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2008-02-29, 07:35 AM
Even without their fabled leader, Optimus Prime, to guide them, the Autobots have recovered well from the war with the Quintessons. Iacon has been repaired and secured, the Autobot army is as strong as ever, and a tenuous peace with the Decepticons still stands. Organized crime has become a problem in the city, but even now the Autobots are preparing to move against the Space Mafia.

In fact, the greatest threat to the Autobots' regime comes not from without, but from within. Their own citizens, hardened by years of war and hardship, are nonetheless slowly returning to a normal life. As the civilians become more settled, as civilian government becomes more and more integrated into everyday life, the Autobots' military is finding itself less and less able to exert the absolute control they once did. Lawyers and reporters are chipping away at their power, a situation that could leave them high and dry when the next disaster rolls around.

2008-02-29, 07:50 AM
Autobase Security Centre

"You know...I think I do believe you," Hubcap told Bumblebee. "You can't con an experienced con, and I'm as experienced as you can get. Your story is just too...crazy to be made up." He shrugged. "Not much I can do about it, though. I'm as much a prisoner as you are. If I had to guess, I'd say they're going to keep you locked up in here until they need you for something, or until Prime himself shows up and tells them to release you."

2008-02-29, 03:13 PM
"Heh" Bumblebee spoke, "They got you too? What the pit did you do?"

Bumblebee started to fiddle with camera.

2008-02-29, 06:02 PM
Somewhere in Iacon
The clones wake up from their drunken sleep.Cloudraker remembers his orders and activates his comm-"Fullfang?You there?"

meanwhile Skidmark goes back to maccadams.

Sociopathic Autobot
2008-02-29, 08:17 PM
Blaster's office

"Well Hedge. If funding is in place, and we got a way in why are we still talkin' about it? Lets get this ball rolling!"

2008-02-29, 11:27 PM
Blaster's Office

Hedge smiled

"I like your attitude I always say that a proactive staff is a happy staff."

2008-03-01, 06:33 PM
Somewhere in Iacon
"Looks like Fullfang's not picking up."-Cloudraker said.
"Then let's head to Autobot HQ to see what's going on"-Fastlane replied
The clones transform and head towards their destination.

2008-03-02, 01:56 AM
Autobot Security HQ:

Road Rage sighed. "It depends on what you'd want to do, Bumblebee. And what Ironhide wants to do with you when he gets back." She looked at the monitor screen. "More people. Lovely."

Outside Autobot Security HQ:

Hot Rod: -takes Foxbat's card- "Gee, you guys do work fast, don't you. We don't even know our prisoner's name yet. Unless you're here for something else?"

Omega Supreme:

Jetfire: -makes his way down the ramp-

Nightbeat: -thinking for a moment- "Roadbuster, think you could give Hound here a hand with him?" -hooks a thumb over at Gnarl- "You guys can follow us down the ramp, should keep Hound close enough to maintain the hologram."

Roadbuster: -grabs Gnarl, hauls him to his feet-

2008-03-02, 03:03 AM
"That's easy. Uphold the sense of justice and follow Ironhide's orders... That is... If you let me out of here..." Bumblebee grinned toward the camera. "And what is with all the reporters?"

2008-03-02, 05:24 AM
Ultra Magnus’ Office; Autobase

Prowl nodded in agreement with Ultra Magnus’ request.

With the warrants to carry out Crosshairs proposal, all that was left to do was devise an appropriate course of action.

“Good. With the necessary formalities taken care of, we need to discuss how to carry out this operation, a stratagem if you many. Crosshairs, what information were you able to ascertain from Hucap?”

2008-03-02, 10:52 AM
Autobot Security HQ

Savage sauntered up to the ever growing crowd.

"I'm looking for a member of the Autobot security services? Does any of you fit the description."


Foxbat hovered in the air.

"Your colleagues have falsely imprisoned one of my clients."


Gnarl cowered

"Keep the reporters away from me whatever you do."

2008-03-03, 04:50 AM
Autobase Security Centre

"Hell, what didn't I do? Smuggling, racketeering, tax evasion, buying goods that turned out to be stolen..." Hubcap sighed. "Luckily they're more interested in taking down the Space Mafia than they are in locking me away, so I'm going to get a second chance at life."

Ultra Magnus' Office

"Hubcap was very helpful when it came to names, dates and different crimes that Kingpin and his men have committed," Crosshairs told Prowl. "He was much less forthcoming when it came to the details of their hideout. Apparently he's never been there, although he's visited the datacard factory that serves as a front operation for them."

The ex-Targetmaster pulled up a different file on his datapad and projected it in the air. "These are the registered blueprints for the factory/gang headquarters, which is located on the outskirts of the city at 1470 Nova Prime Avenue. The layout of the factory itself is probably accurate, but I suspect that the back offices, where the gang are supposed to do their business, are going to look a lot different than what we're seeing here."

He sighed. "Unfortunately, the location presents a bit of a challenge for us. We'll need to take all the factory workers into custody for their own protection, because I doubt the Space Mafia are beneath using them as living shields to escape from the law."

2008-03-03, 08:28 AM
Don Coriolis Villa

Squeeze looked around the scene of carnage in a space of minutes the happy celebration had turned into a slaughterhouse.

He turned to Fiddle

"ok lets get out of here make sure you have Reel wipe all the security sensors no sense leaving any more clues than necessary."


one of the caterers crouched under the energon table portable com link in one trembling hand. He inputed the number for Autobot Security HQ.

He whispered into it.

"it's madness they're killing everyone ,come quick I'm at 442 Spiral Avenue, someones coming...."

2008-03-03, 10:18 PM
Bumblebee shook his head at Hubcap's story. "Yeah, ever since Prime disappeared this place went to the Pit in a crank-shaft. They have been only caring about what they think is the common good."

2008-03-04, 02:34 AM
Autobot Security HQ:

Road Rage, figuring that discretion was the better part of valor in this case(not to mention it was keeping the pests busy and not screaming), checked the monitoring console.

And was, therefore, listening when the message came in from Don Coriolis' villa. "Great. We really need more people in security......" Muttering under her breath, she went over to the door, opened it, and closed it behind her. "Hot Rod?"

Hot Rod: "Well, Foxbat, here's somebody who.... can.... huh?" -looking puzzled at Road Rage's frantic gesturing- "Hang on a second, I'll go see what's up." -walks over to Road Rage- "What's going-"

Road Rage pulled out a badge, slapped it on Hot Rod's chest. "Hot Rod, in the name of the Pax Cybertronia, I hereby deputize you into the Security service. Take the troops you can muster and get to this address as fast as you can." She handed him a padd with the Don's address on it.

Hot Rod: "What?!?"

Road Rage leaned in closer, hissing into his audio receptor. "Take the lawyer with you. There's more at stake here than he'll want to deal with." With that, she slipped back inside.

Hot Rod: -blinks a couple of times, looks down at the padd, then looks over at Foxbat- "Uh......" -shrugs, walks over to Foxbat- "Ever been deputized?"


Jetfire: -looks up from the notations he's making on a padd at Savage- "No. I think there's some over there, though." -points towards Omega Supreme-

2008-03-04, 07:20 AM
Autobot Security HQ

Foxbat paused in mid air

"Deputized?? A rather archaic custom, I must confess that I have always fancied the post of lawman. In my youth I did consume all those Tridees about the badlands, the sherriff and his posse out there where he was all that stood between lawlessness. Alas My career took a different path and now I serve the law in a different way."


Savage slinked across towards Hot Rod.

I'm looking for a member of the Autobot security services?

2008-03-04, 11:08 PM
Bumblebee began to focus. He grabbed the camera and began to pull it, yanking part of the plastic off, leaving several wires exposed. He snickered and extracted the wires.

Bumblebee sat down on the bench and opened his arm's communicator, Using the heat immited from the fresh pulled wires he began to repair his communicator, leaving the camera nonfunctional.

2008-03-04, 11:50 PM
Omega Supreme

Overdrive finished polishing his weapons and glanced over at Glyph

"looks like it's showtime."

2008-03-05, 01:33 AM
Autobot Security HQ:

Hot Rod: -smiles- "Well, Foxy, congratulations. Today you get to live out those youthful fantasies. I'm officially deputizing you." -looks over at Savage- "At the moment, I am. And now, so are you." -waves to Roadbuster-

Roadbuster: -motions Stepper to take a grip of Gnarl, jogs down the ramp, comes over to Hot Rod- "What's up?"

Hot Rod: "Roadbuster, today you are a deputy."

Roadbuster: "I'm a what?"

Hot Rod: "A deputy. We've been duly deputized as agents of Autobot Security." -looks at the padd, waves it at his 'squad' of deputies- "There's trouble at 442 Spiral, and we need to get there now." -transforms to vehicle mode, engine revving as he opens his doors- "Anybody need a ride?"

Roadbuster: "I don't believe this......." -transforms to vehicle mode-


Road Rage leaned against the sealed door, sighing in relief.... then widened her optics as she watched Bumblebee. "There's no point. You can't punch a signal through the jamming field. And I'm sure Airplay doesn't appreciate having her camera dismantled."

2008-03-05, 03:23 AM
"At this point, I'm not caring... I need to get out of here..." Bumblebee connected two wires together and a electrical shock hit his body, sending him flying back and hitting the door. "Oooookaaayy... It's not that wire..."

Aero Blade
2008-03-05, 04:43 AM
Omega Supreme

Having taken the time to inform his friends of the situation, Hound was soon returning to Nightbeat with Spike and Dirge in tow.

"We're all ready to go. Just need to keep up a hologram, right?" Spike asked for confirmation. "Seems easy enough."

"Until something goes wrong, and then it gets complicated," Dirge added with a hint of amusement, considering how often those words lead to worse situations soon after.

"So we'll be going along with him?" Hound asked, turning towards where Gnarl was being kept.

2008-03-05, 06:55 AM
Foxbat fluttered across towards Hot Rod

"What should I do I still have a client in there a memebr of the press that you are holding illegally against her will."


Savage stood before Hot Rod and laid a data pad on his bonnet.

"Hot Rod I serve you this suit in damages on behalf of the Iaacon Transit authority for damages and loss of profit."

2008-03-05, 02:55 PM
Omega Supreme

Enkryption, like many another mech, enjoyed being over-energised. However, he had a vague sense of injustice that he seemed to be experiencing only the hangover part of the process. His buccal cavity tasted of copper, his cranial circuits ached, his energon processing chamber was churning.

Glyph? What? he stammered behind the darkness of his optics.

It is you! What is going on? came Glyph's demand.

I've... you've...we've been arrested. Spinnet's dead!

We've been arrested? I am sorry, I don't follow. Glyph's voice paused and there were shades of terror in it when she then whispered, My CPU is compromised.

Ah, that'd be me, Enkryption managed to say.

With servoes whirring, Enkryption slid from his seat and his fingers blindly groped across the metal floor. Glyph began to call for help.

2008-03-05, 10:07 PM
Autobase Security Centre

"Can't argue with that," Hubcap told Bumblebee. "I mean, hell, if the greater good wasn't ruling the day we'd probably be on opposite sides of the bars right now, wouldn't we?"

He watched as the other Minibot set to work patching up his communicator. "You know, you probably shouldn't be doing that. And besides..." the greedy Autobot's voice dropped to a whisper, "once you're out of there, I can set you up with a better one anyway."

2008-03-06, 03:37 AM
Autobot Security HQ:

Hot Rod: -sighs- "Okay you two. Get this, and get it good. Right now, Foxbat and Savage, you've both been deputized to assist with protecting the innocent, upholding the law, and serving the public trust. In this case, whatever member or members of the public that called for help. You can see your client when we get back, Foxy. And as for you, Savage, we wouldn't have to do this if we had any money to be sued for. Now are we going to get a move on, or do I throw you two into that building and let you find out exactly how Road Rage got her name?"

Roadbuster: -shifts into gear, starts to roll away- "Isn't it against the law to not go if you've been deputized?"

Hot Rod: "Last time I checked. There's also the fact that Road Rage annoys really easy......."

Omega Supreme:

Nightbeat: "Yup. All we need is a hologram."

Tracks: -looking out the hatch- "Any idea what's going on out there?"

Nightbeat: "Given what I'm seeing and hearing.... Hot Rod just deputized a lawyer and a process server into active duty." -scowls- "And I know that address from somewhere......" -looks down as Glyph starts moving- "C'mon, back in the chair."

2008-03-06, 07:21 AM
Outside Autobot Security HQ

Savage shook his head.

"That is between you and my client the Iacon Transit Authority , I merely serve the law I do not make it. I will accompany you although technically under the Auxilary police forces act para 3 sub para 4.5 I am not officially a deputy until I recieve 3 sacks of energon feed for my auto-steed, a badge of brass of no less than 4.5 cm diameter and a suitable weapon as outlined by appendix D sub section e. "

Don Corioli's Villa

Stomp looked up as the a spoon fell of the serving table.

The caterer whispered into his portable communicator

"please come urgently they've slaughtered everybody and I'm afraid they'll...

Stomp lifted the edge of the tablecloth and lofted an explosive charge under it. Cutlery and crockery and energon based substances lifted into the air, along with the remanants of the unfortunate caterer.

Squeeze looked around

"time to go, that last one may have communicated with the authorities so lets make it quick."

2008-03-06, 02:22 PM
Omega Supreme

What did you do?!

Look, I just wanted to live.

I would have done anything within my power to help you, brother...

I know. That's what made it so easy.

Glyph caught a brief glimpse of feet nearby; she was lying on her front, head twisted to the left; and then the darkness closed in again. Now Enkryption took in the same view and made an effort to pull their recalcitrant body up into a kneeling position. All the while, the two separate Sparks and minds were touching each other, reading each other and trying, futilely, to stay apart.

"Help me!" Glyph and Enkryption cried out and their individual vocal tones emerged in strange harmony from the single processor.

2008-03-06, 05:12 PM
"Hmm.." Bumblebee began to think as he got up from the floor. "You honestly think I'm just repairing my communicator, Hubcap?" He put his hands on the door. "Just as I figured... They added laser-crossbeams INSIDE the door incase I attempted to leave..."

Bumblebee pressed a button on his arm and a bee-like stinger flipped out from his arm (OOC: Think Animated BB) "Hubcap! Get someone to call Prowl... Tell him I have a few words for him."

Bumblebee stepped back and lunged forward with his stinger out. The stinger broke one layer of steel, but hit one of the lasers, sending BB to be pushed back and hit the wall. An alarm blared throughout the hall.



2008-03-07, 04:07 AM
Autobot Security HQ:

Hot Rod: "I refer you back to the answer of 'why it's a bad idea to sue Security' for where your feed and badge is. If you need a gun, we can provide one." -shifts into gear- "Now let's get a move on. If anybody's died that could have been saved while you've been dragging your pedal assemblies, dealing with Road Rage will be the least of your worries."

Approaching Don Coriolis' Villa:

Roadbuster: -rumbling towards the Villa at top speed-

Inside Autobot Security HQ:

Road Rage looked up as the alarms started going off. She looked over at the cell monitor display, scowling as she sees Bumblebee and his 'Stinger' on the screen. She grabbed her plasma ejector rifle, priming it as she stormed down the short corridor to Bumblebee's cell, snap firing a blast at the minibot's right knee through the bars, then aiming at his head. "All right, you yellow bastich, want to see my warning shot?"

2008-03-07, 05:07 AM
Autobase Security Centre

Hubcap jumped back as Road Rage took a shot at Bumblebee. "Whoa there, girlie!" he shouted. "There's a reporter in the house, remember?"

(OOC: Maju, really. This isn't an Animated RPG. You're not playing Animated Bumblebee and G1 Bumblebee doesn't have his weapons. Plus your character is in jail, so all his weapons would have been taken away anyway. If you keep trying to escape while people are standing right there, you're going to get your character killed.)

2008-03-07, 05:25 AM
(OOC: Touche, Warcry)

"I got a better idea, how 'bout you stop putting people in prison for crimes they didn't commit?" Bumblebee smirked.

2008-03-07, 07:21 AM
Don Coriolis Villa

The crew split one half climbing aboard their orignal transport and the other commandeering the caterers pantecchnion. Longsword pulled the roller door down and bange on the back of the cab as a signal that everyone was aboard the latter.

The 2 vehicles rumbled down the driveway.


Airplay shook her head

"I expected a bit more common sense from an Autobot espionage agent. He's starting to annoy me Road Rage I won't say anything if you decide to say gag him especially after what he did to my camera."

2008-03-07, 08:01 AM
(OOC: Your character just got shot at, Maju. In a very confined space at short range, to boot. Please acknowledge that somehow.)

2008-03-07, 12:33 PM
(OOC: Sorry, didn't realize she actually fired)

Bumblebee saw the shot come toward him. "Ah slag." Bumblebee dove toward the ground but it was no use, the shot hit him right in the left shoulder.

"So now what? You're shooting us now?"

2008-03-07, 11:31 PM
Outside Autobot Security HQ

Savage nodded

"as i said previously I am quite happy to accompany you, despite your non-compliance as for armament i think some kind of missile launchers would be appropriate."

2008-03-08, 06:50 AM
Autobot Security HQ:

Road Rage's scowl deepened(though some part of her wondered exactly how stupid one had to be to try to dive under a shot that was aimed at their leg) as she kept her weapons locked on Bumblebee. "So, let me get this straight. You get thrown in here with what is quite possibly the stupidest story anybody's ever come up with. You then, after an odd period of inactivity, start screaming for help, disable a reporter's video camera, and try to break out, then complain when the guard on duty shoots you." One of her eyebrows arched upwards. "You know, Airplay, you may be onto something. Maybe he's not really Bumblebee."

Don Coriolis' Driveway:

Roadbuster: -slides to a stop at the end of the driveway, transforms to robot mode, linear blaster cannon in his left hand, grenade launcher in his right, shrapnel cannon tilted upward for the moment, snorts, fires linear blaster cannon at the front of the transport and a brace of 5 grenades at the cab/windscreen of the caterer's vehicle-

Outside of Autobot Security:

Hot Rod: -sighs- "Roadbuster's the one with all of the guns. I could let you use my photonic eliminator cannon, I guess. Gotta warn you, though. It's got a real kick to it."

Omega Supreme:

Nightbeat: -watches Glyph collapse, looks outside, noting the general confusion and surprising lack of reporters- "Minerva, see what you can do for her... uh, him.... them?" -shrugs- "C'mon, Hound, let's do this. I want to know why they're in lockdown over there."

Minerva: -starts scanning Glyph- "Them?"

2008-03-08, 09:16 AM
Outside Autobot Security HQ

Savage shook his head

"I was not designed with opposable digits < I will require something that can be mounted latteraly or dorsally."

Savage slipped inside Hot Rod and stuck his head out of the window.

"but as you say time presses."


The whup of twin rotor blades thrummed through the air.


Don Coriolis Villa

As the fleeing criminals rumbled along the drive the clouds above rumbled and it started to rain heavily.

Bells slammed on the breaks

"Squeeze looks like we got a problem."

The Caterers truck was in the lead and took the brunt of the attack. The curve of the drive and the bulk of the other vehicle mostly protected the transport.

However mostly wasn't good enough as the shot sheared through the front axle. The troops insde disembarked tumbling out of the doors furtherest away from Roadbuster.

Bells who had been driving the lead vehicle was catapulted through the windscreen as the grenades exploded. He thudded to the ground limply.

The rear door rolled up on its shutters as Longsword wrenched it open and the rest of the troop bailed out.

2008-03-08, 11:49 PM
Omega Supreme

You do not belong here.

Glyph's internal voice was an admonition. She could feel her own programmes getting priority over Enkryption's; this was her exoform, after all. Now she knew he was there, now she understood how he had haunted her for so long, she quickly found the subtle programme blocks he had established. Firewalls automatically slammed down, but they were twins and too much alike for any such measures to be really effective.

She detected a scan and regained control of her optics, which flashed gold behind her visor. "Help me," she whispered.

2008-03-09, 09:21 PM
"Meh. Think what you want." Bumblebee said, beginning to clean out the blast with a wire. "I have no problem with you in particular. I just have problems with these rules... I didn't even kill Prime. I do admit I caused a lot of damage in the area when fighting Bugbite, but the Prime thing is just idiotic."

2008-03-10, 02:20 AM
Don Coriolis' Driveway:

Roadbuster: -holsters grenade launcher, pulls rapid fire assualt rifle, shrapnel cannon dropping into line-"I'd ask you guys to surrender, but where's the fun in that?" -moving to the side, aiming his linear blaster cannon at the catering truck's fuel cell, opens fire-

On the way to the Don's:

Hot Rod: -accellerator down, heading for the firefight-

2008-03-10, 07:18 AM
Autobot Security Centre

Hubcap sighed. "No one thinks you killed Prime, Bumblebee. That's not the problem. The problem, from what I can gather, is that you tore up Protihex, crashed a starship into Iacon and attracted a lot of media attention in the process. Now, I'm just a friendly neighbourhood con mech, but it's pretty clear to me that there'd be a slagstorm if they let you go. They've already got reporters and lawyers camped out on the front step pretty much 24/7 now. How much worse do you think things would get if they just cut you loose without due process?" He shrugged. "Which, frankly, is more than I'm getting. I'm supposed to be going into witness protection, but instead I'm rotting in the security centre until someone with enough braid comes by and signs the papers. So I know what you're going through, but there's not much we can do aside from waiting until Ironhide gets back."

He turned to Road Rage and said, "It's possible, you know. He's been in here too long to be wearing a holoshroud, but someone could have modified their exostructure and reprogrammed their vocal processors to look and sound like him. I've got...er, that's to say I had, a few how-to guides on the process in my warehouse. The Space Mafia hangers-on were big on disguise."

2008-03-10, 10:38 AM
Don Coriolis' Driveway

Jingle started running towards his brother

"Bells nooooo."

Squeezes hydraulic arm scopped him up and lifted him off the ground.

"It's suicide trying to get to him , he wouldn't want you to throw you life away. Let's retreat to the main house it's built as a fortress. Longsword covering fire please."

Longsword transformed and started lofting alternate volleys of high explosive and smoke missiles towards Roadbusters positition.

The others started to drop back towards the house.

The catering truck went up in a ball of flame showering the area with shrapnel and flying energon goodies.

Hoarse and Fiddle were knocked over by debris but struggled to get to their feet and limped towards the house.

2008-03-10, 06:46 PM
Don Coriolis' Driveway:

Roadbuster: -starts moving towards the house at an angle, shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon swinging up, bucking and roaring as it flings clusters of bomblets skyward to intercept the missiles, aiming and firing his linear blaster cannon at Longsword, targeting Hoarse and Fiddle with his rapid fire assualt rifle, firing armor piercing explosive rounds at the limping gunsels as he activates his commlink- "Better hurry, Roddy. You're missing all the fun!"

Approaching Don Coriolis' Driveway:

Hot Rod: -slewing around a corner, seeing the explosions in the distance- "Oh, yeah, Roadbuster. That looks like a lot of fun.... You don't happen to have a couple of missile packs to spare, do you?"

Roadbuster: -over commlink- "Not on me. Let me blow up the missile boat over there. Maybe we can rig something."

2008-03-10, 07:07 PM
Don Coriolis' Driveway

Hobby peered from the safety of a ground floor window.

He jabbed a finger on a control.

A panel slid open on the roof of the transport and a gatling gun whirred into place it swiveled locking onto Roadbuster. The gun chattered into life

Cudgel grinned

" and I said you were paranoid installing that."

Cudgel moved to the next room and with the but of his sniper rifle he broke open the window glass. Settling down in a firing position he scanned for a target.

Fiddle weaved back and forwards dodging fire. A round shattered what was the roof of his cab in alt mode and he fell on to his front.

Hoarse turned Heavy plasma rifle in one hand and his personal auto cannon in thre other.


Longsword clattered to a new firing position in the Villas garden he roared into a small pond dissapearing under water to the top of his tracks.

He switched his missile load to area denial cluster bomblets and started laying down a swathe in front of the house.



Savage pulled his head in and glared at Hot Rod's dash

"You don't need some deputised lawyers you need a slagging assault brigade."

2008-03-10, 08:08 PM
Don Coriolis' Estate:

Roadbuster: -aiming his linear blaster cannon and shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon at Hoarse as he keeps moving- "Been there. Killed those that said that. WRECK 'N RULE!!!!!" -opens fire, aim with his assualt rifle spoiled by having to dodge the chaingun fire, skidding around the corner of the house-

End of the Driveway:

Hot Rod: "Yeah. I think this is a bit bigger than we were expecting. Keep your head down. My windows are armored, but they can only take so much." -shifting to attack mode, spoiler and booster section shifting and pivoting, booster shifting to photonic eliminator cannon, targeting the transport, the cannon roaring as it fires, rocking the Autobot on his suspension as he veers onto the grounds, switching comm frequencies- "Hey, Grimlock! You bored?"

Grimlock: -over commlink- "What you think?"

Hot Rod: "I'll take that as a yes. Lock onto my signal and bring the Dinobots. I'm not sure what's going on here, but it's pretty big."


Grimlock: -nods- "Good. Me definately bored." -switches frequencies- "Dinobots, this Grimlock. Meet me at shuttle hangar NOW! Me find us fight!" -storms out of the armory, heading for the hangar-

2008-03-10, 08:35 PM
Don Coriolis' Driveway

A White Lambroghiniesque car with fire chiefs markings blue lights flashing pulled up followed by two fire units. They parked behind Hot Rod.

The car transformed

"Shout here blue watch 3rd Iacon fire district what's the problem ?"

Don Coriolis' house

Reel put down the hand set

"that should confuse the issue. I called in all the emergency services"


Three Green and white Ambulances could be seen in the distance heading towards the house. Behind them were a refigerated truck and 2 4x4.


Hoarse his chest armour pocked with bullet holes transformed and weapons mounted targetmaster style revved his engine aiming to ram Roadbuster as he charged both guns rat tatting .


The transporter sagged as Hot Rod's fire riddled the tyres and the suspension on on side. The motors on the gun mount whirred as they tried to compensate for ther angle there was a smell of burnt ozone in the air.


Cudgel took careful aim and fired at Roadbuster.


Jig looked up from a control panel

"Hey Squeeze you know why we had to sneak in here in disguise in th efirst place?"

Squeeze nodded "sure it was the only way to get to Don Coriolis with all the guards and the auto-defenses.

Jig nodded.

"Exactly boss."

"Slag the Auto defenses Hobby , Jig see if you can get them up and running double quick.

Squeeze's optics narrowed

"Fiddle see if this place has got an armoury."

"Fiddle never made it inside Boss."

Volunteered Stomp cautiously.

"Slag...ok Stomp go find the armoury"

Lord Zarak
2008-03-10, 09:21 PM
The war had left him scarred.

Not fighting in the war had left him scarred.

All that he had left was...what? He no longer has enemies, so what can he do with his time? Think? The very notion of him thinking made him almost chuckle. At best, it was two wheezes. As he realised he was thinking about thinking the wheeze became an audible rumble that excaped from his mouth and...

He had forgotten what he was laughing about, about what was occupying his primitive thoughts.

He sat up, walked out of the crater he had been sitting in, and transformed into his Triceratops mode. He walked in a circle three or four times, and picked a direction in random.

