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2009-01-22, 04:38 PM
Possibly going a bit too far now... the first of three Tomy Ideons I (hopefully) have arriving over the next week or so is the DX. I can't decide what's the most ludicrous thing - the giant monkey arms, the blue hands and feet, that the Ideon Swords have been interpreted as, well, a chromed sword, or that a 6" figure with next to no built-in features is described as a 'DX'. Plus sides are this one can hold the Ideon Gun without toppling off the shelf and destroying the floor, has missile launchers in the tops of the shoulders designed specifically to fire projectiles straight up someone's nose, the robot being 75% diecast, and having two random optional shoulder-mounted cannon. Clover-esque fun.

2009-01-22, 05:06 PM
That's a pretty cool and well made looking toy there. And I can see how it could destroy a floor. How much does that little fella run usually in cost out of curiosity? I just did a search on ebay, didn't see that specific one, and they run from 50 to almost 300 dollars D: on other stuff Ideon specific. Wish I had the money to get the diecast model kit, it is beautiful to look at!

2009-01-22, 05:52 PM
Oh, that isn't the floor destroying Soul of Chogokin (http://counter-x.net/ideon/merchandise/soul_of_chogokin/index.html) version, which I genuinely think is the joint-best robot toy ever (alongside the combining Voltron, of course). This is what Tomy put out alongside the series in 1981... And not even the best one.

SoC Ideon? I got mine for, what, around $150 shipped (from Hong Kong), which seems slightly to the lower end of the scale. I would advise anyone who wants one to get going a bit - the character just isn't big enough to warrant the various reissues the likes of Mazinger, Tetsujin or Combattler, so this one could become pricey in the future like Baikanfu or Dancougar seem to have.

2009-01-22, 10:58 PM
Heh, I can see that the elbows have some articulation, and maybe the legs move in a totally unrealistic or useless way? Pretty advanced for an 80ies toy. Good chrome preservation on that one, though.

SOC Ideon is amazing, for those who haven't had the chance to get one yet, do so now.

Totally unrelated note, but they're re-issuing the 3 FEWTURE Getter machines in June for around 250 USD each.

For those of you who've a clue who I'm talking about, I'm starting a small account for Getter 2 effective from tonight. No way I'm missing that.

2009-01-22, 11:07 PM
Yeh, the elbow joints cover that his hands hang below the knees... The thighs are about an inch too short. Still fun and chunky, though. Random nerd note: the Ideon Gun seems to be modelled on the version in the title sequence. The missile launchers also have a range of about 10 feet, which is kinda awesome.

For Getter, I'm sticking to my aged Poseidon ;)

2009-01-23, 12:32 PM
It looks like it should come with a blue duplicate and a boxing ring. :(

Getter was what got dubbed as Starvengers or whatever, wasn't it?

2009-02-01, 10:35 PM
Yeh, the second one (I think).

More silly Tomy Ideon fun... This one has light and sound (sadly not the superb anime FX board, just some weird strangled noises), weird firing boobs and the ability to launch its' feet into my cat.

2009-02-02, 02:56 AM
I spose' back in the day those toys would have been the Bees Knees.

LOL. they have (seemingly) more articulation then some current toys ><;

The different heads are kind of interesting. I like the look of the second one (in an old skool sci-fi bot kinda way) Looks like ideon, and yet looks like something else too.

How much did these cost you to get nowadays?