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2008-07-24, 12:53 PM

I have a whole lot of G1 and G2 up for trade
most are loose figures without weapons.

one lot I would trade together is the G2 predator lot (all 9 bots) but without any weapons.

since I'm living in belgium I'm only interested in trading a group of bots and not just one. otherwise transport costs would be a bit too high.
Also I would like to make the deal final with ebay or another auction site if possible.

photobucket is offline at the moment - I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

I'm especially looking for KO's of brave yuusha, pretenders I'm missing (they don't need to have weapons)
also a KO of abominus, computron and liokaizer

here is a list of everything I had - some items could already be sold since the list is a few months old.

Sixwing nr3 – space shuttle
Sixtrain rare red chase version
Ironworks G1 micromaster (no robot )
Beast wars optimus minor
Beast wars scarem
RID ironhide + mirage, WARS + crosswise, Hotshot + REV, (Sideswipe + prowl blister is loose)

Landcross KO
KO transbot cigarette lighter

loose (once again these are bots only – if not mentioned it is probably not there. Some might consider some bots junkers)

topspin + twin twist with weapons
Wreck gar
4 of the 6 triggerbots (decep and autobot plane are missing – all figures already have some chromewear – decep buggy’s weapons have a hard time keeping in place as jeep)
3 autobot sparkabots (don’t know if they still breathe fire)
Wideload + chase
Wheelie (missing flap above his head)
Chainclaw (bot only)
Grimlock pretender (bot only and is missing tail)
Roadgrabber (bot only)
Powermaster optimus prime bot + trailer (missing guns + head and parts to form big robot)
Autobot tagermaster construction (all 3 bots without weapons)
Spinister + nosecone (nosecone is a junker)

Optimus Prime action master truck (no figure or weapons)
Treadshot + catgut (no hand weapon)
Banzai tron
Push button

micromasters G1 (a lot of those were sold a few weeks ago but … just ask)
astro squad zonder space shuttle (missile master missing his missile)
decepticon air strike patrol
autobot air patrol (blaze master missing blades)
hot rod patrol
off road patrol
autobot car race patrol
skyhopper (3 pieces are missing – 2 sideguns and … have to check)
full barrel truck only
roughstuff (1 grey missile missing)
overload (robot is fake, trailer seems real)
flattop (no guns – don’t knwo if robot is complete)
erector (bot only + top of trailer)
decepticon battle squad (meltdown missing piece above his head, powerpunch missing gun)
autobot construction patrol (missing crumble)
autobot race car patrol
decepticon race track patrol + decepticon sports car patrol (missing one bot but don’t know which one)
decepticon military patrol (missing heli en brown truck misses gun)
blackout (normally all weapons ok – bots are missing)


Megatron purple (missing gun)
Sizzle + blaze (G2 sparkabots)
Terradive – no gun

Beast wars
Tripredacus (missing weapons and 2 small wings)
Magnaboss (missing some weapons from the elephant to make sword)
Razorbeast (missing gun in socket)
Cheetor (1st version still has water gun but misses the other one)
Polar claw (missing his companion)
B’boom (missing parts of the bot in the chest area)

2008-07-24, 01:06 PM
I might be interested in the KO lighter when you get the pictures up :)

2008-07-24, 01:38 PM
Well actually the big problem is that I broke the digital camera – the damn thing keeps saying “format card” I’ve tried 2 SD cards but gives the same problem. And he loses the pictures after a few minutes when taken.
At the moment I can’t buy a new one due to heavy very heavy costs (renovating the house, marriage, buying transformers, DVD’s, beastwars, gi joe, MOTU and uhhhh….)

I’ve only got a dozen pictures or so (on photobucket) so I’ll try to paste those when back online. But these are the only ones for a time

I’ll try to find a picture of that lighter on the net – it’s still MOC
p.s. The lighter doesn’t actually work

2008-07-24, 03:05 PM
before I forget
I've got other toys as well
a few loose gi joes, a linkits with the box (don't know if he's complete), a few game and watch games, playmobil, lego, about 100 matchbox cars etc...