2008-03-10, 10:43 PM
Ultra Magnus’ Office; Autobase

“Agreed," Prowl answered Crosshairs. "We will need to establish and pre-position an appropriate emergency response team around the building. The question is however, how we intend to go about that without raising any suspicions. We must consider alternate plan to disperse the factory workforce with little incident. Naturally we must be prepared for anything, but any procedure that can avoid this from escalating is preferable. Recommendations?”


Tzai Estate

In the suburbs, high upon the metallic hills where Iacon’s privileged class lived safely behind gated walls, also resides one the residence of Banzaitron.

Banzaitron had spared no expense in the construction of his abode, lavishly adorned yet built like fortress, with all the amenities one in his position would require to live contently, as well as carry out business. His mansion was truly a sight to behold. Amongst the estate’s tenant servants, the Tzai’s ever loyal disciples. and Banzaitron himself, a new resident has just joined them.

In an inexplicably large chamber that served as a dojo of sorts, Banzaitron was busy training his latest pupil and acquisition, Blades. The room itself was a marvel of technological advancements: floating platforms, state of the art holographic and environmental simulators. Blades, who had the 'curriculum' of The Tzai’s art implanted into his neo-cortex while he was in stasis lock, was now learning how to put the program enforced upon him to use.

“Before your training is augmented," Banzaitron paced around Blades. "You must first become accustomed to the enhancements made to your structure. Once you are properly conditioned you will be able to execute the Crystalocution art.”

(OOC: Hey, I’m not the one who came up with that name)

“Crystalocution? Don’t think I’ll ever get use to that,” Blades muttered.

His comment did not fall deaf on Banzaitron’s audio receptors, who quickly scolded him. “Such impertinence,” Banzaitron smacked Blades upside his head. “Now, access the program; data track T-101. Familiarize yourself with it. Allow its code to pervade your entire being.”

Blades did so, and as he did he was overcome with an inexplicable sensation. His body suddenly became aware of this new knowledge, almost as if he had known it all along, his potential suddenly becoming realized.

And something else -- something Blades couldn’t quite put his finger on.

“Good,” Banzaitron said. “Utilize your enhancements to allow you to move with precision, both evasive and defensive.”

Blades took note of this as he bounced about in place, much like a boxer.

“Hmm,” Banzaitron scowled, bopping Blades aside the head once more. “No," he said as one would scold a dog. "You are not accessing the program. Crystalocution utilizes a circular form. True, it is fluid, but your stance is far too unfastened. Observe.”

To demonstrate, Banzaitron quickly switched to a tighter stance, his left knee and elbow locked forward, his left middle and ring fingers held upwards (OOC: Think Kung Fu or the like).


Accessing the program, Blades then mimicked Banzaitron’s stance.

“Better,” he nodded “Now…attack me!”

Blades did so as he allowed the program to override his usual combat sub-routine. Though he appeared to quickly grasp this peculiar style of combat, his prior military and pitfighting experience managed to bleed through.

With each kick and punch, Banzaitron was able to adeptly parry and block each attack, swiping away each advance with blinding speed. Clearly Banzaitron was going easy on him.

Disappointed, Banzaitron easily found an opening and landed a powerful chop across Blades’ face, with the intent of hurting him. Blades flew backwards, landing heavily onto his back.

“Hnnn. Unfocused. Do pay attention, my pupil,” Banzaitron scoffed as glowered down at him. But rather than wait for Blades to recover, Banzaitron continued to attack, thrusting his palm into Blades’ lower torso section. “So, you must be corrected.”

“I’m kind of new to th-Huuuugh!” Blades coughed up a neon hued fluid.

Lifting him up by his neck, Banzaitron then delivered a power knee, exploiting the same weakened area on Blade’s body, followed by a roundhouse kick, which flung Blades across the room towards an adjacent wall.

In a split second response, Blades quickly reacquainted himself to the improvements made on his body, held his hands out, allowing him to push his palms into the floor underneath him and performed an impressive backflip. His feet met the wall, springing himself back towards Banzaitron.

As Blades flew at his teacher, Banzaitron with ease stepped out of harms way, slamming his elbow into Blades’ back just as he soared past him. Blades flopped to the floor.

As the ex-Protectobot lay at his instructor’s feet, Banzaitron placed a finger to his temple, activating yet another one of the program’s features. One he failed to mention earlier. Suddenly, Blades felt a crushing, excruciating pain in his head.

“Tsk, tsk," Banzaitron held his arms to his side. "Sigh, it pains me to resort to this so soon, my pupil.”

“G-gaagh…Ngghh…Arrrggh! What is…h-happening?...What did you do to…Yaargh!” Blades screamed through the pain. “Aaarrgh….s-s-stop!”

“I am correcting you, of course,” Banzaitron nonchalantly told him. “Oh, my naïve pupil. You have much to learn.”

2008-03-11, 05:55 AM
Bumblebee finished cleaning his wound and looked up. "I suppose you are right Hubcap... I tell you what. If I get out of here before you do, do you think Prowl or whoever is in charge at the moment would let me sign those papers?"

Bumblebee layed down. "I suppose I better wait for Ironhide... But first..." Bumblebee jumped up back to the camera and started putting the wires back in place. "I should have this camera up and running in a few nanosecs."

2008-03-12, 03:32 AM
Autobot Security Centre

"I think the odds are higher that I'll be able to post your bail using one of my front companies," Hubcap told Bumblebee. "I appreciate the offer, though. Us prisoners have to stick together, right?"

Mess Hall

Snarl was just pouring another high-grade Nebulan fuel of some sort when Grimlock's call came through. He made sure to pound the drink back, enjoying the way it burned his fuel lines on the way to his combustion chamber, before he replied to Grimlock.

"Hear you, boss. On my way."

He didn't storm off toward the hangar with the quite same gusto that Grimlock had, mainly because he'd had a lot to drink and he was a bit unsteady on his feet; exotic fuels tended to play havoc with his systems.

It was only a matter of pure chance that he saw his fellow Dinobot Slag walking seemingly at random, not far from a crater.

Sure there's a story behind that. Guess I'm not the only one having no fun...

With a slight slur in his voice he called out, "Hey Slag! We got stuff to kill. You coming?"

(OOC: I hope you don't mind, Big Z.)

Ultra Magnus’ Office

"We'll need air support," Crosshairs said, "someone who can easily keep watch for excess civilians wandering into the line of fire. For the evacuation itself we'll need people who can move quickly and get the workers away from our target. We'll also need to bring along at least a handful of field medics, because as hard as we try I don't think the odds are going to be in our favour here. And if we can find a security expert who can disable the factory's automatic defence grid, that would be good too. But all of those are contingencies in case the main plan goes south." He sighed. "As far as evacuating the factory without raising suspicion is concerned, there really aren't many options. All the alternatives are either very risky for the workers or likely to raise some suspicion in the back offices. We could foul the ventilation systems to pump dangerous chemicals back into the work area, have the Fire Patrol set off the factory's alarms, call in a bomb threat, or send in Immigration to make sure all the workers have the proper visas."

He shrugged. "If all else fails we can just charge in, stun everyone in sight and let Primus sort it out, but I have a feeling that would leave the ISS fighting off nuisance lawsuits well into the next decade."

2008-03-12, 04:09 AM
Bumblebee laughed, "Yep. Thanks." He began to put two wires together and a giant shock pulsed through his body.

Bumblebee's body was struck by what looked to be a bolt of lightning, and his body flew across the cell, and knocked unconscious.

Bumblebee's body monitor system kicked in, "Stasis Lock Imminent"

2008-03-12, 04:46 AM

Grimlock: -ending his short argument with the bay's control computer by putting his fist through the panel, looks over as Sludge and Swoop come in-

Swoop: "What's up, boss?"

Grimlock: "Fight. Hot Rod need back-up."

Sludge: "Oh."

Swoop: "Where is he?"

Grimlock: -pulls out a datapadd- "Locator beacon put him at 442 Spiral. Swoop, go see what happening. Sludge, help me get bay doors open."

Swoop: "Right, boss. See you there." -charges out of the bay side door, leaps into the air, transforms to pteradon mode, and streaks towards the battle-

Don Coriolis' Estate:

Roadbuster: "Gee, guys. I'm beginning to think you don't like me!" -wincing as Cudgel's shot slams into the left ammo bin on his backpack, shrapnel cannon pivoting and returning fire at Cudgel's window, rounds from Hoarse's weapons pwinging and gouging at Roadbuster's armor, returning fire at Hoarse with his linear blaster cannon, firing at Hoarse weapons with armor piercing exploding rounds-


Hot Rod: -skids to a halt- "Third fire district?" -thinking fast- "Okay, I think I can use this. Get the firefighting equipment in here and start hosing down that transport and the house." -revving his engine- "And keep your heads down. That house is full of crazed killers shooting at us. Hang on, Savage. We're moving again." -slams into gear, tires squealing as he roars away, jet turbine and wing assembly flipping back down and returning to normal cruse mode, turbine roaring to life as he streaks around towards the back of the house-

2008-03-12, 11:26 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate

Hoarse disappeared in a cloud of flame and smoke. A hubcap fell down and spun on the driveway before falling flat.


Inside Hot Rod

Savage clung on for dear life while Foxbat hung from the passenger side vanity mirror upside down.


Approaching Hot Rod's Position

An offroad 4x4 drove onto the verge and overtook the ambulance.

He barrelled after Hot Rod

"Hey stop ya bum da Boss is int dere what the slag is going on."



Jig looked up in despair.

"It's a biometric system I don't think.....

Beat sauntered in clutching 2 objects trailing wires.

"Left or right hand? If its an optic affair i'll have to get a sharper knife."

Jig if he had been organic would have blanched. He glanced at the control panel

"Um left."

Taking the grizzly momento

He pressed it against the control panel A panel of lights turned green.

"No ones gonna get in here safetly till they 've gone through the security system."

Stomp stood in the doorway loaded down with weapons

"Um you do know Longsword is still outside ?"

Jig looked at Reel

Reel looked at Jig

Longsword......! they both exclaimed simultaneously.


Front of the House

Shout waved his two crew forward

"Quench and Foamer we need to have that fire out but watch your heads we got unsubs in the main house."


Inside Hot Rod

Savage peered through a window as a black speck approached in the sky.

"Umm Hot Rod are you expecting anyone ?"

Foxbat peered in the same direction.

He looked around at the house peering .

"Hot Rod tell me this isn't where I think this is ? It's what's his faces Don Coriolis!!!"

Savage looked at Foxbat

"Slag now we are in trouble that's Razorbill he's The mob Legal Eagle."

Lord Zarak
2008-03-12, 09:53 PM
Slag looked up at the sound of his name. He saw his comrade Snarl.

"Kiiiillllll?" he responded in his usual dis-interested tone. "Slaaaag like kiiilllling enemies. Wheeerre we go kiiillll?"

2008-03-13, 07:13 AM
Autobot Security Centre

Hubcap watched as Bumblebee collapsed, then turned to Road Rage.

"Uh...you know any first aid, sweetpea?"

Enroute to the Hangar

"No idea, Slag," Snarl replied to his fellow Dinobot. "The boss says he's got a fight for us, though. S'posed to meet him inside the hangar."

As he spoke, he saw Swoop taking off from a building not too far away.

"Looks like we're where we need to be, too. Come on, Slag."

Ducking into the door that Swoop had just passed through, he caught sight of Grimlock and asked, "Who needs killing?"

2008-03-14, 12:09 AM
Autobot Security HQ

Airplay brushed the camera away from Bumblebee with the tip of her foot.

She leaned over him

"My secondary speciality was field medic when I was in the forces. Lets see what I can do."

She examined the yellow Minibot

"I think I can slow it down but we need a proper medical team here stat."

2008-03-14, 12:36 AM
Don Coriolis' Villa, basement level 2

A shadowy form slouched against a wall, head down. No one, if anyone had been there, would have expected him to be transmitting an encrypted message on a rather specific high-frequency carrier wave.

2008-03-14, 05:15 AM
Omega Supreme:

Nightbeat: -looking out the hatch- "Sheesh. No media."

Minerva: -looking at Glyph- "I'd love to help, but I'm not sure how. You've either got a split personality, or you need an exorcist."

Tracks: -poking at the hologram of Glyph- "Any ideas?"

Nightbeat: "Grab an arm and come on."

Nightbeat and Tracks: -drag the hologram of the crazed killer Glyph down the ramp-

Nightbeat: -types in his override code-

Autobot Security HQ:

Road Rage sighed wearily. "I don't know a thing about medic stuff. And if you call me sweetpea again, I'll use you as bait for hitmen." She spun, plasma ejector coming up as the door slid open. "Nightbeat?"

Nightbeat: "None other....." -sees Airplay- "Oh, slag. What's going on?"

Road Rage, looking relieved, gave a quick report. "Bumblebee tried to fix this reporter's camera after breaking it. I think he's still got whatever made him crash his ship into the city. Airplay's here because she saw Ironhide, Smokescreen, and Topspin go to retrieve Optimus Prime. It will blow their cover if this hits the airwaves now."

Nightbeat: "Great......"

Hangar Bay:

Grimlock and Sludge: -finish yanking the bay doors open-

Grimlock: "Hot Rod bite off more than him can chew. Call us for backup." -charges over to one of the assualt shuttles, gets in, starts powering it up- "We go back him up. Questions?"

Sludge: -shrugs- "They gonna put up much of a fight?"

Grimlock: "Me hope so. Everybody in. Me sent Swoop ahead to scout."

Sludge: -gets into shuttle-

Don Coriolis' Estate:

Swoop: -heading towards the esate-


Hot Rod: -slides to a halt, shifting back to attack mode- "Why would a mob lawyer come to a firefight like this......." -locking his photonic eliminator cannon onto the side of the house- "I don't know who you are, pal, but yer 'Boss' might be dead. We responded to a frantic call for help from this house, and if you know a better way in, I'd love to hear it."


Roadbuster: -pulls a few hand grenades off the clip on his leg, primes them, and tosses them at the window Cudgel was using-

2008-03-14, 07:12 AM
Autobot Security HQ

"Do what you can," Hubcap told Airplay. Turning to Nightbeat he asked, "Is your sister somewhere nearby, by chance? We could use some medical help."

Hangar Bay

"We get to smash someone," Snarl replied to Grimlock. "Why would I have questions?"

The Dinobot climbed aboard the shuttle and gestured for Slag to follow.

2008-03-14, 08:25 AM
Don Coriolis Estate

Cudgel dived out of the way as he saw the incoming grenades fly through the air.

His previous position exploded in a cloud of shrapnel and smoke.


Inside Hot Rod

Savage thought for a moment

"either he's late for the party or he's got a police scanner. I bet he wants to make sure you don't discover anything incriminating in the clean up operation. He won't you going into the house."


Rollcage for that was the name of the Mafia footsoldier looked worried.

"Da Boss dead, tell me it ain't so we just went on an energon run. Dere is a way to get in but it depends if the auto defenses are up ya see. Very careful mech was um is the Don. Let me think about it."


The pond under Longsword slowly drained and there was a whir as actuators struggled under a heavier than normal load. An autocannon turret rose from under the pond. Longsword rose from the ground on top of it. Similarly around the grounds other defenses whirred to life.Their targetting software whirring into action.

2008-03-14, 02:40 PM
Don Coriolis' Villa, basement level 2

'This is Camouflage: can anyone hear me squawking? Come on! This is a Wreckers' emergency frequency, for the Matrix's sake!' The shadowy 'bot shook his head and muttered aloud, "Young mechanoids today. They're never around when you need them."

He moved absolutely silently across the semi-lit basement, patting a couple of crates as he passed them. Well, the illegal arms dealing and drug-running would have to be laid to the Don's door posthumously, considering the footage his minature camera drone had captured in the rooms above. He noted someone approaching and slipped back into deeper shadow, armour darkening automatically, filters slipping across his bright blue optics. One of Don Coriolis' hoods passed by, heading for a particular crate, without detecting him.

The Seeker's Head

Thud and Thunk stared at the newsbot on the bar Tri-dee, waiting for more shots of the blue-green minibot arrested for murder in Kalis. When nothing else seemed forthcoming, they turned with perfect co-ordination and headed for the door, much to the relief of the terrified barman, who was hoping that some more customers might come in now...

2008-03-15, 04:31 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate:

Hot Rod: -watching as the turrets start to deploy- "You might want to think a little faster! The auto-defenses are coming online!"


Roadbuster: -crouching against the wall, pulls a few smoke grenades, lobs them in through the larger hole that the first few grenades made, ready to follow them through when Camoflague's transmission comes through- "Well, good thing you used a Wrecker frequency. You got yourself a Wrecker. What's going on in there? Is there another way in? Or can you disable the auto defense systems? As much as I love blowing things up, I'd at least like to know what's going on."


Swoop: -diving, firing rockets at Longsword as he activates his commlink- "Better hurry, boss!"

Aero Blade
2008-03-15, 07:34 AM
Omega Supreme

As Nightbeat's group moved out with their hologram prisoner, Hound made sure that he, Dirge, and the rest ofhis group staked close by enough to keep the hologram as strong as was necessary for their ploy.

-Let's not take too long on this, Spike and I haven't done this very often. Can't be sure if we can keep this up for an extended period of time- Hound sent as a warning reminder over a private com signal to Nightbeat.

Hangar Bay

As the Dinobots were getting onboard the ship, another form joined them, stepping on board just after they did, as though part of the group.

"Well then, let's not take too long in getting out there then, certainly don't want all of you to miss your chance to tear up something other than our own base," Wing Saber spoke casually, picking a spot to stand as he crossed his arms in a non-confrontational manner, glancing over towards Grimlock. "I hope next time though that you remember there are easier ways to get doors open that will also allow them to be used more than once afterwards..."

2008-03-15, 10:28 PM
Bumblebee's body sent out a bunch of sparks at those nearby.

"Warning. System Shutdown Possible. Possible Chance: 62%. Have a Nice Day." Bumblebee's system spoke.

2008-03-16, 12:26 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate

Camouflage flipped his twin electrostaffs to full extension, took a run at the hood and hit him behind both knees. The much bigger mech's legs automatically folded under him and he toppled backwards with a yelled expletive - and then two bolts of pain stabbed through his optics into his neocortex and it was over.

Standing poised, listening, atop the deceased hood's chest, Camouflage received a reply at last. He smiled, ripping his weapons free in a spray of circulatory fluids. ''Bout time. Now, slow down with all the questions,' he commed back. 'The Don is dead, along with any number of wanted underworld figures. No idea who set the hit up, but they picked really good assassins.'

As he spoke, Camouflage jumped off the body and ran out of the storage area. There should be a handful of the Don's gang down here somewhere, who might need dealing with. 'Give me about a breem and I guarantee the auto-defences will go down.'

Omega Supreme (internal)

"Please, don't mock me," Glyph pleaded with Minerva. "I am fighting to retain my singular personality; I am scarcely able to maintain cognizant functional control. Nightbeat - he understands...!"


Omega Supreme (external)

Weasel carefully eased the board down behind the huge Transformer and checked out what was happening at the penitentary. After he had sent the hurredly cobbled 'teaser' to the studio, he knew he had better follow the story up and what better way than by pretending to have gone home! He held a tiny camera in his right hand, from which a lead ran into the larger one tucked in its box at his feet.

2008-03-16, 06:17 AM
Autobot Security HQ

Hubcap stood over Bumblebee as the other minibot's distress continued.

"Uh...maybe we should toss him in a CR chamber for now?" he suggested to Road Rage "It'd be embarrassing as hell if you guys let a prisoner die while there's a reporter around, and the medics don't seem to be responding."

Hangar Bay

"Who are you again?" Snarl gave Wing Saber a funny look. "The janitor? Smashing stuff is our job."

2008-03-16, 06:37 AM
Assualt Shuttle, Hangar:

Grimlock: -optic band narrowing in annoyance- "Me have to wonder why they bring you back from Nebulos, Wing Saber. Fairly certain Magnus not complain about missing someone to kiss his skid-plates." -turns in the pilot's chair- "Or maybe that why you like working with Magnus. You not have to go into field and fight. You get to sit back and watch, which you probably going to do today. Then you make snide comments. You want to be useful? Go help Swoop, get some idea of what we going into. Maybe put ancient brain to use, figure out what going on." -turns back to the console- "Or stay in shuttle. When we done, maybe we can paint you yellow." -yells out of hatch- "Snarl! Slag! Get move on!"

Don Coriolis' Estate:

Roadbuster: -watching the autodefense turrets start tracking targets- "You do what you have to do, Camoflague, and I'll do what I have to." -pulls more explosive and smoke grenades, lobs the smoke grenades to try to cover his movements from the turrets, then tosses the hi-ex frag grenades through the cloud from his previous grenades, into the room Cudgel had been occupying-

Omega Supreme:

Minerva: "I'm not mocking you. This is outside my realm of expertise. Wheeljack could probably help. Hmmmm." -looking around, activating commlink- "Wheeljack, this is Minerva. Can you meet me outside the security headquarters?"

Autobot Security HQ:

Road Rage simply scowled. "Because I wasn't sure if it's a ploy or not."

Tracks: "Don't be so paranoid."

"Paranoia's what keeps you alive in this job, brother."

Tracks: -sighs, looks over at Nightbeat- "You've been letting her hang around with you again, haven't you."

Nightbeat: -shrugs-

Road Rage deactivated the cell bars, grabbed Bumblebee's feet, and started to drag him towards the CR chambers.

Lord Zarak
2008-03-16, 02:37 PM
Slag just nooded and entered the shuttle. When he was in there he sat down and looked at Grimlock, but said nothing.

2008-03-16, 08:51 PM
Don Coriolis estate

Longsword fired his own salvo of missiles up at Swoop . Swoop's incoming fire pocked his armour and a near miss damaged his lefthand track. He tilted as he slid sideways precauriously balanced.

Cudgel leaned against a window sill in a room 2 up from his previous position.

Squinting through an infra-red scope he drew a bead on Roadbuster

real professional here got to remember shoot and scoot.

He squeezed off a round aimed at Roadbuster's chest.

Jig peered into the empty room that Cudgel had once occupied it was on fire the flames licking the furnishings.


Stomp finished handing out weapons.

"We need to get out of here before they call reinforcements."

Near Hot Rod

Rollcage scratched his cranium

"well dere is de fountain liquids pumped from outside the grounds I think Pumphouse is in the front right corner of de grounds. If we had sombody who was small enough they could like float down the pipe."

2008-03-16, 11:39 PM
Don Coriolis' villa, basements

Telescoping his electrostaffs, Camouflage stored them in his back-mounted pod as he raced through the semi-lit basement rooms ; the majority were simple storage, filled with crates of various origins, others held rare offworld fuels and vintage energon in impact-resistant racks. He collected a minicube as he headed for the villa's armoury, where he guessed the Don's surviving hoodlums might be.

Sure enough, he found the armoury doors open. "Hey! Hey!" he called out."No one allowed in here, see!"

"Uh, Two Tone," said the biggest of the hoods, jumping round. "This here's an emergency, innit like."

"And you've all trodden spilt fuel over the floor... I'll have to clean that up!" Camouflage gave a sweet smile and pitched the mini energon cube from behind his back. Lifted bodily by the force of the explosion, he gave a whoop and rode the blastwave down the corridor, until he landed in a crash-roll, came back to his feet and charged off for the villa's control hub.

Omega Supreme (internal)

Enkryption's voice snapped very firmly: "Wheeljack? He's a frelling cackhand! No way!"

Glyph cleared the static from her vocaliser and said to Minerva, "Forgive him, please. I would be happy to accept any assistance you might suggest."

2008-03-17, 06:07 AM
Assault Shuttle

Snarl watched as the rest of his team got secured, then found himself a seat and waited for the ship to take off.

2008-03-17, 06:19 PM
Don Coriolis' Estate:

Swoop: -twisting through the air, peppered with shrapnel as the proximity fuses in the missiles go off-


Hot Rod: -revving his engine- "Great. I don't think I'll fit." -firing his photonic eliminator cannon at the side of the villa again-


Roadbuster: -staggers, the blast digging into his torso armor- "I'm gonna find that sniper and feed him his fracking rifle...." -dives into the flaming room-

2008-03-17, 07:04 PM
Don Coriolis' Villa

Jig's hand was already reaching for the controls to the anti fire system when Roadbuster thundered through it .

He pulled the switch down and the room's fire screens thudded down closing off the room and the room started to fill with Halon gas.


Hobby slapped a motion activated claymore just outside the door nearest to him.


Twin rooftop turrets one at either end of the facade swiveled and targeted Hot Rod. Their laser beams slashing out.

Rollcage went down oil spurting from a leg wound.

Foxbat looked thoughtful

"hmm Hot Rod maybe I could fit down ther in cassette mode."


Cudgel was already on the move after the shot as he ran down the corridor from the corner of his eye. He saw Roadbuster vault through the window.
He swiveled ready to direct fire down the corridor. He saw the fire door snap shut.


Squeeze looked at his troops.

"I think we need to retreat to a more secure location."

His troops formed round him and started to jog down a long corridor.


Reel opened a com link

"Cudgel meet us at the third place we were in since arriving over."

Aero Blade
2008-03-19, 03:43 AM
Assault Shuttle

"Prattle on as you like, Grimlock, you're already aware of why I am here, unless your memory span is so short, which we are both aware you are far more intelligent than that," Wing Saber spoke without a hint of sarcasm or malice. "Magnus already informed you that if you go on an outing that I would be along, since you appear to have difficulty with reporting your wearabouts and status accurately. Think of it this way if you choose - this means you can now focus on the fighting instead of all that beauracratic fuss that you do not appear to be so fond of."

Wing Saber had moved to situate himself for takeoff, having a feeling it was going to be quite rough with the dinobot leader in the pilot's seat... "If need be, I will help out with any combat duties that will present itself, but with you and your lot I get the feeling I won't get much of a chance for that, even if I wish to. I've been told you don't like sharing," The large Autobot spoke, an ever so slight hint of humor in his words.

2008-03-19, 10:58 AM
Border Regions

The Internecion: Part 1

(Storyline continued from here: http://tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?p=584471&highlight=internecion#post584471)

In the so-called seedier district, where pleasures so grand that they are illegal occurs unashamedly before the naked optic. Pleasure is great business in the Border Regions, a racket the Metacarpus once had monopoly over.

Through out the Regions, the Metacarpus were divided into five divisions, each with a self-imposed “overlord” – those mechanoid’s aliases being Secondus, Medius, Anularis, Quintus, and Metacarpus ringleader, Pollex. Together, these “fingers” compose the Metacarpus’ inner circle, appropriately named The Digitus.

However, tensions between the formal allies - the Tzai and Metacarpus - have mounted - with old connections dissolving and treaties ending in violence. With Tzai Industries rapidly gaining public visibility, as well as the Metacarpus' unwillingness to come to any reasonable agreement, The Tzai has seen it necessary to sever this tie once and for all.


On his way to a "business meeting", Secondus was accompanied by four, whom he believed to be trusted, bodyguards. Hulking in stature, the four circled him as they made their way down the sidewalk of the lit-up entertainment district, shoving the random panhandler and civilian aside.

"Move it, scum. Metacarpus comin' through."

The entourage soon entered an old neon lit theater and made their way down a long hallway to the back of the building. It led to a lone office door, which was guarded by two goon-ish types, who kindly opened the door for Secondus and escorted him inside.

