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2007-07-04, 03:22 PM
Discussion for Transformers Spotlight: Galvatron.
Due to ship July 5th according to Diamond (4th being a holiday for some folks).
edit: diamond comics shipping schedule, etc (http://www.diamondcomics.com/shipping/shipping_070407.txt)

inflatable dalek
2007-07-07, 02:10 PM
The good stuff here included some lovely art that had Guido back on form after Hearts of Steel], and a nice "Action" plot that, whilst not especially deep sets up the menace of Galvatron very well.

I also loved the use of obscure toy characters, effectively gettiong right one of the the things [i]Hot Rod dropped the ball on (it's much harder to tell who'll die here because they're all pre-exsisting characters). Though having said that, why does Leadfoot have 93 in Earth numbers on his chest (the attempt to make it look like alien writing doesn't work)?

There is one big problem though, the "new" backstory for galvatron is very much a case of "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss". Yes, we've been assured it's not Unicron, but Galvy's mission here is exactly the same as everything he's done since Furman's US run, even down to his little acts of rebellion and desire to break free. It might as well be Unicron for all the difference it makes so far.

Sir Auros
2007-07-07, 07:41 PM
If it's been confirmed that Galvatron's boss isn't Unicron, then I'm thinking better of this book, but when I read it I was really disappointed with where things were going and had a sense of deja vu.

2007-07-07, 10:13 PM
Kind of meh. Not a whole lot happened over the book as compared with previous Spotlights. Kind of a regurgitation of the movie version of Galvatron.

2007-07-08, 09:42 AM
I disagree that this Galvatron is the same as his predecessors. In fact, as I read the book, I thought he was a fairly tragic character, really. He's not a power mad despot or a would be universe conqueror. He's just someone whose thirst for knowledge and belief in their own destiny lead them to dark places, and forced them into a bad situation. He isn't just rebellious, he seems to actually dislike the work he does for the entity he serves, as seen by his remorse at killing Leadfoot, and his decision to spare the Autobot's lives, something the Galvatron(s) of old would never do. I admit it was more of an action driven Spotlight, but I thought there were some nice litle character moments with Galvatron. Also, does anyone get the feeling that the Prime he served (Sentinel prime maybe? Or one before him?) was less than noble? After all, they were interested in the Anomaly because they believed it had "The power to remake the universe" and was a "Dark mirror to the Matrix". Something there that made me wonder whether EVERY Prime has been a hero like Op. After all, power corrupts, and the Matrix is pretty powerful.

As For Galvatron's master, I have a wondeful little theory that this being in the anomaly is a past Prime, which would explain how Optimus knows him. A Prime driven mad with power from the MAtrix, thus darkening it's energies (Like Thunderwing did in the US series. Assuming the Matrix is a force for good anyway. Which leads me to my second theory) Or as the anomaly leads to the Dead Universe, what if the mysterious entity is an evil version of Optimus Prime? Again this would explain the recognition between it and Prime.

What does everyone else think?

another tf fan
2007-07-11, 12:53 PM
I want to comment quickly on the high quality of the cover. The thick paper made the book feel more substantial than it really is.

Earlier posters were right about this book, it is kind of a MEH with too many unanswered questions.

Galvatron to me has always been a more powerful and crazier Megatron, here he seems almost supernatural.

I didn't dislike the book I just wanted something different than what I got.

2007-07-12, 05:44 PM
Eric Burns' colors are too Dreamwave-y for my tastes. On top of that, he gives Ratchet his cartoon colors rather than the Marvel colors woth the red helmet as seen in "Infiltration" and "Escalation". Jimmy Pink's headband is the wrong color, too.

Also, funny how the Autobots point out the lack of a faction symbol on Galvatron, yet Sideswipe, Hound and Leadfoot don't have one either.

And is it just me, or did Guido really draw the humans larger and then resize them? The lines for Jimmy and Verity on page 9 are far thinner than those for Ratchet or Hound.

