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2008-09-15, 04:16 PM
Not too sure if this is the right forum but I picked up a few Henkei toys today and was looking at the free intro comic. I'm not so sure my skills are up to it, but would anyone be interested in a translation if I can, or is there already one easily accessible online? Unfortunately I don't have a scanner at the mo though, so not dead sure I could provide anything other than a text page/panel thing.

2008-09-15, 04:33 PM
Oh... right... Japanese classics.

Sorry. Read it as something entirely different... :o

2008-09-15, 04:41 PM
I think Betty Nor of the Allspark and TFW2005 has been translating the Henkei stories that come packaged with the toys (I know a new comic is going to be published in some shonen magazine, though I don't know if she's going to be translating that one, too).

2008-09-16, 02:51 AM
If you find out which Shonen mag the info would be appreciated.:)

So I might do my own translation anyhow just for practice, but since someone else is doing it I won't stress it. Or I could do a great word for word translation. Its really ridiculous if you do that though.