View Full Version : Transformerland.com?

Catalyst Dragon
2008-11-16, 03:12 AM
Has anyone here ever ordered from Transformerland.com before?
Are they reliable? Anyone ever have problems with them?

I ordered something almost two weeks ago and the order tracker still says "Processing" I was sent my order conformation and all that, and I got a email from the owner apologizing for him not being their over a weekend or some such(that was 11 days ago).
So I sent em an email asking why it was taking so long 3 days ago and still haven't gotten a reply.

This is my first time ordering from them... I should have asked about them before ordering.

2008-11-16, 08:22 PM
I've never heard of them to be honest, or if I have I forgot. I tend to stick with sites I have heard lots og good things about, like BBTS for instance.