View Full Version : Fix for Classics Sunstreaker

Optimist Prime
2008-10-09, 03:19 AM
Anyone know how to fix a crooked chestplate on Sunstreaker? When I rotate mine it sits at a funny angle. Kinda looks sloppy.

Treadshot A1
2008-10-09, 09:51 AM
Because, it's a gear system inside, a bit of force will cause it to skip a gear, and sit straight. Probably just misaligned when it was made. good luck

Detective Barricade
2008-10-10, 01:59 AM
Like what Treadshot said, but open him up and reposition the head to where it is before, but with the chest straight. Then screw him back together. It'll sit crooked in vehicle, but being clipped to the hood and back will keep it straight.

Treadshot A1
2008-10-10, 04:44 AM
In other words, you'll have to break it one way or another. :lol:

Catalyst Dragon
2008-10-10, 06:00 AM
Mine did that once, I just held the head in place and forced the chest to rotate a couple of clicks... haven't had a problem since.