View Full Version : [Original RPG] I think I've overworked myself.

2008-09-30, 04:06 PM
First thing first.
I had to apologize to everyone of you guys,
especially Geoff for told you that I've had enough time.
Yeah as I said, I've overworked myself. Things got rougher here ,not like I was younger. I'd been doing both my homework and club's work for a past few weeks, working my arse off form 5 pm till 2 am almost everyday. I've just got back from my club's camp several hours ago. It's a student run camp we take care of money, doing ton of paperworks, finding place and vehicle. The teacher help with singning and checking some paperworks so this entire thing we pretty much take care most of it.

I know this may look like a lame excuse, but yeah this is totally my own fault for not taking a good care of my time and not notify you guys about being absence. I should be fully back this Friday. So sorry again guys.