“Ah, Secondus. So glad you could join us,” a voice called out from the other side of the room.

The mobster spun around when the door shut behind him. He could hear the latches being locked. When he swung back around to seek out the source of an all-too-familiar voice, he found Axer sitting at a far off desk, leaning back in a recliner with his legs kicked up.

“Axer?! What the hell is the meaning of this?!” Secondus demanded.

He signaled to his bodyguards to advance, but they did not comply. Instead, they forcefully dragged Secondus over to an empty chair in front of the desk. “Wha - unhand me!”

“Have a seat, Secondus,” Axer said dispassionately as the goons tossed the crime lord into the awaiting chair. “So hard to find good help these days, eh, Secondus? Well, at least in your case. Your ‘buddies’ here have been under our employ for quite some time. But I digress, we've much to discuss.”

“I have nothing to say to you, Tzai scum,” Secondus spat.

“Now, now, that is no way to address your host,' Axer shook his finger "But, don’t worry, Secondus, this arranged meeting won’t take long.”

“The treaties are done, Axer. We’re through negotiating!"

“Heh, treaty?” Axer raised a brow. “No, no, no, perish the thought! That all went down the waste disposal unit when your organization assassinated a group of our diplomats. Don’t worry, our respective associations are finished bargaining. But we have a few, should we say, formalities that need to be taken care of to finalize this decision.”

“Oh, and what’s that?”

“Call it conflict of interests. Can’t have The Tzai’s dark past coming back to haunt us, us being corporate big shots and all,” the Actionmaster's tone was clearly sardonic.

“And how do you intend to do that, Axer? The Metacarpus has control over more than you give us credit for,” Secondus retorted. “You will pay for this ignominy.”

“Oh, on the contrary. Prominent as your organization may be, The Tzai’s well of resources is nearly infinite. These “loyal” servants of yours,” Axer waved his hand towards the four goons surrounding Secondus’ chair. “The one’s who were so kind as to help arrange this meeting, are stationed through out all of the Metacarpus’ divisions. Methodically, we have taken control over your useless organization well before you decided to undermine any attempts of treaty. One by one, you’ve been silently picked off, all the while you remain confident in your organization’s false influence. Pfft," he chuckled. "I’d laugh if it weren’t so pitiful.”

“You sparkless spawn of a glitch….” Secondus growled.

“Hey, that’s business. What can I tell ya,” Axer signaled to the four goons. “And now, Secondus, it’s your turn.”

As commanded, three of the goons took hold of Secondus, while the other produced a small energon blade. Axer nodded, and quite slowly, Secondus’ index finger was lopped off. Though he yowled in pain, his mouth was quickly covered by one of the bodyguard's large hands.

The detached finger was then placed onto the desk, which Axer quickly snatched up. Haughtily, he waved his hand for them to continue.

As one goon grabbed hold of Secondus’ head, forcing this jaw open, another retrieved a sanitize caplet from a metallic box on his belt and placed it inside of Secondus’ mouth. They forced his mouth shut, causing him to swallow it.

Immediately, all four bodyguards stepped back and watched. The sanitize caplet went to work almost instantly, as its volatile properties broke down Secondus’ inner workings at a molecular level. Secondus gurgled and screamed in anguish, but this was quickly silenced as his body was engulfed in a bluish chemical flame, until eventually, Secondus was nothing more than a pile of unidentifiable particles.

“Nasty way to go, eh boss?” one of the goons said.

“Yep,” Axer replied. “Well, I think we’re just about done here, fellas. We still have much to do. You know the drill - sanitize the entire building, leave no trace,” Axer then stood up from the desk and walked towards the office door. “Well, I’m off. I have another meeting.”

2008-03-20, 05:57 AM
Aerospace Design Lab:

Jetfire: -stumbles into the lab, collapses into a chair, heaving a weary sigh- "Back to the drawing board......"

Attack Shuttle:

Grimlock: -pilots the shuttle out of the hangar, kicks the engines to full, streaking towards the Villa-

Omega Supreme:

Wheeljack: -roars to a halt at the foot of Omega's ramp, transforms to robot mode, starts up the ramp-

Don Coriolis' Estate:

Roadbuster: -pulls his grenade launcher, fires 2 grenades at the left wall, and 2 at the right wall-


Hot Rod: -lurches as the blast hits him- "Worth a shot, Foxy." -shifts into gear, heads for the pumphouse-

2008-03-20, 07:51 AM
Omega Supreme

Overdrive watched Wheeljack's arrival through a porthole

"Who'd have thought when we set off for Tygun that it would turn into a witness protection gig?"

Scoop nodded

"thats what I like about the Wreckers variety."


The Seeker's head

Doublecross put hs glass down and turned to Chainclaw

"Who the Slag were those two ?"

Chainclaw lifted his snout from the energon he was drinking

"Slagged if I know but I wouldn't want to meet them in a dark alley."


Landfill rumbled down the road

He opened a com link to Ultra Magnua

"Where do you want this equipment you ordered ?"

2008-03-20, 08:15 AM
Ultra Magnus’ Office, Autobase

“I would rather we avoid that,” Prowl replied, trying his best to recognize the humor in Crosshairs’ candidness. “Last thing I need right now to listen to Red Alert bewailings. But I concur; casualties are still an inevitability here. Still, your proposition to disable the factories defense grid is a viable course. We will need to enlist a tech specialized in that field.”

Prowl stroked his chin thoughtfully for a moment then continued.

"Conceivably, we could upload a viral program into the security mainframe, enabling our presence invisible to their own systems. Recommendations who to recruit?”

He glanced over the datapad once more, pulling up an outlined map of the building from the document file. “Hypothetically speaking, once security is disabled, this may provide a necessary decoy that will permit a team to reach the administrative center, and establish a blockade before an escape can occur. Once the blockade is held, two teams will arrive to secure to work area, escorting the factory staff out of the building. Assuming all goes well. Probability is not as high as I would like. ”

The Internecion: Part 2

Tzai Estate

Despite the modifications made to Blades’ body and the unwelcome implants to his neo-cortex, neither would prepare him for his entry into the Tzai’s elite.

Banzaitron’s teachings have been both grueling and remorseless. Throughout their sessions, Blades quickly learned that microchip he was “endowed” with was more than simply a core curriculum of the crystalocution art, but as a means to control him. Blades would also soon learn that the neural electroconvulsive prompts, administered by Banzaitron himself, was not the only feature of this program.

For today’s regimen, Blades would not spar with Banzaitron, but instead undergo a test, designed to test both his endurance and loyalty. Taking advantage of its technological advancements, the room would simulate various situations, with the aid of sparring drones programmed to execute specific purposes. Linking to the Tzai program, which in turn has access to Blades’ own memories, the simulations, as well as the drones themselves, would represent aspects of Blades’ life, his aspirations and his inner demons. The linkage process of both Blades’ mind and the environmental projections, though has very real consequences, able to administer pain and death, is much like a chaotic dream. Often the images projected from the user’s mind that appears in these “dream” sessions are figurative personifications. Often their meanings are convoluted and it is up to the user, in this case Blades, to decide how to approach these obstacles and learn their meaning.

The rules of this particular session were simple; one must complete each appointed task in order to end the simulation. What those tasks are, the player must learn. Though in essence it is a game, it too has real life consequences. Thus, Blades is trapped in this limbo, forced to fight his way free.


Border Region Simulation Initiated

“It seems real; the look, the touch, the feel, the smell.”

The aged buildings, the denizens of the Border Region, from tripwire junkie to crime lord, all here, down to the last sleazy detail. And yet different. The scenery never seemed consistent, fluctuating and morphing just as soon as Blades was able to adjust, like a bad hallucinogenic simulator trip. Relatively normal one moment, chaotic the next.

What was most alarming, he quickly discovered, was one moment mechanoids would go about their business, the next they would break character and attempt to dismember one another.

"Whu...what the hell?"

Though Blades was no bystander -- the occasional passerby would also attack him during this erratic change, requiring him to them fend off. The change would occur again, and the attacker would simply go about their business as if nothing had happened.

“What the pit is going on here?!”

As Blades cautiously walked down the simulated sidewalk of one of the Border Region’s entertainment strips, his audio receptor picked up the distinct sound of police sirens. The sound was nearing, getting closer. When he turned around, he immediately saw its source; a squad of ISS officers. They stopped in front of closed down theatre, transformed, and at random started to attack any and all mechanoids within the area. Soon the Border Region denizens fought back, and before long a riot ensued.

All hell broke loose when a SWAT team arrived. “Clean up time, fellas!” One officer called out. Forming a mechanoid shield, they aimed their rifles and opened fire on the people. It was a massacre. Blades couldn’t believe his optics.

“No! Stop!”

Somehow, amidst the laser fire and screams, the SWAT team heard Blades' pleas, stopped and turned to face him, rifles all clicking and pointing in his direction.

“Well, well, what have we here?” one officer said.
“Looks like we got ourselves a straggler,” another replied.

“Hold your fire, fools,” A voice of authority called out. Down the middle, the SWAT team parted ways, revealing a lone white and red clad Autobot.

Red Alert.

But not Red Alert. He appeared maddened, as his solemn expression shaped into a wide an eerie grin. As he approached Blades, his face would periodically twitch.

“Eh, he he, this one’s minnnne,” he growled through gritted teeth. “Go! Carry out the…(*twitches*)…operation.”

And with that, the officers turned about face and went back to their onslaught.

“R-Red Alert?!” Blades gasped.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Oh, Blades…(*twitches*)…Look what you’ve been reduced to,” the Red Alert simulation scoffed.

“Me?! Look at you!” Blades shouted. “This…this is madness!”

“Blades…you just don’t get it. Eh heh, then again, you n-n-never did,” he said. “Now, are we gonna do this easy way…(*twitches*)…or the haaaard way?" he grinned. "I’d prefer the latter.”

Aero Blade
2008-03-21, 02:40 AM
Magnus's Office

Ultra Magnus was still going over thoroughly the paperwork for the proposed mission, listening in on the conversation while he checked for any loose ends in the written side of things.

"With various teams out on different missions, pinning down the right personell to participate in your plan may wind up being your first major hurdle," Ultra Magnus commented off-hand to Crosshairs and Prowl. "I can recall a tech that may do well for your plans, but he has been deployed to Protihex. For the time being things have been quiet so far, but that does little to ease my concerns of that place..."

2008-03-21, 04:59 AM
Maintenence Bay:

Chromedome: -on a mechanic's backboard, underneath his vehicle mode transector- "I don't like this, Hardhead."

Hardhead: -running a scanner over the exposed mechanisms of his transector's main gun- "What's that, Chromedome? This inactivity and waiting around?"

Chromedome: "Well, there is that. I'm more worried about thiYEEOWWW!!!!!" -comes flying out from beneath his transector, a smoking, sparking conponent in his hand, clips Hardhead's legs out from beneath him, both of them slamming into the side of Hardhead's vehicle mode transector-

Hardhead: -sliding down off of the track skirt, crashes to the floor- "Wha....."

Chromedome: -dropping the damaged component, blowing on his scortched fingers- "Backup power rectifier buss bar. I don't think Brainstorm and Minerva can keep rebuilding our damaged components like this."

Hardhead: "If your armor was heavier, you wouldn't have that problem."

Chromedome: -shrugs-

Hardhead: "And if you'd stop dragging me into battle like a berzerker."

Chromedome: "Ahhh, where's the fun in that?"

Hardhead: -shakes head wearily, picks up the damaged component- "Think it can be fixed?"

Chromedome: "I hope so. The main buss bar's not in much better shape. You'd think they'd have developed Master technology here. On a course similiar to ours, at least."

2008-03-21, 06:54 AM
Border Region

The Internecion: Part 3

Earlier in the cycle, Metacarpus member Quintus had planned a gathering of close associates and friends at his condo. In a far more casual setting, Metacarpus associates, in this case within Quintus’ territory, hobnob over glasses of fine energon based brews while party goers chat about current and future transactions, strengthening ties in the process. However, this party, along with potential connections, would unexpectedly be crashed.


Axer had arrived at Quintus' estate riding on a deep red turbo cycle (OOC: Yay, Axer’s Turbo Cycle makes its debut!), escorted by two black limousines. He entered through a gated entrance and was greeted by Tzai henchmen standing about the front yard and the main entrance. As he strode into the building, he walked past the offline and maimed chassis of Quintus’ security team, strewn throughout in the large entrance hall. Some collapsed upon the nearby stairwell, others crumbled up in far off corners, some splayed along Axer’s path, which he casually stepped over as he made his way to the next room.

In the following room he found more Tzai personnel standing about. In one far off corner, a group of 40 party goers, consisting of Quintus’ staff and associates, were all huddled together as 5 armed Tzai henchmen stood around them. As he gazed around the room, Axer soon spotted Quintus…or what was left of him, at the end of a long table. His body slouched over the table-top, with his shattered head laying in a puddle of purple hued fluids. His right hand hung flaccidly at his side, with its pinky finger cut off.

“Looks like I’m late for the party,” Axer said as he made his entrance.

A Tzai solider approached, handed Quintus’ pinky finger to him, which Axer took and placed it inside a small box with the index finger that was taken earlier from Secondus.

“Gross,” He mumbled to himself. “Well, I trust all is accounted for then, yes? No stragglers?”

“Yes, sir. The area is secured. Security has been disabled,” the goon replied. “All that remains are them,” he gestured towards the group of frightened hostages. “What are your orders?”

Axer glanced over at the captives, and for a moment he felt remorse for them - all of them, who were just victims of circumstance. He genuinely felt sorry for them.

“You heard it from the main bot himself,” He replied. “Leave no traces…Sanitize bomb the building once you are finished.”

As the Tzai goon signaled to the 5 armed soldiers standing around the hostages, Axer turned away and made his way back outside the building As he walked, the Actionmaster tapped his left audio receptor, wiring in to the rest of the Tzai associates spread throughout Metacarpus territory.

“Talk to me."

“We’re on schedule. The transaction will comm…..” The voice on the other line answered only to be muffled out by sound of laser shots and screams coming from the other room of the condo. Axer tired to ignore it as continued to talk through the noise, wincing at its shrillness.

“Alright, I’ll be right there.”


As Axer rode off in his cycle, he could see the faint chemical blue light emanating from the condo windows from his hind vision, as The Tzai meticulously erased any trace of Quintus. As if he never existed.

2008-03-21, 07:44 AM
Magnus's Office

"Recommendations?" Crosshairs frowned for a second, then pulled up a duty roster on his datapad. "For air support, Highbrow and Cloudraker. For the ground team Sideswipe, Hot Spot, Brawn and Fastlane. Landfill for crowd control and to transport any civilians who get injured in the crossfire. Wheeljack and either First Aid or Hoist for their technical expertise. Plus anyone off-duty who wants to volunteer."

He glanced over at Ultra Magnus. "Are you sure we can't convince you to tag along?"

Attack Shuttle

Snarl looked across the passenger compartment at Slag and Sludge, grinning. "I got fifty shanix that says I kill more of 'em than either of you."


Whirl had wandered away from the security centre, away from Omega Supreme, away from his fellow Wreckers. The gangly, light blue Autobot wasn't sure why he'd left, only that he needed a break. He'd been a Wrecker for the better part of the last half-century, and as fun as it had been, it was well past time he took a vacation.

So he'd walked away. He wasn't sure where he was going or what he'd find when he got there, but he was fairly certain that whatever it was, it would be a nice break from his usual routine.

He continued down the street, almost strutting as he whistled (no mean feat when you don't have a mouth) a jaunty Altihexian tune. The other pedestrians looked at him like they weren't sure if he was crazy, intoxicated or some combination of both.

As he walked, his path took him farther away from the heavily secured areas near the city centre and Autobase, into Iacon's seedy border regions.

2008-03-21, 08:38 AM
Don Coriolis Villa

Cudgel pauses at the bottom of the spiral staircase as he hears an explosion behind him.

Pausing briefly to rig a trip wire to a small explosive charge. He doubles up the staircase.


The rest of the mercenaries double along a corridor heading for the kitchens.

Squeeze glances back as he hears a muffled whump of the wall's blowing out.

"lets pick it up mechs ."


Longsword who has discovered that the auto defenses are unable to target each others positions desperately tries to stay on top of his perch.

while at the same time he unleashes another salvo at Swoop.


Omega Supreme

Overdrive looked up as something triggered an alarm

"proximity sensors gone off looks like we got some company."

Scoop glanced at the console

"lets go investigate."



Landfill opened another com link

Magnus good buddy this is Landfill I approaching your back door and I 've got a delivery from Double Trouble. Some equipment you needed. Where do you want it delivered good buddy over."

2008-03-21, 07:50 PM

Thud (or Thunk) led Thunk (or Thud) along the quiet streets. There were few mechas out at this quarter of the orn and those who were gave the twins a very, very wide berth. The two were mildly over-energised, but moved easily along in their accustomed silence.

A single thought crossed both their minds simultaneously, and they looked at each other and nodded. The building up ahead used to have another business name above the great steel and plexiglass doors; the newer, restrained sign read simply 'Peacekeeper's Incorporated'.

Don Coriolis' Estate

Camouflage stood beside his most recent victim and cursed roundly in a language otherwise unknown on Cybertron - which was a pretty good job considering the paint blistering qualities of a translation. There were, he knew, a good many flunkies in the Don's service, and several of them seemed to have rushed for the basement levels the moment the shooting started. It was going to be harder to reach the defence control room than he had hoped.

'Hah, maybe I promised too much,' he commed Roadbuster. 'How's tricks out there?'

Omega Supreme, external

Carefully filming, Weasel checked the scan-blockers in his armour and hoped they would last out. They took a lot of energy and were no use if he was spotted optically.

So, it looked like the murderer was caged. However, Wheeljack's arrival interested him greatly...

2008-03-22, 02:58 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate:

Roadbuster: -smashing his way into the next room(to his left), checking it quickly, moving to the doorway and taking a quick look out, activates his commlink- "I'm on the first floor. Near a staircase. Where do I go from here?"


Hot Rod: -slams on the brakes, skidding to a halt behind the pumphouse- "All right, Foxy, we're here."


Swoop: -twisting to avoid the incoming fire, rockets screaming from his wing launchers at Longsword-

Omega Supreme:

Minerva: -comes to the hatch- "It's.... hard to explain, Wheeljack. It's easier if I show you."

Wheeljack: -goes up the ramp into Omega Supreme-

2008-03-22, 06:29 AM
The Internecion: Part 4

Tzai Estate

In Banzaitron’s own on site training facility, Blades continues the fight through a nightmarish simulation. In an elaborate reproduction of the Border Regions, he thus far witnessed a maddened populace, an ISS provoked riot, and has now been confronted by a rather maniacal Red Alert.

“Oh deary me, where are my manners? Welcome - (*twitches*) – welcome to Wonderland, Alice,” The Red Alert simulation gestured to the rioting ISS officers. Death was thick in the air. “Lovvvvely isn’t it? The ISS has finally found a suiting resolve to all of Ia – (twitches)- cons woes. Pity you couldn’t play by the rules, Blades.”

Red Alert drew out and stun baton and lunged at Blades. As he swiped, Blades easily dodged each assault until he back handed the facsimiled Red Alert, knocking him to the street.

“You know, it's kind of a shame you’re not the real Red Alert,” Blades scoffed. “But that sure was satisfying.”

As the simulated Red Alert hopped back up to his feet, he wiped the neon purple fluid from the newly opened wound below his mouth. He grinned in approval.

“Eh heh, not real, you say?” He replied. “D-don’t be so sure. We are to one another a perception. I, the simulation that stands before you, am the very product of your subconscious perception of me. Oh ho ho, – (twitches) - I am indeed real!”

Again, the facsimile lunged at him, nightstick in hand, this time successfully driving it into Blades mid section. “Yesss, you can damage me – nnnggh – as I can damage you. Guess you think this pain is not real either?”

Though Blades was not critically injured, he quickly kicked the nightstick from his attacker’s hand, then back flipped away.

“Ooooo! Not baaaad,” it taunted Blades “Too bad you have no c-c-code to abide by. Otherwise, you’d still be with the winning team. Still, we’re not much different – (twitches) – you and I.” he gestured once more to the crowds being massacred by the ISS SWAT team.

“I’m nothing like...like THIS,” Blades spat back. “I need no code to define who I am. I am me, and only ME.”

“Oooh, but the looking glass - (twitches) - disagrees,” he answered. “R-r-remember, you conjured this image for a reasonnnn. Anything you see in me is in – you,” He pointed at Blades. “My pious little Blades, this wanton violence you see around you is here because you willed it to be. Much like this c-c-crumbling region. True, I am quite insane,” he twirled his finger along the side of his head. “But I am also a mirror. I am you. You want out of this simulated nightmare, Blades, best you admit that before you can call yourself ‘free’. Now - (twitches) – let’s finish this dance. Prove to me your worth.”

Red Alert simulation sprung forward once more, but this time in full ferocity. However, Blades had long become too familiar with the Tzai art, and the facsimile’s moves seemed to move in slow motion in contrast to Blades, who parried through them with an unsettling ease.

Remembering what Banzaitron had taught him, Blades tightened his stance, and when the opening quickly presented itself, he drove his palm into a pressure point, just below the simulation’s mid-section.

“Gaaagh,” it coughed out. “G-g-good show…hrrrkk…Eh heh, violence - you gotta - (twitches) – love it….Thanks for proving me right.”

With it’s last gasp, the Red Alert facsimile began to violently convulse and ruptured apart.

The first simulation was over.

Oddly however, as the Border Region scenery began to fragment and disappear around him, re-materializing into a new location, he felt a sense of relief. Like a tremendous weight had suddenly been lifted off his shoulders. As if he had discarded a part of him for the better.

It felt good.

The simulated Red Alert's ramblings were brought to you today by Charles Manson. Seemed appropriate.

2008-03-22, 11:36 PM
Don Coiolis' villa, main basement

'Don't go down the stairs! Don't go down the stairs!' Camouflage practically screamed at Roadbuster through the commlink. 'There's a turbolift shaft not far ahead of you; don't take that either, unless you want to be disintegrated. Right beside it is a panel covering a spiral runway leading down to the garage. That's your best bet right now.'

Surrounded by a field of utter silence, he dashed behind yet another crate of the ex-Don's illicit hardware, optics narrowing as his next target came hurrying towards him.

Omega Supreme, external

Weasel liked to dream about the day he would win one of the coveted broadcasting prizes. He filmed Wheeljack while completely ignoring the nudges from his proximity warning system...

Peacekeepers Inc

The fem in reception looked up as the door opened, her pale blue lips moving smoothly into a practised smile that suddenly became horribly frozen. Thud and Thunk stomped to a halt before her desk and a massive, studded paw was thrust towards her. She recoiled, then noticed she was being presented with a business card.

"Thank you, gentlemechs," she chimed, taking the crumpled duplaprint copy. She read it and summoned up all her dissimulation skills before saying, "I will put a call through to the main office right away."

As she opened up a radio link, she surreptitiously touched a particular button and a hidden camera focussed on her visitors.

2008-03-23, 12:19 AM
(OOC: Sorry, didn't know what to do next...)

As Bumblebee's body was dragged to the CR Chambers, his body began to leak energon on the floor, sparks flying in every direction. His systems began to speak.

"Attention. Stasis Lock Imminent. Requesting permission for reformating and repair." Bumblebee's communicator opened up and a hologram of a Yellow Earth Car with White Stripes and a Watercraft behind it. "Please respond"

2008-03-23, 01:02 AM
Don Coriolis' Villa

Longswords position disappeared in a cloud of smoke and debris seconds after he made a desperate transformation and lunge for freedom. The blast wave picked him up and hurled him through a pair of french windows. He lay unmoving.


Foxbat slipped out of Hot Rods door and fluttered towards the Pumphouse.

"I think you will need to deposit me in cassette form in the pipework Hot Rod."


Razorbill flew up towards Swoop

"Please cease your unauthorised assault on my clients property you will be held responsible for all damages caused by your action or inaction, including collateral damgae and the restituation of the property to its original condition."

Omega Supreme

Scoop dropped softly to the ground beside Omegas ramp followed by Overdrive.

Scoop pointed to where light reflected off a camera a lens.

"look there we go."

2008-03-23, 07:11 AM
Ultra Magus’ Office, Autobase

“Though we already have two commanders for the operation, you are welcome to accompany us. Assuming you have no other engagements,” Prowl told Ultra Magnus. “Sounds like everything is in order then. Unless neither of you don’t have a security tech in mind*, shall I organize a tactical tour (a briefing session) of the operation?”


The Internecion: Part 5

Border Regions

When the Metacarpus attempted to secure its place in the underworld, the Border Region’s pleasures of choice was an obvious market of exploit. Digitus member Anularis managed Metacarpus’s connections to the tripwire racket. However, with Tzai infiltrators stationed throughout the Metacarpus turfs, word got out quickly when the next cache exchange would take place.

At a closed down warehouse in the Border Regions' old industrial district, Anularis was overseeing a sizable tripwire cache exchange. In a large open area, Anularis, with three thugs, stood across from three other mechanoids.

“Meet part way, stop, then commence exchange,” Anularis told one associate who held a large case containing a few hundred pounds of the hallucinogenic simulator. “Allow them to inspect the product first to secure transaction.”

Anularis’ associate followed the instructions as he approached the client part way, who also held a case containing several million credits. They shook hands and exchanged their cases, each opening them to examine the contents.

“Yep, all the creds are accounted for,” the Metacarpus associate called out to Anularis.

“Looks pure over here, as well,” the client replied. “I think that concludes the transaction then?”

“Yes,” Anularis answered. “Nice doing business with you. Keep in touch.”

As the associate walked back over to the crime lord, he placed the case at Anularus’ feet. However, that very action triggered the explosive device planted carefully inside the case. The case detonated, causing a small sanitize chemical explosion inside the warehouse, wrapping the four mechanoids in a fiery blaze.

The blast killed the entourage instantly, who were already disintegrating due to the properties of the sanitize chemicals, and threw Anularis melting body against a nearby wall. His body was severely charred, with both his legs and lower body torn away by the bomb.

Barely online, Anularis struggled futilely to wire in to the Metacarpus entourage he assumed was still waiting outside the building. “…S-s-se-cur-it-yyy,” he managed to gurgle out as his vision began to blur and black out.

As he faded into stasis lock, the last thing he would see was Axer approaching him, energon switchblade in hand.

“Sorry, Anularis. They can’t hear you. Now sleep,” he said calmly as he knelt down at the scorched remains.

Axer lifted up Anularis’s hand, careful not to come in contact with the sanitize chemicals. He took hold of his ring finger with one hand, the blade held in the other and calmed his morbid keepsake.

“Law of the street, you know. The drug racket is a dangerous business.”

Aero Blade
2008-03-23, 03:57 PM
Ultra Magnus's Office

"Unfortunately I cannot join you on your mission," Ultra Magnus answered to Prowl and Crosshairs. "With the way things have been going, I will undoubtably be called on again before this whole incident is over, such as now..."

He briefly turned his attention away from the two in his office to attend to the com message. "Message recieved, Landfill. Take it by and check in with supply about your cargo. I should be by shortly to check on it myself as well."

2008-03-23, 06:22 PM

Landfill sent a reply back to Magnus

"rolling now Good buddy."

