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2008-11-10, 10:01 PM
With the all the independent companies out there currently making not-quite-offical TF toys, would it be worthwhile to make a checklist for them?

I was just cruising BBTS for examples of companies and products, and there's a LOT of them:

Impossible Toys: Quint figures, Sparkplug & spike, energon cubes, exosuit spike & daniel, nightbird, animated human figures

Unicron.com: golden disk reader, unicron display

Fansproject: BT convoy uprade, classics City & Shadow Commander trailers, (and werent they working on a Classics Optimus trailer?)

BestToys: Ironhide & ratchet heads

JustIToys: MP optimus trailer, MP Megatron accessories, WST Dinobots, (and i think i remember reading about upcoming WST megatron accessories & Shockwave?)

TFC Toys: MP Rollar, MP SS/SW coronation sets, movie prime swords, allspark cubes

... and i'm sure i missed some.

Conversely, is there any reason we would NOT want to post such a list? It wouldnt be promoting illegal toys, since none of the aftermarkets above really fall into the catagory of bootlegs. Or do they? :eyebrow:

2008-11-10, 10:16 PM
I think the biggest problem would be a) defining what's a bootleg and what's not, and b) compiling a thorough list of the things.

2008-11-10, 10:30 PM
Things like MP Prime trailers and WST Dinobots are basically bootlegs, even if they're not strictly identical moulds and are of good quality...

It might be interesting to do a photo page of semi-commercial fan projects? Pic, year first sighted and any other relevant details?

Anyone with lots of time feel like it?

2008-11-11, 06:47 PM
hmmm... well, i think a big qualifier for "non-bootleg" could be if the product was made with the specific intent to compliment/complete/improve an official TF release (in the case of accessories), or to continue/create a series that was felt to be lacking (in the case of figures), either due to cancellation of a line (like WST), or more obscure toys deemed not profitable enough to be developed by HasTak (like the Quints).

Size of production runs could also be a factor, as most small semi-legit companies dont crank out countless product, probably due to overhead/development/production costs. Conversely, things like the mass-produced, find-them-in-every-dollar-store micro-gestalt teams (that sometimes get labeled as "WST" toys), can get grouped neatly with all the other mini-size/giant-size/repaint/no-name/mix-n-match bootlegs. (dont get me wrong, i love them too). = )

Quality of the item would definitly be a must, but as you say Denyer, that in itself is not necessarily a defining trait. I think presentation of the product is also important, that it is represented by a reputible (to some degree) company that promotes their creations (with a website and presence on the TF boards), instead of being "nameless oversea company". Most of the aftermarkets get high marks for packaging as well. The MP Op/Megs accessory boxes fit in perfectly with the "main" line; the WST Dino boxes look just as good as the originals (IMO).

Soooooo... i guess i already have a list going of sorts, so I'll try to fill it out a bit (not that i have lots of time, mind you :| ). If anyone can think of stuff besides whats mentioned above, post it here.

2008-11-11, 06:59 PM
TBH, if you're up for writing a list, it seems a fair rule of thumb that you go by your own definition... Would "Entirely new moulds based on existing Transformers characters" cover everything?

The thing about being produced by a company specifically for fandom consumption is also a good criterion - maybe 'Not Avaliable in the Shops'?

2008-11-12, 01:38 AM
exclusive 3rd party merchandise ( unliscensed)

"Transformers : Underground"

Yeah I like that~!

2008-11-14, 04:11 PM
Work is progressing on the list. Not surprisingly, its turned into a large, lumbering monster, and is making my head hurt. :sick:

This may be a dumb question, but is TFclub.com the "parent" company of TFC Toys? (TFC = TF Club? or is that too obvious?) I can't seem to track down an official site for TFC Toys (although i may be missing it if its 100% in Japanese), but TFclub.com has coverage of the toys splashed all over their site.

"Transformers : Underground"

hmmm... kinda catchy!