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2008-04-17, 03:22 PM
Ladies and gents, step right up and join the all purpose Transformers Spotlight: Grimlock reaction and discussion thread. Come, don't be bashful, tell us what you thought...we won't judge too much.

Due to arrive the 23rd according to....an anonymous source (?).
edit: and Denton Tipton (at Brend-o-shell's behest)
Stay tuned for confirmation!

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2008-04-17, 03:44 PM
Due to arrive the 23rd according to an anonymous source.

And Denton Tipton. :o

2008-04-17, 04:04 PM
Well, the 'anonymous source' gag is towards tfw2005's ultra special list from diamond (though generally reliable, taking their word for it doesn't seem like the best form of citation...whatever, I like using it anyway).

And yes, I know, the editors have been throwing around dates for this book for awhile now.

2008-04-24, 02:51 AM
Well, I will say that this Spotlight has opened the door for some further possibilities. Mostly versus stuff, mind you - i.e. Grimlock vs Ultra Magnus, Grimlock vs The Dynobots, Grimlock vs Scorponok (again), and so forth. Though, I admit I was hoping that some loose ends were going to be tied up here, but no such luck. Rather, everything fits in nicely with Devastation, almost like an unofficial issue #0 or #7 in a way, rather than serving as the missing link that I had hoped. I was also hoping to learn the fate of Shockwave, but this revelation continues to be eluded. A pity, really, it's been two years, seeing that this also reads as a sequel to Spotlight: Shockwave (though, I personally felt Spotlight: Soundwave made a better sequel). This is more of a minor niggle on my part.

The story here primarily focuses on Grimmy's encounter with Scorponok (who is the only other online Transformer featured here). There were some strong moments during Grimlock's internal monologue, where he admits his failures. You really do get the sense that he truly is alone. Certainly explains why he's not quite as rugged as we are used to seeing from previous incarnations of the character. Not much of strategist this time around though, but I suppose this follows the usual pattern of IDW retcons.

I do find it bit strange that after 3 failed attempts, and though we learn Grimlock's reawakening was due to the Machination's intervention (gasp! [/sarcasm]), you'd think they'd be more cautious. Rather, Agent Red wants to go ahead and awaken the other four inert Dynobots. I'm not sure how I feel about the Grimlock vs The Dynobots set-up just yet. Seems cliched, particularly Dante boasting that he is in fact working behind the scenes, but it is too soon to tell. And yes, they're still referred to as Dynobots here (as it was in Spotlight:Shockwave), despite Hail and Farewell referencing it with an "I". Minor superficial detail, mind you, most likely to verify that "Nuh uh, look, their not the same. See, it's spelled with a Y".

While it should be noted that Grimlock also does not speak in fractured speech, he does claim his vocal processor is damaged shortly after his reactivation. It is a strange, if not unnecessary, bit of exposition. He appears to stammer for about a panel or two, then resumes the speech pattern as seen in Spotlight: Shockwave. If it is meant to hearken back to G1, etc, it's a silly moment.

We also get a bit more insight as to what Scorponok is up to, who is fully aware of Megatron and Skywatch's activities. One potentially interesting (maybe predictable) revelation is that he is at odds with Megatron, for what I could gather anyway (here, and in Spotlight: Ultra Magnus), and thus, yet another Deception arrogator. Ultimately however, this also means that the Machination aren't going anywhere for the time being.

....Oh, and Dante's first name is Abraham. Hmm. Can't be any worse than Mo, I guess.

