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2009-01-16, 09:48 PM
Had some time spare while waiting to see if my computer would explode, so I set up the cream of my robots, and Bio Man, Golion and Godsigma. Click for teh bigger: -

http://counter-x.net/temp/robots_t.jpg (http://counter-x.net/temp/robots.jpg)

Ignoring the awful, awful photography, look at them! Look how awesome they are! There's more diecast there than in every single Transformer ever made.

For scale, here they are with an awful non-Popy/Bandai generic figure:

http://counter-x.net/temp/scale_t.jpg (http://counter-x.net/temp/scale.jpg)

He hasn't even got black tyres. How ****ing shoddy is that?

2009-01-19, 08:48 PM
Coolness, I see a God Mars, SOC Voltres V, Tetsujin, Ideon [and Combatter V?], vehicle Voltron, lion Voltron and...the rest I don't recognize.

Also spot a G1 Ratchet under Ideon's box.

Will have my own set of chogokin robot pics in a few days, assuming the final three pakcages I'm waiting for don't get raped by customs.

2009-01-19, 08:57 PM
[l-r] Laserion, Dynaman, Godsigma, Godmars, Voltron, Combattler, Bio Man, Golion, Tetsujin 28, Voltes V, Ideon, Goggle V.

Good spot on the Ratchet, took me a minute to notice... though technically it's a Diaclone :p

electro girl
2009-01-19, 09:19 PM
No Masked Rider? What became of that brand? If memory serves me correctly I think that Bandai did make them. Or is it a case of Its not really a giant die cast robot so I'll pass? Still thats a nice collection.

2009-01-19, 09:36 PM
Kamen Rider has been kicking for a good 35 years now. In fact, there is an English version of Dragon Knight on WBCW4KIDS now.

2009-01-19, 10:41 PM
No Mazinger Z? For shame.