2008-07-24, 03:13 PM
Linkits, you say?

And yeh, non-working lighter is cool - just curious in case it's another weird Lightan (http://counter-x.net/lightan/index.html) knock-off :)

The only Brave thing I have is the KO of the big black train, but I'm willing to stump up cash if preferred :)

2008-07-24, 03:20 PM
yep that's the one!
"Fake Lightan wasn't part of the Lightan series, and he wasn't designed by Popy or Plex. His special feature is being fake, which he manages admirably. This is because Fake Lightan is a knock-off released under the Machine Robot (sic) line. "

I bought a box of this (3 or 4 figures) - the lighter was the only who was a double in the box

problem is I don't have pay pall - are you from european space or american space :lol:

2008-07-24, 05:20 PM
Tom's in the UK.

2008-07-25, 06:48 AM

, Would be interested in the Actionmaster partners in your list.

Push Button (http://www.cobraislandtoys.com/tf/1990/mainframe.html) (if it has both hands).

My trade list is out of date, but if you have a want list I could check it. I have at least Stranglehold's inner robot and Bemblebee's helmet from pretenders. Several BW basics as well.

From Europe, should be cheap to ship in a padded envelope. :)


Oh, is that Landcross KO the old good quality version? "Metamorph" or something like that.

2008-07-25, 09:10 AM
that is indeed push button - the only thing the bot has is that the peg of the bluegun(the handgun of mainframe) was broken of in pushbutton's laser (the one that can click into place) and it didn't totally come out.
I've got a few pictures but this is all the pictures I can get at the moment








Treadshot A1
2008-07-25, 09:54 AM
Just curious, which Micromasters are still around?

2008-07-25, 10:06 AM
for lionizer and push button a brown enveloppe would work
I've posted a picture of KO landcross
is it possible to give a list with what you still have - because I have small want list but I always keep thinking "oh I would like that as well" when I see someone elses list. :lol:

as for micromasters, still a few (30 or so) but I'll have to make a complete list
out of memory: roughstuff was still here- without missiles, a few of the metro squad and a few of the autobot car patrol.
I'll try to make a list next week

2008-07-25, 07:24 PM
I would be interested in that Landcross KO as well. And if we're doing a bigger trade, also red throttlebot (Chase?).

I've been planning to make a list of my trade stuff, but I'm in the middle of the few trades -> situation unclear. I can try to make make a list on Sunday if you put those on hold for now.

I do have complete Doubleheader, that I remember.

Here's my more or less up to date BW & BM situation.

Magnaboss (combiner) missing Silverbolt missiles, 10,-
Inferno, complete 12,-
Polar Claw, complete 12,-
Scorponok, no missiles, has cyberbee, 11,-
B'boom, no weapon and missiles 8,-
Cheetor, missing belly gun, 7,-
Waspinator, missing 1 missile 7,-
Dinobot, no mask halves, 7,-
FK Dinobot, no mask halves, 6,-
K-9, no tail/weapon, 7,-
Retrax x3, missing chest plate, 4,-
Clawjaw, 5,-
Iguanus 5,-

Silverbolt x2 8,-
Silverbolt (no missiles) 6,-
Skyshadow 8,-
Skyshadow (no missile) 7,-
Injector + European cardback 8,-
Injector 7,-
Injector (no missile) 6,-
Buzzclaw 5,-
Terragator x2 4,-
Airhammer x3 4,-

TM Optimal Optimus (missing weapon, 2 missiles) 17,-
TM Depthcharge 14,-
TM Depthcharge x3 (no shark and missiles, only 1 disc) 10,-
TM Optimus Primal 12,-
TM Airazor 8,-
TM Cheetor x2 8,-
TM Rattrap 8,-
TM Rattrap (chrome wear on back plate and tail) 6,-
TM Terrorsaur 8,-
TM Waspinator 8,-

TM2 Cybershark (missing 1 missile) 11,-
TM2 Dinobot (darker/bone white version) 8,-
TM2 Scarem + instructions 4,-

Beast Machines:
Cheetor + instructions 11,-
Rattrap + instructions 11,-
Rattrap 10,-
Jetstorm (deluxe) 8,-
Jetstorm (no missiles) 6,-
Optimus Primal 7,-
Scavenger + cardback 5,-

MOSC US package
Spystreak, Obsidian, Longhorn


Incoming from US (notabot)

FK Dinobot

TM Scavenger
TM2 Stinkbomb
TM2 Scarem
TM2 Sonar

BM Tankor
BM Rapticon (cables cut off from hands)

+some clipped tech specs etc.


