View Full Version : Please help-fixing MP Thundercracker

2009-01-15, 07:37 PM
So, mine has the error pretty much all have-reversed chest engines\air intakes. It rests on a pin joint. I am a perfectionist and BBTS accepts mine back, but that's a last resort.

How do I fix it without breaking it? Can I take the pins out, and how's so? It seems like a very easy fix, take pins out, swap parts, put pins back and it's ready. Worst case scenario, even if I do manage to break the hinges, I can glue them on the correct sides because I have no intention of ever opening up the intakes...

Treadshot A1
2009-01-16, 01:20 AM
Excuse, my ignorance on the matter, but do you tell if it's right or wrong in the first place?

2009-01-16, 09:57 AM
By looking at my Starscream, Skywarp and US Starscream. There are panel lines on the air intakes that are facing the wrong way on TC even when compared to his own box images. And by looking at him and realizing his chest intakes are much further than they should be.

2009-01-16, 04:12 PM
I had to look for a minute and then compare it to one of the other jets to figure out what was backwards... Can't claim that I noticed it on my own.

What you want is a 1/16 inch pin punch (http://www.google.com/products?q=1/16+pin+punch&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&oi=product_result_group&resnum=1&ct=title). This site (http://www.acetoolonline.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=STT-16-230&utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_source=googlebase) has a bigger picture (apparently it's about 1.5mm in Metric).

Looking at the way the vents are mounted on either side of the cavity that the cockpit swings through, I'll say they're not really meant to be hammered back out. You'll want to find a good mounting before you attempt to take the pins out: use something immobile like a vise, and maybe a piece of wood cut to fit into the area where the nosecone swings through.

Basically, if you can get something in that cavity to hold the toy still while you tap the pin punch with a hammer (GENTLY), the pins should slide right out. But until you find a good, solid mounting and the proper tools, don't bother trying as you'll only tear up the toy.

2009-01-16, 04:35 PM
Here's some pictures. You may want to trick a friend or relative into holding the toy on the mount while you tap the pins out, unless you have three arms or something. :o