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2008-07-28, 06:35 PM
So I have a few questions...

What happened with Optimus, Ironhide, and Topspin (my character)? They came into Iacon, and then nothing else was mentioned. Are we dropping that story for the moment, and if so, when can it be picked up?

The mafia invasion - going real slowly... the first unit has barely gotten inside, and the second unit is just kinda sitting there (finally got to go to the doors in the last week). We gonna get to kick some mafia tail or ...?

2008-07-29, 04:23 AM
The three of them are presumably still around the city gates, where Smokescreen and Huffer are dealing with the unstable energon cubes. It's just that Heinrad isn't here right now, so Prime and Ironhide aren't getting used.

The Mafia thugs will die a thousand terrible deaths be arrested with as little violence as reasonably possible very soon now.

2008-07-29, 04:57 AM
Yep. The raid should be picking up right about now. Sorry, about the stretches between posts. Stuff happens, y'know. Anyhooo, yes, the second team (Sentinel) have just stormed the building (I should know, I made the update not too long ago. As did Warcry), with some goons already heading in their direction.

2008-07-29, 05:56 AM
can someone post whos in which team as I've forgotten ?

2008-07-29, 06:20 AM
I'm not sure if this roster is current, as it could have changed and/or I simply forgot. Do remind me if that is the case.

Nova Team

Sentinel Team
Hot Spot

Oh, and Mainframe is outside the factory providing tech support.

2008-07-29, 03:16 PM
didn't mean to step on any toes - i know real life stuff happens. just wanted to see what was going on! sorry!

2008-09-16, 12:37 AM
Wait, I have a question. I have TB literally carrying the civilians with his forcefield and now, there's a hostage situation. Ziggy, when you wrote that, how did you picture TB in that situation so I can respond properly?

2008-09-16, 12:52 AM
Also, where is Prime at the moment? I'm still trying to contact him with Huffer.

2008-09-16, 04:25 AM
Prime's player doesn't have much time for playing these days, so right now he's nowhere.

2008-09-16, 10:19 AM
Wait, I have a question. I have TB literally carrying the civilians with his forcefield and now, there's a hostage situation. Ziggy, when you wrote that, how did you picture TB in that situation so I can respond properly?
I wasn't thinking that he would carry them, actually. Your character wouldn't be able to do much else if he could. I just meant that he provide them cover, perhaps throwing an occassional field or wall by them so none them would be caught in the crossfire. Trailbreaker himself would be able to fend off any possible attackers, far more mobile versus having to carry them (I'm not even sure how he'd be able to that. Does he have levitation capabilities?). Does that make any sense? Sorry if it seemed more complicated than it really was.

2008-09-16, 10:31 AM
I see. The problem is that I already wrote this:

TB then had an inspiration -- back when Megatron tricked the Autobots into piloting a spacecraft nearly into the Sol system's sun. TB first transformed into his vehicular mode and then used his forcefield to literally lift the civilians off of the ground by an inch or so.

And I had TB do it just to get the civilians out of there more quickly since the evacuation was taking far too long. Does he have the capability to do that? I'd say yes, but it might be a bit of a stretch. He has used his field before to fend off attackers who were literally right on top of him (3H comic) and the main inspiration was him casting that gigantic field in "Megatron's Master Plan, part 2" in the cartoon. Granted he cast that massive field in space where there wasn't a whole lot of gravity, so that's why I had him doing it but under a lot of strain to move. I was hoping somone would literally help him out by pushing him along; therefore, getting the civilians out more quickly.

2008-09-16, 10:43 AM
I had a feeling that was the angle you were using, but as you said, I was factoring in the whole lack of gravity thing that allowed him to do that in the episode you speak of. Still, if that is the case, and that Trailbreaker's force field capabilities also allow him to levitate (that's not too much of a stretch really, since Autobots are always boasting a few extra superpowers here and there) I suppose you could have some of the NPC's (the ISS officers that are also present) push him along, if no one else is available to help. They're kind of fodder too, you know. I say go for it, since, from what I can tell, it looks like there are only three active players in the front of factory (versus the back, unless I am missing someone).