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2008-09-17, 10:06 PM
So, say someone was curious about the Buddy List one night and added someone. Does that person find out that (s)he's been buddied? If the original person were to realize that the Buddy List apparently just puts a + next to a buddy's name and wishes to clear said Buddy List, would the experimental buddy be notified and heartbroken?
And is there any benefit to the Buddy List other than the nifty + and the quantification of your perceived popularity?

2008-09-18, 01:13 AM
Let's find out. Let me add you real quick.

EDIT: Done.

2008-09-18, 06:06 AM
I'm 99% sure the board doesn't notify people if you add/remove them on your list, no.

All in all it's pretty useless in the new forum software, IIRC. On the old board your buddy list appeared on the main page of your control panel and you could see which of them were online at any given time, which was...vaguely handy, I suppose. It also let you quickly send PMs to multiple people, and probably did a couple other things I can't remember offhand. With the new software, though. it doesn't seem to actually do anything. Or at least anything useful.

2008-09-18, 06:18 AM
Let's find out. Let me add you real quick.

Yup, no notification whatsoever. But this does explain why I suddenly felt sad at 8:14 this evening...

2008-09-19, 11:18 AM
Removing the buddy list from the user control panel (and not giving any options for adding it back into the template) is something I and others have had pointed words with the developers over...

They also screwed fixed-width site designs in the process, as the link sidebar plus the "legacy" postbit template (user info on left, post text on right) takes up a lot more space and there doesn't seem to be any direct config for turning sigs off in different situational usages of it -- the same template gets multi-purposes. We deal with that via a couple of inelegant hacks -- one to force sigs off when reading PMs, one to let people close the link sidebar if it's taking up too much space.

So yeah, in short the devs are wankers who like removing options.

2009-11-22, 01:59 PM
http://tfarchive.com/community/faq.php + search "buddy"

Oh, and I'll put this one out to vote; is someone whose supplied homepage link is hxxp://tierussianwoman.w-ru.com/ likely to be a legitimate user with a fetish or business interest (which would be fine, since it doesn't look like a porn site, always presuming they intend on getting involved in discussions) or just here for a few spam posts?