Artificers Arms

In the back room was a table at it's head sat Tender Governors right hand mech in Iacon . Along the 2 sides the various heads of sections based in Iacon

Retort who was in charge of drug manurfacturing opened up the conversation.

"Street price on Tripwires gone up 10 points."

Piston head of the security section in Iacon nodded slowly

"We think someones muscling in on the borders. Some of contacts in the Brasseys report the disapearance of several mechs from what they call the Red Hand gang plus a series of explosions."

Rod his deputy nodded

"we're also on phase 6 of relocating some of our activities out of Polyhex. The areas too unstable , too much danger of a backlash.

"Eccentric your up next."

Tender nodded to the head of special projects.

"The mercenaries are eliminating some of the top players in the Space Mafia as we speak. Unfortuantley while they seem to have eliminated the target radio traffic amongst the Iacon emrgency services indicates the extraction has hit a snag."

Tender nodded.

"Do they know anything."

Eccentric shhok his head.

"No we worked throught the normal cut outs."

Tender paused

"well just in case send in some of the cleaners either we help them escape or we make sure they don't talk to the authorities. Is that clear?"

"Crystal I'll get on to it right away."

2008-03-24, 06:30 AM
Magnus's Office

"Very well," Crosshairs told Magnus, albeit with some disappointment in his voice. "I think everything is in order," he told Prowl, "although I'm not sure how many security people are on-hand right now."

The weapons specialist made sure he had all of his paperwork in order, nodded to the two senior officers, then glanced toward Prowl. "I don't have anything else, so if you're going to call together the team I think I'll busy myself preparing the equipment we'll need for the mission."

Autobase Security Centre

Clampdown and Kingbolt ducked into the main room through the back entrance and took note of Road Rage dragging Bumblebee into a CR chamber.

"Looks like we got here at a bad time," Clampdown said. "You need help with him?"

Kingbolt gravitated toward Hubcap. "Ah, thou art the knave we be looking for, nae?"

"Er..." Hubcap frowned. "I'm Hubcap, if that's what you mean."

"Verily," Kingbolt replied. "Thou has been remanded to a program for the defence of those who dost have seen evidence of crime."

"You mean someone finally signed the papers to put me into witness protection?"

"Verily," Kingbolt replied.

"We're your bodyguards," Clampdown explained.

"Oh," was all Hubcap could think to say.

Border Region

Whirl continued to walk, for the most part ignoring the ne'er-do-wells that populated the outer reaches of Iacon. A few of the locals, either foolish or simply desperate, had tried to hassle him since he had arrived. However, a healthy dose of null rays and a claw to the face were more than enough to dissuade them from pressing their attack.

The Wrecker had noticed, however, that he was being followed. The mech was shifty enough that a lesser Transformer wouldn't have noticed, but Whirl was very, very good at things like this.

Although he knew perfectly well that the situation could turn ugly, Whirl gave no indication that he'd seen his pursuer. Instead he continued to walk casually through the city, occasionally stopping to look at a merchant's wares or admire something in a store window. After taking a few turns at random, the Wrecker found himself momentarily out of his follower's line of sight. He took advantage of that, ducking into a dark alley and waiting. A few seconds later, the other Transformer rushed by, a panicked expression on his face...and expression that only grew when Whirl grabbed him by the arm, spun him around and threw him face-first into the alley wall.

Jamming the barrel of his photon rifle into the base of the strange mech's neck with one claw and clamping the other Transformer's arm behind the other, Whirl growled into his pursuer's audio receptor. "You have thirty seconds before I turn your head into an ash tray. I suggest you make good use of them."

"You...you're an Autobot," the mech said in a voice that was more youthful than Whirl would have expected from someone so battered. "You wouldn't kill me."

"I'm a Wrecker," Whirl told him, "and now you have fifteen seconds. Why were you following me?"

"Because..." The mech seemed to shiver. "Because I need help, and because you're the first Autobot I've seen in this sector for a stellar cycle." Desperation was evident in his voice. "Please...I don't know who else...I can't..."

Whirl let him go. "Stop. I don't know what your problem is, but unless you need a Decepticon fortress razed by an elite commando team I'm probably the wrong guy to talk to. You should be speaking to the ISS."

The young mech scoffed. "The ISS haven't shown their faces in here in Primus-knows how long. Won't you...won't you at least hear me out."

"Are there any bars nearby?"

"Uh...yeah, there's one a few blocks from here. Why?"

"I'll tell you what, kid." Whirl took a few steps back and sized up the younger Transformer. "If you're buying, I'm listening. I don't know if I'll be able to do anything, but I'll listen."

"Thanks." The Transformer, a small, dishevelled figure with a frame that vaguely resembled Landmine and a red coat of paint that was caked with several years worth of grime, smiled weakly. "My name is Gearbox, by the way."

"Whirl," the Wrecker said. "Now, where's this bar you promised?"

2008-03-24, 08:19 AM
Tzai Estate

The Internecion: Part 6

Intiating Protihex Simulation

As the next simulation began to materialize, the scenery began to become clearer. It was Protihex. But before he could take in the backdrop, he heard the hastened sound of boot steps heading in his direction. Quickly turning, he saw a mob of seven armed mechs, badly damaged, but certainly determined. Each clung to some blunt weapon as they waved them into the air while they charged him.

“Get out of here!”
“We don’t want your kind here! These parts are off limits to outsiders!”
“He’ll ruin everything. Take him down before he causes anymore damage.”

They were fuming, with the aim of tearing him apart. Or, so Blades quickly rationalized. As the small mob quickly swarmed him, swiping at Blades with mace, club or dowel, Blades managed to evade each assault, trip kicking a few as he did so. This did not stop them as they continued to advance. With reason cast aside, Blades unsheathed two of his rotors, and met each assailant in a brutal reprisal.

“Just simulations,” He thought to himself. “So, no harm done, right? Still, why are the mechs in these sessions out tear me and each other apart?”


Dispensing with his attackers, Blades finally allowed himself a moment to take in his surroundings.

“So, this is some allegorical reproduction of Protihex, eh?” He said to himself. “How quant.”

Here in this simulation, Protihex was ravaged and war worn. Blades had appeared in the middle of battlefield, where it appeared a fight had recently occurred. And a rather barbaric one by the look of things. As he ambled through what was left of city’s crumbled downtown, the lifeless shells of many mechanoids began to mount as he drew inward, stacked in tall burning piles or speared atop vertical staffs. Machines of war lay abandoned, smoke rising from them towards a dark, clouded sky. The sound of his boots crushed the charred rumble beneath him and echoed along with the howling winds of an impending nuclear storm.

Empty. Lifeless.

“A harsh spectacle, is it not?” A voice suddenly said, starling Blades.

When Blades turned to locate its source, he found Groove sitting precariously on top a turret of a nearby tank. However, the simulation of Groove did not look at him while it spoke, but rather at the desolation around him. His expression suggested admiration.

“But necessary I suppose. Sigh, our vision has finally been realized,” he added.

“Our vision?” Blades raised his brow.

“Well, mine at any rate,” Groove answered. “Complete harmony. Peace can’t be achieved without sacrifice, Blades. When people stop fighting, or incite wars from safe parliamentary distances where there are no consequences, is when we lose all what we have fought for. Protihex democratically elected me for a reason (OOC: in this simulation anyway). The people wanted peace, and so I gave it to them. And they fought valiantly for it." Groove held out his arms in the shape of a 'T' and looked up to the sky.

"...Just as those brave civilians you slaughtered earlier did,” Groove continued. “Now all is silent. Is it not wonderful? No conflict. Just one unified mind.”

“Never pegged you for the totalitarian type,” Blades said, slightly amused by this spectacle. This simulation was the very contradiction of the Groove he knew. The real Groove.

“Pfft, hardly,” Groove snapped, glaring down at Blades. He then leapt down from the tank and approached. “I always had the interests of the people in mind. Do you find these results unsatisfying, Blades? It’s what you always wanted of me. In fact, I’m certain of it,” the simulation said as it tapped on its forehead.

Blades recalled his earlier encounter with the maddened Red Alert. This, like the previous session, was a amplified manifestation of his very conscious. However, though he always despised the real Groove’s idealism, he never wished for him to go such extremities to achieve his goals. But what did it all mean?

“Maybe,” Blades replied. “But there has to be line drawn somewhere. This is just self-interest on an extreme scale.”

“Not much different than you. At least I believe I have other’s interests in mind. Whether you agree with it or not, is besides the point. But don’t be discouraged. You are gifted. Perhaps your cruel nature can be harnessed for the greater good, just as my drive for peace has,” he motioned to the smoking ruins around him as if it were a work of art.

“You’re mistaken,” Blades growled. “I’m nobody’s tool. I still have control of my own destiny.”

“Hmph. You disappoint me. But if that is your preference, then be prepared to fight the losing battle.”

The Groove simulation then waved his hand and disappeared in torrent of data. As the simulation came to a rather unexpected conclusion, the environment defragmenting around him. Blades was overcome by a sensation much like the one felt during the end of his last session. Some thing had become forever lost.

2008-03-26, 04:56 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate:

Roadbuster: -moving for the panel- "Exactly why did they put the ground defense controls in the garage?"


Swoop: -pulls up short, flapping his wings- "What?"


Hot Rod: -transforms(making sure to let Savage out), smashes his way into the pumphouse, and pulls the hatch open on the pumping system- "Think you'll fit?"


Grimlock: -piloting the shuttle into the blazing hell that is the estate grounds, lands- "We here. EVERYBODY OUT!!!!"

Security HQ:

Road Rage's scowl deepened. With a growl in her voice, she grated out to Bumblebee's autorepair system, "Permission denied!" And with that, she dumped the unconscious minibot into a CR chamber and activated it.

Nightbeat: -sighs- "Oh, good. Everything's still normal." -turns to Hound- "Shut down the hologram, Hound. We're good for now."

Omega Supreme:

Wheeljack: -looking at the scanner he's aiming at Glyph- "Well, I've never seen anything like this before." -shrugs- "We can fix it, but we'll need equipment from my lab."

Minerva: "What are you going to do?"

Wheeljack: "Something that worked before. Though hopefully it won't take four million years to fix it."

2008-03-26, 06:50 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate

Snarl charged out of the shuttle, sword in hand, looking for someone to kill.

(OOC: Yeah, I've got no clue what's going on here...:))

Autobase Security Centre

Hubcap followed the two security officers out the back entrance and ducked into the armoured hovertransport they had prepared for him.

"Where are we going?" he asked.

"We doth go to a place where villains like you can wash clean their hands of evil and receive a new chance at life," Kingbolt told him opaquely.


"We're taking you to the Iacon Body Shop," Clampdown explained. "They'll fit you with a new colour scheme and a handful of other cosmetic alterations so that you'll be able to go out in public again without being gunned down."

"Oh," Hubcap said, a bit nonplussed at the idea of cosmetic alterations. "Well...good," he said.

In the sky above the transport, a blue and silver helicopter was quietly tailing them.

Border Region

Whirl slowly sipped his energon brew as he listened to Gearbox's tale of woe. When the smaller Transformer finally finished talking, the Wrecker made a confused noise. "OK, so let me get this straight. You used to work as a mechanic at one of the local factories?"

"Until Tzai Industries bought up the land and downsized my position, yes."

"And after you were cut loose, you and some of your fellow newly-unemployed were hit up by a recruiter for this 'Peacekeepers Inc.' You told them to go to the Pit, but some of your buddies ended up going to work for them. You've got no clue what sort of work they were doing, but several of them have turned up dead something especially nefarious is afoot. Is that about the gist of it?"

"Yeah, pretty much," Gearbox nodded, then faced the Autobot with an optimistic expression. "Can you help me?"

Whirl let out a big sigh. "Help you with what? It's sad that your friends died, but you don't know who killed them, how, where, when or why. If you had a name or a place, that would be different, but-"

"I have a name," Gearbox said. "The recruiter, he didn't give us his name, but he told us that he worked for a mech named Axer."

Whirl stopped short at that. "Axer, you say?"

"You know him?"

"I know of him," Whirl admitted. "He's a bounty hunter, one who used to do a lot of work for the Decepticons. Or he was, anyway...I seem to recall hearing that he'd cleaned up his act, gotten a corporate gig of some sort."

"He has," Gearbox told him. "In fact, he's a top spokesman...for Tzai Industries."

"Ah," Whirl nodded. "I see where you're going with this. You think Tzai bought the factory and fired you and your colleagues just so that some of you would be desperate to sign on to this 'Peacekeepers' thing, whatever it is?"

"That's exactly what I think." Gearbox frowned. "Rumour has it that they have some sort of arrangement with this local underworld crew, the Metacarpus. I've never heard any evidence of that, but if it's true I wouldn't put it past them to be up to their optics in illegal activities."

Whirl was silent for quite a while after that, staring down at his drink. He knew that he had absolutely no authority to go off after the Tzai, even if what the youngster had to say was true. In situations like this, he was supposed to hand the witness and whatever information he had over to the ISS, wash his claws of the situation and let them investigate. But he knew in his spark that they wouldn't investigate, that they wouldn't follow up the stack of rumours and innuendo that Gearbox had just given him. And that left only one possible course of action: finding some hard evidence and then making damned sure that someone took it seriously.

"Alright, then," Whirl looked back up at Gearbox. "I believe that there's something going on here, but if I take it through the proper channels nothing is going to get done." He held up a claw to stop the other Transformer from interrupting. "So I'm not going to do that. What we're going to do instead is find someone who works for this Metacarpus, beat them until they admit to working with the Tzai, and then send twenty squads of ISS goons to raid their headquarters."

"That's great!" Gearbox was gushing excitement. "I'm glad you...wait a second. 'We'?"

"That's right," Whirl told them. "We. You and me. I'm not letting you out of my sight until this is over, one way or another. So drink up, build up your courage, and get ready to take me to the nearest Metacarpus base."

2008-03-26, 08:21 AM
The Border Region

The Internecion: Part 7

Of all the members of the Metacarpus inner-circle that Axer had any amount of respect for, Medius would perhaps rank among them. The two had history, tracing back before either were neck deep in the affairs of their current alliances.

In a small apartment building located in one of the Border Region's more livelier districts, several black limousines, containing Tzai entourages, were parked outside around the building. Upstairs, in Medius’ penthouse suite, both he and Axer sit casually at a table. Apprehension was thick in the air. Both sat in uncomfortable silence, waiting for the other to break the tension.

“So….Secondus, Anularis, and Quintus are out of the picture? Pollex is next then?” Medius said calmly. Axer only nodded in reply. “I can’t say I didn’t see any of this coming. Following our organization’s fallout and Pollex’s contravention of our treaty, it was only a matter of time. The period of The Metacarpus’ has ended.”

“Medius…I’m sorry,” Axer said despondently.

“It’s alright, Axer. I understand,” Medius halfheartedly smiled. “Pollex has lost sight and therefore all my deference.”

“I might be inclined to say the same about my boss,” Axer added.

“Let’s talk about something else,” Medius interrupted. “No more business."
"Sure thing."


"Remember what it was like," Medius said, "Just after the Reclamation?”

“Heh, yeah, I remember,” Axer replied. "That’s when I first came to the Border Regions to set up shop. Peacekeeper’s. Good intentions were put into that. Mostly did community based projects then. Well, until Banzaitron came along, but nevermind that." he dismissively waved. "You had a little bar on the corner of 78th and Sentinel Drive. Nice little dive if I recall.”

“Yeah, The Vertigo was, wasn’t it?” Medius said reflectively. “You use to come in all the time and brag about some project some Autobot or Decepticon client had set up for you.”

“Pfff, neither of those cheapskates ever paid well,” Axer laughed.

“Ah, come on now. You didn’t seem to mind back then. Oh, what was that motto you used go by back then," the Metacarpus director tapped his chin. "Ah yes, ‘no prey is too large, no fee is too small’, or something trite like that. Ha ha ha!”

“Yeah, yeah, laugh it up,” Axer retorted. “Hey, remember that one time...I had gotten a decent payoff from one gig, and I came straight to The Vertigo with some acquaintances to celebrate.”

“Heh, heh, heh, how can I forget,” Medius smiled. “What a lunar cycle that was! Heh heh heh.”

“…And you and I got totally wasted.”

“Yeah, and you convinced me into picking a fight with some random bot. Caused a bar fight apparently, which I don’t remember, and the police showing up. Heh, heh, heh, good times.”

“Yeah, I don’t remember much, either,” Axer said. “All I remember was coming online the following solar cycle in the arms of a statue of Optimus Prime somewhere in downtown Iacon, and some ISS grunt shooing me off. Ha ha ha!”

“Heh, I can’t believe you walked that far, seeing how inebriated you were!”

“Yeah. And coming online to a homage to Prime was a bit unsettling too.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”


Medius’ body flopped forward onto the table. A small hole pierced through the table top, just above where Axer sat, as the pistol he held underneath still smoked.

He sat there for what seemed like several breems until he finally rose from his seat.


Moments later, after preparing the place to be sanitized, he respectfully laid Medius’ body down on the floor, crossed his arms, and placed the pistol he used to kill him into his hands. The middle finger on his left hand had been cut off, placed with the other 'keepsakes' taken from the other three Metacarpus lords.

After giving him a few well placed thoughts, Axer dropped a sanitize caplet onto the lifeless body of Medius. He watched as it slowly broke down in a faint blue glow. He remained still until nothing was left of his once and possibly only friend.

“Good bye, old friend,” Axer whispered.

2008-03-26, 08:40 PM
Don Coriolis' Estate

Bells staggers groggily to his feet still dazed from his journey through the windscreen of the truck.

"What happened ughhh!!"


Razorbill glared at Swoop

"let me rephrase that so you can understand. If you break it you pay for it woth Interest understood."


Squeeze's troops moved into the back of the Villa. The wing they now occupied made up one side of a square with the open courtyard in front of it. They started to dig in.

2008-03-26, 11:24 PM
Don Coriolis' villa, basement

'The control panel isn't in the garage... sheesh!' Camouflage called to Roadbuster. It's under it.. Just head down there and find the hatch in the floor - that goes straight down into the main defensive grid room. I'll meet you there.'

He brought his twin electrostaffs together to create one longer weapon and drove it clean through the torso of the hood he had already knocked down. Ripping it free in a trail of fluids, he arched his back and flipped so that a scatter of shots peppered the air but not him. He landed on his feet, deactivating the staffs as he split them again, and dove into the shadows lining the base of the tunnel wall, which he used to cover his next charge.

Omega Supreme, internal


Just shut up, 'Krypt!

That's frelling Wheeljack!

It is imperative that your core consciousness - your Spark - is removed from mine.

You want him to kill me!

I want him to save both of us - to save you! That is the significant difference between us, brother. I am an Autobot.

2008-03-27, 01:50 AM

“Attention: This is Prowl. Will Highbrow, Cloudraker, Sideswipe, Hot Spot, Brawn, Fastlane. Landfill, Wheeljack and Hoist please report to the Autobase Briefing Auditorium ASAP for mission briefing.

(OOC: Anyone else with nothing to do is welcome to join. Warcry: Might also be a good idea to have Crosshairs present during the briefing. It is his investigation after all.)


The Internecion: Part 8

Tzai Estate, Iacon Suburbs


Following the final simulation, Blades’ session came to its conclusion. The large training room, located within Banzaitron’s private estate, returned to normal as the replicated environment around him faded away.

Though he received minimal damage through out his ordeal, Blades felt a little time in a CR chamber would do him good. Still not aware of the true, and somewhat ambiguous, motive behind his training, Blades did not seem at all bothered that aspects of his previous life, which for what ever reason attacked him, had been striped away. The process felt cathartic.

Finding a suitable CR chamber on the main level on the mansion, Blades climbed inside and prepared himself to go offline. As he lulled into stasis, he noticed that something was absent, but couldn’t explain why. And yet, he just didn’t care. Banzaitron had somehow liberated him, and he couldn’t help but revel in it.


Border Regions


With four anomalies occurring in the past few hours within the district, the ISS was bound to take notice. Sadly, before now, significant ISS presence in the Border Region was almost unheard of. It was usually under dire circumstances that would provoke adequate police response.

Some have speculated this as a telling statement of inner-city politics.

Nevertheless, a response was indeed received as ISS teams had fanned throughout the region, investigating the mysterious sites of destruction, a result of the Tzai and Metacarpus conflict. At the condo where Metacarpus member Quintus, along with forty-odd party goers, met a brutal end, Streetwise, Inferno, and a small ISS forensics team probe the site for any clues as to who was responsible and why it had occurred.

Though little psychical evidence remain that suggested that multiple homicides had took place, only partially disintegrated structures and the residue of a volatile chemical was immediately visible.

“Geez, Ah don’t think ah ever seen this sort of fire damage before,” Inferno said as he stood in front of a partially melted wall. He gently rapped his fist against it, causing the friction point to crumble on contact. “Whaddaya think?”

“It is all a bit curious. No apparent casualties, but I’m not sure that is the case,” Streetwise answered.

He was crouched down before a small sample of broken down metal, indistinguishable in origin, poking and stirring at with a thin probing tool.

“Interesting. These chemical properties….”

“You found somethin’?” Inferno interrupted. “What is that stuff?”

“I’m not entirely sure. It’s some variety of a 'sanitize' chemical,” Streetwise told him.

“Sanitization chemical? You mean like an ‘ID trashcan’ tablet. Ain’t that outlawed?”

“That it is. Assuming that’s what this is. It’s nearly forensically impossible to trace. Nearly. Expensive to make, too. The individual components, the lab required to cook it, as well as a team of specialists, that are required to produce it doesn’t come cheap either,” Streetwise told him. “The three other sites under investigation have come up with traces of the same thing.”

“Don’t sound like a co-inky-dink to me,” said Inferno. “Little unclear on the ‘who’s’ though. Could just be an out of region contraband connection. Don’t seem likely some group of thugs cooked the stuff up themselves, does it?”

“I’m not sure yet. I have some theories,” Streetwise scraped up the sample of the chemical residue into a container. “We’ll also need to analyze the data of the actual sites - their owners, residents, and so forth - to flush out a correlation.”

“So, uh, we head back to ISS HQ then?” Inferno asked.

“For now,” Streetwise answered. “Not much to worry about. The other teams will wire in if any another details surface. The whole region is now under police surveillance.”

“Yeah, somethin’ is bound ta give.”


Tzai Industry Holdings, Downtown Iacon

Back at the downtown located corporate HQ, Axer, after a rather busy cycle, arrives in the buildings boardroom. He comes bringing great news.

“This is for you,” Axer slid a small box containing the fingers of the four Metacarpus lords.

Banzaitron opened it, quickly looked over the contents, and then closed it.

“Secondus, Medius, Quintus, and Anularis. Very good,” Banzaitron nodded approvingly.

“One more and you’ll have the complete set,” Axer quipped.

‘Yes…Pollex. Our infiltrators are aware of his current whereabouts then? ” Banzaitron inquired.

“Sure do. He’s on the run. Pretty sure he knows what’s up,” Axer answered. “He’s still in the Border Regions. He’ll bide his time until he can get safe transport out of the city-state. He won’t be going any where for a little while.”

“Good. Then have this ‘message’ sent to him,” Banzaitron slid the small box back over to Axer, who then handed over to a nearby entourage. “It will convey its point concisely. Let it inform him that The Tzai knows where he is….and that we will come for him.”

“Yeah, about that,” Axer interjected. “Though all is accounted for, the Border Regions is now swarming with the ISS. It’s going to be tricky getting someone in there without raising much suspicion.”

“Ah, but I have already considered this probability,” Banzaitron confidently told him. “I shall place my 'reversal of fortune' into play.”

To be concluded…..

Aero Blade
2008-03-27, 04:56 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate

Giving an opportunity for the Dinobots to leave the shuttle first (quite sure he'd be run over if he tried to leave with them) Wing Saber followed the group outside and took in the situation at hand. He would join in the fighting if need be, but his job was to keep an eye on things, not to get underfoot. With the likelyhood of the dinobots running all over the place smashing things, that was going to be difficult to do, but for the moment he prepared himself to simply keep himself nearby to Grimlock without becoming a bother to the dinobot leader.

Security HQ

Given the all clear to end the facade, Hound let the hologram drop away, giving a sigh as though slightly winded as he and Spike split up.

"You okay?" Dirge asked, observing his friends' condition.

"Probably don't want to do that again for a while, but fine," Spike answered.

"Took a bit more out of us than we thought," Hound spoke. "But it was our first time at it for such a long time. Just need some extra practice I imagine."

2008-03-27, 07:31 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate

Snarl looked around the estate, not quite sure what to make of the rather large mess that had been made. No one seemed to be attacking his teammates at the moment, but not far away he caught sight of Swoop being pestered by someone who looked decidedly...bureaucratic.

"You want me to shoot the lawyercon for you?" he transmitted over the Dinobots' private comm frequency.

Armoury, Autobase

Crosshairs strode purposefully though the main weapons storage facility, arriving at the door to his private office/laboratory. He keyed in the entry code and stepped inside. It only took him a few seconds of looking around before he saw what he'd come for. Grabbing the box and tucking it under his left arm, he left the office and trailed back the way he came.

(OOC: Makes sense to me, ziggy. :))

The Border Region

A slightly-tipsy Whirl followed Gearbox out of the bar, into the street.

"So where are we going, exactly?"

"I've only ever seen one Metacarpus building," Gearbox explained. "That I know of, anyway. It's a few miles from here, on the other side of the industrial district."

"Gotcha," Whirl replied. "Lead the way."

2008-03-27, 08:02 AM
Loading Bay

Landfill finished offloading the supplies he was carrying and transformed

He replied to Prowl

"Am on my way good buddy over."


Seekers Head

Chainclaw drained his beaker of energon as he recieved a signal to report to the briefing room.

"Catch you later Doubcross duty calls."

He transformed slipping into his shell and ambled out of the door."


Don Coriolis estate

Foxbat eyed the opening

"I think that in my cassette mode I should just fit although clearance will be minimal."

2008-03-27, 04:01 PM
After Topspin had been reassigned, Highbrow had went to his quarters to rest and repair, and to enjoy reading some of the scientific journals that he had put off for awhile due to being on assignment.

As he was reading one particularly fascinating article, Prowl's message came through.

“Attention: This is Prowl. Will Highbrow, Cloudraker, Sideswipe, Hot Spot, Brawn, Fastlane. Landfill, Wheeljack and Hoist please report to the Autobase Briefing Auditorium ASAP for mission briefing."

Highbrow got up and walked out of his quarters and proceeded to the auditorium.

2008-03-27, 08:56 PM
Don Corioli's Estate

The big rig finally pulled up to the gates. It's bulk barely squeezing throught the gate posts.

The Truck blurred its trailer transforming into Magnus style armour and barrels of energon spilling everywhere. The mech hurried across the grounds oblivious to the danger.

He picked up Rollcage and held him tenderly

He glared at the Dinobots

"Who injured Crush's friend , me disas, me... me smash mech who hurt Rollcage."


A Bronze and white police car rolled up the driveway weaving through the barrels of energon. It pulled up near the shuttle and transformed.

"Who's in charge of this cluster-slag?"

2008-03-28, 06:23 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate

Snarl took a few steps toward the newcomer, his sword firmly in hand.

That's more like it, he thought as he sized up the bulky dimwit.

"We don't take well to threats," he said. "Get out or you'll end up like your buddy."

