one to be taking advantage of the confusion.

Two pantechnions stood drawn up to the loading dock as Governor drew up in his limousine.

He wound down his window

"how goes it ?"

A mech holding a piece of sculpture in his hands looked up

"just moving on to the second floor Sir."

Wingspan's HQ

Network opened a com link to Scorponok.

"This is Network at Military intelligence. I don't like all thats happening Sir. Especially with the boss sidelined like this and a lot of our troops out of the picture. If I didn't know better I 'd say this has all the classics signs of a coup d'etat. As a precaution I reccomend sending loyal troops to secure the broadcasting facilities. I'd also double-check the position of all key personnel who might be involved Sir. Especially Soundwave I don't trust him Sir he's top of our suspect list."

2008-03-03, 02:45 PM
Underground radio station

Interceptor swore with a furious passion in the emergency-lit gloom of the bunker as his radio systems flared and failed. It would be no good trying to reconnect the generator to the panel, mainly because he had no idea how to do it. He needed Drone and wailed into his personal communications system, 'I need help. I'm off the air!'

'Scrap to that,' came Cattermaul's reply. 'Get the whole farking widget out of there, 'Ceptor! I'm hauling Drone to Altihex.'

'Don't leave me!' Interceptor cried in horror.

'You can get out if you're careful.'

The radio went silent with a very final click.

2008-03-03, 03:39 PM

Staxx suddenly found himself in darkness.
"ravage, euh... the lights went out? was that you? should we still continue here? we don't see them coming now?"

2008-03-03, 08:52 PM

Vindicator nodded to Krok" I will keep them pinned down and provide cover."

Vindcator moved into an area where he would have a clear line of fire and waited for the signal from Krok to start fireing.

Just as he Vindicator was ready to fire the lights went out.

"What just happened? " he quickly asked Krok.

2008-03-03, 11:22 PM
The Black Nova

Rollover, by the light of one of the grunt's headlamps, stepped over the remains of the gate and laughed. There were tiny, telltale reflections set into the walls and ceiling just ahead - the lenses of depowered lasers which, no doubt, provided a warm welcome when active. "Move on," he said quietly. "There ain't gonna be no problems. We oughta thank whoever switched off the juice."

The gang stalked along the empty corridor, weapons ready, scanning for further defenses which might, if merely mechanical, still be a danger.

Outside, Shrike bent a little to stare into Loader's optics; being rather overtall for a Predacon, he was still short compared to anyone but a minibot. "If we go in there, we won't come back," he warned.

"No one lives forever," Loader pointed out with a lopsided grin, twisting away and heading into the doorway. "And I'm going to make sure they don't!"

Shrike folded his arms across his meagre chest, almost hugging himself. He was afraid to try his luck in the darkness, on the ground or in the air; he was afraid to go into the building and afraid to lose Rollover's protection.

2008-03-04, 02:16 AM
Near the Greast Pits:

Prime: -rumbling along at the head of the formation- "We'll hook up with Sunstreaker, and then we all leave together, Topspin. I don't know what's been going on during my imprisonment, but I do know one thing. We're not leaving anybody behind."

Ironhide: -into commlink- "We got him, Sunstreaker. Give us a beacon so we c'n fahnd ya."


Ravage: -ears twitching- "We go with discretion for now, Staxx. Take Bulletbike and get out of here."

Sociopathic Autobot
2008-03-04, 07:53 AM
Sunstreaker cracked a smile as he set the new charge on the wall. "I'll set the beacon when I am out of here." He said to Ironhide. "Head towards the power generating facility. I'll be out momentarily and set the beacon if I don't see you."

2008-03-04, 09:00 AM

“Vindicator, I’ll take contact with Scorponok to see what his orders are”. “I don’t think this is his doing or the ones in the refinery but rather a third party.”

Krok opened a secure channel “Sir, what are your orders? We are in front of the refinery but with a total blackout. Should we continue the mission or abort?”

2008-03-04, 10:14 PM
Underground radio station

Feverishly, Interceptor tore at the dead radio broadcasting panel, prying loose his pride and joy - the stack box. Here were all his music tracks from Earth and Nebulos, digi-digitised and nano-compressed. He unhooked the input/output line and pulled the compact unit clear, noting with satisfaction that the batteries were still holding a good charge. Popping the box into a subspace stowage pocket he climbed up the steps and opened the bunker.

The darkened street appeared, to his relief, to be practically deserted, although he could hear the noise of the riot without straining his audial capacity. Momentarily, he cowered, caught in a bright glare and then a ground vehicle drove past him erratically on four shot-out tyres. Up above, the sky seemed as dark as the ground and, sensors straining, Interceptor jetted upwards, transforming as he did so.

2008-03-05, 10:08 PM
Polyhex Streets

Scorponok shook his small animalistic head.

"We're not quite sure," he told Hatemonger, running as fast as his eight legs would carry him, "but intelligence suggests he's in the Grease Pits. Considering all the trouble we're having, I have to guess that he's done what he came to do and that he'll try to leave the city. We need to get to the main gates as quickly as we can and wait there for him."

Responding to Network he said, "I would love to do as you suggest," he told the intelligence officer, "but I don't have the resources to move on any of the broadcast facilities right now, let alone try to secure Soundwave's private fortress." He pondered that for a few moments. "But what we can do is reroute some of our emergency power reserves to the long-range communications arrays and broadcast the strongest jamming signal we can. It will hamper our efforts a bit, but it will cripple the enemy. Get on it."

Finally, he gave an answer to Krok. "Abort," he said furiously. "Form a perimeter around the building and make sure no one gets out unchallenged, but don't risk going inside until power is restored."

The Black Nova

As Rollover strode into the building through the back entry, he would be met not by an army of Space Mafia thugs but by a single, light blue figure with a ludicrous robotic beard.

With his energy whip held casually in one hand, Whiplash stared steadily into Rollover's optics as if he'd automatically identified him as the ringleader.

"You don't want to come any closer," he told the other Transformer. "Trust me on that."

2008-03-05, 11:21 PM
The Black Nova

Rollover casually held the blacklight gun up against his shoulder as he gave his challenger the once over. "Oh, I ain't gonna come no closer," he said smoothly, then he turned round and marched away, snarling, "Gerrim, boys!"

Bodyblow moved to cover his boss while the other eleven various thugs and brutes obeyed their brief order with much gusto and ammunition.

2008-03-06, 01:42 AM
Hatemonger rolled along as derbris and rubble was tear apart by his treads.

"Very good." Was all the general said trying to contain his eagerness in meeting the Autobots again face to face. This time without the truce to keep him from tearing an Autobot limb from limb.


Cryotek got onto his com-link to the two fast departing Decepticons.

"Sir." He said with nobody in particular in mind.

"I'am going to use the back up power here to try to patch into the systems. I maybe can re-route power to the city but it's going to take time." He said his fingers already going madly on the keyboard as swarms of code streaked by.

redman prime
2008-03-06, 03:47 AM
There's something happening in there, and I'm not sure I want to be here when it stops. That Seeker landed and things got a little too quiet for me.
Fapro gave one more cry for the revolution, spurring on the mob that was congregated taking pot-shots at the guards on the roof.
With a subtle nod to a his bodyguard Odeon, he slowly slipped toward the back of the group and rallied the mechs there to the front.

Once he'd slipped from the mangled mass of bodies, he spoke quietly to his guard to calm his own nerves. "We're not leaving for good, but we need to find someone with a radio; someone to broadcast the revolution to the whole of Polyhex. Where can we go?"

2008-03-06, 07:27 AM
Military Intelligence HQ

Network responded.

"Ackknowledged Sir we'll do our best we'll try and block evering accept channel 17 , that way at least you've got some flexibility. over."

Network turned to his fellow officers

"ok lets hustle we need to divert emergency power reserves to the long-range communications arrays and broadcast the strongest jamming signal we can if we moduate it we can use microbursts and that way we keep the compression ratio down. And lets try and keep channel 17 clear."

2008-03-06, 08:01 AM
Polyhex Streets

Scorponok made an indistinct noise as he heard Cryotek's voice, noticing the static bleeding over into the transmission as Network's techs started to close off all but the official Decepticon channel. "Get on it immediately," he said. "Let us know if you make any progress."

The two high-ranking Decepticons had moved quickly, and were already entering Polyhex's main square. The entire area was milling with civilians, several of which shouted jeers and unimaginative insults as they saw Scorponok and Hatemonger.

The Decepticon scorpion moved into the crowd without hesitation, lashing out with claws and tail, knocking bystanders and rioters aside with equal dispatch.

The Black Nova

Whiplash let the members of the mob attack, ignoring their relatively ineffectual attacks for the few seconds it took to strike out the the nearest ones with his energy whip.

(OOC: The whip is meant to stun anyone it hits. Yes, I stole the idea from Star Trek. Stop looking at me that way.)

2008-03-06, 12:18 PM
Hatemonger briefly moved beind the large scorpion as he knocked some of the onlookers out of the way.

"I don't think I need to cause more trouble with our populace so I am going to travel behind you for a moment." The general said. "Besides I can't really knock things out of my way. Just go over them."

2008-03-06, 02:11 PM
The Black Nova

One of the gang, scarred and battered by life barely above the gutter, took the first bite of the stranger's whip, which coiled round his torso and sent every circuit into lock-down. He was flicked through a complete 360 degrees before he hit the ground, offline, and the whip swung back, catching another mech across his gun-arm, paralysing it.

Bodyblow backed up, pushing Rollover towards the still-open doorway. "He ain't no Maff," he grunted over his shoulder. "He ain't no con-cer-ned citizen, neever."

"He's slag!"

Rollover realised that Loader was charging down the passageway with gleeful anticipation and lots and lots of hardware. He flattened himself against the wall rather than be shouldered aside (a shoulder in the lower abdomenal plates was never appreciated), but Bodyblow got in the way and made the minibot pull up rather than run into him.

"You wanna be a grilled farinaceous product?" Bodyblow asked. "Nah... unship some 'a them shooters and blast him from here."

2008-03-07, 04:26 AM
Near the Grease Pits:

Ironhide: "We're on our way, Sunstreaker. See ya in a few." -deactivates commlink- "Sunstreaker's near th' power generatin' place. Says if we wan'ta pick him up, he'll meet us near there."

Prime: -changing course, engine rumbing through gear changes- "Then that's where we're headed."

redman prime
2008-03-07, 05:16 AM
As the whip of Whiplash tore through the initial lines of the mob, the reserves rushed to the front and took up arms. There was only one target at this point, and all eyes centered down stocks at said target. Whiplash.

A Hop skip and a jump from the Nova

Fapro opened a com channel, to be met with a solid whiteout.

"ah, hell."

Grease pits, approaching the milling Decepticons
The Twins were amped. They had murdered plenty of mechs in the evening, and the signs showed no indication of slowing down. They recognized a few forms of their comrades as they lurched to a dramatic halt in front of Ravage.

"So Kitty, what's the story?" For all their history, Frenzy wasn't much for pleasantries.

2008-03-07, 07:26 AM
The Black Nova

As chaos reigned below them, the guards atop the bar had actually found something resembling peace. Their anti-air units combined with the three airborne sweeps had successfully suppressed the crowd's airborne attack, and the most belligerent of the ground-based attackers were now flooding into the building.

A pity, then, that they have absolutely no idea what they're in for...

Shank watched as the bar's remaining staff loaded crates of equipment into the trio of transport shuttles that now waited atop the building. They'd arrived moments ago and were already half-full, loaded down both with the bar's stock and with the more vital equipment that was stored in the back room.

"Be careful with that!" he shouted as he saw Flashbulb, Lens Flare and Shutter struggling with a bulky shanix-counterfeiting machine. "If you can't carry it, get a hoverpallet. Don't drag it like that."

Ignoring the creepy triplets' backtalk, he turned and watched as the first of the shuttles started to rise off the landing pad.

Only a few more minutes now, and everything will be gone. I only hope Whiplash keeps up his end of the bargain.

Whiplash took hit after hit, but his Unicronian physique remained intact, if not quite pristine. He lashed out time and again, striking at anyone within range. There was a strange expression on his face.

"You really don't want to do this," he told the mob again. "Trust me."

At the club's front door, the thugs using the heavy repeater retreated, crudely hacking the weapon's power lines so it couldn't be turned back against them.

Polyhex Streets

Scorponok made a disgusted noise.

"The populace, Hatemonger? Bah! Anyone who rises up against their betters deserves nothing but death!"

As if to emphasize that, he sliced a civilian in half with his claws as he passed.

Megatron's HQ

Had the entire city not been locked in a paroxysm of turmoil, it might have come as a surprise when a random warehouse in the middle of the Grease Pits disappeared in a fiery ball. As it was, Megatron's old base was demolished without anyone paying it any mind, just one more casualty of the violence that gripped Polyhex.

Buzzsaw fluttered away, a self-satisfied expression on his beak as he returned to Soundwave's base.

2008-03-07, 12:08 PM

Krok turned back as soon as he heard scorponok's orders. everyone form a perimeter around the building. I don't want anything or anyone to escape.

in the refinery
Staxx mentioned to bulletbike an opening in an abandoned energon pipeline "you heard the tapebot, let's get out of here."
Bulletbike shrugged "we won't get out of here. because they're out there. they are everywhere" but he rolled into the pipe nonetheless.

2008-03-07, 11:17 PM
The Black Nova

The mobsters fell back as their whip-wielding opponent made it obvious he was going to stand his ground against all-comers, actually whirling to strike at some other mechs (from the general mob) who had appeared from the other side of the building. They were street fighters not warriors; this was out of their league.

Loader was nursing his two laser blasters, taking aim, with Bodyblow at his side (perhaps in the hope of preventing a maniacal charge which would only result in considerable collateral damage).

Rollover, meanwhile, was frowning at the walls. This passageway obviously ran clean through the building, backdoor to bar, so there must surely be other passages off it. A sharp voice suddenly echoed out: "Holographic projectors. Battery power must have cut in."

Shrike was posing casually just inside the entrance, a distinctive shadow in Rollover's dimmed lightbeams, and his optics were glittering redly.

2008-03-07, 11:27 PM
In the city

Frag dragged Loops unconscious body through the streets.

"next time you want just one more I'm going to say no."


Slicer steered his buggy through the streets blades mowing down any slow pedestrians.


Squawktalk perched warily on a lamp standard. From his perch he could see fires raging across the city.


a pair of Pantechnions pulled away from the museums loading bay.


Governor tapped a screen in his limo as he watched the mob gather round the Black Nova.

2008-03-08, 01:29 AM
Hatemonger sneered.

"Well if thats the cause may the traitors pay!" He yelled as a foolish rioter tried to jump on him only to fall and be crushed underneath the Generals treads.

He then fired a few blast from his fusion cannons to clear a path in front of them.

2008-03-08, 06:17 AM
The Black Nova

Whiplash's movements started to slow noticeably as he took hit after hit, and his strikes fell with less accuracy and more desperation.

On the roof, Shank watched as the second-last transport lifted off.

"Time to get out of here, I think." He waved Lens Flare over and asked, "Did the boss get on one of the ships?"

"He was on that last one," was the reply. "Shutter saw him."

"Good." Shank waved the other gangster toward the ramp of the last remaining transport. "Get on there, all three of you. I'll be along shortly."

As the last of the Black Nova's staff climbed aboard the shuttle, Shank pulled a control device out of subspace. He worked with it for a few moments, activating the fusion bomb buried in the bar's sub-basement and setting it on a timer fuse. That done, he followed Lens Flare up the ramp and found a seat on the shuttle.

A pity, he thought. I'm going to miss this place. But the Decepticon was right...getting out of town will be good for business, and killing our attackers en masse will make anyone who survives too afraid to come after us.

2008-03-08, 11:28 PM
The Black Nova

Loader fired both of his lasers alternatively, aiming at the whipmech (Whiplash - of course). A lot of his shots went high, wide or scorched holes through some of the rioters beyond his target. Bodyblow, grinning, raised his own weapon, which kicked in his hand with an explosive 'BOOM' as it spat a large, single, soft-tipped projectile.

Shrike moved closer to Rollover and tapped a blank wall; there was a hollow echo. "Simple, isn't it?" he said, orientating his las pistol up at the ceiling and firing at a tiny telltale. Immediately, the projector failed and a door appeared, and he reached out with a flourish to open it. "After you."

Rollover accepted the invitation, glancing back only once to the fight.

As he followed Rollover into the dimly-lit new passageway, Shrike murmured, "This place'll be a trap, you know. One big trap. And there'll be a bomb big enough to raze it to the ground and then some."

Laughing, Rollover turned to say something about that, but four las shots hit him in his primary rotation joints, locking his limbs, and he began to fall forwards. And then he lost his head - literally.

Shrike flicked his left wingblades close against his arm again. The strike had been so quick his metallic feathers were clean of fluids.

2008-03-09, 06:10 AM
The Black Nova

Whiplash fell to the ground as more and more shots drilled into his armour, melting his vital systems and reducing his body to a crippled mockery of its former self. But any rioters close enough to get a good look at the fallen Decepticon's face would see that he was, in fact, smiling.

I've driven the worst of the criminals out of Polyhex and soon, very soon, I'll take these rioters with me into the Pit. My life is a small price to pay for such a great service to the Decepticon cause.

In the air, nearby

Shank glanced down at his chronometer and smiled.

Two minutes, he thought. Two minutes and the Black Nova and everything around it will be reduced to ash.

2008-03-09, 09:06 AM
On the streets

Slicer grinned as hemowed down a group of rioters with his blades.

Not only was it fun but it was something he was meant to be doing

2008-03-09, 03:03 PM
Hatemonger suddenly transformed back into his robot mode letting out a roar of anger as he drew his energon blade his heavy armour plunking off most of the worthless attacks from many of the rioters. The General swiftly cut down a group rioters while firing his fusion cannons at another. Feeling he had done a fair amount of damage to the morale of the group he transformed back into his tank mode and drove through a small group starting to follow Scorponok agian.

2008-03-09, 06:49 PM
The Black Nova

Shrike drew the door shut and clicked irritably to himself - he should never have shot out the projector. He could see Bodyblow and Loader with their backs to him and, holstering the las pristol, moved up behind them. "Quickly!" he hissed, attracting their attention. "Come with me!"

Bodyblow shifted his optics from the whipmech's near-death throes and glared at the shadowy-outlined Predacon. "Whaffor?" He realised he could not see his leader and asked, "Where's Rollover?"

"Outside, outside," Shrike assured. "If you want to live, you'd better come outside, too."

Bodyblow grunted and grabbed Loader by one arm. "C'mon, maniac. Nuffin worth shootin'. We gotta go."

"I want coup on Black Shadow!" Loader responded somewhat petulantly, pulling away.

Shrike hesitated. He had calculated that his best chance of survival would be to take at least Loader with him, and Bodyblow would be a bonus. The other heavies did not matter, but the more the merrier... He had made too many enemies; he needed backup.

"Come on, Loader!" he called out. "This place is going to go sky high, I have no doubt, and you'll only get your chance at Black Shadow in the Pit!"

Sociopathic Autobot
2008-03-10, 02:37 AM
Main Polyhex Power plant

Sunstreaker had left the building a smoke filled mess. A third of the building was on fire after explosions ripped through it, and the generators were gone. It would keep Polyhex in darkness for cycles and allow a fairly easy escape from the city-state. He kicked out the last grate and dropped down. He looked out the large hole created from one of his explosions and dropped out of it in the back lot of the building. He still held the wound in his side before transforming. He launched a missile from his back launcher and destroyed the fence before driving out in all the confusion and activating his beacon.

2008-03-10, 07:02 AM
Near the Grease Pits

Smokescreen quickly spoke up as he detected Sunstreaker's beacon.

"I've got his signal," he told Prime. "He's about a mile northeast of us, close to the main power plant. It shouldn't take long to get to him."

With that, the tactician turned down a side-street that (according to the years-old street maps he'd committed to memory during the trip from Iacon) would take the group to where Sunstreaker was waiting.

Soundwave's Intel Base

Buzzsaw flew into his master's office, self-satisfaction still very evident in his expression.

"Everything has gone off without a hitch so far," he told Soundwave. "The warehouse where Prime was stored has been reduced to ashes, along with any physical evidence that Megatron was involved in the plot."

"Good," Soundwave replied. "Then the only evidence anyone will be able to find are the records we falsified to incriminate Gigatron. He will deny any involvement, of course, but in the face of such overwhelming evidence the Autobots will write it off as yet more lies from a Decepticon leader who has caused them grief at every turn."

"Will they support us, then?"

"Officially? No." Soundwave shook his head. "If Optimus Prime started issuing public statements in support of Megatron, the entire planet would think he'd gone mad. Unofficially...who knows? But at the very least we know he won't be standing side-by-side with Gigatron the way he did when Thunderwing led his uprising."

"And that will be enough to unseat the pretender to the throne, you think?"

"On its own? No. Not even with the recent uprisings souring the populace on Gigatron's rule." Soundwave gestured toward a display on one side of the office, which showed Megatron in conversation with Astrotrain and Blitzwing. "But if some other things fall into place, our odds start to look much, much better."

2008-03-10, 02:28 PM
The Black Nova, street

Bodyblow and Loader were with him, at least, when Shrike emerged into the Polyhex-wide darkness. Without their lighting arrays he would have been physically blind, which always scared him so much as he had never learned to compensate properly with his sonic scanners. Two more of the gang joined them.

"Rollover said he'd wait for us out here," Shrike said smoothly, running the fingers of his right hand carefully along his left wing edge. Leading the other four away from the building, his thoughts leapt a track. "You were fighting a Decepticon back there."

Bodyblow nodded, frowning. "Yeah. No sign of Black Shadow's mechs..."

"Look over there. Those aren't local security forces - those are ranking Decepticons," Shrike observed. "Maybe one of them got Rollover?"

"Aaarrrgh! I'll fix 'em!"

This time, Bodyblow was too slow to prevent Loader pelting off towards the main confusion of the riots out front of The Black Nova. He turned on Shrike, exasperated. "You stupid Pred! What'd you say that for?"

But Shrike paid him no notice. Occasional stabs of light were picking out the shape of a sleek armoured vehicle, which was parked silently in a blackness hardly less profound than its paintjob. It took a mere instant to compute who it belonged to and then Shrike moved towards it, empty hands on display.


Interceptor crouched on a ledge half-way up a tower. Above him, brightly-lit military Seekers were criss-crossing the air like so many shooting stars; below, there was one display of bitter limelight. Caught between, he could only take a route through the dangerously darkened buildings, which did not suit his temperament.

