View Full Version : [Original RPG] i apolagize for being gone...

Maximus Prime3
2008-06-28, 04:53 PM
yes....i know i left after i started an all out attack on an area of cybertron....and i apolagize....i had to leave for some important reasons and i won't start anything like that unless i am 100% sure i can finish it

2008-06-28, 09:11 PM
It might be a better idea not to start something like that at all. It never turns out well no matter who's doing it.

Aaaanyway, as a result of that attack all of your characters (except for Shrapnel, who's been picked up while you were gone) are sitting in an Autobot jail. The Decepticons are planning a mission to rescue them, so if you'd like to pick some of them up again (there's been some changes to the character rules so you won't be able to claim all of them) you should let me or one of my fellow staff members know and we'll work that into the plan.

Maximus Prime3
2008-06-29, 07:45 AM
i would love to have at least the stunticons and thrust back...i forget who else i had...i am going to read the rules again