Iacon Body Shop

Clampdown drove the hover-van up to the back entrance, close enough that Hubcap would be able to get in without exposing himself to sniper fire.

"We're here," he told the minibot. "Get inside."

"Right. Inside. Gotcha." Hubcap jumped out of the vehicle's rear hatch and right into the shop's waiting area.

"Ah, there you are," a grease-covered mechanic said as he saw the communications officer and his two bodyguards arrive. "Good, good. Everything is ready on our end." He glanced up at Hubcap. "Just pick yourself a new colour scheme and we'll be good to go."

Hubcap's jaw worked for a few moments, then he smiled. "I've got a pretty good idea what I'd like to see," he told the mechanic. "You got any paint swatches to look at?"

"Right this way," the body shop employee replied.

Blue Bacchus perched on the roof of a tall building half a block away, a finely-tuned laser sniper rifle sitting on a bipod beside him. He watched the body shop through a pair of macrobinoculars, waiting for his quarry to emerge once more.

2008-03-28, 08:38 AM
Don Coriolis'

Crush gently placed Rollcage next to the nearest Ambulance.

"Crush no make threats me make promises but you no need to worry unless it was you who Rollcage injured."

The final mafioso was just outside the gates.

He had a com unit open.

"Black Shadow this is White Noise we've got a problem looks like the Bot's are raiding Coriolis' place. The defenses are on but it won't hold em for long they've sent the Dinobots."


Cudgel creeped across ther floor above Roadbuster trying to get a bead on him. When he thought his audio sensors had worked out the Wrecker's position. He swung his auto cannon down pointing at the floor and pulled the trigger marching the shells in lines up and down the sector he thought was occupied by the Autobot.

2008-03-28, 06:00 PM
(Maybe the computer will finally let me finish making a post......)

Don Coriolis' Estate:

Swoop: -still flapping his wings, staring incredulously at the flying lawyercon, over his private commlink- "Please do, Snarl."


Grimlock: -standing next to the shuttle, taking the situation in, looks over at Crush- "Not know who you are, stupid, but we not cause of problem. Whatever cause this in there." -points at the main house- "Slag! Sludge! Me not care how you do it, but me want hole in that building! NOW!!!!"

Sludge: -transforms to dino mode- "Right, boss." -starts lumbering forward towards the front doors of the main house-


Roadbuster: -almost to the wall panel in question- "Hell of a place for a panic roo-" -staggering as the ceiling above him explodes in autocannon fire, shells blowing the antenna off of his backpack, tearing into his ammo storage bins, kicked forward as the CASE vents the explosions, crashes into the panel face first, slides to the ground, rolls over-


Hot Rod: "No problem, Foxy. Have a good trip." -deposits Foxbat into the system-

2008-03-28, 10:02 PM
Don Coriolis

"me Crush beat Sludge , they hurt my friend , me get them first.

Crush transformed and raced parralel to Sludge aiming for the main door his bull bars gleaming.


Razorbill swooped down and landed in front of the 2 charging behemoths on top of an ornamental sculpture.

"Cease , desist, stop you have no permission to enter this property, this is an illegal search anything that you may find will not be admissable in court, that is to say should there possibly maybe be anything that may or may not be construed as evidence in any criminal actions future or potential then that item will have no legal standing.


Foxbat glides down the pipe swirling and eddying as he goes.


A med-evac helicopter settled on the road near the gates.


Call Out for that was the police mechs name strode up to Grimlock.

"Tell your troops to be careful i've got an undercover mech in there he's been working to bring down the Don."

2008-03-28, 10:09 PM
Where... where am I? Bumblebee looked around but all he could see was darkness. Am... Am I dead? Last thing I remember is putting the camera in the cell back together... and then... A sudden jolt ran through his body. I was hit by a bunch of electricity... Not exactly the death I would have imagined for me... But what am I supposed to do?

"You aren't dead." A figure spoke from the darkness.

I'm not? Bumblebee looked around. Who are you? Show yourself!

A figure representing his past self stepped out. "The name is Goldbug. I'm you, or at least a mental manifestation of you. You've made a lot of dumb mistakes, Bumblebee. I'm here to correct that."

What the hell are you going to do?

"You've lost yourself, Bumblebee. You've lost your code of ethics, your sense of right and wrong, and you have lost your touch with reality." Goldbug looked up. "I am offering you a chance to correct your mistakes."

I made no mistakes...

"You truly have gone insane..."

No... Listen to me, damnit. Bumblebee got up from the ground and walked toward Goldbug. I made NO mistakes. Bugbite had kidnapped me, and taken essential parts of my systems! He...

"He was NOTHING. You do not understand Bumblebee."

I don't understand? I've been unrightfully imprisoned in this hellhole

"But you agreed to being imprisoned."

For killing what I thought was Prime. THAT is the only reason I agreed.

"You did countless destruction in Prothiex, and probably killed hundreds. You might as well be a Decepticon."

Shut your damn mouth. Bumblebee walked up to Goldbug, picking up a shard of steel on the ground and held it to Goldbug's throat. Not another word. I've done what any person would have done. I defeated Bugbite. I solved the problem and prevented to further spreading of the Clone Armada and Bugbite's Mirror World. I've done more good then bad...

"But at what cost?" Goldbug spoke through his teeth. "Losing your respect in the Autobot Ranks? You disgust me."

I said not another DAMN WORD! Bumblebee slit the throat of Goldbug and pulled off his head.

"You know not what you've done..."

I know damn well what I've done. Everything is in the past... I'm just removing an unnecessary part of it...

Autobot Security Center- CR Chamber

Bumblebee awoke from the chamber, yet still inside of it, seeing Road Rage. "Let me out." He ripped the cords from his repaired body. "I need to speak to Prowl."

Lord Zarak
2008-03-28, 10:46 PM
Being talked to like that, even though he was used to it, drove Slag into a murderous rage. He barreled out of the shuttle at full speed. He noticed where Sludge was running and saw the building. Mid pace he transformed into his dino-mode with a thundering crash and sped up to full tilt straight at his targe.

"Meeee Slllaaaaag demolish!" he cried as he drew nearer and nearer.

2008-03-28, 10:51 PM
Don Coriolis' villa, basement

"No! No-no-no-no-NO!"

Camouflage's angry chant punctuated each movement as he sprang from one charred chassis to the next. Autodefenses were, like it said on the box, both automatic and designed for defensive purposes. So what the Pit had the Don been thinking of when he had this little lot installed? Repelling megamoles toting nitrogen blasters? Prevention of rising damp?

Those tiny, almost imperceptible nozzles set into the walls, floor and ceiling had spat molten murder over an even half-dozen of the Mafia hoods as they accessed the control room. The system could be monitored, augmented or closed from in there and, of course, the Don would have had mechs trained to handle any emergencies; as the twisted remains were fairly cool, Camouflage guessed they had died almost simultaneous with the attack in the villa above. The final defensive line had, somehow, taken out those very individuals who were supposed to run it...

'Do not procede,' he radioed Roadbuster. 'I've got me a really bad feeling about this!'

2008-03-28, 11:55 PM
Omega Supreme

Overdrive spotted Weasel lurking in the shadows. His camera lens reflecting the light

"Put the camera down and put your hands where I can see them."

2008-03-29, 12:18 AM
Omega Supreme, external

Weasel responded immediately to Overdrive's order.

He bucked the board round and fled.


It was initially blind panic. He had no idea where the shout had come from until he checked his scanners (he had been so intent he had ignored them, like that horrible time in Kaon...). At least, no one was on his tail and he could squeeze some speed out of this paltry CBC board if he had to. And he had the techniques of a street racer to call on.

2008-03-29, 06:17 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate

"You got it, buddy," Snarl told Swoop. Sheathing his sword, he drew his assault gun, aimed at Razorbill and opened fire. Against his better judgement, he fired a warning barrage just in front of the lawyercon's nose instead of just gunning him down on the spot.

"Next one's going up your exhaust port, medibot chaser. Now buzz off. This ain't a search, it's an assault!"

2008-03-29, 10:27 AM
Razorbill would have grinned if his beak had been designed that way.

"Assault is a crime punishable by law. If you damage myself in anyway you will be held criminally responsible. I am recording this incident and uploading the footage to my offices. Also this is not the first of such situation in which I have found myself I come equiped with a very useful forcefield generator for just these sort of situations. Although I will relocate my position as I fear one of your three misguided colleagues may accidentally squash me otherwise.

Razorbill flew off to a new perch on the roof of the building

The autodefenses ignoring him because of his IFF .


Turrets at either end of the house and above the main doorway opened up on the charging behemoths.



Nadir limped out of the factory gates. Worn out after a 20 hour shift.

It was long hard menial work but at least there was light and heat. Somethng that had been cut off in Nadir's flat the week before. He scuffed along the walkway lost in thought.

2008-03-29, 10:09 PM
Brawn hopped off the work bench and set down the large lifeless body of the Decepticon drone he was mounting. "Better be an opportunity to bash heads." Brawn replied to Prowl before transforming and heading to the mission briefing.


Sideswipe transformed and entered the building followed shortly after by Brawn.

2008-03-30, 06:10 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate

Snarl tracked Razorbill as he flew off.

I liked it better when we only had to worry about the Decepticons...

He fired another burst at the lawyer just for spite, then followed Sludge and Slag toward the building.

Autobase Briefing Auditorium

Crosshairs nodded politely to Brawn and Sideswipe, although truth be told he was a little cold toward the Lamborghini (OOC: Or is he a Viper now? Well, whatever, you know what I mean...). His twin's recent behaviour had cast Sideswipe in a negative light by association in Crosshairs' mind.

He placed his supply crate on the table at the front of the room, then waited for the rest of the unit to arrive.

Iacon Body Shop

It had only taken Hubcap a few seconds to choose his new colours, a garish combination that Clampdown decided was a perfect fit for the conmech.

Kingbolt, who has been outside scouting the area for potential assassins, popped his head into the room.

"Are we good?" Clampdown asked.

"We doth be ready," Kingbolt confirmed. "Our quest shall not fail."

Clampdown just shook his head. "Can't you for once talk like a normal person?"


2008-03-30, 07:39 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate:

Roadbuster: -optic band narrowing as he looks at the damage report scrolling across his HUD(assault rifle ammo: 0; shoulder cannon ammo: 0; spare grenades: 0; commlink offline, shoulder cannon offline), the damage indicators showing far more breaches in his armor than he'd like, muttering under his breath- "Nice try, creep." -aiming up at the holes in the ceiling with his linear blaster cannon, pulling the grenade launcher out of his leg holster, pulling the triggers on both, firing grenades and ion bolts at where he guesses Cudgel is-

Omega Supreme:

Wheeljack: -scowling at his commlink, pulls out a datapadd, makes some notes- "Go to my lab, get this equipment, and use it on Glyph. This should fix her problem."

Minerva: -takes the padd- "Okay. I think I recognize this....."

Maintenence Bay:

Hosehead: "What makes you think I can fix this?"

Chromedome: "Minerva's been teaching you, right?"

Hosehead: -shuffling- "Kind of...."

Chromedome: "So gibve it a shot. Or, if you can't, see if you can rig a replacement out of what's here."

Hosehead: "I dunno......"

Security HQ:

Nightbeat: -peers in through the CR chamber window- "Why?"

2008-03-30, 09:45 AM
Autobase Briefing Audotorium

Landfill clattered down the staors to the front.

Hi there Crosshairs Good Buddy."

Maintenance Bay

Doublecross peers round the doorway

Double surveys the parts bins

"Everything ok here yessss?"

Don Coriolis'

Cudgel staggers as the incoming fire rakes the room, shots crater his armour , a grenade blows off the tip of his left foot and he staggers. His Auto cannon is pulverised its ammo exploding. Off balance he falls forward on to the floor. The floor weakened by 2 firing passes collapses and tumbles downwards followed closely by Cudgel.


Chainclaw snuffles as he pads acros the briefing audotorium claws skittering on the deck plates.

2008-03-30, 08:08 PM
Bumblebee walked toward the glass, and looked at Nightbeat, making sure Road Rage wasn't in earshot. He leaned in and whispered.

"There is something he must know about the fight between me and Bugbite. Mainly about the BeeFang" He began to pace back and forth. "He needs to destroy that ship somehow. Everytime I was onboard I felt something there. Cameras, spyware, and the such. I never had the time to examine the place, but it needs to be destroyed."

2008-03-31, 01:25 AM
Autobase Briefing Auditorium

The door to the auditorium opened once more and a figure stood there in silhouette. Walking down the steps, the bulky, large form of Trailbreaker came into view and as he entered there was a smile on his faceplate. He walked over to the three Autobots and greeted them in his usual joking manner with, "hey fellas, heard there was a party going on here. So, who brought the Energon kegs?"

2008-03-31, 05:45 AM
Autobase Briefing Auditorium

Crosshairs waved to Trailbreaker and Landfill.

"I think that supplying the fuel was Prowl's job," he said wryly. "So don't get your hopes up." He opened his hands expansively to indicate both of his fellow Autobots. "So what have you guys been up to? I haven't seen either of you for months."

2008-03-31, 07:10 AM
Autobase Briefing Audiotorium

Landfill smiled at Crosshairs

"nothing that exciting Good Buddy, just some shifting and lifting. Ferrying supplies around to help rebuild this place."

2008-03-31, 12:12 PM
Autobase Briefing Auditorium

Trailbreaker smiled at Crosshairs and said, "Prowl, eh? Well you know the drinks wouldn't be good anyway, since he prefers those fembotty Energon-lite coolers. Some bots just can't hold their Energon." Of course, neither can I since I have to refuel so slaggin' much. I wonder if Prime had these problems. Hmmm...oh, oops. Gotta answer the question.

Trailbreaker continued, "what have I been doin'? Defending bots here and there that actually deserve being defended. Also been doing some downloadin' on defensive strategies. Decided to come here, despite not being called, because I need a break from the norm." He looks at Brawn and Sideswipe and says, "so how are the other happy camp-bots doing?" I wonder how Sunstreaker's been. I probably shouldn't ask since Sideswipe's been taking guff ever since the incident if what I heard is true. Poor kid. I'll wait till there's a more private moment. Chances are he may not know anything about Sunny.

Then, he looks at Crosshairs and asks, "and what have you been up to? Heard it's been mighty busy around here."

2008-03-31, 03:16 PM
The doors opened and Highbrow walked into the auditorium.

"Mind if I join the party?" He quipped as he the doors closed behind him. wow I've been hanging around Topspin with way too much frequency. His behavioral patterns are starting to rub off on me

2008-04-01, 12:53 AM
Autobase Briefing Auditorium

Trailbreaker turns to looks at Highbrow with a smile and says, "hey! How ya doin'? Pull up a seat and rest your servos for a bit before the meetin' starts."

2008-04-01, 01:55 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate:

Roadbuster: -rolling out of the way of the falling debris and body, creaks to his feet, wincing, holstering his now empty grenade launcher, pulls his laser rifle, limps over to Cudgel, looking at the scattered debris before settling the emerald green glare from his cracked optic band on Cudgel, aiming his linear blaster cannon at Cudgel's head- "Looks like it's your lucky day, pal. There's not enough left of your gun to make you eat it." -pulls linear blaster cannon's trigger-


Sludge: -running as fast as he can in dino mode(which, given his size, still isn't all that fast), falling behind-

Grimlock: -raising his rocket launcher, aiming at one of the turrets, fires- "Swoop! Hit other turret!"

Swoop: -winging over, diving down towards the other turret, firing-


Hot Rod: -hearing the charging and explosions- "Looks like the backup's arrived, Savage. I hope they leave somebody alive....." -spies Bells in the distance- "Maybe he can tell us what's going on."

2008-04-01, 07:24 AM
Don Corioli's

Cudgel swivels on the ground his head moving away from the aiming point . Sweeping his legs round in an attempt to kick Roadbuster's legs from under him


Savage glances over following Hot Rod's gaze .

"I'm suprised no ones noticed him."

2008-04-01, 11:59 AM
Briefing Auditorium, Autobase

When Prowl arrived at the auditorium, he strode in with poise. With datapad in hand, the commanding officer made his way down the steps to the the front of the room where a small podium stood before a large, round diagnostic auditorium projector.

He spotted Crosshairs on his way down and cordially nodded to him. “Ready, Deputy?” he asked quietly.

He turned his attention to the rest of the room, “All right everyone, please be seated,” Prowl announced as he made his way over to the stand.

Prowl waited until all optics in the room on him before he continued. “As most of you already know, over the past stellar cycle syndicate related activities have become a growing concern in Iacon. And that it will no longer be tolerated. In light of a recent and painstaking investigation directed by Crosshairs here, we now have a lead need to take down a foreman of Iacon’s Mafia cell, as well as most of his inner circle.”

Prowl pressed a button on the control panel on the projector, transmitting a large holographic image of the crime lord.

“With what information that was collected from a key witness in the investigation, we have been able to ascertain specific names, dates, and associated transactions. This is designation ‘Kingpin’. He is our primary quarry, along with his close associates.”

Prowl pressed the projector switch again.

“These are the registered blueprints for a datacard factory, located on the outskirts of the city-state on 1470 Nova Prime Avenue. We have reason to believe that this site has also been used as a front for this cell’s operations. The factory itself is legitimate, with an active workforce.”

Prowl magnified the image.

“This is where the administrative center is located. We suspect that this is where all the organization's operations are conducted. As you can see, though the administrative center is isolated from the rest of the building, there are possible escape routes. However, there are two main access points to the factory center, where the employees are stationed. One of our objectives is to sever that passage in order to place the work force into custody for their own protection and escort them out of the building. Civilian casualties must remain limited. I cannot emphasize that enough,”

Prowl optics narrowed slightly as he picked out who was present.


“I’m here, sir,” the Actionmaster raised his hand. “I’ve already uploaded a design automation of the factory’s security grid as requested.”

“Good. In order to carry out a dual maneuver without raising much suspicion from the administrative sector, Mainframe shall provide the necessary diversion required in order to establish and pre-position response teams around the factory. The IMR is also on standby in the event of casualties. Mainframe will upload a viral program into the building’s security grid, disabling it and the administrative center’s primary power, leaving us invisible to their systems. However, this will only provide us with a small margin of time to hopefully slip in undetected. We must respond quickly - the grid’s defensive protocols will eventually kick in. During that time, team call sign Nova will infiltrate the administrative center and barricade all access points to the rest of the building, then contain those within it. Team call sign Sentinel will secure the factory center and escort the employees out of the building.”

“Crosshairs will be my subcommander for this operation," he gestured to the Targetmaster. "Brawn, Sideswipe, Hot Spot, Fastlane, Cloudraker (OOC: along with some nameless ISS NPCs), you’re in Nova team. Highbrow, Landfill, Trailbreaker, Hoist, Wheeljack (OOC: along with some nameless ISS and IMR NPCs), you’re in Sentinel team. Understood?"

Power looked to his appointed deputy. "Crosshairs, take over.”

2008-04-01, 01:12 PM
Briefing Auditorium, Autobase

Silencer waved from his position by Landfill's feet

"I have an idea could Mainframe trip the factories fire alarm ? That way they will leave the building voluntarily. If Hot Spot switched teams he could lead a small group of us into the Factory in fire brigade logos while the rest of Team Sentinel waited concealed round their rendezvous. Maybe we could respray Sideswipe to look like Red Alert. Hot Spot's team could round up stragglers while the rest of us secure the main workforce."

2008-04-01, 02:33 PM
"This question applies to either scenario, but what are our orders if the civilians are non-compliant? Are we to remove them by force?" Highbrow asked Prowl.

2008-04-02, 12:22 AM
Briefing Auditorium, Autobase

Trailbreaker spoke up saying, "I kinda like the fire alarm idea. You could spray me up to look more like a firefighter bot. That way I could get in towards the back and protect any citizens with my forcefield. Someone else could plant some smoke-makers to make it look as though a fire broke out. At least the citizens will then see an actual, credible threat to their safety and would be more likely to leave willingly."

"It may also work to our advantage in flushing out Kingpin. If they get wind of a fire, they may try to escape kinda like flushing out the cyber-rats. We could then cover their means of escape and have them walk into our trap taking them out or down quickly and minimize possible casualties. Of course this is assuming they don't have a teleportation unit. Just a thought."

2008-04-02, 12:40 AM
"Well if they're not going to leave willingly, tickling and knock-knock jokes sure aren't going to work either." Sideswipe replied to Highbrow.

"Flushing them out won't do much good if the alarm is tripped before we get in. With no exists blocked, we may aswell give them all a free pass out of the province while we're at it." Brawn spoke up, "Sneak in and bash 'em up is the only real solution here."

2008-04-02, 01:47 AM
Briefing Auditorium, Autobase

Trailbreaker spoke once more, "I don't mind the sneakin' in and bashin' 'em part but I'm concerned about the whole 'place the work force into custody' deal. Someone is not gonna like that and might take issue with it, which could lead to resistance, which I think is the point Highbrow was makin'. What then? Stun them? Bash them? That oughta go over real well with the general populace even if we do capture or kill Kingpin. Primus (OOC: assuming there is Primus) help us if a citizen gets hurt or worse and Kingpin escapes. I've seen and served in too many cases where such a thing happened and it never ends well for the group that was just tryin' to do their job and stop the Big Bad. Even durin' the time Megatron was rising to power and we knew he was a credible threat." (OOC: hope that makes sense, taking a bit of a leap here. What the hell does OOC stand for anyway? Out of Ordinary Conversation?)

"There's gotta be sumthin' we can do to get the citizens to leave the grounds voluntarily. I'm assumin' Prowl's already checked knowin' him but for my own peace of processor--is there anythin' at all about the buildin' itself where we can pull some high-tech hijinks and get the workers to leave without arousing the targets' suspicions? Anythin' in the work schedules, safety checks, audits, or sumthin' that can be used to our advantage?"

2008-04-02, 02:18 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate:

Roadbuster: -lurching, his shot going wide, spinning, off balance, firing at Cudgel-


Hot Rod: "Well, let's go see what he can tell us." -transforms, making sure Savage is in his passenger compartment, floors it, engine roaring as he charges towards Bells-

Briefing Auditorium, Autobase:

Wheeljack: -comes in, looking around- "So... have I missed anything?"

Omega Supreme:

Minerva: -looking at the equipment listed on the padd- "Okay, Glyph, I need to go get this stuff. Think you'll be safe here alone, or do you want some company?"

Autobot Security HQ:

Nightbeat: "I'll relay your message, Bumblebee. Seems a shame, though. We might be able to study it. Think organic lifeforms would be in danger?"

2008-04-02, 05:35 AM
"I doubt it" Bumblebee said. "It's probably just cameras and other spyware. I figured you of all people might know what's going on, Detective. If there is nothing there, you might as well repair the damn thing and use it for Autobot purposes." Bumblebee leaned against the glass.

"You got a com system in here? I need to contact Prowl anyway to discuss terms of my release. I overheard there is a new mission going on... I'm also quite intrested in that..."

He looked around for Road Rage. "I wonder... Did my system ask any request while I was down? There is something I've been wanting to try out for a while... Reformating."

He sat down. "Ever since I was reformatted back into this form from Goldbug, It seems life when downhill. I've lost respect in the Autobot Ranks, I've lost everything I had. Reformating into this new form..." Bumblebee shown Nightbeat the new design, "Might be my last chance. A new start. Cleaning my plate of this whole Bugbite affair and realigning myself back with my Autobot Brothers."

Bumblebee muttered under his breath, "Plus I think this new form is totally Bad-freakin'-ass."

2008-04-02, 07:41 AM
Don Coriolis

Cudgel rolls towards Roadbuster under the arc of fire of the cannon struggling to his feet he goes to head butt Roadbuster in the chest.


Savage cautiously sticks his head out of Hot Rod's window


Crush impacts the front door of the Villa taking it out , plus about 4 feet of wall on either side , some of the first floor, parts of the roof, 2 ornamental statues, a hall table , a clock and a newel post. He skews to a halt with his nose nudged up against the wreckage of the main staircase.

"Crush no feel so good."

An autoturret located in the garden raked his trailer with laser fire.

2008-04-02, 07:55 AM
Autobase Briefing Auditorium

(OOC: Starting before Prowl's arrival, naturally. Needed to squeeze in the little character moment at the beginning. :) Oh, and OOC means Out Of Character, Civ. Don't worry, you're doing well so far.)

Crosshairs scoffed at Trailbreaker's description of Prowl's drinking prowess (or lack thereof). A voice in the back of his head reminded the ex-Targetmaster that the same description probably would have fit him only a few years ago, when Pinpointer was still alive. He'd only started to indulge with regularity afterwards, when...

No. Now is neither the time or the place for that. Concentrate.

Forcing his face to assume a semi-serious expression instead of the melancholy one that he knew would have been forming, he waved at the newly-arrived Highbrow before answering Trailbreaker.

"I've been doing a lot of work on the Space Mafia front since I moved over into Security," he said. "Smokescreen and Ironhide have been helping me, but they're off on a secret mission of some kind. We've finally got a good lead on Kingpin and his crew, and with a bit of help from you guys we're going to toss him and his top guys in a Spark prison for the next fifty vorns."

When Prowl arrived and started the briefing, Crosshairs nodded curtly and listened to what the mission commander had to say. When Prowl prompted him, he got up and moved to the lectern.

"As Prowl said, Kingpin is our primary target. It goes without saying that we want to take him alive if at all possible. Lethal force is authorized for this mission, but not recommended unless you judge it absolutely necessary."

The ex-Targetmaster tapped a button on his control console.

"Although Kingpin is the primary target, his is far from the only person we have warrants for. I'll run through some of the other top-level criminals we're hoping to capture."

The picture of a black and grey figure with the same body layout as Red Alert appeared on-screen.

"This is Rampart. He's a former ISS officer and a nasty piece of work. While he was on the force he was known for several high-profile incidents of police brutality and for trumping up evidence against suspects who eventually turned out to be innocent. We also suspect he leaked sensitive information to the Space Mafia on several occasions, more than once leading to the deaths of several loyal Autobots."

Crosshairs' voice caught for a moment, and he took a few seconds to collect himself. He tried to cover by pressing the button that brought up another image on the holo-display.

"This fine and upstanding citizen is called Breakneck. He's a triple-changer who Kingpin uses as a hired killer. He's wanted in connection with at least a dozen murders." The image changed again. "And this is Switchblade, the Iacon cell's head of security. He's been spotted in the newsfeeds recently, trying to slander the ISS and military security by planting stories that make us look bad. He tends to go by the alias Switchboard when he tries to go under the radar."

Crosshairs consulted his notes for a second, then continued. "Those three are considered secondary targets, but if we manage to sweep them up as well we'll make Command very happy. Everyone else we run into are to be considered third-tier targets. If they attack you, respond in kind. If not, treat them like civilians."

He gestured toward the weapons crate he'd brought with him. "That crate contains several prototype EMP blasters. They're designed to disable unruly targets without using potentially lethal force. I want all of you to take one. This is the first time they've been tested in the field, so any feedback you have on their usefulness will be appreciated." He glanced toward Highbrow. "If we run into non-compliant civilians, these should let us pacify them without causing permanent harm. We will have to detain them, though," he told Trailbreaker. "It's more than possible that some gangsters will try to pass themselves off as factory workers, and just as likely that some of the workers will have stumbled upon information that we might find useful. They'll be released as quickly as we can manage, though."

