View Full Version : zeoman4.5's Sale/Want list.

2008-06-07, 02:23 AM
Hi, I'm kinda trying to find good homes for a few members of my collection in
exchange for some cash; I'm getting ready to move and need space as well.

Sale Items

1. TF Alternators Optimus Prime, complete, boxed, and condition 8 out of 10.
Looking for about $22.
2. TF Alternators Rumble, complete, boxed, condition 9 out of 10.
Looking for about $22.
3. TF Titaniums 6" War Within Ultra Magnus, complete, boxed, condition 7 out
of 10. (joints loose)
Looking for about $18.
4. G2 Hook Missing pistol, hook is damaged, minor chrome wear. Includes
Devestator head and head gun. (Not the best condition but still functions)
Name your price, but looking for above $5.
5. G1 reissue Sideswipe (American TRU exclusive) Boxed, complete, condition
8 out of 10 (clip on missile launcher broken, otherwise great.)
Looking for $20.

Although, I don't have pictures of them to post if you're interested PM me, or
e-mail me at zeoman4.5@hotmail.com and I can get you some pics. I also
have a number of 3" titaniums. I deal in Check or money order only. Prices are
negotiable. I can't ship outside continental US, sorry.

As far as trades go, I'm not greatly interested, however, I could be conviced to trade for one or more of the following:


Beast Wars Megatron Transmetals, C8, needs to be complete.

Beast Wars Noctoro, C8 or better, complete.

Beast Wars Terregator, C8 or better, complete.

Beast Wars Airhammer, C8 or better, complete.

G2 BumbleBee, c8 or better.

G2 Beachcomber, c8 or better.

G2 Hubcap, c8 or better.

Anything on the want list is Top Priority in my current collection, I am actually
interested in most any Beast Wars figures, and anything in the smaller size
catagory for any series from G1 on.

2008-06-28, 05:37 PM
Everything must go!!!!!

I'm lowering my standards...Umm... I mean my prices.

Everything will go for less. That means...

Alt Prime for $17
Titanium WW Magnus $12
Reissue Sideswipe $14

Prices include shipping and I will trade for any BW basic figures
(must be Condition level 7 out of 10 and cannot be TM2),or G2 minicars
(except Seaspray)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, please help a poor college kid out.

2008-07-12, 03:26 AM
The figures I was previously Offering for sale, I've sold to a private company,
so, I'm out of ones I want to sell, but if anyone still wants to get rid of some
Beast Wars or RID figures I'm game.