Foolishly, he launched himself across an open plaza, forgetting that his bright form would be outlined from below. Two impact missiles slammed into his wings before he could reach the other side and, with a cry of pain, he fell, fighting for control. Now, he was getting so close to the ground he could pick out several units fleeing from the main rioting. Slamming his airbrakes on hard, he managed to slow himself and skittered, among a shower of sparks, into them.

2008-03-10, 07:32 PM
Near the Greast Pits:

Prime and Ironhide: -following Smokescreen-

Prime: "So exactly why was I in Polyhex?"

Ironhide: "Minerva an' Wheeljack got jumped whahle they was workin' on ya, an' yer CR chamber got stolen. If it weren't fer Soundwave, there ain't no way we'd'a got ya back. 'Parently Gigatron ordered it fer some reason. Soundwave found out an' cawled us."

Prime: "But why? We'd actually managed to achieve peace! Why do something that would plunge us back into the madness of war?"

Ironhide: "'Cause takin' you outta th' picture'd mean they'd be able ta take us. Ah kahnd'a got th' feelin' th' only reason they didn't go after us was Polyhex's crime problem."

Prime: "I don't know if that's a good thing or not."


Ravage: -switching to Rumble and Frenzy's frequency- "I think I do have something for you to do. There should be some troops surrounding the refinery. Come in and hit them from behind. Disorient them and let those inside the refinery escape."

Lord Zarak
2008-03-10, 09:10 PM
"Getting restless General?" asked Scorpoonok of Hatemonger. "Have we not been keeping you active enough these past few cycles? Or is that you cannot stand how these pathetic plebians think they can change things by calling us names? Or that they think they stand a chance against our superiority?"

To underline this point he turned his cannons to the side of him and fired at the ground where protestors were shouting. All that remained was a slight crater in the ground, and whisps of smoke rising into the sky.

2008-03-11, 03:26 AM
Hatemonger fired another barrage into a group of protesters.

"Exactly, perhaps we have been too merciful to the weak." The General said admiring the slaughter before him.

2008-03-11, 05:34 AM
Topspin, bringing up the rear behind Prime and Ironhide.

"Hey guys, I've been monitoring the transmissions- the few that are getting out right now- and a lot of stuff is going down right now. Guess that was Soundwave's "Diversion", huh?"

2008-03-12, 05:51 AM
Not so near the Grease Pits:

Ironhide: "Yer prob'ly rahght, Topspin."

-explosions light the darkness nearby as Scorponok and Hatemonger fire on the crowds-

Prime: -hits the brakes- "It sounds like the diversion is coming under attack. I cannot stand by while these innocents are killed so I can get away."

Ironhide: -slides to a halt behind Prime- "But they're residents'a Polyhex. Means they're 'Cons."

Prime: "Just because they live under this system does not mean they condone it." -shifts into gear, turns his wheels, starts heading towards the explosions-

Ironhide: -sighs- "Ah got a bad feelin' 'bout this. Smokescreen, Topspin, c'mon, an' make sure yer guns're loaded. Looks lahke we got a fahght comin'." -rolls out after Prime-

2008-03-12, 07:41 AM
Polyhex Streets

"On it, Ironhide," Smokescreen said quickly. He didn't approve of Prime's decision to throw himself into battle so quickly after they'd rescued him, but long years of experience with the Autobot leader had taught him that it would be pointless to argue.

But it won't be pointless to try and bring in some extra help. Especially help of the sort that we would be happy to be rid of in the long run...

Since comms were being blacked out on all but the Decepticon military band, he knew he wouldn't be able to contact Sunstreaker directly. But, thankfully, the direct route might not be necessary.

"Topspin, the power plant isn't far from here. How long would it take you to get there, collect Sunstreaker and get back?"

The Black Nova

The counter on the bar's self-destruct mechanism hit zero. The building itself was overrun by fire, eaten up within seconds by the tremendous heat generated by the small nuclear warhead buried below it. The nearby buildings would fare little better, either consumed by secondary explosions or battered by concussive force to the point where they were unsafe for occupation.

One of the remaining sweeps was caught in the explosion and liquefied. The other two, scorched and battered but still approximately functional, wisely turned tail and headed for Darkmount.

2008-03-12, 03:45 PM
The Black Nova, streets

The two gang members who had followed Shrike out of the building fared no better than those who had (without choice, being offline thanks to Whiplash) remained behind. The leading edge of the concussive wave ripped them apart and the following furnace-blast disintegrated their remains before they could clatter to the street.

Bodyblow was picked up and hurled through the side of a nearby building, his shocked roar lost in the roar of the flames. He passed through what had once been an internal decorative polymer layer, which fused agonisingly to his armour. The feedback should have sent him offline, but it seemed, instead, to lend him a new surge of power and he scrambled across the room even as everything in it went incandescent. He never detected the stairwell and fell headlong down its depths as the whole upper structure collapsed.

Being so small and light, relatively, Shrike felt himself plucked upwards by the first rush of the explosion. Encompassed in sound and fantastic brightness, his input processing systems failed.

2008-03-12, 05:14 PM
Topspin heard Smokescreen's question and gave it a moment's thought. "Depends- am I going for speed or stealth? If I go full speed, should be really fast, but it may depend if I have to haul Sunstreaker back or if he can carry his own weight."

Lord Zarak
2008-03-12, 09:59 PM
Out of the smoke a blur began to take shape. As it drew nearer it began to take a familiar form.

"PRIME" cried Scorponok as he saw his old nemesis draw nearer. As he did so, he turned his guns on the Autobot, but held his fire.

Hatemonger, be wary. Where there is Prime, his sycophants are usually close behind.

redman prime
2008-03-13, 04:15 AM
The mob had lost most of its fury as countless whiplashes and the combined assault of the Decepticon Generals sapped their strength.

When the bomb under the Nova went off, what remained of the front lines were hurled through the air as bits of paper on a breeze. Some stragglers continued the fight, still emboldened and full of the fiery rhetoric of Fapro; he who had managed to wade through the crowd and away before the explosion.
He was fortunate to get away, and possibly fortunate to get knocked down by his bodygaurd Odeon as Interceptor hurtled into them. He was on his feet before his bodygaurd, pistol in hand and ready to ice the new bot when he took pause. "Hey, you. What's that thingy you got there? and where you comin' from in such a hurry?"

The Industrial district

Rumble looked uneasily at Frenzy, but hey, a job was a job. "Ok, Ravage we'll do it. At the refinery, you say?"

They strode forward silently, making their way up a parallel to the road The Autobots were traveling on. Innocence was bliss, though, as they were going to ambush people waiting for people to come out.

2008-03-13, 04:40 AM
Hatemonger heard Scorponok's warning.

"I've faced Prime before and his comrades are cowards. Who are they to involve Autobots in Decepticon matters!?" The General growled readying himself for a fight.

2008-03-13, 04:41 AM
The Grease Pits

Blitzwing paused for a few moments, practically thunderstruck by Megatron’s prospect for the future.

Admittedly, it almost sounded appealing to Blitzwing, which ashamed him. He glanced over to Astrotrain for a moment, his look almost apologetic, then turned away.

But, he did not immediately return his gaze to Megatron, instead averting his eyes to the ground.

“Heh, you pander to my weakness,” Blitzwing finally replied. “You paint a lovely picture. Though I am not completely won over just yet, but I am curious." He looked up. "So, ‘fearless one’, how do you intend to usurp Gigatron with so few in numbers?”

2008-03-13, 05:42 AM
The Grease Pits

Megatron smiled slightly at Blitzwing's question, one side of his mouth curling upward.

"I take it you haven't tuned in to the military frequency recently?" The Decepticon commander gestured south-eastward with the barrel of his railgun, toward Darkmount. "As it happens, I don't have to do very much. The entire city is in an uprising. Gigatron's forces are slaughtering innocent civilians and are proving to be laughably incapable of containing this fiasco. The question you should be asking isn't where will I get the troops to usurp Gigatron. Instead you should be asking whether anyone at all will try to stop me when I declare myself the true leader of the Decepticons and order Gigatron into exile."

Megatron shrugged, then started to walk toward a small outbuilding that had been a part of the same complex as the warehouse he'd just demolished. "If you two want to have a place in the new Decepticon order, follow me."

Astrotrain watched his receding back for a few seconds, then glanced toward Blitzwing. Then, with a stony expression on his face, the Decepticon admiral followed Megatron.

Polyhex Streets

"I think the time for stealth has passed," Smokescreen told Topspin as Prime charged off to engage the Decepticons. "Get there as fast as you can. Sunstreaker should be in functional condition. Tell him what's happening, then get back here as quickly as you can. If he's willing to fight, we'll need all the help we can get."

2008-03-13, 02:42 PM
"Will do Prime. Be back before you know it..." Topspin said he changed direction and headed off towards Sunstreaker's last known location- the power plant - and opened a com link to the former autobot. "Streaker, I don't know if you can receive this, but I am headed your way fast. We got a lot of hostiles in the area, be advised."

2008-03-13, 03:00 PM
Near the remains of The Black Nova

Loader had been pouring round after round at any sigil-bearing Decepticon he could see out front of The Black Nova when the explosion tore through the rioters and put paid to the majority of them. Luckily for him, he was small enough to be shielded from the main blast by many much bigger bodies; unluckily, his shape was against him.

Shedding weapons, he hit the ground and rolled...

...until he came up against a very firmly placed set of legs and looked upwards.


His beautiful airframe! Interceptor groaned, raising one arm and observing the conspicuous dents. And his personal livery...!

Uh, ohhhh. There was a pistol in his face...

"Hey, you. What's that thingy you got there? and where you comin' from in such a hurry?"

Interceptor raised his optics from the ominous threat, so at odds with the questions. Lowering his arm, he felt something blocky under his fingers and realised that, as he had crashed, it had become jarred from subspace. "It's a multi-recording stack box," he replied carefully (respect the gun respect the gun). "I was just hoping to escape the mess here and, you know, set up somewhere else?" After a short pause, he added, "I'm just a radiobot!"

redman prime
2008-03-14, 03:42 AM
"A radiobot, you say?" Fapro slightly lowered the pistol, enough to make it feel a bit less aggresive but still held it trained on the mech in front of him. "I suppose you are recording all these goings-on and plan on giving names and deeds of all that's said and done here today, eh?" The pistol was raising ever so slightly, as was Fapro's tone.

OR maybe this is the just the ticket to turn this whole city into a frenzy!

2008-03-14, 04:26 AM
Polyhex Streets:

Prime: -rolls to a halt, transforms, optics narrowing- "Scorponok and Hatemonger. I should have known. Only you two would massacre your own people like this."

Ironhide: -comes up next to Prime, transforms, blaster pistol in his left hand, energo-axe in his right- "Y'know, ya do need ta give yer new body a field test."

Prime: "And these two are certainly deserving targets." -neural triggers firing-

Prime's trailer: -coming apart behind him, reforming around him, Roller shifting and reconfiguring, covering his chest, panels shifting and connecting around his head-

Powermaster Optimus Prime: -both twin barrel shoulder cannons swivelling up, a heavy laser rifle in each hand- "You both have one chance. Cease this killing spree and return to Darkmount..... or face the consequences."

(OOC: If you're wondering exactly what he looks like, look at the Powermaster Prime pages in Transformers: The Ultimate Guide)

2008-03-14, 04:41 AM
Hatemonger watched as Prime transformed with a lack of interest.

"You have a few more guns Prime. Big deal. The slaughter of the innocent you say. What business do you have in the affairs here!?" The General yelled transforming into his robot mode. His red optics flaring.

"The transformers were punished by our law, Decepticon law!. They rioted and were punished as such." Hatemonger growled then aimed both of his fusion cannons at Ironhide. Maybe this Prime was stronger but his comrades were the same weak fools as before and he knew Prime would be smart enough to realise this or at the very least would not want to risk his own mens lives.

"Leave now or I will harm that which you find dear. New body, new weapons fine but we have seen how Ironhide handles fusion cannon blasts before haven't we?" The General said coldly.

2008-03-14, 05:01 AM
Polyhex Streets

"We should have more backup in a second," Smokescreen whispered to Ironhide as he came up beside the other Autobot, electrodisruptor rifle in hand. "Lets try not to get ourselves killed."

More loudly he said, "Ironhide's not alone, Hatemonger. You don't know how many men we've got here, but we know that there's only the two of you. Stand down."

2008-03-14, 05:12 AM
Hatemonger smiled at the Autobots threat.

"Autobot your a fool. I can contact Darkmount and know exaclty how many of you there are and where you are and don't think my engineers can't get this cities defenses up and running. Besides your rifle will have little effect on me while your ally here will have two large holes in his corpse." The General growled aiming at both of the Autobots and bringing his forearm rifle online as well as his other offensive systems.

"Cryotek give me a sit rep." The General asked the brillant Decepticon.


"Working as fast as I can here. I am trying to reroute power from other parts of Cybertron to our grid but this whole planet's grid is still pretty well slagged from the bloody Quints. But hopefully I will have everything back up sooner than later." Cryotek answered his hands flying on the keyboard.

2008-03-14, 05:43 AM
Polyhex Streets

"Actually, I'm pretty sure you can't," Smokescreen told Hatemonger. "However good your engineers are, they can't build an entirely new power plant in the time it's going to take our force to disable you. Especially since the Constructicons and Hammer's crew are both out of commission. But we don't need to do this. Turn around, go home and let us pass, and no one else needs to die today."

Soundwave's Intel Base

Soundwave watched the confrontation through one of the many closed-circuit cameras he had scattered throughout the city. Despite his lack of a real face, his annoyance was obvious.

I didn't go to all this trouble to release that fool of a Prime just to see him killed in Polyhex's streets.

"Quickshot," he transmitted in code over the military frequency, "head to the coordinates I'm sending you and do whatever you have to do to get Hatemonger and Scorponok's attention."

2008-03-14, 06:10 AM
Rooftop a short distance away:

Quickshot chuckled. "I hear you. And I think I know just what to do..."

Polyhex Streets:

Ironhide: -scowling- "Why don't you trah it, Decepticreep. Ah'm bettin' you ain't gonna lahke th' results."

Prime: "What's the matter, Hatemonger? Killing helpless protestors, then threatening to shoot somebody? Tsk, tsk."

Back to the rooftop:

Quickshot aimed at Scorponok and fired. Without seeing if the blast hit, he yelled out "DOWN WITH TYRANY!! DOWN WITH GIGATRON!!!!!!" and leapt off the roof.

Sociopathic Autobot
2008-03-14, 07:01 AM
Sunstreaker leaned against a building outside the compound as he waited. He held the wound on his side. He would need medical attention soon. He kept an optic out for any one around, making sure to stay hidden in the shadows.

2008-03-14, 02:43 PM
Topspin used the nav beacon to home in on Sunstreaker. He saw gates ahead, but knew that wouldn't stop him. He accelerated and crashed through the gates, coming to a stop near where his nav beacon said Sunstreaker was.

"Streaker, where ya at? Prime and the others are about to face Scorponok and a decepticon general. We need to get back and offer support."

2008-03-14, 03:07 PM

Interceptor's top lip rolled back in a cool sneer that would have done Elvis proud. "Not a Darkmount propaganda peddler - a radiobot," he said whitheringly as if the difference should have been patently obvious to the gun wielder (Fapro). "You know? The Wastelands are alive with the sound of music?"

He stood up boldly and declared, "The pirate station that incited this riot!"


Loader identified who he had feteched up against: Scorponok. Luckily, the huge Decepticon, immune from the blast it seemed, was engaged in taunting Autobots... Optimus Prime!!!

The minibot did something sensible for once, and scrambled to his feet with the intention of transforming and getting away. As he did so, someone screamed out "Down with Gigatron!".

2008-03-14, 11:33 PM

Chop Shop hovered in mid air

"I don't like this at all , power surges , riots it would neve rhave happened under Straxus or Megatron for that matter. Gigatron needs to put his foot down."

2008-03-15, 02:03 AM
Hatemonger scowled at the Autobots.

"Lucky for you there are things here that need to be taken care of." He said atfer seeing the rioter try to attack Scorponok.

"Leave now." Was all the General said turning his attention to the transformer that fired at the large scorpion.

redman prime
2008-03-15, 07:23 AM
"Who incited what riot?" Fapro waved his gun-free arm in the general direction that was Hell on Cybertron at the moment. "This was my revolution! One mech on a wall, and look where we've gone!"

Upon saying that, though, he realized that where he had gone was away from the front lines. Which was most likely a good thing for his own well being, as the vast majority of the rioters were dead or well on their way there.

"So." he let the word hang a second longer than it needed, to regain his composure. "Anyway you can broadcast out on that stacker boxer? make a signal that'll let the whole of Cybertron know that terror and tyranny are on the way out?"

Fapro's eyes took a strange gleam at the thought of his voice being carried to mechs everywhere, inciting the revolution that could jumpstart Cybertron back to what it used to be.

2008-03-15, 11:53 PM

"My radio comments - my riot," Interceptor told Fapro, offended by the other's claims, gun or no gun. He hugged his stack box possessively against his cockpit. "And this is a recording device, not a slagging transmitter."

He caught the intensity with which Fapro was staring at him and, feeling uncomfortable, feigned indifference. "What's that to you?"

2008-03-16, 06:31 AM
Polyhex Streets

Smokescreen watched as the random gunmech fired on Scorponok, then ducked away.

More of Soundwave's work, no doubt.

"If their own people are going to start shooting at them," he said to Prime loud enough for the Decepticons to hear, "we should leave them to it. Protecting innocent civilians is one thing, but we have no reason to defend armed revolutionaries. If they want to overthrow Gigatron by force, that's their business, not ours."

Despite the seemingly random nature of the rioting, the tactician was fairly certain that Soundwave and his allies were ultimately behind everything was happening -- if not creating it directly, than at the very least fanning the flames to make the situation even more volatile. He had no illusions that a revolution would bring freedom to Polyhex, although most of the rioters were probably naive enough to think it would.

More likely they'll be replacing one tyrant with another.

2008-03-16, 07:02 AM
Polyhex Streets:

Ironhide: "Smokescreen's got a point, Prahme. Much as Ah hate ta say it, we better leave 'em to it."

Prime: -scowling- "Very well. We will leave them to it." -seperating from trailer- "But I still don't like it." -transforms to vehicle mode, connects to trailer- "Autobots, roll out!" -drives away-

Ironhide: -transforms to vehicle mode, follows-

Lord Zarak
2008-03-16, 02:27 PM
The shot caught Scorponok in the shoulder and he staggered back to regain his balance.

He saw Prime transform and drive away. He then turned to the rioting civilians and plucked one out of the crowd. Grabing it by the head, he walked briefly and turned to face the mass.

"If anyone ever dares to fire on a ranking military officer, or is found guilty of seditiousness, then you will suffer the same fate as this particular.....thing."

He then proceeded to crush the head of the civilian with his big pincers. When he was finished, he threw the now non-functioning mech into the crowd.

2008-03-16, 03:43 PM
"Disperse now and we will not be forced to punish you. Lethally!" Hatemonger said after Scorponok's exibit.

redman prime
2008-03-17, 12:12 AM
Once Scorponok plucked one of their number from the crowd, it was somewhat sobering to see him land back amongst them in such a manner. Maybe Hatemonger was right. Maybe it was the fact that everyone there was guilty of sedition and could all be executed. What was apparent, though, was there was going to be plenty more of them to die should they continue this little fracas.

The casual on-looker, had there been one, would have thought that the last one in the square was stuck with the check with the way the rioters tried to disperse.

No weapons were dropped, however. No point in throwing away good firearms, espescially when this wasn't over.

Just had to get away from the ranking Decepticons.

2008-03-17, 03:46 AM
Hatemonger watched as the crowd began to calm down.

Who would do this? He thought to himself. Surely whoever would cause this choas was a fool. The Decepticon cause is far more valuable than to try to cause riots and disorder. Thunderwing loyalists, remaining Quints stirring the pot or was it someone or something else entirely something Hatemonger knew in his past. But that was dead so it couldn't be him could it?

The General briefly wondered before snapping back to attention at the situation at hand.

Sociopathic Autobot
2008-03-17, 08:10 AM
Sunstreaker nodded and pushed away from the wall he was leaning against and transforming to vehicle mode. "Lead the way." He muttered at Topspin, his voice was weak and tired.

2008-03-17, 02:29 PM
"You sure you don't want to hop in? You look pretty bad." Topspin said to Sunstreaker. "Might be better for ya to nto waste any energy."

2008-03-19, 07:24 AM
Polyhex Streets

Smokescreen transformed to vehicle mode and followed Prime and Ironhide as they departed.

Soundwave's Intel Base

Soundwave nodded in satisfaction as he saw the Autobots begin to move away from Scorponok and Hatemonger.

One crisis averted, he thought. And much more importantly, we now have footage of two of Gigatron's highest-ranking officers ignoring the leader of the Autobots and attacking their own people instead. My propaganda unit will be in their glory with this. Which reminds me...

"Buzzsaw," he called out to his subordinate, "I want you to put an end to this jamming. Head out to the city's long-range communications array and be prepared to sabotage them at my order."

"But of course." As was becoming something of a habit, Buzzsaw leaped off his perch and flew gracefully out of the room's window and into the Polyhex night.

2008-03-19, 09:55 AM
energon refinery

Staxx and bulletbike were trying to escape the refinery through the pipes. But although Staxx tried not to make too much sound bulletbike had no such concerns. He mumbled “should kill everyone…”

Firebeast heard the noise and charged towards the pipes hitting it with his horn. Krok shouted “everyone! I think they are trying to escape through the pipes! Blast them!” he started firing at the structure.

2008-03-19, 11:51 AM
The Grease Pits

When Astrotrain threw a glance in Blitzwing's direction before following Megatron’s lead, Blitzwing followed behind shortly, though it took some convincing to do so. T

hough he still was not convinced of Megatron’s purpose, Blitzwing decided he ought to consider the possibility. He was at least curious.

“Surely this is better than the current state of affairs,” he thought to himself as he followed both Astrotrain and the former Decepticon leader. “Still, what was I thinking, mentioning my students like that. Damn it, Blitzwing, you can be so impulsive sometimes...