The story itself isn't anything amazing, but it is a solid and fun little read. Certainly refreshing after the shortcomings of Spotlight: Mirage and Focus on the Decepticons.
3.0 out of 5

2008-04-24, 03:17 AM
not much is really going on in this spotlight, I mean after I got done reading it I kind of felt like all grimlock was there for was to show how powerful a headmaster can be

Story wise this doesn't progress it much, and as previously stated just gives us tidbits like yea scorponok knows about megatron and skywatch and it gives the impression that they don't know about him, other than that nothing really happens, but the obivious that he can't be controlled by skywatch

Grimlock stays true to character in this one as well, although he's no goody goody autobot and plays by his own rules, he still would never join up with anything a decepticon has ploted up, and that's good to see, although I enjoy idw's take on the transformers I defienately don't want to see star trek type alternate universe sides of the characters

My only complaint, as I enjoy these transformes books, it just seems like a long time to wait for this book and not see the story progress, i mean devastation ended in feb, we got a mosiac turned full comic book in mirage and now this grimlock book, focus on should have been a free preview

I think the thing that Im trying to say is, I feel as though for all the comics we have the story is not that far along, and feels as though there is a far way to go, I mean g2 had 12 issues and it feels to me that there is more story told in those 12 issues than we have with all the 'ations and spotlights, it's kinda like (forgive me for saying) someone who stutters and there trying to tell you a story but take forever to get the story out, it's just how it feels to me, it's kinda like come on let's get this thing going, I mean it took 3 'ations just for ironhide to get captured and rescued, I could go on but I won't, sorry for the rant:D it's just how I felt after reading this spotlight and waiting so long for it

Commander Shockwav
2008-04-24, 02:48 PM
Well, I enjoyed it.

It was quite throwback in its feel, both artwise and storywise, almost like it was from the old Marvel run.

The plot was quite simple. I mean, Grimlock busts free, rampages around like Godzilla, bumps into Scorpy, slugfest ensues. Quite simple.

But every now and then, you need a good slugfest between two heavy weights, to remind us why we got into Transformers in the first place. I mean, we got Grimlock blocking laser blasts with his sword! Cool.

Storywise, nothing profound. We do get Grimlock facing his inner guilt, though, and that's good to see. It will be interesting to see how he reconciles with his actions that condemned his compatriots.

I have mixed feelings about the art. Like I said, it kind of harkened back to something of yesteryear, but in some panels the lines weren't clear and it seemed almost abstract. Interesting style, but Marcelo clearly tires out as the issue progresses.

So very little profound here, but who cares. We got Grims vs. Scorpy.

And that's good enough for me.

A "B+".

Red Dave Prime
2008-04-24, 06:03 PM
I liked this a lot. The initial rampage with grimlock is great. The battle between him and scorponok is also decent. As said above theres not a lot of plt movement but I'd prefer that in some of the spotlights. Theres a good bit of insight into grimlocks mind. Scorponok comes off a lot better here than all the brief moments int the devastation arc. ("killing time" - god that sucked)
The art did seem to tailor off towards the end though.

Just wondering did anyone else's issue have a glitch on the page where Scorponok grabs grimlock? Seems a little of the edge has been hacked off. Its no big problem but along with the speech direction mess up when grimlock first hits scorponok makes the issue seem that little less professional.

2008-04-25, 11:00 PM
I was a little disappointed by this issue. I was expecting more plot advancement than what we got. Essentially all that happened was that Grimlock was activated, turned down Scorpy's offer to join him, fought a bit, and then retreated to his ship.

The whole thing just seemed like a set up for future issues. If this story was a part of some type of ongoing run, it would be ok, but as a standalone, it just leaves me wanting more. And we don't know when any of these conflicts that were set up will be resolved. Two years? Three years? I don't want to wait that long.

Also, the quality of the artwork seemed to die off right around when Grimlock reached the water. The whole fight scene seemed very rushed. Hopefully Revelations will be better than this offering.

inflatable dalek
2008-04-26, 12:22 AM
A strange one this, the first half felt hugely rushed (Grimlock is woken up and goes nuts for way to quickly for it to have much impact) and the second half feels like nothing happens- Scorpy and Grimy have a little slap and tickle and we have the whole boring "Join the dark side Luke" schit before we get exactly zero resolution to anything. Whilst we haven't seen this Grimlock be offered temptation before it's happened enough to his various G1 counterparts to feel extremely old hat.