Plot-wise, I chime in with those who said "meh". Too much "same old, just with a new paintjob".

inflatable dalek
2007-07-13, 02:30 PM
Originally posted by Nevermore
Jimmy Pink's headband is the wrong color, too.

Well, considering he's been wearing the same cloaths for at least a week I'd hope he washed them and the colours ran...

Commander Shockwav
2007-07-14, 02:36 AM
Got it. Read it.

Art: Fantastic
Story: Good, but more open-ended than a proctologist's patient.

I am liking this take on Galvy. He's crazy as ever, and seems to be similiar to the nearly indestructable force Furman wrote him as during the UK run.

Which makes me eagerly await a Galvy vs. Magnus showdown. You just know its coming.

I can see why some might be upset with the lack of conclusion during this spotlight, but because it occurs after Escalation, I take it as an issue of the ongoing, really.

Guido rocks, and his rendition of Galvatron is better than even Don's. Nice to see Sideswipe, Hound, and Warpath. Are the other guys real Transformers, or just disposables?

I give it an "A-". Well done.

inflatable dalek
2007-07-14, 09:58 AM
Originally posted by Commander Shockwav
Guido rocks, and his rendition of Galvatron is better than even Don's. Nice to see Sideswipe, Hound, and Warpath. Are the other guys real Transformers, or just disposables?

They're G2 characters (hence the barely disguised F1 mode and numbers for Leadfoot).

2007-07-14, 05:20 PM
I'm part of the :up: group on this one. (Of course, I've liked every Spotlight so far, even Sixshot - though it could just be that it wasn't as bad as I'd expected from the reactions I'd heard, once I finally tracked down a copy of the elusive thing.) Yeah, Galvatron as an emissary of dark evil has been done before - but, so has Springer leading the Wreckers, Prowl as a second-in-command, etc. IDW continuity has given us new spins on those roles, and I felt that Galvatron also was given a pretty different presentation here. More with the thoughtful, less with the crazy. (Yeah, Marvel's version(s) weren't always nuts, but this Galvy seems fully rational.) Not my favorite Spotlight - and the Milne cover isn't exactly, well, accurate - but, IMHO, another worthy little piece of the new TF tapestry by Furman and co.

And - Megatron isn't Galvatron!!! Galvatron isn't Megatron!!! Megatron isn't Galvatron!!! Galvatron isn't Megatron!!! Megatron isn't Galvatron!!! Galvatron isn't Megatron!!! Megatron isn't Galvatron!!! Galvatron isn't Megatron!!! Megatron isn't Galvatron!!! Galvatron isn't Megatron!!! Megatron isn't Galvatron!!! Galvatron isn't Megatron!!! And - Megatron isn't Galvatron!!! Galvatron isn't Megatron!!!

That development earns a huge thumbs-up by itself! :)

2007-07-15, 11:01 PM
I thought this was another solid issue of the IDWverse. I was pleased that it was addressing the questions opened by the Nightbeat Spotlight. It was good to see some wrap-up from the events in Stormbringer. Also nice were the ties to Escalation and Devestation. That was needed considering the break. Finally, I'm only slightly concerned about the entity pulling the strings being almost the same thing as Unicron; In the end, I'm confident that it won't be that simple and Furman will have a curve ball.

Spotlights are in a tough position. If it's a good standalone comic, then it raised more questions then it provided answers. If it provides a lot of answers to previous questions, then it ties too much into the ongoing and isn't a traditional spotlight.

Now that we're 20+ issues into the saga, I prefer my spotlights to tie very much into the ongoing, elaborate on points from previous issues, open new sets of questions to speculate upon and involve the title character in almost every page. That's why I liked this spotlight cuz it did all that and Galvatron was only absent from the 4 pages in the middle when Sideswipe was contacting Ratchet on earth.

2007-07-16, 11:32 AM
Road Rocket is teh bomb.

