View Full Version : Anyone else got the PC version of the Movie game?

2008-10-22, 04:23 PM
Mine keeps crashing after I complete the first level :( Anyone got any ideas?

2008-10-24, 06:52 AM
Is it a store bought factory original? I have heard of some rips having problems, I haven't played it though, I thought of "obtaining" it but haven't had the time/bandwidth.

2008-10-27, 06:38 PM
Ive got it but Ive only played the 'Con campaign but got all the way through to the last level before I lost interest.
It needs a fairly decent spec machine to run on and IIRC Ive heard you moan about your PC being a bit old school and steam powered so it could be your graphics card overheating and spitting the dummy.

2008-10-27, 06:43 PM
Sorry, Kal, your post got by me somehow - yeh, it's the original.

Not sure on the Decepticon campagin, I've only dabbled with the first proper level... Yeh, it could be my PC; the most recent things I know it can handle are the Sims/Vice City, after all. I guess I was just kinda expecting it to either run or not run, y'know - it plays the first couple of movies and first level for each campaign fine.

Cheers for the help, guys - it's actually fun for a blast just charging around the city smashing things up, so I've definitely got my 3's worth for the thing anyway :)

2008-10-27, 07:36 PM
Yeah its definitely great fun for a while but it gets really samey especially later on when its just pick up a tree/lamppost/car/other random piece of scenery-throw it to make your opponents drop their shield-run in for a couple of attacks-run away to safe distance-repeat,repeat,bloody repeat.
As far as the run or not thing Ive got a couple of games where my machine is borderline or not quite up to the required spec and I can get through the intros and maybe a level or two and then it will hang completely,exit to windows or become really choppy to the point where its an unplayable slideshow so it could be something along those lines.
Any idea what graphics card you have?