He shuffled his notes for a second, then addressed Silencer. "We'll talk about the technical details of the building's security grid in a second, but I agree that that may be our only option. But before we do that, are there any more questions?"

(OOC: Gah, need sleep. I'll post profiles for this batch of Mafioso by this time tomorrow so you know who you're fighting.)

2008-04-02, 01:31 PM
Autobase Briefing Auditorium

Before the meeting:

After Trailbreaker heard Crosshairs scoff, he replied, "Oh, come on, now. Don't tell me you're gonna get upset over a little joke like that. I yank everyone's servos now and again even Huffer and Prime's. Just ask Huffer about his optic circuits sumtime. If I didn't yank your servos that means I don't like ya. So come on, be happy. Anyway, awesome work on your investigation. We'll get that Kingpin spawn of a glitch and I'll be sure he gets more than just 50 Vorns."

OOC: Ok, thanks for the definition but as the frikkin' RPG newbie, what do the other acronyms stand for and should Trailbreaker know these?

During the meeting:

Trailbreaker replied, "I suppose that'll have to do. I still have reservations about that part but I can't offer any alternatives. Question though, once a bot is blasted by one of these things what will he/she look like while lying on the ground? Like they were offline or will their optics still flicker somewhat?" Prototype EMP blasters that haven't been field tested yet!? Primus! This could be trouble-and-a-half. If these bots blasted end up looking like they're dead, how are the others going to react gangsters or no in the crowd. We might have a full-scale mob on our hands if they think we killed them instead of temporarily disabled.

2008-04-02, 01:36 PM
Omega Supreme, internal

Glyph managed a tight laugh. "I can keep myself company, thanks," she said to Minerva with obvious irony. "But I would welcome Tracks' or Nightbeat's return."

Approaching the CBC Building

Hunching low, Weasel brought the board into the CBC docking bay and hovered, looking for somewhere safe and quiet to land. Naturally, he was spotted immediately by one of the groundies.

"Git yer sweet aft plating dhawn here, Wease!"

Weasel palmed his face and complied, talking in a completely reasonabe tone as he did so. "Now, look, Wiress... darling... I needed to get out for a bit, follow a hot sstory..."

"Nawt without askin' ta borrow the transport," Wires replied. She was a fairly burly, pale cream figure, although dark engineering oil stains made her look piebald; not for the first time did Weasel wonder why she had never repainted a darker colour. "That's shure gonna drop y'awl in the smelt."

"The board iss in the perfect condition you had maintained it in..."

"Ah'm shure it is, so youhre gonna git outta mah sight alhive, but Cooper is on youhre case."

2008-04-02, 01:44 PM
Autobase Briefing Audotorium

Chainclaw snuffled thoughtfully.

"I have to agree with Trailbreaker, I think there's a better way to do this, I'd like some medical staff if possible. We can claim that there's a possibility they've been contaminated, some kind of dangerous chemical breached by the fire and need to be decontaminated at the hospital. We put on coaches and ship them out. Fit the coaches with some kind of gas dispenser if they kick off we gas the whole coach knock em out. They'll be easy to control in small numbers. Process them at the other end coach by coach. What do you think."

2008-04-02, 07:30 PM
-----------Autobase Briefing Audotorium----------

Hoist picked up the blaster and spended few minutes examined it."EMP blaster? Not tested yet? Well sure worth a try and aim for the head and chest then or we could just test it right now.... any spare drones 'round here?"

The green mech then turned to Chainclaw. "The high ranking mob probably see through our plan and already gone when we get there and how are we gonna seperate the gangster from the civilian?"

----------Hill, away from the factory----------

Rosdos with hi-power spyglasses on his sides spying the factory from afar.
He then briefly turned to another machine near him. "Prowl I'm sending visual."

2008-04-02, 09:01 PM
Autobase Briefing Auditorium

(OOC: No prob, Civ. ISS = Iacon Security Service. They're basically the Autobot police. EMP = Electro-Magnetic Pulse. I'm not sure which others we use with regularity, but feel free to ask if something confuses you. Trailbreaker should know 'em, yeah. :))

Crosshairs gave Trailbreaker a nod of approval. "Good question. If someone's been shot with one of these, they should look completely non-functional, but a quick sensor scan will show that they're still alive. In theory, after one or two hits with these guns a Transformer will be unconscious for at least six hours unless medics intervene and wake him up earlier."

He turned to Chainclaw. "I'm afraid Hoist is right. We'd be tipping off the Mafia members who manage the place. A quick visual inspection will show them that none of their chemical tanks are leaking, and they'll know to either dig in and prepare for a fight or turn tail and run." He frowned slightly, thinking. "Now, if we can find a way to actually trigger a chemical leak that would be a different story, but I would worry about endangering the workers in that situation. Between Hoist, your own field medicine training and whoever the IMR can spare, we should be able to treat any resulting injuries, but if we seriously hurt or kill anyone we'll never hear the end of it. Ideas?"

2008-04-02, 09:12 PM
"Couldn't Trailbreaker's forcefield control where the chemicals went? It would produce the required result, a genuine leak, but should not injure anyone as long as Trailbreaker was careful." Highbrow said to Crosshairs.

2008-04-02, 11:40 PM
Briefing Audiotorium

Landfill interjected

"Well good buddies what we've got here is a good idea. We just need to think of a plausible reason to evacuate them to another location. What about we say theres been a bomb threat?"

CBC Building

Transmission cocked his head as he recieved a message.

"It looks like we've got a big story going down in the 'burbs some Mafioso's villa is under siege, but without Catady we've got no on screen talent."


Inside Omega

Transmission looked over at Minerva

" I think we need to her to a hospital, she doesn't look good."

2008-04-03, 12:27 AM
Autobase Briefing Auditorium

Trailbreaker added, "I agree with Hoist about testin' the EMP blasters first to make sure they do what they're supposed to. There could be a difference between what theoretically happens and what it actually does."

He continued, "as for the subtlely getting the citizens out of there, a bomb threat could send everyone into panic mode. The leak idea is more subtle and while I could control it with my forcefield, would they be able to detect what I'm doing from the energy output or something that Wheeljack explained to me one time? Mainframe, any ideas? And...you know, I just thought of this and it sounds really stupid but what about a hologram? Those seem to work remarkably well for whatever reason."

2008-04-03, 12:40 AM
"That would fool their optics, but would it fool their sensors?" Highbrow asked in regards to Trailbreaker's idea.

2008-04-03, 12:55 AM
"Holograms, fake-leaks, fake-bombs. Why don't we just use fake guns and fake grenades too." Brawn sneered.

"If we want to scare 'em out so bad, just block the exits the mob-boys are going to go for and have Brawn start bringing the house down. Legit reason to evacuate them, and it'd funnel the Mob guys into any sort of trap Prowl has planned." Sideswipe suggested.

"Oooor, we could do what the original plan was. I don't see what you nancy-bots are so worked up about. Move in, detain everyone in the factory. It's not like you have to slag them. There's a reason you guys are on the team that gets the easy civilian work." Brawn replied again.

2008-04-03, 02:19 AM
Autobase Briefing Auditorium

Trailbreaker thought to himself silently while pondering other possibilities to get the civilians out, "heh heh heh...typical Sideswipe and Brawn. Ah well. Hmmm...personal file to self: the next time Brawn shuts down for repair/recharge, paint him pink and get some bots, in on the joke, to 'mistakenly' call him "Arcee" and see how he reacts. If we get Prime to play along, that would be fraggin' awesome."

2008-04-03, 08:17 AM
Autobase Briefing Auditorium

"The problem with that, Highbrow is that we would somehow have to get Trailbreaker inside before we trigger the leak. He is many things, but 'nondescript' isn't one of them. His body type is a fairly common one in the Autobot forces and he might raise some suspicions if he showed up right before a dangerous chemical leak." Crosshairs shifted positions a bit so he could address Landfill.

"If it was just a matter of evacuating the civilians that would be enough, but we need to question them a bit about their employers. Intelligence suggests that there are quite a few illegals working at the factory, most of whom would simply disappear if their bosses were arrested. If we do evacuate them on a pretext, it would have to be an en masse movement to a secure location. A chemical leak works nicely because they would have to be quarantined until we could be sure no one had been contaminated."

He tried to address Trailbreaker's concerns next. "I've personally tested the blasters under all types of conditions in the weapons lab, and they seem to work fine. I've even let one of the tech staff shoot me with them, and its an experience I'd rather not repeat but one that I definately survived."

Crosshairs turned to Highbrow again, answering his second question. "That's where you come in. If we can fake a disaster that will get the factory workers out and get our people in, we're going to be relying on your electronic warfare training to screen our real activities while we're inside from their sensors. And if, as Brawn and Sideswipe suggest, we have to go in by force, we're going to need to screen ourselves from their scanners on the way there and for as long as it'll take Mainframe to disable their security grid. Will you be able to do it?"

2008-04-03, 03:02 PM
"I believe so" Highbrow answered Crosshairs. " If you can generate a reasonable hologram, I can commandeer their sytem, make it believe what we want it to believe, in this case, that their is a leak, and broadcast what we want it to say to the building."

"As for jamming their signal and getting us to the location undetected, I usually only have enough power to jam a small area, say for myself, and 3 others, but perhaps with Wheeljack's help, he can boost the area, enabling me to hide the whole group in my jamming screen while en route. That should be enough to get us there undetected."

"Addressing the individuals inside, my sensors should be able to tell how many bots are in the building, who all has left, and where they might be hiding, as long as there are not more advanced means of counteracting it available to them, sir. Doing all of these activities at once will be fairly processor intensive though, pushing even my advanced electronics suite to the max."

2008-04-03, 09:37 PM
CBC building, canteen

"That was so the most disgusting cup of corrosive chemical fallout I have ever tasted," said Transcan with feeling. "Heh, let's have another."

The canteen was not the most salubrious of places. It may not be as bad as some other refueling establishments, but it tried - oh, how it tried. What it really lacked was the potential slum bars had for entertainment other than mere verbal insults, however colourful, offered to the staff concerning the 'subsidised' prices.

"Ya wanna go tell the old boiler that top-ups are fer free, Transmission?"

2008-04-04, 01:05 AM
Trailbreaker ponders for moment, "well they'll live through it so that's the most important thing though that doesn't mean the end of it. Someone's bound to sue for any possible damage -- real or imaginary for some extra spendin' ability or claim wrongful assault or a number of other things. Slag...but there's no point in drawin' this out." After breaking off his thoughts, "alright. I'm still leary of usin' 'em but it's the best we have at the moment."

Trailbreaker then looked over at Highbrow and Wheeljack and asked inquiringly, "will my jammin' equipment be of any help to you two?"

Aero Blade
2008-04-04, 06:19 AM
Autobot Security HQ

Unsure of their own feelings on the situation, Hound, Spike, and Dirge had settled into a corner of the security station to simply listen in on what was going on while Hound and Spike rested up. Eventually their attentions were turned a different direction as the door openned and another bot entered.

"Ultra Magnus, good to see you sir," Hound called out, standing up to respectfully greet their commander, and in fact a bit suprized to see him abe to escape the confines of his office with the latest happenings. "Finally had a break in the redtape?"

"Something to that degree, but more of needing to attend to certain matters," Magnus answered, directing his attention in Nightbeat's direction. "I came in to get an update on the situation as it currently stands for your group."

2008-04-04, 07:28 AM
Autobase Briefing Auditorium

"Excellent," Crosshairs replied to Highbrow. "Between yourself, Trailbreaker and Wheeljack, you should be able to at least lower the chance of detection to an acceptable level. The precise technology involved is detailed in the briefing package I sent to each of your datapads, if you would like to consult it. In general, we know that they have a very high-tech video and audio setup inside the factory itself, as well as precision scanners on all the entrances to make sure no one smuggles weapons in or steals from them. They also have a long-range sensor suite, but we're not quite sure of its capabilities."

He turned his attention to Trailbreaker. "Just so I'm clear, the EMP blasters are an absolute last resort. If anyone gets shot with them, it'll be because they're resisting arrest. If I find out that a single civilian was shot without cause they're going to end up sharing a cell with Bumblebee." He tried to smile but knew it didn't look quite as genuine as it should. "I know it's not an ideal solution, but right now that's the best we can do."

Glancing down at his notes, the ex-Targetmaster shrugged. "That's about all we know right now. One word of warning, though: the factory itself may prove to be more dangerous than the Mafia thugs guarding it. There is a lot of dangerous equipment in there, so watch your step."

The Border Region

Whirl frowned up at the building that Gearbox had lead him to.

"This place? Are you sure?"

"I know it doesn't look like much," the down-and-out mech told him, "but trust me, it's a Metacarpus hideout." He was quiet for a few moments before asking, "What's the plan?"

"Right now," Whirl told him, "the plan is to watch and wait. We'll see who comes and goes for a while before we try to get inside."

2008-04-04, 07:35 AM
Maintenance Bay

Doublecross stuck his heads round the doorway

"ah there you are , I've got a package for Chromedome arrived in the post today."

2008-04-04, 09:31 AM
Autobase; Briefing Auditorium

Thank you, Rosdos," Prowl said over his built-in com-link. "I shall review it momentarily." Prowl returned his focus to the briefing session, which, to Prowl's delight, Crosshairs was handling quite well.

"I would fully endorse this newer strategy if evacuation procedure is timely and efficient. Though convincing factory staff of a staged concern may conflict with our time frame, lest we raise unwanted suspicion," Prowl added.

"However, as Crosshairs has stated, we are not entirely clear on their sensory tech, and supposition could prove to be dangerous in this case. Probability that this charade goes by undetected does not sit well with me, and I will not endorse a maneuver that could potentially harm those we serve to protect. Though this is certainly not ideal, we must be prepared to resort to force if all does not go according to plan."

The Internecion: Part 9

Border Regions

~Present time~

Above the seedy district, several ISS helicopters and surveillance crafts scour the region below. ISS presence has recently become notable, in light of recent syndicate related activity, in particular four sites where strange and mysterious chemical explosions had transpired.

Unknown to the ISS patrolling the area, The Metacarpus and Tzai conflict was finally coming to its violent conclusion. As ISS patrol crafts circle the neighborhoods below, a dark blue helicopter with copper rotor blades enters the airspace. Its flight pattern appearing unremarkable to the discerning ISS officer as it followed ISS flight procedure.



“It would seem that the ISS has taken notice of our disagreement,” Banzaitron told Blades. “Commonly, the ISS or Autobase government pay little mind to the activities within the Border Region, scorning its inhabitants and infrastructure. They have forsaken it."

He narrowed his optics.

"Hmmph, no doubt this 'compassionate' demonstration does not seek to acquire justice, only the public’s approval. Nevertheless, the utmost stealth is necessary, my pupil. You are still outfitted with ISS tech and clearance, as their scanning equipment shall be able to distinguish. You will be streamed a clearance code from an ISS officer in our employ who is of a similar make, as well as the coordinates of Pollex’s whereabouts. Utilize them. Follow ISS procedure until your reach your quarry. Then, my delegate, you shall distribute justice, for that is the true ambition of The Tzai.”


~Present Time~

As instructed, Blades followed ISS procedure impeccably. Gradually, he deviated from his path, until he hovered several hundred feet above a non-descript storehouse.

“…kkrrrkk…Pilot 12618, you have deviated from your path,” a voice said over Blades’ com-link. “Resume your fixed course...kkrrrkk…”

“This is Pilot 12618. I am investigating activity in…No wait, false alarm. It’s just a commercial freighter,” Blades said -- and rather convincingly. As he did so, he launched a small scanning device onto the roof of the building. “I am resuming my flight path, over.”

“Carry on….kkrrrkk.”

Equipped with Blades’ energy signature, the device scanned his alternate mode, creating an enhanced simulacrum avatar around the real model, as he hovered over the building. Transforming into his primary mode, Blades quickly phased through the ghostly image of himself as it moved upwards, acting out a short ranged flight path. It was programmed to self-destruct in five minutes.

Blades nimbly landed on the storehouse roof, stood up, and in a flash, quickly concealed his presence.



“…It is an oath that I shall not forget, nor fail to reward,” Banzaitron told Blades. “You have once been led astray, Blades, but no more. Submit to the Tzai with all your spark, and with it, you shall be able to dispense justice, my delegate. That is your code.”


~Present time; Inside the Storehouse~

“Gah! DAMN HIM!” Pollex yelled.

He sat at table, holding a shot glass in one hand, a bottle of some neon hued brew in the other. Before him was the small box containing the fingers of the four now deceased lords of the Metacarpus, sent courtesy of Banzaitron. Pollex quickly took a shot, then refilled his glass.

“Quintus, Medius, Secondus, Anularis….dead. That sparkless spawn of a glitch…He believes he has won…” he stopped midway when he noticed the whines of police sirens echoing in the distance. “…And now the fraggin' ISS is involved. Ngggh, Banzaitron…Axer…They’ll all pay for this!”

“Take it easy, boss,” a nearby thug said. “I think you’ve had enough.”

“I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough!” Pollex snapped, throwing the bottle in his guard’s general direction, but landing nowhere near him.

“Please calm down, sir,” his goon said consolingly. “Look, the transport will arrive here shortly and this will all be over. You’ll see.”

“The transport isn't coming,” Blades’ voice ominously interjected.

Suddenly the storehouse came to life, as Pollex’s available hands circled him, guns aiming and clicking in the direction of Blades’ approaching boot steps.

“I am a agent of The Tzai and I have come to take your life, Pollex.”

To be concluded in Part 10….yeah, I lied last time.

2008-04-04, 01:34 PM
Peacekeepers Inc

Thud (or Thunk) walked over to one of the decorative, abstract panels lining the foyer walls and peered at it closely. He was quickly joined by Thunk (or Thud), who performed exactly the same scrutiny.

The receptionist grew nervous. Were these monsters suspicious? The surveillance camera was concealed within one of the panels...

Delicately, a huge finger was lifted to trace a design and then the twins gave a stereo grunt of approval before moving to the next panel.

2008-04-04, 08:46 PM
(OOC: Aero Blade, considering Nightbeat is in the room where BB is at, I assume it's fair game to converse)

He looked at Nightbeat real quick. "Nightbeat! Screw the reformatting."

Bumblebee perked his head up when he saw Ultra Magnus enter the room. He got as close to Magnus as he could from the confines of the CR Chamber. "Big Bot?! You gotta help me! I'm stuck here in this damn prison under a technicality. I know that I didn't kill Prime and you know that as well. All the damage in Prothiex that was from the Bugbite battle was an accident of war!"

"I've been cooped up in here far too long, sir. If there is any missions available I would love to be given permission to join sir."

2008-04-05, 03:47 AM
The Internecion: Final Chapter

Border Regions, Nondescript Storehouse

The large room in the storehouse began to strobe and flash as eight of Pollex’s entourage fired at Blades. Sprinting straight into the incoming fire, Blades quickly ducked and weaved through the laser salvo.

He deftly landed kneeling before one, drove both palms into the lower mid-section of the goon causing the torso section to rupture. Blades then lunged into the neighboring attacker, elbowing the rifle out of his hand then delivered a swift array of punches into his opponents face, causing it to explode. Swiftly moving onto the next, Blades drove two tightened fingers into the wrist of another attacker, puncturing straight through, then drove his fingers through the linkage in the goon’s neck.

“No!” Pollex cried. "Keep that monster away from me!"

He stumbled backwards in his seat as he attempting to flee. As he darted towards an exit, Blades, still single handedly warding off two more guards, noticed this from the corner of his optic. With his free hand, he quickly unsheathed a rotor and flung it at the escaping Pollex, the rotor spinning like a boomerang. With startling precision, the blade made contact through Pollex’s back, severing the primary autonomic circuitry that facilitates his lower section. Pollex flopped helplessly to floor, his legs now paralyzed from the attack.

As the remaining thugs fell apart around him, until the last dropped to the storehouse floor, Blades menacingly approached Pollex’s body. Reaching into a small container on his waist, Blades produced a handful sanitize tablets (or ID trashcans), and tossed them behind him onto the bodies of the eight offline bodyguards. The compounds of the sanitization chemicals immediately went to work, breaking down the bodies as it emitted an eerie blue glow.

“…Nnggh…N-no! Keep away from me,” Pollex pleaded as he futilely slid his partially limp body towards the exit.

Blades placed his boot onto the top of Pollex’s cranium. Gripping onto the hilt of the blade protruding form Pollex’s back, he quickly yanked it out. As Blades held the rotor above Pollex’s body, preparing to delver the killing blow, he continued to recall Banzaitron’s voice just as he drove the blade downwards.

“….Submit to the Tzai with all your spark, and with it, you shall be able to dispense justice, my delegate. That is your code.”


“Justice,” Blades sadly muttered.

The deed was done. The Metacarpus order was over.



After seeing to Pollex’s body - via an ID trashcan - Blades prepped the building for sanitation. After setting up the sanitation bomb, he made his way to the exit.

On foot, Blades left the storehouse, casually sauntering down the sidewalk of the Border Regions neighborhood. He wanted to be a safe distance from the building before reverting to helicopter mode, or setting off the detonator, lest he raise ISS suspicion.

Along the way, he espied Whirl and Gearbox in his peripheral vision. What they were doing in the neighborhood, Blades did not know, nor did he care, thus paid no heed to them as he walked past.

When Blades was several blocks away, he transformed into helicopter mode, unmasked his energy signature and opened a frequency on an ISS channel.

“This is pilot 12618. All clear in this sector,” Blades said over his com-link. “I'm ending my programmed rotation. Pilot C-0028 is scheduled for the next rotation. I am heading back to ISS HQ. Over.”

“Very well….kkrrrkk.”

As Blades left Border Regions airspace, entering Iacon’s center, he deleted the fraudulent ISS clearance code and ID, then changed his flight path, plotting a course to the Tzai Industry Holdings building downtown.

Away from prying ISS sensors, Blades set off the detonator, igniting the bomb he planted. The storehouse went up in a fiery chemical blaze.

2008-04-05, 07:26 AM
Autobase Briefing Auditorium

Crosshairs nodded along with Prowl. "I'm afraid he's right, guys. Unless we can increase the odds of success for your proposal, we'll have to stick with the original plan."

The Border Region

Whirl frowned as the blue and copper helicopter flew overhead, then landed atop the Metacarpus building.

"You know him?" Gearbox's question was posed in a casual tone of voice, but Whirl took quite a while before answering.

"I don't know," the Wrecker said at last. "Maybe. He looks quite a bit like an Autobot I've met a few times, but if it's him he's changed his colour scheme since we last met."

"You're telling me that an Autobot just went in there?"

"Maybe," Whirl told him. "I'm not quite sure."

"Well, lets find out." Gearbox rose up from behind their cover and strode purposefully toward the storehouse's front entrance.

"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like? I'm going in there and I'm asking questions." Gearbox continued to walk forward. "You coming?"

Whirl moved to follow him, but as he did so he caught sight of the mysterious Blades-like figure walking out of the building, transforming and flying off. A bad feeling started to grow in his combustion chamber.

"This is a bad idea," he told Gearbox. "Get back here right now."

"Pfft," Gearbox glanced back at him with a disgusted expression. "I thought you Wreckers were supposed to be constantly oiled up and ready to go. Never thought I'd meet one who was all talk and no-"

His last words were drowned out as the building disappeared in a fiery cloud.

Whirl instinctively ducked, protecting himself from the inferno. He knew, however, that Gearbox hadn't been so lucky. When the blaze died down, he only had to take one look at the smaller Transformer's blackened lump of a carcass to know that he was beyond help.

"Oh, that is just it!" the Wrecker snapped. "I don't care what is going on or why, I'm finding whoever is responsible for this slagging mess and pulling their limbs off one at a time!" His voice dropped to an icier, more dangerous tone. "And I know just where to start looking..."

2008-04-05, 03:49 PM
Briefing Audiotorium

Landfill nodded

"If we do trigger the fire alarm the majority will either think its a real fire or a drill in either case they'll evacuate. Lets not complicate it any further. The innocent will tend to evacuate , anyone with any suspicions will stay behind. I think thats the best option , at least we will get them into the open , an assault on a large factory building full of potential innocents, would be a nightmare , too much cover and they're on home ground."

2008-04-05, 11:10 PM
Don Coriolis' Estate:

Roadbuster: -staggering backwards, attempting to smash the stock of his laser rifle across Cudgel's head-


Hot Rod: "Jump, SAVAGE!!!!" -transforming, changing his charge into a leap at Bells-


Grimlock: -charging towards the shattered front doors, firing at the garden turret with his rocket launcher-

Sludge: -smashes through the wall next to the shattered front doors-

Exterior, Omega Supreme:

Tracks: -having come to the conclusion that a life in the security forces isn't for him(a decision helped along by the fact that he and his sister get along about as well as the Dinobots follow orders), slips out the door of the HQ, starts to walk away-

Minerva: -leaning out of Omega Supreme's hatch- "Hey, Tracks! Got a few minutes?"

Tracks: -shrugs- "Well, I need to get my rims rechromed, but I can do that later. What's up?"

Minerva: "Can you come in here? I need a hand with something."

Tracks: -comes up the ramp- "What do you need a hand with?"

Minerva: -points at Glyph- "Keep her company. I can fix her problem, but I need to get some stuff. I also need to run Catady over to the Medlab."

Tracks: -sighs in relief- "I was afraid it was going to be difficult. So far, nothing's happened to ruin my finish. It's like waiting for the other shoe to drop. Sure, I'll do it."

Minerva: "Thanks." -looks over at Catady- "Now how am I supposed to carry her..... Hmmm.... I wonder if I've got any bungee cords......."

Maintenence Bay:

Chromedome: -looks over at Doublecross- "Package? What package?"

Hardhead: "I told you not to join the Bolt of the Month club."

Hosehead: -running a scanner over Chromedome's damaged backup buss bar- "Don't say that. This month's bolt has Moby Dick printed on it. Complete with a foreward by Gregory Peck."

Chromedome: "I didn't join....." -scratches head- "But that's..... Who would....." -sighs- "Life was simpler on Master Star......"

2008-04-05, 11:31 PM
Sideswipe shook his head at Landfill. "If you set off a fire alarm, why would the shady ones stay? If it were that simple we'd just walk into every shady energon pub on the planet and set off the alarm to catch the guilty ones."

2008-04-06, 12:19 AM
Trailbreaker turned to Wheeljack and Highbrow, "well guys, should we get to it and see what can be put together?"

2008-04-06, 10:49 PM
CBC Building

He scurried through the maze of corridors, lugging the camera box with head down. No one paid him much attention; he was Weasel, after all...

Reaching his small operations room, he slipped inside and magnalocked the door with a huge sigh of relief. Now, he just had to experience the horrible anticipation for Cooper's inevitable knock. But he did have something sweet to keep him going.

Weasel set about unpacking the camera and downloading his shots. Most of the VO was poor quality, pretty much as he expected, but he only needed it for reference and digitally extracted the track to a holding file. It took instants to boost and tidy up Nightbeat's speech while running the visual recording through a resolution programme ready for editing.

Editing was Weasel's speciality. There had been sufficient lawsuits brought against the CBC to prove it.