"Megatron’s charisma is legendary. Once it was enough to convince the populace to take arms. It’s what he does. He’s a true politician at heart. Still, how can I honestly believe Megatron gives a slag about the academy? I don't know, maybe he does.” Blitzwing smirked. “Hmph, right. I'm not that naïve." He then shook his head. "I don’t know what to believe anymore. There must be more to being a Decepticon then practicing the art of deception and silver-tongued politics.”

As Blitzwing trailed along, he watched Megatron’s back, wondering if all of this will truly cause the much needed change, or simply a repeat the same authoritarian rule that Gigatron upheld.

“So where are you taking us,” Blitzwing finally asked.

2008-03-19, 07:44 PM
Hatemonger eyed the crowd as many of them moved away. He had himself ready in the event he needed to move or return fire.

"Scorponok, I think we need to return to base something is afoot in this city and we need to find out what. Someone is inspiring these protests. Someone that actually welds power. I am thinking a past Decepticon or maybe some incarnation of remaining Quint resistance or something else." The General said transforming back into his tank mode engine rumbling.

2008-03-20, 04:03 AM

Ravage: -snarling as he moves to another vantage point, activating his commlink- "Rumble! Frenzy! Hit them from the side NOW!"

Power Generation Station:

Prime and Ironhide: -roll to a stop-

Prime: -lowers the ramp on his trailer- "Sunstreaker, Topspin, load up. We're geting out of this city."

2008-03-20, 07:20 AM
The Grease Pits

As Megatron led the two triple changers into the outbuilding, he responded to Blitzwing's query.

"I'm taking you to a more secure location," he said. "As hard as it might be to believe, there are those out there who might try to take drastic action to keep me from rising back to power."

Astrotrain thought that might be the biggest understatement he'd ever heard.

As soon as the three of them were inside, the entire building seemed to shake. Before Astrotrain could even begin to ask what was going on, let alone do anything about it, the building started to lower itself down, into the ground.

"Secure transportation links are key to maintaining control of a city," Megatron told him. "I had quite a lot of underground infrastructure build during the lull before the Battle of Autobot City, and the Quintessons expanded the network quite a bit during their time on Cybertron." He smiled confidently, directing the expression mainly at Blitzwing. "Just one of many things that Gigatron has never bothered to investigate. He is so preoccupied with his grandiose plans for the future that it never occurred to him to make sure that the foundation he was building on was sound."

The building (really more of a disguised turbolift car) shifted direction, now moving horizontally in what Astrotrain guessed was a vaguely westward direction. Toward the Quintessons' old military annex, then.

"You haven't answered the question," the admiral said out loud. "Where are we going?"

"We're going to a secret base that Soundwave has established. From there, I will declare my return to all of Cybertron and give Gigatron a chance to relinquish power peacefully."

2008-03-20, 08:05 AM

Beastbox lumbered forward firing his compression cannons at the pipework.

Squawktalk circled overhead monitoring their perimeter.

2008-03-20, 02:43 PM
"Will do Prime. So I guess old Scorpy wasn't so tough after all if you managed to take him out that fast..." Topspin began. "We need to get Streaker here to a medunit asap." He told Prime and the others as he drove into Prime's trailer.

2008-03-21, 08:44 AM
"I'm fine," Sunstreaker snapped at Topspin. "Hurry up, and lets go. I don't want to rescue Prime just to have him die because you wanted to carry me."

2008-03-21, 08:57 AM
Nearing the Power Station

Slicer manoeuvred his cart the wheel blades slicing through a lamp post.

Looking up he saw a red truck dimly in the darkness.

"Hey is that you Roadtrain , whatcha think is going on heh lights are out riots in the streets, security forces taking out civilians. Not that I'm complaining you know me a bit of mayhem and madness."

He swung across the road his new angle of approach revealing the side of the trucks trailer in particular the Autobot Sigil. in his headlights

"hey you're not Roadtrain you're an Autobot , whatcha doing here Autobot slummm...hey it cant be you're dead or at least missing...."

Slicer hit the brakes grinding to a sudden halt. He crunched his cart into reverse.

"oh slag ...slag ,slag I'm in trouble now."

2008-03-21, 03:45 PM
"Well sorry for trying to make sure you stay online!" Topspin snapped back at Sunstreaker. "That's what we AUTOBOTS do - we watch out for eachother, or have you been gone so long that you forgot that? Do you remember what that's like, or did you EVER know?" Topspin said, yelling the last part.

2008-03-21, 11:44 PM

The alley was silent and the crowding buildings cut off the last traces of any illumination. Cautiously, Cyane slipped into the deeper darkness and activated her single small observation light source, although it seemed unbelievably bright right then. Edging forwards, she trod on something which, when she bent to check it, turned out to be a limp hand - just a hand. As she went on, stepping round the grisy relic nervously, she kicked something aside that rolled erratically and noisily.

Then she was at her own door, pressing her personal code into the keypad. With something like a sob, she plunged inside...

2008-03-22, 02:02 PM
Slash trudged up the stairs from the basement where he had been feeding his shell.

The elevator was out again, another power cut, although it was often out anyway, this one seemed more serious than the normal glitches and brown outs that had been occuring of late.

He trudged slowly up the stairs. They'd cut the veteran's allowance again, at least he got some extra Shannix becase of his reserve comission and his Shell Maintanance fee.

What he earned from a sucession of temporary jobs was barely enough to keep micro chips and frame together.

He paused legs aching

Hook had done a great job replacing his legs but they still twinged occasionally. Of course when you were in the forces you got quality medical care not like the stuff dolled out by the butchers and hacks at the State Medical Centres.

He hauled himself up slowly.

Hopefuly the back up power was keeping his energon contained . If not his energon would be losing its integrity rapidly.

redman prime
2008-03-22, 03:55 PM
"You got it, kitty." Cutting his comm-link, Frenzy would've been grinning had he been in robot mode, but his vehicular mode didn't allow facial expressions. "You heard the feline. Let's roll!"

He and Rumble darted away from their loitering position and veered straight into their fellow Decepticons, unbeknownst to them.

2008-03-23, 07:06 AM
Communications Nexus, Darkmount

Buzzsaw slipped past the fortress' security grid easily; the communications blackout had disabled the wireless cameras used to monitor the comm nexus but had left Soundwave's secret closed-circuit feeds fully functional.

Definitely not the best security setup imaginable. We'll have to do something about that once we've dismissed Gigatron from office.

The cassetticon found himself a niche where he could perch without being observed, then watched the nexus' array of satellite dishes and broadcast antenna intently while he waited for Soundwave's call.

Soundwave's Intel Base

Soundwave was watching his monitors when he saw an avian figure approaching from the corner of his optic. Since Buzzsaw was gone, he didn't need to turn around to see who had encroached on his personal space.

"What is it, Wingthing?"

"Megatron has entered the transportation network," the small, batlike Targetmaster told him. "He'll be here in half a breem. Do you want me to get the set ready?"

"Yes, do that," Soundwave told him. "Have you completed the first propaganda broadcast to follow up the announcement?"

"I have," Wingthing told him. "Although I have the special effects crew doing some work on it. Some of the archive footage from the Great War wasn't as high-quality as I would have liked, and we want Megatron to be looking his best in these spots."

"Good work," Soundwave said. "When they're through, send it to me for approval. I'll let you know when they get here."

2008-03-23, 05:44 PM
Hatemonger felt more and more like something was amiss as he started to roll away from where the Decepticons faced down Prime.

"Returning to base." Was all he said starting to roll away.

2008-03-23, 11:41 PM

Shrike clawed his way into a broken doorway, every agonised inch fought for with frightening determination. Red shadows flickered over him as burning buildings roared like monsters in the Pit.

Over the noise of the conflagration, over the whine of his tortured servos, he heard the litany of approaching termination: Primary systems compromised/core processing systems compromised/80% of exo-plating warped or absent/lower body sensor terminals destroyed/statis lock protocols unavailable

Through flame-seared vocaliser, he managed a laugh that sounded more a sob.

2008-03-23, 11:57 PM
Slash's appartment

Slash parted the blinds slats with his fingers and peered into the darkness the only illumination that of the occasional fire.

He cracked open the storage unit and slipped out the energon. Better to drink it now before it went off.

He glanced round at his few pitiful possesions and the grey cube of his living space.

Millions of years of fighting. And this is my home fit for heroes.

He slumped head leaning against the window pane.

2008-03-24, 04:42 AM
Sunstreaker slowed down as Topspin went off on his short tirade.

"I am watching out for other Autobots. The Autobot. The only Autobot that, at the end of the cycle, really matters. You want to prattle on about how nice of a mech you are because you stopped to offer me a lift? Great, but if you forget why you are out here in this backwater city state then go get slagged because they don't... we don't have time for bots like you on missions like this. I don't care about previous postings, if you were a member of the Wreckers or a group of energon waiters. Now shut your vocorder, transform, and drive."

Sunstreaker flipped back into gear and started driving again.

2008-03-24, 04:42 PM
"I never said i was a 'nice' mech. I'm far from it - like you said, I was a member of the Wreckers." Topspin began, "But if you want people to accept you again after the Chaos Matrix influence and what not, you need to start being more accepting. Most bots want to give you a wide berth after that. I was trying to be a friend, something you have precious little of currently. If your ego is too big to accept that Sunstreaker, then I'm sorry."

2008-03-24, 11:41 PM
Slash's appartment

Slash fiddled with the connection on his processing unit. It wasn't working , they were probably blocking it again , the Autobot sites were always down , blocked although you could sometimes route them through Protihex.

It wasn't the back up generator that was purring away sweetly he kept that serviced himself.

First he checked the vintage Needlenose chip he was watching on Scanyon.cyb

He logged on to one of his current favourites a xeno role play that had developed from Cybertronian contact with earth put together from various historical sources.

He was Lieutenant Jose Jenkins Tiger Tank Commander in the British Imperial Army fighting the French at Waterloo.

redman prime
2008-03-25, 04:51 AM
"And once the drugs took my brother, I knew that once I got out of Polyhex prison it was to be my destiny to lead the revolution that overthrew this corrupt government. So that's how i got here, responsible for hundreds of lives lost at the hands of the Black Shadow, Scorponok, and Hatemonger." He put his head in his hands, the enormity of what he'd done catching him. He, no, They, were responsible for all of this unrest that had swept through the city. Fapro raised his head and looked at Interceptor.

"So. That's my bit, and I want nothing more than to bring these cretins down. Can we work together and accomplish this?"

2008-03-25, 06:39 AM
"On it Prime." Sunstreaker replied to the autobot leader as he sped up to get to them.

"Shut. Up. And. Drive." Was his only reply to Topspin

2008-03-25, 03:46 PM

Interceptor switched off the stack box recording input at gave Fapro a seriously appraising once over; Yeah, like right! This 'bot is gonna lead us into a brighter future! Them lasers not bright enough for you, Faps?

"Put it this way," he said aloud in one of his most persuasive broadcasting tones. "There's too much frag out there right now. What you need to do is get out of Polyhex into one of the Neutral territories, yeah? That's what I'm doing and you're welcome to tag along."

And bring those interestingly BIG guns, Interceptor added to himself.

2008-03-26, 07:07 AM

"I think that's about enough," Smokescreen told Topspin as the two groups started moving together. "If you want to argue with random mercenaries you can be my guest, but please wait until after we're safely out of Decepticon territory."

The tactician didn't particularly like standing up for Sunstreaker, but the last thing they needed right now was for the two of them to keep bickering while they were trying to escape from the middle of the enemy capital.

2008-03-26, 08:57 AM
In Space

The velvety blackness of space writhed and distorted and was split assunder. A portal formed.

The majestic bulk of the CES Fearless sailed into view as it transited into normal space. The Ruthless class Battleship moved with purpose as it slowly turned it's naviigation equipment plotting a course. The computers whirred as they zeroed in on a planet Cybertron. The ship manoeuverd on to a new course.

2008-03-26, 04:06 PM
"As you say, sir." After having time to cool down some, Topspin thought to himself Should i apologize to Sunstreaker? Was I out of line? and what set me off like that? Am I bothered more by what i was telling sunstreaker, or that he accomplished his mission so successfully. He's one of the few bots who would give me a run for my energon... Topspin thought to himself. Nah. Even on my bad days, there are few bots who can match me. So what made me blow my cool like that?

redman prime
2008-03-27, 06:32 AM
Fapro wasn't sure he heard Interceptor right. "Wait, get out of our glorious revolution? turn tail and run?"

He started to rise up from his sitting position when a strong arm clapped down on his shoulder. His bodyguard Odeon, whom was never prone to action, had acted. "Fapro, I've been with you since the prison yard. But he's right. There's nothing more to do here, now. Bide our time and return with a message for the people."

Odeon wasn't much for words, and when they were uttered, their weight was felt more heavily than just another mechs to Fapro.

Resigned, he sighed and gestured to Interceptor. "Where did you have in mind?"

2008-03-27, 08:10 AM

A Hover van pulled up beside Shrike

a side door whirred open

"get in someone wants to talk to you."

2008-03-27, 08:13 PM
Crankshafts One-Way Bar

The trio of former micromasters,Bombshock,Dropshot and Growl sat at the bar drinking,facing the window.The riots were better entertainment then most the vids lately.A mech was smashed against the wall by the window,and cut down,oil splattering against the window.

"Somebody clean that mess,I can't see!"Bombshock yelled.Dropshot laughed as did Growl,very carefully.Laugh too much and Bombshock would deck them.Another mech flew through the left window,another mech on top of it.

"For Gigatron!Your slag!"The mech in question tried fighting off the bigger, armed forces mech.Bombshock took out his gun,and shot him through the head.He also took the time to shoot the mech who couldn't defend himself.

"Megatron should be ruling,not this slag."He growled.

"Yeah."Growl voiced,checking for his own gun.It was uneasy peace as was.

Aero Blade
2008-03-27, 11:19 PM

The rioting in the streets attracted a wide range of participants and spectators, and for Tracer it was no different. The recient mission, in his opinion, though a mild distraction had not done enough to stimulate him, and he had come to see if this area wouldn't turn out to be any better. It was proving to be decidedly uninteresting, though, and Tracer actually found himself walking on the far side of the street, away from a main mob fighting infront of the Crankshafts One-Way Bar.

For a moment Tracer paused to watch the latest combatants duking it out, distracted as he considered when was the last time he'd actually felt particularly satisfied. it had been when he was brawling, or hunting down Autobots, the latter of which was it was unforseeable if he'd be able to do any time soon. He couldn't find himself brawling either, not having enough reason to start one, or the interest for that matter.

"If this 'peace' keeps up, I'm going to rust..." Tracer muttered to himself. "I need to find something to keep me occupied other than the odd mission, things are so dull now..."

redman prime
2008-03-28, 06:07 AM
A small gathering here, a few mechs there. Nothing seemed too out of place, just random violence as was the norm for Polyhex. But these random surgings and outburts were a piece of something bigger.

This was the revolution.

And that's when the molotov cocktails went into a storefront that backed up to Crankshafts Bar. It was only three bombs, but in unison they packed a punch that shook the bar's foundation.

At the edge of the industrial park

A group of about fifteen randoms sauntered down the street, unchallenged as they carried more firepower than they had ever seen.

They didn't have a mission but they knew that with the power out, the cameras would be out too.
And what do people that have nothing and the means to get something do? They loot. And loot they did, breaking into shops for gadgets, armor, additional firearms, and the like.

It was a good day to break more rules in a society that was rapidly losing it's rules altogether.

2008-03-28, 06:52 AM
Soundwave's Intel Base

Megatron smiled slightly as the transport pod that he and his newly re-acquired triple changer allies were riding started to slow down.

"We've arrived," he told them somewhat unnecessarily. After the pod had stopped completely and it's door slid open, he led his two fellow Decepticons out into a small antechamber. As he had expected, Soundwave was waiting for them.

"The broadcasting equipment is ready," the communications officer reported. He shot poisonous glares at both Blitzwing and Astrotrain that Megatron pretended not to notice. "And Buzzsaw is in position to take down the jamming signal. Are you ready to address your people?"

"I am." Megatron straightened himself and squared his shoulders. "Take me to the broadcast theatre and we can begin."

"Follow me." As they walked, Soundwave transmitted instructions to his ever-loyal cassetticon. "Buzzsaw, execute."

Communications Nexus, Darkmount

"Acknowledged, Soundwave," Buzzsaw replied. "You may consider the jamming on non-military channels down as of this moment."

The cassetticon leaped from his perch, slashing at power cables and data lines with his diamond-sharp beak. He sliced them with the skill of a surgeon, carefully disabling the fortress' communications hardware while at the same time only causing trivial, easily-repaired damage.

After all, we will want to repair this when we take up residence in the castle...

"Mission accomplished, Soundwave. The jamming is down. I'll find a safe location to keep watch on Darkmount until you need me again."

2008-03-28, 03:15 PM
Deserted square

"I've got friends who have split to Altihex," Interceptor said, storing the stack box safely. "But I was thinking Protihex."

He gave Odeon a nod and thumbed over one shoulder into the darkness. "Wanna lead? Seems I'm walking until I get repairs..."


Huddled in the doorway, disfigured and dying, Shrike stared at the dimly-lit hover van. It looked familiar... Maybe, maybe there might be someone who could help?

He was still in a physical condition to crawl; he crawled, optics fixed with some desperation on hope.

Lord Zarak
2008-03-28, 10:39 PM
Shockwave transformed into his scorpion mode and began following Hatemonger.

"I agree. Someone or something is hiding and pulling strings. I find it not a coincidence that Prime showed up when he did. Be wary, Hatemonger. Keep you optics open. Should you discover something is amiss, please do tell me."

2008-03-28, 11:00 PM

A hand reached down and bundled Shrike into the van.

In Space

the CES Fearless glided through space. Behind it trailed another ship and to one side in line of stern 2 others.

2008-03-29, 02:47 AM
Hatemonger listened as Scorponok behind him.

"I was aware of that." The General said his systems scanning around him. "I do think after our little display back their the rioters will be quite wary who they mess with for awhile at least." He said rolling along still wondering who would dare to cause this chaos.

redman prime
2008-03-29, 04:32 AM
As the looting continued, it was evident to passers-by that nothing was going to happen.

Might as well get some of thsoe things that were out of your pay-scale while they were very in your stones throw range.

Looting spread as more citizens and rebels took to the idea of upping their lot in life by less than legal means.

There were the inevitable scuffles of store owners protecting their property form the mob, leading to a few shootings of people in the mob. This did nothing but enrage everyone that was out for themselves, who galvanized and took down all in their way.

Revolution never died, really; it just got a bit quieter at times.

2008-03-29, 04:36 AM
Crankshafts One Way Bar

"So you see,this name applied in the old days,'cause the one way you walked out was drunk,now days it's actually two,dead,or drunk..."The patron who was explaining the bars past,and boring Bombshock to the pit so much he was getting ready to kill him,was rather violently inturrupted.The three malotav cocktails that came through the windows and blew apart the bar.

"Last call!"Dropshot yelled as flames curled around him and Growl.Bombshock shook his head,and steadied himself as the bar shook.He looked at said patron,finding him in a rather still condition.Half his head had been blown off.Growl killed a few other patrons,and the barkeep,even though he was already fairly dead,just needed some help getting the rest of the way there. As flames and smoke curled around them,they looted the corpses.Part of the bar fell in before them,and he transformed into his tank mode,blasting a hole in the wall and the rioters.He rolled out and Dropshot and Growl followed. The rioters fled from his cannon blasts,and the other two's gun shots.

2008-03-30, 04:54 AM
Soundwave's Transport:

Ironhide: -slides to a halt next to the pilot's compartment, transforms, scanning- "Awl clear, guys! C'mon!!"

Prime: -rolls forward, pulls into the transport's cargo compartment-

Ironhide: -climbs into the pilot's compartment, starts bringing the engines online-

Prime: "Sunstreaker, Topspin, Smokescreen! Secure yourselves! Ironhide, as soon as we're ready-"

Ironhide: "-get us out'a here fast's Ah can. Kahnd'a figgered that."

Prime: "You were hoping for a trip through the gift shop?"

Ironhide: "Naw. Been in there once. Ever'thing's overprahced, an' ain't none'a it worth a slag."

2008-03-30, 05:13 AM
"Come on Ironhide. You know you wanted that stuffed Gigatron that was in there." Topspin said as he pulled into Soundwave's transport. "Would've looked great on your desk."

2008-03-30, 05:33 AM
Soundwave's Transport

"I've got one in my room at base," Smokescreen told Topspin, deadpan. "I've been using it as a voodoo doll. Didn't pay for it, though."

As he transformed to robot mode and headed for the seat closest to the cockpit, he gave no sign whether or not he was serious.

2008-03-31, 08:01 PM
"As long as you don't have one of me" Topspin remarked back to Smokescreen, half joking, half serious. Topspin transformed and took a seat in the transport.

2008-04-02, 12:19 AM
Sunstreaker strapped himself into the back of the transport, his free hand covering the leaking wound on his flank. "I just blew up half an energy facility and you guys were shopping." He groaned with a small smile

2008-04-02, 02:26 AM
Soundwave's transport:

Ironhide: "'Course we went shoppin'. Got ta hit awl th' touristy sahtes 'round here."

Prime: -transforms, subspacing his trailer, grabbing an overhead rail- "Oh, yes. The Pit of Despair, The Smelting Pool, The Chasm of No Return...."

Ironhide: -hitting the button to close the rear hatch- "Ah lost mah keys there. An' th' t-shirts're way overprahced." -engaging the transport's drive, starts heading back towards Iacon-


Ravage: -activates commlink- "Krok! Report!"

redman prime
2008-04-02, 04:16 AM
Odeon took Interceptors initiative, and with a meaningful look at Fapro, took the first steps on their road to Protihex.

Fapro looked between Interceptor and Odeon, and threw up his hands in frustration. They're right. Dammit. "Ok, but we've got to record some really powerful stuff out there, man. Stuff that's gonna shake things up. No more faction crap, no corruption. Revloutionize this planet, right?"
He followed Odeon's lead, gaining hope that the revloution still lived, just evolving to fight on a different plane.

He clapped Interceptor on the shoulder as he strode by. "We're going to be famous. everyone will know us as the forces that changed Cybertron."

Aero Blade
2008-04-02, 05:10 AM

As the rioters were chased away (what little amusement they provided to begin with) Tracer turned his attention towards the forms causing the commotion, it immediately apparent by the size of the blasts that it was no random rabble with street weapons. As he looked to see what soldiers would also be wasting their time out in this area, Tracer's optics narrowed as they settled on the all too familiar forms of Growl, Dropshot, and Bombshock...