Huge points for Galvatron being a distinct character.
Liege Maximo ahoy. Well, that's my hope anyway.
And I get to be right about the "mystery" character in the Nightbeat issue. ;)

Though I guess this means I have to read Escalation now, if we're into callbacks to it.

inflatable dalek
2007-07-16, 06:25 PM
Originally posted by LKW
Yeah, Galvatron as an emissary of dark evil has been done before - but, so has Springer leading the Wreckers, Prowl as a second-in-command, etc.

But in this case we were promised a brand new take on the character, which we haven't really got (I'd still say he's not very different from the Marvel version on his saner days).

inflatable dalek
2007-07-27, 08:31 AM
Transformers Spotlight: Galvatron.
By Inflatable Dalek.

Written by: Simon Furman.
Art by: Guido Guidi.
Colours by: Eric Burns.
Cover Art by: Guido Guidi and Alex Milne.
Letters by: Chris Moway.
Edits by: Dan Taylor.


Millions of years ago: The first Ark is launched from Cybertron on a secret mission that the then Prime has authorised as the Matrix has sensed something like "A door opening" in the Benzuli Expanse.

Arriving they find an area of darkness that defies the crews effort to study it. But one robot on the ship feels his destiny within it, and so without revealing his plans to the others Galvatron fires the Ark into the void.

Now: The inhabitants of Helo-Q launch a ship to investigate the dark void about to destroy their home. But Galvatron, now a herald and emissary for the forces that live inn the live dark Universe emerges and destroys them, before embarking on his new mission. But Galvatron has no desire to stay a puppet, and though he'll play his Master's game for now he harbours plans of his own.

On Cybertron, a team lead by Hound is guarding both Thunderwings laboratory and his body (see Stormbringer). But an increasingly frustrated Sideswipe feels that he's on a dull assignment and longs to be where the action is on Earth so he can help find Sunstreaker. His opinion of the mission is soon proven wrong however when Galvatron arrives, killing Leadfoot and disabling the others before making of with his prize.

Returning to the portal on Gorlam Prime (see Spotlight Nightbeat) Galvatron gives his Master the object he retrieved: Thunderwings body.

Characters Featured: Galvatron, Sideswipe, Leadfoot [killed by Galvatron], Ratchet, Hound, Jimmy, Verity, Warpath, Road Rocket, Skram, Thunderwings body. As Galvatron presents Thunderwing 5 beings are beginning to emerge from the pool, but covered in goo as they are they could be anybody.


The story of the first Ark- and the official cover story for its mission, was recounted in the Nightbeat Spotlight. The misadventures that led Thunderwing to be an inanimate corpse can be found in Stormbringer.

Simon Furman has said emphatically that Unicron will not be appearing in the main IDW comic. Exactly who Galvatron is now working for is unclear at the moment, but it has to be said that his mission and attitude is pretty much the same as in the latter Marvel US issues where he was working for Unicron.

Exactly what Galvatron's role was on the ship goes unsaid. He does seem to think he was the main man, but on the other hand despite being part of the crew on the most famous space journey in Transformer history none of the Autobots here seem to recognise him. Perhaps he was the cabin boy. Oddly one of the other crew members looks very like Thunderwing, but we'll assume that's coincidence.

It's not stated what happened to the rest of the crew, but Galvatron does claim everyone else living in the Dead Universe has lost their free wills unlike himself. It may well be that the Sports Car Patrol as seen in Nightbeat were also onboard.

Coming surprisingly late in the day we have the first confirmation that the Prime carries a Matrix within him. The chap who launched the Ark isn't named, but is unlikely to be Sentinal Prime considering how long ago it was. Galvatron firmly claims to predate factions, firmly placing the flashback before the Megatron: Origin comic.

Sideswipe's call to Earth happens between Escalation and Devastation, most likely very soon after the former as Ratchet and company are still in the dark as to Hunter and Sunstreaker's true location. Though Sideswipe claims concern for Sunstreaker in an attempt to get reassigned there's no mention of any special relationship between them.

Leadfoot, Road Rocket and Skram are all Generation 2 toys, with the latter two making their first ever appearance in an official English language Transformers comic.

