View Full Version : IDW Covers Gallery project

2009-01-04, 04:36 AM

I think it's reasonably up-to-date now. Any glaring omissions?

Where possible I'm aiming to get a copy of the finished cover for each issue, plus any versions that surfaced of the art minus text, original inks, pencils, sketch versions, subsequently unused art, etc. An official copy of the final cover [minus watermarks] trumps a copy done from scans which has a barcode added.

Would be keen to give trusted other persons a login to add any art they spot, with the proviso that links to any uploaded items are added to this thread so I can keep my offline archives in sync.

ziggy? Anyone?

2009-01-04, 07:20 PM
I'm just impressed this place has the webspace to host them all.


I'll behave :(