"Here's something I thought I'd never see again," Tracer spoke, aloud but to himself. "They actually survived exile and the invasion..."

2008-04-02, 06:23 AM

Bombshock gave an immature giggle,completly unlike him,but probably from being overenergized and giddy at all the destruction around him.He took a shot at one of the last rioters,killing him in an explosion.A nice round to the head.

"Nice shot."Dropshot commented,yanking a head off of another former rioter,who had some shanix he no longer needed,and took them.Growl shook another to pieces.Bombshock transformed,after assuring the rioter under his tracks was dead,and dug through the body for anything good.But this was Polyhex,and wars had happened.Things were tight,and not many had much. They took what they could.It was only after he relized someone was watching them.Mostly because Growl wouldn't stop staring at the mech.He turned to him.

"What,you wanna piece of this..."He started to shout and then cut off, recognizing Tracer. "Oh slag.It's you."Tensions jumped rather dramatically. "What are you doing here you unicronian slag?"

"Yeah!"Dropshot and Growl voiced at the same time,then gave eachother sullen glares.

2008-04-02, 07:11 AM
Soundwave's transport

Smokescreen shot Sunstreaker a sidelong glance, his attitude toward the ex-Autobot now at least marginally more accepting.

"Well, really, what did you expect? You're hired help now. Why would we pay you if we didn't expect you to do all the hard work?"

Turning to Ironhide he asked, deadpan, "If you lost your keys, did you have to hotwire yourself to drive back here?"

Aero Blade
2008-04-02, 07:12 AM

"My, how the lowly have fallen even further..."

Tracer's arms were folded, taking a few steps towards the group before coming to a stop, keeping an air of dignity about him. "This is what you've come to? Bar brawls, slaughtering weak civilians, and pickpocketing spare change from bodies?" Tracer gave a brief sound similar to a snort, observing the bots that had once been the rest of his team. "I knew Galvatron's exile would be tough on the lot of you, but never would I have imagined hitting such a low as this..."

Tracer turned his attention to focus in on Bombshock specificly optics locking in with a bot he had once had an intense rivalry with, now for all apperances not even to be worth the time to speak to. "I have to wonder if Galvatron didn't already know...why he sent you three off and kept me. With results such as this, I can certainly see why..."

As Tracer spoke, not once did his vocoder take an agressive tone, or even amusement. He sounded insulted, dissapointed, and perhaps even some pity at the new state of affairs.

2008-04-02, 01:29 PM
Hatemonger continued his return to base.

"Cryotek report." The General yelled rolling along as most of the remaining rioters were smart enought to leave the General be as he rolled forward.

"Not good. I figured I could reroute something on this planet to get power back up here but everything is bloody slagged. Even my smarts can't do much without some mechnical and engineering muscle. If we could find the Constructicons or anyone else we might have a chance otherwise keeping power going at the base is the best I can do and thats even going to be on and off for some time." He added.

"Slag well at least you got some power." He growled.

"We need to plan." Was all the General said as he continued his forward movement.

2008-04-02, 02:13 PM
Deserted Square


Interceptor quickly moved up beside Fapro and repressed his grin. "Protihex is Neutral," he said. "Nah, more than that... You must've heard the whisper? They're hoping for a set-up where they're all one."

2008-04-02, 03:28 PM
"Besides Sunstreaker, You can't have a perfect paint job all the time." Topspin said, trying to repair some of the damage his earlier rant had caused.

"Maybe they were trying to discourage tourists like us Prime....?" Topspin said, commenting on the gruesome names of the local 'attractions'.

2008-04-02, 06:36 PM

"Oh,look at Mr.High and Mighty..."Bombshock growled at Tracer.What was irratating him more was how disdainful he seemed about the three. Dropshot and Growl lowered thier guns a little,Dropshot scuffing the ground.

"Sometimes they don't always carry spare change,they carry lots..."Growl interrupted him to say.

"Shut up!"Bombshock said.His attention once again fell upon Tracer. "Yes it is what we've been up to.Unlike you,we never got the chance to raise up and become a decepticon bigshot!I haven't seen you living on the streets.So what now,the army ranks not even good enough for you now?Gotta come pick on the 'scum'?"

2008-04-02, 07:06 PM
In Space

CES Fearless Bridge

On the forward viewscreen the planet Cybertron hung like a big ball in space.

The captain's Chair swivelled and it's occupant turned towards the communications console and addressed the mech sat their

"I think its time for us to announce our presence."

2008-04-03, 12:58 AM
Soundwave's Transport:

Ironhide: -smirking as he shakes his head- "Naw. Ah got me one'a them remote car starters. Ah keep it in mah glove compartment in case somethin' lahke that ever happens. Gonna have'ta change mah locks when we get back ta base, though."

Prime: -chuckling- "'Take only pictures, leave only footprints', as the humans say. And with attractions like those, Topspin, you're better off forgetting your camera." -composing himself- "Thank you all for rescuing me." -looks over at Sunstreaker- "How bad is the damage?"

Aero Blade
2008-04-04, 06:01 AM

"Hardly," Tracer answered to Bombshock, any pity he might have had for them having since passed. "I was passing through to watch the riots on my way back to base, but this was not something I was expecting..."

For a moment Tracer's expression changed again, that to something more contemplative. "Well, it would seem you finally got what you wanted, Bombshock - with my absence you have finally gained control of the team. I suppose some measure of congratulations are in order. However, while you were beating those two into submission, as you have so observed, I have been gaining recognition and respect in the Decepticon Army, and thusly awarded leadership roles which I have carried out successfully. Yes, I did loose our little battle and you won control of our team, but in the scheme of things it seems I have ultimately gained so much more..."

2008-04-04, 06:43 AM
Soundwave's Intel Base

"We're go." Wingthing looked up from his control console and gave the senior officers a nod. You're live in five, four, three, two, one..."

As the countdown reached its end, they began broadcasting Polyhex-wide. Thanks to Buzzsaw's disabling of the comm jamming, the signal went out to every active receiver in the city.

Megatron stood at the podium, flanked by Soundwave on his left and Astrotrain on his right, both standing a pace behind him. Behind him, a beautifully-rendered Decepticon insignia dominated an otherwise-black wall. They stood for a moment in silence, milking the shock value of the Decepticon leader's mere presence for all it was worth.

"My fellow Decepticons," he spoke at last, "I applaud those of you who have risen up against Gigatron's tyrannical regime in recent days. To those of you brave enough to join in the uprisings and to those of you who wish in your sparks that you had, I make this promise. I, Megatron, the one true leader of the Decepticons, will set things right."

He paused for a moment to make sure the full weight of his words had sunk in.

"To Gigatron's followers, I say this. I am a reasonable leader. Renounce your false commander and stand beside me and all will be forgiven. Continue to support his reign of intolerance, ineptitude and inequality, however, and your punishment will be swift, severe and strict. I trust all of you to make the right decision and support me as I throw Gigatron from my throne."

Megatron raised his chin slightly, his expression that of no mere commander, but a true statesman who wanted his message to come across loud and clear.

"To the Autobots I promise a continued cease-fire. I have no interest in making war on my former enemies, not when the Decepticons themselves are in such disarray. So long as you are smart enough not to grant aid and comfort to Gigatron or his underlings, you have nothing to fear from me.

"To Gigatron himself and those foolish enough to cling to him, I have only this to say: Leave Polyhex. So long as you don't interfere with Decepticon operations, you will be allowed to live out your lives in peace. Consider that a parting gift to go along with your summary expulsion from the Decepticon Army. At the first sign of treachery, however, that gift will be forfeit."

Megatron gave a genuine, almost pleasant smile, an expression that seemed far more natural than it had any right to be on someone with is history. "I go now to Darkmount, where I will officially reassert my claim to the Decepticon throne. I beseech you, the loyal Decepticons who have stood up to Gigatron's rule, join me there. Together we will throw off the shackles that Gigatron has laid upon you and rebuild the Decepticon Empire into the great entity it deserves to be. Together we will bring an end to Gigatron's reign and the decay that it stands for. Together we will throw aside all those who would stand in our way and create a better future...a Decepticon future!"

As the camera went dark, Megatron's expression turned sour.

"That was terrible," he told Soundwave. "The worst dialogue I've ever seen, and I've given more than my share of speeches in my time. No one will believe it."

"They will believe," Soundwave assured him. "They will believe because they want to believe. They will believe because Gigatron's failures leave them no other choice. And they will believe, mighty Megatron, because it is you who said it."

"If they don't, I'll hold you responsible," he told the communications officer. "But for now we have bigger concerns. Blitzwing, Astrotrain, Soundwave and Wingthing, follow me. We have a revolution to finish."

Without another word, the Decepticon leader turned on his heels and stalked toward the base's exit.

2008-04-04, 06:52 AM
Sunstreaker winced, "I'll be fine." He looked over Prime and then frowned, "I was hoping atleast you'd look worse than me..." He paused and grinned, "It's good to see you functional though."

2008-04-04, 07:03 AM
CES Fearless

Gigatron rewatched the transmission.

"It would seem that some mechs don't know when it's best to stay dead and have forgotten what happened to the last pretender to the throne who instigated a civil war."

He turned to his Bridge crew.

"Bring us down in the square in front of Darkmount"

He glanced round the bridge

"Hellbat open a communication link to all of Polyhex I have an announcement to make."

2008-04-04, 12:16 PM
Soundwave's Intel Base

Blitzwing stood in the sidelines as he bared witness to the beginning of a yet another Decepticon revolution.

Many of his initial doubts he had of Megatron's intentions were quickly dissipating during the speech. He was almost mesmerized by Megatron's silver-tongued tactics, just as his audience more than likely was.

A true statesman.

"The point of no return," Blitzwing mused. "For the academy and its core values, I willing cross the precipice. How dare Gigatron discount our people's pride."

When Megatron had finished, then beckoned him to follow, Blitzwing obeyed. He felt he had little choice but to do so.

"My students will believe," He unintentionally thought out loud when Soundwave referred to Megatron's speech.

He was uncertain if he was heard, as well as uncertain if he wanted to be. "I should know. It's the same Decepticon doctrine I have imparted onto them."

2008-04-04, 02:10 PM

Krok answered to ravage " we are trying to break the energon pump! they went in there..."

suddenly Frenzy and rumble appeared
"What the....!" Charger shouted and started firing

2008-04-04, 04:48 PM
Hatemonger stopped in the streets.

The General transformed back into his robot mode a look of shock and disbelief.

Megatron, alive? What, how, when? the Generals mind flooded with memories past of serving with the most powerful or at least sucessful of all Decepticon leaders who treated the General more as an equal and not just a follower, but then Gigatron had done the same after the General killed his own followers that dared to intrude on their battle for Decepticon leadership Gigatron had given the General the same amount of power and respect Megatron had.

With Megatron back who would the General serve, his former partner and leader or nearly the same currently.

Of course where is Gigatron now? Had he turned his back on all those in Polyhex, he thought. All he knew now was he needed to do some thinking as he walked through some protesters cheering the return of Megatron he walked down a dark alley trying to find a place to think.

2008-04-04, 06:06 PM

Interceptor had been amused at the looting, not so amused by the smeltscum who had given him the optic as he walked along with Odeon, Fapro and the latter's self-appointed pair of minders. There were still occasional outbreaks of violence, oddy illuminated, but the mob had largely worn itself out.

Now, quiet mechs came gliding through the unnatural twilight and, to any who would listen, whispered a name - Megatron!

Then there was the throbbing sound of large engines overhead and Interceptor saw the telltale flickers on the underbelly of a large air vehicle passing low in the direction of Darkmount.

"Uh-oh. Can we go a bit faster?" he asked.

2008-04-05, 04:35 AM

Bombshock was caught rather flat footed by Tracers reply.Growl and Dropshot both looked a little more ashamed also.He shook his head,trying to come back with a scathing reply.Something.Anything!Tracer was so damn....calm!

"Yes,"He finally growled."So to the victor go the spoils."He used the old saying,mostly out of anger. "So are you serving under Gigatron now?Or who is in charge of the rabble who think they run this city?"Might as well get the formalities out of the way before he hit Tracer.It was irratating how calm he was,and it was getting under his skin.

"Bet he's serving Gig's."Dropshot hissed,cold smile coming to his face.

2008-04-05, 06:38 AM

(OOC: Sorry for rushing this so much, but I figured it was good for them to be getting on their way. By the way...pretty much everyone should have seen or heard Megatron's transmission. :))

Astrotrain followed Megatron as they marched through the shantytown that had once been Polyhex's grandest public square, holding his ion rifle firmly in hand.

This will be the most dangerous part of it, he thought. If we can make it to Darkmount without anyone trying to assassinate us, then we'll be pretty much assured of victory.

As they walked, a buzz started to grow among the Empties, the homeless, the ne'er-do-wells and all of the shantytown's other occupants. It was quiet at first, almost going unnoticed, but it grew quickly. And one by one, denizens of the slum started to fall into line behind the group of Decepticons. By the time they'd made it to the midway point of the square, they were moving with a group of several hundred citizens in tow.

More as a test of the throng's mood than anything else, Astrotrain fired his ion blaster into the air in a celebratory fashion and shouted "All hail Megatron!"

Those citizens nearest to him took up the cry, and soon the crowd was roaring. The full slogan seemed to be too much for some of them, though; after a few minutes a rhythmic chant of "Me-ga-tron! Me-ga-tron!" had replaced it.

By the time they left the slum and started down the road to Darkmount, the crowd numbered well over a thousand.

Soundwave walked alongside Blitzwing, doing his best to address the other Decepticon's concerns.

"Your students," he said matter-of-factly, "are perhaps the most important demographic we could appeal to. After all, they will be the soldiers, officers and commanders of the future."

Soundwave's transport

Smokescreen cursed as he watched Megatron's transmission for the third or forth time.

"Well," he said wearily in Prime's direction, "that's one question answered. Soundwave is working with Megatron. That certainly explains why he was willing to take such a risk, going behind Gigatron's back to release you."

2008-04-05, 02:48 PM
"Well, at least we should have a clear way home." Topspin said. "With Megs going up against Gig, I don't think many will notice us..."

2008-04-05, 03:18 PM
Wingspan's Office

Network was busy using a secure channel to send a signal off an unregistered satelite to his Boss. He also relayed a copy of Megatrons broadcast.

"Boss it looks like we're in trouble , Megatron's back or at least someone who looks a hell of a lot like him plus he's got Soundwave and Astrotrains backing and he's marching on Darkmount."

Slash's Appartment

Slash stood in a daze

Megatron is back , a new begining, an opportunity, pride for an old soldier , no more living on subsistence.

Slash grabbed some gear and hurried towards the door still limping but with a renewed purpose in his stride.

Governors Offices

Governor shook his head

"Megatron's back , new broom and all that bring the organisaion up to code delta lets be ready to evacuate immediately just in case, until we see which way the wind blows."


Slicer stood by the side of his vehicle watching the procession.

Slicer would never be classified as intelligent but he had a certain low cunning , and he recognised an opportunity when he saw it . He'd never risen high enough under Gigatron to blot his copybook and was competent in a brutal way. Plus a lot of things went missing during revolutions computer records for example.

He stepped foward , pushing his way through the throng, surging through the crowd.

He lifted his arm in the air pumping it.

Megatron, Megatron, long live Megatron

2008-04-05, 09:42 PM

In the wake of the ship passing over, the chanting was unmistakable, rising over the buildings and echoing resoundingly - Megatron! Megatron! It was a paean of support rather than triumph, the name used like a slogan intent on beating down any and all opposition.

Interceptor had spotted a working Tri-dee in the window of an otherwise thoroughly wrecked electronics establishment. Someone had set it up and left it running a loop relaying Megatron's speech:

"My fellow Decepticons, I applaud those of you who have risen up against Gigatron's tyrannical regime in recent days. To those of you brave enough to join in the uprisings and to those of you who wish in your sparks that you had, I make this promise. I, Megatron, the one true leader of the Decepticons, will set things right..."

"Y'know that bit about moving a bit faster?" he said to Fapro. "Can we make it one helluva lot faster?"

2008-04-05, 09:48 PM

Hands pulled Shrike into the van and a grimy once white coloured medic ran a med scanner over the battered mech. The van lurched as it passed a thoroughly wrecked electronics establishment.

Megatron's words echoed into the street.

To Gigatron's followers, I say this. I am a reasonable leader. Renounce your false commander and stand beside me and all will be forgiven. Continue to support his reign of intolerance, ineptitude and inequality, however, and your punishment will be swift, severe and strict. I trust all of you to make the right decision and support me as I throw Gigatron from my throne."

The van skirted agaggle of dispondent looking mechs standing by the window.

2008-04-06, 01:24 AM
Soundwave's Transport:

Prime: -right before the announcement- "Don't feel too bad, Sunstreaker. The only reason I still look this good is I've been in a stasis pod for the past several months......" -optics narrow- "Hmm....."

Ironhide: "Whut?"

Prime: "I don't know. I think...... I'm forgetting something."

-Megatron's announcement hits-

Ironhide: -scowling, hands tightening on the transport's controls, not really hearing the creak as the control sticks crumple-

Prime: -fists clenching- "Megatron...... Alive? You're right, Smokescreen. This is the only way that Soundwave would go behind Gigatron's back like this."

CES Fearless:

Hellbat: -staring at the comm console- "Uh... Yes, Lord Gigatron." -shoots a frantic look at Jalgar-

Jalgar: -moves over, taps a few keys-

Hellbat: "Hailing frequency open, sir."

2008-04-06, 03:33 AM
Hatemonger thought hard and still was not sure if this was the right path but he got onto his past com-links. Those from quite some time ago.

"Megatron, if you hear this. This is Hatemonger. Reply." Was all the General said knowing the former or perhaps still great Decepticon leader would know this codec.

2008-04-06, 08:14 AM
Bridge CES Fearless

Gigatron swiveled in his chair back to the main screen

"Bring her round to course 0.45 Mr Gaihawk once our tow's in a stable parking orbit ,lets put her down. outside Darkmount"

He drummed his fingers on the chair arm

"Quarter sublight Mr Killbson."

He tapped out a few commands on his console

"Contact Airwave Mr Jaruga tell us who we are so they don't shoot us down. Tell Trypticon that he can put down with the Rapier at his own convenience but may I suggest waiting a little while it looks like Polyhex may not be the best place for him yet.Their seems to have been some unrest."

He then looked back at the viewscreen.

"Thank you Mr Hellbat."

Gigatron started to broadcast, to all of Polyhex

"Fellow Decepticons , I bring you great news. I and a team of crack soldiers have performed a daring raid into Imperial and space and have captured one of their battleships as well as much information. With this information and ship we will be able to rebuild our fleet around it and to lead further raids on the Imperials in the future.

I know it has been for many of you a difficult time the transition from war to peace and that on the limited budget available and the small amount of Shannix that the Quintessons left behind we have struggled to rebuild the great Nation-State of Polyhex to it's former glory.

Times have been hard and it has pained no mech more than me to see my fellow Decepticons suffering.

In the future their will be opportunities for eveyone , for advancement for , reparations from our Imperial Bretheren. Once again mechs will swell the ranks of the Decepticon armies and will be proud to say that I am a decepticon soldier.

This ship was carrying the collected taxes for an Imperial sub -quadrant. As a gesture of goodwill I henceforth will raise the wages of every soldier under My command by 20% and a tax rebate of 15% to all Loyal Citizens. The remainder of the credits will go into rebuilding Polyhex and our armed forces in preparation for dealing with the Imperial threat

Listen not to empty promises and rhetoric to bluster. Megatron may have the qualities to lead you through a war but I will lead you through the peace and togehter we wil make Polyhex again a glittering Jewel in Cybertrons crown."

Gigatrons optics flickered as Information started to flash up on the main screen. He typed in a command //BroadcastfileSoundwave.SpaceMafia
A file wizzed through cyber-space ajnd on to the Cybertronian net.

"I see you have already risen up to drive the criminal parasites out of Polyhex and I salute you it is that fighting spirit that will make us great again. Too long have elements in our own forces colluded with Criminals to make their fellow Decepticons suffer to live in fear and now that they have revealed their true colours they will removed like the scraplet infection they are so that we can all work together for a better and brighter future.

To My Autobot comrades I say you have nothing to fear, once this internal dissent has been resolved we will be able to forge strong links and continue to work together ,as we did to liberate Cybertron from the Quintessons, to combat the Imperial threat."

2008-04-06, 01:58 PM
Hatemonger was still unsure where he now stood with two Decepticon leaders suddenly appearing but he knew he needed to see if this truely was Megatron who returned from the grave. The General thought to himself after hearing Gigatron's speech from there he would make his desicion.

2008-04-06, 02:35 PM
CES Fearless

Gigatron pulled up a screen.

"Main Computer please reconfigure all access to Voice command only. The following mechs are to be considered traitorous Megatron, Astrotrain and Soundwave no access is to be allowed to them or anyone in their employ, as cross referenced to the personnel records.

All communications from myself will cotain a codeword for verication, transmitting list now."

Aero Blade
2008-04-06, 11:10 PM

"You guess wrong," Tracer spoke to Dropshot, remianing as calm as ever. "I don't know yet whom I intend to serve with. I was loyal to Galvatron, but he is no-where to be found. My decision may ultimately lay where the majority of my closer allies side."

"Though that leaves the same question to beg towards you," Tracer spoke, focusing in on Bombshock, giving the appearance of being genuinely interested. "Who do you intend to side with?"

2008-04-07, 02:56 AM

"Oh.."Dropshot's smile was wiped off his face by the effortless coolness of Tracer.Growl gave a chuckle of genuine appritiation at Tracer.It was coming back to the old days.He gave them another couple of seconds before they were at eachothers throats again.Then,this had lasted longer then he had thought it would to begin with.His optic caught the flicker of a still functioning tri-dee from the bar,that appeared to be stuck on loop.Snorting,he walked off to go take a look,let the two fight it out.Wasn't his damn fight anyways.Bombshock took the time to answer carefully to Tracer.

"We're a bit freelance,right now,you could say."He gave a disgruntled grunt at his current surroundings and shook his head.Hell of an answer. "But for one,no way we are siding with Gig's.He caused this damn mess in the first place.Besides,exile doesn't exactly last when the one who put it on us is dead."He bared a baleful smile.

2008-04-07, 07:30 AM

Buzzsaw flew over the throng, screeching triumphantly as he arced toward Megatron's position. He caught sight of Slicer and flashed low over the other Decepticon's head, moving his beak in a "Follow me" gesture before heading toward the head of the procession.

