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2008-03-16, 04:35 AM
The staff has spent some time pondering the way we handle gestalt teams, Micromaster units and other such groups. In the past we've used an all-or-nothing approach and forced players to claim the whole team as a single unit. In the light of a few things we've seen over the last six months or so, we've decided to tweak that a little.

The text of the new rule is quoted at the bottom of my post, but the gist of it is that you're now allowed to claim individual members of a gestalt team without claiming the whole team. That's great news for anyone who wants to play, say, Fireflight or Skydive, but couldn't care less about any of the other Aerialbots.

If you're still interested in playing an entire gestalt team, you'll have to contact someone on staff to get the OK. New players will now have to be active for at least two months before taking on a complete gestalt team, and should get permission from staff before taking on any team members.

Gestalt, Micromaster and other such teams are no longer treated as a single unit. Individual team members may now be claimed as separate characters. If you do, you'll be under no obligation to play the rest of the team. The only situation where the staff will make you take an entire team is when the entire team would be fundamentally crippled by splitting them up -- some examples would be Reflector or the Micromaster combiner vehicles.

If you want to claim an entire team, contact a staff member to make arrangements. Players with less than two months' experience in the RPG will usually be asked to play with another character for a while before taking on a full team, though. Note that the entire team has to be unclaimed if you want to take on the gestalt. For example, you can't claim Superion if someone else already has Slingshot on their roster.

If you're not sure whether a particular character/team is free or if you've been active for less than 2 months, please ask the RPG staff before you start posting with them.
If you see any problems with this, can think of any ways we could improve things or just want to shout abuse at us, feel free to leave a comment in here. :)

redman prime
2008-03-16, 07:17 AM
so, uh, being lazy.
who's available for a gestalt team?

2008-03-16, 07:32 AM
Most of the teams are free right now, actually -- one of the reasons we decided to do this now is because there weren't any being played by non-staff. Heinrad has LeoKaiser, ziggy has the Protectobots and I (as of today, in a move that doesn't smack of corruption at all) have two Combaticons. That would leave the Aerialbots, Technobots, Predacons, Terrorcons, Seacons and Pretender Monsters free and clear (as well as various Japanese combiners who may or may not be forbidden depending on our whims at the time). The Constructicons are currently offline but could probably be fixed, and the Stunticons are cooling their heels in the Autobot Security Centre cells like the useless, useless mooks that they are.