And how retarded is Agent Red? "Right, we've got these giant robots terrorising the planet, lets set the cassette guys on them. Whoops, they escaped, OK, lets set the big T-Rex guy on them and the giant robots. Whoops, he escaped, OK, lets set the other four big robot guys on him, and the cassette guys and the giant robots". And him harping on about the Western hemisphere being terrorised makes it look as if he's forgotten that one of the two battles seen to date happened near Russia.

And Dante was his real name? So do the Machination only employ peeps with the same surnames as famous authors then?

All in all it would have worked much better as a sub plot across a couple of issues of Devastation (that's a couple mind, not all six...). I am not exactly brimming with confidence at Furman's ability to wrap things up in the Spotlight format now.

2008-04-26, 02:27 AM
I have to admit, I clenched my teeth a bit at the "To be continued?" on the last page, with the Dynobots about to be woken. I realize that's standard for comics, but it would have been nice to get just a little more story progression in this Spotlight. I really like this version of Grimlock, though and there was some nice introspection that added to his character.

Could Agent Red have some ulterior motive? That's the impression I was getting, because yeah, I can't really believe a high-level official would look at what's happened and think it's a good idea to send more unpredictable giant robots onto the field. Maybe he's a facsimile or something?

2008-04-26, 02:27 PM
I think Red's just a tad on the uber-obsessed side. He wants the tech to work that damn much.

Enjoyed the issue. Story did its job. It wouldn't be an IDW comic without one glaring speech bubble attribution, but they have to go one better and have a second falling off the page. Add to it the, uhm, lacklustre colouring and it just combines to detract from what's actually going on.

Agree that the vox processor comment was a bit superfluous. Liked the bit about Magnus, and both main characters motivations were ace. Interesting that Grimlock recognised Scorpy straight away, and also like the "no idea what he's talking about" bit.

Makes sense for the Machination to infiltrate Skywatch, given the overlapping agendas. Interested in why Skywatch are zeroing in on the Dinos, rather than Shockwave. Surely one giant robot is as good as the next?

Well handled throwaway line about The Skyfire being encased in ice. Explains why nobody's noticed it. So long as it's not Halley's.

Sets things up nicely for Maximum Dinobots. Which, to be honest, is a crap title.

2008-04-26, 05:46 PM
Sets things up nicely for Maximum Dinobots. Which, to be honest, is a crap title.

I'm glad they announced this so shortly after this comic came out, because at least we now know that there will be some follow up to the plot threads that were brought up in this story. Although, with the way Furman's been writing he'll end up finishing the mini with more loose ends than when he started.

2008-04-26, 08:42 PM
Enjoyable, but would've been better badged as #1 of the Dinobots mini than a spotlight. I like the looser art style and basing Grimmy on the later BW toy -- colour transitions are jarring in places, though. Liam's work better when he's got a book rather than in direct comparison to other styles.

Dante was his real name? So do the Machination only employ peeps with the same surnames as famous authors then?
Him being the boss, it might reasonably follow that his is real and it's a whim to assign codenames on a similar basis.

Commander Shockwav
2008-04-27, 11:20 PM
A strange one this, the first half felt hugely rushed (Grimlock is woken up and goes nuts for way to quickly for it to have much impact) and the second half feels like nothing happens- Scorpy and Grimy have a little slap and tickle and we have the whole boring "Join the dark side Luke" schit before we get exactly zero resolution to anything. .
True, not much happened, but at least we have an idea now of what some of the relative power levels are in this IDW continuity.

Grimlock, as powerful as he is, was nearly decapitated by Scorponok. So we can extrapolate from this that the Headmaster tech really does provide some added benefit to the bot that uses it.

I think that's key. I mean, if you're going to have yourself decapitated, then you damn well better have a good reason for it.

To literally have Grimlock on the brink of death says something I think.

Hope Simon stays consistent with it.

2008-05-01, 01:23 AM
this is the first transformers spotlight i got and i must say i really enjoyed it

Sir Auros
2008-05-20, 02:41 AM
The only thing I didn't like is the same thing I've hated in the IDW continuity so far...Headmasters. I have always and probably will always find them to be a crap concept and the sooner they kill off the Headmasters and put them behind the story, the better.