You always want one or two of the proletariat beside you for a march like this, he mused. It'll give us much more credit among the common mech.

Megatron replied to Hatemonger's comm just as Buzzsaw settled down on his shoulder. "General? I can't tell you how much it pleases me to hear that you're still alive. So few of our old comrades could say the same."

He scoffed as Gigatron's message started to come through.

"Lies!" he shouted to the crowd. "How long as Gigatron promised you salvation? How long has he promised to rebuild the Decepticon Empire into something grand? And what has he delivered you? Nothing! The city is in shambles, our power base off-planet is nonexistent and he does nothing to address it! He wasn't even on Cybertron! No, he abandoned you, abandoned his people, so that he could go off on an adventure and open hostilities with other Decepticons! Only now when his pathetic sham of a reign is at an end does he appear, trying in vain to clean up his mess. And what is his solution? Nothing more than creative accounting! He would bribe you into abandoning your birthright, into forsaking the Decepticon cause and following an outsider who claims to be from the future!"

The crowd had grown larger now. The blindly pro-Megatron group was outnumbered now by those who were angrily muttering about Gigatron, spurred on by Megatron's exaggerations and outright lies. Only a few pro-Gigatron citizens were foolish enough to approach, and they wisely stayed to the outside of the mob.

"Under my reign the Decepticons ruled over all of Cybertron and the entire quadrant quaked in terror at our very name. We were respected, we were treated as a legitimate empire. So it shall be again! We will be a great power once more, and the Autobots, the Cybertronian Empire, the Quintessons and every world in the region will have no choice but to acknowledge it! Who is with me?"

The crowd erupted in a roar so loud that it shook the windows of the nearby buildings.

Speaking over a private channel he told Soundwave, "Block any further transmissions from that ship down into the city."

Soundwave nodded. "As you wish." His internal mechanisms started to work. "No one within a ten-mile radius will hear any more of Gigatron's baseless propaganda."

The roar grew loud once more as Megatron and his vanguard approached the main gates of Darkmount.

Soundwave's transport

"Go easy on the machinery, Ironhide, we need it to get home." Smokescreen turned to Prime, frowning. "You don't sound very surprised, sir."

2008-04-07, 07:50 AM

Slicer bulled through the crowd following Buzzsaw's lead.


Gigatron glared at the screen full of static as Soundwave's jamming began

"If it's war you want Megatron then war you shall have."

He tapped a command into his console

"Central Computer this is Gigatron verification Oregon transfer all Polyhex's operational funds to the following accounts 10,000 Shannix to each. Computer copy all personnel files to the main computer on this ship then erase all copies from your files authorisation Delta Epsilon Pi 297."

He tapped in a further command and across the city com units beeped in the residence or workplaces of Gigatron loyalists as he swung a contingency plan into action.

His face smiled and he steepled his fingers together.

"Computer enable backdoor access to all the cities operational and administrative computer networks, then initiate a full security lockdown of the Darkmount complex no one is to enter without my say so until further notice."

Gigatron surveyed his crew

"Change of plans put us down in the main space port."

2008-04-08, 12:58 AM
Hatemonger almost broke a smile hearing Megatron's voice. "Good to hear you again. Would I be able to see you in mech?" He asked starting to get up to walk towards the mass of Decepticons.

2008-04-08, 03:55 AM

Soundwave blocked as many of Gigatron's signals as he could and recorded those that he couldn't.

This will integrate perfectly into our anti-Gigatron propaganda programme.

Megatron replied to Hatemonger. "Of course, my old comrade. Meet me inside Darkmount, please."

As they approached the entry to Polyhex's massive central fortress, Megatron turned to address his followers.

"My friends," he shouted to the mob that had accompanied him, "I thank you for your support. Gigatron has tried to rob us of our city's lifeblood for his own enrichment, but at my command he has been foiled." That wasn't as true as Megatron would have liked, but he had more than enough assests at his command to make up for whatever his rival made off with. "He has tried to seal the rightful rulers of the Decepticons out of Darkmount, the seat of power of the Empire. But he can no more keep me from my keep than he could keep me from destroying him if he had the courage to face me in combat."

The Decepticon leader strode purposefully toward the fortress gates, which he knew perfectly well were locked. However, that did absolutely nothing to stop him. As soon as the security system detected his spark signature, the gates opened to admit him.

Megatron smiled as he imagined the expressions on the faces of Darkmount's duty officers.

"Gigatron cannot stop me, my friends. He cannot stop us!" After he and his core group of followers (OOC: including any characters who want to tag along) had entered the fortress, the gates started to close again. Megatron's last words to his followers were "Decepticons forever!"

Darkmount's walls shook with the force of the crowd's roar.

Aero Blade
2008-04-08, 04:36 AM

"Interesting," Tracer spoke in a seemingly interested, but more amused tone. "This would have to be the first time I met true freelancers. Normally it's code for unemployed..."

Tracer looked away briefly, as though contemplating the sky before he adressed Bombshock one last time. "Well my time here is spent, I must be returning to the ranks. Perhaps we will meet again sometime," Tracer said, mostly for sake of being polite, if nothing else. He then transformed, taking to the air in his helicopter form and stated to head away.

2008-04-08, 05:59 AM
Soundwave's transport:

Prime: "I wish I was, Smokescreen. I had hoped that, out of all of our enemies, he was the one that would never come back. But for Soundwave's betrayal of Gigatron, Megatron's the only one that could have caused it."

Ironhide: -scowling- "We ought'a go back there an' put Megatron's lahghts out fer good!"

Prime: "No, Ironhide. As much as it pains me to say this, we need to let the Decepticons do this. The trick is making it work to our advantage." -sighs- "Contact Ultra Magnus. I want a full staff meeting when we return."


Ravage: -hearing Megatron's transmissions- "Well, Krok? Who do you want to follow? Megatron? Or an outsider?"

CES Fearless:

Gaihawk: -setting in the course- "Course locked in, sir."


Trypticon: -locked in as the computer core for the ship that had been built ouf of his damaged body, pilots the battered ship out of hyperspace- "We're out of hyperspace, Captain."


Leozak: -shrouded in a red-tinged stygian blackness due to the coupled facts of systems damage and the ship itself being at red alert- "Thank you, Trypticon. How's the main gun?"

Trypticon: "The best Drillhorn's been able to do is anchor it back down onto the hull. He says we need to land if it's going to ever be anything more than a really odd looking hood ornament. However, as Megatron appears to be back-"

Leozak: "Megatron? What is it with this place and insane, antiquated heaps?"

Trypticon: "At the moment, Captain, I should think the bigger worry is figuring out whether or not we're a target. This reactor's output is sporadic at best, and the damage we took in taking the Fearless.... I don't rate our odds very high."

Leozak: "Do we have power for shields?"

Trypticon: "Minimal shields, yes."

Leozak: "Better than nothing. Feed the comm through the weapons console." -gets out of the captain's chair, moves around to the weapons console, activates the comm- "Gigatron, this is Leozak. What's the plan?"

2008-04-08, 06:28 AM
CES Fearless

Gigatron frowned as a monitor showed Megatron's effortless progression into Darkmount.

He checked a screen some of his signals were getting blocked and he had no doubt that Soundwave was also recording them. fortunately the pagers were untraceable, however Soundwave could probably trace the intended recipient down to a city block or two. He would have to rectify that once he put the second part of his plan into action.

The Battleship touched down on the landing pad of Polyhexs main space port.


Military Annexe

The majority of Loyalists that had recieved Gigatrons signal flooded towards the military annexe as mandated by the contingency plan code he'd transmitted. Many of them lived there anyway.

They started to round up those that declared their support of Gigatron and put them under guard inside an Empty Hangar. There task was made imeasurably easier by the fact that many of the areas usual inhabitants were still out on riot duty.

Security Zone Control Room

Retread was rudely awakened from his reverie when a cold hard gunbarrel was jabbed in his ear.

A shadowy figure snapped out a question.

"Megatron or Gigatron?"

"Gigatron??" He stammered uncertainly

"Good answer you get to live a little longer"

"Now enable the security measures we will funnel everyone through the main gate otherwise they will have to come through the zone of death. Bet the Quintessons never expected this when they installed it.


Gigatron opened a scrambled and encrypted , ciphered with a one time pad they both, had com link to Leozak. There was a slight delay in transmission due to the signal being relayed off several points on Cybertron plus a handful of satelites to help disguise it.

"Maintain orbit around Cybertron Trypticon is too valuable a soldier to risk in his condition. Our current plan is to if possible hold this area at least until my Loyalists have had an opportunity to reach us. Depending on How many defect to Megatron we may have to relocate. Guard that Destroyer we captured we will need that for parts to help rebuild Trypticon to his former glory and the Fleet Auxillary too. Guard the Rapier and the Gremlin until I give further orders. I may need some orbial Artillery support.


Gigatron turned to watch his crew

Hellbat join up with the loyalists outside we will need your powers to persuade the Megatron sympathisers and the waveerrs to co-operate. Do your powers work over the airwaves? If so we could use the Ships Tannoy system.

Drillhorn and Jaruga I want you to man coms and weapons and get ready to repel any strike Megatron may launch.

Killbison I want you to secure the armoury and arrange for the transhipment of its contents into this ships cargo bays.

Gaihawk I want you to secure the Tyrant.

2008-04-08, 02:16 PM
"Hey Prime" Topspin began, "not that I'm not thrilled that you're back and all, but shouldn't you go to the medics and get them to take a look at ya before you go back full time and all? Seems kinda odd that Soundwave would just let you walk away without any kinds of payment, or without some big goal in mind. I mean, what would happen if you had some kinda virus or bomb inside of you, and he just waited till all the big-wigs were gathered together and then bam- all the autobots leadership gone in one fell swoop..."

2008-04-08, 02:26 PM

Loader shuffled to the edge of the group and wondered: What the SLAG am I doing here?

He had intended to head for the more congenial places he knew where a 'bot could get a drink and find someone who would know someone who would take him onto the payroll. He had done it before, although he had never before needed re-employment due to collateral riot damage. But flying away was no option when Megatron made his broadcast and then - glory be! - appeared in the metal.

Loader may be challenged in the cognitive speed processing department, but even he spotted that going along with the crowd meant he did not get singled out as unhappy to see Megatron return. He never meant to be swept up with the masses and carried along, but what was a minibot to do? Now, he was through the great gates and inside the Darkmount precincts, along with a few other equally surprised units and Megatron's chief supporters...

2008-04-08, 04:14 PM

As Tracer left,Bombshock shook in his shell.He pulled out his gun,tracking Tracer,but stopped.Angry as he was ,he wasn't that stupid.Tracer was ranked,he was still considered an exile.Didn't take a scientist to figure out who had more friends to call on should they start something.Dropshot's fists opened and closed in irratation.Angrily,Bombshock turned into tank mode and blasted a still standing building not far from them.The entire front of it caved in.

"Bombshock,Dropshot,you two might want to take a look at this."Growl said,huddling over the tri-dee.He rolled up,tracks creaking.Dropshot followed,and bent over the tri-dee too.It was a rather large shock for them all.

"What're we gonna do?"Dropshot asked,curious,and with a bit of detachtment.

"Go to Darkmount,see if this is true.If Megatron is back,we might just be in bussiness."Bombshock said. "And then we can give Tracer an answer.Freelance my skidplate."He felt like an idiot for saying that to him, but with this,he doubted thier 'unemployment' was going to last for too much longer.

"Megatron...explains why there's no more rioters here anymore."Growl pondered on it. "Darkmount it is."They now had a common goal.The other two took vehicle mode,and they rolled out.And if rioters blocked thier path, they would feel it.

2008-04-08, 07:22 PM
Sunstreaker shook his head at Topspin. "That's Soundwave's style but if he is taking orders from Megatron, then that won't happen. There is a plan there, but that ain't it and we probably won't know what it really is till the last second."

2008-04-08, 10:19 PM

Slicer trailed after Buzzsaw

"What can I do for you Buzzbird?"


For Squawktalk the choice was clear it was not a choice between megatron and Gigatron but of staying ou tof Soundwave's clutches.

While no one was looking he slipped into the darkness flapping awy uncharacteristerly silently.


Detritus had followed the path of the Battleship through the skies.

It was an easy choice Megatron by the looks of things had all the free soldiers he could want Gigatron on the other hand had money and a large war vessel but a distinct lack of followers.

Detritus swivelled on his heel and loped in the same direction he'd seen the ship vanish.

2008-04-09, 03:23 AM
Soundwave's Transport:

Prime: "You raise a valid point, Topspin. The odds are good that Soundwave on his own wouldn't have had a bomb of some form planted within me. However, given the fact that he was likely acting under Megatron's orders, anything is possible. Ironhide, contact Ratchet and First Aid. Have them meet us outside of Iacon."

Ironhide: "Ah'm on it." -activates scrambled commlink- "Ratchet, First Aid, this' Ironhide. Ah need ya t'meet us outsahde'a Iacon at these coordinates." -sends coordinates-

2008-04-09, 09:40 AM

Krok’s mind jumbled with thoughts. He had heard the transmission all right. He didn’t know what to do. He wanted to follow his leader but megatron had always been the real leader of decepticons. If he was back… If it was the real megatron things could change.

On the other hand Megatron had been ruthless. He had killed his former leader Bludgeon and schemed against other decepticons. But was that not the decepticon way?

“Ravage!” he cried ”You probably are in this scheme from the very beginning?” he had to admire the sneaky tapebot. Turning to his troops and lowering his weapon. “How many of you follow megatron or are already following him? How many? Chop Shop? Charger? Loadrun? Vindicator?

He gazed at his men. I don’t want to be a commander without troops. I need to have an estimate of the situation. How many of them are following him? I don’t want to end up at the end of all the gunpoints
He grinned. Cowardly or not this was the decepticon way. I don't mind if it's good leadership.

Meanwhile the energonpipe had been fractured. Bulletbike came crawling out. Staxx was already further away and after a brief glance continued forward.
“grates and brimstones and whoopee cushions and…” he stopped when he saw the platoon of bots standing at the refinery.”…and renegade decepticons...” he grumbled

2008-04-09, 01:25 PM

Chop Shop looked around at his comrades

"I think we should be very careful there have been clones of Megatron before . I wouldn't want to end up backing some pretender with none of Megatrons will or prowess."

2008-04-09, 09:47 PM
Corridors, Darkmount

"Your skills were overlooked under Gigatron's reign," Buzzsaw replied to Slicer without actually answering his question. "I'd like to see that come to an end. If Megatron sees you standing among his supporters now, it will win you his favour."

Operations, Darkmount

Megatron strode into the fortress control room alone, railgun loaded and fusion rifle in hand.

"Serve me or die," he told the skeleton crew who were manning the monitor stations.

All optics turned to the Decepticon leader, then slowly drifted toward the lone officer who was overseeing the room. He seemed to ponder the situation for a second before shouting "Never!" and drawing his sidearm.

The desk officer was such an easily target that Megatron almost felt bad about having to kill him. However, that didn't stop him from raising his fusion rifle, taking careful aim at the officer and blowing a minibot-sized hole in his chest.

As the officer collapsed to the ground, Megatron said again, "Serve me or die. Don't repeat his mistake."

The senior NCO in the crew pit shrugged, then said, "Welcome back, almighty Megatron. We've missed you."

The other crew members extended similar sentiments, some more reluctantly than others. Megatron took note of who was who and silently beamed the names of the malcontents to Soundwave for further observation.

Administrative wing, Darkmount

Astrotrain found a much quieter scene in the castle's administrative sector. Bureaucrats and clerks were going about their business as if nothing had happened, nodding politely to their superior as he arrived.

Bemused, the admiral walked to his office and flagged down his assistant. "Don't they know what's going on?"

"Oh, they know," Paperweight told him. "They don't care, though. Gigatron didn't come down here once in the years he was in command, and odds are Megatron won't either. These people," he gestured toward the various civil servants who filled this floor and three others in the fortress, "they're not loyal to the throne. They're loyal to you. And if you say Megatron is the way to go, they'll believe you."

"Well..." Astrotrain was a bit taken aback by the faith his people had placed in him. "That's good," he said. "Make sure they know I appreciate it."

"They already know, sir."

Vehicular storage hangar, Darkmount

As the turbolift doors slid open, a quartet of Decepticons looked up from the shuttlecraft they were trying to get into, nervous expressions on their faces. The shuttle was a high-grade military vehicle, expensive, powerful and restricted to senior officers' use. The Decepticons were obviously Gigatron loyalists bent on escaping the fortress before Megatron's forces could catch up with them.

Soundwave had arrived on the scene just in time, it seemed.

"Laserbeak, Overkill, Slugfest: eject. Operation: execution."

The three cassettes shot out of his chest compartment, transformed to their beast modes and laid into the attempted deserters. Within a minute, all four of them had been converted into smoking carcasses.

"The hangar is secure," he reported to Megatron.

Soundwave's transport

"It's best to check anyway," Smokescreen agreed with Prime. "We can't take the chance that the Decepticons might have done some harm to you while you was in their custody."

As he spoke, the transport moved through the city gate and left Polyhex behind.

(OOC: Lets move this to the Iacon thread, OK? :))

Residential district

(OOC: Enter the Cobalt Sentries!)

Gunboat had been filled with a nervous sort of glee ever since his comm unit had received Gigatron's call. He idolized the Decepticon leader like a god, and the fact that he was being called upon by his master to defend him gave the retired soldier a glorious feeling.

After spending almost a breem rummaging through his messy apartment for the weapons and equipment he had left over from his military days. He'd managed to assemble quite the field kit when he heard the knock on his door.

Fear started to trickle through his systems, but he told himself that there was no way Megatron's traitors could have tracked him here so soon.

No one is that good.

"Who is it?" he asked, struggling to keep his voice level.

"Building maintenance," said a bored feminine voice on the other side of the door. "We've been getting reports of electrical problems on this floor ever since the backup generator kicked in. Do you mind if I come in and take a look?"

Gunboat grabbed a particle blaster from his assembled goody bag before saying, "Sure, come on in."

The door slid open to reveal a smallish feline Transformer. As soon as Gunboat saw the robot's distinctive dark blue armour plating, he opened fire. The particle bursts stopped in mid-air, bouncing off of an invisible force bubble of some sort and burning holes in the wall.

"Now, now," the femme said as she padded elegantly into the room, "there's no need for that. Put down the gun and we'll pretend you didn't just try to murder an officer in the Decepticon Secret Police."

Gunboat just stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do, his aim slowly lowering. "Who...who are you?"

The femme glared at him. "I am Inspector Howlback of the Decepticon Secret Police," she told Gunboat, "attached to the Public Safety Unit. Under the authority of Lord High Commander Megatron and Security Director Soundwave, I am here to place you under arrest under suspicion of sedition."

"You're...you're a Cobalt Sentry?" Gunboat's voice was filled with terror. "You'll never take me alive!" His gun snapped back up and he pulled the trigger as fast as he could, sending blast after blast at the femme. Each one bounced off.

"Stop it," Howlback said calmly. "I don't want to hurt you."

"Go to the Pit!"

"As you wish." With seemingly no effort on her part, Howlback's protective shield changed shape and the particle blasts started bouncing directly back to Gunboat.

The former soldier felt a blast burn into his knee, but he refused to let it fell him. Only a few seconds later he regretted that, when a defected shot burned through his right optic and reduced his brain module to slag.

Military annex

Garboil flew above the Gigatron loyalists that had taken over the region, safely outside of weapons range.

"This is an illegal gathering," he shouted. "By the order of Lord High Commander Megatron and Security Director Soundwave, I instruct you to disperse immediately!"

He let that sink in for a few seconds before shrieking, a high-pitched sound that covered the override signal that his vocorder broadcast at the same time. The signal would activate the fear subroutines of everyone who heard it, striking terror into the hearts of those who were especially susceptible and sending the weak-minded fleeing in abject, uncontrollable horror.

2008-04-09, 11:50 PM

Loader had slipped into the tower behind Megatron, along with several other mechas who had once just been part of the riot. They had fanned out, picking off the autodroid scanners while the great silver lord, all unheeding, strode on to storm the fortress control room in solitary grandeur.

With only one darklight pistol to his name, Loader had shot out four of the scanners, charging through their searing lasers with characteristic up-front craziness. And he kept asking himself why?


He was in excruciating agony, yet Shrike managed a laugh. His failing systems were stabilised and the red lights of death's approach were gone from his self-diagnostic display.

It allowed him the dubious luxury of thinking about why he had been helped and by whom.

2008-04-09, 11:59 PM
CES Fearless Bridge

Gigatron activated the tannoy system

"All unassigned mechs board the ships ,the signal will be unable to affect you once you are onboard.

Military Annex

Wingspan's staff cowered in a hangar as the noise grated on their circuits.


Diehard glared at the casseticon as he chivied the gun crew of his AA position into action through shear force of personality."


Slamdunk had few redeeming qualities . In fact he made Ramjet whom he greatly admired look like the brain of Cybertron. The fact was he was too stupid to be scared. He transformed and launched skywards roaring singlemindedly towards Garboil.


A few mechs terrified ran blindly into the security zone and were vaporised by the defences.


Streams of soldiers ran everywhere heading for ships , buildings everywhere to get away from the noise only a determined handful too brave, stupid or plain stubborn refused to budge and opened fire with their weapons despite Garboil being out of range.

Residential District

Flyover nudged the door of his appartment open with the muzzle of his shotgun. A kitbag slung over his other shoulder.

"Gunboat what's taking you so slaggin' long?"


Energon tankers rumbled along the streets once they reached strategic positions they stopped and the drivers disabled the controls.

As they left they all called out a variation of

"Free Energon on Gigatron."

Outside Soundwaves HQ

One tanker did not stop but instead plunged at full speed into the facade of Soundwave's HQ .

The driver scrambled clear and a detonator started to count down.

Residential District

Powerplant technician Pile looked up from his crossword as there was a knock on the door. He limped over and peered through the gap left by the chain. He never saw the energy bolt that slammed through the door and melted his head.

Toll Plaza

A group of Gigatron loyalists their instructions jammed by Soundwave holed up with weapons and supplies in the Blockhouse that was the Toll Building

Highrise Residential Area

Takedown aimed the Smart Anti Radiation Missile at Darkmount and fired it hoping to takeout whatever was jamming communications.

Polyhex General

Grader peered into operating room 4

"Looks like there's some kind of coup going on Sir , Megatrons back , it looks like we might have civil war.