A little tip.

All of these in the picture aren't Predators;
-Calcar (red car, no weapon platform)
-Clench (truck, no trailer)
-Fearswoop (yellow plane, no weapon platform)

2008-07-28, 11:07 AM
Ok I’ll keep push button, lionizer, the landcross KO and red throttlebot on the side for you.
I think I have almost all of the beast wars mentioned –
I’m interested in doubleheader and the helmet of bumblebee and beast wars Rapticon, Spystreak and TM scavenger. (I just checked these are the only 3 I don't have)

I always thought the others were also predators - I think TFU listed them as such - oh well

2008-07-28, 11:34 AM
I'll can wait a few weeks untill you have made a list of the G1 and G2 stuff if any left.

Cliffjumper - I'll keep KO Lightan for you - if you need something else let me know - do you collect linkits? i've one in box but don't know if still complete (if anything missing it would be 1 or 2 pieces probably)

2008-07-28, 12:59 PM
Is that an actual or knock off Slingshot?

2008-07-28, 01:05 PM
Cliffjumper - I'll keep KO Lightan for you - if you need something else let me know - do you collect linkits? i've one in box but don't know if still complete (if anything missing it would be 1 or 2 pieces probably)

Yeh, I am interested in the Linkits, if it's not a kit I have - does it have a name?

2008-07-28, 01:39 PM
i'll check for the name of the linkits.

as for the G1 slingshot that should be an original.
I'll check if nothing is broken on it (remind me slingshot - is that the black or red one? now that tfu is off line...)

2008-07-30, 01:26 PM
List of micromasters

Since TFU is offline I’ll describe them as best as I can
Autobot Astro squad – without spaceshuttle – 4 bots – missile master is missing missile
Autobot Metro squad – 6 bots – blue truck missing 1 arm – yellow truck missing red ladder
decep race team – purple, yellow, blue, black
autobot car team – roadhandler, yellow, blue, grey – roadhandler and the yellow one are fakes (visor is not colored)
autobot off road (?) all 4 but orange truck has little pipe broken off
autobot jets – missing blue jet and heli misses blades
autobot big daddy + orange buddy
autobot trucks – yellow and green (yellow has a towing tool – don’t know their names)
decep jets – 1 missing – I have grey, blue and black
autobot constructions – missing grey hook like bot – orange is missing shovel
green autobot plane (think goes with groundbreaker or so?)
grey decep truck goes with pit stop base
decep blue and brown battle team – the brown one missing gun.
Decep tank and heli base – both without robot and maybe missing one or two items but complete for the most part (I thing the tank misses his ramp and heli 2 sideguns)
Could be that I have the bot for the heli but missing nose of jet or so
Autobot countdown – very average condition – I think they took it in bath with them because a lot of stickers have peeled off - bot misses his dish – most parts ok except for the little ones
Roughstuff – only bot and trailer without parts (no guns or turret)

If you are looking for anything let me know – I have a few diorama’s in my house and I think there are some micromasters in them

2008-07-30, 01:27 PM
and before I forget I have 4 chase versions of sixtrain in box

2008-07-30, 03:02 PM
if anyone has this one? it's one of the only one non japanese micromaster I'm missing

2008-07-31, 07:20 AM
The linkits is named weltraum figure (box is in german…)
LK 32/103 – can that be exact?
It is a yellow/brown ape looking thing
I’ve checked inside and everything seems to be there (with even a few pieces from another kit).The only thing is that on the box the figure has white eyes but my version has black eyes.

2008-08-13, 02:43 PM
i'll be on holliday from 15-8 to 25-8 and will not have internet acces