Transcan took stock of the damage to his systems. It was not serious, but his magnetic capabilities would be reduced by 40% until he got his electroloop sorted. "Hey, buddy!" he said as Transmission put a second cup seething in front of him. "Ya look a million miles away. Ya didn't even argue with Checkout when he made you cough up good shrannix for this. What's wrong? Ah, who'm I kidding - it's Catady, ain't it?"

2008-04-06, 10:49 PM
Don Coriolis

Cudgel reeled as the stock thudded into his cranium. Sinking to his knees he scrabbled in the rubble and finding part of the ceiling , he brought the girder up in an attempt to smash Roadbuster's knees.


Savage grumbling under his breath leapt for the nearest cover.


Bells shook his head and looked up as he heard a noise

"A Savage what??"

His optics widened in suprise as he saw the onrushing Hot Rod

He threw his arms up defensively.


Maintenance bay

Double looked at Cross, Cross looked at Double.

"Slagged if we know it just turned up with the rest of the mail."

Cross nodded

"Here you go Hossssssehead, SSircular, circular, Scanner's Digest, Bill, package from Nebulos."


Transmission shook his head

" I can't help worry about her, she was um is so vital and alive it just not right seeing her like that."

2008-04-06, 11:14 PM

"Yes." Transcan stared gloomily into his cup and remembered those little things that meant Catady to him - temper, fangs, claws; professionalism, support, friendship. He had been there with the others when she was brought in for urgent, life-saving repairs and never, never forgot it...

Aero Blade
2008-04-06, 11:47 PM
Autobot Security Center

"I'm afraid it's not that simple," Ultra Magnus spoke, turning his attention towards Bumblebee. "With all of the recient events, yours and others, we simply can't toss this to the wayside and attempt to pretend that it never happened. There are a great many people that need reassurances that we are doing our jobs, and the bugbite incident in particular has caused a very precarious situation. I have the unfortunate task of delivering the news that you will have to face trial for the incident."

"Now before you become too worried, know that this is the only way we can assure your own good," Ultra Magnus said in a calm tone, not once breaking eye contact with Bumblebee. "As I said before, there are far too many people stirred up over the incident, and if we do not appear to do anything about it, there are a great many others who will be tempted to take matters into their own hands. By conducting this trial, found to be guilty or not, it will appease the majority of those who are upset with you. If found guilty, proper consequences will be administered and there will be no reason for other parties to act - alternatively, if you are found innocent, then they will either be satisfied or will not be able to act without taking reprocussions themselves. I'm afraid it is the only way."

2008-04-07, 12:11 AM
"I have no problem with that, Big Bot." Bumblebee spoke. "But I better have a good lawyer for show. I'm innocent, but it won't hurt to have one."

"And I kind of meant out of this CR Chamber. It's getting kind of stuffy."

2008-04-07, 06:45 AM
Autobase Briefing Auditorium

Crosshairs sighed. "I'm afraid Sideswipe is right, Landfill. We can't take the chance that some of the criminals might sneak out alongside the civilians." He crossed his arms. "Consider this topic closed until the Trailbreaker and the techies can tell us some more about the technical feasibility of what we've discussed. What I'd like from the rest of you are tactical suggestions. For the moment, assume the worst -- we have to storm the building unaided. I've sent the blueprints to all of your datapads. What would be the best way to get in, complete our objectives and get out again in one piece?"

Don Coriolis' Estate

Snarl followed Sludge through the crumbling hole in the wall that the latter had just created.

2008-04-07, 02:56 PM
"I am ready when you are Trailbreaker. Permission to leave the briefing and work on our side of the problem, sir?" Highbrow asked Crosshairs.

2008-04-08, 02:10 AM
Trailbreaker replied, "I'm ready. Hey, Crosshairs, mind if we get to work?"

2008-04-08, 03:54 AM
Autobase Briefing Auditorium

"Yes, do that," Crosshairs told Trailbreaker. "You can use the adjoining monitor station. It should have all the equipment you need to sketch out a plan. Keep a comm channel open to the rest of the briefing, though."

2008-04-08, 05:18 AM
Omega Supreme:

Minerva: -transforms, tossing her helmet onto the transector's passenger seat as she gets out, popping the trunk and rooting around- "I've got to clean this out at some point......." -tossing papers, old soda cans, and various other odds and ends(including a rubber duck) over her shoulder before finally pulling a set of bungee cords out- "Okay. While I can take Catady to the medbay, she's gonna have to ride coach. After all, this is a Porsche, not a conversion van."

Maintenence bay:

Hosehead: "Bill? Why would I get any bills? Or mail for that matter? My Nebulos is in an alternate timeline."

Chromedome: -taking his package and shaking it- "You know what they say. The IRS can find you anywhere."

2008-04-08, 06:55 AM

Transmission cocked his head as he recieved an incoming message.

"Looks like its all kicked off in Polyhex they want someone to cover the story, shall I say we can't with our reporter out of action?"


Maintenance Bay

Double nodded

"mossst of it's junk mail everybody getssss that, Once you get on a mailing lisssttt theres no sstopping them.

Cross nodded too

"If you're from an alternate timeline maybe they're meant for the Hosehead from thiss timeline what happened to him??"

2008-04-08, 10:32 PM
CBC Building, canteen

"Shall we say we can?" Transcan grinned widely and one optic winked off for a moment. "I need repairs and we both need recharge, Transmission, but the show must go on! Or it's going on and we're a-missing it! Catady wouldn't like that..."

He toasted his much larger friend and then took a gulp of the steaming (let's call it politely) liquid in his cup...

Weasel's Workroom

"It'ss good, oh yessss!" Weasel whispered to himself, reviewing what he had so far. "Jusst a few tweakss and it'll be a massterpiece! Sspinnet wass ssuch an interessting character, but I wissh I could track down hiss murderer'ss ident. Why'ss it returning 'deceassed lisst' every checkrun?"

Omega Supreme, internal

By mutual consent, Glyph and Enkryption stood upright. Her visor showed golden glows, but he spoke, "Tracks! How good to see you!"

"Ignore him," Glyph said an instant later, optics going blue. "He is upset that my programmes have presidence." She passed a shaking hand over her face and her optics turned gold again. "How long do we have to wait to be separated? This is uncomfortable."

Don Coriolis' villa, basement

Camouflage had been stymied by the door protection system. He was never one to give up, but this had him well and truly flummoxed. There was something - or someone - in there under intense protection, which even the Don's mechs were unaware of until they tried to get in and activate the villa defenses. He was also becoming concerned not to have heard from Roadbuster in a while and thinking that he had already been the victim of some similar trap.

"This so ain't good," he muttered, reluctantly walking away and beginning to think of activating his emergency beacon for Call Out to come and help. 'Roadbuster? D'you copy'

2008-04-09, 02:46 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate:

Roadbuster: -commlink still damaged, toppling as the i-beam slams into his knees, crashing down onto his back, swinging his linear blaster cannon up, firing at Cudgel-


Hot Rod: -tackling Bells- "You're not going anywhere, buddy!"


Grimlock: -storming into the hole, looking around- "Sludge, take first floor. See what you can find. Swoop, go with Sludge. Slag, Snarl, with me. We go up."

Swoop: -transforming and landing, coming in through the hole, looks over at Crush- "What about him?"

Grimlock: "Medics can help him when medics can get to him. To do that, have to shut down defense grid. Me hope somebody in house have way to turn it off." -starts up the stairs-

Omega Supreme:

Tracks: "It's good to the the.... er..... both of you?" -shrugs- "It'll be over soon. Any idea what they're going to do to seperate the two of you?"


Wheeljack: "I'm ready when you guys are."

Maintenence Bay:

Chromedome: "We wondered the same thing. Minerva said the best description seemed to have been this. Watch Sliders. The good ones."

Hosehead: -shrugs- "I'm still trying to figure out why your Nebulans are green......"

2008-04-09, 06:32 AM

Transmission lifted his glass

"lets do it for Catady."


Don Coriolis'

Cudgel dodges to one side and the shot merely wings him hitting him a glancing blow on the chest scouring away his armour exposing a small patch of wires and circuit boards.

Cudgel brings the I Beam dow aiming to jam the end in the muzzle of the Linear Blast Cannon


Bells crashes to the floor a startled look on his face.


Doublecross nodded both heads slowly

"maybe this universes Hosehead is evil , I saw this human Programme Star Trek : Blackhole. Maybe theres a Hosehead out there with black paint and one of thos human facial protuberancessssss."

Doublecross paused for a moment

"Did you ever meet usssss in your timeline what were we like?"

2008-04-09, 03:13 PM
Highbrow walked over to the previously mentioned workstation, eager to begin work on the project, already going through several differect scenarios/ possibilities in his mind.

(OOC: Wheeljack and Trailbreaker, get your metal keesters down there and help scheme!)

2008-04-09, 11:30 PM
CBC Building, canteen

"Meh, never thought you'd pass it by for a mo." Transcan thumped his cup down and jumped down off his high stool. "Two of us enough, you think, 'Mission? Wanna pick up Relay or Lenscap?"

Omega Supreme

"Wheeljack has a plan," Glyph told Tracks and then staggered. The much deeper tones of Enkryption piped up: "I'm gonna die!"

Don Coriolis' villa

With nothing to lose, Camouflage bounded along the passageways towards the rear of the villa. He was heading for the Cybertronian equivalent of the 'dumb waiter', used here to move energon up from the basement storage to the preparation area. The power had been cut, so Camouflage swarmed up the counterweight chain.

Above him, he could hear a whole load of loud voices and serious crashing.

2008-04-10, 01:47 AM
Autobase Briefing Auditorium

Trailbreaker walked over to join Highbrow hoping that he could be of some help. "What the frag have I gotten myself into? I'm not a tech guy like Highbrow and Wheeljack. I know some stuff but that was just for jokes. The really high tech stuff just confuses the slag out of me. I don't know how I can help but I can't just sit back and risk possible innocent civilians getting hurt. Those EMP blasters may not permanently harm them physically, but it may have other effects beyond just that. For them and for us. I just hope we don't have to use them.", Trailbreaker thought to himself as he walked.

"I've gotta do something, but what? Come on, Trailbreaker! You're a fraggin' strategist for Primus' sake! Think of something! Try to be useful for once in your slaggin' life."

2008-04-10, 04:17 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate

"You got it, boss."

Snarl climbed the stairs behind Grimlock, slashing his sword through the handrailing just for the simple fun he got out of destruction.

Autobase Briefing Auditorium

As Highbrow led the more technical-minded members of the unit away, Crosshairs looked at the rest of the team. "Well," he asked. "Any ideas?"

2008-04-10, 02:50 PM
"Hmm..." Highbrow began, referring to the ideas currently on the table "Wheeljack, how soon do you think we could assemble something for this kind of operation?" Highbrow noticed Trailbreaker looking uneasy. "What is the matter friend? Not sure if you are up to the task?"

2008-04-10, 05:09 PM
(OOC: moved here from Polyhex now as Soundwave's transport has drawn closer to Iacon)

"Hey Ironhide, have you heard anything from Springer, or the rest of the Wreckers lately? I was offline for a long time, and when I was brought back, I was sent on mission after mission, never had a chance to check."

2008-04-11, 01:05 AM
Autobase Briefing Auditorium

Trailbreaker stood at the monitor station trying desperately to understand the high-tech talk Highbrow and Wheeljack were saying and thought, "I don't have a fraggin' clue what these two are talking about. Bits and pieces make sense but I can't getta flow of the conversation. They might as well be speaking in petrol rabbit tongue. Personal file to self: read more science...damn, that sounds funny coming from a sentient robot."

Trailbreaker didn't realize he had a strange expression on his face when Highbrow asked his question. TB started a bit and finally said, "uuuhhhh...y-yeah. I'm sorry, I hate to admit it but I don't have a clue what you guys are talking about and I'm trying to make sense of it."

He continued, "I wanna help out, I really do and I know my jammin' equipment could come in handy somehow but I'm still trying to get a handle on what you two are saying. All this talk about high-tech countermeasures and stuff and...I...I...Primus! I'm so fraggin' useless (OOC: that italicized phrase was a little self-thought, he didn't say that out loud)...I just...jus'....ARGH...it's too bad this couldn't be like what I did to Huffer when I switched his optics around. He was so confused since his optics couldn't register anything properly that it was hilarious."

He continued, "I know some stuff about science and electronics and stuff, but I'm nowhere near your levels. Ermmm...**TB looks away ashamed of his outburst during his moment of frustration**...sorry 'bout that Highbrow and Wheeljack. **pulling himself back together while trying to ward off the shame** L-let's get back to work."

(OOC: The outburst was meant for only Wheeljack and Highbrow to hear so hopefully, that doesn't disrupt the meeting. It was meant to be read like TB saying this in a rather low voice with the "ARGH" part being a smidge louder)

2008-04-11, 01:37 AM
"You did what to Huffer? You flipped his optics backwards? I wish I was there... that would've been hilarious... bumping into walls, not being able to see... wait a second... Trailbreaker, you might just be onto something..." Highbrow began.

"Wheeljack, do you think we could rig up something to fool their optical sensors...? It wouldn't have to be as sophisticated as Mirage's cloaking device, but perhaps a signal booster on each bot that can send out a frequency that would cancel out light waves of a certain color... everyone would need to be painted the right color, but that wouldn't take long, and once the signals were calibrated properly, each bot would basically be rendered bot invisible."

2008-04-11, 01:48 AM
Autobase Briefing Auditorium

Trailbreaker stood there in shock for a second -- startled that he somehow managed to contribute to a high-tech conversation. After re-gaining his composure, he said, "uhhhmmm...yeah. I just switched them around. Cancelling out color waves? Is that sorta like what WJ did with Blaster when he sometimes blared that awful music and it sorta just goes dead despite him carrying on -- but with sound?"

(OOC: Okay, it's a bit of a leap but since WJ is an engineer, surely he's smart enough to think of that. Assuming this isn't cartoon WJ that created the Dinobots with simple brains.)

2008-04-11, 02:29 AM
(OOC: Um, well, this is that Wheeljack. He's brilliant, but has no sense of self preservation.)

Wheeljack: -snaps his fingers, looks at Trailbreaker and Highbrow- "I think I might have something back at my lab we could modify. C'mon." -heads out-

Don Coriolis' Estate:

Roadbuster: -pulls the linear blaster cannon away, blocking the i-beam with his leg-


Grimlock: -coming up to the top of the stairs, looking around- "Not like this. It too quiet."


Hot Rod: -straddling Bells' torso, priming his left arm photon cannons, aiming them at Bells' head- "All right. Exactly what's going on here?"

Omega Supreme:

Tracks: "Oh, you won't die. Blown into pieces, maybe, but then Wheeljack's gotten pretty good at putting people back together over.... uh.... that's not helping much, is it."

Minerva: "So, could somebody help me lash Catady to my hood?"

Maintenence Bay:

Hosehead: "The differences don't seem to be that big. Well, aside from that whole green Nebulon thing." -thinks for a moment- "I think there was a Doublecross on the Nebulos mission. Seemed okay."

2008-04-11, 02:36 AM
Autobase Briefing Auditorium

Trailbreaker follows Wheeljack but turns to Crosshairs and Prowl and says, "umm...we'll be back in a few minutes...I think. Come on, Highbrow! Wait up, Wheeljack!" Trailbreaker leaves the conference room and hurries off to catch up with Wheeljack.

2008-04-11, 06:18 AM
Don Coriolis

Cudgel rotates the I beam aiming to bring the other end down on Roadbuster's knee.


Bells blinks looking up at Hot Rod

"It was supposed to be a simple in and out job , eliminate some high ranking Mafioso and scram. It's not our usual line of work we're mercenaries. But the Underworld pays well and at the end of the day we were eliminating Criminals but Beat and Hoarse got carried away and took out the civilians too. Never liked the pair of them. They like their work too much if you know what I mean."


Maintenance Bay

Cross eyed the parcel

"Sssoo what'sin it."

2008-04-11, 01:16 PM
Omega Supreme

At Track's less than helpful words, Enkryption went into a blue funk and Glyph found herself having to sit down in order to prevent a physical collapse. She could sympathise with her brother over-reacting, given how close he had been to terminal shutdown when he invaded her systems those many vorns ago; she now had some access to his memories and, among those she found distasteful, she found the terror he had experienced that orn.

Don Coriolis' villa

The carrier compartment was right above him in the darkness, blocking his egress from the shaft. Clutching the chain in his right hand, Camouflage carefully pushed an electrostaff sparking against one of the wires rising to the motor on the first floor - the metal above him lurched down to strike his head. Swearing, he moved the staff to the second wire and the cage moved away. It did not go far, but it was far enough to allow an agile Micromaster like himself to escape the shaft.

2008-04-11, 01:30 PM
CBC Canteen

"It wouldn't hurt to have them along."

Transmission said he looked over at his companion.

"I want you to go get a quick patch up before we go out though.!"

2008-04-11, 01:58 PM
Briefing Auditorium, Autobase

Further up the forum, Hotspot sat with a few ISS officers, all looking to each other confoundedly.

“What’s going on?” one officer asked. “Are we to prep ourselves?”

“I’d say a recess has been called,” Hotspot replied. “At least until Wheeljack and company finish coming up with an alternate plan. Just sit tight.”

As Trailbreaker, Wheeljack and Highbrow left the auditorium, Prowl, sitting by the podium, stood from his seat.

“Now hold on,” Prowl called out to the three Autobots, but to no avail.

"Well, this has gotten more…complex,” he placed a hand to his forehead and let out a long sigh. “I suppose I should be pleased that these Autobots are eager to perform.”

He looked to Crosshairs. “It appears that this meeting has unexpectedly gone on recess. In the meantime, we need to establish who will lead which squad.”

2008-04-11, 02:31 PM
"Dont worry Prowl, We'll be back before too long" Highbrow called as he exited the auditorium. "I'm right behind ya guys. Just lead the way, I haven't been to Wheeljack's lab in a long time." Highbrow said.

(OOC: On the way to wheeljack's lab. shouldn't take too long once we are there.)

2008-04-11, 11:05 PM
Omega Supreme

Static stepped forward

"let me be of asistance."

He gently scooped Catady up in his arms.

"where do you want her."

2008-04-12, 06:04 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate

"Really? I love it, boss," Snarl told Grimlock. "It means we'll get the chance to kill ambushers any second now."

Autobase Briefing Auditorium

"Well, I had been hoping to get some more tactical input from the rest of the unit," Crosshairs told Prowl, "but it seems like they don't have much to say." He shrugged. "Very well. What sort of an arrangement do you think would suit you the best?"

2008-04-12, 06:16 AM
Briefing Audiotorium

Landfill looked over at Prowl

"Assault isn't my speciality sorry, as a Sniper I'd say take the high ground. Is there a catwalk or anything inside the factory."

Chainclaw nodded

"always a wise idea, I height urban assaults especially inside buildings. Too much potential cover. I'd say pump the place full of gas and sort out the stunned mechs later."

2008-04-12, 06:24 PM
Brawn kicked back in his seat. "Well, now that the Egg-heads are gone what type of fire power can we expect to be up against when we get in there?" Brawn asked Crosshairs and Prowl.

"And how many beyond the big ones?" Sideswipe added.

2008-04-12, 10:10 PM
Don Coriolis' villa

Camouflage banged his head on the wall repeatedly and each bang was punctuated with the word: "Dinobots!"

He made it sound like an imprecation...

CBC Building

Transcan consulted the working rotas contained in the CBC central computer; technically, he was only supposed to be able to check his own. "Looks like we have Relay. He's on standby. Lenscap is due on in a couple of breems, but he's monitoring the newsroom," he informed Transmission. "Uh-oh, Weasel's filed a report on that Kalis murder incident we got beamed a while back."

2008-04-13, 02:16 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate:

Grimlock: -shrugs- "Somebody have to say it."


Roadbuster: -wincing as the i-beam slams into his knee, brings the linear blaster cannon back up, fires at Cudgel-

Omega Supreme:

Minerva: "Think you can carry her to the medbay, Static? Otherwise I'll have to lash her to the hood of my car."

Wheeljack's lab:

Wheeljack: -making a few adjustments to a device- "Okay, I think this should work. Basically what it does is act.... well, like a cloaking device, really. The only down side is I never got it to work quite right. And watch your step. There's an invisible tool box in here somewhere."

2008-04-13, 05:23 AM
"Trailbreaker, you can put this one on and can be the guniea bot/test subject. Wheeljack, how fast can you make similar units?" Highbrow said.

2008-04-13, 06:57 AM
(OOC: Topspin? Not Highbrow?)

Wheeljack's Lab

Trailbreaker stood there as he put the device on and asked, "okay, so now what do I do?"

2008-04-13, 07:09 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate

"Isn't that usually Prowl's job, boss?" Snarl asked Grimlock, grinning. "I'd hate to think you're going soft on us."

Autobase Briefing Auditorium

"Several catwalks," Crosshairs told Landfill after frowning at the blueprints. "None of them are going to be close at hand compared to any of our points of ingress, but if we can figure a way to get you on the roof without setting off alarms you should be able to access them from a skylight."

Responding to Brawn, he said, "I'm afraid we don't know exactly what sort of hardware they keep on the premises, but we can expect that their security will be armed with more than just sidearms."

Shifting his focus to Sideswipe he replied, "There are always at least fifteen guards on duty in the factory itself, and probably more in the office wing. We should try to take them alive if reasonably possible, but I suspect we'll probably need to kill at least some of them."

2008-04-13, 09:41 PM
Don Coriolis' Estate

From their position in the back of the O shaped building the mercenaries peered across the courtyard

There had been a crash as Crush impacted the building but since then nothing but silence

Hobby peered over his gun sight.

"It's quiet too quiet."


Cudgel was bringing the I Beam round at Roadbuster's head when Roadbuster's return fire removed the I Beam and 3 fingers from Cudgels Right hand.

"Enough..." he barked

Scrabbling left handedly he drew a pistol and aimed it at Roadbuster and fired.


Omega Supreme

Static replied softly

"I'll carry her I think she'd prefer that."

2008-04-14, 08:55 AM
Soundwave's transport:

Ironhide: -into commlink- "Ratchet, First Aid, this's Ironhide. Ah need one'r both'a you ta meet us outsahde'a th' city walls." -looks over at Topspin- "Ah know th' Wrecker're still around. Roadbuster's runnin' 'em now. Ain't seen Springer fer a whahle, though."

Don Coriolis' Estate:

Roadbuster: -twisting to the right, the blast digging into his left shoulder pauldron and the left side of his mangled backpack, swing back around, attempting to knock the pistol out of Cudgel's hand with his(now seriously battered) laser rifle, aiming and firing again with his linear blaster cannon-


Hot Rod: -still aiming his left arm photon cannons at Bells' head- "Who hired you guys? Who's in charge in there?"


Grimlock: -stepping on the second floor landing- "Not gonna happen." -starts down the corridor, pulling his energo sword-

Omega Supreme:

Minerva: -sighs, pops the trunk, tosses the bungee cords back in, and slams it shut- "Ah, well. Be hard to see over her anyway." -opens driver's door, gets into transector, closes door, starts engine- "C'mon, Static." -drives out of Omega Supreme-

Autobot Security HQ:

Nightbeat: -turning and walking away from the CR chamber- "All right, Magnus, ready for an update?"

2008-04-14, 01:54 PM
CBC Building

Report filed, Weasel had waited on nails until the acceptance notation came through. His story would be broadcast on the next news forum in a few fractals and someone would notice his exemplary reporting skills!

"Sssso, who iss thiss 'bot?" he wondered sibilantly, staring at the image of Glyph on his display unit. A fem; he knew that, but little else. There really was no record of her in the live planetary ID databases, only a nameless reference to her termination during the latter part of the war. Suddenly, behind his visor, his optics narrowed, and he exclaimed: "Sspace Mafia! Sspace Mafia or Metacarpuss..." His vocals wavered and he whispered,"Or ssupernumary agent..."

Don Coriolis' villa

With bitter resignation, Camouflage opened his communications beacon and beamed a curt message. 'Call Out: I repeat Call Out. Extraction required.'

2008-04-14, 03:01 PM
Soundwave's transport:

"Dare I ask what they have been up to while I have been gone? I need to check with them, see how things are. It has been too long..." Topspin said in reply to Ironhide.


Wheeljack's Lab

"Well, Trailbreaker ole friend, you get toacquire a new paint scheme, and then install wheeljack's device. We will then proceed to test it out to make sure it functions correctly, and then make our way back to the auditorium to see what Crosshairs, Prowl, and the others think." Highbrow answered Trailbreaker.

2008-04-14, 10:54 PM
Don Coriolis

Cudgel twisted away from the strike with the laser rifle and therefore the shot with the blast cannon ploughed into his side shattering his alt mode windows and blew a semi circular crater in his side armour.

He aimed his pistol at the Linear blast cannons mounting and fired at it.


Bells blinked

" i'm not sure the boss didn't say , but from the hints he dropped I gather it's probably a gang of some sort a rival. Bosses name is Squeeze."


Call Out triggered his com

"what's your sit rep Two Tone?"

He commed the micromaster in character not wanting to compromise him for future missions.

Omega Supreme

Static strode after Minerva

"You don't seem to be your average mech ?"

2008-04-14, 11:43 PM
Don Coriolis' villa

'Sit-rep? Sit-rep?' Camouflage fired back to Call Out immediately. 'Does Dinobots do it for you?' He went charging through the wrecked villa, avoiding any actions in progress. 'Slaggit, old friend - I'm not going to be able to recover any of the evidence...'

2008-04-15, 02:58 AM
Trailbreaker stepped into a chamber to await his new paintjob. After a few minutes, he stepped out looking like something horrendous. He then put the device on and turned it on. Then, he looked at Wheeljack and Highbrow and asked, "well, how do I look?"

2008-04-15, 06:55 AM
Don Coriolis

Call Out rushed over towards Hot Rod talking as he ran.

Got it , i'm going to see if I can improve the situation.

He gestured towards Hot Rod

"I've got an undercover mech in there and he says that theres evidence we need to take on the Space Mafia but he's worried that the Dinobots will destroy it all. This is a major operation and theyr'e probably gonna reduce all my evidence to shreds."

2008-04-15, 01:57 PM
"Well, you did look horrendous. Now, I cannot tell since you have vanished..." Highbrow said to Trailbreaker. "I think we can safely bring it back to the main group."

2008-04-16, 01:00 AM
Trailbreaker replied, "okay," and took a step.

CLANG!! Damn, I didn't know my foot made that much noise when I took a step. Why'd I never notice this before?

"Uh oh, hold up, Highbrow and Wheeljack. We have a problem. They may not be able to see me but they can sure hear me," said the big, formerly black Autobot.

2008-04-16, 04:33 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate

"Glad to hear it, boss." Sword in hand, Snarl followed Grimlock.

Soundwave's transport

"Springer resigned under, uh, less than ideal circumstances," Smokescreen told Ironhide. "I've seen him in Iacon a few times since we retook the city, but I've never had a chance to talk to him."

To Topspin he said, "Most of their exploits are classified, of course. But they've been busy."

Iacon Medical and Research

Whirl had never liked hospitals.

He wasn't quite sure where he'd picked up that little phobia, but for as long as he could remember he'd been wary of medical facilities. He had no problem with doctors, but show him a doctor's office and his first instinct was to shoot everything in sight. The reaction had only gotten worse in the aftermath of the second Unicron war, when he woke up in a stasis pod and realized that he'd missed out on over two years of his life.