Gridiron nodded without looking up from where his hands were buried in the chest cavity of a patient.

"Make sure we've got plenty of supplies and make sure the Green Orb is iluminated it looks like we're in for a busy night. Let everyone know we treat the sick here Autobot , Deception, even Mecannibal they're all one and the same once they get on the table , we don't do politics."

Cobalt Sentry Barracks

Squawk, Gain and Feedback declared their loyalty to Gigatron by opening fire ont their fellow CObalt Sentries

2008-04-10, 03:12 AM

Vindicator heard Megatrons speech. He would have been smiling if you could see past his face plate. But that smile would have quickly faded because he knew that this new development would certainly cause death to those who did not choose his allegience propely.

Vindicator looked to the ground unsure of who he should follow.

He knew that if he choose the wrong leader in this situation he would be destroyed.

After a moment of thought he stared a Krok and replied with confidence"I will follow Lord Megatron!"

2008-04-10, 03:28 AM
Hatemonger rolled in his tank mode as quickly as he could as a horde of Megatron loyalists were ransacking the place the General quickly transformed into his robot mode and armed his energon saber but did not strike anyone.

He quickly ran into Darkmount seeking Megatron his choice finally made on he would serve.

"Megatron, I have arrived at Darkmount, where are you?" He asked.

Aero Blade
2008-04-10, 04:56 AM

Up above the city, things were calm (for the moment) and Tracer had some time to himself to consider the full effect of what had just happened, and what it might mean for the near future. It didn't look as though his team had changed much, but then apperances had always been decieving especially among them, all of his team having become good at hiding their intentions right up until time for each round of the fights to start. No, he couldn't just take things at face value ever...

Openning a private com channel, and hoping the recipient wasn't too busy, tracer decided it was time he had a chat with an old aquaintance (and perhaps friend) of his. "Astrotrain, got a moment?"

2008-04-10, 07:09 AM
CES Fearless

Gigatron opened a com channel

"Skorponok please report this is Gigatron over."


Street Junction

In the dark and confusion 2 groups of Gigatron supporters opened fire on each other. There were no survivors.


A hover car fleeing down the streets , cornered too sharply and sideswiped
a building. Its hoverjets damaged it cartwheeled and plunged throught the front of a store.


A group of Decepticons tapped one of the parked tankers and proceeded to get roaring drunk.


Slicer nodded "It is fairly obvious that a mech of my talents could go a lot farther. I have been meaning to talking to you Buzzsaw I have been developing my artistic talents, working with shapes and colour, I must show you some of my portfolio."

2008-04-10, 07:09 AM
Military Annex

Garboil resisted the urge to chuckle as he saw several mechs cowering in the streets. He expected that most of them would be able to fight off the artificially-induced terror he was filling them with.

Diehard's AA fire arced through the sky near his position, but since he was out of the effective range of ground-based weaponry the Cobalt Sentry wasn't too worried. He did, however, fire down at the AA position with his photon masers, just in case.

Seeing Slamdunk approach, the Cobalt Sentry shifted his attention to the oncoming Decepticon and shrieked, this time modulating the sonic waves of his cry to create dangerously turbulent air between him and his attacker.

Residential district

Howlback stepped languidly over Gunboat's body and fixed Flyover with an imperious glare.

"Shall I assume you're a traitor too?" Almost by rote, she repeated, "I am Inspector Howlback of the Decepticon Secret Police, attached to the Public Safety Unit. Under the authority of Lord High Commander Megatron and Security Director Soundwave, I am here to place you under arrest under suspicion of sedition." Sharpening her glare she told him, "And don't even think about attacking me. Your friend did, and look where it got him." She sighed. "Besides, the entire building is surrounded by plain-painted agents. On the off-chance you manage to hurt me you're only going to get killed by them. Now drop the gun."

The sensor pods on her multirack missiles focused themselves on the Gigatron loyalist.

Corridors, Darkmount

"I would like that," Buzzsaw told Slicer with more interest than he wanted to let on. "I have seen some of your work. Slogism is one of your major influences, isn't it?"

Administrative wing, Darkmount

Astrotrain tabbed his com panel and replied to Tracer. "I do, but only just. Come by my office if you need a word."

Operations, Darkmount

Using his hard-coded personal access codes, Megatron had quickly disabled all of Gigatron's access to Polyhex's military networks...or at least those that he knew about. He suspected that there remained several secret backdoors that the sixchanger had added in during his time here, but they would be found in time.

He watched on the monitors as Gigatron-employed drivers abandoned trucks full of energon on the streets and chuckled to himself.

Little does the sixchanger know that I own shares in every energon importer in the city. Every drop of fuel that he stockpiled for this little stunt put another shanix in my hidden accounts.

Soundwave, fresh from his adventure in the hangar, arrived with Laserbeak perched on his shoulder and Wingthing in tow. The avian Decepticon quickly hopped over to Megatron, a self-satisfied expression on his face.

Megatron ignored the pest as he asked, "You've left behind security, I trust?"

"Overkill and Slugfest are more than equipped to deal with any other intruders," Soundwave confirmed, "and I assigned several drones to assist them." The spymaster frowned as one of the monitors showed a fuel truck ploughing into his headquarters building. "Hmmm. I wasn't aware Gigatron knew about that location."

"Should I signal an evacuation?" Wingthing glanced up at his superiors curiously.

"No," Soundwave assured him. "This was unexpected, but hardly unprepared-for. Everything and everyone of value is several levels underground. The only staff remaining in the complex are easily-replaceable technicians who will pass nicely as warehouse workers when we spin this as an unprovoked terrorist attack on a civilian facility."

Wingthing seemed to ponder that for a moment, then nodded. "Of course, sir."

Outside, the base's autocannons started to roar as they reached out and swatted down the incoming missile.

As that was going on, Megatron replied to Hatemonger's query. "I'm in the operations centre," he told the other Decepticon. "Please meet me there."

Cobalt Sentry barracks

Similar (albeit smaller) autoguns started to fire on Squawk, Gain and Feedback, but not before Radiowave, Squelch and Uproar had dropped to the ground with serious injuries.

2008-04-10, 07:30 AM
Streets,Bordering Darkmount

Bombshock and company rolled into the swelling crowds of Megatrons loyalists.The crowds parted at the threat that they made,taking the better part of disgression.All around them,they heard the steady rise and fall of the name Megatron.It was spoken in awe,reverence,occasionally apallment and even rarer disgust.The mob rule applied here,and anyone who spoke against it died,often very painfully.They were not the only millitary grade mechs around either.

It seemed that if Megatron was in the mood to move the moons,he could get every damn mech in Polyhex would help him do so.Tracer still itched at the back of all of their minds.He had to show up.It wasn't so much a terrible crisis,just annoying.Who knew what tricks he had up his metal sleeve.They rolled inward.

2008-04-10, 07:42 AM
Residential Area

Flyover shrugged

"Why are you so convinced it is Megatron and not an impostor we've had clones before. Why are you possibly risking everything on an unproven gamble. Plus what choice do I really hav death now or death later? "

All over Polyhex

The computer programme had done its job the file transmitted before the jamming started popped up on screens and computer terminals all across Polyhex. It detailed Soundwaves connection to the Space Mafia it may not have been complete but it was spectacular.

Above the Military Annex

Slamdunk opened fire with lasers and missiles before plunging straight at Garboil the turbulence rocking his frame

Corridors Darkmount

Slicer nodded

"Slogism is one of my influences however I have also been working with paint , experimenting , there is an earth technique called trompe d'oeil which decieves the optics into believing there is soemthing there which is not. Very interesting it is too."

Troop Barracks 14

A voice from inside addressed the surrounding Cobalt sentries.

"Look we're not for anyone we're not coming out till theres one clear winner. It's dangerous out there. We aren't supporting anyone ok we will follow whoever comes out top.

(OOC feel free to have the Sentries respond Warcry.)

2008-04-10, 08:16 AM

Krok regarded Chop shop “I agree. It wouldn’t be the first time a pretender to the throne appears. But this time he is backed up by soundwave and astrotrain. I doubt Soundwave would back up someone with no real power, wouldn’t you agree ravage?” Krok eyed the feline shape. Then he regarded vindicator “so a logical bet would be to follow megatron” he smiled “and I would be one to agree with you but don’t be too fast to make a choice.” Gigatron still has a lot of power Krok contemplated. And betraying him wouldn’t be the smartest thing right now.“What about you others?”

“So what should we do?” loadrun mused. “Step up to him and ask if he’s the real megatron and get blasted to atoms? On the other hand I have to agree Megatron looks like the better choice. At least the empire grew under his leadership.”

“Or we could run back to gigatron and notice we’re outnumbered a hundred to one” Charger replied “After all a lot of decepticons will grasp at this straw, real Megatron or not. Too many malcontents around I think. Megatron seems like a safe bet."
"But like Krok said we don’t want to make any fast decisions. Gigatron still has a lot of followers. Maybe we should sit this one out the first few breems and see what happens."
"Besides no one misses us right now” he said with a smile.

2008-04-10, 02:02 PM
Hatemonger charged energon saber crackling in the air. As he made haste to the Operations Center where Megatron was located. His optics had not decived him. Megatron was back.

"Long time no see." The Decepticon General quipped looking at his past longtime ally and friend.


Cryotek watched what was going on as a large number of emergancy shutters and doors walled in his lab.

"Great just when I thought I was going to get back to work." he sighed.

2008-04-10, 02:21 PM

Fussily brushing carbon away from a shallow burn in the armour of his left shoulder, Loader walked across to an ex-rioter who had not managed to avoid the laser fire and recovered two las-blasters. A further inactive chassis provided a handful of concussion grenades and a ferocious khurki; he preferred guns, but took the blade anyway.

There came the sound of footsteps and Loader looked round in time to see Hatemonger enter the tower. Only a short while ago he had stood with Scorponok, yet he was changing his loyalties, it seemed.

Casually popping off two shots of his darklight gun to take out a scanner on which a red activity telltale had appeared, Loader cautiously went in the opposite direction.


Swiftly, news of Soundwave's pro-Space Mafia activity began to spread through the crowds outside Darkmount. The constant sussuration of Megatron's name faded and a quieter murmuring began...

Aero Blade
2008-04-10, 03:58 PM
Skies near Darkmount

Having already been headed in that direction, as Astrotrain's response came in Tracer made a minor adjustment to aim himself at the closest entrance to Astrotrain's office, easily soaring above the gathering crowds below.

"Good. I'll be there shortly," Tracer replied over the com.

2008-04-10, 07:12 PM

Chop Shop nodded slowly

"I think we should wait for the dust to settle. Find a nice little bolthole and see who comes out on top."

On the road

Streams of refugees moved out of Polyhex. Some headed for Protihex but the majority headed for Iacon. Unable or unwilling to cross the barriers of the Wastelands or the Sonic Canyons to reach Protihex. Instead they took the only option open to them and headed for the relative safety of the capital of their sworn enemies

Military Annexe

Diehard watched his shots fall short of the Cobalt Sentry and growled in anger. Conversely Garboils return fire also fell short.


Other flyers overcame their fear assisted by Garboil having his claws full with Slamdunk and a trio launched in his wake heading for the Cobalt sentry.



Three patrol fighters recently launched from Polyhex headed towards Trypticon. In their wake wallowed a Landing craft

Their leader Slice opened a com link to Trypticon.

"Ultraviolet Leader this is Red One. Gigatron has tasked us to blockade Incoming ships to Polyhex and divert them over."

The captain of the landing craft Elan opened his own come frequency

"Ultraviolet Leader (Trypticcon) this is Troop One Gigatron said you needed some crew for the fleet auxilary you captured. He seemed to think if we could get it up and running we could make some repairs over."


A soothing hand brought a cup of medicinal energon to Shrikes lips

"Do not fret brother you are in safe hands. The Brothers Hospitalier have you now and Primus willing we will save you yet."

2008-04-11, 05:01 AM

Bombshock transformed,along with Dropshot and Growl and pushed thier way through the crowds.They got to the main complex,and looked around. Bombshock took stock of the situation.

"Well,we're here,what now?"Dropshot asked.

"Obviously,we're soilders.Act like it.And for Primus' sake,act like your doing something,prefferably,something important."

"We were soilders."Growl pointed out,face in a sneer.Bombshock hissed back menicingly.

"Then do what we used to do."Dropshot took the que,and slammed Bombshock into the ground.He shook his fist as he smiled evily.Bombshock came back up in a roar,but stopped when he was holding Dropshot by the neck.Growl rolled his optics,and marched into the base.

"Follow his lead,and put our brand back on."They did so,Bombshock keeping an optic on Dropshot.Growl had gotten to the point he just plain didn't care anymore.Fighting never got them ranked up,or in Tracers position on the pedastal.It was coming time to follow in the former teammates footsteps.Dropshot and Bombshock could fight it out for supremecy.They each marched into the Operations Center and took a computer from other mechs,even though they had no clue as to what was going on or even what the computers did.The large silver mech that took up the center of attention did indeed seem to be Megatron,and another near him,the famed general Hatemonger.It was good be in high company again.

Aero Blade
2008-04-11, 05:28 AM

Once Tracer arrived and landed, entering the building, it took him little time to track down where Astrotrain's office space was, heading for the administrative wing.

"How is it despite our efforts that we keep winding up at desks?" Tracer asked aloud as he approached Astrotrain, openning things up with a bit of humor, but his demeanor turning serious again. "Seems like it will not last much longer at this rate, judging from what I heard on the airwaves on my way over before I called you."

2008-04-11, 08:08 AM

Krok nodded and looked at ravage
"So everyone agrees? we'll stay here in hiding untill we know who comes out on top. unless anyone has another idea?"
if gigatron or scorponok calls we can always say that we’re still occupied rounding up traitors or fighting of the mobs. That probably won’t be a problem considering the turmoil.”

Krok turned towards vindicator “Vindicator, if you already want to join megatron go ahead. I don’t think anyone of us will stop you”. not with ravage looming overhead he thought.

2008-04-11, 01:31 PM

Soundwave had never been particularly popular, give or take a handful of notable occasions. He had long been regarded with a mixture of awe and hatred. Gigatron's broadcast had met audials more than willing to believe in an infamous connection with the Space Mafia.

If you make propaganda, you had to be prepared to take propaganda...

Some of the brighter members of the Polyhex population saw what was happening; a few of them even laughed at the irony; a few anticipated inevitable retaliation. Those who had chosen to flee put their heads down and kept going stocially. On the whole, however, the masses were on the edge of uncertainty and could be swayed either way with only a little push.

2008-04-12, 02:32 AM

Ravage: -nods- "A sound decision, if not a particularly brave one. My decision, however, is already made. My loyalty is to Megatron. I hope to see you all in our ranks soon." -transforms, the Jaguar V-12 engine roaring as he drops into gear, tires squealing as he takes off towards Darkmount-


Trypticon: -locked into the computer core of the ship, brings the shields up as soon as he detects the craft, activates commlink- "Acknowledged, Red One and Troop One. Move onto blockade area, Red One. Troop One, you are cleared to pass." -leaving the comm array to monitor traffic, activates his personal commlink- "Captain?"


Leozak: -scowling at the damage indicators lighting up the tactical board, hits commlink- "Full Tilt, can't you stabilize the power levels?"

Full Tilt: "Give me a powerplant that doesn't date from the days of Prima, and I could probably do better!"

Leozak: "If anything attacks us in this state, you'll get your bearings blown BACK to the days of Prima!" -switches frequencies- "What is it, Trypticon?"

Trypticon: "Ships are approaching. Three fighters and one landing craft. They say Gigatron sent them. I'm uploading the information to the tactical board."

Leozak: -watching the approaching ships- "Raise-"

Trypticon: "Shields are up, and all available weapons are on standby."

Leozak: "Make them hot and keep passive sensors locked onto them. They do anything remotely hostile towards us or our parts ship out there and blow them out of space."

Trypticon: "Aye, sir. Trypticon out."

Leozak: -switching frequencies- "Gigatron, this is Leozak. Did you order a fighter blockade and crew for the frigate to come up here?"


Gaihawk: -storms into the ship, sealing the hatch behind him-

Spaceport Armory:

Killbison: -tank mode, rolls into the building, twin PPCs in his turret sweeping the area-

Skies over the port:

Hellbat: -transforms to robot mode, hypnowave emitters online, starts sweeping the area-

2008-04-12, 06:09 AM
CES Fearless Bridge

Gigatron opened a com channel to Leozak

"That is correct Leozak I have sent a crew for the Auxiliary they include some engineers , they should be able to get its machine shops and processors online. The fighters are to divert traders I want to cut of Megatron from outside supplies over."

Space Port

A freighter rose from the pad. Maybe it was an inexperienced crew, maybe they were still panicking from the Cobalt sentries assault, maybe the ship was down for maintenance.

Whatever happened it lurched thrusters sputtering losing altitude it ploughed into Polyhex. Demolishing the Administration building for the Polyhex Xeno-Zoo as well as part of the surrounding area.

2008-04-12, 07:25 AM
Military Annex

Garboil shrieked again as Slamdunk's shots sliced through the air all around him, all too aware that he would be spiralling to the ground a smoking wreck if not for the turbulence jostling his foe.

Catching sight of the incoming enemies following behind his attacker, he triggered his emergency beacon and was assured that help was on the way. Then he reverse-fired his onboard jets, awkwardly backing away from his enemy and firing his maser cannons at the same time.

Residential district

"I couldn't care less about Megatron," Howlback responded blandly. "I just follow orders, and I get my orders from Soundwave. And one of those orders, the one that should concern you to the utmost, is the order I was given to collect Gigatron sympathizers alive. Once the pro-Gigatron insurrection has been quelled you will be free to go, albeit not in Polyhex. So it's not a choice between death now or death later. No, you have a choice between death now or life in exile with Gigatron, wherever he sets up shop, later. Choose wisely."

Corridors, Darkmount

"I have heard of that fleshling technique," Buzzsaw admitted with more interest than he would have expected, "but I find it very difficult to craft such optical illusions for the consumption of a mechanized crowd. Our optics are much harder to fool than mere human eyes, after all. What sort of techniques have you used to compensate for that?"

Administrative wing, Darkmount

Astrotrain smiled up at Tracer. "Well, I've had a spot of action recently, at least. For now I consider this a bit of a respite before the unpleasantness that's sure to follow. Gigatron doesn't seem interested in going quietly. One can hardly blame him, but he really only has himself to blame after the way he's managed the faction."

Operations, Darkmount

Megatron smiled at the approaching Hatemonger. "Indeed, my friend, indeed. I hear you've made quite the name for yourself in my absence."

Soundwave stood at a side console with Wingthing, quickly dissecting the propaganda against him that Gigatron had released. It was mostly fabrications, guesses and outright lies, of course, but the basic thrust of it was accurate. He was amused by how misdirected the attack was, though; his own relationship with the Space Mafia had been peripheral, barely even noteworthy. Megatron's, on the other hand, went far deeper...but of course, Gigatron didn't know that.

"How soon can you devise a counter-strike?"

"Oh, very quickly," Wingthing replied. "In fact, I know just the thing. Give me two breems to cut the footage, and Gigatron will find himself on the receiving end of something a lot worse than vague innuendo and rumour backed up by a few traffic-light camera snapshots."

The small Decepticon worked, calling up highly-classified Decepticon Secret Police files on, among others, Wingspan, Loop and Governor.

(OOC: More to come tomorrow. Oh, and by the way, Megatron isn't very grey now. He's using his Classics tank body.)

2008-04-12, 07:51 AM
CES Fearless

Wingspan's command team straggled on to the Bridge.

Gigatron swiveled in his chair.

"Welcome I need your assistance, i was hoping to see you. I have released a file discrediting Soundwave. Knowing the mech he will be quick to retaliate in kind. I want you to devise a long term strategy on how to deal with Megatron and his revolution."

2008-04-12, 01:44 PM
Hatemongers optics still displayed a bit of shock in them. Was this really Megatron and how did he return?

"So Megatron, one question before I decide where my loyalties are. How? How did you come back I thought you were terminated?" The Generals voice almost breaking at that comment.

"If you can give me an honest answer to that I will know where I stand." He said.

Aero Blade
2008-04-12, 03:03 PM
Administratin Wing, Darkmount

"Well, it seems you're already firmly decided on your siding," Tracer answered to Astrotrain's comments. "I suppose it shouldn't be a suprize, given your history with him. However, that is not what I came to discuss. I ran into a few aquaintances of mine on the way back. My old team..."

Tracer found himself a place to sit down, mostly to give himself a chance to think about how exactly he was going to phrase what had happened a while ago. "I suppose it was a rather tame meeting, giving our history. They seem to think with Galvatron gone that their exile is now over, and I reminded them I still hold military rank, as well has having surpassed them in recient times. Given that information, the decided not to do anything, but I cannot be sure if they won't make waves, or what to do about them if they do..."

2008-04-12, 03:17 PM

Vindicator looked back at the Others and said"I would be wise to decide who you will follow soon, Scorponok will not forget about you for long."

Vindicator then transformed a followed Ravage as fast as he could towards Darkmount.

2008-04-12, 07:38 PM

Bombshock felt incredibly....bored.Propaganda really wasn't his suite,and he seemed incredibly insignificant standing against the backdrop.Dropshot felt the same,and they both looked at eachother,and nodded.They didn't bother getting Growl to concede with them,niether relizing Growl was no longer with them.They stepped before Megatron and Hatemonger,and quickly took knee.Niether was sure it was the correct action,but they did it anyways,choking back fear by exposing thier backs and necks to both.

"Lord Megatron and General Hatemonger,is there anything of which you would wish for us soilders to do for you?"Bombshock asked.Primus pray he did not bother look at thier records,and if he did,overlook thier exile.

Growl fled from his team and complex.He was not going to follow Bombshock anymore.Not into this decidebly suicidal act by appearing before someone who may or may not be the real Megatron.He hadn't minded Gig's rule,and kept quiet about it.It'd been good because he hadn't bothered taking the exiles out of the city.Up until the riots,that was.Also,he was handing out more shanix then he'd shake his fist at.He took to his alt mode,an armored transport,and fled as undistinguishbly from the crowds as he could.

2008-04-12, 10:13 PM
The Cobalt Sentry barracks

Squawk and Gain fled while Feedback dropped to the floor.

Military Annexe

Slamdunk shuddered from a couple of Maser shots.He retalited woth missiles. The remaing Seekers chased after him or established a CSP over the Annexe.