The inhabitants of Helo-Q are green and silver floating heads, and would seem to be inspired by the Quintessons. A black featureless void that defies explanation with an evil entity at its heart features in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Where Silence has Lease.

The comic also includes character designs for the Cybertronian modes of Hound, Leadfoot, Skram, Sideswipe, and Road Rocket (alas poor Warpath). Of these only Road Rocket's alternate mode is seen in the issue itself.


Ratchet has his silver cartoon head rather than the red Marvel one he's had up to now, did he repaint? Jimmy's headband is also the wrong colour. At this stage one can only assume that there's an Autobot with a washing machine alt mode lying about as the two humans are still wearing the same clothes.

Skram is confused as to whether or not Galvatron is a Deception as he doesn't have any insignia. Yet Skram is the only Autobot who seems to be bearing their faction symbol, making you wonder if he gets confused as to who's side the other are on as well. Perhaps the Decepticons are just really, really keen on making sure everyone’s purple badge is nicely on display? Oddly, the character designs in the back of the comic include Autobrands on everyone.

Despite an attempt to make the numbers look alienesque Leadfoot clearly has the number 93 in English on his chest. Also, the attempts to make it look as if he doesn't turn into a F1 car don't really work.

Quote Unquote:

Galvatron: I am the Emissary, the Harbinger of the Unlife, the word of those once and now forever.

Galvatron: The Ark was about destiny!

Hound [After Sideswipe seeming kills Galvatron]: Dammit Sideswipe! What's a corpse going to tell us?

I see it as a small rebellion, a reminder that my destiny is still in my own hands.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss as The Who once sang. After being promised no Unicron we get Galvatron working and acting in exactly the same way as he did for the big horned one. This effectively gives the comic an air of disappointment and a sense of seen it all before, it's entirely possible to predict most of Galvatrons dialogue in advance.

Which is a shame as there's lots of good stuff in here as well, lots of nice development for secondary Autobot characters, and they tying together of two of the ongoing plotlines at the end deals nicely with one of my concerns that there were to many balls up in the air right now.

We also get some lovely crisp artwork from Guido that helps to wash away the memories of his lacklustre efforts on the Hearts of Steel comic. Galvatron in particular looks fantastic, big hunking and dangerous.

But at the end of the day, it's a disappointingly average Spotlight, and Galvatron may have been better of staying in his black hole.

[three out of five]

2007-07-27, 11:22 AM
Probably do well to mention that it ties directly into the "Ark 1" mystery that was directly mentioned in the Nightbeat spotlight.

inflatable dalek
2007-07-27, 11:31 AM
Originally posted by Brendocon
Probably do well to mention that it ties directly into the "Ark 1" mystery that was directly mentioned in the Nightbeat spotlight.

The story of the first Ark- and the official cover story for its mission, was recounted in the Nightbeat Spotlight.

2007-07-27, 11:39 AM
You and your magic edit button...

inflatable dalek
2007-07-27, 11:41 AM
The Magic Edit Button that let me put that sentence in before you made your post? That magic edit button?

2007-07-27, 11:44 AM
The one that let you edit my previous post so it made it look like I was making an invalid critique.

And then you sneakily quoting it as well.

For the record, I said that you suck.

inflatable dalek
2007-07-27, 11:52 AM
That is hardly a new or shocking opinion.

2007-08-21, 11:23 AM
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inflatable dalek
2007-08-21, 05:20 PM
Originally posted by snavej
Why is this part of the internet shaking? Oh, I see - the mods are having a tussle!

That was worth waiting nearly a month for.

2007-08-22, 08:30 AM
This seems like an easy going thread to me. So, where's the tussle?

2007-08-22, 10:36 AM
Could have been my imagination. If there was one, it's probably evaporated by now.

2008-04-23, 03:05 PM
Sideswipe really stood out as one of the Autobot's elite warriors. Much more than Sunstreaker ever had a chance to do in the main story. He could easily go toe-to-toe with Galvatron if Galvatron wasn't all zombified.