And yet here I am, walking into one on purpose.

The Wrecker strode up to the receptionist. "Where can I find First Aid?"

"I'm sorry, sir," the small, white femme said. "Do you have an appointment?"

"No," Whirl said. "And before you try to tell me 'the doctor is busy', trust me when you say that you don't want to get between me and him."

"Are you threatening me, sir?" The receptionist straightened up and scowled. "Don't make me call security."

"Look at this." Whirl tapped the unit insignia on his right shoulder. "Do you know what it is?"

"It's a military unit patch," she said. "So what?"

"It's a Wrecker patch, girlie."


"Yeah, 'oh' is right." Whirl crossed his arms and took a step closer, looming over her. "I'm only going to ask one more time: where is First Aid?"

"You should check his office," the receptionist told him, suitibly deferential. "Here, I'll write down the info for you."

"Thank you," Whirl said, taking the datacard she handed him in one claw.

Iacon Body Shop

Blue Bacchus had watched and waited for several hours, not moving so much as a micron. The Mafioso wasn't one to bore easily, though, and when a blue and grey mech with Hubcap's body type appeared in one of the shop windows, he reacted instantly. Sighting down his sniper rifle, he compared the rifle's sensor readings to the schematics he had on file for Hubcap.

It's him, the assassin thought. Perfect.

After adjusting his aim slightly, Blue Bacchus squeezed the trigger.

Aero Blade
2008-04-16, 04:45 AM
Autobot Security HQ

"Indeed, an update is why I am here, among other things," Ultra Magnus spoke, turning towards Nightbeat. "I hope the news is good."

2008-04-17, 02:34 AM
Autobot Security HQ:

Nightbeat: "I wouldn't call it good, per se. More like business as usual." -pulls out a datapadd- "Glyph is currently in protective custody being used as bait to try to draw out whoever tried to kill her brother, causing him to move into her head.We're also hoping this will let us figure out if they brainwashed her into murdering the body we found in Kalis, or if somebody else did it and framed her for it. Either way, the only reason she's alive now is because her brother, Enkryption moved into her head." -looks up from the padd- "Ironhide's apparently out Optimus hunting and we haven't heard from him. However, the reporter in the cell over there was apparently present when the party left, and is currently being held to keep the story from getting out." -tosses padd over his shoulder- "And Bumblebee's aparently being Bumblebee."

Road Rage: -watches the padd bounce off a wall, then clatter to the floor- "Was I supposed to catch that?"

Nightbeat: -turns to Road Rage, shrugs, turns back to Magnus- "Glyph herself is currently aboard Omega Supreme. Figured that was the safest place to stash her."

Don Coriolis' Estate:

Hot Rod: -gets off of Bells, drags the criminal to his feet, and thrusts him at Call Out- "This guy can probably tell you something interesting. I'll try to rein in the Dinos." -chuckles- "And if I can do that, I'll be able to bring about universal peace." -activates commlink- "Grimlock! Try not to destroy too much. There's an undercover agent in there, and they're worried you'd destroy the evidence."


Grimlock: -snorts- "Unless they hide evidence in main hall, around main doors, there not much danger of that. Not find anybody."

Hot Rod: "Not even Roadbuster? He's in there somewhere."

Grimlock: "Been hearing gunfire, but not near us." -stops at a door- "Hang on." -smashes door open with his sword, strides in-


Roadbuster: -twisting his arm, wincing as the blast burns into his right forearm bracer, molten metal spraying across the fingers of his right hand as he flips the laser rifle around in his left hand, snap firing it at Cudgel's knees-

(OOC: The linear blaster cannon's hand held in robot mode.)

Heading for Medlab:

Minerva: "That's probably because I'm not, Static. I'm a human with a transector."

Wheeljack's lab:

Wheeljack: "Not sure about sound muffling..... Maybe rubber strips attached to the feet?"

2008-04-17, 03:00 AM
"What do you mean being Bumblebee?!" Bumblebee laughed. "Wait... what? Glyph's brother is dead?"

2008-04-17, 06:51 AM
Don Coriolis

Cudgel flinched and the shot drilled through his leg

Cudgel decided that discretion was the better part of valour. He launched a "Slippery Grenade" at Roadbuster hoping that the chemical inside the grenade would incapacitate Roadbuster for long enough for him to escape.

(OOC a grenade that makes everything greasy and slippery)

Heading for the Medlab

Static nodded

"different I bet theres an interesting story there how you ended up with us Autobots."

2008-04-17, 02:06 PM
"Well, being as we were granted little time and not much of a budget, I would tend to agree with wheeljack's low-tech approach, assuming it works." Highbrow said. "Unless you have some kind of sound dampening device back there, but I'm sure you would have mentioned it if you did. So let's get some padding beneath your feet Trailbreaker and let's go see our audience."

2008-04-18, 03:47 AM
Don Coriolis' Estate

Snarl stepped through the smashed doors alongside Grimlock, likewise brandishing his sword.

Soundwave's transport

"I don't think they're going to answer," Smokescreen replied to Ironhide. "Maybe a change of plans is in order? We could head directly to the IMR and take Prime to the doctors."

Iacon Medical and Research

Whirl rode the turbolift up to First Aid's office, arms crossed in an aggressive stance. When the lift car stopped he stalked out, found the appropriate office number and banged on the door.

"Hey, doc! You in there?"

Iacon Body Shop

Now perched on an entirely different building, Blue Bacchus watched emotionlessly as medevac units, ISS officers and military security types arrived to secure the scene.

2008-04-18, 03:54 AM
After Wheeljack and Highbrow installed some padding on Trailbreaker's feet, TB did a test walk and the sound was greatly reduced. He replied, "this oughta work, I just have to be really careful how I walk. Now, let's go and give those 'bots back at the auditorium a demonstration."

2008-04-18, 06:06 AM
Wheeljack's Lab:

Wheeljack: "I'd like to say I came up with it, but actually the humans did. The London police constables reportedly did this when Jack The Ripper was around."

Approaching Medlab:

Minerva: "Not really. My brother's Nightbeat's head."

2008-04-18, 02:32 PM
"Humans? wow. For a species so fragile and with such a short life-span, they do come up with a surprising number of useful inventions. They are quite resourceful." Highbrow commented back to Wheeljack. "Let's head out- Trailbreaker, just follow a step or two behind us. And do not bump or wander into anyone. We do not want to alert them to our idea prematurely." Highbrow said as he walked towards the door.


Soundwave's Transport

"So what is the plan now? I haven't thought much beyond getting Prime back, especially considering Megatron is back as well. We gonna choose a side?" Topspin asked everyone in the transport.

Aero Blade
2008-04-18, 03:25 PM
Autobot Security HQ

"Isn't he always?" Dirge asked back to Nightbeat's comment of Bumblebee, smiling even as he prepared himself for Hound as the other Autobot elbowed him for his response.

"Ironhide's situation I've been aware of for some time. His team has been under com-silence since they left the base, as to avert drawing any unneeded Decepticon attention. Undoubtably that meeting with the cell reporter was unintentional, but hopefully we can take it as a sign the're doing well," Ultra Magnus answered. "Glyph's situation will complicate things, but hopefully we can get the investigation and the trial both out of the way quickly. The sooner and effeciently we get these out of the way, the better."

2008-04-18, 03:55 PM
Iacon Medical and Research Institute

(OOC: yeah, I just added the 'institute' part there because it seemed to make more sense)

First Aid sat at his superior's desk deeply immersed in the various tasks and paperwork that came with the administrative turf. Though he rarely saw much action these days due to the work load, he genuinely loved the work. Though, admittedly, he rather be in a lab somewhere in the institute developing some new medicine. Serving the greater good however meant handling the monotonous formalities.

As he poured over multiple datapads spread across the desk, an incoming transmission, marked important, came in from Ironhide.

"Ratchet?" First Aid began. "I'm sorry, Ironhide, Ratchet is away on disaster relief in Protihex and I don't expect him back anytime soon. I am a bit swamped here at moment, Ratchet left me in charge here, but-"

First Aid stopped when Whirl abruptly announced himself. He waved the Wrecker to enter the office, Ironhide still on the other line. "I will dispatch some Paradons to meet at your coordinates shortly."

"Just a klik," he told the Wrecker.

First Aid tapped a few switches the control panel affixed to his desk, deployed the requested Paradons to the outer city, then turned his attention back Whirl, inviting him to an empty seat by the desk.

"Please have a seat," First Aid said cordially. "What can I do for you?"


Iacon Security Services

Streetwise and Inferno returned to ISS HQ to analyze the their finding from the 5 sites where mysterious explosions had occurred.

Joined by Red Alert and a small forensics team, they attempt unlock the secrets of the chemical sample taken from the site of Metacarpus lord Quintus’ condo.

“Have an instant diagnosis?” Red Alert loamed over Streetwise.

Streetwise looked up from his microscope. “Hmm, well it seems my guesswork was accurate,” Streetwise told the security director. “Definitely a sanitization compound from what I can tell by the residue sample we have here. It’s designed to respond to 'living' Cybertronian alloy, breaking it down at a molecular level. Our team was also able to detect faint traces of Transformer alloy and CNA. The thing is, the stuff is volatile for a short period, becoming effete within a breem or two, and hence why I am able to examine this sample without causing myself any harm. This is obviously a high concentrated variety though. It did its job within its time limit.”

“Wait, backpedal for a moment,” Red Alert said. “If it is designed to responded to Cybertronian CNA, then the sample is the remnants of a body?”

“Without a doubt,” one forensics officer spoke up.

“Can an ID be found?”

“Wellll,” the forensics officer looked to Streetwise with uncertainty.

“Given time perhaps,” Streetwise added. “I guarantee it wouldn’t be easy and there really isn’t much here to go by." he looked over his shoulder at on of the attending scientists. "Can I see that report again?”

Streetwise glanced over the datapad for a moment. “Who ever did this, did a pretty efficient job to make sure the ID was wiped," he continued. "Going by our team’s report, what traceable metals that are visible have been addled or transmogrified on a microbic level. It would take considerable time to trace the origin of the metals the chemicals were used on, as well as the chemical compounds themselves due to their rapid rate of transmutation. It is possible...if you have the time and resources.”

“Which we do not,” Red Alert sighed. “What correlation were you two able to draw from the locations?”

“Three out of five suggest little correspondence. Two however, were private residences. According to registration records, one belonged to a Medius Digitus, the other to a Quintus Digitus.”

“Lil’ came up with Medius,” Inferno added. “No outstandin’ record worth mentionin’. Use ta have ah dive called ‘The Vertigo’.”

“Yes, but Quintus was a different story,” Streetwise said. “Prior criminal record. Several arrests, even spent a little time in prison.”

“Yeah, an’ we came up with a name,” Inferno interrupted. “Interviewed some of the residents near tha five sites. Ah few names came up, one reoccurrin’.”

“Don’t keep me in suspense,” Red Alert said dryly.

“Ah, you’re no fun,” Inferno grinned. “Anyhooo, it was some organization named the Metacarpus.”

“Metacarpus,” Red Alert answered. “I know of the name. You think they were behind this?”

“No likely,” Streetwise replied. “We have reason to believe that they were victims. Unfortunately, this is difficult to confirm due to the lack of bodies, but the locations seem to suggest that is the case. Certainly isn't a coincidence.”

“Sigh, wonderful,” Red Alert said exasperatedly. “Scant evidence as to who did this, as well as whom the victims were and no witnesses. Perfect. Just perfect.”

2008-04-18, 08:11 PM
Sunstreaker's optics looked at Topspin with a very confused look. "Pick sides? Are you new?" He asked with a confused tone. "We have a side. It's against the Decepticons. Doesn't matter who is in charge."

2008-04-18, 08:19 PM
"But who is the lesser of the 2 evils, Sunstreaker? Who would we want to win so that it makes our jobs easier? We all know the Decepticons will return to their ways eventually, it's just a matter of time." Topspin said. "Of course we could always let it drag on as long as possible, hoping they kill a lot of their own..."

2008-04-20, 07:00 AM
Soundwave's transport

"I'm afraid I have to agree with Sunstreaker," Smokescreen told Topspin. "Whatever the current climate, the Decepticons are all equally our enemies. The best thing we could do right now is try to extend their civil war for as long as possible. With any luck there won't be enough left of them to put up a fight against us after they're done hashing out their disputes."

He didn't mention it, but it didn't slip past his notice that Sunstreaker had just referred to the Autobots as 'we' instead of 'you'.

Iacon Medical and Research Institute

Whirl ignored First Aid's offer of a chair -- his rather unorthodox body layout meant that sitting in standard Transformer furniature wasn't very far removed from torture for him.

"I won't take up too much of your time, Doc. I just have one or two questions for you. First off...this might sound strange, but can you think of any reason why Blades would be wandering around the seedier parts of Iacon wearing a fresh coat of hideous blue, orange and neon green paint?"

2008-04-20, 07:46 AM
Soundwave's Transport:

Ironhide: -into commlink- "Awlrahght, First Aid. Have 'em meet me outsahde th' city."

Prime: "We should also look into reclaiming territory we've lost to the Decepticons while they're having their dispute. Whichever side comes out on top, we may be able to cripple their operations."

Don Coriolis' Estate:

Roadbuster: -covered in the goo from the grenade, having a hard time staying upright, crashing to the ground-

2008-04-20, 09:10 PM
Bumblebee yawned and sat down in his new CR Chamber Cell. He sat down on the chair in the cell and was amazed. "Ooohh... Better then the bench." He looked toward Nightbeat and Ultra Magnus. "Any word about Prime's status?"

2008-04-20, 09:36 PM
Iacon Medical and Research Institute

First Aid’s visor widen when he heard Whirl mention Blades’ name. An ill feeling grew in First Aid’s combustion chamber.

“Blades - did you say Blades?” First Aid said. “And you saw him in the Border Regions, you say? Well, that comes as no surprise, assuming it was indeed Blades that you saw.”

First Aid paused as he recalled his last encounter with the ex-Protectobot, his expression more than likely revealing his disappointment.

“Last time I saw him, which was quite some time ago, he resided there. He went there shortly after the ISS let him go, and got himself the, umm, paint job you speak of. Our last meeting was, shall we say, left on not the greatest of terms. Why do you ask?”

(OOC: Warcry, First Aid will reveal more details as Whirl continues to probe him for answers. Got to have some element of realism, you know.)

2008-04-20, 10:17 PM
Don Coriolis'

Cudgel ran like hell away from the temporarily incapacitated Wrecker.


From his perch outside the villa Razorbill opened a com link

"Kingpin I'm at the warehouse it looks like we've got a problem. Custom inspectors are coming in to look at the product, they'll probably bring in the auditors too are our records in order."

Razorbill waited for a reply to his coded message.

Tagan Span / Praxus border patrol

Horsepower banked the sunlight glinting off the Omnibots gull wings.

"Command this is Horsepower on Patrol line Tango Delta 5. We have incoming Decepticons ,they do not appear hostile, there are a few military tyoes but most appear to be civilians, request instructions over"

2008-04-20, 10:26 PM
Excepts from Tri-dee broadcast

... in Kalis manufactory district, where the body of haulage firm owner, Spinnet, was discovered earlier. Sources indicate he had not been seen for one point one vorns, but there is no record of a missing unit search being posted...

... found lying in the stripped out remains of the bunker he used as a base for his shipments throughout the Northern hemisphere, some of which were clearly for organised crime syndicates. The authorities have provided no details of how Spinnet was terminated...

... a turf war or take-over bid is possibly behind the atrocity. There are records linking 'Freightmove' to the T'zai-owned 'TransitOrn', which closed under suspicious circumstances. Rumours that Spinnet had refused to make an unspecified deal with 'TransitOrn' cannot be dismissed...

... is the un-named mecha taken under guard from the scene. Nightbeat made the following comments: "We have apprehended this suspect in the murder of the underworld figure known as Spinnet. She appears to be deranged, but I'm certain that with careful questioning and care, we will discover what she knows. We are taking her to Autobot Security HQ for questioning. The investigation is still in progress. A full statement will be made later."

2008-04-21, 03:42 AM
Trailbreaker looked at Wheeljack and Highbrow and said, "okay, I'm right behind you."

2008-04-21, 06:08 AM
Soundwave's transport

"Ideally, yes," Smokescreen agreed with Prime. "And the quicker we can get started on that, the better. I can only imagine that both Megatron and Gigatron will try to expand out into neutral territories in the hopes of getting one up on their rival. We'll need to move quickly to keep them from spreading their insane civil war out into the parts of Cybertron that they don't already control."

Iacon Medical and Research Institute

"I ask because there's been some unpleasantness going on out there," Whirl told First Aid. "A local had asked me to check out some criminal activity that the ISS had been ignoring, a racket of some kind that left quite a few of his friends dead. The two of us were staking out a criminal base when Blades showed up and went inside. Less than half a breem later the entire place was a crater, my informant was dead and Blades was nowhere to be found. Naturally that piqued my curiosity a little, so here I am. And what you're telling me only makes me like the situation even less."

Whirl made a noise that resembled a sigh. "This last time you saw Blades, when he was living out in the border regions...what was he doing, exactly?"

1470 Nova Prime Avenue

Kingpin looked up from his paperwork as Razorbill's comm call came in.

"Of course they're not," he said with a noticable amount of annoyance in his voice. "We're criminals, remember? Everything as been well-forged, but even the best forgeries won't stand up to forensic scrutiny. You either need to make the inspectors go away or make the shipment go away...or both. I trust I'm making myself clear?"

2008-04-21, 06:35 AM
Outside Don Coriolis

Razorbill sighed

slag this for a game of soldiers

"It looks like our main Shipping agent and his staff have been headhunted by competitors, thats what brought in the auditors. They've brought in the heavy artillery. What i'm afraid of is the regulators will now have a look at our trade secrets."

2008-04-21, 06:51 AM
1470 Nova Prime Avenue

Kingpin had to resist the urge to bang his head against the wall.

Fragging lawyercon! How much more clear can I be without saying "blow up the building with the security forces inside" over an open comm line?

"Then shred the patent forms and wipe out the data backups," he told Razorbill. "If they're going to audit us, then you need to make sure there's nothing for them to audit and no paper trail that can lead them to the rest of our ventures. Did you understand that time, or do I need to send Breakneck over to explain it to you?"

Just trigger the blazing self-destruct and clear out already! he wanted to shout, but he knew better.

2008-04-21, 07:21 AM
Don Coriolis

Razorbill ground his beak

"If i could do that I wouldn't be making this slaggin' com call. I think our competitors hacked the computer network. The firewall is still up and It seems to be coded to our Shipping Agents particulars. Access is restricted. The competitors have sent a large team of hackers. The Auditors D Team are in place things are looking Grim. Do we have an overide code for the Shipping Agent's Firewall or some way for remote access. Without access I can't eliminate the papertrail."

Why the slag should I be doing this I'm a lawyer not some slaggin hood, It's not as if i go round with the slaggin self destruct codes in my processors. Plus the whole idea of a slaggin' code is to avoid mentioning crime's over the irwaves, things like falsifying paperwork for example.

2008-04-21, 07:36 AM
Outside the City

Three Paradon medics arrived outside of Iacon, as per requested by Ironhide. Upon arrival, however, they did not immediately notice Ironhide, let alone a transport. Had they even arrived yet?

"You sure this is the place?" one asked.

"Yes. These are the coordinates," another replied. "I'm sure they will be by momentarily, but better radio to make certain."

Opening a com-link channel, the Paradon contacted Ironhide. "Umm, not to be a bother, but we're here and await instruction."


Iacon Medical and Research Institute

First Aid was slightly taken aback by the news Whirl had brought regarding Blades. And yet, somehow, he wasn't surprised.

"Pit fighting," First Aid told him straightly. "Not sure if it was out of desperation or simply for recreation that he sought out that sort of work. Blades did burn quite a few bridges while he served in the military, then the ISS. He's not particularly easy to work with. I mean, I suppose it could have been out of desperation, though he'd wouldn't admit it. How he came across such a racket, I haven't the faintest idea. He wasn't particularly forward on the details, but I knew he gotten himself mixed up with, as they say, a bad crowd."

As First Aid paused to ponder over this, he perked up in his seat. He recognized a possible correlation between Whirl's story and his own. A connection drawn by shear luck from this chance meeting.

He glanced sideways. "Of course, that did not stop me from doing a bit of sleuthing," First Aid attempting to test the waters. "I may not be on the force anymore, but I still have ISS clearance. The apartment building that he was residing in at the time, when we last spoke, belonged to a Border Region community center, named Peacekeepers Inc. From what I understand, Peacekeeper employees would live there free of charge as a worker's perk. I suspect there are deeper motivations behind such...generous allowances, but that is speculation on my part. Do you believe there is some sort of connection?"

(EDIT: OOC; Warcry, First Aid's ISS clearance is most likely low level. It would be odd if an ex-operative has upper-level clearance, I'd think. I'm only playing off this idea because he did it before.)

2008-04-21, 07:57 AM
Soundwave's Transport:

Ironhide: -spots the Paradrons in the distance, scanners at full, activates his commlink- "We'll be with ya in a minute."

Prime: "Yes, Smokescreen. Perhaps there's a way we can slow them down......"


Wheeljack: -following Trailbreaker, making adjustments-

Autobase Medbay:

Minerva: -rolls in, transforms, head locking into place, looks over at Static- "All right, let's get Catady into a CR chamber."

2008-04-21, 02:33 PM
Highbrow stopped before the briefing auditorium.

"Remember Trailbreaker, you can go around and "mark" your targets, but also try to keep from bumping into too many things as you are doing it. Wheeljack and I will go in momentarily and you will need to slip in behind us."


Soundwave's Transport:

"What did you have in mind for slowing them down?" Topspin asked.

2008-04-21, 09:58 PM
Autobase Medbay

Static gently laid Catady down in the CR chamber.

"I hope she makes it ok."


2008-04-21, 10:15 PM
Don Coriolis' villa

Camouflage had been created as a calm, level-headed economist way back when most of Cybertron had seemed calm and level-headed, in that time of peace after the original Quintesson occupation had ended. He had practiced c'Hee meditation and movement techniques, and tended minature gardens of cyonic flora. Then the War had begun and he had learned to fight and he had learned what it was like to die...

When the technicians unexpectedly recovered his Spark and recreated him, he awoke with a sense of anger - anger at having had to fight, to die and being given this under-sized (if nifty) exoform. He ploughed angrilly through the rubble cursing every last one of the combatants roundly and, because they were not able to monitor the channel he was using to Call Out, silently.

'There's something in the basement,' he said, breaking the stream of invective. 'I'm not certain, of course, but I think we have the jackpot.'

Omega Supreme, internal

Glyph sat again on the floor in awkward silence. Tracks had little to say and Enkryption, unfortunately, could not stop himself; he was showing her his memories and they were not to her liking. On many occasions, he had masqueraded under her name rather than his own, including a recent stint on Earth pretending to be a loyal Autobot, even fighting some serious Decepticon heavies. Then he had been drawn back to Iacon by a message purportedly from Spinnet and, shortly afterwards, ambushed. That big, red form loomed again in her mind and she gasped, snapping back into reality.

"How much longer?" she asked.

2008-04-22, 02:05 AM
Trailbreaker replied, "okay, so how am I supposed to "mark" them? I don't think anyone would appreciate it if I "lubricated" them."

(OOC: Ok, 2007 movie cheap gag.)

2008-04-22, 02:33 PM
"Well, since if everyone in there were to suddenly ahve paint splotches or lubrication on them, that's not what i had in mind. I was thinking more of just lining up a kill shot on each for a few seconds, and then moving on to the next, mentally keeping a kill count." Highbrow said to Trailbreaker.

2008-04-23, 07:15 AM
1470 Nova Prime Avenue

"Fine," Kingpin almost spat in response to Razorbill. "In that case, I'm going to contact a fixer who's in visiting town from the head office and see if he can deal with the problem. Stay close by. He may need a primer on the precise situation before he deals with the inspectors. We can't afford the regulators get word of our creative accounting techniques or sniff out all the ways we've been cutting corners on oversight."

He reached for the comm switch to terminate the call, but just before he pressed it he added, "Oh, by the way...next time you should explain the whole situation to me before expecting me to give you helpful advice."

Ending the transmission, he keyed in the contact number that he had for Blue Bacchus.

"We have a situation," he said. "When you're done cleaning up the other mess, head to the address I'm giving you. We need to roll up the entire operation. Your contact will brief you when you arrive. I'm sending you his tech readouts. Understood?"

Iacon Body Shop

Blue Bacchus replied to the comm call.

"Understood. I'll let you know when its done."

Go to the address, kill everyone I find there and then torch the place. Easy.

The Crossformer took one last look at the medics loading Hubcap's body into an evac truck, then transformed to helicopter mode and flew away.

Inside, Clampdown looked up from the news feed he was reading and looked across the table. "Our spotters say he's gone."

"Then he fell for the facsimile?"

"So it would seem."

"Good." Hubcap, now painted a bright chrome red, smiled. "In that case, lets get going. I've rented an estate in Uraya, and I can't wait to see it."

Clampdown smiled. "Sure thing."

Iacon Medical and Research Institute

Whirl would have frowned deeply at what First Aid had to say.

"I know there's some sort of connection. This 'Peacekeepers' company was neck-deep in what I was investigating too. Apparently they make a habit of recruiting newly-unemployed mechs, although this is the first I've heard about them going after ex-military. And if they're being put to work pit fighting..."

The Wrecker shook his head.

"It sounds to me like there's more going on here than a little illegal gladiator ring. Blades isn't the type to blow up a warehouse for no reason, and since I was busy investigating his new employers when I ran into him I don't think this is a coincidence."

Whirl had started pacing.

"What do we know? Blades starts working as a gladiator for Peacekeepers. At about the same time, my source is laid off from his job and several of his former co-workers end up getting recruited as well. They all turn up dead. Not long afterwards, Blades is blowing up buildings for someone or something unknown. It's pretty obvious he's not just a gladiator anymore, so I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Peacekeepers is actually a front for someone trying to build his own private army. The question is, why?"

Soundwave's Transport

"I find murder works well for that," Smokescreen told Prime. "And jail cells aren't that far behind either. The trick is that we'd have to snag both of them at once, otherwise the other would just take control of the entire army."

2008-04-23, 07:23 AM
Don Coriolis

A Black Shuttle with a Silver cargo module landed by the gates.

The boarding ramp clanged down.

A Squad of what looked like ISS troopers filed down.

Governors cleaners had arrived.

2008-04-23, 01:28 PM
Peacekeepers Inc.

Thud and Thunk were art connoiseurs, unlikely as it seemed. There was a vault (a large one) in the Iacon Central Bank where they stored their collection, each and every piece lovingly selected and paid for. Over time, their accumulated wages and... other income had enabled them to lay aside, legally, a retirement fund. They even had two works by Slog, hence the need for a large vault.

They found the Peacekeepers Inc. foyer frieze fascinating. Since what Thud thought, Thunk thought - and visa versa - they came to the same conclusion at the same instant: fake. It had appeared to be a design by Sprocket known as 'Oilflow', which had been missing since the start of the War, but there were indications it had been manufactured recently, particularly given the colour of the oxidised iron insets.

The receptionist froze, optics popping, as the twins began to loosen a particular panel from the wall. She did not know they wanted to check their assessment; she did know that the camera would be discovered.