Chop Shop nodded.

"I think we sholuld relocate to a safer location.


Corridors Darkmount

Slicer waved his hands about in enthusiasm

"Paint layering, metallic paint a mix of techniques."

High Council Temple of Subterfugeiun

The elders bowed their heads and wated for the senior cleric to speak.

2008-04-12, 11:16 PM
Dead End, laboratory

Cyane crept out of her bombshelter and peered around the lab. Having no scanners other than her optics, she was grateful for the small inbuilt light she carried, as even its faint radiance was enough for what she had to do. With exaggerated care, she cleaned up the remains of the experiment which had produced the chemical weapon she still carried enclosed in one arm stowage pod; there was one other sample and this package she added beside the first.

If what she understood was correct, the Space Mafia influences in Polyhex had been eradicated. Whether the Metacarpus would move into the vacancy remained to be seen. Cyane certainly had no intention of hanging around to find out, not when the mechs she had feared for so long had gone.

2008-04-13, 06:52 AM
Military Annex

Garboil was saved, at least temporarily, when a flight of Earth-mode seekers in Cobalt Sentry livery slashed down out of the sky and fired a barrage of area-denial weapons (OOC: imagine if the air was suddenly filled with fast-moving ball bearings) into the space between the small Decepticon and his attackers.

Perhaps a tactical withdrawal would be a wise choice...

Corridors, Darkmount

"That's facinating," Buzzsaw told Slicer, genuine interest showing in his voice. "I think your talents would be quite useful in an official capacity. How would you feel about designing pro-Megatron murals to adorn some of Polyhex's buildings?"

(OOC: Must...resist...urge to add Slog to the group...)

Administrative wing, Darkmount

"History had less to do with my choice than you might imagine," Astrotrain told Tracer. "But as you say, that's neither here nor there."

The administrator had to repress a shudder at the thought of Tracer's old unit. "Did you know that I signed the order that sent them into exile? I always thought it was something of a waste of good resources, but Galvatron was insistent."

He shook his head, forcing himself to stop dwelling on past experiences.

"I suppose it goes without saying that the simplest solution available to us is to kill them. I suspect you would have already taken care of that if you thought it was necessary, though. How do you think we should deal with them?"

Operations, Darkmount

"At the moment," Megatron told Bombshock as he shooed Laserbeak off of his shoulder, "I have need for any soldiers willing to serve. Consider yourselves assigned to guard the operations room. Once I've had a chance to review your files, I'll find permanent posts more suited to your individual skill sets."

Satisfied that the seemingly-eager duo would keep out anyone without proper authorization, he turned to the old friend that stood at his side.

"The entire story would take more time than I have to tell it, so I'm afraid you'll have to settle for the short version," Megatron told Hatemonger sternly as he guided the general to a private corner where they wouldn't be overheard. "And it goes without saying that what I'm about to tell you doesn't leave this room."

Megatron smiled slightly. "Ironically enough, this is all Gigatron's own doing. During the Chaos Matrix debacle he was driven, for whatever reason, to revive me. He succeeded, obviously, but Galvatron decided to track me down and kill me on Earth. I probably would have stayed there until I rusted into oblivion if not for the war with the Quintessons. They wanted a weapon to unleash upon Galvatron, one that would be a psychological threat as much as a physical one. The alien scum recovered my body and rebuilt me, planning to turn me into a zombie and unleashing me on my own people. But they failed, much like they failed to get a revived Optimus Prime to kill Rodimus in 2005. I escaped from their clutches and killed them in great numbers before the rest of you returned and removed them from the planet."

Megatron sighed.

"Afterwards, I didn't try to reclaim what was mine because I didn't want to tear the Decepticon faction in two. I would have been happy to settle into an anonymous retirement, but Gigatron has mismanaged things to the point where I had no choice but to step in and put things in order. With the help of loyal friends such as Soundwave and Ravage, I managed to make some inroads, but I would have continued to bide my time if the current outbreak of anti-Gigatron rioting hadn't presented me with such a golden opportunity to unseat the usurper."

Megatron looked at Hatemonger with slightly unsteady optics. "Now you know, my friend. The question is, what will you do with that knowledge?"

(OOC: The early part of Megatron's explanation played out in, uh, mid-to-late 2003, I think. The Quintesson stuff is something that I drummed up on my own. It may not turn out to be the whole truth, though.)

Soundwave carefully watched over the disaster reports flooding in: a shuttle crash in the spaceport district; fires spreading across the northern sectors of Helix; an uprising of some sort near the Toll Plaza; heavy looting directed against businesses in the eastern commercial district; and several military units locking themselves down in their barracks and refusing to take sides.

He turned away from his monitors and fixed his attention on Wingthing.


"We're ready," the communications officer's pet Targetmaster replied. "I've put together a news release exposing Wingspan's connections to Loop and Governor. The same report also makes it clear that you merely used a few Space Mafioso as confidential informants, while Gigatron's intelligence bureau was deliberately setting up new cartels. And just for fun, I've tossed together a few simple character-assassination pieces on Gigatron loyalists like Spinister and Bludgeon. Should I air them all?"

"Of course," Soundwave told him.

Across Polyhex

Wingthing's broadcasts started to pop up alongside the anti-Soundwave propaganda. The reaction of the general populace was ambivalent. Many of the civilians were mollified, while others began speaking out in disgusted tones about military leaders in general. Most of the latter group would simply give up in disgust, either swearing off politics completely or joining the stream of refugees heading for Protihex.

2008-04-13, 09:07 AM
Military Annex

Slamdunk intent on his prey flew blithely into the incoming fire and suffered the consequences as they ripped his frame to shreds.

The other fliers banked and started to patrol the Zone of death keeping an optic peeled for more cobalt sentries.

CES Fearless

Gigatron opened a com link to Killbison

"I want as much heavy weaponry loaded as possible especially Ainti Aircraft munitions. Any that we can't load destroy especially Seeker munitions above all."

He looked back at the screen as more propaganda flooded the screen.

He turned to Network

"Thought , suggestions, Responses."

Network paused to think

"There is a Documentary that Wingspan had made about the Ratbat and Soundwave incident it implicates Squeezeplay as a minion of Soundwave."

Gigatron nodded

"will it be effective Ratbat was never shall we say popular"

Network nodded.

"It does show that Soundwave has attempted to overthrow the status quo before and i think from an intelligence point of view that would be our best angle. There is too much residual affection stroke respect for Megatron. The actors are very good and the reconstructed footage very convincing"

Gigatron nodded

"He did try and seize power and implying him in a plot to assasinate a senior Decepticon officer will make others even more wary of trusting him and some of our comrads who were not with us on Earth maybe unaware of the incident. Broadcast the footage across Polyhex best to do it now before Soundwave has fullcontrol of the networks."

Network saluted and turned on his heel to find an input terminal he could plug into.

Corridors , Darkmount

Slicer nodded slowly.

"A series of vignettes , showing how wise and powerful Megaton is. That would indeed be a challenge for my talents. Indeed while we are talking of artwork there is something that we could find useful I discovered on earth. It is called the Political cartoon, it lampoons and ridicules those in power. Although we would need someway of distributing maybe in the fullness of time we should start a pro-Megatron Download.

2008-04-13, 01:13 PM
Hatemonger listened with intent as Megatron told his story of his revival. All of which was true and the Quints had tried and failed in the past to return faction leaders before as Megatron stated about Optimus Prime. His mind racing he made his decision.

"Good to serve alongside you old friend." The General said almost sounding happy and extending his hand.

"Now onto more serious business." He said with his hand still out. "What's next?" He asked.

2008-04-13, 06:26 PM
CES Fearless

Gigatron swiveled to face the bridge crew.

"Comrades and Fellow cybertronians, the greatest threat we face is the Cybertronian Empire, Some of you have seen the force that they expend on a simple tax gathering mission , all of you have see the size of this ship which dwarfs everything we posses currently.

Comrades we face a giant a sleeping giant, but one day this giant will awake and squash us like a turbo-gnat. We must put aside these stupid , shortsided petty squabbles and work together to help defeat them. We must not get pulled into sectarian violence. We will fight Megatron and hope that we can make him see sense. Many lifes will be lost, squandered, wasted needlessly. Troops that could be better employed elsewhere in fighting the Imperial menace.

I am retiring to the captain's cabin to plan what we need to do next.

Jalgar I will need a flag -captain someone to oversee the running of the ship while I run the campaign. Consider yourself promoted to Acting Flag-Captain. You will need crew recall Hellbat , he and Crankcase can help select appropriate loyalists. Contact Gaihawk and tell him he is acting captain of the Tyrant and get a list of what crew he and Leozak require. You will both require an Intelligence officer Download you will remain on this ship Upload report to the Tyrant.

Drillhorn I will need a list of personel that would be useful to have on our side. Compile a list work with Killbison we will need technicians, engineers and medics as a priority as well as other troops. Do it quickly we will need to extract them before Megatron retaliates."

He turned on his heel and retreated to the Captains cabin.


Residential Area

Flyover shrugged and cracked open his shotgun and cradled it over an arm

"Where theres life there's hope let's get this over with."


Cobalt Sentry Barracks

Gain fled leaving his comrades unmoving behind him.


Gigatrons ransacking continued.

Ships, shuttles , commandeered freighters all lifted off as soon as they were full. Loaded with parts, personnel, energon, computer terminals anything and everything.

However there was a price to their haste.


In a factory a screw threaded becoming unmovable.


Machines were loaded onto vehicles seperate from their power cables.


A heavy hover lorry lost control at a junction and slammed into a shop front.


One shuttle crew headed straight for Iacon intent to sell their cargo on the blackmarket.


A heavyload slipped falling crushing a stevedore his legs transformed into useless crumpled metal.

2008-04-13, 10:33 PM
Darkmount, corridors

Loader sat on the floor near a shadowing bulkhead and sorted through the weapons he had amassed. It was a good haul - fragment bombs, blades, las-blasters, mines, two huge harpoon launchers and sundry assorted handguns. On the blackmarket, this would represent a fair lump sum, only... He sighed, caressing one of the vicious harpoon heads with gentle digits; he had nowhere to exhange them for hard shrannix. But what was really Sparkbreaking was the fact he could never tote armaments this size.

He heard voices and went very still.

2008-04-13, 11:46 PM

"As you will...."Bombshock stopped as Megatron walked away. "My Lord."He finished anyways.Gaurd duty.Better then nothing.Dropshot,however,was slightly more discontent then he was,but,they appeared to be in the army again.Looking around,they noticed Growl was nowhere to be seen.

"Where in Primus' name did Growl go?"Dropshot asked.Niether really cared,but he asked anyways.

"Who knows,who cares.Coward ran off."Bombshock said.They both went to the outer doors.Both took out thier weapons,wore with use,and handled them easily.They may have been exiled but they weren't out of practice.Of course, they had usually gone up against less competent mechs then themselves.If an actual civil war did break out,hopefully old instincts kicked in.Of course, Bombshock still feared what would happen once Megatron looked through thier records.

Residential Area

Growl,moving as fast as he wheels could take him,stripped through a city preparing for war.Shuttles were everywhere,and Gigatrons main ship could be seen from most vantage points.Transforming,he walked into a house,and checked for weapons.Bodies,he found,he found a plenty.Most had no shanix left on them,but he occasionally found some.His next stop was a former arms shop,but it had been cleaned out,but,figuring he might have some luck and knowing owners tended to have private cache's he searched anyways. Luck was with him.He found a grand cache,and he was not going to waste it. Several types of grenades,frags prominent among them.Ammo and automatic rifles,RPG's,a couple of shotguns and a decent amount of ammo for his own weapons.He even got a rocket launcher out of the mix.He was now armed to the teeth,and any other lone mech with this much may be a target,but he could use them all.He walked out,nothing to laugh at,and moved onward,hoping to find a way to get into one of Gig's bases.

Aero Blade
2008-04-14, 04:47 AM
Administrative wing, Darkmount

"Given that news, I'd have to think now I'm safer than you would be if they find out who made their send-off official," Tracer spoke, ever so small hint of humor at Astrotrain's admission. "Your secret is safe with me, though it does give rise to some questions I have had for much time now..."

"However, as far as my team goes, I have my doubts if they will make trouble so soon into their return. Bombshock, after all, has what he always wanted - control of the rest of the team. If they choose to try to top me again back into a submissive roll to him, the first thing they would have to do is re-enter the millitary and gain a rank higher than my own, which will not be so easily accomplished now. So long as I rank him, he'll likely assume I have more associates willing to back me than he will, not making it worth running the risk to attack me. It is when he is coming up on equal rank to me that I will be concerned. Though if they wind up joining gigatron, our trouble may be over..."

Tracer went quiet for a moment, as though reminded of an unpleasant task. "Well, I supose it's time I threw in my lot as well. I was loyal to Galvatron, but it has been a long time since he has been present. I hold no favor or decent against Gigatron either way, but they have said that Galvatron came from Megatron. I supose I shall be siding with him."

2008-04-14, 05:36 AM
Military Annex

The Cobalt Sentry seekers formed up around Garboil and escorted him away from the area. As they winged away, they passed a squadron of heavy bombers headed toward Gigatron's parked warship.

I'd hate to be there when they get done with the place...

Corridors, Darkmount

"I like the sound of that," Buzzsaw told Slicer. "We'll have to exert enough editorial control to make sure that Megatron himself isn't lampooned by the same technique. His unique head design led the humans to make some rather...distasteful scatological-based insults, and it would be terrible for public relations if he executed an artist for calling him 'Bedpan-head'."

He fell silent as he heard nearby sounds, like someone rooting through a supply closet.

"Did you hear that?"

Administrative wing, Darkmount

"I'm glad to hear that," Astrotrain told Tracer. "You've become one of my most reliable officers and I would hate to lose you."

Astrotrain tapped a few commands into his computer console, then read the data that appeared on his screen. "As it happens, your former teammates have signed on with us as well. Or at least two of them have. Bombshock and Dropshot presented themselves to Megatron and swore allegiance. No word on Growl, though."

He looked back up and fixed Tracer with a serious look. "I expect they'll be assigned to minor roles under Hatemonger, at least until they manage to work off their reputation as troublemakers. At any rate, you needn't worry about falling under their thumb any time soon. As soon as we have a moment to set things in order, I plan on recommending you to Megatron as interim Air Commander."

Operations, Darkmount

"Next, we need to remove the threat that Gigatron and his loyalists pose to the city," Megatron told Hatemonger as he shook his old friend's hand. "Preferably he could be convinced to surrender, but it's more likely that he'll flee with a small band of die-hard loyalists when he realizes how badly things have turned against him."

As he spoke, he moved toward a nearby terminal and called up Bombshock and Dropshot's files. As he read, he started to frown.

Satisfied that Wingthing had the propaganda portfolio satisfactorily covered, Soundwave stepped away from the communications station and began calling up the personnel records for all of the technical staff who had sworn allegiance to Megatron so far.

Residential Area

Howlback shrugged as well as her female form allowed. "After you," she told Flyover. "There's a paddywagon filled with your fellow Gigatron supporters waiting at the building's main entry."

Aero Blade
2008-04-14, 06:10 AM
Administrative wing, Darkmount

"In a fullmost admission of my own, the decision was already made from the moment I walked in here," Tracer spoke, his tone absoultely serious as he adressed Astrotrain. "There has been far too few that I have come across that I could call trustworthy, let alone a close ally, or a potential friend. If need be, I would have sooner joined an enemy if it would have meant to say on the same side as you chose. I would rather not have to raise arms against you if it was ever in my power to avoid it. My loyalty is to you."

Tracer's tone changed, going back to to his normal one. "There is no worry of my being supressed by Bombshock ever. He never managed it to begin with, just as much as I was not able to put the other two unit members in line, or they us. Thus the constant war between us that got on Galvatron's nerves..." Tracer trailed off, reminded of what Astrotrain had meantioned earlier.

"You said Galvatron was very insistent about exiling my other three unit members. Why not me as well?" Tracer asked. "I was just as bad as the rest of them at the time. I am well aware he was not well known for being a 'logical' thinker at the time for his decisions, but he'd have had a reason that made sense to him, even if something as simple as needing one extra flying scout at the time. Why was I considered of more worth to keep around while the others were discarded? Did he ever explain that to you?"

2008-04-14, 06:37 AM
Darkmount Corridors

Slicer nodded

"I wonder who it could be?"

Residential area

"no problem, you know in the long term this civil war will harm us Decepticons, we will look weak to the Autobots and many mechs will fall unecessarily weakening us further."

Flyover glanced back at Howlback

"what do you think?"

Space Port Control Tower

The squad of soldiers glared at Airwave

The corporal jabbed a finger at a control panel.

"transform this heap of junk now..."

One of his soldiers jabbed a red button and a message blarted out over the klaxon.

"Incoming enemy aircraft all shields to maximum, all air combatants Scramble. AA Batteries to full alert."

Military Annexe

Network found a landline to plug into and transmitted the story about Soundwave and Ratbat.

Captain's Cabin CES Fearless

Gigatron sat at the desk in the cabin and sent a message to Blitzwing and Astrotrain containing all the information he had on the Cybertronian Empire with the exception of that on their ships.

He attached a note

If I do not win this war you will need this information to combat the Imperial threat, Use it wisely , use it to train your students Blitzwing and train your pilots Astrotrain. I understand why you have chosen the path that you have but remember that when we fight amongst ourselves we are weakened, while Megatrons intentions may be pure what of those that have revived him, the Imperials have influernce in many places and agents also as we saw with the Warworld do not be iadvertend puppets aiding in our own destruction.

For reasons you will understand I am not releasing details of the Imperials fleet capaciity but on the event of my death i have arranged for them to be forwarded to you.


2008-04-14, 03:48 PM
Hatemonger nodded as he listened to Megatron.

"Gigatron if we can convince him the error of his ways would make a very powerful ally. Whats wrong?" Hatemonger asked as he saw Megatron frowning.

2008-04-14, 04:46 PM

"ok chop Shop, where do you want to go?" Krok replied. he looked at ravage and vindicator departing "Maybe we should take a side. waiting won't make us popular with any side. Where do you suggest we go Chop Shop?"

2008-04-14, 10:32 PM

Chop Shop glanced at Krok

"How about we go catch ourselves a movie."

2008-04-14, 11:59 PM
Residentail Area

Growl had to smile,taking out his sub-machine gun and an RPG.Mechs were here,and a truck at that.Two others were talking,and he scanned from the darkness of an alley.Flyover and Howlback,two mechs he had never before seen(OOC:I'm not entirely sure about that,but I'm running with it) .He stepped out,weapons pointed at both.

"This heading to one of Gig's bases?"He asked,giving a crazed smile at them both.He was prepared to blow them all sky high should they prove to be Megatron supporters.


Bombshock and Dropshot did thier gaurding very well.They looked like a couple of crazies to start with,fresh from the street,which,undisputidly,they were.The job of keeping those unathourized out was easy,as they had been unauthorized to start with,and knew what to look for.Those authorized went by them with unsure looks,as there had been no gaurds to start with.At least they had a millitary bearing,one they did not often use,and it was enough even to make thier betters think at least once before walking past them with thier heads held high.

2008-04-16, 05:29 AM
Military Annex

Several of the bombers were knocked out of the sky by the AA fire. Others were torn apart by the seekers and other aircraft that filled the sky. However, more than a few of them survived long enough to get into bombing range.

The heavy bombers started to carpet-bomb the area, indiscriminately dropping explosives on the military annex. The smaller bombers, on the other hand, launched air-to-air missiles at the encroaching aircraft and dropped cluster munitions toward the AA batteries.

The aircraft, their flying-wing formation now pocked with holes, carried on toward the spaceport and Gigatron's ad hoc field headquarters.

Corridors, Darkmount

"Lets investigate," Buzzsaw told Slicer. The distinctive click of mortar shells sliding into place filled the corridor for a few seconds. "But lets try not to shoot anyone until we're sure they're hostile. Bad PR, and all that."

The buzzard started to flutter down the hall, keeping very close to the ceiling.

Administrative wing, Darkmount

"I'm touched," Astrotrain said with genuine friendliness in his tone. "And I share your sentiments. Intelligence, loyalty and skill are rare attributes on their own, but you have all three and that makes you an ideal ally and friend. It would be a tremendous shame if we wound up on different sides. You have earned my loyalty as well."

"I can't say for sure why you in particular were spared," The admiral paused for a few seconds, then continued to address Tracer. "If I had to guess, though, I would say that the qualities I listed earlier saved you from sharing your team's fate. Galvatron may have been mad at times, but he had a keen eye for potential. The rest of your team are good soldiers, but that's all they'll ever be and we had plenty to spare. You, on the other hand...you're much more than that."

He raised an optic ridge as Gigatron's e-mail popped up on his screen. "Well, isn't that interesting?"

Operations, Darkmount

"Our new guards have a rather...checkered past," Megatron told Hatemonger. "Apparently Galvatron had them ejected from our forces. But that is a matter to deal with a bit later."

The Decepticon leader sighed. "As for Gigatron, you're quite right. He would make a good ally. But as powerful a warrior as he may be, could we trust him? He didn't even try to find Galvatron when your forces retook the planet, and even chased the last of my...descendent's inner circle from our army. He seems bent on commanding the Decepticons for his own ends, but I have no idea what those ends might be. He's not one of us, after all. Whatever decisions he makes, he's not making them for us...he's making them for the future that he came from."

Wingthing saw the latest of Gigatron's propaganda reports pop up on the Polyhex networks.

This is getting ridiculous, he thought. We might have to revive Ratbat to silence this one...

Getting on the comm, he barked at one of the Megatron-loyal utility crews. "When I said I want the comm links into the Annex cut, I meant now!"

Residential area

"What do I think?" Howlback scowled at Flyover.

If the femme was honest with herself, she wasn't sure what she thought. She'd never been a big fan of Gigatron, although she wasn't a devoted Megatronite either. Soundwave had her loyalty if for no other reason that because he had arranged for her promotion to Inspector, but she knew he wasn't above playing his own game against the good of the cause either. And right now, arresting or killing Gigatron loyalists was only going to hurt in the long run, because every arrest or shooting they racked up was only going to make reconciliation harder in the end.

"What do I think?" Howlback repeated. "I think that you surprised me with a holoshroud and escaped before I could recover. Now get out of here before I change my mind."

Snapping around, the femme aimed her multirack missiles at Growl. "No it isn't," she told him. "But this one can take you there. And lower your guns, you idiot. This block is crawling with security forces. Do you want to get yourself shot?"

(OOC: Well, they were indoors, but whatever. We'll roll with it. :))

2008-04-16, 07:11 AM
CES Fearless

A Klazon sounded on the Fearless

"Shields to maximum all AA gun crews to their posts."

Captains Cabin

Gigatron opened a com link to Shockwave.

"Shockwave we have not always seen optic to optic, but I want to inform you that a war has broken out between myself and a rival faction led by Megatron. This is unfortunate as it will leave us divided at the time of a great threat to our existence. I enclose all information I have in my possession on the Imperials. If worse comes to worse you may have to lead us against them.

In the Meantime I beg of you continue to work with the Autobots , it is only through co-operation that we will defeat the Imperial menace. We will need new tactics new weapons , new technology. Many refugees are fleeing Polyhex I suggest you make the best use of them possible , select the brightest and the best for while the rest of us are involved in war and intrigue there will be no time for things such as research and development.Also as well as being immune to the ravages of war if it is developed in Protihex you can share it as needs be be that with Autobots or the eventual winner of our civil war.

Corridors Darkmount

Slicer padded after Buzzsaw

"copy that."

Slicer drew a sword .

Residential Area

Flyover raised a hand in salute to Howlback

"thank you and I hope we do not meet again until this is over."

He turned to Growl

"Come on then let's get a move on."

Military Annexe

Diehard cajoled his AA crew

"come on keep firing lets show them who's the boss round here."

The barrell of his weapon started to glow red hot from use.


Part of the troops barrcks started to burn ferociously.


The troops entertainment quarter took a heavy pasting and several bars and places of diversion were obliterated.


Craters marched across the Tarmac of the space port except when they were diverted by active shields of the ships and the ones around key installations.


A Parked energon tanker exploded in a crowd of shrapnel, a cloud of burning splinters pattered back down again.

2008-04-16, 01:02 PM

"a movie?" Krok smiled "anything special you want to watch?"

2008-04-16, 11:40 PM

Chop SHop thought

"The Megaplex on Imperil Way has a back up generator. I thought it would be the perfect place to keep a low profile."

2008-04-17, 01:13 AM
Residentail Area

Growl casually glanced at Howlback,and relized she had missles aimed at him.He considered it,trying to pull off thoughtful and crazed at the same time.It was a hard act to pull off for him,but he figured he managed. He put his RPG down,and cradled his gun.

"If I am,it shouldn't really matter to you."He told Howlback.He walked up to them,keeping the smile on his face.Primus I hope this works...He thought to himself. "But thanks for the ride all the same."He gave a genuine smile.

"Right behind you."Growl told Flyover.

2008-04-17, 01:17 AM
Hatemonger nodded.

"Hmm that is a problem." He said in regard of the former Battle Sqaud members.

"True, I do wonder what future he came from." Hatemonger added. "But if the time comes then destory him I will if need be. So what of your other allies, Shockwave is on planet but trying an experiment of co-existance with the Autobots?" He asked.

2008-04-17, 05:39 AM
Military Annex

Several more bombers were shot out of the sky, their drone brains unable to evade fire from Gigatron's flagship. Only a handful were left when they arrived at the spaceport, and these concentrated their fire on the fuel tanks and supply trucks that had been moved into place near the captured Imperial starship.

Corridors, Darkmount

Flying slowly above Slicer, Buzzsaw came around a corner and caught sight of Loader sitting on the floor a short distance away.

Administrative wing, Darkmount

Making sure that Tracer couldn't see his computer screen, Astrotrain penned a response to Gigatron and sent it off, being sure to use one of the many off-books accounts he'd set up outside of Soundwave's ability to monitor.

I respect what you're trying to accomplish, but I'm afraid that my loyalty is first and foremost to my fellow Decepticons. Beyond any personal loyalties I may have to either of you, the people have spoken and they have chosen Megatron. Once the dust settles, if both of you manage to survive, I may be able to prevail on him to enter into some sort of cooperative arrangement. The Imperial Decepticons do need to be addressed, but we can't do that until we have a significant empire of our own to draw resources from. But before that can happen, we must set our own house in order. Appearances to the contrary, Megatron is not the problem here. The problem is one that we've never had to deal with before -- civilians who can't simply be ordered to do their duty or smacked back into line. Until we can properly yoke them, we will be no better than the Autobots. And despite Megatron's recent surge in popularity, he is only a temporary solution. Unless the civilians can be brought in line he too will be sacrificed on the altar of public opinion.

Despite my public loyalties, I bear you no ill will and I hope this can be resolved in a way that is best for the faction as a whole. I will be in touch.

Almost as soon as the message was sent, all evidence of it was erased from the Polyhex computer network as if it had never existed.

Operations, Darkmount

"Like Gigatron, Shockwave's motives are a mystery to me," Megatron told Hatemonger. "And like Gigatron, I would happily welcome him into our force if he was willing to subordinate his agenda to my own. But like Gigatron, I doubt he will be willing to do that." The Decepticon leader wanted to sigh as he enumerated all the ways that the faction he had created was splintering. He resisted the urge, though, mentally repeating a banal human saying about protoform avians and breakfast dishes. It didn't help.

"For now, I'm willing to let him continue playing his own game. In fact, I have no problem coexisting with the Autobots...just so long as they don't interfere in our affairs. If he can foster pleasant relations with the Autobots in Protihex, it will make it all the more difficult for Prime to react when we start expanding our empire beyond Polyhex and a few backwaters into the major non-aligned city-states. It might be a good idea to maintain unofficial lines of communication with his faction, though."

Megatron gripped his chin in a thoughtful pose. "No, the one who worries me the most isn't Shockwave or even Gigatron. Cyclonus may well be the biggest threat to our regime. Gigatron might oppose my policies and Shockwave might not agree with my methods, but they both understand that it's not personal. This is simply how politics and warfare work on our world. Cyclonus, on the other hand, will object to my very existence. His fanatical loyalty to Galvatron was a problem for Gigatron as well, but I suspect it will be even more of an issue for me. We have enough to deal with already without having to worry about him abducting me, brainwashing me and painting me purple. He'll have to be watched very carefully."

Residential area

"Good luck," Howlback said to Flyover as the other Transformer departed. She wasn't sure if she'd done the right thing, but she sure as hell wasn't about to kill another fellow Decepticon without good cause.

2008-04-17, 07:37 AM
Military Annexe

The bombs fell round the ship bpuncing off its shielding. The area round the ship became a hellish wastland of craters and burning energon and the sky rained splinters of Metal. Twisted mangled remains which had once been fuel storage tanks or parts of vehicles.

In Space

The Klatchian Freighter : Industrial Might plodded through space on an approach to Cybertron.

Suddenly a fighter flashed in front of it and a message echoed over theradio

"Unfortuanately we have had to divert your flight for your own safety as civic unrest makes it unwise to land at Polyhex. I suggest an alternative landing at Protihex over."

CES Fearless Captain's Cabin

Gigatron read the Missive thougtfully before typing a reply

I too bear you no ill will and hope that the death and destruction can be kept to a minimum.

What you say is true over the millenia we have become warriors who are unable to set aside our weaponry and live in peace. In defeating the Quintessons we won the War but are now in danger of losing the peace. Recent reports have shown that even the Autobots are experiencing problems , they too seem to have forgotten how to live in peace.

We are warriors foremost and to qote the proverb when all you have is a hammer then every problem will start to look like a nail. In our case when all you have known is war then everything will start to look like a fight.

I hope that the Protihex experiment will be a success and set an example for the rest of us to follow however I fear with the influx of criminals and refugees it will implode or fall victim to Megaton. I am worried that this is the start of the long slide into darkness that I experienced in the future. However my presence here has changed events to an extent that it is impossible to reconcile the 2 versions of the past and plot the key events. My hope is that if I take my forces to a new location that this civil war can be a cold one rather than a hot one anything else will weaken our faction a a whole and a war of conquest will rob us of resources that would be better used hoping to defend us from the Imperials. Megatrons reappearance at this juncture has a certain convenience of which i am wary from one professional to another be careful.

You will have access to all the files of Darkmount hopefully you can find a way of rebuilding Polyhex from the historical records as a peaceful civilisation. In the sincere hope of future dialogue


Gigatron sent the email it passed throuh several mirrors proxys and anonymous rerouters before , a virus erased all trace of its backtrail.

Corridors Darkmount

Slicer peered round the corner

"Now what have we got here a right little Roadbuster wannabe, with all those fancy toys he's got there."

Residential District

Flyover nodded to Howlback then turned to Growl.

"Come on lad let's look lively not everyone's as reasonable as our friend."

2008-04-18, 03:49 AM
Military Annex

The last of the bomber drones twisted ponderously around in the air, then crashed to the tarmac. Its burning wreckage added only slightly to the already-expansive (and expensive) mess.

Corridors, Darkmount

"Certainly not a familiar face, either," Buzzsaw agreed with Slicer's assessment. "Tell me, stranger," he said to Loader, "are you here to swear loyalty to Lord Megatron?"

2008-04-18, 04:17 AM
Residential Area

Growl kept the smile on his face,and he subspaced several of his weapons. No point in carrying the load any longer then he had to.He came up alongside Flyover.

"I sure hope they aren't all reasonable.Can always do with a fight or two." He brandished his pasted crazed grin again. "How long have you served Gig's?"

2008-04-18, 02:17 PM
Darkmount, corridors

Loader jerked his head up, but the snarl died on his faceplate. Lost in contemplation of those nice, shiny harpoons he had drifted offline, a no-no for any mech in a potentially hazardous enviroment even if fuel was low. Luckily, he had always managed to find an answer (although usually with a blaster) when in a tight corner:

"I wuz part of the anti-Gigatron riot. Natterally, I followed Megatron in 'ere an' took out somma the defence drones 'fore the grid got shut down. What d'ya think?"

Aero Blade
2008-04-18, 03:37 PM
Administrative wing, Darkmount

"I guess the only way to know for sure would be to ask him, but I doubt we'll be able to do that any time soon," Tracer spoke. What he'd been told was what he'd always had in the back of his mind all the time, but now at least he was able to confirm it, more or less. At least what he had told his team when they met didn't seem so far fetched now...

The scout watched briefly as Astrotrain made himself busy on his computer, but as the tripple changer didn't volunteer any information to what he was doing, he assumed it was either a private or mundane matter. He looked about the office while waiting for him to finish, then turned his attention back to Astrotrain.

"Well then, I believe that just leaves what to do in the meantime. Any good leader would want to see who's being recomended before they decide on bot for a possition such as you meantioned, but Megatron can get quite occupied at times, so I have heard from the past..." Tracer didn't want to go far if he would be needed soon (it was never a wise move to keep a new Con leader waiting...), but then he himself could be kept waiting for a long time.

2008-04-18, 08:28 PM
Corridors Darkmount

Slicer looked up at Buzzsaw.

"So what shall we do with our new friend."


CES Fearless

Gigatron keyed the intercom

"Jaruga a status report?"

He opened another channel.

"Download prepare the main armament."

2008-04-20, 06:16 AM
Corridors, Darkmount

"Oh, I have the perfect place to take him," Buzzsaw told Slicer in his most menacing tone. "If he's truly a loyal follower of Megatron, he'll come with us to the recruitment office, get Decepti-branded and become a soldier in the Decepticon army."

The buzzard's voice made it perfectly clear that he didn't think it very likely that Loader would comply with any amount of enthusiasm...at which point Buzzsaw would let Slicer loose on the interloper to perform an act of outright Slogism.

Administrative wing, Darkmount

Astrotrain read Gigatron's reply, then shut down his computer console as Tracer spoke.

"Actually," he said, "I was planning to head up to Operations and file a report with Megatron in person. If you would like to come along, I could introduce the two of you."

2008-04-20, 02:16 PM
Corridors , Darkmount

Slicer grinned evily

"Look lively recruit looks like you're in the army now."

2008-04-20, 09:16 PM
Darkmount, corridors

"Uhh, yessir," Loader mumbled, rising warily to salute Slicer in what he hoped might be an appropriate manner. He fingered the delay-detonator of the frag in his other hand and covertly dropped it behind him.

Leaving Polyhex

Cyane trudged along with a group of mismatched refugees, some of them displaced civilians and others clearly Gigatron supporters who knew better than to stay. They were heading for Protihex and that she found satisfactory.

2008-04-20, 11:01 PM
Residential Area

Flyover strode down the street.

"Since he arrived , i've been fighting for a long time soldier , Trannis, Megatron, Straxus I've served under them all. "

He jabbed a thumb back towards his back and his propellors

"I were fighting before they introduced jets. When I started we had squadrons and squadrons not just your 3 Seeker flights it were a grand sight the sky dark with Decepticon warplanes."


CES Fearless

The two forward gun turrets whirred into life their guns elevating ad rotating to target Darkmount. The guns recoiled as Each Quintuple Turret sent five 40 inch shells arcing through the sky towards Darkmount.


Gigatron strode onto the bridge.

"Status report Mr Jaruga."


Baird 2 Beaming Transmitter

Flap glanced at his chronometer.

"Ok we transmit the message then we blow the tower."

He was on lookout duty atop the main admin building.

Blowhard tapped down the last bit of explosives

"Please repeat Tango 1 we're getting residual interference."

Flap sighed

"I said we send the Message then we blow the slaggin' tower."

Blowhard crimped the detonator and started to run for cover

"Copy that blowing tower now."

The explosives detonated sending the tower crashing to the ground.

Flap threw his hands up in the air

"You stupid slagger I said send the message then blow the tower."

Blowhard transmitted again

"Tower blown Tango 1 am only partially recieving you."

Flap took to the air and transformed.

"Evacuate you stupid slagger."


The destruction of the Polyhex Xeno-Zoos admin building had disabled the backup generators that were keeping the containment fields online the animals swiftly escaped.

A breeding pair of Mechcatibbals slinked slowly up the main street looking for tasty treats.

2008-04-21, 05:38 AM
Corridors, Darkmount

Buzzsaw hovered in front of Loader, scowling. "He said move, recruit! The enlistment process takes time and we don't have all day."

Operations, Darkmount

Megatron watched in silence as several low-level troopers worked the fortress' shield generators, tractor beams and point-defence batteries, efficiently diffusing the barrage that Gigatron had let loose on the castle. A handful of blows slipped through the defences and struck against Darkmount's battlements, but were insufficient to pierce the incredably dense armour plating that protected the Decepticon citadel.

Megatron smiled appreciatively.

If nothing else, Decepticons know how to build a strong fortress.

He heard approaching footsteps behind him and forced the smile to morph back into his usual stern glower.

"One of our communications transmitters has been destroyed," Soundwave reported quietly. "We suspect Gigatron loyalists."

"Of course you do," Megatron replied. "But what have you done about it?"

"We're continuing to round up suspected sympathizers," the other Decepticon replied. "Beyond that, our options are actually quite limited."

"Then I suggest you find a way to unlimit them," Megatron said gravely. "I didn't go to all this trouble just to rule over burnt-out ruins."

2008-04-21, 08:52 AM
CES Fearless:

Jalgar: -lounging in the comm officer's chair- "All systems operational, Lord Gigatron."

Drillhorn and Killbison: -pouring over rosters-

Drillhorn: -holds out a padd to Gigatron- "Here's a preliminary list."


Gaihawk: -looking around the bridge, keeping away from the maintenence drones as they clear away the bodies, looking with disgust at the head sized hole through the back of the captain's chair, shrugs-

2008-04-21, 10:28 AM

Staxx cruised down the streets of polyhex, trying to avoid the hot spots of fighting. He didn’t have great problems leaving bulletbike behind. Not since their resurrection. It was clear the bot had a big problem. One minute the raving lunatic and the other minute too intelligent for Staxx’s taste. “Maybe I should try to contact the birdbot or soundwave to ask for new orders?come to think of it now that megatrons is back soundwave will probably be busy…”
he tried to open the comlink not knowing anyone would hear him. “Buzzsaw, do you hear me? I’ve escaped the refinery, but I lost bulletbike.
I.. euh .. heard megatron is back.” god that sounded stupid he thought. “Do you have any new orders?”
He closed the comlink hoping Buzzsaw or someone else would hear the message. He felt somewhat lonely and vulnerable. He gripped his plasmablaster in his hand.

“The Megaplex on Imperil Way? Ok why not since no one else has got other idea’s.” Krok regarded his troops. “let’s go.”
Loadrun mused “shouldn’t it be better to pick sides?” Charger who was standing next to him shook his head “I don’t know, I think keeping a low profile seems best at the moment. Besides we’ll have plenty of time to chose later on.”

(occ: who is with Krok now? Chop Shop, Charger, Loadrun and…?)

2008-04-21, 01:04 PM

Upload clattered onto the bridge.

"Intelligence officer reporting to the bridge Captain


Bridge CES Fearless

Gigatron scrrolled down the list making a couple of additions and substitutions.

"Excellent work , ok Killbison , Drillhorn I want you to form up an extraction force take however many troops you think you'll need without weakening the perimeter. take whatevers left in the motor pool . Armour, Half tracks, Anti air, self propelled artillery. If we can't take it with us we may as well make it work for us. Form up two forces it'll speed things up as soon as the last of you get back we're dusting off."

He turned to Jaruga

"Captain Jaruga what word from Captain Leozak, has he submitted his crew requirements?"


(Beastbox as well)

Chop Shop shook his head

"If we choose wrongly we're n trouble if we wait and see then we can pick a sure thing."

Outside Darkmount

Grill bussled throught the crowd anxious to show his loyalty to the new leader.

Polyhex General

Gridiron looked around the conference room at his assembled staff

"So we're agreed our main task will be to treat the sick and wounded whereever they may be. Grapeshot , Gravel and Grapnel and Grader I want you to go to Protihex. Their goping to be seeing a large influx of refugees and will need medical support."

He looked round the rest of the team

"I would like to remain here but I feel that Gigatron will need need my mobile hospital the most. Therefore Groundwork will stay here and run "Polyhex General" along with Gimlet and Grill while Myself Graft, Grindstone and Grenade will go with Gigatrons forces. Whatever happens remember the Smelterific oath , the patient comes first."

The room exploded with applause.

"ok troops lets move out."

2008-04-21, 01:51 PM
Darkmount, corridors

Loader ambled forwards, saluting Buzzsaw. For him, that was moving; his small, near spherical form was not designed for speed on the ground. Sure, he could turn in a goodly rate of knots once he got going, but then the acceleration itself could be a problem vis a vis stopping. It was one of the reasons he liked charging enemies, because if he failed to shoot them down he could ram into them.

He knew his personal limitations. He had set the detonator for a whole breem's delay.

2008-04-22, 12:27 AM
Residentail District

"Veteran,nice."Oh,Primus...a damn vet...and my millitary service...nigh nonexistent....He thought to himself.He stepped into the truck,lifting his heavy bulk,looking Flyover. "I bet it was a grand sight to behold.I take it your an ace,at the very least?"He'd always thought it was something to the see the war mechs rumbling down the streets,in thier great parades of force.He'd been in a few of them(very few),but always caused too much trouble to actually get very far in them.

2008-04-22, 07:07 AM
Residential District

"Aye lad I been in a few fights and I won a lot of them or I wouldn't be here talking to you lad. Back in the day things were different , we had professional soldiers. We had structure and discipline and things were better for it. It makes me sad when I see a flight of three go over and I think back to all those mechs that aren't around no more. Stick with me lad and I'll teach ya how to fight and survive."

Aero Blade
2008-04-22, 02:10 PM
Administrative wing, Darkmount

"Very well," Tracer replied to Astrotrain, standing up and briefly testing his cervos. "I have no current obligations to distract me at the moment, so there is no reason to put it off."

2008-04-23, 06:42 AM
Corridors, Darkmount

"I hear you," Buzzsaw told Staxx. "And Megatron has indeed returned to reclaim his throne. For the moment, you should report in to Darkmount. You will be able to find repair here as well as replace the ammunition you used in your mission. If Bulletbike hasn't reported in once the situation has stabilized, I will dispatch a search party to look for him."

The aerial spy followed Loader as he trundled along, not quite sure what sort of an asset the strangely-shaped Decepticon would be to the cause but anxious to test his loyalty all the same.

Operations, Darkmount

Having finished reading Dropshot and Bombshock's records, Megatron was suitably not amused by what he had found.

"Bombshock," he said in a commanding voice, "come here, please."

Administrative wing, Darkmount

"Fantastic," Astrotrain said with no small amount of enthusiasm. "In that case, we should head up to Operations immediately."

The admiral keyed in a command to his terminal so that it would forward his messages to his internal database, then shut it down and headed for the door.

"Do you know your way around the castle?" he asked Tracer, more to make small talk than because he really wanted to know.

2008-04-23, 08:55 AM
Leaving refinery

Krok addressed Chop Shop “Chop Shop we need to talk. If anything happens to me I want you to take command. Charger is a good soldier but tends to … charge in without thinking. Beastbox I don’t know too well” Krok continued more silently “and I don’t know where Loadrun’s alliances lie. He is much to scheming for a tech. He’s up to something.” he resumed on a normal tone “besides we can’t keep neutral ‘till this clears up. It’s not a bar room brawl that will be over in a day. Megatron and Gigatron will not give everything in a big fight but will continue scheming and try to get hold of each other troops and assets. Maybe we could contact Shockwave and join him? If we have to choose a side what will be your choice?” come to think of it I want to know this right now for all my men. I want to know where I stand. But asking it to everyone would give too much tension if they all choose different factions.

Near Darkmount

Staxx continued to follow the routes evading the general populace. He had to use a few subterranean routes which made him feel uncomfortable. He had fought one of the mutants a long time ago and dreaded to think what might still be down there.
Before he knew he had followed Buzzsaws instructions and had reached the gates of Darkmount.


Bulletbike loomed in the distance. “big war coming” he grumbled. Suddenly he turned as if remembering something “Where did Staxx go now? Snowflakes and landmines and... things”

2008-04-24, 12:27 AM

Oh,crud,Bombshock thought.Here we go.He walked into the operations room,steeling himself.He faced Megatron.

"Yes sir?"He held his fear,but just barely.Megatron would not be cowed by a mech like himself.

Residential District

"Survival..."Growl gave a chuckle. "Don't tell me about survival.The truth of the matter,I'm an exile."He hated being this pointed to Flyover.But it was easier to get it over with. "I've been close to being one of those Empties you see on the streets.A couple few times,those bodies you see on the streets.Fourtanatly,those weren't us.How long this gonna take?"